Xenical and Alli Liver Damage Reports Reviewed by FDA

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By: AboutLawsuits | Published: May 27th, 2009

The FDA appears to be reviewing a possible connection between reports of liver damage and orlistat, which is a weight-loss drug contained in the prescription Xenical and the over-the-counter Alli.

According to a report by Scrips News, the FDA discussed orlistat’s potential link to hepatoxicity at an April 16 meeting of its Drug Safety Oversight Board (DSB), and the agency is continuing to review whether there is any connection between the drug and reports of liver damage.

The FDA is looking at both the prescription and non-prescription versions of the drug and said that any action taken would depend on the outcome of its analysis. The FDA would not state how many post-marketing liver damage reports it was investigating.

Orlistat is the active pharmaceutical ingredient in Roche’s Xenical, which was approved as a prescription medication in 1999. Last year, GlaxoSmithKline’s Alli, a lower dose version of the drug, was approved for over-the-counter use.

The medications are intended for use together with a reduced-calorie diet, and work by preventing the absorption of fats, thereby reducing caloric intake.

In 2008, Xenical generated sales of $30 million and Alli generated sales of $131 million during its first full year on the market.

Hepatoxicity is chemical damage to the liver, usually caused by drugs. The liver is the body’s main mechanism for metabolizing drugs, making it susceptible to chemical damage. Hepatoxicity can manifest in a variety of ways, including:

  • Necrosis of the liver, a form of hepatitis
  • Inflammation of the liver
  • Vascular lesions
  • Acute liver failure

Xenical’s labeling already lists liver injury as a potential side effect, stating that “exceptional cases of hepatitis that may be serious have been reported.” However, the label points out that that no direct relationship has been established between hepatitis and orlistat therapy.

Obesity itself is often linked to liver injury, and the fact that the FDA is reviewing adverse event reports associated with the use of Xenical and Alli does not mean that there is any cause and effect relationship.

The primary known side effects of Xenical and Alli include oily and loose stools, fecal incontinence, frequent or urgent bowel movements and flatulence, which tend to be most severe when the treatment is started and may decrease with time.

The FDA put orlistat on a list of drugs linked to new safety risks earlier this year after examining reports of Xenical’s possible links to rectal bleeding, however the agency determined that no action was needed.

It has also been suggested that Orlistat side effects may increase the risk of colon cancer and breast cancer, leading the consumer advocacy group Public Citizen to call for an Xenical recall in 2006.

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  1. ok i have had both kidney damage and liver damage since i used alli. i was perfectly healthy before what steps do i take

  2. I developed Rhabdomyoysis when I was taking Alli, hospitalized in ICU for 3 days.

  3. I developed diabetes while taking Alli and high blood pressure

  4. I just went through a host of tests because I have possible liver damage/ tumors. I hope for the best, but the only culprit would have to be the Alli (and Xenical before that) I have been taking on and off for five years. I am otherwise healthy and not even that chubby- I wish I had opted for good ol’ fashioned moderation.

  5. I have been taking Alli for over a year and I have Graves and high blood pressure. I am checked twice a year and just had it done 3 weeks ago and my liver was good. Matter of fact everything came back better than it has been in a long time.

  6. I am 39 and took Alli for 18 months. In January, 2009 I became very sick and after a colonoscopy I was informed I have a confirmed, unusually advanced case of diverticular disease. As of the past 30 days I also have unusually dark, tea-colored urine and will be getting liver testing done as well.


  7. Oh MY God . I have performed various lipid tests trying to find out why my liver is 20% larger than normal. My doctor was insisting that I drink too much even after I told I do not drink. When I told him it might be Alli he said that he doubts that very much and anyhow the benefits outweigh the risks. After reading this report and hearing it on the news I will get my liver test again by a different doctor. There has to be some sort of recourse.


  8. I am 29 and just had surgery on my colon. They found a tumor a week ago on the right side of my colon. They found out I have diverticulosis/diverticulitis. I have been on alli for almost 2 years. I lost the weight but have been on it to keep the weight off. But, now I have this disease. Now I have to go for a colonoscopy in Dec to check up on the status. The doctors are stumped as to why I got diverticulitis at such a young age.

    So I have the same condition as the other person (Chris) who just commented above. She was on alli for about as long as I have.

  9. I took Xenical on & off for about 2 years and I have also taken Alli on & off since it became available over-the-counter. In the last 2 years, I have had kidney problems and have noticed a change in the way I feel. Not sure how kidney damage could be related to Xenical & Alli, but I am going to call my PCP tomorrow and schedule an appointment to have liver function tests, kidney tests, and other tests done. My urine has also been tea-colored at times and blood has shown up in my urine samples also on several lab tests, but my PCP does not know why. I will post again when I find out something new to add. Thanks much.

  10. Both my wife and myself have been on this Alli for at least one year possibly two. We didn’t know about the drug that was prescribed. Does this mean that if you have taken just Alli that all these things described may possibly happen?

  11. I use to take Xenical & hve been taking Alli for 2 years now in the last few days my stomach has felt very Upset and I have been constipated just took it yesterday and heard about the recall today. can anyone tell me if upset stomach and Constipation are related to possible Liver Damge? Thank you Kimberly

  12. I took most of ONE bottle of Alli in late summer 2008. Could not stand the side effects I was having, so I stopped. In May 2009, I started having pain in my gallbladder/liver area. I had my gallbladder removed due to sludge and am still having the pain. Starting to feel like Alli had something to do with this….

  13. I have been taking Alli for 8 months off and on. It has saved my life I have lost 65 pounds and I am more healthy now than before. Everything you take can have side effects you cant blame Alli for all the problems in your health.

  14. I’ve been using alli for exactly 1 bottle, which I just finised, helped me lose 10pounds; now that I read this, even if it’s unconfirmed I can tell you I won’t go through, I’ll stop immediately.
    Atm, I still seem healthy, don’t have any symphtom

  15. I took Alli for four months and got the worse UTI ever I wasn’t drinking alcohol or soda I even tested myself after the UTI and started Alli again I went right back to having the same symtoms. I dont know if this is related but I was diagnosed with diabetes about a yr after taking Alli…

  16. I took Alli for two weeks and developed a terrible UTI that put me in the hospital, I stopped taking Alli to take my antibiotics and was going to start again, but now im scared!

  17. I have been taking ALLI over the past year. I just had blood work done and my doctor had to take a double check to make sure it was actually my blood work. My bad cholesterol went from 260 down to 198 and my good cholesterol went from 137 up to 171. My doctor asked what I had done different over the past year (between my two blood tests) and I told her I did the ALLI program — that truly was the only thing I had done different over the past year.

  18. I took Alli for about a week before my left side developed a pain and within 3 days became so bad i could hardly walk, breathe, and sneezing was torture. I went to the Doctor, in fear i had an infection of some sort. He gave me a physical, a pelvic exam, and both blood and urine tests. Next he wanted to give me a CT scan thinking i have damage to my kidneys or liver or possibly a kidney stone. In the end I stopped taking Alli,(nothing in my lifestyle had changed besides alli) my side stopped hurting and all my symptoms disappeared. Needless to say my doctor bill was sky high, and the Alli was tossed.

  19. I have taken ALLI for almost a year and lost over 60 lbs. No adverse side effects and in great health.

  20. Listen fat people you would have probably goten the illness anyway, stop scaring people. I took it for six months and feel great! no problems, help me make my goal. stop whinning and go for a jog…

  21. i’m a little frustrated with several of these posts. I’m assuming that you are taking alli because you are overweight. Are you aware that being overweight greatly increases your risk of developing diabetes and high blood pressure? And yes I know, you were “healthy” before taking alli, but in all reality, everyone is “healthy” before they are diagnosed with diabetes or high blood pressure. As for diverticulosis, it’s thought to be caused, at least in part, by diets high in processed foods and low in fiber…that diet should sound pretty familiar to most of you…we do live in America. And yes, it generally is seen in older adults, but so was type 2 diabetes as of 10 years ago, but as you all know thousands of children and teenagers are now suffering from it due to poor diet and a sedentary lifestyle. Does Alli contribute to liver damage or diverticulosis?? I have no Idea, but please stop with the “I have a problem so I need to find something to blame it on” attitude.

  22. I’ve been taking Xenical, and now Alli, regularly for about 5 years along with moderate exercise and a decent diet. (Im 56) My weight loss has settled in at about a 25lbs, my blood pressure and cholesterol have both significantly improved. All this while going through menopause. Prior to using Xenical I had regular lab test show up with “high liver enzymes” and that hasn’t gotten better or worse. Genetically I have a tendency to put on fat in my upper body and Xenical/Alli have been a tremendous tool for helping me control the fat gain.

  23. I have taken Xenical since it was put on the market, now I just take the Alli because I dont have to get a prescription. I started this medicine years ago! I learned to live with the side effects by eating low fat foods like you are supposed to do. I am an RN of 30 years. I just had a colonoscopy, I have NO diverticulosis. My liver enzyme tests are and always have been normal. I know overweight people, as a rule, have a greater tendency to develop diverticulosis from eating a poor diet, high in carbs and sugar and low in fiber. Also some overweight folks do drink and are possibly also chronic pain patients, who take lots of pain meds which frequently cause liver damage. I am a chronic pain patients myself from a back injury 15 years ago and several failed surgeries. I cant do much excercise because of this. I use the alli, and the diet that comes with it,to keep my weight down. Someone can always connect any medication with any symptoms, or condition,but that doesnt mean that medicine caused it. I know people are sick all over the world and want to find the causes, but FDA should investigate all the other causes for these condidtions in these patients before they say that Alli is causing it. If you take the fat soluble vitamins, A,D,E,and K, that you dont aborb properly on this med, you should be fine. I hope this doesnt turn out to be another bogus lawsuit! We have too may already! Read the side effects of the minor meds you take everyday! You could be too scared to take anything! Alli has worked for me and has not hurt me. I dont drink, take drugs, or have any other serious medical conditions, I believe these cases alledging the alli causing the conditions,are connected with other conditions more than being caused by the drug Alli! Alli is a great med if properly used! If someone is a drinker, wont take vitamins,or has serious medical conditions, then they shouldnt take anything without the advice of the doc!

  24. i have no bad side effects since i started using alli except for the oil that drip in the @ss. Good side-effect: sexy body that I never imagine i could have. I couldn’t have done this without alli. I do workout but alli boost it up. all i can say is that every person is different ok? if one thing doesn’t work, then stop. as for me, i will continue alli.. goodluck!

  25. I had a scheduled c-section in July. Prior to my surgery I had a full blood panel done, and everything was perfect. After having my son, I wanted to try Alli along with diet and exercise, to help boost losing a few extra pounds before I returned to work.

    I have only been taking Alli for 3 weeks. I went to the doctor the other day for bloodwork, just to check out my post-surgery health. She called me this morning to tell me that my liver came back abnormal and my thyroid levels are a mess.

    My liver and thyroid were perfect only 11 weeks ago. Now after 3 weeks of using Alli, I’m having these issues. I’m stopping the pills immediately.

  26. Ok, so as for M, childbirth is a known culprit for thyroid and liver issues. As for all the diabetes and high blood pressure folks, you were obese before you took the alli, and that is what caused the DM and high blood pressure. as for the diverticulitis, you got that from low fiber, crap food. The drug just simply doesn’t effect the mechanisms that you are describing. I am frustrated when people hear a link, and take it for fact. For example, if I had a vaccination at 10 am, then walked outside my doctors office and got hit by a bus, it is not the vaccines fault, but some would say, well she got the shot just before! Think people, research is done on these drugs and it is exhaustive, and I trust doctors and the FDA in general, and a lot more good has come out of the ALli program than bad. Stop eating so much, get off the couch,. and cut the fat. use alli to help and reduce portion size, you willbe on your way to a happier healtier you. and, if by chance you have other health problems, look to yourown genetics and health habits first.
    good luck! I lost 65 lbs, stopped taking it, and stopped exercising and went back to eating bad, and BAM the pounds came back. I am back to the gym EVERYDAY, eating good, and taking alli, wish me luck! as a side note, I did have awful side pain that was unexplained while on the ALLI, so that, as I see, was another compalint, maybe there is something to that. I started taking it again and the side pain came back, and no, its not gas.

  27. I have been taking alli ever since it came out (4 years?) and have lost the weight I fought for 62 years. about 35 pounds. I am 76 and in great health, but I will have liver tests next physician appointment.

  28. My colon ruptured after taking Alli for a little more than a month. I had no prior symptoms other than gerd. I had to wear a bag for 6 months.

  29. i had liver problem befor,,im 0ok now,, iwant to take xenical i dont know if its 0ok or not ,,, ;(

  30. I would not take this stuff if you paid me. I am moderately overweight and I considered taking some diet drugs but this has deterred me. People if you are mobile you can lose the weight on your own! Healthy moderate eating and exercise never killed anyone but apparently these drugs can. Stay safe, you only have 1 life to life. What good is it losing weight if you end up with major organ failure as a result? God bless everyone who has suffered complications

  31. This is all scaring me. I love ALLI !! It has helped me lose 21 lbs. and I am so happy and thankful. I have also been on a diet with it but Alli definitely helped. I am a type 1 diabetic and no it was not caused from me being over weight because I only needed to lose 20 lbs. after giving birth to my daughter. I was never obese. I haven’t had any health issues I could attribute to Alli other than headaches once in a while but I also don’t want to wake up one day with liver failure. I do not want to stop taking alli but maybe I should get my liver levels checked just to be safe. I feel that the FDA would not put this on the market nor would they keep it on the market if they seriously thought it caused liver damage because ultimately without liver function a person cannot live. I will look into this further but as for now I think I will continue to use alli because it has helped not only get to my goal but to maintain it.

  32. i took xenical on and off for a couple of years after a sporting injury and couldnt excersice. i was perfectly healthy but then developed liver damage digestive problems, painfull ligaments, nerve damage, fibramyalgia pain all down my right side and fianlly breast cancer in my right breast. highy dangerous and toxic drug. deplete essential fatty acids and omega 3 oils essential for life and immune and cellularlar protection and xenical promotes accute inflamation in the body a precursor for all disease…please stop these drug companies from killing us for the sake of immoral profits.

  33. I wanted a quick fix….I was 5’9″ and 160 lbs…not that bad really…..so I took it…got down to a very sexy 138 lbs w/out really trying…just took the pills. I looked great, had no fat on my body and felt the best I had in my entire life! Then it started. My hair fell out, started vomiting every morning and woke up with severe headaches. I stopped taking the Alli after 9 months. That was one year ago. Now, I don’t hardly eat anything and weight a whopping fat 180….WAY more than I ever used to. I am sick as a dog. My Doctor suspects colon cancer and am undergoing several tests right now. I don’t care how these people post about how FAT we must have been to take it and these diseases are caused by our being FAT before. I wasn’t really fat before….now I could be dying. At least I feel like I am. My liver enzymes are off the scale, my stomach is so swollen from ascites and I am an absolute shell of who I was last year. If I only knew then what I do now, I would have rather been 10-15 lbs overweight than feeling like I am dying and be 35 lbs. overweight.

  34. Doesn’t it make sense that Alli or any drug that dramatically alters how the liver is to perform its work will create some problem. There are no quick fixes even though we – myself included – are part of the drive through generation where we want everything FAST. The fact is that we must all start with first taking in the right foods that are NOT processed with additives, perservatives, high in sodium, color dyes, artificial stuff. We must also think in terms of cleansing our body of the toxins. The LIVER simply wraps all this bad stuff with fat cells — think of it that way and you will not want to put bad stuff in your body.

  35. Alli caused massive hair loss. Alli caused me to lose 1/2 my hair.
    I have never had any type of hair loss, since taking Alli I have lost half my hair. also Alli caused severe, severe, dry hair and skin and Alli made me very tired. THERE ARE MANY NEGATIVE ALLI REPORTS ON THE OFFICIAL ALLI WEBSITE (POSTED BY ACTUAL ALLI USERS IN THE ALLI FORUMS, BUT THE POSTS ARE REMOVED AS SOON AS THEY GO UP)
    …..Vitamins don’t do enough . In my opinion Alli will be changed or taken off the marked due to liver damage, stomach cancer and massive hair loss…..
    Houston Texas
    Former Alli user

  36. I agree with all those who said the Alli pill did NOT effect them at all! I have been taking the Alli pill for one year and have NO liver problems. I started taking it for the same reason everyone else has, cause I am over weight!!! Educate yourself on better eating habbits, take walks EVERYDAY!!! If you are still eating high fat foods and are having problems with your liver or colon, then rethink what you putting in your mouth. And no, the Alli pill has nothing to do with you enlarged liver. It’s all that fat food you are still eating. Of course vitamins don’t do enough Candice, you need to eat a HEALTHY diet. Has anyone ever taken a class on nutrition? If the fat american public would read a little, maybe we wouldn’t have so much to complaine about or people to point the finger at, other then ourselves!! I use to be 200 lbs and now I am 126. I educated myself on a healthy lifestyle and made exercising a part of mt daily life.

  37. I took My Alli, as prescribed on the bottle. While my liver panels are normal, within 4 months of taking My Alli in decreased dosage, I contracted severe diverticulitis. When I contacted the pharmaceutical company and spoke to a nurse, I asked if the sstomach pain warning on the bottle was specific to any disorders or if this was a common side effect. She said no, they just put that warning on the bottles “just in case” and she would document that I called just to track calls on the product. I was on a course of antibiotics that cost over $300 b/c of this episode. I never had GI problems before taking My Alli. I see a direct correlation between my diverticulitis and this prodcut. This product should not be available over the counter!

  38. After 1 week of useing alli I developed pain on my right under my ribs and pure white stool. scared me to death and as soon as i stopped taking alli my body went back to normal

  39. I’ve always been about 20 pounds overweight, seeing all the fabulous-
    Alli commercials made me confident that this product would work!
    I used it for about 1 1/2 years, first started taking it to drop 12-15 pds so I could have Smart Lipo.
    It worked I lost 12 pds. I continued taking it as a crutch, I work retail (long hours) never have alot of time for exercise and thought it woudl do the trick.
    It kept my weight down, until about the time I stopped taking it I was fine then I started having major problems with constipation.
    I stopped taking it and 8 months later I am still waking up at 4 am with severe stomache and lower back ache/pain, the worst pain I’ve ever endured.
    I’m miserable, my body feels old and I am only 38, most of the time I’m exhausted and feeling crappy. The only thing that gets me through the pain at 4 am is a half a vicodin.
    It’s tappered off but it still comes on and I end up in a fetus position on the floor or the couch.
    I admit, I could focus on my workout a bit more, my fault.
    However, when you spend money for a treatment, the last thing you think will happen is major pain.
    Diet pills are no joke! They will ruin your life and eventually create problems of which were not there prior to taking the medication.
    Do yourself a favor, eat healthy, workout and be happy with yourself. Or go to a doctor and figure out an alternative than Alli- it will ruin your life!
    Good Luck,

  40. Wow. I’m 5’7″ and 143lbs. I’m by no means fat but wanted to lose just a few pounds. I just read the last comment and realized I will no longer be taking Alli. My last couple stools have been clay/white in color. When I looked up possible causes it said bile obstruction or liver disease. I’m hope I’m not too late and my normal balance kicks back in. FYI I exercise regularly and I eat healthy. I’m only 30. I have no prior GI issues not even GERD. Never had heartburn once. It will be sad if this has caused permanent damage. I am an RN so I consider myself somewhat aware of looking for possible side effects. It seemed so safe.

  41. I started taking Alli January 1st as part of my New Year’s resolution. I’m very happy that I’ve lost 26 pounds so far even though I wasn’t too overweight to begin with. But today I had to go to the hospital and I found out that my gallbladder was full of stones and now has to be removed. I’m just wandering if me taking the drug played a part in it.

  42. I am just in shock over these comments and how many people have had liver and kidney and other problems. I am 39 and have been taking Alli on and off for about a year and a half. I have been healthy my entire life up until this point and not even overweight in the clinical sense. I was recently diagnosed with an enlarged liver and further tests are being done. It is horrifying that this drug has done this!! It is clearly evident that orlistat is toxic to our insides!! Please, if anyone else is reading this, please know it is a very dangerous thing to take!!

  43. CORN SYRUP and HYDROGENATED OILS over time will also give your body major problems.If you eat healthy try to eat organic as much as you can adding Alli in your diet probably wont hurt.You need to out way the bad with the good.

  44. I was a 5 year breast cancer survivor and within 9 months of taking Alli, the breast cancer recurred. I have been on chemotherapy now for almost a year; my liver was in very bad shape in the beginning and is only now starting to appear cleared. I still am fighting the cancer that is in my bones.

  45. I’m 24 yrs, 5’1, and 150lbs.
    I just bought Alli and will begin taking it tomorrow.
    However, after reading all these scary posts, I’m not sure what to do.
    Should I take them, or return them?

  46. I started taking alli on the 25 of April, now it’s the 30th, I’ve lost 10 lbs, and no side effects. I exercise 3 days a week and changed my diet.
    I’m happy so far! :]

  47. I used Alli for about a year n had great weight loss results. I was very fit n healthy, just needed to drop 15 lbs. I developed diverticulitis, hypoglycemia n hypothyroidism n bradychardia all as a result of using Alli. This is a very bad drug resulting in the worse year of my life!!! I was extremely healthy with great habits!!! Bad drug!!!

  48. I had taken Alli last year and then took a break from it and when I had restarted in January I got hit with Pancreatitis and had to have my Gall Bladder removed. Has anyone else had this problem….I truly believe it had to do with the Alli. It was way too coincidental

  49. Has anyone experienced hair loss while taking Alli?

  50. Omg so let me begin with all Alli has done, first it gave me penile cancer, followed by horrible hemorrhoids, then it proceded to make all my hair fall out, then my wife divorced me. Then it set my house on fire, slashed my tired on my car, killed my pet dog, stole my grill, blackmailed my mom, got me fired from my job, and then give me herpies.

  51. Used Alli on and off for a couple of years. Have not had any liver tests done but what makes me stop is a pain I get in area of the liver. I thougth it was something else, something I may have ate or pulled something. But it goes away when I stop Alli. Then it’s back to really watching what I eat & exercising more than when I was on Alli. Then I get lazy and try again. After reading eveything here, I won’t be going back to them ever again.

  52. So if you don’t take Alli you live forever without any illnesses? That is what all of you with health problems sound like. Being FAT causes all the diseases you have-then you reach 50 and think if you drop the weight you’ll be healthy..WRONG. The damage is already done. Also, taking 3 Alli a day is not good-I only take one and lost weight and feel great. I only had to lose that last 10 pounds (I never was over 15 lbs overweight) and it helped greatly. Some people just look for any excuse to eat fattening foods and pack on the weight…ANYTHING You put in your mouth effects your liver…EVEN THAT TURKEY LEG.

    So don’t tell me that you’re worried about your liver when you’re carrying around an extra 50-100 lbs. smoke, sitting around watching OPRA.

  53. Ok wow. I take alli, and I found this forum after seeing the news about two deaths and multiple users with liver damage. But it doesnt scare me, maybe it should. I believe alot for people on Alli, use it as an escuse to eat shit, especting to poop it out! but it doesn’t work that way, and your doing more damage to yourself. possibly like liver damage, high blood pressure, bad cholosterol, diabetes. Most of you probably dont exercise or drink enough water. Hair loss is caused from many different factors. Just for the fact that your not productively active, will make you sluggish and sleepy. But at the same time I agree, that just good old fashioned hard work and eating right will do the trick, for some of us its hard to get started. which is why I started Alli, and it works great for me.I run , lift weights and pay attention to everything I eat. dont eat much meat or processed foods, I cook almost everything, snack on nuts, fruits, and occasional chocolate. I have had High blood pressure way before taking alli, and find that it has stabalized and improving. But most of the stuff Ive read here, seeems like people wanting something to blame for their misfortunes and found it! You al should be looking to a more positive attitude in recovery and not sending negative messages.

  54. I have been on Alli with my husband when we have particularily fatty foods for about four months. I have lost over 40lbs with diet and excersize and my husband 60. Being overweight plays havok with ones body and can cause any number of the problems listed. I am skeptical at best to think that all these incidence are because of this drug as opposed to poor eating over a lifetime and or not excersizing. I am not saying that some may have been inflamated due to Alli. I wish the best to all that are having problems and hope things resolve. For myself, I will continue to have it here and there when I have fatty foods but not as a cure all and will proceed with caution.

  55. I used Xenical for 2 – 3 years and in 2008 was diagnosed with breast cancer and after going through 2 lumpectomies and radiation began having stomach problems, I was then diagnosed with gastroparesis. At the same time my liver enzyme count was rising each time my blood was tested and finally last spring I had a liver biopsy and learned I have cirrhosis of the liver. There was no clear cut reason for this and Xenical came to mind so I asked the doctor if it could have caused the liver damage. At that time she said no. I did research on the computer about it last year and found nothing then either. Then I hear on the news yesterday it can cause severe liver damage. Coincidence? I’m not so sure. I see my oncologist Tuesday and plan to ask what she might know about these new findings.

  56. I have been taking Alli for 17 months now, and have had absolutely NO problems. I am 33 years old, and I am a size 4, for the first time EVER. At 135 lbs.(I was 200 at the start), I know that I am healthier now than I have ever been. To be on the safe side, I will speak with my Dr. at my next appointment, to ensure that my liver is healthy. I really hope that that recent findings about Alli, does not deter people who really need help from taking this drug.

  57. I tried alli for the first time and after having only “1″ pill…. I will never do it again… I have been experiencing the most brutal stomach pain…it goes away and comes back kinda stomach pain…This is sooo not worth it! And this was taken 4 days ago and my stomach still hurts! I may have to go to the doctor if this persists any longer. I am also not overweight at all. My sister just wanted me to see how it works. I am forcing her to stop taking it now. I don’t want any one to go through what I am going through with this sour stomach pain…just horrible.

  58. I am a healthy 41 yr old and have taken Alli on and off for several months. (2nd bottle.) I looked this up because I have been getting pains in my left side just under my rib cage. I have read several other posts on here of people with the same symptom. I will never take this drug again. Hope I’m not too late.

  59. I am 45 years old and I used Alli for 2 years until I had to have my Gall Bladder removed because of Gall Stones (Saturday June 5th 2010). I never had a surgery before in my life . I always had a very healthy body. I am completely sure that Alli caused this.

  60. AFter taking Alli off and on for 2 yrs.. I read this website and some other thigns in the news about Alli causing medical worries. I went yesterday and now have very low potassium. Has anyone else experience low potassium levels while taking Alli?
    Thanks and i have thrown the bottle OUT!

  61. Wow! I just started this yesterday and I’m truly concerned now. I only took 2. 1 at lunch and 1 at supper. I was concerned because I threw up 4-5 times after the second dose yesterday. My supper was chicken breast and rice. No added salt or fats. This morning, I was constipated which is highly unusual because I am extremely regular, drink at least 8-10 cups of water daily EVERY day and my diet is fiber rich. Well, I decided to discontinue after this morning, but I had a salad with lettuce tomatoe and olives for lunch with lite honey mustard dressing. I finally went to the bathroom and thought maybe I was just going through an adjustment period. So at lunch a took my third pill over 2 days and less than thrirty minutes passed and I’m in there again, but this time my stools are extremely pale and I see the oily stuff on the water. Should I discontinue? My doctor recommended this to me….My blood work was all good at my last visit, now I’m concerned.

  62. I have taken Alli for about 3 days. My urine is dark, I have been too fatigued with an upset stomach , nausea, and etc. I threw out my alli. I was so exhausted Icould hardly walk-and I am not that overweight!
    Do Not Take This Drug! My friend just told me of her friend-after only three days of taking the alli pill she was hospitalized and died! A lawsuit will occur.

  63. I’m now blind and have hooks for hands after taking alli.

  64. I have been taking Alli for six months and have not really lost much weight. I find myself more tired…so have decided to go off it because I can lose more weight on my own if I get my own energy going again…but most of all because of the pain on my right side I have been experiencing these last few days and lots of pain in my gut all along! My concerns got me looking up Alli and related health problems which brought me to this website. I know that eating right and exercising alot is all we really can do to keep healthy! Going off Alli and hoping my pains goes away!

  65. I can almost assure that most of the complaints come from very fat people who think they were never all that overweight.

    “I was healthy i swear.”

  66. Oh my gosh!!!! I was at my moms house last week and told me that on the news they had seen reports of people taking Alli, and stating they have kidney and liver damage due to the drug. I thought to myself aww, yea right. Their lying. Today at 134pm I received a call from Kaiser stating my kidney is abnormal. Now Im awaiting word from my doctor to see how screwed up I may be. Alli is terrible!!

  67. I have taken Xenical daily for 10 years. It has lowered my cholesterol 80 points and helped me loose 10 pounds and more importantly keep it off. I am 55 years old , so it aint gettin any easier. I feel great on this drug and plan to take it forever.

  68. been taking alli for about 3 weeks had a pale bowel movement and it scared me no more alli for me and im going to see my doctor.

  69. I really don’t believe that Diet Pills should be taken any longer then 3 months at a time. Then go off and give your body a rest to get back to normal.Then If you need to go back on then again for 3 months and then off. People should not live on diet pills. Thats like living on medication for a Thyroid. You only take it for so long. Then you go into the doctor and get checked to make sure nothing is happening to your body. In the mean time just eat right. Fruit, Vegetable, Salads, Fiber and NO Red Meats.

  70. pale bowel movements…well most disease starts in the GUT…I suggest taking Quercetin…just 10.00 at a health food store…aids in absorbtion, and has antioxidant properties,and also for allergies of food….along with that I take another digestive from my lab (hormone creams,sure helps,read the book, or the index on where to find labs, from “breakthrew book” from Susanne Sommers) has pancreatic enzymes or such….I suggest going into alternative healing,accupunture,meditation etc, to help one along with doctors orders…but people want a quick fix,and thats not possible…

  71. A lot of these issues people are writing about can be due to obesity.. They even recommend taking vitamins with this drug and cutting down on fat. Sounds like a lot of you need to do your research instead of just jumping in and trying to find something to blame your health problems on. Me personally I am going to take this drug after a LOT of research. This is the only FDA approved drug for a reason. Just like every medication out there.. there are risks for taking it. Even Tylenol there are risks to the liver. Considering how many people take the drug Tylenol. My mother in law has already lost 10 pounds and have not had any problems. Obesity is a higher risk. taking little medication for a few vanity pounds is not good and can cause health problems.. Do your research.. then make a decision..

  72. I love Alli and have no health problems. I lost almost 100lbs without Alli and it has helped me with the last few. High liver enzymes on a test is very common. The gall bladder can be effected by rapid weight loss, so all of the problems can be attributed to other things. One commenter said she wasn’t that chubby, so why was she taking Alli???


  74. I took a bottle of Alli over about a 2 month period. Didn’t take it everytime I ate basically I would only take it when I ate something really fattening. I never lost any weight. Do you think it’s because I didn’t take it consistly 3 times a day daily? Would love some feed back.

  75. I took alli for about 3 days last summer,2009. I have blood work done 3 times a year for other medicines I am on My liver enzymes have always been great. I had blood work done in November2009,my liver enzymes had gotten quite high.Repeated blood work has shown it to only be getting worse.I also have had bad pain on my lower right side,this started 2nd day i took the alli

  76. i used alli and i had inflammation of the liver and now i have hepatitis.

  77. OMG, i was healthy but about a stone and a half over weight after having a baby i took alli and then had pain and have been told i have gallstones. it seems a bit of a coincidence, as i was checked while pregnant 2 years ago and i was in good health. I wish i hadnt took these pills.

  78. I have been taking Alli for about 9 months on a need basis. If I went out to eat or cooked something, such as fried chicken I took the pill. I somehow got used to the rythm of the bowl movements and the cholestrol tests were simply amazing. i’m 5’11″ and 145lbs. I just recently have experienced a side affect that very few have mentioned. I am experiencing severe hair loss. Alli has been the only change in my diet and regiment. I will quit as of today. I wish i had known about hair loss as a possible side affect. The key to health still remains the same – eat small proportions of all food groups and exercise. I knew this but wanted an easy fix! There are non.

  79. I have been taking Alli for a period of nine months and are feeling great, however I am taking my vitamines and keeping active. For the first three months I took the pill three times daily and between meals took a snack such as fruits or veggies. When I ate fatty foods it was certain that I would have a bowl movement with in 15-30 min. My stool was was not firm. After the third month I stopped taking the Alli as you would with any other weight loss pill although it was not posted on the Alli directions or indications. On the fifth month I discoverd that when I took the Alli it would help me control my sugar levels and feel great with it. My weight was 369 pounds and it is know 321 pounds I have lost a total of 48 pounds. I am a diabetic type 2 and under control. All my lab test have come out normal. I have not expirienced hair loss, lack of energy or painful bowl movements. Its important to research what we are going to be putting in to our organisim and to remember that everything has side effects.

  80. I have been taking Alli, no more than 3 capsules a day for about 1 year. I ended up in ER, had a CT scan and found I was passing a kidney stone. They also found both kidneys are full of stones. I believe Alli is the cause.

  81. I took Zenical for 6 months, lost loads of weight, then took them on and off with fatty meals etc. i now have very bad diverticulitus disease and have had it for about 2 years, the pain sometimes is unbearable. My doctor thought i had reoccuring gastric flu, tillI was tested in hospital. It can only have been Zenical which caused this, I have never had it before in my life. Please weigh up all the side effects before you take this drug.

  82. I took xenical abt a year maybe more and before taking it i had no problems just overweight . i loss the weight i was 475 when i got down i was weighing abt 330-360 it got to a point i couldnt eat loss down to abt 265 i was having real bad pains in my upper part of my stomache .at my rib cage i was nausea pain all in my back headache i never had before.like swelling in my stomache and head my gall bladder had to be removed. the pain still came back off and on id have blood in my stool kept having kidney infections . i recently had my kidney’s tested there good.ive gain back up to 400 pounds. I so my weigh out of hand once more. my friend was weighing 165 she took alli and loss 30 pounds in no time a had no side effects. so i decided id try it .and that pain hit me worser than beforeid lost 10 pounds i stop taking them right then my doctor prescrbed me a pill for imflamation it didnt help. 4 days later im back to my dr. so ive had some blood work done . he mentioned it maybe my liver . he says we may have to do more test im now 384 pounds.those pills effect different people in different ways some can take it most of us thats really over weight seem to have the most problem.one thing for sure you will lose the weigh.But you have to live with the side effects.I

  83. I just had extensive but routine blood work done through a work wellness screening with 40 different blood chemistry parameters tested. I have always been healthy, never overweight so everything was great as expected… EXCEPT guess what? My test results for GGT (gamma glutamyl transferase) and Iron suggest possible LIVER disease! I’ve taken Alli on and off, as needed for 6 months, never more than 2 per day. I haven’t even finished my first bottle of Alli. If this OTC drug damages vital organs such as the liver at such low doses, it should not be on the market. (BTW: At 5’1′, I weighed 124 lbs and lost the desired 8 lbs I just wasn’t able to lose in the past 10 years of trying. I have eaten healthy whole foods my entire life. I excerise regularly and do not take any other medications.) Sure Alli works… but it seems it is just too hard on the liver for too many of us.

  84. My 71 year old father, who granted was overweight, but was active and worked as a stone mason was perscribed Xenical by his doctor nearly 3 years ago. After taking these pills for 18 months he decided to stop taking them as he was eating a low fat diet and the tablets where no longer working for him. Almost immediatly my father started to put on weight quite rapidly, 1 stone in a month and became very ill, he was taken into hospital and remained in hospital for 5 months. My father has nephrotic syndrome and chronic kidney failure, he has dialysis 3 times a week and spends most of his days indoors, very tired and very weak…..I DO BLAME XENICAL and the doctors are aware of this. Please be very careful taking this drug, everyone is different and everyone’s body will respond differently to medication, be aware of any changes and speak to you doctor on a regular basis. Had my father not have been taken into hospital when he was he would have been dead within 36 hours.

  85. I started taking alli in may 2010,I only took it for a few weeks(didn’t even finish the bottle). I lost 18lbs in 11 days…..wow a super drug!! Within 4 weeks my hair had started falling out,I’ve never suffered any form of hair loss. It’s really distressing,luckily it seems to be growing back but as it does I lose a little bit more somewhere else,I haven’t a clue if and when it’s going to stop but I know for sure I would rather be a couple of stone over weight than have my hair fall out!! £40 for what???

  86. I’m 5’4, 110lbs, 30 year old female. I’ve been taking alli for over a year. When I started taking it I was 130lbs. Not exactly over wieght, but enough to bother me.
    Now however, for about a year, I’m tired all the time. My hair has been thinning on my head,I’m growing man hair on my face and have had horrible lower back pain and cramps. Last time I was at the doctor(8mths ago) I had an ultrasound done, x-rays, and was told I had cysts on my overies and that was the problem. I was given meds and told to deal with it. My cycle every month got worse, severe pain, and the bleeding lasting for months. I went back to my doctor just last week, they drew blood and ordered a ct scan. I was called in three days later, my white blood cell count is through the roof, heart rate is way up, they suspect endoemtriosis, but they found something else. I have thickening of my colon wall, my doctor suspects colon cancer. I have to go in for a colonoscopie(or however you spell it.)
    I honestly wish I would have found this site before I started taking alli. Granted, many rude people who have posted bashing over wieght people and being down right horrible, may bash me too, but whatever.

  87. I took Alli for about 3 weeks in January and stopped taking it January 26 to go on vacation. Well my hair started falling out! I have a couple large bald patches that I hope will grow back. I just finished the Ritual Cleanse and hope my hair grows back soon and that I don’t lose any more. If you have had hair loss using Alli, has it grown back?

  88. I’ve taken alli religiously for two years. I admit, it helped me maintain my weight to 115 lbs. with my exercises to go with it. Unfortunately, last November, I’ve been diagnosed with breast cancer stage II B. I’m not quite sure if alli has got something to do with it but I surely felt tired most of the times while i was taking this pill and even before the cancer diagnosis. My tumor has gotten to stage II B meaning bigger for such a short period of time. I suggest that we all have to be careful in everything we take in our bodies. God Bless everyone!

  89. I started taking Alli about 3 weeks ago. After about a week I started developing pain in both sides of my lower back. I wasn’t sure if this was back strain from something I done the previous day or kidney pain, so I stopped taking Alli and the problem went away. I then resumed taking Alli a couple of days later, and did not put any strain on my back. Again, the pain returned after taking only 2 pills so I stopped. I’m not obese, and currently have no health problems. My overall opinion is this medication should be taken off the shelves.

  90. Im a 16 year old girl, 5’2 and i weight about 125 i know im not overweight my doctor says im fine but i wanted to try this. After reading this, im rethinking..i have very long hair and i don’t know what i would do it i started loosing it. I also don’t want to get any type of cancer or anything. I only want too loose maybe 7 pounds i play softball every single day so im pretty active and my diet isn’t the perfect diet. I would only take it until i got to my ideal weight and then keep it off myself but now im not sure what to do? any suggestions

  91. I am 37, overweight weighing 233 pounds and 5’7″. Over the course of a year I lost about 20 pounds by eating a healthy vegetarian diet but the weight loss stalled. A month ago I started exercising every day for about an hour but my weight loss fluctuates between 230 and 235. I needed something OTC to help with late night binging on healthy foods. FYI i don’t drink alcohol, coffee, or sugared drinks. I am very discouraged so I started taking Alli two days ago. Yesterday my blood pressure spiked to 190/123,and I had lower left side pain which is how I found this web page. Alli seem to have broke my weight loss stall as I lost 3 pounds and feel lighter. I am unsure if Alli is causing these symptoms. Keep in mind that I check my blood pressure routinely at home because I was already hypertensive prior to taking Alli. I plan to decrease the dose to one a day and continue to monitor my BP. I took one pill today with my first meal and yes, my BP increased from 140/80 (prior to taking Alli) to 165/115. It is several hours later and I just now tested my BP and its 135/90 and the left side pain has stopped. Anyway, I posted this because there is not enough information on myAlli.com forum or on the web for that matter because I did research the product before buying it, to see if it would effect my blood pressure and all I found was that Alli effects the digestive system so I figured I’d give it a shot. Good luck to everyone as this product seems to effect everyone differently.

  92. Over the course of the last 10 years I have lost about 95 lbs. I’m not a success at dieting, much, but my health has always been pretty good considering I started losing at 330 lbs and am now 235. I am not a good dieter, but I am a good exerciser, and that helps. And my mottto is never give up. But I gave up Alli. My Alli use was limited to about 2 bottles and I lost 30 lbs.Then after a month long plateau, I stopped taking it, I got constipated for the first time in my life, and at 54 that is a long time without hardly ever any bowel problems, thank God.. I had never been constipated like Alli left me for sure. OMG, it is horrible. I did everything right with the Alli, but it seems to have stopped me up like never before. I have muscles around my ribs aching from the pushing I have had to do, to get about nothing out. Days of pushing. God it was awful. It has been 4 weeks, and I feel about 1/3 of the way to normal. Don’t take the stuff. Nothing is worth this pain and misery. There are lots more sensible ways to lose weight, and I am going back to them, slow and sure, and hopefully regular again someday.

  93. I took alli 3 times a day for 2 years and never lost any weight. Now I hae kidney damage.

  94. I took prescription Xenical between 2000-2001 to lose 10-15 pounds. In 2003 I had surgery for stage IIIC colon cancer. I also have diverticulosis. I received weekly chemotherapy treatments for 9 months. 5 days after my last treatment I went to ER with Pulmonary Emboli in both lungs and a totally occluded superior vena cava. I won’t bore you with all the other complications I’ve had related to so much chemotherapy and Coumadin including subdural hematoma requiring a crainiotomy. I am blessed to have survived and remain in remission today but I am on oxygen 24/7.

  95. I took alli for 6 months. It worked great. I lost 35 pounds. I went off of it and ate boneless chicken wings (not acceptable when on the alli) and had a gallbladder attack. I had to get my gallbladder out. Not I have irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). I am just wondering if all of these are related to one another?

  96. I am 43. I loved my Alli, took it for approx 6 months with diet and excersize and lost 25 pounds. Occassionaly I would get a pain in my upper abs, but for the most part, felt great, looked good for the first time in 15 years. I felt my bad eating habits returning and started back on the Alli, within days, started feeling a pain in my upper abdomin, side and lower back. I had only taken a pill when I over ate too much fat for that meal. My blood work just came back with reports of liver damage. I had no idea until now that the FDA has been investigating Alli. How could I be so stupid for not looking into this before. There is nothing written on the label. I pray it hasn’t caused too much damage.

  97. crap i just ordered 2 bottles of ali and i am to scared to try it!

  98. To Vicky & all Re: Scared to try it: Abilify

    Here’s my page on Abilify’s reported to FDA Medwatch list of side effects between Jan 2004-Dec 2006.


    Caveat Emptor indeed!

    Further information on Abilify and many more psychiatric drugs is available at:


  99. I am an RN and took alli for about 4 months. I’m in my late 40s and had no health problems and was on no other meds and had not ever been in the hospital other than childbirth I was maybe 10 pounds over my ideal weight To my surprise and after terrible pain I had 2 hospitalizations, one ended in surgery for kidney stones the other not long after I was in the hospital with a tube in my nose not able to eat for a week Long story short I still was not convinced it was the ali and as I said I’m an ICU nurse and I thought maybe it was just my time to be sick or whatever so…… The other day I restarted Ali
    and after about 4 doses I had terrible( right side, under rib pain) ,and each time I went to bathroom my stool was almost white. I quit taking immediately and about 1 week later things seem back to normal. I will never take this drug again. I feel sure if I would have kept taking I would be back in hospital or worse

  100. We have just lost my brother. He died from the consquences of pancreatic cancer 0n july 3rd.. Back in october 2011 he took xenical for 5 weeks during that time he got very ill and was diagnosed with nueroendocrine pancreatic cancer. He believed strongly that xenical played a roll in his ilness as previously he had no major health problems and wasnt taking any other medication.

  101. I took Alli for several months. Started having extreme pain in liver and gallbladder area. Doctors took test after test, charged me lots of money. I asked both doctors if they thought it could be the Alli. Both said no way. I stopped taking and low and behold pain ended. A year later gallbladder got so bad, no gallstones) that I had to have it removed.

  102. I took Alli for 4 months and I had always been healthy. Became very tired with discomfort on left side. CT scan showed a large aggressive tumor omy right kidney, I truly believe Alli was to blame.

  103. When I first took Ali (3 yrs ago, on & off) I had no problems and lost 15 lbs within 3 weeks. Stopped because I had achieved my so called ideal weight. Few years later, I now have thyroid problems, diverticulosis and pain on my right side under rib cage. Now I’m wondering if it’s because of the Ali. :(

  104. was taking xenical prescribed by a doctor between 2009-2010 in 2012 i had to have my gall bladder removed im convinced it was due to taking xenical who do we report this too this drug needs to be stopped

  105. I\’ve been taking Zenical on and off for the last 2 years. I have just come out of hospital after being diagnosed with diverticulitis, I am otherwise a healthy person with a normal diet. I am also convinced that Zenical is to blame……. so what do we do?

  106. I took prescription Xenical off and on between 2002-2003. After having carpal tunnel surgery in 2003, my surgeon told me I was sick and needed to go see my primary care physician. My doc sent me to the gastroenterologist who performed a colonoscopy. Long story short…I had surgery for stage IIIC colon cancer on Dec. 31, 2003. Prior to going into the OR, the surgeon told me that CAT scans looked like the cancer had metastacised to my liver. Luckily, the spots on my liver were not malignant. I also have diverticulosis. I went through weekly chemotherapy from Jan. 2004 – Sept. 2004. 5 days after my last chemo treatment, I went to the ER with pulmonary emboli in both lungs. I had a crainiotomy for a subdural hematoma in 2005. I remain on oxygen 24/7 today. It never occurred to me that the Xenical could be linked to my colon cancer. Now I wonder, as there is no cancer in my immediate family even though my parents were both smokers.

  107. I took Alli back in 2007. I was trying to lose only 10lbs, was very healthy beforehand. Never had any prior health problems. I took Alli for about 2 weeks and stopped due to the horrible bathroom issues it csused. Within a month after ending Alli I started having severe abdominal pain and suffering from significant weight loss and diarrhea any time I ate. I was in the emergency room 3 times a week. They did every test imaginable but couldn\\\\\\\’t find anything wrong with me. After a year and a half of horrible pain and losing 80lbs without trying, they removed my gall bladder. Unfortunately that didn\\\\\\\’t help…I was sent to to Dartmouth hospital and they found I have Chronic Pancreatitis. I have been sick since I took Alli. I never drank or did drugs. I had a great government job and now I\\\\\\\’m disabled and waiting to have my pancreas removed. I am 31 years old and have two young children. ..This drug needs to be banned!! It literally ruined my life!!


  109. I took Alli for only a week. Last Sunday I noticed that my stools were white and Monday I woke up with pain on my right side, not huge pain, but there all the time. My stools are still white, the pain here, very gassy… I am scared, really! My doctor’s appointment is tomorrow at 11:00 am and I hope I am not seriously ill. By the way, I am not obese, 10 pounds overweight only.

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