Alli Lawsuits

The over-the-counter weight loss drug Alli, which contains orlistat, has been linked with reports of serious and potentially life-threatening liver damage.
In May 2010, the FDA required a new warning about the risk of Alli liver problems after identifying multiple reports of liver failure, liver transplant and death among users of orlistat-based medications.

ALLI LAWSUIT STATUS: Product liability lawyers are monitoring information about the risk of liver injury from orlistat to determine whether users who have experienced problems may be entitled to compensation through an Alli liver damage lawsuit.


OVERVIEW: Alli (orlistat 60mg) is a lower dose, over-the-counter version of the prescription weight-loss drug Xenical (orlistat 120mg). It was approved by the FDA in 2007 for use in overweight adults in conjunction with a reduced calorie and low-fat diet. The drug works by preventing the absorption of fats, thereby reducing caloric intake.

Alli generated sales of $131 million during its first full year on the market. Known side effects of Alli include oily and loose stools, fecal incontinence, frequent or urgent bowel movements and flatulence, which tend to be most severe when the treatment is started and may decrease with time.

ALLI LIVER SIDE EFFECTS: In August 2009, the FDA issued an early communication indicating that they were reviewing the risk of liver problems associated with Alli side effects after receiving reports of liver injury associated with use of the drug.

On May 26, 2010, the FDA announced that it had found at least 13 cases of liver injury with orlistat worldwide, including at least one case of Alli liver problems in the United States. The reports involved cases of liver failure, liver transplant and death.

The most commonly reported side effects were a yellowing of the skin or whites of the eyes, known as jaundice, weakness and abdominal pain. The FDA has not determined that there is a definite association between liver injury and Xenical or other orlistat drugs, but users of Xenical should contact their health care professional if they experience symptoms of liver injury, including:

  • Weakness or fatigue
  • Fever
  • Jaundice
  • Brown Urine

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  1. Amber Reply

    My brother and I had taken Alli for only a couple of months when it first came out on the market. Both of us are overweight and wanted to try it in conjunction with a healthy diet. When we both started having bowel incontinence and/or horribly painful bowel movements we stopped taking Alli thinking it would solve the problem, It’s now November of 2010 and we both still suffer from bouts of bowel incontinence and severe pain. It affects us in so many ways. It has made us late for work, caused embarrassment in public places, and ruined a lot of clothes. I would never suggest anyone taking this pill to lose weight it has changed mine and my brothers lives permanently for the worse.

  2. Dan Reply

    I too was a regular user of Alli. My use extended over a period of about a year and six months. Do not assume rectal-bleeding are hermorroids.
    After about 3 or 4 months, I was bleeding, continued taking it anyway.
    Come time to get a colonoscopy, the doctor found colon-rectal cancer.
    I stopped taking it after the scope immediately. Went to google Alli and a cancer study in mice determined colon-cancer in alli fed mice. So now, I got the picture and am waiting to see if the cancer mestatized to liver.
    Yea, had pre-chemo and radiation. Rectum removed and part of colon and 25 lympnodes, Get the picture!! No post chemo for me, Be sure to have a K-Ras test done before anyone proposes Chemo is you have colon-rectal cancer.

  3. Christina Reply

    I to used Alli for a couple of months and also had bowel movements and my self. About 4 months later i was diagnosed with severe ulcerative colitis and in july and aug i had two emergency surges to removal all of my large intestines. i lost so much blood i had to receive a total of 7 units of blood. i just want some answers and why is there not a lawsuit against them for colon/intestines damage. Im only 27 so what am i suppose to do now and about to lose the last 4 inches of my rectum.

  4. Marcia Reply

    I am 32 years old and took ALLI for about 6 weeks. I was recently only taking 1 or 2 pills a day and I am having bloody bowel movements. I have an appointment to have it checked by my doctor. These posts have me scared…I feel sick! I reported my symptoms to GSK and they called me the next day. They know something is up. Why would they continue to make a drug that is killing people…I was healthy and just a little chunky before taking this drug and now I could have a serious health issue.

  5. monica Reply

    I have taken alli in the past and started taking it again ,only to find out how bad it is for you. i was just told last week i have a fatty liver . i will never take this alli pill again . I took it to help me get healthy ,and know to find out i may have damaged my liver. This sickens me.

  6. vickie Reply

    took alli damaged my pancreas. had tail of pancreas and spleen removed, im always sick.

  7. Barbara Reply

    I took alli for one year and became very ill and i am still on medication for damaged liver i still have very bad itching. I wish they would take it off the market so other people will not suffer the way i have. Prior to takin alli i was perfectly healthy-not obese and not taking any meds

  8. Gina Reply

    I took Alli when it first came out in 2007. I was not considered as obese. I just wanted to lose 10lbs. I was healthy with no bad habits such as smoking or drinking. After about a month I quit taking it because I did not like the side effects. Since then I have I had GI problems. I had to have my gallbladder removed. Now, I am still having problems. I have undergone many tests and have been diagnosed with chronic pancreatitis. I am 34-years-old and do not fit the description for someone who would have chronic pancreatitis! I do not drink and have no family history of pancreatic problems. Two days ago I found my receipt of when I purcahsed the Alli. I couldn’t believe it! I will be holding on to it as proof! I think Alli is responsible for my GI problems!

  9. shanda Reply

    I have only been taking Alli for a short time. Today, I woke up with a swollen neck, all the way from my chin to my collar bones. Has anyone else experienced this? Also, the entire surface area of my abdomen is sore to the touch. Has anyone else experienced this? Does anyone have any suggestions of what it could mean? I am stopping the Alli pill. I didn’t even know it was dangerous, my mother called me and begged me to stop it after doing a search about it on the web. I’m going to the doctor’s tomorrow just to be safe. I don’t know what else to do, my neck is so swollen.

  10. Tracy Reply

    I took Alli several years ago for a few months. About a year later I found out I have a liver problem and was on steriods for over a year to control it. I now have diabeties & cholesterol problems that I never had before. They could not figure out what caused the liver problems. From what I have read I believe it was the Alli. I still have a bottle of it in my cabnet I will keep as proof. DO NOT USE ALLI IT IS Dangerous.

  11. Jeannie Reply

    WOW!! This is Amazing. I am a 35 yr old who was a healthy hyper always running about girl 2 1/2 years ago. I took Alli for about a month. I never thought anything about it. I developed chronic severe diarrhea and lost my rectum. It got deattached and fell out and again as of several days ago and has also made my vagina pushed out. Another surgery. Wow. This is Unbelievable. Please feel free to contact me at any time. This has completely changed my life.
    Thank you for sharing!! & I wish you the Very Best!!
    Kindest Regards,

  12. myokia Reply

    i took alli when it first came out and then started it again in august of 2010 . in octomber of 2010 i ended up in the hospital and found uout that i had pancreatitis.

  13. Janet Reply

    Im a 27yo healthy but slightly heavey female who started alli 4 mos ago,2 mos into it & 30lbs gone I stopped alli and thats when my GI problems started, nausea,vomitting & diarrehia. My symptoms increased to the point where I couldnt work and ran up doctor bills doing upper endoscopy,ultrasound,hida scan,ct with contrast dye and multiple trips to ER. I just had gallbladder removed yesterday!! I hope this takes care of my problems and I learned my lesson, i was happy & healthy being fat! I really hope nobody else suffers like I did, I wish I found these postings before I took alli,its ruined my life,i’ll never be the same thats forsure,one organ less!!!

  14. Kristie Reply

    I took Alli for about 3 months a few years ago. I never took more than recommended, actually less. Within 2 months I was in the hospital with severe constipation. I had my first colonostocpy at the age of 32, major GI issues. I was overall healthy prior to taking this drug, Cronic diarrehia, constipation, unable to tolerate most foods, hiatal hernia, GERD and severe pain is all I have now. I just had my gallbladder removed, never did I have issues prior to using this drug. I am still undergoing tests, scared of what is next.

  15. Nicole Reply

    I started taking alli when it first came out and along with the alli I also changed my diet and went faithfully to the gym. It was successful, I lost 125 pounds. THen On Fathers Day 2009 I found myself in the ER with severe abdominal pain. After the Cat Scan I was diagnosed with Stage 4 Anal Cancer with Liver Metastasis. My initial oncologist told me my cancer was not curable and I had only 18 months to live. I was only 44, still had 2 children at home and was on my way to completing my Masters Degree. I went to another oncologist, had 2 years of very aggressive chemo. I am currently cancer free, but suffer many severe and permanent side effects from the chemo. My life has been destroyed and because of all the steroids i was on to be able to endure the chemo all my weight came back plus more. I now find much difficulty in walking because the chemo has destroyed my knee joints, I have severe neuropathy in both my hands and feet which my neurologist says is permanent, so now I cant cook, drive and it is very difficult to type. I cant believe the FDA and Alli’s makers didnt do their homework on this and allowed this drug to be sold and consumed by the unsuspecting general public. It almost took my life…and who knows it still might if this cancer decides to become active again….Watch out if you take alli…it is not safe and it definately isn;t worth your life.

  16. Gretchen Reply

    I took Alli in the summer of 2008 and took it until November 2008 . In i probably lost abou 55 lbs. January 2009 I started to regain some of the weight back so I started Alli again. I was surprised that I did not get the same results this time – I also did not have the “after effects” so I discontinued it shortly after restarting. In October 2009 I started to have severe pain in the lower abdomen . I was 44 and the doctors could not figure out what was wrong with me. I had my gall bladder removed in January 2010, but the pain persisted. On may 1, 2010 I went in for a colonoscopy. Two days before mother’s day I was diagnosed with cancer. Five days later I had a tumor the size of my fist removed with 75% of my colon. I then went through 6 months of chemo. Believe me IT IS NOT WORTH THE RISK

  17. Karen Reply

    I took Alli about 2 years ago. I lost weight however the crappy side effects that came with it are woth it. I knew instantly when I ate something that was to fatty. (DIAHREA) I had to know where the bathrooms everywhere I went. I have not taken Alli 2 years but I now have I still have diahrea 3times a week. Ihave ruined more clothes and underwera than this product is worth. I can’t go on long walks,shopping,or longtrips. I’m have to take anti- diahrea pills 3 times a week . My Dr. said the symtoms should have stopped when I stopped taking Alli. Maybe somebody needs to tell my body. Any one who is thinking about taking Alli should just learn to eat and excercise.

  18. Patty Reply

    I took Alli when it first came out for about two months. Didn’t like the side effects and stopped, Two years later, I was anemic. My doctor did a colonoscopy to be on the safe side…I had a baseball sized tumor in my colon. Colon cancer. It was removed (along with 12 inches of colon) and I went thru 6 months of chemo. I no longer can feel my feet and have trouble remembering and learning as a result of the chemo. I lost my job as my sales dropped. I am 42 years old with 2 children.

  19. Toni Reply

    I took alli for maybe 6 mths..Due to this im having severe constipation.Ive gained 30lbs. Now im so worried im having a colonoscopy n endoscopy..Reading everyones comments is scaring me..Please pray for me..

  20. James Reply

    I’ve taken Alli since it became an OTC drug. I’ve just had my spleen removed. It was enlarged and had a cluster of cysts. I cannot be sure, but I discontinued Alli. Maybe this is a side effect of Alli.

  21. Los Reply

    I am a 31 year old male, I was recently diagnosed with diverticulitis and have terrible stomach pains as a result of taking Alli. Is there anything we can do to help ourselves ?

  22. connie Reply

    I started taking alli a week ago and today Sunday Oct 7 2012 I started to bleed from my rectum I’m scared n I feel like I need to be in the toilet all day but only flesh n blood come out why help

  23. myra Reply

    Took alli in small amounts for a few years. Now when I take it I have severe belching horrible stomach pain. It also caused me to have hemeroids. I think my gallbladder is having problems. I gave stomach pains when not taking alli now. This over the counter drug is dangerous in my opinion

  24. Mike Reply

    My heart goes out to all of you, but it’s kind of sad that people take these drugs without even knowing what they do or what the dangers are. Doing so, you’d find that these pharmacutical drugs are more dangerous and damaging to the body than most street drugs. If people just learned to love and accept themselves as they are, drug companies wouldn’t be able to attack people’s insecurities with these dangerous drugs.

    Wish you all the best and I’m truly sorry for what you’re going through. I hope it’s not forever.

  25. Janet Reply

    I’m posting again,as my problems have worsened. Don’t take this med!! I have severe digestive issues & pain n I can’t eat caused it’s messed up my stomach lining,bad….

  26. Alec B Reply

    I am 39, 6 foot tall. healthy. not overweight. started Alli about 4 weeks ago. because of the side affects had to stop it today. I lost 6 pounds , from 191 to 185 but feel sorry I took the drug.

    all 4 weeks I have experiebced heart pain. FIRST time in my life. day and night. hopefully it will go away, was clean of this drug since this morning, and first time in 4 weeks have no heart pain

    also Alli made me very tired, depressed, gave me almost daily headaches. hortible diarrheas

  27. tara Reply

    I came across this post after taking alli for two days..I went to the bathroom and I thought I started my peroid? I got really scared..I had blood, lots of bloodnin the toilet and toilet paper.The blood was coming from my rectum..I’m not taking th is drug again..if its this bad after two days amagine if was months…These post are scary and I’m saddened that so many are going through many issues…God bless

  28. Danielle Reply

    I took Ali for about a year on and off. I started getting constipation, I never had irregular bowel movements, until after Ali. Constipation, stomache pains at 4am, neuropathy, this has affected me greatly. I can’t eat certain things or I become bloated, I cannot have a normal bowel movement on my own. This drug is lethal. I need to further my medical tests, but I’m nervous about the results.

  29. Frida Reply

    My mom took Alli and she got so scared because the whole time she was having blood just POUR out of her rectum every time she went to the bathroom. It didn\’t trickle, it wasn\’t a little bit. She said it was like urinating. This went on for weeks! She never made the connection until she went to the proctologist who told her to stop taking the Alli and -like that- the bleeding stopped. I hope nothing more serious is wrong inside that we haven\’t yet caught

  30. joan Reply

    I started taking xenical when it was perscribed for me almost 10 yrs ago then went to alli. I am 71 yrs old and have no problems with it and have been taking it all these years.

  31. Deanne Reply

    I love Alli. No ill effects, just weight loss, and sometimes I take a double dose. It’s great for those of us who have no problem with it. If you don’t like it,don’t take it. Sometimes I think we are turning into a nation of hypochondriacs!

  32. Karen Reply

    I suffered from kidney failure as a result of taking Alli off and on for many years.

  33. robin Reply

    Gallbladder removed, hernia repair, G.I. problems , post colonoscopy with ulcerative leasions. Increased liver enzymes and hate it but due to abd. Pain I have have many MRI ‘S with & w/of contrast to rule out what maybe the cause. Only change was beginning alli. The cramps get so bad it’s undesirable. I read the reviews above. I will be having more specific testing done ASAP !

  34. Frances Reply

    I have taken Alli before, but just for a short time due to diarrhea and abdominal cramping. That was at least 3 or 4 years ago. About 3 weeks ago my husband and I started taking Alli. I stopped last night, and didn’t take it at all today. This morning and then this afternoon I continued having cramps and couldn’t seem to stay out of the bathroom. Later this afternoon, early evening, I had two more bowel movements. The second one is when I saw the bright red blood in my stool. I will not continue taking Alli (nor will my husband who has had frequent movements, but no blood at this point). We’re out of town right now, but as soon as we return, I will be seeing my doctor. I’ve never had blood in my stool before. Yes, I’ve lost weight already, but it’s not worth it!

  35. Robin Reply

    Took Alli when it first came out and continued using for many years. Only recently stopped after suffering major stomach pains, non-stop nausea, and severe GI problems. Just spent five days in the hospital with Acute Pancreatitis. No family history of pancreatitis and I’m not a heavy drinker. Will never take again!

  36. Jennifer Reply

    I hope GSK fights every single last law suit filed til the bitter end. Everything that happens to you isn’t someone else’s fault. All medications have side effects and risks. If you put the pill in your mouth you assume those risks, and because you are a unique individual, you assume the risk that there may be side effects that others may not have had. This is what’s wrong with America today. Every one wants to sue and blame others and not take responsibility for their own actions. Please let it occur to you that you may have gotten sick regardless of having taken Alli, with or without a family history of illness. Thousands of people have taken Alli for years with great success, me included, and the few who anecdotally become ill, are now dictating wether or not this medication will ever come back on the market. Everything bad that happens to you is not someone else’s fault. Bad things happen. The end. This is why medications in this country are so astinomically expensive.

  37. Deborah Reply

    I have used Alli and had great success. I lost 85 pounds over like 12 months. Yes I had some diarrhea, but no worse then I have due to having my gallbladder out in 2001.

    I have never had any other side effects. And will use it again if I need. The USA needs to stop acting like the manufactures have to pay thru the nose because the med that you pick on you own did something you did not like. Because you like me have no will power to stop eating like a pig.

  38. Lorri Reply

    I agree with both Jennifer and Deborah. I have been using Alli since 2007 and lost 70 lbs the 1st year. I’ve had very minimal side effects except for one time that involved a 12-hour plane trip when only Big Mac burgers were offered. Not a good meal on any diet plan. I continued taking the pill but was very careful about the fat contact in the foods I are. Being careful to stay within the fat limit and exercise regularly is a requirement. I do sympathize with those who felt serious side effects and wish them all well. However, the warnings were there and not all medications affect everyone the same. I would like to see Alli come back on the market.

  39. Rebecca Reply

    I have taken alli at the prescription dosage for about 6 or 7 years. I use it to loose weight and to help control my weight.. I have had no liver, stomach, gall bladder, rectal, or colon problems at all. I have had several physicals, including colonoscopys, and I am fine. No health problems. I am sorry people are having problems, but I am not convinced that alli is the cause. Many people have used alli and lost weight. My doctor has used It too loose weight, and has kept the weight off.

  40. Sabrina Reply

    I started taking Alli in March. Last week, while at work, I experienced terrible pain. Turns out I have diverticulitis. I’m not sure if this was caused by the Alli or not

  41. Leslie Reply

    I took Alli for a few months to help loose weight while going to Positive Changes. After a few months I was getting cramps & diarhea & it got worse. I had to have a colonoscopy & found my whole colon was inflamed. It took a lot of rounds of steroids & Lialda to get it under control. I still have bouts & have to go back on steroids to get it under control which adds to my weight. Alli has changed my life forever. I would not recommend it for anyone.

  42. Michele Reply

    I took Alli on and off for about 6 months or so when it first came on the market. I had bloating, greasy gassy discharge but still gave it a try.

    fast forward to 2013 and I was diagnosed with stage 3 rectal cancer. How I suffered through surgeries, 2 types of chemo and radiation. To this day I am permanently disabled from daily bowel issues that I will have for the rest of my life, neuropathy and other issues from all of this. Constant pain and suffering!

    In the back of my mind, I had a feeling that Alli was too good to be true, and with the constant irritations in those areas from the product i’m sure it created this problem that threatens my life.

  43. Mary Reply

    My grandfather took alli for over a year. He had rectal bleeding from the medication. He was diagnosed with colon cancer not Lin after and passed away a few days ago because of it. This medicine is not something to play with.

  44. freddy Reply

    I took alli diet pills for six or seven years. before that I was taking oilastat 120mg once a day by prescription only. and than I heard aout alli the same medication but cheeper. I was taking two 60mg pills with each meal.i lost weight. but I did not know I would pay the price later on in years. I ended up having a pace maker put in.and than I started burning in my stomache. and could not hardly eat anything.because of the pain. and I took a one a day vitiam every night while I was on the medication. and when they took it off the shelves. I had withdraws. I went to a doctor. they had a test done on my liver. now I have a fatty liver. can not eat hardly nothing because of the burning and pain I indure.I have proof of how long I have been on alli. and medical records of what it done to me.before I started taking alli they done a catherzation on me and said my heart and arterys look great and my pancaris and liver look great. I have my medical since I took alli diet pills for six or seven years. I had a pace maker put in. and also have a fatty liver. I went to the best lawer in Princeton wv.he looked every thing over. and told me the damage is done.where I was on the alli diet pills. he told me he wish he could help me. because I have a open and shut case.but he did not handle class action law suits. if it was a priscription drug he could. he told me to find out about a class action lawsuit against alli diet pills. manufacture glasco/kline/smith. he said I had a open and shut case.if I knew what it would do to my body years later I would not took the the first pill.i made a company richer while destroying my body. where I thought I was bettering my life. I think they should pay for the pain and suffering they have afflicted on me and others like me.for not testing the drug longer to see if it would hurt or kill people. so they can only get richer. I wish to the good lord I could start over.i would never have token that posion. I will never ever take another diet pill. if they are a clss action lawsuit against alli please put my name in there.they should be held responable. for the damage they have caused me and so many others.

  45. Lu Reply

    I just tried my 1st pill of alli and since then been having these excruciating stomach pain and light constipation. My insides feels like its on fire or something so painful i cant even sleep i will not be taking anymore im scared now i hope by taking my first 1 pill didnt damage my body as of now i have stop taking it but the pain is so unbearable im scared. Anyone could give advice or help please do i will greatly appreciate it

  46. Jennifer Reply

    I urge anyone considering this drug to not do it. Please. I took it for a year from April 2009-May 2010 and by May I couldn’t eat a salad (without dressing!) without becoming sick. I stopped and things slowly got a little better. But in September 2013 had to have my gallbladder removed due to the severe and constant pain I had been in for 3 years. I had over 20 gallstones and now live with gastroparesis. It isn’t worth the risk, I promise you that.

  47. Chris Reply

    I have been taking Alli for over a year or so. I’m not overweight, but, love me some high fat, high calorie foods. So, I started taking Alli so I could “indulge”….actually, to be honest, OVER INDULGE!!
    I did get diarrhea, but, of course figured it’s my fault for eating all that fatty food. It says right in the leaflet, that comes with it, that side effects are possible. It DOES say that some people get SEVERE stomach issues. It’s to be used ONLY with a certain amount of fat at a meal.
    I basically used it as a crutch so I felt I could eat all that junk. Especially chocolate. I’d take a pill, eat a bag of chocolate and feel like crap. Pain, my upper stomach area began being sore to the touch, bad acid reflux, even when I didn’t take it with a meal, I felt like all the food was stuck in the area just below my chest bone, etc. Although, nothing as severe as many above. I couldn’t figure out why my nails on my left hand were turning yellow.
    Alli isn’t meant to be used/misused as an excuse to devour fatty stuff. I take full responsibility for misusing it just so I could go full on piggy with chocolate. I’ve stopped taking it.
    If you have ANY reservations about the side effects, go see your Dr. BEFORE using it.
    Like they say, everything in moderation….especially chocolate!! LOL

  48. julie Reply

    I have used alli for many years now. I originally lost 30 lbs and then it stopped working. I have always had constipation and liked that with alli I had regular BMs, so I continued to take for that reason. Now it has stopped working and I a very constipated again while still taking it. I have not experience any of the issues I have read on here. But since it has stopped working for weight loss and regular BMs I am going to stop taking. I hope I have not done any damage to my liver or GI system. Just wondering if anyone else has constipation after long term use. Thanks for all those that have shared on here.

  49. Jeremy Reply

    Gotta love the assholes commenting that people are just whining and should have understood the side effects before taking the medication. Guess what, Buttercup? Just because you took it for years with no problems doesn’t mean a thing. Every individual’s biology is different. The thing is that nowhere in the listed possible side effects did the company let people in on the fact they could take the drug for less than 30 days and get steal be experiencing problems *YEARS* later, like myself and many of the others posting above. You can call it antidotal all you want, when you’ve never had a problem in your entire life and your problems begin in concert with trying this drug that’s a pretty good indication the drug had something to do with it.

  50. Me Reply

    Oh, please.. You live life overweight, some technically obese, for a period of time. You take diet pills, and then, when colon cancer strikes, it’s the medication? Really. Really!?! Remember, just because you lost weight doesn’t mean the risks from abusing your body have gone away!

    Here are the far more likely self-inflicted risk factors:

    ✔Low-fiber, high-fat diet. Colon cancer and rectal cancer may be associated with a diet low in fiber and high in fat and calories. Research in this area has had mixed results. Some studies have found an increased risk of colon cancer in people who eat diets high in red meat and processed meat.
    ⭐Ever try the Atkins diet? But then who would you sue, right?⭐

    ✔A sedentary lifestyle. If you’re inactive, you’re more likely to develop colon cancer. Getting regular physical activity may reduce your risk of colon cancer.

    ✔Diabetes. People with diabetes and insulin resistance may have an increased risk of colon cancer.

    ✔Obesity. People who are obese have an increased risk of colon cancer and an increased risk of dying of colon cancer when compared with people considered normal weight.

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