Darvocet Class Action Lawsuit Filed Over Recalled Painkiller

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By: Staff Writers | Published: December 8th, 2010

A class action lawsuit has been filed against Xanodyne Pharmaceuticals on behalf of people who took the recently recalled Darvocet painkiller, alleging that the drug maker failed to warn about the potential risk of serious and fatal heart problems. 

The Darvocet class action lawsuit was filed by Linda Gallagher in U.S. district court in New Orleans, alleging that the medication caused her to suffer a heart attack. The suit seeks class action status on behalf of other similarly situated former users of Darvocet.

Last month, a Darvon and Darvocet recall was issued after the FDA determined that propoxyphene-based painkillers may increase the risk of potentially fatal heart rhythm abnormalities. The medications were also previously linked to a risk of overdose and suicide. All generic Darvocet and generic Darvon versions of propoxyphene were also recalled.

It is believed that Gallagher’s complaint is the first Darvocet lawsuit or Darvon lawsuit filed in federal court since the recall was issued on November 19.

According to allegations raised in the complaint, Xanodyne Pharmaceuticals violated the Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act by creating a drug that could cause significant harm to users. The lawsuit also charges the company with failing to warn doctors and consumers about the potential side effects of Darvocet and Darvon.

Gallagher, the proposed lead plaintiff, claims to have suffered two heart attacks since being prescribed Darvocet in 2007, and blames her heart problems on the drug. The lawsuit is seeking compensatory damages, medical monitoring fees, court costs and attorney fees for everyone included in the class action.

Darvocet is a popular painkiller that combines the active ingredient in Darvon with acetaminophen, the active ingredient in Tylenol. Darvon was first introduced in 1957, with propoxyphene designed to relieve mild to moderate post-surgical pain. In recent years, Darvocet has grown to become one of the 25 most commonly prescribed medications, with more than 22 million people receiving the painkiller.

Various groups have been calling for a recall of Darvocet and Darvon for years, with the first petition for the FDA to ban the medications filed in 1978. The prominent consumer group Public Citizen has suggested that Darvon and Darvocet side effects likely resulted in between 1,000 and 2,000 additional deaths in the United States since the time the medication was banned in the U.K. in 2005.

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  1. I think that if this medication was recalled due to the number of deaths…over the amt prescribed vs years on the mkt lets do the math…
    look at the number of deaths contributed to other drugs….
    seems that this rx is the only in the family and it worked for me…
    so the studies have shown that in the fatilities………..they had NO other known heart problems existed such as family history….

  2. hello, i too k darvocet for year and in 18i65 i started having heart problems……….my heart beart was dangerously beating to fast and i had to go to a heart doctor…………i had a bundle branch block which they did a stress test in greenivll ,tx and sent me from ther to dallas cuz they thought i was having a V tact but it was a bundle branch block instead……………..could thst have caused that problem? now i have a pace maker and this is my 3rd pace maker ,,,,,,,,,,,it keeps it slowed down to normal beat a min. also when they had me on darocets they had tendesey making me real hipper and i could not be still……….. just made me nervous………..i took the again a few months ago and they did the same thing and i have r.a. and they do not stop the pain………..

  3. hello, im sorry but i mistspelled some of my words and i put down the wrong year….i was not even born in 1865…..i started takind darvocet in 1985…….i can not see that good and i hit the wrong keys…………i also had cornea transplants in my eyes in 1994 and 1995 and i was gave darvocets then for the pain after surgery. please let me know cuz i want to know if that caused any of my problemd.

  4. I have been on Darvocet sence Nov 2007 for a back injury. I have always been a very enterjectic person,but for the last two years I have no eneryat all.I have dizzy spells and I get spells of being sick to my stomach. I have trouble breathing which I was put on asthma medicine but that doesn’t seem to help. I just know for the last two yrs I haven’t felt like doing anything. I know this isn’t normally the way I feel. I have trouble going to sleep and staying a asleep. I have reported this all to my drs, I have pain in my neck that runs up to my ear.

  5. My father has been taken prescriptions for Darvocette for some time and has had major heart/health problems.

  6. I have been on Darvocet for about 1-2 years.
    I have had Stomach Ulcers, UTI, blatter infections, Hemroids, rashes and more things that you can imagine.
    Do you think this can be from using Darvocet?

  7. I have arrythmias and was a darvocet/darvon user since 1986 because of a neck injury and majjor surgery as ewll as fibrmualgia.

  8. I have been taking Darvocets since 2003 and been hospitalized at least 9 times with atrill fib and atrill flutter, and are curently on 10 pills a day.

  9. I took darvocet for several years, it did make me somewhat nervous, and i did have a little heavyness in my chest, but my moods would go from good to worse, and sometimes it felt like by pain would intensify. I have osteroarthritis in my hands, and had surgery over this past summer. and i do go occasionally get shots in my hands and leg also. I did notice since i have stopped taking them and i am now on tramadole, the spelling may be wrong as far as the new med. i am not so anxious and depressed, i was really bad in those regards also.

  10. I have been taking Darvocet for pre- and post back pain, for the past couple of years and 4 months after surgery , I have had breathing problems, and loss of memory and my leg goes numb, and I have night swets and can’t sleep, and I get dizzy could this be from taking the medication that my pcp ordered me, that I trusted him in ordering for me?

  11. I was on Darvocet for many years sometimes taking up to 5000mg a day for pain. I finally had a heart attack and was in the hospital for several days. The doctors until I just called never took me off the medicine ! I told the doctors that my heart problems were directly related to the Darvocet and all they could say was sorry.

  12. On October 22,2010 i gave birth to a beautiful little angel. I had a C-section. I was prescribed Darvocet N-100 Qty 30Pills to ease my pain, I took about 14 pills. On November 6,2010 I had a heart attack. I was hospitalized for 4 days, the heart doctor didn’t really know what causes my heart attack. He said it was very rare for me to have a heart attack. I am only 33 years old. Before I had my baby i had no heart problem. Now i am on high blood pressure medication, cholesterol, blood thinner, Plavix, and Asparin. There are no history of anyone in my family with heart problem. I want to know if i have a case.

  13. My grandfather who I have been his care taker for the past 5 years fell and and hurt his shoulder, and had started taken Darvocet about six mts later I had to keep amiting him in the hospital beacuse his heart was all carzy by the 4 time in the hospital the said since he was in there so much to take him to a rehab place for PT he was there for 2 mts came home for 1 week and had a stroke and passed I so beleve it was from this he was in much beter health b4 this medication….. What should I do?

  14. My mother started taking darvocet in the late 70′s after a automobile accident which left her with many back problems and multiple surgeries. By 1990 my mother at the age of 47 developed heart “problems” she has since had bypass surgery twice and too many angioplaties and stents to count. At age 66 my mother was placed on Hospice since there are no more treatments the physicians can give that will stop her chronic angina. She has not been on Darvocet for the past few years since all this has occured and is on much stronger pain medication now. I now wonder if her years on Darvocet contributed to her heart disease? This was a shock when I seen that Darvocet was linked to heart problems and now I am wondering if our family should investigate this further??

  15. I have been taking Darvocet perscribed by my doctor for pain relief from shoulder surgery. I have been having chest pains and bouts with rapid heartbeats and irregular heart rythms. I have not seen a cardiologist because I assumed the pains were nothing serious. I am beginning to rethink my assumptions. Could you please give me some more information on this issue. I am worried about potential damage to my heart now.

  16. I am a 52 year old male. I had my first of 3 spine surgeries 1/94 for a cracked lamina, L-5 (ASF w/hardware L-5/S-1) with repeats in 8/95 for a failed fusion and broken hardware (ASF/PSF with new hardware and removal of L-5/S-1 disc) one more repeat fusion w/removal of hardware 3/96. I had switched to Darvocet for pain control some time in 95/96 believing it to be less destructive to the system over time with the ability to function. I have been taking daily until Nov 19, 2010 when it was pulled from the market. In 2002/3 I had developed a rapid heart rate and an irregular beat, after a handful of tests and ending up at AZ Heart Institute having been prescribed a Beta Blocker (Toperal (sp) I was told I had an Electrical problem, was mapped and was going to have it cauterized to eliminate the misfiring in that area….They kept calling my old insurance company to verify the procedure and of course it was denied 2 times. I said I would just take the pills. I still have a rapid heart rate and am now 52 years old and know that all of this is taking a heavy toll on my system. I have been robbed of all energy, light headed and do not feel good most of the time as now I have all of the side effects of the Toperal along with Advair for the shortness of breath that it causes.

  17. To the panel that had Darvocet pulled off the market, thank you so much for making my life more difficult than it already is. I am a 52 year old retired nurse. I crushed two lumbar vertabrae when I was 14 years old (fell off a horse) these injuries are not surgically repairable, I have had surgery to repair a herniated cervical disc (which was followed with trigeminal neuralgia) and I have had both of my shoulders repaired (torn rotator cuffs). I have been taking Darvocet for about 5 years as needed. I am able to function well at home when I take Darvocet (usually 2-3 a day). I do not drive when I take Darvocet. I take it responsibly and have had no side effects. I have several gastrointestinal issues and Darvocet does not aggravate these. Tylenol does not help the pain and Ibuprofen causes gastrointestinal issues. Hydrocodone gives me a headache and causes constipation. Ultram does not help the pain either. Again, thank you so much for the added aggravation and for making a decision without asking. Drugs are usually pulled off the market because of a lawsuit or the drug company is marketing a new drug. Just another story of a few people ruining things for the rest of us.

  18. I have been taking darvocet for 37 years for both migraines and back pain. I just went to the Dr and found out that it was taken off the market and had to get pain medicine that had morphine in it. I was sick for the whole next day and now I have no pain meds that I can tolerate. Hopefully they will will re-evaluate the darvocet and put it back on the market.

  19. I started out taking Darvocet for chronic pain associated with 2 slipped cervical disks. I’d been having side affects from taking Ultrum so the dr switched me. Shortly there after, he changed it Balacet. Around that time i started experiencing heart flutters/palpitations. I went to the emergency room. They ran every test under the sun & found nothing. This was January of this year & went downhill quickly from there. I would get tired extremely easy (I’m 37). I’ve been to 5 doctors who came up with theories including: Hyperthyroidism, Hyperglycemia, Rheumatoid Arthritis & most recently Fibromyalgia. I’ve had so many tests done on me & blood taken that at one point I resembled a pin cushion. My husband & i have been wanting to get pregnant so i started reducing my use of Balacet & noticed a decrease in my symptoms. Shortly there after, we heard about them pulling it off the market & I stopped taking it. My energy has returned, my Fibromyalgia lessened considerably and the “flutters & palpitations” reduced. There is much, much more to the story but Its way too long. I do have it documented on line along with all of my complaints of “Flutters & palpitations”.

  20. My mother takes Darvocet, and it seem sto help. She has a hard time taking other pain killers becase they tend to make her sick or serverely constipate her. I think Lori that commented on 12/12/2010 is right, if you are responsible enough to take a prescribed you should be fine. People can overdose on aspirin, do hey take that off the market, I think not!
    If taken properly Darvocet is a very effective drug, every drug has it’s risk and side effects, thats why it’s suppose to be taken in moderation.
    My mother takes Darvocet because stronger more addictive drugs make her sick ,make her head “foggy”, cause her to sleep excedsively and as stated earlier, cause severe constipation. I wish this decision would be reconsidered, but I doubt it.

  21. I totally agree with you. What am I going to use to take Darvocets place?

  22. I understand that all of you are upset with having to take different medication, but I am getting married to a man whose mother died because of this drug and I know he would rather be you and in pain then going through what he has. People have lost their mothers, fathers, kids, friends. Do you think that the makers of this drug would be taking it off the market if it was just the consumers who were using it wrong. PROBABLY NOT… There are regulations in place to keep us safe, and maybe this is one of those that you may not understand right now, and may make your life a little more difficult but hopefully you will be thankful for one more day with your family and friends.

  23. My mother was prescribed this medication on 05/052010, she was having shortness of breath, what she thought was heart burn within 5 days of taking this medication… on 05/11/2010 my mother was admitted to the ER with CHF… she died 05/13/2010 from CHF. 58 yrs old… How sad riight… four grown children, seven grandchildren… that not one did she get to see get married… and not mention my father that she was married to for 36 yrs…. Where is the justice?? I cry myself to sleep many nights just wishing I could talk to her…

  24. I agree that the side effects are potentially hazardous and at times fatal, but there are no alternative drugs available in the same range of effectiveness for those who are allergic to opiates. This is a TERRIBLE call on part of the FDA and the manufacturer. All drugs have side effects and most are fatal if taken in large doses. This is a MISTAKE.

  25. I agree with Bill. We all know the side effects of this drug. This is such a TERRIBLE recall by the FDA. This is the only pain killer that helps soo many of us. I believe that many of the claims are from those searching for a free ride and lots of money. Shame on you!! Also, it should be up to the patient whether or not he/she wants to take the risk of taking this drug. So many unhealthy people looking to blame darvocet for the other problems they are having. Hey, by the way, my rt. buttock tingles-is that from darvocet? Yes, I am ANGRY!

  26. Ive been taking Darvocet for at least 10 years for RSD,Osteoporosis and Arthritis. Just a few months ago I got out of the shower and felt a thump in my chest and my heart started racing and when I got to my dr. it was beating 195 per minute. In the ER I was givng meds thru an IV to stop my heart.. then another med was pushed to restart it again…heart center here says Im having electrical problems in my heart..like an extra curcuit is knocking it off of its natural pace. They have me on blood pressure meds right now and it seems to be working.. but Ive been told this can happen again.. and I could have a heart attack at anytime…dont know what to do now……..

  27. I disagree with those of you who said that the recall is horrible and that the side effects are just from people overdosing. My husband, who had no heart issues, has been taking Darvocet off and on over the past ten years for back pain. He took the lowest dose prescribed, yet developed erratic heart rhythms. We’ve had him numerous times in the emergency room and he’s been evaluated by cardiac specialists, and they all knew he took Darvocet, yet we got no answers. His symptoms got so bad this past year that the paramedics had to rush him to the hospital. Test after test was run, but the doctors remained stumped. He ended up having to take beta blockers, that made things worse, so he discontinued them. Now that he’s not taking Darvocet, his heart problems have virtually disappeared. He can’t have opiates, either, but we’re glad this medication has been recalled. The FDA should have done it back in 1978. I feel horrible for the families who lost loved ones because they took the medication as prescribed and ended up with fatal heart problems. Don’t blame this on people overdosing, too many took the medication as prescribed and got burned.

  28. I have been reading your posts on the medication Darvocet. I happen to be a RN for the past 30 years, still working, and yes i have taken darvocet since 1995; i now have a bundle branch block, severe shorthness of breath, along with fatigue, had a cardiac cath in 2008 with no blockages thank goodness, restless nights, numbness in lower legs, rash thats comes and goes and the doctors have no answer except that im out of shape and need more exercise. Yes, all medications come with the risk of side effects, adverse reactions and no two people will react the same. But darvocet seemed to be the lesser of the evils :( I have taken care of patients that have lung cancer and never smoked, people with cirrhosis of the liver and never drank alcohol. Some would say its the luck of the draw, but when your sick and feel bad you would hope the FDA and others would be able to provide safe
    medication to the people at large

  29. On November 12, 2010 I took Darvocet at approximately 8:15am. I was on the phone with the urologist office making an appointment when I told the receptionist that I felt like I was going to pass out. I yelled for my co-worker, and the next thing I knew, the doctor, MA, the police, and the EMT’s were with me. I work at a doctors office and was helped immediately. The doctor and the MA stated that I had no pulse, no blood pressure, and I wasn’t breathing when they ran up to my desk. I was taken by ambulance to the ER and was treated for what they thought at the time was syncope. We now know, it was due to the Darvocet! This drug could have very well, cost me my life had I not gotten care immediately! I have never had any heart problems in the past (I’m 46 years old) and this scared the heck out of me! Not to mention the bills that are rolling in from going by ambulance and spending most of the day in the emergency room!

  30. In 1991 after a closed head injury accident I was prescribed Darvocet for pain. During my recovery, I was rushed to the ER on numerous occasions due to dizziness and finally diagnosed with supervetricular tach and put on antanolol to control the fast hart rate. Once they diagnosed me with v tach and most recently found atrial flutter at which time I was hospitalized. This make me angry to think that it was clearly known this drug could cause this problems, yet it was never discussed or looked at as the cause of my heart problems through out all the years I have used thsi medication for pain. Thinking this could have cost me my life makes it even more imperative to not used medication of any kind if you can avoid it. My concern now that the damage is done if the heart problems will be there because of the damage this medication has caused.

  31. I took Darvocet for a few years for hip dysplasia and a labral tear. I stopped taking it on a routine basis in 2008ish. 2009 I started having chest pains and was hospitalized with pericarditis. Since then I have been hospitalized with the chest pain and tachycardia with classic pericarditis symptoms but no actual source. I have this happen often now. The sad thing is I’m only 31 and this is a problem.

  32. I started taking Darvocet yrs back for pain from migranes and leg pain. I started having tightness in my chest and no energy. He did a stress test and said I had problems. Had to have a heart cath done. After a couple months I was better with my legs so didnt have to take pain killers . But couple yrs back had a back injury from some stairs and messed to disk up in back. I was put back on Darvocet. I was living in Ga then. Thought I was having a heart attack becasue I could nto walk 10 feets before giving out. Went to dr and my blood was so low had to hace blood transfusion right away. Took the pain killlers over the next couple yrs. Last yr noticed my energy was getting lower and lower , headaches, ulcers hurt worse, adn mood swings. Got in from work and had such severe chest pains rushed to hospital where I was attmented. They ran test and did nuclear stress test and sent me to Macon Ga for another heart cath. said what they saw was k, but first time I had it done in Louisiana the dr said looked like I had had a mild heart attack and didnt even know it at one point.. They knew what meds I was taking for pain , blood pressure and type 2 dibetic. no one ever said anything to me about the problems Darvoset could cause . Gave it to me for the pain after I was home. I ran out and never got refills becasue I moved back to Louisiana. But I dont have the energy I used to have and still get winded alot..

  33. In 1986 after two hip joint replacements, Darvocet was provided as the least of the evils of Vicodin and Percocet. To play tennis, I popped Darvocet daily as a precaution for several years. In 2004, a knee joint replacement and more Darvocet. There is no history of heart rhythm issues in my family. In march 2006, the roof fell in and an ICD had to be implanted. I continued to pop darvocet to play tennis until 2009. No one ever told me about the side-effect history of Darvocet regarding irregular pulse. Now it appears the danger was noted decades ago. Where were the watchdogs?

  34. I had been taking Darvocet for close to 6 years. I had unexplained pain in my left leg and knee. It has moved to both hips and I now have a bulging disc in my lower back. Darvocet is THE ONLY thing that took my paina way. I was told years ago I have Mitral Valve Proplapse and a heart murmur (which my current dr finds no sign of). I’ve taken Darvocet for 6 years and been perfectly fine. They pull drugs off the market when some people have reactions yet there are diet pills sold OTC that cause worse problems and they’re still on shelves. Now I am in constant unbearable pain every day unless I lay in bed and do nothing (which isn’t an option with a 6 and 8 yr old at home and me being a single mom). :-/ Oh, and I suffer from Restless Leg Syndrome and this was one medication that helped both my problems. And it improved my mood (contrary to what I’ve seen others post).

  35. My mother had been given Darvocet for her fractured tibia by her physician. She had been a active 83 year old until this. She slowly became weaker by the day, dizzy, nauseated and no energy to even get up out of bed. She was recently admitted to hospital to find that she has an duodenal ulcer. She was bleeding severly from this and was hospitalized for a few days. Can this ulcer also be linked to the Darvocet?

  36. I had been taking Darvocet for numerous years, for chronic pain, a bad fall enhancing the pain from Fibrobmalgia as well as discs in my neck, and arthritis and rotator cuff surgery. The extreme up and downs mentally, along with the feeling of non relief from the medication, and against my GP’s advice, I stopped taking the med prior to them taking it off the market, my cardiologist diagnosed a problem with my heart’s [last year] performance in the left side delivering the blood to the rest of the body. I think the body builds an immunity to the pills and no longer is as helpful, as I couldn’t tell a difference after going off the medication. I’m taking an over the counter medication that seems to do as well as the Darvocet, neither of which truly helps to elevate the pain I endure daily. All medications have side effects, however, a problem with the heart is a very bad side effect and should not be taken lightly.

  37. As a law enforcement officer and enduring several work injuries, I was prescribed Darvocet. I changed careers and had to go through another training academy. I then began to feel rapid heart rates during physical training and was really afraid of suffering a heart attack. I also experienced shortness of breath and was perplexed because i have always been active in sports and weightlifting. Everyday of the academy i had to stop to let my heart rate go down. I took darvocet in a very responsible manner even dealing with some of the pain to avoid taking medications because i dont like to take meds. Sometimes while laying in bed i feel a rapid heart rate all of a sudden and feel that i need to breath heavier. Well i wound up failing the academy and have not been able to obtain a law enforcement job because my heart rate gets too elevated and constantly need to stop and take a breath. fyi i have less than 20% bmi. Could i have a case?

  38. I have been on darvacet 15 or more years and have severe atrial fib which can’t be rectified

  39. AFter being on Davacet for a year due to a motor vehilce accident, I can absolutly beleive that this drug can cause a heart attack. Afer taking the medication, my heart used to race, I had troble breathing, I used to have panic attacks. I didn’t realze it was that medication until I stoped it. My question to everyone is that I think it affected my vision. I have an eye disease called retinitis pigmentosa, and in that year, my vision has become so bad. Everone around me has commented on how bad I had gotten in a year time. I have suffered this disease my whole life, but the changes in just one year were astounding. I feel that it is due to this medication, because no other medications have been hanged or introduced except Darvaet. Any comments from anyone?

  40. For those of you who take medications because of suffering long-term chronic pain – Darvocet is a very bad choice as the Ibuprophen can harm your liver and kidneys over time, or in large doses. Many doctor’s (like my old doctor) will prescribe meds and never even think to warn you of the health risks. SO PLEASE ask questions about what you put into your body!
    I suffer chronic pain after 3 back surgeries and now take Methadone 10mg for the pain. (In My Opinion) 1. It’s a milder drug than Oxycodone, Fentynal and Hydrocodone. 2. It’s effective in small doses. 3. Has little side affects. 4. Doesn’t tac your body like some other painkillers. Also, look into pain pumps and patches as an alternative to pills.

    - Go online and research the drugs you take. Don’t assume your doctor knows everything!

  41. For those of you who have to find another painkiller now… If you’re like me, you took Darvcet because the other painkillers hurt your stomach and had bad side affects: Ask your doctor about taking methadone for pain relief. Most people don’t consider Methadone because they assume it’s only used to treat Heroin addicts. Not true. I have been taking Methdone since 2001 and am very happy with it.
    Good luck fellow chronic pain sufferers and hand in there.

  42. My mother died recently at 53 years of age while on vacation. She got out of the pool and was having difficulty breathing. Within minutes, her breathing and heart stopped. My dad administered cpr and called paramedics, but when they arrived and resuscitated her, her brain hhad went without oxygen for too long to survive. She passed away 10 days later. She had lupus, fibromyalgia (which is why she was prescribed Darvocet), but no health problems that were life threatening. She had recently had an annual checkup which found her to be in better health than she had been in years. The neurologist and heart doctor could find no cause for her sudden death. Her heart and lungs seemed to be strong after the attack, her brain just suffered an anoxic injury due to the unexplained heart and pulmonary failure. Her attack happened 3 weeks prior to this drug being banned. I wonder if it had been pulled sooner, maybe my mother would still be alive. My father has filed for the class action suit, he does not feel up to dealing with an individual wrongful death suit so soon after her passing. I saw a commercial recently regarding the effects of the drug and got a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach, so I called my dad and had him research it. I simply cannot understand how our government could allow a company to profit from a drug for so long that was determined to be dangerous. It was banned in Europe over 5 years ago. My youngest daughter was 3 weeks old when my mother left for vacation. She will never have the opportunity to know how much her Gammy loved and adored her firsthand, possibly because of a pill that she thought was helping her.

  43. My doctor prescribed darvocet for knee pain prior to and after knee surgery for a on year period. I began retaining fluid. After being placed on a diuretic booster and a diuretic, I lost 39 lbs of fluid in one week. I was also sent to have an eco-cardiogram for irregular heart beat. My doctor left me on darvocet until 10/31/10 when I broke my right arm and my orthopedic doctor took me off the medication and gave me a different medication. Since I have stopped taking the darvocet, my heart palpatations have decreased and I have been retainly less fluid. Unfortunately for me, because I did not have to receive the services of a cardioligist, I will not qualify for the suit. However, I incurred over $5,000 in lab fees, doctor visits and electocardiograms.

  44. i am so up set ,i am a 61 year old woman with 3 cervical bone fusion in my neck.i had been takeing darvocet since 1995 ever day,i live in chronic pain,after trying pain pill after pain pill,15years ago my dr.put me on darvocet ibeen takeing it ever day for15 years,i dont know what i am going to do,my dr. is trying me on other medication but nothing helps.my dr. wants me to have surgery again,but one surgery leads to another surgery,all i need is my darvocet back,can any one help?i dont see how this is possible,this is hard on people that has been on darvocet 15 years.

  45. I had a heart attack in 2000 since then I have been taking generic Darvecet for arthritis and back pain. In 2007 I was told that I have a irreregular heart beat and was also told that I had something called AFIB. I had what was called a heart ablation to repair the problem. Since then I have still been taking Darvacet untill it was taken off the shelves. I am not sure if this has caused any of my problems.

  46. My Father passed away April 2006. He injured his back in Vietnam in the 60′s. He used Darvocet for years on and off. Out of the blue he suffered a massive heart attack at age 48. Two open heart surgeries, a pacemaker, many angeo-plasties. He was so tired and his health went so quickly. The doctors continued to prescribe Darvocet. Not knowing, he took it because he was in pain, could not sleep, and lived in fear that he was going to die. He died slowly before our eyes. He also complained about neck pain, just like Sue. I hope the word spread quickly about this. I know the pain my family has suffered.

  47. After shattering 3 vertebrae in a fall in 2004, the Doc intalled hardware and fused 2 portions of my back. I was greatful for Darvocet, taking 2 or 3 a day for several month then backing off over time to only when in really severe pain. It has been my chosen pain reliever.
    Over the past few years I have started having severe palpitations, for hours, to the point I hoped I would just die (normally, I am FAR from suicidal). I let my Doc know and he prescribed an anxiety medication for when it happened again. It did help. If it is this medication is causing this I would like more information. Please keep me informed.

  48. I was prescribed Darvocet for pain after the births of each of my 5 sons.Out of the blue,I began having an irregular heartbeat. I had the 24hr Holter monitor,had a few EKGs & have had 2 echocardiograms done. It was determined that I have PACs-Premature Atrial Contractions,which I was told are not life threatening. No explanation for the sudden onset was ever given. I keep Atenolol in my purse to take for it as needed.

  49. I have been on Darvocet since the late 1980s. I have had NO problems with it. This has acetominophin-same as Tylenol. What about the people that are on Tylenol w/Codeine-are they going to yank that from the meidicines that a person can take. Even the Vicodin that my MD put me on had acetominophin in it-are they going to yank that to? I know that the vicodin is stronger than the Darvocet, but it doesn’t kill the pain like the Darvocet. I WANT THE DARVOCET BACK!!!!!!!!!

  50. I took Darvacet N100 for about 10 years for chronic pain following surgery at L5/S1. I now have left bundle branch block difficulties and occasional irregular heart beats.

  51. I have took Darvocet for pre- and post back pain, for the past couple of years , I have had breathing problems, and loss of memory and my leg goes numb and m y toes/feet, and I have night swets and can’t sleep, and I get dizzy and feel nauseated ans sick to my stomach also get head aches. my heart beats irregular since i have took this medication

  52. I have been taking Darvocet for the past 15 years due to cronic venous insufficency of my leg. It worked great for me but I few years ago I developed a heart murmur. Since then I have had to have stress tests and then a heart cath. I could feel a funny sensation in my chest which my Doctor told me was an extra beat in my heart.

  53. I have an idiopathic heart condition that is reflected in in creased heart rate that can cause me to lose conscioiusness. I took DArvocet for pain after being ill with a kidney infection, and at other times during my mid to late teen years for sport related injuries. I simply want to be part of the class action suit as there have been no legitimate causes for my heart condition. This explains a great deal.

  54. hurt my back in 1994 prescribed darvocet.heart attack in may 95 got stents,heart attack october 96 open heart. still on darvocet heart attack jan2009 got more stents heart attack feb2009 got pacemaker still on darvocet nov2010 told darvocet was bad for my heart

  55. I have been presribed Darvocet off and on for migraines, post- surgery, and various other situations over the last 15 years. In the last 3 to 5 years I have been to four different doctors, one cardiologist, and two different ERs several times. I have mitral valve regurgitation, a tricuspid murmur, irregular heartbeat, unexplained dizziness, fainting spells and more. There is no history of heart problems in my family. The doctors have been unable to explain how or why I have been so sick for so long, and one even went so far as to suggest I might be a bit of a hypochondriac. I had no idea so many other people were having similar issues. While I understand the opinion of the lucky ones who haven’t had problems because of Darvocet or related medications, I personally agree with the recall.

  56. I had an accident in 1998.In approx 1999 I was prescribed Darvocet.
    I was diagnosed with heart palpitations. prior to 1999 I had no problems with my heart .THe doctor treated me for thyroids and my heart continued to race and I could hear my own heartbeat. This caused damage to my heart muscles and shortness of breath. During anECG
    the scar tissue was detected. I do not have a family history of heart or
    thyroid problems. my mother was amazed that I am the only person in the family to have such problems

  57. i was prescribed darvocet multiple times, once for a neck injury and refills for carpel tunnel pain. i took over the course of about a year. i have recently been seen by my doctor for chest pain and trouble breathing. she attributed it to a rapid hearbeat and put me a medication to correct that and my heart palpitations. i am the only one in my family who has a rapid heartbeat?

  58. It is a shame that even the loss of life due to being poisoned unnecessarily by a pharmaceutical company has no meaning to some people. I am a 52 year old female and apparently I was not in the know about this darvocet side effect when I was taking it in 2003 and 2004; when after taking it for 2 months, I started getting a racing heart. I was hooked up for 30 days on a cardio monitor and had heartbeats of over 200, and 4 to 6 beat v-tach incidents. Tried several different heart medications, toprol, the beta-blocker, being one of them, which put me in the hospital with more v-tach incidents and with a doctor’s warning that it was his medical opinion that I should not check out of the hospital and be transported to another hospital where I could see a specialist in electrical studies of the heart. The end result here is I went and had a cardiac ablation that almost killed me due to bleeding out after it was over. And now it is possible that all my months of suffering on different medications, toprol being the worse, and an unnecessary surgery to my heart could havr been due to darvocet? And the fact that the pharmaceutical company knew there could be a problem and still let me take it??? And the number of people who may have died is only stated at 2,000 in the report on this website. I think it is many more and it is reprehensible that the pharmaceutical company can get away with this. When I read the comments posted here, I cannot believe how similar the stories are to mine. There is no way it is just a coincidence. Un********believable.

  59. I am 39 and started takink Darvocet in college due to football injuries. Have been prescibed Darvocet many times. In 95 I started having heart problems and was hospitalizes 4 times due to atrial fribulation. Heart would exceed 229 bpm. Spent a lot of time in and out of hbospital enduring many heart test. Eventually leading to an unsuccessful abaliton surgery in 08. There is no history of atrial fribulatio or any other heart problems in a very large family. This condition has changed my life dramatically.

  60. I took this medication about 3 yrs ago. after i took this medication i started having in rapid heart beats and they were of rythem i had to get heart suregery done cuz i was diagnosed with SVT… supra ventricular tachardia… after taking this medication. i

  61. I had a injurys from a car accident doctors put me on darvoct for 8 years I have had rapid heart beats fast then slow cant sleep sick to my stomach all the time trouble breathing never felt rite since I took the darvoct Iam really not the same cant work have no energy could go on and on….could that be the reason for all my sickness

  62. I started taking darvon for back injury in Viet Nam in 1966. And continued to get it from a physian after I got out of the service and continued its use up until 1999 for frequent back pain. When that doctor gave me an ekg, in the middle 80′s he ask when I had a heart attack after reveiwing the ekg. Do this qualitify to be in the class action suit.

  63. I had used Darvocet for the past 10 years for osteoarthritis. I have experienced chest pain in the past. I am now concerned about the effects of Darvon and what can I expect in the future concerning any adverse health issues.

  64. I took Darvocet for lumbar back pain from about 2007 to 2009. I frequently experienced shortness of breath and heart palpitations. During that period I went to the ER at least 5 times with ailments ranging from shortness to breath, to numbness in my right arm/hand/shoulder. Could these things be caused by the medication?

  65. My wife was given Darvocet back in 1998 for her chronic pain syndrome. Admittingly, she was taking more than the prescribed amount. Sometimes she was taking 12 pills per day. At the same time, she was always having heart issues (arrythmias and tachycardia) and we were seeing a cardiologist for this. He always attributed the heart issues to a panic disorder, and gave her valium.

    In 1999 she became pregnant and the doctor told us that it was very safe to continue using Darvocet throughout the pregnancy, which she did. In retrospect, now knowing the dangers of this medicine, I would have not listened to the doctor and I would have made sure she was not on it. My daughter was born with health issues, which is a different subject.

    She stayed on the medicine for about another year, when her doctors decided that she should be on Oxycontin instead.

    Long story short, since the 3 or so years of her taking Darvocet, she has continuously suffered from tachycardia and very irregular heartbeats. These episodes are continuing today. It is chronic.

    Does anyone think she should be part of the class action suit?

  66. My mother took darvocet regularly for years. She was hospitalized and receiving tratment for vascular problems in her legs. She was scheduled to return home after her recovery but died the night before she was to be dicharged. No one could explain the sudden heart attack. Her death never made sense to us, she had appeared very healthy just hours before.

  67. I was on this for a torn rotator cuff, prior to surgery I had a sever heart attack and ended up with a Defib and Pacemaker.

  68. I began taking this medicine approximately 2 years ago, stopped taking it hen it as recalled, and wish I had never heard of it. Nothing is worth losing your health and worrying about leaving your kids, especially when you have an older child with special needs who needs total care. Never mind what will I do ithout darvocet, my question is what will they do without me????????????????????????

  69. Husband died in 2005 after taking Percocet for over 20 years.He was 62. Had blood disease I T P. Spleen removed Heart problems and heart surgery Lost his kidneys on Dialysis 4 years Had kidney transplant failed
    Autopsy states blood clot -Hypertensive Cardiovascular Disease
    He had been an attorney but lost his Fl. Bar license in 1991.Was making bad mistakes on cases. Percocet cost him his profession
    and his life and my husband .


  71. I took darvocet off and on many times due to arthritis pain. I recently was told i have Nash, a livee proble i also have irregular heart beats wich i never had before, weak and shakiness. Its not good

  72. hello … was 19 years old and fell 27 feet in Maine , and ended up having two back surgerys in Boston ,Mass (New England Baptist hospital ) in 1987 and 1989 believe and was on Darvacet for few years . and am thinking like 6000 over time period! am I able to join law suit ?

  73. I am so upset with this stupid law suit as if the other pain killers aren’t as dangerous or more so. As it happens, Darvocet is the only pain medication I can take. I’ve been through Hell trying other pain medications. I have chronic pain that is getting worse as time goes on as is the way of my illness(s). I’ve been hoarding my last Darvocets for my cluster headaches and migraines putting up with my other horrid pain from RSD and Fibromyalgia. If people can’t take Darvocet then they should use another drug, not file a law suit. I’ve been in Hell, as I’ve said since it went off the market and am scared to death when I use the last one.

  74. i hurt my back in 2005 and i took darvocet for 6 years, then they recalled it, i have alot of pain in my chest and i thought I had galbladder problems but it was fine but the pain is still there some one told me that darvocet has effect the liver and heart and other areas as well I got to go back to the doctor so they can check my liver, i had to start taking blood pressure pills as well could you give me more information on the side effects of darvocet, and a contact number for a attorneyI heard that goldwater was a lawyer handling cases as well i have also had and still do sharpe pains in my head since i have taken the darvocet pain meds, fatigue as well anyway please contact me with more information please I may need a lawyer as well thank you in advance for your help

  75. in 1995 my husband of 20 years died from the use of darvocet. the sad part is that he could still be hear to raise his son who was only 13 when he passed. the manufactures of the drug knew it’s dangers but still kept making & marketing it, now the only justice to be had is the recall of the drug. he only took 1 to many but that was enough to kill him. my heart goes out to all of you that have been harmed. i wish you luck with the lawsuit, the manufactures deserve to pay for their greed.
    sadly no one will take my case because he died before 2000.

  76. I am a 52 year old women who has been using Darvocet off and mostly on for about 25years.I have chronic pain for various reasons such as bursitis in my hip which requires injections,back problems due to falls and nursing wear and tear while on the job,and inflammatory and osteo arthritis.this is the only medication I have been able to take without major side affects,such as terrible stomach upset,mouth dryness so that I am unable to speak, drowsiness etc.Why can physicians not prescribe medications more responsibly and thoughtfully so that people like me and others might be able to receive medications that they need?Darvocet has been on the market for over 50 years and should have remained so.

  77. my father in law have been taken the painkiller Darvocet for ten years and had suffered five heart attacks and the last one almost killed him his own doctor told him to seek a lawyer for his suffering but i cant get him to understand that the insurance companies that will pay him not out of his doctor pocket he does not like to sue anyone he thinks its wrong and he is flat broke from all the suffering he went through any advice how to change his mind thanks

  78. Amine, I hope he will change his mind and get what he can while he’s still alive. My Mother was prescribed Darvocet for pain several years back. She only took them every now and then. She was a picture of health at the age of 92 and had more energy than most younger than 40. She got sick in early 2009 and with that illness she had pain and was told to take that drug again on a regular schedule. She ended up in bed 24/7 her caretaker made sure she was given the drugs daily. She kept complaining about her chest hurting and was told it was acid reflux and was treated for that too. It got to where she was unable to go out to the doctor so we had them (a different doctor) come to the house for treatment. They said she had heart problems along with acid reflux, and continued the drugs along with a few more. I sat by her bedside and watched her pass away October 14, 2011 of CHF. There’s not a day that goes by that my heart breaks of her not here with me. Sure she was old but she was extremely healthy before that drug. The only medicine she had ever taken on a regular basis was for her removed thyroid along with vit. D.
    I was searching something on the web the other night and saw where there was problems with the drug.. I want to sue but it wont bring my Mom back. But you still have your dad and I’m sure the money will be helpful. God bless you both.

  79. I took darvocet for years due to the surgeries I have had on my foots from 8 years up to they was called off the market. My heart would be beating so bad and fluttering.


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