GM Recalls 1.3 Million Chevrolet Cobalt and Pontiac Vehicles

General Motors has issued a recall for 1.3 million Chevrolet Cobalts and Pontiac vehicles sold in the U.S., Canada and Mexico after the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration opened an investigation into more than 1,000 consumer complaints of the power steering suddenly ceasing to work on some vehicles. Among the reports of steering problems linked to vehicles were at least 14 car crashes.

The GM recall, issued on March 2, includes the 2005-2010 model year Chevrolet Cobalt, the 2007-2010 Pontiac G5, the 2005-2006 Pontiac Pursuit, and the 2005-2006 G4. The Pursuit is sold in Canada and the G4 is sold in Mexico. GM said it has been investigating the problem since 2009, and determined that in rare cases, the power steering motor on the vehicles can die and cause difficulty steering at speeds under 15 m.p.h.

GM officials say once the motors fail, the car can still be driven to dealers to have the motor replaced. When the defective power steering motors fail, drivers will see a “Power Steering” warning indicator and hear a chime alarm. However, officials say that the power steering can sometimes come back temporarily after the car is shut off and restarted.

The company said it will take some time for parts suppliers to provide new power steering motors to replace those affected by the recall. However, the company said that the vehicles can still be safely controlled when the problem arises.

“After our in-depth investigation, we found that this is a condition that takes time to develop,” said GM’s vice president of quality, Jamie Hresko in a GM press release. “It tends to occur in older models out of warranty.”

GM officials say that as the replacement power steering motors come in, they will target older vehicles first, since the problem does not appear to occur until the vehicles have 20,000 to 30,000 miles on them. The company will also have to repair thousands of cars still in dealer inventories across North America.

The company says that customers will be notified when plans for replacing the motors are finalized.

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  1. steven Reply

    i just experienced a steering related crash about four days before a got my recall notice from GM for my 2005 used chevy cobalt i bought this yyear. i have only had my power steering shut off while stopped at light but being that i crashed and couldn’t steer well i’m chalking it up to no power steering. i’m not sure the next step to take considering my insurance company wouldn’t cover my car being totalled. anyone have any recommendations for my next step in making GM responsible at least for loss of car>>>?????

  2. Charles Reply

    My Cobalt had a strong Gas Smell, Checked out and found Major gas leak from top of tank. There was a recall,but my vin # was not a part of the batch. So until somebody’s family gets burned to Death (sorry to say) G.M. is not going to do anything.

  3. Andrea Reply

    I am having the same problems as Charles, gas leak, told the same thing that my vin# was not a part of the batch, sorry.I wonder just how sorry GM is going to be when they get sued for wrongful death and liability to customers for not recalling ALL of the cobalts and correcting their wrong. These problems should have been caught before they left the factory.

  4. Tim Reply

    2007 Chevy Cobalt, gas leak at fuel module as described in recall. Chevy fixed under warrenty but not recall (I live in VA). Recommend anyone not in the affeted states file a complaint with the NHTSA. Follow-up with your senetor and ask for a congressional investigation. That will force NHTSA and GM to respond. Recall needs to apply to all affected VINs. GM took a calculated risk based on their fiscal bottom-line. That was a mistake since they jeopordized my safety.

  5. jj Reply

    Makeing something so simple complicated that’s how this country rolls and the world turns fix everything that is not broke what was wrong with how power steering worked ten years ago not a thing they went out every now and then and it was a cheap fix and it would be good for another 10plus years I like older vehicle they have been tried and stay true built like a brick s##t house

  6. Eddie Reply

    I bought a 2006 Cobalt for my daughter to go back and forth to college.
    The power steering motor went out prior to the recall coming out so I fixed it by replacing the motor by an authorized dealer. When I ask GM for a refund after the release of the recall I was told that the authorized dealer did not fix it per the recall so I could not be refunded for the cost. I guess there are different ways to replace a motor?
    Also the cheap plastic parts in the sunroof track broke and now the sunroof will not work. I was able to get it closed to keep it from leaking but it useless. As of now there is no recall so I will fix it in hopes that there is no more than one way to repair it so hopefully it will match the recall.

  7. mark Reply

    water,water,water,and more water on passenger side floor of my 2005 cobalt.I had it in to so many dealerships they all fixed the problem.(it was never fixed)now warranty ran out still have same”s only when a/c is on.If you know how to solve this problem please let me know!!!!!

  8. joe Reply

    I borrowed my ex wives 06 cobalt and wrecked it cuz of the steering and just got the notice a week ago. i want to know if GM is paying out any money to the owners of these cars that are wreck cuz of this problem. O the car is pretty much a total wreck, unless i want to pay 2000 or more to fix it

  9. Deborah Reply

    I have a 2009 chevy Cobalt that I purchase from a dealership in 2010 now I am having problems with the transmission. I couldn’t believe this was happening. The Chevy dealers told me that they could fix the problem for 3000 dollars I said no thanks. I drove the car home and parked it. Today 9/25/12 I am having my car fixed by someone else for the transmission and the problem wasn’t worth $3000 not only that there was a recall on the steering and the fixed that I will never buy anything form Chevy again.

  10. Barbara Reply

    My mother has a 2005 Chevy Colbalt. She has less then 51,000 miles on it. On many occacasions her car is in park & she can shut the car off but the key is stuck in the ingnition. The car can be shifted into gear without appling the break. After reading many complaints about the Colbat. This isn’t a one car thing, it has happened to several different people. This needs to be a rcalled. My mothr is 74 years old on a fixed income. She bought this car because she really liked the car & needed something affordable. She cannot afford to spend $200 to $500 to fix the problem (like I have read other people have had to pay to fix it.) THIS NEEDS TO RECLLED!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Nikki Reply

    I have a 2007 chevy cobalt sedan and i have had the car about 8 months. In the time i have had the car i have replaced the front brakes,struts to both sides in the front and passenger side axle not once but this is the third time in less than 30 days. I am starting to hate this car!!

  12. william Reply

    My steering failed. It is very hard to steer. So, I bought another steering column. It had the same problem. GM should do more or quicker or something ! What do I do ? I won’t spend another dime and it will just set, till gm does something.

  13. Imelda Reply

    I owned a 2006 chevy cobalt and in 2009 the steering stopped working and I hit a rock in front of a house. The car fipped upside down…. I was taken to the hospital by an ambulance. Because I didn’t have full coverage for that car I did not get a penny from the insurance company. After that accident I got a 2003 Hyundai Elantra and have been happily driving that car for three years without major problems.Today I just got notified that they were contacting me for recall. It’s been freaking THREE YEARS!!!!! In what universe could they find out the problem and do it this slow? Does anyone know if I can get compensated or how should I seek for compensation from GM?

  14. Karen Reply

    I have a 2005 Chevrolet Colbalt and the car keeps shutting down and if you set thier for a whlie like a long while it will start again then it will run for a couple days write and then it will start doing the same thing again So i ask about a recall and they said thier was not any at all now my car will not even start at all i do not under stand why chevy is not resonsable for the security problems that all these chevy are have before someone is bad hurt or dead.sorry but it is a real problem.

  15. Bob Reply

    my mom’s 05 cobalt power steering just failed 2 days ago. not it’s being repaired at dealer…. for 1200 bucks. also said need to realignment.

    we went in for the recall quite some time ago i remember more than a year. before it didn’t have the steering locking up during driving problem just sometimes lock up when getting out of parking lot at low speed. heck it was doing that within the first month. yes like other people it’s been nothing but problems and now it also burns a lot of gas. like 2 times as much as normal. i told her save the money and just throw it away or get some money for it and get a 240sx, but decided to fix. much better car and easy to fix. i am sure more things will go soon so we will try to sell it just to get the money back. seriously buy a 240sx for 2000 bucks if you shop around and you can’t be happier. simple design and reliable

    hard to turn must be caused of the motor they put in which said to have a “strong magnetic field”. if you played with some strong magnets before you know how strong it is to fight against it. ladies obviously can’t fight against that enormous strength.

    keeping car design simple is the best way to go. nowadays cars have so many electronics control inside it’s not even funny.

    one thing i like our cobalt is the manual door and manual window has not failed yet. simple and works. lots of guys’ power window probably failed already on the cobalt. i am not suprised if it happened.

    i am super stressed out now that we have to pay that out of our pocket. it is a lot of money.

  16. Richard Reply

    i have a 2007 Pontiac G5 while driving all at the same time the doors will unlock, the speedometer goes to zero, the mileage reads power steering and the transmission goes to 2nd gear (no matter how fast your going), if you put it on trip it shows 000-000

  17. Ashlee Reply

    I own a 2005 Cobalt and my doors lock and unlock uncontrollably. Sometimes the doors do not open. I called GM and they told me that I would have to pay 250 just to get a diagnosis of them problem. I am also having a problem with my steering I had it replaced for free by GM, however the replacement parts have gone bad and have rusted. When I turn there is a loud noise. My wheel does not turn back automatically when I turn I have to manually turn the car or it will stuck in the position that I turn it to. Is anyone else experiencing the same problem as me? I just fear that if I were to get into an accident or if anything ever happened to the car and the doors would not open or locks act up I may lose my life.

  18. Michelle Reply

    2005 Chevy Cobalt, took it in after recall on power steering and electrical The car ran fine for almost 2 years. I was driving today the door locks started unlocking then locking over and over while I was driving. Then the car seemed to be losing power then it would speed back up. Then the locks started doing the same thing. The power steering light on the dash came on. I was terrified as it was during rush hour traffic and I couldn’t pull over. They fixed the problem when the recall came out. But, they must have used the same bad parts it’s doing the same thing. I called the recall number. Their response was we generally only fix them once. With bad parts!!

  19. mary Reply

    2007 cobalt, I have replaced the stabilation bars, sway bars, blower motor, rear bushings. Front rotars warpped fuel tank cracked, visors fell off. The car is a piece of crap We got smart and traded it in on a Honda.

  20. Carolyn Reply

    My power steering went out a couple weeks ago just once and then nothing now it has been going out every time I drive it for the last three days. I called Chevy the first time and they called the dealership and still I have to pay to have it looked at and to have it fixed. I bought my car USED not new and was informed the recall is closed, which it should not be because it states in the article that it takes time for this to happen. Not MY fault Chevy created this and doesn’t want to stand behind their cars and obviously don’t care about their customers!!

  21. tina Reply

    i havr a 2009 chevy cobalt. My daughter was driving she was at a stop sign fixing to pull out and a 1994 camaro hit her head on at 45 miles an hour. And the air bags did not come out. I took it to the GM dealer and they said the only Way they work if she was going 10 miles an hour or more. And my insurance will not pay because they said it was GM fault. Is this true u. They told me as long as you are setting still abd someone hits us head on even if its 45 or a 100 miles an hour that our air bafs will not work.

  22. John Reply

    Vibration in the front end that never ends with any kind of service. Paint that peeled from the top down to about the door handles which peeled inside by the way. A key that never alarmed properly and they want you to pay not only 92$ for the key but also 50$ to program it. What a load of crap! Something constantly killing the fuses inside. Power steering constantly going out at low mph which I’m told by the way “There’s nothing wrong with it.” Water leaking into the trunk from God knows where, not just a little either!!!! The steering wheel locking up so that the key can’t be turned. I have to replace the battery for the second time due to no fault of mine, cost for the battery for this car $179.00 including installation!!!!!!. It seems to me if we are all having the same problems with these cars some kind of compensation must be due. Attorneys out there Morgans and Morgans across the U.S. can’t someone step up and help. We have been totally screwed. Other than that it’s a nice car. LOL. John

  23. Marc Reply

    To date:
    out of pocket Replacement of: 2 rear coil springs that broke at different times, 2 front struts, gas sensor, 8 wheel bearings, sway bar bushings, factory cd player unit, front right speaker, brakes front and back (3 times), two keys, trunk key cylinder, steering column, rack and pinion, #1 cyclinder coil, rear defrost switch, backup light switch, fan motor(cabin air circulation).
    Complained to GM dealerships in NL canada that I had front end problems documented dozens of times at the dealerships, way before warranty ran out. None could find any problems with the front end. However, the car made noises, all over the road at 100km and felt very unsafe. Now after warranty is out I replaced all the above!!!
    Also last winter the car would not shut off after the key was taken out. When I tried to turn the key on and off, the motor kept going and the starting motor would turn over with the key out.
    Had to disconnect the battery and turn the key on and off until the motor shut off. Braught the car immediately to dealership in POrt aux Basques did diagnostics and could not find anything wrong with the car. Called Customer service and documented whole experience. They said if it happened again they would service the car. Has not happened again. But just a interesting fact that the dealership suggested that I not diconnect the battery next time so they can see the code… Wow… so just have a car running that won’t shut off and the starting motor continully turning over…. right on ???

    So GM. Little advice… fix your problems. Not us fix it for you.
    All cobalt owners should get free:
    rack and pinions, steering columns and wheel bearings for life of car!!!! yup take care of your miss because of poor engineering and thats that

  24. Cobalt Owner Reply

    I Have A 2008 Cobalt And I Was Contact About The Recall. TookIt To Dealer Got It Fixed, No Problem. I Must Say Since Owning This Car I Have Not Had Any mInor Or major problems. The Car Has Been Good To me.

  25. Cobalt Owner Reply

    I Have A 2008 Cobalt And I Was Contact About The Recall. TookIt To Dealer Got It Fixed, No Problem. I Must Say Since Owning This Car I Have Not Had Any mInor Or major problems. The Car Has Been Good To me.

  26. Debbie Reply

    Purchased a 2007 Cobalt for my son in Sept. On 2/20/14 He was driving home when he heard a ticking noise and smelled something burning. With in just enough time to get out of the car it when up in flames. Thank God no one was hurt but vehicle was a total loss. Was not even able to remove any of his belongings from the car. Waiting for insurance company. We think it may have to do with the recall but not sure as of yet. unfortunately did not know about any recall on this vehicle until brought to our attention.

  27. Marcum Reply

    I have an 05 cobalt 4 door 5 speed . Very basic on options. Well it has been in the shop now a little over 18 times and it all started with the power steering . It went out on my pregnant wife a few times and it freaked her out so I took the car over and I currently drive it , so I went out to buy her a Toyota which it has never been to the dealer and it it’s 7 years old . Any ways this vehicle is unsafe and it’s a lemon or something . They replaced my electric rack and pinion , they replaced my entire steering column, in the process they broke my clock spring , now my turn signal won’t shut off when it’s engaged . I just got sick of taking it to the dealer . So the problems keep arising . Still to this day9 years later my steering still shuts off . Any way the problem . So then one day my car just starts over heating , the a/c didn’t work , just hot air they told me it was just a sensor , then my reverse lights didn’t work so they replaced my switch. My headlights keep blowing , they said it just the bulbs but they keep blowing even till this day just had to replace it like a month ago just a matter of time . Then I couldn’t get my car to start they said it was a switch underneath my clutch pedal , my security system comes on when I am driving . So I shut it off and will not start unless I take the key out of the ignition and open my door once again they said its my ignition cylinder so they replaced that , funny thing is I don’t have a security system so why is my dash light stating that I do and everything shuts off . My radio says locked sometimes . Again I gotta park the car take the key out of ignition and restart it just to fix the damn radio . Oh yeah and my a/c and dual air bag wiring I guess was shit . So I went to the dealer in my state telling them my steering went out again they said they couldn’t help me that all work that was done apparently didn’t exist . I even had proper documentation of all work done on paper to prove it and they said it wasn’t in there system so they couldn’t help me , such bull shit . I go to roll down the drivers window and it breaks off of the regulator since I work in a collision repair shop I just took care of it . Whenever I go over 40 mph I get such a bad wind noise makes me want to pull hair . The paint job on the car is trash already peeling under the tail lights on the rear bumper , paint missing in the door jamb where the rear of the front door meets the back door, the clear coat on hood roof and deck lid doesn’t even exist . Looks like it’s been in the desert for the last 20 years in the sun. And I park under a shaded tree most of its life . I called gm they didn’t do any thing . I hope your asses get sued . I think I bought a quality car for thousands of dollars brand spanking new with 20 miles on it and this is what I get . I promise My family and I will never buy another chevy as long as I live . The product now in days is crap I had a 92 caprice that ran better . No wonder our jobs in this country are leaving and no wonder you guys went bankrupt . You guys don’t honor shit . Our government should had let you guys tank and I wouldn’t be in this position . Sorry just venting . If I could get rid of this car I would but none of the dealers will even take it besides I couldn’t live with my self giving these problems to someone else but I guess gm can .

  28. Lia Reply

    I bought my used 2006 chevy cobalt a couple years ago. And everything that cloud go wrong has . Ignition switch went where my key was stuck or wouldn’t turn off. power steering went , door lock broke so I can’t get out . Lights go on and off ,car shakes n rattles in steering wheel n foot petal , truck lock broke , seals in door broke, air conditioner whistles at any level . Eats up gas, car jerks forward at random times almost causing accidents . It’s awful I feel so unsafe driving this cheap piece of crap . They should recall the entire car and reimburse everyone dealing with this money pit and most of all death trap !!! We need to start a petition of some sort for them to take better action . This is life threatening and they couldn’t care less ! They knew about these issues and let us buy them !!!

  29. JenReyn Reply

    Bought an ’09 Cobalt from an enterprise dealer. Going home one evening december 2011 my steering went, lost control, hit a parked car to slow the thing down, hit another parked car on the other side of the street, only to finally STOP the car by striking the front left drivers side wheel well against a pole, causing me to flip over. Luckily, my speed was low, but I was going downhill, at night, and I’m alive. No airbags deployed AT ALL. All my insurance money went right to paying back for this piece of crap and the damage done to the innocent owners of the parked vehicles. THANKFULLY I WAS NOT KILLED NOR ANYONE ELSE that night. Oh, and I went to shock trauma, miraculously with just a scratch, but charged with reckless driving. Screw General Motors. My back has been messed up for 2 years now as well.

  30. Dan Reply

    I just got a 2010 Chevy Cobalt on Feb 10-2014 car was driving great until a month ago. Then the power steering went out on the car. Car running fine it just can’t turn how gm telling people. You stop at a light or need pull in a parking space that car needs turned off and back on. Then it can go out anytime like on highway or anyplace. It to dangerous to drive the car. And they say wants the ignition and start switch are fixed I have give a rental back. It’s more dangerous to have no power steering trying drive these cars. These car are not made to drive with out it. I feel gm needs fix my car right and pay for a rental until it’s all fixed or by my car back what I paid and my trade in. So I can get something safe. These cars should fall under the lemon law. When there 3 to 4 recalls on a car at once this is bad. I was two foot from be hit. Because of the power steering goes out. Thanks for nothing I save my money to by a safe car and this happens. And still have not got paper work on recall on my car about power steering. They told me they don’t know when parts are going be in fix it. That puts me out of my car and this is the only car I have thanks a lot for nothing…….

  31. Paul Reply

    We have two 2008 Cobalts, both red, one sedan and one coupe. The sedan has about 470,000 miles on it (I’m a courier) and the coupe has about 120,000 miles. Both cars have no steering problems but our very nice dealer had provided us rental cars. We have a very good dealer/customer relationship. We also have a 2007 SRX Cadillac with no major problems either with 78,000 miles. We will be disposing of our sedan to get an ATS Cadillac coupe next year, 2015. God has blessed us with good cars! My wife is not happy with the rental car and couldnt wait to get her cobalt fixed!

  32. Teresa Reply

    Hit a deer, related to power steering went out, and could not go around it, I got the recall fixed a few years ago, car was totaled through inc. then after I bought back the car back because it still ran great, my car shut off and I ended up in the ditch, but she started right back up, never understood why till I seen this recall. I never turned it in to our insurance because we only have PLPD and I was able to just drive out of the shallow ditch. But my g5 has more damage then before, and can’t be fixed :(. I am going to get the current recall fixed now even though she is all beaten up, cause that was very scary for the car to just shut off like that

  33. blake Reply

    my girlfriend has a pos g5 and its pretty much the worst car i have ever seen or driven, steering is junk, wheel bearings are both on there way out. do your selves a favour and dont buy gm products again lol whats one thing we can all learn from this ? stop buying gm garbage. its a constant flow of shit. government shoulda let them go bankrupt. stupid stupid stupid.i purchased a mitsubishi outlander last month 2009 and i have 5 years 80k left of powertrain warranty 10 year 160000 km warranty from the dealer if you purchase new. couldnt be happier.

  34. sherry Reply

    I have 2006 chevy cobalt the paint is comming of of the car so bad. Why is that i have seen other cars that paint is in good condition. Imet a lot people who have the same problem with theitr chevy cobalt paint comming off.

  35. Bill Reply

    Have had the same issues, but I am afraid to keep driving this car because it appears that these recall repairs do not always work.

  36. tammu Reply

    my car dose the same thing i drive with my windows down. ill never buy a chevey

  37. CM.Elliott Reply

    Bought son 2006 cobalt for college. Almost lasted one year after “ignition” recall fix. Thank God we live out of town and he took the back way to school, because after the steering lockup, front strut unit combo failing(we had a professional/expert look at the “faulty cheep poorly designed parts and document it) causing the drivers side wheel to fold over on its side propelling him off the hi way slamming through a fence and ditch and slinging him out into a pasture, totalling the car and hurting him. Thank GOD he didn’t take the freeway that day or GM would have another death to add to their tally sheet, as they sit around letting innocent Americans die in their known death traps, BUT: A Death Quota must be Met before it becomes unacceptable. We bailed your your asses out of bankruptcy and the thanks we get is you smug arrogant S.O.B.’s killing our only child’s,, mothers, families and loved ones. How about you quit thanking us-grow a backbone get these death traps OFF the roads and return OUR HARD earned money we spent on your garbage after we saved your jobs. But your a bunch of chickenshit, ,conscienceless, back patting, pay raising, outrageous bonus accepting greedy killers. DO THE RIGHT THING OR ARE YOU ALL SO FAR MENTALLY AND EMOTIONALLY GONE YOU ARE GOING TO KILL MORE OF YOUR LOYAL CUSTOMERS UNTIL WE ARE ALL DEAD OR HAVE TURNED OUR BACKS ON CHEVY. That was the 15th Chevy I bought and will be the last. Unless you make my son as whole as you can. But I know this post is a waste of my time because all you fine folks see is dollar sign. Good luck on judgement day. I have a LST as others. Would have been nice if the air bags would have deployed so he wouldn’t have slammed so hard he was bruised for over a week. I don’t know how you people sleep. He is an innocent child. It is all of our jobs to protect them.

  38. Elliot Reply

    I am the owner of a 2008 Pontiac g5 on which the door locks or useless as they unlock on their own. Whether it’s just parked in my driveway or driving down the highway, all four door locks will suddenly unlock while doing 100km/h on the high way, how’s that for an auto lock safety feature. But quite annoying also thinking hour doors are locked and the contents inside your vehicle are safe to wake up in the morning for work and find that some little pr**k has been u your car and taken your belongings. The first time I thought it was possible I made a mistake and didn’t lock the doors the second time I knew for sure it was the car now it has happened 3 and 4 times and am getting tired of replacing things because of some ignition switch problem which has made the rest of the cars computer components go retarded. Next car… Foreign!!!

  39. casey Reply

    Naught my wife a 2007 Chevrolet cobalt,nice car. We drove it a couple months trouble free,and then all of a sudden,it started blowing window fuses,now it’s blowing the main 50 amp fuse in the trunk.even caught the carpet in the trunk on fire, thank god I raised the trunk .and saw it or the car would have burned to the ground and took my house with it, not to mention it’s just shutting down going down the road,

  40. Daniel Reply

    Bought my 2010 chevy cobalt used few 10 -2014 since day one this car nothing but trouble. Had 3 to 4 recalls fixed on it. I lost my power steering in April last year the same day that recall came out. It’s not safe to drive at any speed when this happens. Just park it any place it happens and get it towed. Lucky I did not crash into a building or a car at 25 miles a hour. Also all the camshaft sensors I’m going out in the car. Thank goodness I had a warranty on the car still with 2500 miles before the warranty was up.General Motors and Detroit Michigan do not do anything for any Chevy cobalt Owners they don’t think their fault for selling a junk vehicle and unsafe vehicle it’s time for General Motors to stand up and buyback all these cars back or give the owners new cars.

  41. mervyn Reply

    I c an’t get an email address for GM Canada. My 07 chevrolet cobalt steering is locking up and the dealer wants $170 to look at it want a joke. $170 to look at it I guess my life not worth it. My Next car won’t be a GM it’s to bad I been a GM guy all my life

  42. Kim Reply

    I have a 2010 Chevy cobalt and it had gave me nothing but trouble since I have had it where do I start first of all the timing chain broke that costed me over 1200 dollars to have that fixed then 2 weeks later did the same thing not counting the key getting stuck in the key switch then it has shut down on me many times driving down the road I don’t know what to do I truly believe it is eventually going to cause me to be in a wreck I wish that I had never gotton it I still owe 4000 thousand on it and I can’t afford to keep fixing it and I can’t afford another car it scare me to death to drive it because I never know what is going to happen

  43. Bethany Reply

    Who do I call my car is doing the idling and I have work tom please help! Do they provide a rental?

  44. Carla Reply

    I bought a 2007 Pontaic G6 2 months ago from a dealership here in Indianapolis call J.D. Byrider…went I start the car for the first time out of the day the gear locks up…I’ve call the dealership and they say the car was fine when I bought it…well hell it didn’t start doing this til a week after I bought it. They claim they do a total inspection of their cars before selling them…well I can’t tell because the back right turn signal and brake light didn’t work either…I had to pay to have that fixed out of my own pocket. Never again will I purchase a GM car.

  45. Tyshyna Reply

    My boyfriend & I, traded our bike for an 2006 Chevy Cobalt LS and have had nothing but problems with it.. It has 146,000 miles(that it literally just hit) on it, and ever since we got this POS; we’ll be driving down the road and it’ll read “enigine resuces power” and completely shut off! We can be going down the road and it’ll shut off completely; there’s some roads we can’t just pull over or get out of everyone’s way… We don’t have a lot of income to fix anything and we’re not about to try and fix it with a $300-$500 part(that may not even fix it)… we’ve had the go-around on “could be’s”.. We’ve tried calling chevy 3 times this week and haven’t heard a thing back or even gotten an answer. We’ve researched on parts after parts, causes, and even read reviews.. What do we do to get this problem taken care of? We need a solution to have it solved, this is an important matter.. Is it going to have to be a funeral one of us are going to have to prepare for or is it going to be one of us coming home from work.? This is BS. We can let the car sit for a few and it’ll start back up, but sometimes it has to sit longer… Who do we need to authorize to get this noticed and handled?! Neither one of us want to just sit and wonder if the other is going to be alive or if we’re going to get a call saying there was a serious accident. If there is recalls; they should be fixed, it doesn’t matter; Chevy made this pos, Chevy can fix this pos! Is it going to take someone losing their life due to a defect in a vehicle that they’re trusting with their lives to go back & forth(safely) before Chevy does anything about this problem! We aren’t all ‘living the dream’ & have a lot of income to just spend; I work at a daycare that is just now starting to grow; there is only 4 employees(we’re all lucky to make $120-$150 a week).. He works an hour away and makes maybe ($200-$400 a week)-we have bills, and a child; we need something dependable, not where we’re scared to go 10 mins down the road and not know if we’re going to make it back home or not.. I’m not here for sympathy, I’m here to see what to do with this vehicle! Where we live; there is a Chevrolet dealership, but they want money to even look or fix any problem with it.. What do we do?! Chevy needs to get these issues resolved in a decent matter; these are serious issues!!

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