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Published: May 1st, 2010

Side effects of Accutane, a popular acne medication that is available as a generic, have been linked to increased risk of serious and debilitating bowel problems, such as inflammatory bowel disease and ulcerative colitis.

STATUS OF ACCUTANE LAWSUITS: Plaintiffs have been awarded millions of dollars in compensation in the first Accutane bowel disease lawsuits to go to trial in the United States, and hundreds of other cases are still pending. In addition, Accutane lawyers are continuing to review new cases for individuals who used the medication and were diagnosed with:

  • Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD)
  • Ulcerative Colitis
  • Crohn’s Disease


OVERVIEW: Accutane (isotretinoin) was developed in 1982 for the treatment of severe acne. It has been used by more than 16 million people worldwide before an Accutane recall was issued in June 2009, and the brand name medication was discontinued. Roche cited the cost of defending against Accutane lawsuits as a factor in their decision to stop selling the name brand of the medication in the U.S. Accutane continues to be available as a generic sold under a variety of names, such as Claravis, Sotret, Amnesteem and generic isotretinoin.

There are nearly 1,000 lawsuits over Accutane pending in state and federal courts. All of the Accutane suits include allegations that the drug maker failed to adequately warn users about potential Accutane side effects. The company lost the first six cases that went to trial so far, with verdicts totaling $56 million. Roche has also reached Accutane settlements in other lawsuits for undisclosed amounts.

ACCUTANE SIDE EFFECTS: Accutane has been linked to conditions similar to vitamin A toxicity which appears to be dosage related. Scientific studies have suggested that Accutane adverse reactions could include:

  • Birth defects
  • Depression
  • Crohn’s disease
  • Inflammatory bowel disease
  • Ulcerative colitis.

ACCUTANE BOWEL PROBLEMS: Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) is the name for a group of digestive disorders that includes ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease, and have been linked to Accutane. IBD impacts the intestinal tract and affects about 4 million people world wide.

Crohn’s disease affects all layers of the intestinal wall in the small and large intestines, as well as other digestive organs and can cause parts of the intestines to narrow, cause the formation of abnormal tunnels between digestive organs, and cause fissures in the anal skin. Ulcerative colitis affects the inner lining of the colon and rectum, causing them to become inflamed. There is no cure for either disease. However medication and surgery are options which can be effective in treating these ailments.

ACCUTANE STEVENS-JOHNSON SYNDROME: In February 2010, Health Canada reported that it had received reports of severe skin reactions, including sometimes fatal reaction known as Stevens-Johnson Syndrome from Accutane. At least 66 reports of Accutane skin reactions were identified by Health Canada, including adults and children, with two of the cases resulting in death.

Stevens-Johnson syndrome (SJS) is a severe skin reaction that occurs as a side effect of several medications. It is highly debilitating and causes the skin to burn from the inside out, producing blisters, severe rashes and the skin may begin to separate from the body. When the skin lesions affect more than 30% of the body, the condition is referred to as Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis (TEN). Treatment in a hospital Intensive Care Unit (ICU) or Burn Unit is often required, and the conditions can be fatal in many cases.

REVIEW A CASE WITH AN ACCUTANE LAWYER: Submit information regarding a potential Accutane lawsuit to have your case reviewed and evaluated by an attorney. If it appears that you, a friend or family member may be entitled to compensation as a result of Accutane side effects, you may be contacted by a lawyer.


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  1. I was on accutane for 2 years until an abnormal jump in liver secretions was detected and i was removed from it, while i was on accutane i was a very dark depressed person, experienced severe joint pain, and i feel as if it had a major impact on the dynamic of relationships between myself and others including a major fishure between my mother and myself. Since i was removed from accutane it has been a hard time coming out of a depression that i have nearly continuously been in since. I sometimes have rectal bleeding and severe abdominal pain, the latter on a regular basis I have not been diagnosed with any certain ailment being as im so young doctors always say you may have colitis but they do not want to diagnose it being as I am only 23, they pass it as gastroenteritis, even with feelings of stabing pain and blood in my vomit.

  2. I was on Accutane for 3 mos. in 1991. I had no side effects while I was on the drug, nor any afterwards. Reading all this is really scary. Thank God I had none of it, but if it were recommended to me now, knowing what it can cause, I am sure I would not have taken it. It did work wonders though, no more cystic acne.

  3. I was on accutane for about 2 years starting in 2000. In 2002 I started having major stomach pain. I was told in was my nerves. I time went on I watched the patterns and it had nothing to do with stress. In 2008 I started to spend hours in the bathroom. The pains hurt soo bad that at times I would black out. After goiung to the ER in 2009 I learned that I had colitis

  4. I used accutane for only 2 1/2 months. Within that time I experienced really bad side effects. Almost immediately after taking accutane my eyes, nose, mouth, and lips became extremely dry. It was the weirdest most uncomfortable situation I’ve ever experienced. I felt like I was always extremely dehydrated and drying up from the inside out. Some after that I started feeling depressed and suicidal. The suicidal part really frightened, because I’ve never felt that way before for no reason. Thats when I decided enough was enough and threw away the pills and stop taking them. I was amazed that my skin remained flawess and raidant for 2 years even though I had stopped taking the accutane. However my symptoms did not go away for years to come. After about two years the oily skin and acne did come back.

  5. I am responding for my father. He had taken Accutane from ’85-’86. Then he started noticing problems starting in ’89. It has gotten progressively worse over the years. Unfortunately he currently has ulcerative colitis, an irritated bowel, hemmoroids, and the most recent is a possibility of Chromes’ Disease. So you see he is going through a lot. We have not completely linked these problems to Accutane yet, but from the way this is starting to sound, it could be very likely that this may be a contributing factor.

  6. i started using claravis (accutane generic ) about a month ago. so far so good breakouts gone, skin and lips are dry but that was explained before consumption. what bothers me is that i read these entries and people say they took this drug for a year or more? wow. i was old 3-5 months max. i wonder if that helped cause those adverse side affects.

  7. I took accutane two times back around 99-01 timeframe not exactly sure while in high school I noticed some normal side effects, mood swings, major dryness, etc. It did really help my acne, but then I noticed I had frequent diareaha. I have not been diagnosed with any.

  8. I\\\’ve been threw 5 different specialist (colonoscopie#,not one came back with the same diagnostic. I had surgery done on me a few weeks after the last colonoscopie, after being told everything was fine.they removed a few feet of my intestin and i was on a bag for six months!
    I took acutane in the mid 80\\\’s and had intestinal problems a few years #4-5 years).

  9. I took the heaviest dose of accutane for 1 year and experienced all the side effects of dryness you can imagine. infact my arms becane so raw I couldnt put them on a solid surface it would make them burn. Had i known that my (ibs) reulted from accutane i would have never taken it, mostly cuase my acne is as bad as it was when i took the drug. unfortunatley i was only 16 when i was on the drug and was able to give any input. My doctor at the time said he would closley monitor the side effects with weekly blood checks but he never did. Had i known better i wouldnt have taken accutane. I know for certain that it had unrepairable damage cuased to my skin and my digestive system. I would get pains so badin my bowles and kidneys i would nearly be in tears. DONT TAKE IT. yor acne will just come back.

  10. why do you people keep taking the drug after experiencing so many problems? Use common sense please. A lady has a lawsuit against google for being hit by a car while following their “on foot” directions on her phone. COMMON SENSE! Look both ways! If you become depressed, have stomach pain, bleed from your anus, etc while on a drug stop taking it. You don’t do it for two years with these problems and then decide its the companies fault. Come on America

  11. I took accutane back in the mid 1990′s, I have had problem ever since with depression, initiated bowel, problem with digestion and my acne came back worse than ever!! My acne came back so bad I look worse then I did before I took the drug!!

  12. I am commenting on an earlier entry about it being the patients fault for the severe consequences of taking this drug. I took Accutane as perscribed when I was in middle school. I had no idea my digestive issues were related to the drug. If you knew how digestive illnesses work, you would know that the problems build. Maybe one might experience a hard stool every once in awhile while on the medication which wouldn’t be conspicuously linked to the drug. It wasn’t until several years later, the real consequences became apparent. I underwent surgery when I was 22 to remove part of my intestine and will be on digestive medications for the rest of my life.

  13. I am really offended by some comments saying we should have used common sense, I was accutane two seperate times and only had some mild stomach cramping and back pain, I never dreamed I would be dx with Crohn’s Disease six years later, I do blame the company and not my so called lack of commen sense,

  14. I agree, it is one thing to belittle a patient for not knowing side affects. It’s another to take a drug, have a hindsight perspective on how things built up, and to find out that some side effects, such as bowel issues were NEVER discussed by my doctor. NJ resident.

  15. I’m 15 years old and am on accutane. I’ve only been on it for about a month and a half, and I’ve had every side-affect besides rectal problems. If you have the choice of taking another medication, do it. This medicine changes you. I almost lost my best friend, and I am having problems with both of my parents, whom are seperated. My life isn’t that bad, but sometimes I have a hard time seeing the glass as half full. I have blister-like pimples and rashes on my face, and I know it’s only been a month but the people who I’ve talked to said they only broke out for a couple weeks. My noncular acne is getting worse. If you have another choice for treatment, take it.

  16. I took 40mg./60mg. of Accutane for four months from 10/89-01/90. I was first diagnosed with depression in 1991 and have had issues with it ever since. I also feel like my eyes have been dry since I first took the medication. This has never really gotten better. My acne cleared up for about a year and then returned. I’m 47 years old and still dealing with pimples! I think that natural alternatives are much better.

  17. I took Accutane in 86-87 and I have always had stomach problems. they have gotten much worse in the last 3 years. So much so, I have gone to the urgent care and Emergency Department several times. Always to be told it is gastritis and given a GI cocktail. This use to help some but not anymore. I have had upper GI’s 3 times and colonoscopy’s twice. They never reveal anything, yet I continue to get these weird stomach attacks that hurt so badly I have to lie on my side with a heating pad on my stomach for hours. Sometimes I throw up with them. Help….does this sound familiar to anyone. I’m at my wits end and know something is wrong!

  18. I am 25 took Accutane a few years ago now I have Ulcerative Colitis and have filed a lawsuit….there are about 2,000 other cases against Roche Pharmaceutical. I wish I knew how long this case is going to be pending I don’t see any large checks coming anytime soon…Does anyone know how long a lawsuit usually takes?

  19. Accutane does have side effects. I was on a low dose (20mg a day), and even that made me depressed, gave me pain in the joints, dry lips, etc.

    But can I make a lawsuit against this drug if I get a disease later in life? Can you guys blame accutane for any problem you get years after stopping the drug? My brother and grandfather both have Crohns disease. None of them ever took accutane. In fact, studies show that there are just as many people who get it without taking accutane. It is a disease that has been increasing in the western world.

    And for those who say the acne came back. It does on some people. And for some it is a cure. If you can not tolerate the side effects, then go for a long term low dose. If you can not tolerate that either, then stop it.

    But to make lawsuits? Accutane may be taken of the marked because of all this, and trust me, Acne, Seborrhea and Rosacea make people far more depressed and suicidal than Accutane.

    Read the information about Accutane before you take it, and decide for yourself.

  20. My son began Accutane at age 16 for four -five months. He had a few side effects like dry lips, dry hands, facial peeling, depression, and shortly afterward started having stomach nausea, diarrhea, and lower abdominal cramping. Over the last year, the doctors have done several tests, including food allergies, to determine what is wrong with his stomach and intestines. He has to stay close to a restroom and the symptoms come and go over a period of days or hours. Because the doctors can’t find any relief for him we have started to think it is stress related. He has a few more prescriptions for stomach and colon to finish seeing if they help before to go to the extreme testing phase. My once active health son has been suffering for over a year, has lost weight, and restricts some of his activities. We will continue testing, but this is a horrible illness for him to have to deal with. Once testing is complete, I will make a decision to act accordingly if the cause of his illness is due to the Accutane.

  21. I had cystic acne sense the age of 22. At the age of 37 I decided to go on Accutane. I was on it for 9 months. I cannot recall any adverse side affects at the time of taking this drug, yet for the last couple years I have had abdominal pain, bloating, persistent diarrhea, and hemroids. I have always been a healthy person until now. The worst is the abdominal pain,which I have been experiencing for over a year now. It is a daily occurrence that affects my ability to function sometimes. I lost my medical coverage after being laid off my job a year ago, and cannot afford to find out what is wrong with me. This is certainly not normal.

  22. I took accutane 3 different times over a period of about 7 years. Since 1997, I have been experiencing depression on and off alot. The accutane did work well for the acne though. My sister also used accutane but I am not sure how much and has problems on and off with depression. Is this something to be worried about? I also do not go to the bathroom regularly.

  23. Reading over these comments is scary but makes me feel better at the same time. I was on accutane for 6 months in 2004 and eperienced the dryness that goes with it, which I ws warned about. I had my blood taken and checked once a month and everything was normal. While I was on it, my cystic acne was better but as soon as I stopped taking it my acne was just as bad as before. And now I have the stomach problems to deal with on top of the acne. Starting about 3 years ago, I started having diarrhea and in April of 2008 I began to see a digestive specialist. I went through test after test trying to determine the cause of my pain, but it was always the same result; they thought it was one thing (acid reflux, ulcers, crohns, celiac’s, stress, etc) and it was nothing. I had 2 or 3 endoscopies and a colonoscopy which was the worst pain I had ever experienced. Several Emergency room visits, missed classes, and sleepless nights later, they still had no cause of my bloody diarrhea, weight loss (I was 130 and went down to 105 in about a month.. and I’m 5’10″), cramping or vomiting. They said I must have irritable bowel syndrome. I got pregnant and my stomach settled down but now that my daughter was born, the problems are back and I have no insurance to see the specialist again and try to find the cause of my problems. Seriously if someone had told me that my acne would come back and I’d have stomach pains forever, I would have never taken accutane. They said it would change my life, but they didn’t say it would make it worse!

  24. I took Accutane 20 years ago…. I now have debilitating Rheumatoid Arthritis (this disease is in the same autoimmune class as Crohn’s). Has anyone experienced development of this disease after so many years? Thanks.

  25. I had depression and bowel problems ever since accutane.I remember going to the bathroom and biting a rag to muffle my screams so my mother wouldnt freak out.I did go to the ER once and they really didnt have time for a BOWEL PROBLEM.I had a doctor for a while and he told me I had H pilora disease.Not sure if he was right or not but what the hey,he got paid reguardless.My bowels have never really been right .Right now no ins and no job.Dont even ask about depression,I always attributed it to going back to the great state of Michigan after the military.I just try to watch what I eat and dont wander too far from a bathroom.I believe the doctor told me this drug was still experimental when I took it.Mid 1980s.Had to have my liver checked monthly.Very powerful drug!

  26. I have been on Accutane for 2 months, since I’ve had very bad headache, dizzyness at times, feeling tired & exhausted, no appetiate, along with problems with my vision. My lips and noise became extremely dry (which was discussed with my doctor). My bowels are inflammed, and everytime I had a bowell movement there is blood. I am not taking the medication any longer and waiting to go get a blood test and scheudle an appt to see my doctor. The Dryness and Depression was discussed on my Doctor Visit but nothing else. I suggest anyone who takes the pill and starts to feel the side effects should stop taking it. No one else knows you body except for you.

  27. I was on Accutane way back in the early 1980′s when it first came out. The only side effect I had was very dry lips and my facial skin was very dry. It’s scary to hear all these years later that Accutane is connected to the diseases listed here. Also it worries me because my son who is 18 now took it about 2 yrs. ago. Luckily I’m very healthy and didn’t end up with any conditions from the drug…and now I’ll be praying that my son doesn’t either. (Also…I was only on Accutane for probably 12 to 16 weeks and my blood was checked “very” often while I was taking it.)

  28. I have been diagonse with diverticulosis and diverticulitis that could lead to surgery.I have constant bouts year round of diarhea that I think is irratable bowl syndrome.I took accutane for 6 moths with no period off and 4 pills a day which is the max you can take.

  29. I have been taking Clarvis for the past 5 months and am extremely happy with the results. I am a fifty-four year old woman. I was having an extremely difficult time with cystic acne (causing scaring on my face). My face is completely clear now; the pores of my skin have diminished and the scars are minimizing.

    Also, I have had extreme colon problems for the past eleven years (constant diarrhea and a bleeding colon) at times so bad it required hospitalization. Since I have been taking Clarvis all of those symptoms have vanished.

    Further, for two and a half years, I had a debilitating skin condition on the soles of my feet (so bad that I was unable to walk at times) and on the palms of my hands (where it was too painful to even put my hands into cool water). I was treated by a five different physicians (three of them specialists). I was given steroids, multiple injections in each hand and foot; every medicine and cream known to man and nothing worked. Since I have been taking Clarvis this condition is completely gone.

    I have to go through an act of Congress just to obtain this medicine. Every month my blood is tested and I am interviewed (for side effects / depression / changes) and examined by my dermatologist before she will even consider refilling my prescription. I follow their (makers and doctors) guidelines exactly (I never take it on an empty stomach).

    I am very sorry for anyone that is experiencing health problems from taking this medicine. I personally am so grateful to the maker of this product and to my physicians for giving me my life back. For me this medication is an answer to a prayer.

  30. I took Accutane about 20 years ago. A couple years after taking it I devloped a sun allergy. I can not be in the sun for more than 15 minutes at a time or I get a severe reaction similar to sun poisoning. I wonder if anyone else has experienced this. The only side effect I got on it was very dry lips.

  31. I was on accutane for one year in 2006. You don’t realize the side effects until after your off the drug. I was only on the drug for about two weeks when my skin and lips started to peel. My skin felt like I had really bad sunburn and was extremely painful. Then I started to get frequent nose bleeds almost every day. My side effects just kept getting worse. I fell into a really deep depression and thought about suicide on a daily basis. I started having hallucinations and became extremely paranoid. I slept with a knife under my matress for months. I had days when the pain in my stomach was so bad, I thought I was going to die. I’ve been off the drug now for about 3 years, and some of my side effects still exsist. I still suffer from depression and I have bad back. That year was the worst time of my life and I suffered through all of it just for better skin.

  32. I recently became aware of the adverse side effects that are a result of taking Accutane. I took a six month course of this drug more than ten years ago. I experienced the typical side effects such as dryness and redness of the skin. Now, in my late 40′s I have developed lower back and joint pain. My doctor said it was disk deterioration. It comes as a surprise since I’ve always been an athlete with no family history of this condition. More troubling is to see that I have many of the other side effects listed such as excessive thirstiness, dry eyes, strange recurring headaches, low libido, hair loss, abdominal issues , and depression. I am very concerned that some of these symptoms that have occurred since I took this drug years ago and some of the newer ones that are beginning now will escalate into even more serious issues if I don’t find out what is the cause. It is so disturbing to think that I had always taken great care with my health (non smoker non drinker no drugs etc) and to discover that a drug recommend to me by my dermatologist for a relatively mild case of acne may cause me greater harm than I ever iimagined!!!!

  33. I took this drug at least three to four different times probably about 15 years ago. Only one dose was for the full dosage/length of time. I have chronic dry eye, skin sun sensitivity, and crazy stomach issues to the point where food is a struggle as most everything upsets it.

  34. I took Accutane 20 years ago; I believe the dosage was 60mg a day. I took the drug for one year solid. I had minor symptoms at the time; corners of my mouth cracked and bled some dry skin. About one year after taking the drug, I had some severe knee pain, and spent several weeks in physical therapy, which seemed to reduce the pain; since I was no longer taking Accutane, I did not make any connection to the drug. After taking Accutane, various problems arose over time, but, again, I did not make any connection to the drug. These problems included severe acid reflux, increased problems with IBS, which I had been diagnosed with prior to taking Accutane, so I cannot say that Accutane caused the problem. I began to have additional knee pain, and back problems. Today I had diagnostic x-rays for severe hip pain that has been escalating for many years. Although x-rays four years ago did not show any arthritis, I was told today that it is so severe I need to see an orthopedic surgeon. How could it escalate so quickly? I have never smoked, rarely have a drink, force my self to take long walks to get at least some exercise even though the pain is intense. I have been trying to find anwers and happened to see an advertisement regarding Accutane lawsuits, so I decided to do some research, and ended up on this site.

  35. When I was a teenager my doctors tried multiple treatments for acne, everything from benzoyl peroxide, tetracyclin, and salicylic acid until eventually my dermatologist suggested we try Accutane which was recently approved for acne treatment (this is 1998, I haven’t researched the accuracy of this yet). I endured the dry flaky skin, lips that crack when you smirk, joints that feel achy and grinding, and the eyes that feel like they’re sticky and dry all the time for only a year. At that point it was determined to be successful and I was taken off of it. A few months later I started having bloody stools. Then I collapsed at work one day, at the age of 15, and a friend took me to the hospital. At first they thought I had Crohns Disease, but after a colonoscopy and an inpatient stay they determined it to be Irritable Bowel Syndrome. The link to Accutane I don’t believe was there 12 years ago, and I had not family history of it, so they wrote it off as stress. To this day I still have the same problems, I just suffer through it and tell myself its stress and normal. Somedays my stomach hurts bad enough I’ve called out of work, but for the most part I keep on going. Until I got a random email today, I wasn’t really aware that Accutane may have done this to me, and now I’m really upset. What else may happen to me? I’ve already resolved to live with intestinal and rectal pain for the rest of my life, but do I have to worry about loosing sections of my intestine later, or more pain? This is just frustrating…

  36. My daughter Sarah, has taken Accutane three years (6 months at a time) 2005 – 2007. We are concerned and I am wondering how long any of these afor mentioned problems can develope?

  37. I took Accutane two different times. The first was in 1998. I was about to get married, and my face, back and inner tighs were covered in pimples. The main reason I took it though was because of the inner thighs. I had lesions there since I was 12, and they were very painful (I learned later that they were Hidradenitis Suppurativa, not pimples). The acne on my face and back cleared up completely (which I am really grateful – beautiful wedding pictures). The inner thighs got a little better, but I got “pimples” on my buttocks as a new place. My only side effect from Accutane besides the new “pimples” was very dry lips and eyes, nothing else.
    My buttocks and inner thighs got a lot worse over the years. I decided to try Accutane again in 2008. When I was 3 months in it, I started having muscles pains, especially on my right thigh. I also started not feeling myself. I’d be angry for no reason, have arguments with my husband over nothing, be annoyed with little things… I talked to my doctor and we decided to discontinue the medication. The muscle pains disappeared. My mind is not back to normal though. I still feel easily irritated and on edge. I also have joint pains (mild). I think this symptoms are related to Accutane. They are not severe, but are bothersome. I wish Accutane had at least helped my Hidradenitis, but it didn’t. It didn’t help one little bit. :-( It actually made it a lot worse.

  38. As a teenager in the mid-late 80′s, I had a severe case of acne. My dermatologist prescribed ACCUTANE, and I took it for over a year. I remember when I first began taking it, my doctor advised me of some of the side effects, such as dry skin, dry mouth and eyes, and nose bleeds. He never stated that severe stomach pains or Crohn’s Disease may develop from ACCUTANE.
    In 1998, just a month after becoming a police officer, and after weeks of continuous stomach cramping and high fevers, I went to the ER. After running some tests, it was discovered that I had a large abcess on my small intestine, which doctor’s said was the size of a softball. I went in for emergency surgery where they took out the abcess, along with a section of my small intestine. After the surgery, it was discovered that I was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease.
    I was in the hospital for 10 days, and was forced to miss over a month from work. Due to the amount of training time I had missed, and a lack of resources from the police department, I was forced to leave the department. After attempting to be hired by other police agencies, I was told more than once by police administration that they were hesitant in hiring me because of my Crohn’s.
    After being treated with several different medications, which some of them provided an adverse reaction, most noteably IMMURAN, I was treated with REMICADE, which I have been using now for 6 years and it has done a great job of controlling my Crohn’s symptoms. However, even with that being said, there are still many times when I feel the effects of Crohn’s, and it interferes with my personal and professional life.
    Up until now, now one has been able to tell me for sure what causes Crohn’s Disease. Only recently did I find out that people who have taken ACCUTANE in the past are more likely to develop Crohn’s.
    Obviously, if I had known then what I know now, I would have never taken ACCUTANE, and would have lived with the acne. However, all I can do now is continue to treat my Crohn’s as well as I can, and try to live my life as normal as possible.

  39. I took accutane as a teen in the 80′s as well. I really don’t remember the dosage but I remember being warned about sun sensitivity and having my liver tested. I developed mild digestive problems after that, major depression, back problems etc. but never linked any of that to the drug.

    In my mid to late 20′s my stomach problems kept getting worse until I had to take six months off work as the pain was excrutiating and the sudden diarhea meant I had to be near a bathroom all the time. During that time I was tested for all kinds of things until finally they just said I had IBS. I found out my medical denied my claim so I had to go back to work in spite of the symptoms but I learned to manage them with a book called eat right for your blood type.

    I’ve also had problems with low energy, libido, gums etc. and just recently had back surgery. My brother just told me two days ago that he heard about a lawsuit regarding accutane so I started researching it. I am astonished that a lot of if not all of these “mystery” problems I’ve developed over the years and am trying to learn to live with may have been caused by this drug. A lot of peoples stories are too close to mine to be a coincidence.

    I am canadian, however, and am trying to figure out what course of action to take here. Does anyone know about any canadian lawsuits?

  40. I was on acutane in my 30′s after having my kids. It did help clear my acne with some drying side effects. I was on it for approximately a year. Within the past couple years I have been experiencing a lot of issues with my stomach and bowels. My stomach pain can be so severe that I lay with a heating pad myself. There are times I am vomiting or feel like I have the flu. I also get severe cramping and loose bowel movements. I have been diagnosed with svt of the heart during and emergency room visit in 2007. I also have started with chronic joint pain. I am always exhausted with no energy. I have not been diagnosed by a doctor as I do not have health insurance to cover any of these expenses. This really has me concerned, and even to get on health insurance you cannot have a pre-existing condition.

  41. I was 25 when I was first introduced to this drug. As far as I knew it was the best thing out there for what I had.I took it for almost a yr. then slowed off of it because it hurt my guts. Later I was told I had severe IBS and anal fisures as well as massive sinus “problems” that they gave me TONS of antibiotics for. At the same time I had now broken out into what they at that time called Flikalitis but is actualy (TEN) Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis. My chest and back look like they have been shot with a shotgun from 75 paces. My chest bubbled and peeled off in a piece about the sieze of a CD case . My back looks like Termited wood ,thousands of little holes everywhere. I had to lay on my front for 5 months after for everything to heal just to stand and walk . Without cracking the giant scab and making it bleed. Thank the Lord for my Mother <3

    To this day I have terriable scars from my hips up to my ears and have medical issues that intale seeing aprox3-4 Dr.s every month for IBS,Trigeminal Neuralgia for the past 4.5yrs.

  42. James is now 24 and was put on Accutane 9 years ago when he was 15 years old for 6 months, he developed major sickness with his bowel movements, as a high school student he was unable to attend regular classes. since graduation he has not been well enough to commence employment. His worst times are in the mornings….he has a diet different to everyone else in the family and suffers a great deal after eating. One of his major symptoms is nausea….He was tested for so many possibilities…..the medical community felt it was IBS but could not find any evidence of other causes. His problems started within a year of starting his accutane treatment. We had no knowledge of these lawsuits until recently seeing an ad on tv on August 10th 2010. We live in B.C. Canada, if anyone knows about a firm of Attorneys dealing with this issue please provide details. Many thanks his Dad.

  43. I was prescribed Accutane in late 1987 and took it for approximately 1 1/2 years, I haven’t been diagnosed with these symptoms but have experienced irratible bowel syndrome and have had bowel problems for more than 20 years. Does ant of this apply to me?

  44. im 21 years old and i was on accutane around 2002, i was on it for about 12-15 months. about half was through i started experiencing very painful stomach problems. i was went to the ER a few times, because i was so sick and in so much pain. missed out on many activities and suffered a great deal of pain. i was then referred to a GI specialist and after a few months was diahnosed with IBS, even after 8 years i still have a very weak stomach and find it very hard to deal with it. it seemed at that time in my life while i was on accutane i was sick all the time. my skin has become very sensitve since i was on accutane and am often still dealing with side effects for this drug.
    heard about this lawsuit, and wondering what to do and how to go about it.

  45. I’m 55 and was treated with Accutane in my 30′s (1988,1989,1990) and was told about the dry mouth, skin and eyes and issues with liver but nothing about IBS or other intestinal issues.

    In 1989 I had my gall bladder removed and since that time have been having intestinal pain from time to time. Was told it was muscle pain due to large incission to remove my gall bladder, but that does not answer why diaherra is associated with the pain from time to time. Was told to stay away from wheat based foods because it might be an allergy but hasn’t made any difference. Now working with a fourth gastrointestinal specialist who is puzzled as to what is going on and thinks I have IBS.

    Still have skin issues which dermotologists are puzzled as to what is going on. Some think it is Flalikitis but nothing seems to resolve it.

    As a Canadian, I would also be very interested as to how to become involved in a class action law suite against Roche.

  46. I took acutane for about a year and a half back in the 80s. 85 and 86 I think. That stuff has impacted my entire life in a negative way. It didn’t do much for my acne to begin with but it also dried out my skin so severly that my lower lip had this huge, ugly, and extremly painful crack in it for years. Acuutane changed the color of my skin, making it brite red, especially my face. Now adolecents is hard enough as it is, just imagine walking around with a craked lower lip, dry krinkled hair, a face that was so red people thought my head was going to explode, and skin flakes fluttering to the ground as I lurked down the hallway to my next class. More recently I have developed severe bowell issues including; bloody stools, gut renching pain and bowell movements, and epeleptic grand mal seizures. Anyone in my family or friends that I grew up will attest to the down right misery Accutane has caused me through out my life.

  47. I live in CA but have lived in NV and MI. I took Acutane on and off for years. I now have all the symtoms of IBS, etc. Also have had incredible joint pain, depression, etc.
    I have not had health insurance and so have not been diagnosed with IBS, Chrones, etc.
    What are my recourses and resources for getting diagnosed in CA? I have all the 800 numbers for the “help lines” but none have been much help.

  48. I was on Accutane in my late teens. I am now 37. 4 years ago, I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis. After several hospitalizations, my flare ups became so severe that I had to have my entire colon moved. It has seriously affected my way of life. There is absolutely no history of any IBD in my family history. I have now also been diagnosed with Ankylosing Spondylitis. An arthritis related to IBD. This has seriously affected my life as well. I live in Toronto, Canada.. Does anyone have any information on where to go with this in Canada..??

  49. I was on accutane in my 20′s and now due to this great pill I have IBS and joint pain all through my body, and lost my gullbladder when i was
    35, my live has change becuase of this pill, I have arthitis in my back and my neck, It is sad that we have to live our lives like this now,,,,,,

  50. Does anyone know if there have been any cases where individuals develop seizure disorders after being off Accutane for several years? Two of my sons have had this happen and there is no family history of seizures. My other son who did not take Accutane has not experienced this problem so it makes me wonder if there is a link to Accutane.

  51. I was on accutane in my teens around ’95. I had no side effects during the treatment, but I have had chronic heartburn and hemmhoroids since my late teens. I am now 32 and have been dealing with a variety of worsening abdominal problems, including these mystery abdominal pains many above commenters mentioned. I also live in Canada, and I also would like some info on where to go from here.

  52. Wow this is very scary stuff. I live in Australia, and took roaccutane for cystic acne in about 1987 for 3months with regular blood tests, I imagine this is the same as accutane. The roaccutane caused similar symptons to what everyone else has mentioned, my skin was very dry and if in the sun would get burnt very easily – I managed to get sunstroke after spending 10mins in the sun. At the time, I never suffered any bowl problems, but in about 1990 suffered from Irritable Bowel syndrome, maybe this was related. I haven’t had any heath problems to date but do suffer depression and can have upset stomachs from time to time. Never really thought about any links.

  53. I started using accutane Sotret 2 years ago for treatment of my acne. At the time i was told that i may experience extreme dryness especially of lips and skin and that I should also not give blood or get a girl pregnant. Being 16 at the time, none of these seemed a concern and i would just use lots of chapstick and lotion. This worked quite fine and after cycling for 6 months i was 100% acne free. It felt good not to have to worry about acne, but now 2 years later, I am beginning to see side effects that were NOT mentioned on the box. If I had the choice I would probably not have taken this, as I believe other treatment options were available at the time. To any now, DO NOT TAKE ACCUTANE. P.S. my acne is still gone and I look great, and do not quite consider myself suicidal.

  54. I started taking Accutane in Junior High. After about 4 months on Accutane, I could no longer take it due to the pain in my joints, as my legs would collapse from under me during PE. Around this time, I become lactose intolerant and started suffering either chronic diarrhea or constipation, IBS, which I still have today. I saw multiples doctors and underwent multiple procedures to come up with nothing. I also became abnormally depressed and started inflicting self mutilation, I bear those scars today.
    In high school, I started developed frequent cold sores, canker sores and elbow rashes. Years later, I have now determined that I am not only lactose intolerant but now gluten intolerant which induces the sores and rashes due to an autoimmune disease. I not have severe paid in my neck, back and joints. My spine/neck ache throughout the day. It makes it very difficult not only sitting in a chair at work but everyday life. I’m only 24 but feel like my body is that of someone in their 70′s or 80′s.
    In additional to all my problems, Accutane truly stunted my growth and has made it impossible for me to gain weight, as I am underweight. I am also the shortest and leanest out of my 3 younger brothers as well as my father. The worst part, no one will take my case because I haven’t been diagnosed….


  55. Would Like to reply to “John’s” June 9th post….in my case I didn’t experience these symptoms immediately. Fortunately I along with many others have plenty of common sense and was following my doctors advise to treat an embarrassing problem of Acne. These symptoms occured after being off the drug and now have to live with the side effects. After reading some of the other posts god only knows what is in my future. While the drug treated one problem it may be linked to serious other illnesses I live with on a daily basis.

  56. I took Accutane back in 1986-1987. I had the usual complaints of very dry lips, hands and very dry eyes. I took the med. for about one year. I had my blood checked periodically and I was told I had to be on birth control pills. In 1992 I had an attack on my stomach and was hopitilized which turned out to be pancreatitis from my gallbladder. I then developed colitis. In about 3 months I had another attack of pancreatitis and then had to have my gallbladder removed. I now have a hietal hernia. I also have GERD. I developed severe dysplasia of my cervic and had to have a partial hysterrectomy in 2000. I have allso suffered with degenerative bone disease in my spine and severe arthritis. My back is so painful that I am on 4-5 Vicodan a day and now that’s not even helping me. I do have to admit though, the Accutane definately helped my skin, but look at the price I am paying now. By the way, Accutane wasn’t out at this time, I was on a case study before it came on the market.

  57. I went on accutane 15 years ago, n while generally happy all my life previously went into a dark depression which led to my dropping out of the prep school where I was class president, having a falling out with my family and hitting the road to live on my own.. I could not figure out what was wrong n why I was so miserably depressed! Accutane is nasty. I now have ibd too. Wish I could get a settlement.

  58. It’s freightening! I can relate to EVERYONE on here! A support and advocacy group should be organized.

  59. I was taking accutane approx. 20 years ago. I too had the usual side effects, the ones i was told about, dry lips and dry eyes. But i have had this horrible EXTREMELY LOUD ringing in my ears. I have had to deal with it for so many years now that I can hardly remember a time when I didn’t have this high pitched ringing. It never stops….24 hrs a day, my ears ring. Sometimes, I feel it will drive me insane if it doesn’t stop. To describe it….it’s kind of like when a TV station goes off the air late at night and you hear the loud ringing, only the ringing in my ears is 100 times higher pitch, i can’t turn it off, and it’s very loud. Don’t EVER take Accutane!!!!

  60. I took accutane about 10 yrs ago for approximately three months until I was told to stop taking it due to negative results on a liver screening. Sensitivity to light continued for months afterward. Severely dry skin lasted for about five years after, at which point it developed into eczema. I had issues with depression prior to taking the drug so I can’t exactly equate those issues with the use of Accutane. I have had on-again off-again symptoms of IBS since taking the medication which, in recent years, have developed into cuppling-over excrutiatingly painful cramps as food is passed through my digestive tract. I can always tell where in my stomach the food is due to the pain during a flare-up… I have mentioned this to a few different doctors over the years who always writen it off as IBS. After learning of the association between Accutane and IBD I have decided to have a colonoscopy for further diagnosis since this is possibly more than a simple case of intolerance to certain foods AND seems to be getting worse.

  61. I took accutane For 3 months in the mid 90s and now Ihave alot of bad symptoms andhave had them for years and I havent talked to anyone such as a lawyer so I dont know were to begin? I just happened upon this website!

  62. I took accutane in 1999 for 5 months, then again in 2009 (generic) for another 5 months. Both times I was on the lowest dose, then slightly higher for the last month. I never had depression issues. The only side effect I had was dry skin and nose, which was a symptom I was prepared for since they give you such huge manuals to read listing all the possible side effects. I have had two pregnancies since taking the accutane, both who are perfectly healthy. One son was born after taking the first round of meds, the second being born after the second round.
    I knew from the beginning that the drug was severe; there is no way that anyone wouldnt know this with all the testing, manuals, on-line tests, and the actual drug itself has to be physically popped out of a package that has a circle with a line thru it with a pregnant womans body.
    The simple fact is that severe acne is so depressing in and of itself that most people (myself included) dont care about the side effects of the meds at the time because we want the acne to go away.

    I first heard about the lawsuit on TV late one night, I have had bowel issues in the last year, although I do not think it is IBD, crones or the like. I am quite sure that at some point in my life I will have issues from taking this medication, but in knowing how strong this medicine was, I figured that would happen.
    Acne is horrible, and so are the stigmas associated with it, the depression and the low self esteem. IMO Accutane is the only real way that severe cystic acne goes away.
    It is very sad that many people have such sever issues from taking this drug, but if you had hindsight and still given the choice and knowing that the issues would arrise from the meds I think that most people would still gamble with the drug to get rid of the acne. Just one persons opinion.

  63. I was prescribed accutane 12 years ago. I have since been diagnosed with ulcerative colitis and have had to deal with severe depression. I have to take medication on a daily basis. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to function. It took about 5 years for symptoms to begin. My entire life has changed, and it is sad to see all of the other lives that this medication has negatively affected.

  64. I took claravis 2 years ago for almost a year i suffered all the normal side affects, dry lips and nose but that went away. I also suffered bad depression and still am today it seems.

  65. i am from vancouver, canada.I took Accutane in 1999 for only 6 months, of course i had the usual dryness and also photosensitivity, but other than that nothing else until 2 yrs ago, i actually got some bizarre skin symptoms which i seen 5 doctors and 3 specialists for and they were puzzled. After many months and finally a biopsy they diagnosed me with perniosis or also known as chilblains, which only prednisolone got rid if it and i will prob have this for life.(altho i don’t know if it’s accutane related, but i did suspect it when i was diagnosed with it). its been 12 yrs now, and i still have very dry eyes, photosensitivity, and i do have arthritis (hands, lower spine and knee pain) and i am only 28.
    But after 6 months of treament my acne was gone and its never returned.

  66. I don’t know the big deal, acutane helped my life! I had really bad acne and accutane removed them, restored my life. I was DEPRESSED before Accutane and lived a normal life after, No bowl problems, nothing!

  67. I took Accutane 5 years ago for 6 months. I have seen some threads online where people who took the medicine developed lymphoma/hodgkins lymphoma. I, too, developed hodgkins lymphoma 2 years ago. I am wondering if there is a connection or link to Accutane causing such cancers. I also break out in a strange rash at some point everyday that looks like I have been scratched…unsure if that is related, but it is something docs have yet to determine the cause. Luckily I have remained acne free, but if the meds caused my cancer…not sure it was worth it.

  68. My wife took Accutane for 6 months. She began to develop what I see as moderate to servere depression. She has been off the medication for about 4 months now and the depression has stayed, and I believe she now has symptoms of IBD. Stay away from this drug at all costs.

  69. I took accutane in the 94-95 time period and was diagnosed with Crohns in 98. I didnt know there was a link between the two until I seen the lawsuit commercial on tv. Neither disease is fun cystic acne or crohns.

  70. Quote:
    “I took Accutane 20 years ago…. I now have debilitating Rheumatoid Arthritis (this disease is in the same autoimmune class as Crohn’s). Has anyone experienced development of this disease after so many years? Thanks.”

    I also have agressive RA after taking Accutane took accutane when I was 18 I am now 23… No medical history of RA

  71. I took accutane for 5 months. My Dr. wanted to keep me on it for a few more months, but I felt so horrible that I asked to be taken off of it. Most of the side effects have subsided with discontinuation of treatment; however, I am becoming very worried because I am experiencing severe back and neck pain that has not subsided for about 2 months now. I am also experiencing severe joint pain in my hands and other areas. The back / neck pain is so bad that I cannot sleep without taking at least 4 Tylenol (have not seen dr. for yet, but will soon if continues). It hurts to sit at my desk at work now. It hurts to run which I typically do. It hurts to play ball with my son. I’m only 31, I should not hurt on a daily basis. This is very disconcerting to me. I also have numbness in my hands that makes it difficult to write / type for more than a few minutes without taking a break and letting my hand rest for awhile. Has anyone else experienced anything like this with Accutane?



  73. I am 22 yrs old and was on accutane for about 6 months when i was in highschool. It dried out my skin while I was on it but after words the acne did clear up on my face. The past two months however Ive noticed blood in my stool consistently and my doctors is having me see a specialists. The crazy thing is my buddy went on accutane shortly after I did and he too is having blood in his stool consistently.

  74. I am 22 yrs old and was on accutane for about 6 months when i was in highschool. It dried out my skin while I was on it but after words the acne did clear up on my face. The past two months however Ive noticed blood in my stool consistently and my doctor is having me see a specialists. The crazy thing is my buddy went on accutane shortly after I did and he too is having blood in his stool consistently.

  75. My son took Accutane back in 2003 and has had extreme problems with his intestinal health. He developed pre-canerous polyps at age 22 years old and has had 3 colonosopys. He is now told as of this week that he is developing diverticulities. He had to go on Elavil just to keep his intestines from becoming spastic. He couldn’t be more than 2 minutes from a restroom or he would have not made it. I don’t know anyone else has experienced hair loss but he is also having that at age 25

  76. I took accutane in 99 it killing me after reading this i know that this med was the problem and the thing about it i did not want to take i have the bleeding cramps thin skin weight loss depression i knew something was wrong but i didnt know what 2 colonosopy i have got on my family so much they think immental sick hell i get so depress that i get tire of eating and just stop and loss 30 to 40 pounds to the point that my family thinks im on drug and i get so mad with them i cant help it im not on drugs im really sick and the sight of food if i eat it im goingto be sick for the next week trying pass that stuff and that maens a the bathroom hora sene for i dont know how long it bad i mean passing out in the bath room headache form pushing could you believe sitting in na without a drug problem just because your family think you are on drug and your not your sick and you have been sick for some long your depress and no one unstands took my saving and got some land in nc just so i could walk around and peace because im not the same person i have kids very young thing keep going like this aleast they will have a place to call home My oldest child just told college we really dont get along because im not very nice at time because im aways in hurt and im so tired most of the time i cant focus because of this pain cant run with my young kids because i dont have the energy now you tell me that this has no cure man after trying everthing i know thing are going to be this way for ever but i will not give up

  77. After reading the comment found here i can say that my ibs can by being given Accutane in 1999 .I was given this med after taking a tb test for employment with the state the year before i was given tb injection so i could work around the homeless pop after moving to boston i started working for the state who asked me to take a tb test i told them that i couldnt take the test because i was given this shot they gave me this med accutane but after starting the med is had my stomache hurting i return and gave them the meds back and went home the next thing i know the health department came to my door ordering me to return to the hospital and began taking the med so i return and gave them the name of the doctor who i seen concerning this manner concerning the tb they didnt check they made me take the meds statingthat if ididnt i had to be removed form the community they stand over me checked to made sure the meds was taken checked my mouth and let me go home i move be home and 2000 and the stomach problem have been happening ever sense i be having depression loss of weight blooding headache on energy low Im having problem getting help no insurance and when i had insurance they couldnt tell me what was wrong Ive had two gi complete not luck moved away form my home town this accutane really missed me up been trerated for dyhatration and track urine effection two time hospital bills ive loss so much weight people in my family think i must be on drugs i have small children which i cant even run with and im just not the easiest person to getalong with this is taking a toll on my relationship with my family but after reading this i want my life back

  78. Well here is my son’s story. He started to take Accutane in August of 09 and gradually had his dose raised. In late 09 he started to have some stomach issues off and on. Our Derma never mentioned nor did she ever ask about stomach problems, she was only ever worried about depression issues which we didn’t have any of. We stopped our treatment in 6/10 and the stomach problems have progressively gottten way worse. We have been to out pediatrician and to our pediatric gastro and i don’t feel like anyone is listening to us. My son NEVER had any gastro problems before this. It is dishartening to read all of these other cases of similar issues. He is only in the 4 month of his Jr year and has already missed 13 days of school. The Dr keeps saying it is stress related but these symptoms happen at all different times of the day or night at school at home weekend or weekdays. He is miserable and so am I trying to figure out what is going on and with no help from the Dr’ you are supposed to be able to TRUST!!! We feel like we are just being dismissed and that we are making up these symptoms……..

  79. My husband took acutane for a few years in the early to mid ninetys. He mentioned something to me a few years ago about health problems possibly linked with this drug, but they involved heart related issues. To date he has no heart problems. But, a few years ago I really started to notice a change in his everything. He lost approx. 80lbs, and was not a huge man to begin with. He currently desperately clings to 165. He has what we’ve had to diagnose as IBS (irritable bowel syndrome). The doctors have done all sorts of tests on him, including a barium enema (glowing medicine ingested to see possible defects in the colon). I ask why any man would subject himself to these tests if there were nothing wrong. He eats so much fruit and veggies that any normal person would be on the toilet their entire life. Either he can poop, or he can’t poop for days, and he gets depressed , mean and just plain angry about his physical health. The doctors have not been able to diagnose him with anything as of yet, but doctors these days have an allergy to touching their patients and making sure they receive the best available diagnosis and treatments. I am stressed out watching this happen to a good person, I wish I could take it away from him. I know he would rather be healthy than have all the money in the world, but if acutane turns out to be what caused these problems, then I think definite compensation should be rewarded. But, patients should have to prove that they have problems directly linked to taking these medications, and because there will be sooooooo many, compensations should be rationed a bit more effectively. Everyone should be getting a smaller sum. 6 cases won so far with a reward of 56 million. There will be nothing for the rest of the people who have to redo their diets just to live a reasonably normal life. This is not cheap, it is time consuming and stressful, and it is all unnecessary. I am so sorry for everyone who has these problems, I truly have seen the agony these people now live with. It is heartbreaking. Anyone taking or having taken these drugs, please go to the doctors and mention the acutane. Maybe that will help with your diagnosis. Best of luck, I am rooting for all of you!

  80. I took Accutane in 2005 for about a yr. not sure of the dose now. I remember that I was briefed on dryness and not to get pregnant. I do remember I had really, really dry lips and nose (that eventually went away) some back pain and what was most bizarre was that my heels hurt when I walked. I knew it was from the drug and was hopeful that it would stop after I stopped taking the drug. Around the end of the the time I stopped using the drug I remember someone telling me to stop taking it because it was bad for my liver. I have some knee issues now (crunching sounds) and when I sit cross legged my legs become numb almost immediately. Actually i find that most of my body parts get numb even after 3 minutes of pressure ie kneeling, holding my head up with my elbow (which in addition to the numbess hurts to move after it’s been in this position). I also have a constant pain under one arch of my feet that developed last year. My skin is a little oily now, but was dry for a while. Acne wasn’t ever really that bad but continued after my teens. I do believe I got frequent blood tests. I still get occassional acne and wonder if the numbness and joint/foot issue is related to this? If you are Canadian go to Health Canada at: and send complaint to Roche and Health Canada.

  81. I took accutane in the early 90s and about 3-4yrs later developed digestive issues including severe stomach pain and diarrhea. my acne came back as well. I was eventually diagnosed with celiac disease. It sounds like some of that some of the people that are still having problems undiagnosed in these comments may have celiac disease as well. It would definitely be worth looking into. Celiac presents with various symptoms including digestive and skin problems.

  82. I took acutane in my fifties as I suffered from adult cystic acne. I asked
    my doctor about depression but he said it was not related. I believe the drug company acutually lied to the Dr’s also.
    Since then, I have had IBS, one attack of ulcerative colitis and one current attack of Crohn’s. I have suffered from nasea ever since I took the drug. I have tried serveral therapies to enhance my immune system but there does not seem to be a quick fix. I don’t know if Acutane was the culprit in my sluggish immune system. I would like to know if there are others with similiar experiences.

  83. I will keep this brief on accutane for extended period at the time had hair loss . extreme dehydration .. sores in mouth and nose. Since then which was about 7-12 years ago I have had several problems , Ulcers, IBS as well as severe cramping in the Ulterus area unexplained, depression, bloating , gastritious, worse periods than ever .. in an out of hospital often and no clear indication of why any of this happened. Only thing I was told about this drug was to stay out of son and not to take tetracline while taken it or can not be pregnant. Was on it a about 7 years ago and again 12 years approx and now I hear all this crap, I will be speaking to my doctor about this now

  84. My son took two rounds of Claravis (the generic form)- one in 2010 & one the year before. Our doctor never mentioned anything about IBD or Chron’s. I’m deeply concerned especially after learning that symptoms may occur 5 plus years later. If Accutane was pulled in 2009, how can the generic still be distributed today? I’m furious and worried what the future may hold.

  85. Well this is fascinating, as I thought I’d just see if there was a class action lawsuit in Canada against Roche, and look at all this feedback. Like Annie above, I took Accutane in the early 90′s and while I recall reading a scarily-large booklet on potential side effects, the dermatologist recommended it and – especially as a teen – I wouldn’t have considered arguing unless side effects at the time were unendurable. I’ve suffered for years with GI problems since, diagnosed as UC in 2007 and in the past couple of years also discovering that wheat is a major trigger – so perhaps I’m also falling on the low end (so far) of the Celiac spectrum there too. It wouldn’t have made any connection between this and a drug I took 20 years ago, were it not for the TV class action ads, but I’ll now be very interested to hear other people’s experiences and responses/solutions.

  86. I took accutane in the late 80′s. The first time it did clear up my skin, the second time, not so much and the third time, no effect.
    At the time, I did not make a connection, but I got Type I diabetes shortly after. I was recently informed that diabetes can be related to a bacterial infection. Accutane is a powerful antibiotic that kills all the the friendly bacteria in the bowel as well as the bad. This leaves the immune system compromised. It now seems likely to me that this could be the reason I got severe brochitis and then diabetes.
    I have also experienced bowel problems, including rectal bleeding. I have, however found help with herbal preparations (aloe vera, marshmallow root) and soluble fibre/magnesium. Enzymes are very helpful. I have found the website informativel.

  87. I was taking it in the mid 80′s
    1st they tried a low dose, then a double .. ultimately I was on triple dose whatever that was for I would say 6-9 month. I had bad acne and it did fix the problem.. I have had issue with my stomach and going to the bathroom for years.. Little did I know that maybe this was related .. I always was blaming my wife for undercooking something or other..I will be looking into my options regarding the lawsuits..

  88. I’m 50 yo. I had two courses of Accutane. Once in my late 20s and once in my late 30s.

    Since then I have developed several of the listed long term side effects, but the most extreme side effect I am experiencing today is horrible chronic back pain. Last year I had 2 sets of X-Rays, a bone scan, and 2 MRIs. It was discovered that I have premature disc degeneration, bone spurs, and fractures in my neck. (I have read Accutane can cause a condition called DISH).

    The constant pain has drastically effected my life. I am a small business owner, but can not work. I am no longer able to do housework and have given up my friends. I’m missing out on a normal life. My daughter has asked me to throw a 1st birthday party for my new granddaughter, but I can’t. Simple things like walking up the stairs in my house have become major ordeals.

    The pain is worst in the mornings upon awaking. My days begin with opening my eyes to horrible debilitating pain. I take pain meds as soon as I awaken and wait sometimes for hours until I am able to move to the point where I can function. The times I have broken down in tears in pain and frustration are too many to count.

    Others look at me as though it’s all in my head. I’m too young to be in this condition and I don’t look sick to them. When I mentioned to my doctor about the possibility of this being the result of the Accutane, he responded that he “didn’t want to get involved” and that it did not matter to him what caused it because his treatment plan would be the same. I feel like it’s a case of a medical professional wanting to protect the drug company.

    Please don’t take this drug!

  89. I was on accutane(sotret) on and off for about 3 years from about 04-07. I suffered from severe nodular acne on my face, sholders, back, and chest. After finishing the meds, i noticed a dramatic difference in my acne for the better. I had occasional breakouts while on sotret but since im completely finish the medicine, i can count on one hand how many times ive had a nodular breakout in 4 years. At the peak of my dosage i was taking as much as 80mg a day. I always heard about the doctors checking your blood every visit but i wasnt ever checked. As far as side affects go, the most dramatic side affect i suffered is rapid hair loss. Yes, hair loss / thinning does run in my genes but it happened very rapidly. Also, the warnings state that you should stay out of the sun as much as possible and if you have to go out in the sun, wear sunscreen or a hat, or both. Ive always been an outside person, even work outside and i’ll admit, i didnt always use sunscreen, but made it a point to always keep a hat. Since my bout with accutane, i get sunburned on my face extremely easy and stay red all the time. It can be as little as one hour and i will be red for days. Almost as if the accutane scarred my resistance to the sun, specifically my face and lips. Another strange occurrence i experienced as a result of accutance is my allergies. As a kid, i couldnt even LOOK at a cat, much less hold one. I would get hay fever so bad i was sorry i played with the cat. After accutane those symptoms dont affect me in the least. The medicine dried my sinuses out, which, lol i think might have worked in my benefit. Another symptom i developed since being on accutane is frequent and severe hemroids. Ive always been an active person but never has this happened to me before. Luckily, i havent experienced any of the severe stomach pains or problems with bowel movements. I hope my lucky streak continues because some of the stories i have read sound really horrific.

  90. I was an an Accutane generic called Amnesteem or something like that sometime around 2004ish. It was terrible. For starters, within the first month I dried out like a bunch of grapes in the noon day sun in the Sahara.

    Next, I immediately stopped growing. My height was projected to increase for another two to three years, but abruptly stopped for no reason. I was extremely active and on a high protein, low fat diet, yet I put on over 120 pounds during the 6 months I was on the medicine, which left me with disfiguring, terrible, ugly stretch marks that fill me (along with a few other events in my life) with terrible self-esteem issues (as did the weight gain).

    Around the same time I started taking it, most of my memory disappears for the 6 months I was on it, and for a few months afterwards. My writings when from beautiful and eloquent before hand, to the work of a mentally retarded 3rd grader after taking the medicine. It has taken me years to reach the mental high I had the year before this medicine robbed me of so much. Apparently it also changed my personality, and made me a total dumb-ass, according to everyone I knew, although I don’t remember any of it at all.

    Also, in 9th grade, before the medicine, I was on a robotics team and could fill my stomach with absolutely anything with absolutely no fear of recourse. I had a truly iron stomach. But after taking it, my stomach has been slowly degrading, to the point I was in the hospital for a piece of food dangerously lodged in my esophagus, and now I can not even eat a large meal without pain in my bowels and several bowel movements spread out by about fifteen minutes each.

    Although I will admit it cured my Acne, I suffered from extremely painful cystic acne, much of which I still have scars from (which is mostly because the medicine has all but stopped virtually all scars from healing, ever). Was it worth the hell that I have been through from it? No. I have other health issues, but I doubt they are related in any way, although judging by the other responses, it is a possibility.

    As of yet, I haven’t been diagnosed with any serious bowel problems, but it is just in the past few months that I have had a lapse in cluster headaches long enough to realize that my bowels need some serious attention. At this point I am just issuing a warning about this drug, some may not experience side effects, but what it has put me through is terrible.

    Sometimes I ponder what I could have been had I not spend 4 years rebuilding my mind to the point where people think I am intelligent again (although I don’t think I will ever be as ahead of the curve as I was before this medicine), and just now I have been able to start tackling this weight, although I always fear that no women will find such a disfigured body sexy, and after being cheated on several times by my outright ugly and stupid ex girl-friend, all I have is confirmation. This medicine ruined me life. It removed the pain of acne, and although it is atypical for the medicine, changed the way my skin responded to sunlight, instead of freckling and burning I tan (so weird compared to others experiences), and it took away the things I value most in my life.

    Just live with the acne, and find other ways to fight it, as this drug is not worth it. Not even slightly.

  91. If you look at the statistics for IBS and other stomach issues, more causes can be related to the unhealthy American diet than pretty much anything else. While, it was unfair for the company to not disclose possible side effects and the company should own up to that; how many people can really say that accutane was the only cause of their stomach problems and there were no other contributing factors that could have lessened the side effects? Ance is a sign that the body is out balance and on the way towards disease (specifically the gut and liver arent working optimally to eliminate toxins from the body so the lymph system/skin has to). If you had Ance before you went on the drug it means something in your body was already unhealthy and accutane just exacerbated that.
    If you are thinking about going on accutane try cleaning up your diet and detoxing your intestines before putting your body at risk with accutane.

  92. I, too, took the Accutane in the early 80′s. I don’t remember the dose, but it was 2 straight treatments of it. Since then I’ve run to the doctors repeatedly for stomach pains, headaches, and nausea. I’ve been on Prevacid and all the others for years. Still taking Dramaminefor nausea…the Zofran didn’t work and the Dramamine makes me sleepy, but it helps. I almost died in 1999 when my colon burst (diverticulitis). About a year ago was diagnosed with gastritis. The Accutane isn’t worth it…it didn’t even work.

  93. I started taking accutane in the early 90′s until around 1999. In 2001 and 2002 I lost 3 babies in early pregnancy for no medical reason. In 2004, I discovered arthritis in my knees, hips, shoulders. I have joint pain in my wrists and ankles. These symptoms came about around the age of 38. I had been generally healthy and very active. My last child was born in 2007 with Down Syndrome. My husband and I were tested genetically and there were no indications found that we were predisposed to having a child with Down Syndrome. I am interested in speaking to someone further regarding this. I also suffered diminished night vision around 1999. I just reduced my driving at night but had not related that to the drug. I also suffer from IBS. and have for about 6yrs. I am unsure whether these difficulties I have experienced can be attributed to my use of Accutane. I should also mention that I had three heathly children before taking this drug and had no difficulty conceiving nor any losses. After taking the drug I had 3 other children with no issues in between the losses. I also wake up with extreme joint pain and was diagnosed with arthritis. At first the drs suspected Rhumatoid but have now said it is osteoarthritis. I have also suffered with bowel problems that I suspect is IBS. Does anyone know of a lawyer in Ontario that is investigating this?

  94. I was on accutane from 99-00 for cystic acene, and experienced all the normal side effects of the medication. I gave birth to a very healthy baby boy in 2001. In 2004 I developed what the doctors call a hematoma (blood clot) in my abdominal muscle. It is very painful, and we have never been able to figure out what caused it. I have to really baby my ab muscle due to this, can’t lift anything heavy, or stretch certain ways. It’s very inconvenient. I also have a very hard time with my bowels. If I eat anything and I mine anything, just a cracker for instance, after 7pm I spend the rest of the night in the bathroom because I can’t go. Sometimes it takes hours of sitting on the toilet before I can finally go, because my stomach feels like I am going to have diarrhea so I am afraid to get up.

    Not sure if this is all related to accutane, but it sure is funny how I didn’t have any problems before.

  95. I have suffered from bowel movement problems since taking this drug. I am constapated for days at a time and when I go it is usually diahhrea. I was hospitalized a couple years ago beceuse I was constipated for 14 days and when I satarted to have a movement is was severe diahhrea for 14 days with blood in stool. After seeing the blood I finaly whent to emergency room any std was hooked to IVs all day. My stomach is always a mess no matter what I eat.

  96. Come on people!!! Who in there right mind believes they’ll ever get any of the side affects that they list on the labels. The minor ones Yes! The major ones No! “We wouldn’t ever take any medications if we did.” FYI-They didn’t label any intestinal problems back when my Son took accutane. My Son Steven is 26yrs old. He took accutane back in high school for 4-6months. I remember him getting minor affects while he was on It but no major problems. Until a year ago!!! My Son has gone under 3 major surgeries. From losing his whole colon, rectum and creating a J-pouch out of his small Intestine.
    It’s been hell for him this last year!!!
    He’s been in and out of the hospital 10-12 times out of work since June. I’m sorry for you who don’t think accutane has anything to do with this because there are way to many cases with the same problems.”At such young ages.” His whole life is going to be nothing but medical issues…….If this is the cause of his medical problems at such a young age “Your damn right”, they should be held responsible. I can’t even predict what his medical bills are going to be “Your talking problems the rest of his life.” at the age of 26 and not to mention what it’s going to his personal life:(
    You all have to remember each and everyone of these people took accutane and are all having the same problems.
    Coincidence or Not!!! Hmmm………………..

  97. I was on accutane for 6months in 2004. I was told that I did not need to be on it for any period longer than that. I have not experienced any problems from accutane. I did not get depressed, have mood swings, have suicidal thoughts, or any stomach problems. At least not yet. My skin also got so much better, and is still great to this day. Obviously my skin was very dry while I was taking the Rx, The corner of my lips would even crack. I drank a lot of alcohol while on it though which I dont think your suppose to do and I’m sure that made me even more dried out. The Dr had told me that dryness was a big side effect. However I was able to manage it by drinking TONS of water each day and I kept vaseline in my purse at all times. I pray for everyone who is having these horrible side effects.

  98. Well i will sart by saying Im from Canada. I took Acutane for 5 months. One morning got up cramped up, went to emerge to find out my bowel had colapse. I was in surgery for four and half hours almost died i was in icu for four days and in the hospital for two weeks. I came out of this with a colostomy bag. I was very lucky was able to have it reverse elenven months later. Now being from canada does anyone know if this law suit applies to us as well. If not people take this advice do not thrust your doctor to know because the facts are here. Please be real careful.

  99. I was on accutane for eleven months.
    I tried it the first time on a higher dose and I was having heart palpitations and my chest was always hurting/ hard for me to breathe. They then put me on a lower dose stating that I should have started on a lower dose because of my weight/ height. Thanks for telling me beforehand! Anyways, after being on the lower dose for eleven months these side effects lessened and I have not had any issues (except for the depression). I wish I knew what I know now for that time of my life! I would never have taken accutane in the first place.

  100. I took accutane for two and a half months in 1984 after being socially ostracized for two years in high school. My skin cleared immediately and I was ecstatic. Suddenly I had a social life and my severe cystic acne never returned. Two years ago I started having mild incontinence.
    I changed my diet totally and it still happens off and on. I believe this could be the beginning of IBD. I also had to have a salivary gland removed and now trouble with my eustachian tubes in my ears. I ‘m only 42 and in decent health. No one in my family has ever had these problems. Is it from the accutane? 25years later!!!! I guess I will find out with my next trip to the doctor. All this recent news about the drug’s side effects is very disheartening.

  101. I took accutane for a year in 2003 I took a very high dose. after having horrible stomach problems in late 2009 It finally hurt so bad i had to go to the ER on new years eve. I was told that it might be acute colitis. I had a colonoscopy done in jan. 2010, and was told i have crohn’s disease. I have nobody in my family that has ever had stomach problems like this or crohns. I also just had another colonoscopy a week ago because i was having sharp pains which felt like it was coming from my colon. They said everything was the same except for now i already have scars in my colon from it being inflamed so much. IF I HAVE SCARS ALREADY IN JUST ONE YEAR WHATS GOING TO HAPPEN TO ME IN 10 or 20 years! thats what i am worried about! I think Roche should be taken for everything hes worth. this is a life time disease that Will NOT go away! but can only go in remission There is not one day that goes by that i dont wake up with a stomach ache and immediately go to the restroom.

  102. In response to Joy – I also took Accutane about 20 years ago…. I now have Rheumatoid Arthritis (this disease is in the same autoimmune class as Crohn’s). I was diagnosed with RA in 1999 at the age of 29. This is very young for a non-juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis diagnoses. RA does not run in my family, I am currently the only one in my family with RA.

  103. Wow, I feel a camaraderie with the rest of the victims here whose lives have been devastated by this drug. I am 42 yrs old, and like many others, took it in the mid-eighties when I was a junior in high school (16 yrs old). Of note, my brother and sister did not have any significant issues from accutane, although my sister did have two miscarriages. Before taking accutane, I was an easy-going, happy and healthy kid who had friends, was athletic and very physically active. Unfortunately I have a hypochondriacal mother who took myself, my brother and sister to the dermatologist periodically because she wanted us to look perfect! None of us had anything worse than mild to moderate acne, mine being mild. So I took it because I was told by the dermatologist and my mother that not only do I need it, but that it would shrink my sebaceous glands and I would never have acne again. The only thing I was told is that my skin would be very dry and that I should avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight. Wow, that sounded too good to be true, and it was! I thought it was amazing at first, as it permanently rid me of my acne. I don’t remember having anything but dry, crackly skin while being on it. However, a month or two after finishing taking it, the personal hell began. I started to have dizzy spells/panic attacks several times a day(in school, nonetheless), and I slipped into a depression for which no one could figure out why. I also developed anger issues, probably related to the depression. I thought it was “in my head”, and I internalized it. I had suicidal thoughts. My mother took me to a psychiatrist who was completely worthless and just put me on Xanax. The Xanax turned me into a vegetable, and I quit taking it. I ended up attending one semester of college(for which I had a full scholarship), dropped out, and my father convinced me to join the Army or get out of dodge(which was actually good for me, probably because I had no time to think in basic training). My parents threw my issues under the table because they had no idea my onset of problems were related to Accutane, and neither did I! I was able to hold on to a 20-year career in the Army and finish my degree, and am now in graduate school; however, during my military career I suffered from anger issues and some self-destructive behavior, not to mention on and off bouts of depression, mostly later in my career. I also have very bad TMD in my left jaw which affects both my vision and my hearing often; not sure if the degradation of my left jaw joint is attributable to accutane or not, but I can’t rule it out. I’ve been receiving accupuncture for about a month now. For some reason, not only is accupuncture effective, but it has “cleared my head” somehow and I am now facing the true cause of many of my past issues instead of repressing them. I’m so angry, I feel like an experiment!

  104. D2004 , very bad cystic acne. Doctor said mine was one of the worst case. Took accutane. Doctor only cautioned risks on pregnancy and kidney. Later on I had dry lips, big moon face, depressions lots of crying, suicidal thoughts. Tremendous acne improvement after 7 months.

    2005, a different doctor told me i\’ve taken overdose of accutane. He did not say further. Stopped accutane.

    Between 2005 to 2008, back pain on and off. It got worse and consistent.

    Mid 2008, Hospitalised for a week. couldn\’t stand or sit up. Diagnosed as slipped disc. Follow-up at physiotherapy, doctor told me i have bone degeneration. He was as surprised as me. I was only 32 years old, sporty since young, no such family illness history. Was i too young to get bone degeneration?

    I googled slipped disc bone degeneration, it seems to link to accutane. Some of you mentioned painful joints back pain, better do spine check-up e.g. ct or mri scan.

    After stopping accutane in 2005, acne started coming back in 2008.

  105. To Glen: I am Canadian as well. The Merchant Law Group in Canada is just beginning a class action so you should contact them, just google them.
    My son took a generic form of accutane Clarus and unfortunately the class action is not covering the generics. They might expand the class if they find enough people were afftected.

  106. In response to the Rheumatoid Arthritis posts.. I took Accutane when I was 13 and was diagnosed with RA when I was only 20. This disease does not run in my family and has severely changed my life. I have been researching a lot about the lawsuits associated with this. Accutane has been linked to Ulcerative Colitis and Chron’s disease, these conditions affect your intestines. Recently, I have seen a chiropractor who told me that the pain that I have in my joints could have been caused by digestive problems that create toxins in the intestine. These toxins are what could have triggered my immune system to start attacking itself. RA is an auto-immune disease. Reading about this has been really enlightening because it could explain why this happened to me.

  107. I was put on accutane for about 8 months after I had tried several other acne medications. I started my treatments in june 2008, about a year before it was recalled. I was 15 at the time and suffered from a few minor side effects, dry skin, chapped lips, sensitive skin. The hardest part though were the mood swings and minor depression that came with it. I thought about coming off of it a few times but was determined to clear my skin. after about 8 months of medication my doctor took me off of accutane. he did not recommend I stay on it any longer. 2 years later I am a senior about to graduate from high school and I still feel like I am suffering from depression. I don’t know what I am going to do, I am due to go to college in the fall and I am worried that I may struggle with it.

  108. I took Accutane for about 10 weeks in 1990 for adult acne. I was 33 years old. Worked wonders on my acne.

    But a few months later I had my first colon “attack.” SEVERE abdominal pain. The pain went on for about two hours. Feber, chills, shaking, severe headache, cramps, pain, pain, pain…then diarrhea. Sleep. Felt better. I assumed food poisoning.

    Then the attacks recurred, every two or three months. I was healthy. Former athlete. Swimmer. Always a healthy diet. Lots of veggies, fish.

    This went on for a couple years. Finally went to a gastroenterologist. Diagnosed with diverticulosis, diverticulitis.

    Attacks continued periodically. After a few more years of this, the doctor recommended surgery. The surgeon removed 16 inches of my colon. After the surgery the surgeon said the tissue he removed was strange, in terrible shape, puffy, decaying. He’d never seen anything like it.

    Since the surgery in 1999, I’ve been fair. I still get attacks, but they are less frequent and far less painful. Still, pain. cramps, fever, chills, profuse sweating, severe headache, the shakes.

    New gastroenterologist says maybe there’s some IBS. I take stool softeners, drink almost a gallon of water a day, eat very easy to digest food. Little meat, no cheese, no pizza, nothing sweet like cakes or pastries.

    I have had five colonoscopies. These day they come back fine, no visible problem.

    But I still get the attacks.

    Do I have a case?

  109. I was on accutane around 26-27 years ago. I was only on it for about 3 months and during the time I was taking it the only side-effects I had were dry lips and dry skin on my forearms.
    About two years later I developed chronic diarrhea and have suffered with that and intestinal pain ever since.
    Like a lot of others here I’ve been told I have I.B.S. , gluten intolerance, or that it’s stress related.
    At the time I was trying to get diagnosed, I didn’t know that accutane was the probable cause of these aliments.
    It has only been during the past two years or so that i’ve seen the commercials on tv advising of these side efeects.
    If I was to go back to the doctor now I might be able to get a specific diagnosis.
    It is damn chaotic trying to live with this.

  110. I took accutane for acne for 22 weeks during 1999-2000 time frame (at about 37 years of age). Now, about 11 years later (48) , I am experiencing upper intestinal pain on the right and left sides, hemmoriods, acid reflux and inconsistent bowel movements. Could this be due to prior accutane use? Please advise.

  111. I was on accutane for a whole year in the early 90′s. I am 37 now and have battled depression since 1999 and am still being treated for it. I have hemmirods, irregular bowel movements, fatty liver, and suffer from major bloating and cramps. I feel major pressure in my abdominal area always to a point that I get cold sweats. While I was on it, I loss incredible amount of weight and now it is a constant battle to shed pounds. I felt suicidal and damaged quite a few relationships because of my irrational behavior. I also started to separate my self from the world and had phobias of simple things like going out….this is abnormal for me as I am very high spirited and social. I also developed hair loss, boils on many parts of my body that would not burst and had to be taken care of by a doctor, many sties in my eyes and ulcers. While on it my skin did become porcelain like but far from it today:(

  112. my healthy, athlete son took in eigth grade. At 16 he was diagnosed with MS. There is no family histroy for this.

  113. I took accutane at age 15 and After suffering from debilitating stomach pain, acid indigestion, burning, knotting feelings in my abdomin for 15 years. I went to the gastroenterologist. I was told there was nothing wrong with me but I might have fructose malabsorption. I cut out all hfcs, and all other high fructose foods it has helped with a lot with very few hiccups.

  114. @Leora – there is no genetic link for MS. Some people get it… Also, MS is not a side-effect of a drug, it’s a disease.

  115. I immediately got depressed after starting a low dose of acutane in the mid 1990s. I remember feeling profoundly depressed and calling the dr who had not warned me of this possible symptom. I remember having great difficulty getting out of bed, which was something that had never been a problem for me. The reaction was so strong and obvious that I believe I stopped the medicine after a few days. I wonder what damage might have occured if I stayed on it longer and whether any occurred as is. As it is, I do have some digestive and fatigue problems, and considerable problems with joint and muscle aches, but I am not sure if they are connected.

  116. At 20 years old, I was prescribed accutane. This ws either in 2001 or 2002. I was given a high dose (twice a day). The doctor put me on bc pills & i was told to sign some sort of waiver should i get pregnant, I’d have to have an abortion. That was the only warning I was given. Had I known what was to follow, I would have never taken this drug. I was only on the medication for about 2 weeks when my stomach issues began. First came the cramps, then bloating, then bloody stool. I was so nervous about this that i didn’t tell anyone! One day, after seeing blood in my stool, i went to the hospital and had all these tests done and was released the same day. A few weeks later, i woke up to a bloody bed. Within 3 days after that episode, I was in school and felt MISERABLE. I was bloated, i looked PREGNANT! I left class and brought a gingerale and thought it was gas. After a second can of gingerale and no help i began having severe cramps. I drove around a bit not sure what to do. I was so nervous I could not call my mother because she’s a nervous person to begin with. Anyway, upon arriving at the hospital the pain had reached new levels. It was as if they were cutting into my stomach. The doctors thought it was appendicitis. First came the sharp pain, then came vomit. This went on for an hour or more. After several attempts at a ct scan they decided to admit me. My Hemoglobin levels dropped to about 3 g/dL. Doctors thought it was cancer and my mother was called at about 6am. I was hospitalized for 8 days thinking the worse. Then my mom told the doctors about Accutane. It was a scary few days and lots of tests, I was diagnosed with IBD. I had a team of about 8 doctors at my bedside all day. I cried each and every night thinking I had cancer and was going to die! Prescribed Pentasa, Prevacid, and Budesonide. 21 pills a day could you imagine? I was put on state disability for 2 and half months and then the depression kicked in. Suicidal thoughts and one attempt. It’s been a rough road. I regret taking that medicine everyday of my life. the frequent urges to go to the bathroom, the nasuea, weight loss, joint pain has gotten worse over the years. 4 years ago I developed a severe skin disease where i had burning blisters all around my face. This time i used all natural products. Accutane has ruined alot of things in my life. I’m scared to death of taking somethign so simple as Tylenol. I deal with any pain I have out of fear. I don’t know why this drug is still on the market. So many lives have been ruined over something that was supposed to help a totally different issue.

  117. I too have had terrible problems after accutane.

    I think the real question is, has anyone found a solution to reverse these problems? It’s almost as if accutane is somehow still stored in the body. Maybe the liver?

  118. I took Accutane in 2002 for Cystic Acne. In 2010 I was admitted to the hospital after having severe Diahreah, up to 20 times a day for at least 4 months and then I got so dehydrated that I had to be hospitalized for a week. They did a colonoscopy and the Biopsy’s came back saying that I had Severe Crohn’s Colitis. I have just recently spent another week in the hospital and another gastroenterologist took 4 biopsies and all came back positive for Ulcerative Colitis. So now I am take 4800 Mgs of Mezavant a day and am slowly weaning myself off of 50 mgs of prednisone.
    I wanted to note to all the people who have wondered if anyone else has developed a seizure disorder after taking Accutane. I also developed a seizure disorder after taking it and they are all grand mal seizures, and weirdly all in my sleep. I have no history of IBD or Seizure Disorders in my Family. So I have no doubt that Accutane has something to do with this.

  119. I took accutane in 1996. I had mild acne but was perscribed accutane because the other alternatives did not work. In 1999 I joined the air force. I finished basic training and tech school with ease then came the problems. In 2000 while in Germany I started to develop depression/suicidal thoughts. This was all new to me and was too much for me to handle. This progressed into repeated panic attacks. In 2000 I received a medical discharge due to panic attacks. My dermatologist swears up and down it had nothing to do with accutane, I call BS. I have learned to deal with my depression but I wish I could have done my 6 years in the Air Force because I really enjoyed it. I feel like a failure for it. I do have a good life now but I think it could have been much better had i not had taken accutane. I don’t proceed with a lawsuit because I know it will take a lot of money with little to no reward. I continue to read numerous articles on long term side effects on depression.

  120. This is scary to read about. My son Erik 16 years old has just been diagnozed with Rheumatoid arthritise, 2,5 months ago he was an doing sports – elite level- and now he is in pain all the time and cannot move without painkillers. He took Isotretonoin Actavis 20 mg for 2 WEEKS and stopped because his joints started to hurt and stopped him in his sport. This has gotten worse and 2 days ago he was diagnozed. Unbelievable. We have no family history of this desease so I am 100% sure it is the drug. We live in denmark and the skin doctor won`t even repport it because there is no link between this condition and the pills. Please does anyone have knowledge if this can be treated and also if anyone knows of any lawsuits in Europe? Please don´t eat this medicine……

  121. 2 Teenage children have chronic IBD, most likely Ulcerative Colitis. I could care less about the lawsuit, but like Eric 30 Nov 2011, I want to see if anyone has found a way to heal the digestive system after Accutane damage Medical community, including the best in the state has failed. Natural Path Doctors seemed to have helped us get stable, but not healed yet. Drugs caused more side effects that improvements–I would not recommend this route. This is really where the money should be spent–a protocol to cure the disease not just manage the symptoms.

  122. Unfortunately it has taken 15 years for us to realize that our well adjusted, happy daughter was thrown into a life of struggle because of our decision to go with Accutane. Of course there is no direct link and no way to prove it but when we look back we realize that this could be the explanation for the turn that her life took after her treatment. She has struggled with depression, and anxiety that seems to be never ending after years of psychotherapy and various medications. She is a college graduate that is unable to overcome the mental prison that she lives in and seek career commenserate with her education. We also think that it affected her executive function which seems to be entirely possible if it has been proven to affect the emotional parts of the brain. She also seems to suffer with many physical problems that keep her inactive, this from a girl who loved sports of all kinds.

  123. I, too, have back pain from Accutane (I took 3 rounds, at age 19, 22, and 25). I have been pretty healthy my whole life, and one day I went to a chiropractor who did an x-ray of my spine and asked if I had been in an accident (which I haven’t). When you look at the discs in my lower spine, it looks as if they’re all kind of mashed together. I NEVER had back pain in my 20′s and early 30′s, but it suddenly hit in my late 30′s and 40s and it is pretty bad. It’s so frustrating, I no longer want to do things I used to. My back hurts just LOOKING at people pick up heavy things. Running gives me lower back pain. Lifting up a moderately heavy box makes my back hurt. Even when I exercise and go walking. My diet is EXTREMELY healthy, I take supplements, eat about 8 servings of fruit and vegetables per day, am not overweight at all, and go running fairly regularly. I would not have suspected “degenerative disease” but one day I remembered going to the dentist in my early 20′s, and after he took an x-ray of my jaw, he said I have degeneration in my jaw (or maybe it was the joints), which he thought was odd given my young age. I realized, the same thing seems to have happened to my spine. It does help to take vitamin D (10,000 IU/day) and also to use the “back to life” machine… but it is not a cure. No matter how much i do these things, the back pain still comes back. If someone had told me this would have happened, I don’t think I would have taken accutane…. acne sucked, but back pain is worse. I also have dryness in my eyes and mucous membranes that has not gone back to normal (and I believe this may have affected my fertility). They say it goes back to normal, but I don’t think it ever does. It’s a shame, cause when you have acne, you’ll do just about anything to make it go away, but if someone could give you a taste of the pain you’ll experience later on… most people would probably just live with the acne.

    The thing that kills me is, not ONE doctor asked me about my diet, before prescribing Accutane. They were so quick to write a prescription, and would never acknowledge that eating the wrong foods could have anything to do with it. I have since found that certain kinds of foods give me cystic acne. Fast food (like a jack in the box burger – just about any kind including turkey) will give me cystic acne within 24 hours. I also wasn’t cleaning my skin properly (I didn’t know how). Now I know. You have to remove the dead cells really well (I use really good, absorbent cotton pads and alcohol and it works like magic). Doctors would rather write a prescription than acknowledge this. It’s really a shame.

    My heart goes out to everyone out there who suffers from the effects of Accutane. I am just 44 and hope I will be able to live with the back pain and the side effects that are yet to come (I’m just cringing, waiting to see what they are). In the meantime I’m going to stay strong and try to be as healthy as I can.

  124. Depression acute back neck and joint pain

  125. My son went on Accutane ifor about 4 mos in 2004. he slowly but surely started developing many digestive issues. Now, he has cramping and diahrrea everyday. Has been to the Gastro doc several times, got tested for Celiacs (if only it has been that easy) and other things but they did not do a colonoscopy on him which I don’t get. this kid cannot gain weight and has always been about his health, works out, eats VERY healthily and still the issues. He just can’t catch a break with this stuff and it looks like it’s going to be a lifelong problem. I am mad as FIRE and upset that this was still on the market and being prescribed in 2004 when they KNEW the issues in 2001! The only issue they had us sign off on was the birth defect issue if it happen to be a female taking it and she got pregnant. Which was silly that I had to sign being that mine was a male but they made you sign anyway. But NOTHING about severe digestive disorders.

  126. hii iam using sotret from past 6mnths now i became pregnant on oct 27 and doc said i need to uder go for abortion and i had an abortion on nov 15 2012 now again i am pregnant now on feb 11 will i have to go under abortion from oct i stioped sotret..can any one help lzz

  127. I was only on accutane for three months when I was younger. Three years later I was hospitalized for rectal bleeding and vomiting blood. I had inflammation and polyps in my intestines and well as tears in my asophagus. Last week after suffering unmedicated for three years I was finally diagnosed with crohns disease. I didn’t start taking accutane with any knowledge that I would get this disease and didn’t experience symptoms until after I stopped taking it. I suffer every single day of my life in many more ways than one. So to those who are telling us to use our common sense? Why don’t you put yourself in our shoes before you decide to shoot off at the mouth. I was a young girl when I was put on this drug and was NEVER warned about any of these side affects. If so I would have stayed away from it. Now I will live with this for the rest of my life. To the rest of you, I wish you luck with all of your symptoms. Don’t ever give up on getting a diagnosis because one day you will find the right doctor to help you. I felt helpless for three long years and finally got the help I needed. You will too. Now I hope to find some kind of resolve for the things I have been living with and will continue to live with forever.

  128. I was on Accutane in my senior year of highschool, in the early 80′s.
    Around 40 I developed heal spurs, carpal tunnel and pain and stiffness in neck, diagnosised as DISH syndrome. I am now 50 and the stiffness in my neck is worse. Only treatment doctor suggested is Nsaids. I heard all of this could be the direct effect of taking accutane. Tried reaching out to law firms but none are taking my case.

  129. My son was on roaccutane in 2005 at the age of 18 for several months. In May this year he had his first grand mal seizure while overseas. There is no family history of epilepsy and he is otherwise a fit and healthy 26 year old. We are on the specialist merry-go-round trying to find a reason for the seizures. He is on Keppra and a couple of other drugs to try to eliminate the occasional partial seizures he’s still having. It occurred to me 2 nights ago that perhaps the roaccutant had done some damage and I’m finding anecdotal evidence here.
    Now I’m on a warpath to track down all the information I can on this hideously harmful drug that is being prescribed to young, growing bodies – in fact it doesn’t sound suitable for any living thing no matter how bad the acne.
    Shame on you Roche!!!

  130. Do not take this medicine !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  131. My son took Accutane for 2 years plus. Within a year after coming off the drug, he began to have seizures. He had 4 major seizures over the course of 3 mos. and is now on anti-epileptic medicine. He never had seizures before taking this medicine and no family history of seizures. Has anyone else experienced this? Also, this was the only medicine my son was on.

  132. I was on Accutane in 1999 for about 8-12 months. I went off the medication in march of 2000. 3 days after going off the medication i started having gran mal seizures. I have been having seizures ever since, and have been taking yet another medication that i will take for the rest of my life. If i could have sued i would have. It has made my life miserable. These seizures have caused me to clinically die 3 times. Ive had a cerebral hemorrhage, a stroke and have been hospitalized for weeks at a time. Accutane is a miserable drug…get your loved ones off of it!

  133. I took Accutane for about 6 months when I was a young teenager- 14 or 15 years old. I am now 26 years old and was also diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis (RA) in September, when I was 25. As the other posters have mentioned, there is no family history of RA. My acupuncturist mentioned the possible link between Accutane and RA and I am very upset seeing how many young people like myself are now having this issue. While it could be a coincidence, I find that a little unbelievable.

  134. I dont know if it will help in any lawsuits or anything my mother told me to look into it. Im on my 7th chemo treatment and seems like i will be cured of my stage 2 hodgkins lymphoma. I took Accutane in middle school for about 6 months and i was diagnosed with the cancer a week after my 26th birthday so figure 10-14 years apart. Well thats my story. Hope it helps someone.

  135. I took Accutane when I was 15 and by the age of 18 was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis. I am now 44 and have suffered for year with digestive inflammatory problems like colitis and ulcers etc.. but the arthritis in the past 25 years has caused me to spend thousands of dollars on doctors, test, and medications… even worse, I have had to have joint replacement surgeries, including my jaw! It has negatively affected my life in so many ways- I am not able to take care of kids because of arthritis in my wrists, knees, ankles etc… Is there help out there, is there a class action suit I can join? I am an extremely good case.Thank you for anyone’s feedback.

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