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Missouri Tannery Sludge Lawsuits Filed by Landowners Near Brain Tumor Cluster

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The owners of a St. Joseph, Missouri, tannery are being sued by at least two dozen landowners who say that allegedly toxic sludge the tannery gave to local farmers as fertilizer has damaged their land. The same sludge is suspected in connection to a high number of brain tumors in Missouri near Cameron.…

Defendant Ordered to Preserve Docs in Cameron Brain Tumor Lawsuit

Days after a lawsuit was filed against a tannery that allegedly provided waste sludge containing dangerous chemicals to local farmers for use as fertilizer, a judge has issued a temporary restraining order preventing the current owner of the company from destroying thousands of documents. The complaint indicates that the toxic sludge may have caused the development of a cluster of brain tumors in Cameron, Missouri.…

Lawsuit Alleges Cameron Missouri Brain Tumors Linked to Fertilizer

According to a lawsuit filed last week over brain tumors that have surfaced in recent years among residents of Cameron, Missouri, contaminated sludge provided by a tannery to local farmers for use as an agriculture fertilizer is allegedly to blame for the tumor cluster.…

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