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Breast Cancer Misdiagnosed in More Than 100 Cases: Study

A new study of mammograms conducted in Quebec found an alarming number of cases of breast cancer misdiagnosis. 

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Breast Cancer Misdiagnosis Lawsuit Results in $15M Award

A New York woman has been awarded $15 million as a result of a lawsuit brought against a doctor who failed to diagnose breast cancer. 

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FDA Warns of Poor Quality Mammograms by Huntington Radiology

Federal regulators are warning physicians and patients about poor quality mammograms from a California radiology lab. 

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FDA Warns of Poor Quality Mammograms from Florida Lab

Federal regulators have issued a warning regarding poor quality mammograms at Medisound, Inc., a Florida testing facility, saying that anyone who was tested there may want to be re-tested elsewhere. 

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Tennessee Medical Malpractice Lawsuit Results in $24M Verdict

A Tennessee jury has awarded nearly $24 million to a woman and her husband in a breast cancer misdiagnosis lawsuit. The award is reportedly one of the largest verdicts ever returned for a medical malpractice lawsuit in Tennessee.

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Breast Cancer Misdiagnosis Lawsuit in Iowa Remanded on Appeal for Trial

A woman who filed a breast cancer misdiagnosis lawsuit alleging that her doctors’ negligence allowed her cancer to spread during a six-month delay, will be allowed to continue with her medical malpractice lawsuit after the Iowa Supreme Court ruled that her complaint was filed within the state’s statute of limitations.