Avandia Injury Lawsuit Settlement Negotiations Continue

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The federal judge presiding over all Avandia lawsuits is pushing further settlement negotiations between GlaxoSmithKline and plaintiffs in all remaining injury cases, indicating that cases will be set for trial if the vast majority of the lawsuits are not settled within the next three months.

U.S. District Judge Cynthia Rufe has appointed a mediator in the federal Avandia MDL, multidistrict litigation, to over see the settlement negotiations, with a 75 day deadline for 85% of all pending lawsuits to be settled.

According to a report by Bloomberg News, the Judge has suggested that cases will be fast-tracked for trial if the deadline is not met, designating some of the oldest lawsuits for trials to begin within 60 days.

The first Avandia trials were scheduled to begin this month in state courts in New Mexico and California. However, those trial dates have been delayed until next year, according to Bloomberg News.

Avandia (rosiglitazone) was a popular type 2 diabetes drug that was used by millions of people before it was linked to an increased risk of heart attacks and heart problems. Some estimates suggest that more than 100,000 heart attacks may have been caused by Avandia since it was introduced.

GlaxoSmithKline has previously agreed to pay an estimated $700 million to resolve more than 10,000 Avandia suits. However, Bloomberg News reports that approximately 20,000 cases are still pending.

Last week, it was reported that GlaxoSmithKline agreed to pay the federal government $3 billion to resolve charges that it illegally marketed Avandia for purposes that were not approved by the FDA.

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  1. Bill Reply

    In the beginning Avandia made me feel great! The doctor noted this. 8 months later I had gained 30-pounds in water weight. I stopped taking the Avandia and told my doctor I felt as though I were about to die. He failed to note this derogatory statement instead he noted I was overweight and needed to start taking the Avandia again. Then he issued me water pills without investigating any heart trouble. The point here is doctors and drug manufacturer’s all sleep together. The Avandia gave me CHF first and then a Heart Attack. This is why I put on all the water weight. The doctor did not note this. They could care less. Rotten Bastards! Now in California you can only sue your doctor within a 3-year time limit and he only keeps the records he wants to keep. They wright down what they want to wright down. There are no more real doctors. They’re all pill pushers. You can’t find a decent White doctor except on the Golf Course! Bastards!!

  2. TAMMY Reply


  3. Bill Reply

    Tammy: You should be aware by now that as of Nov. 8th the federal judge overseeing avandia lawsuits gave GlaxoSmithKline 75-days to settle 85% of the cases. The rest will be fast tracked to trial. That is what the above article is all about. Didn’t you read it?

  4. avandiahurtmebad Reply

    gsk has agreed to pay the u.s, gov. 3 billion dollars what will they do with these monies surely not pass it on to the sick and dead. but im sure they will get theres before we get ours i am saddened with the suffering going on this site but be assured we will receive a settlement one day but we all know it will be pennies on the dollar because the longer this is drug out the more interest can be made those who did not suffer like gsk, lawyers, gov. and garretson can get rich at all the hurt peoples exspense

  5. Victor Reply

    Avandia caused me 4 heart attacks since 2005 with 11 stents in my heart in addition to the diabetes that I have since 1999. Now this stented heart start to have atrial fib. all because of the AVANDIA. I still did not hear any thing from them, may be they are waiting for us to die first and then setltement will take place.

  6. Ron Reply

    I myself havent even got anything back saying anything on the case.
    Just maybe if i should Die then i might get contacted.
    I had several heart attacks and have a stent put in.
    Went into cgh heart failure and almost didnt make it.
    I think some of us have waited way too long for answers.

  7. mark Reply

    avandia caused me a HEART ATTACK and 2 stents whats sad is i never needed to see a doctor unless i need a doctor, i spent my 41st birthday in the hospital. avandia changed my young life and my familys who depends on me. forever will i be under a doctors care even after the settlements are over. but it will never be over for me and my health now. whats strange is i was a new diabetic when put on avandia never had any health issue in the past. but now i got 2 health issues. i could of done without the heart attack. somethings not right when it comes to the settlements and im ready to fight if i have too. be nice until its time not to be nice. thank you

  8. JIM Reply

    I am 63 year old man now not able to work any longer due to avandia and not able to provide for my family the way I use to. living on SS is not want to do. i have had 3 heart attacks,and three stints, plus I am blind in my right eye from this. what ever the money that I will get, if I ever get any will not bring my quality of life back.

  9. Adam Reply

    I had a massive stroke in May 2995. I wonder the state of individual settlements. Has GSK offered anything ?

  10. Owen Reply

    I end up in Congestive Heart failure and was told I had a silent heart attack and to end up with a Pacemaker/Defib in my chest now.I almost ended up dead….

  11. WILLIAM Reply

    Watch out for the co counsels, they will charge you 40 per cent, after you agreed to 33 a 3rd. with the other, i will not let them swindel me.

  12. Irellia Reply

    i would just like to know if there is ever going to be a settlement.i already lost my husband ,my home,everything because of this drug.

  13. gallian Reply

    in 2004 my mother lay in parkridge hospital in chatt tenn from the drug avania she died a mouth latter from heart atack

  14. robert Reply

    this lead story was bullshit the day it was written abd remains so today, the only winners in this case is the lawyers when i received my settlement the lawyer received a fourth more than i did , i think everyone involved needs to write their congressman and let him know what is going on. t had no leins against my claim medicare did not pay my bill and the people that medicare did pay for the us govt fined glaxo three billion dollars and that should have covered medicare payouts but no now you have to pay medicare back out of your settlements, what was the three billion for. ladies and gentlemen lets get our congressman involved he is suppose to work for us, and dont fool yourself in to thinging they are to busy , it is to your advantage we cannot do anything with these lawyers maybe they can and if that dont work lets go to the news papers, i know that you as i am sick of this crap

  15. Mary Reply

    My husband took advandia and had a heart atact that resulted in death i am still waiting on the rest of my settlement is still being hel up by the attorneys even though the insurance company didnot make a claim no one can give me answers as to why they are not releasing my money i have contacted the judge as i was told now i am going to the ohio attorey general for answers

  16. daniel Reply

    I have been fighting my case for about 8 years now, i excepted a settlement offer back in February 2013 and since that time all I get is the run around about liens but never get answers , all I want is what is rightfully mine but that seems to be an impossible task, my thoughts are the the lawyers have their money in their pockets and refusing to get ours to us, if someone out there knows of a way i can get answers please email me at [email protected], thank you

  17. waynee20 Reply

    Hi I had a layer out of state she worked on my case for about 8 years also. I got my check about a month ago and I got less than half because they took their commission and lots fees. who ever is your lawyer call them every week don’t give up . I did this for about 6 months finally got it

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