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Published: August 1st, 2011

Some Zimmer NexGen knee replacement systems have been linked to a high number of problems, including reports of pain, loosening of the implant and failure of the replacement knee leading to revision surgery.

ZIMMER KNEE REPLACEMENT LAWSUIT STATUS: Potential claims are being reviewed by Zimmer NexGen knee lawyers for individuals who have experienced problems after a Zimmer knee replacement.


OVERVIEW: Several different components used as part of Zimmer NexGen knee replacement systems have been associated with a potential increased risk of problems, which may result in pain, limited range of motion, loosening of components or the need for additional revision surgery.

In March 2010, data was presented by a group of knee surgeons that indicates nearly 9% of patients who received the Zimmer NexGen CR-Flex Porous Femoral component required revision knee surgery within two years and 36% showed signs of the replacement knee loosening.

In September 2010, recalls were issued for several components due to apparent manufacturing defects or design defects. A Zimmer NexGen MIS recall was issued for more than 68,000 knee components following at least 114 reports of problems that caused some individuals to experiencing loosening of the parts or the need for additional knee surgery. In addition, a Zimmer NexGen LPS recall was issued due to nonconfirming and inconsistent geometry.

REPORTS OF LOOSENING AND REVISION: At a conference of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons in March 2010, several prominent knee surgeons presented data on the outcomes of 108 knee replacement patients who received the Zimmer NexGen CR-Flex Porous Femoral component at Rush University Medical Center in Chicago.

After only two years, the researchers reported:

  • 9 patients required knee revision surgery due to loosening and pain
  • 39 patients showed evidence of radiographic loosening

It is suspected that the higher-than-expected failure rate is linked to design problems with Zimmer NexGen replacement knees, as the orthopedic surgeons concluded that they were not caused by surgical errors, problems with the techinque or the type of patient who received the knee implant.

More than 150,000 Zimmer NexGen CR and Zimmer NexGen CR-Flex Porous Femoral implants have been sold since 2003, and some doctors have reported experiencing a substantially higher-than-expected failure of the replacement knee within a few years of surgery.

The Zimmer replacement knee is a “high-flex” component, which attaches to the bottom of the thigh bone. In most knee replacement systems, a type of surgical cement is used to hold the implant in place. However, the Zimmer NextGen knee does not use a cement and this may be a design defect which increases the risk of a knee replacement loosening and needing additional surgery to revise the implant.

ZIMMER NEXGEN KNEE REPLACEMENT PROBLEMS: As a result of recalled Zimmer knee replacements and potential problems with the design for certain NexGen components, thousands of individuals may have been exposed to an increase risk of early failure. A number of individuals throughout the United States are pursuing compensation through a Zimmer NexGen knee replacement lawsuit as a result of the manufacturer’s failure to adequately research the artificial knee system or warn about the risk of Zimmer knee problems.

In August 2011, all federal lawsuits involving problems with Zimmer NexGen knee replacements were consolidated as part of an MDL in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Illinois, where they will be centralized for pretrial proceedings. Although the MDL process is managed similar to how a Zimmer NexGen knee replacement class action lawsuit would proceed during pretrial litigation, the cases do remain individual claims. The cases will be remanded back to the federal district court where they were originally filed for trial if a ZImmer NexGen settlement agreement is not reached during the MDL process.

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  1. On 3/15/10 I had a (TKR) after 2 wks I was telling my Dr. I am in pain 24/7, he told me it would pass, and told me to stay on my walker. 4 months latter he is still telling me to stay on my walker. My knee will not extend or bend completely. On 6/17/10 I had a 2nd opinion, I was told “it won’t get any better than it is right now”. I called the 1st Dr. to find out what the brand was on my knee, it is a Zimmer NexGen CR. I am having a revisement of my knee 7/27/10, Why did’nt someone tell me I had a choice in what brand I am paying for?

  2. I had TKR on left knee July of 2007, on right knee in Nov of 2007. I have never been pain free. I am overweight and have been trying to lose weight so that my knees will be under less stress. I was told swimming would be a good exercise, I have been careful not to do anything that will move my knees side to side… only back and forth, but the more I exercise the more pain I am in. I can barely walk now. I always use a cane and sometimes need assistance going up steps. I found that I have the Zimmer NexGen replacements. I am going to get tests done by a specialist to see if they have loosened or are what is causing my pain. I cannot exercise, therefore I am not able to lose weight. I am in a viscous circle. I hope that I find the problem is related to the manufacture defect, but I also hope the “FIX” is not to get new parts, but just adjustments. I want to dance!!! Right now all I can do is wince in pain as I slowly walk where I need to go. Wish me luck!!

  3. in 2006 I had a total replacement of my right knee with a Zimmer Next Gen knee. I have had it for 6 years but in the last 6 months I’ve had pain, popping and crunhing when I walk. Medication does not always aleviate the pain. Specialist had cat scan and bone scan and said it appears there is loosening and shifting of bottom piece. I am scheduled to have revision total knee-femoral and entire tibial component on 8/24.

  4. In 2003 I received one of these great knees, only 43 and twins to raise I
    had this knee replacement to fix my right knee. It has been a nightmare that I cannot wake from! Doctors saying it is heaked and it can’t do that. The knee is in my leg not theirs. I have constant pain, metal on metal rubing, it stop fuctioning and I fall or I stumble around like I am drunk. It has caused me back, hip, and destroyed my other knee because of how it makes me limp when I walk. I have tried every kind of pain medicine and arthrist medicines with no luck. I even ask them to cut it off! I am so glade that other people are having problems with their’s. My doctor says it’s healed, I need help I have been disabled since they put it in and uninsured so I can’t get it fixed!

  5. I had TKR on right knee May of 2009. I have never been pain free. I am 55 years old not overweight and in great physical conditions. After starting physical therapythe swelling in my knee would never subside. My PT measured my knee every week and there was time it was bigger but never got smaller. After 3 weeks my PT state my knee needed to be drain and it was, by the 5 week my PT would not work on my knee because of the swelling. So after moring draining (approx twice per month) in February 2010 a revision was performed. So after spending 11 days in the hospital and draining my knee 8 times (once it was twice a day), a CDC doctor stated the knee replacement must come out. So 3 months later the TKR has been removed I’m in a brace and if I bend my knee I could tear everything. So hopefully in September they will put a new knee in.

  6. I have had knee replaced 8/1/2008 due to and after almos I it two yrs treatment and therapy. I still have pain 24/7 including pain, swelling and it gets warm. I have done all recommended therapy plus some after. The Dr. who did it said he could do no more; so am working with 2nd Dr., he has done all tests possible saiid no infection found. Also, told me no replacement co has full proof tests of and allergy to their products. I am again having it drained and cortizone shots ;as I was when this all started. I need someone’s help on this Dr and I are at wits end. If u can help in any way please let mperation was very painful and if nothing ele know. The ose made life more difficult am using walker yet.

  7. So sorry for all of you in pain, I know what you are going through. I had total knee replaced 11/04/08 not quite 2 yrs, I;ve always had swelling, and some pain, but about 6 months ago it started getting worse, my doctor wanted to treat my other knee that really wasnt bothereing me except if you push on a tender area. Gave me cortizone shot in good knee, and went back still having pain wanted to do MRI of good knee!! I didnt do it, I got another doctor he ordered nuclear bone scan it showed loosening, so I am having to get the operation over again!!!I’, 63 and active , when my knee doesnt hurt.I had Zimmer nexgen knee also.

  8. In Dec. 2004 I had a Zimmer Nex Gen implant after which I never felt I totally recovered. I kept returning to my doctor over the years and he kept telling me I’d get better. Finally in the summer of 2008 I went to another Orothopedic Dr. who did a bone scan and stated the fixture was loose. In Nov 2008 he replaced the bottom part of the device and after the normal rehab period I am doing great
    ! I suffered much those 4 years.

  9. In 2006 I fell at work, thought i just brused my knee. the pain got so bad
    i went to the doctor, in feb 2007 i had my first knee surgery. tha pain was so bad i had to have a partial knee replacement that was 3 months
    later. and two doctors. the pain was still so bad i had to find another doctor to help i could not stand the pain even with pain meds. it took 7 months to get another doctor to help me, i had to use a walker to keep
    from falling, so in 2008 i had full knee replacement . i still have the knots in my right leg, doctors said it was from the pain and i will all ways have knee problems for the rest of my life, i have to live with pain, walking funny, slow, and now the 3rd full knee replacement is more painful than than the first two, I have a ZIMMER NOW.

  10. I would not recormend ZIMMER.

  11. I had a total knee replacement done to my right knee on June 2, 2009. On July 24, 2009 I was back in the operating room because my knee would not bend. I am constantly in pain; along with the swelling and other symptoms…left knee pain, back pain, hip pain and torn ligaments in my right foot because of the way I walk with the knee replacement. I am so tired of the pain and it is affecting every aspect of my life. I’m trying to go to work because I have children to support and the pain is getting harder to bare every waking minute of the day. I’m tired of taking pain medication but can’t seem to get myself going without it. I never thought in a million years I would still be in this amount of pain. I thought I would have the operation, go through the healing process and be able to at least walk up and down my stairs without struggling to take each step. I am scheduled for surgery to correct the problems with this replacement. I must be honest and say I am worried about things that could go wrong again. I am too young to endure all this pain and the thought of being confined to a wheelchair is not an option I wish to entertain at this point in my life. There are too many things I want to accomplish and having fun with my grandbabies is a top priority for me.

  12. From day one after the surgery, I had sever pain. They had to make up a pain coctail for me because morphine didn’t do anything for me. The pain consist still aftre 2yrs(3yrs in Jan). My dr. kept telling me everything look ok. I can bend the knee. I have to make sure someone is home if I decide that I want to take a bath (in tub). I have to make sure I can get out of my car without being close to another car. I fell over my grandson toy and pulled a ligament and broke the bone in my cheek. This is the only way my dr. knew that I needed someone to take care of this problem. He refered me to his partner and his partner told me the cement never took on this knee. Now more surgery is due Oct..18

  13. My husband is 48 years old on 8/23/2008 my husband had bilateral knee replacement. His right knee got infected and the surgeon had to operate again. It was a long terrible recovery, he looks great for his age and had the surgery intially because he abused his knees at work for 22 years. He always has people telling him “you look great” which makes it worse for him, thinking he should feel good. We still have a young child that he cant do things with like our older ones. He has told the Dr somethings wrong the Drs reply, give it time. His knees are warm to hot all the time, and you can hear grinding and cracking noises. My husband says I wish I could just cut them off. Even though we live in a large city the insurance will only pay for the one Dr, and he is TPD (totally and permanantly disabled) Pain meds give him no relief, he doesnt even want to go back to the Dr because he knows he will just send him for more physical therapy, apparently thats their answer for everything 9 years ago they told him he was too young for knee replacement go to PT by the time they did the knee replacement, because of our persistance, we were told it was some of the worst knees the DR had seen, a lot worse than the MRI showed. So now I dont know who to trust. ( the first words out of my husbands mouth when he woke up in recovery was they are in wrong, my knees feel like they are bending backwards, and seemed panicked) He still feels something was not done correctly because of the constant pain.

  14. I also had the total knee replacement on my right knee in 2006, It never healed I kept going back to the doctor and told him I was in pain, couldn’t walk it felt like something happen , my knee crakle and I felt I was walking on stilts.Finally I went for a 2nd opion. He gave me a choice to try brace or get the knee replaced. Went in the hospital thought I had a replacement instead I had a revision. and that was May 2007. It is now Semptember 2010 and is still on pain pills and canonly walk so far and is not steady on my feet, The manufacture will not take responsibilty saying I don’t have the origional one to hand them. My life is misable what can I do

  15. I had a TKR in July of 2008 with the Zimmer Nexgen within months after replacement I had to have 2 knee manipulations cause even after PT the knee still would not bend very well. Now it’s been 2 years and I still have limited movement and it swells and hurts and makes odd clunking noises and the rest of my leg below the knee swells and feels like pins and needles all the time. I called the Doc. that did it to find out if there is something I can do to ease the problem and he had past away and they have no idea where my medical records are. They referred to an other Ortho. so that means I would have to start all over from the beggining, But I have no Insurance and have no records of the surgery, to go by…What do I do now????

  16. I too have suffered continuously since my surgeon placed a Zimmer non-cemented knee prosthesis in my right knee. He lied to me, never discussed what prosthesis he used (following surgery) and let me live in pain for over a year. I could not get help from other surgeons in southwest Missouri and was forced to go to Topeka, Kansas for a revision in February of 2010. I am still dealing with daily misery and pain. The surgeon in Kansas (whom I like) noted in his surgical notations I obtain from the hospital, that only 5% of bone growth had taken place and that the remaining bone to plate was fibrous. My surgeon has NEVER told me he used a Zimmer Non-cemented prosthesis. In fact when I asked to see a prosthesis after my surgery, he ignored my requests until I wrote hime a letter asking to see a device. He gave me a few parts (not the Zimmer parts in my knee) and made the following notation to the record (I have a copy): “I gave the patient a prosthesis to play with.” TO PLAY WITH?!!!!! I have a long story to share with other patients and any attorneys working on this issue.

  17. I had a TKR in Jannuary of 2007 and April of 2007 and I’m still in pain. The pain is worse than when I had the surgery. I can’t sit down or stand up without holding onto something, I have a stand with handles over my toilet because I have to use it to sit town and get back up. My doctor siad everything looked good from the X-rays and I would tell him that I was still in pain, but I guess as long as everything was looking good on the X-ray…everything was alright. I have taken therahy and it didn’t help. The theraphy did tell me that it shouldn’t still be bothering me. So I finally decided to get another opinion and this doctor said that one of the knees wasn’t as tight as he would like to have seen it. But he wouldn’t recommend an Revision because it may or may not help me, he also said that I was in that percentage that the TKR didn’t help. I am 55 and I hurt all the time, some days are worse than others. I had back surgery in 2003 and everything was fine, now I can’t do anything without my back and thigh hurting. I don’t know if it’s from my knees or not. I’m thinking about tryin another Doctor, because neither one of these doctor didn’t do an MRI, all they done was an X-ray. My knee is always warm & swollen, it doesn’t grind, but it pops all the time. It’s had hinder my life a whole lot and I’m just suffering from pain, two ugly scars and going off at the airport!!!!

  18. On May 5, 2005, I had a total knee replacement. The orthopedic surgeon used a Zimmer NexGen replacement. Within a less than 18 months, I started experiencing pain.

    By mid-2008, the pain became severe-often feeling as though the prosthesis was shifting & hitting nerves–and my mobility became significantly limited–I couldn’t walk up or down stairs, was unable to grocery shop or perform typical daily activities because of the pain. When the prosthesis shifted, the pain was excruciating–causing me to break out in a cold sweat, unable to maneuver to a position that would relieve the pain. I would almost lose consciousness & become nauseous.

    The orthopedic surgeon who performed the TKR retired in September 2005 (shortly after my TKR) because his wife suffered a debilitating disease requiring his care.

    I was referred to another orthopedic surgeon in St. Louis who performed several tests–x-rays, bone scans, etc. but seemed unable to identify the problem.

    Finally, in October, 2009, he referred me to an orthopedic surgeon who specialized in knee revisions. The new surgeon took x-rays of the TKR and immediately identified the problem-the Zimmer NexGen prosthesis had COMPLETELY detached–it was not cemented anywhere. His first question of me was: “So how’s walking going for you?” to which I replied it really sucks. He showed me the x-rays, which clearly showed the prosthesis NOT attached ANYWHERE!!

    In February 2010, I received a total knee revision and, within a week, was virtually pain free even when receiving physical therapy.


  20. In September 23, 2008 had right knee replacement , I have a 5 inch hole on the left side of leg and my knee cap was on the right side of my leg sitting in a dangerous position where it could have been deadly had it moved some more. I found out all of this from a second opinion. I has since had the 3rd surgery for 3 yrs straight. I am angry at the Doctor who did left/right knee replacements cause he lead me on to think it was scare tissue that was causing the pain and discomfort. How do we get paid for all the deformity and pain and suffering we experiment?

  21. I am a 38 yr old female. I had a TKR in June of 2004 after several previous knee surgeries and a femoral osteotomy. I am currently taking several pain medications do to swelling and pain that I am still having. How do I found out if I have this product as a TKR? The Dr. who performed my surgery is no longer in practice.

  22. In april 15,2003 i had right knee replacement from that day to now it will not bend. The doctor said it would get he lie.I been to other doctors they will not replacement surgery on me scare of infection and might loose leg.

  23. In 2007 I had a left knee replacement. I know I have a Zimmer , but not sure what kind. I have been in pain every since. Had knee scoped in 2009. Had revision done April of 2010. Could not put any weight on it so i went back to the doctor.Orderd another bone scan. And it looks like im going to have surgery again. Since I was off already 2 and a half months , all I have is 4 weeks left on FMLA. Then I could lose my job.. Im tired of the pain, surgeries, and wondering if Im going to be able to pay the bills.Cant something be done?? Four times, one knee!!!!

  24. Hello I’m 65 years of age, I had total knee replacement on my left knee. According to the surgery I have had a few complaints on lack of bending, unpleasent limp, and according to non knee support includes lower back pain. Resulting in this pain I can no longer manouver to do house work, and can’t enjoy activities with my kids. For example mall trips, standing up, and extracurricular activities with my husband.


  26. in 2009 i had a knee replacment on my right knee 3 months it started hurting me so bad ,i went back to my doctor an told him what was going on they did all the scans etc… told me the knee was no good he was sending me to another doctor well you no what the next thing was to replace it again they did it took the other one out and put a new one in they told me that all the muscles an tissue did not grow to the replacement and that the new zimmer knee would work like a charm well 2 to 3 weeks into the therapy my knee started coming out of place well here we go again they had to go back in and do some adjustment till today i am still falling severe leg and back pain swelling the whole nine yards i am 41 an my life is a night mare cannot do activities with my childrenn ,like fishing ,swimming etc.. i really need help bad severe depresion no kind of social life at all wish you all the best hope to see someone take these cases on fast we all deserve it !!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Dec 21 2010 I had a tkr on my rt knee. I have never had a day without pain and swelling. I asked my Dr and was told I have a Zimmer nexgen Now 11months later the Dr said ” I don’t know why you still have so much pain . You need a revision done. I have to wear a metal brace all the time and take Hydroxycodone everyday flor pain. Walking is terribile and cannot stand for over ten minutes at a time.


  29. I had orthroscopic, didnt help, was worse off, then a zimmer spacer, hurt like hell when it came out the side, had the zimmer rep at the next op, the biggest spacer they make, it too came out, then total knee repacement, was worse then ever, then a knee revision. now after only 3 years 6 or 7 ops its worse then ever hurts , lose buckles and just collapses out of now where, last week i had “drop foot” left foot doesnt work, that think it may be the knee. if its not fixed soon it will be perm. and ill walk like the hunch back of frankinstien, maybe frankinstien would have been a better choice for treatment. now im disabled cant work and take drugs all daty for pain and nerve issues. run if you can if anyone wants to install any simmer items in your body, your better off with your pain and keeping your own knee.

  30. I had a TKR in 2005 and the pain has never went away. I had to have my knee manipulated just so it would bend. I have been to pain management and had a few nerve blocks,but still no relief.I had an x-ray done and they said my knee was out of aliengment. It is very painful and i dont know what to do. I went through so much when i had it done that it scares me to think i would have to go through that again.

  31. How can I find out if Nexgen was used in my knee replacement surgery?

  32. i had both knees done total knee replacements in december 09 and jan. 2010 zimmer nex gen hi-flex i am not completely satisfied iv had issues with left from day one i was told by surgeon to be patient at least 4 times i dont beleave this i found out zimmer has issues with there knees im not sure this is the ones everyone is complaing about but i found out 2 days ago my surgeon is retiring in january how convienant, i beleave there is known problems and we need to all step forward. i know joints are loose i feel them and i have experienced some catching or locking very painful anyone experiencing the same with the same implaints

  33. After finding out I had a benign tumor in 2007, I had to have my right knee and part of my femur bone replaced. I thought maybe since my surgery was so aggressive, that is why I am in pain 24/7. Here lately, it seems the more I work at trying to get more flexion, the more it hurts. I cannot say for sure if I had a Nex Gen knee component used for my replacement, but my issues sound a lot like everyone else’s. I have problems walking up./down stairs, it hurts to sit for a long period of time, feels like my knee is on fire when I straighten it after sitting. I am only 40 years old, and really feel like I have a VERY old knee.

  34. I have round out that there was a problem with my knees I have had both knees replaced. My right twice, my left was and still kills me.It stays swollen. My left shoulder was replaced, and it rolls out of place many times. I’m not to sure of what kind, I am waiting on my reports from my doctor. I would like to walk up and down the stairs with out falling on my face. I’m 47 yr old and I would like the chance to have a pain free life as much as possible.

  35. I am 50 and i had a trk replacement 2 years ago! i have had pain ever since. i have been thru every test you could imagine and the doctor told me thats its normal. so i went to a 2nd orth and he did more tests and told me to just wait a little longer. my pain management doctor did 6 sets of nerve blocks and epidurals. said i was fine and took me off pain meds. i was a restaurant manager and now i get even walking with my husband. he is very energentic and i just am lost. my knee was a zimmer nex-gen, but it was cemented, but i dont know if its true and why i am in so much pain.

  36. I have muscle weekness. bones hurt like hell and I do have crazy nerve stuff going all over. who would be the best to see if you have to much zinc or a bone problem

  37. Had bi-lateral TKR on Dec.17, 2007. Have not been pain free one day since. I did rehab and follow up exercises like I was supposed to, but it did no good. The doctors and therapists kept telling me it was just going to take time, well three years and counting and still pain. I went to pain management doctors and other surgeons who did x-rays, nerve blocks, nuclear and other tests. All said they were normal, negative, etc. All along I have been telling everyone it was the implants and not due to surgical error.

  38. I had total knee replacement o 12/31/09 still having pain when to several doctors all say the same thing x-rays look fine , so why so much pain? no body seems to have an answer. sometimes when i”m walking it gives out like i am going to fall. wish i never had done quaility of life is gone. no more walks with my husband or my dogs.does ant one have an answer and yes the zimmer was used

  39. I am 48 years old and had a total left knee replacement on the 28th Oct 2010. This was the final straw having suffered for more than 27 years. I had two complete reconstructions, one of which failed.11 key hole operations and a few other visits to the OR for draining off fluids. Very soon after the tkr it was great not to feel any arthritic pain. Yes, there was surgical pain, but I knew it would not last. It has only been three months post op and I still can’t reach 90 degrees bend. However, I’m back to work, attending physio once a week, and in the gym twice a week. Today I managed forward and rearward rotaton on the recliner bike. Well DONE ME.


  41. Has this happened to you? I had my right knee replaced July 2007 when i went back after 3 weeks to see xray hmmmm i was shocked to see a small spacer insert. I didn’t say anything. In Nov. i had my left knee replaced, The next day they have you walk in the hall, hmmmm I was stepping up on left side, Thinking to myself what’s this? I went back in three weeks for xray hmmmm this time i was not shocked for i seen a large spacer. So i knew this was trouble for me,down the road, Now with limping my hip is giving me pain. Hmmmm good planning Dr. you get another operation. I have tried to get 6 other surgeon’s to help me. All have given me different excuse’s to protect original Dr. I have never limped in my life.


  43. I had a TKR on December 23rd, 2008 at age 46. Months after the surgery and physical therapy, I still had pain, very significant swelling, my knee stared to make a clicking noise, and it would “buckle”, sometimes causing me to fall. I also had “pins and needle” feelings above and below the knee and at times the skin on my knee would feel very warm. On follow-up visits to my OS, whenever I would tell him of my complaints, he would point to the x-rays taken the day of surgery and say there was nothing wrong and that he had done his job. About 8 months after the surgery my knee was clicking all the time and was giving out multiple times daily. At this time my OS said he could do a revision surgery and put a larger spacer in which would stop my knee from giving out. I was told the consequences to this surgery would be I would not have full flexion of my leg. The revision surgery was done in November of 2009. After surgery, my OS said the procedure was a success and that the cement from the initial surgery had not loosened. Since that surgery, I am still in pain and the swelling in my knee still hasn’t subsided, being an average of 5″-6″ larger than my good knee. About 6 months post-surgery, my knee started buckling again and just last week it buckled sideways. My OS has not taken any x-rays Since November of 2009 and continues to defend himself by saying he has done everything he was responsible for and these other conditions are not his problem. At times I have been so depressed and in pain that I have contemplated asking my PCP his opinion about having my leg amputated at the knee to stop the pain and other problems. The card I got from my physician to show at places with metal detectors says “Zimmer” on it but does not give the model name so I don’t know if it’s the one getting all the lawsuit attention. Now that I discovered this information, I believe I should contact an attorney.

  44. I have had three surgeries on my left knee with the first one being a total using the zimmer products. 15 months later I had a strep infection in my knee which was the start of my down fall. Following the revision I was on a very short leash as I was on IV anti-biotics three times a day for 6 weeks. I was also in physical therapy and my knee stopped improving, so I had a surgery to loosen the scar tissue which helped for a while. Then in July 2006 I had surgery again with 2 inches of scar tissue and bone fragments were removed. So where did the bone fragments come from? Now I am constantly in pain and when the weather changes dramatically I can barely walk. I was very athletic but not now. My right knee which was done first does not give me the problems the left knee does. both are zimmers. I am in contact with an attorney about the class action suit against Zimmer. Apparently what Zimmer is not telling people is that it was re-called. The attorney asked me if I had received any thing from Zimmer…NO…not a word. So Zimmer can now pay me for the crap I have to put up with daily.

    Being a vocational counselor who works with workers comp claims i know that pain is subjective. However when it impacts my life in terms of my daily activities of living enough is enough.

  45. I am a 53 yr old male in good health, in 1998 of Aug. I was injured at work when a 600 pound jack kicked out from under a school bus. After 3 knee scopes I changed Doctors the new Doctor found that the 1st missed the ACL torn and after walking on it for 4 years it tore my knee up so bad a knee replacement was needed.Dec 4 2008 my Doctor installed a new knee, and lucky me it was a Zimmer LPS Flex ! It has been 2 and half years of constant pain and eating up to 8 hp vics a day. I called the Doctor this week and he was unaware that this knee was recalled, good job Zimmer keep us uninformed and our Doctors maybe our pain will go away. This is the American way lets not be responsible and pocket the profits and stick your heads in the sand, You people have cost me and many others their life’s and comfort for to long. Now it is time to be responsible and inform us of your next step. Lawsuit after lawsuit? I have be threw every feeling from pain to depression, being a healthy single male and wanting to live a normal life. This has to be settled so we can move on with our lives pain free and not spilling our skulls open from falls because of your inferior products that you have pushed on the market.

  46. I had a TKN back in 2005. I have had problems with this thing every since. I came to this forum and found out there was a recall on knee replacement parts. I went to the hospital where I had my surgery and retrieved my med recs. Low and behold I have the exact same components that are on recall. i am an overweight gentlemen. My surgeon told me because of my weight there may be an early failure. After I had surgery, and physical therapy, and went through the healing process, my doctor determined that they needed to go back in and place a “bigger knee” and add ligaments because mine were not working. I said did you not know when you placed this thing in my body. So I said no to the surgery. But I belive that they knew about this back then. I was a big guy before surgery, so why not place a knee that would accomodate. Now I am 38 years of age and living the life of someone who is in ther mid 60′s. I believe the component that was defective and they knew that it was.

  47. Jan 7th 2010, Dr, tried to repair menicus and immediately afterward told me my right knee was worn out. Cortison shots, Sinvisc injections, nothing helped. Oct. 7th 2010 total replacement with a Zimmer MIS Quad-Sparing TKA. Dec. 30th 2010 had to operate again and said it was scar tissue. Had it drained 4 times and then gave up. I am in constant pain. If I am on it for a hour it stills swells and fells hot. WIt’s worse than before I had the surgery! 58 years old and have to live with this.

  48. I had knee replacement aug 2007, my knee was badley infedted for months, in home health came in and applied meds & dressing. My pain has never let up, i take oain meds just to be able to stand on leg, have been to docs complaining of pain (THEY SAY GIVE IT TIME) WENT TO SPECIALIST LAST WEEK, WAS TOLD IT WAS VERY LOOSE,i HAVE FALLEN SEVERAL TIMES .i wish i had never had knee replaced, the pain is unbearable at times..I CANT EVEN GO SHOPP[NG WITHOUT GETTING IN ELECTRIC CHAIR & MOVING AROUND. ITS REDICILOUS.

  49. I am reading everyone’s comments and It makes me want to cry. I see the same story, excruciating pain, falling, not being able to bend the knee, swelling, need another surgery, loosining, swelling, and oh yeah more pain, special MRI’s more needles. Wish I had never had it done. I begged for the Dr to take it out, he laughed, I wasn’t kidding. Quality of life not the same. 06-26-08 I will never forget it. Will I ever do my other knee HELL NO. I was 53 when my life did change. I am petrified to fall because it might tear the tissue and that would not be good. Good luck everyone! Oh and yeah THE PAIN!

  50. I am 55 years old and had a left TKR in April 2010. DuPuy LCS mobile bearing prosthesis. Huge success !!! I am in tip top physical condition and do a lot of fast waliking – about 50 kilometers a week on top of normal activity.

  51. had a right tkr two years ago. still lots of pain. it was a zimmer

  52. In Dec. 2004, upon advise of a Pain Mang. Spec., his assoc. did a dual Zimmer NexGen knee replacement. I’ve been in constant pain ever since. In 2009, a different surgeon discovered that original surgeon had used too large a knee cap, splitting internal stitches. But, his replacement of one knee cap, did NOT stop the increasing, 24/7 pain, and very limited mobility. Due to side effects, I’ve greatly reduced use of pain drugs prescribed by original doctor, with resulting pain increase.

  53. I had a TKR (right knee) in july of 2008. It is a Zimmer and Thank God, I have not had any serious problems or pain. PT went well, I can bend my knee and walk just fine. I am 56 and thought I was too young to have it done, but I am so glad I did. Before replacement took lots of pain med, and used crutches or cane to walk, could only make it to work, then home to bed. No social life at all and I have a teenager at home. Since the TKR, I have been on vacations with grandchildren, walked many miles at zoos and parks. There are times, when sleeping or turning leg in a side ways motion, that I feel pain, but it goes away almost immediately. I am so sorry to hear of all these people in pain and pray for them to find a doctor that can help them.

  54. i had a total knee replacement in 2003 i experienced loosening and had to have a revision in 2005 in 2007 i had to have another surgery a lateral release because of all the limping and me having to put most of my weight on the other leg i had to have a debridement done on my right leg the opposite leg of the tkr in january my back now aches my hips hurt and im in constant pain 24/7….My doc says my back problem has nothing to do with my knees and silently questions my honesty or in around about way says im must be exagerating my symptoms and says things like its been to long of a problem that i should learn to live with it!!! he’s falsely claims that i have threaten him i believe out of fustration, and in reality i have been nothing but respectful to him even though i know he that he just wants me to go away!!!!! i have been in pain 24/7 since the 2003 tkr and i am now scheduled for another surgery in the next 4 weeks!!!! Thank U ZIMMER for destroying my life to this point!!!! THESE ARETHE PARTS THATS IN MY KNEE…… NEXGEN COMPLETE KNEE SOLUTION POSTERIOR STABILZER FEMORAL COMPONENT SIZE G…….OSTEOBOND COPOLYMER BONE CEMENT DOUGH TYPE……ALL POLY PATELLA STANDARD SIZE 36MM 9.0 MM THICKNESS……..NEXGEN COMPLETE KNEE SOLUTION STEMMED TIBAL COMPONENT PRECOAT SIZE NOT CLEAR…..NEXGEN COMPLETE KNEE SOLUTION LEGACY KNEE-POSTERIOR STABILIZED (LPS)ARTICULAR SURFACE SIZE BLUE/G,H 12MM HEIGHT

  55. I had a procedure addressed as a “Right Total knee arthroplasty” in September of 2008. Used was a product called a Zimmer gender-specific LPS High-Flex implant. Wow!, everything went great and I was up walking with no cane, walker or anything in 6 days. After 4-5 weeks of PT, I experienced no pain whatsoever. My surgeon had done an “outstanding job”. In January of 2011 my knee began to hurt out of the blue for no reason at all. The doctor ordered a Nuclear Dye Test which indicated that all of the hardware of the implant has “loosened” and now a revision has been scheduled for August 2011. I am currently experiencing excruciating pain even though I am taking several pain killers three times daily. I am absolutely miserable now as it has been over seven(7) months since the onset of this pain. What are my options for the new implant used in revision in August? The doctor, through all of this, has not said that I have an “inferior or a recalled” implant. I found out by getting the information from the Drs’ office on my implant and investigating on the internet.

  56. Received a Zimmer Nextgen (TKR) in May 08. I was never able to get around on it and after constant horible pain day and night and living on Morphine all the time, I started to give up on ever walking again. I had done everything I was ask to do. I couold not flex my knee well and putting weight on it made it feel like a sharp knife was cutting into my knee with ever step I tried to take.The constant pain was more than I could live with so an antidepresant was added. I spent three months in respit care and PT for about a year. I wore several braces and continued with PT that was gut renching, but I thought I had to do it if I was ever to walk again. I had X-Rays and an MRI done with the glow in the dark stuff put in my blood the day before (a two day process) not fun.
    I used a walker, crutches, cane, wheel chair, electric chair. And, YES I have had a 23nd TKR. I am some better, but not pain free…NO! I can say the 2nd surgery has allowed me to walk in a limited space. Having to just sit in a chair is also so hard on me as it caused me more/extra pain. My good left leg is now going out on me bercause of the limp from the right, bum knee.
    I went from a ballroom dancer to a disabiled crippled. If I had it to do over, I would take the presurgery pain over the post surgery pain. The worst part of all of this is #1 no other OS would touch me nor could they (dare) give me any advice. I even went to the Univeresity Hospital to see their experts. First and last question they ask me “Who did the surgery/”. I told them and they left my room, called my 1st doctor and came back and told me I needed to go back to the 1st doctor…no help, no advice. I sought help from another doctor, too, because after 1+yr. my doctor didn’t give a damn and kept telling memy leg was just fine.
    OUESTION: Does ZIMMER not give a damn either? I called them and they DID NOT want to talk to me! Talk about going through hell, I have been there and back again. I’m a UT patient who went to the best doctors…so what happened??? I no longer can dance, take a walk, a hike or even a short trip to the mall. I can’t even get up and down to play a short while with my grandchildren.

  57. I had the zimmer replacement done in 2003, and just found out after years of pain and falling down, it is loose and needs to be replaced (I will be sure to tell the surgeon NO Zimmer) From what this second surgeon tells me, the zimmers that don’t need cement (like the one I have) usually loosen up and the plastic in between the parts, can become torn, worn out or break.
    My leg right now, from the knee down, can be shaken like a rag doll by the doc (the doc holds my upper thigh and can swing the bottom of the leg like crazy) that (and the x rays) show the entire thing is loose (the top piece and the bottom piece)

    What is almost laughable, is, did everyone get that card from the company after your replacement? It has a picture of the replacement on the front, the type of replacement it is, and your docs info on the back? Well, the surgeon yesterday told me that the card I received has nothing to do with my knee replacement…that my hardware is not what is on that card….he showed me the difference on the xrays from what the card shows….so whats the point of having that card?
    Sorry if I’m rambling, I am so mad right now…I can’t believe I have to go through surgery once again because of a bad part

  58. Can anyone tell me if any compensation claims have been paid because of the Zimmer NexGen knee replacement? I had both knees replaced in 2006 and I cannot walk. My health cannot take any further sugeries so I am wheel chair bound for life.

  59. i had both knees done in 2008 first year called doc with lots of pain.doc said that was ok it would get better still waitting been back to see him and called been to the hospital with swelling they keep sending me back .he has drained.them ihave little knots on them they swell and hurt to the point i cry at 6’3” 285 AND I DON’T LIKE TO CRY THIS DAM MUCH.i have tried to get this taken care of but i do not have no insurance

  60. i had a tkr in 2005 but it didnt heal right.so i had a revision on november 29th 2011. still in very much pain.but i dont know what else to do. i have contacted an attorney,but havent heard anything from them. any suggestions?

  61. i had this zimmer knee surgery at 38 and it has truly ruin my life .i fell on broken sidewalk and had a revision surgery. before the fall i was experincing . i had the revision in 08 and it is worst then ever i fall atleast two times a week and i can really walk to far or stand to long going up and down stairs is the worst .i belive i have nerve damage my leg jump around restless leg sydrome is product suck and they need to take care of everyone that suffers like me

  62. It all sounds about the same! Everyone with a Zimmer NEXGEN knee has severe pain and is lucky if they get a revision that works? I get my “healthcare” through The VA, and the VA had a Zimmer rep there, and I stayed in the hospital 2 months then had about a year of PT which I could never complete due to having to take all my pain pills in order to go to the PT at all! I’m 60 and have never had so much pain in my life! I am waiting for an “OK” to get a non VA Revision Surgeon to do a revision on it but the VA would rather torture you , because they can blame the suicide on the war or PTSD! Too many vets are committing suicide but I understand why! Nobody should have to put up with (NO HEALTHCARE) and live in severe pain indefinitely! Same thing about crying in pain! I never thaught The VA would let the pain get so bad that I would cry in pain!

  63. I had torn damaged cartalege removed in 1978 “before scope surgery”horrible surgery, in left knee: then in 1987 thanks to jazzercize had a scope surgery to do the same thingright knee,, then in mid nineties had horrible pain again in right leg and had an injection of cortisone that lasted one month. I worked in pain until 2010 limping through 12 hour shifts, my back got worse through thoase years, began living on vicodins finally had the TKR to right knee, The ortho MD wanted to do both at once but I was afraid to do that, I have to say I thought I was gonna die for one month after the surgery, I wanted to die with the pain,. this was march 31st 2010, as you might expect I have horrid pain in the left and the right knee that was replaced hjas fluid in it and I have occasional pain in it, I had an xray which was ok,. my Doc said it could be my RA which has recently been diagnosed,This was a zimmer by the way, I was never informed that it was on recall, I sure dont know what to do now, I have a dec 5 2012 app with a new ortho Md will see

  64. I had my knee replacement 1 1/2 ago. Have just tried to tell myself it isjjust healing. My surgeon Finally had ordered bond scan after all this Pain pain pain. Taking perks all day long. It’s a -Zimmer and I know I’m in trouble. My knee has to be replaced. After reading all these comments, I want to cry. My husband was sure I was acting all this pain. He now understands.

  65. I had my knee done in 2010 at first i just thought that it was still healing even though it had been a year.Was also told to drop some, weight that would ease the pain. Walk. Try bike rideing,walking up steps are very painful.some days and nights i tose and turn and cry.My right knee gets this soft knot on the right side boy is it painful. There are days i just can’t stand putting preasure on it.Just last year i was told i should have had that knee checked every year since i had my surgery.Some days i whish i had never had it.It feels like I am still bone on bone. The pain is bad some days snd nites.

  66. THIS AN UPDATE (you can go back and see my Aug. 14, 2011 posting)
    It all started with the bad Zimmer Nexgen TKR. From day one I could not walk or progress much. I was in residential PT for a total of 3 mo. I did vigorous exercise, etc. I kept telling the doctor what pain I was in. He kept me on morphine. I wore a couple of different full leg braces (Thigh to ankle). I even had a home brace thing that sat on my bed that I put my leg in to try to straighten my leg. They even put me under for a manipulation of the leg (knee). NOTHING worked. Pain was hell. At years end Another doctor did a 2nd TKR but due to damage from the !st TKR the doctor said he had to add long rods both up and down (8i inches) These rods go down inside the middle of the bones. As I mentioned this started in 2008. Here we are in June 2013 and I have more pain that I can tolerate but do not want to live on morphine the rest of my life. I have gobe back to the doctor who did the 2nd surgery, only to be told things like my bad knee is stronger than my good knee. The only problem I have with my good knee is all the ware and tear of the burden imposed by bad knee:(
    I have gone for other opinions but for the most part they won\\\’t take on my case. I saw yet another doctor last week and while he told me up front he wouldn\\\’t be able to help me, he did say he would be presenting my case to two of his peers with he felt could help, He also sent me for a nuclear scan. I am now awaiting to hear back from the doctor. He already said everything TKR and rods will have to come out no matter what the scan shows. This pain and suffering for 5+ years ALL started with the Zimmer Next Gen.

  67. I need some HELP for those who are suffering???

  68. My husband had a total knee replacement on each knee. The last one required revision surgery. He has a suit against the Zimmer Company. Has anyone received compensation from a total knee replacement lawsuit? If so was it a substantial amount?

  69. I had a Zimmer Nexgen TKR done on June 5th 2012 and have had so much pain with it. Was told it would just take time to heal and here we are a little over one yr and no relief for me on this terrible knee pain. I have a burning feeling in my left leg which now makes my foot hurt badly everyday. I still have numbness and tingling on the left side of my left knee. I have lose of pigment on the top of my kneecap which will not tan just turns purple all the time. I take 1200 to 1800 mg of ibp a day and never takes all my pain away have trouble sleeping. I have some pain in my growing on my left leg popping and clicking of my left knee. I am discourge and sad nothing makes the pain better.

  70. I had my replacement done in Jan. 2012. It felt better for awhile but a few months later I started having pain in it. I had moved from the state I had it done in so I had to find another dr. He didn\\\’t want to do a bone scan at that time. He said they normally don\\\’t do them until at least a year and a half had gone by. Well, I waited and went thru a lot of pain. Went back and he did the bone scan and sure enough it showed that it had come loose in the area that had been bothering me so bad. Apparently the plastic spacer has sagged on that corner also. Got to have a revision done in Aug. which I am not looking forward to. My question is why after all of this time is this still an issue. I didn\\\’t know anything about any of this when I had it done and my dr actually recommended the Zimmer.

  71. I had a TKR on April 23, 2013. Nothing but pain, swelling and inability to flex or extend as compared to prep. My surgeon used a Zimmer Legact LPS-Flex. Physical therapy has been helpful but my knee is not getting ant better. Surgeon thinks 105 degrees is acceptable for flexion but before surgery I could get 135 degrees.

  72. I am scheduled for knee replacement surgery Oct. 30, 2013. I am told my doctor uses the Zimmer Next gen. After reading all of the above histories of patients, I am very uncomfortable knowing he is going to use this device. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what works besides the Zimmer. Feel troubled and anxious now that I’ve see this email. I’m open to any suggestions anyone has for me. Thanks.

  73. I had the Zimmer knee done 6 years ago and it has never felt right and it has now messed up my back. I have already paid for one total knee and I want to know how to get Zimmer to be responsible for their bad part?

  74. I suffered bilateral knee pain since 1995. I believe it may have been Lyme Disease but was denied antibiotics as skin doctor did not believe it was Lyme even though I had skin rash and was camping right before this. Pain got worse over the years and finally I was willing to do almost anything to get relief from the pain. Then went to OS and he said my knee caps showed severe arthritis and even though my knee joints weren’t that bad that a total knee replacement might help. So in April of 2012 I had a TKR on my left knee and the pain never stopped and even got much worse after surgery and it is now two years and my knee pain in the replaced knee is at least three times worse than prior to surgery. My OS can only tell me that “The XRays look just fine” but has no suggestions for the worsening pain. It is so bad now that it prevents me from sleeping many nights and I am now so depressed and angry that my life is in such ruin. I am retired and was more able and in less pain than I am now after surgery. My device is a Zimmer and I have taken steps to join the federal law suit to see if something can be done. Oh, prior to surgery I could kneel on both knees and had full movement. Now I can’t kneel on replaced knee due to awful shooting pains in my knee. My knee hurts so bad I feel it throughout my entire leg and foot. Life is not good for me now.

  75. My right knee had been bothering me for a while so went to Dr. who recommended I get a TKR because I had arthritis and it was bone on bone. I asked him if there was anything else that could be done without surgery and he said no. Since I knew quite a few people that had it done I decided to go with it. I was 70 yrs old, in good health , still working part time in beauty salon, babysat the grandkids and was starting a new venture in my life. My surgery was scheduled for Jan., 21, 2013. That has changed my whole life for the worst. I was told that with therapy I would be good to go within 6 mo… They lied. After one wk. of being home w/meds & all I was in a constant pain, couldn’t sleep at night because of the horrible sensations in my knee & leg. Did everything they told me to do-have been to therapy 3 x complained to the Dr.he said that it takes time. IT’S LIKE HE DOES NOT BELIEVE that am in pain. April 4, 2013. went back had a manipulation / & scope to break up scar tissue. Bottom line is that I still can’t walk right,can’t stand up for long periods of time when I sit & get up its like my whole leg is in some sort of very tight rubber around my knee and it goes into my mid back. I’ve gone to two other orthos., but it appears to me that they don’t want to deal with another Dr. mess. My org. Dr. told me that there was nothing that he can do for me. I found out that I have a Zimmer knee replacement. Which I didn’t know anything about till I read this posts. Am at my wits end…If I would have known this could happen, NEVER WOULD HAVE DONE IT.

  76. I had knee replacement December 31, 2110 . my leg would not heal up or bend, I went back into surgery September 16, 2011 for a revision. well I suffer with that until I had to go back in to surgery in September 19, 2013 for another knee replacement . plus 2 manipulation because all on the scare tissue. I’m walking better but still with pain. My doctor would not said that it was a problem with Nex gen flex knee.

  77. Well its me got cheated knee was recalled no one would take my case and the statue of limitation ran out hay you all better watch out no one toled me about drop foot its the pernotail nerve and its bad aufule you cant tap your foot cant raise it and you have to ware a brace or you could fall plus a emg where dr put neadles with electri curents to check for damage and I have had two plus a ultersound its not bad but my nerve is compressed and I will have to have surgery that might not work or it could or if I stay this way its perminit I dont want anouther surgery but I dont want this to be perminite I have sufferd so mutch it has ben 6mt since my knee revision surgery and. My drop foot what next I dont know people ask your dr about drop foot and than decide to have surgery I wished somone had toled me dr tell every thaing except drop foot look it up on line ok wanda


  78. I have had a total of four Total Knee Replacements. The replacements started in 02 03 time frame I’m sorry don’t have info in front of me, the first was on my left knee the surgery went well the Dr. used the M I surgery on me. Around a year later I had my right knee done the same Dr. did it as well. The first surgery on my left went so well he used the M I S again, my Dr. was on the cutting edge of this procedure he had taken off a year from practice and was trained and he taught as well I believe in Europe. The thought was with the minimal invasive procedure they would cut less and recovery hospital time etc. would be cut down. So on my right knee he actually put me in a case study to help promote and prove this technique. Well after surgery I think it was day two I was in bed attached to the motion equipment, when all of a sudden terrible pain and a very loud pop happened in my knee, my wife was in the room and asked what in the hell was that ? I replied my knee and shut off the machine and called for the nurse and Dr. After that the knee never felt right the Dr. kept saying it would get better well the people from case study would call me every evening ani would answer questions concerning pain and progress, the first few times i may have sugar coated the answers because I wanted the outcome for this procedure to be good, knowing this could help other people down the road. The pain level got so bad I was no longer Mr nice guy and at times would not answer the phone because the process would get me so worked up my pain level would go through the roof, they just stopped calling to get my input for some reason. That being said I think for some people that are older and or less active this is the way to go. The only other problem is they an not see everything as well with the smaller incisions. I have no problem with my Dr except for him questioning my problems, he would say no way is your new knee. I told him my hip was now hurting he said that is probably the problem he walked me across the hall to a specialist did testing, ended up having surgery it was some type of toen seal in hip. This helped some but my knee was so sore and loud I went to another Dr.in the same group, my Dr was just teaching now. The Dr who referred me to another Dr in the group who specialize in Revisions, he told me that it was my lucky day he would also assist in the surgery Two Docs for the price of one. Well my knew Dr said he thought the top plate was loose so I had surgery come to find out both top and bottom plates were very loose he did a revision and am doing great now I highly recommend hip for revision surgery or special hip needs, he is very well known for both and has people all over the country sent to him, also his bedside manners are second to none. I am sorry to ramble on long story short not to much later he had to redo my other knee, it was not loose but would pop completely out of notch and go off to the side. Well after recovering from severe depression (suicidle) I am now doing much better, I still fight chronic pain, I have had a hip replaced and a shoulder as well have plates in wrist and in my back, but you know there are people out in this world a lot worse than myself, I just wish I did not have to go through the extra surgeries it almost cost me my marriage, my kids my friends and my life. I don’t think it was a Dr problem I think it was Zimmer and the Hardware. I have not done anything yet because I did not want to get Dr. drug in a law suit, but after all I have seen out of Zimmer and ther Corprate denial and refusing to take care of the problem and all the people and family’s they have hurt here I come baby, I don’t want anyone to go through what I did it’s a very scary dark place and I sill see my psychiatrist and have my days or weeks but I am not going to let it beat me God Bless All Of You!!!

  79. May I ask in what state you live and the name of the Dr.?

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