Avandia Settlements Reportedly Reached in Thousands More Lawsuits

GlaxoSmithKline has reached additional Avandia settlements in an estimated 5,000 lawsuits over the side effects of their diabetes drug, which has been linked to an increased risk of heart attacks and other potentailly life-threatening injuries. 

Among the Avandia lawsuits settled were cases scheduled for trial to begin later this month in Pennsylvania, according to a report by Reuters. The first Avandia trial is now expected to begin in October 2010, unless additional settlements are reached.

Details surrounding the agreement to settle the Avandia claims have not been disclosed, but it is at least the second batch of cases resolved by the drug maker. Last month, Bloomberg News reported that GlaxoSmithKline agreed to pay $60 million to settle Avandia lawsuits brought by about 700 people represented by two law firms.

Avandia (rosiglitazone) was approved in the United States in 1998 to treat type 2 diabetes by helping control blood sugar levels. The drug has been used by millions of diabetics, but sales have plummeted in recent years as concerns have mounted about the risk of serious and potentially life-threatening heart risks with Avandia. Some experts estimate that Avandia has caused between 60,000 and 200,000 heart attacks and deaths due to cardiovascular problems in the U.S. from 1999 to 2006.

Concerns about the risk of Avandia heart problems first gained widespread attention in May 2007, when a meta-analysis of 42 different clinical trials was published in the New England Journal of Medicine, suggesting that users of Avandia had a 43% increased risk of a heart attack.

GlaxoSmithKline PLC currently faces about 13,000 Avandia lawsuit claims filed by former users of the drug who allege that the drug company failed to adequately research their medication or warn users about the serious side effects. The federal Avandia litigation has been consolidated into an MDL, or Multidistrict Litigation, for pretrial litigation in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania.

According to an earlier scheduling order issued by the federal judge presiding over the MDL, the first Avandia trial was expected to begin this summer. However, a modified scheduling order was issued last week granting an extension of time, indicating that lawsuits from the initial Avandia trial pill will begin October 5, 2010.

Pressure on GlaxoSmithKline to settle the Avandia cases has increased in recent months with the first trials approaching and a renewed push by critics for a recall of Avandia to be issued.

Earlier this year, a Senate report was released that criticized GlaxoSmithKline for intimidating doctors who spoke out about Avandia side effects and for failing to adequately warn users about the risk of a heart attack from side effects of Avandia.

An Avandia safety review is currently being conducted by the FDA, and the drug regulatory agency estimates that it will conclude its investigation some time in July. Some of the FDA’s own drug reviewers said as early as 2007 that Avandia poses too great of a health risk for too few benefits.

The FDA is also considering pulling the plug on an Avandia study, called TIDE, which is looking at the side effects of Avandia compared to those of Actos, a competing diabetes medication manufactured by Takeda Pharmaceuticals. The FDA says that given the Avandia heart attack risks, it may be unethical to continue the trials.

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  1. don Reply

    Joyce…The heart is better which I attribute to God and the Baylor College of Medicine investigational drug I am taking. Before starting the study for the college the cardiologist had put a stent in and then told me I had 4 places in arteries that were totally occluded (blocked) and that he expected maybe 6 months left. Well 20 months later the cardiologist says there is only one spot occluded in the heart but I do have one in the brain. All to say I think is a good trade-off…can’t drive, walk to well, or see very well but am very good at hugs with my grandkids.
    I’m waiting to see about all the talk of payouts in June. I’m still due the 20% they with-held on my initial payment and the remaining amount owed that they did not pay due to their error. After all that is settled there is supposed to be one last payment of 10% of your total award that they withheld to offset errors…at least that is what was in my letter.
    Hope you are doing good…Moving to IL in July or August so my wife can be near her brother and sisters…believe it or not homes there are cheaper than here in TX.

  2. joyce Reply

    Oh Don:
    I am so happy to see you back I think god herd our PRAYERS WERE ANSWER. Glad to here your finally getting your money now your bp can go down a little, they took me off line for a while ,but still here again.

    Well I talk to my lawyer and got the same speeh If I don’t get the right answers I dropping the case it really took to much h out of me and my family, he made a wrong move put the nurse on the phone and of course she tried to lie her way out of it my paper were all together over 2 yrs ago nothing to worry about then she started to ask questions that I knew I filled out and the drug stores so now my bp is up I have to call in back this afternoon I must do that now before I forget,bbl Hi to your family

  3. ana Reply

    its june and i was inform that iwill receive a pay check on this month, but no results yet, and no a word from attorney.they dont comunicate with you to let you know whats happening

  4. joyce Reply

    hi don hope you well! well of course I called lawyer but all I get now is voice mail so I still leave my messages not long but to the point I told him I wanted a doctor to read my med records nurses don’t know all and that upsets me prays with u my friend

    You will be waiting longer than you think my friend and that you can take to the bank sry for being so frank but the atty just lead you on if you read back there are many people still waiting,look at dons case just for one

  5. Shelby Reply

    Got my first check Saturday, been waiting almost 6 years.

  6. florence Reply

    Just talked to my attorney out of St. Louis, MO. Was told 12, 000 cases were sumbitted in late April and they haven’t all been reviewed. Attorney couldn’t tell be what round i was in or anything…anyone else using attorneys out of Missouri?

  7. joyce Reply

    Shelby your one of the lucky ones I still havn\’t got one I hate my lawyer called them every day now.all I want is the money to buried with . and FLORENCE YOU HAVE A HELL OF A WAY TO GO .DON I wish you all the best my friend I prays are with you we will meet some day in heaven but first I have to get rid if all my hate,i cant feel my body getting weaker and words harder …..With all my love and prayers my friends

  8. patricia Reply

    God sees it all you reap what you sow he don\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\’t like ugly and he is not crazy about pretty to all the law firm why won\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\’t you payoff the settlement I\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\’ve went threw a lot of sickness behind taking this medication also pain so now I won\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\’t take any for my diabetes I know that I\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\’m going to die my reward will be in heaven and the attorney and paralegal that mistreated me will burn for external life for treating people the way they have God is the creator made us all remember lawyers people do matter in the sight of god please get it together in Jesus name

  9. Ricky Reply

    I took this about four years. My Hea rt is awful now. These people settle with me for just a little over 7.000 dollards. Thats not very much . I have a Pace Maker Defib. Thinking of going to CNN and any other news that will listen. The lawers are the ones makeing all the money. May not be able to do anything cause ive already settle. But im gonna try.

  10. Jay Reply

    I talked with my California Attorney’s office and was told they can’t pay me until they get paid from GSK. I said when are you going to get your money. She told me hopefully by the 1st of the year. Here’s what I think really occurred. The Lawyers got the money but after they paid themselves there wasn’t enough left to pay all the settlements. So I think what’s going to happen in 3 or 4 months they are going to tell us that our settlement will be a lot less then what we were told. That really makes sense to me. How about you?

  11. Tammy Reply

    I got my first check June . Do anyone know how long it takes to get your holdback pay? Can’t get my lawyer to answer!!!!!!

  12. Richard Reply

    My comment is similar to everyone else’s. The firm that handled my case is in Texas and I live in Florida. I called the firm every month for two years and they assured me everything was fine. However, when GSK finally settled they informed me that they did not have enough information to continue my case. After taking Avandia I have had three heart attacks and the last one nearly fatal. I am now permanently disabled and have congestive heart failure. I am going to the VA hospital, get my medical records and see if anything can be done. I would appreciate any advice from anyone who have had trouble getting a fair settlement.

  13. Richard Reply

    My comment is similar to everyone else’s. The firm that handled my case is in Texas and I live in Florida. I called the firm every month for two years and they assured me everything was fine. However, when GSK finally settled they informed me that they did not have enough information to continue my case. After taking Avandia I have had three heart attacks and the last one nearly fatal. I am now permanently disabled and have congestive heart failure. I am going to the VA hospital, get my medical records and see if anything can be done. I would appreciate any advice from anyone who has had trouble getting a fair settlement. Is it possible I am the victim of a scam?

  14. don Reply

    Tammy – Received my initial check in Aug 2012 and still waiting on the hold back amount but there has been much progress and hopefully it won\’t take as long for other\’s hold backs as it has for me.

    Richard – I had kept a copy of all my records which I supplied to the lawyers as soon as I provided them my signed agreement with them to handle my case. They only had to request the pharmacy records to document how long I had taken Avandia. From all the people I read here on the blog I\’m the rare one who got my settlement letter within about two years followed by an initial check within 3 months of the letter. My regime was to contact my lawyers every other month. Hope you have some success. I will tell you the initial settlement letter for me had some errors but I was able to successfully appeal the errors but have yet to be paid for those corrections but did get a corrected settlement letter so it will be paid.

  15. joyce Reply

    Hi Don:
    You sound better I pray you are ? I like to know if there is any way we can look up to see if our lawyers got paid, I still waiting I called my lawyer and I was really sweet now I am bitch ,they have put me through so much I want to sue them, arrested or something but I am still looking to find out information and CNN sounds good what do you think?
    My condition has worsens Iam very weak my eyesight is even worst I cant even enjoy my porker games need magnafirie and sleep little because I afraid I wont wake up and you know me I am fighter.
    But what I do know god doesn’t like ugly.
    If any one using mulligan atty in Texas they sux I had a lot of respect for people with titles, even when I was still a barber I no longer respect them now if I ever have to talk another they have to earn my respect, Once you loose your respect it takes a long time to earn it back So I no longer RESPECT my LAWYERS OR ANY LAWYERS FOR THAT FACT
    prays to all

  16. don Reply

    Joyce, Great to hear from you! I\’m doing OK. Have moved to IL so my wife can be near her family as things progress. Did hear from my lawyer who said to contact him in 3-4 weeks and he should have news about the hold back money. Supposedly they are working to get it released soon but no news about what they owe me for the mistake they made with the initial calculation. Living in a mobile home temporarily that I would like to get out of but need some of the money I\’m due to get us a better place to live.
    Hope you feel better!

  17. Richard Reply

    I personally got my medical records from the Miami VA hospital. It is over 9 hundred pages! I now have some idea why my attorney chose not to handle my case. He had over 5 thousand claims. I started taking Avandia in 2004 and took it until my first heart attack in 2005.
    A stent was placed in my heart, it soon failed and I was rushed to the hospital and nearly died. Another stent was put in and shortly after I was diagnosed with congestive heart failure. I am not going to give up my claim and I need a lawyer to help or point me in the right direction.

  18. don Reply

    Richard – We are very similar. I too started Avandia in 2004 and in 2005 I had an MI followed by multiple stents and then 7 vessel by-pass. But that is where the similarity ends. The lawyers I chose did magic and I got my settlement letter within 2 years and my first payment within 3 months of the letter. There was a mistake made on the calculation of the settlement that they fixed but have yet to pay and of course I\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\’m in the same boat as any others waiting on the insurance hold back amount. My total settlement was 6-digit so I am satisfied with the amount but the time it takes is definitely not making me happy.

  19. Angela Reply

    My Mom died in 2009. She had her heart attack in August of 2008. She took avandia for several years. I filed on her behalf—have heard nothing. No settlemment letter, no $. Frustrated with the run around–it takes time to do all of this,etc. Everytime I call atty–we’re working on it but get nothing. At least some of you have received settlemnt papers and even some $.

  20. joyce Reply

    the lawyers already got paid and what\\\’s left they will divided up between us believe it or not

  21. David Reply

    I started taking Avandia in 2002. I am a type 1 diabetic who is insulin resistant. 42 yrs of diabetes. In May of 2006 I got engaged at 43yrs old. 3 days after getting engaged I had a CVA. Left brain hemmorage that was in an area that couldn\’t be operated on. Partial paryalisis on rht side. Spastic muscle movement. Memory issuea etc. Gave the future wife the option of walking away. She was not happy with me. Got married June 15th. Wife became pregnant with my first child a month later. My son was born the end of April 2007. Son is 6 1/2yrs old and my daughter is 3yrs old. I could be outraged and bitter because of this drugs sdeeffects, but I have way more important things to devote my time to. My son started first grade this year. I get to be a room Dad every Weds. in the morning. He wants to play football and wrestle this year. His Daddy wrestled in HS and College. My daughter insists on me watching her My Little Pony cartoons with her. I have been waiting for 3 years to hear the status of my claim. Last Thursday I spoke to my attorny\’s office. I was notified that my claim had been accepted and my settlement amount would be worked out and they would let me know asap when it is coming. Here\’s my point for what it is worth. I could be bitter and angry over having diabetes, some money grubbing drug company putting out a drug that has permanently disabled me. I chose not to. I have tried to look for things to give me reason to fight and get up in the morning. God has Blessed me with a wife, 3 wonderful children that I never expected. I have moved on from any anger or bitterness over what has been taken from me because I have been given so much more. The Law office I am dealing with in Texas know my story. The paralegals have spoken to my son and daughter. I am not just a number or dollar sign to the people I am working with. We decide how we treat people and accept or reject how we are treated. If I receive $1 or $300,000, I will use it for my family. Will my world end if I don\’t get a knot of money? Absolutely not. I have too much to live for to waste what time I have left on bitterness or anger. Pick your battles. Know when to push and when to back off. Don\’t let this drug companies actions consume you. Anyway, Even when we are in pain and suffering, we can set that aside and take on someone elses burden. Try to find ways to be of service to those around you. Even if you can\’t go move someones furniture, you can sit with a sick friend, etc. Just a few thoughts for you. Don\’t forget, every day we have is precious. Don\’t waste it.

  22. irma Reply

    No one has commented since OCT and the poster did say a mouth full. I respect his comments and think for the most part what was shared is a positive healthy outlook- so much so that it has stopped others from sharing. Please don\’t stop sharing out of fear that you might not be at that same stage or evolved enough.
    My mother died in 2001 after being on avandia since it hit the market. She died during the phase when GSK knew internally of the dangers and it was not public yet. Her information is so old that most records are destroyed. What is clear is that she took Avandia for over 14 months and died with it as one of her prescriptions. Documentation is needed regarding the onset of her congestive heart failure. I am unable to get it. It might have been prior to her taking Avandia … (It does not take brain surgery to figure out that if someone has a history of heart problems a doctor would think twice before prescribing avandia for diabetes) During this time period a lot of unexplained ailments start occurring leading to a rapid decline in her health- she was overweight and of course that was used as excuse- but one moth before she died she had gained 75 lbs in fluid and the doctors were scrambling for a cause…. which was never found since her heart burst and she died of a hear attack.. Yes I count my blessing- but I am sad and disappointed. I don\’t think I will get a settlement or closure …. it is what it is- but I am grateful that I could come here and vent …..share my thoughts without feeling I have to be anyone or feel anything other that what is resonating within me.

    I don\’t know of any other blog where I can read of others good news or bad news- but for me it helps. So Yes please recognize how blessed you are and enjoy whatever goodness exist in your life …and continue to share your journey.

  23. Bonnie Reply

    I too am getting the run around from the attorney handling the case for the wrongful death of my father. I have been told that his settlement has been approved, but still waiting. My lawyer is Girardi and Keese in California. My Dad did not even have diabetes, so I have no idea why he was even on this drug. My Dad passed away over 2 years ago. It is sad that he never got to see any of the money. I am praying that something happens before my mother passes.

  24. Jerry Reply

    To whom it my Concern;

    I had diabetes and injured hips and back in 1989, hurt on the Job, and was on Workman’s Comp, when I was given “Avandia” which damage my Heart beyond repair, and joined a Law Suite for Damages to my Body. It was over Three Years I waited, then one day I received a letter saying a settlement had been reached, I waited another year before I was told I had been offered Eleven Thousand Dollars, and must take the offer or the Law Firm would drop my claim, So I signed the agreement, Knowing that the Law Firm would be getting Forty percent of the Eleven Thousand Dollars, ($4.000 Thousand), I did not know of all of these difference company’s would be wanting to claim a piece of the pie also or I would never signed off, and that The court wanted to have court cost out of my end of the settlement, as for Medicaid or medicare, I was already on them as I was injured on the Job, and was in a fight with Workman’s comp.
    When I was giving “Adandia” and had my heart almost destroyed. I was forced to sign and settle for Eleven Thousand Dollars, why that would not even by a good used car, let alone a new Heart. I had to have a heart pacemaker installed, and have since had to have a steins put in my heart, and I also have a leaking heart valve. All of this at the hands of “Avandia”, as I had no heart trouble previously to “Avandia”. I’m not against all of these company’s having the money that they feel they have coming back, however I feel that the Drug Company’s should be held responsible for all of these other Company’s claims, Not Me, as I am the wounded party in this action. The Drug Company’s should be held liable not the one,s they injured. The United States Government should and must hold the drug Company’s accountable for there folly’s with Human Life, and then get off without even a small slap on the face. In my since of right and wrong this is morally wrong and should be Governmental wrong, our people should be protected at all cost. As far as paying court cost by the plaintiff who has won there case, this is corruption at its most absurd. I live in pain twenty four hours a day, and nothing to relieve the pain, and then to be robbed by the courts and the medical professionals, who by the way I payed into Social Security for years for just this kind of old age protection. I now can’t even get Dental Care, where did all my payed in money for all those years go ?Now there trying and doing it, rob what little they allotted me.

  25. Shelby Reply

    Talked to my attorney Monday, was told will receive the holdback check, in about 3 weeks, but in all reality will probably be in June since that is when I got first check a year ago. Then the last check which is the interest that the whole amount accrued. Will be split according to your original total amount. And that could take years more. God Bless each one of you all,with better health, with love from your families and friends.

  26. DEBBIE LYNN Reply

    ….I received a check for 2000
    in 2012 and have heard nothing for the last 2 yrs. What the hell is up? They got our money are they sitting on it drawing interest? Mark me very pissed off any advice would be appreciated. I am dying here. Someone please help me.

  27. Blackwell family Reply

    I dont know what the f— going on but i need some answers i will never deal with this place again.

  28. Cheryl Reply

    I understand that settlements have been released all the way back to 2011 – So thus far the attorneys have been holding on to BILLIONS of dollars that SHOULD BE PAID OUT TO THE VICTIMS. Unfortunately, this is not the case. I suggest all individuals contact their local attorney general’s office to find out what their rights are to collecting their money.

    This lawsuit NO LAWSUIT should be about the Attorneys sitting on money collecting interest in ESCROW!!

    Pay the victims, slime bag attorneys saying they are acting on your behalf!!! My mother should have received in excess of 14K but instead received 2400 – seriously.
    Here is a question— do the Attorneys receive payment from the lump sum settlement? Or, do they receive payment from each individual named in the lawsuit. HMMMM seems to me there is some double dipping here.

  29. Miz Reply

    BOTH!! This seem unfair to the claimants.

  30. SUSAN Reply

    I was diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer in October 2013. In December my doctor was pressuring me to get one of my lung nodules removed and begin chemotherapy as soon as possible. I wanted to wait it out just a little bit longer, I guess my intuition was telling me something. While browsing online I stumbled upon a and was very interested. It seemed unreal, It was very hard to believe but I bought his book and read it cover to cover. Wow, that is all I could say. The things I read flipped my understanding of nutrition and cancer upside down. And my doctor never told me any of these things.I ordered for his oil and was delivered to me within 48 hours, I started the protocol the same day after finishing the book. A few days later I woke up and I had no pain in my side, that was interesting. Two days later I could walk outside for a good half an hour and not get fatigued. My health was improving so fast I actually couldn’t believe it. A week later I sent my HCG urine test in and it went down by 5 points!! I had to get these results tested with my doctor just to be sure. I scheduled an appointment, did my scans, and guess what. Two of my tumors had disappeared, and the third one was half the size, this is in three weeks after starting the protocol. One month later my doctor officially pronounced me cancer free. I owe my life to you RICK SIMPSON and I thank you dearly. I will pass this information to everyone I know and I hope all those suffering from cancer know that it’s not the end, there is a way!

  31. JME Reply

    My daughter in law had a different kind of a lawsuit for brain surgery and her lawyer held on to the money for 60 days 2.5 million can generate a lot of interest. And she didn’t get any of the money that it made. So I wouldn’t be afraid to think that someone is getting paid.

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