Remicade Lawsuit Filed Over Nerve Paralysis, Breathing Problems

  • Written by: Russell Maas

An Indiana couple has filed a product liability lawsuit in Pennsylvania state court, claiming that Remicade side effects caused nerve paralysis and that the manufacturers failed to adequately warn about the risks associated with the rheumatoid arthritis drug.

The complaint (PDF) was filed by Linda Snyder and Charles Snyder in the Pennsylvania Court of Common Pleas on November 15, naming the Johnson & Johnson subsidiaries Centocor, Inc. and Janssen Biotech, Inc. as defendants.

According to allegations raised in the Remicade lawsuit, Linda Snyder took the drug for almost five months in the second half of 2011 to treat her rheumatoid athritis. She indicates that in November 2011, she began suffering shortness of breath and phrenic nerve paralysis, which involves the nerve that originates in the neck and passes down between the lung and heart to reach the diaphragm. It serves an important function in breathing, passing information to and from the diaphragm, and the complaint indicates that she continues to suffer from the injury.

Remicade (infliximab) is an autoimmune disorder drug known as a Tumor Necrosis Factor (TNF) blocker, which is approved by the FDA for treatment of psoriasis, Crohn’s disease, ankylosing spondylitis, psoriatic arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and ulcerative colitis. It is a blockbuster medication, with estimated worldwide sales for the drug last year topping $7.5 billion.

Snyder claims that Centocor and Janssen concealed information about the risk of serious health problems from Remicade failing to adequately warn doctors or the medication community, and failing to instruct how to mitigate risks of infections, including asymptomatic infections that may be caused by Remicade.

Side effects of Remicade and other TNF blockers, such as Humira and Enbrel, have been associated with a number of potentially serious health risks, including fungal infections, childhood cancers and other injuries.


  1. carolyn Reply

    Took the drug and am seriously Ill . need attorney. pneumonia, breathing problems , micro infections in my lungs, etc. Why would the FDA let this drug on the market!!!!!!!

  2. James Reply

    Also took recicade for 6 months. Lost 60% of lung capacity, docs thought it was TB or Pneumonia neither were the issue so stopped taking the drug and lungs are back to ~80%. Permanent lung scarring and still have problems breathing.

  3. Lori Reply

    I took in 2007….. Ended up with Guilin barre… This drug is nothing but dangerous. It’s been pulled off market several times. It does help many but 8 years later, I still suffer from nerve damage and many other problems. No laws on books to protect the citizens. All about the dollar bill.

  4. Shaun Reply

    Have taken Remicade since October 2015 and not only am I having breathing issues but nerve issues on the left side of my neck, both arms (elbow down to hand in right arm and shoulder down to hand in left arm)

  5. Linda Reply

    Developed Discoid Lupus after taking Remicade for several years.

  6. carolyn Reply

    I was given a infusion of Reminade. Two days later I was hospitalized. I was hospitalized four more times all with pneumonia. My lungs are severly damaged. My breathing is very bad. I will never be well again from this drug, Remicade. This drug should never have been on the market. After reading a lot about this. they knew it was bad!!!!!!

  7. carole Reply

    I took Remicade for my crohns disease. I developed a severe case of cellulitis and was in the hospital over one month. I got sepsis, acute kidney failure and swelling. All the skin on both legs peeled off. The pain was horrible. I lost 40 pounds. I couldn’t eat. Iam still having trouble breathing and my leg is still swelling. It got so bad I just wanted to end it all but I was too weak to even get out of bed in the hospital. This drug is dangerous and should not be on the market.

  8. Justin Reply

    I haven’t been on remicade very long but I am having breathing issues and odd pains throughout my body especially in my upper body. I see the specialist today to stop the medication

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