Miracle Mineral Solution (MMS) Warning Issued by FDA Over Health Risks

Federal health regulators are warning consumers that an oral liquid supplement known as Miracle Mineral Solution or MMS, which has been marketed to treat a number of diseases, can cause serious and potentially life-threatening health problems.

Miracle Mineral Solution, which is sometimes also referred to as Miracle Mineral Supplement, has been sold by a number of distributors over the internet with claims that it can treat HIV, hepatitis, H1N1 flu virus, common colds, acne, cancer and other diseases. However, the FDA has received a number of reports involving consumers who experienced severe nausea, vomiting and life-threatening low blood-pressure from dehydration caused by MMS.

The Miracle Mineral Solution warning was issued by the FDA on July 30, urging consumers to immediately stop using the supplement and throw it away. The agency indicates that they are unaware of any research to support that MMS is effective in treating the conditions for which it is advertised, and consumers could face serious health complications from Miracle Mineral Solution.

A number of different product labels have been used by different distributors, but the FDA indicates that the products all share the MMS name.

When used as directed, consumers mix the sodium chlorite solution with an acid like citrus juice. This produces chlorine dioxide, which is an industrial bleach typically used for stripping textiles and for water treatment. Consuming high doses of the mixture as recommended on the label can cause symptoms like nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and severe dehydration.

The FDA indicates that it is continuing to investigate the product and may pursue civil or criminal enforcement actions to protect the public from the potentially dangerous product.

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  1. "Science" Reply

    @science. “your anecdotal claims do not work.” Are you suggesting people who have been cured were not actually cured because a scientist did not yet tell them it was okay to be cured because they had tested the medicine?

    It would be wonderful if “science” would do some controlled studies on this, since so many thousands and thousands of people are doing well. Im personally afraid to take this as it seems like bleach to me, but then again if you look at the horrendous side effects of most medications they are far worse. Thousands of people die every year from “science” approved prescriptions.

  2. Pablo Reply

    I’ve been using MMS several years ago ¿perhaps 7?, not continuously but when I’ve needed it, and it’s correct that if you take too much quantity it produces nauseas, vomiting, diahrrea and dehydration. Any product sold by pharmaceuticals can be also dangerous if badly use (…and with ‘correct’ use some of them also): if you take too much you will be in trouble.
    But it you introduce MMS step by step, as it’s officially described, there is no nausea, no vomiting, no diahrrea, no dehydration. For example, the first time I took it in my life, years ago, on my responsability, I hadn’t read all the information and… I took 6 drops and an hour later other 6 drops. It was a really bad day in my life: nausea, vomiting, diahrrea, dehydration… I drank isotonic drinks for fixing this, I felt it could be dangerous -I repit, as it happens with any pharmaceutical drug if you take too much-.
    But I must say that two days later and for a week, i felt with an energy that never i had felt before in my life (perhaps when I was a child), so incredibly full of life…. Later, after this bad experience, I “studied” (it’s easy) and follow the protocols that insist in “if you feel nausea reduce the dosis, you increase it only when you don’t feel nausea or it’s very weak” and after one month I retook it. Then everything was ok, no problem.
    I think that the question is that when you take two much in the very begining, you release too much toxines, and they, before being expelled through the urine and the bowels, enter in the blood, then you get terribly sick, temporarily poisoned by your own toxines, and i don’t know if you could arrive tocause damage to your expelling organs blocking them.
    Today I can beging directly with a 6 drops dosis or more and in several hours increasing it each hour till arriving a 10 or 12 drops dosis… and I don’t have any problem. In fact I am rarely ill, for years i’m not ill, and I take it sometimes, once every two years, for one or two weeks as a way of cleansing my organism, as prevention, because I can reasonably suposse that with the food (I take care of my food but I’m not obsessive and eat normally), the contamination etc, my body periodically accumulates toxines. It’s my experience and is a good experience

  3. Michelle Reply

    I have taken this and it has been amazing. Cured ear infection and also my cat was really ill and I was told he would have to be on steroids for the rest of his life. I knew I wasn’t going to do this so I put him on a 2 week course and he is right as rain. I can’t stress enough how ill he was – he was lying lethargic on the floor for days and was breathing heavily. He is a new cat now. Of course Big Pharma want to stamp out cheap, effective methods that make them no money. They would much rather keep you sick.

  4. laura Reply

    The fda are just liar but they are loosing power,thank god. Coz one Day the thruth comes up. It is now time to make People healthy, gim humble you are great, u made à great discover helping People to bed healthy the fda warn People ,mPeople its looks so vague. When un warn them ,they really want to know What is inside and find the thruth

  5. janet Reply

    My daughter had brain cancer and her WBC count was so low the doctors wanted to give her Neulasta. but I had been giving her MMS and to the surprise of all of the medical staff, her WBC count was within normal limits. It didn’t cure her of cancer, but it prolonged her life. When she was diagnosed in 2006 they gave her 2 years to live. She passed away in 2016. I can’t thank Jim Humble enough for the additional 8 years MMS gave my daughter.
    This is a fact.

  6. na Reply

    If there are any lawsuits on this product please let me know if there are any lawyers helping with negative side effects

  7. Geo Reply

    I used CDS – a pure version of MMS for two months. My sleep problem caused by antibiotics is gone. Blood clot is gone, energy is high. Vomiting and diarrhea are normal reaction to expel bad pathogens. FDA is scared to death to loose the market. Chlorine Dioxide is not a “bleach” as they describe it. Their resorting to lie tells us how scared they are. This cure works on 200 illnesses – big problem for Big Pharma

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