Class Action Lawsuit Over Pampers Diapers with Dry Max Filed

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By: Staff Writers | Published: May 14th, 2010

A class action suit has been filed against Proctor & Gamble on behalf of all purchasers of Pampers diapers or “Easy Ups” containing a new “Dry Max” technology, which have been linked to reports of severe diaper rash, blisters, chemical burns, infections and other problems.

The Pampers diaper class action lawsuit was filed on May 11 in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Ohio. The claim seeks to force Proctor & Gamble to reimburse parents who bought the diapers, pay for the treatment of skin ailments allegedly caused by the Pampers diapers and regularly test their products to ensure they are not causing skin rashes or chemical burns.

In March, Proctor & Gamble released new Pampers Swaddlers and Cruisers diapers using “Dry Max” technology. The diapers are thinner than previous Pampers. However, a growing number of parents say that their children suffered severe rashes, blisters and what appear to be chemical burns after wearing the diapers.

The company has previously called the claims made in the Pampers diaper lawsuit false, and says that the allegations of severe diaper rash were started by a group of parents using social media to spread rumors about the diapers because they did not like the changes the company made to the diapers. However, parents from a Facebook group say they took to social media after they went to P&G directly and their concerns were swept aside.

The company pulled in about $8.5 billion in revenue from Pampers last year.

Earlier this month, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) announced that it was opening an investigation into Pampers Dry Max diaper rash claims. Health Canada has also launched an investigation. The CPSC is urging parents who have experienced problems to contact them immediately. Parents can contact the CPSC at

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  1. Both my children have experienced very bad rashes, blisters, red swollen open blisters that began bleeding. My children would scream in pain when I would change there diapers and would not liked to be held on my hip due to the pain. I have always loved pampers until all this starting happening……..

  2. I have 2 kiddos in diapers who are VERY sensitive to various diapers and I have NO problems with the new dry max and have been using them for nearly 2 months

  3. I had just bought I big box of the cruisers drymax and they have turned my baby so raw..It looks like she has been burnt,she cries so hard when I go to wipe or put cream on it.I didnt want to believe its from her diaper I have been using pampers for 9 yrs on all my kids.Why would they go and change them all now.I still dont want to believe but I guess it is true. I hope they get it fixed.I will never buy pampers again

  4. My baby was born 12-25-09. He wore pampers swaddlers(newborn) no problem. I few months later. We started the pampers swaddlers with dry max. #2&#3. no he has the bigggest rash/burn on his inner thighs. Under his testicles that looks horrible. It
    looks as if it’s going to blister up. So I tried everything nothing worked. Then soneone said dry max has babies breaking out bad. I said to my babys father a few days before that I wondered if those new diapers may be the problem. I figured there so new. I switched to huggies. Now the problems going away. I have pictures also. There so terrible I felt my babies pain. I really would like them to do test on the dry max. I also notice there is in fact a really strong Chemical like oder when u open a new box of those diapers.

  5. My son has also gotten some kind of rash from these diapers. It looks like a burn or something more than a true diaper rash.

  6. My son developed a first degree burn with terrible blisters from these diapers!!!

  7. My child broke had a severe red area that looked like a burn with the skin sloughing off. The area then spread to the rest of her buttocks and genital area.

  8. My daughter is 8 months old and has always used pampers. As soon as we got the new diapers she got a rash that blistered, even started to bleed at times and would cry and scream in pain every time she would go to the bathroom. I changed diapers and used a cream the doctor gave me for the rash and it went away. I have no dout that the diapers caused her rash.

  9. My 18 month old has a rash currently and has had it for two to two and half weeks. I have a doctors appointment for him May 17, 2010 due to this rash, because the prescribed medication he is on aren’t even working. He was on an anti fungal and also a steroid medication used for his sensitive skin. I haven’t been able to get rid of this rash with either of these. I have also used petroleum jelly and baby powder and those aren’t working either…what is wrong with my son? I heard about this story and wanted to inform others that it is possible that P & G is turning out diapers that should be pulled off the shelves.

  10. well im a momof one he has been wearing these pamper since birth , i d know this something has changed in them i amconstatly buying diaper rash cream and that dont even work something has to be done.i will discontinue the diapers if noting id done

  11. We bough the new Pampers Cruisers a few months back and after wearing 2 diapers, it was obvious he was having some type of allergic reaction. He had a terrible diaper rash where the diaper rests between his legs. I returned the boxes I bought at Babies R Us and just assumed it was him having sensitive skin. Now that all of this has come out, I realize it was probably this and not just him. This is so scary and sad.

  12. My daughter had a horrible reaction to Pamper cruisers. She had been sick and on antibotics and I though it was a yeast infection and the doctor did too. It never cleared up. I got online and started asking asking questions to see if anyone else had this problem. Sure enough, someone was having the same problem. It all started when you change from the swaddler to the cruisers . I switched diapers and insisently she got relief. I am very disappointed in pamopers

  13. I have used Pampers for 8 years. I purchased these diapers over a month ago and did not have any problems. After the last box I bought, my daughter developed a severe rash which looked like chemical burns all over her rear end, back and legs. My “easy” baby was fussy and screamed whenever her diapers was changed. We have switched diapers and her rash has cleared. I hope the product is recalled. As for clearing the rash, my doctor gave us a diaper rash cream recipe to make at home that cleared up the rash in about a week.

  14. My daughter had a bad reaction to pamper cruisers. At first we thought it was a yeast infection due to her being ill. The rash never went away. The doctor even thought it was a yeast infection. I searched online for anyone having the same problems. I found a website that had mother’s commenting on their child having a bad reaction to papmer cruisers. All the mother’s on tha website had used the swaddlers when he child was first born and then switched to the cruiser. When the switch from the swaddler to the cruiser was made, that is when everyone started to notice the rash. After I changed to a diffferent diaper, my child insistenly showed improvemet. I judt feel bad because my child went about 6 months before I figured out the diapers were causing the problem. She really was uncomfortable. I will never use pamper diapers again

  15. Please don’t use these DryWeave pampers!!! I have always been an avid user of Pampers because they form fit so well. I tried the Cruisers with Dry Weave and my daughter is so blistered skin was breaking. I saw a pregnant couple at a store with a box of Pampers and told them my daughters situation and they immediately put them back. I am shocked that Pampers is not taking responsibility for this. I will never use them again.

  16. I can\’t belive something like this can happen after all the testing that these companies do before releasing a new product. My 26 month old had a horrible rash with blisters and severe bleeding. I had just assumed he had eaten something but that wasn\’t the case. How sad that we parents trust the diaper companies with our children\’s bums!

  17. Since my sons birth 10/28/2009 i\’ve used pamper products on my son and had NO problems untill recently when they introduced the new dry max. I started using dry max and quickly noticed that it irradiated my sons penis so bad, i pulled back the fore skin and noticed it was burned all the way around the tip. i believe its from the diapers because i never had this problem before.

  18. My daughter will be one next week and from the time she was born, she’s been in Pampers and has never had any problems. However, the last box of diapers we purchased were the Pampers Dry Max and she experienced the most severe rash – the perfect outline of the diaper (u-shaped) from front to back. I have no doubt that it is caused by these diapers. The rash is not a common diaper rash, it is a burn and she’s in extreme pain. Her pediatrician recommended we lather her in hydrocortisone and Desitin (not the creamy but the thick) and let her go without a diaper for as long as possible. Even though it was a little messy, it did decrease some of the redness and hopefully she’s on the road to recovery and will not scar. Oh and we definitely switched to Huggies

  19. Prior to reading this information yesterday morning, over the weekend, I had noticed a large round red spot by my son’s genitals. I thought it looked odd and not like a usual rash.

    I pulled the dry max diapers from my daycare this morning and replaced them with our standard favorite, Pampers Baby Dry. I tried the dry max but honestly am now waiting on Pampers to recall them and do right by all parents who know their children’s skin and when something is amiss.

    Prior to our purchase of these new diapers, I wondered why Pampers would need to promote a diaper that a baby/toddler could wear for 5 hours or longer (unless overnight), frequent changes do help to prevent rashes. But anything that would keep my son dryer, was worth a try. But not at the expense of his comfort and the potential for short or long term effects in his private region.

  20. My daughter broke out in terrble rash she has blisters and what looks like a chemical burn. She has been in soo much pain switched to another brand the rash is startng to go away it will take awhile due to the severity of her rash. I have used pampers for 7 years never had a problem until this dry max. My complaint has nothing about not liking the improved diaper I didn’t even notice diiference until she broke out. Very disappointed on how P&G handling this.

  21. My daughter, after using new Pamper’s Cruisers Dry Max diapers for approx 2-3 weeks suffered a sever rash/chemical burn from these diapers. She has seen a doctor two times, and still has the rash. Her doctor specifically asked us what diapers we were using, and if they were the new Pampers. Two different rounds of medication has not clearned up this rash.

    I have used Pamper’s on my daughter since birth, and there was no issue with rashes, burns, or blisters until they introduced the new diapers with Dry Max technology.

    I have filed complaints with Pampers/Proctor & Gamble and am considering hiring a lawyer.

  22. My daughter has also used pampers since birth in 07 and never had a problem, never even had a diaper rash before. Then in november she experienced a painful, blistery rash that would not go away even with perscribed meds from the doctor. She would be in so much pain that she couldn’t even sit. When I would change her diapers she would cry so hard if I even slightly touched the area. I switched diaper brands and miraculously this horrible blistery rash cleared very quickly. Very sad my daughter had to experience this and know that it was nothing I could have prevented.

  23. My daughter started using Pampers Dry Max diapers for the first time in mid-April. Within 3 – 5 days, on a Sunday, she had redness and an open sore (raw skin without a top layer). Her doctor (the physician on-call) treated her with a Rx cream. As the week continued, she developed greater redness and approx. 20 more open sores/ raw skin areas in all areas of her diaper except the high back. She was prescribed Silvadine (a burn cream) and a different anti-fungal cream. She was in such severe pain that she was shaking with rigors and crying hysterically whenever her diaper had to be changed or she had to be cleaned on her bottom. She is normally a very happy baby even when ill and this was horrible. As the next week came about she seemed to not get a lot worse with the sores, however, they weren’t getting better and she developed such severe redness and swelling in her genitals that they truly were hot, and like a tomato. We have photo evidence. Our doctor at this point said to continue the treatment above, but also use a mixture of Maalox and Aquaphor or A&D to combat the burning in between Rx creams. He recommended as much diaper free time as possible and to potentially switch diapers. Once we switched diapers and had her consistently out of diapers for a few days, she started to get better. When consulting with our doctor about our experience, he felt the diapers were at fault and that this was not a coincidence. As a long time Proctor and Gamble Shareholder, I am so displeased at how this company is not seeming to take responsibility for the apparent large number of people who are having similar troubles. I feel that if you have a product that is un-safe, EVEN FOR A PORTION OF THE POPULATION THAT USES IT, one should own up to it and place warnings on the product or re-call the product. As in the Toyota case that has come to light recently, monetary gains should not the the sole consideration in product development, marketing, and sales. I have never thought of myself as someone who would embark in a lawsuit, however, when Proctor and Gamble told my mother in law (who file the initial complaint after watching that others had had similar problems) that this diaper was tested on over 20,000 children and babies around the world and it was perfectly safe, all I could think about was my baby shaking and crying hysterically and having such a severe burn on her diaper area that at times I wondered if she would be permanently scarred. This shouldn’t even be a possibility to happen to other babies and families.

  24. Have 2 girls one 8 years old and an 19 month old baby. Notice 2 or 3 very, very small areas where the skin was open and bleeding. While evaluating what was so different about our routine realized we were using the new brand of Pamper diapers : ( I am keeping my eye in the area of irritation/bleed. If it doesnt’ get better with medicine I will then change diapers and see if that mitigates complitely. Will post back the outcome!

  25. MY little sister has been married for 10 years and last year she bore their FIRST little baby!!!!! They are the best and most cautious parents. That little girl is the only reason for me too keep living> she got a rash bumps on her legs her privates and had NEVER even had a diaper rash not ONE she got a YEAST INFECTION and on her first birthday MAY 24 she was still in pain what to do aunt in distress

  26. I have used pampers with my oldest son from 2007 until currently with my youngest son May 2010. Over the past two weeks my son has grown a horrible rash to the point were the skin is cracking and bleeding. I have taken several pictures as the rash has gotten worse. I have just bought 2 boxes of size 3 Pampers Cruiser’s Dry Max Diapers and I am going to have alot of diapers to throw in the garbage.
    I love Pampers and always have but after reading all of these reviews I am going to switch. Normally you think a rash might be caused by what your child has eaten or if you leave the diaper on to long, but this type of rash is totally different. Usually the rash clears up after a few applications of diaper rash cream, Aquaphor creams is my favorite, but this rash clearly has just gotten worse. Tonight I am going to buy some Huggies and see how that turns out.

  27. I have been using the Swaddler newborn pampers,& The Regular pampers with dry max,My sister changed my newborn’s bottom and noticed that she was severely red & had blisters all over her private area. Everytime she used the bathroom she would scream so badly that it would take her breath. I took her to her doctor,And they gave her medcine for her rash and blisters..That has been over a week now,She is still red.We swithched to Huggies and there will be no more Pampers used by this company..I’m really disgusted that they will continue to sell these..

  28. My daughter who is five months old also broke out in a teriible rash with oozing blisters all over her after wearing pampers cruizers with drymax!!! The blisters are gone now but sadly enough she is now left with the scars from the blisters..

  29. My daughter was born Feb 2010. I immediately began using Pampers Swaddlers because of the new “Dry Max” technology. within one week , she received a sore (cigarette burn like) on her butt. Within a week the sore grew to the size of a quarter. She went to the doc several times and tried several RX meds, which did nothing. She was admitted immediately into surgery to close the wound 3 times in 5 days. Now at 3 months old she grew out of the pampers we had and switched to huggies and her sore is getting better. I wish someone would have told me about this sooner.

  30. My 11 month old has what appears to be a chemical burn on her vagina and buttocks. This is no diaper rash. It is read and fleshy and it oozes puss. She too like other parents claim hates to get her diaper changed and take a bath because it is so painful to her. She is my second child and I never had a diaper rash problem with the first and she had never had one until now.

  31. My son is almost a year old. We have never had any extreme rashes he has no history of skin issues. I purchase both Huggies and Pampers depending on the sales or coupons I have. Memorial Day I purchased Pampers and by Wed night my son was pink. Thursday afternoon he was bright red and so soar I had to soak him in the sink rather than wipe his soar , red , inflamed skin.

  32. I’ve used Pampers since December 2005 with both of my daughters with absolutely no problems. That is until last week when I noticed a little red/white mark on my 23 month old’s thigh. I thought it was a rash and put some diaper cream on it. A couple of days later I noticed it had broken open and increased in size. The spot was only getting bigger regardless of what we put on it. It never dawned on me to think that it was the diapers since she has been wearing Pampers since she was born.

    Then this morning I noticed another spot forming and started to do web search and found that other kids are having similar reactions. This is awful and I hope P&G/Pampers acknowledges the problems with the product.

  33. I have used pampers since my son was born until recently. He kept getting severe rashes that would not completely heal. He is two and cried every time i had to wipe his bottom because of the soreness. I changes to luvs…although they do not hold as much, he has been rash free. I will not buy pampers again.

  34. My son is 2 years old and I have been using pampers with him since he has been born.. I tried the Dry Max diapers not knowing about what was happening and 2 days after I put him in them blisters started popping up on him like a diaper rash but it looked more like a burn.. He has been in severe pain. He cant sleep on his back he cant hardly walk. I contact pampers but was told that since there was no recall. They said I should still keep using them..My concern now is if there really is a chemical that caused my sons skin reaction. I have to take my little guy to the doctor. I have never been so upset in my life until today. My little guy is in so much pain, please do something to stop them from hurting more babies.

  35. We started using Pampers Cruisers Drymax on our 10 month old Saturday night. Just started developing a rash Sunday morning. Today (Wednesday) she has blisters and severe rash. Just switched to huggies.

  36. My son used to wear the pampers cruisers until he started getting a rash and what looked like burns. At this time, there were no allegations against pampers, so I just did the math myself and figured he was allergic to that particular brand. So, several months ago I switched to the pampers baby dry and now he has horrible chemical burns and rashes all over his bottom. It looks like someone took a cigarette lighter from a car and let it burn his butt cheek. I went out tonight to buy the Huggies organic, hypo-allergenic diapers and wipes and am praying that it heals up quickly. I will be contacting pampers with my complaint, pictures, and re-imbursement for their diapers, wipes, and all of the medication I had to buy to try and heal the burns and rash.

  37. My son was born on 6/4/10 and up until Sat. 6/19 we had been using huggies diapers. We used Swaddlers with dry max Sat and Sun. Sunday Night we went to bath him and it looks like some kind of Chemical burn. We took him to the Dr. on Monday 6/21 and She said that if we hadn’t done anything different other than change diapers it must be the Diapers causing The rash. She also said that it looks like a “Chemical burn”. In addition he now has a yeast infection in the wounded area.

  38. My son is one month old and had been wearing the Pampers Swaddlers (Dry-Max) and my Fiance and I noticed that every time we changed his diaper he would scream like he was in sever pain. We then noticed that he had what appeared to be “opened” blisters in the creases of his legs and the skin was sloughing away. We immediately changed brands of diapers and the problem is clearing up. This is absolutely crazy…..if you can’t trust the products that you purchase for your children then what can you trust? There should absolutely be way more sophistocated quality check systems in place for childrens products!! Somebody has to do something about this………..

  39. My son is 13 months old and almost never has diaper rash. We bought the new Pampers with Dry Max. He developed terrible blisters the size of a quarter and screamed for several days while they healed. We put the rest of the diapers in the closet and waited several weeks. We tried them again, just one or two, and he has blisters again. I have no doubt it is the Pampers with Dry Max. The rest will go in the trash. They need to be removed from the shelf!

  40. When my grand-daugther was born we started using Pampers Swaddlers, she developed severe diaper rash, it was as if she had gotten burned, I tool her to the doctor’s an her diagnoses was a diaper rash, had to use all kinds of creams and still that didn’t work, so I ended up washing her everyday, keeping it dry for her bottom to heal, she is now 17 mos but with scares, hopefully this will diaappear as she developes.

  41. My little girl had a bad rash I took them back. I just thought she was breaking out from aloe. She use to do fine with pampers and now she doesn’t.

  42. I am so sorry to hear what all of you and your babies have been through. Mty baby is only a month old and suffered from some of the same thing, though not quite as severe; but it is heartbreaking when you know your baby is in pain and you can’t figure out what is causing it.

  43. I am so upset by the new dry max causing rashes , I am now using huggies pure and natural diapers on my son. I will never use pampers again. They had at one point been my diaper of choice but now I would rather use generic store brands than use pampers.

  44. My 2 year old has been expericening these symptoms for the last 2 and half months. He would scream when I change him and does not sit on his butt due to it hurting so much . We have used several different types of creams and nothing seems to be working the sores are so bad they are bleeding. I feel for him because there is nothing I can do for him and it’s not like he can tell me. I feel he may need a skin graph due to how severe the burn and sores are. We jjust can’t figure out what is causing it and he tends to not go to the bathroom because it hurts so bad.

  45. My son is 17 months old, has had this horrible diaper rash that just wont go away. Its bright red and bleeding, I am so frustrated tried every cream and ointment out there!!! Been to his DR several times and nothing seems to work, he now has scaring on his inner groin area!!! We have even tried antifungal creams, rx creams nothing helped, his dr even told me to try bleach in his bath water….geez…..and even left him without a diaper all day, each time his diaper so back on the rash worsens!!! I have always used Pampers with my girls and never had this problem before…..A diaper rash shouldnt last for four months…..this is horrible that the new dry max pampers that us causing this….I will never use pampers again!!!!

  46. Why does pampers supposedly make the “sensitive” diapers normal from nb to size 2 but then switch to dry max? I know all the drama going on about pampers and dry max, and while I am not the type to turn a mole hill into a mountain… My son used these diapers as a baby, then had to move into a larger size before they had them in a larger size, moved back into them as soon as I saw they came out. I was a fan of pampers. Then my son got a bad rash. This was BEFORE I SAW ANYTHING about drymax. I didnt have a clue what that was as a matter of fact. So I wasn’t making this up from something I heard. They I went to the website and searched for why my baby would be getting such a bad rash. While he has very sensitive skin, I always made sure he was not left in a wet diaper. He actually never had a rash before this (other than a tiny fungus patch for a few days a looong time ago). So he got this rash and I switched to huggies pure and natural. It cleared up quickly and I thought no big deal. I was so “unconcerned” I kept my new born baby girl in them. She has been wearing these till now, with no problems once. She is now 4 months old. Size 2 swaddler sensitive. Now out of the blue she is getting a rash. Didnt have an issue till now. The box does not say dry max on it at all, but there is something going on I think. These diapers are not what she has been using even though it is same box. These get really puffy when she pees in them, and the urine leaks all the time so bad. My little girl is drenched in pee and smelling like a homeless man when I wake up in the am. I have only been getting 4 hours of sleep, there is no reason my little lady should be rashy and drenched in urine after four hours. Has anybody else had this problem? Any advice? BTW… My son has been wearing pull ups by pampers and he doesnt have any problem. This is the same son that had the really bad reaction to start with. I never tried finding out if these were supposed to contain dry max as he never had a problem, so I just assumed they didnt contain it.Is this the case or is my kid’s butt just weird?

  47. For the second time my son Trevor has developed a rash while using the Pampers Cruisers Stage 5 w/ Drymax. The rash is very red and spreads very quickly. Looks like he has a bad sunburn turned into a blister. Trevor a week earlier was diagnosed with a serious Staph infection which lead him to the ER where he was put on a major dose of antibiotics. The Staph became so bad that the doctors had to perform a minor surgery on Trevor to remove the infection the following day. Along with the rash came the incredible high fevers; Trevor’s body was desperately fighting the infection caused by Pampers w/ Drymax. Pampers should be ashamed of themselves for providing a product that could cause such serious injuries to young children. I will never buy Pamper products again!

  48. I grabbed the wrong box at the store and accidentally got the Dry Max. I could not believe how my poor baby went from pale white to a deep dark red covering most of her bottom within 24-36 hours. As soon as we tried a different diaper it started to clear up. It looks like the top layer of skin has been burned off.. we are also going to the pediatrician. I was surprised how FAST this happened. We did not change anything else. I HOPE ALL PARENTS PAY ATTENTION TO THESE CLAIMS, there is nothing worse then seeing your child in severe pain & not being able to do anything to fix it.

  49. My son is a year now and we have been using Pampers ever since the day he was born. No other brand would do. I loved the Swaddlers and when he grew out of those we used the regular Pampers diapers. I had never had a problem before until we moved up to the Pampers Cruisers. I have been fighting small diaper rashes here and there but this one is MAJOR!!! His whole bottom is red and swollen from his penis to his scrotum to the bottom of his butt. He screams and cries begging for mercy as I try to wipe him and apply as much diaper rash cream as I can get on him. My cousin told about these other parents who are having problems and I couldn’t believe how many other helpless parents and children there are out here. Pampers….please give us a choice to use the Cruisers without the Dry Max!!! I have switched to Huggies!!!!!

  50. Our 2 month old son recently experienced a very harsh diaper rash that has a blistery, burn type look to it.The rash seemed to occur suddenly as he went for his 2 month wellness appointment on a Tuesday, and the rash was noticed that following Thursday. We switched to Huggies Natural Diapers and applied diaper rash cream as prescribed by his pediatrician and it seems to be clearing up.

  51. My baby is 14 months and have never had a diaper rash. We purchase the cruiser dry max a couple of weeks ago and this pass Friday, September 10 my baby started to form a light rash. As the days pass the rash have getting severe. I was tell my husband that we would call the doctor in the morning because the rash is turning into blisters and bumps. I decide to check the internet and came across the suit on pampers. I have taken picture and I still have the box with the diapers. The more wet diapers she would have the worst the rash was getting.

  52. i have 2 daughters 8yrs and 8mo i always used babydry on both but when i went to the cruiser a couple of weeks my baby had a rash within 2days i have taken her to the doc 2weeks back 2 back ive been dealing with this for 3wks no sleep just crying i have to take her back monday its not gettin better my sunflower is suffering pg have 2stepup and take responsiblity on there action because im not going dwn without a fight, and yes she have all syptoms i purchased size3 cruiser drymax

  53. They say that a mother (end user) invented this diaper. Maybe they should have left it up to the scientists. When you get down to the intention of the diaper, it holds more urine than a diaper of the same thickness. In other words, this diaper was created to get rid of the bulky diaper look. No thanks. I purchased these diapers before reading about the problems, and my son endured blisters that broke open. We have never experienced this effect with any other brand of diaper, even generic.
    Pull these off the market Pampers…..have a conscience.

  54. my baby is going through the same thing blister rashes and infection she has been to the er and primary care doc for 2wls striaght im so tired of this she has sufferd to long and pampers need to do something about it now i have to go monday again because her rash havent got better yet im so stress right they need to own up to it and do a recall this is not good pampers get your weight up and own up to your mistake

  55. My baby has been going through a bad rash with blisters, red, swollen and then they would bleed and scab up. I have gone to see about 6 specialists because we could not figure it out and even stopped her from her favorite foods. IT has been a true nightmaire. She was stuck 8 times for blood work also. I am a nurse in a pediatric specialists office and no one could figure it out.
    We has her changed every hour hour on the dot and spent alot of money and alot of time into something that should have been caught sooner.

  56. We purchased these diapers recently for our 9 month old (he has been using Luvs since birth) we decided to give these a try since they were on sale. After a few days of using these diapers my son has a red swollen penis. I will never use these diapers again. They should be ashamed of themselves, these are babies we’re talking about!

  57. When my son was born I used pampers swaddler no problem, after couple of months I switch to pamper swaddlers with dry max (I continue using pamper because this was what he was using when he came out of the hospital) and my son started getting a dry rash on his whole buttock, I had an instinct that it was from the diaper but was not sure so didn’t change the brand. I consult his pediatrician and told my husband they wasn’t sure either. I continue using the brand and as he turn 1 and being able to reach behind to scratch his buttock, he scratch his dry scally buttock every chance he gets when the diaper comes off and he would scratch so hard it bleeds, his pediatrician gave creams and it didn’t work. When his bottock started getting worse the peditrician suggested cream with steriods I did not like that plan or idea so I finally decide to switch him to Huggies to rule out the pamper before using cream with steriods and within 4-5 days his dry itchy rash went away and I knew it was the pamper and I was so upset at myself for letting my son experience that terrible uncomfortable feeling for 1 year especially when I already had an instinct from the beginning. I have 2 older girls who used huggies and he was the first to use pampers I will never use pampers again.

  58. I used pampers swaddlers ever since my baby was a newborn they were great. However, as soon as I switched over to pampers cruisers with dry max she received the worst blistering, bleeding rash that we could not get to go away. My grandmother insisted it must be because we switched from swaddlers to cruisers we called the pediatrician who said babies were having severe reactions to papmers with dry max.We decided to switch to huggies. Although the rash has gone away her bottom is now very sensitive to anything we use on her

  59. I have never had any problems with Pampers but every other brand of diaper I have tried gave my kids diaper rash with blisters.

  60. We’ve been using Pampers on our baby girl for the passed 7 months of her life. We preffered the Pampers to the Huggies or any other leading brand names, despite the price, because it worked so well for us. The diaper really absorbed well and contained everything. We loved it. Our baby is an easy baby and really only cries when something is wrong. About a week back my hubby bought a new pack of Pampers… Needless to say that she developed a rash. We have used 5 different creams, that worked previously for small rashes, and none of these have worked so far. For the passed 4 days since the rash developed it has just become worse. Red, inflammed blisters. The poor child can’t sleep it hurts so much. We are currently changing her diaper nearly every 2 hours, which was previously not needed. Now that i have read this.. And just the thought that it could be the diaper causing my baby so much pain? The hell with the new full pack!! I’m buying Huggies tomorrow!!!


    If someone else had told me that their baby has an UTI after starting a new diaper, I would have laughed on them. But I am a physician myself and very particular about hygiene. Inspite of that my 4 month old daughter had an UTI 4 days after starting pampers dry diapers. I was taken aback after my daughter suddenly started developing high fevers and was diagnosed with UTI. Was wondering what went wrong. But continued same diapers. Today,she developed severe rash , which she never had before and it was disheartening to see her crying at the top of her voice. Then I started thinking what went wrong in past 1 week, only change we had done was buying new pampers baby dry. We noticed that it doesnt hold urine much, but then again we were thinking may be she is making more urine and changed frequently, but later realised it doesnt even hold her 1 time pee. I am trying myself as to reason out why it shud cause UTI, but unable to conclude. But nevertheless ,I am positive it has something to do with pampers baby dry diapers.
    Long story short- My daughter had to get IV antibiotics and we had such a stressful time at our home bcoz of this stupid product.

  62. Today I opened a new box of pampers swaddlers dry max and after my daughter peed I couldn’t believe the chemical smell of the diaper. The smell has been making me nauseous and sick. I called the company when I smelled it and asked if anyone has ever complained about a chemical smell in the diapers and they said no! Now I see these complaints, this is awful! Don’t they care about our children’s health?

  63. STAY AWAY FROM PAMPERS CRUISERS. My son has never had issues with diaper rash. When we switched to this product, he developed a rash within several hours. It was painful for him and he is currently healing while we switched back to his old diapers. Shame on pampers for not taking responsibility for this and owning up to this adverse product effect.

  64. I can’t believe they are denying this. I have heard many complaints about these diapers. I used to love pampers. I will no longer buy. My son too broke out in a horrible diaper rash from pamper diapers.

  65. My son was born01-22-2011. I’ve started off using Swaddlers(newborn), which has given me no problem. After his newborn days were over I’ve been using Huggies and Luvs. I will prefer Luvs any day. I thank God Cedric Jr. has never had a diaper rash, he’s a happy baby. For those that do have rashes, I reccommend that u allow your baby’s bottom to air dry and apply vaseline throughout the day.

  66. I used pampers on both of my older girls, now ages 5 and 4. I also began using pampers with my third daughter, now age 2. When she was about 1 she mysteriously got a rash that would not go away (3 weeks). It wasn’t as bad as what others have written about, but she would bleed without the consistent use of diaper cream. I couldn’t figure it out what the cause was until I was talking with a friend who suggested that it was the dry max in the diaper. I switched to Huggies and the rash disappeared.

  67. I didn’t realize until yesterday what was coursing my daughter who is 17 months rashes. I thought it was heat rash but on many numerous times i have realize that even after applying the nappy cream she was still developing the rash. I am going to start using Luvs for now and see what happens.

  68. i have also been using pampers brand since my daughter was born and she keeps on getting urinary track infections plus there where several times when she had rashes

  69. My son alaways uses pampers as soon as I got the Pampers Baby Dry size 3 he got like a chemical burn!I used a percription cream and it did not help he had to just lay still for 2 days with no diaper,He is 11 months old!

  70. Both of my daughters were allergic to the Pampers diapers! My oldest is now 6 years old and my youngest is only 5 months. I use Huggies and have no problems! Pampers gave them both a horrible rash which I found out was a chemical burn! No diaper rash cream worked to clear it up and it was rash and blistered so bad that the skin would crack and bleed! I never use scented wipes so I know for sure its the diapers. I switched to Huggies and instantly starting clearing up!!! Yes….Babies can be allergic to a diaper! I know! I can’t believe pampers still allows their products to be sold with all the complaints from parents!

  71. I am also very concerned about these pampers cruisers we have that mafe a rash so bad on my daughter that she could sleep nd she is so raw she bleeds. I went to the doctor today and they told me to keep an eye on it and gave me some nystatin with steroids to help stop intching.

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