Hyundai Sonata Recall Issued Due to Steering Problems with 2011 Vehicles

About 139,500 Hyundai Sonatas from the 2011 model year have been recalled due to steering problems that could cause a loss of control.   

According to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA), which announced the Hyundai Sonata recall on September 23, connections in the steering column were either improperly assembled or insufficiently tightened on certain vehicles. The manufacturing defect means that the driver could suddenly lose the ability to steer the vehicle, possibly resulting in an automobile accident with a potential for property damage, injury and death. 

The NHTSA opened an investigation in late August after at least two customers complained that the steering shaft came loose on their Sonatas, causing them to completely lose the ability to steer the vehicle. The Kia Soul, which has different parts but is also made by Hyundai, is also under investigation after an owner complained of the same problem. The number of reports for the Sonata has since grown to a total of eight, according to company officials. There have been no injuries or accidents reported. 

The recall affects certain 2011 Hyundai Sonatas manufactured between December 11, 2009, and September 10, 2010, at the company’s Montgomery, Alabama facility. The recall of the vehicles is expected to begin during October. 

According to the NHTSA, Hyundai dealers will inspect the steering column’s intermediate shaft universal joint connections to ensure they are properly assembled and have the correct amount of torque. Dealers will also update the power steering software. Hyundai owners with questions can call the Hyundai Customer Assistance Center at 1-800-633-5151.

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  1. ronnie Reply

    I too am having the same problem with my 2011 sonata I have the platinum warranty and I called to see if it was under that warranty and they told me it was covered I will be taking my car in tomorrow to get the couplar fixed and this will be my last hyundai

  2. Shane Reply

    Same problem with my 2011 Sonata. I called Hyundai and they said my car was produced after all the ones with the same exact problem were produced. Last time I buy a Hyundai. I was the original owner!

  3. lynn Reply

    Well my 2011 it wasn’t my intended vehicle. I was set on a jeep Cherokee. But this time last year I was in a bad way. I had issues with the fuses and the electrical system. then I had to have the motor gutted from the car cause it seized up due to that recall . Now there’s a embarrassing clicking noise every time I turn left or right I know the motor have a warranty on it, but I brought my Hyundai sonata from a private dealer and I wonder if it’s the steering couplar. Or cv boot

  4. Jonathan Reply

    Same Problem with my vehicle. No longer under warranty and my vehicle was made 1 month outside of that recall window…

  5. Damaris Reply

    I took my sonata to the hyundai dealership by appointment they werent trying to be helpful or take a chance to diagnose they try to take money out of your pocket like that trying to tell you your not under warranty up to 65k miles thats not true. if you have extended warranties you should still ask for them to call the 1800 # to check and see if the part is under warranty. And it is. they fixed mines today! so you can go get it checked out and fixed.

  6. Shirley Reply

    I have a 2011 Sonata….my steering has gotten stiff….has anyone else experienced the symptom?

  7. Robert Reply

    I have a 2011 Hyuandi Sonata having problems with the steering column, popping and jerking.

  8. velta Reply

    I have a 2011 sonata and my steering is slipping and jerking. Since that recall doesn’t fall under my Vin They are refusing to fix my car nor will they furnish rental while they fix my car so I’m having to pay for their mistakes. Ridiculous

  9. Jason Reply

    I have a 2011. There is a popping noise in my steering and none of my buttons work on the steering wheel! I’m going to take it to the dealership today.

  10. Chelsea Reply

    Just got notified I need to get my steering coupling replaced. This is seeming more like a complete scam for companies to get more money out of us. They purposefully make parts like crap so they need to be replaced at our own expense.

  11. Dale Reply

    Steering coupling on my 2011 Hyundai Sonata went bad common problem part was $9.93 labor to replace $441.00 well over a thousand complaints should be a recall

  12. Brenda Reply

    Steering coupling made of rubber…pathetic. Part $12 labor $390 I’ve been the owner of 3 Sonatas and this 2011 will be my last.

  13. sherry Reply

    Our 2011 Sonata has 20,000 original miles on it. We recently took it to the dealer (approximately 4 weeks ago) because of the recall and it was repaired/covered under warranty.

    Three (3) days ago, my husband noticed a clunking sound when turning the steering wheel. Same dealer today, claimed it was a bad bushing. The repair cost us, out of pocket, $345. You can’t tell me Hyundai wasn’t aware of this issue as well, yet simply ignored it.

    Way too many recalls on a vehicle that originally rated as 2011’s mid-size car of the year. This family will never again buy another Hyandai product. At this point, I’m genuinely concerned for our safety.

    Perhaps NHTSA should be made aware of this issue as well. A lousy piece of rubber between the car owner and the highway!

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