Eddie Bauer Soothe & Sway Play Yard Recall: Suffocation Hazard

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By: AboutLawsuits | Published: May 14th, 2009

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and Health Canada have announced the recall of about 76,600 Eddie Bauer Sooth & Sway Play Yards, due to a defect in the design of the “rocking bassinet” feature that could result in a potential suffocation hazard for infants.

The Eddie Bauer play yards, which were manufactured by Dorel Juvenile Group, Inc., have a design similar to the well known “Pack n Play”, featuring a changing table, bassinet and deeper playpen area, which can be compacted for travel.

The Sooth & Sway Play Yards contain a “rocking bassinet” attachment that can gently move back and forth or lock in place.

According to the recall notice, the bassinet attachment can tile when it is in the non-rocking mode secured by the straps. This can cause the bassinet to stay in a tilted position when it is in rocking mode and not return to a level sleeping surface.

At least 10 reports have been received of infants rolling to one side of the sleeping surface due to the tilt. This can cause them to become wedged in the corner or pressed against the bassinet, posing a potential suffocation or asphyxiation risk.

Of the reported problems, six of the infants were found with their faces pressed against the side or bottom of the bassinet, and at least one child was reportedly purple and out of breath by the time they were discovered.

The Eddie Bauer Sooth & Sway Play Yard recall includes all units that are part of model number 05046 and units manufactured before December 1, 2008 marked as model number 05044. The model dates and manufacturing dates are printed on a sticker on one of the support legs.

Target, Sears, Burlington Coat Factory and various internet retailers sold the recalled Eddie Bauer play yards between January 2008 and May 2009 for approximately $150.

Consumers have been urged to immediately stop using the bassinet attachment of the Eddie Bauer Sooth & Sway Play Yards.

According to information posted by the U.S. CPSC, Dorel Juvenile Group is only providing a $40 voucher toward the purchase of a new Dorel product, and does not appear to be accepting returns of the entire product at this time, as the play yard can continue to be used.

For additional information, contact Dorel Juvenile Group at (888) 233-4903 or visit their website at www.djgusa.com.

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  1. 40.00????? Are you kidding me? That does not begin to replace another pack n’ play and you can’t use it with another baby if you are going to have one. I cannot believe that they are able to get away with this. It is meant to be used with an infant & 40.00 is not going to help out at all!!! Thanks a lot Dorel!!!!!

  2. 40.00!!!! What do you suggest I purchace with that?! I want what I paid for it, not what it’s worth!

  3. I now see how much Dorel cares about childrens safety, $40.00 is an insult to hard working familys who have bought their products. Especially when given as a voucher to purchase another one of their defective items. (Ya Right) Where I come from you don’t turn a mistake you made into more Profit for yourself. (Greed) I remember The Tylenol scare in the 80′s when the CEO made the discision to remove ALL their product from store shelves because of a contamination threat. It probably was not the most cost effective thing to do, but WOW here we are 20 years later and they are still in business. I wonder if Dorel will be in business 20 years from now? This is the second item I have purchased from this company and had problems with both. (What next, lead paint) I will never buy another Eddie Bauer or Dorel product again and I will openly discourage anyone I know not to as well.
    I hope Dorel reconsiders their position on this recall.

    Disatisfied Customer

  4. $40.00! Right!!!! We ordered and received this item as a gift for our grandchild to be 2 days before the recall and paid $174.09. Most people purchase this item to use the soothe and sway feature for newborns. This is not acceptable in the least sense. We would never use it even if the recall is voluntary. Dore can do better than this and show some responsibility to the 76600 people who believed in their product enough to buy it! Do what’s right and refund people’s money.

  5. I agree. $40.00 does not replace my pack n’ play. I only bought this one because it had the bassinet with it. Now I will have to spend another 150 dollars to buy a new one. If I wanted a straight play pen I could have bought one for a lot less money. I will never buy there products again unless they replace my pack n’ play or refund the amount I paid so I am able to buy a new one. They win twice here, not only did they get my 150 to start they will earn an extra 50-100 with their “gift” certificate.

  6. Sheena said it well, $40.00 is not going to help out at all. I bought this Eddie Bauer play yard partly because I thought it was a good brand name and that they would stand behind their product, and mainly because I wanted a play yard with the bassinet. I am a grandmother of two babies and want the versitlity of bassinet or play yard for the different ages of grandchildren. Now, after paying $147.69 to get this I will have to go out and buy another one for close to that same price to get something I can use. You can bet it will NOT be a Dorel product! And I will be sure to let all my friends know what I think of the product line. The $40.00 voucher for another Dorel product will do me no good at all – I won’t buy another one.

  7. What a joke!! It’s amazing to me that corporate america thinks that a child’s life is only worth $40.00. You better believe that I will NEVER buy another product made by this company Dorel nor will anyone I know. This is ridiculous that we buy products expecting that they are safe for our children and then have the product be junk. What do they think that 40.00 will make this problem go away. We deserve a full refund!!!

  8. My experience with this horrible pack and play!…I had my baby in the “Sway” area and realized it did not sway! I turned my back for a second and the area was tilted to one side and she was rolled over stuck in the corner! I was horrified thinking it was my fault because I turned my back.
    I decided to give it another shot and not return it. I sat there and swayed her, let go and it did it again! it doesn’t sway! It just leaned to one side and stayed there! I tried to return the product but since I received it as a shower gift, I did not have the receipt! I can not afford another pack and play and this company is going to give me $40! My child could have been seriously harmed! I will NEVER by from this company again!

  9. I told my MIL that this pack N play scared me when I was down at her house. (She bought one so I wouldn’t have to bring mine) I found my son several times on his face in the corner. The ONLY reason it was purchased was for the bassinet feature. Now when we have baby (grandchild) #2 what are we supposed to do? spend another $150???? VERY VERY Disappointed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. I also have this product and the way they are handling this is pathetic. Either stand by your products or stop making baby products.

  11. Dorel’s rational is that we can still use the product as a play yard without the “rocking” bassinet basket. My husband bought this for our baby at the end of last year. After couple months and before the recall, we notice that the bassinet is slightly slanted on one side so we “adapted”. We used a fluffy blanket as the “mattress” and we rolled up a receiving blanket and put it under the fluffy blanket to create a wedge to prevent my baby from rolling on the slanted side. It has worked until our baby “graduated” from the bassinet. Definitely, Dorel should further review their design and put more safeguard in place. This “slanted” side problem could have easily been avoided if their design includes an additional pair of hooks at the other end of the bassinet or has a locking mechanism at the rocking component.

  12. Come on people, be realistic here, not everything is going to be perfect and no human being let alone a stupid computer that makes the equipment is either. However it states that you CAN stilluse the play yard. Just dont put your kids in the bassinette. I have one also and I have an 8 month old baby girl, and i would like to have a new one that the company SHOULD pay for, but obviously the biggest part of the yard is working and that is the part that you use the longest and the most so save your money and adapt, and imprevise like I am.

  13. I’ve noticed when using this product that the diaper change leans to one side making it difficult to change my child. Then I found out their was a recall on it. When I looked into it, they told me they wanted me to cut up the upper bed part and send it to them for $40 dollars. That’s rediculus. So I purchased a multi-funtional product and I can only use 1 out of 3 functions and they won’t reimburse me so that I can buy another one that has all the parts funtioning. Give me a break. I can beleive they aren’t even going to try and fix it for me. Now I’m left with a useless piece. Not to mention this is my childs only bed because we can’t afford a crib and I had a c-section so I can’t lift her out of the bottom part yet. I bought it because of the upper bed part. I’m very disappointed in this company.

  14. I just spoke to a supervisor at Dorel. They are sending a brand new Play Yard. Same one but with the modifications. Complain to the company and you should get one too. They told me they only have so many to offer.
    Plus, so far I am the only person complaining about the diaper changer leaning down on one side, but I have noticed on other websites that other people have had this issue. Please call Dorel about this if you are having this problem. It is very unsafe. I have never trusted changing my child on this because of it. It might help your case.

  15. I also have noticed that my changing table leans terribly when I use it. My baby was 5 lbs at birth and by the time he was up to 7.5lbs the table leaned so far in that he rolled all the way to the edge. As suggested by jumpnjax, I called and spoke to someone at Dorel. They told me that it was just b/c my baby is getting bigger and it is understandable that it would start to lean since there is no middle support leg. They also told me the weight limit is set at 15 lbs and then I am supposed to stop using the changing area. Mind you, I originally told the rep, and repeated to the rep, that it was leaning severely at 7.5 lbs; half the weight limit, and under the weight of some new born babies. They said they could send me a new changing pad if I wanted. I will not be using the changing area ever again, nor buying anything by this brand if this is all they are willing to do. The rep had the nerve to say “is that the only problem you have had? The changing table and the bassinet portion?” The only problem?! That’s 2 out of the 3 features that made me select this product originally!!!

  16. I can’t begin to tell you how furious I am about this, I am really seeing red. To think I spent this much money on a “brand name. “ Please do not insult the consumers intelligence by providing us with a $40 voucher toward the purchase of another Dorel product. This is only an insult and Dorel should be embarrassed to even offer this. Do you really think we want another Dorel product? Recently when I went to have my car seat inspected at the local police station I was told to take down the “Eddie Bauer” sun shade protectors from my windows because this was a hazard!! Apparently the suction cups do not stay on the windows and when/if the shade falls the heavy bar across the top can hit the child on the head. Perhaps you should start thinking about the innocent child’s life that is involved with the products you provide. As far as your 40 dollar voucher from Dorel I wouldn’t even line my cat’s litter box with it, I want my money back.

  17. Linda again, (paragraph above) as far as everyone’s comments regarding the changing table I had to stop using it because of the very same reasons above where my son was leaning to one side like he was just going to fall into the rocking basinet. I ended up purchasing another changing table because I thought it was just him, mind you the weight limit is supposedly 15lbs and my son’s 7 pounds. Lisya comment above telling people “just don’t use the bassinette”……., I only bought the thing because of the bassinette and the changing table, so tell me, what good is it to me now?

  18. Finally I got my new play yard. I also got a call that they are now going to be sending a replacement bassinet. If you haven’t received that call – make sure to call them, so that you can get one. Also, ask them for the phone number to make an official complaint about the diaper changer. Apparently just complaining the representative on the phone won’t do anything. You need to make an official complaint to the company, which is a different department and phone number. The representative that you talk to should be able to offer this number to you. Also, if you aren’t getting your way always ask to speak to a supervisor. They can do a lot more for you. Hope everything works out for you :)

  19. I AM FURIOUS!!!!!!!!!!! I had my son on april 8th and purchased this bassinet/play yard in March. He out grew our single bassinet and we had opened up pur brand new bassinet/play yard and I NOT know there was a RECALL I had found my son two nights ago the first night of using it slid to the other sode with his whole entire face pressed up against the side screaming like I have never heard him do! Thank god his was next to me in my bed. I grabed him and he was trying to catch his breath! He’s only 3 months old! I am so furiated not to mention I have called them and their offices are CLOSED due to the holidays! What happened to 24/7 representatives? Children dying, sofficating, and they don’t care??? I can’t begin to tell you how upset I am. I don’t even want the whole thing anymore. I wanted the bassinet! Not to mention my son isn’t 15 lbs. he’s only almost 12 lbs and when placed on the diaper changing station it BROKE! My goodness! 150.00 for 2/3 of the items not to work. Not to mention my child almost sofficating! Aagin, I’m planning to have more children! So what now? I can’t even use the darn this now. I don’t want the play yard. I had a c-section as well too and very hard for me to lean all the way down and pick him up!! Not to mentin a horrible draft on the floor and my child is going to be severly ill! This is outrageous! I cannot believe they are only willing to refund 40.00. my butt!! This is be resolved!

  20. Sorry if my wording isn’t right. I am so upset right now! I just cannot believe this. I buy a product not having to worry if my child is going to live through the next day. This is just horrid! No mother should ever have to experience their child trying to grasp for air and I’m lucky to have been woken up in my sleep. Not to mention I am 75% deaf in my left ear and I have 25% hearing loss in my right ear. I pray to god everyday that I have woken up to this. I just hope to get this resolved ASAP.

  21. I bought this pack and play for my granddaughter – when she got old enough to roll I noticed her rolling to the corner and immediately took out the bassinet. I agree that we should get a full refund. My daughter purchased a cosco pack and play and the bassinet part does not move and the changing table seems more stable too. I will throw out this Eddie Bauer crap and by the cosco one.

  22. $40 bucks what a ripoff!!!my one year old put her fingers in the netting and made a hole…not very sturdy if her little figures can pull the netting apart!i planned on using this bassinet/playpen a few times,now how am i going to replace it.a recall is a recall,how can they ask for one part back!is the netting a issue?do i need to contact them?

  23. I too was furious and felt angry when I was told that I was only going to receive $40 and when I called they corrected me it was going to be $42.50. How generous that they added the $2.50 to cover shipping cost. The rep told me that some stores were taking them back so I asked at the store I purchased it at and they told me they would gladly take it back. I returned it today and received a giftcard for the full purchase price plus tax and now I can purchase a new model in any brand I choose! So maybe some of you should try this route instead of calling the company!

  24. I am a grandmother and bought this for my daughter’s shower. I had noticed that when my grandson was first born i tried to change him in the changing part and I had a hard time keeping him upright, he kept rolling to one side. I have not used the swaying part yet, and now I won’t. I am thinking that maybe we all should contact their Public Relations Dept.
    They may not like the thought of bad press and do the riight thing.

  25. Absolutely OUTRAGEOUS. Buying a name like Eddie Bauer certainly should not result in a $40.00 refund. I can barely buy a package of diapers and some wipes with that.

    Thanks for nothing.

  26. Ok. Im on Mat leave and my husband will be losing his job at the end of this month… DO YOU REALLY THINK WE CAN AFFORD TO BUY ANOTHER ONE?!?!?!?!?!? $40!??!?! What do you want me to do with that when we spent $199 plus tax??? Very Insulting!! And the only way we get the $40 refund back is by cutting up the bassinett…. Then what??? THe rest is pretty much USELESS!! I really hope that the maker reconsider refunding us our money back so that we can buy a whole system that is safe to use and that doesnt require shattering up a part of it. You would think with this popular brand name you would not have any issue… If i would have known i could have just bought a cheaper one and yet it works perfectly fine. Im still hoping they would do something about this!!!
    Unsatisfied customer

  27. I was just as outraged. When I heard 40.00 I was insulted. I got the pack and play for my baby shower from Target… I called the store and told them about the recall. The lady looked it up and told me to bring it in. I let her know I did not have the box anymore as this was a gift. I put it in the zipper bag, brought it in and they gave me a FULL CASH refund. No questions asked. I have had alot of bad experiences with Target and my registries, BUT this time it paid off. Just give them a call and I hope it works out for each of you.

  28. My daughter ended up face down in corner of the bassinett, which was tilting to one side. I thought it was because she weighed about twelve pounds, close to the fifteen pound maximum for use of the bassinett. I was very concerned and stopped using the bassinett that day. I can’t believe we spend money on what we think is a quality product that ends up being defective and are expected to quitely take a $40 voucher to purchase products from the company who manufactures unsafe products. How can they get away with this? I will have to buy a bassinett when I have another child and it will not be manufactured by this company.

  29. We got this as a shower gift from my wonderful team that I work with. My husband tried to have children and had to go through fertility to get our little blessing. We are still paying for the cost to try and get pregnant with our son. This is a solution is not acceptable! I feel that I will need to voice my complaint further. I tried to use the rocking part but it never really worked. I had thought that my son was just a very active sleeper. Every night he wakes up smooshed against the corner or side. He is too precious for such careless manufacturing. This remedy is just a band-aide for a horrible problem!

  30. I am thoroughly disgusted with this company. My car seat base was also recalled, made by Dorel. At least they are willing to replace that whole item. $40, really? I think it is time to look into a class action lawsuit.

  31. Before I found out about the recall, I was a little disappointed with the “sway” or rocking, feature of the bassinet. However, as a thinking person that realizes that I, not any company, am responsible for my child’s safety, I decided before I ever put my son into the bassinet that I would never do so without using the stabilizing straps. He is now 15 pounds, and he just slept in it 5 nights in a row while we were on vacation, and it was fine. I agree that $40 is unreasonable since it does not replace the product, but come on, people–let’s use our brains!

  32. I agree that $40 is an insault. Most people buy this over other much cheaper, but good pack n plays for the basinett use. It was horrible my son kept rolling to the corner. I kept reading the instructions to see why it seemed set up wrong. Due to hormons and frustration I ended up going out and buying a basinett. Luckily I had not problems with the basinett I bought npot sure if it is the same manufat. but it is an Eddie Bauer. They should be ashamed!

  33. i just learned about this recall. i even sent in my information to be informed about recalls and didn’t hear anything. my son kept rolling to the side and couldn’t firgure out why so i turned him long ways in it and made sure the straps were on well and had no problems. $40 dollars for something i paid $150 for is an insult and a voucher for another one of their products that might also get a recall on it. THANKS alot.

  34. Kathy just so you know Cosco is the maker of Eddie Bauer, you will still be buying their product.

  35. I sent in for the recall right after they announced it which for $40 does not even compare to what we payed. I am STILL WAITING for the money why don’t they take their sweet time. It should of went faster I had my receipt for what I payed included with the stupid material they wanted us to send them.

  36. We bought this crib for our first grand child last July, 2009, from Target in Issaquah, Washington.!
    I am outraged that Target continued to sell the product in spite of the recall. My daughter tried returning the product to Target but they refused to get back the product even if she had the receipt of the transaction.
    Eddie Bauer!!!Shame on you for offering an inferior product!
    Target!!!!More shame on your company for selling recalled products!

  37. I am a lttle frustrated also because if you want a good quality pair of shoes you don’t go to Payless. I was under the impression that I was getting quality and by buying Eddie Bauer I thought that’s what I was getting. So the name it only to get us hard working parents to buy a worthless unsafe item that requires a cost of quality. I am upset that Eddie Bauer is allowing this to happen, especially due to their long reputation of sold merchandise and excellent customer service. It really makes you want to go back to the older days and make your own bassinet out of the furniture you have. Therefore, you maynot have to worry about getting a recall to only refund the cost of gas to go and buy the item and take the chance of your child not suffocating or having other complications.

  38. This is Bull! I have already had the run around with the whole drop side crib recall and all they want to do is give you a repair kit. I mean no offence but what about all the illiterate people we have out there? So…… what the heck is $40.00 going o do for me? I bet if it was ther child it would be a totally different story! Ohh yeah…what about the tax i paid on this pack and play? Man… Talk about GREED! this is about INFANTS not some doll bed. WE SPEAK FOR OUR CHILDREN BECAUSE IF WE DONT NO ONE ELSE IS GOING TO. I hope that with this resession that this company goes BANKRUPT! because then they will understand how carma works! Shes a bitch!

  39. I just found out about this recall. My son used this basinet on occasion for months. He rolled over into the side a few times. I thought it was just him and stopped using it. Now to think he could have been injured or killed because this company sold a defective product. And they only want to give a $40 voucher to purchase another defective product. I noticed the number of products Dorel has had recalled. I do not want to risk using something else they made.

  40. yeah it really shows how important are babys are too u, knowing that u only want to give a $40 voucher back for another one of ur defective product.my baby boy also had been rolling in the side, but i thought it was just how much he moved around in there. Is why he was always in the side. If eddie bauers really get away for saleing us a product that could kill our kids. shows how much they really fucken care, and what the world is really coming too. to let people use there hard earned money to buy shit that could kill our kids. thanks…………………………….. and ashley is right, carma is a bitch and it will come back to bit u in ur asses.

  41. I’m just thoroughly disappointed in Eddie Baurer. Why would anyone, let alone Eddie Baurer want to put their NAME on such a DEFECTIVE and HARMFUL product. The entire play yard needs to be refunded. Take, it’s really no good to me anymore. If I had WANTED just a playpen, I would’ve gone to walmart and bought one for $35. I wanted a feature with a bassinet and a changing table. I should’ve gone with a Grayco.

  42. We bought ours in July 2009 and were never notified of ANY recall. I can’t believe they are only offering $40 towards the purchase of a new one. I noticed the tilt and just thought that was normal and never used the bassinet unless we were right next to her. I can’t believe this.

  43. Target will take the whole play yard back and give a full refund without a receipt. I took ours back and they took it even though it is 3 years old and the yard part looked VERY used and the bag was torn up. It is nice to know at least Target cares about our children and our budgets.

  44. We just bought this play yard. My daughter is pregnant and I’m wondering , did they fix the problem? Should we return it ? Why are the stores still selling them?

  45. Well all I did was take the item to the store as is and got a refund of 160 for what i paid for the item luckily nothing happen to my son i never knew it was on recall until a friend told me.

  46. @ Debra they have already upgraded so the ones they are selling are good i found that out yesterday.

  47. I am disgusted!! I honestly don’t know whether to be SAD or PISSED!?!? We had our son in November of 2008 and this was a gift, our son passed away in January of 2009 in this bassinet and it WAS locked in place so that it wouldn’t rock! I found my son face down in the corner of this bassinet! So tell me please… how $40 or even a full refund is supposed to replace him??
    The really scary part is we have another baby on the way and just today decided to set the bassinet up, we couldn’t get the sides to lock so I got online to pull up directions and came accross this recall!! We were NEVER notified of any recall, so this past year never really had an answer as to what happened to our healthy 7 week old little boy!! But had we been able to set it up we never would have known of this recall and would have put our precious little girl in this bassinet when she is born! We could have possibly lost yet ANOTHER baby due to this same product!!!! From the looks of other comments on here there have been several very fortunate people who have luckily gotten to their babies in time, but as for us we weren’t so fortunate!!!

  48. I called Target where we purchased this product and they agreed to give me a full refund!!!! WootWoot!!!!!!!!!! The Dorel company wanted to send me a new bassinete that doesnt sway AS MUCH! R u serious!!?? It still sways…..

  49. Ok so i jsut found out about this recall shit.. and i dont like it… $40 isnt nothing… I couldnt get my son to stay in one spot for nothing… he keep going to the right side of it … Well let me tell you somthing… You will give me back my money if not i will see you all in fucking court… Thats my childs life… we are talking about…


  51. First of all, I couldn’t even get the sides to stay up. I had to turn the thing upside down and use my feet to keep the sides locked. I wanted to throw this thing against the wall every time I had to use it when we traveled. Only my husband was strong enough to lock the sides until I figured out an unconventional way to lock them. What a frustration when it should be so easy and “convenient”. I hate this thing. I never did try the bassinet or changing station because I don’t keep it out all the time but I wanted to find a manual for this and found this recall.
    So glad I didn’t use the bassinet and changer for my second kid on the way. Sorry to those of you who lost your precious kids. I see a lawsuit coming to this company. They should have advertised the recall better and offered a full refund, regardless of when or who bought it.

  52. I too had the problem with the bassinet not staying in place, never was able to use the changing station because my baby was almost 9 lbs when she was born and had the hardest time setting it up. It has been sitting in the bag collecting dust since Target would not refund my money and $40 is nothing compared to the $160 it cost to purchase it. And who wants to use their gift certificate to purchase another one of their lousy products. It is a shame that this company is go greedy that they do not care about the safety of our children. In todays economy most families cannot afford to just replace products that they purchase due to unwillingness of a company to care about our babies. I was fortunate enough that my baby girl was safe, others were not. We need to open a class action suit against this company and make them pay!!


  54. This was sold as a safe product for babies and it is not? There needs to be a class action law suite filed. Just found this site out today. They need to send a replacement that is safe, It probably only cost them $10.00 coming from China.

  55. Just remember when you purchase baby items. Look for the manufacture, not the “Celeberty ” Name. Then look at recalls for that manyfacture before buying. COSCO

  56. I called to get the $40.00 voucher and they told me they will mail me a letter I have to swear to that I destroyed the bassinet by cutting it up and I have to PROVE IT by mailing them the pieces i cut out of it. ARE YOU KIDDING ME DOREL?

    You won’t replace the bassinet part of the unit, the reason I bought it in the first place and payed twice as much for it. You tell me it is still usable….BUT IT ISN’T USABLE as a bassinet any longer BUT you will NOT give me a REFUND?

    I want a NEW Play Yard WITH A BASSINET!!! Attorneys…CALL ME!

  57. I second what the last person said.

    I got this PNP becuase of the bassinett. I am having a baby in 2.5 weeks and just found out the PNP I used perfectly fine for my son back in Aug 2008, has been recalled. glad I check items before I use them again… This thing was NOT cheap, I want a FULL refund so that I can get a new PNP WITH BASSINETT. $40 wouldn’t even buy a small crappy PNP. This is unacceptable. Most of the time when an item is recalled you get to replace the whole thing FOR FREE!! and that’s what I expect as well, I dont’ want to have to go fork out my own money on someone elses screw-up. I want another PNP I can USE!

  58. Around 8:30 pm on 1/16/12 I noticed that my son bassinet was stuck in a tilted position with him completely wedged in the corner of the bassinet. I researched online if this thing was really safe and found this site. By 10:00 PM i was at my local Target and received a full credit of $149.99 plus tax on a gift card.

  59. Dorel company does NOT give a crap about our babies!! In my opinion they are full of it and all of this is complete BS. I posted years ago and LOST my lawsuit… see comment above! I did finally get some closure and now know without a doubt that this POS killed my innocent baby!! My question is if there were a class action lawsuit would I be able to be involved since I had already sued them???
    Also they did not allow us to use the recall during our trial.

  60. IMy daughter went to change my grandson and he rolled to the inside . The changing pad leans inward. I am really disappointed with produced.
    I would not recommended this product to anyone.

  61. I purchased this product in Feb 2009. I am now again in need of it so when I pulled it out of storgae I checked to confirm that there were no recalls. I work for a manufacturer so I understand things can happen. I contacted Dorel as when I originally entered my model number and manufacurer date it stated my product was not part of the recall. after online searching I found it was. I emailed them and they confirmed it was. How scary I was originally told it was not.
    They offered me the $42.50 voucher and said I could use it on thier site. WHAT??? why would I want to buy more crap from you? I also showed them with copy/paste that I found online where the original resolution was a repair/replacement kit that included bassinet fabric and bassinet bars along with instructions. I was told no.
    I will not go away and they will correct this in an acceptable manner. what a shame they have put this black mark on the Eddie Bauer name. I thought they were an upstanding company. I guess not. In this day and age, companies can not afford to produce inferior, unsafe products that have a cost that this one did only to snub their nose at the consumers that ultimately pay thier bills. Maybe Dorel should think about that it is not good to bite the hand that feeds you.
    I too bought this product because of the added bells and whistles. not a plain play yard. I paid with tax $170.39. $42.50 is a slap in the face.

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