Celebrex and Bextra Lawsuit Settlements Reported

By: AboutLawsuits | Published: May 6th, 2008

Pfizer, Inc. has begun discussing settlement for some Celebrex and Bextra lawsuits pending throughout the United States. According to the Wall Street Journal, the pharmaceutical company which sold both pain medications, has reached tentative deals with some individuals who suffered heart attacks or strokes which were associated with use of the drugs.

Thousands of individuals have filed Celebrex lawsuits and Bextra lawsuits claiming that the COX-2 inhibitors caused an injury. Both drugs are in the same class of medications as Vioxx, which was recalled in September 2004 due to cardiovascular risks. In April 2005, Pfizer issued a Bextra recall, but they kept Celebrex on the market with much stronger warnings.

The report indicates that the Bextra settlement offers have averaged about $200,000.00 for each claim and the Celebrex settlement offers have averaged about $40,000.00 to $50,000 per case. Pfizer is negotiating the settlement of lawsuits on a firm-by-firm basis, instead of attempting to arrange a global settlement like Merck did with Vioxx last November.

According to lawyers representing individuals injured by Celebrex and Bextra, Pfizer’s attorneys have indicated that the pharmaceutical company is currently willing to pay as much as $500 million to resolve all outstanding cases. By contrast, Merck’s Vioxx settlement involved an agreement to pay $4.85 billion to resolve about twice as many lawsuits.

According to financial reports, Pfizer reported Celebrex sales of $611 million during the first three months of 2008. Therefore, the Bextra and Celebrex settlements are unlikely to have much of a financial impact on the drug maker.

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  1. Eighteen months after I started taking celebrex I had a heart attack..I now must live with an irregular heartbeat and a scarred heart…My MD, my cardiologist and my reumatologist all say the attack was caused by the celebrex.( and are willing to testify in court )..I had NO history of heart problems before taking celebrex….as a matter of fact my heartbeat was usually in the sixties…my blood pressure was between 110 and 117 over 75 or 80..My cholestoral was in the 140′s…In other words excellent health except for arthitis….Now I have all of these heart problems…I think that the Pfizer ” boys ” should have criminal charges brought against them for hiding the effects of this horrible drug…How can they ruon a man’s life or even kill some people and continue to not take responsibility ?

    1 2003 1 2005 1 2007. I HAVE EKGS TO PROVE THIS FROM VETREANS

  3. My brother died at 43 of Familial Polyposis. My sister and I were both found to have the gene. In 1998 I believe, after a colonoscpy and polypremovals, the surgeon began my sister and I on Celebrex 400mg twice a day claiming it would protect us from adenocarcinoma. At age 46, total cholesterol 159 and low trig, BP 102/60, no smoking, never has any family member ever had heart diease, I have an MI. Out of the blue while watching a movie during my vacation and a few days after my daughter’s wedding. I fortunately realized what was going on and initited treatment in my home office before transferring to ER. There the MI was confirmed and I was transferred to a cardiac hospital an hour and half away. We never knew what happened, wrotte it off to a fluke until the celebrex was disclosed. They almost killed me and now I am being ignored. From the beginning I offered Pfizer a settlement of paying the noncovered hospital bills and they refused. My case should be the poster case but I can’t seem to get any type of activity. I also feel that celebrex at 200mg is one of the best and safest meds made. I still prescibe it. Hope this enlightens people. All, the res that saw to it that I had my meds all the time were threatened for admitting that. They still tell the truthe.

  4. within 6 months after taking 200 mg Celebrex 2 to 3 times daily i suffered a heart attack I had never had a problem before that and no history of heart trouble in my family history and since that heart attack and over 1 week in the hospital i have had 3 other heart attacks and blood clots were found in my lungs after the last one i am now on blood thinners heart stabilizers and blood pressure that has been hard to control with multiple drugs where i used to ride my bicycle 25 miles a day i get winded walking up the stairs now(sometimes just going from 1 room to another) Pfizer should be held accountable for all these troubles they have caused to their victims!!!!!!!!


  6. I am a lead plaintiff here in Canada in a lawsuit surrounding Celebrex and Bextra. Recently I have discovered an attempt to cover up and destroy medical evidence that implicated Celerex as the cuase for my Femoral Occlusion in my right leg. The following is a link to a youtube video outlining my intentions to bring those responsible to the table. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pykp5zhQJdo

  7. has anyone heard from their attorney on tthe timeline?i have suffered 4 heart attacks and blood clots in my lungs and with each heart attack suffer more and more damage blood pressure is almost impossible to keep down and heart rate always is very hard to control nothing has really worked on that my lawyer says next year before anymore information

  8. Had heart attack in September 2007 after taking Celebrex for 5 months.I was immediately take off Celebrex. Heart DR. said Celebrex has tendency to make plaque dislodge causing the damage to occur. Now I have to take 4 heart meds daily. Only 1 med prior to attack for thyroid. I also now have had several angina attacks.

  9. I am on day 4 of a stated hunger strike. The reasons are clear I caught the doctors trying to cover up evidence and destroy it becuase it showed that the cause of my injuries were most likley caused by plaque that it makes and the hole they found in my heart. I am a lead plaintiff up here in Canada for one of the Class Action Suits filed here. It isnt a coincedence that this happend. I was lucky to notice this happening otherwise it would have killed me. So if anyone here is reading this I have youtube videos posted and also a Facebook group My youtube user name is (zodiac1369) the facebook thing is my name and i challange anyone to prove i am wrong.


  11. I was taking Celebrex 100mg 2 times a day for 18 mo’s & one day I notice my left leg was swolen real bad & I had went to the Dr that perscriped the Celebrex & ask him if this could be a side effect from the pill & he said he didn’t know & perscribe me a water pill to relive the Swollen leg & it was wasn’t 2 days later I was in ER with a Heart Attack & was Hospitalize for 7days & in fear for my life & I was only 48 years old no History of Heart Diease & no Clostrol problems nonthing & the only pills I was taking at the time was Celebrex & they only wanted to offer me $2,000.00 & I just called up my Lawyers & I just lost it I cryed so dad & told them this just isn’t right , I felt helpless & so disapointed that my life wasn’t worth nothing but $2,000.00 I had a huge Hospital bill over $10,000.00 out & that not counting my Dr’s fees or my meds or any rehab I had to take, its just not fair or right since I took a product I thought might help me–well it just about help me out of my life & no amount money can save me then I am thankful to God for saving my life.

  12. I WAS TAKING 200M/G TWO TIMES A DAY , I suffered 5 heart attacks the 3rd day istarted taking celebrex it causied the lower arary to clog up with blood clots. this happened in sept 1999 anfd in dec 1999 i had to have two stints applied .

  13. I was a 27 year old Male very healthy except for mild artheritis in my back, hands and feet. My Doctor PERSOANLLY called the Celebrex cooperation and talked to a “MEDICAL DOCTOR” of theirs. My reumatologist was advisied that 400 mg TID was safe to take, Being 1200 mg a day of Celebrex. Well on April 29th 2001 last thing i remembered was my head just started hurting really bad, Next thing i knew i woke up in Universtity of Kentucky hospital Neurology unit not able to walk, move my left side, didnt know who i was where i was or anything else, I was in a wheel chair for 8 months had to learn how to take care of myself all over again, even to this day my memory was basically erased by the Sever CVA i suffered due to this DRUG. Celebrex was contacted and they denied tellin my Doctor that but THANK GOD the call was RECORDED thru the medical office and after 3 years of thinking about it I did FILE a lawsuit against them, I am not a sue happy person but I do feel like they should have to pay for my SUFFERING, LOSE OF QUALITY OF LIFE, AND EVEN to this day i still have difficulity from the stroke, It also affected my heart caused me to develope Congestive Heart Failure, Cause Renal Impairments and also cause major GI complications. This company should be held accountible for EVERYTHING they have disclosed and all the INCORRECT INFORMATION they KNOWINGLY and WILLING gave to get Medical Staff to prescribe their medication. Yes this has been a great Mediation for some and in my PROFESSIONAL Medical Opinion it can be used safely but only after MANY MANY people were harmed by their GREED.

  14. My father is a relatively healthy 68 y/o male, who retired from the Police Dept after being shot in the shoulder and chest. The dr’s placed him on Celebrex the month it was released. The bullet nicked his lung and he has had issues with his lungs, but we are not begining to wonder if the issues are reklated to the celebrex. He is now being treated for a liver disorder and we are waiting for the biopsy results. My father never drank more than a beer every year or two…only at a family wedding. He did smoke but quit over 20 yrs ago. He is older but worked out everyday until his lungs and liver began causing too much pain. Our family has no history of liver disease.


  16. I took celebrex for 22mo then switched to bextra after 11mo on Dec.20 2004 I had a heart attcck and had two stints installed . My lawer said my settlement after his fee will be about $ 20,000 dollars , much less than the $200,000 people are talking about .

  17. i heard on oct 17th 2008 that celebrex had settled the case . my lawyer in texas informes me that they havn’t settled it as of yet . is anyone else having trouble with their lawyer about their settlement . i’ve had to have 5 bypasses on the count of this drug . also does anyone else know how much time the judge has to dispense the settlement once it is settled. my lawyes or his staff want give me any information on this other then every one ir reporting false on the settlement in the news and papers .

  18. I Was told that this monday feb 9 i would know my award…

  19. i think pfizer is giving everyone the shaft about this payout thing. Only to keep the attorneys quiet. Because if you think about it, the only people that is going to benefit from this is the attorneys, not the thousands of people that they injured. My mother had three strokes from useing bextra and celebrex. The attorney that is representing her doesn’t accept her calls. So people listen, and hear me well. The large payout is for the attorneys not the victims. …..Sorry.

  20. I just spoke to my attorney’s office about 2 hours ago and they have heard absoluetly NOTHING since early Jan when the Master Judge sent out emails stating he was wanting this to be settled and finished by Feb. Well I also found out that the Insurance Companies that paid the medical Bills for these incidents will also get their share of the money. I have been informed by Congressmen, Senators, state and Federal that NO ONE SHOULD SETTLE for less than 10 times their medical Bills, that isnt including Pain and suffering, Lost wages, Emotional Stress, Phycally limitations and all the other things, YOU DONT HAVE TO SETTLE IF IT ISNT GOING TO COMPENSATE YOU. I URGE PEOPLE NOT TO JUST TAKE ANYTHING, ATTORNEYS GET SO BACKBONE AND MAKE THIS COMPANY PAY FOR IT LIES, DECEET, AND GREED AT THE EXPENCE OF MANY INNOCENT AMERICAN PEOPLE. I will NOT settle if it isnt at least 10 time my medical expenses, pays for my lost wages, I lost my home, car, job, livelyhood because of this companies GREED. Took this company 1 time to destroy what i worked for over 20 years to gain. DONT SETTLE. They can pay 12 BILLION to buy a competitor out but cant pay what they think they sould settle. LAWYERS AND JUDGES GET A BACK BONE AND BALLS AND MAKE THIS COMPANY PAY OR HAVE THEY BOUGHT YOU OUT TOO. Kevin

  21. Charles you have the right to TERMINATE the ATTORNEY at ANYTIME you chose to if they are not doing work to YOUR SATISFACTION, There are MANY other Attorney’s out there that will GLADLY take ur case and let you know what they know. Usually ISNT NOTHING but I was also imformed that if they are doing it Case by Case it MIGHT BENEFIT Most who have had Sever Reactions to this Medicine. KEvin

  22. My mother (64 yrs of age)had been taking celebrex 200mg twice a day for about a year when she had her first heartattack . We rushed to the hospital and the doctors informed us she would be find .I had askedif it could be her medication and was informed it was not. One month later we where back at the hospital and we where informed she would be fnd and they would keep her overnight. That night she suffered mulitlple heart attacks and of those results died 3 weeks later in intesive care. Today i recieve a call from our attorney they want us to settle $20,000.00 dollar in which my father would recieve 11,000.00 less than what it cost us to bury my mother. I told my dad to flat out refused. Since my mohter death my father had lost his home and could not retire. If there is an attorney out there that can help let me know. Our attorney inform me to settle or she would drop the case. I was also informed that is she had not died she would recieve only 10k.

  23. From personal experience with the drug Bextra – of a loved one that has taken it and is now in a nursing home for the rest of his life because of a severe stroke at 47 years old I feel that there is NO AMOUNT of money that would make any of us happy because the quality of life is more than a dollar figure. The companies that produce these drugs are tiny little people and how they look at themselves in the mirror is beyond me. These drugs rip families apart as it did mine. To stand by and watch the person you were with for so many years deteriorate right in front of your eyes is the most painful thing I personally have ever gone through. Pfizer like Merck need to have more compassion and to realize that their own families could endure all the hell the rest of us have by taking their pills, they need to step up and make things right. If they think they can buy us off with a little amount that is just plain sad – they need to be held accountable for all the years that their faithful customer’s are no longer able to play Santa Claus for their grandkids, or not being able to go see that basketball game of their grandson, or that dance recital of their granddaughter, or being able to see to go and do the things they used to love to do, but now all they have are the memories of days gone by. Personally for me I feel if any of us just settles then we haven’t done our job’s to fight for what is rightfully ours but most of all we need to stand up for the one’s who can no longer fight for themselves or are no longer here. May God Bless everyone.

  24. I totally agree with you PBJ. I was 33 and in good health when I had a stroke after taking Bextra for tendonitis. It ruined my life. My lawyer called today with a settlement offer of $130,000. Phizer just spent $65 billion to buy Wyeth Pharmacueticals. And they want to give me $130,000 which won’t even begin to pay for my medical care. I told my lawyer to continue the case to the Supreme Court if thats what it takes. They should be ashamed! Its sad that these companies and the people who run them have no conscience.

  25. Has anyone received an offer in the Bextra settlement my mother died 5 years ago from taking Bextra. My Lawyer said that they are in negotiations with Pfizer I haven’t heard a dollar amount yet any information would be helpful.

  26. My grnmother took bextra in 2004 and previoulsy it caused here brain to bleed and she died that same year.

  27. I’m sorry to hear that Billie about your grandma. Has your family filed a claim for her taking Bextra? I wouldn’t get hooked into a class action suit.

    I have yet to hear about any funds at all in regards to my family member. I think this company and lawyers are basing the funding to the clients as how bad the damage was to the person. If I am correct if a person has died as a result of taking the prescriptions then it will be a different amount and type of suit.

  28. has anyone gotten good news yet?my lawyer waited until the very end to tell me that they “never received my proof of injury”talked to the dr and hospital both say the never requested the files now i cant get an answer from them either by phone when i leave a voice mail or in an emaili i faxed tham all the files they needed now i am waiting not knowing if they got the papers in time or not

  29. no news yet Tim – but sounds to me I’d be getting another attorney – and do it quickly

  30. a little to late in the game for that i beleive ssing the cases have been settled

  31. gosh none of you have received your settlement packages, offers and releases yet ??? mine was done months ago.

  32. Janet did they tell you a payout date yet i know people that have signed but have yet to receive anything my attorney says that they have 300 clients and 1 judge reviewing all files and from my understandings no payout till summer

  33. wow Janet that is great news -

  34. Janet what state are you in? I haven’t heard anything at all from my attorney – just curious!

  35. i received my settlement agreemetn back in February and was told that check would be mailed no later than June 1st or sooner, but havent heard anythin since.

  36. my question to all is what states are we talking about anyone in Arizona?

  37. I am in Florida

  38. DW and Janet – what States are you in – because so far no funds that I know of have been given out in AZ -

  39. same results as DW on may 5 th

  40. I have read some of the other blogs and some people have received their settlements and some have only received part.

  41. - If there are other sites with info about Bextra payouts, could some one tell us where they are. Thanks, Jerry

  42. well we’ve received nothing at all – no calls from our attorney or anything -

  43. DW what do the other blogs say as far as settlement amounts and can you post the addresses

  44. They are not telling their amounts, but one person said his was six figures. Try this site: http://blogs.wsj.com/health/2008/10/17/pfizer-agrees-to-pay-894-million-in-bextra-celebrex-settlement/

  45. finally spoke with attorney yesterday – got something but to the magnitude of what happened to family member – it’s a sucky amount – not sure if we’ll wind up not taking amount and going for a full blown trial now……..?

  46. let me refrase that last part of my sentence – OR go to trial

  47. I tried to post the website, but I guess it wouldn’t allow it. But just type in bextra settlement blog in the yahoo search and click on the one that says Pfizer agrees to pay $894….. That will take you to another blog

  48. These settlements are not for the injured,its for the lawers. They end up with the money not you. You will never get the money you lost. Not counting the life you had.

  49. I got real sick,but my doctor couldn”t tell me what was going on.

  50. that is for sure Troy……….

  51. I was told no side effects, same doctor after stated liver issue. I still haven’t heard from any settlement. recall making a reply years ago.
    what / who did that commerical? Drug co or attorney?
    what & where do i file?

  52. i took celebrexand bretra for 4 years not knowing the risk of the side effex,s of the drug.

  53. I had a doctor prescribe celebrex to me after I had my first shoulder surgery which I couldn’t take. After taking 1 I had to be rushed to the hospital which I almost died. I had a severe allergic reaction to it. The doctor knew I couldn’t take anything with aspirin in it. I didn’t know that celebrex was connected to aspirin. You trust the doctor is going to do his job correctly. My whole body shut down and I couldn’t hardly breath. My body was like jello very limp. I couldn’t walk or open the vehicle door. They had to give me a shot at the hospital to counter the reaction.

  54. I will say plan for trial date filing of law suits and not settlemnet, because they are jacking around and not being responsible. Because 894 mil 75% is for lawyers. Who will not cooperate to trial..direction and settle for peanuts….Saf……

  55. Hello Hillery, i face the same problem. I feel my heart beat going crazy all the time, a current which runs in my body all the time….and doctors they think am going through panic attach. I am sure this is incorrect. Its is the post side effects of using hydroxycut. I wanna sue these guys as well..
    What have you done finally Hillery?? Did doctor do something for you?

  56. I have been taking celebrex for about one year and I have a rash that
    has been with me over two months,They don’t how to get
    . rid of it . Maybe this is from the celebrex. I did see the comercial
    about the lawsuite


  58. Haveing just recently been Prescribed Celebrex 200,and reading all
    these comlaints, I wonder why we are still able to get celebrex???
    I have severe Ostio Arthirithis,and was on Mobic before.
    Please give me advice on what to do.
    I will talk to my Doctor.
    The comination of Highpertention and Adima Medication,dose also
    not mix.

  59. I didn’t suffer a heart attack, but I have a seriously enlarged bladder with enlarged uretors leading from my kidneys due to back-up from taking this medication and will have to catherize myself to prevent kidney damage in the near future. I have no flow pressure at all, I urinate like an old man .. Nothing has been said about urinary retention and all that goes with it….I think this should be included in the settlement because who wants to catherize themselves forever….increased risk of bladder infection and so on….

  60. I have taken CELEBREX sence it started on the market 20 plus years ago. I have several strokes and heart attacks during this time. I was taking it three times a day until my strokes became common place and because its the only thing that helps I still must take it but only twice a day now with heart monitors 24/7! All this has made me almost totally home bound!

  61. I left a message earlier and I lrft a very important part. In 2006 I had to have most of my st0much and wasn’t exspected to live and will alwas have to take medications for the rest of my life due to the medication!

  62. I took Bextra till they stopped making it and am on celebrex now I have never had a problem with eather one and would take Bextra again if I could get it .

  63. I have taking Celebrex 200mg twice a day for Allergy. I have been on this medication for all most 2 years. I have stop taking this medication for about a month after reading all the comments I really got nerve about this type of Pill . I saw a AD on the T.V. stating a law suit so I decided to log in and read the information. I have been taking this medication for over a year now. I realize that everyone body reacts a little different than others. My problem is that when I try to clean my house I get shortness of breath and having this problem for about a year. When trying to plant flowers or any type of yard work I always have to take a break due to shortness of breath along with feeling that my heart was going come out of my chest due to it racing.. I thought that since I was heavy (not obese) that was causing the problem. My left arm from the shoulder all the way down to my hand was hurting real bad this is an on going problem. I kept telling myself what in the World did I do to this arm of mine.
    All I can say I took myself OFF of this medication and feeling a little bit better. It as only been a few days I could not understand why I have been feeling so lousy for so long. Maybe this is a wake up call to let me know that the true reason is that I was given this wrong medication .
    Thank you for sharing your stories about this medication.

  64. I took bextra, celebrex and vioxx for my erethema nodosum for a considerable amount of time

  65. After hearing the ad on the television today I decided to look up the Bextra meds prescribed back in 2003. I found the box dated 11-06-03 prescribed by my Orthopaedics. I had taken 2 tablets and had a allergic reaction, however, I did not go back to the doctor; just stopped taking the medication. Now I will check my cabinets for the celebrex that I took a few years ago. I wish I had complianed by calling or returning to the doctor’s office, instead of just being scared of the side effects of these medications.

  66. I tryed to file suit back in 2005, and was told that I did not have a case by my lawyers. Now I hear that this lawsuit for celebrex/bextra is being settle. I had two heart attacks one in September 2003 and one in August 2005. I have had two stents done and in spite of it I was told that I did not have a case. I had never been diagnosed with heart problems and I have five siblings and not one of them suffer with any type of heart problems. I would like for someone to contact me about this settlement. Also to the person that was told about the payouts, what state are you in? Can you please provide me some information such as how long did it take for your lawyer’s office to contact you. Thanks

  67. I took celebrex at th age of 17 back in 1999 for lesions on the bones in my elbows. I dont know if there is any long term effects. I stopped taking it in 2000. does anyone know if I am i elligible for the settlement.

  68. I just found out about this class action law suit by watching tv. The commercial said, if you were taking celebrex/bextra before 2005. You may qualify for the law suit money. Does anyone know where I should begin. I have been off and on Bextra and was given samples of Celebrex I believe since 1997. Then landed up getting a major back surgery in 2003.

  69. I started out in 1996 taking Vioxx and then after about 3yrs. I was placed on Celebrex 400mg. daily frot the past 10 yrs. I also would like to know how to get in on the settlement.

  70. I was a healthy early 40′s Personal Trainer when I was perscribed Vioxx and Celebrex, now I’m a frequent patient of the Heart and Vascular Institute, suffering from chest pains, irregular heart beats, shortness of breath among other things. I think it’s sad for someone to get away with something like this.

  71. I have been taking celebrex ever since they have taken vioxe of the market, was told I could take celebrex but it was up to me to take or not. so I decided to take the chance because I needed something beside plane oldi aleve. I still take it but had just told the dr I did not think I could take it anymore because of the cost, I take 200mg twice a day @ and also have medical insurance but it is still very expensive because I take other medicine to and my husband will be retiring soon and I will not have the hundreds of $ each month to take it I even asked if there was a genirce form but was told there was not

  72. I have been on celebrex for my arthritis since before 1992. I was taken off it when the warning came out that it “might” cause a heart attack. My hands became ‘claws’ within a couple of weeks. I finally told the Reumutologist I’d rather die sooner than be in constant pain. Withing days of being back on it, my hands worked again. So I have been using it ever since. It has cost me a great deal on money. I’ve been in the ‘donut hole’ in by May and have had to pay the full amount for my meds the rest of the year. In 2006 I have ended up sending my prescription to Canada and am getting three months supply for $10 more than I get one month here. Why is it so much cheaper in other countries than what we pay.

  73. My name is Brenda I having been taking both of these medicine bytwo different doctors. I had alot of side effect with these two medicine but neither one of the doctor would even tell me what was going on with these 2 medicine they just kep on switching medicine on me like I’m a genny pig trying anything that might help you with your arthisrtis. It’s a crying shamed that doctors can do this to people and get by with it. If they have the background like they said they do they wouldn’t be give people these prescription knowing they would harm you in the long run. Where are the board member to make should this dosen’t happen to their patient. I was taking Bextrac in 3003 by one doctor and then another doctor on Celebrex in 2005. I know both of these two doctor would have know the side effect of these medicine. One doctor just said I don’t know what wrong with I just give up I can’t help anymore and left me out in the cold. that was so hardfiring I didn’t know what to do then. Just sitting around depress and wondering if I was going to died are what. I live in Alpharetta, GA.

  74. I have taken Celebrex for many years and my experience has always been excellent.

  75. Both my husband have taken Celebrex Before 2005. in fact I’m still taking

  76. web site for lawsuit:


  77. i have taken celebrex and bextra in the past i did not have a heart attack or stroke to my knowledge. but i did have alot of irregular heart beat. so i stop taking both medications.

  78. just start calling around your law offices in your state and find out who is taking on any bextra or celebrex cases – it might be too late though to get on the band wagon as they are already starting to pony up funds for people

  79. well Sandra you were smart to STOP the meds you were taking because if not you might have wound up like so many that are either no longer with us or blind and bedbound

  80. I took the drug celebrex during that time i was having trouble, my kidneys swelled i was allergic, and had to stop taking the drug, i also belived it was very costly, for something people might be able to take.

  81. I have been sick with skips in my heart every since I was taking celebrex

  82. For many years I took Voltaren for my arthritis until I found out it was causing polyps in my colon, resultimg in a large loss of blood. I then switched to Bextra (the polyps went away in two months) and was on it until it was taken off the market. My cardiologist recommended Celebrex, which I took for about three years until June, 2008. I was constantly tired, out of breath and unable to walk more than 20 feet before I has to stop and rest. My cardiologist ordered some tests and they found a blockage in one of my arteries. Had a stent put in and so far, so good. When my cardiologist ( a new one) asked why I was still taking Celebrex, I asked him why he was asking. He said that is what caused my blockage and to get off it immediately. When I asked him what I should take, he said arthritis strength Tylenol 4-6 pills per day. One year later, no more heart problems but the arthritis, both osteo and rheumatoid, gets worse every day.

  83. I started using Celebrex in the mid 1990′s.Have paid as much as $203.00

  84. I was prescribed celebrex and was on it for a couple of years to treat arthritis. After some time, my blood pressure went out of control, I ended up needing cardiac stints, and my kidneys have been damaged. I am now on dialysis three times a week. ,

  85. I was taking Bextra back in 2002 for muscle spasm pains in my back after an accident when I was in high school. I received legal information about the drug but I have no idea how they were sent to me and I never heard anything else about it until I saw the tv ad. I reacted by having a rash and it never goes away it pops up in various places often. And not sure if this is relevant but ever since that year after I have had numerous problems with my kidney that I never had before. I was a very active high school athlete and suddenly my body was tiring very fast and I have lots of kidney infections that I still have to this day and no doctor tells me why. Does anyone know of any lawyer I can speak to or if there is anything I can do about this?

  86. I wrote the statement earlier…sorry it was 2003

  87. I have taken celebrex over 1yr.And when i was taking them i got really sick behide them my stomach was giving me problem.I went to the doctor he told me to stop taking them i broke out with a rash it last about 3 month my doctor gave me some Lotrisone cream 45Gm and now i have stomach ulcers i been dignosis with ostio arthirithis about 3yrs ago it runs in my family so i desire the lawsuit i will have to deal with this stomach ulcers for the rest of my life.

  88. Yes i would allso like to find a attorney in the state of IL. i took bextra, allso and i have acid reflux so bad you really dont want to eat. because it hurts so bad and nexium doesnt evan touch it. I allso have have shortness of breath .and dry scaley skin . i think the drug company should be responcible to contact everyone that had it prescribed to them. i just found out about all this and had thought it was for only if you had a stroke or a heart attack.i think everyone that got hurt off this should be compisated,i dont know a price you can put on your body but maybe the makers can get some bad drugs prescribed to them so they can see how it feels to be kicked to the curb

  89. I am in arizona. NO, although i have signed all the documents, releases, etc. I was told the money wouldnt be paid out until summer of 09. That was back in dec 08


  91. I have been on celebrex for 9 yrs,, and if I dont take it I am so misserable I have to take it once a day, no heart problems,, but the tv said I was overpaying,, I sure was 58.00 for 30 tablets will they pay me for the over priced scrips???

  92. I was taking celbrex from 2002- 2006 for arthrist pain. I recently found out I have sleep apena my heart stop twice according to the sleep test. I now sleep with with a c pap machine everynight.

  93. does anyone know if there were any cases in canada i took bextra for a few months had to stop.made my heart race i was around 28 at the time.

  94. http://www.badproducts.com/includes/badproductsform.html

    We provide free case evaluations for all celebrex and bextra related cases all over the country. Please contact us to get involved in the case, or with any related questions.

  95. I have taken celebrex my cardiolgist recommened it nine days before my by-pass surgery I had periods of forgetting to breathe and was put on oxygen when I went to bed I know longer have the oxygen.
    I had taken celebrexwhen it first came out before this I was on different
    things for mt arthritis

  96. Folks there are some huge misconceptions about celebrex. I am one of the people that did absolutely have an MI from celebrex at 400mg twice a day. I was 46 years old taking the meds for familial polyposis and 0.5 percent risk factor with no smoking low lipids and no heart disease. I am a very well trained doctor and I still use celebrex as the main anti-inflammtory presciption medication. It is a very good medication and at 200 mg has absolutely no increase risk over motrin or naprosyn in cardiac or stroke events. As much as people are not going to want to hear that, it is the truthe. People taking 100 mg twice a day are at no increased risk. It is up in the air if even the 400 mg a day has any increase in risk. The dosing that was in the studies that were not disclosed in a timely matter were in Alzheimer’s and Familial Polyposis studies. It really concerns me that even the woman that cuts my hair said “Danny I took that celebrex, could I get in on that lawsuit.” I hid my real feelings when I told her” you had to have had a heart attack or stroke and you didn’t.” that is one of the problems with law and medicine today. You cannot smoke 2 packs of cigarettes a day be over weight and 70 nyears old and blame the arthritis medicne and that is what is happening more times than not. This is hurting the people that were truely damqged by the action ofPfizer.

  97. I took celbrex for several years for my back condition, in the 2001 through 2005 years. My medical problems escalated 300 percent during this time. Some of the medical issues I had were, prolaspe rectum, bladder fell,then I had cohesions of the colon. which resulted in a complete colon, rectum removal. A continent illeospy was put in me stomach with a stoma tube to releive my waste. This works pretty well after 4 operations in Oschner Hosp, New Orleans. My lower has a desease called Arachnoiditis, clumping of the last 5 vertabrae in my lower back. I could be parlyzed perm with even a slight movement. M life has been put on hold and Doctors claim nithing can be done for fear of more damage..

  98. to Dr. Danny I was on Celebrex and about 3 days after going off it i had a major heart attack,i was slightly overweight non smoker no history of heart problems in my family my prescription was 1 to 2 tablets(200 mg) once or twice daily as needed for pain and i did exercise and did not have cholesterol problems and i was 42 years old

  99. I have been taking celebrex going on a 1 1/2 now Since taking this medicine. I have been experiencing chest pain. The ad on TV alerted me to have greater concerns of heart attacks.

  100. Hello. I was in a car accident in November 07, with extreme damage to my legs and feet. I was prescribed Celebrex for pain. Now I have swelling in my ankles and feet and legs. My doctor told me she thinks it is from taking the Celebrex. Now I have to go through extensive tests to make sure it hasn’t damaged my heart.

  101. My wife took celebrex over a three year span. She passed away three years from what was diagnosed as sudden cardia arrest. No history of heart problems, however, syptoms, proglamic from taking celebrex. Also, her doctor knew she was taking aspirin. I would like to file a claim. My life has been miserable since I lost my wife of thirty =five years. II have just heard that Pfiser is making settlements.

  102. My elderly father for which I was Durable Power of Attorney died approximately 12 days after his doctor prescribed Celebrex for him without my knowledge since I live 200 miles away, and his doctor had a copy of my Durable POA. My father lived alone in his own apartment, had a girlfriend, drove and took care of his minor business on his own. He was in fair health taking only blood pressure medication that I know was a routine medication for him. He was lying in the hospital, coherent and I came from OKC, OK when I got a call from his doctor and he said he believed the appliance that was put in place when he had an aortic aneurysm removed in 1996 was leaking blood and he was passing blood in his stool. It was not until I told him, well why don’t you call the doctor in Tulsa who did that procedure and have him treat him. They then wanted me to sign a DNR and I said no, if my father wanted to do that, he was capable, and he did. The they scurried around and airlifed him to Tulsa where he passed away 45 minutes after arriving there. The doctor there said his problem as he saw it had been going on for about 2 weeks and did not know why they didn’t send him to another hospital to a specialist. I did not know this until recently all the symptoms associated with Celebrex.

    I got my father’s death certificate out and it read Ischemic Bowel, G.I. Bleed, and cardiopulmonary arrest. My father never had a history of heart problems. In conclusion in my opinion based on the causes of death from this drug are that it killed him.

    it appeared to me my father was bleeding internally and they were doing nothing about it as they thought it was a leak from his aortic aneurysm appliance. And so why did they not get a specialist in this field, like his doctor in Tulsa who when contacted said send him for a direct admit. HIs PCP knew his history and did nothing until I suggested them call him and that doctor said send him to Tulsa for a direct admit. He was bleeding to death internally and they were just letting him die.

  103. My husband died two years ago. I have a settlement. They offer me 12,000.00.My attorney want me to sign wrongful death release. I don’t think that is enough for all the pain I went through and my husband. My income has decrease because of his death. My attorney told me that was all I could receive since my husband was only on 200 millgrams. Do anyone know an attorney I can call

  104. I started taking celebrex back in 1997 and took it up until I was switched in 2002 and was on Bextra until I had both of my knees replaced in 2005. After the surgery I had no more arthric pain. During the time of taking Celebrex I had some discomfort in my lower back like in the kidney area and 2 months ago I had a physical and now my doctor says I have some liver problems.

  105. I resently saw a TV add about filing a claim for the drug celebrex. It was for the over pricing the drug company did before 2005 on it. Let me Know how I go about doing it. I live in South Carolina.


  107. Just had a heart attack a week ago…. my NEW doctor says because of Celebrex…… I took it for 12 years!

  108. I have been taking Celebrex for fifteen years…can only get records from the pharmacy dating back to 2001. How do I file a claim for over pricing of the drug.

  109. I just heard about all of the information on Celebrex a few weeks ago, from a tv ad. I was on celebrex for arthric pain a few years ago. I will have to look through my old medical records for the months/years I took it. I remember having very bad chest pains. I would be at my desk at work and I would feel like I was having a heart attack. My co-workers would look at me and question what was going on. I went to the emergency room several times and each time they ran ekg’s which showed nothing unusual. I questioned my doctor about the medication and he said I had nothing to worry about. I finally looked up the information on the internet and decided on my own NOT to take anymore of the drug. In the past few years I have developed high blood pressure, lots of pain in my legs and other medical issues that I NEVER had before this medication. My family is also checking into the death of my sister who was healthy with no history of heart problems yet suddenly died of a heart attack at age 52 WHILE taking Celebrex (9 years ago). Besides the side effects, the price of the drug was outrages.

  110. I am wondering how someone could take a drug for 15 years that has not been on the market that long?(“Celebra” later named Celebrex was FDA approved in December 1998) just wondering

  111. I have still not received my settlement and it is now the end ofJune. I was contacted by the US courts. They verified my address and said checks were being mailed out four weeks ago!! My attorney will not return my calls. Any updates from anyone else in this case?

  112. I`m not sure what this is all about. I did take bextra and am currently taking celebrex.

  113. “loran” atleast you have gotten a call from the US courts. I haven’t gotten anything.

    I have yet to be told anything besides No one on this case was being paid until all liens on every case nationwide were paid. I have been waiting months for my check. signed all releases and everything. I jus wish they would hurry this up!

  114. I’m still patiently waiting too! Had two heart attacks a few months apart. I hope we get JUSTICE!!!!!!!!!!!

  115. I talked to my lawyer last week, he said that they are waiting on the authorization of release from the Bextra lawyers. He said it should be very soon.


  117. I just got a letter today stating Pfizer has to look over each and every claim and it could take another 5-6 months before funds are disbursed.
    Not Fair/unsatisfactory

  118. RE: Celebrex litigation I got settlement papers which I signed and returned on February 25th….They said settlements would be disbursed in 90-120 days…After 120 days I got another letter saying 90 ” more” days…..Something about some of the clients were now deceased and they had to have their estates represented….How many more of us will die before we quit getting ” lip service ” and finally get our settlement? I had a heart attack and now live with an irregular heartbeat…I took 400 mg of celebres a day for eighteen months….My MD, my cardiologist and my reumatologist all say the celebres caused the heart attack….The fact that pfizer hid the side effects of this horrible drug is criminal……the settlement amount is a joke but I accepted it,,,,Now when do I get it?

  119. that’s crazy, you guys are getting letters and everything, I nor my family, haven’t received a letter at all. we signed all our releases. lawyer said 45 days in March. Now we’re being given the runaround, he doesn’t answer calls, nor does he return them. If i lived in the same state as he did I would be at his office everyday. This is wrong that this company can do us like this.


  120. The public is not being told about the damage that Celebrex does to your bones, ligaments and tendons. These anti inflammatories keep you from absorbing calcium. They also cause dehydration to your cartlidge which in turns causes the carlidge to become brittle and fall apart. While Celebrex helps with arthritis pain it is actually dystroying your joint and bones in the long run. I learned this by personal experience and doing research. Check google for “effects of Celebrex on bone health and fractures.” I descovered these problems when I had to have 4 knee replacements!

  121. I think its a shame that this company felt the need to make people think that bextra would take away pain better pain medicane just to make money

  122. This is Gladys,my husban passaway Aug.23,2005 after taking celebrex for a month. He was in good health, After he passaway they did a Autopsy on him his dealth was from Necrosis Pancreatic cause by taking Celebrex, all his Organ was killed,liver lung pancreatic was eating itself. People must have a Autopsy done on their love one to see what did take them away you must ask for this if they passaway in the hospl. or at home. The person with the liver problem I wish you lucky with pziler I have been tring to get something sent 2006. With my lost i probly will be filling banksbury, I am having a hard time paying all my bill. God Bless Us all.

  123. I too was told that I would get my money in june 2009.I had not got my money yet.THe lawer said they are waiting for the money to be release. I had a triple bypass in Nov2008 and I need the money.

  124. I hate to disagree with Gladys. No one is going to convince me that in that short of time that Celebrex did that kind of damage. No way.

  125. Whats the hold up on the money? Is Pfizer waiting for their stock to go up before they will release the money.


  127. My husband and I signed settlement papers back in Dec 08. We were told at that time he’d receive his settlement in April….then it became….May…..then end of June…..end of July…..blah ! blah! blah! Last week he was told by the lawyers office that the Judge is withholding the disbursements of the settlements……..has anyone else heard this same story? We just think we’re being given the run around. The stress this puts a person under can cause one to have another heart attack. My husband had a massive heart attack that should have killed him but thank the goodness the Lord wasn’t ready for him yet. He was taking Bextra for back pain when he had his heart attack.

  128. I sent back my settlement papers the last week of July, and was told that the check would take 30 to 60 days to recieve, and I am trying to be hopeful, and keep checking my mailbox everyday. I too, like the rest, need that lousy settlement to pay many long overdue bills. I know its a waste to try contacting the attorney’s office regarding the actual disbursement date of my check, so all I can do is try to be patient. I do wish they would try to post SOMETHING about the disbursements on their web pages to help alieviate some of the stress of not knowing when.

  129. My wife called and left a voice mail for the attorney. He called her back last week and told her that Pfizer sent them the check and that the lawyers accounting dept has it and she should receive her check this week. Not holding my breath. Most lawyers never tell the truth.

  130. .Hi CJ sure hope your news is good news. Would you mind sharing Which .attorney , cause
    mine seem to a 2 on a scale of 10 He’s sent 3 letters
    over the last year .You’ll get it in no latter than 6 wks

  131. i posted back a week ago on Aug 11th. I know only a week has passed, but is there ANYONE who knows where on he net to find ANY info whatsoever about WHEN the checks will be issued? I am desperate and need that check to keep from losing my home! J maz posted 5 weeks, I hope he’s right and that is the LATEST I receive my settlement check! I would appreciate any info anyone out there can share!

    And whats the difference between an Attorney and a Carp?
    One’s a big Fish, the others a scum sucking scavenger!~

    (Actually I have met several Attorneys who are great, honest people who genuinely want to help. THEY laugh at the Attorney jokes!)

    Whats the difference between a dead dog in the road, and a dead attorny in the road?
    There’s skid marks in front of the dog…

  132. I took Bextra from Sept 04 to Nov 04 at which time I had a heart attack. I was 44 years old. My attorneys tell me the settlement money has been sitting in an account since Jan 09. The heart attack has ruined my life and I want my money.The law firm doesn’t seem to care about all the bills I have and the fact that I am out of weork on disability

  133. I took Celebrex and Bextra my doctor stopped the Celebrex and told me to start Bextra, because the Celebrex was not helping, I took Bextra for years I had a mild stroke, a blood clot that came from my heart and landed in my wrist. I was told by the law office the settlement should be the middle of August 09. Nothing yet. Im in Colorado.

  134. you know why sharks don’t attack lawyers right???

    professional courtesy

  135. my loved one took bextra and had a heart attack – was told many different dates from the attorneys and now they state they don’t know how long it will be, they are waiting for money to be released by Pfizer. The attorneys were just contacted yesterday & thats what he was told – they are from Houston, TX

  136. CJ – Post a comment if your wife actually gets her settlement money, we were told Pfizer did not release the money yet to our attorneys. This waiting game & not knowing how long it is going to take is driving us crazy, bills are piling up & there isn’t enough money!

  137. I to have been waiting for my bextra settlement for quite some time now.My release papers were sent in and received by my attorney on June 26,2009.I contacted my attorney on August 24,2009.He said Pfizer sent my check 2 weeks ago and was deposited in an escrow account bearing interest for me,in a major bank.The holdup is supposedly some greedy lawyers in California wanting for more money for their fees.Also a U.S judge needing to approve the settlements.I was told that there is more than 5,000 people in my same predicament.My lawyer said it could be 2 weeks or maybe even 2 years.I am going over my lawyers head to find out who is actually preventing me from getting my settlement.I will find out and do whatever it takes to make sure this judge or lawyers either lose their job or get sued for blocking me from getting my money.I to suffered a heart attack after taking bextra for back pain.I as well am in jeopardy of losing my home.So please,everybody else push this issue as hard as I am.Maybe just maybe we can succeed by being persistant together!

  138. My wife got her check finally. After all the fee’s I guess the check will do. But no amount of money can correct her heart problem.

  139. the eagle has landed, call your attorneys , the money is starting to be released good luck to all.

  140. my husband had a stroke, back in aug. 2003, and his doctor put him on pain killers, and bextra. he has had a few more strokes, and is disabled we don’t know if the bextra caused the other strokes, or not, but last year he developed a terriable skin rash that blistered, and kinda comes, and goes. I recently heard about the problems with bextra, and the law suits. I don’t know if it’s too late to contact someone or not?
    I live in TN.

  141. This is so ridiculous; my husband had a heart attack when the dr put him on celebrex 200mg 2x’s a day. He has less than 25% heart function and all he is getting is 30,000. What a sin! The attorney’s have been no prize package either. I think the only people that made any money are the states that received big bucks immediately.. Like they had a heart attack! They only just made the settlement so how long are we supposed to wait. We are broke!

  142. Well she have a case but she forgot her lawyers name she lived in the ST bernard Housing Projects and she sent all her information to the litagation lawyers before katrina storm how do they find people that have a suit in for bextra and celerb ? I have a suit in with this company


  144. I was wanting to know if anyone got there settlement yet I have been waiting for 5 years I have a wrongful death suit against Pfitzer for my mother;s death. She died 5 yrs ago taking Bextra, I am hoping to here something this month.

  145. II took Bextra for several years till it was removed from the market,
    during which time I developed neuropathy and was prescribed
    Neurontin to combat it. Then I developed a tremor in my left hand and
    arm. Now I am currently taking Celebrex and wonder what will befall
    me next.

  146. I received my settlement check today and after waiting for 4yrs and 9 months , I’m satisfied and happy its over. I can understand the angst and frustration out there, I wish you all the best but seriously those of you who do not have your paper work together, and have no attorney representing you by NOW…..the last train has departed, I would not bank on getting anything.

  147. Has anyone in Idaho recieved their Bextra settlement check yet? still waiting.

  148. does anybody have a time line on the amount of time that the paperwork was submitted from their lawyer to the defense teams lawyers for approval and when their lawyers got the paperwork back and issued checks?getting tired of this waiting game

  149. I am in WI. My attny is in LA., calif. My MI was in 2004. I was told at the end of July that it’d be 30-45 days for my check to arrive after I returned my paperwork. I just called them and they now tell me “sorry, they are going to review everyones medical records again and it will be another 4-6 WEEKS before checks will be issued”. I THIOUGHT that the judges settlement awards were FINAL? I have everything cut and dried on paper, but still sit here screwed waiting for my check like so many others… Wish I could tell me creidtors that I would paying my bills another 4-6 WEEKS from now…..I’m going to lose everything here soon if they don’t stop screwing around. The only REAL Winners here are the attorneys….

  150. BTW, I’m a victim of Bextra….

  151. does anyone know what the Claims Administration means – they are sending all the documents over to these people to decifer who gets what?

  152. I am Bill and live in louisville ky. We should all stick together and hire the same attorney for our appeals. I had a stoke in 2003 on my 48th birthday. In that 6 yrs I have had a Heart ATTACK and 5 stints put in my heart. and in and out of hospital. I have anxity attacks, depression, before stoke was taking 1 pill a day. for stomach. but now I take 9 pills aday. In the last 6 yrs of my stoke I have spent 25000.00 dollers on pills and co-payments. I have lost most of my income. lost 12 apt complex. and my good credit since I was 18yrs old. Kentucy people lets all stick together. and other states can to the same.
    what they have offered me is nothing. not even enough of what I have spent on medical and medicine. I refuge to accept that amt.

  153. I have take celevrex for six years, amd now I have a triple by pass

  154. anyone receive their settlement yet from a Houston, TX lawfirm?
    Please share the info. if you received it or not. Wondering if anything is happening soon – the waiting has been too long.

  155. No i haven’t heard from my lawyer but i call every day

  156. I have heard that the settlement is imminent–just some final details to be worked out and then the checks will be forthcoming. My understanding is that the attorney’s fee is taken out of a different part of the fund so what we are awarded is what we get.
    I do not get much response from the office staff when I call. Left messages are rarely returned. However, my attorney is very good about replying to emails. That is the source of the most recent and encouraging information.

  157. T. W.who is your attorney?and what state are you in?any news on the status of liens?

  158. my attorney is in Houston Tx, I spoke with them yesterday, the secretary said it would be soon, and that they are working on it. that’s good news to me because they use to say all checks will go out in three to four more months. on another blog that I read, they are saying, waiting on medicare and medicaid leins to clear, and that it is almost finish, I don’t know because my lawyer doesn’t talk about leins, but I know it’s in the settlement.

  159. It looks like the lawyers found a loophole in the law and were able to double dip there fees! The main lawyers had other lawyer hire them. This means that the first set of lawyers are the ones that deal with Pfizer and the second set deal with us.

    Normally they would get 33% and 11% for expenses, meaning hiring detectives and other help to deal with the case. By having there lawyer friends hire them they get to keep the whole 44% and pay another 44% of what’s left for there help. In most lawsuit cases you pay up to 44% and receive 56% of the claim. Checking the numbers I have found that this does not seem to be the case in this lawsuit. If they have done it the way I’m seeing it in this case, the clients are only getting about 32% of the claim. This is hard to prove due to there unwillingness to send anything with real numbers or facts of the case.

    Unfortanaly this is probaby a perfectly legal loophole when done right. The only way to prove this is not the case is to find paperwork or a witness that the first set of lawyers contacted the second set to hire them. This would be illegal as if the first set of lawyers set up the lawsuit and then contacted the second set of lawyers to hire them.

    We were told that we would get a check by the 25th of Sept. or sooner. Called about the check yesterday and was told that it now will be another month or more. (Another months worth of interest in there pocket?)

    What’s the hold up! There not telling! If they were really working for there clients there would be no reason not to tell you anything you wanted to know!!!

    Ask you lawyers for a breakdown of monies spent and received, there your lawyers and you have the right to know!!!!

    I have no way of proving any of this due to not having any paperwork with a true accounting on them. I had to take the numbers given to me and what I could find at other sources to come up with the numbers that I did. It’s up to you to find the truth!

  160. Wow….I am amazed at the amount of innocent people such as my husband that have been totally devestated by the CELEBREX and BEXTRA meds. We had filed for the lawsuit back in 2005 and have yet to reach any sum of money or know anything other than “call back in 2 more weeks…. there is a “Special” in our office working on the case and it won’t be long. I look at it this way…Weve waited this long! I really think it sucks that the Law is the way it is…. I actually lost my husband after his SECOND open heart surgery and by the grace of God they were able to bring him back!!! Since then he has been in and out of the hospitals 17 times in one year and so on, not to mention he has gone through ANOTHER Open Heart Surgery 2 stents, congestive heart failure, 6 By-Passes, cellulitis twice and had to go out of work on Medical Disability and will NO LONGER be able to work again in his life! He can’t even walk 20 feet and litterally gasping for his next breath. Lord forbid me but I think this is totally rediciulous to have to go through such HELL when something could be done in such a timely manner…I mean 5 YEARS come on! I pray for each and every other family that has been going thru such HELL. God Bless You All. Oh, just to let you know We are in the Fort Worth area and am also wondering if their is anyone else from around this area that has heard any other news.

  161. Are most of you people in the class action suit, and waiting for your settlement. I filed a suit against pfitzer 51/2 years ago for my mother’s death. I have not received my settlement yet. Has anyone got there money infolving anyone’s death. I am not in the class action I have a suit by myself. They tell me it won’t be long, but over 5 year’s is long enough.I would appreiate any information.




  163. my attorney is in california, signed papers at the end of july, 09, still waiting for the check. was told amount and everything, but supposedly waiting on defense attorneys. does anyone have any more info on the matter and for the people that received their checks, what state is your attorney from???

  164. First of all would like to say ..thanks to CMFIC. He needs all the prayers he can get. His age is 51. We have not been told any amount of money yet…they say that they don’t know as of yet. All we know is there is 33 people left in our particular suit and that anyone that was taking 200 milligrams of celebrex a day were droppedfrom the suit. My husband was taking 800 milligrams a day. I just would like to know like everyone else has been here….when the day will come when we actually see money!

  165. I had a MI in 2001, taking 200mg celebrex daily for RA for about 1&1/2yrs. I filed a claim in 2004. I had a 5 artery by-pass a mitral valve.also I have had a 2nd replacement of a ICD unit. I have been in the hospital 20 times. Now I am being evaluated for a heart transplant at Mayo Clinic. I am from Minnesota. I heard back in July that it be early fall when the checks would be issued. Is anyone from Minnesota???

  166. No money yet – still waiting!!! Anyone receive anything yet, please comment – hoping for it soon. I am from Michigan & was told it would be end of July, then it could be 3 or 4 months from that – they are waiting on Pfizer. It is getting close to 3 months now – so I am waiting every day!

  167. Still no check! They’ve been paid, by there own admission. I’ve been told multiple times that there wrighting checks?
    Called in August and was told they were very busy because they were all wrighting checks to be sent out with in a week or two, Got Nothing! The final date that they said the check would be at my door, August 16th and Still Nothing!! Called them back and was told maybe two more weeks to a month now???!! Waited two weeks (Sept. 1st) and called again, was told now that the accountants are wrighting the checks as we spoke. And Still Nothing!!! What’s the hold up? They have the money! So Why do they feel the need to lie everytime I call!!! – (Yea, I’m getting a little worried!) – Are they planning to stiff us or skip town, I don’t get it why not just tell the truth or reason if there’s a problem? There suppost to be working for you and me? So WHY LIE! if it’s on the Up-n-Up?!
    I was in a car wreck years back and when the insurance paid my lawyer he wrote me a check and paid my Doctors that same day. That’s the way it’s suppost to be done.
    Call your lawyer and ask the reason why you have not received your check and I bet you will get a lie for your troubles.
    Too bad our own lawyers seem to be greedier than the drug company they were sueing?! VERY SAD!

    What am I suppost to think when I am lied too over and over again!?

  168. Anyone have any updated news???

  169. To charla1956 I am sorry that you disagree with me, but I know when my husband start taking celebrex and for how long. I do not have to lie about such a thing like this. the only thing I can tell all of you is that he is gone. And for 38year we were happy and he was in good health.

    God bless you and for your lost if you had one.

  170. Am hoping that everything I have heard from the OFFICE liason at KPA is true…have been told and have heard that they are hoping to cut checks the end of OCT or by the 1st week of No at the latest…I am like everyone else. in DIRE need of that money NOW…..I PRAY the lies are going to end, and that they release OUR money…WE are the ones who suffered and now are being forced to suffer even more by waiting. Lets All PRAY this ends NOW. I will post WHEN my check arrives….everyone PLEASE do the same!

  171. OK. Jan here’s your UPDATE! ….. STILL NOTHING!!!!! Finaly got someone to talk and answer my questions. After being told multiple times that my check was in the prossess of being written and was on it’s way.
    I’ve now been told that they have NOT received all the money from Pfizer and there now paying the $10,000 payments that were promised over three month ago. So my guess is it will be another 3 months or more.

    So I was right, they were lying to me before! What I don’t understand is WHY! I’m getting a little tired of this law firm, I’m the client and I’m being treated like I don’t matter and I’m getting “F”ing tired of it!!!! I can only imagine the bogus fees there going to charge like Double dipping there fees, and what ever else they can think of!

    Maybe what they last told me was true, maybe they’ll pay the correct fair amount out to the clients. BUT then why are they lying so much!?? WHY THE NEED TO LIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Truly, I don’t mind waiting for the money…….
    but, As you may be able to tell, I just don’t like being lied too! Just like in court if you lie to the judge once your marked as a LIER! They’re liers and now do not trust them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And that’s nobodys fault but there own.

    It looks like the reponses to this site have slowed down. Hopfully that means people are getting paid! But, if this is true? This is sad that there selfishness has taken over and they can not take the time to post there good news and hope to others. The “got mine and don’t care about anybody else adittude” sad but true for most.
    I will post the day my check gets here thats a promise!

  172. After taking Bextra 1 month, my husband had a stroke. After hearing about Bextra and Celebrex, we got in touch with an attorney. In March we recieved a settlement that we signed, and was told it wouldn’t be much longer. Then we received a letter saying the judge signed that we would receive the said amount, and that it would be so many days before we would get a check. That time has come and gone, and no check. Our attorney said that the liens have to be paid to medicare & medicaid before we see ours. We do we have to wait? My husband wasn’t on either. Plus, why do I see on this blog, other people in other states got their settlements? I’d say anger is not even close to how I’m feeling as I type this. Good Luck to all in these suits.

  173. The legal firms that have hired other legal firms to represent themselves to the block of plaintiffs. will wait to disperse drafts/checks at the limit of time allowed for dispersal of funds that means that October 25 being the last date of final judgement for independent cases by the SF court they will have 30 days to disburse funds or will be sued themselves (probably take about 5 years to settle that). My heart goes out to you, as you were used like lab rats with the cox two inhibitor and then screwed over (some of you real bad) by appeals and delays, now this. United States health care system 101.

  174. talked to a “new moron”at my lawyers office and now they are still waiting for clearance from the “defense team”to distribute the checks and that all the”discrepancies are taken care of and now it will be “hopefully “within the next 4 weeks!!!!!what the hell is all this crap we are being spoon fed from these damn shysters masquerading as our attorneys after all the are supposed to be working for us not against us is it wrong for us to expect an honest full answer to our questions?they have the answers but they seem to not want to share it are they planning on keeping all that money?i assumed that the settlement was final once made and we were told a long time AGO THAT THE MONEY FOR OUR LAWYERS WAS DEPOSITED INTO AN ACCOUNT FOR DISTRIBUTION and now they say no they have to await defense team to authorize the deposit into the account so it can be distributed sounds like another cock and bull story

  175. After being on Bextra for 2 weeks I began to get Psoriasis on my knee and elbow joints. After it was recalled I ended up with Severe Plak Psoriasis, covering my whole body, from the top of my head to the top of my feet. Pain, bleeding, severe itching, scaling and residue. I suffered for several years. Nothing provided relief until I received Humira!…

  176. my mom died on 9 – 28 – 2004 two days after that they recalled bextra.she was only 48 years old.if i had it my way i would have my mom back. but if that comp.would have told everybody installed of just trying to get rich she would be here today. i think they are sorry people we soold them and all three of us has to spilt 36,000 dollars . i guess that is all they think anybody is worth.to me my mom was worth a lot more then that. my mom told me that everybody dog has there day and i hope they get theres

  177. It has been almost nine months since I signed my Celebrex settlement agreement and was told the money would be here in 90-120 days……..is there really a settlement coming ? Is it possible that Pfizer’s lawyers are playing games? Or even my own attorneys ? I am tired of the “lip service” I think Pfizer should be brought down……..Anybody interested in picketing these ass holes?

  178. Received the check, Oct. 28th. Received much more than was told was going to get. It’s finaly over! Now waiting for the funds to clear at the bank. (9 more WORK days? = 13 days) Don’t that just figure, More waiting!? They took 40%fee plus exp.

    If you used medicare or medicaid:
    Was told by the guy we talked to that if you had medicare & medicaid liens you would have to wait until they took there share first. Only paying those who had no liens on there settlements at this time.

  179. Id really like to talk with someone about all of this. My mother inlaw was able to receive a settlement but I was declined. I was on Bextra, Viiox and Celebrex. Now I suffer with a enlarged heart when I do simple things such as house cleaning, walking for even playing with my grandchildren. Anyone have anything to suggest.

  180. chris? where do u live what state im in nj and didnt get a check yet thanks!

  181. Christopher, you didn’t post it the day you got your check, the 28th of Oct to Nov 3rd – No just Kidding! Good for YOU!! Did the check come certified mail or regular mail? Hopefully we will all be paid soon. Thanks for posting.

  182. I found this on the garretson site the lawyers claim they do not get payed till we do seems to be a crock “In the event that you have not reported it the COB then you will need to do that. Without a record established by the COB, the MSPRC is unable to pull claims and provide you with a conditional payment summary. Unfortunately, until you have Medicare’s final demand amount you can not disburse the net settlement proceeds to your client. You can however take attorney fees and expenses. Please let me know if I can be of further assistance.”that’s probably why they do not seem in a rush anymore they are all busy working on getting that payout from the next case

  183. Christopher….If you dont mind my asking, What state are you in? As for us….we still keep calling and as usual all they say are they are waiting for some things to be turned in from others that messed up on their papers, we need to call back in the middle of Nov. We are in Texas. I will let you all know when my husband gets his money….can only imagine What? it will be????

  184. i took bextra and was recently diagnosed with cardiac injuries, skin peel and sores, bleeding gi tract and other health issues. i was told by the physician that it was complications from Bextra

  185. called my lawyer in texas told me call back in another month :(

  186. http://blogs.wsj.com/health/2008/10/17/pfizer-agrees-to-pay-894-million-in-bextra-celebrex-settlement/ post ur comments here too guys, they come up instantly, this site takes a few days

  187. u kno,,its really getting old..everytime i talk to my lawyer,they give me another lie..the suit was suppose to be settled last november…but here it is november again..& no money..
    my mom pseed away from a heart attach 5 years ago..because she was taking bextra..but the lawyers r taking there time..its done gotten really ridiculas!!!!!!!!!!!!!come on already..give us our money…has anyone got a strait answer out of ur lawyers??/
    they just keep telling me..just another week or so…i talked to the lady 2 weeks ago,”,she said,we should have within the next two weeks,,then it wont take us but about 3 or 4 days & u will have it..””now she says “another week or so””..

  188. i finally got mine minuse the amount they are holding till liens clear i have KPA good luck all

  189. Won’t go into all the details but I took Bextra, had stroke, skin blisters, skin loss etc. Two weeks ago I called my Attorney’s office in Jacksonville, Florida. Was told “please don’t quote me, but…we are suppose to receive the check this week and we should know something before Thanksgiving”. I also found out thru internet searching that each degree of disability is based on a point system. Approx $1900.00 for each point???

  190. Mine is the very first post on this site so I have beenwaiting a long time for my settlement, I was told last February when I signed settlement papers that I would have the money in 120 days It has now been nine months….I have a suggestion for everyone waiting in frustration. Pfizer victimized us when they withheld the effects of this deadly drug ( celebrex) and now their lawyers are victimizing us a second time. This is malice and causing additional pain and suffering. Get a complaint form from the Missouri bar office of chief disiplinary council (OCDC) and file a complaint against Pfizer”s lawyers…my attorney is in St Louis and seems to be as frustrated as I am……I think it is the Pfizer people trying to hold on to the settlement money as long as possible. You can print a complaint form from the website of the OCDC…..May God help us get justice for the pain they’ve caused.

  191. can anyone get a straight answer out of their lawyers??i sure cant!!!!all i get is the runaround..i think we have waited long enough…what do we have to do to get what is ours???i lost my mom 5 years ago thanks to bextra…& i think i should’nt have to wait till im dead to get the money…

  192. back in 2004 i had a stroke and brain bleeding i alson same year had a tube exploxed on me almost lost my life twice that year on bextra and celebrex im now forty years old and cant take care of my kids because of my injuries they went to live with my mom.almost lost my marriage of fifteen years i filed lawsuit back in 2005 im still waiting for check i cant work anymore rely on social security the rest of my life.

  193. I talked with Toni Bentnel Wednesday 11-25-09 and she told me the hold up was the Master Commisioner appointed has NOT SHOWED up and IS a MONTH late for Their area. She said she calls EVERYDAY and If he isnt at her Office then forget the By Christmas Date more like Feb 2010. They told me that Pfizer wanted to get this done and over with (yeah right) and that Neither side could do ANYTING without this Commisioner. The “Commisioner” decided to do PRIVATE things instead of do the job he was appointed AND ACCEPTED and put SUFFERING PEOPLE off a little longer. He must thing that ALMOST 9 years of suffering isnt enough,
    I have Diabetes, CHF, Renal Insuffiencies, Liver Damange, Pancreatitis, VERY LITTLE STOMACHE LINING, Sever Gasteritis, and Sever Gastrointeritis because of the “Miracle Drug CELEBREX

  194. REPLYS: Mid-Florida! The check came via. FEDEX and had to sign for it. Received it the day posted. Good luck to you all!

  195. Sorry! – (JoAnn-”Approx $1900.00 for each point???”) May before they take out there fees? Look for more like $700 per Point. Then they take another 40% of that?!

  196. check arrrived on Tuesday I’ m In Md. a 3 year wait

  197. christopher, are you the same person that states you got your check on Dec. 4 via fed-ex and an earlier post on November 3, you state you got your check???? hhhmmm
    I have been hearing they just come regular mail – Don’t know what to believe anymore – or if all the people on this site are truthful – I really would hope so!

  198. I have been looking for 2 years for an attorney to sue Pfizer for a blood clot I suffered because of Celebrex.

  199. creeps

  200. I was taking bextra and i started to have blackouts when i called medco to talk to the pharmacist she told me it sound like i was having seizures. I still get these red rashes on my body till this day after i stopped taking bextra it took a while for me to stop having blackouts my doctor told me that i was having vertigo now till this day i still have not been paid anything. I don’t have a lawyer i finally received my records from medco to prove i had ordered this medicine it was such a scary feeling never knowing when i would have one while i was driving it was a coverup.

  201. I had a heart attack and open heart surgery 9/11/05 from taking celebrex.An attorney matled me paper to sign concerning a lawsuit.I was very confuse from my sicknee,I mailed it back a week befoe the deadline, I called and they said it was too late for my claim.I been in and out of the hospital about 13 times,because the surgeron left a hole in my chest from the operation,which healed a7 month later,it kept getting infected.They sent me home with the hole open.I stll suffer chest pain an dnumbness and other problem.

  202. I am the first blog on this site. I filed suit against Pfizer six years ago. I signed the settlement in Februeary of 2009 and was told the money would come in 90-120 days. Now it has almost been a year. Pfizer has the signed settlement agreement but continue to victimize us yet again. They should be made to take their own poisonous medicine until they all die ! THEY ARE CRIMINALS! I am represented by Carey/Danis in St Louis They seem stumped too. I have contacted channel 8 target investigations in Columbia and am now in the midst of trying to get an expose done by the Associated press! If you have also been victimized by Pfizer FIGHT BACK! Get the media involved ! Good luck to all!

  203. Well New Years eve, NO MONEY, Was told by Lawyers Before end of Oct, Then Before Xmas, Then First of Jan,
    Well it has been almost 10 years of me waiting, Filed Lawsuit right away in 2003, I had Stroke 4-2000 MASSIVE, and 4 heart attacks to date, Chf, Diabetes, Gastritis, Chronic Gastrointeritis, Chronic Pancreatitis, Chronic Sever Abdominal Pain, Liver, Kidney Damage, Lost EVERYTHING 2 times now due to damage from this WODERFUL SWEET AMAZING MIRACLE DRUG. STILL NO MONEY almost 10 years

  204. My husband filed with a att from Texas,about Vireoxx first, was in that case for almost 4yrs,told him dont worry things looked good,etc,and he took all the other drugs also,Celebrex etc, he had strikes, and heart problems also, kinney failure also, lung disease also was on breathing machine at home got very sick,all kinds of test taken,he called them in June 2008 and told him he was dying and wanting to know whats going on with case,just hang on, sorry about your health,August 2008 he passed away,Pancreative cancer,4th stage.than in 2009 I get aletter saying sorry no money in that case,hurry sign these paper get you in this case,nothing yet


  206. I have talked to my Head Attorney in LA, Betnel Law office, Toni has informed me that THEY are in Meetings, Pfizer, Herself, and the Judge(Comissioner), I ask her PERSONALLY Toni do you think YOUR clients will recieve their money By March 1, ” IT BETTER BE OVER”, This Lady Calls me Personally and checks on me. Yes i know SOME attorneys are getting rich over the MISFORTUNE of OTHERS. If your in with Betnel Law office in LA then SOON. I live in KY filed with Conn’s Law office who teamed with Betnel Law firm whom are some of the MAIN lawyers to file this class action lawsuit. SOON it will be over I PRAY. Kev

  207. As far as HOW you will get your money, That is Between You and YOUR Lawyer that you signed the Case against with. Mine I have a Choice to Go pick up by hand or they will mail it to me, I WILL GO PICK IT UP. I would ADVISE EVERYONE to DEMAND t pic it up at their office that will allow them another 10 BUSINESS days if you dont = to 2 weeks. Kevin

  208. i need to know where to send my claim and medical records for bextra injury. i cannot find out who is handling the claims of the victims who do not have a lawyer. is there a claim form. i have had a heart attack

  209. Jean, from my understanding you are too late to file a lawsuit, If i am understanding right they stopped accepting cases in late 2005. Not Absolutely sure but they are in the FINAL settlement stages and WILL NOT accept anymore cases. Bextra has been off shelf for a long time and Celebrex time frame was up in 2005

  210. Kevin what is the atty office in Connecticut that they teamed up with?
    My husband has a CT attorney and they seem to be playing games

  211. Jo Ann the attorney office wasnt in Connecticut his last name is Conn. Eric Conn Law office in Stanville KY. I have talked to them and they have told me that hopefully March will be the settlement for us. The problem is that the “commisioner” appointed by the Courts is Playing games and NOT showing up to work and neg with the lawyers, The cases are being handled by each Law firm not state, My head law firm is in New Orlelans and they are in negiations this month. The Commisioner was to have been with them in August last year and just NOW getting there.

    Believe it or not Pfizer is truely wanting to get this done and behind them but apparently the Commissioner’s do as they please and the “COURTS” do NOTHING about them playing since they have said for 2 years now it is going to be done by December. YEAH RIIGHT


  213. I am still waiting on my check from taking celebrex. Iwas having black-out when i was taking it. Now its seems like they don;t want to pay us. Where is the checks?

  214. Where is our money signed papers in Feb Last year and nothing yet!!! Will we ever get anything? I’m disabled and do not appreciate being treated like this. Were americans!!!We deserve to get our settlement!!!
    President Obama should step in!

  215. Hey i took celebrex 200 mg a day and i got a letter from my lawyers said i had been dropped from the class action lawsuit because i hadnt taken a strong enough dose, they said had to take at least 400mg a day. I am so upset and mad. I had a bad heart attack in 2006 from this nasty drug and i know it is why i had heart attack. i dont have any heart trouble before the drug and now I have over $70,000 in medical bills from this and facing losing my home and ever thang else because this dum drug. If you aint took 400mg a day then your gonna get kick out and get nothing for you problems. My lawyer also told me that if they had tooked the medicine off the shelf and stopped saling it then we would get more money but the Goverment want remove it an stop the selling of it so we are going to get screwed by this company.

  216. dont lose hope if you just take 200mg celebrex / day. thats my case, had 6 figure settlement, ended up with a check of close to half of the award after all fees and costs. this included paying my ins a % of their cost.got check on 8/27/09.

  217. did any of you have an attny out of seville?,NY? and if so have any of u got a check yet? thanks,joe.

  218. Mike
    When did you sign your settlement papers, My Lawyers have told me that I should have money by mid March, I will be Surprised if it is. I have been told Before Christmas, then No later than Mid Jan, Then absolutely no later than Feb now No later than Middle March, Well i guess March will come then i be April then June then Oct then Christmas again, WHEN IS THIS GROUP GOING TO STOP LYING STEALING AND GET THE JOB DONE. Pfyzir says they want it over, The lawyers say they want it over, Then get the Damn commisioner up at court and find out why he isnt doing his job and making us SUFFER UNJUSTLY

  219. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY ! It has now been one year since I signed the settlement agreement and was told the monies would be paid in 90-120 days. I hope the lawyers are enjoying whatever they’re doing with the money because I certainly haven’t seen any. We live in a corrupt country with a government controlled by corrupt corporations (like Pfizer )and fat cats intent on using us as guinea pigs and slaves. Even the FDA is in Pfizers pocket so I guess I should have expected this all along. GOD HELP US ALL !

  220. Rusty
    I have been told Middle of March too. I sure Hope and Pray I am NOT being Strung alone like others. I will know in March, I Would hope after forming a friendship I wouldnt be betrayed. I got letter today giving me 30 days to get things paid up or LOSE IT ALL AGAIN. If i do this time there will BE NO RECOVERY. CVA, Heart Attacks, GI complications, Pancreatitis, Things too numerious to mention and Pfzier and Attorneys cant decide how to get this money paid out. If i lose it this time I will NEVER obtain my degree because they are coming for my Car too. I am not able to walk to college that is 48 miles away.

  221. Just want to say My check came today and it made me sick, the lawyers and what ever get more than you will get.and I lost my husband to cancer and it didnt even pay for nothing, so I called and said I will not accept this check, so this was a sad day for me to think this was the outcome of this,

  222. I did not know that we had to get a lawyer. I filled out my claim over the internet. Please let me know when the checks began to come. thanks

  223. joe,
    I also have an attorney from seville, ny. I haven’t even been told how much i am getting yet. All they keep saying is a few more weeks. Have you heard anything yet?


  225. I was taking Bextra and had a stroke, I lost menories that I had and how to do things. Now I have to do small jobs . I was a job superintendent for a large contracter in OKC. Now I can barly make ends meet ,which is very hard on my wife. Like everyone else I have been lied to. I was told on Nov 2 2009 I would see check in 60 days ,now it March and I am told 30 to 60 days. I just wonder if the lawers have the money and are getting interest on the money while it is in the bank.

  226. I received my check 3/13/2010 via regularl mail. After lawyers fees and expenses I received a little less than half GOD BLESS and GOOD LUCK hope all of you get your well deserved money.

  227. I recieved my check today(3/23/10 by regular mail.attorney took 36% total. Good Luck everyone

  228. Do we have to pay taxes on this money?

  229. Mom finally received check today by certified mailed. Lawyers fees totaled 45% of settlement amount.

  230. I was told in Dec.’09 that I should receive my settlement no later then Feb ’10. Have called attorney ever week since March, was told paper work was sent to Bankruptcy Trustee. Contacted Trustee, they have not recv’d anything. Called Attny. , got different story. Have not spoken to attny, only law clerk,no returned calls…not one. Is lawfirm earning interest on the settlement money ? Used law firm in Houston, Tx. Any recommendations from anyone ? I lost my ability to work as the result of Bextra that resulted in heart attack and numerous heart problems.

  231. CJ No taxes, Tim you must be with Matthews kept calling you have a right I think these lawyers are forgetting that, yes if the money is in a company or attorneys escrow account someone is earning interest not you

  232. I was with Matthews and as you can see by past comments I received my check 3-13

  233. please ask the company to release our settlement so we can pay our long long overdue bills.i have an attorney but i wonder if he is doing right by me.

  234. Signed papers on11/2009,was told lawyers wanted to settle case ASAP.I have called constantly i had lawyers from Georgia&Texas no one seems to know when the check should arrive,they all say it will be there in 2 weeks.That was 8 months ago. Still waiting in Ga,where is my check?.

  235. My husband 56 yr old healthy husband died suddenly after taking Vioxx, Celebrex and Bextra. He was excluded from the Vioxx settlement because he died several months after Vioxx had been recalled.
    Here was a man who made over $120,000 a year and had at least 10 more years to work to reach retirement age. Yet there is no amount added into the settlement for loss of potential earnings. I guess you are just suppose to be glad for what they offer since you cannot afford to fight them in court. I would much prefer to have my husband’s touch than the money. I will grieve forever.

  236. I received a letter saying that i would hear something after 5-27-10 with a file number and haven’t heard anything since then here it is 7-5-10. I wonder what’s going on now?662

  237. UPDATE: I received my settlement Oct. 28th and last commented back in Dec. 4th, I’ve invested my settlement check into a small business venture hoping to make it into an amount to be worth the wait. So far so good. —

    REPLY to: (jan) on 7 December 2009: Yes, I seem to be the only “Christopher” here? I was refering to the Nov, comment of receiving my check, sorry I did not make that clear. My lawyers sent my check via FEDEX, I see that some others received them via regular mail.
    From what I was told is that Pfizer paid back in Aug.-Sept. of 2009 and it’s your lawyers that are holding your money if you have not received it yet. That means that there either holding it to collect interest spite your suffering or it is being held due to you oweing money back to either Medicaid, Medicare or some other Gov. program you used during the time of your problems. I did not owe anyone money from my settlement, and my lawyers were LESS greedy than most! On that note: There seemed to be two sets of lawyers that had a claim on your money before you would see anything! The corp. lawyers who delt with Pfizer and charged 33%+11% and then the state or area lawyers YOU delt with who took a full cut of what was left 33%-44%! Then, if you owed money back for Goverment help, that also will be taken out before you would get anything. So I’ve heard.

    My heart goes out to you who have not received your settlements yet, You need to get a clear answer from your lawyers of what the hold up is. If you do not owe money on your settlement, than file a lawsued aganst your lawyers!!!

    REPLY to: (jan) on 7 December 2009: & (Jo-Ann) on 20 January 2010: & Some others: Did you ever get your settlements? You were posting alot then nothing? ( Refer to my Post on 24 October 2009 – Last paragraph )

    REPLY to: (Willie) on 2 March 2010: Willie, ever heard of internet scams? Who did you file with!?? Did you get any paperwork? I hope you didn’t just give someone all your info and they’re now filing with your name and info and now going to get your rightful settlement??!! You may have given your money away? Check with who you filed with!! If scam, call a real lawyer! If you can not remember who you filed with, Sorry, but all I can say is there’s a sucker born every minute.

  238. REPLY to: (WAYNE) on 9 March 2010: Standard contract with any lawyer is 33% + 11% for expenses. That’s 44%, you were charged less at only 40%.

  239. i won my case for bextra. signed the release on march 17, was told then that the money would be in my hands in 2 – 3 weeks but as to this date i have nothing. My attorney in los angeles ca. is holding it. they said it will be released in 2 weeks 2 weeks, 3 weeks and that has went on for almost 5 mo. i have talked to my lawer. he said that i should of gotten the money as soon as i signed the release. if you ever have a reason to hire a lawer make sure that they are not the lawers in the case. they act like they won the money, they must have nothing to do or they would send the money out. and get it off they desk. it looks like phizer would contact them and tell them they paid us not them.

  240. It make’s a person wonder does the Judge know or even care ?Dose the money hungry Lawyers even care about the people that they choose to represent? Don’t they have any compassion for the families who’s lost their Loved one’s and the others who have had their quality of life changed for the worse? I’d like to know where’s the justice in this Great land of America!

  241. look like the attoney won. paid nothing the the person who took the medication.

  242. My name is Darren I am almost 51years old live in Kansas City MO I been taking Celebrex for over 5 years 200mg twice a day Until August 5th 2010 which was my wifes 40 Birthday that evening all hell broke lose for me turned out Celebrex was harming me not helping me was hostpitalized for 5-days for bleeding My CT and blood work came back and everyone pointed to my drinking as the promblem because they said the saw CIRRHOSIS in my liver? well i don’t much care what they said happen I now belivive that it was my Celebrex that was thining the walls of my stomach. And my drinking had little to do with what happen to me that eveing!

  243. I had a heart attach at 55 after taking 200mg celebrex for 10 months. My lawyer sent a letter indicating that the amount offered was a good offer for my case. After reading some of the information I;m finding out the amount I recieved dont compare to what I read on the internet that each claim would be worth $40,000 to $50,000 mine was no where close.I feel if thou I was cheated and not represented fairly by my attorney. Who decide how the funds be distribed?

  244. took 200 mg celebrex.had astroke 3 weeks ago.is there any thing that can be done. ty judy

  245. I was told that my check will be coming in the fall.

  246. My 80 yr old father who still tent camps and goes to a fitness center 4 x a week was given celebrex for some arthritis- He also was on coumadin and was told it was safe to take- Well after 3 weeks of the celebrex suffered a massive brain bleed stroke. He is paralyzed on the right side and still sitting in the ICU room where he will be for quite a while- cannot swallow and has a frigin feeding tube down his nose and in his stomach – months to go and lives torn apart

  247. I paid for bextra and celebrax prescriptions and have not seen one red cent of the settlement , i feel the lawyers should release these fund and stop being greedy.

  248. I was placed on Celebrex by my doctor when I was hospitalized, 5 weeks later I was suffering severe abdominal pain and was rushed back into hospital, After having my blood analysed it was found I had hepatitis caused by Celebrex, and gradually improved after my doctor stopped the medication.

  249. my name is beulah. my husband has suffered for years because of

    bextra. eichholz was suppose to have been handling the case. he

    never told us the truth. I have documents to argue the case. I have

    copies showing reason. HELP! HELP!

    me is beulah. Ive tried for at least 4 years or more to make someone listen to my story about howw benjiman eich

    sband`s check. I sent papers to the white house, the senator of ga.

  250. beware that all anti inflammatories, with Celebrex being the worst, will destroy your joints, cartlidge and tendons. It shuts down the inflammation. Inflammation creates healing from orthopedic surgery. If you take an anti inflammatory after these surgeries it will hinder your ability to heal which can lead to more surgeries. I have had four total knee replacements because of Celebrex so BEWARE!

  251. I would like to tell the whole world,whatever you do in your life,if you haven’t,please do not take any Celebrex,the pill made me Crazy where I
    sat on the side of the bed and could not do anything,it messed with my equilibium of mind and my engenuity of strength,where nothing made any sense and I think I sat on side of the bed all night long,I couldn’t sleep until it wore off, and I felt awful bad it was a nightmare,and the
    BEXTRA was even worse, it cloged two of my arteries,and I didn’t know it until I went to the Dr. to see why I had this strange itch, that would not go away,in fact I taken the dumb things about 3 and a half
    years and I discovered that I had two arteries blocked, before this I never had anything wrong with my heart,and the same night I had to be
    operated on by a specialist it couldn’t wait,and I told them to get busy,
    I could have died I was 77 years old,I was an invalid for a while,and
    I am still haveing small symptoms ti takes a long time for your chest to
    heal, and I have obtained a keliod or a growth in my chest, and I will
    have to be careful from now on.

  252. My aunt just suffered a heart attack after taking Celebrex. She was in the hospital for days. She will always have heart problems now due to taking this medication. Her doctor told her that the Celebrex did indeed cause it and that she should contact Celebrex. Does she have a case?

  253. I don’t know how I have been in the dark about the dangers of Bextra and Celebrex. I used to have excellent blood pressure, then one night I suffered severe chest pain, like an elephant was standing on my chest. I didn’t feel like I could get out of bed to call 911, and my son, who was sleeping in the other room couldn’t hear me call out to him. After a considerable amount of time the pain lessesed, and I could breathe more easily, so I convinced myself it was an anxiety attack. I was in my thirties and in good health, so I didn’t think it could be a heart attack. Then I had an ekg for another incident at work where I was rushed to the hospital. The ekg showed a past infarction. Not long before that incident, I was given Bextra and Skelaxin, then I was given Celebrex. I ended up having allergic reactions to Celebrex so I discontinued its use (difficluty breathing, numbness in hands and feet). Since approximately that time, I have had unexplained high blood pressure (at one point it was 206/108). I am now seeing a cardiologist to determine the extent of the heart damage. Until now, I had never heard anything about the recall of bextra or the problems associated with celebrex. Due to my heart issues I have been unable to hold a job for very long since that time. Is there anyway I can still be compensated for the damage that Bextra or Celebrex has caused me?

  254. Its now 6yrs ago that my husband who was 46, fit and trim took bextra for hip pain related to a fall at work. He passed away in 2005. I have had a lawsuit against Pfizer sine then. A settlement was reached and now it is in the hands of the medicare company searching for outstanding medicare bills. again he was 46 and working. My life has been destroyed by this drug, my children have lost their father. What has to be done to Pfizer to finally take care of pts and their families? Maybe if one of their loved ones pass away from their drugs they’ll take it more serious and remove these drugs or test them longer before using humans as quinea pigs.. Still no money 6yrs later……..house in foreclosure, life in shambles
    due to losing my bread winner…..

  255. This case has been settled for years and still no money has been paid. I dont think there ever will be a settlement for the injured paties but the attorney’s will get there share. I was told the money would be paid out in October and November of 2010,. This is December and guess what? Still no money.

  256. I took celebrex and my breath began getting shorter and shorter until I began gasping for my breath I did not realize at first the celebrex was the problem, i reduced the amount I was taking daily and I began breathing easier Finally Ihad to stop taking it because my left hand started to itch uncontrollably and my hand began breaking out with little bumps and then it began spreading all over my hand, and my hand turned real dark, and is still like that to this day. that is not the worst, I did not even know this class action had anything at all to do with the medical injuries of its class. i thought the class action was only because Pfizer had broken the truth in advertising laws and had profited unjfairly from the public. i just learned today December 17, 2010 that there is also a settlement regarding the injuries the drug has caused

  257. My family member got their check the week of Christmas. Did anyone else?

  258. @ Judy, its funny how similar our situations are. My mother had begun this lawsuit in 2005 after my father, 58, died of a sudden myocardial infarction in 2004. I will never forget that fateful day when he dropped me off at my High School, ignorant of the fact that we will never see each other again. Since then, my mother has died from Cancer, 2 years go, and we are just getting our settlement packet in the mail. It was for 52,000 and I must say that I believe that is a lousy price to supplement for my dads life. Considering our financial situation, my sister and I decided to accept the settlement. I hope it won’t be long for us to receive the money so that we to can get our house out of foreclosure. Wish everyone the best of luck and good grace with this whole settlement ordeal.

  259. Has anyone recieved any settlement cash not close to the amount printed in the settlement article indicating each client should get about $40,000 – 50,000? I did’nt.

  260. Just received my lousy $560 check today

  261. After seeing the ad on Tv for a class action suit in progress for Celebrex users back in 2005, I called the toll free # on the Tv and gave them my information on the phone so they sent me the paperwork to fill out & return to them. I was a Celebrex user for 4 years prior to this with NO repercusions at all from using it. The paperwork asked me how many total $$ I had shelled out of pocket for the use of this said miracle pill for the entire term of use and I totaled it to be $3,200.00 and sent it back into them thinking that was the end of this matter and I will most likely NEVER hear another word from them about this but I didn’t care because the paperwork took a total of about 20 minutes to fill out, re-envelope & mail it back. That was 2005 and so I completely forgot all about it after all the years because I was right for thinking that I would never hear anymore about it and so I went on with my normal everyday life with NO expectations whatsoever untill I opened my mailbox just yesterday and there was an envelope from Celebrex Litigation center addressed to me. I opened it up thinking it was just a letter stating where the preceedings stood in place but instead there was a perforated check made out to me for the total amount I claimed I had spent for $3,200.00 I hope this spreads a bit of hope & happiness to the doom & gloom thrughout this page !!!

  262. i hope they win this one for me since they lost the vioxx case which was B.S. im not going to hold my breath because that fall hurts so good luck to you all and may god be watching over us take care

  263. I took bextra for 4 months and then I needed heart surgery back in 2003. Now I have to live with a artifical valve,have to take warfarin once a day for the rest of my life.Depression has the best of me because I believe that each day will be my last. Trying to cope with what has been bestowed on me by the drug company. Can anyone tell me how to cope with this misfortune, God Bless everyone

  264. i have 9 stents,4blood thinners 4heart pills,ive been shocked 8 times now if the medication isnt going to work they are puting in a pacemaker it just all sucks just take it one day at a time thats all you can do may god watch over us all and good luck

  265. my attorney is suppossed to send the Bextra settlement next week. I suffered a heart attack at 37, and I am definetely not willing to settle for just anything after all I went through! I would love to hear from any of you who have already received the money, what is the amount I should expect, and if I am not satisfied, and turn them down, what would my alternatives be?

  266. i told celebrex and been told i have a heart beat.

  267. on any settlements dont hold your breath. it could be 250.00 to 10.000.00 i wouldnt think anymore the laywers get it all and we who suffer gets shit. everything that happens is done on a point system so good luck. just be thankful for any amount unless you have the funds to hols out,then wait andsee what they offer: other wise take what ever and run straight to the bank. hope all works out for you and me

  268. i,ve had 3 heart attacks and 4 heart bypass, three stent. is it to late to file for class action lawsuits for celebrex

  269. Don’t count on fair settlement! My settlement was so little, I have to stay on Medicaid and food stamps! Instead of Celebrex paying for my health care, the taxpayers will be footing my bill.What is wrong with this picture? Why is it still being advertised? Where is the FDA?
    celebrex user stroked at 42.Permently disabled.

  270. I took Celebrex in 1993 after breaking my right tibia from a football injury. My ankle stayed swollen for a while and I was prescribed Celebrex.

  271. i think i been waitng since 2002 and nothing they lost my vioxx case too. the big firm in houston tx. im sure they all made there money we all need to get a firm to go after the attorneys that are screwing all of us and do a audit on them when or if i get any from celebrex who knows, they pay themselves then the attorney that did nothing i did all the running to get the shit together,and then they pay back medicare an i get whats left over. its all bullshit and if theres a good laywer out there who reads all of theses reports then you should file suit against the ones who are screwing us im 5 heart attacks 9 stents,on medicade,it took me ten years to get 500.00 to live on from social security on that sucks,thats another rip off gov agency.good luck to all

  272. you know it upsets me that theses laywers can get away with this. im writing dateline,20/20 and anyone else who will investigate theses people. its not right and im FED UP. so wish me luck and here we go and ill let you know how it goes good luck to all

  273. I took celebrex for about two years and had a blood clot in the brain, and a stroke. I also had intestinal bleeding and a very badskin rash. I tried many times to get representation for my injuries. but due to some lawyers who were scared of Pfizer no one wanted to help me. I have told many people about my problems and we all agree that a law firm in Jackson, Mississippi was the main reason why I got no settlement money for my injuries.

  274. yes, i share some of the same problems and stories, i took bextra back in sept. 04 , and i have had several strokes,heart attacks,uncontrollable high blood pressure, arthritis, atrial fribrillation,etc.the list goes on. im only 42 years old and i get around like i am 80.please ! could some onegive some info on this matter.

  275. I just had a double bypass about 7 week,but before that I had two stint put in I got irealty heart beat I took celbrex a few years ago they took me off after my second stint so the doctor want tell you that is what cause the heart problem he just take you off them

  276. everyone needs to call CBS,NBC,ABC, FOX NEWS to complain about how long it takes to settle this lawsuit. I ,just like everyone am getting frustrated about how long it takes to get the settlements. I call my lawyer at least once a month and get the run around. Will I receive a check after I die? Hope I don.t have to wait that long. Anyone from Florida let me know how your case is progressing Thanx

  277. i just called my laywer and no call back,hes out at some warm island in the sun spending all the money. and they wonder why people hate laywers!!!!!!!!!!!!

  278. i called the claim administrator and they sai i will receve a check inn about 2 weeks….wish me luck

  279. I was told in early 2010 that the money to pay the claims was here. It is now almost August 2011 and no one can tello me why I have not gotten a check. Is anyone else having a problem?

  280. my brother in law took celebrex for only 1 month in Jan. 2011. He had to get a pacemaker. Are claims still being submitted to Pfizer or has the time limit for lawsuits run out?

  281. I had to probate my husbands estate before I could get the settlement. took over a year and $13000 to probate and estate with only one bill outstanding and no children or other heirs. Much too high.
    When I got the settlement it was less than he would have earned in one year, yet he had at least 10 more years to work. They made billions on this drug that killed people. If you hit a crowd of people accidentally with a truck you would go to jail, but not drug executives.

  282. i file the paper work on the lawsuite back in 2005, Never saw a penny of the settlement, I would of rather had my mother back alive but this big money company took her from us. They must have the right to kill people and get away with it . i would like to know if their is a list of people who they paid and didn’t pay.

  283. Are there others who have yet to receive this Bextra settlements?

  284. I took it a long time even put in a law suit but when the storm came everything was lost can anyone tell me how to find out about celebrex and bextra cases

  285. how do I join the case against celebrex.I may have to start dialysis before the end of next year.My Kidneys was just fine until I had used celebrex back in 20f

  286. CELEBREX killed my husband 08/01/2012
    Dr. visit 07/11/2012 “all good”
    07/31/2012 went to dinner,arrived home,said said good-night
    08/01/2012 I awakend, husband dead!

  287. My doctor put me on Celebrex for my knee pain not only did it not help the pain it bothered my stomach so much that I had to take medication for it I am still taking medication,and increased my blood pressure and now I am taking blood pressure medications.

  288. I wrote a comment 2011 and I still haven\’t hear anything about it as of yet. has anything been done with the lawyers yet?.

  289. I have been trying to get someone to answer me since April,2013. I was in a trial for Celebrex. I had a heart attack in April, 1 and then had seizures! I was in hospital five days! The hospital wrote me off as charity, but ambulance and Drs who saw me still waiting to get paid! They said in my paperwork at least they would be paid by you and every time I contact nothing! I am going to a lawyer to see if I can get help! I am 62 and I cry when I get a phone call!!! I think k I deserve a little something since I have had to endure this! I turned my trial samples back in so trial Dr has the numbers. This is sad that you give someone with diabetes, high blood pressure, cholesterol, and now I am on heart meds and Dilantin for seizures at the time of heart attack! I would love to hear from someone or is this going to get swept under the gurney?

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