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Published: November 1st, 2010

The use of the antipsychotic medication Seroquel has been linked to an increased risk of diabetes, pancreatitis and death. Thousands of Seroquel lawsuits have been filed throughout the United States by individuals who suffered severe and life threatening injuries.

STATUS OF SEROQUEL LITIGATION: All federal Seroquel lawsuits have been consolidated in a Multidistrict Litigation centralized in the U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Florida. Seroquel settlement agreements have been reached in thousands of individual cases.


OVERVIEW: Seroquel, which is known generically as quetiapine fumarate, is an atypical antipsychotic medication which was approved by the FDA in 1997. It is approved for treatment of schizophrenia, but it is also commonly used off-label for treatment of anxiety, obsessive dementia, compulsive disorders and autism.

AstraZeneca has been accused of heavily marketing Seroquel for “off-label” uses which the FDA has not approved or determined to be safe and effective. Some experts have estimated that as much as 70% of all Seroquel prescriptions were for unapproved uses.

Seroquel has been used by more than 19 million people worldwide. It is one of the most profitable drugs for AstraZeneca, with annual sales of about $2.8 billion.

SEROQUEL DIABETES SIDE EFFECTS: Studies have confirmed that Seroquel side effects could increase the risk of weight gain, hyperglycemia and diabetes. While all of the drugs within the class of medications known as atypical antipsychotics have been linked to diabetes side effects, the risk was found to be highest with Seroquel.

Seroquel lawsuits have been pursued by individuals who have suffered any of the following side effects from the drug:

  • Diabetes
  • Pancreatitis
  • Tardive Dyskinesia
  • Death

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  1. [...] federal court, the Seroquel litigation has been consolidated in an MDL, or Multidistrict Litigation, that is centralized in the U.S. [...]

  2. after taking zyprexa i got diabetes tip 2 battle a lawsuit and won but now my doctorys at cheer mental health gives me seroquel i keep telling them my sugar levels getting to hight they still keep giving it to me

  3. I have gained 80 lbs and have had some high blood sugar issues.

  4. I Have Gained 70lbs.I Have Had About Eight Car Wrecks,Maritial Prpblems And A Gambling Problem.I Lost About 250,000.

  5. I took seroquel for over 3 years and in that time period i was diasnosed with blood sugar problems and gained over 150lbs. since i have stopped taking the medication no weight gain.

  6. I have been taking Seroquel for 3 years for sleep problems, 75 mg/night.
    I have intentionally lost about 30 lbs. in the last 6 mos. by eating healthier foods. However, my cholesteral levels are off the charts.
    In April, 2008 my numbers were 299: 221 Triglycerides, 167 LDL and 87 HDL. Last week I had blood drawn again with abought the same numbers. I’m putting of taking Lipitor and trying to correct this problem with diet. Could Seroquel be causing these out of wack numbers? Does anyone know out there?

    Kathleen, Lancaster, NY

  7. I have been taken Serequel 300mg at night for anxiety and sleep disorder. I have gone from 165lbs to 221lbs. I am working out 9hr a week and eating all healthy foods, but can not shake the weight. Fear that maybe me stroke and all the seizures may be coming from my medication.

  8. My great-aunt was prescribed seroquel for anxiety and dementia episodes, she was ninety-seven years old and living in a nursing home. She suffered a stroke a few months after she started taking this medication, she passed away soon after. I researched information on Seroquel and found out the FDA has issued an alert not to prescribe this medication to elderly people. I feel the doctor who prescribed this medication at the nursing was irresponsible and not well informed. I advise families with relatives in nursing homes to be aware of what is prescribed to your relatives.

  9. I have been taking Seroquel for sleep for the last 3 years. I take 200-300 mg each night. I have gained 40 lbs over the last 3 years, but I have had no other side effects. All my blood work always comes back perfect and the doctor always comments on how perfect it is. I have tried exercise and healthy eating and nothing seems to counteract the weight gain.

  10. my sugar level jumped up 200 points and made it uncrollable and colestrol jump now on high er lipator


  12. I have been taking Seroquel for several years; mainly for sleep issues. During this time, I have had lab work every three months. THe numbers in the liver levels, gain of 44 pounds, elevated sugar levels and suspected Hepatitis or Pancreatits have been experienced. My primary care doctor has intimidated that Seroquel could be the cause of these elevated levels. My physchiatrist says, “NO” He says it is soley due to alcohol abuse, and does not want me to switch to Ambien for sleep. I’m not sure what to do.

  13. I have been bi polar most of my adullt life just not diagnosed until 8 years ago. From November of 2006-November of 2007 I lost ninety four pounds. I felt great. My body didn’t ache. From January of 2008, when I was prescribed seroquel. until May of this year, I have put it back on and more. I was absolutely in need of food to settle my hunger.

  14. I was on Seroquel and gained over 40 lbs, I also ran out the medication because my doctor was no longer working at the clinic I was going to and nobody would renew my prescription. About 2 weeks after I ran out, I tried, almost successfully, to commit suicide. I haven’t had my blood sugar tested, but I know that after I went of Seroquel, I lost the weight, it took me over 2 years, but I lost it.

  15. Since I started taking seroquel I packed on the pounds and developed thyroid problems and diabetes. Just two weeks ago my blood work and urinalysis came back bad, I see the doctor in to find out what the next step will be. I went off seroquel and have lost 38 lbs. and do no\\\’t intend on taking the drug on a regular basis any more. I only take if i develope severe mania for sleeping. I was perscribed 900 mg daily. I feel my health is more important then having all these problems caused by this medication.

  16. while on seroqual the antipsychotic medication I have had more anxiety, gained 40 pounds and by breast swelled 2 cups sizes that I did not loose and they are heavey and hurt my back. I had compulsive disoder while taking this medication. I have been taken off of it and lost some of the weight exept in my breast. I have suffered 4 small strokes in the one year and have been off since 2001, but still have symotoms. I even have had heart problems since. I now have cateracts and glacoma now and this has been since taken this med.

  17. while on seroquel i have suffered very severe mouth throat and neck pain so severe i thnik i am going to have cancer or have to have surgery the list goes on .

  18. My mother took Seroquel for about one year, with strong cardiovascular side-effects (anxiety, low blood pressure). She never had had any heart disease but suddenly suffered a heart attack and passed away a few days later at the age of 73.

  19. i have been taking seroquel for i guess about 2 years ,maybe a lil over anyways @ 1st it took me only 12.5 mg to actually pretty much act/feel like a drunk now i tak about 600 a day the 1st 3-4 months into aking it i told my doctor i couldnt breathe,i meanso bad that i wanted to call an ambulance i could not catch a breath but as i told my dr. this a “few” times she said well just keep taking it you will get use to itso i pretty mthought to myself this lady just dos “not” understand how it actually feels like i am drowning ‘the feeling’…the best way i can describe it,well about 6 months or so of starting seroquel i tried to commit suicide “almost succeding” taking 3400 mg , im sure i would of taken more but thats all i had left in that pill bottle.(I REMEMBER SOMEONE ON THE RIGHT SIDE OF ME SAYING—”SHES GOING & SHES GOING “FAST”)…PRETTY MUCH MEANING WERE LOSING HER”DEAD”AS THEY SAY. LATER FINDING OUT IT WAS THE PARAMEDIC before i new it i was waking up in i.c.u with wires, machines,monitors and iv’s coming from ever end of my body,i woke to my family i mean all of them there.’& “””my””” family wouldnt all show up to a funeral together if life depended on it so i knew that this was serious,but all i thought was damn i’m still here.
    when i left the hospital i realized when i got home i had “no” seroquel better call the dr. for a refill she sked if i felt suicidal of course i said no i still needed to go into la-la land @ nite so the same day getting ot of the hospital i was given another refill of 360-100mg pills. now even though i deep down know that they are doing things to me that are bad,i still take them because it is unlike any sleep you have ever had my mind is on shut-down i dont wake up sometimes for 2 days but even though my dr. has not seen me for a year now for a check-up i call to up my dose because now i sometimes dream & get so angry at things lil or big that my family or any one that knows me is in terror when ido come into contact with them which is not often because i sleep 4-5 days a week i realize i am just existing here & not taking the proper steps,etc to maybe become better “as mother”says….. because you know what when i did do ‘everything’ that was recommended or what they called “help” for me maybe??? DIDNT WORK,but now a year later i will see my drfor her to only tell me it will get better or do i still feel suicidal “i guess it is called the “at least she asked questions” but didnt take my words of ‘I CANT BREATHE’ seriously,just another patient that is bi-polor,this that & the other so onto the next one.AND YA KNOW I HAVE NEVER BEEN THE ONE TO LET ANYTHING GO & HAVE NEVER HAD A PROBLEM WITH GETTING MY THOUGHTS,ETC ACROSS TO ANYONE MY WHOLE LIFE I HAVE BEEN “SAY WHAT I AM THINKING/FEELING/WANTING/NEEDING& SO ON BUT EVEN AFTER THE 3RD TIME TELLING HER I CANT BREATHE SHE IGNORED THIS SO I GUESS BY THEN I WAS ALREADY ADDICTED IN A SENSE BECAUSE I KNEW THEY DID WHAT I WANTED KNOCKED-ME-OUT NO MATTER WHAT THE SIDE-EFFECTS & WARNINGS ARE.ANYWAYS MY LEGS FEEL LIKE I HAVE TO MOVETHEM 24-7 WHEN IM LAYIN DOWN I AM SO MOODY,-SO MANY MORE THINGS TO ADD BUT WE ALL KNOW WHAT THEY ARE,SO FINALLY ENDING THIS I WILL JUST WANT EVERYONE TO KNOW IF YOU HAVE NOT YET TRIED SEROQUEL “””””DONT””””””PLEASE….& IF YOU CURRENTLY STILL TAKE I WISH YOU WELL THANKS TO ALL THAT READ THIS MAYBE YOU WLL TAKE SOMETHING OUT OF IT & LEARN.

  20. My father died October 16, 2007. I recently saw an advertisement about a class action lawsuit regarding Seroquel and knowing that my father took the drug I instantly took notice. He suffered from Parkinson’s disease and was prescribed the drug by a well known neurologist in Dallas. He told him “you can take as much as you want,” but my father did not – he only took it at night. The side effects from the drug cause the symptoms of Parkinson’s i.e. tardive dyskensia and other symptoms associated with Parkinson’s. He was allegedly prescribed the drug due to hallucinations from other meds. I still don’t get that. He died from a cardiac arrest. The point is he was killed from this drug I believe. My research indicates that the drugs he was taking for Parkinson’s have a negative reaction with Seroquel so why was any legitimate doctor prescribing this lethal cocktail? If anyone can help please advise. I am trying to help others who were prescribed this drug who should not have been taking it. It seems the doctors are doing this at the behest of the drug companies and this is wrong – it is killing people.

  21. Is there a linkage between suicide or attempted suicide and this drug?

  22. I got prescribed seraquil. I refused to take it because the psychiatrist who prescribed it to me. Said me taking this would cause my Primidone to not work. I have seizures and take Primidone to controlt the seizures. I will not take seraquil because I am so scared of having seizures again. Then I read the thing on lawsuits. I am so glad I am taking this stuff. Might as well put a loaded gun to my head.

  23. I was spiked with seroquel, without being told it was an anti-psychotic. They thought I was psychotic since I told them a drug dealer lived in the apt, below me. Once I had my honey come in and verify that, things improved, but I was given a suspicious package of trial seroquel, with nothing on it but the name, deliberately, and afterwards the Dr stated he was not going to be in practice anymore, despite the fact he still is today-he knew he made a big mistake. I started having emotional problems and prolonged panic attacks, and problems keeping cognizant of the world around me. Seroquel is good for killing people , nothing else. It also greatly aggravated my type 1 diabetes, I never should have been given this drug, ever. I was bipolar, not psychotic.

  24. My husband is 70 yeas old .He is bipolar, and has been on lithum for 32 years. His kidneys show some damage due to taking lithum for so long.
    Doctor took him off of lithum, and tried a number of drugs to replace it.
    He went into a manic state, and was put into a hospital where he was treated with zyprexa. It did help him to regain his sleep pattern, aftertwo months,he was taken off of zyprexa. He is back on lithum, a smaller dose than before, lexapro in the morning, and seroquil at night to sleep.
    He has had a mild stroke and developed parkinson tremors in his hands. He is scheduled for a brain scan this week. His personality is different, he is very quiet ,still has some anxiety. What next?

  25. The doctor prescribed seroquel for me
    it made me gain some weight and also have breathng problems
    my breath has become thicker

  26. I was given zyprexa and they told me it was for sleeping
    another drug good for killing people

  27. My brother was diagnosed as bipolar. He took seroquel for less than 2 weeks. On November 22, 2008 he shot himself in the head. He has never had suicidal thoughts or actions. But i know this medication is to blame. PLEASE do not take this medication and if you do be very careful. After reading up on the medication i have found this is not unusual behavior. Please take this into mind if you are thinking about starting or are taking this medicine.

  28. i only took 1 tablet of Seroquel 50mg. for insomnia, i will never take it again. i felt groggy until noon the next day and i also felt disoriented.

  29. I have been on Seroquel 200mg. to help with sleeping & have been taking seroquel for around 6 or 7 years & was put on this medicine by A Psyciatrist and I’M worried about getting any bad side effects so far I noticed that It’s been making me groggy & I take this medicine In the evening along with some other pscootropic medicines I’ve been diagnosed as Bipolar disoder.

  30. [...] of November 5, 2008, AstraZeneca has indicated that they are aware of 9.060 Seroquel lawsuits that have been filed in state and federal court involving a total of 15,026 plaintiffs. The cases [...]

  31. i take Seroquel i have heard that it causes mouth ulcer is that true i had them and still do


  33. I have a grandson who is in the custody of Oklahoma, at 6 years of age he was given seroquel for a year when placed in a behavorial hospital. I don’t know who is looking out for his rights & if he is protected if he has any side effects from this medication.

  34. i was prescribed seroquil for sleep and was almost instantly on a 2000 mg dose per night. a pharmacy actually had a problem filling that dose so they called the manufacturer and the manufacturer said it was perfectly safe. HA! i became diabetic and gained about 170 lbs in about 5 months. could not get blood sugar to stabalize by medication and diet. within 3 days of stopping seroquel my diabetees became managable. had to have gastric bypass to loose the weight and can’t stop loosing as of 12-15-08. (still loosing but we expect it to turn around soon with a 5th opperation) now 6 foot tall and weigh 138 lbs.

  35. I have gained weight, have high triglycerides, high cholesterol, unbearable night sweats, and extreme hot flashes.. I’m only 30 years old

  36. On May 27, 2008, my 88 year old Mother was admitted to an inpatient Geri-psych unit within a large medical center. For 2-3 weeks prior to her admission, she began having some episodes of confusion, irritabililty, and had a non-injury fall in her home. Most of the time she functioned as usual. She lived independently in a retirement center community and required little assistance. (Paid her own bills, shopped, cared for her apartment, etc.)
    On a holiday, her primary care MD sent her to an emergency room to be “checked out”. The ER MD failed to diagnose and treat her urinary tract infection delerium … and, failing to test a mental status or ask her about her symptoms, he wrote what others had told him, added that she lived in a nursing home and had hit staff, and said she was psychotic and sent her to psych. On the psych unit, all of her psych tests were normal, but she was still given Seroquel for two days, Zyprexa for six days, Prolixin and Mellaril for nine days… She was ordered 12 + meds for chronic medical conditions, chemically restrained with IM Ativan, oral Klonopin, Prolixin injections and a Prolixin D injection. Her “Psychiatrist” said she had dementia, possible bi-polar, obsessive compulsive disorder… and he said she was hurting others and a danger to herself and that she had previous admissions to Veterans hospitals for psychosis – which was absolutely untrue. Her only previous admission was a short inpatient stay for depression, after her husband had died ten years earlier.
    Even though my sister(POA) and I visited often, we were not informed that she was being given antipsychotics or chemical restraints. We were told that her mental condition was worsening and she was hard to control; and, we were told that our visits were unsetting to her. We did ask questions; told the staff and psychiatrist that she had didn’t tolerate sedative drugs; asked them to review her at home medicines and expressed our concern that she was being over prescribed. They agreed to do as we asked – and he ordered antipsychotics and benzodiazipines. We were repeatedly lied to. I’m so sorry we didn’t figure things out sooner. She was in that “Snake Pit” for almost three weeks…
    Reading her records, I can see that her behavior and mental status changed within two hours after the first dose of Seroquel, worsened with the Ativan…and further declined with Zyprexa, Prolixin and Mellaril.
    She could no longer walk or even stand upright, she became incontinent, unable to use her hands because the tremors were so severe, developed swallowing and speaking problems, had little movement in her head and could barely even move her body. She became dehydrated and malnourished…
    As soon as she was transferred to another hospital, all antipsychotics and benzodiazipines were discontinued and the urinary traction was treated, she became alert and oriented. She worked in rehab for five weeks, but her body just couldn’t function. A neurologist described her as having cogwheeling, and at first thought she had a history of Parkinsons – but she didn’t. She died three weeks later.
    We know that it was because of the many medical mistakes/negligence and horrific treatment that she received – and we believe the facility likely committed fraud just to fill a bed and bill Medicare – but her response to the antipsychotcs sounds like many others I have read about in my research. She was 88 years old, diagnosed with dementia and given the drugs that are labeled and carry warnings that they can cause death in the advanced elderly. Still they were available, ordered, and given. Maybe they are helpful to others, but the drug companies must do more to control their use – something has to change.


    ELDERS WITH DEMENTION, THEY SHOULDN’T NEVER TAKE IT OR THEY MAY DIE. ANOTHER SIDE EFFECT IS THE Tardive dyskinesia is characterized by repetitive, involuntary, purposeless movements. Features of the disorder may include grimacing, tongue protrusion, lip smacking, puckering and pursing of the lips, and rapid eye blinking. DANGEROUS DRUG IS SEROQUEL.

  38. I have been on Seroquel for 4 years and 6 mths ago had it increased to 300mg XR. A recent eye exam shows I now have cataracts and will need surgeoty next year. I am a helicopter pilot and am worried.

  39. [...] indicating that the FDA has requested additional information about their antipsychotic medication Seroquel, which the drug maker is attempting to obtain expanded approval to market as a once-daily treatment [...]

  40. It pains me to see all of these poor people suffering because of AstraZeneca and their bottom line. I started taking Seroquel in August of 2000.Up until then I had been taking only one medication.Soon after,taking Seroquel,My health started going downhill fast.My weight balooned to 400 lbs,and among other things,i would find myself staring at one point in the wall for hours.I was wrongly diagnosed as bipolar,I have just been recently correctly diagnosed with PTSD.My new doctor said that i am not bipolar in any way,shape,or form.

    I was not informed about Seroquel causing diabetes and severe weight gain and heart attacks and seizures Etc.Until it was too late.In 2004,I was worried enough to do something that you should never do,one day I all of the sudden took myself off Seroquel.Things were rocky for about four-weeks,but by the grace of God i pulled myself out of it.My physical health is still worsening,I will never be the same person again thanks to Seroquel.I am now doing research,and helping others understand their medications.

  41. Amazing that while the drug companies are thriving, they haven’t come up with an antipsychotic that doesn’t give you major health issues. It’s horrible to push this stuff when it isn’t fil for humans, let alone people with issues.

  42. why wasn’t i told about seoquel and pancreatitis? now i’m getting it all the time and it is a very unpleasant illness with alot of pain. i was told abaolutlely nothiong about that and weight gaiwn ,esp. in the belly,, and diabetes. i’m waiting for the other shoe to drop.

  43. My 85 year old father was admitted to the hospital with dehydration which caused confusion and weakness. He was 98 percent himself before the doctor gave him Seroquel. After he was given thus drug he never fully regained consciousness. He died two days later. The FDA black box warning clearly shows that this drug should not be given to elderly patients with dementia-related psychosis (having lost touch with reality due to confusion and memory loss). The doctors did not seem to be aware of this. I will never, ever allow anyone I love be given a drug before I research it myself.


  45. I have a brother inlaw that been takeing it for a as longas it been on the market.I also took it for a month had problems sleeping after take it…

  46. I have been taking seroquel for a while. I have chest pain, the doctors tell me they can’t explain why this is happening. I stay hungry taking this. Sometimes I get very confused, pass out and disoriented. My body jerks and is in pain 99% of the time.

  47. I have been on Seroquel for 4 years now for anxiety. I can’t sleep if I don’t take at least 50mg (i used to take 200mg then 100mg). I have gained 20 pounds which I haven’t been able to take off even with gym and eating less. I have developed hot flashes and I am always hot and sweat so much during summer. I want to get off the drug but can’t sleep without it. I will have my blood checked soon for any side effects. I want to get off Seroquel for good, any other good sleeping meds with little to no side effects?

  48. [...] is still currently facing Seroquel lawsuits filed by over 14,000 people over the diabetes side effects of their atypical antipsychotic, and the [...]

  49. [...] first Seroquel lawsuit is scheduled for trial to begin next month in the U.S. District Court for the Middle District of [...]

  50. I have been taking serequel for approximately 3-4 years. I have been involved in a major car accident which totaled my car. I have gained alot of weight, have marital problems and have developed an extreme gambling addiction. I recently heard that they may now be linking serequel with gambling addictions.

  51. Dear Evelyn,

    Evelyn, I hope that you are feeling better.I saw your post, and I would like to help you anyway I can. I used to take Seroquel and I gained a huge amount of weight. I now have lost over 100 pounds after taking myself off the drug. I am also one of the plaintiffs in the Seroquel lawsuit against Astra Zeneca that starts next month on February 2nd.
    You need to be proactive about your health.Don’t be intimidated by your doctor.They are just a bunch of dingdongs that get paidoff by the pharmeceutical companies.I was wrongly diagnosed as bipolar, but now they say I have PTSD. You are your greatest champion,You might ask your doctor about Effexor. I take it and am doing well.But PLEAASE do research first before taking anything else! I would like to talk to you ,,here is my email. [email protected], and I also have a YouTube account under joan4142 and I have many videos talking about bad medicines. PLEASE write me and I will try to help.Anyone who needs help with this may contact me at my email. God bless all of us. We are all in the same boat.

  52. I started taking Seroquel about 2 years ago. I have gained over 20 lbs. I was hospitalized this past June for a severe bladder infection. My lung then collapsed and I almost got sepsis. I take 150 mg per night due to a bipolar diagnosis. Without the drug, I cannot sleep. I am now concerned because I was in a car accident this year, was hospitalized and wonder if Seroquel long term use is causing problems like the ones I had this past year. My cholesterol is also borderline. I have severe headaches and feel tired every morning upon waking. Yet, I’m afraid to go off the drug.

  53. I hope that what I am about to say will help someone someday. I have had bipolar disorder all of my life and I am 34 years old. Only about six years ago I was diagnosed. Since I was 15 I thought I had ADHD because a doctor talked to my mother ABOUT me and never personally dealt with ME. In the last year and a half I was prescribed Seroquel. I was told that I wouldn’t gain weight on this pill like I did with Depacote. When I was first diagnosed I was taking depacote and gained a lot of weight. Before the Depecote I weighed 125 pounds at five feet and 4″ tall. After taking it for about six months I weighed 195 pounds. I stopped taking it because my health was declining quickly. I didn’t go back to the doctor after deciding to stop taking the med. because I felt that every time I would have a concern my doctor would dismiss me. I was flat out scared to death about my health. Now, five years later without meds and still bipolar; I lost 20 pounds and feel amazing. I have a goal to lose more weight. Something happened though, I became so manicky that I came close to losing my immediate family and my future. I now see a doctor again five years later after my bad experience with Depecote. I am taking Seroquel and gained all the weight I lost within the last year. I crave food (mostly sugar foods) all the time. I get real panicky when I feel the need to eat. When I can’t eat at the moment I feel panicky; I feel that I want to sream. Now…this is the BOMB I must drop to everyone who has interest in Seroquel. My doctor has NEVER said to me that I should get blood work done. I never knew about the dangers of Seroquel until I read everyone’s comments. I am so scared…I really think I should stop taking Seroquel before It’s too late for me. I only hope that I didn’t develope diabetes. I feel mislead and endangered by my own Doctor. I have Bipolar and I would like to someday trust a Doctor to treat it with a pill that won’t make me even more miserable than what I already am. When do I know what Doctor to see that I could trust and that is looking out for my best interest and not just another patient paying money?

  54. I was diagnosed with bi-polar a year ago despite the fact that my
    main condition is severe depression from which I have suffered
    for years. So many drugs were prescribed for me, I am surprised
    I have any brain function at all: i.e. lithium 1200mg, valproic acid
    1500mg, clonazapam 2mgs, lamotrigine (another anti-epileptic that
    nearly drove me to sucide and now SEROQUEL> I gradually weaned
    myself off the others gradually (without Dr.s knowing). For a brief
    window of time I actually felt myself again……that is until I was put
    back on the seroquel to supposedly control my “manic episodes”.
    I believe I have been wrongly diagnosed.
    My depression is so severe I can hardly get out of bed in the a.m.
    Even though I am dead tired, my mind is like a squirrel in a cage -
    it never stops. I just can’t turn my brain off.
    I am so desperate, I know I can’t go on living like this. The Seroquel
    leaves me in a semi-comatose state. I am like a “dead woman

  55. I was hospitalized for a “panic attack” in 2007 when what I really had were withdrawal symptoms from going off Geodon cold turkey. Anyway, I was given 75mg Seroquel to sleep, which didn’t help. When I got out of the hospital my psychiatrist prescribed Seroquel and I was hesitant because I didn’t want to gain all the weight, especially since I had worked so hard for a year to lose a bunch. Damn psych told me I wouldn’t gain any weight and bumped my dose to 400mg and also prescribed 200mg Seroquel XR. Since I’ve been taking all this stuff I’ve been developed a nasty rash and panic attacks every morning like clockwork. I also eat every sugary thing on the planet and I also eat in the middle of the night. I have shaky hands, the panic attacks, lethargy, weight gain, mania worse than ever and what I had suspected was Stevens Johnson that went away when I discontinued Seroquel for a few days. I also wound up in the ER three times due to panic attacks that I am damn sure are from the Seroquel. I can hear the doctor now – “Oh, it’s not the medication.” Bite me. The Seroquel I have will go down the toilet and no further refills will be obtained. I can sleep just as well with over the counter stuff

  56. i am seventeen years old and i was diagnosed bi polar at age 14. since then i have been taking seroquel and another mood stabalizer. i felt great when i got on it, able to sleep through the night and kind of drunken feeling. but a few months ago our insurance cut off and i could no longer take my seroquel. i started having fits, not sleeping for days and being constantly irritated. my psychiatrist prescibed me new seroquel XR extended release tablets and since being on them i have been constantly tired, falling assleep while driving and at school and i have missed nearly a month all together at school because i couldnt get out of bed in the morning. i experience chest pains all the time, it feels like a hand is squeezing my heart. i tried looking around on the internet for these side effects but i have found nothing.
    has anyone else had these?

  57. Hi, yes, you were misled. I am sorry to say that. There is not test that anyone can do to be sure anyone is bipolar or has ADHD. There is no such blood test, yet one is prescribed heavy medications. Get of theses drugs, they make you more sick than you were before. I tood some of the medications myself, they did not change anything my mind was doing to the best. What did help me was getting off the drugs and get into alternative medicine and healthy food. If you put Coke in your car, it will not run on Coke. If you put stuff you should not eat into your body it will do weird things that can result in bipolarness or ADHD symptoms. Please realize that there is no TEST for these “deseases”. No blood test of any kind. Then how dare anyone gives a “medication” which can make people sick and die from? Psychiatrist talk of a “medical imbalance” in the brain, but nowhere could I ever find which chemical imbalance, which fluids were off? It’s a theory and a money making business. IT IS NOT A CURE. I am sorry to break the news.

  58. Because I was suffering from extreme depression and the Zoloft 100 mg. was not doing the trick, 75 mgs. of Seroquel was added in conjunction with it. I immediately gained 50 lbs. and I’m only 5’3″. I’m more depressed now than ever.I’m so embarrassed I won’t leave the house except to go to work. Legs cramp up and I gasp for air to breathe. Had my blood checked and my blood sugar was in the normal to high range. I’ve asked different doctors for alternatives but to no avail. I’m taking myself off of it tonight–as long as I’m thinner what difference does it make that I’ll cry 24/7?

  59. I am still on Seroquel and I can relate to the hunger that some of the others have. I’ve been on Seroquel for about 4 years and I was on 200 mg at bedtime. It helps with sleeping but as soon as you feel it kick in a huge hunger comes over me. Sometimes I think I actually eat in my sleep because I don’t remember eating but the empty container will be laying by me. It’s unreal the amount of weight I’ve gained. Since last May I’ve lost almost 70lbs with the help of a weight loss specialist. I’ve dropped down to 100mg at bedtime but the hunger is still there. I want to go on something else but I am afraid of the medication roller coaster. I haven’t had my blood taken since I’ve lost the weight so I don’t know what my cholesterol or triglycerides are, but a year ago my levels were off the charts

  60. I took Seroquel for 2 years for sleep. I have developed diabetes, and extremely high cholesterol. I didn’t realize cholesterol problems were also another side effect. Because of the meds for the diabetes and the fact I have diabetes I am constantly battling foot infections. The pain of these infections….. Would be nice to sue for pain and suffering ;)

  61. I have a son that was diagnosed as bi-polar and given seroquel. Since he wa 18, he has been diagnosed with anxiety disorder/panic attacks.
    After taking seroquel for 6 weeks his mind started to play tricks on him. He had a two hour blackout period where he did some things that were totally out of character for him. He said he sort of knew what was going on but didn’t feel in control of his actions. Now he remembers everything that happened. Since then he has seen other doctors and all of them say he is not bi-polar. Has anyone else had this type of experience ? Are blackouts possible with this drug?


  63. I started on a low dose of Seroquel as directed by my doctor to help me sleep. I was already on Lamictal and Effexor for Bi-Polar. I was to gradually increase the dosage over time. While I was on the low dosage, I started experiencing extreme violent nightmares. I was immediatley taken off Seroquel. I would wake up angry and very defensive several times a night.
    Has any one else experienced this situation????

  64. got diabetts after taking this drug.

  65. I’ve been taking Seroquel on a trial basis. I was diagnosed as being bipolar and the medicine was to help me sleep. I later read that it can also cause suicidal thoughts. I had a situation where I was severly depressed for a week straight and got to the point where I thought ending my life would be the best route. One night I drank half a bottle of Bacardi then decided to take 28 sleeping pills. I refused to go to the hospital because I did not want to be put in a psych ward so my husband and friends made me throw up. It helped because I woke up the next day. But the thoughts still come when I get down and had my doctor told me these were one of the risks I would never have started taking them. Even though I haven’t seen my doctor in almost 6 months, he gave me enough to where I could make them last and to be taken when need be. My husband is really concerned because he’s scared one day he will come home to a dead wife.

  66. I have been taking seroquel for about 3 to 4 years.And have gained 60 lbs. And in 2008 developed diabetes.My sugar with medication is still between 200 to 300 everyday.Diabetes has changed my whole life for the worse

  67. Was 6taken of my sleeping meds have had prblemssince strokes and doc put me on seroquel it made me ill in month in half even though warnings if had stroke and so on with my medical history of 12 auroinnune diseases and previously before my strokes had type 2 diabetes from steriods. He took me off then got not sure of spelling keyadadosis. Treated with baking soda then found out had hypo glycemia with outbreaks of type 2. I now am passing white celss in urine and other kidney problems even sugar in urine and other problems loosing control of bladder and bowel problems since this. I have sought help yet no luck and have lost weight to pont of still lossing 50 lbs now in last two months. Getting very ill. Need help live in missouri have heard fromlawyers they have already settled to keep trying but so ill hard to family is now having to do all for me am insulin intolerant yet cant stand the highs of the juice needed and havve to see a special doc for approval to get med needed for hypoglycemia beings allergif even to glucofage and causes me to go to low so now waitintg on state since on disability

  68. I have been taking seroquel for about 5 years. I have had weight gain and back and belly pain. I am on 600mg at bedtime. I have severe pain and my belly is so swollen I actually look like I am pregnant. My gain is only in the belly. I cannot have a bowel movement without enough misc over the counter medicine to give an elephant a good bowel movement. Even after all the meds I have 1-2 movements and they are not very productive. The following day or 2 and it is back to the severe swelling. I have went to the ER and no help was given. Even after 2-3 weeks with out a movement, no help was given.
    I also have the gambling and obsessive disorders that I have read about in these postings.
    So much of this info hits home. I just am concerned about the pain and a solution. If there is help out there, whether it be a lawsuit or a solution I am all for it.
    I have takaen so much time away from my family, especially my 2 little ones, because of the pain and embarrassment of looking like I do with my belly. That time cannot be regained.

  69. Seroquel is a horrific drug. My son started taking it 8 years ago. He was in good physical health. He was bipolar and was given different drugs but he seemed to reallly like the Serloquel and said he was addicted to it. He could not sleep without it. Within the 8 years he developed insulin dependant diabeties. He gained approximatly 200 lbs. He has been in and out of hospitals and not for psych reasons. All medical related. He was hospitalized for pancreatitis last year. He was admitted to the hospital early in the morning of Feb 12, 2009. He was complaining of pain in his abdomen and said he felt like he did when he pancreatitis. They ran tests and took xrays. His triglycerides were over 9,000. I talked to him that night on the phone and he sounded very medicated. Duladid every 4 hour and 800 mg of Seroquel a day. They said he had gallstones but were not going to treat them now. Feb 13, 2009 the Dr.s made rounds and wrote discharge instructions for him. He had been up walking around and by 10:36 am he was pronounced DEAD. His pancrease DIED. He was 37 years old.

  70. My 15 year old daughter was prescibed seroquel 3 months ago and she has had horrible side effects: bleeding nose, fainting, rapid pulse rate and also a faint pulse.She has been diagnosed with acute dystonia as well. Her muscles have become very rigid and she aches all over.She has had hallucinations and nightmares.I do NOT recomend this drug and have since taken her off of it.She is till suffering from the muscle rigidness.Also a concern of ours is that her ca125 levels came back raised after taking this drug.ca125 is a marker for breast and ovarian cancer.I am waiting her ultrasound results as i write this.

  71. I am 38 yr old female in may 2003 I was diagnosed Bi-polar (depressed w/severe anxiety.I went through the pill mill and ended up with Seroquel, Topamax, and now klonipin.Since Sept 2003 I have been taking Seroquel.Since this time I have watched my health go down like I was 80. Shortly after being on Seroquel I was put on Inderal La to regulate my heart rate then 3 surgeries to remove cyst .My teeth were horrible all of a sudden know I have dentures.I was gaining weight and no matter what I did could not get it off applied for S0ocial security still fighting that cholesterol then heart attack jan 2008.This year moderate body swelling just had multiple test because my lymphoid is swollen as well and just found out I have hypothyroidism.I currently take 15 meds a day almost as many as my grandmother who has leukemia.To this day I have gained 125 lbs and I eat no more than the days before I was diagnosed the only difference is I sleep more and have no energy and I know part is the heart attack but I am 38 and I feel so old.

  72. [...] to documents unsealed last week in the federal Seroquel litigation, AstraZeneca encouraged their sales representatives in 2005 to tell doctors in the United States [...]

  73. My husband was bipolar and i would say about 5 years ago he was put on seroquel. He started out as doing fine but he was not able to sleep so they increased his dosage. after the increase he began sleep walking and he would speak about things that made no sense during the day. He never had these problems untill seroquel. On dec 8th 08 he passed away of a heart attack. He was 39 years old and the cause of death was listed as seroquel by the coroners office and also on his death certificate. His daily dosage was 1200 mg a day. (600mg in the morning and 600mg in the eve. ) i blame the people who made this medication because if it wasnt for them he would still be here for his three children. (He did have a heart condition no one knew about but seroquel caused his heart attack) Seroquel took my husband dont let it happen to you to.

    Thank you for your time.

  74. [...] the dismissal of two Seroquel diabetes suits that were scheduled for trial last month in federal court, the first case that will be heard by a [...]

  75. I was prescribed Seroquel for Bi-Polar Disorder in 2000. I did not take the drug regularly until I had an episode late in 2007. The doctors had me on a dose of 800mg initially. They dropped it to 600mg. In August, I had a horrible reaction to Seroquel that caused me to lose all mobility by developing tardive dyskensia. I am now highly succeptible to that side effect. Had may partner not recognized what was happening, the outcome would have been worse.

  76. i was diagnosed with bi polar disorder in march of 2007 . i had just detoxed off of a number of narcotics. i started originally on 25mg of topamax , gradually having my dose moved up by 25mg until i was at 75mg. i was placed on seroquel in april of 2007 50mg to ‘stabilize’ any mood swings, within a month i was up to 100 mg of seroquel and exsperencing nosebleeds almost every day. my MD told me this was normal and to look else where in my history for an explanation . within 4 months i was taking 150mg of seroquel a day. when i found out i was pregnant in late 2007 i asked my MD to lower the dosage of seroquel as it passes threw the placenta in to the fetus,”due to the extra plasma in my blood at the time ” it was altered by 100mg more after i had my child instead of lowering my medication it was upped again too the new long lasting seroquel as it stands i’m on 500mg long lasting seroquel in just over 2 years of being diagnosed & 00mg topamax, since then I’ve been diagnosed with thyroid disease as well and high cholesterol neither of which i had before and i routinely get checked. to this day i still get nose bleeds that last for up to thirty mins followed by migraines, migraines that last for days, dizzy spells, confusion, forgetfulness, muscle cramps, muscle spasms, occasionally blackouts and recently partial seizures. in no medical dictionary is it written that seroquel is a mood stabilizer nor is it to be prescribed for bi polar disorders but i suppose I’m not a professional so i wouldn’t know

  77. Since I started taking Seroquel I’ve packed on over 40lbs in 5 months!! I have never been this heavy and NEVER gained weight so fast in my life. Althought I crave sugar, I can’t attribute all the weight to extra calories. The weight is also almost all in my midsection which is extremely unhealthy. I also have severe heartburn and RLSI can’t go off of it or I suffer severe withdrawal symptoms and can’t sleep. I wish I never would have started on this drug..


  79. 2 years agiI was in love with a great guy who was prescribed Seroquel, a month later he committed suicide..yes he had depression and had tried before but he changed dramatically and wanted to stop taking it but the nurse prac. and the counselor both told him not to stop taking it…I have since talked to two other people that have taken this drug and they have also said they had severe reactions to it…one said it messed with his mind and the other ended up in the hospital after feeling like she was going to die because her heart rate slowed down so much. The FDA needs to make sure of these drugs and the doctors need to research these kind of drugs before they just prescribe them to just anyone.

  80. I was put on both Zyprexa and later Seroquel for a bipolar disorder. Weight gain, a cholesterol disorder, increased alcohol and mania followed. I have finally found a psychiatrist who was able to see that the environment and wrong meds were my problem and have gone off all atypicals. I read the recent article in Rolling Stone magazine exposing Ei Lilly and others. I have been an advocate and healer in the field of mental health for many years. Seeing all the vulnerable individuals who have been victimized by these toxic drugs has enraged me! I don’t want to get mad (never a good idea for a bipolar person!) I want to get EVEN!

  81. My father was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease and given the usual medication. Then he became delusional and the doctor put him on Seroquel. Even though he was healthy and had no other medical problems, he became almost paralyzed, and then died from cardiac arrest about 3 months later. He had all the symptoms of neuroleptic malignant syndrome. Seroquel was not approved for use with elderly patients with dementia at the time, in fact it was recommended NOT to use it. How could the doctor have been so uninformed? The doctor said cause of death was “Lewy body disease.”

  82. When my daughter passed away on March 5th 2008 she had diabetes very bad , she was on seroquel and she took a fatal cocktail overdose of alot of meds and she ended her life. She was awfull on seroquel we didnt know her as the same person her bi-polar had gone from bad to horrible she couldnt stay awake etc. Please Dont take this drug it is not safe. Yeah they tell you its OK but it is not. She left 4 children whom miss her so much. A wasted life because of this Drug. If you have any questions about this drug serch the internet it will tell you.

  83. All i have to share is while I was on Seroquel is that my A1C was through the roof! My physicians prescribed this for me and i took it as I was told. I slept for days on this drug. Now that I’ve taken myself off, I can’t get to sleep without a miracle from God. My body seems like it’s attacking me and I’m so fatigued. I feel like an 80 year old. This is absolutely poison.

  84. My post will probably not be posted since I do not have a negative thing to say about Seroquel, except the extreme hunger and craving of sweets, but even that has not caused me any undue weight gain. I suffer from scleroderma with secondary pulmonary arterial hypertension along with lupus and other auto immune diseases. Due to these conditions, sleep eluded me. My rheumatologist put me on a low dose (25 mg) of seroquel to help me sleep 3 years ago. It has done it’s job, no more, no less, with no increase in dosage. My blood work shows no ill effects from the drug and is checked and monitored very closely by my doctor. It concerns me that so many people in the posts I read were taking such large doses to sleep. I can possibly understand the large doses for bi-polar conditions or schizophrenia, but not just sleep. My sleep is good on 25 mg. without feeling groggy in the morning. Any drug can be dangerous if not used properly. It is up to our doctors to prescribe medications properly. If they are unsure about the side effect of a particular drug, then it should not be prescribed, especially to the elderly. It is also up to us to be in charge of our own healthcare. When your doctor prescribes something, ask about the side effects. If the doctor does not know them or if they are too unpleasant for you, ask you doctor to make an alternate choice for you and keep doing it until he/she gets it right. Afterall, they DO work for you.

  85. I have NEVER weighed more than 140 but am usually 120. Now I am 180 a year after starting seroquel. I started at a 25mg dose and ended on a 600mg dose before I was told to stop immediately because I had the first seizure of my life last week. I have unvoluntary hand movements, weight gain, a diabetes worry, very high cholesterol, and many more issues including various pain throughout my body and swollen feet. Since doctor told me to stop immediately, I’ve already started losing weight and haven’t even started working out yet. I hate the drug though and do not recommend it to anyone.

  86. I have been taking 600 mh of Seraquil every night for sleep for 10 years know. I have lost all sensation in both my feet and gained 200 lbs. All i eat is raw beets and water and i still can’t loose the weight. I run ( waddle ) 12 miles 6 times a week and I still love St Alphonono’s Pankake Breakfast with Nanook – Goos luck myt fellow fellowe

  87. I have been on Seroquel for several years. I think it is a wonderful medicine. Anti-depressant meds had terrible side effects. I am bipolar. Since taking Seroquel, all of my bipolar issues have disappeared. I am no longer depressed. I sleep great at night. No adverse side effects at all. I have actually found that I lost weight after I started Seroquel, so not everyone who takes it gains weight. I was in seriously bad shape for about 10 years until I got put on this magic drug.

  88. I took it for 7 years and I gained over 80 lbs in about 5 years plus im a borderline diabetic….I hope that they have to take it off the market.

  89. May God have mercy on those in the FDAwho approved seroquel.

  90. I have taken seroquel for about five years 300mg nightly. I have been having a lot of health problems breathing ,anixeity,heart,weight gain , and other issues.

  91. Since starting Seroquel, I have gained over 50 pounds and have not been able to lose it. I fear that I am now dependant on it because it helps me sleep. I have tried all other drugs in the same classification and also other sleep aids, but am always forced to return to Seroquel. Treating my Bipolar has been a real bitch these past 10 years and since starting Seroquel I’ve had mixed results. Nightmares, lucid dreams and weight gain versus being able to fall asleep. Sometimes waking after the dreams I get leaves me shaken all day to the point that I can’t focus at work. I’m running out of drugs to try. Feels like I’m stuck with the extra weight and nightmares, theres no alternative it seems.

  92. My husband was unhappy & having anxiety attacks. The doctor told him he was experiencing depression. This was in December. He was prescribed Seroquel, an anti-psychotic. He was not schizophrenic & was healthy & mental well all years previously. After being on it for only a week, he was sleeping most of the day & felt groggy & disoriented upon wakening. His mood did NOT improve. After 4 months on the drug, he put a bullet into his head. I am now a widow after almost 25 years. Read these posts.

  93. I just took Seroquel for 5 weeks. My stomach and chest are hurting badly.
    I just went off it. I don’t know what to do or who to see. Nobody is understanding that this is really hurting me. I’m nervous. I don’t feel right.
    Something is wrong with my stomach and causing me pain.
    I took it for insomnia and mild depression due to economy. Now I’m worse off with
    health issues. I should have drank tea and gone to accupuncturist for stress. I don’t feel good.

  94. My husband was admitted to the senior behavioral assesstment hospital.he had parkinsons’ dementia and he was given haldol as well as seroquil and I explained he should not be on Haldol but he said he was combative and continued to give it to him.Hia feet and ankles started swelling so bad and I made a issue about it . Every time I wud visit he was drugged and was so thirsty and wanted to go to the bathroom. They the staff got so mad because he wanted to go to the bathroom. He was so confused he did get angry. They had him in a diaper all the time and didn’t have baths for days at a time.Eventually they were increasing his seroquil and he went down so fast , He was drugged every time we went there. within 3 weeks he was rushed to the emr of the other hospital and they said he didn’t have a pulse when he got there, he was gone. they said he had heart attack . So because these doctors are administering drugs they do not know enough about. If I have my way about all of this I will not let anyone of these senior citizens suffer from that treatment again,Good luck to all of you fighting your diseases. Try to get off of the medicine before you all die too.

  95. I ‘am going on age 17 and over 2 years ago my parents had forced me to take this evil, toxic drug.
    it was as if i was an experiment subject for the docs, like a lab rat.
    Now days, i currently have type 1 diabetes.

  96. does anyone know of it’s link to a high suicide rate iv’e never attemted im 39 well since feb 09 iv’e tried twice both times w/my quill DO NOT DO THIS! EVER! but im thinking ther is more to this crappy drug then diabetes??

  97. One year ago July 11 2008 I was hospitalize into ICU VA Hospital Indiana
    for being a walking coma with a glucose blood count of 905 I did not know why until the doctor told me I have diabeties I was shock it dose not run in my family as being a carry of the deadly decease. I did some research and found out that It was the seroquel I had been given by the VA Hospital Indianapoplis, Indiana when I told them they denied it and thank to CNN New July 22 when it was broadcasted worldwide

  98. Seroquel is a strong drug, prescribing 25mg alone can put you to sleep and 30+ lbs over time( Me) But you guys say your doctors gave you 200-300mg thats suicide. That can surely cause death and it will always affect air and blood flow to the head. If you take that much then you will surely gain atleast 60 pounds mostly in the stomach, and it should really kill you but if you are healthy then you wont feel any side effects for a while. It will be sudden. Those of you who took blood test and see problems, stop immediately. 25mg is enough and if your body is weak take half of that. A doctor must never give a old person or someone who is a bit weak such a strong drug and in such high quantity.

  99. My husbands doctor prescribed him seroquel for bipolar. The doc wanted him to get to 2000mg. At 1400mg he ended up in the hospital. He almost died. His kidney’s started to shut down. He now suffers severe memory loss and health issues due to seroquel.

  100. I’m Apparently “Bipolar”.
    I been on 400mg for past 2Weeks.
    Pains in the Chest both sides.
    Dry Mouth & Throat.
    Sweating heaps under Armpits.
    (Never have before) & it’s Winter here.
    Now I’ve Seen this thread …. OMFG!!
    I’m exteremly worried.
    Cannabis seems to Work Very Well &
    Keeps me Balanced …
    Cannabis Stops the Suicidal Thoughts.
    But NO ,
    I’m a Criminal the Govt Say &
    Face being sent to Prison if I grow 2 plants.
    Drs have Also Recommended I use Cannabis.
    The System is A Total Mess.

  101. i started taking seroquel in 2004 for bi polar issues. i started with low doses but now by october 2008 i was put on 800 mg a day i gained weight had all kinds of side effects. i went to the doctor for blood work and was diagnosed with type 2 diabeties. there is no diabeties in my family history. now i have to take 3 other types of meds for my diabeaties. my life has become totally unmanageable i am currently on social security disability who ever you are dont ever take seroquel it will ruin your life in very horrible ways frank p

  102. I totally agree with Steve from Sydney. My VA psychologist prescribed seroquel about two bottles ago @ 25mg for sleep and hallucinations. I feel like I am roasting most of the time, sweat all night and my energy level has dropped significantly. I feel like I want to sleep all day and have no idea what my cholesterol is like. Currently taking simvastatin 80mg already. I suffer from depression and PTSD from my military service. I have tried marijuana recently and found it to work just like Steve put it. I could replace all my other medications with one natural herb with which there is no known toxicity, except I would be considered a criminal. I do not understand this world. Because of money people cannot heal themselves, because of money people have to go to a foreign country and slay thousands, because of money pharmagiants can feed people pills that kill. nuff sed

  103. Lets make this easy. If you are a researcher for the drug company or involved in the FDA approval process or attorney or family member of those listed or work for Astra Zenica and take Seroquel, just raise your hand. Why spend 600 million thus far to prove how good it is for you? Just raise your hand…Case closed….drug taken off market, those injured compensated. Do it again and we will make you and your children take the drugs

  104. My name is Gracie, I was placed on Seroquel in 2006 . something is not right, for years i have not been able to sleep after a sleep study at night no results where found so they did a day study they said it was a sleep disorder that i needed to take seroquuel to sleep and concerta to keep awake threw the day. I also suffer from depression PTSD from years of abuse as a child. I have tried all kinds of meds for sleep and my panic dis, no results anyway i started Seroquel, I could sleep ! the past 7months i have gotten worse very tired mood swings, muscle pain nosebleeds weight gain 38 pnds bowl problems stomach pin and bloating not feeling well at all my eye sight is know bad have growth over my eyes not sure if its cateracs . but sense all this I have dropped my dose more than half want to get off of this drug ,and i wont sleep but at least im alive god help us all.

  105. My son was put on 10 mg in the am and 200 mg at bedtime just 3 weeks ago for a possible mood disorder. He already wants no part of it. He can’t stay awke at school. After reading all these posts I’m scared to death. His doctor says its a great drug. I’m thinking about taking him off but dont know what the happen. any suggestions? can you do it cold turkey or do you have to ween yourself off?

  106. I am currently taking 500 mg of Seroquel in the morning and 500 mg at bedtime. I have been taking Seroquel for at least 3 years. I also have experienced problems with weight gain, cholesterol and other lipids.
    The weight gain was not an issue with me because compared to what I gained when I took Zyprexa this was nothing. However, I have been trying to lose weight and it just seems impossible. I am wondering if the Seroquel might be hindering my attempts? Also, I seem to be taking a very large dose of this med. Is anyone else taking 1000 mg a day?

  107. I have been taking seroquel for the last 4 months. I am currently on 400mg at night and 100mg of Piramax for the migraine headaches. I used to have daily migraines before starting the meds but since starting them I have not had a single migraine. I am 1.6m tall and used to weigh about 36 to 38 kg. I was never able to pick up any weight no matter what I did. I have to note here as well that I had a thyroidectomy at the age of 22 due to an extreme overactive thryroid that did not respond to medication. I now weigh about 45kg. No more being underweight for me! For 15 years I was treated with antidepressants and it made my life a living hell. I am now 39. Eventually found a doc that was willing to listen to me and found out that I was having a bad reaction to the serotonin stuff in the meds – had a mini stroke because of Zoloft. The doc admitted me to hospital and changed my meds to the current ones and slowly increased my meds until we found a level that worked for me. For the first time in my life I am feeling like a normal human being and I can sleep, think and concentrate. I would normally go for 72 hours without sleep during a manic phase and physically exhaust myself completely just to be able to sleep for an hour or two. On a “normal” day I would go to bed, close my eyes and sleep but stillbe aware of everything that is going on around me. I am bipolar manic, anxiety disorder and borderline schizophrenic as well as ocd.
    I have made a point of drinking lots of water during the day and to stay away from anything that is a quick “pick me up” like caffiene, chocolate or refined sugar. I have found that when I do have something like that I tend to get extremely hungry and irritated. So I avoid it all together. Maybe it helps somebody else out there as well. I am just happy that I have found something that works for me and I hope that everybody else will also find what works for them. And that I found a doctor that is responsible and takes the responsibility for his patients and does what is best for them. The previous ones I had definitely did not do that.

  108. i was on serquel 300mg and my blood glucose went to 1472 in january of 2009 and found out i was now a diabetic type 2 my doctor took me off the serquel and my blood glucose came down and now i live with the diabetes

  109. I write this in concern of my father . My father has been prescribed Seroquel for many years during this time he has attempted suicide several times.

  110. My mother passed away 2 weeks and 2 days ago. I am uncertain at this point how long she had been taking Seroquel, but all of the things that she has been experiencing for awhile, I am 100% this drug shortened my mother’s life. It should be taken off the market. My mother was having blackouts, pain in her back and knees, she could barely stand for more than 5 min. She was having shortnes of breath, she was so tired she could barely eat to regulate her high blood sugars. My mom in the past year had signs of not remembering programs she had watched and conversations she had had with her chldren, The night before the morning of her death she awoke at 2:26am delirious and and confused. Her blood sugar was high. She fell back to sleep and never woke up. Her symptoms had been going on for months and everything became worse…and worse…my mom would be so tired she couldn’t eat a full meal without falling asleep and at times my brother and sister stated she would fall asleep right infront of them with food in her hands. she was confused alot. Fainting is reported with this drug. She was on 800 mg a day. She also had cataract surgery, which is reported as well. I don’t feel that any physcian should even prescribe this drug to a person on diabetes. Prescription suicide!!!
    my mother also gained weight and complained about that often.
    NO one should be using this drug from the research I have been discovering.

  111. I failed to mention in my last post that my mother was only 58.

  112. This Drug is not approved for anyone under the age of 18.I say that because I read that it is being prescribed to children.How can anybody be so irresponsible.Thats criminal.I wonder how many children under State care are being given the drug.They are supposed to be taking care
    of these children.These drugs should never have been approved by the FDA.I can’t believe the horror stories I have read about Drugs intended for Adult use being given to children.Thats insane.State Agencies
    should know better and adults should Never give them to their children
    no matter what a doctor says or thinks.There should be a Class Action Lawsuit for Parents that have their kids under temporary care of their state that prescribed this drug for there kids.The same goes for giving it to Elderly people .Their bodies can’t cope with it.

  113. i started taking seroquel in 2004 i gained 100 pounds and i’ve had a hard time getting the weight off. i think to myself how can a medicine company be so cruel; knowing that this medicine can cause diabetes and even death

  114. I was given Seroquel while in rehab in Jacksonville Fl. I have gained about nervous are shattered and I am having muscle spasms. I was given around 700mg a day. I know this is a high dose and I have alot of problems now.

  115. I was prescribed Seroquel for sleep and proceeded to take the medication over a 3 year period as prescribed. During the third year I developed severe chest pain and an EKG showed that I had developed a right bundle branch block, a condition usually found in elderly patients, and of an unknown cause. I took this pill for sleep as prescribed by a doctor, and now all I have for it is this. I also have esophageal ulcers.

  116. Hello I am a 30yr old female and I have been perscribed seroquill for bipolar and sleep disorder. I am takin about 150 every night. I been gaining weight and am lethargic. My moods r more stable but I now see all the horrible health risks involved and I’m scared. Can I stop this drug cold turkey? What is an alternative like as in a natural herb.

  117. My mom started taking Seroquel a few months ago. She has Alzheimer’s and hallucinations. Not only did the doctors give her this medicine but 7 others. My mom was in excellent health. Two days ago she had a seizure and passed out. She was rushed to the hospital and her heart stopped. They had to put a temporary pacemaker in. Tomorrow she will have a permanent pacemaker. I researched the drugs she was on and told my sister (her legal guardian) to tell the hospital to take her off of all drugs. My sister did and the doctors did reluctantly. I’m so upset we trusted in a system that destroyed my Mom’s health. I truly believe Seroquel and this cocktail of drugs destroyed her health. My grandmother and her ten siblings lived to over 90 with no heart problems. The doctors said the drugs had nothing to do with her heart problems. Bull@&%$! That is was her age. She is 77 and like I said was in excellent health.

    My sister asked the psychiatrist at the hospital if she could have a referral to another psych hospital for my Mom to be re-evaluated once she leaves because her drugs did not work. He said she had no psych problems and refused the referral. ????? My Mom has been at this particular hospital for two weeks very recently. We believe he does not want to be found out that his cocktail of drugs destroyed my Mom’s health.

    Please people, do not take this horrible drug and research every drug your doctor prescribes.

  118. I’m 18, I was 15 when my psychiatrist gave me Seroquel. I was 110 pounds. Over a 3month period my weight went up to 175. I have since lost all the weight and am down to 120, but I have a lot of confidence issues now that I have bad stretch marks from the Seroquel.

  119. I am not prescribed seroquel but was given three 300mg pills from a friend to help me sleep after my mother was diagnosed with aml luekemia and I started having anxiety and sleep problems. I was reluctant to take them but on monday nov. 30th at 4:30am unable to sleep i broke a third off one pill and took 100mg and fell asleep. I woke the next morning to take my mother to the cancer center to do labwork. I remember waking and driving down there but have no memory after arriving till 10pm that night. Also my mother says I was very irrational and agitated, I have no memory of being upset ot anything of the sort. So that night around 10:20 I remember I was going to bed and decided the 100mg didnt help so I decided to take the whole 300mg pill. I have no memory of anything until dec.4th 12:03am where I awoke in the county jail charged with 1st degree armed robbery facing 10-20 years in prison. I’m not in some desperate situation which would push to me to commint such a horrid crime. Now anyone that knows me, knows I would never do such a thing. I’ve never been charged or convicted of any violent or crimes of theft. And one thing anyone, even my enemies, could never call me is a thief. Since then I’ve had the most realistic terrifying dreams that leave me afraid to sleep because I know they’re there. The dreams are not even scary just the realism of them scares me. I also see things, like on a blank wall I see images in the paint texture, or on the floor. Even stains in clothes, a ruffled blanket, and when I close my eyes I see these images. The images are nothing bad just startling because they are just there and before taking 400mg of seroquel I had never experienced them before. I dont have to look for them or make them out, I just automatically see them. But please if your taking this drug or deciding if you should, DON’T! It has so many terrible and deadly side effects, and can change you and make you capable of doing things you never would do. I don’t see or know how this drug could ever have been approved. It can ruin your life and the lives of your loved ones in so many ways.

  120. My wife started taking Seroquel back in 2004 for Schitzoaffective disorder and Bi-polar disorder. In less than a year she gained about 70 lbs. My wife had 5 kids in 7 years,and she was a size 2. Her doctor(if that’s what you want to call him) had her on apprx 6 to 8 different meds at one time,including Seroquel.(At 1 point she was taking 1200mg at bedtime) This stuff destroyed her!! Her energy went down to nothing…she slept all day and night,she would get up in the middle of the night and raid the fridge because she said it made her always hungry. She has had a few seizures(not sure if its related because she had her first one before we ever heard of this stuff).Our marriage is over,she is completely dependant on this drug,she cant sleep without it. None of her “doctors” have ever communicated with each other to discuss my wife’s history.( she is a recovering substance abuser),all they ever do is push more pills down her throat.With her disorders,they shouldnt be giving her a ton of this stuff, sending her home and then asking her a month later if she thinks it’s working.They did it with Xanax,Colonapin(sp),you name it.. Now my kids can’t see their mother unless I’m present. My 13 year old daughter now has issues of her own,and the doctors want to put her on meds.When and how does it end??? Everyone I know is on something,or someone they know is on something. It’s like 6 degrees of seperation with this stuff. Oh, and my wife left me for a Schitzophenic she met in rehab,this stuff killed my 14 year marriage. Don’t let your loved ones take this drug,please.

  121. I forgot to mention in my last post that in the past few years my wife has attempted suicide (in front of our then 5 year old son) and it hasn’t really done anything to stabilize her mood unless you can call sleeping a”mood”,she still has severe mood swings,she is already at risk for diabetes(family history),and now she is even more depressed due to the amount of weight she has gained.(as I mentioned in my last post,5 kids in 7 years.She went back down to a size 2 within a month of having number 5 without any diet or exercise.)

  122. I was given seroquel for bi-polar paranoid scitzaphrenia i was type II diabetic from beginning doctor knew this but gave it to me anyway i trusted my doctor then i fell asleep for six months in a coma like state and my kids missed 35 days of school and i woke up one morning and picked up my bible and i said god i dont know whats wrong with me but i feel like im dying so i flushed pills then i went into a bad rage coming down off of seroquel broke all my dishes in my house then i saw on tv that seroquel causes death in type II diabetics and my doctor knew i was type II diabetic from beginning he obviously didnt care enough about me to read my chart now i have type I diabetes and im on 40 units of insulin a day and 2000 mg of metaformin a day my kidneys gave out last christmas they started working again and i was on heart attack and stroke level so my family doctor not a pschiatrist put me on 2 blood pressure medicines one for kidneys cholesterol medicne, lasix fluid pill and my chest hurts and i feel that this is total negligence on the pschiatrists part for not reading i was type II diabeitic from time i walked in his office now im in very bad health and i would like something done about this. It is a shame our doctors cant be trusted to really read your charts while they are giving us prescriptions and they kill us by doing so. I would appreciate a good lawyer to help me i am disabled because of all of this and i used to work for state of west virginia on the West Virginia Child Abuse, Adult Abuse, and Domestic Violence Hotline covered the whole state. I also was diagnosed with sleep apnea and had surgery and had to quit my job for the state because of me falling asleep on job disability i was forced out of my job because of health problems. I was stop breathing 500 times a night every 60 seconds i stopped breathing. Pschiatrist knew this also before giving me seroquel that causes death in type II diabetics. I was only getting 70 percent oxygen at night. Now im only getting 50 percent oxygen at night my condition has worsened and i pray to my god above that i survive through this. This is not right for doctors to get away with killing people by not reading their charts. Sleep Apnea causes memory loss oxygen loss heart attacks strokes diabitis my pschiatrist new all of this when he prescribed me seroquel. Im not a doctor i trusted him though and almost died from it and i could still die from it. Pure negligence on pschiatrist part please help me im in bad health have been for three years.

  123. I have been taking 600 mg of Seroquel at night since 2/05 for Bipolar Depression and as a sleep aid. I had already tried Lithium, Abilify, Lamictal, Geodon, and Depakote as a mood stabilizer. They didn’t work and had intolerable side-effects. Seroquel gives me cotton mouth, constipation, and extreme carb cravings but it’s the ONLY med that has helped with my Rapid-cycling Bipolar 1 (Severest form of BP). I haven’t developed Diabetes or TD so far. I probably would have been dead already by suicide or manic accident without the Seroquel so a supposedly shortened life doesn’t bother me. I don’t want Seroquel taken off the Market!!! Let those of us who benefit have the opportunity to take it. Patti

  124. I had gestational diabetes with my 2nd child. It went away. I went through a divorce and my dr. put me on seroquel. I didnt know you arent suppose to rake this med if you have ever had any type diabetes. i became full blown diabetic after taken this med. My blood sugar levels were always between 500-700 daily. I am currently taken 4 shots of insulin a day and two pills, all because of a Drs. negligience. Seroquel has ruined my life.

  125. Lovely stories all. My multiple disabilities go back many years. I was a bit of a wild child so massive amounts of drugs and alcohol were a way of life. It could be postulated at this late date that I was ‘self medicating’ all those years. Been clean an sober 18 years now. I have tried to avoid all drugs in my recovery. However there have been times where I felt stressed sometimes over-stressed and would talk candidly to my Dr about what to do. Take a pill… and, with out fail, (more hind-sight) my life would nose dive, I would go from stress to anxiety… take pills and my life would totally fall apart. I would be overwhelmed with life, by life. SLeep two or three months from what ever drug-of-the-moment was prescribed… and WHALLA! Im fine again. What ever had been stressing me in life had disappeared after a week or two of drug induced coma, and after a few more months, all of life was new again. Out of the last 18 years I have been ‘medicated about three years tottal. Whith the longest stint of about 18 months the rest six month and less. seroquel
    I have been looking at getting back into the work force. I have been working with our local DVR, vocational rehabilitation. I have worked with DVR many times over the years and I recently noticed that EVERY TIME i had gone on medication it was at the insistence of the DVR counselor. My mental health issues are depression… mostly depression… with the added benefit of a bi polar diagnosis. WHen I am not depressed I am fun> not depressed>depressed is bi polar? Mono pole, any one? My ‘learning disorder’ or cognitive disability has been the main reason for my SSDI. I like to think of it as DD. Dumb and Depressed. I was prescribed all the ADHD amphetamines… that only made me sleepy till Vivanase. Wakes me up, I can focus, I can get things done… but would often have a hard time falling asleep. Enter seroquel. Crap. Bad crap and Holly crap. My first dose, 25mg knocked me out for sixteen hours. I was a zombie the next day. But, coffee and Vivanese woke me right up… so I took another seroquel, this time cut in quarters… about..6-7 mg and slept good 8-ten hours. And groggy and stupid till noon the next day… and DREAD. Is it just me? Yes, weird gut churning DREAD. But I needed to sleep too. Over many weeks of off an on with seroquel I moved up … 7mg… 14…25… 25X2…25X3 … 25×4… 50X2 50X4… 100 100X2 100X2X2… 100erX2 100erX2X2X2…
    I came to relise today, the most panic and anzyity I have now, the more seroquel… I need to sleep at night. Really? I was anxious about DVR, I was a little apprehensive about school… I was feeling very in control of my life, feeling good and optimistic with some healthy fear about going to school/work. DVR push HARD to get me on drugs. OK, a little pick me up or put me down couldn’t hurt. Right? My weight has shot up , again. I clentch my jay so tight and so much I split a molar and had to have emergency surgery for extraction. My tongue is swollen and flops around like a fish out of water and my face always seams to be in motion, grimacing and stitching. My cholesterol is off the charts, I cant hold a conversation with out my lips turning blue I am SO out of breath. I have had a constant head ache from night one with seroquel, libido is … well,. I am old anyway, but I cant even … um… do it my self…so to speak. Before I took my first dose I had gone online and looked at a few sites. All the ‘side effects’ didnt sound any worse than anything else I have taken… but I didnt look to deep. Only like AstraZeneca and Web MD stuff. I have spent today, all day researching … O M F G !!! I called the Doc and said, I am going off this, AND I want medical supervision. I have been on it six months, and, I will quit cold Saturday. Friday I meet with Dr. It will either be Inpatient or at home with a bottle of valuim, I dont care which, but I am off this crap. Run!

  126. I am absolutely furious that Astra zeneca put Seroquel on the market. My college age son has pancreatitis now- he is unable to work, he is unable to attend college , and it has cost huge amount of dollars due to hospitalizations. I intend to fight to get it removed from the market.
    The physicians he has seen who are experts in pancreatitis are working to try to help him.
    The Clinical trials done in 2003 showed that seroquel could cause pancreatitis. I intend to fight this drug company with every ounce of my motherly passion and determination.

  127. i am on 250mg of seroquel and am suffering blackouts had 2 car crashes in a week one nearly fatal,just seem to be constanly having blackouts????????????????

  128. After trying over a dozen sleep medications, my Doctor prescribed
    serequel at 25 mg and it worked unlike the ambiens, sonatas, trazadones, etc. of this world. However, over the past couple of years, my dosage has increased to 100 mg per night as my system was not responding to just 25 mg. Coincidence or not, I have unexplained breathing issues (notwithstanding the fact that I had multiple pulmonary tests to confirm no issues with my lungs AND a stress test to confirm no heart-related issues) and have gained 10-15 lbs despite not changing my diet. My question for my fellow serequel ingesters is: Can 100 mg of serequel per night casue shortness of breath and/or weight gain? From what I read, it appears that the weight gain seems to be most prevelant in those people that take higher doses such as 200 mg and above. If you have experienced any of these symptoms please post. Thank you.

  129. I was on seroquel for a bout a year. But had not filed a claim yet…against the drug (seroquel). But since that time, I have had gained weight,have high cholesterol,I started gritting my teeth,my hands shaking alot, as well as having my heart beat off rhythm.This since I’ve taken this drug. The drug companys need to take responsibility and be held a countable for releasing the drugs to the general publice. Since they have failed to do the research for a least 20 yrs before releasing the drug to the public.

  130. i was on seroquel for 7 years. i started out at 100 to 150mg aday in the end i was at 750 to 900mg aday. i keep telling my Doctor this med was making me crazy and humacidal and suicidal i tired to take my on life 2 different times and he wouldn’t take me off seroquel. i was on thorzine in 2000 and doing fine. he told me seroquel was an experimental drug and would work for me. how wrong he was. i believe seroquel ruined my life. i lost everything my wife, my children family and friends, and my business. i don’t take seroquel anymore and i’m trying to rebuild my life. i’m finding out now that you shouldn’t take seroquel with a history of seizures or if your suicidal well my doctor knew i was and kept increasing my dosage.

  131. I was on Seroquel for five years (average dose 200mg). Now I need 15,000 to 20,000 dollars worth of dental work (crowns). Denist suspects the dry mouth caused by seroquel eroded my enamel. Dry mouth is also a diabetic symtom. I also gained weight, but my weight is dropping since I have stopped taking this med.

  132. I was on large doses of seroquel for over 2 years as a teenager in 1997, until I had a second opinion from a different psychiatrist ( I guess I was bipolar, but it didn’t deem the need for the anti-psychotic). In 2001 I had a physical done for a job I was starting. After returning from the appointment I received a rather frantic phone call from the clinic’s lab concerning what I’d had for breakfast and that I had to return to the clinic to have more blood work done. My blood glucose was over 650…..I was officially a Type 1 or Insulin Dependent Diabetic. I hadn’t recognized how lethargic I had become over the last few months, but I could eat large amounts of food, and for whatever reason, I still was losing weight. I know that currently I have to take over six injections a day and am taking metformin, the expense of prescriptions alone is unimaginable. In the past I have been hospitalized for massive infections due to high blood sugars and am at high risk if I ever plan to have children. There is a history of type 2 in my family, but never type 1. I’m not entirely sure if seroquel is responsible for my condition, but it’s an abused drug, it’s addictive, it causes people to become submissive and non responsive (which is why it’s so great for rebellious teenagers), people suffer from symptoms similar to narcolepsy, and it causes pancreatitis or diabetes mellitus. What exactly were the benefits? The only people I have seen reaping any gains from it are those with issues of psychosis, schizophrenic tendencies, or severe rapid cycling bi-polars. I just wish they wouldn’t prescribe it out like Tylenol or take it off the market.

  133. I gained 100 lbs, lost my family and friends due to the stupor this evil
    drug has caused me. My health will never be the same.

  134. I was prescribed Seroquel about three years ago. My doctor kept saying that I had bipolar disorder even though I have never had mania or any other symptoms. My mother and I were assured by the doctor that the side effects of taking Seroquel were much lower than any drug in its class. Three years ago I was 125 pounds with perfect vision and no major health problems. I now have a very low white blood cell count which means I am in danger of developing cancer. My vision is shot, I can barely read books or magazines because the print is too small. I have put on 56 pounds even thought I exercise daily and eat well. I am very scared that I have developed diabetes. I am thirsty all of the time and my cuts do not heal. I am so mad I am shaking while writing this. The drug companies need to be stopped. I cannot believe that this is allowed to happen to people. It affects people already vunerable due to emotional or mental problems. They are making money at the expense of people already in turmoil. Take this crap of the market tomorrow!

  135. Wow this sight has been an eye-opener. My mom died 4 years ago. She had lived with me and I had taken care of her for years. I am an nly child and she was my best friend. She got a unrinary tract infection and became delusional and hallucinated. She was misdiagnosed as Alzheimers, the catch-all diagnosis for older people, when really what had was Lewy Body Disease. They gave her mega doses of Seroquel. It breaks my heart to know this probably hastened her death. She hever came out of it and died within 3 months. I think I am going to join a class action lawsuit.

  136. A few years ago, my doctor put me on prescribed seroquel to help with my anxiety. My dose was eventually increased to 600 mg every night at bedtime, and I was on the medicine for a total of about six months. I complained to my doctor and therapist that I was experiencing uncontrolled movements of my jaw and tongue. They decided it wasn’t noticeable enough to take me off the medicine. I eventually tapered off the medication, on my own, because I experienced a fast and pounding heart rate about 30 minutes after taking the drug that I could feel all throughout my body. It was very uncomfortable and troubling. Later, after discussing my cessation of Seroquel with the doctor, she agreed that it was probably for the best. I had also gained 40 pounds in the six months of taking it. The heart symptoms went away quickly but I noticed the jaw and tongue movements even more. I clenched my jaw during my sleep and subconsciously throughout the day as well. This led to lots of facial pain that radiated into my neck and shoulder. I took ibuprofen constantly, and wore a mouth guard at night for a while, but the guard seemed to make things worse. It’s been about two years since I’ve taken seroquel, and although the jaw issues have gotten some better, I still have problems. Unfortunately, I have not been able to lose the weight, and my liver enzymes and cholesterol have been quite elevated ever since my experience with Seroquel. I wouldn’t recommend anyone to take seroquel considering all the damage it has caused my body. I think It should be reserved for those who experience severe schizophrenia or bi-polar disorder, rather than used for off-label issues such as anxiety and sleep disturbances. I’m still hoping that that over time some of this damage can be reversed!

  137. while I was on this medication I was gainning weight and It was alot of weight I beleived it was like 80 pounds. My doctor sent me to a sleep study were he thought that may of been what was makeing me gain weight. Then I had been telling my doctor that I had been having these spells of being dizy and sweating and then sick to my stomach and he kept telling me it was my inner ear. I tried to tell him it was something else then the day I wen’t to see him my sugar was 318 at that time he wen’t to tell me that some of my medicine can cause you to end up with being a dibetic and he at that point after he put me on medication and with it being so high he decided that it was the serequel that was causing all of this. Now what the damage is allready done and we can’t seem to get my sugar under control. I couldn’t get anyone to listen to me and take me serious until I wen’t to the doctor with my sugar 318 and then the nurse wanted to tell me it was because, I ate a hamburger and that shouldn’t of had anything to do with it. I have never had problems with my sugar before and now i am a type 2 and we cant get it under control. I know Lots of times i thought i was going crazy I was begenning to forget alot of things i couldn’t concetrate on anything so I don’t know if this is related or not. My unlce had herd if you were told you were a dibetic while on serequeal contact an attorney but, he didn’t get the telephone number so I decided to google it and find out some information.

  138. The reasons that weight is gained is caused by the drugs (see below). Your doctor may suggest you are eating poorly but that is not true.
    Except from
    Cause Of Antipsychotic Drug Weight Gain
    We’ve now connected a whole class of antipsychotics to natural brain chemicals that trigger appetite,” says Solomon H. Snyder, M.D., professor of neuroscience at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. “Our identification of the molecular players that link such drugs to increased food intake means there’s now hope for finding a newer generation of drugs without the weight-gain side effects.”

  139. i was on seroquel for about 2 yrs. highest dosage they had me on was 1100mg/day. I have suffered from tardive diskenesia symptoms. i also have had a history of EXTREMELY high blood pressure ever since i started the med. never had blood pressure issues before that. I ended up in ICU with congestive heart failure. I am now currently seeing a cardiologist. I had a stress test done and found out that while blood flow into my heart is good, I have one chamber? that is not pumping blood back out to my body.

  140. Firstly after reading this thread, I am Extremely shocked at the VERY high doses of seroquel people have been proscribed & the pain and suffering people have gone through.

    My view on Anti-psch medication (I have been on both risperdone and seroquel ) is that they are generally fantastic drugs that serve their perposes of removing pyschotic symptom, inducing sleep (sleep being even more important for those of us who are mentally ill than regular people) & having a calming effect for aggitation. ALSO to advocate that it been said time and time again but its very TRUE… YOU KNOW YOUR BODY BETTER THAN ANYBODY ELSE. I you feel your medication dose is damaging you SPEAK up and YOU don’t like what your doctor has to SAY GET ANOTHER OPINION!

    I strongly believe the drugs are over prescribed in dangerously high doses. If the drugs need to be given in such high doses, than I also believe they can’t really be that effective in managing the symptoms & ALTERNATES for these individuals should be sought MUCH SOONER.

    Having said all of this I would like to share my story and the POSITIVES for medication. I take what is perceived as a Moderate dose of LITHUIM SR (which is easier to manage dose wise as their is blood test for OPTIMUM LEVELS) & A LOW DOSE OF SEROQUEL.

    I was diagnosed with Bi-polar Disorder at age 15 and now I am classified as Bi-polar One Skitz Affective. My bipolar is severe in any case I have hospitilised many time & suffer pyschotic symptoms in the manic phases, I AM proud to say that I lived episode free of bi-ploar for a stretch of 4 and Half years & had a baby during this time. During this time I was taking 450mg of LITHUIM SR in the morning and 900mg a night. In the Last 9 months I suffered THREE rapid cycling episodes (with are Manic & Depression episodes in combination). Whilst hostpilised for the first TWO of the THREE episodes I was proscribed 100mg of Seroquel in the morning and 200mg at night. I NEEDED and anti-psch drug at the time to bring me down from my Manic State.

    Going home I perscribed 100mg of Seroquel at night and 50mg in the morning.

    I immediately stopped taking the 50mg in the morning and simply told my doctor flat out “I have a toddler and I can’t function with the morning dose”

    I had a turbulant time their after and had 2 more Manic Episodes.

    I am now still on 450mg SR LITHIUM and 900mg At NIght. And managable 75mg of Seroquel at night.

    *Weight gain has been slight – 1 dress size & I have been able to address this with excercise and healthy diet and have been able to lose weight when I commit to it.

    *I am sleeping better than I literally can ever remember.

    *I have no problems driving & don’t have any lethagy.

  141. I live in Sydney, Australia and my best friend was diagnosed with acute psychosis on the 12th March 2010. She was prescribed Seroquel, took one tablet and went to bed. The next day she woke up, went to a cliff top and it took police five hours to negotiate her off the cliff. She was admitted to hospital and was released in to a friend’s custody for two hours four days later. Her friend went to the toilet and she went straight to the cliff top and jumped off it. She died on impact. I only assume that she was taking Seroquel whilst she was in hospital and I know it is a known fact that if a person is depressed once they feel a bit better they will find the energy to put their plan for suicide in action. I knew her and she never had suicidal tendencies and was scared of heights. I guess I would like to know if anyone has been prescribed this drug for paranoia, how long has it taken to work to stop the paranoia?

  142. I took Seroquel xr for about 6 weeks , after I took the first dose (50mg) for sleep problems associated with Bi-polar disorder type1, I was knocked out completely for two days, yes that was a full 48 hours. I continued to take it with the advice from my Psychiatrist that it would get better and I was to increase my dose every 7 days until I reached 500mg. Once I reached the first step up of doses to 150mg I began to experience severe facial pain only on the right side of my face…. once again I was told that my body would adjust to the medication. After 6 weeks the facial pain became so extreme that I had to stop taking it, at which point I was prescribed 2mg Abilify. During the two week gap in medications the facial pain stopped completely. I took one dose of the Abilify and the pain returned. I stopped it immediately but the pain hasn’t went away even after a month. The pain is so severe that I had to go to the emergency room because it caused my right side of my face to droop like I was having a stroke which is a scary thought because I am only 28 yrs old with two young children. After having an MRI and CT scan the final conclusion is that my 5th cranial nerve has been damaged from the Seroquel. I am now looking at being on pain medication for the rest of my life. I will never take any other medication from a Psychiatrist. I would rather go without sleep than suffer with this pain. It has affected everything about my life I can’t sleep I can’t eat I can’t even play with my kids. And it is all because I took SEROQUEL!!!!!! I have also had severe mood changes that scare me I am angry all the time and I have at least one thought of suicide a day and my Psychiatrist still insists that it’s all in my head even though I have had a Neurologist confirm a diagnosis of Trigeminal Neuralgia.

  143. since taking seroquel, i have passed out,no circulation in leg and foot, blood clot in leg n lung, triglycerides are high, low blood pressure, cant breathe, eye vision loss, triggered lupus, my legs are weak n knees. i walk with a cane but not very far..

  144. im 31 years old my mom had been taken seroquel for less then 2 months and she died 4 days ago the dr’s that she was seein gave her depression meds and seroquel and it says that its bad to give both of them ….. i should have had my mom here for aleast another 20 years not to say im being greedy but hell why did she have to die so soon ….


  146. I have been taking 25-50mg of seroquel for about 4 years now and it’s the only thing that helps me with my sleep disorder. I have gained a little weight but not that much, and I have had no other health issues from it. I wonder at which dosage are the problems noticed. I can finally sleep through the night which I have never been able to, so I love it! I have to get regular blood work, but it’s totally worth it. Of course I am concerned about the latest lawsuits, but I feel like I have no choice. I have tried every sleep aide out there and nothing works the way seroquel does. Only xanax comes close but the drs do not want to prescribe it for sleep because it’s too addictive… Not sure what I should do now, because not sleeping makes me more sick than seroquel.

  147. I was prescribed Seroquel a few months back to aid in sleeping… If I remember correctly it was 200mg… The second day I experienced repetitive, tic-like rocking that was completely involuntary, so I only took half the dose that night… the third day the involuntary movements were more pronounced. It never made it to a fourth day. I completely stopped taking it and looked up the effect. Thats how I learned about Tardive Diskinesia… glad I stopped immediately too, since apparently TD can be irreversible.

  148. I took Seroquel for approximately four years. I’ve gained 100 pounds that I can’t get off, I have type II Diabetes, and cholesterol levels that would make your jaw hit the floor in sheer disbelief. My psychiatrist didn’t handle the medical end of things (including monitoring glucose and cholesterol levels), and the primary care physician who was did not, so far as I can tell, ever communicate with her to notify her that he was treating me for high cholesterol. This same primary care physician checked my fasting glucose exactly one time in the first 18 months that I was taking Seroquel and being treated for high cholesterol. My glucose was 195, if I recall correctly, but he never again checked it, at least according to my medical records that I collected from his office.

    The worst thing, in my opinion, is that I don’t even know if the Seroquel was ever effective in treating me. I have no way of knowing for certain. I’m no longer taking it, but now I have to live with the consequences of having done so, for the rest of my life. I’m not sure it was worth the price.

  149. I have been taking Seroquel for nearly 10 years (75 – 100 MG). Had a problem with sugar and sweating, taking a natural enzyme before eating has brought everything back to normal. Also, exercising 4 -5 times a week has kept all weight issues under control.

  150. My 76 yr.old mother is currently taking 900mg. of Seroquel (for sleep and bi-polar issues). She exhibits very aggressive and hostile behavior and has never been so unhappy. She constantly abuses me if I go to visit her, yelling and being very disruptive to the point that my 17 yr. old s refusing to go with me. The psychiatrist will not return any of her concerned children’s calls and the one who is named her medical power of atty. (a family physician also) -also her son is afraid to interfere or to try and reduce this large dosage. She became diabetic on Zyprexa and this was the substitute. She also has heart disease, high blood pressure, and has suffered many mini-strokes. She stays at an Alzheimer’s/stroke facility but has had many fights and problems with the staff. I know this drug has caused most of her personality’s aggressive tendencies but what can we do? I want my brother to allow someone else to be her medical power of atty. She was a past alcoholic and then discovered psychiatrists and all the free “legal” drugs that she could mix with alcohol. While her husband lived, he kept the psychiatrists at bay and her drugs to a minimum. He was a family physician that remarkably distrusted the pharmaceutical industry and was one of the few that openly criticized the A.M.A. and called for a more ethical and moral health care. In short, where have all the good family doctors gone that helped patients without all the immediate pills that pharmaceuticals constantly bombard our T.V.’s turning even our children into guinea pigsfor Prosac, Zyprexa, etc. without any regard of future side affects, weight gain, dependency, or even suicide. I just hope this National Health care will evolve to where some of these drugs are regulated and some taken off the market. In England, Zyprexa was discontinued early on due to the many deaths of diabetic coma and I hope to see that happen here. Our country has fallen behind in regulating these companies to our capitalistic company controlled government. I hope to see people take control. We do lead the world in presriptions sold and more pills consumed. Some pills are needed while others only create more or new problems. Only 2% of medical grads. choose family practice because of the huge debt. of medical school and the low (compared to the escalating salaries of specialties) salary of a G.P.

  151. Does anyone know if Seroquel can cause an increase in suicidal thoughts? I have been dealing w/depression for years and taken many different meds for it until I finally found what seemed to work for me. I was then prescribed Seroquel for about a year now to stabilize my moods and to help me sleep. Astonishingly, my dosage of Seroquel was upped soon after from 100 mg to 200mg after the attempt. I have ended up gaining about 30 lbs and attempted suicide by overdosing on Klonopin, which I have taken for years only as needed and that wasn’t very often. One night I ended up downing about 2 handsful of Klonopin and ended up going to the ER by ambulance, suffered respiratory failure and went into a coma for about 2 days. I was so unconscious that my stomach was pumped with charcoal, and that usually makes people vomit. I could not vomit b/c I was so “out of it” that they had it running out my ears, nose, and mouth. I remember nothing that occured that weekend nor anything for about 2 weeks after. It is still all hazy to me. I am still taking the Seroquel as of this time.

  152. 2 years ago I started having panic & anxiety attacks. Doctor put me on xanax and Lexapro. I went from having panic and anxiety attacks, to being very depressed. I could not sleep at night, my mind just raced. At one point the doctor put me on Seroquel. My depression worsened, but I was not aware it was the medicine making me feel that way. I was 49 years old and had never experienced depression before. At one point the doctor doubled my dose of Seroquel, then I started passing out and ended up in the hospital. They changed my medicine back to Lexapro, then all I did was cry, and felt there was nothing to live for. I felt hopeless. It was the worst feelings I have ever experienced. They finally put me on Cymbalta and that helped my depression. I am slowly trying to come off of it. Since starting the different depression medicines, I have gained 40 pounds. I never had a weight gain problem, before that. My cholestorol shot way up and now I am on cholestorol medicine. I would recommend if you can avoid ever having to take anti depressant, do so. They have changed my life and my families life. I still experience moments of fear, that I will go back to where I was 2 years ago. And I don’t ever want to feel like that again. Without God and my family I don’t know where I would be today.

  153. I have been on Seroquel for almost 3 years, along with Klonopin, Tegretol, and Lexapro. I am about 50 pounds overweight and I can’t lose it…I am a complete ADDICT and I need to get off of it before it is too late….DO NOT EVER TAKE THIS DRUG. IT WILL RUN AND RUIN YOUR LIFE.

  154. It is impossible to say that you “know” the medication causes the aggressiveness when there is a diagnosis of Bipolar disorder. That’s the problem with taking medications when diagnosed with a disorder known for the same possible side effects. There is no way of knowing unless the drug is removed, and in all likelihood it is her surroundings and state of mind causing the aggressiveness, unfortunately. I have had personal experience with family members and you would not believe the power of Bipolar disorder and what it can do.

  155. After hearing some negative comment s about seroquel and astra zeneca on T.V. last week I looked on the internet ans was blown away with all the comments. I to have been on 500mg. of seroquel for the past three years. It was prescribed for bipolar disorder. I’m writting this because I also have a lot of the symtoms others are complaining about.I have hot flashes and sweats and was blaming it on the 30lbs. I have gained. Also, I have recently been put on thyroid medicine and my colesterol is to high. After reading everyones comments I no longer want to take seroquel because of all the side effects. I called my Drs. this a.m. and waiting for there call back. Other things like dry mouth and ringing in my ears are a constant bother.

  156. My mother recently died from severly high blood sugars. She was diabetic yet she was still perscribed serequel

  157. I have severed from depression and anxiety for aleast 30 years.I was given Seroquel in 2008.a lot of numdness and tingle feeling on my left side.when speaking it was like listening to a static radio.I would lose my train of thought.From one second to another.awful mood swings.Anger ,lost of time.a lost days ,weeks!!and even now I don’t remember a lot of things that happen.

  158. After being treated with Prozac for 10 years for Obessive Compulsive Disorder I had a stress induced nervous breakdown in 2005. The pdoc said, “You’re having a manic episode, you’re BiPolar, and you can either take Lithium or Depakote.” She put me on Seroquel, klonopin, Depakote and was still on Prozac. 3 months later I ended up in the mental hospital from extreme anxiety. Everyone there, who just happened to work for my pyschiatrist, said I was BiPolar. I never believed it and neither did my mom. But I went ahead and did what the doctor said going through Seroquel, Geodon, Abilify and back to Seroquel. Abilify made me shake so bad I had to stop. I became worried about Tardive Dyskinesia and the Dr. said I was such a danger to myself she wouldn’t take me off Seroquel even if I got TD. Well. Last year I started weaning myself off all the lithium, depakote and seroquel then I got another pdoc to say there was no way I was BiPolar. I ended up with super high cholestrol which has just started to come down since stopping Seroquel. My trigs were 400, now they are 230. I got dianosed with neuropathy but who knows if the seroquel caused it. I have tremors, nighttime myoclonic jerking and severe muscle twitches and spasms. I’ve been off Seroquel for 6 weeks but I still worry about withdrawal-emergent TD. That’s when you don’t have TD while taking the drug, but it can show up weeks or months later. I’m so freaked out I spend part of every day thinking about how to make suicide seem like an accident. The neurologist said I don’t have TD and he scoffed at it showing up later but I’ve read it does. He did say I may have some residual neurological damage from all the crap I was on. Since I do have OCD this has ruined my life. I worry about every twitch and jerk. Is my tongue moving? Am I blinking too much? What really makes me mad is that this never had to happen in the first place. If I had known the side effects before being given the pill I would have never taken them. I believe I was deliberately mislead about what anti-psychotics do and am suffering the consequences. By the way, my highest dose was 150mg and it took me 6 months to go from 25mg to 1/2 mg to zero. If you’re going to take yourself off this drug you have to go super slow.

  159. I am just amazed at everyones stories on here. How did this drug ever get on the market. Also I was shocked as to how expensive it was. Almost $500 a month and as a single mom thats a lot of money. I was also divorced while on this medication. Not that the medication was to blame for all of it but i can totally see how it can ruin a relationship. Its like they are getting away with rape and some murders. As I was diagnosed as being bipolar after I had my son in 2007. I had never been on any medications let alone something for depression or anxiety. I put full trust in my doctor and shouldn’t have. I have been considered borderline diabetic my whole life and im sure I will be one day and Seroquel will have some contribution to that. I was up to 400 mg. I have gained weight and mostly in my stomach. I dont know how some of you are functioning at the MG you are taking. There were sum days i just COULDNT get out of bed. Which in turn leads to more depression. Im now on depakote and would like to be free of all meds but my doctor says I will never get rid of my post-pardum depresion. I can only hope hes wrong. I would just STRONGLY urge people to consider other options before starting this drug! Or any drug really!!!!!

  160. i been on it for about a year n realy have wonderd if i dont see worse n im forgetfull . i do sleep beter.all this bad stuff im just hearn so gota do alittle more diggn.i think it helps me mentaly but wondern now

  161. i took it for 4years they said i might not be able to have kids because of it and i might have diabetes im only 17 freaking years old what is wrong with people you cant do this to a kid I MIGHT NOT BE ABLE TO HAVE BABIES NOW BECAUSE PEOPLE ARE SO FREAKING STUPID PUTTING A KID ON 1,000 MILLAGRAMS OF THIS STUFF!!!!

  162. I took seroquel for seven years. I ended up in the hospital with kidney failure, rhadomyolysis, neuropathy, problems breathing and very low blood pressure. I’m in pain everyday Now I’m being told that the only claims are for diabetes. This drug company took my life. No one is willing to persue my injuries because of cost effectiveness. I understand business i. But who will speak out for me???

  163. I began taking Seroquel about the year 2000. I have gained approx. 50 lbs. and developed type II diabetes. Ironically, my psych. still prescribes it to me. I hate to admitt it, but it has been effective in treating my insominia, anxiety and even manic episodes. The manufactures still should have made me aware of any and all possible side effects. I want justice.

  164. I stopped taking Seroquel about 3 months ago. For 2 years, daily dose ranged between 200mg and 300mg. With my doctor’s approval I weaned myself off of Seroquel. Now, I have symtoms that i have never had before. Frequest urination, low globulin level, high A/G ratio, high MCV and MCH levels, eye sight going bad suddenly. I did not experience weight gain; my weight remained constant. Diabetes I and II have been ruled out. Other blood results are within normal ranges. I have only one kidney, and I am concerned that Seroquel might have damaged this kidney.

    Is Seroquel the blame?

  165. Seroquel is terrible. It almost killed me. I am constantly writing to AstraZeneca about this. I am trying to get the word out to as many people as I can so that there are less deaths. :(

  166. I have been on Seroquel for about 2 years . I was put on it because I could not sleep at night and had suffered from depression in the past. Yes it made me sleep , but I would have a ” Seroquel hangover” the next day . I could barely function. I also put on about 30 lbs , have chest pains , memory loss is the worst . I could always remember everything. Since being on the medicine my brain feels foggy and disoriented at times .I could not even remember a conversation I would have earlier in the day. I started out on 200 mg . I could not handle that so I started taking 100 mg down to 50 mg on my own. I finally went to my doctor and told him I wanted off the medicine . He precribed Prestiq . I also have anxiety and the seoquel made my heart race too. I would suggest to wean yourself off . Just tell your doctor you want to try something new . That Seroquel just is’nt working for you.

  167. I’m absolutely confused and looking for answers as a majority of you are. Just 11 days ago my father, grandfather of 3 with a 4th one on the way, shot himself in the head on fathers day. He had been taking seroquel for the last 2 years and just two months ago after a psychotic episode, his milligram dosage was increased to 1200. It appears he only stayed on the pills for about a month after the increase and suddenly stopped. The last few weeks he acted strangely but I didnt suspect that he had stopped taking them because he was functioning rather normally. On fathers day after having lunch with me and my 2 year old daughter, he went home and killed himself. He had just hung up the phone with my sister telling her he would be coming over for dinner in 20 minutes. My dad was suffering from depression after loosing my mother 3 years earlier and was also diagnosed with dillusional disorder for some paranoid episodes he was having. But NEVER, EVER in a million years was this gentle man capable of doing something so horrific to himself or his family. It’s unbelievable, and if you knew him he had the kindest, most gently heart. It seems as though when he quit taking the pill suddenly, he had horrible side effects. I blame myself for getting him started with this medication in the first place, in this case the benefits obviouisly did not outweigh the risk and people need to educate themselves before allowing themselves or a loved one to be pursuaded into taking this med. A very painful loss that I know could have been avoided had I read up on the risks years ago.

  168. November of 2004, I visited a therapist and was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. He wrote me a prescription for zoloft and handed me a small box full of the drug Seroquel. He said it was still in it’s testing stages, but assured me the drug has received nothing but positive feedback. Within the first week of taking this drug, I was sleeping 16-18 hours a day, I had no recollection of memory during the short few hours I was “awake” (more like a zombie), I missed ALOT of school. After the second week, I was experiencing bizarre dreams and horrific hallucinations — alone, and in public. My anxiety and paranoia increased, suicidal thoughts occurred more often, I gained about 30 lbs during the course of this “medication”. I had never had physical health problems, but soon after taking this drug, I developed an acute kidney infection. I tossed the drug out, haven’t taken it since, but after taking seroquel, it seems like I am being admitted into the hospital once or twice a year (for 2-5 days in some cases) for kidney problems. It doesn’t matter how healthy I eat, my water intake, nor how much OR lack of carbonated beverages I have, and now because of ER visits and hospital stays, I am seriously in debt. I am 24 years old, I have a part-time job and I attend school full time. Lately my mood swings and depression issues have resurfaced to the point of being intolerable, I know I probably SHOULD see a therapist, but since the last time I went and was given this drug, I don’t think I could go back. To those of you whom have said Seroquel should be taken off the market, I absolutely agree. If you think your situation is bad before the drug, Seroquel will only make things worse.

  169. I was prescribed 200 mg. per day of Seroquel for anxiety and sleep, but it made my condition worse, as I experienced repeated spasms of anxiety throughout my body for severl hours after taking it. I quit taking it after about a wekk of rather severe problems, and those symptoms, or side-effects, immediately went away.

  170. Was on seroquel for a long time and now was diagnosed recently for diabetes…my siblings don’t have it, only me…my mom has it, but got it in her seventies from old age…i’m only 47…

  171. I was on seroquel and it caused me a heart attack and I gained 75 lbs and since then have had a high cholesteral level I hear voices,my temper is almost out of control, my breathing is where I get shortness of breath .I see things and hear things that are really not there. this medication did me more harm than good. so I got a lawyer who always tells me that astra zenaca still hasn”t settled any cases yet . so I feel that the only one that is going to be compensaded is the lawyer for his time, I say what about me and my permanent injuries. I feel for those who have lost loved ones and received injuries from this medication.


  173. hi im on seroquell have been for 3 yrs and i have weight gain and generally feeling unwell. i was put on it for psychosis and my son has just gone on the med for the same illness. ive been ill since ive been taking it.

  174. i just started taking seroquel they started me at 300mg and now i am taking 600mg and all in two months. i get the hot flashs i dont know what to do cause i cant sleep if i dont take it.

  175. i was put on seroquel oct 2009 for insomnia, on 11/13/09, i had a grand mal seizure and never had any before this date i am 45. has anyone had seizures from seroquel?

  176. I have been taking Seroquel XR for 3 months. Other than dry mouth, I have found it to be the best drug for my condition. My panic attacks would happen whenever I would get out in public or busy traffic. My blood pressure would rise, I would get road rage and and angry at everybody. I have been diagnosed with ADD and Bipolar.
    Seroquel has eliminated the road rage and panic attacks. I sleep better than ever before. I no longer get uptight in crowds and I have even started to socialize more. My only complaint is the price. It is a shame that when something good comes to market that can help thousands has to be so expensive.

  177. DO NOT take this crap. I took one pill, well the doc put me on 200 mg for the first time…which sounds to me like alot, but anyway…it is way too strong for me. I still feel it in my system, makes me way too weak to do anything. I had to miss school today because of this medication…or Satan’s drug as I like to call it…overall a bad choice. I’ll def. try something else.

  178. my son was diagnosed bi-polar disorder this past february, he was put on seroquel, xanax, and a sleep aid. because the seroquel were so expensive the doctor gave him samples, higher doses , time released , and said to just break them in half. what the doctor didn’t bother to find out, is my son had heart disease, discovered in the autopsy. yes, he’s dead, july 1st 2010. there’s more to tell, but this is sufficient for here and now.

  179. Ive suffered from 2 siezures, coma, heart trouble had to have a pace maker installed, inability to walk I now use a walker at all times, also a terrible time with my newly found diabetes which developed after having been on serequel a year or so, I believe astra zeneca was lax in its explaination process warning people what could or could not happen also have only one kidney left, and nearly died.

  180. I was subscribed the drug back in 06 by the Four Rivers clinic off of Broadway in Paduach. I took it for month. At the time I weighed a little less than 200. I rode a bike 3+ miles to and from scool. Then another 5+ to work and back everyday. Still went from a bout a 33 to 36 waist. I am now prediabetic possible diabetic since I have relucted to find out. However I was tested about 2 years ago and I was prediabetic. This was never a problem until I took the drug.

    What I really want to know is when are these drug companied going to uphold the Hippocratic Oath and not give out drugs and treatments that are harmful? These people should be charged with crimes against humanity. At the very least mass murder.

  181. Zyprexa originally caused full blown diabetes. Got a settlement. After that I was prescribed Seroquel. Uncontrollable hunger and peeing every 5 minutes. I have nerve damage after only 10 yrs diabetic with blood sugars in the 500s taking damn Seroquel! The drug dealer unethical psychiatrist gave me this toxin for depression. The psychiatrist who prescribed it knowing full well the damage it causes to my health should be sued and prosecuted. Lawyer contact me to sue the drug pusher Psychiatrist!

  182. Psychiatrists prescribed Zyprexa and Seroquel just because I was wearing gloves. According to her strange logic, dentists, motorcycle riders and mechanics should be given that same “medicine”.
    Please I need advice to SUE her for medical malpractice!

  183. I had been placed on Serequil about one yesr ago. I have had many drugs like this over 10 years or so for depression etc. I sure wished that I never started listening to the doctors. In 2006 my family was left without insurance and moved to Texas. being very Depressed again after being off medication for a few years. I got free help with the Texas Mental Health Services in 2008. I spent Four weeks in an Instutution and it really helped but I was on big time drugs now. I left the mental hospital and used a program that supplied meds. One year later I was a zombie. I got off the meds again and stayed off, many side effects. Last year I found a cash doctor (something that is hard to find, when I tell any doctor I will be paying cash, Im told they are not taking new patients)to help again, Seraquil 300 mg on the free drug program, I got better for almost one year and I could sleep at night. I had to sign up for the program for another year so I started filling out forms 30 days in advance through my doctor. It got scewed up one after another. I am 8 days off this drug and almost ready to end my life. I got some sleeping pills because I cant sleep, They dont work and I roll around and have bad and evil thoughts 24 hours a day. I stay home inside our RV with the AC on high and do not even want to to talk with anyone. I dont have $400.00 to purchase this drug and I am still waiting to be approved for another year. I am scared because I have never experanced anything like the last 7 or 8 days. What if I dont get anymore from Astrizinica? Will I stay like this for how l;ong or will I die slowly with no insurance or help. I cant sleep at all !!!

  184. this is for ronald in november of 2009, i hardly think seroquel can cause gambling addictions. gambling is something you do out of your own free will. it is ridiculous for you to try to pin that one on them. grow up and take your gambling problem where it belongs, it is your problem, not seroquel.

  185. The VA has prescribed Seroquel 600mg over 10 years. I am 100 lbs overweight, tired, forgetful, chronic gambler, shopper, have no logic or commonsense. My eyesight is failing, started getting cold in the summer. I needed sleep, hence why I was given Seroquel, I have become a loner, can’t follow movies or even sit coms. My VA Dr. told me when I questioned Seroquel’s effectiveness; George just throw your computer away! I guess with no information I couldn’t question his choice for my closed head injury. This site helps me understand that Seroquel may be dangerous!!

  186. I was started on Seroquel during a hospitlization in Oct 2009. I was in the hospital for 10 days and had gained aver 10lbs before leaving. From that time until March 2010, I gained about 40 pounds. I have NEVER in my life been overweight and at the time I started it I was actually underweight. I have gone from size 0-2 to a 12-14. I had anxiety and depression and body image issues and this weight gain has totally affected me. I do not go around people I used to know, I will not have photo’s taken, and of course, no clothes that I had fit. Being under weight it would have been fine to gain some, but I gained alot in a very short time. I have also developed Tardive Dyskinesia, which is very emabarrassing. These 2 factors together, are hard to live with. I currently am not on any meds and doing well, except for my body image and werid facial movements. I hate that I had to use this med. These side effects may never go away.

  187. Man am I glad that I haven’t been on this stuff for too long. I wasn’t liking the idea of taking it in the first place.

    I didn’t like anything about my doctor… Not only was he an immigrant to my country, I decided he was an immigrant to the modern age . He was totally condescending and had this attitude where one must need a “master” or else they will be too stupid to survive. He had this idea that philosophy could only be taught in europe, after I told him I didn’t think depression was neccesarily bad if you knew how to take advantage of it. My instinct was telling me he wasn’t a very bright man. He didn’t know how to talk to people, and he was pathetically shy. I wish these kind of people were injected with testosterone; it might make them think more wholistically and broad minded.

    The REAL problem was that I was unintentually losing weight (to the point of anorexia.. so I my body was starving and going insane) , and I was wondering what the hell was going on with me. My genius doctor decided I should be kept in the hospital and put on cipralex + abilify but then switched the abilify to the seraquel.
    Damn, the moment I was on seraquel, I knew I was messed. My muscle memory and motor skills were screwed; I felt like my IQ reduced to retarded levels, I couldn’t read properly, I would forget what I was talking about mid-sentence, and I could not summon the energy to feel the “beat” of music or dancing.
    It’s unfortunate that I lost trust in my own intuition and decided he actually knew what he was doing. From now on, I shall trust myself.

    I quit slowly, and barely noticed any withdrawal effects. I take omega 3′s, vitamin D3′s, and all that good stuff. That combined with lots of physical activity was helping, i’m guessing.

    Though I seriously am pissed off at my doctor, (he told me seraquel was perfectly safe, had no effects on your liver, heart, kidneys, etc etc and caused no weight gain.) and nothing would make me feel better than going up to him and going “Hey, I stopped taking this stuff. Bye.”

    I’m not even an adult yet, so why was I prescribed this?
    Thank god for the internet. Knowledge is beautiful.

  188. i started on 100 mg tabs for 7 days then moved to 200 mg tabs for a month i am like 2 weeks into that set and every night i wake up not knowing it like last night there was a huge bowl of cheese pop corn gone and my nesco cooker in the basement got moved to another room
    also i have found a burned cig each of the past 3 days in odd spots i smoke outside so this is not good i could burn the whole house down so yes ill have to stop taking this one it is not safe

  189. I started taking Seroquel and Zyprexa in 2003 for an episode of psychosis. The seroquel was given to me by the psychiatrist at the time for sleep (300 mg). Zyprexa (5mg) for the psychosis. Two years ago with the help of my family dr we decided to start reducing the seroquel. When it was down to 50 mg from 300 mg over the course of almost a full year I tried to commit suicide. I gained 60 lbs on these two drugs within a few months of taking them. All the weight was concentrated in the belly area. While I came off the seroquel I trained like a marine that year and lost the 60 lbs. I have a permanantly stretched midsection that will never return to normal no matter how much exercise I do. After the suicide attempt with 10,000 mg of seroquel I was in a coma for a week and was returned to the psyche ward. To those not taking this medication — imagine taking something that almost takes your life and then get sent back to the same people who prescribe the medications. How about that? The first psychiatrist I see puts me back on the seroquel (300mg) .. then after seeing him some time I tell him i’m not sleeping the same with the seroquel any more so he prescribes Trazedone as well. So there I was on 3 different medications AFTER a suicide attempt. I would wake up at night and the sheets would be soaked with sweat and my heart beating out of my chest. I decided something had to be done. On the next visit to the psychiatrist I told him I did not want to be on 3 different medications and told him why. I asked him if I could stop taking Seroquel. He said fine just stop taking it — keeping in mind my family doctor tried to ween me off it over the course of a year. I stopped taking it in March 2010 with no recurring suicidal thoughts. However coming off the medication was like going through hell. He had prescribed the Trazedone for sleep (as needed) When I would fall asleep with the Trazedone I felt like I was dieing instead of going to sleep. Using the dr’s – as needed – prescription I used that as a loophole to get off Trazedone as well. I am currently only on Zyprexa with intentions of getting off this medication as well in the future. To me these drugs have ruined my life and I may never get it back.

    If I were someone who has never taken these medications I would highly recommend you think twice before taking them.

    They really are a tough pill to swallow!

  190. I have been taking Seroquel 100 mg for quite some time now. I have taken the same medications without change for a long time. I have been diagnosed with a major depressive disorder & anxiety. I have had these problems for several years. I thought I saw a commercial on TV talking about a side effect of Seroquel being involuntary body jerking. I also have started almost like hallucinations. I’ll doze off & whatever I’m thinking I’ll find myself trying to do whatever it is with my hands when I strart waking up. It all seems so real. Sometimes I make these groaning noises for no reason. I would really like to know if the Seroquel is making me hafe these kind of side effects.

  191. This is an undescribable hell ive been through as far as mentaly physicaly ,and a part of my life that has taken from me and still has potential of harm of me in the future. Thus far in the long run pancratitis,liver weight gain and even blackouts . Ive been wondering what was or is wrong w/ me and i came too a very possible conclusion.Its the seroquel on trial and i am a victim of pancreatitis and liver problems for this i know is a situation that has to be reconciled by any and all means ,for what it seems for and the percentage of side effects is INSANE and DEATH , that cause INSANITY and DEATH AND ALL THE THINGS THAT COME WITH THE AFTERMATH.

  192. My mother died as a result of taking seroquil. She had diabeties and died from respitory heart failure from diabeties.

  193. i have diabetes because of seroquel, and can not sleep with out seroquel. i am hook on it like junkie! no one said that is the side affect!! this is real bad. i thouth that i was the only one ! help!!!

  194. ive had sucidal thoughts been in phyc units took my seroquel and ended up in hospital

  195. My husband took seroquel for years many years. He was diagnosed with paranoid phschysophrinia he suffered for many years with this condition also depression and anixety. He develped diabities and had much weight gain. He was very dependant on the drug for sleep and mentally he felt he needed it. He was in and out of mental wards several times and could not really get stable. He had cholesterol problems along with the wieght gain. He passed away in his sleep on Feb. 8th 2010. We almost made it 25 years. cause of death was hypertension / diabities which in return led to ischemia to a heart attack. How sad for all who have suffered and to all who have lived with this or lost someone to this asta zenica should have to pay dearly but they can’t bring back a life thats been lost or bring back a family thats been torn apart by this. God Bless you all with the courage to go on and to fight for whats right.

  196. I’ve been on seroquel xr 150mg a day for abour 4 months for bipolar disorder. I hate to tell you this but so far it’s the best medicine I’ve been on yet. I’ve actually lost weight and I feel very calm and sleep well. Since I’ve been through about eight other medications over the years which all worked well in the beginning but then had horrific side effects I’m hoping I can stay on seroquell until some other wonder drug is invented which hopefully will be less injurous to people.

  197. i am a 48 year old female,i was about 43 when i was prescribed seroquel, i am a recovering breast cancer patient since the age of 28.i had a few problems dealing with this at a young age.i was put on effexor,trazadone and requip.ihad terrible leg fidgets and couldent keep them still .so i have been taking seroquel for about 5 years .but,last june i was haviing a normal day out with my mother and all of a sudden i started shaking and had to hold on to the car .so i went to my neorologist,he sent me for an mri of my heart and a eeg on my brain…when i got the results ii was put in the hospital that day .i had 2 strokes and a hole in my heart .so now i have had open heart surgery on nov,1,2010 .after sergery i had another stroke,and now i have a big scar down the middle of my chest thatruns across my mastectomyscar my doctor has immediatly taken me off seroquel

  198. been on seroquel for 3 years, had 3 major heart attacks in a 6 week period,have gained 66lbs.have had the shakes,and tremors,cant sleep without the horrible med!!!!The doctor says the next heart attack we go open heart,if I survive!!I’m 53 years old,worked hard all my life and now I wonder if I will see tomorrow somedays.It does not matter if its from the street or a doctor….its still a damn DRUG!!!Give it back to the Native Americans and use the medicines that got them thru what???1500 years!!

  199. Dear Ken,
    Please know that I was on Serequel for 21/2 years and I barely remember any of it. I too gained alot of weight, would fall asleep on the toilet as well as during phone conversations. I plead with you to stop taking Serequel. It ruined a twelve year relationship with my boyfirend and also, I lost the respect of my family. Please let me know if I can help

  200. My father-in-law started taking this KILLER drug about 2 months ago. He gained over 60 pounds in 2-3 weeks. Now we are left broken hearted. He passed away on Nov. 15, his 50th birthday, of a heart problem he has never had before. If anyone is taking this drug please ask your doctor to take you off of it. I do not wish for anyone to have to go through what we are right now. It is not fair and Astra Zenaca should be held accountable for everyone who is suffering from this drugs’ side effects.

  201. I recently lost my mom to this same medication. She was only 68 years young. She also was gaining weight and looked very flushed and bloated. When I found her she looked terrible. She had only taken these for several days.Why do they take so long to remove these medications from the market?

  202. When this whole thing started I weighed approximately 165 lbs and hadn’t changed my eating habits. I saw no need to do so. I started on psych meds, and I noticed a slight weight gain to approximately 210 lbs. Then I started my nightmarish journey with Seroquel. During the 5-6 years i took Seroquel I have almost doubled my weight, and I have not changed anything about my daily routine. However, as the weight got more intense I found myself less able to move around. Then, in July of this year I demanded my doctor take me off the 600 mg of Seroquel. After doing so I have lost approximately 40 pounds in four months. During the time I took Seroquel, it has caused mental anguish for not only me but my spouse. Things seem to be getting better for both of us. My advice to anyone on Seroquel, GET OFF OF IT AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!!!!! IT WILL RUIN YOUR LIFE.

  203. I have been off and on seroquel for the last three years. I have been taking the drug to induce sleep. Like everyone else I have gained weight. I am 52 and I am experiencing radical pain in my neck and the tendons in my elbows. As much as I love sleeping…I can no longer continue to take this drug. This is not going to be easy. One night I ran out of the drug, I felt miserable and angry. Don’t go cold turkey.

  204. i took seroquel for abut a year and i become a diabetic so i knowthe concerns people have i gained weight and now i have kidney damage from my sugar being uncontrolabe

  205. I would like to know if giving 100 mg. of seroquel a day to a 35 pound 5 year old could have caused her to get a terminal brain tumor

  206. My 96 yr. old father-in-law has dementia — still walks with a walker, talks, eats, grooms & dresses himself with a little assistance, knows our family, & infrequently shows signs of dementia. Recently he gets a bit frustrated at times, so he was given Seroquel at the assisted living home he is in (without our knowledge). He was given a dose on Tues. at which time he became extremely lethargic, & again last night. We received a phone call at 9:30 that he was “going berserk” — my husband went over & was finally able to get him calmed down, but he had become extremely agitated & aggressive, & was very confused. This is not like him at all. We have him here with us today, & we can’t keep him awake…. After reading about this drug, I’m convinced he’s had/having some kind of reaction. He also only has one kidney.

  207. My mom took Seroquel for 2 days in October 2009. It made her so groggy that she fell asleep while driving home and was in a head on car accident. She died.

  208. Oh yeah I forgot to mention. Mom was only 64.

  209. I have been taking Seroquel for approx. 1 yr. now. They now have me up to 400mg per day and they don’t seem to help me sleep better any more AND I’ve also gained 55lbs. I was a size 5 now I’m shaped like a keg of beer with arms and legs. Is there a alternative/replacement drug without the weight gaining side effects? Cause I’d rather be sick and skinny then fat and miserable That’s kindaof counter productive of the medication isn’t it? :)

  210. I am so upset that the average payout is 10,000 to 11,000 that is no where near worth it. I weighted 150 when i started taking seroquel (900mg) now i weight 240. I now have to take 14 pills a day. My health is so bad that i just had a steint put in my heart. Who is to say in a few years if i will have to take shots everyday and then what cause there not gonna pay me again. They need to understand that your health just dont stop with being diabetic. The rest of your body is damaged to from all the weight i have pain in my back and hips all the time now and it is from the weight. My family has had to watch my health go down hill and its not fair. I now have Sleep Apena and have to have a machine to sleep and it is because of the weight doctor said so. I cant get the weight off no matter what i do. I am 37 years old and my health is worse than my mothers. 10,000 to 11,000 is a slap in the face they should be paying alot more if it was one of them they would want more to make up for the years of pain that we will all be going thru.

  211. I am 28 years old.I was on seroquel for five years. Guess what happened? I have developed a disability. You can call it ataxia or motor impairment. All i feel like is commiting suicide. Its been more than three years sincei quit but still i dont feel normal physically.Not because i have depression or some mental illness but because i am sick and tired of this painful lifestyle.

  212. i did not no abt ths med until now my son took this med on diff times in the past 2years he would be so tierd and confused and i thought it needed time to work like all meds do he still has sleep problems and other problems i need to no more he does things in his sleep and does not remember does any one that has took this med have this problem

  213. Is there a lawsuit for the addictiveness and dangerous withdrawal symptoms of Seroquel?

  214. In the Spring of 2008, I was called by my Aunt to advise me that I needed to ‘do something’ about my Father who lived in another State than my husband and I did. In speaking with her, I soon learned that my Father had dementia. As his only child, I went to get my Father that year to bring him to mine and my husbands home to care for him for as long as I could prolong placing him in a nursing home. My Father at that time suffered only from the dementia, which he was being given vitamin B12 for that by the VA hospital that he had always gone to. I brought him home with us, made sure he had physicians here in our place of residence and took him once a month for treatment of minor things he had not attended to the past few years such as gout in his foot and so on. I also had his eyes operated on in order that he would no longer need to wear eye glasses as he constantly broke the ones he had. His dementia had gotten pretty bad by the time I got ‘custody’ of him, but I had hopes he could live on our farm with us for awhile before he ever needed to be placed in a home. The doctors promptly placed him on Seroquel to be taken at bedtime. I knew nothing about this medication so I did question what it’s uses were for. They told me it would help him to better focus on things, and that his mood swings would lessen and his temper would be less toward me when I would have to tell him no on certain things he could no longer do. I trusted the doctors to help me allow my Father to live as comfortable as he possible could and for as long as he could. I felt my duty to him as his daughter was to help him grow older with dignity, in comfort and help him deal with his dementia in the best way we could. I had to place him in a behavioral unit for two weeks while they adjusted his medication, he was placed on other medications as well as this one, he had developed a thyroid disorder, which he had never had problems with before. From the unit they sent him to a nursing home for ‘rehab’. My Father sadly never came home again. He never walked again, and he adored going for walks although he had to walk with a cane due to arthritis in his hip joints and his knees. He soon within one month developed congestive heart failure and was admitted for that, his Seroquel dosage was increased to ‘improve his mood’. Within 8 months of having my Father, he died of heart failure in a nursing home. He had never had a heart problem in his life, nor does or has it ran in his family. My Father had dementia, now the commercials say clearly not to give to elderly that has dementia, or glacoma which he also had. One doctor said to me, what is the difference? He is better off now, for his mind was going. Yes it was, but he also did not need to be given medication to cause him to die of heart failure, he could have enjoyed a few months longer with my husband and I on our farm which he dearly loved helping with the gardening. I can not help but feel each time I handed my Father his medication that I was slowly killing him. How dare any company keep such information secret and allow so many to die the way my Father did? All for the sake of money. I was robbed of a few months and possibly a year or so with my Dad while he and I together dealt with his mental disease, no one had the right to give him medication they knew would within just a few months cause him to die of congestive heart failure. I am angry, and I think this company should pay in some way, or at the very least give the patients answers as to why.

  215. I was on Seroquel for bipolar disorder/PTSD for a little over a year. Once I started taking it, in a matter of months I had tacked on about 100 lbs. I was absolutely miserable. I started having major breathing problems, and after taking the drug, I noticed my legs could not lay still at all. It was as if someone else was controlling them. I was always tired, and ended up confused a lot of the time. Finally after about 11 months of being on the drug, I had a ‘black out’. I don’t remember what happened, except for bits and pieces. All that I know is that I was fine one moment, then was horribly angry the next. I tried cutting myself, and next thing I know I’m locked up in a psych ward. I had never been suicidal before taking this drug. I had never had a weight issue, or any other health issues. Now I can’t seem to lose the weight, and doctors won’t talk to me about it. I think I was on the 600 mg tab a night. I will never take this medication again, nor will I ever recommend it. I almost lost everything. People stated that I was not myself while I was on this drug, I was irrational, irritable, sometimes aggressive, extremely depressed, and shut off.

  216. I have brain damage& Diabetes

  217. My step mom started taking this medication on 2/17/2011 she committed suicide on 2/23/2011. She had just been diagnosed bipolar and this was the first medication the dr. prescribed. Exactly one week later she was dead.

  218. i started taking serquel when i was 15 or 16 i gained alot of wait all i ever did was sleep i was sucidal and i cant have kids it really is not fare that this happened to me i want justice for what i went threw

  219. i have been taking seroqiul for five plus years 200 mg in morning 300 mg at night. I now have type 2 diabetes in addition my gout problems wich are kidney related have worsened greatly i was wondering if others who mught have gouty arthritis have noticed any problems

  220. My daughter started seroquel at age 15, she just turned 16her doctor increased her from 50 mg to 100 at night and 50 during the day. She has a terible rash all over her whole body, she is also very constipated we even had an exray done and its full of stool. She cant wake up very easy or function for school without wanting to sleep. She has cryed a lot and been in pain we dont know why.

  221. I have been on 200mg seroquel for 5 years for sleep and anxiety. During this time I have developed digestive issues, blood sugar issues, and extremely intense headaches that lasted for weeks at a time. my doctor kept treating me for sinus infections when I would get my headaches. I never knew until I did my own research that seroquel was the cause. After having a migraine for a full month, I decided to go off the medication cold turkey. By day two I was having chills, sweating, puking, and had ringing in my ears. My doctor is now weening me off gradually and I am already feeling better. Seroquel is a terrible medication and should never be prescribed unless absolutely neccessary. It has ruined my life for the past 5 years and done, I think, permanent damage to my digestive tract.

  222. has anyone received a settlement yet? did you get the check with the settlement letter?

  223. my mother has been using seroquel for about 5 years and started with 200mg since increased to 400mg and has developed diabetes and now is experiencing kidney failure!! she has gained about 60 pounds as well. she has been told that she was awarded a settlement and has yet to receive anything, this is terrible that this med. is still available to patients and causing all these deaths. my prayers are with all…

  224. ive been taking seroquel for about 6 mounths.After about 2 mounths ive noticed i had a really weird feeling in legs and ive been really thirsty and a few other side effects. this is one of the worest meds ever it shouldnt be legal.

  225. i was put on seroquel 3yrs. ago. i drank alchohol daily and have a long hisory of lower back pain. Eventually i could barely get out of bed. I quit taking seroqeul to sleep and drinking. I still have pain especialy if i take any seroquel at all. I had ablood test but my doctor didnt change my medication.I have a strong urine smell or infection.Can anyone tell me what to do.


  227. I was put on seroquel 8 years ago for Anxiaty, 800mg, I Gained 20lbs on seroquel, over 6 months, Previously i was on Zyprexa, i Gained 20lbs in 6 months on that, after being put on seroquel I have had an almost imposible time controling my weight, I have had Blood in my stool and my colesterol has been elevated. in 2008 I Developed a blood clot that traveled to my lung causing me to be placed in the hostpital ICU for 3-4 days and was on blood thiners for 4-6 months. God Bless you all and be safe.

  228. My mother was only 55 when she died she was taking 200mg of this drug to treat as known luis body diesese. After taking this drud she started seeing things that werent there as well as people that had passed away years ago and talking to them she forgot who her kids were she knew her parents and my father. My dad and my mother had bn married for 35 years but after taking this drug she thought they werent married. They increased the amount that she had to take a day and she got to where she couldnt walk or speek she finally got to where we had to put her into bed and just 3 days after we put her into bed she basically went into a coma and less then 2 weeks later she passed away

  229. I wish someone could explain the logic of medicare getting their money back for injuries cased by one of the gov agencies ,FDA, approving this drug in the first place. If it is true that medicare has their hand out I dont think any of us can expect much. My hospital bills for 10 years of pain and suffering is over 500,000., maybe more. And this is with federal employee insurance and medicare. God help us all.

  230. Well Gene, you have hit the nail about Medicare “glomming” on to the money we receive from our cases.
    I am a totally Disabled Veteran, for which I receive a pension for, and I also receive Social Security, with which I also receive Medicare. They charge me like $72 a month co-pay for my Medi-care benefit. Veterans Administration charges Medicare for my health care, even tho I am 100% disabled. I was diagnoed with Diabetes in August of 2000, so will Medi-care charge me for everything under the sun for all of my medical treatment that was rendered to me since then? It’s like everybody is going to make money from our compensation except us, what a “circle-jerk’.
    I asked my Attornys when I could expect my settlement package, and they keep telling me it’ll be this amount of time, last inquiry I was told it would be around the end of June, when I inquired on March 30th, I was told “withen the next 30 days”. so take it from there.
    This lawsuit has pretty much beat me down these last 5 years.
    It has caused me much stress, and ongoing health issues I can barely think straight.
    I just want it to be over so I can get my life back, as messed up as it is now, tired of it being they only thing on my mind, 24/7, it’s just running through the whole fabric of my life.

  231. *shrug* I’ve been taking this stuff on and off for 7 years. 12.5 mg a night, sometimes less. I’ve never had any problems with it, other than the price, but have a work-around for that.

    I think, while, yes, some of you might have a legitimate claim here, some of you are really pushing the envelope, like the guy who is blaming his gambling problem on this stuff. How about a little personal responsibility, there, Skippy?

    Ya’ll ought to know better than believe anything the FDA approves of anyway. You don’t think they actually DO any of the testing now, do you? The guys producing this stuff are the ones conducting the tests, and they pay the FDA to buy into what they’re selling. Corruptocrats, from the beginning of the process to the very end. Welcome to the world of government regulation and pharmaceutical corporation corruption.

    And I’m not understanding WHY some of you people STILL take this stuff if you believe it’s causing you grief? Because some pinhead with an MD behind his name told you to??? Can none of you sheep think for yourselves??? How about taking a little responsibility for your own health? GEEZ!!!

  232. I feel this medication SEROQUEL should be a Stage 1 narcotic. I have experienced a pure living “HELL!” Since the day I was directed by my Psycharist to take this medication. When he first perscribed it to me he put me on 800mg and damn I slept for approximately for 14-16 hrs and woke up drooling on my pillow. When I saw him again I asked to be taken off of it so he accomodated my request. I felt so lathargic and had no energy or motivation when I woke up after the first time of taking it. As time went by, mind you was with the same doctor “Psycharist” for 9-10 yrs, so knew my extensive backround of all the medications that he tried to get my Type 1 Bi-polar under control. From every anti- depressant, mood satbilizer, anti-psychotic, anti-anxiety, & sleeping medications besides gradually increasing or decreasing the milligrams. If not continuosly changing the reigiments and the combinations of the medications. I did research for the doctor as well to help others with the same disease. I had gone as far as “ECT” Electro Convulsive Therapy on a regular basis which was mantaince to get off of 13 medications a day. Now prior to the ect’s I was put back on seroquel again in a smaller dosages at 100 milligrams and in time is was increased slowly.I have “NEVER” have experienced any type of sucidial thoughts ever in my life before. One night I had my boys on a 50/50 custody basis and my youngest son was sleeping while my older son was still awake and for some ODD reason I had an incident I pulled out a knife from the kitchen and was sitting on my bed looking at my end table and started having thoughts I have never had in life before which was feeling like there was nothing positive in life anymore due to all the stress I was under due to mere fact of this major CUSTODY battle I have been in since 1999. Now Jesus Christ this is completley out of character for me reason being is because I would never think of doing this since I have two boys and I feel suicide is the easy way out besides the SELFISHNESS in it. I got tired of the maintenance of the ect’s and went back on the meds. At this point in time it became harder and harder to maintain my daily life in general besides my older son was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes insulin dependent. My family which is my support network became involved and did an intervention for me to get me off all the medications and they showed up at my house one day while my boys were at thier dads house and came in as I was over medicated on the seroquel amongst all the other medsications I was on and as I was sleeping and had no idea they were moving my things out of the house I was renting and moved me back in to thier house to get me back on track. Due this whole situation I gave up sole/physically to thier dad but “NOT” my “PARENTAL RIGHTS.” My former ex-husband used my medical condition to his benefit to keep my boys away from me using this weakness against me. I have this all documented through the Doctor as well as the Courts. I went to a psychologist with my boys to let them know mom had to take care of things and I would never give up on for fighting for them.The courts mandated an order for the father to let me have communication with my boys 3 days a week I heard from my youngest son for maybe the first 3 months but then he told me my older son wanted nothing to do with me. So at this point and time he has been in MAJOR CONTEMPT of COURT We finally started back to square 1 again and I went and got my Medicinal Marijuana Card, and then all I needed was an anti-anixety and sleeping medication. Now why the HELL is this medication still on the market since this class action lawsuit started in 1996 and still being perscribed here in 2011? All it is for the FDA is MONEY and by damn the pharmacuticals would have a hugh problem loosing thier precious MONEY….PERIOD. I have been off all the medications except for lunesta (sleeping) and diazapam (anti-anxiety) besides my medicinal marijuana license. I feel more like a normal person now than I ever have prior to being dignosed with the bi-polar type 1. I’d rather be on a natural medication opposed to a man made drug. I feel that the FDA NEEDS to take more time and effort like a 10 year trail before they approve a new medication to the market to phyiscally to see the long term side effects of a MEDICATION.

  233. My boyfriend and I have only experienced HELL since we had both had been perscribed to this medication on seperate occasions with two different doctors and one night he bit me while we were sleeping not to mention that one night he went to go to the bathroom and completely feel head first into the toilet bowel pratically ajaring his head and neck which is documented through the doctor that perscribed it to him Anyone familiar with a MARY J KUJAWA out there a supposed psycharist?


  235. I was put on seroquel for PSD. I was prescribed 300mg seroquel as well as my 45 mg mirtazapine which was reduced to 30. When i took the first dose of serquel (50 MG) my legs collapsed from underneath me. I could not stand up, I went the following monday/tuesday to the doc and he siad that it was because my body was not used to it and to continue taking and see if it improved. It didn’t, i was weak, had difficulty tensing my muscles, breathing felt strange, restless leg, weakness was so bad that i had to hold the banister using stair and became tired easily. All the muscles in my body (face, hands fingers feet, legs) are less responsive and i have to put a vast amount of effort in to do things I dare not go beyond a 100 of the prescribed 300.

    After a month none of the side effects had gone, i went back and doc finally agreed that i should come off straight away. no taper, just stop. that was two weeks ago, and none of these side effects have left me or imrpoved. I am in an awful state, i feel totally debilitated, serqoel has destroyed any chance i have of stablising my mood and i am left with a new set of conditions on top of the bad state i was in in the first place.

  236. my sister died in oct. of 08. while cleaning out her apt., i came upon a recent pic. of her ( hadn’t seen her in 5 yrs) . she was on oxygen and her cheeks were swelled so bad that they were past her nose, making the oxygen tube useless. always a little overweight, but now looked like she was about to explode. i have never seen so much weight gain so fast. may the people responsible for hiding the effects of this drug rot in hell!

  237. What I don’t see are lawsuits with regard to getting off of seroquel. I was prescribed 600 mg XR and because my health was compromised by the seroquel, I’ve had to come off of it gradually. The withdrawal or “discontinuation syndrome” (as they like to call it) has been literal hell. It’s not that way for all people, but if you check the board “Seroquel withdrawal topix) you will find about 2500 posts from people who are struggling with severe withdrawal from seroquel.

    Not everyone responds that way, particularly if they are changed to an atypical antipsychotic that hits the same neurotransmitters. But who wants to go from one hellish drug to another?

  238. This drug is really scarey – I took it for four years for off label use of “insomnia” it knocked me old cold at night and i continued to use it because I had extreme insomnia and was in sobriety so could not take anything narcotic. I feel i lost those years of my life I was so out of it I could barely function and slept 10-12 hour per night. gained 20 lbs, felt uptight. Good news, i stopped taking it 6 months ago, dropped 25 lbs and feel great. it is really inappropriate to take a medication this strong with cavalierly. I will not see that doctor again under any circumstances.

  239. Seroquel riuned my life for years.I took 900 hundred milligrams a day amd lived life in hell.I could not function and was a zombie.I gained 100 pounds and developed diabetes.The Doctors kept see that I gained massive amounts weight rapidly.I hate seroquel and I am glad the company has to pay people that suffered.Unfortanly my lawyers says I am not one of them. but then I get a letter sying i am getting a seetlement.So I am waiting to see if i get a seetlement or not.I totally think I deserve one because that medicine made me suffer badly..

  240. My mom’s long time companion told the doctor she had schizophrenia/psychosis, Mom has dementia but no other mental diseases, She suffered from GERDS and because of lack of continuity in her medical care and lack of understanding of mom’s GERDS mom collapsed at a local hospital. They expected her to die. We kept praying not knowing what would happen. She did survive but now she is at a nice rehab center where they give her Seroquel. She does not feel like eating, is sick to her stomach,has no appetite, is belligerent. This is NOT good because mom is not psychotic or schizophrenic. They are using it to sedate her and keep her quiet.Nobody is actually listening to her or the rest of the family. We are trying to take measures to hopefully resolve this.It will be hard!God help the doctors and people who lie and give this medication to people who SHOULD NOT BE ON IT

  241. I took this medication for 6 months in 2005. Fot the first 5 months I noticed no side effects. It was a small dosage. I think it was 25mg. Not sure. It was a small orange pill. The 6th month I began to feel stiff all the time. I gained 20 pounds in that same month. I weighed 104 lbs. then 124. I began to have grand mal seizures. I totaled 4 cars in 8 months before I knew I was having them. Just thought I was falling asleep driving which was something I had never done. My weight steadily climbed each month. I quit taking the medication after this happened. My blood pressure became high enough to require medication. I developed a cyst in my kidney and one in my ovary. All CAT and MRI scans show no reason for the grand mal seizures. In 2006 I had to drop out of college because of my worsening depression, seizures and terrible anxiety. With 2 small children I had to find work because I didn’t qualify for disability. I became a correctional officer. It was a great job and I loved it. Several weeks into my new career I had a grand mal seizure at work. In a prison. The ambulance carted me off to a hospital where I was given IV Dilantin which I already took for the seizures. Just wasn’t working I guess. Returned to work 4 days later after rest. Had another seizure that same day back. I had to resign until the seizures were under control. In 2008 still having seizures about every 2 months I had my doctor switch me to Tegretol. No seizures since but have to take the medicine forever. My children and I have been living with my mother since 2007 since I have so much trouble with my health and the economy sucks so bad even if I got a job without that college degree I was working so hard on, the meager wages I earn aren’t enough to even move out. 2011 I still weigh over 150 pounds, my thyroid glad is full of cysts, I have constant headaches, I can no longer tolerate any type of anti-depressants due to overwhelming side effects, out of control anxiety with no benzodazipine help(can’t find a doctor who will give you xanax without an anti-depressant). I am only 31 years old now. I feel like a sickly 75 year old person. I haven’t been able to play with my children like a normal person and they are growing up fast. They have missed out on so much. Can hardly breathe due to the high blood pressure even on medication. My heart still beats way too hard and fast and the panic attacks don’t help that at all. I will probably die of an enlarged heart at a young age if this keeps up and since it’s been nearly 6 years since I have stopped taking the seroquel I don’t look to a change in that department. I read all of these posts and am absolutely amazed at the extremely high dosages most of these people were/are taking. I was only on a small dose and this crippling crap happened to me. I was in very fine health until I began taking this poison. Never had a weight issue in my life. Was never tired and wasted all the time. I have definitely been screwed up severely. So I haven’t died from this medication yet. I feel most of the time that it would make no difference at all if I did. I am absolutely useless to everyone now including my precious children. I really mean that. Useless. All I can do to help out around the house without becoming so out of breath I need to sit and rest is a few dishes and a load or two of laundry. Anything more and I feel like I could have a heart attack at any moment. Thanks a lot AstraZeneca. Shame on all of you. SHAME!

  242. I was started on Seroquel XR along with Pristiq for MDD and PTSD. I only lasted a couple of months on the Seroquel XR and stopped taking it for the side effects.
    My last eye exam showed early cataracts!! at age 58.
    No one mentioned this possible side effect. I think the company needs to discontinue this med and pay compensation!

  243. I currently take Seroquel and couldn’t be happier with it. I only take 50mg a night for my irregular sleep pattern. I was taking ambien, but my Dr. said I should take ambien every night, so he suggested I see another Dr. who prescribed the Seroquel. It works wonders for me. I sleep great. Waking up can be tough, but isn’t it always? Anyhow, to those who have had side effects, my heart goes out to you. To those considering taking it, just know that there are people who have used this medicine with great success.

  244. i took seroquel for several years before 2003. i immediatley gain 50 pds and was later diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. i have to take 50 units of lantus,1,000 mg of metformine 2 times a day and glipizide 5mg twice a day. i am currently involved in a lawsuit with the mulligan law office. they never tell me the truth about the lawsuit. they said i need to contact the garretson law firm. these people won’t even talk to me and said to call the mulligan law office. i have a feeling i’m REALLY going to screwed when i get my letter next week telling me how much i’m getting! anyone else in this particular case and how is it going?

  245. I started taking Seroquel XR in 2008 after being diagnosed with Bipolar 2 Disorder. I was 14 years old when I started taking it and I was told that it was approved by the FDA for children under the age of 18. Now I know it never was. It raised my prolactin levels and after a couple months of being on it, I started lactating. I stopped taking Seroquel because of this lactation problem and it still has not gone away after being off the medication for over a year. But this is not the only problem it has caused me. I now have a weakened immune system because of Seroquel so I am constantly getting infections. I did not know that Seroquel caused weakened immune systems until I was notified by a psychologist a couple months ago. Has anyone else heard of Seroquel XR causing weakened immune systems? And if so, do you think I could have a lawsuit case?

  246. As of right now since 09/14/ 2011 , I am just so dam mad about this incident I do not knowanything about untill now. I have a son ,who was on that drug on and off for sometimenow., However he is still rem aining on this drug serquel , 200mg which is a drak gray pill something like an shape of a football. I am really going to jump on this because of the shame and pain my son and me and the rest of his family it has taken a toll on us. it has let us in desparity and resentful full of bad memories and most of all i’ve have an grandson who is nine years-old and he can remember when things were distrutive and reckless in our home(at since birth). As a family for my son we thought it may of just been him ,even though he has a mild disability


  247. My daughter took seroquel over a period of 6 months. On November 10th 2010 she took a overdose of seroquel, Tramadol and Oxycontin. The level of Seroquel was so high, it was beyond the testing ability of the toxicology lab…can anything be done about this?

  248. Are there any law firms still accepting people who have been on seroquel and been damaged by it or since it was turned into an MDL IS it too late to get a class action lawyer to take my case.

  249. I have been taking Seroquel for 11 years – except for 1 year. It does work well for my bi-polar depression. I did gain weight, but managed to lose it, too. The trick is that I take Seroquel at about 8PM and then eat dinner around 9. I save up my calories for the day- I don’t eat all day, but this strategy has worked for weight control. However, my triglycerides have been very high. With fish oil and simvistatin and a low fat diet, I have normal triglycerides and normal blood sugar.

  250. @Joy no more claims are being exceped, They told us our payout wat come before Oct.1.2011 So we are expecting our money any day now,

  251. I currently take cymbalta and it helps with depression, anxiety, and pain. It works great. I take it at night because it does make you sleepy but, the benefits are that I do not snap at my husband anymore. I actually did not really have any side effects from it but, headaches for 2 weeks and it has decreased my appitate. Which was a good thing because I have heard of so many drugs that make you gain weight. My friend takes this medicine and he has succidal thoughts but, he is going to ask his doctor to switch him to the cymbalta because of the changes he has seen in my behavior. So I hope this infromation is benefical to someone.


  253. Well, I was mad enough about this drug before I came to this page, but now reading that it’s prescribed for insomnia also, I’m even more mad.

    About a year after I started college, I started having trouble with being able to stay awake. I was always really close to sleep and was napping all the time, despite taking literally over 20 caffeine pills over the course of a day. I went to so many doctors but none cared. I got told things like “Well, everybody needs their coffee in the morning.”

    I had so much caffeine drowning my brain all the time that yes, my behavior got a bit erratic. Staying awake in class even part of the time took all the energy I had, and even that didn’t always help. Finally, I had to resort to self-injury to clear that “buzz” out of my brain, just to focus on reading or writing or…anything.

    When somebody finally figured this out, I was diagnosed with “Borderline Personality Disorder” and prescribed this godawful drug, Seroquel. This despite my telling them that I could not stay awake more than an hour at a time, that I knew all this caffeine was causing my confusion and erratic behavior and I wanted to do it a different way. I got told “Well, if you don’t like how the caffeine is making you feel, then stop taking it.” So helpful.

    And I suppose that in terms of what they wanted it to do, it was a complete success. My personality felt bleached, washed out. I had strong emotions but I couldn’t express them, somehow. I could just sit still with a blank expression on my face, sometimes a smile, with the only thought in my mind being that I must look normal, that I must please everybody at all costs, because I am crazy and they are not.

    Finally, after I finally graduated, many years after I should have, I moved back in with my parents, quit taking the stuff, and eventually got another job and sort of got my life back together. I’m still feeling the long term effects of that stuff.

    And did I mention, I’m type one diabetic, and I had been for over 10 years before they prescribed that? I had so many episodes of random DKA, you would not believe. After getting off it, not a one. Unfortunately, the statute of limitations has expired for me. I tried to get something done within the time, but no one would take my case because of no actual physical damage from those DKAs at that time. Now, of course, I have retinopathy and the whole shot. But it’s too late for me now.

    Seroquel to a type one diabetic. Seriously. I’m not allowed to talk about “better dead than not normal”, but apparently, if it’s them doing it, they can decide to give me a drug that has a possible side effect of “high blood sugar leading to coma and death”. How lovely. They get to make this judgement call, to say what can’t be interpreted as anything BUT “better dead than not normal”, which would have been such a comfort to my family had I actually died, I’m sure.

    And what did I really have, after all that? Narcolepsy. And Provigil, on the other hand, is some pretty darn amazing stuff.

  254. I blame seroquel for killing my wonderful, gentle father. A family member kept insisting on the drug, and the doctor involved was a weak individual and prescribed Seroquel. I did not know that it would lead to my father’s death, his wanting to kill himself, horrible rages, tremors, breathing problems and respiratory arrest. The fact that the allegedly prescribe this drug to alleviate menal symptons is a myth.. it leads to physical breakdown of your lungs, brain, and heart. How much money do the doctors make when they prescribe this medication? I found out that nursing homes and hospitals make 3 to 5% of every drug that they prescribe. They get nothing from over the counter medication and so diagnose helpless people with mental problems in order to reap monetary compensation from their illness. In my mind, the doctors are woarse then the drug dealers, as they are imposters for what they are- drug pushers.

  255. My mother was a long time user of the drug seroquel and in January she was told she had pancreatic cancer and died in July I truly believe it was because of the long term use of the drug. yes it may help u sleep but is it worth dying just to get some sleep. Try melatonin u can get it at walmart and its natural has to be better than that death pill

  256. Thanks to all off you. I can read in english but I’m not good enough to write to describe my situation. I hope to all of you to find the better way to live. I take seroquel since 1 year now and I have a lot of side effects that I read in your letter so I’ll try to find a way to stop it as soon as possible. I hope that GOD will help us.

  257. This drug completely changed who I am. When I was first prescribed this drug, I had more energy to get housework and everyday things done. Then it seemed like my body got addicted to it. I noticed myself becoming a different person. Rude, loud, interrupting people my professor in my college class, I became more aggressive and violent. I also started to have a problem with constipation and nausea, all day, worse after I took the drug, I told my dr. but she insisted I continue to take the drug, I began having insomnia and even had some episodes of sleepwalking (my 12 year old says I went into her room with a weird look in my eyes, then lied down on the floor and went to sleep). When I began throwing up the drug I knew it was time to stop it, the withdrawal was worst the first 2 weeks, I couldn’t drive (it was like I had no peripheral vision), I was so tired and foggy, I had the brain zaps, this continued on for another 2 months. Even to this day, I’ll get an occasional zap out of nowhere. My biggest problem now is that I have debilitating IBS-C. I am constantly nauseous, bloated, in so much pain, sometimes it’s like I have knives in my stomach, I’m sick first thing in the morning before I eat anything, I’ve lost 30 lbs. I’m wondering if my body somehow became addicted Effexor, because when I was first on it, it seemed to stimulate my bowel movements, then it seemed as if my body got used to it and then began to rely on the drug. I’ve been like this ever since I began and stopped Effexor, I wish there was a way to get my body back to normal, this is truly hell.

  258. Ended up in clinic,was on anti-depressants(cipralex)for spastic colon,and Xanor(tranquiliser),could’nt sleep on the anti-depressants..i kept on picking up weight,and took myself of the medication..the last quarter of Xanor..gave me severe depression and crying body had to let go of this medication i was on for 3years,and my house docotr gladly gave me 6month advance script..without any check-ups..also in this 3years i had bad anxiety in clinic i had phsycologist and physcyiatrist..was diagnosed with Hypo mania..and bipolar 2..started on 350mg serequel,wasnt even sleepy but tongue was husband planned a romantic trip to Russia,I met some one there also on medication,the trip was not enjoyed by one of us..i did not feel well most of the time…it was a disaster and alot o money waisted!!!the doctor gave me the same medication that caused the depression (xanor) for the duration of my trip..can you believe it???.have been on it for 3-4months and feeling very irritated,sleeping alot..having suicidal thoughts..(dont think i will do anything,bur it scares me)..i have 2 wonderfull children and need to be responsible 24-7..have read side effects is this-irritability,funny thoughts,unreal feeling..not feeling urslef…i pay a heck of alot of money for this medication and i still have mini-anxiety spells..that i fight myself with prayer and breathing excersises…
    how long does it take to get of this medication safely…???
    and can i be cured of it on permanent way???
    one thing ive learned-allways research what ever u put in ur body…even if the doctors are clever..u must be wise about your body….and what you give it…ps(my husband says i have become very very paying for the opposite)..HELP!!!!!

  259. I took seroquel for four years along with lithium and celexa.It took me 7 weeks to get off seroquel,it was just like coming off heroin.I had terrible side effects,vomiting,nausea,shaking,sweating,nightmares,headaches and extreme pain all over my body.I am now med free but still suffer with side effects.As soon as I came off I started having seizures at night and neuropathy.The nerve and muscle pain can be anywhere from mild to chronic,I have ended up screaming before,iv had the pain last up to nine hours.I had an EEG scan done which showed up abnormal,then an MRI done which came up normal.Iv been put on trial anti epileptic drug lamictal and im still having seizures.Also have burning during sex which is due to the seroquel.My immune system is mucked up as well and I get a lot allergic reactions to food.I may also have liver and kidney damage.I have to say I wish to god I’d never been put on this drug.

  260. I keep seeing very bad reviews on these drugs and people blaming the company that makes this drug.
    I have been on seroquel (600mg) for about half a year. I take it for schizophrenia. And let me tell you this pill has been my savior!!!

    I do get sleepy on it sometimes but what my doctor recomended is to take it around 5-6 in the afternoon that way I will sleep it off and when I wake up early in the morning it won’t be so bad.

    I have not gained weight. In fact I’m loosing weight. How? Having self control over what I eat. I can feel all the hunger in the world but il only have small portions and two or three healthy snacks a day.
    (And no I don’t excersice I’m too lazy)

    So all of the people who have negative effects or know someone who’s had negative effects remember that this pill was given because the doctor weighed the benifites and disadvantages of the patient and belived the benifites were higher.

    The doctors and the medicines aren’t god to cure eveything and make everything peachy it does take some effort on your part!!!!
    Remember if we did not have these medicines we would all be locked up in an asylum to rot away in a cell( because to them their was no way to manage bipolar depression or schizophrenia)….

  261. I have read most of these posts and in none of them did I find where any of the patients/representatives had been notified of the possibility of them getting a life threatening disorder from any and all of the atypical anti-psychotic medications. It is called Nueroleptic Malignant Syndrome and attacks the entire body. I know because my husband (then aged 43) nearly died of it. The symptoms mimic anxiety and the flu and then it shuts down all of the parts of the body beginning with the liver. My husband was completely catatonic and required 11 ECT treatments to save his life!!! He lost more than 100 pounds in 3 1/2 weeks and by the time they got him to the hospital that could save him he could no longer even swallow. He was so weakened by the first ECT that he went into cardiac arrest and was resusetated.
    The pharmaceutical companies based in europe have known for longer than 20 years that these medications (including Zyprexa, Seroquel, Geodon, Abilify….) are very dangerous but did not release that information to the prescibing doctors, just continued to supply them with samples to give to their indigent patients to use as a huge lab experiment. These medications are EXTREMELY dangerous when used in conjunction with Risperdal or Haldol.
    There is now a “black box” warning on the small label on the bottles that no one reads. Please, read this warning which is the small nod from our FDA that these medications are dangerous.

  262. Please do something about all the people seroquel has affected for life !!! Some people will never be the same ! Bless all the sick !!!

  263. I have been on Seroquel for about 11yrs and had nothing but bad side effects from this medicine.Approximately mid July 2011 I began to experience bad stomach pains its total hell.When I eat food of any kind I feel even in more pain and discomfort.I don’t feel hungry at all because my stomach feels full and bloated.I went to my dr and she gave me pills to treat a stomach ulcer,I stated to her I don’t have a stomach ulcer that the stomach problems are from the Seroquel.So I took the medication given to me,and had only 3 tablets left over,the reason for me not taking the full course of tablets is it made my stomach problem worse.I’m still not feeling better.On a waiting list to get my tummy looked at inside,probably get it seen to after the new year.Am losing wait from this problem.My quality of life is’nt great like it used to be,and can’t do the physical activities I liked doing.I really want to get off seroquel,what is the best way I can slowly reduce this horrid drug so I can be weaned off it totally,if anyone knows can they please help!.I live in Australia can I sue the drug company in Aust?.I am scared that seroquel is going to kill me.I just want my quality of life back.Can someone HELP ME.

  264. I was only on Serequel for approximately 3 months and started to wean
    myself off of the drug because of a blackout on this medication. Now
    that I am no longer on it I found out that I have elevated CPK levels and
    will find out Tuesday (in 2 days) from a blood test, why I am having
    muscle pain in my upper arms because elevated levels as far as
    CPK-skeletal causes muscle damage. This medication should not even
    be allowed on the market; we are the ones who are paying the price.
    I was not even on this medication that long

  265. I went on it 7 years ago for insomnia, I went from 155lbs to 208 lbs. I had some bad pitting edima but, otherwise no real side effects. I weaned myself off 300mg and now after being fully off for 1 year I have lost almost 50 lbs and back to who I really am. Get off while you can. Ween yourself off by 25mg a week, it is easy. I sleep better now than I was sleeping before or after seroquel and I feel very very rested. There is absolutely no problem sleeping when off of it. Best of luck to all.
    seroquel sucks

  266. I have read these comments with interest, but also with fear of getting tardive dyskanesia. I didn’t notice much of it in the comments I read, at least. on the other hand, I have to say that I have only been on Seroquel xr 100 mg for three months so am still worried about this. Otherwise, it is definitely the best drug I have ever taken for bipolar 1 rapid cycling. And, believe me, I have taken everything and more. I can now sleep, and feel calm most days. By adhering to a small portion diet of mostly fruit and vegetables, I have actually lost three pounds and feel more sharp mentally than I have felt for years. I hear there is a generic for this drug – quetiapine. It might be worth looking into this. I fought having this severe illness for years, but have had to give in to it like I would have to accept diabetes or heart failure, for example. Good luck to everybody out there.

  267. My mother is in a nursing home and I found out she was on Seroquel. She has a state guardian.I complained and she was taken off med. but I think it was to late. She now has shakes,sleeps all the time and I am now told they have to help her eat. She looks scarred all the time. She has trouble getting her thoughts out.

  268. I have been on quetiapine for over 3 years. I was given it to shut off the switch in my brain after 32 years of long haul trucking and a severe sleeping disorder that came with it. I took almost 20 Mg of Imovane every night for sleeping(could not sleep without it). I was prescribed seroquel to help me cut down on the sleep pills. I now take only 7.5 mg of imovane and 75mg of seroquil at night to sleep and it works for me. Working 10-12 hrs every day. I drink 8 cups of potent coffee every morning to get awake but it is the best for me. I walk and exercise lots and my weight is just fine

  269. I was subscribed a very low dose of seroquel for sleep 25 mg. Within two weeks I had uncrontrollable flaying, jerking, short time after I had two massive seizures in two days, back to back, does that sound real. Went to ER twice, been strugling a year to compensate for memory loss.. Any ideas ?

  270. I have been put on 1200 milligrams of seroquel for bi-polar disorder. It has been only tested up to 800 milligrams by the FDA to be prescribed to patients. Even after taking it for a few months in the beginning, there were several times that I could not be woken up, and was therefore raped because of it. This drug is dangerous at high amounts, know all the side effects, and do not take more then has been tested by the FDA even after taking it for months it can be dangerous, and trust who you take it around, and even when you do, bad things can still happen.

  271. i was prescribed seroquel for at least 5 years.In this time i gained some weight, i was hospitalized to have my gallbladder removed, i developed tipe 2 diabetis, triglicerides went high 205, and high blood pressure.I strongly believe that seroquel was the trriger to all of these.Last year my psychaiatrist took me off seroquel after the damage was done.I am dealing with all of these in top of my bipolar disorder that i was treated.

  272. I am taking seroquel and my medical doctor told me that I was pre diabetic, high cholestrol and high blood pressure over a year ago; I told my psychologist and now I am having other side affect like high blood sugar.

  273. For eight years I have been on seroquel.I have had a really tuff six months plus I have been experiencing lots of pain in my stomach all the way through to my back doctors don\\\\\\\’t seem to know what\\\\\\\’s going on I tell them. All the time I\\\\\\\’m tired wore out and have no energy chest pains ,pain in my stomack Dr told me may be from pancreaitis but blood test show everything is fine have had every test done still no answers. I have insational appitite very cranky. Thirst. beyond belief took blood sugar for weeks because I think all these drs are quacks blood surgars only in 60 to 70 even safer eating tell the drs. They say there. Test are not wrong I suffer from bipolar and severe depression I\\\\\\\’m 28 and in other words healthy condition weight. Just keeps packing on and i work to get it off then it comes back I\\\\\\\’m now medication dependent to sleep I don\\\\\\\’t sleep with out it even tried for a week to make my self go to sleep naturally but could not drs. Never told me eight years ago that this Med was. Addicting if so I would of never started taking it. I hope someone out there reads this and can help I don\\\\\\\’t know what to do but this pain I experience everyday of getting really old and I believe all the health problems I have now

    are from this Med and the years I have been on it high blood pressure chest pains unknown. Sorceof pain right under left rib cage right by or below sturnum all the way through to back hand tremmors for seven years so severe that family and friends think I have Parkinson\\\\\\\’s feels like spasms in stomach can\\\\\\\’t work because can\\\\\\\’t even function all day been. waiting five years for disability but continues to be denied at. T this point would rather died from depression then be here treated with in my opinion this dangerous addictive profit maker for the manufacture please help more side effect than what I went into and the list goes on as medical record will show

  274. I have been takingSseroquel since 2003. I also took Abilify, Lamictal, and Neurontin. I took Lithium from the mid 70′s to 2001. Lithium was wiping out my kidneys so I had to find an alternative to Lithium. I already had type 2 diabetes. I tried Avandia and Actos for diabetes. Last year I tried to find out which medications I really needed. I tried Abilify discontinuing Seroquel. Conditions worsened. I then tried dropping Abilify and restoring Seroquel Bipolar conditions improved. Avandia was shown to create bad side effects so I discontinued it and substituted Actos, Actos was shown to have bad side effects so I discontinued Actos and returned to Glypizide ER. My diabetes A1c is now in normal ranges. My lipisides are now normal and my bipolar is stable. I made all of these changes with the advice of my doctors. Please allow your disputes with AstraZenica be settled so I can find safe and effective Seroquel. If you do not want to take Seroquel I wish you well but for me I choose health.

  275. this drug was prescribed to me for sleep.the take three at bedtime.Well knowing that i’m a light weight i took only 2 thank God.After a few hours of sleep????i got up to go to bathroom.i totally blacked out and on the floor,could’nt get up and i live alone. Plus after that i read side effects and it read can cause seizures,and here i take Dilantin so i don’t have seizures that i looked at the price,$789-00 you’ve got to be kidding.This is Medicare Fraud!This Doctor should be reported,he hands it out like candy,he would not call my Primary Doctor who knows i can’t take drugs like this.I stlll have the unused pills what do i do with them.What A Waste of tax-payers money.

  276. My son was prescribed seroquel for a sleeping disorder. Shortly after beginning the medication he started having stomach pains. The psychiatrist that saw him even noted possible pancreatitis in her notes when re-prescribing the drug. Now my son has chronic pancreatitis and will never be able to work full time at anything due to the bouts of pain that disable I’m for weeks at a time. Not to mention the costly hospital stays. Class action lawsuits have proven that the only people making out from the suits are the lawyers. He was offered $2,000.00 for a lifetime of disability! STAY AWAY FROM THIS DRUG.

  277. The atypical antipsychotics (Zyprexa,Risperdal,Seroquel) are like a ‘synthetic’ Thorazine,only they cost ten times more than the old fashioned typical antipsychotics.
    These newer generation drugs still pack their list of side effects like diabetes for the user.All these drugs work as so called ‘major tranquilizers’.This can be a contradiction with PTSD suffers as we are hypervigilant and feel uncomfortable with a drug that puts you to sleep and makes you sluggish.

    That’s why drugs like Zyprexa don’t work for PTSD survivors like myself.


  279. I was prescribed Seroquel when my family discovered I was pulling out my hair and was diagnosed with depression and borderline personality disorder. Less than 10 months later, I had gained over 100 pounds and my doctors had to keep testing me for thyroid and diabetes issues. My hair pulling, depression, and weight gain continued to get worse and the suicidal thoughts began, so I had to be prescribed to a new medicine. Even then, I continued to gain weight because the medicine was still ingering in my body system. I have had health issues ever since then because of the weight. It was not a few weeks of water weight, as I had been told it would be. I am still struggling to lose the weight and dealing with the health issues doing so and I have been off the medication for a few years now. I am not pleased at all and the medicine does not need to be on the market.

  280. Welll seroqual claims another life. My son at 35 years old! I wish we could get rid of these drug companies!

  281. I”ve been on seroquel for 7 years and i have bad side effects that effect me at work. I am trying to find a lawyer that can help me in my seroqual lawsuit.

  282. I was prescribed Seroquel 200mg to help me sleep. I was already on ambien, 2 seizure medications, neurotin, and medications for bipolar depression ,etc. Luckily I listened to the little voice that told me for several days to not take this medication. Well I listened to it for about 5 or 6 days. January 31st of this year I awoke at like 5 in the morning and decided I would try it. Luckily I only took Seroquel alone and didn’t take any other medication. I passed out in minutes and had a terrible dream. I awoke with a terrible gasp. Then my head was numb and I couldn’t breath. In this period I aspirated on my own vommit. Finally got my breath and had numbness on one side of my body, arm, hand, leg, feet, and face.I had a mild stroke or TIA. I believe and feel it was a mild stroke as I did see neurologist but never got confirmation on if it was a mild stroke or TIA. I had speech problems and had difficulty walking for awhile. To this day I have memory problems and blood pressure problems and on ocassion still have some numbness on same side of body. I haven’t filed a lawsuit… but am strongly considering it if possible . As I found out from the pharmacist that the normal dosage to start someone out on this medication is 50mg. Yet I was given 200mg to start. This medication should not be given to anyone. All you people praising this medication really need to think of how many people this drug has almost killed and has killed!!! p.s. I didn’t tell my neurologist that the dosage was so high as at the time I had no idea of how high dosage should have been given to me. Now don’t know if I can legally do anything about this. After reading many comments about what this drug has done… I decided I needed to share my terrible, life threatning experience with this drug. And to let everyone know that I still deal with day to day problems from it. As I believe I have had a TIA since then due to this terrible drug.

  283. My mom (90 years old) has been on seroquel since 2006. At present, she is taking 50 mg. each night. She is always sleepy; never want to get out of bed. This year she has had several mini strokes (TIA). We have never been told why. August 23, 2012, she had a mini stroke at 7 AM and at 10 AM, she went into a very deep sleep. We were not able to wake her. This time when we got to the ER, the doctor decided that it was one of her meds. We decided not to give her any more seroquel. This morning she is more alert than she has been in a very long time. She will not be taking any more seroquel.

  284. I’ve been taking Seroquel for about 3 years. I sometimes get really shakey and random muscles twitch. Does anyone else get that? Also have had a ton of weight gain. Blood pressure recently shot up to 240/170 and it took a lot of metoprolol to get it back to normal (400 mg per day). Recently I was diagnosed with a heart murmur.

    It was prescribed because my brain wouldn’t go to sleep. It was high noon in my head 24/7. It does make me sleep but I don’t think it’s worth all the side effects. Trazodone only makes my body sleep. It doesn’t shut off the brain.

  285. Has anyone been in their study and felt there personal live compromised after study completed…boundaries crossed by researchers and/or dr’s?

  286. Has anyone felt like weird experiences like being so lethargic like they are being tossed to and fo while sleeping…? sounds ridiculous but how far has technology come? this study subject has not been gainfully employed since enrolling in this study…can your woes be their pay check and their dysfunction and narcissistic tendencies…we all can’t be crazy…working a crazy hour job…can’t get a career? can you cope with the controlling drug…do you have a curfew?

  287. I have taken seroquel for about four taking it to treat my sleep disorder..sleeping pills do NOT make me sleep..I also have been diagnosed with bipolar disorder..last yr i had an episode or severe weakness..i was trying to pull my car over to the side of the road..i woke up two hours later in my local emergeny room..apparently i blacked out and totalled my car..i was unable to drive for months, had a head injury and was pretty banged up..i asked the nurse what my blood sugar was on admitance..i think it was 128..normal..after two months of different tests to find out why i passed gyncologist ordered a test..glucose tolerance test..of course tested positive..after drinking the sugary drink my blood sugar spiked to over 200 within minutes..30 min later it was 62..i was severely weak, flushed. when i asked my general practictinor if i had diabetes he said blood sugar spikes and drops suddenly..i am currently trying to control this with diet and im doing pretty good at this time.i have gained over 40 pounds in the past yr..this alone is enough to make a person depressed..My psychiatrist said i dont qualify for the class action lawsuit because im not being treated for my diabetes with medication..if i do in fact have diabetes i will have more health problems in the psychiatrist still says this is the best med to treat me with right now..if they know this drug causes all these problems..i want to know why if hasnt been taken off the market..??

  288. I think psychiatrist should be liable for prescribing Seroquel and other psychotropics that have the side effect of causing diabetes in patients with a family history of diabetes. They should check the family history as a matter of due course and at least warn the patients of this devastating side effect. I am angry.

  289. I was diagnosed with depression so a dr put me on seroquel this was about 3 yrs ago although I was depressed I was really healthy with a pretty face and a nice shape I started to notice a double chin and then I could no longer see my feet looking down my family and friends were concerned about the sudden weight gain and said I wasn’t looking to healthy so I asked the dr that iwas with a the time if it was theseroquel and I was advised not quit or lower my dose in fact he jacked it up another hundred milligrams then one dr visit my pulse was120 so now its back down to 300 milligrams I have no history of diabetes in my family so 80 more pounds later six. Months ago I was shocked that I was diagnosed with diabetes en

  290. I’m 15 and ive been on seroquel for 3 years for bipolar disorder it has caused me to have heart palipitaions gain about 60 lbs and it causes me to be so sedated and dizzy I can no longer exercize or even walk short distances wirhout feeling faint. I have also been dx with borderline hypoglycemia.

  291. Ifeel like my daughter would still be alive if she had not taken this medicine

  292. I have been taking Seroquel XR for several years. My last dosage was 450 mg. I now have type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol, hypothyroid and I\’ve gained close to 70 pounds. None of these diseases run in my family. I started falling asleep behind the drivers wheel, but now that I no longer take it I don\’t fall asleep driving. I just recently stopped taking it and now I take Prozac.

  293. After my bout with this drug for insomnia i suffered involuntary movements, lost months of time spaced out till i had a heart attack, i Became Reclusive, I am not able to answer the door or phone, I became obese while taking it, on disability, never signed anything but were sent numerous packet to sign but my mental state stopped me from this or any type social activity, I am afraid to be in public, i was not this way before, I\\\\\\\’l probably die this way, there is no coming back from it\\\\\\\’s (Seroquel) damage, I am a victim of the FDA passing this as a safe drug, please stay away from this drug, you wont know what is happening to you till it is to late..

  294. My names Benjamin I’ve been taking serquel since I was 16 for six years and still taking I haven’t gained weight because I strip for living to pay for my expensive medications when I started I was taking 50mg increased 50mg every year almost I take 300 mg serquel now because I was having sleep deprivation problems and hallucinations for taking serquel for so long I was feeling like I needed uppter so I take 10mg fluoxetine to help me get energy I also take naproxen 550 mg 3 times a day to help my aches and pains in body also have a license for marjuana to help with my schizophrenia I have really bad hallucinations

  295. I was given Seroquel in a cocktail to for my PTSD from 1998 to 2005. I developed Tardive Dyskinesia as well as my teeth became like wet sheet rock and began to crumble and fall out of my mouth. No one could tell me why. I need my mouth redone with implants. I’m so depressed and self conscience.

  296. I was on 500mg of Seroquel for several years mainly for anxiety (which it did help with, at least a little) and it really helped with my chronic insomnia, but extreme drymouth was the main side effect. I tolerated it to appease the LPRN but after losing most of my teeth and finally seeing the connection, I stopped taking it and felt exactly the same emotionally. Now I’m sleeping ok with clonazepam, but with only five teeth left. I hate this medication.

  297. Seroquel has messed my life up and I doubt that any of that can ever be fixed.

  298. Been takn the drug for over 10 years 200mg only a few thing bad that i ca tell is my legs swell from time to time an when i stop takn it for 1 nyt i cant sleepi wud also cry a lot thinking about my kids that waa i a good father that i needed to be put on these drugs also the kida mother takn thm off me frm time to time didnt help me much anyway wt point i tryn to make is thy are a very bad drug but i still take thm or i cant sleep :(

  299. The pills make me feel like killing myself infraction I have 120 or so 100mg pills and I’m leaning towards ending my life by taking them all

  300. My 11 year old son has been taking seroquel for a few years now, has been only medication that has helped his bipolar without side effects, however is starting to make his permanent teeth fall out. Dentist thought it was just poor teeth hygiene and dry mouth, but after having professional cleanings every 3 months and working with Him at home- she can see a big difference in reduction in plaque and in how much better he is taking care of his teeth. He drinks water all the time, we live in hot climate and he drinks a lot and never complains of dry mouth- on rare case has sugarless candy and water. Regardless, some teeth are loose and found out he has actually lost about 2 millimeters of bone so teeth may never recover.

  301. I took it 11 years ago and it almost killed me. Beside causing a major problem with my artery’s for 11 years now I have suffered from whole body stiffness, chest pains, difficulty breathing, rubbery legs and when ever I get sick anymore I cannot function with even a minor cold. And if I sit around for a couple days being lazy I pay for it for days afterwards trying to walk again. There is more. I have been left in misery by the country I served for 11 years now.

  302. Albert, seek help.

  303. My sister was on this medication for years for sleep. Now a few months ago she was diagnosed with spots on her brain and shaking of legs and handsand loss of memory. Since she was on this drug. Her doctor told her it may never go away now . We were informed about this the other day and I’m trying to find out what to do next please help

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