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Roundup Mantle Cell Lymphoma Lawsuit Filed Against Monsanto

  • Written by: Irvin Jackson

Monsanto faces a lawsuit over the risk of mantle cell lymphoma from Roundup, indicating that the manufacturer failed to provide adequate warnings that the cancer and other forms of non-Hodgkins lymphoma may be caused by exposure to the weedkiller.…

RoundUp Lawsuits

  • Written by: Austin Kirk

Financial compensation may be available through a Roundup lawsuit if you have been diagnosed with cancer after heavy Roundup exposure.…

Cell Phone Radiation Lawsuits

  • Written by: Austin Kirk
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Radio frequency energy from cell phones could be linked to an increased risk of cancer, studies have shown. Holding or using the phones too close to the body has been linked to a potential risk of brain tumors, breast cancer and infertility.…

Top 10 Bellwether Verdicts and Settlements of 2016

2016 was marked by a number of huge verdicts in crucial bellwether lawsuits and large settlement agreements over product liability claims that caused consumers to suffer severe injuries, health problems and even death.…