Court is Establishing a Website for Avandia Lawsuit MDL

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According to a Pretrial Order issued by U.S. District Judge Cynthia M. Rufe, who is overseeing the federal Avandia lawsuit MDL, the Court will establish and maintain a website that will post information and orders from the multi-district litigation.

Last year, the Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation consolidated and centralized all federal Avandia lawsuits before Judge Rufe in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania.

The cases are being coordinated during pretrial litigation under a federal procedure known as an MDL, or multi-district litigation. This process is designed to avoid duplicate discovery and inconsistent rulings in cases spread throughout the federal court system. If the cases do not settle or resolve during pretrial litigation, they will be remanded back to the original court where they were filed for trial.

According to the current scheduling orders, the first trials in the Avandia litigation are expected to begin in June 2010 on cases filed directly in the Eastern District of Pennsylvania. The discovery plan calls for 100 of these cases to be designated for early discovery, which will involve case specific depositions by the parties.

A subset of the early discovery cases will later be selected for the initial trial pool, which will be the first Avandia trials to be heard by a jury.

The Court indicates that a website will be established for the MDL to make information and orders from the Avandia lawsuit “readily and publicly available.”

It is not uncommon for courts assigned to oversee an MDL to create a dedicated website, or an area on the Court’s main website, to post information specific to the MDL. Similar sites are currently available to the public in the Digitek litigation in the Southern District of West Virginia, the Levaquin litigation in the District of Minnesota and Kugel Mesh Hernia Patch litigation in the District of Rhode Island, to name a few.

Judge Rufe’s order indicates that the Court intends to establish the Avandia MDL website with the input and participation of the parties’ Steering Committees and Liason Counsel.

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  1. RB Reply

    Do you have any idea what the website address will be or is ?
    I was diagnosed wth congestive heart failure in early 2007 and I was on avandament & avandia for about 2 years. I had 95% of the side effect and my primary doctor never did take me off of avandia until I told I was not taking it anymore & then she switched me to Januvia. I this she still do not believe this drug is not fit for human consumption.

  2. Leon Reply

    My wife also took Avandia for about two years. She felt awful while on the drug and requested her doctor to stop prescribing this poison. Within approximately 25 months after her quiting the drug, she began to exhibit classic Avandia symptoms. Her doctor prescribed both pulmonmaty and cardio tests. He then told her she had developed PPH. Which is almost always fatal. She died soon thereafter with congestive heart failure and lungs full of fluiid

    We should never let these huge corpotations to get away with what they have done to so many families.

  3. patricio Reply

    I took avandia on prescriiption by a medical doctor for a year. Months later I had two angioplasties (stents were implanted in two of my major heart arteries. Three month later, I had massive mycardiac infarction (heart attack) that nearly killed me. This was followed by a quadruple heart bypass. I already have an attorney representing me.

  4. Robert Reply

    I took avandia and after I stopped and changed doctors I developed pnuemonia and then was told I had congestive heart failure and that my left side of my heart had only a 15 injection fraction

  5. AL Reply

    I also took this Drug and had five heart attacks ! I had five angioplasties with six stents put in my heart . I am lucky to be here.I havent flet right sence this Drug is BAD NEWS !

  6. Jack Reply

    My father took this poison and he passed in 2005 from 5 heart attacks and at the end he had 3 stroks, to all people please do not take this drug, its bad news. we have filed a lawsuit agenst avandia…..

  7. Raul Reply

    I too was on avandamet for about 6 years then avadia for a about 1 1/2 years. I eventually suffered a stroke in may of 2007 which damaged both my eyes leaving me with no peripheral vision on my right side. I’ve already been examined and told that my eyes are permanently damaged and that part of my eyesight will never come back. I consider myself lucky compared to others I’ve been reading about. I only want compensation for the productivity I know that I’ve lost out on. On top of not ever being able to drive again. What do you suppose the loss of part of my vision is worth? it’s like walking around with one of my eyes being covered. Try it sometime. Oh I do already have some lawyers taking care of my case for me by the way they contacted me last year after my initial attempt was not even considered back when it first happened. Bet they wish they would have stuck it out now

  8. Robert Reply

    Ihad a slight stroke approximately 3 years ago. I recovered with no visible side effects. About 5 months ago I started developing a proble with my right eye. They got me in in just a couple of days but the damage was donr. I had a stroke in my right eye. No pain but the entire center vision area is now useless. No vision from that eye except around the edge. I where a patch often because of the light from the eye with lack of vision is impacting the use of my existing eye. As the gentleman named Raul stated, if you don’t think its tough to lose sight in one eye try patching one I guess I’m still more fortunate then a lot of people but I am handicapped more then I would have ever imagined. Simple chores like shaving, seeing one side of your face to shave has become a challenge..

  9. Glenn Reply

    I took Avandia from 1999 till 2006 when Doctor took me off it. I suffered from macular adema,and swelling of the feet and legs and this causes me celluitis, which is very painfull. I have had hospital stays from this. I had echo cardiagram and have enlarged heart. I have pending lawsuit agains avandia. Get it off the market it is nothing but a poison.

  10. mike Reply

    my wife was taking this drug,we paid $160., for me to watch this drug kill her, she died april 13th 2005 we were married for 35yrs,i found her dead.i knew this drug killed her looked for two years for an attorney to no avail. then one day in may it all hi tthe fan, thanks to u.s. news ,finally it looks like will get some justice, for all the people this drug has harmed i send my prays to you mike

  11. nicole Reply

    Since I started using hydroxycut I have had uncontrollable itching at night all over my body.

  12. Doug Reply

    I was put on Avandia in April 2000. I suffered severe congestive heart failure and was hospitalized in March 2006. One of the first things the doctors did is stop giving me Avandia that very day.

  13. JILL Reply


  14. David Reply

    I was an over-the-road trucker with diabetes. You cannot take insulin, and drive interstate, according to department of transportation laws! So my doctors prescribed large dosages of Avandia since pills were allowed! I am 52 yrs old now, and am on permanant disability, for cardo-miapothy, chronic re-occuring congestive heart failure, and have had 3 strokes in the past 3 months! And am on a regimand of several heart medications, lasix, insulin, etc etc. I am now homeless, because I lost my job as a warehouse manager, and am living in a homeless shelter in Clearwater, Fl. All because of becoming sick, and from Avandia!

  15. Judy Reply

    My husband Robert was put on Avandia in Jan 07. He was experiencing tightness in his chest for a while. After a physical with
    his physician and a ekg the doctor said that he could no longer take
    the Avandia because their was something wrong with it. My husband
    said “Well I don’t want to be a sitting duck just waiting for a heart attack
    to happen”. This was in June of 07. Three weeks later my husband
    passed with a 80% blockage that was not detected during his phsical.
    Now with the Avandia lawsuit I hope that justice pays. Along with myself and my two minors left behind and other adult children whom
    miss our love one so much, today June 19 2009 marks two years he has been taken from us because of Avandia. I do pray for all that have
    lost a loved like us that we can all get some closure to this soon.
    I really do miss my husband extremely we were married just short of
    21 years. He was only 48 years old. His autopsy showed how he
    was a very healthy man except AVANDIA took that away from him
    and his family. I do pray justice helps so I can continue raising my
    children with all the dreams we did have for them that was cut short
    due to his untimely passing that has caused alot of hardship on us all.

  16. Emilie Reply

    Avandia was prescribed for 3 years and my doctor still recommended it after the press reported information about stroke and heart attacks. I had 3 optic nerve strokes in my left eye and one optic nerve stroke in my right eye and then I stopped taking Avandia against my doctor’s wishes. It has been 2 and 1/2 years since I stopped taking Avandia and my vision has been stable… thank God I still have part of my vision. My vision will never improve and I have other complications with eye pressure and retina bleeding and will probably lose more vision. Now I have to see a retina specialist and will need laser and or injections in my eye sometime in the future. I am angry! Today I am filing a report with the FDA.

  17. Bill in Atlanta Reply

    Wow, I kind of stumbled onto this site quite by accident. My doctor put me on Avandia 2X daily, Glipizide, and insulin for several years now. So far so good, but I have had some shortness of breath and an occaisional bout with minor chest pain. I had a heart Catherization done a few years ago and it showed no blockages or other problems. Maybe I should request a stress test as well. I turned 50 this year and noticed that my vision was getting worse, Thought it was age, but I’ll get it looked at now.

  18. Amanda Reply

    I have a friend who has suffered a stroke and heartattack while taking Avandia. What do we need to do to from here? I just saw a commercial a few hours ago and didn’t realize until we spoke that he was a candidate.

  19. Sheikhs NY Reply

    My Dad suffered Congestive Heart Failure (CHF) within 6 months of use of advandia.His symptoms prior to CHF included weight gain,swollen feet, loss of appetite,fatigue and many more.Subsequent heart attack within a month and another mild heart attack after 10 months. All these led my Dad into complete disability and he is barely surviving. I hope GSK should be brought down to its knees at the earliest.

  20. fernando Reply

    i was on avandia for a year and half i suffered a lot of the side affects of this drug i explained to my doctor he stated would go away with futher use it first starteded with massive head aches then chest pains shortly after came the panic attacks and then sleep apnea was admitted to hospital 3 time with angina and heart attack like systoms i stop taking this medication. it has been awhile still dont feel right .

  21. Lisa Reply

    my Mother was recently prescribed Avandia and her side effects were lke most of which Ive been reading. She has been taking it for about 2 weeks now and she had mentioned how since taken it she have been experiencing dizziness everyday, vison seemed to decline ,,, then she read of it online. thank goodness for sites like this … she has now chosen to discontinue to medication.

  22. MaryK Reply

    I took Avandia for over ten years. When I started having edema, I was prescribed Lasix, and as I recall the doctor hinted at the time that edema was a side effect of Avandia, but he didn’t recommend discontinuing it. I was diagnosed a few years later with congestive heart failure, but I was not told to discontinue Avandia. On my own initiative I stopped taking Avandia when I developed shortness of breath. However, the edema continues to worsen and I wonder just how much heart damage I have. But I hesitate to return to the same doctor and I don’t know of any who are well-informed about these problems.

  23. John Reply

    I had been taking Avandia for many years until I saw my cardiologist in December and consulted with a heart surgeon immediately after severe blockages were detected in 4 arteries. I had quadruple bypass open heart surgery in early January of 2009. The heart surgeon stopped the Avandia just before the operation and I was put on Actos after I left the hospital.

  24. susie Reply

    my husband use avandia for over 5yrs. and developed chf,liver failure
    and heart blockages. He had never been sick in his life untill 2004 and after complacations died in 2007. all that edema he started to get the doctor said nothing to worry about till it was too late.

  25. Rebecca Reply

    My husband suffered a heart attack on his 41st birthday on February 27, 2009. He was perscribed Avandia in May of ’08 and had been on it up until his heart attack. My husband now has 2 stents,severe anxiaty/panic attacks. He has nitoglycerin (just in case) And is now on xanax and 7 other heart meds as “prevenative maintenence”. My husband had a physical once a year…He was fine. No health problems. Avandia needs to be pulled! Period! I have read everyones comments on here and my heart goes out to all the families on here. May we all have closure soon… My husband hired an attorney on March 3rd 2009. Yesterday on August 13th 2009 we got a letter from the attorney saying he was unable to represent us. Due to his “lack of experience with Avandia cases” Another speed bump in our road of life….

  26. Robert Reply

    I started taking Avandia in 1999. By 2002 I was have pressure in my eyes and bleeding behind the eyes. Have been seeing a retinopathist since then for laser treatments. I have also had cortisone shots in my eyes. I have had 2 heart attacks, a stroke, a stent in my heart,a bypass on the left leg, a stent in the right leg, pneumonia and a lot of other things. I have been in the hospital 7 times this year and am in rehab now trying to learn to walk again. I am incontinent and my wife and home health nurse have to take care of me. I am only 55 years old and I feel like my life is over because of Avandia. I have a lawyer working on this now.

  27. Robin Reply

    “…the Court will establish and maintain a website that will post information and orders from the multi-district litigation.”

    This information is in the first paragraph of this article. I have looked for the website but have been unable to find it. Does anyone know what the web address is?

  28. fred Reply

    I would like to know just what type of a monetary percentage is usual given for the attorneys handling these cases. It seems to me that it is extremely high after they take their fee then they take incidentals,costs court fees etc. and such after the percentage of the settlement is paid.

  29. ron Reply

    My wife started taking avandia aboyt 15 yrs ago and since then she has had 4 heart attacks 3 stints a pacemaker and defibrolater, she had congestive heart failure, renal failure neuropathy in her legs and on july 17th of 09 she died of a massive stroke. It would have been nice if the drug company had been made to pay for this while she was still alive so she could have realized some measure of normalcey if only in the financial side of life

  30. Julie Reply

    I have just read all of the comments posted and they made me sad to realize so many others have suffered, as our family has done. My mother was placed on Avandia three years ago and within a week of taking the drug she began to “feel bad”. She went to church on a Sunday and the next day she was in a irreversible metabolic coma brought on by hypoglycemia. The only change in her medical treatment was the addition of Avandia! On September 4th, it will be three years since our healthy mother passed away. If you are on Avandia, get switched to a safer medication. Best of luck to all of you dealing with your disability or the death or someone you loved.

  31. Connie Reply

    I have read the comments posted, I know how everyone feels. I lost my dad little over 2 years ago. I watch my dad suffer from taking this medication, I would tell the hospice nurse that they were a medication that was hurting my dad, but they seem to think that I didnt know what I was talking about. What really hurts me so bad , is that I am giving my dad this medication thinking it is going to help him, but all it is doing is killing him. it makes me so angry, because he would look at me and say please help me. My dad was just about blind, he had so many fractures, he was swelling so bad, and his doctor could not understand why. I share the hurt that everyone else is feeling.

  32. ginger Reply

    I suffered a stroke in 2007 after being on Avandia for 1 1/2 years. I have a 60% visual field loss on the left and a pain condition called “thallamic pain syndrome” because my stroke was in my thalamus. I will be in constant, excruciating pain on m y left side for the rest of my life as there is no cure for this.

  33. Robert Reply

    I started taking Avandia on 8/20/2007. on 8/27/07 i was rushed to the hospital with breathing difficulty and chest pains. i was told it was bronchitis. 11/27/07 i was rushed again to the hospital. this time it was pneumonia. 12/28/07, 1/10/08, and 1/25/08 again to the hospital. i spent 16 days there after someone gave my chest x-ray to a pulminary doc and he said i was pulminary embolism. he looked at my chart and asked how long i was taking avandia. he was so upset that no one said anything about it until then. when i was placed in the cardiac center on 1/25/08 my heart was working at 20% normal. doc said even standing up, i could have died from a heart attack.

  34. Jim Reply

    I have taken Avandia for 4 years. stopped 6 months ago after noticing a significant loss of strength and energy. I also noticed a loss of mental retention and recall. It’s like the doctor never noticed the trend. So far, I am stable but physically unable to do what I consider normal.

  35. Ray Reply

    I started taking Avandia in 1998, and 3 heart catherizations and stents in 2000, 2001, and 2002. I was switched to Actos which kept my feet swollen and heart doctor took me off Actos, and switched me to Januviamet, which has been great in controlling my A1c and daily testing down to 93-98. I lost a lot of work, time and effort due to the Avandia problems associated with my heart. When will the lawsuit be entered, I’d like to sign on.

  36. Robert Reply

    I was on avandia for approx 7 months before I saw an article online about avandia being linked to heart attacks, I spoke with my physician, who said that this was just a preliminary finding. I told him nonetheless I was going to discontinue the avandia. I am 44 and have since had a heart attack and required a triple bypass.

  37. Nicholas Reply

    If you have diabetes, you are at risk for heart attacks, strokes, CHF, and so much more. What is so unfortunate is that diabetic patients feel that it is their treatments that are causing these events. What many do not know is they would have suffered much worse if their doctor had not put them on something to reduce their insulin resistance, and thus their blood sugar. Too much of the time, treatment starts far too late because patients do not want to know they have diabetes because they do not want to change their lifestyle. Typically, a patient is diagnosed with diabetes when their A1C reaches 7. At this point, 50% of the beta cells, which produce the insulin, are already gone due to years of insulin resistance. Then, doctors and drug companies alike are expected to pull off the impossible and stop all adverse events through some kind of treatment. Patients fail to realize that diabetes is a cardiovascular disease. It is not just a “sugar” disorder. If patients could turn back time and relive the years of treatment they underwent with no treatment, the outcome may not be pretty. However, doctors and drug companies will continue to get blamed for trying to help an already bad situation. So sue you doctor and the drug company. When you have put them out of business for something that may have been avoided by a lifetime of more responsible diet and exercise choices, see what will be left for you when you develop nephropathy or neuropathy. My mom takes Avandia, she is doing great. But she works out, eats right, takes the med like her doctor tells her and is alway learning about her disease. It boils down to personal responsibility. If you want to find someone to blame, I am sure you can. If you want to make a difference, start with taking personal responsibility.

  38. Lillian Reply

    I have taken this medication for a total of 4 years..The years of 2003 to 2007..My medical doctor took me off this medication because of complication with stomach…

  39. Erasmo Reply

    My father was placed on Avandia about three years ago. Since then, he has been in and out of the hospital with congestive heart failure and severe swelling of the legs and feet. He stopped taking the medication after a couple of months, but the side effects have not abated. He has also suffered loss of vision symptoms. He is currently being hospitalized for congestive heart failure and swelling. We are consulting attorneys…

  40. robert Reply

    After reading all of the above comments I am feeling even more blessed in that I was taken off avandia after being in a major MVA in 2005 resulting from a C2 fracture and broken hip. I was dx. with CHF while hospitalized and developed related heart problems which resulted in 4 way vessel bypass surgery in feb 07 due to complete blockage. I have to agree with Nichols above that lifestyle was likely contributing factor however i feel so very fortunate to have lived thru all ofm this. Since I have a major visual impairment since birth with a damaged optical nerves limiting my vision severly, i am so very glad that I have not sufferred any other effects of the treatment. Just consider how lucky we are, years ago if you were over a certain age, a doctor would barely look at you due to so many comorbidities of the elderly and now so much more efforts are being made to treat the elderly, yes with some mistakes admittedly but how lucky we are to be alive and still breathing. I have just enttered the class action lawsuit regarding avandia.

  41. Jorge Reply

    About a year ago I was sure I was going to lose my father. He had been experiencing declining health for the last eight years. It all started with a diabetes diagnoses back in the late 1990’s. He was put on Avandia in 2001 to help with the diabetes. In 2002 he was hospitalized with CHF and received two Stints and under went two Angioplasties. He then continued to experience shortage of breath, fluids in the lungs and diabetic attacks. In 2006-07 my mother suggested that the cause could be the Avandia. She knew this because she monitored my father’s health with more scrutiny than any doctor. In 2008 he was hospitalized several times including 2 heart attacks, CHF and a diabetic attack. He had 4 more stints put in, open heart surgery, and was told that more than 25% of his heart was not working properly, a valve was replaced in his heart, a right leg vein was used for two more by-passes, and he was fit with a pace-maker/defibrillator. The doctors did not give him much of a chance during his last operation but some how this remarkable man beat the odds and continues to live among us albeit; he is on a large regiment of medications and has to be taken to different doctors from 1 to 3 times a week. We had no idea that he was being poisoned by this medication. We are happy he is with us but we believe that this drug almost took him away from his family. If you deserve to be compensated, I urge you to go forth. We are!

  42. Leon Reply


  43. Wanda Reply

    I too have lost my husband in 2009, due to hearts failure.He to was prescribed Avandia. He had 6 by-passes. Also had liver damage. He had filed a lawsuit about 4 years ago. Still does me no comfort. stop this medication!!!!!

  44. Carol Reply

    I was put on Avandia in 2000 when I was first diagnosed with diabetes.
    I gained weight and had my first heart attack in 2008. I was on
    Avandia for four and a half years. Now I have heart pain enough at
    least once or twice in a 2-3 month period to warrent taking Nitro-quick.
    I see a cardiologist every 6 months. I have pain off and on frequently
    and especially when laying on the left side. I have shortness of breath
    with exertion and cannot walk up raised areas. I have paid up my
    funeral plan and am planning to get my headstone ready.

  45. Linda Reply

    I received Advandia in 2006, Drugstore said they could not get advanamet which was what was initially prescribed in 2004 in 6-2007 i went into congestive heart failure,Died and was brought back only to face by-pass and mitral valve replacement. will be on blood thinner for the rest of my life. I am so displeased with DR.s and Pharmaceutical companies I research any thing now that is given to me I trust no one over thr years I have taken several drugs with side effects can’t afford to keep killing myself ” letting others kill me”. This equates to mass murder When will it stop?

  46. Shelby Reply

    I have lost my Dad and my husband both of whom were on Avandia, my Dad was on it from 2001 till his death in 2008, he had congestive heart failure, and had several heart attacks, an strokes. He also had alzheimers. My husband took the stuff for a year and the Va Hosp, put him on it, his sugars were 400 and up very uncontrolled he also took 4 shots of insulin a day and 4 metformin500 daily. His Medical Dr., took him off of the Avandia after a bout 16 mos., of taking it, he said it was dangerous. Now I am a member of the class action lawsuits. My husband passed away in Nov. 2005, with congestive heart failure, and kidney failure,also lliver failure. I am wondering if there is anyway that I could find out if my Dad has a claim for the Avandia, because we are fighting with two sibling that stole all of Dads belongings and money, so we are wondering if they filed for this also and didn’t tell the rest of us of which there are 5 of us all together. But I don’t know how to find out. And I have cancer, diabetes, and fibro, and I hope the class action lawsuit pays us all some compensation for the deaths of our loved ones. They should let folks know that they are guinea pigs for them.

  47. sara Reply

    my husband died in 2007 from a massive heart attack while driving his truck. His doctor had him on avandia since1999, when he was diagnosed with diabetis. I have an attorney fighting this for me.

  48. MARY Reply

    Well I suppose if I had not taken over my own care from my doctor I would most likely be dead. I had told him for several months that I was have chest pains (not likea heart attack) but more like sharp to dull chest pain. I had been taking avandia for about 9-10 months and over the last 3 or 4 months I had been asking my doctor to change my medications as I was starting to have more severe chest pain. He told me no until after my next apointment (2 more months) He wasn’t having the pains I was. I stopped taking the Avandia & made an appointment with a new Dr.
    BUT..I am begining to think the damage has already been done because I am now having more occurances of chest pain & most of the time it occures after stressful situations not excertion. of course I don’t figure any of these doctors documented my problems so now I wonder if I have a leg to stand on???

  49. Sholonda Reply

    My military doctor put me on Avandia in Feb. 2007 for diabetics and I was on it for almost 2 years. I am 32 years old and always had a good heart until I was Diagnosed with Congestive Heart Failure. I have 2 sons and a husband who had to watch me almost die and suffer so much through this. I have a baby that I can’t lift. I was working as a RCA and can’t work anymore. I was told I can’t have anymore children because of Avandia. I can’t do the things I use to do. I now have to take 10 pills a day for the rest of my life. The people who did this to us needs to take this meds and let it happen to them. We need justice. Through the Grace of God I am alive.

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