GM Recalls 1.5 Million Buick, Chevrolet, Oldsmobile and Pontiac Vehicles

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By: AboutLawsuits | Published: April 15th, 2009

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and General Motors have announced an auto recall for 1,497,517 Buick Regal, Chevrolet Lumina, Chevrolet Impala, Chevrolet Monte Carlo, Oldsmobile Intrigue and Pontiac Grand Prix vehicles.

The vehicles all have GM 3.8 liter engines, which contain a defect that may cause oil to leak and potentially cause a car fire.

The GM recall was reported on April 14, 2009, and registered owners of the affected vehicles are expected to be contacted so that repairs can be made starting in May 2009.

The model years that will be impacted by the recall include the 1998-2003 Chevrolet Lumina, 1998-2003 Chevrolet Monte Carlo, 1998-2003 Chevrolet Impala, 1998-1999 Oldsmobile Intrigue, 1997-2003 Buick Regal and 1997-2003 Pontiac Grand Prix (with a 3.8L V6).

The problem with the engine involves a defect which could allow drops of oil to leak onto the exhaust manifold during hard breaking. If the manifold is hot and the leaking oil runs under the heat shield, it is possible that a flame could ignite and cause an engine fire.

Owners of the vehicles with GM engines will be asked to contact a dealer service center to arrange repairs. The spark plug wire retention channel at the front and the engine will be removed and replaced with two new spark plug wire retainers at no cost to the owner.

Additional information about the GM recall can be obtained by contacting Chevrolet at (800) 630-2438, Oldsmobile at (800) 630-6537 or Pontiac at (800) 620-7668. Additional information can also be obtained at

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  1. I would like to know if GM has had a recall on air conditioning systems in the 2003 Chevrolet Impala.

  2. My Intriguei is showing overheat and smelis of hot oil..

  3. I just took my 1999 Buick Lesabre in to have an oil change and they reported that I had gas leaking into the oil which could cause an explosion. How come my auto is not on the recall list???

  4. My 2000 Chevy Impala leaks oil and the air conditioning doesn’t work. If they have a recall for the air I would like like to know!

  5. My car already burn about 2 weeks to late with the news. 2001 pontiac grand prix

  6. There is no A/C recall, if it doesn’t work quit whining and get it fixed. There are many reasons why your car might not be on the list, but since it is not on the list it isn’t an issue so just forget it!

  7. I have a 03 impala with the Passlock Securit lite flashing. I noticed that thius has been a serious isue is there a recall on this problem?

  8. My local dealershop told me to wait for a card in the mail and that they knew nothing about a recall on my 1999 Olds Intrigue. They were getting numerous phone calls about the recall? The service man refused to make an appointment and said if I didn’t get a card in the mail to come back in about a week and they would call GM and ask about the problem. I told them that an internet search gave that information. Its been more than a week. I did not received a card in the mail.

  9. I’m a mechanic and just checked the list of recalls. There is NO recall for anything on an 00-03 impala regarding an A/C problem. A recall is reserved for major safety concerns. Not just because something isn’t working as well as you like it. There are only about 3 recalls in total. All relate to engine issues, no A/C.

  10. i was driving my 2003 pontiac gm on a hot sunny day i notic smoke from under the hood from elec wire car burn up

  11. If you are a starving GM dealer , what a better way to get 1.5 million cars to your door with 1.5 million chances to sell anything under the sky other than get a massive recall going that is nothing more than throwing a small piece of plastic away that costs them nothing . Conspiracy I tell you , conspiracy .

  12. my 1998 Buick Regal burned on April 17, 2009! I am sure it was the oil!


  14. I have a 1998 Buick Regal. Just had a major repair to fix a oil leak 3 months ago. Now I’m noticing burning smells, even after short drives. After the GM recall repairs, I’m selling this piece of crap this summer and buying a Toyota (model undecided). NEVER CONSIDERING A AMERICAN CAR AGAIN.

  15. My step dad’s 1997 Regal burned up along with the garage in March 07. Any lawsuits going on over this? He just had basic PL/PD on his car and his insurance won’t do anything for him as far as recouping damages from the car itself. The investigators took the car for analysis and hasn’t even given my step dad a report as to what happened.

  16. I had a 1998 Buick Regal with a 6-3.8L engine. In 2005 my car caught on fire in my garage. The car and the home were a total loss. I first saw this recall in April on 2008 and I’m still waiting to hear back from GM concerning their responsibilty to my loss. Anyone else out there have this problem?

  17. My 2000 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP started on fire and burned from this exact problem with the oil drip and GM won’t even cover my deductible. They claim that theres no proof that that’s what happened. How can this be when they have a recall out for this exact problem.

  18. I just saw it on the news. 1 year ago my oil spilled on my exhaust manifold and caught fire while i drove home. I got lucky though, I caught the fire when i got out of my car, got my extinguisher and put it out. Scared the hell out of me. So sorry about the others who lost their cars to this problem.

  19. I have a 2001 Chevy Impala. I have had one previous engine compartment fire in 2008 with subsequent repairs totaling several hundreds of dollars. I have just experienced another meltdown in the engine compartment today. I noticed online that there is a recent recall for my model announced by GM on April 18th relating to possible engine compartment fires. If I tow it a Chevy dealer will they perform the repair of the burned components under this April 18th recall?
    Thank you!

  20. I have a 1998 Intrigue – I love it, while they are doing this recall thing for oil leaking and all they are going to do is channel the oil to leak everywhere else they should do what makes the most sense
    (FIX THE LEAK!!!!!!!!!) I am sorry but if just by hitting the brakes makes oil leak, obviously there is a bigger problem than what they are telling us and all this is, is a band-aid !! this leak probably is something connected to the Dex-Cool anifreeze and has ate our gaskets up – if you have Dex-Cool in your engine get it out ASAP – it eat your intake gaskets – they also have an updated intake for the car to keep it from hydra-locking which in one case I heard of them charging somone for a headgasket repair and only did a simple intake gasket fix, I am lucky to be someone who can fix my own and it only cost me about $130 for a complete new intake with all gaskets needed with the exception of the lower gaskets which I changed since i was right there – why did I change these you might ask – this gasket gets ate by the coolant and fills the cylinders with coolant – this happens to them all, this recall is bogus, FIX THE LEAK!!!!! DONT DIVERT THE OIL

  21. I took my mom’s car in for this recall and spoke with a mechanic (and later 3 others to confirm what I was told). The gaskets leaking are still a fire hazard because they can still leak into the manifold but GM will not make the repair due to the expense and has informed dealerships that they are not authorized for any repairs, only replacement of the spark plug channel. The mechanics have all confirmed that this is nothing more than a token effort to avoid being forced to make an engine recall rather than a safety recall limited to a small piece. I contacted GM and was told that they were “approved by the NHTSA to replace only the channel and they didn’t have to do anything else. If the car was leaking oil, then go have it fixed but that wasn’t their concern.” (Fortunately I was recording the call) According to the NHTSA, it wasn’t their reccommendation or approval, they were notified this is what would be done and the letters from GM are viewable on the NHTSA website. They stated they’ll be happy to review complaints for further safety risks. I’ve filed a complaint there and with the State and Federal Attorney Generals offices as well as the Federal Trade Commission because the mechanics have all stated that the leak is still a fire hazard and as it worsens, the oil can leak into the coolant negating its effect so the engine overheats and locks up. So you’re risking death by fire or accident so I’m incredibly unhappy that they are unconcerned that so many people are at risk. If you make a mistake you fix it, not jeopardize peoples lives to save money. I spoke with a State Senator I know and was told to file complaints as many places as possible on State and Federal levels and encourages others to do the same because consumer pressure and the threat (or even pursuing) a class action suit maybe the only thing that would spur action to correct the actual problem/hazard.

  22. I recently took my $500.00 savingsd and purchased a `1997 Buick Century, 6 cyclinder. From the first day it was constantly overheating. I mentioned this to my “adopted” son Kelly, and he said he would contact the previous owner–he “found” the good deal on the Buick and indeed it seemed a good deal, 170,000 miles, but no problems with the transmission, no “knocks” in the engine. The inside leather was quite worn, but I was grateful. Then the overheating, I went to a parts store to get a replacement thermostat. The parts clerk then told me about the lawsuit, it might not be the thermostat.

  23. I tried to make an appt. with our local GM dealer and they are not making appt’s for the recall. My car is leaking oil, and has a funny smell to it.
    The dealership said that they could not get me in until late July or early to mid-August. I am afraid to drive my 2002 Impala.

  24. Got a recall card but my car had burned up about a year ago AT A GAS STATION!!! what about those of us that lost it all?

  25. GM new of this problem many years ago. Our 2000 Grand Prix GTP caught fire in our garage and took our home as well in 04. GM was notified then and settled with our insurance co in 08. They stalled & stalled with what was owed to us and now we are at the bottom of the pot and told we may get pennies on the dollar. If we still had the car and it burnt tomorrow, we could get our money. HMMM, let’s see – 4 yr old car burns you get nothing – 9 yr old car burns today, you get reimbursed. Something is not right with this picure!

  26. I have had my 2003 Impala for about 5 months now and the AC SUCKS and it keeps over HEATING . I have taken it back to the dealer i bought it from which is shady their selves and them seem to say they have fixed it but at the same time it blowing out HOT AIR. They said they replaced the AC compressor and they have add freeon at least 3 time and nothing is making it cool. Is this a problem with The CHevy dealers or what!!! I have 4 small children and it is too hot to drive around with them like that.

  27. Buick Century 2001 engine 3001 defective coolant system odometer reading 128792 klm

  28. I own a 1998 Buick Regal and my engine caught fire 3 weeks ago. I’m in the claim process with GM but since the bankruptcy, they do not have approval to proceed with any claims. Is anyone else having this issue? Should i expect any restitution? I do want to note is that i did get the recall fix about a month or so before my engine caught fire.

  29. I have or should I say had a 2000 Pontiac GTP with 95000 miles. It burned up this morning in the parking lot where I work. I have owned this car since it was new and took good care of it. But the 3800 motor that was supposed to be so great is completly covered in oil front and back and also the engine cradle is a mess. On my car the valve covers only leaked a little, most of the oil comes from the joints in the engine block, the only way to fix that is to rebuild or replace the motor. GM knows all this and should have started replacing motors years ago. The longer these cars are on the road, more and more oil and dirt will accumulate on and around the engines which will lead to even more fires.

  30. The same day I got my recall notice for a 2001 Buick Regal is the day the car caught fire while parked on a store lot. Had it towed to nearest GM dealer. Mechanic said fire was result of recall. After 2 months finally found out from dealer (when they knew from day 1) the car is a total loss. Damages exceed value of vehicle. Got my claim in with ESIS GM’s claim rep. Will probably be up the creek because of the GM bankruptcy.

  31. I have contacted GM and they insist that this issue is not a recall and refuse to fix it. My car is leaking coolant and overheating, if this sounds similar to what’s going on with your car it is probably the manifold intake, which is a known problem on most GM vehicles made in the late 90′s early 2000.

  32. I have a 2000 Buick Regal and the odometer went blank at approximately 92,000 miles. I have heard of other GM auto owners that have had the same problem. Is there a recall for such defects or a discount for fixing such a problem? Sutliff Chevy in Harrisburg, PA said it work take seven (7) days to fix and that I would have to leave my car there for the entire time.

  33. Ah, good ‘ol Government Motors (GM)… Who cares – Their Quality is awful and thankfully, I am on my last GM product… You know the song ‘like a rock”? Isn’t that the truth…From the Execs all the way down to there private jets and big bonuses. Assholes! They deserve to rot in hell and the government should allow GM to go under

  34. I have a 1998 Pontiac Grand Prix SE and I’ve never had a problem with anything except a faulty brake switch back in 02. It’s never leaked a drop of oil and to this day (07/09) the engine still looks and works like it did when it was new without ever doing a thing to it (except changing the oil and air filter) and it now has 110,000 miles.
    I’m truly sorry for those of you who have had problems…I’ve always said that I got lucky with this car (I got a GREAT deal) and after reading the problems some of you have had it only confirms my feelings. This is my second Pontiac in the last 18 years and I really wish GM would keep the Pontiac brand. Hope the rest of you have better luck with your next car.

  35. My claim has stalled with GM. They keep passing my case back and forth between departments and also between “old” and “new” gm. I have decided to file in small claims court against GM and the GM dealer. I encourage all of you to do the same. Even if i dont get anything, at least i will hopefully piss them off.

  36. Is anyone having problems with the air condition in their 2008 G6. There is an awful odor that smells when I have the vent open or ac on………
    I’ved sprayed Lysol as instructed but no luck…………

  37. I received a letter from GM about the recall the only problem is my 2001 Monte is sitting in the backyard with the total front end burnt to a crisp. i guess they are a “day late and a dollar short” of fixing my issue. I am still waiting on feedback from my insurance agent who is supposedly trying to file claim against them. My car caught fire in the middle of 5 o’clock traffic one day after work in April a couple of days after I received a call from a family member asking me if I watched the news saying something about a GM recall including my car. I have been searching the internet since then trying to find out if I have any rights/claims against GM. My question is ,why did it take this long for them to report a recall that could be fatal to anyone who owns these model cars? In this tough economy somebody like me is being forced to purchase a new car and start all over again and lose out on all the money I have invested in the car such as a 2100.00 transmission job that was done 2 months before the fire. Should’nt they be held accountable for any of this.

  38. my grand prix caught fire in the garage just minutes after my daughter and grand daughter got home from a funeral.. car, garage, and half the house burnt …. this all happened 4-5 days before the re-call was posted on yahoo.. now after all this bullshit allstate sent me a letter saying they would try and get my deductible back when they go after gm. for damages … ok that was 250.00 ..WOW G thanks thats awesome for me my wife and 4 kids to go through pure hell until my house gets put back together… but no hard fellings.. i replaced that grand prix with another g.m malibu they have the best cars!! just very unfortinant that somebody at gm tried to save cost and put a plastic spark plug holder in … instead of metal… see what trying to save money got them huh???

  39. I have a 2003 Impala that has majors problems with overheating. Last April I had the Intake Manifold Gasket repaired that cost $1015.00, but my car continues to over heat. The check ingine stay on and my car also stall out. My car won’t pass the emissions test so what am I suppose to do. GM needs to issue a recall!

  40. i had a 1997 buick regal i found out about he recall and i went to the local gm dealer and they told me that they did not have the parts and they took down my telephone number and that they would call me back when the part came in this all took place in april. the never called me back. on july 24 that night my car caught on fire. i went thru calling gm and they sent me through different people. i called them back today which is august the 18th and they stated the statue of limitations had expired

  41. My 1998 Pontiac Grand Prix caught fire about 3 weeks after receiving the recall on July 21, 2009. I actually had planned to call the following Monday to schedule the appointment to remedy the the spark plug wire channel or retainers as stated in the recall. ESIS, the GM claims division, denied the claim stating that there is a 2 year statute of limitations from the date of original purchase, which was in 1997. This after 3 weeks of jumping through hoops they held before me.

  42. I recently had an accident in my trailblazer I felt as if the brakes failed. Has anyone else had the same problem. After looking around I found there was a recall for a brake pipe. I am wondering if that may have caused the problem?

  43. I have a 2008 malibu has been in the shop 10 times in 2months chevy just resets codes everytime I go there and when I leave the parking lot the problem starts over again it has caused me vacation, ball games with my kids and time I don’t have to keep going to the chevy dealership.
    Can I give the car back???

  44. I have a 2003 Impala. I bought this car new and started having problems with it when it was about a year old. I have had yhe manifold gasket replaced, the head gasket repalced about a year ago. My gas gauge does not work. This quit working about 6 months ago. My work has an Impala as a company car and they have had numerous problems with it including the speedometer not working. I think that these cars need recalled for several reasons. Again my wonderful chevy is overheating again. So I have to wonder how much will this cost me!!!!!! I will fix this problem again and trade it off for something other than a GM product. I was raised with Chevy vehicles but I am sorry I have to wonder why GM is in bankruptcy if everyone else is having these kind of problems why would we purchase thier products they want to blame the foreign car manufacturers but they need to look in the mirror and lay the blame!!!

  45. My mother bought a 1998 Olsmobile Intrigue, in 2005 it had 117,000 miles on it running in good condition and I say two years right after she finished paying for the vehicle the head gaskets were blown. Prior to this we had just went to get the vehicle serviced and everything was fine. A week later going down the road we heard a ticking noise and the car shut off, so we pulled on side of the road and then smoke begin to filled the inside of the car and I said, “Mom get out the car is onfire!” So we stood back on side of the road waiting for the smoke to die down and I pop the hood and I could smell oil, antifreeze, and a burning smell. The tow truck man came and he told us that head gaskets were blown. When they got the car to the shop and they began to inspect the engine they find that the spark plugs had melted inside the engine. They repaired the engine, they had to regrind spark plug holes because they were completely destroyed. So the car run greats for a year and it happens again so the engine was replaced with a warranty for six months. This car has done great so far up until now. Two weeks ago I decided not to drive my car because money was getting low and I am a College Student, so I get in the car to go to church, I start to look at all my gages and I noticed that my thermostat hand began to rise above it’s normal level so i started to get scared, like aw man not again, so I made it to church and let the car cool down. I got back in and looked at the temperature gage begin to go up this it was almost to the red, so I parked the vehicle for one more day and today 9/22/9 just to see what it was going to do I took a spin around the block and the car begin to smoke really bad from the engine. Now I need some answers from somebody because I have spent alomst $4000.00 on engine repairs, that almost the cost of the car of what my mom paid for.

  46. Follow up to Charles W post…Get your Passlock fixed ASAP this happened on my 2003 Pontiac Grand Am, and it just locked out starting the car, I got stranded and had to tow it to a dealership. (The local garage couldn’t fix it.)

  47. I bought my 2002 Impala in 2002 and within a year I took it back more than 5 times for a starter grinding noise, the power window switch, the turn signals and my brakes would and still squeak even after replacing rotors and dics. about 6 months later my car started shaking really bad like it was going to stall, it had no power and the check engine came on.The coolant leaked out with no signs or anything of any leak and it got into the spark plugs and the manifold.The dealer said the the coolant flush was under warranty but i needed a motor flush, spark plugs replaced. a tune up and that is my responsibility to pay. I needed my car and I paid about $400 but i questioned the fact that it was coolant who caused the other problems but tjey would hear it. I have done the coolant flushes more than 6 times now, replaced the radiator, hoses, thermostat, sensor, and it still leaks. I have also replace the the steering shaft 3 times within the past 2 years, the fuel regulator, the water pump, fuel pump,harmonic balancer. Right now I have a small oil leak somewhere, a coolant again, amd just the other day my pressure hose for the power steering is leaking. My motor has a rough shift from 1 st to 2 nd randomely, motor does not have power when accelerating, my steering crankshft is rattling again, my lights dim and flash at random, sometimes it does not start up at the first try, my fana make a grinding noise when my ac turns on. If anyone can give me their input, any input on what I should do because I never received no recall card on any of the recalls that have been posted and I am the sole owner of this car( paid off last year).

  48. i have a 2000 grand prix i had the recall fixed in july on sept 28 my car caught on fire.i keep getting its going to a different office even though the dealer came out to see my car took pics and said it was clearly the recall. still waiting.anyone get anything fixed after a fire?

  49. I have a 2000 Buick Regal and it caught on fire toady. I received the recall about a month ago and the dealership said that it had to order parts. I parked the car and about 20 mins. later it was starting to catch fire. this was at 4pm and at 11am i had the oil changed. I am wonder what to expect when i try to get either GM or the oil changing company to pay for the car that is now totaled. Thank you

  50. my 1 year old daughter had been out of my 2000 grand prix approximately 5 minutes when a neighbor knocked on my door while on the phone with 911 telling me that my car was dripping flames. my car continued to smoke and engulf in flames until the fire department came.

  51. 2000 monte carlo passager door won’t open with or without the key had door panel off played with linkage and nothing don’t think it is elecritial

  52. We had the recommended recall service done, i.e., having two new spark plug wire retainers installed to our 2003 Impala and had our car catch fire after adding engine oil and accidentally spilling some on the manifold (after “add engine oil” warning light came on)! It appears that this recommended recall service is insufficient, and a car fire still can occur if engine oil gets on the heated manifold. Has anyone else experienced this misfortune as well?

  53. I have the 99 Chevy Lumina with the 3.1 L V6 engine that my grandmother bought new in 1999. It just rolled over to 100,000 miles and I have had nothing but problems with it. It started overheating and I was having to put coolant in it every day in order to be able to drive it. I would have to stop several times on my way to work to allow the car to cool down before adding more coolant in the resevoir and finishing my trip to work (normally a 15 min drive). I have spent a few thousands of dollars changing all the hoses, the thermostat (twice). several radiator flushes and cleanings, finally a complete intake manifold gasket change which meant taking the top of the engine apart to get to the gaskets. The mechanic that did the job informed me that this was not a permanent fix because the problem will come back. He has fixed 100′s of cars with the same engine.

    Is the problem caused by Dex-Cool anti-freeze that is suggested for these vehicles???

    Is there a class action lawsuit pending for this problem. I did not get a recall notice and I am sure that my grandmother did not get one either, she is deceased….

  54. I HAD a 2000 Grand Prix GT that I purchaced brand new in 2000. I received a recall on my car for “9047 ENGINE COMPARTMENT FIRE” which I took the car to BILL DELORD AUTOCENTER in Lebanon OH on 12/18/09 to have what I thought was the recall repaired and check for any other recalls that I was not notified of. So exactly 60 days later my car caught fire in the engine compartment. It was a total loss and because GM doesn’t make a product they will stand behind I have no car and my insurance is now in subrogation with GM. I feel I that the goverment shouldn’t go into debt to save a company that doesn’t even beleive in their own products.

  55. I arrived at work (high school) at 8:15 and no more than 10 minutes later smoke appeared from my car’s hood. I drive a 2002 Buick Regal, by the way. I never received a recall card and never really knew about the recall or this whole problem til searching online this morning.

    Flames starting dropping from under the car and then the whole hood burst into flames. The fire burned until the fire department arrived and finally put out the blaze. Needless to say, the entire front end of the car totally burned to a crisp. Now I need to see what I can do about this! I’m not holding out hope that I can hold GM accountable, but I will do what I must.

  56. I have a 2004 Impala 3400 V6 with 122000 KM on it. The problem is the Dex Cool coolant as it eats away at the Gaskets and other plastic parts within the motor. GM HAS to know this is a HUGE Problem as everyone I have talked to from Mechanics to Oil Change guys all say that the Dex Cool Motors are the worst in terms of Head Gaskets and Intake Manifold Problems. Yet they say all they are going to do is change Spark Plug wires. Seriously is this what they think will fix the problem? They say todays cars are supposed to last longer than the cars of yesterday but yet it appears that they don’t make them like they used. GM needs to recall all cars that use Dex Cool and fix the Leaking problems of there Motors. This is an outrage and they wonder why people are not willing to buy domestic vehicles. i bought my car because it was made in Ontario and I wanted to support my domestic economy but now i have to fork over a huge chunk of money to fix a problem that GM knows about and has KNOWN about and it involves the coolant system and their use of Dex-Cool Coolant. So Small Claims or a North American wide Consumer lawsuit. Car companies need to understand that we are not bottomless pits of money to throw away at repairs that could have been prevented during the design process. If this is a known problem why has there not been a major recall to fix what is essentially a Coolant leak caused not only by the design but by the car manufactures insistence that Dex-cool is the coolant to use.

  57. my power steering light often comes on. and i cant steer my car. ihave a 2007 chevrolet cobalt. i seen on the internet as march 1 there is a recall. but where i brought the car, they say they did not receive no information on that. i guess i have to wait until something else go wrong with my car.

  58. Well it is about my sons car. He purchased a 2000 Chevy Malibu with the 3.1 engine. Now for the bad news the intake started to leak with only having it only a week. Did I forget He is the poor struggling college student.

    THANK YOU GM (GOVERNMENT MOTORS) has a bad product and need to fix it.

  59. wow, there are alot of us with probs. I have a 2001 Monte Carlo SS. 3.8 liter 6 cylinder. I too have had engine and electrical probs. starting with the converter melting and replaced, to unusual electrical probs, such as lights working or not whenever they felt. power windows failing to function. AC again working or not. the heated seats are hotter some days than others. I am sure this vehicle is as they used to say “made on a Monday.” or it has a personality and hates life! perhaps some prozac is in order.

  60. Oh I forgot, the fan in the front of the engine, doesn’t shut off, it runs for 10 mins after I turn off my engine.

  61. I own a 2000 Chevy Impala that was listed under the latest recall for “Engine Compartment Fire”. The recall came out April 14, 2009. A few weeks prior to this recall my engine started missing. On April 12th I took my car to the dealership. After running a diagnostic test, they found I had a burnt plug wire towards the back next to the exhaust manifold. They put a new set of plug wires on and handed me a bill for $280.23. Just recently I submitted a re-imbursement claim to Chevrolet which was denied because they said this would be normal wear and tear due to the mileage of the vehicle. Now, if you read the cause of the recall and the solution to fix it, it does not add up. The cause being drops of oil upon hard breaking causing a fire and the solution to be ADDING ADDITIONAL SUPPORTS TO THE PLUG WIRES BRINGING THE WIRES OFF THE EXHAUST MANIFOLD. The problem I had was a DIRECT cause of the solution that they are proposing.

  62. I own a 2003 Chevy Impala, the air and heat do not work for the second time had it repaired before, but this time I’m going to do some research first. Also the vehicle shifts hard from 1st to 2nd and the accelaration is bad, but if I turn off the car and start driving again it runs pretty smooth until I stop at a light or something. I’m starting to notice a smell like the engine is overheating or something,but there are no indicators that the engine IS overheating.

  63. i owned a 2001 Pontiac grand prix gtp that caught on fire in my garage .
    I lost everything in the garage and most of my belonging in the house.
    i have been searching for someone who knows what can be done about it. The kicker is i recieved a recall notice a week and a half after the fact!



  66. I know this is for the fire recall but can anyone heip with the POS passlock system. My 2003 Monte Carlo wont start. Problem started months ago. Last month while driving on a major highway with my children in the car my lights started going off and on. Not only did this scare us but it also caused several cars around us to pull off to the emergency lane. It was dusk and could have killed us. Im fed up. Took to local dealer and was told nothing showed up when hooked up to their computer. I want to by pass the security system. I dont care what the chances are of causing other problems, it wont start now. Chevorlet should step up and offer this information before someone gets killed. If anyone knows of a way to fix this cheap I would appreciate the information.I would take the POS to the junk yard but I still owe on the car and have a family to support. Thanks

  67. I just had my car catch on fire today! I have 2003 Monte Carlo SS with the 3800 motor in it. I was putting oil into the engine, and the car wasn’t even running, and POOF, it caught on fire, luckily I caught it before it went too far, and it made it’s way down to the battery line and burned part of that up. It’s literally at the auto shop now, awaiting I don’t know how much money in repairs now……I didn’t even KNOW this recall had taken place, or I would have gone in to have it done. Is there any way I can get GM to reimburse the cost? Sad I never got a card, since I’m the original owner of the vehicle!!!!!!!

  68. I too had this recently happen to me. I bought a 1998 Intrigue with the 3.8 V6 engine in it. Me and my wife had the car for about 3 months and had it looked at by a mechanic and eveything. The cars body and engine were flawless. So we were driving to get some food one day. We drove about 15 minutes approximately and when we went inside to eat, we heard someone on the intercom saying,”someone with a white intrigue outside, your car is on fire.” So we went to go check it out and sure enough, it was on fire and the fire dept was trying to put it out. I guess they caught it real fast but what the hell?! We were inside for 5 minutes and it catches fire. I called the mechanics where I took it to get it looked at before it caught fire and they said there’s nothing they can do. So I called the BBB and filed a claim and they instructed me to the Oldsmobile customer service rep. He then gave me a case number and took a whole report of the whole story and my info. He then said a GM parts consultant will contact me within 2 days to let me know if they can fix it. When I asked the rep what usually happens when someones car is damaged as a result of a recall? he said he didn’t know. I then told him,”shouldn’t you guys cover it because its a result of your recall?” He said he’s not sure because my car has more damage to it than just the engine. It burnt up a corner of my engine compartment and the cables that open the hood, the tires are now locked up, and the fire dept had to break the hood open because it was melted shut. I am waiting for the callback from Oldsmobile, they said should be no more than 2 days. I wanted to know if there’s a way I can sue them for the damages and the cost of a cab/bus since I have no car now.

  69. i have had major problems with my 2003 SS Monte Carlo. I just had a new transmission installed because it was defected and i also have many electrical problems. I hope gm will at least cover my electrical problems since i already put money out of my own pocket to fix a problem i did not cause.

  70. I have a 2003 SS Monte Carlo and
    I just had a new transmission installed because it was defected and i also have many electrical problems. I hope gm will at least cover my other car problems since i already put money out of my own pocket to fix a problem i did not cause.

  71. I have a 2000 Impala. I got the card out of my mail this morning at 9:00am. I went to pick my car up, I didnt feel like driving home last night. My friend went to start the car and I heard a loud boom and ran outside. I saw smoke, that black plastic thing is cracked. Now what do I do????

  72. i have a 2002 chev impala. i have only had it for 10 months and it has 170,000,00 miles. and just one day it starts to overheat and i smell something burning also start hearing a loud knocking noise like it was bout to shutdown on me. so i took it to the shop and now they sayin i need a new motor switch will cost me 1900.00

  73. Just received the 9047 recall slip here in Ontario, Canada on my 1999 Olds Intrigue 3.8 V6. Anyone have the technical details on this.. so far I have heard it’s a spark plug wire replacement and or a heat shield replacement…..

  74. Our car caught on fire last night in my driveway, about 15 minutes after my husband returned home from the store. It was a 2001 Buick Regal. I never received a recall notice. I noticed the flames when I went to check on my toddlers who were sleeping an upstairs bedroom and I saw flames and smoke right outside their window. I thought the front of my house was on fire, but it was the Buick. My bushes also burned down but thankfully, not my home. My whole neighborhood was outside watching, not a nice way to meet the neighbors.

  75. I have a 2001 Monte Carlo SS. I have been told that I have a bad oil leak around the valve covers and should check the recall notices. Obviously, from the comments, there is no recall for this, only a recall to replace spark plug wire retainers? So far, my car has not caught on fire, but after reading the above, I am afraid to drive it.

  76. My buick caught fire on us on Christmas EVE on the way to my mothers. I had my 20 month old twins in the vehicle and my husband was driving… we were 30 mins from home and 30 mins from my mothers in the middle of nowhere! unfixable and no other vehicle. it’s hard enough getting by! we had a rough christmas and go the letter in the mail about a week ago now…

  77. I have a 2003 Alero. I have put alot of money into it, only to finally discover that it may have been the passlock sensor all along. After doing alot of internet research it looks like this has been a MAJOR problem in ALOT of GM’s. Would love for a class action suit to address this!

  78. Chevy will not do anything if youyr car catches fire. My 2000 Chevy Impala caught on fire parked in a parking lot.

  79. my 1998 buick regal caught fire last summer and let me tell you all they iwill find any loophole possible to get out of paying you. Mine was in the state I am in if the car is over 5 years old they are not held liable! So basically I got screwed and you will too I imagine GOOD LUCK!!!

  80. I, too, am trying to find out if there are any class action suits against GM for the engine fire issue, or if not, I want to start one.
    My car was/is a 1998 Intrigue, and I had it serviced when the recall notice came out. But just recently I had an engine fire that was caused by the exact sort of thing mentioned here and in the recall information, ad was in the same exact area of the engine, etc.
    I believe I have a cause, though mine is not as severe as some of those mentioned here. My engine caught on fire while I was driving, and I was fortunately ablle to pull over to the side of the road. The fire department came rather quickly and put it out, but there is still extensive damage to that part of the engine. My mechanic says it may be repairable, but costly. Not sure if its worth it, but if GM is at fault for this because they made such a bad product, I truly feel they should be held accountable.
    Those that are on here asking about class action suits or those who are interested in starting one or getting people together who want to, let us figure out a way to move forward on this. How should we contact one another?

  81. I have a 2003 chevy impala. I bought it at a local dealership in my area. The intake gaskets had to be replace shortly after I bought it. The dealership supposely replced them. I’ve had to replace them again just this year. Now my air conditioner system is not working properly, my mechanic says he can’t figure out what’s the problem with it. He has placed it on a machine to pin-point the problem, he still can’t find what’s wrong. He just replace a new radiator, fan system. I have a family with children, what do I suppose to do?

  82. I have a 2001 impala. Had transmission replaced. Drove to work, the whole underhood caught on fire as well in june of 09.. I got a notice in the mail a couple days earlier from GM about a recall for a underhood fire relating to the oil pan and what not. Got it towed to gm, they said they will take care of by having an inspector come down to check it and contact me. Months later they said I owe $3000+ for daily storage fess that they didn’t initially inform me of and that they were going to auction my car off! My mom went down there and they withdrew that. Gm is in bankruptcy and now they wipe there hands clean by giving the problem to motors liquidation co… hundreds.. thousands of other people going through the same crap. Motors liq. Saying it could take another year for the claim to be paid (to me) meanwhile selman chevrolet (where its stored and I bought it from initially) wants it gone. I have no where to store it! What should I do? Sell it as is? Get a lawyer? I think we might have a class action lawsuit!!!

  83. my 2000 impala caught fire in a parking lot and before the fire dept could put it out it burned beyond repair. GM said they are not responsible even though the defective part could have caused the problem because they are covered under my state’s (NJ)Economic lose rule… Reading all articles i can find on this rule there are loop holes..contacting an attorney tomorrow.

  84. my 1998 buick regal caught on fire and burned on june 2010 mostly under the hood i had the 3.8 turbo charged engine i sure like this car but not what it did i got the pics if you want to see i got my wife and our bags out the back because we drove to texas from georgia when we were about to go visit her mother and it it started smoking then fire from under the hood.

  85. I have a 1997 Buick Regal and for the past 8 months it has been causing me many problems. First, my car began to shake when I was going under 35 miles per hour.I didn’t think too much of it b/c it wasn’t prohibiting me from driving. Then one day as I was driving, the car shut off. I was so scared that I immediately parked the car for a month. When I got back into my car, I noticed that it was eating gas like crazy! The result of that finding was that I needed a new engine. The last problem I’ve encountered with my car was the radio. When I take the key out of my and open the door, the radio usually turns off. Now the radio stays on for I don’t know how long. It has drained my battery; my car will not turn on. I just want to know if anyone else has experienced these types of complications or if these problems have anything to do with recall.

  86. My 1998 Buick Regal caught on fire in the parking garage of the college I attend….. not only was it nearly impossible for the fire fighters to get there but it caused damage to all the cars around mine…. I got a whole 90$ from the scrap yard and most of that went to the cost of towing it. Now GM keeps giving me the run around….. I’m pissed. Anyone out there suing the pants off them??

  87. Does anyone know where the actual oil leak is? I’m assuming it must be either valve cover gaskets or intake manifold gaskets.

  88. I am th owner of a 2002 Buick Lesabre. I know yoy are aware of the fact that these cars have defected automatic window motors. All four(4) of my windows have ceased working. This is a very expensive procedure. This repair, per window is only a few dollars short of $500.00. Why was this not a recall? I know several owners who can complain of the same problem. Cars are too expensive to have to also pay to remake them. I feel I should be offered som aide from your company because I bought this product in good faith.

  89. My 2001 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP. Caught on fire on August 9, 2010 in the parking lot at work. I had just parked my car. Thank God, for his favor.I haven’t ercieve a recall from GM. My son recieve a recall letter about his car.

  90. My 2001 Pontiac Grand Ptrix GTP. Caught on fire on August 09,2010 in the parking lot at work. I had just park the car and get out of it, saw smoke coming for under the hood. I haven’t recieve a recall letter from GM. My son recieved a recall letter about his car.

  91. I just received the recall for my 98 Intrique. I love the car, and can’t afford a different one right now. The reports above seem to indicate that getting the recall item fixed does not solve the problem. I have only 80,000 on the car. I’m thinking about ignoring the recall. Most of my driving is short distances around town. Also, this is a twelve year old car. How long has GM been aware of these problems if the recall was only sent out recently.

  92. I owned a 97 Pontiac Grand Prix that burned up and destroyed my garage and everything inside it. It happened on December 27, 2008. I only had Liability insurance so I didnt get anything for my car. The kicker is that I recieved a recall notice two months later but my insurance company said there was nothing that could be done because the car was already junked and my insurance case was closed! I want to know if there is a class action law suit going on for this problem? I know im not the only one who has had this happen to them!

  93. I owned a 2007 Impala. We were driving along the highway over two hours away from home when our car caught in fire. I called 911, but by the time the fire dept. got there (10 min), our car was completely destroyed. GM made it so difficult to look into, that we had to just take the insurance $. We took a $2000 loss on our car. With all the problems/fires these cars have GM will not do a thing about it. I will never by another GM car again for the rest of my life. ONLY FORD FROM NOW ON!

  94. I would like to know if GM is going to rrecall the chevrolet Venture for intake gaskets leaking coolent. they introduced a new coolent around 2000 model year. It is called dexcool and it has a problem and gm knows it and refuses to fix it The coolent eats the intake gaskets away and the owner has to pay the bill to replace [700 to 800.00 to do]. I know 5 pople who have it done [v6 3.4 engine].

  95. I just had my car burn up yesterday morning. I found out about this recall after the fact.

  96. 10/7/10 3.8L Engine fire of ’99 Regal GS.
    10/8/10 First learn of the recall from the fire inspector.
    10/8/10 Called GM (they’ll call me back withn 2 weeks – yeah right)
    10/12/10 Bought a Ford

  97. my family have a 2000 impala and the car began to over heat on a regular basais and we have spent unknown amount of cash trying to resolve this problem and the car continues to over heat so we just left it sitting and it has been collecting dust for a year now, the windows stop working the dash lights come on when they want to (warning lights) this is very sad. I have another chevy a 94 and Im afraid that this will begin to happen to her too. i really like my cars but I had to get a couple honda cars to make do.

  98. I have a 1997 Le Sabre that I bought in June of this year. The car worked great. Loved it. Now I am afraid to drive it because it shuts off at random. Now I am afraid to drive it on the interstate or anywhere because of thisproblem. I called Buck and they said they were not responsible for this problem.
    I am not employed at this time, and I do not have the $95.00 to get a diagnosis. I have a spouse with a serious heart problem and he doesn’t like being in the car. We alsmost had an accident about a weel ago where it just stopped on the road. When it stops you have no control of the rakes and the steering.

    I think that Buick should recall these cars so that they can fix the problem. This is a very dangerous safety issue.

    Thank you for listening


  100. I would like to know if GM have a recall on 2001 Impala that has a problem with the air conditioning & heating unit not working I had so much problem with this car after it 5 year mark that I don’t even want to purchase another chevy. (Gaskets to coolant leaking into the engine & etc.)

  101. How can oil leave the motor during hard breaking? Is not this a sealed and contained unit? If not how does this affect head gaskets seal gaskets ect?

  102. Too late for me, recieved recall postcard in mail on 11/16/2010. 2000 Pontiac Grand Prix caught fire on October 18, 2010. My car was paid for and in perfect working condition. Now I have to purchase another car and somehow find money to pay for it.

  103. My step-sons monte carlo ss caught on fire over a month ago in the drive way of his house he rents. GM was suppose to have someone come out and inspect the vehicle, which never happened. After several contacts with a sub-contracting company employed by GM, we were told we had no rights for repairs to the vehicle due to breach of warranty and that it was Illinois lawmakers fault for this situation. A representative for this company is a total ass. If this Is a method of how Gm handals their problems no wonder they went bankrupt. You as a company are as only as good as the product you manufacture and how you stand behind that product and service. I will never purchase another GM vehicle again in my life. The government should have never saved them or maybe the government should take care of us that have been taken advantage of by GM. I hope more people will refrain from purchasing any vehicles from gm in the future.

  104. On 11/16/10 my 1998 Buick Regal 3.8l engine caught fire outside a restaurant after driving 20 minutes. Fire originated in the engine compartment and like everyone else, I received a recall notice the next day for engine compartment fire. This car has ben nothing but a headache since purchasin
    g It.

  105. My husband and I owned a 1997 Pontiac Grand Prix that was destroyed by fire on the freeway in Ellensburg, WA on Sept. 1, 2010 , on our way back from Wenatchee, WA., We were lucky that a person in the passenger side of a pickup truck was yelling something to us and pointing towards our car. This is when I told my husband that there must be something wrong, then it started smelling like hot wire or something like that.

    Then I told my husband that it smells like the car is hot, he said that the car doesn’t show that it is hot.

    When we were slowing down to come to a stop, we could see the flames.

    We were so lucky to get out of the burning car. We were both really scared.

    Our car was towed to the nearest wrecking yard where it still is and we signed the title over to the owner of the wrecking yard.

    A State patrol woman gave us a ride from the location where our car was destroyed by fire to Yakima to a relative’s house.

    If there is a class action lawsuit against GM, my husband and I would like to be included.

  106. I would like to know if there are any recalls on 1999 Oldsmobile Intrique BLOWER FAN IN THE INSIDE that its started growling at me when you put it on high but if you turn it to the 2nd notch its quiet. Well one day it just quit running all together. I have A friend that has the same car as me but hers is A 1998 & hers did the same thing.

  107. I have a 1998 Oldsmobile Intrigue 3.8, bought in 2005 for $5K. It’s 2010, 12yrs old, 180K miles…new brakes, rotors, tires, shocks, a wheel bearing…I like the car, I drive it moderately hard so I hope to keep it a couple more years. Within a couple months of buying in, about November 2005, the intake manifold failed when the separation between the water jacket and the intake failed pulling half my coolant into the engine. Once I got it towed in and diagnosed, I was told this was a mfg defect and the intake manifold needed to be replaced…it’s been fine since. On the DexCool issue and the possible leaking oil into it…I have noticed over the years that the coolant is very dark/brown and sludgy…I think that’s it’s oil now based what I’ve been reading. I wonder what gaskets are leaking and can I replace/fix them. I’d like to keep the car.

    There isn’t any point in replacing a spark plug wire channel to prevent an oil fire when the problem is leaking oil from a gasket above the exhaust manifold…is there? So, I’ll just ignore the so-called recall and just clean the engine and see if my neighborhood mechanic can look into replacing some gaskets.

    They make million$ off of us but won’t drop a dime to fix a design problem and support their customers…welcome to the free market in America.

  108. My car had an engine fire Oct of 2008 and I received the recall notice shortly after. I did file a claim with GMC and they said they were in bankrupcy so I guess this is still in litagation. I did not have full coverage. So now I hired a mechanic who turned out to be dishonest and still dont have it back. I dont know what it would be worth after an engine fire even if it gets fixed.

  109. I have a 2002 Monte SS.It has 162k on it.It runs perfectly,but has an ongoing problems with the turn signals.I found out this was a common complaint on this model.Quite simply the problem is obvious.The turn signal is intregated with the 4 way switch,and its all buried behind the dash.My question is why Chevy was never made to recall and fix this very serious safety issue ?


  111. Tired of reading about engine fires from a GM car? Well, here’s one more.

    Last night, 1:00am. Car was on all of 20 mins when I noticed a little smoke. I pulled into an all-night burger joint to let it cool. Then, *billows* of smoke. Check under the hood and sure enough, orange flickers everywhere. I bang on the burger joint’s windows and a guy comes out with a fire extinguisher. I’ll thank him forever for stopping the flames before they spread to adjacent cars. But the engine is toast.

    Got the recall notice a couple months ago, but the car has been dead for two years, so I couldn’t take it in. ’98 Lumina bought used and ran fine for FIVE YEARS. Then wouldn’t start. Then would. Then wouldn’t. Finally died all together in ’09.

    In the last week, finally got the registration up to date and back on the road. Replaced the manifold, spark plugs, and radiator cap. Pointless. After a final visit to the mechanic Monday for brakes, up it went last night before I had a chance to take it to a GM dealer so they could probably say, “Eh, not our problem.”

    Why this isn’t as big a news as the Toyota accelerator/floormat issues (and why GM is thanking their lucky stars)? No deaths. Of ALL these posts I just read, everyone escaped with their life.

    Their house and a functioning car are another story.

  112. I have a 1997 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP. It has only 86K miles on it and I take meticulous care of it. I went to the dealer almost a year ago and had the recall repairs made. I even had to replace all my engine gaskets because dexacool ate through them.

    My car just caught on fire outside the office parking lot. Luckily it was windy so when I opened the hood the wind blew out the fire. I’ll soon hear from the mechanic how bad the damage is but don’t expect the car to be salvageable.

  113. I’ve had many GM 3.8 engine over the years and the problem is oil leaking from the valve/rocker covers. Keep the valve cover bolts tightened and or have the valve cover gaskets replace if the are too compressed to tighten for a good seal. The superchaged 3.8 motors in the Grand Prix GTP and Regal GS also have issues with leaky fuel injector o rings which have contributed to many of the engine compartment fires in those vehichles. GM has never admitted to that problem though. Both these issues are a cheap and simple fix. The removal of the plastic spark plug wire channel (recall) just prevents the oil from pooling in the plastic channel where it may build up and surge forward down onto exhaust manifold/heat shield cover during spirited driving or hard braking.

  114. I have a 1999 Buick LeSabre Limited with 51,200 miles and I experienced a coolant leak which was discovered by Jiffy Lube. They flushed the system and the car ran fine for 3000 miles, then all of a sudden I had engine failure. Mechanic told me that coolant got into the oil, thus into the engine. Now I need a new engine. Is this a recall item by GM and will they pay for the repairs and/or costs for replacement engine due to their failure of the system that controls coolant leaks?

  115. I have a 198 oldsmobile bravada it go’s in drive and shifts find but it has no reverse please help

  116. For anyone who has an ’03 Impala (seems to be a common topic on this thread) i keep noticing and ive heard such a similar pattern in regards to broken gas gauges, engine oil leaks, but most of all ive noticed so many faulty computer systems in these cars – usually the dashboard lights will come on for no reason (traction, low fuel, check engine.) I just got a recall notice in the mail for “9047 engine compartment fire” and i am having it fixed free of charge at the chevy dealer. all in all it explains alot about my oil leaking and my engine overheating last month.

  117. i have 2000 mote carlo- that went crazy- the computer said it need a ox. fuel valve that was stuck open-condenser- both replaced-same prob.-comp. says its fine-now it will not start. Anyone same prob.?

  118. My husband and myself were on the way to a car show 2/11/11 when my 08 Saturn Sky died in the fwy doing 35 miles an hour. Called On-Star for a tow and, they did a test on my engine and told me, “The ECS system and rear traction went out.” and said it was ok to drive my car off the fwy. and take her to the closest dealer. We went about 60ft. when the engine blew. The piston rod snapped and put a hole in both sides of her engine. GM is not taking responsibalty because I have a Supercharger stage 3. I called South Carolina and spoke to the owner who installed the charger and, he said there is no way the charger caused this problem. At this point i need an attorney for help. I am getting different stories about what happened to my car. At one point I was told I had over heated the engine, which was impossible.

  119. i would like to to know what make and years cars use the same fuel pump as the 1998 buick regal supercharged

  120. U take ur title to gm and they should pay for the car or get a lawyer. There is enough peoples who cars are burnt and that my people is a class action law suite

  121. I was driving home from work today and after turning onto old dayton road my 1999 pontiac grand prix suddenly erupted into flames! What the hell I was afraid for my own life, seconds later the whole front end was engulfed in flames!!! This oil leak recall never reached my mailbox and know I am out a car. I want restitution or my attorney will be taking this matter up with them. I could have died today!!! No wonder they left to another country to build more death traps!!

  122. I was driving my 2001 grand prix and stopped off at a fuel station to buy my son & myself something to drink. When I pulled out from the fuel station, I noticed smoke coming from under my hood. I looked at my temp gage, & it was normal. Then, the car died, & I coasted hoping for a place to get off the road. Luckily, I did find a spot & pulled over. By then, the car was literally up in smoke. I didnt notice any flames, but did see the paint bubbling on the hood on the driver side. I immediately got my 7 year old son & our family dog from the back seat and walked them down the road away from the car in fear it was on fire. I then walked back to the car and leaned inside to get my boyfriends paycheck I had just cashed from the visor & I immediately noticed flames blazing up out of the hood close to the windshield. I grabbed the money & ran back to my son. The car ended up burning beyond recognition in the front end. The flames got so hot it even melted the entire dashboard & scortched the backseat where my son would have been sitting if I hadnt gotten him out. I bought the car from my Mother-in-law a year ago. She told me she was never notified of any recalls so I was shocked to have read of all the recalls on my car. Too bad we learned of them after the car already burned.
    I am going tomorrow to get the report from the fire department. Hopefully we can get to the bottom of this, because it could have costed our lives.

  123. I too have a 2001Chevy Monte Carlo SS with electrical problems. It sometimes won’t start. I have to jiggle the key back and forth and eventually it will start. My radio sometimes will go out and a few minutes later come back on. My temperature gage sometimes doesnt work and when this happens, my air won’t work either. My dash lights went completely out, and neither seat warmers are working now. Is there anyone out there with these problems?

  124. I have a 98 grand prix 3.8 an my shit caught fire in June. it burned up all the wires an my fuel line, I got to it before it got outa control though. I knew nuthn of the recall til now. Is there anything still being done or am I just assed out????

  125. My car caught on fire in July 2011, I am just hearing back from GMC and they said that the recall from the original owner was 2003, pretty much my car was a total loss and I get nothing. Tomorrow I am searching for a lawyer and I am going to get another car I know this but I know that if you fall for anything, you will stand for nothing and I dont care I will pursue getting a lawyer and I will fight this case until the end. Because I miss my car and I put too much into not to fight for “white chocolate” my car name.

  126. I am looking to find out if any one was sucessful in getting a settlement from GM for this particular recall. My car did catch on fire and I have gotten most of the parts fixed but now after I got the car up and running it went back down on me. Thats when I received the recall letter. My car is currently at a GM dealer and they have given me every excuse to why they wont fix my car and I feel that they are respondsible for the damage. These fires can be very serious thankfully mine wasnt but the point is they should be fixing these car for us if we were not advised of the recall before we had the fire. This fire has ruined my life. I lost my job, missed out on a lot of opportunities because I did not have a vehicle and it was a very devistating and tramatic experience. So once again if anybody knows of a good lawyer or a class action suit about this recall. Please let me know asap. Thanks

  127. Our Buick 2000 park ave altra.,3.8 liter, in the middle of the night started on fire, a neighbor coming home from work called and asked if we were burning anything. we went out to look and car was in flames. called GM , filed a report I was hoping that they would cover something But to bad to sad. I talked to our insurance man , he told me his Buick started on fire also. Just wondering how many more? is there a problem?

  128. I had recall work done at the end of Aug. 2011 two weeks ago engine compartment caught fire at same location that recall work was suppose to fix.Luckily i noticed smoke pulled over and got a fire extingusher from the local gas station. Saved the car had $1,500.00 worth of damage and all parts are not done. I would like to know if GM is reimbursing affected customers ?

  129. i own 2003 BUICK REGAL LS recently they recall installed spark plug installed,today my car start odd smell then heater completly off i dont know what i going to do i thing this munufacture default

  130. I just found this site I just happen to type in 2000 Buick Regal caught fire and this site came up! I loved my car and it caught fire today I am so thankful I was not in it at the time. I had just driven about 25 miles to dr office and got out not 5 to min 10 and they were calling over the intercom Buick on Fire 2 fire trucks and nice cops helped me I am so upset! I bought this car in 2001 and my husband and i know we had one recall that he took it in for but, I am not sure about a 2nd one. I am sorrry for all the people that lost homes I parked this car under our carport all the time. Thank God it happen in town and not at home I live in the country on a lake I hate to think what could of happen.



  133. Share informy daughter bought a 02 Chevy Impala March 4,2012 we have been back and forth to the car lot complaining of mechanical issues with the car. Today my daughter and granddaughter were in the car on there way to an appt and the car caught on fire. The car lot had the car towed to them.and now they are offering her another car and said for her not to file it on her insurance and they would eat the loss. I’m just now reading some of the other comments of people who have had fire issues with GM there a class action law suit involving Gm?

  134. 2001 chevrolet impala…total loss. Parked for work around 7:20 am, then walked inside. No less than 15 minutes later a co-worker comes around the corner saying “i think your car is on fire”. It took about two or three times before I believed him and ran outside to see black smoke, police, and a swarm of firemen trying to extinguish the engine.

    The fire appears to have started similarly to the listed recall which I never received a notification of.

    If the police and firemen weren’t on scene as fast as they were, I would be responsible for a great deal of property damage.

    I will try small claims court if there is no organized class action forming soon.

  135. Does anyone know of any recalls or lawsuits going against gm on their 2002 chevy venture? It has left me and my 5 children stranded many times. Overheating, auto doors open while driving, manual sliding door feel off track on my daughter, lost belonings from auto door opening while driving. It could have been one of my kids. Power windows won’t stay on track no matter how many times I have had it fixed. Door locks won’t lock, and I believe I am having major transmission problems.Feels like my van is a death trap for me and my kids. Very unsafe. I need to get rid of it, but I’m very scared to sell it to another family. Its going to kill someone!

  136. I have a 1995 Buick Century Limited with only 67,000 miles. Bought it 4 years ago with only 45,000.

    4 years to the day the engine went bad. Piston slap due to a very common problem in the early 3100 V6.

    No engine should have such problems in that few miles, especially not when it’s driven so little.

    A GM dealer service manager said that if I was original owner and if I had dealer or shop service records for the life of the car GM *might* extend th 35,000 mile engine warranty.

    So GM gets away with poor cooling design and over tight piston tolerances which have caused large numbers of this type of failure on late 90′s engines. In 96 or 97 GM used a coating on pistons 5 and 6, later they used the coating on all 6 pistons. Doesn’t help anyone with earlier engines! Nor does it fix the design faults of the 3100.

    Another thing GM should have done a recall on was the torque converter clutch solenoid used in 1980′s and early 90′s FWD transmissions. It has no filter screen and can stick open. The result is like trying to stop a manual transmission car without pushing the clutch pedal. The engine quits. Put it in park, start the engine, shift to drive and it quits again. Hitting the brakes multiple times may un stick the valve.

    Who knows how many collisions, injuries and deaths that bad valve caused at stop signs and lights? No recall, just a TSB about a new valve design with a screen on the inlet.

  137. My 2002 G/P GT is leaking oil about a quart every 200 miles. It is leaking some where around the right side Axel shaft and is being slung every where. I changed the Axel shaft because the fluid was red in color but that wasn’t the case after taking the wheel off and using a power washer I then was able to see that the fluid was oil. This problem is very dangerous there is oil all over the right side engine compartment if it does catch fire it would be very hard to control I am going to fix it and I still like the engine 30 mpg highway no matter what speed you drive. I will be disappointed if I have any other problems with the car and would be very interested in a lawsuit. I think GM is wrong by not fixing a problem that is causing them a lot of bad reputation when it comes to taking care of there customers.

  138. We completed the recall a few weeks ago on my 2001 Grand Prix. Drive into my driveway parked behind my other car. 10 mins later the car is on fire destroyed the car in front. Lost not 1 but 2 cars that night. I would be interested ina class action lawsuit

    Hey Rick the recall for the GTP is for GM to replace the gasket while other models have GM putting in a retainer

  139. Even after a recall is done. The area just to the left of the oil snorkel is VERY vulnerable to problems. My daughter has a 2001 impala with the 3800. She pulled in the driveway ,shut the car off and went in the house. I was removing xmas tree from my truck and noticed smoke . Thought it was coolant until I popped the hood and front of motor was on fire . Ran for a extinguisher and put it out in less then a minute. The engine cover was resting on the #4 cylinder wire and over time cut through the wire causing it sever but it was arching . The arching ignited the engine cover. If I was not outside when she pulled in the car would have gone up in flames. GM uses a very ignitable material for the engine cover. Please have this area checked!!!

  140. I purchased a 1996 Chevy Lumina about 3 years ago for scarp prices. It had overheating problems which was cured by replacing the catalytic converter which was plugged. I determined the problem by testing the back pressure of the exhaust before the converter to find the pressure went up to over 10 pounds when the engine rpm increased. It should not be much over a half pound of pressure. I have no overheating problems any more. The water in the oil was the last fix which required me to replace the intake plenum gasket. Just putting in a new gasket is not a cure. I made a new gasket for each side where the water holes are located and used an o-ring held in place with a metal sheet about 20 thousands of an inch thinner than the old gasket. I used the original old gasket for the air passage holes just silicone in place. The engine is still running good for a month now. Just using the new standard gasket for this repair is not the answer. I have made several other modifications which allow me to service the engine easier. My last smog test in California had a good report from the test technician who told me it passed and I know what I am doing.

  141. My Buick Regal 1998 had an engine fire Dec 17, 2012. The car had been serviced by the Buick dealership and I never received a recall notice from them
    Is there a class action lawsuit against GM for these cars. I

  142. Hi all,
    I am restoring my 98 Monte Z34. I still get the engine fire recall from GM all the time.
    Sorry to burst GMs bubble but it is not the oil on the manifold.
    The reason all the Series 2 3800 are burning is the plastic cover is pushing down on the fuel line on the front rail.
    If you take your cover off and turn your key on you will be able to push down on the 90 degree connector and watch gas squirt all over the place.
    Please notice the deep indent in the foam.
    Once the o ring drys out it is only a matter of time. (cover is nice trap for fuel vapor) Please change your valve cover gaskets for oil leaks!!!

  143. Engine Coolant Leak
    If you are losing coolant inside the engine please check the following.
    Someone should sue GM for knowing and doing nothing about the Dexcool eating through the water jacket in the plastic upper plenum.
    It is on the end where the EGR return tube runs.
    Already cost me one engine.

    Thanks GM

  144. My 1998 Buick Regal BLEW up when I started it on Dec 17, 2012. this car was kept in great condition and had been serviced by GM dealerships I never received a recall letter for this car. I was in the car and came close to getting killed. Is there a class action suit for the burned up engines on these GM cars?

  145. I have a 2002 buick regal 3.8 (sc) with 77, 000 miles and now the motor shuts off when I turn on the blinkers and it wont start without a jump and it has a brand new battery whats the deal??? Is there a recall in this?

  146. My 2001 Buck Regal blew up and caught fire in my garage couple of weeks ago. I had the towed. I did not know there was a recall on this car because I bought it used in 2003. 3 weeks after car caught on fire I received a recall letter. Let me tell you that experience was the most scariest to me. Thank God my grandchildren and daughter were not in the car. I actually called the manufacturer and my case is being review. Placeing this in God’s hand to work all out.

  147. I have an 1998 oldsmobile intrigue .my engine caught on fire i just bought the car about 3 weeks ago. An now im hearing thier was a recall
    What am i to do?

  148. the intake manifold on my 2002 40th anniversary grand prix has a hole approximately 1/4 in. in diameter on the top of it. Has this been seen before and what will GM do about it?

  149. I owned a 1997 Buick Regal which caught on fire November 16, 2007. Yes that is not a mis-print my car burned 2 years before the recall was sent out. Once I got the recall I was able to pull together bill of sale, report from the fire department, copy of my registration and affidavit from the wrecking company that towed and purchase the car for salvage. I sent all this information to ESIS/GM Central claim unit and was told that since I did not have pictures of the car or the car in my possession that they would not honor my claim. Ok how am I supposed to know there would be a recall 2 years after the fact!! I still have all copies of what I sent to them so if there is a case for me or a class action suit coming I would like to be notified.

  150. I had a \\\’98 Buick lesabre that caught fire a week and a half ago and was considered a total loss by my Insurance company. Silver lining is I\\\’m probably the ONLY person on earth to have full comprehensive coverage on a 15 year old Buick but good thing, they today cut me a check for $3435.38!!!! Insanity!! The highest value I could find for it was $2600 and I was expecting no more then 500 realistically! So just makes me wonder if there isn\\\’t some settlement with GM for owners that did suffer total loss of vehicles!? Aside from losing a car that had been passed down 3 generations,sentiment and all, I\\\’m happy that I\\\’ll be upgrading in the long run and won\\\’t have to worry about another scary day pulling over and popping the hood only to find flames jumping out at me!! Anyone that has suffered loss I\\\’d investigate b4 taking petty settlements! And it might be worth that extra 10$ a month for full coverage cause if It does happen to you maybe you\\\’ll get the same pleasant surprise I did! One Love

  151. We owned a 2002 Pontiac Grand Prix that we bought used from a dealership. In May 2012 my husband drove it home from work and parked it in the garage. 10 minutes later, it was fully engulfed in flames and our house and all our belongings are gone….We came away with just the clothes on our back..2 weeks later our 2000 Chevy Impala was being driven by our son. this car was bought used from my parents who had bought it new from a dealership….My son stopped at my sister-in-laws house and within 5 minutes the car was in flames. The fire melted her garage doors, siding and gutters… It was after the second fire that I found this recall information….we NEVER received a notice nor did my parents… Our home owners insurance paid us for the house and our contents…Our car insurance paid us for both cars through the comprehensive coverage we had on both….BUT my beautiful home and things are gone, I can not replace my wedding photos (I have none now), my kids school pictures, the quilt my grandmother made for us, etc. Our insurance was not enough….The home that burnt was a 10 yr old story and half, 3 br, 2 1/2 bath 2900 sq ft home. I built a one story, 3 br, 2 bath 1900 sq ft home for the same $$$ that our first home cost. We received no money for the damages to my sis-in-laws home….we paid for that out of our pocket because we did not want her homeowners to increase because of us……..I would be very interested in being part of a lawsuit…I can not find out if there is one or not…..the damage that this has caused me and my family is huge (both physically and mentally)….GM’s $ wont “fix” us but something HAS to be done about recalls and a lawsuit is the only way to get their attention. I feel that insurance companies could play a part in notifying consumers of recalls…they know who is insuring a car whether it is a used vehicle or not….

  152. My 2001 Pontiac Grand Prix exploded this morning while trying to jump if off. I had a dead battery. The battery is still intake just the motor is burnt out. What the heck is going on?

  153. My 2002 chevy impala caught on fire while driving down the interstate…..burnt up! who can I contact about this?????

  154. My 1998 Buick Regal caught fire while my wife was driving it home from work in September 2005. My wife was able to get out of the car but the car was a total loss. In 2009 I received my first recall notice and have been receiving them twice a year ever since which drives me nuts.

  155. Me and my fiance have a 93 buick century we woke up this morning to it on fire due to a electric malfunction

  156. So my 1997 Pontiac Grand prix caught fire after 2 days of receiving the information about the 09047 engine compartment fire code in the mail . What should I do??

  157. I have the same problem with my 2003 Impala 3400. Overheated so I refreshed the Dexcool and replaced the thermostat and all the gaskets are rotted, all major gaskets are rotted as well.
    It still overheats with new thermostat and new water pump, intake gaskets are leaking and maybe head gasket also but must replace it or junk a beautiful car with only 170,000 miles with Dexcool.
    It goes without saying that the air conditioner does not work, neither does the heater.
    I certainly hope to be a part of a class-action to make GM get it’s act together; it used to be a proud company with a good product and I do hope it does not go the way of the Rambler/American Motors Co.

  158. yes I have a2001 monte carlo that has similar problem as the other cars. ican be driving and my car completely dies, no steering or anything I have to restart it. it doesn’t happen all the time. but it is scary to have no control .I keep watching for the recall on my vechile but haven’t seen it yet.

  159. hello well i was just wondering a couple ?s about this recall i did own a 1998 regal ls and know alll about the car but mine had the recall took care of but later had wrecked it.. but my ? is i have my eyes on another gm car same make and model but a little different its the gsx model and its a 99 and the check engine light is on possibly faulty 02 sensor and equipped with ceramic coated tube headers (SLR) the collector tube is wich is made of braided steel has deteriorated and is need of replacement and a gas leak from around the front of the tank does the recall cover any of that?? would love to know any information as soon as possible plz and thank you!!!

  160. hello well i was just wondering a couple ?s about this recall i did own a 1998 regal ls and know alll about the car but mine had the recall took care of but later had wrecked it.. but my ? is i have my eyes on another gm car same make and model but a little different its the gsx model and its a 99 and the check engine light is on possibly faulty 02 sensor and equipped with ceramic coated tube headers (SLR) the collector tube is wich is made of braided steel has deteriorated and is need of replacement and a gas leak from around the front of the tank does the recall cover any of that?? would love to know any information as soon as possible plz and thank you!!!

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