Seroquel Settlements Up to $198M for 17,500 Claims

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AstraZeneca appears to have reached settlements to resolve the lion’s share of the 22,500 Seroquel lawsuits that have been filed involving allegations that their atypical antipsychotic causes diabetes. 

The company issued a press release on Monday announcing that it has agreed to pay $198 million to settle 17,500 personal injury lawsuits related to Seroquel side effects. The settlements account for two-thirds of the Seroquel litigation the drug maker faces.

In addition to the settled cases, another 2,900 Seroquel lawsuits had been dismissed as of June 29, the company announced. All of the lawsuits contain allegations that AstraZeneca failed to warn that the use of Seroquel could cause substantial weight gain and significantly increased the risk of contracting diabetes.

Seroquel (quetiapine fumarate) is an atypical-antipsychotic that is a top selling drug for AstraZeneca, generating nearly $5 billion a year in sales. Originally approved by the FDA in 1997 for the treatment of schizophrenia, it has been frequently prescribed off-label for uses that were not approved as safe and effective at the time, such as anxiety, obsessive dementia, compulsive disorders and autism.

The latest settlements average about $11,000 per claim, which is a much lower cost to resolve the cases than many analysts had predicted. The settlement agreements were reached just as the federal judge overseeing cases consolidated in the U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Florida as part of an MDL had determined that the multidistrict litigation had run its course and was beginning to remand thousands of cases back to their home districts for trial. The federal lawsuits had been centralized under one court for pretrial litigation.

Most of the unresolved cases at this stage are pending in state courts, primarily in Delaware, New Jersey, New York and Alabama.

As of the end of June, AstraZeneca had paid about $711 million in legal defense costs fighting Seroquel product liability lawsuits.

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  1. Susan Reply

    I want to know why my husbands atty has not let us know one way or the other if his claim has been settled?

  2. Barbara Reply

    This is a shame and a disgrace to the people who developed diabetes from taking Seroquel. Out of a possible $11,000 the lawyers will get aproximately $4000 leaving a mere $7,000 for each diabetic. This would not pay for the medication for the rest of their life. AstraZenica gave the United States $320 million for prescribing the medication off- label. The United States was not hurt by this, but the people who contracted diabetes was. These people will suffer for the rest of their lives. Diabetes affects the eyes, heart, liver, kidneys and every day living. I guess the government is much more important than us diabetics. Shame on you AstraZenicia and shame on you “our government’. It is a sad day when the government takes priorty over people. If our government was worth 2 cents they would not stand for this and would see that these victims got a fair settlement.

  3. David Reply

    I, too, would like to know why my wife’s attorney hasn’t given her any info at all. It’s been several months since her last contact.


  4. Brenda Reply

    This is the most disgusting things I have ever seen. $11,000 to suffer for the rest of our lives. I continually shake involuntarily, have suffered pancreatis, hypoglycemia and other things. Its like they are saying Here, take this, shut the hell up and go away. $11k isnt going to take care of my 3 kids if something happens to me. This is like getting fired from your job for filing a harassment complaint, its a slap in the face.

  5. SHANE Reply


  6. Dawn Reply

    This medication goes off the charts for recklessness ! ! !
    Why would they make such a medication for Depression/ Bipolar when the side effects are weight gain??? FDA approved too??? WOW, What would we do without the FDA???
    Seriously doubled my weight by taking this medication.
    Do they purposely make medications like this to fuel the medical industry? Obesity has caused me to have high blood pressure, additional depression, candidate for diabetes, not to mention a few.
    I am outraged how this medication has had such a negative effect on my life. I can’t seem to get the weight off either. My Cardiologist said not only does it make you gain weight, but makes it stick. Boy was she right. That’s when I decided to get off this medication. Unfortunately it wasn’t soon enough, the damage had been done.

  7. bas916 Reply

    This is the way of the world the rich get richer the poor get poorer, we as americans have become soft, we allow companies from other countries to ruin our people with drugs polute our oceans with oil and in the end restitution is made only to the rich, Nancy Grace loves to grandstand about issues, where is she on the seroquel issue, obviously it is not gruesom enough for her to get involved we as Americans need to boycot Astrazeneca and other co. like them and run them out of our country, we can probably thank political correctness it has turned us into cowards

  8. Tim Reply

    As BP has done to the Gulf, so has AZ done with all us poor individuals that have Diabetes due to Seroquel. I have, and like the rest of us, physical maladys for the rest of our lives. As far as the payoff we may see, the $11,000 is just an average, some will get more, some less, which in my estimate is a sick “joke”. Does any one actually believe that “Big Oil” and these other Mega-Corporations will ever be taken to task for all the misary they pile on the consumer? It’s even more laughable because these arn’t even USA based companies. I guess we have to make sure we don’t step on there toes, and cause some sort of international incident,lol. I guess the British still think we are colonists, and have to put up with the nonsense. What is wrong with our Government? Why do they keep letting this stuff happen? if I was to injure someone because of my negligence, I would pay thru the nose ( and probably do some jail time to! ) Oh well, moving to Costa Rica sounds better all the time.

  9. rick Reply

    AstraZeneca Free drug program I thought was the greatest thing helping me sleep and for Bi Polar, When I started this drug I stopped breathing one night and could not move any part of my body a few times at night. I reported this to my doctor and was told they are mire side effects. I have no insurance since leaving the oilfield due to sickness 15 years ago. I took 300 mg seroquel for the last year. The program only lasted a year so with a thirty day supply left I made a trip to my doctor with information to be sent in. Four weeks later AstraZeneca sent me another form to reapply. I ran out and now I have been awake for 8 days, my legs are giving me hell allnight, I am having thoughts of suiside and the ways to do it. Will I get any kind of life back if I never take Seroquel again? Will I ever be able to get a nights sleep and not be restless all night? I wonder what damage is done to me now.Please post information on this for me if you can help me with advice.

  10. SAm Reply

    i got TD from taking this drug about 10 years ago…is it to late for me to make a lawsuite?

  11. Joyce Reply

    My friend received a package from her lawyer that has a lot of papers for her to sign and her settlement is $10,000. What the H#%*? I informed her to get the original copy of the settlement in writing from AstraZeneca. I don’t believe this mess. As someone stated above, who is going to take care of her kids, her health, her medical bills, pain and suffering, mental issues, and other issues. Who’s going to take care of those issues? How is $10,000 going to compensate for what she will need in the future. Will her diabetes go away? How much more do some one has to suffer from this drug or maybe die from this drug?

  12. James Reply

    I have a pending case with the seroquel lawsuit. having followed the situation for some time, i had to contact the firm representing me for updates on my case. i am not sure if i should speak my mind on this situation for fear of reprisal from the powers that be, but here is something to consider. the U.S. government recieved a very large sum of money from the makers of seroquel, 520 million dollars. i contacted the FDA to convey what i believe would be the right thing to do for the individuals who are dealing with the side effects of seroquel, plus the mental stress of dealing with the court system.
    the idea i sent was taking a portion of the money the government recieved and giving a payment to the plantiffs. people sure could use the money, and it would not have to be a large sum, plus it would show that there are still government branches that are in touch with the needs of people. i will leave the answer i recieved to the readers imagination. finally, the news posted about the woman who is going to get 10 grand, the money should cover a basic Funeral.

  13. Elania Reply

    I have always been a healthy person, eats well, excercizes, etc. I got major depression after being laid off from work, and within a few months of taking Seroquel, got acute pancreatitis. I thought I was going to die! I wish they would have put me on the stand instead of those that had histories of eating donuts and fast food.

  14. ron Reply

    i to have been taken avanrage bby the big corp world i have to live withthis for the rest of my life i got a letter in aug and said i would have follow up in 30 day to day i have not rec any thing we all complane of what we are to rec but no one has yet to rec the other commit was the first i heard of someone get that to try to get there monry ive waited to long if this is it then pay now so maybe i can mak it in to more before i lose my jrgs or sight

  15. melinda Reply

    i dont know why we all have to go thrugh this we will be dead and gone by the time we do recieve this chump change it pitifill

  16. Sandi Reply

    Does anyone know if it is too late to join in the lawsuit? I took Seroquel for years and did gain significant weight and am prediabetic. The only way I have been able to lose any of the weight was weight loss surgery. If anyone has any information on who I should talk to if it isn’t too late please respond

  17. Randal L Reply

    Not sure why my first comments were deleted unless those running this site don’t like the truth. As I stated before, I recv’d my letter stating my settlement amount and was completely dismayed that out of the almost $10,000 settlemnt I only wound up with $1,000 for myslef. After the attrny’s took their almost 50 percent and then HELD BACK MY MONEY FOR MEDICAID OF WHICH I HAVE NEVER EVER HAD!!! i was left w a paltry sum not anywhere close to the suffering i have went thru. the attrny’s get richer and I continue to suffer w no recourse at all now. This “HOLD BACK” for medicaid is another way for attrny’s to get more of my money from the interest that will accrue….while i will have to wait another year or more….very bad system…

  18. coco Reply

    well you are all right so little given and there still holding some peoples money to pay back medicaid why should they get something were the people who suffer. My ck was small and i was on my death bed my family were making my funeral arrengmets.these attorney think were the little people just want us to take what we get then turn around and give some to the agency we worked, with us to afford the meds those people should not be paid back WE ARE THE PEOPLE SUFERING.

  19. Daniel Reply

    Yep it would be nice if matenl illness was taken in the same light as other health problems. Bradley thanks for the concern but I am actually doing really well. This post is just one of those things that jumped into my head. Take care.

  20. marlon Reply

    Someday I hope the world takes maentl illness as seriously as other illnesses, but we’ve got a long way to go. I hope this bad spot you’re in right now passes quickly.

  21. sheila Reply

    i like to know who to contact, I also took remicade and have lymph nodules in my lungs

  22. bobby Reply

    I was feeling a little messed up, i went to jail for the first time and was only there for a short time , i was also having a baby at the same time and was 19 years old w. no other family except a mom , i was stressed out and had some anxiety, i went to see a shrink and he was crazyer then me he was like your bi polar and was like i bet you flip out and break things, and i thought this guy is fucken nuts, well he gave me a whole bunch of meds . that i threw out , i kept the seraquel. i was told it would calm me down and help me sleep. well it would put me out like coma toast, then out of no where i went to bed with my wife and i freaked out, i was going nuts i couldnt stop moving around ,and twitching and i wanted to blow my head off, i thought i was gonna die or something bad was going to happen, then i tried all kinds of difrent things to try to stop these crazy movements, from taking a shower w. cold or hot water, walking around, sitting in the dark , walking on a cold floor ect. and nothing really worked i was even trying to hurt my self some what hopeing it would make me feel better , if that makes any since to you, then a few hrs. later i felt better, then i didnt have a fit again for a few weeks, then bam it came again. very crazy stuff. i never went to that doc. again, So i found another one. she said i was some what depressed but nothing crazy just eat good, get good night sleep, ect. and i would get better, she gave me more seraqual. i was fine again then took another fit. i thought maybe if i take another pill it would knock me out, people that get high doses should under stand this. well for some reason it didnt i fucken went off the deep end, i was twitching and jerking my arms and legs like i was going threw some kind of exercism lol… not funny !!! this last alot longer then any other episodes i ever had , in the days and weeks to come i noticed some wierd stuff , i sweat alot and still do ? i dont know why. also my legs burn when i put my hands under warm water. also i went from wieghing 140-150lbs to 190ish. also i get pains in my head a wierd feeling, almost feels like electric or something close to it , some times worst then others, the pain is usually in the upper left back of the head , and if its a bad one , it feels like iam being stabbed in the head , where i just hold my head and roll in a ball, well i stopped taking this meds, i still have crazy movements out of know where and sweat like crazy , hot flashes , and the pain in my head comes and goes , i havent had a realy bad one in probaly like 2 years , idk, if any one ever felt any thing like this please let me know, and what you have done to get some what better , or stop these movements ! thanks

  23. sharon Reply

    I received a settlement and was told that when more money was received I would be receiving more of the settlement do you have any idea about this? I only received 2600 dollars that was is 2010. Thanks any information on this would be appreciated.

  24. William Reply

    This medicine caused me many different problems some in which even after years of not taking it I still have the side effects like they never left severe leg and back cramps and pains also dotted vision pains in eyes and bad migraines also made my anxiety worse when I quit the medicine not to mention I took for more than a year and a half and all the hell I went through with the withdrawals it caused hell I could keep goin just about I didn’t even know there was lawsuits on seroquel until now

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