Toyota Class Action Suits Filed for Vehicle Owners and Stockholders

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By: AboutLawsuits | Published: February 12th, 2010

Vehicle owners and stockholders are filing class action lawsuits in the wake of a series of massive Toyota recalls, suing the Japanese automaker for the lost value of both stocks and the vehicles themselves. The company also faces a number of Toyota injury lawsuits filed by individuals who have suffered a severe personal injury or death in an accident caused by problems with the accelerator or brakes.

New Toyota class action lawsuits were filed recently on behalf of all Toyota hybrid owners in the U.S. District Court in Los Angeles on Monday, and on behalf of California owners of recalled Prius and Lexus hybrids in Los Angeles County California Superior Court on Friday. Both Toyota class action suits were filed due to the latest Toyota recall of 2010 Prius and Lexus HS250h models over brake problems. In addition, a lawsuit was filed on Monday in the U.S. District Court in Los Angeles on behalf of all Toyota stockholders.

The Toyota stockholder lawsuit alleges that the company’s stocks dropped 20% because of the recalls, and charges Toyota executives with deceiving investors about the health of the brand when they knew that there were acceleration and brake problems. It names the company’s top executives, as well as the company itself, as defendants in the suit.

The two lawsuits filed on behalf of vehicle owners allege that the company long knew about problems with the Toyota hybrids’ brake systems but did not warn consumers. It charges Toyota with breach of warranty, product liability, negligence, and violating California fair business practice laws.

Earlier this week Toyota recalled more than 437,000 of the 2010 gasoline-electric hybrid vehicles because the brakes ceased to work for a moment due to a software glitch. About 150,000 of the recalled vehicles were in the hands of U.S. owners.

The Toyota hybrid recall followed several waves of recalls over sudden acceleration problems in a number of leading Toyota vehicle lines.

In September 2009, a Lexus and Toyota recall was issued for 3.8 million vehicles that contained certain all-weather floor mats, which Toyota indicated could get stuck under the gas pedals, causing unintended acceleration. In January, Toyota issued another recall for 2.3 million Toyota vehicles, including 600,000 that were not subject to the prior floor mat recall due to an actual mechanical problem that was causing some gas pedals to stick. Shortly after, the company stopped production and sales on eight of its most popular vehicles, including the Corolla, Camry, and Tundra. The company has also announced it is recalling nearly 2 million vehicles in Europe and almost 80,000 in China.

The Toyota accelerator pedal recalls have resulted in more than 60 lawsuits, including over a dozen wrongful death and personal injury claims.

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  1. I bought a Toyota Tundra in hopes that I would have a reliable truck which then would have a high value if I chose to sell it. Now, who is going to buy my 2007 Tundra?? I went in and was told to just push the breaks if I think my truck is having an acceleration problem – what kind of advice is that – just too dangerous. I feel cheated in this whole mess.

  2. I have a 2008 highlander that has giving me problems with acceleration,
    and if would not hit the brake and emergency brake i would not be here.
    I’m trying to sell the SUV and because of the recall dealers don’t want to give the value it had before the recall.

  3. How do i join the law sue ?

  4. We own 2 Toyotas. One is a 2006 Corolla Sport. The other is a 2008 Camry XLE that is listed for a recall on the acceleration pedal, waiting for letter from Toyota to get fixed. We received a recall letter on the floor mats stating “We will notify you again as soon as a campaign remedy is available for your vehicle”.
    We have been reading that class action lawsuits are going to be filed in March for vehicle depreciation because of the acceleration recall. Just wondering if this lawsuit will pertain to everyone that gets a recall letter or do we need to contact someone to get our name on the list for the class action lawsuit?

  5. You people are part of what has help put this great country in the toilet, you haven’t had any problems with your cars. You hear lawsuit and see dollar signs in front of your face. 99.99% of the people who join these class action suits have had no problems, and resale values most likely will be back up in a few months. Those who have had injuries (wheather caused by Toyota problems or their own) will have the own lawyers and try to get rich though personal injury suits. If you have a half a brain you should know the only ones who are going to be happy with the end result of the class action suit will be the lawyers, who look at theses class action suits the same way wall street looks at bonuses. Also don’t forget that a few years down the road Toyota will have to raise prices to cover these losses and the all the rest of the car companies will follow. The few dollars you get in the class action suit will cost you alot more down the road.

  6. My husband and I traded in our Honda Pilot for two Toyotas. One is a Camery 09 and the other is 09 Matrix. Both cars have given us trouble since we purchased them. When I take the cars in during my husbands deployment Toyota has not given me a loaner car for the inconvience. I think that is rediculous. It’s like they are not even standing behind the product in doing that. The dash board is another is with the Matrix it was completely assembled at the factory. One of the major parts of my AC unit was found in the floor board of the passenger side of the car. I took the Matrix in and they said that a certificate had been put out that they needed to be fixed. They added foam. Then the they called to tell me that they need the car another day or so because they were waiting on pins.
    I am terrified to drive the car. My husband is not here to pick up the pieces if something happens to me while he is deployed. The deprication on the car is also rediculous. The cars aren’t worth anything and I has messed up my family because we are seeking orders to Germany and you can only take one car and we aren’t going to be able to even get out the second car that I need for school. Something needs to be done to fix this with customers everywhere. Toyota says they want the trust back well then they need to take all of their owners out of the negative with their cars.
    My husband when he was in country flipped his mats upside down in the 09 Camery because they kept getting stuck while he was driving.

  7. I purchased a 2007 Camry LE to be probably my last car to ever have to purchase due to the reliability of Toyota. Unfortunately now I feel that I will need to purchase another car to replace this as I don’t feel safe in it any longer. I drive my grandchildren alot and am worried that I will not have the controll I should have. I know that I can’t get a decent trade or private sale any longer and feel that I am stuck with this car.

  8. I had a 2000 Tacoma that had the driveshaft break and caused thousands of dollars of damage. I can’t help but wonder if it is related to this or not. Needless to say, I just drove my 1997 ford explorer that had 249k miles until I bought a new ford fusion.

  9. We bought a brand new Toyota RAV4 in september 2009. Within the first six weeks of purchasing the car, my wife had to stop twice on the highway due to the sudden acceleration problems and once avoided a near miss accident on the highway. The Toyota sits in the garage most of the time while she drives my car, a brand new Chevy ( purchased in August 2009 ) which has its own problems but not as severe as Toyota. I am retired and thus do not need the car as often as my wife does, otherwise we would be in a heap of trouble.

  10. floor mats?gas pedal? can’t remove oil filter housing cover without breaking it? what else? now i’m paying for a 2009 xle, that my wife and i are afraid to drive. For me, i want them to buy this car back, for what i paid for it. they al;so lied to me, when they said the resale value was there compared to american cars. bologna!what else will or have they lied about?

  11. I have a Corlla 2010 that I brought about 3 months ago. This is the first one I have owned and now there are pooibly three issues going on with tthis car. I went in and had athe brake fixed and now the steering may be a problem. I wish I had heard of athis prior to this and I would not have brought a Corolla. What am I suppose to do now?

  12. We bought a brand new Tundra in Nov. 2007.
    With in a month the stuck pedal happened to us. We were passing two cars..when my husband said the pedal stuck…by then we were going at least 60 mph. A hairpin turn was right in front of us…we went off the road..but he got it staighten out.
    We called Toyota and told them what had happened, they said “oh it’s the mat’s fault. My husband told them no it wasn’t.. the pedal was stuck.
    We were just told to change the mat. Got the letter about that. We changed the mat. Now we hear it was the pedal after all.

    I still haven’t got a notice..called them two more times. Same thing. .
    Too bad my hubby passed away on Christmas..he would have said I TOLD YOU SO!!!

  13. Toyota also has had a major problem with oil line failure on certain V-6 engines in Camry, some Lexus, RAV4 and others. They started replacing the line in April 08 on the RAV4, I don’t know about the others. I have a 08 RAV4 (made in March 08) so mine has the defective line with the rubber section. I have not received any notice to have it replaced and Toyota has not answered my questions. Anyone surprised? This line failure has happened many times and caused complete engine destruction in some cases, you can find the information on RAV4 forums. Toyota apparently refuses to issue a recall for this problem. I intend to notify the appropriate state and federal agencies.

  14. We bought a 2010 Toyota Corolla and two weeks later they suspend sales, stop production and issue a recall.

    You can imagine we are not too happy. Makes you wonder if they knew of the problems when they sold us ours doesn’t it?

    Now my wife is afraid to drive the car.

    We would return it and give the keys to the PROFESSIONAL LIARS at FRANK SMITH TOYOTA in Pharr,Tx.,the dealer where we bought it, if it wouldnt ruin our credit.

    The value/trade-in/resale value is screwed and so are we.

    We have a brand new car, which, at this time anyway, is basically worthless.

    Thanks Toyota.

  15. I bought a2008 toyota camry xle (top of the line) on new years day that year. I told myself I deserve to buy the best after driving a camry in the past 16 yrs… Then on the 24th of Oct. 2009 The unexpected happened , as I was trying to park the car it just accelerated openwide like it has a mind of its own and I can’t stop the car. My friend w/me pulled the gear to park and thats how it stopped. I swiped 4 parked vehicles as it happened in a flea market. The people who saw me drove the car thought I was a crazy woman!…The only good thing ,theres no person that got hurt.

  16. I just purchased a 2010 Toyota Tundra Crewmax Limited 4×4 in Dec 2009, the gas pedal sticks and jumps taking off. Toyota never did officially notify me of the recall. I did take to a Toyota Dealer last week who said my Vin was one for the recall.
    They did the recall to the pedal and the truck still continues to have issues. I just traded the Tundra on Feb 19 2010 with only 1,978 miles taking a $9000.00 loss to protect my family and anyone else that might get hurt if was to continue to drive it this way. I paid like $45,500 and got $36,000 for a trade in on a Ford. Is their anyway a class action suit can help all of us?

  17. i bought a 2010 highlander on tuesday and on thursday the sticky gas pedal problem came about, you cant tell me that they didnt know about this when they sold me the truck. last toyota for me…

  18. Thats what you all get for not buying American. Foreign Crap

  19. I have just lost my job due to a layoff and had put my truck up for sale. Its a 2007 tundra and yes we have been called that it is on the recall list. The recall came on the same day we ran a advertisement to sell it. I have added at least 4000.00 dols of extras to this vehicle. And now no one wants to buy it because of the recall. I added these extras to ensure when ready to sell i would get a resale value that was good. I feel as though i have been taking for a ride and i want to be compensated for my hardship this has caused.

  20. I was provided with a 2009 Camry in which the gas pedal stuck, the car accellerated and I ended up rear-ending another vehicle due to the malfunction…..Toyota sux!

  21. I leased a 2010 Corolla 3 months ago. I chose the Corolla because of its great reputation for dependability. The mileage is good also. Now I am wondering if I can get out of the lease which is for 4 years. I am a middle age widow who is now afraid to drive her own car. Does anyone know of any options for someone like me?

  22. I purchased a 2009 Camry and had it less than a year before I had issues with the pedal. I was driving home with my son in Oct. 2009 and had to hit the brake when a deer ran out; it didn’t stop, it accelerated and flew off the road. The car was totaled. Luckily I had GAP, but it still cost me $3700 out of pocket.

  23. Are there any reports on 1999 Camerys with acceleration problems? My wife had 3 accidents while owning one in back in 2004. She said each time the car would speed up then she could not stop even though she applied the breaks.

  24. I leased 2 Toyotayota’s in May 0f 2009; a Toyota Camry for myself and a Corolla for my daughter. We love our cars, i have been a Toyota fan since the ’80′s.
    Our cars were not exhibiting any problems, and like the previous commentor, I suspected that people were just jumping on the band wagon for the money….until this morning! My husband took my car into work and since today was my daughter’s first day of Spring break, I decided to use her car to make a quick run. Well, when I was coming back from my chore, I was approaching a stop sign. When I applied my brakes the car accelerated to the speed which I was travelling before I applied my brakes, and would not stop for a couple of yards. I was stunned momentarily, and forgot to do what the literature sent by Toyota said to do…which was to put the car in neutral. I continued to slam on my tely.brakes and eventually it stopped. I was fortunate that there was no traffic.
    I called the Toyota dealership where the Lease was made and they
    referred me to Toyota Corporate who gave me a file number which allowed be to get service immediately.
    Did I fail to mention that one week ago I had the RECALL COMPLETED on both cars! This occurred after the initial RECALL was done! I had no problems before the car was fixed per recall. Nonetheless, I now am seeking others in my predicament; Possibly we can make a difference as a group. But I most certainly will be a part of a “Class Action Suit”! If it happens to you then you will understand.

  25. 2008toy’s hands free phone system, after dealer made many attempts to rapair it,it does not funtion properly. So trough an Arbitrstion I did demand a new Veh.replacement,but even that manufacturer”admittted”
    it was designed for inglish speaking people only-without accent -(a lenguage issue),my request ws “denied” because this is a “non-conforming issue to the vehicle value. I do belive Toy had duty to disclose it and did Not, Thus it is an actual customer’s class descrimination? Please..

  26. I also would like to know how to join this lawsuit. My Toyota Camry XLE is worth a good 10% less than it was before the recall.

  27. We unfortunately own 3 Toyotas: 2008 Camry, 2009 Matrix, and 2002 Camry….They are worthless now. Worthless! I have been trying to sell and nobody will even take a look. I owe on two of them, and feel like I am risking my life when I drive.

    Additionally the recall work has been completed on the 2008 Camry and the acceleration is completely different then before the work. It is very sensitive now, and seems to react suddenly to any change in pressure.

    To the guy that said that’s what you get for buying “foreign” , mine were manufactured in the U.S.A. REGARDLESS of where vehicle is manufactured, corporations should be held accountable. It’s about Toyota Corporation lying and withholding safety information from the consumer.

    I want my money back, I want to return these cars!!!!!!

  28. My 2007 Camry SE lurches forward from stop…it does this randomly and unpredictably. It is not hard to control it when it lurches because it only happens for at most 5 to 10 feet in the direction I wish to go anyway. I have another issue too. For split seconds the steering wheel seems to float unsynchronized from the wheels. What I mean is that you lose the ability to steer. Again this is just for split mirco seconds and randomly. It makes you stay on your toes when driving this car. Once I drifted into the other lane before the steering wheel synched again and I could steer it straight. It felt like driving on ice. OK the road was warm and dry concrete highway…some would need to ask me that. Has anyone else had this problem?
    I really need to know if anyone else feels this when they drive their Toyota. Also I do not want any money from Toyota. I don’t want to be a part of any lawsuit. I just want to give them their car back and go get another car from some other company. Last thing… What is the chance that Toyota secretly programmed these “gremlins” into their cars to increase the amount of dealer service calls we would all have to make?

    The dealer said I could return the car for the fair market value and that this would leave me oweing them for whatever was the difference between that and what I owe. That’s kind of like a scam if I ever heard one.

  29. What happen to the lemon law?I have a 2010 camery w/4000 miles I’m weary of driving… Been to dealer twice, for the recalls. Is problem fixed? Have had 3 camery’s all have gone over 100,ooo miles. But I want to give this one back!

  30. I been a Toyota owner since 1994 and now drive a 2007 Camry.
    With all the problems with Toyota getting into my Camry is nerve racking
    and I cannot afffor to trade it and get another vehilce. This has caused
    me to have sleepless nights, a lot of anxiety, stressed out and everyday
    when I leave to go to work and to come home I am scared for my life.
    I am besides myself with all the accidents I see on the televison and I
    read in the papers and Toyota does not know what is causing all thes
    incidents.I am surprised and disappointed with the way Toyota is
    handing all the recalls and problems.

  31. I also have 3 Toyota vhicales and I have been trying to sell several and it seems that you cannot give them away. People have even stopped listing them in the newspaper. I have never seen a time when there are NO Toyotas in the Auto For Sale section? Anyone interested in a 2002 Tacoma Pre-Runner, a 2005 Prius or a 2001 Solara Convertible?

  32. My wife and I have noticed inconsistency in initial acceleration from the time we bought our 2010 Camry LE. Sometimes it is gradual and smooth as it should be. More often, it does not kick in right away, then it suddenly accelerates quickly, throwing both of us back against our seats. The problem is particularly bothersome when pulling out into traffic since you never know how the acceleration is going to respond at any given time. Even though we will be losing a considerable amount of money, we will be trading in the new Camry with only about 3,500 miles on it for either a Honda or a Maxda this weekend. We do not like riding a timebomb.

  33. I have never been a fan of driving and use my car only when necessary, mostly short trips around town. I used to own a 1989 Toyota Corolla and loved it. It ran great for several years and was extremely reliable. When it came time to get a new car I went with Toyota again because of the name’s reliablity and high resale value.

    I purchased a new 2006 Toyota Matrix in the spring of 2006. The first thing I noticed about this car is that it does what D. Allen describes above. You barely tap on the gas and it quickly lurches forward. It accelerates way too quickly, but only when you first depress the gas pedal. I asked the salesman about it and he said that it was just how this car was made and that I would get used to it (I never have — it is quite frightening). I have asked my family and friends about this issue and they notice it as well when they have driven it.

    Now that all of these problems w/so many Toyota models are surfacing (my actual model has apparently not been recalled, yet), I am seriously afraid of my car even more than I was in the first place. Something is not right with the acceleration — never has been. My Matrix only has around 11,000 miles on it and it is paid off in full. I am now looking at other makes of cars, but I am finding that the blue book value on my Matrix is much lower than it should be. I feel like I am stuck with a car that I don’t trust driving.

    I also feel very ripped-off! Oh, and I noticed that my 1989 Toyota had much, much better quality materials and parts, from the dashboard covering to the seat fabric. I am really disappointed in the quality of the newer Toyotas, all around. And this Matrix handles like a truck. It is the bounciest car I have even been in. When I first bought it I used to scour the internet trying to find others who felt this way about their Matrices, but I eventually gave up. Now all of this . . . at least my initial suspicions have been confirmed.

  34. I have a 2007 XLE Toyota Camry and I have had problems with it since purchase. It has left me stranded thousand’s of times. It will crank then die after two seconds; It has died while driving down the highway and unable to crank; it literally almost called us to be in a head on collision but the other vehicle went off the road. Service Department has come to get me and said that the problem could not be diagnosed. However, as of today Toyota has had my car for a week and still doesn’t know why it has been doing this! I turn on the A/C and my cd’s come out! I got my recall notice! It is there and not fixed! The dealership won’t talk to me in the last 3 days so I have no idea when I will get my car back! VERY FRUSTRATED! They can try to fix a part but they can’t restore a lost life!

    I asked them if they could not fix the problems to trade me out, however, there is no retail value so they want 10,000.00 down and you can be drive out happy! YOU HAVE TO BE KIDDING!!! No value in their vehicles or customer service!!

  35. I have a loan out on a 2007 Camry. I would like information on joining the Law Suit. I have this car sitting in front of my house, cant sell it and cant drive it. I have no faith that a little piece of metal is going to save the lives of my family. I am losing money everyday it sits there. What can we do now?

  36. I bought a 2009 Avalalon Limited last year new. Does Anyone know if this class action suit will benifit all of us and if not how do we get in on it?

  37. i owned a 2007 camary hybrid that would lunge upon starting and while sitting in it engine running it would also lunge always with the engine running not in the ele. mode.i traded this car for a 2010 camary hybrid whice has an overide sys. this car dose not ever the value of this car has change and i would like to be compensated .

  38. I have a 2007 Toyota Camry. The gas pedal work has been done, but I am still nervous when I drive this vehicle. I am responsible for taking my 5 yr old child to school, as well as visit my elderly grandmother which is on life support in the ICU unit at the hospital. I would like to be part of the class action lawsuit because I feel that us Toyota owners were lied to. I would like to return this vehicle and receive a vehicle that I feel comfortable, and safe in. Please explain to me how I can become part of the class action lawsuit.

  39. My 2004 toyota was not included on this list of faulty cars, but I was in an accident last year and totaled it because I went from a red light down 1.5 blocks toward another red light and my brakes failed to work. I wanted to know if this might qualify for the class action suit. I had just had the car in for maintenance, the brake pads changed just two weeks before and everything else was working fine. the brakes just did not kick in as i approached a red light. this was probably the 3rd time that I felt it was happening but this time i had to avoid a car, hit the corner and crashed onto the curb. I was told if i hadn’t managed to swerve, so i got a ticket for careless driving, my insurance went up and i had to buy a new car.

  40. I have a 08 Toyota Tacoma and the gas petal sticks half way? And yes I removed the mat from the driver side I would like to know why it has not been recalled for the gas petal problem.

  41. We bought our 2007 Camry hybrid brand new. My wife, her mother and my grand daughter were in the car one time and the accelerator pedal stuck. It scared them to death. We notified the dealer and took it in. They said nothing was wrong with the car. We also sent Toyota an email to that effect several times over their website contact site and have heard nothing from them. When the news of a recall for the floor mat came out we called and were told that it didn’t apply to us. We took the car in over the latest recall and they say they fixed it. We don’t really trust the car and can’t sell it for what it’s worth due to Toyota’s poor handling of this problem. What can be done.

  42. My Toyota Prius has depreciated in value due to the problems of others.
    Also, I am now apprehensive about driving for fear of the said problems

  43. I am with the opinion that all this publicity has caused the price of my
    Toyota to decline immensly so I would be included on the lawsuit just
    to be reimbursed for that loss.

  44. We purchased our 2010 Rav4 on October 6th, 2009, in central, Florida, AFTER the “mat recall”, thinking the problems surely must be consumer oriented.

    NOW it seems, previous and more recent claims and newspaper articles of brake and possible electronic acceleration related concerns, were suppressed while Toyota continued to sell effected automobiles, including our purchase.

    What must we do now to regain our confidence, lost trade-in value, and even rid ourselves of this unreliable transportation, five months old with only 3000 miles? (Toasters, lawn mowers, or other recalled defective purchases deserve and are returned for refund, why not a Toyota?)

  45. We purchased our 2010 Rav4 on October 6th, 2009, in central Florida, AFTER the “mat recall”, thinking the problems surely must be consumer oriented.

    NOW it seems, previous and more recent claims and newspaper articles of brake and possible electronic acceleration related concerns, were suppressed while Toyota continued to sell effected automobiles, including our purchase.

    What must we do now to regain our confidence, lost trade-in value, and even rid ourselves of this unreliable transportation, five months old with only 3000 miles? (Toasters, lawn mowers, or other recalled defective purchases deserve and are returned for full refund, why not a Toyota?)

  46. I just bought a 2008 Avalon. I am very concerned about the safety of my family. I tried to trade it in within 60 days of purchasing and it’s like the bottom fell out of the value. I am extremely dissappointed in Toyota, all I want is for toyota to buy back this car at what I owe on it.

  47. I have a 2007 ES 350 it have been recalled and the gas line have been
    replaced but the car is now making a noice that it did not have before
    the repaire.I am afread to drive the car. I am sure that the value of the
    car have been lost.I owen a1992 ES300 befroe with no problems drove
    for 16 years,now my grand daughter drive it with no major problems.

  48. I purchased my 2009 Camry in July of 2008. I thought that it was great that I was 30 years old, married and just gave birth to my first child. I actually purchased the car so that I would have a safe vehicle to transport my family in. I am terrified to drive my car; not only for the harm it could cause me but especially the harm that it could cause to my now 23 month-old daughter. I have had some peculiar instances of hesitation when accelerating. I press the gas pedal and the car does not seem to want to go and then all of the sudden the car takes off like a maniac is behind the wheel and I barely have my foot on the gas pedal. I have had both recall issues addressed with my car at the local dealership but I am still terrified of my car. I can’t afford to trade my vehicle in because it is financed and with the value so depreciated, I will end up having to roll my trade-in loss into another loan with a new car. I have owned 4 Toyota’s in my short life and thought that I was buying the best. The funniest part about all of this… I received a letter from my local dealership trying to do a little damage control. The letter stated that I was a valued customer and that they were going to be offering their valued customer’s some great incentive’s very soon. I found out what those great incentives were… 0% financing on new vehicle purchases. That was not what I wanted to hear. What about the people who own newer vechicles and cannot trade them in because we all know that a newer vehicle losses thousands of dollars in value the moment you drive it off the lot and not to mention the depreciated value that has come about because of this whole acceleration mess. Even Kelly Blue Book just reduced the trade-in values of most Toyota’s by at least 3.5%. I want to be a part of a class action lawsuit, but do not know what I need to do to get involved. I have an 09 Camry that I cannot afford to trade-in and cannot afford to drive because for me, you cannot put a price on life.

  49. I have a 2007lexus ES350 that was recalled and the gas line have been
    replaced, but the car is now making a noise that it did not have before the repair, I am afraid to drive the car,I am sure that the value of the car
    have been lost. I’v own a 1992 ES300 before had no problem drove it
    for 16 years now my grand daughter drive it with no major problem

  50. We purchased a 2008 Avalon which iis useless to us, safety is a very big concern. The recall repairs have been completed,: however, I do not feel confident and at peace driving the car, there are just too many uncertainies of what was once considered to be among the most reliable vehicles. Toyota should indeed buy back the vehicles and accept whatever monetary loss as a result of this problem, which is far less costly than assuming responsibility for the injury or worse yet death of another person.

  51. I purchase in November 2006 a brand new 2007 camery xle,after doing alot of studing of different cars I went with the Camery.But with all this recent knowledge how Toyota kept this as a big hush up,I have not reall trust in Toyota,also because of this what is going on my Camery has lost alot of value .

  52. We own an 08 Prius and have never had problem one with it. It is approaching the 15,000 mile checkup. The ltr from Toyoto told US to remove the carpeting, but we are having the DEALER/Service Dept remove the faulty mat section. We have been wanting to trade it in (before the recall mess) for an SUV, but have been told our Prius is worth zilch! I am not a “lawsuit” type person, but am madder than #@%& that my car is worthless on a trade in now. What to do?

  53. Hey Buy American, I am a die hard Chevy owner however my last 2007 2500HD Chevy, (new body style) had the transmission (not the Allison) out of it twice before 25,000 miles. It also started doing the excact same thing when I sold it. The sheet metal was thin as a Coke can and the paint would chip off of it at the drop of a hat. The previous bodystyles I have never had problems out of it, but the last one was crap. This is why I went to Toyota, but what a slap in the face. They need to buy back these pieces of junk with sticky gas pedals. Sometimes when I take off the truck jumps off the start and almost gives you whiplash. Other than this problem, It’s a great truck, but I’ll never own another if they don’t buy this thing back. Its a 2010 Tundra that I bought Dec. 2009 and now is probably worth about 15,000 dollars at best. SCREW YOU TOYOTA for not offering to get these vehicles back on your lots and off the road before you kill or mangle someone else. I have bought another Chevy truck though so I can park this Tundra in the garage untill something is done with it because of the lack of a sense of security when putting my wife and kids in this thing.

  54. We have a New 2009 Toyoda Corolla Recall notice. As it seams this recall has not fixed the problem. I want a Total Refund on our car, it is not Safe to drive. Even after all the Fixes. Lemon Law Should take care of this, But they Won’t even think about it. I want a Total refund. Put me on the List. If my Wife Gets Killed I assure you I will get more than a Total Refund! This is just to Dangerious to drive.

  55. I have a Highlander Hybrid Limited that accellerated into a snow bank and caused $900 damage. I have a Prius that has brake issues over rough roads. I want Toyota to buy back both vehicles before someone gets injured or killed.

  56. Hi all, I just bought what was to me a brand new car for the first time in July of 09′ a 2007 camrey with 26k, it was a recall got it fixed, but I still feel unsafe driving myself and my 5 year old daughter around. Can anyone tell me a little more on fileing a class act or about a lemon law. I want a new car or my money back. I’m very upset about it all it took me two months of driving a rental that wasnt cheap to by a POS.

  57. I would like to know if my 2009 Pontiac Vibe is included in the lawsuit as it was recalled along with all of the Toyotas since they were made in the same factory? I have had it fixed for the accelerator recall, but I do not feel safe in it! I have a 40 mile round trip commute everyday and tote my 3 year old around it. I would like them to take my car back and give me my money back, at least the remainder of the loan! I have tried to trade it in but the value has depriciated by 4000 dollars since the recall!!!!!!!!!!!!! I now am upside down in this car that I am terrified to drive! Someone please let me know if I can be included in this lawsuit.

  58. i own a ford,no problems from my car.hows that jap car of yours doing?

  59. They seen me coming, Sucker!

    Yes, I have Toyota problems. In 2008 I bought a brand new 2008 Tundra. By the time I owned it nine months, it had been in the shop twelve times! Six of them on a wrecker! After contacting Toyota Customer Service Lots of times and heated arguments at my dealership where I purchased the truck because they kept saying they would get all the issues fixed they just need time! I finally paid a retainer fee and obtained an attorney. I did this because the dealership told me they would win the arbutration. I was awarded or cursed with a 2009 brand new Toyota Tundra just like mine! I have owned this truck since June, it has had two computers, a very botched accelerator recall, it spits out C.D.’s just like the other truck did, it spins over while it is parked with no keys in it until the battery goes dead and then you will wonder why your truck don’t start! Sounds almost funny but that is what the 2008 did and I made a D.V.D of it! My attorney about flipped when he saw everything this truck did electrically! But of Course the Toyota Experts say there is nothing wrong with these vehicles! My 2009 has went as far electrically as not opening cylanoids in the transmission and that’s why it burned one up! I would like to trade this truck off, however, Toyota’s don’t seem to be worth much these days! Also, I went to a Dealership to trade this truck off since I am so tired of it, but when they pulled my credit report Toyota Financial reported my 2008 as a bad debt, a repo, and a charge off! The guy at the dealership said you must of really pissed someone off for them to report your credit the way they did! I did not make three payments on the 2008, because I was spending so much money on rental vehicle’s and gas to get back and forth from whatever shop it was at, plus I had to pay $784 for mileage I used on the 2008 and I missed some work due to being broke down out of town! Toyota was suppose to put those payments on the back of the note but never did, also was suppose to send me a new account number for the 2009 and never did that either! They told me they are going to repo the 2009 and that is fine! This nightmare has lasted two years and two trucks! I am not paying them over $4,000 to catch this up! They can have it! I will go to a buy here pay here lot and buy a Ford or Chevrolet with 100,000 miles that I know will run, like the 2001 Chevrolet I traded in on this Garbage!! The Government or Attorney’s need to step in and make Toyota buy this junk back, that they sold the American Public! Any attorney or Highway Safety Board that would like to reveiw what my trucks have done I have a D.V.D. would be more than glad to send you a copy, this video has none of the 2009 on it, but it does the same things!

  60. I have a 2007 camry and my husband a 2007 tundra. I want to get rid of them and buy safer vehiclesfor my family. I have a one year old and I’m pregnant with our second child. I had been looking for an SUV already to replace the camry because of the increase in family size, but now it seems almost impossible to sell our toyotas. I am not sure what all is involved in this class action lawsuit, but I am interested in knowing if this could benefit my situation. I have always owned toyota’s and am positive this recall will get worked out and somewhere down the road the values of toyota’s will increase, however, I can’t wait till then.

  61. We have an avalon 2007.this recall has me so terrified that i will not go out of town.I do alot of highway driving, and now.. i cant …do to the fear.We want a safe car .this is not safe.Was the rush for wealth worth all of this? TOYOTA!!!!!!! safty should be first & foremost.I will never have another Toyota!!!!! this car has to go.

  62. I own a toyoto and I would like to find info on joining the class action suit

  63. On August 14, 2007, I was driving to work in a 1999 toyota Camry. The car excellerated and would not stop when I hit the brakes. I went into on coming traffic and had a collision with a truck. The car was totaled and by the grace of God I lived through it. As a result though I am disabled and no longer able to work. There was no compensation because they said it was my fault. I don’t think so, crying out for help.

  64. My wife has a 2007 Camry LE. So far no problems. Tomorrow we have an appointment to bring it in for the oil line problem. They sent a notice to us two weeks ago. I asked about the acceleration problems, but the person at the dealer said our vin # starts with the letter J, and therefore not in the catagory for any known problems. Now after reading all these postings, I don’t think the dealers have a clue which vehicles are affected. I was planning a road trip from WA (our state) to California this April. Because her Camry only has 9500 miles, we thought we should use it instead of my Tacoma. Now I don’t feel comfortable to drive it. What a mess for all this bad engineering has caused. And who know what the future will be for these cars and trucks.

  65. I have a 2007 Tundra Crewmax Loaded and had the dealership make the corrections referencing the recall notice. The first thing I noticed is I now get 12 miles per gallon which is unexceptable based on what I was getting. The pedal itself is also uncomfortable as it continues to spring back quickly. Its almost if you have to re-learn how to drive the truck. I plan to take the vehicle back to confirm the recall repair was done correctly? If so, then someone needs to do something about the miles per gallon issue which I have lost.

  66. I have a 2007 Prius that I’m afraid to drive. I have been trying to sell it since November, 2009 with no luck. With this recall & other problems I feel stuck with a vehicle I’m afraid to drive. What can I do?

  67. I traded my 2006 Ford King Ranch in because it was depreciating in value faster than I could afford, over $4,000 in a year and a half. I traded my Ford in on a brand new 2008 Toyota Tundra because of their reputation for quality and high retail and trade values. I always felt a little funny about the way that my Toyota accelerated but thought that it was just me, until the recalls started. Now I own a piece of crap that I’m even more upside down in than the Ford that I got rid of. I work in the automotive industry and can’t wait for the class action suit to get my darn money back or give them their truck back. If it was not for my credit I would drive it on a Toyota dealer lot and leave it. I wish that I had my Ford back.

  68. Toyota’s greed and disregard for life should dealt with in an extreme well. Not to mention millions of dollars lost by owners now stuck with a vehicle that no one wants and dealers not willing to give go faith offer on the cars value.

    Toyota should have to pay billions to all the owners who got stuck, and especially those injuried or even killed, again for the sake of the dollar and cover up? Shame on Toyota, Honda and all the vehicle makers are going to make huge profits now because of this, but I hope they too have learned from this turn of events.

    Todays model is SUE SUE SUE and that doesn’t seat well with me, however when your out thousands, and stuck with a vehicle no one wants, then see how you feel?

  69. 1/08/2010 bought a new “10 Toyota Rav4 Limited (30K), first Toyota and thought “Safety,Reliability and Resale value and traded a 2000 Hyundai Sonata, 4 days later,all the bad news in the press and the value tanked.Wife (co-owner) will not drive Rav.I emailed Toyota Customer Service only for them to foward it to South East Toyota who wants me to consult my dealer,who says that other car companies will have the same problem soon. But this does not help the value or my pocket. How do i join one of the lawsuit for the rapid depreciation???

  70. I first bought a Corolla in August 2009. It acted strange when I removed my foot from the gas. After hearing about all the problems I decided not to take any chances since I drive my 4yr. old grandson to pre-school. Prestige dealer in Ramsey N.J. where I bought the car allowed me to trade up to the Camry SD. I lost about $5,000.00 on the trade. Then my new car Camry had problems. I already lost thousands on the value of that car also. In general, my family’s safety is number one issue, followed by a huge loss of money. Lost money now,and if I ever want to sell the car. I bought both cars a few days before the trouble was annouonced. This is unacceptable.

  71. My 2008 Tundra has smashed into a light pole and on another occasion a fence. Prior to the accidents…I took my the truck into the local Toyota dealer and reported my grave concerns…they told me, “yes, we know about the problem but we don’t have a fix…would you like a car wash”. Since the “fix” has became avaialble I have still yet to receive any help after several attempts to take it to the dealer. My family has been traumatized by this and I will not allow anyone to drive with me in the Tundra as it is unsafe. On Toyota’s email site …this is the reply they gave me:

    “Your Question has been Submitted
    Thank you for contacting Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc. We have received your email. We are extremely sorry, that due to high contact volumes, we are unable to respond to your inquiry in a timely manner, and it may take several weeks to receive a response to your inquiry. We sincerely apologize for this delay and appreciate your understanding. It is never our intention to keep a customer waiting and we can assure you we are doing everything we can to bring our email response times back to a more acceptable level for our customers. For the most up-to-date information on Toyota’s recent recalls, you may copy and paste the following URL address into your browser:

    What a joke…now I am stuck with a dented up 34 thousand dollar vehicle that I can’t drive.. however the good side the Tundra appears to be able to drive itself where it wants to go!

    Completely troubled and gravely concerned,


  72. I bought a new Corolla in August of 2009 days before the news became public. My Corolla began to act strange,at which point the agency allowed me to trade up to a Camry in Feb. of 2010. Now the Camry is in question. Not only did I lose money on the trade,I am nervous driving my 4 yr. old grandson to pre-school,or driving in general with this car. The car has lost all around in money,my most concern is safety.

  73. As st ated in the remarks by Virginia, I also was in the act of parking
    my 07 Camry, right foot on brake, left foot prepared to engage the parking brake, when the engine went ballistic. I saw 7000 rpm. As quick as I could, I grabbed the shift and put it into neutral and immediately into park. Glancing at the tachometer, I saw within 5-7 seconds that it was dropping. I was able to shut the car down. A previous incident, 6-7 months prior occurred again while parking at my local bank. Not as violent as the one 2/21/10. Just made a mental note of it. Car replaced.

  74. I had my 2008 Toyota Avalon return to the dealer were I purchased it, because I am terrified to drive the Avalon any longer. I had an accident just before buying my Avalon due to a driver losing control on a wet cure and it takes all I can do just to drive as it was. I obtain my Toyota Avalon because of the safety rating and now all these recalls have come to light, plus I have notice my Avalon having problems with the electrical system, because my dash monitor lost half of it’s lighting and was blinking on and off of which I took back to Toyota and after complaining and a week later they finally fixed it. Also I have notice my gas pedal coming up much slower then normal. Even after then saying they will fix it, I just can not drive a car that may work or may not. I can not depend on them to fix this problem, because there would always be a doubt that it was fixed.

  75. I own a 2009 Pontiac Vibe and feel it should be added to any class action suit regarding Sudden acceleration and or loss of value related to the recall.I do not feel the recall repairs that are being done at this time will correct the problem and GM still has no fix available for the floor mat.
    I would like the manufacturer to buy my vehicle back or at least be compensated for the $4,000+ loss in value since the recall was announced.

  76. i have an ’09 toyota corolla. i fear it has been devalued, and that i should be entitled to compensation.

  77. I have a Lexis IS 250 2007. I have lost value in my car and can not refinance or trade it in. I am behind on my payments due to a hardship and they will not work with me at all. They keep saying they can’t modify my loan of 12.99% because they are an indirect lender. I have tried everything to get them to work with me and now my car is in threat of being repoed. I have had problems of acceleration also where it will set itself on cruise control with out me resetting it or all of a sudden accelerate when I have my foot on the break at a stop light. I just thought my car was possessed or something but now know it is a manufacturer problem.

  78. We purchased a 2010 Camry end of October 2009 and because we traded in a 2007 which was not yet paid for, we are payiing a mint a month for this car. The dealership refuses to help us try to reduce payments even though the car is now near worthless. Thank goodness we have not had a problem as yet but still afraid to drive. We would love to join a lawsuit just to get back the lost value. How do we join one.?

  79. I have a toyota corolla s. 2009;I try to sell it but the offer is only $9000.00 dls I read in your newspaper in the Money section in a legal notice about, a CLASS ACTION SETTLEMENT against TOYOTA and the name of the attorneys name ,but I losted.How could I contact the Attorneys office who is handling this case.



  81. I was in a car accident last September, somone ran into the back of my car and totaled it out. I have never owned a Toyota but was told that they maintain a strong resale value. For that reason and the reputation of being a good car, I decided to buy a toyota last November 2009. Then early this year I found out that Toyota knew last year in September that this acceleration problem was a possibility with my car. Now I have a car I have had a few short months athat has lost considerable more value than under ordinary circumstances. To say the least I am not happy about this issue and feel I should be conpensated for the lost value of my car.

  82. I bought a 2010 Prius in Decemebr 2009, and traded it in March of 2010. I paid $24,340, and received $19,110 for it in trade on a new car. I think Toyota owes me $2,000. The car was only 3 months old, with 4,000 miles on it. It’d had the brake recall done on it, as well as the 1,000 mile service, both at the dealer I bought it from. There was nothing wrong with the car. I emailed them, and they said no. I’m looking forward to participating in the class action law suit against them. Anybody know how I can get involved? If this was Honda, we wouldn’t be having this conversation. GM was also terrible at taking responsibility for their mistakes. See where it got them?

  83. My 2009 Toyota Prius recently accelarated in a parking garage and is presently in a repar shop. I wrote to Toyota and told them that I was not going to make any further payments for a car that is a death trap and didn’t feel I could in good conscience sell that car to anyone. They were very nice and led us on to believe that they were going to do the right thing by us, however, they then sent us a letter saying they inspected the car, and there was nothing wrong with the car and that they were sorry for our trouble. The then threatened to reposses the car. We want to join a class action suit, but are unsure about how to do go about it. If anyone can help us, it would be much appreciated.

  84. My 2010 Toyota Camry le was recalled. Problems started after recall fix- the once smooth driving car now has a jerky motion when accelerating, delayed reaction to use of accelerator, lurching on shifting. After seeing three different dealerships, Toyota agreed to put in a new gas pedal. The problem is lessened but still there. Anyone else having problems after the fix?

  85. i have a 2009 toyota corolla s. per kelly blue book decision to depreciate the value of my car i feel i am entitled to be compensated.

  86. I have a 2009 Rav 4 purchased new–within 2 months I experienced 2
    episodes of rapid acceleration. Fortunately, I was at a stop sign with my foot on the brake, the car suddenly started lurching, the enging was reving–it scared me half to death. I placed the car in park and turned the car off. It happened again a few days later. I took it to the dealer and was told the problem was not affecting the Rav-4. Within a week it was on the news that it also included the Rav-4. I did have the gas pedal fixed, but I’m not sure this is the problem. My concern is the loss of value for my 29,000.00 vehicle and will this happen again while i’m driving on a street or highway

  87. Have a 2006 RAV 4 4×4, not on recall, but began having problems after the first year. Lurches at stop signs, runs very rough at times, took it in several times after first year was made to feel stupid as every time I was told “there is nothing wrong with your car”. Car also “clunks” loudly after first start of the day if I do not wait a minute or two while acceleration goes down. Wanted to trade it in, but found out Blue Book value down $3000.00 since Toyota recalls. This will be our first and LAST Toyota. We are stuck!!

  88. I have a 2010 corolla with 9100 miles on it. Just to see what they would give me for a trade in on a prius now mind you I paid 19,500 for this and they after a year said they would give me 13,000. I feel really cheated. I would like to find out how to get in on this class action lawsuit. Toyota owes me. I also own a 2005 Tacoma with 47,000 miles on it. Paid over 31,000 would hate to see what they would give me for a trade in.

  89. I bought a 2010 Camry in December 2009. The vehicle currently has 15878 miles on it. I normally buy a Honda every 5 years, but this time I decided to go with Toyota. On July 9, 2010, while I was on my way home from work and traveling 65 MPH down the highway, my car started to knock very loudly. I had it towed home and towed to the dealership the next morning. I really thought things were funny when the service man at the dealership told me that it sounded like a cam gear had broke. Sure enough after tearing the engine down, I was told that the cam gear had broke. Later in the week, my husband just happened to be in the neighborhood and made an unannounced visit to the dealership. He took pictures of the cam gear with his cell phone, then asked the mechanic how the dealership knew it was the cam gear before taking the engine apart, and how many of these cam gears the dealership had already replaced. The mechanic told my husband that he himself had replaced several of these cam gears. DOES THIS SOUND LIKE ANOTHER TOYOTA RECALL COMING??????? Toyota doesn’t want to replace the engine in my car, and I am not exactly sure how much internal damage this may have done to my engine. Now I have a vehicle that 2 recalls have been repaired on, as well as a broken cam gear. Talk about serious depreciation of a vehicle that I owe 27,000.00 on. GUESS I WON’T BE BUYING ANYMORE TOYOTA PRODUCTS.

  90. Okay I have a 2009 Matrix…took my car in for service they removed my all weather mats (which I paid a premium price for) and now they’ve replaced them with lesser quality mats. I called toyota care to let them know what I now have is not what I paid for…their response was “all we’re required to do is replace the mat, we are not required to refund you your money”…my response Oh What a Feeling!

  91. I bought my Pontiac vibe on July.18.08 . On July10.2010 as I was trying to park it accelerate ,jumped over the curb and hit the building. After more than two weeks the vehicle is still with GM under investigation . Apparently the famous carpet was the cause of the problem.
    Regarding Mikes comment .He either has no Toyota or was never been involved in an accident with one of those vehicles .

  92. I purchased a 2010 Toyota Camry XLE in October of 2009 and if I would have known about the acceleration issue I would not have purchased a Toyota product. Toyota was aware of this problem and failed to inform consumers. Toyota is not only greedy but they are liars. They keep airing info commercials to attract new buyers. I am having problems with my car and Toyota has refused to properly repair. If Toyota paid the NHTSA millions of dollars for failure to correct their problem in a timely manner; Who pays for the loss to consumers? This crap will be tied up in litigation for years and we still have these unreliable vehicles. Who is protecting the consumer?

  93. The auto industry and big oil is joined at the pocket. There is absolutely no difference in what BP did in the Gulf of Mexico and what Toyota did to the American consumer. Toyota failed to conduct business is an honorable and professional manner.Both companies made a deliberate and intentional act of deception (lies), neglect and capital greed which has effected peoples lives. However, they will spend billions to protect their profits and reputations with high profile law firms, lobbyist and media moguls who gain millions from their advertisements. I am stuck with a Toyota car but I will boycott toyota and tell everyone that I know not to purchase a Toyota product. Please tell all of your friends and neighbors. These multi-national corporations have our political system in their back pocket. Maybe we owe the Japanese government too much money to complain and expect positive results. Dealerships are also strong armed by Toyota to lie to customers. Toyota is in the drivers seat when it comes to dealers who are caught between the customer and the manufacturer. Toyota has enough capital to buy all of these vehicles back and possibly retain customers. Toyota’s conduct and business practice will be their demise.

  94. I own a Toyota Tacoma 2010, bought November 2009, before the recalls became big news. I received a recall notice in March, 2010 and when I asked the dealership, they said do not remove the floormat, it was fastened down at the time I purchased with plastic ties. Later, I got a letter in the mail saying to remove the floormat; when I last went to the dealership (Jay Toyota of Columbus, Georgia ), they told me that I would be contacted later about what to do about the floormats. This is the least of my problems : while on the highway at 65 mph, on cruise control, if I am approaching an upgrade in the highway, the engine will accelerate normally, but if it is more than 5 -7 degrees, the engine kicks in and accelerates aggressively. I have to disengage the cruise and step on the brakes to slow back down. Now, when I take it in for a scheduled oil change, I am told they have so much business I will have to wait. So far, this has been two weeks and a half and still no oil change. I will do this myself or let Sears do it if I can. Meantime, I am canceling my extended warranty – what warranty ? It is not worth the money.

  95. I purchased a 2009 Toyota Camry Hybrid new. The kelly Blue Book value of my fully loaded car which has only 14,000 miles on it has greatly decreased. My car is paid for and I would like to purchase another car. However since my car has been recalled once. I am unable to retrieve the amount on my car that would allow me to do so. All the publicity and recalls on toyotas has also been a hindrance to me.

  96. Toyota has a serious problem with denials. Who, and how did Toyota get the reputation of being a fair and reputable company. I have learned that these people represent just the opposite. I also tried to trade my 2010 Toyota Camry XLE; what a shock! A New York grand jury is conducting a criminal investigation of Toyota over steering rods. I applaud the state of New York. Where is the Federal governement, NHTSA? We need help not lip service and false promises. Check the web for new information; lawsuits, defects and investigations of Toyota vehicles.

  97. Why is the public not hearing anymore about these accelator issues? My mother’s 2010 Toyota Corolla sped out of control at full speed into another car on 7/16/10 causing her and the other vehicle to roll over. It was not in the newspapers, not on the news. Granted, no one was seriously injured, thankfully, at least not physically. But makes us wonder how often this is really happening and being kept quiet?

  98. Has anyone noticed the absence of Toyota’s info commercials about fixing vehicles right the first time. I have not seen the info commercial in my area, since I raised the issue with their customer service. It’s probably because they know these vehicles are defective.
    I live in the state of Indiana and I saw a Toyota info commercial for the first time yesterday, August 2, 2010; It reminded Hoosiers that Toyota employs over 4000 people in the State of Indiana. I don’t work for Toyota and if they think because they contribute to the US economy they are allowed to endanger our lives and bend the laws, I hope our courts prove their lying, greedy corporation wrong.

  99. Don’t forget to contact the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Federal Trade Commision and your Congressmen and Senators. Election time is fast approaching and I’m sure Toyota is spending big money to lobby our elected officials.

  100. My Toyota engine block cracked and left me stranded. Towed to Toyota and they had no explanation for a 2002 Toyota 4runner with only 76,000 miles in excellent conition on why this happened. They said a piston busted through the block. No explanation on why this happened and they said it was my fault. There was no warning at all. Just a loud pop and oil flying. I had the SUV serviced at Toyota all the time and in excellent contidion. I wonder if this could be part of the Toyota issues or what another post said about a oil line issue. I am not happy with Toyota telling me the only thing they could do was to repair for $7000.

  101. My pontiac vibe has been at the dealers for three weeks because it was giving its self gas well I was driving it going up past 70 km without touching the gas had already gone in for the two recalls.They have been trying part after part.Saying it might be compututer now.I told them I’m to affraid to drive the car without something in writting saying the problem is solved.They said they can’t do that.

  102. I saw on the news 9-15-2010 that Toyota has requested a California Federal court judge to dismiss the lawsuits regarding the acceleration claims. They base their claim on lack of evidence by the plaintiffs. Toyota has a right to vigorously defend their company however, their attitude toward consumers is blatant and non-caring. This is all about their profits.

  103. According to media reports the Federal government fined Toyota millions of dollars; where is the money? Since federal employees and their employer failed to notify and protect consumers agianst the delliberate and blatant act of Toyota, should we pursue class action against those agencies?
    Toyota owners have lost their lives, been injured and loss thousands of dollars and we should be able to retrieve our losses from those responsible.

  104. I have concerns about the 2007 Toyota Camry LE that I own.
    Starting a 35MPH your ears will start to hurt if the rear windows are rolled down. Toyota says crack a front window and it will go away. It does not. I’m afraid to drive 70 and roll them down in fear it will pop an ear drum.

    I feel Toyota should refund part of the purchase price because you cannot drive the car with the windows rolled down. I say a refund of $4800.00 but that would be up to you or someone else for every Toyota Camry owner and a letter from Toyota sent to every 2007 Toyota Camry owner stating that driving the car with the windows down may cause damage to your ears.

    I have spoken with Toyota about this, they say until they are forced to do something about it, they will do nothing. I guess they do not care if people go deaf.

    I think you should take the 2007 Toyota Camry for a drive with the rear windows rolled down and then start a class action suit against them for all Camry owners.

  105. I just read an article on the internet posted on the MSNBC site. This article dicusses the potential results of a Toyota settlement or the case in which plaintiffs win a class action against Toyota for depreciation of their vehicles. I am disappointed that legal experts predict that a settlement could result in plaintiffs receiving 300-1000 dollars for thier depreciation loss. What about the deceptive acts? Toyota executives should be prosecuted and ordered to take back vehicles that were sold after they became aware of their defects but failed to notify consumers who purchased their product.

  106. i purchased my 2006 toyota avalon in january of 2010. it has been the subject of many recalls and now another one. i can’t trade it as i will suffer from the loss of value. i purchased it with only 31000 miles and figured,it was a TOYOTA i don’t know if toyota will begiving discounts on future purchases or should i just bite the bullet and get rid of this JINX.

  107. I own a 2005 toyota corolla sport with 74,000 miles on it. i bought it in to the dealership because it was eating up coolant. they told me i had a crack in the engine block and there was nothing they could do, so i would have to have it replaced for $4,000. They told me to call toyota directly because this was not a common thing. after numerous phone calls and stories that didnt match up they are not going to help me and they are saying that this is not part of the recall they are having on the ecm. they made this assumption that the bad ecm did not cause this without even looking at the car. they then proceded to tell me if i had gotten the car serviced everytime through toyota so the car had a track record of it being taken care of they could of helped me. now what person always goes to the dealership for every oil change or service.

  108. I bought a 2009 Pontiac Vibe GT last year and it has accelerated on my wife while she was driving the car,but she was able to control it. A few days ago she and i were in the car going down a mountain and the car accelerated and I couldn’t stop it with the brakes. I had to put it in neutral and turn the key off before i could get it to stop, if another car had been in front of me i would have hit them and we could all have been killed or hurt really bad. I had to get the dealer to toll the vehicle. They are telling me they can’t find anything wrong with the car, but we know better than that.We have contacted GM and Pontiac and they act like they don’t want to do anything about it. I am afraid to drive the car again, it could kill someone if they don’t do something about it. I wish they would buy the car back and let us try and find something else to drive.

  109. I owned a 2004 Camry. I took my daughter to school one morning and was on the way home and woke up in the hospital. What happened is still undetermined. I was air lifted to a hospital and with my sever head injury, could not remember the accident.They had to recessitate me and I was in ICU.I still have scares and a death grip on the steering wheel, wherever I go and dont go anywhere alone. There were no signs of brake marks. There was a slight cuve and a tree! I have always assumed that someone had to have ran me off, because it was at 730 in the morning and I am a good driver and have a good record. Not knowing has bothered me.

  110. We just had a major oil line failure on a 2006 Toyota Avalon V6 engine. The oil line is rubber in some places and it does not stand the test of time. The line breaks and the oil sprays all over your engine and undercarriage. We had the car towed to a repair shop and they immediately knew what was wrong with it because they fix them all the time. Since the oil line is hard to reach the repairs run about $350 plus towing to replace a $13 part! While we were having the car repaired another Totyota rolled into the adjacent bay with the same problem. This begs for a class action lawsuit.

  111. i bought a 2000 tacoma prerunner used…we have 93000 on it and all was trouble free until the engine seized up right before christmas…no warning and yes we do change are oil regularly…contacted two attorneys and they wont take case …they said they arent handling 2000 year models….i think it was a oil sludge problem or crankshaft failure and cam shaft problem but who knows dont have the money to get it changed…if anyone knows of a class action suit let me know

  112. I own a 2009 tacoma 4×4.I’ve had 5 accurances of unexpected accelleration.I’ve taken it to the dealer 4 times complaining about the problem.Each time they tested it they said theres nothing wrong with it.I went through all the recalls but the problem still excists.I even went through the arbitration procedure and they said theres nothing wrong with my truck and no further action will be tacken by toyota.I asked them to replace the ecm and they refuse to.Toyota doesnt care if I get hurt.I asked them to buy it back from me and they insulted me with a really low offer.I’m getting screwed and it seems like theres nothing I can do about it.I’ll never buy another toyota vehicle after this.Sign me up for the class action lawsuit.

  113. I just had a major engine blow up, on a 2007 Toyota Avalon V6 engine. when I brought my car and asked about the engine tapping they said it was normal. I brought my car with 5,000 miles on it. toyota rebuilt my car and it is running, but the problem is that I paid 30,000 or more for this car and now at 38 thousand miles I have a rebulit engine. I should be entitled to have Toyota give me a new car. Not to mention the value. Toyota had the car towed to their repair shop and they immediately knew what was wrong with it because they fix them all the time. While we were having the car repaired another Totyota rolled into the adjacent bay with the same problem. This begs for a class action lawsuit. I would love my money back. but I still owe 17,000 on a lemon.
    What happen to the lemon law? I want to give this one back and get a complete refund. They make like its better then before, I said “you sold me a lemon/ used car at a new car price. anything for a dollar.:(

  114. I have a 2001 Toy Rav 4 which had a defective ECM module which caused a 2nd gear transmission failure and automatic shift delay of several seconds which nearly caused an accident. Toy advised dealers in 2006, however never told customers. Repair can cost several thousand dollars. Recall offered however Toyota makes it unnecessarily difficult to obtain refund.

  115. I haven’t posted in a while but I have bad news and good news. I took my 2010 Toyota Camry to the service department two weeks ago and learned that parts had to be ordered for an additional Toyota defect. The good news is, I decided to take a loss and I traded the Toyota for a GM product. I promise all of you that I will NEVER buy a toyota product again. I will ride a mule before I buy toyota.

  116. i used to love toyota.started out with a 77 problems.then i bought a 97 caught on fire sitting in my driveway,there was a short in the wiring that connected the passenger airbag in the melted the passenger dash into the floorboard,cracked the windshield,deployed the airbag,smoked the entire enterior,and threw the whole electrical system off.a total loss.just paid it off and canceled the full coverage too.then i bought a 04 rav 4.124,000 miles and i kept smelling gas at the rear of the oil leaking,no gas leak.using oil for some reason.going down 95,it blew a piston completely through the bottom of the motor.,and caught on fire.both times i contacted toyota,to be told there was nothing they could do for me.once again,i had just paid the car off,and lowered the insurance.i am finished with toyota.they do not back their products anymore,and a six year old car should not be catching on fire.they are getting sorryer sorryer about taking care of their problems and sending out cost too much to become total losses after only six years.

  117. 2005 Avalon Limited:
    Problem: Front timing cover leak
    First told it was a rack and pinion leak. We ponted out they told us it leaked a year ago and we had it repaired. Then they said: Oh sorry, It is a timing cover leak. Seems like they do not know what if anything is leaking. Toyota has a recall on the hose leaking,but not this problem, although they have a bulletin on it. However the leaking front of the timing cover is not on recall. My first question, what is really leaking if anything. Secondly, with all the same problem listed by Avalon owners, why is there not a class action law suit. Obviously there is a big design flaw when Toyota has to lift out the engine and transmission to do a $50.00 repair, raising the repair cost to well over $2000.00 . Lets get started on it.

  118. I intermittantly lose brakes on my 2010 Toyota Prius. I have taken to Toyota numerous times only to be told they get no error code. So, they refuse to do anything. I have had (2) accidents already and they still are not offering to replace car. The second accident gave me a wittness to problem. When in body shop that Toyota refered me to, repairman lost brakes and couldn’t get them back. This was on a Friday that he tried everything to get brakes back. At end of day he left in repair bay and was going to call Toyota to come look at it Monday. He came in Monday morning to move car out of way. To his suprise the car had brakes again. This is my only car and Toyota insists there is nothing wrong with it. I’ve had a couple other problems with car that point to an electronic system failure. After I paid for this car, the finance manager insisted that I needed the extended waranty because they have problems with electronic systems.

  119. My 97 toyota avalon burnt to the ground.. While I was driving down the road it began to smok under the hood I looked to make sure it wasnt running hot.. I made it off the bypass to the nearest store. Where a man saw that my car was flaming up.. I got out and called the fire dept and watched my car along with everything Imy son and I owned.. Im not sure what caused the fire.. Thats why I am posting u.. I dont know if this has happened to anyone or what I could or should do about this…

  120. My 2003 Toyota Corolla was accelerating on its on. Me and my wife at Burger King
    drive through line.and my Toyota Corolla accelerated on and hit a hole and pole, and gave me a whip lash. This Corolla did this numbers of times.with a defect accelerator pedal.

    Roosevelt Smith

  121. i would like to be part of the class action lawsuit againt toyota

  122. Duped and manipulated by dishonest salesman and cheated out of more than $7000. because of NO DISCLOSURE about charges. Parker Toyota in Coeur d’Alene Idaho should be ashamed. My advise is steer clear of this trap. Don’t go near them without a lawyer.

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