Seroquel Lawsuits

The use of the antipsychotic medication Seroquel has been linked to an increased risk of diabetes, pancreatitis and death. Thousands of Seroquel lawsuits have been filed throughout the United States by individuals who suffered severe and life threatening injuries.

STATUS OF SEROQUEL LITIGATION: All federal Seroquel lawsuits have been consolidated in a Multidistrict Litigation centralized in the U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Florida. Seroquel settlement agreements have been reached in thousands of individual cases.


OVERVIEW: Seroquel, which is known generically as quetiapine fumarate, is an atypical antipsychotic medication which was approved by the FDA in 1997. It is approved for treatment of schizophrenia, but it is also commonly used off-label for treatment of anxiety, obsessive dementia, compulsive disorders and autism.

AstraZeneca has been accused of heavily marketing Seroquel for “off-label” uses which the FDA has not approved or determined to be safe and effective. Some experts have estimated that as much as 70% of all Seroquel prescriptions were for unapproved uses.

Seroquel has been used by more than 19 million people worldwide. It is one of the most profitable drugs for AstraZeneca, with annual sales of about $2.8 billion.

SEROQUEL DIABETES SIDE EFFECTS: Studies have confirmed that Seroquel side effects could increase the risk of weight gain, hyperglycemia and diabetes. While all of the drugs within the class of medications known as atypical antipsychotics have been linked to diabetes side effects, the risk was found to be highest with Seroquel.

Seroquel lawsuits have been pursued by individuals who have suffered any of the following side effects from the drug:

  • Diabetes
  • Pancreatitis
  • Tardive Dyskinesia
  • Death

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  1. Scott Reply

    I took it 11 years ago and it almost killed me. Beside causing a major problem with my artery’s for 11 years now I have suffered from whole body stiffness, chest pains, difficulty breathing, rubbery legs and when ever I get sick anymore I cannot function with even a minor cold. And if I sit around for a couple days being lazy I pay for it for days afterwards trying to walk again. There is more. I have been left in misery by the country I served for 11 years now.

  2. TB Hoft Reply

    Albert, seek help.

  3. marina Reply

    My sister was on this medication for years for sleep. Now a few months ago she was diagnosed with spots on her brain and shaking of legs and handsand loss of memory. Since she was on this drug. Her doctor told her it may never go away now . We were informed about this the other day and I’m trying to find out what to do next please help

  4. Gen Reply

    I have been taking this medication for sleep for years as well and I am now having all the symptoms of what they call Dystonia. It’s suck, I’m miserable, can’t work. Sometimes I lose my speech, or can barely walk. My memory is shot most of the time. I get tremors and spasms. Muscle rigid ness in my feet, hands, and back. I get pains even in my chest, my breathing can be affected and I can listen to my heart pounding sometimes it’s so hard. I have been a dog groomer for 8 years now and know nothing else. I can’t do it anymore. I’m having a hard time getting help with the issues. If any can send me in the right direction or help me and these others with similar effects please send info. It’s terrible and wrong and ruins lives.

  5. Robert Reply

    I was prescribed over 1,000 milligrams of seroquel nightly when I was younger than 13. Since then I only sleep a few nights a week, I get constant migraines, severe memory loss, muscle spasms, etc..

  6. zac Reply

    I was prescribed seroquel in the early 2000.I was taken haha milligram of medicine and it cause me to have problems with sleeping in excess. I now have problem with my memory I can only remember things and short start where and when I was younger I had IQ ibetween 135 abd 145 depending on how i felt that day. But now i have head aches sleep insomia and. Other issues.

  7. arthur Reply

    I have gained over 120lbs since 2010 from taking seroquel iwent from 180lbs to 312lbs

  8. orebaugh Reply

    i have never had swizures that is until i was put on this drug.yesterday landed me in the er my ten yr old found me convulsing and foaming out the mouth

  9. Zana Reply

    My fiance was on this med from 2002 until 2010. He had to have a huge cataract removed from one eye that took the surgeon 2 hours. He has many of the problems you all have listed also. We are trying to find a lawyer to help us as this has ruined his life. Does anyone have any info they can share with us? All the research I have done tells me he was prescribed this med for problems before it was approved for these problems. Thanks all and sending you all positive vibes.

  10. my name is JANICE Reply

    my only child died at age 26 . He was treated with the highest dose of Seroquel 400mg.He gained over 100 lbs, gained over 100 lbs hyperglycemia, became diabetic,experienced tardive dyskinesia rapid palpitation of hearth .All this was during the 1 year hospitalization at Interfaith hospital.He died 1 day after discharge.I never saw any advertisement for seroquel clients in New York.I just recently heard about it and will like a follow contact cause I feel i need to be compensated for my lost.Thank you.I need a lawyer or attorney general to contact me. He cannot be cut off in vain.Thanks in advance. God Grace prevail.

  11. shawn Reply

    I have been diagnosed with dystonia from seriquel that constant muscle spasm tremors have been off work cause of this Er doc diagnosed me as well as neurologist im in constant pain cant work on short term disability my pcp prescribed this for sleep did not know it was for Schlizo

  12. gamecockgirl Reply

    A few years ago I was put on seroquel for sleep only. They bumped it up to 1200 mgs very quickly and I weighed only 98lbs. I started having seizures shortly after taking this medication and I don’t remember anything while I was on this medication. I was also on 8mgs of klonopin and 800mgs of luvox. I felt like that was way too much. I now suffer from memory loss and rigid muscles and tremors. I don’t recommend seroquel for sleep at all. There’s more to my story but I’d rather not get any further into detail. All I can say is do not take it if prescribed for sleep only! Good luck to everyone out there that is on this med.

  13. Austin Reply

    This drug is horrible, all side effects, mania, hospitalized, loss of family, this drug ruined my life, mid diagnosed and I quit cold turkey, bad night sweats, ammonia smell/ urine smell. This is a catch all drug, if you have a hang nail the Dr will prescribe thus drug. It caused delusions and nightmares, suffering with insomnia for 60+ days now, kelp upping dose last was 800-1200 per day after re searching this drug it occurred most people will die because of over presribed. I don’t recommend any one it’s helping stop yet if you are having all the aforementioned side effects from all the above comments then be your own best friend and seek help.
    This drug is debilitating and it can wreck havoc on your life. Satan in a Bottle bought to you by your local Dr and AZ. Thus product has been blacklisted by the military and it is a dangerous drug, if I knew back then what I know now, I wouldn’t be writing this . please seek help the Texas AG is filing a lawsuit against AZ, go figure. Good luck to all as this drug can and will destroy your life

  14. ann Reply

    I took seroquel and got Pancreatitis. Have been hospitalized 4 times 6 to 14 days ar a time. Now i have to take insule because my pancreas Dont put out enough, they thought it was my gal bladder took it out and it was dine nothing wrong with it. More studies doctors said it come from seroquel. Pancreatitis is a very painful pain and now im sick and on disability due to it. Thanks for reading.

  15. Child Test Subject T15 Reply

    I was part of the trial group back in 1996-97, my doctors told my mum that the drug had not been approved yet but could help control my mood swings, depression, delusions, oh and seizures. The first three were side effects of social isolation/ostrazation and the drug cocktails I was on the fourth was due to my clinical epilepsy that had no known source or cure and was so severe I had a date of death given to me when I was four years old that no matter what happened with medication to control them if I still had the by the age of 16 I would die.

    I was ten years old or so when I was given it, maybe younger or older by a few months..

    We were not told it was for bipolar and schitzophrenia, we were not told it was not for epileptics, and there was no mention of the metabolic destruction it could wreak on my body. I took it for 2 months maybe 3, the entire time I felt like I was a passenger on a ravenous freight train of self destruction. I could not eat enough, I was always eating, always sleeping, I felt like a eating sleeping zombie and went from being super active to unable to do anything but eat and sleep. I gained almost twice my body weight going from a child’s 00 due to being naturally thin to a 28 size pant in three months. I went from being teased for being too thin to being called “whore” and pregnant with triplets, I went from being semi ok with how I looked to hating my body to the point I tried to cut out the fat that I now call “seroquel fat” with a razor. I would sob and lock myself in my room at medication time for fear of taking the pill any longer, because the pill did not just make me eat, gain weight and lose energy it made me a zombie. They did not take me off due to the weight gain, they took me off due to the psychosis it triggered when I started to see the menacing bug fog and feeling watched. Seroquel made me temporarily schizophrenic, it also destroyed my body and made my existing controlled eating disorder go out of control while doing nothing to cure my epilepsy and destroyed my thyroid gland. Seroquel also gave me severe depression as a result of the changes it caused, I truly hated myself after I was on it and refused to get pictures taken or let them be taken for years because of how it altered me. I may be very lucky that shortly after they took me of it something worse happened..

    It took many years to get rid of the overeating side effect because seroquel actually altered my brain chemistry so severely I had to retrain it and I still avoid many foods I craved while on it, but the metabolic side effect has never gone away not truly and as irony would have it the only way to stay in shape is eat at a Anorexic level as in less than 800 calories a day. My diet these days is hyper restricted, I managed to lose most of the fat and weight I gained on seroquel but I need surgery to remove the rest. I am no longer epileptic, a different treatment fixed that. The single worst thing seroquel did wasn’t the weight gain or thyroid destruction, it was changing how I see myself in the mirror because every time I look in it I still see that obese girl seroquel made me. I have no idea what I look like now, all I see is that fat girl and I am not sure if I can ever get over the trauma that the severe weight gain and metabolic drop caused me. Thanks to seroquel I will never be able to recover from my eating disorder because I will never know if I have lost that “seroquel fat” most of which can only be removed via surgery and I can never eat normally again. Thanks to Astro Zeneca I will never know what I really look like, I will never be free of Anorexia Binge Purge Sub Type and other problems, and I will never have a working thyroid gland again.

    I put back together the life this drug destroyed, however I must forever live with the long term side effects it and many others caused; ironically one of those side effects is allergies to almost every medication that exists. The last one I should mention is legitimate medication related ptsd anxiety, just mentioning seroquel can send me into a fear fit of panic and if it is mentioned as a possible treatment I can’t describe the feeling of terror that grips me.

    Honestly I hope this pill gets banned, it should never have been released after what it did to those of us in the trial group; some of which were not even bipolar or schizophrenic like myself they were just chosen because they had a “expiration date” and their parents were desperate for anything that could save their kids. But sadly I doubt that will happen..

  16. Scott Reply

    I took it 11 years ago and it almost killed me. Beside causing a major problem with my artery’s for 11 years now I have suffered from whole body stiffness, chest pains, difficulty breathing, rubbery legs and when ever I get sick anymore I cannot function with even a minor cold. And if I sit around for a couple days being lazy I pay for it for days afterwards trying to walk again. There is more. I have been left in misery by the country I served for 11 years now.

  17. kim Reply

    I went from 105lbs to 180 lbs in about a year or 2 taking seroquel xr 300 mg daily. It was perscribed to me for sleep. And i went from a size 3 to a size…well i am too embarassed to say. I am now depressed because of it. I dont have the money for a dr. To see what other health issues i possibly have. Scared to know. I just keep praying.

  18. Pamela Reply

    I have been taking 25mg Seroquel for 4 months and have developed swelling under the eyes. Anyone else had this problem?

  19. Greg Reply

    I’ve been on 600 MG XR for over 5 years.

    NO PROBLEMS to report and I feel I benefit from it.

    Seems everybody has problems that “may” have some connection to seroquel.Most aren’t provable but ya gotta blame someone I suppose.

    Terribly sorry for your ills but sometimes genetics and LIFESTYLE can lead to many of these maladies.

  20. Gloria Reply

    I took this med years ago and with in taking it for couple of days. My entire left body went limp. No one , not even neurologist could figure out why.I also suffered from seizures that happened and I had to be rushed to the E.R. many times. I was hospitalized for 4 days to do testings and it went away in about 40 something days which is when this drug was completely out of my system. I had pile of hospital bills, work that was missed. I thought I would never walk right again. It was one of the most horrifying experience of my life. I simply asked if I could get something for sleep and this is what happened.

  21. Bob Reply

    I recently was in the hospital for depression, eating issues, and lacknowledge of sleep. I have sleep apnea, I am a-fib, have a pacemaker and defibrillator, high blood pressure, bi-polar, back spine issues and more. The Dr put me on Seroquel 300mg for the mood stabilizing and to induce sleep. When I take them I can barely walk, rubbery legs, head feels grog as if I am drunk, no balance, tripping on carpet, feel like my nerve endings throughout my body are on speed tingling and sensitive. I’m scared I will develop other medical issues if I continue on this drug. There is no telling what other health issues it may be causing.

  22. Lisa Reply

    I have been on Seroquel since 2007.Was not advised of side effects and I found them through health issues.I’ve had a heart attack at 37 yrs old and thyroid and parathyroid problems along with extremely high cholesterol.I’m a diabetic and have chronic pancreatis.I’m manic more often than not and my sleeping habits are all over the place.I am unemployed due to all my health issues but don’t know what to do.If there is a cold or flu going around I find it and when I get sick its full on. It feels like my arms and legs are jelly.When I started it I put on 70 pounds .I was a healthy happy productive person when I started this medicine now I’m a sick miserable shell of a person.

  23. Response to Greg Reply

    Dear Greg,
    I do not believe you for one second.
    Do you believe these patient testimonies ar false or trivial.
    Serious sde effects/ even death caused by lifestyle?????
    Please up your dose, you ar obviously sick and delusional.

  24. CARLOS Reply


  25. dee Reply

    i take 50 to 100 mg a day for aniety. when i first took 50 it wiped me out. now not a great effect. does the body get accustomed to it?

  26. Jeff Reply

    I have Bipolar II. My Dr. put me on 300mg for sleep and to help with depression. He knew of my history of suicide attempts and ideation. I now have suicidal thoughts, impulses, ideation almost daily, sometimes intense for days at a time. Almost acted on suicidal impulses. Dr. did not warn me or advise me that Seroquel can increase suicidal thoughts and impulses. The warning about those side effects is buried in small print in the manufactures information that consists of technical jargon. I found out today about the increased risk of suicide associated with Seroquel by looking up Seroquel on the FDA website. I feel betrayed by my Dr. for not advising me of the increased risk of suicide. I have not seen this concern mentioned in any other post so I wanted to alert users to that danger.

  27. Michelle Reply

    I witnessed the murder of my roommate by my other roommate. The Psychiatrist said I was suffering from major depression, PTSD, anxiety and insomnia. He prescribed Seroquel 800mg daily. He said I would not have to take it forever, just for awhile because it was “situational”. He never mentioned he was giving me something “off label” that the FDA had not approved use for. He never mentioned possible side effects such as a 150 lb. weight gain, diabetes, hypothyroidism, or other serious health conditions I now suffer from. Hippocratic Oath: “Physician, Do No Harm”? Yes, I would like a little financial compensation…

  28. scott Reply

    Iv Ben on seroquel for 6 years iv gained over 100 lbs and I can’t do a lot I lose my breath easily and have memory loss.was on 900 milligrams I trued to stop using it and I had bad withdraws could not sleep 4 nights straght could not quit sweating could not do much of anyting .now I’m on 300mg I fill like its a life sentence and I should have been prescribed seroquel for sleep since it was not made for that and the FDA did not OK it for that.

  29. Jacob Reply

    Where can we sue them ?

  30. Cathy Reply

    I was on this medication for a number of years. Various Psychiatrists put me on it. I finally stopped taking it a couple of years ago. However, I found that I now have PVCs of the heart due to taking the medication. The side effects are horrible. I now have a friend who lives next door to me who has schizophrenia and his brother keeps him on the medication. He has developed serious diabetes, and tardive dyskinesia His doctor and his brother won’t let him look at taking any alternative medication and I fear he is headed for an early grave. What is sad is that these types of medications are forced on people who have serious mental health issues and are often discounted when they complain of the side effects. I wish I could sue doctors from the past for sticking me on such a medication and giving me the permanent PVCs of the heart. This drug and others like them are being forced onto people as a cheap alternative to actual counseling and cognitive behavioral therapy.

  31. Quartell Reply

    My husband was diagnosed with Schizophrenia in the 2000’s. He had been taking Risperdal Consta and Seroquel. He died suddenly on March 21st. He ran out of Seroquel and did not take it for about two months. He had just started taking it again 5 days prior to his death. The autopsy results showed he had an enlarged heart. He had no symptoms. I want to know if the Seroquel could have been a factor in his death.

  32. Christopher Reply

    I started taking serquel over a year ago for my sleeping disorder I starting dose was 25mg I was perfectly healthy. My dose now is 100mg at night. I hadn’t been feeling well I went in and was tested for diabetes that came back elevated I will be having another test this time an A1C as of right now my cholesterol is through the roof my tryglicerites are 315 and I an having extreme back aches headaches all cause from this medication I am now on cholesterol medication

  33. julie Reply


    This drug has not only ruined my life for over 2 years but social services have taken my kids away because they just thought i was lazy and were neglecting them. I went to ask for help a long time ago but they wouldn’t listen to what i was going through.  Now i have to fight in court to get them back.  I came off these meds a month ago and feel normal for the first time in years. I was diagnosed with ME 14 years ago and depression 19 years ago.  Life has been horrendous enough without being prescribed this horrendous drug.  

  34. harold Reply

    I am prescribed the prescription seroquel and have suffered very severe defects. Obesity, shortness of breathe, sweating, high blood pressure, irregular heartbeat, hallucinations talking to myself thinking i was talking to someone else, joint stiffness, high cholesterol, uncontrollable movements, and laughter.

  35. Robert Reply

    I am having, or was having different bad side effects from Seroquel 200 mg. was taking one a night for two weeks then 1.5 for two weeks. I have had mouth and tongue sores, pain, constipation, hemorrhoids, sore throat, fevers, chills, sweating increased. Heart rate increased and just so many problems. I hope I can have another Med for bipolar. Have other viruses and issues but feel connected to the Seroquel . A month was enough for me. Like talking, walking, sitting, pooping, and eating. Anyone else? I might be only one having these problems. In Georgia.

  36. Larry Reply

    I been on this meds starting in 2009 I was 130lbs I’m now 235 and high blood pressure and clostrole now there saying I have a inlarged liver my sleep is all over the place I’m always tired and no energy when I don’t take it I throw up sweat feel like I’m going to die

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