Hyundai Sonata Recall Issued Due to Steering Problems with 2011 Vehicles

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By: Staff Writers | Published: September 29th, 2010

About 139,500 Hyundai Sonatas from the 2011 model year have been recalled due to steering problems that could cause a loss of control.   

According to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA), which announced the Hyundai Sonata recall on September 23, connections in the steering column were either improperly assembled or insufficiently tightened on certain vehicles. The manufacturing defect means that the driver could suddenly lose the ability to steer the vehicle, possibly resulting in an automobile accident with a potential for property damage, injury and death. 

The NHTSA opened an investigation in late August after at least two customers complained that the steering shaft came loose on their Sonatas, causing them to completely lose the ability to steer the vehicle. The Kia Soul, which has different parts but is also made by Hyundai, is also under investigation after an owner complained of the same problem. The number of reports for the Sonata has since grown to a total of eight, according to company officials. There have been no injuries or accidents reported. 

The recall affects certain 2011 Hyundai Sonatas manufactured between December 11, 2009, and September 10, 2010, at the company’s Montgomery, Alabama facility. The recall of the vehicles is expected to begin during October. 

According to the NHTSA, Hyundai dealers will inspect the steering column’s intermediate shaft universal joint connections to ensure they are properly assembled and have the correct amount of torque. Dealers will also update the power steering software. Hyundai owners with questions can call the Hyundai Customer Assistance Center at 1-800-633-5151.

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  1. I just purchased a 2011 Sonata 45 days ago and this is the second recall so far in just a month and a half. Not a good track record so far. The first was an article that i just had read about the front door latch earlier in the year which the dealer did not mention. Then this one today about the steering column. And on top of it, I get a bright postcard from the local Hyundai dealer saying that I have been notified by the the automotive division and have NOT taken steps to have the correction made. This is the first notification that I ever received. So much for the Great Customer Service for Hyundai and their great reputation for No recalls and Top Safety Pick.

  2. I am frustrated, as well. I have had the steering issue since 200 miles. After multiple VISITS to dealer and Hyunda themselves offering to replace the car, they pulled the plug after keeping my car for a few weeks with some lame story about how I could not make up my mind, gave me back the car and I am on my own. To top that, they took the original upgraded wheels off the car that I had been given!!!! They are totally not to be trusted.

    This is the first I have heard as well about the door latch. I will have to call the dealership or someone, as theyhave offered no help and actually told me not to come back because I got so upset when they pulled the plug on the replacement, because they knew they were going into recall, I guess.

    Unfortunately, I will never purchase another Hyundai again. back to HONDA! Sorry to have to further dampen your feelings about your new car.

  3. To the person that commented above….I just purchased a 2011 Sonata yesterday, and the way that I look at it is, nothing or nobody is perfect. I still feel all in all that Hyundai makes a good safe and reliable car. You are not going to find a better looking car, with all that it comes with including the warranty, for that price. At least the consumers were notified about it, and can now the the problems resolved before anyone gets hurt.

  4. I purchased a 2011 sonata 3 months ago. Very happy no problems. And if there is a recall then so be it. better safe than sorry. I have purchased new cars and trucks over the years (FORD, NISSAN, DODGE, GMC, SUBARU, TOYOTA) and they have all had recalls of some sort. Its really not a big deal or a reason to speak poorly of a car company. I have a friend that paid over $60000 for a new BMW and its been in the shop way more than my Sonata that cost me less than half of what he paid. But BMW is considered one of the top tier car companys? Not for my dollar… anyway thats my two cents :)

  5. I LOVE MY SONATA and my previous Sante Fe

  6. I have a 2011 sonata and my car has been back to the dealer three time for the gas gauge not working. It took them two times to get it right.

  7. I purchased my Sonata in March and I LOVE it. I would highly recommend this car to anyone!!

  8. We purchased a new 2011 Sonata last month and LOVE it. It’s a sweet car. Had recall problem here. 40 miles to gallon on our first trip. Traded our Lincoln with NO regrets. Our dealership is fantastic.

  9. I own a 2009 Sonata and a 2011 Sonata and I love them both. I travel frequently and after driving many different rentals over several years I put “Hyundai Sonata preferred” on my rental car profile. When it came time to replace my 13 year old Toyota van, I went with the 09 Sonata and never regretted it, it has performed flawlessly and so has my 2011 to date. My dealer says the recall work will take one hour and my appointment is already set. Hyundai didn’t turn their reputation around by building junk and treating customers badly and they deserve the benefit of doubt in my opinion (and no, I don’t work for Hyundai or in the auto industry).


  11. Purchased 2011 Sonata in June—it’s my 2nd Hyudai. I have a 2002 Santa Fe with 206,000 miles and absolutely no problems. I get compliments and looks on my 2011 Sonata all the time. 36 MPG on the highway, quiet and smooth ride. Great car.

  12. I purchased a 2011 Hyundai Sonata about 6 weeks ago. While I was on vacation I heard about the steering recall and made an appointment at the dealersip where I got the car. After the inspection of my cas I was infromed that my steering colum was defective and needed to be replaced and that it would take 4-5 days to get the necessary parts. After 10 days I called the dealership and was informed that the sterring colum was oin but the bolts had not come in. At this point I call Hyundai USA and after a 20 minute hold I was informed that it would be another six weeks until my parts would be deliverd. I have been overall pleased with the car but not being able to drive it for 2 month and still having to pay for it is not making me a happy camper.

  13. I traded in my Saturn Outlook for my 2011 Sonata in August. I heard second hand from my mother about this recall. To date, I have still not received notification of this potential problem. Probably just as well…I’m hoping to trade it in soon anyway. The seats are so uncomfortable that my back aches even after a short trip to the grocery store. Too bad….it’s a super cute car. :(

  14. this is my second hyundai both have been very good cars, iam looking forward to buying a new sonata very soon trading in my 2008 hyundai elantra se…which i have been very pleased with. a car that has been on the move since 1986. my husband john owned one of the first hyundai’s back in 1988 the excel, very pleased with it. we are a hyundai family.and don’t forget the 10 year 100,000 mile warranty america’s best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! go hyundai!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Hyundai has done a masterful job of deepsixing this recall.. My 04 Avalon was also recalled for steering and Toyota never advised.. we found out about that recall in Consumer Reports…. 4 visits later the Avalon was finally repaired…

  16. I brought a 2011 Sonata at St.Augustine Hyundai on Feb 16,2010.I had the latch issue fixed.My electronic front locks did stop working almost as soon as the recall was announced.That was the activators in front doors,they changed out and all’s good within 1 hr,at least they realized a mistake perhaps quickly and made good on the solution.I took mine to David Maus Hyundai in Deland,Fl.recently for steering recall.They checked and re-sent software for steering and I was all set in 45mins.That dealer is state of art brand new.I had some free coffee and walked around looking at the different 2011 Sonata’s on their lot while I was waiting.They washed the car and gave me a box of candy and a “thank you” note when they were finished,good deal.My Sonata drives so straight and the steering is very much centered.I feel like I’m on a monorail track on the interstate at 80 mph.It just kicks butt and is real smooth.It drives better then the 1995 Maxima(V6) I traded in after having that car for 15 years with 160,000.I beleive a 2011 Maxima is starting at $29,000?I paid $21,000 for my 2011 Sonata GLS (red) auto with the “popular equipment package” adding only $700 to the price.You get an 8way power seat with power lumbar support,alloy wheels,leather on inside of doors,chrome inside handles,auto headlight control.It’s well worth it just for the power seat control alone.I noticed that on start up the engine makes a little more sound just until warmed up.I understand that is normal and perhaps a trade off for “GDI” direct fuel injection engines in general but getting 35 mpg Hwy is the end result.I can handle that.It’s smooth as butter on the highway,quiet cabin.A very controlled ride and a stable sound feeling.The basic stereo is not bad.I maybe would have liked the next stereo upgrade more,but who wouldn’t.It then increases the monthly payment.I’m at 8.9% for 6 years at $174 every 2 weeks with the credit union ($350 a month).I actually had a 2010 Sonata for 5 months,I traded Maxima for that car.I didn’t know the 2011 was around the corner and that it came out in Jan 2010 as it did.I didn’t like the suspension in the 2010 Sonata at all.It was like every little bump it made a thumping sound into the cabin,the 2011 is like 50% better.Also the 2010 Sonata would go in and out of gear in the 30-40 mph range.The 2011 Sonata where Hyundai built there own inhouse 6 speed auto transmission,that issue is gone too.It is real smooth having that extra gear in the 30-40 mph range.It is a completely different car from the 2006-2010 model years.It is like the same price too which is really awesome.The 5 year bumper to bumper and free road side assistance is great also.I have been changing the oil at 3000 with Kendall Systethic blend at Firestone.I had a coupon at 6000 miles for $25,now at 8,300 miles on it.There is no transmission dip stick in the Sonata anymore,that’s neat.One less thing to have sticking out that needs checked.The Kumho tires (Solus) are touring tires with the the 10 spock alloy wheels which beat plastic hub caps.The paint is suppose to be better then a Mercedes Benz,the paint process that is.The 2011 Sonata is built by 3,500 Americans in Montgomery,Alabama in a brand new 1.3 billion dollar factory made just for the 2011 Sonata and some other models I beleive.Then being that Hyundai is the parent company for Kia.Then you will see that Kia is making some great quality cars also.The 2011 Kia Optima just out is basically the new Sonata in sheep clothing,it’s the same car platform,engine,transmission,etc.It may just have some little appearance changes.I’d own a Kia Optima at this point also.They just came out with the 2011 Optima(Oct 2010) unlike the 2011 Sonata which came out in Jan 2010.I really love this car for $21,000.It is currently out of 55 cars tested under the new NHTSA crash testing given 5 stars along with only 1 other car the 2011 BMW 5 series.They made the testing stricter just recently and found so far only 2 cars acheiving 5 stars and the 2011 Sonata is one of them.The people whom think that the Toyota Camry is the best mid-sized car should really think again.The 2011 Camry now only gets a 3 star rating.Take the Nissan Versa that got 4 stars last year,under the new test guide lines, it now gets only 2 stars.That new scoring system likely will upset car salesmen unless they are at a Hyundai dealer.They are really on a roll at Hyundai big time.I see the rent a car companies have 2011 Sonata’s on the road already.You will see more “older folks” switching from a Camry now especially with the 5 star rating gone.In Consumer Reports being out of their highest scoring system of a 99 being the best,the 2011 Sonata got an 89 score.The Camry got like an 83 score.It won several awards also.

  17. Is it advisable to buy Hyundai after knowing about this Steering Control Issue ?

  18. steering problem is no big deal. better than buying a TOYOTA and having the gas pedal get stuck.

  19. received my accent in 02. perfect, affordable little car for a college student. over 120k miles and only recently had transmission issues. i’m not disappointed and feel it served it’s purpose. i was actually thinking about purchasing the 2011 sonata!!!!???

  20. I purchased a 2011 Sonata Limited in March 2010. What a fantastic car and I get outstanding comments from all. Even children say “Cool Wheels”. I had a Santa Fe for 5 years. No problems. If only the U.S. automakers would get on board. Significant standard options on this car that you have to pay extra on a comparable carf.

  21. Purchase my 2011 Sonata in July 2010. Absolutely LOVE it. However, I had same experience as Ronald (comment above from Oct 9 2010) while driving approx. 35-45 mph on a straight road. Steering wheel spontaneously vibrated momentarily, the EPS light came on as well as the light indicating skidding. I lost power steering capability but was able to drive about 10 miles to the dealership. They performed Recalls P07 and 097…both related to steering column and replaced the whole steering column. Glad to have the problem fixed and with no injuries because I really love the car and look forward to driving it again.

  22. We are buying a new 2011 Sonata Limited 2.0T today. I have done all the research possible. Test drove the car and I have to say that it is most impressive! As far as the recall? All manufactures have recalls, but thank God for them! It is their way of keeping us safe and recognizing problems and taking care of them. I am a repair and diagnostic technician for 25 years, and have seen many, many makes and models and all the problems they have. Trust me, this is no big deal, everyone has problems, some bigger than others from Bentley on down including trucks and big trucks. Dont believe me? Just type in your search box any car and follow it by “TSB’s”. For example 2009 Honda Accord TSB’s. You will quickly see a list of problems for any car company. So dont be too harsh with the Sonata, they have the best warranty on the planet! Our dealer is also offering free oil changes and filters for 5 years or 60,000 miles! What you get from Hyundai for the price is unmatched in the industry and this new Sonata and the new Elantra just cold cocked the other manufactures and they are now having to play catch up to Hyundai! Be proud of your new car! It’s a winner!

  23. Is it policy for Hyundai Canada to issue a recall letter in order to get the work on the vehicle done. Or is it if u don,t receive a recall letter that means that your vehicle is ok.

  24. Just wondering if anyone’s sonata has given them trouble going into any gear? My wife was leaving work the other day and the car would not go into reverse or back into park

  25. I purchased my 2011 sonata roseville ca back in August. I was a bit surprise to hear of this recall during my 1st oil change.
    However the dealer dealt with the problem swiftly and provided me with a loaner. Every car make out there has had a recall of some sort so I’m glad this problem is being taken care of unlike other car makes….. Love my new car. ! kudos Hyundai

  26. I purchased the 2011 Sonata back in May. In November I took my car in to get a new tire (had a nail in it), get the oil changed and to be serviced per the recall notice re: steering. GOt my car back and was told my car was not affected by the recall issue and I was on my way. On the way home, I notice a strong pull to the left. Later, a strong pull to the right. I assumed the new tire had not been balanced properly. I took it in and was told it needed an alignment. Done. Still, the strong pull was present, in fact no improvement whatsoever. Took my car back, road tested with a service tech, he confided in me while on our road test that what was going on with my car was “drifting” or “off center” and that there had been numerous cases of this and told not to worry Hyundai will “make right”…… I asked what that meant? He said that Hyundai will put me in another Sonata or buy it back from me. I asked “So what you are saying is that this issue is not correctable?” He said that they had not been successful in correcting any so far. When confronted, the dealership & Hyundai MOtor Corp. refused to acknowlege this issue existed, however they did NOT at any time deny it either. I was given a Sonata loaner car to drive, it had the same issue. Took it back, was provided another, it has the same issue. To date, no resolution and I am still in the loaner car. It has been over a month.

  27. Be American, BUY AMERICAN

  28. after reading everyone’s post am thinking some either work for Hyundai or against… hmmm
    Hyundai Sonata is a great car!! i know because i work for the Co. for the last 6mnths. Before then i worked for cadillac since 1998. I’ve been watching Hyundai grow for a very long time now and am very ipressed. Their vehicle come “stanard” with almost all the bells and whistle.
    As for the recall – I have only heard of one which is the steering column – i was told this is a rumor that someone has started and Hyundai wanted to nip it in the bud by checking all the 2011 Sonatas vheicle and not having a problem like toyota. We (Hyundai) has provide gift cards for the incovience of customers bringing their cars in to be checked, free car washes and candy:-) now mind you-with all these sonatas coming in for recallls i have yet to see one with a problem. which only leads me to belive that there was never a real problem with this vehicle. why dont you ask the employees at the dealership what they’re are driving? bet you’ll find out most of them are either driving a Sonata or a hyundai and no hyundai doesn’t provide us a vehicle or any extra discount for driving the product…
    a few extra words.- Hyundai is built in the USA. built in alabama plant
    last words… drive one, you wont be disappointed

  29. I purchased a 2011 Sonata limited in dec/2010 after test driving many cars. I have friends that encouraged me to get one. They have a Santa Fa and have had several Hyundai’s “Great cars”. Unfortunately day two after buying my car the check engine light ca\me on> I notified the dealer ship right away. They didnt have the “part” and wouldnt have itt for several weeks. Jan after many call from me, not them I finally was told they had the parts for the problem “sensor for thermostat. the car was repaired and I was on my way. The next day the check engine light came onI I took the car back in. Its a new code now supposedly its the gas cap… So right now I am not happy or impressed with my new purchase. My replacement car is a chevy implala what a tank….Oh customer service is very poor at the dealership…

  30. I owned a 2002 Santa Fe. Bought it brand new and loved it. Unfortunately, the vehicle was totalled two weeks ago. I knew exactly which vehicle I wanted to buy to replace it, the 2011 Sonata. However, my husband insisted he wanted to buy “American”. We shopped for two day, test drove Chevys, Chryslers, and Fords. After all was said and done, we finally went to Ken Garff Hyundai in Salt Lake. We test drove a 2011 Sonata SE. My husband, who is very picky, had to admit all in all the Sonata was the better vehicle. The warranty can’t be beat, the price was thousands of dollars less, and the sales people were phenominal. He did ask the salesperson where the Sonata was built and was told in Alabama. I watched in amazement as my “all american” husband looked at me and said….well, by purchasing this vehicle, we are helping people here in America work. I just smiled……:-)
    Seriously, for what you pay for a new vehicle, you want something that’s going to last. If this Sonata runs like my Santa Fe…I will never regret making this purchase. Thanks Hyundai for making a reliable, affordable, gorgeous vehicle!!

  31. I test drove the Sonata 2.0 T before I made the choice to buy a car. Guess what, I bought a 2011 Accord EX-L V6. I’m a car guy with philosophy and Sonata wasn’t even one of my debate to choose with. I was looking only for Subaru Legacy or Honda Accord. Why?

    1) This steering problem is much more serious than you think. Tsuchiya, drift king in Japan keep emphasizing “what good is the power if you can’t control it”. I sure don’t drift the car, but I know that handling is much more needed than just .5 less second to accelerate from 0 – 60.

    2) Transmission disengage issue. You think you get good mileage because of the GDI? WRONG. Their transmission ratio is so high that you would question if the engagement would fit the torque and the weight of the car that’s projecting. If you search online, you’ll hear power train disengage issue. You’ll also feel fuzzy logic pop up all the time that chokes the car to shift violently so you can feel it.

    3) Luxury. I don’t see the luxury in material they put into that car. It’s just another teen anger’s interior. Leather seats from Sonata is crap compare to Accord. Oh wait, what is that? No sun roof without Nav. So I have to shell much more money for something I really don’t want?

    4) Reliability. You’re wrong if you think this car is reliable. Honda build a direct inject engine before of 2.0 liter than can go up to 274 horse. Whey did they stop? Carbon composite by the injector has real issue. Even if you really made the compensation of the long outlet release, the catalyst collector would fail and it won’t be legal to drive in US due to smock check illegal. Direct inject is dirty and usually consumes more gas. That’s why they have gear ratio much higher than Accord and has transmission problem.

    5) Resale value. Umm All I can say is Goodluck. Done.

    Overall extra 7 horse or 15 ft lb torque is great. But with all these issues above, you’re really getting jib buying a Korean car. Transmission issue was well known to every Korean car. I bet you they bid it off of a single company in Korea. Kea, Hyndai, Daewoo(dead company) all had same transmission problem. I own a Suzuki Forenza, GM Holden Australia engine with Korean steering and Daewoo transmission, trust me, I know what I’m talking about. When the transmission was slipped disengaged, I almost got into a serious accident. Lucky I put my act together, calm down, and shift the gear back to P and then D and step on it. What a nightmare. NEVER BUY A KOREAN CAR. For real.

  32. Masta1 you were misinformed, you do not have to have Nav w/ a sun roof, I didn’t. The nav is optional. While all of the compliments, complaints, and recalls are out there, has anyone had an unfortunate accident? I did and the driver side curtain airbag did not deploy, and the steering wheel airbag deployed to the right! I sustained serious injuries to my left arm as a result. I am concerned for other drivers of the 2011 Hyundai Sonata. The chances of getting into a head-on collision are slim, but any type of accident can be life altering or threatening. The last thing you want to find out after an accident is that the airbags didn’t work properly. Would the steering recall issue have effected the deployment of thesteering wheel airbag?

  33. Recently purchased Hyundai Sonata 2011, experienced strong pull to the left. Dealer did front end alignment, left pull still there. Driving a loaner and noticing the same issue.
    Checked NTSB’s website for complaints, over 200 complaints listed there on 2011 Sonata, most for the same steering issue.

  34. This comment is for Curious1;
    I also own a 2011 sonata.I myself was involved in an accident. My accident was indeed a head on collsion. My airbag only partially deployed out of the right side of the steering wheel. No other airbags in my vehicle deployed. I sustained numerous injuies as a result of this. My car was in the shop prior to my accident for the airbag light staying on and per Hyundai, the dealer performed a manual override of my computer.

    Did you find out if the steering recall the was affiliated with the airbag issue?

  35. Bought a 2011 and nothing but trouble with the car. Check engine light 3 times for turbo issue. Just picked it up from the dealer in Brunswick, GA only to have the same issue. No power check engine light still on. Will never buy another and if continues will file lemon law this week.

  36. i purchased a 2011 limites sonata and had nothing put problems with this car pulling to the left by drifting and upon acceleration it got wore and i mean worse i had this car back three time and no results out of the 3 tmes and they said there wass nothing wrong with this car they had it one time for over 2 weeks,and they gave me a loaner car and it was way worse than my car, so i called lemon law and they said they have many lawsuits going with this problem and they will get it resolved money back or a new car mine was mfg nov 2010 and i think this was the bad ones but call your lemon law in your state and file the lawsuit to get this resolved.

  37. I JUST bought a new Sonata with all its bells and whistles and have the pull to the left steering problem. It appears that the problem with steering in the 2011 Sonata is an inherent “FLAW” that cant be fixed. Even when they replace the car for you with another one you are still screwed.As much as I don’t like legal pursuits, Its hard to believe there is not a class action suit to make purchasers whole.

  38. BRAND new 2011 Limited Turbo Sonata, Drove out of the dealer with the car pulling left. Called dealer on my home about issue. They are replacing my front struts and a new alignment. BRAND NEW CAR this should be known by all potential buyers

  39. Purchased my Sonata 2011 6 months ago this June – always thought my engine was a bit noisy, mentioned it a few times nobody addressed it. let alone take a look at anything. woke up yesterday my oil was completely on the drive way oil light came on along with engine light, sitting patiently waiting for an answer on what is going on — very disappointed, brand new car … and the loaner runs so much smoother than my car and it is the exact same car. arrrrrr

  40. Brand new 2011 Sonata SE Turbo and it too pulls major to the left. I bough the car on May 3rd and it’s been at the dealler for a month. I’ve put alomst a 1000 miles on the Sonata limited they gave me as a rental. I almost don’t want my car back.

  41. I am returning this 2011 hyundai, after almost buying it on 8/6/2011. The demo – having 8500 miles on it, feels like it needs an alignment, as it kinda drifts to the right hand side of the road. Also, within 24 hrs of using the car, the entire front passenger side floor is soaking wet??? Why??? It water damaged my purse that was set on the passenger side floor. There is also extensive leaking outside the car dripping profusely by the right front tire, unknown why!!! Tried calling to talk to someone, noone answers, nt even a voicemail…just a looped recording, stating your the next call in line and that your being transferred to ext 233. I am contacting the attorney general about this!

  42. I have resently purchased a sanota limited 2011. This car pulls to the left all of the time depending on the road. but at least 90% of the time. Hyundai says within allowable paramitors. A defect is a defect by anyother word or paramitors is still a defect. these are all built in burmingham al. Kinda narrows this down to how the product was put together. Is hyandui waiting for this problem to explode in their faces. Like steering failure at 70mph????

  43. On three different occassions now my car has suddently lost power streering, the EPS light came on as well as the light indicating skidding. This is a very scary experience and it happened this morning on the highway. I will be calling the dealership immediately to correct the problem. Glad I saw the comments posted by others.

  44. I just leased a 2012 Turbo Limited Sonata the end of September. It has constantly pulled to the right since the day I bought it. I took it in to the dealership service department the day after I bought it and they stated the problem was because of high air pressure in the tires. It continues to have this problem, so I just got an appointment to take it back AGAIN on Monday. So far I am very unhappy about this car. I wish I would have bought another Mazda (I traded in a Mazda 6 for this Sonata) but thought I’d try a Hyundai because of their 5 year warranty. The warranty doesn’t matter if the car is not going to ever work properly! It is literally a pain in my wrists to drive this car! I sure hope they get this problem figured out!

  45. My Wife just bought a 2011 Sonata GLS, as She is in Her fifties I didn’t go with Her to test drive the car. She told Me She bought it and loves it, I asked to take it for a drive when She got it home. The brakes on the car don not engage until the pedal is half way to the floor and almost three quarters to stop at a normal rate of distance. When I asked Her about this She said She asked the dealer and this was normal for the Sonata. Any one else have brakes that travel to far before engaging.

  46. I have 07 sonata with bad steering rack,hose and pump,all have been replaced and still not engineer said to many claims on racks so they are stopping shipping on all racks until they figure it out,so my car is just sitting at dealer unrepaired with a $1500 bill.It seems like there should be a recall on earlier models and not just 2011 models because this has been a problem for many people.

  47. I purchased 2011 Hyundai Sonato Jan/29/2011 The car shakes,pulls,noisy.hard ride brought back to dealer 3 times nothing wasdone was never told about any steering recalls,also called Hyundai it was never mentioned will never buy hyundai again very dissapointed

  48. I have a 2011 hyundai Sonato that I have had in the shop twice now for my steering wheel shacking uncontrollably,could anyone that has experienced this problem please let me know if there is a solution.. it seems that no one in the service shop has ever seen or heard of this problem and I need a fix to it as I have young children and dont want to see anyone get hurt….

  49. I purchased my 2011 Hyundai Sonata used, and my sterling is now acting up. Because the previous owner repaired it back in 2010, while it was new this will now be an out of pocket expense. I could have been killed, let alone killed others on the road. I now have a bad taste in my mouth for Hyundai, and will never buy another one.

  50. I bought a 2012 Sonata Limited and noticed a slight pull to the right on the test drive. The salesman told me it was the road leaning to the right. I should have stopped right there, but I listened to him. Upon driving it the next day, under 30mph, it pulled to the right, but not on the highway. But even more scary was going to turn left and almost getting hit as when I stepped on the gas pedal, it failed. Now, it engaged at the last second and I made it, but was shaken. What if the kids were in the car and I hadn’t gotten lucky? Come to find out, you can’t use the brake and gas at the same time like I do or the gas pedal will quit sometimes for what the dealer called “safety reasons”. And not telling me this before I went on the road was SAFE?!! Also, when I took the car back to the dealer, some other customer overheard us and said he’d bought a Sonata new 3 yrs prior, it pulled to the right ever since, and the dealership had NEVER fixed it in 3 yrs. Sorry Hyundai, maybe it’s just some cars, but if you’re one of the some, watch out!

  51. I got my 2011 sonata in March 2014. Up until a month ago it was fine. I noticed first knocking in my steering, like something was broke, but it still drove fine. I only heard the noise when turning the steering wheel. Took it to the dealership for what was supposed to have been an hour inspection….4 hours later I had to call to get status of their findings, and was told a bushing had broken (due to defective design) and theyd order the part. I was also made aware of a recall on the brake light switch or lamps (cant remember specifically). A week later I took it back for the repair and again it took all day for what was only to take 1.5 hours. I, like everyone, have to be able to have a car for my kids and errands. I was frustrated with the situation for sure. Now, in the two weeks Ive had my car back, my brake lights wouldnt turn off last night and while driving on 4 occasions, so far, the gas pedal stopped responding. I am very concerned. I have 4 kids in my family and the ‘what if Im crossing traffic and it stalls’ keeps running through my mind. I cant help but wonder if this is related to the ‘repair’ or if its something unrelated. Gotta call the dealership again on Monday, after the holiday.

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