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Published: June 1st, 2011

Side effects of Chantix, a popular stop smoking drug, have been linked to an increased risk of suicides, suicide attempts, aggressive and unusual behavior. A number of individuals throughout the United States are pursuing product liability lawsuits for suicides and other problems from Chantix.

CHANTIX LAWSUIT STATUS: All federal Chantix lawsuits have been consolidated in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Alabama, where the first trial dates are expected in late 2012 and early 2013. More than 2,500 cases have been brought nationwide, and at least one Chantix settlement agreement has been reached in a suicide case that was scheduled to be the first lawsuit presented to a jury.



OVERVIEW: Chantix (varenicline) is a prescription medication designed to help people quit smoking. It was approved in 2006 and has quickly become a very popular medication for people who have had a difficult time breaking their smoking addiction. By blocking the receptors commonly stimulated by nicotine, Chantix reduces the positive feelings that come from cigarettes.

Although Pfizer had high hopes that the medication would become a top selling drug for the pharmaceutical company, concerns about serious and potentially life-threatening side effects of Chantix have limited use of the medication.

Chantix users have reportedly suffered severe psychological side effects, which may increase the risk of suicide, suicide attempts or other violent behavior, as a result of the way the drug interacts with the brain. Recent studies have also suggested that some users may face an increased risk of heart attacks and other heart problems from Chantix.

CHANTIX SUICIDE PROBLEMS: Shortly after Chantix was introduced, an alarming number of reports were received by the FDA MedWatch adverse event reporting system involving users who committed suicide on Chantix or suddenly attempted suicide, despite no prior history of psychological problems.

In November 2007, the FDA issued an early communication regarding an emerging safety concern which linked the use of Chantix to reports of suicides, suicidal thoughts and sudden changes in behavior.

In February 2008, the FDA issued a statement which suggested that their evaluation indicates it is “increasingly likely that there may be an association between Chantix and serious neuropsychiatric symptoms.”

In July 2009, the FDA required Pfizer to add a prominently displayed boxed warning about the risk of behavior changes, depression, hostility and suicidal thoughts, which is the strongest warning that can be placed on a prescription medication.

CHANTIX LAWYERS: Lawsuits are being evaluated by Chantix lawyers throughout the country on behalf of users who have suffered severe physical injury or death as a result of:

  • Suicide
  • Attempted Suicide
  • Sudden Aggressive Behavior
  • Heart Attack
  • Peripheral Vascular Disease
  • Coronary Revascularization

Submit information regarding a potential Chantix lawsuit to have your case reviewed and evaluated by an attorney. If it appears that you, a friend or family member may be entitled to compensation as a result of Chantix side effects, you may be contacted by a lawyer.

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  6. This is common issues of detoxification. Depression, suicide and mood swings; are all common indicators. As a past chantix user, it was difficult and there was a lot of confusion in my head. I do not blame the pharmaceuticals, but i was addicted, and substance withdrawal is a terrible experience.

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  8. I am a 39 year old woman that was put in the hospital. I have a diagnose of Multiple Sclerosis. The doctor wanted me to to quit smoking so he put me on this Chantix. I was on Chantix for over 2 weeks and my whole side of my right head and face went completely numb. I went back to my doctor and he took me off of this, however, i had to go to a nureology appointment and had to be put back on steroids because it pushed me into an excerbation. I did research on this drug and one of the sideeffects was it could cause people to have Multiple Sclerosis. I am sooo mad.

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  11. I used Chantix for 3 months, had a few wild dreams, quit smoking and it’s been 6 months. Glad my end result was positive.

  12. Please share this information on this page.

    I chewed tobacco for a number of years and I told my DR I wanted to quit. He rx’d me Chantix and within one week I was unsucessful at trying to hang myself in the garage. I was depressed and was in a frantic state of mind. I stopped Chantix and recovered in a couple of days drinking alot of water and cranberry juice. I have never had suicidal thoughts before. If there is a class action, count me me.

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  14. I have always been careful of prescription drugs, usually opting to manage without antibiotics, pain medication, etc., whan at all possible.

    I discussed Chantix with my physician and decided to try it. I took it for 45 days (approx.April-July 2007). I did not smoke, dealt with the minor nausea and bit of gassiness that was a mentioned side-affect. What took me 3-4 weeks to notice was the growing sense of irritability and depressed feelings. Worst of all was a complete loss of my sense of smell and taste. I would constantly be in tears from frustration and anger. My sense of taste and smell has always been an accute asset for me. I also began hearing a loud ringing in my ears that sounded like a high-pitched hum. I stopped the Chantix on the 45th day and told my doctor. I threw out the rest of the prescription. I had 90 days worth.

    After 3 months I regained enough of my sense of taste and smell to allow me to eat meals with some normalcy. I had fluctuated between eating until I felt full, which was not satisfying, to just not wanting to eat at all. The ringing in my ears has only become worse. The mixture of depression,irritability and lethargy cost me the best job I’ve ever had. I’m simply no longer the same person. I have always been a strong and upbeat person.

    I warned friends about taking Chantix. Until now, I was unaware that there were others who were even more strongly and adversely affected than I. It helps to know that what I was going through wasn’t a delusion. It has been difficult enough as it was. Losing your will and motivation to be functional is pretty debilitating.

    This drug needs to be taken off the market. Rather than attempts to price smokers out of the habit or brow-beating them into extinction, why not let the tobacco companies fund cessation programs that have proven effectiveness without the risk.

    The FDA needs to think more of the patient and less for the pill-pushing drug lords. I cringe when I see the thousands of televised drug ads. It seems they have far more contraindications than benefits. We need pharmaceuticals that do more good than harm, otherwise, the only benefit goes to the seller.

  15. I have been on Chantix for 2 months I have a constant ringing in my ears like a high pitch dog whistle. It wont go away. I also have high blood pressure now.

  16. I have taken chantix twice in the last 6 months, the first time I took it for about a month, I had dizzy spells, I ask my doctor about it and he said the dizzy spills were due to nicotine withdrawl, I started smoking again and quit chantix. The second time I started taking chantix, I was on it for about two weeks, I had a seizure while driving my vehicle and did some real damage to my truck, I was in the hospital for two and half days, while in the hospital I was tested for stroke (MRI) and for any other brain damage, (EEG), and heart problems (EKG), all tests were negitve, there were no problems found, the neurologist said that it was quite possible that chantix was the problem, right now I’m not driving for a month to make sure that I don’t have another seizure, I have thrown the rest of the chantix away, and have had no other dizzy spells, just a lot of pain from being in the wreck.

  17. I am looking for Chantix users that have been affected with Malignant Hypertension as I believe I have been. I used Chantix for only 2 weeks and weaned off. I quit smoking for a year but started smoking again. Bad move I know. I was on minimal blood pressure meds prior to taking Chantix. For eleven smoke free months I developed Malignant hypertension and require 12 pills a day spread over 8 hours of four different types. Prior to that I was on a single pill each day. I feel lucky to not have had mental problems. Having weird dreams scared me to start weaning off. I had heard in a blog this was the only thing that helped in some cases.
    In all fairness, I did gain some 20 lbs over a years time but am now back to a normal weight and smoking again. I don’t think I will ever get my blood pressure controlled again. Best luck to you,

  18. Started Chantix in July 2008 after a few weeks I started to become short of breath did not have enough air to finish what I was saying. Ended up in the ER MRI of the chest were clear, given in halers and breathing treatments but nothing helped. Sent for MRI of my brain 2 x MRI of my spine, thyroid biopsy, ultra sounds of my neck, swallowing and voice tests.. Sent to a pulmonologist who sent me to a endocrinologist who sent me to an ENT x 4 different doctors who sent me to a neurologist who thought I had MS so he sent me to a MS specialist who does not think it is MS but maybe myasthenia gravis, bulbar palsey, brisk jaw jerk. I currently am still short of breath, experience nasal escape, slurring when I speak, my voice is raspy, can not yell, blow out a candle, have dificulty swallowing, choke often. If I get emotional laughing, crying or angry I have neck pain. My throat will constrict and I can not speak until I relax. I had none of these issues prior to using Chantix and was in good health. There is still no diagnosis for my problem still seeing many doctors. All the above mentioned problems are the negative side effects of Chantix that are rare. Almost 8 months later and more money than you can imagine for the cost of my appointments, treatments, tests, and medications that do not work.

  19. I was on Chantix for a little less than one month. I had gas, nausea, slight depression, was tired all of the time and irritable.
    Then I was arresteed for trespassing. I was completely aggitated and argueing with a police officer.
    I am 44 years old, never been in trouble and certainly have always respected law enforcement.
    I was out of my mind. It was humiliating and the most awful experience of my life.
    I would never recommend this drug. I know many that have used it successfully, but my experience has scared me from ever taking any medication that is not needed to save my life.
    If I am lucky, this arrest will not ruin my career.

  20. I took Chantix about 18 months ago, I was only able to take it for 30 days I had become very nauseated, vomited weak and dizzy. I had called my health care provider and was instructed to give the medication some time and I would feel better. In January 09 I suffered my first Grand mal seizure. In March 09 I had my second seizure. All tests are negative (CT,EEG). I have since lost my drivers license, which is not a bad idea considering. I am a nurse without income now. Since starting Keppra I now think I have figured out my aura prior to seizures by process of elimination. Severe nausea, dizziness I often associated to Motion sickness when I was in a vehicle either as a driver or passenger. Had I known Chantix would do this I would have remained a smoker or found another way….

  21. I started taking Chantix in Feb. ’09. I got the gas, nausea, stomach pains and strange dreams. I completed 2 weeks and still had no desire to quit smoking and had a constant pain/ache in my left eye. I was also irritable and anxious. My doctor said it could take months to take effect and to keep on taking it. The day I tried to quit I nearly lost my mind. I have sinced stopped taking it. The patch seems a lot calmer and more effective way for me. I still sometimes get the pain behind my left eye.

  22. I just quit taking Chantix last week, I had all the minor side effects that most everyione else has. No stroke or suicide attempts though. I would consider what I went through would be normal for something that makes me quit a habit I’ve been doing for 15 years. The only thing I didn’t expect was my face to break out so bad that I think I’ll have scars! My teenage years are far behind me, so this was not a normal thing for me at all. Anyone else have a facial skin reaction like such???

  23. I have been on Chantix for 3 weeks. I have some nausea and some vivid dreams. In the beginning I was tired and a little anxious. On day 3 of taking Chantix I started having ringing in my ears. Will this stop? I hope so. I can tolerate it if it helps me stop smoking.

  24. I have been on Chantix for 2 1/2 weeks. I have ringing in my ears that started on day 3. Will it go away once I stop taking Chantix? I hope so. It’s annoying. Otherwise Chantix is working .

  25. I started taking Chantix in Feb. and stopped taking it in April. It worked great. I noticed some irritability but attributed that to withdrawals. But now, I feel more depressed even though I stopped taking it 2 months ago. I feel so glum I might consider seeing my dr for a anti-depressive! I’ve never felt this way before. Also, I haven’t seen anyone else bring up this issue but I’ve been having problems going to the bathroom. This began 4 weeks after I started Chantix. I’m not in pain or constipated; but I just dont go. I have to remember to take a laxative every 4-5 days. I thought it would stop over time but this is crazy. If anyone else has these issues, please post. I really wanted to quit, but this makes me wish I never had!

  26. I took Chantix from Dec. 2006 until April of 2007. I had no side affects during that time except trouble sleeping and strange dreams. It has been in the last two years that I have experienced mood swings, fatigue, depression, unprovoked fits of rage and sleeplessness. I have days I can hardly function. I did quit smoking for a period of approximately 6 months but then the desire returned as strong as before. What I go through now on a daily basis was not worth that 6 months of not smoking. I would give a lot to have never tried Chantix and feel like I have this last two year.

  27. I took Chantix for 8 month before I was able to stop smoking for good. It was the best thing I have ever done in my life. NO side effects except vivid dreams. I am so happy I have that monkey of my back that I can not even imagine to ever want to smoke another cigarette. I was a heavy, 2 packs a day, smoker for 50 years.

    Barbara’s complains. I don’t know… But
    I believe a lot of people like to complain and make other people , things or circumstances responsible for their own misery. Just a victim. No need that way to take responsibility for their behavior.

    You see , I had carrots to eat the week before my last head cold. Can’t prove there is a connection but can’t dispute that I got my head cold AFTER eating those carrots. Besides, if there is a law suit…. I’m in.

  28. I was taking this medicine for about 2months and i developed a nasty rash or some kind of skin thing and i stopped taking the chantrix., doctor said they didn’t know what it was and it has not gone away not even a little. I also have some other issues with moodiness and sleeplessness. I also have irritability and concentration issues now.

  29. Itook chantix on 2 differrernt occasions,had terrible dreams,gained weight,neausia,had thoughts of sucide,yes I would be in lawe suit

  30. I feel this medication isnot good for anyone

  31. My 42 year old son took Chantix in the spring of 2008. Had all the symptoms listed above and then some. Was hospitalized in August of 2008, terrible choking spells, bad speech – had stomack feeding tube
    inserted for 5 months; diagnosed with myathemia gravis. He is
    presently being treated at Massachusetts General Hospital for the
    mathemia gravis and other related causes.

  32. I started Chantix in January of this year. I am a 33 year old mother of 2 girls. Since starting the chantix I noticed a mojor increase in anxiety, I was always depressed, tired feeling sick. As a result of this I have split with my husband of 13 years who I began treating horrible, I treated alot of people horrible, and this is not a usual behavior from me as I was always a kind and big hearted person. My Doctor met me for the first time and highly recommended it to me without even giving me the chance to say no, not knowing any of my medical history or results of any of my blood work. I know that the cause of all of these actions are from this chantix, because I have never suffered any of these symptoms prior to this and have not stared any new medications except for the chantix.

  33. Waited 23 years to have my first baby and when she was 3 days old I started on Chantix. I was depressed, hateful and thoughts of suicide were in my mind constantly. I could not sleep, had no appetite and did not care about my appearance or my home. My husband aslo began taking it. He had strange, vivd dreams that meant he got not sleep and felt as if he were having a heart attack. We were both lifeless. At one point he said we were being mean and hateful after we started on this drug to try to improve our health. Without the help of a friend to talk to, I believe I would have ended up dead on this pill. I felt crazy and completely hopeless and worthless the entire time. I still have bouts of depression and feel I will never recover from this nightmare called chantix.

  34. It is essential that if you are ALREADY on anti-depressive drugs you DO not take Chantix. I did when there was no information out (NEW lable just came out 7/9) on the side affects of this drug. I not only got suidical, severe depression, loss of vision, menopause yet these symptoms lasted for almost ONE YEAR. I lost 8 lbs in one month. My doctor did NOT have access to information regarding the side affects to the drug until the second visit I had with him, thus, I had to suffer even longer. It took a long time for my doctor to find a right combination of medication as I believe Chantix changed my neuropathways (almost a year). I PRAY/HOPE/ASK that attorneys consider widening their citeria for a class action law suit (right now it is just for the family of those who killed themselves or if you actively attempted suicide) I was going to check into a hospital, looking back, I would have to be a part of this suit as my life was drastically altered for one year. This is PAIN AND SUFFERING.
    Be careful and read the LABLE carefully. ALL SIDE AFFECTS even those that are rare!

  35. Lisa, please be careful with your words. Check out THE FDA, the labeling process, how Chantix is not being dispensed that much anymore, how people REALLY DID KILL THEMSELVES from this drug – it has been proven.

    I am not law suit happy. I just had surgery. I have pain/suffering etc yet I am not wanting to sue my doc.

    Please be careful with your words. I say this in a respectful way. I am glad you did not have any bad side affects, please do not put those down that did. Do you want the documentation from the eye doc that I COULD NOT SEE? and he put it down to Chantix?

    So, please I ask you to be sensitive to those who might have had a problem with this drug. Again, congrats on being smoke free.

  36. My husband took the chantix for 4 1/2 months, and i was fearing for my life at this point. I called the doctor and told him that he needed to be taken off of this medican as he was very aggressive, depression , angrey all the time. I read the small print on the paper and it stated that if you have had depression in the past, you should not take this medican. 5 years ago my husband had a #10 on the scale of 1-10, depression , Why did his doctor give it to him? My daughter and i suffered greatly. Now that he is off the medication he is getting back to normal. Call me if you need my statement in your lawsuit.

  37. had 2 seizures taking this drug ruined my life lost driving licence for 12 months and just got my second ban for further 12 months take my advice dont take this drug

  38. Dear Lyn, William, and John,
    I have had a similar experience as you all when I took chantix. I started taking Chantix in January and initially found it helpful; however, I had a seizure while driving my car and I was severely injured and in the hospital for quite a while. Thankfully no one else was hurt. I am discussing my case with an attorney and whether Chantix caused my seizure.
    I would like to learn more from other people about their experience with Chantix. I’d appreciate any other comments you may have and if you have any questions or if I can be of any help, please let me know!

  39. Day4…….All is well…….Reduction in smoking……..positve!!! side effects none so far.

  40. I started taking Chantix March 11th ’09 and successfully quit smoking. On May 25th, I had what I can only call a psychotic break – my thougts were paranoid and illogical. My husband researched the side effects of Chantix and suggested I stop taking the medication.

    I stopped taking the medication on May 26th and have been depressed ever since. I’ve been taking an anti-depressant for about a month and a half and this will hopefully get me over this ‘hump’. I hope these feelings are temporary and I’ll be feeling my normal, happy self soon.

    I haven’t seen any information on the duration of the psychological effects after stopping the drug.

    I am happy to still be smoke free, and staying vigilant so I stay that way. However, I would NOT have taken this drug had I known what toll it would take on my feelings of well being. To think it was elective ….

  41. I started taking Chantrix in December 2008 I remained on the drug for the perscribed 3 months. I did stop smoking but I have developed anxiety, I can only sleep 3 or 4 hours and wake up with a major sense of dred and fear for no reason… I know that the cause of the anxiety is from Chantix, because I have never suffered from anxiety prior to this and have not stared any new medications except for the Chantix.

  42. My husband started taking Chantix at the end of February. By the middle of March he was mean and nasty. By April his behavior became bizarre – almost childlike, then he went into what I call the “twilight zone”. I looked at him several times and wondered if anything was left upstairs. This summer he has spent $10,000 of retirement money on vacations for him. He was on it for a total of 5 1/2 months to my knowledge. I have no idea since he lies (never was a liar before chantix) and sneaks around. If I can believe him he has been off of it for 6 weeks and still displays odd behavior. I have no choice now but to file for divorce after 20 years. I cannot live with the insanity this drug has caused. I wrote the FDA in July and told them to get this drug off the market. Terrible, terrible drug!

  43. I’ve been on this terrible drug for 3 months. I’ve always been a cheerful, chipper person…not anymore. I lost my boyfriend of 8 years becasue of the way that I have been. I have never been one to even concider suicide, but I had it all planned out. I was giving away everything I owned, even signed the title of my car over to my son. My friends finally had an “intervention” with me to try to make me see what I was doing, because I didn’t even realize it. Not to mention that I was becoming very violent…I have never been one to want to hurt anyone. I am slowly getting myself off this awful drug. It should not be on the market. Yeah, the drug does work, you stop smoking, only because your DEAD from taking your own life. I definately want to be in the lawsuit!

  44. The FDA needs to research these drugs more thoroughlly, as well as doctors taking the side effcts seriously. I have siezures, and at the time I was given chantrix 2 yrs ago was on two anti-convulsants, I was having trouble finding the ‘right’ one, but knowing my history told me the chantix was completly safe? I stopped taking it after the first month, I knew something was wrongw/ it. Highly dangerous for those prone to seizures, this info was not out in jan’07- I researched chantrix just after I satarted to take it- hmm. Who do you blame? I felt that it wasn’t reacting well w/ me or my other meds- or something, thnk GOD I took myself off- always do your own research, and trust youur gut. Big comps want their money.

  45. I took Chantix for 6 weeks and it seem to work well. I noticed that it made cigarettes taste bad. That helped. I quit taking the perscription and developed flu like symtoms and had a complete loss of smell. My Ear nose an throat doctor examined me and did all the tests. He said there was nothing that could be done and just to hope your sense of smell returns. Its now be a year and I have not been able to taste anything. Ive heard that others have experienced this same effect after taking Chantix. My life has been miserable and the joy of dinner out and eating has gone. Im so distressed that I would join anyone in a class lawsuit against Pfizer for not warning smokers that this effect could happen to them.

  46. Has anyone else experienced a drop in blood pressure after taking Chantix? I am on Chantix and it is working great except one thing, roughly 15 -20 minutes after taking a dosage my blood pressure drops to the point of me almost passing out. After about another 15 minutes my blood pressure stabalizes and I go on about my day, until the night dosage, then same thing happens. Now I have low blood pressure anyways, normally 102/60. Does this happen to anyone else? The slight depression,wacked out dreams and nasea I can deal with but not the blood pressure thing anymore.

  47. I began taking Chantix before any side effects were mentioned, except nausea, which I did experience. I took Chantix from August 2007 through November 2007. I fought, and continue to fight, a constant battle to not smoke. It has been three years and those have been three very agonizing years. It began with depression, which I didn’t believe was a real medical problem, until then. Since then I have been through several different anit-depressants and sleeping medications. I have become a different person than I used to be. I was always happy, strong and took care of my own problems. I used to think that people that thought of suicide were just weak, but I have come to realize that those thoughts are something you have no control over. I have not committed suicide or tried to, but my whole life has changed since taking Chantix and it has all been documented with my doctor. Just because I am not dead or in a long care facility because of trying to commit suicide, does not mean than my life is not totally different. I want things to go back like they used to be, but I am coming to the conclusion that will never happen. I have also lost one good job and about to lose another if things don’t turn around quickly. If Chantix worked for you, I am truly glad for you, but as for me, my mental state is still in shambles after three years.

  48. i took chantix in 2008 my doctor precribed it for me because i had been a smoker for over 30 yesrs and really wanted to quit .. upon a couple days of taking this pill i began to,have very vivid and horrible dreams . dreams wich included harming people i loved and harming myself !! i had never ever had such dreams in the past !! then i started to notice a change in my behaviour i became impatient and nasty and lost my temper easily and blew up at my husband and son all the time .. my son and i went down to the shore for the weekend and spent the weekend in my fathers condo wich is on the 16th floor i found myself wanting to jump out the window for no reason what so ever i was not depressed or suicidal ever before in my life .. i have had a very eventful life and had many unpleasant things happen to me that i would honestly say would maker a person without a strong mind want to end it all !! i always had the desire to keep going and over come any and all things in my life while taking this drug i had no control over the way i thought and felt it was horrible !!!! and the worst part of it all was i did not quit smoking !! i recently have as of 3 months ago but in had to pay a hpnotist 250.000 to make me stop !! the precription for the chantix cost alot of money and i have no heatlth insurance this should be taken off the market !! yet i see they are still asvertising it on tv !! what a crime !!

  49. Hi my name is karen i do not recomend anyone takin this drug it makes you CRAZY . I had the perfect realationship and why i was takin chatix one day i went off for know reason and messed up alot of his things and dont remember doing it now im in the courts and i never been in trouble before in my life i am 37.

  50. I started taking Chantix in April of 2008. I quit smoking on May 11, 2008. While taking Chantix I did have the vivid dreams and lack of sleep, but no major side effects. I was smoke free for 1 year and 3 months. During this period, honestly, i have never felt better. I continued to work out at the gym and I felt great. My relationships with friends and family stayed strong, if not stronger. I slipped up in August of 2009, and as of September I started smoking again. I am ready to quit again and considering taking Chantix for the second time. Not sure if the side effects will differ the second go round. I see alot of negative comments about this drug, but it did work for me and i was a successful non-smoker for over a year and I couldn’t have felt better during that period.

  51. severe mood swings,
    addiction and with drawl symptoms to and from chantix, aggressive behavior, physical aggression to other people, severe depression, many terrible physical side affects, anger, aggressive thoughts, suicidal thoughts, terrible exhaustion, nervousness, panic attacks. anxiety attacks. this all started in the second week of taking chantix and not all at once did these symtoms happen. everyone is different and reacts different, apparently i am very sensitive to chantix. i still feel awful after a week off of chantix, I
    =my ear still rings.

  52. I took Chantix in Dec.07, for a couple of weeks. I was visiting my daughter and her family, three Grand Children. I began to behave like a crazy person, had horrible nightmares, depressed, in a rage, scared my poor Grand Kids to death, as well as my poor daughter. Of course no one knew why Grand Mother suddenly lost it and seemed like a demon. It was the most embarassing and crazy thing I have ever experienced. They will never forget it and my daughter is still angry with me, not knowing why I acted so crazy. I am so mad. This is a very destructive drug, in my opinion. I was so depressed and felt so helpless, constanly thought of ways to end my existance. Without my kids, and in this way to end my relationship with them, it is too much for one single Grandma to handle. This is a crime. Be careful with what you put in your body. No one really cares about your well being. It’s all about money. This was very expensive. I wanted to quit smoking, having a strong desire to be around when my Grandkids were much much older, and watch them grow into wonderful adults. I’m just heart sick.

  53. I stated having spell of flashes in my eyes at times I almost lost vision in both eyes it would last around 5 minute at first I did not connect this with the Chantix. Then it stated occuring more often I stopped taking the Chantix. It statred gettings less frequent, I have been off Chantix for 8 months now and still having bouts of semi blindness with strob light effect in my right eye needless to say I have made an appointment with an eye Dr. Please anyone taking this medication watch for these side effects. I have always had 20 / 20 vision and this scares me to death!

  54. Thankfully it doesn’t appear that the side effects have hit me as severely as others, but my decision to stay away from this drug will remain firm..

    I began Chantix a few weeks ago. It has helped to stop the nicotine fits that come along with over 30 years of puffing. However, my problem is the SEVERE nausea that I get when I take it, especially in the morning. I also have been extremely irritable and anxious. My poor 10 year old thinks I am psycho! I have noticed that I have been forgetting things often since starting this prescription. These are not normal traits for me. Some comments I have read say that certain people can’t sleep, I am the exact opposite. Wake up in the morning not even remembering how I got to bed the night before. I am not a drug addict OR alcoholic. I find this and all these comments very unsettling. Unfortunately, as many are, I am wiithout health insurance now and unable to discuss this with my doctor. Hopefully I will get back to normal soon, and remain a non-smoker. Be nice to get some of my money back since this prescription is VERY expensive.

  55. i took chantix for about 6 months. I have had depression and mood swings in the past was diagnosed with bipolar disorder about 10 years ago mainly depression though but never have i felt or acted the way i do since taking this drug. my dr gave me chantix to stop smoking i did aftr 2 weeks of bein on it but that came with a price. i became severely nauseated immediately when i started takn it. I had no taste in my mouth, was having very vivid nightmares. after about a month on the drug i became a different person aggitation for no reason, irritability towards anyone and everyone, severe mood swings, weight gain, i had and still have suicidal thoughts, paranoia of which led to an attempted suicide, dont want to be around anyone severely depressed most of the time. i have tried every antidepressant every antipsychotic any drug that the dr says to try and it never works i dont want to be this way anymore i am a threat to myself and others right now goin to see my dr on monday what the drug chantix can do to a normal brain making u commit suicide and all imagine what it does to an unstable mind, i already had the bipolar then when i tried to get healthy and stop smoking all was well hadnt had any symptoms for 7 yrs before i took this medicine then the worst was brought out in me. Me my wife and kids have suffered deeply it has made our lives very hard difficult and painful. this drug will make u a monster and needs to be taken off the market

  56. Two hospital stays in 2008.

    Jan. ’08 – - taken by ambulance in middle of nite w/heart attack symptoms, fever, and severe low stomach pain and throbbing headache. Stayed one week. Was put on morphine and oxygen while undergoing every test possible from head to toe. Written off as possible “virus.”

    May ’08 – - took drive to Walgreen’s. Purchased 3 bottles of sleeping pills and mini-diabetic razors, drove to rural area, parked on a used car parking lot, wrote short note to loved ones, downed over 240 pills, woke up six days later in ICU surrounded by family, as I was being taken off the vent/respirator. Last rites had been given.

    Spent time in psyche unit. Ostracized by all who thought they knew and loved me, babysitting rights for my six grandchildren, were taken away and the mental pain/anguish was so profound, I’d wished I had succeeded.

    That was 18 months ago and I am still healing. Thank God my rights have been returned with regard to my grandchildren, I’m back at my job which I’ve loved for the past 22 years, and I know, as I look back, I was NOT myself for several months. I had filled back/back two complete scripts, and was also on Zoloft for 10 years prior.

    I was a closet smoker, smoking 4 to 6 cigs per day and my mom was the only one who knew I was on Chantix. I PRAY for Pfizer to be found guilty of literally messing w/people’s minds…when all they really wanted to do was quit smoking!! I pray for my day of vindication. DON’T TAKE THIS DRUG. I WAS IN ANOTHER WORLD FOR A LONG, LONG TIME AND IT WAS NOT A GOOD PLACE TO BE.

  57. Wow..I looked this up to see if ringing in the ears was a side effect and found that many other people have had this from chantix too. I have been takin it for 37 days now and i did quit smokin. I have been breakin out in hives everyday for about 3 weeks now. I thought i was doin good on chantix until i read all of these comments. Now i dont think i will take it anymore. I thought my hives were not caused by this drug because they didnt start until after i had been takin it for 2 weeks. But i am convinced now that the ringin in my ear and the hives are caused by the chantix. Im really glad it helped me quit smokin, but these side effects i can do without. I am seeing my dr. today to see if he believes the same. However i do think i am done with the chantix, I just hope my ear gets back to normal quick and that these hives go away. Ugh. This is scary. Im glad i didnt have all these crazy side effects that others have had. Im crazy enough with out chantix makin me crazy. lol. Good luck to all of you who are goin though a rough time from chantix.

  58. Cases in vermont chantix med.

  59. You know, I’ve read these posts and can put alot of these complaints to anything from post partum depression to nicotine withdrawal. If you read the symptoms of nicotine withdrawal you’ll probably be surprised to know that they are the same as the “warning” of Chantix. This drug has helped so many people that will not get on these websites. You tend to hear from the ones who like to complain and not the ones who have had great success with it, although there are a few on this board. Be informed about chantix, talk to your doctor about the meds you take and whether or not it will interact and go into it with a positive attitude. I am already and have been on antidepressants for many, many years and Chantix is not making me suicidal, mean or anything else. I am also extremely sensitive to meds so I take half the recommended dose. Know youreself and know the affects of nicotine withdrawal before you start thinking that it is the drug. Nicotine will not clear out of your system without side effects. Why would you think it would?

  60. I took a full round of Chantix from July to October, 2009. I experienced some of the minor side effects that most everyione else has, however no stroke or suicide attempts. I would consider what I went through to be perfectly normal for something that makes me quit a pack-a-day habit I’ve been doing for 30 years. I’ve quite smoking so many times that quitting makes me depressed!!!! I work in the pharmaceutical industry and did not take the “warnings” on the Chantix label lightly. I told my family and friends (and anyone that would listen) that I was starting the drug and that they needed to tell me if I appeared to have a personality change (afterall.. how would I know)? I made a specific point NOT to watch anything scary or crime related on television before bedtime – I did everything to take the warnings on the box literally. The nausia was tough, but I soon realised that taking it with a cup of coffee was a stupid thing to do. I only took the drug directly after a FULL meal. Took care of that problem! It’s important to note that my doctor allowed me to try Chantix because it is an depressant. I can not take Anti depressants as THEY make me anxious and extremely hostle! There was a drug on the market a few years ago (an antidepressnt) that was being marketed as a stop smoking drug. I experienced all the symptoms most of you wrote about taking THAT pill. Keep in mind that just because the FDA approves a drug does NOT always make it “safe” – remember Phen Phen? The weight loss drug? It was pulled from the market 20 years AFTER being released by the FDA). I think before taking any drug it’s important to evaluate yourself, know your own past history and be honest with it, weather it’s depression or anger, and heed the warnings on all labels! I’m truly sorry for everyone who wrote on this site that Chantix did not work for you, but keep trying to quit – afterall, Ciggaretts will be ultimately what kills us in the short run and THAT won’t be pretty either!

  61. STOP TAKING THIS DRUG if you are on it, and tell your friends and family to stop it, too. I am a therapist dealing with a family who lost their patriarch, a wonderful, cheerful man, to suicide after 28 days on this horrible drug. He was not depressed, no history or any indication of any psychiatric symptoms. DO NOT TAKE CHANTIX!!! Taper off your smoking, try hynosis or Zyban, chew gum, but do not take this drug! Your life is worth it! I would rather see people smoking than DEAD!!!

  62. To those that posted here that are paid by the drug companies to uphold their image, grow a conscience.

    This is a drug that need to be taken off the market and quite frankly I feel that it has been nothing more than a mind control experiment on the masses, grossing millions of dollars for the drug companies.

    I took Chantix for two and a half weeks in October 2009. I experienced typical withdrawal symptoms which were expected, yet I went into a severe depression, insomnia, stomach aches and nausea, had vivid hallucinations (ie. clowns with sharp teeth next to me in the room), very vivid dreams, pain in my left eye (so bad I could not read for my classes), strobe light vision in my right eye (to the point I thought I may go into a seizure), skin rashes and itching, and went into a rage on Halloween. I lost my relationship due to the rage, could not focus enough on my classes and failed the semester and lost my financial aid, could not focus on my volunteer work nor had any will or confidence to get gainful employment and had to move home with my mother – yikes. A past trauma also resurfaced with a vengeance.

    Now, two and a half months later I am feeling “normal” again. I have stayed away from prescription drugs all my life due to the warnings of side effects, yet, I felt that I needed help. It was not worth it in my case. I wish i would have done research on the effects.

    Best or recovery for everyone and advocate the recall or this drug and that no one takes it. It is too risky.

  63. PLEASE do NOT take this medication! While attempting to quit smoking, Chantix was prescribed to me on a few different occasions by 2-3 different doctors. I tried to take the medication on several occasions in an attempt to quit smoking (and thinking it was just bad timing at that particular point in my life). On every occasion, after about 2 weeks on the drug, I became a different person; very agitated for no reason, irritability towards anyone and everyone, intense mood swings, weight loss, shakiness, I had suicidal thoughts, I didn’t want to be around anyone…. not family, friends, no one… I did not leave my apt for a long time. My best friend had a baby during one stint on the medication and I couldn’t bring myself to even leave my apt to visit her. I had horrible dreams on this medication and extreme nausea. I was severely depressed and although I have quit taking Chantix, I still do not feel like my old self. The events that took place in my life while taking Chantix are extremely disturbing but I don’t feel I would have ‘given up’ so easily if I was in my normal/unaltered state of mind. I have been on a mild anti-depressant for many years and NEVER abused any of my medications; however, while taking Chantix, I repeatedly had suicidal thoughts and in July 09, I ended up overdosing on my normal medications. By the time I arrived at the hospital, my BAC was .555. Please keep in mind I only weigh about 115lbs. Anything over .35 is considered lethal. As a result, I was hospitalized for 3 days. My job was in jeopardy, my family and friends left stunned, and I could not believe my own actions. I do not remember the 2-3 days leading up to the overdose, nor do I have a memory of being rushed to the ER. I only know that I did not get out of bed bc my neighbor had a key and came to check on me. “Severe depression” really doesn’t do justice to what I experienced while taking Chantix. I have warned numerous friends and family not to take it. This drug should be taken off the market and especially not promoted on TV!! I wish I would have known how much this drug interferes with your normal brain function. I would have NEVER taken it!! My life has truly been negatively affected and I still feel ‘broken’… I’m still trying to get back to myself.

  64. I started taking Chantix shortly after it came out in Dec. of 06. Soon after I started taking it I had headaches so bad I thought my head would explode. It felt like there was a vice on my head. In jan. 07 I started throwing up,had a very bad pain in my chest,then I felt like I was having a heart attack. The whole left side of my face was numb along with numbness down my left arm. I had a very high-pitched ringing in my head. After getting ti the emergency room the doctors told me I had very high blood pressure(which was always low).I was put on blood pressure meds,Imder,plavix and given a script for nitro. Several months later I had an MRI for the ringing in my head. The MRI showed that I now have aschemic vessels in my brain which I believe is what is causing the ringing in my head and the high blood pressure. Another side effect was shooting pains in my eyes. After several months I had to get glasses because I could no longer see to drive. It is now Jan 2010 and I am still suffering from these problems. The ringing in my head has never gone away. That sound is in my head every second of my life. I have had to get stronger blood pressure meds. I cant even guess how much money I have spent on docter copays,med copays. The worst thing is that the doctors won’t even agknowledge that the chantix could be the problem. Chantix was supposed to attack the nicotine receptors in the brain, my question is: what other receptors did it attack?

  65. i took chantex for the first time in december 2009 thought i had a sinus infection headaches lasted for days so. i decided to stop taking it after only 5 days .. headaches persisted for weeks .. then i started taking them again on jan 27 2010 on feb 3rd I had a stroke. I am only 36 never had medical issues before had every test under the sun ran on me with no answer at all. If there was a law suit please count me in. im pissed VERY

  66. This drug almost ruined everything I have going for me right now. I heard about it from commercials and I thought it was worth a try and that I probably won’t become suicidal or depressed considering I have taken antidepressants that have had similar side effects and never felt the side effects. But, Chantix absolutely will give you awful side effects. I was horribly mean the first night I took it. And it took the person I love leaving me for me to realize how mean, paranoid, and depressed I had become. Luckly I immediately got off of this drug and am working towards salvaging this relationship. I will tell anyone, do not take chantix! Its better to smoke and be happy!

  67. Please don’t allow anyone you know (or yourself) to take this drug. My cousin died while taking it. She had some very psychotic dreams too. This is not a safe drug.

  68. Sept. ’08 began Chantix. Stated feeling “weird” after about a month so I quit the drug. I began to have numbness in my hands and face, which by the end of the year was from my knees to my chest and and also feet. I was eventually diagnosed in February ’09 with Multiple Sclerosis. Before beginning the drug, Chantix, I reviewed the drug information which contained no mentioned of MS side effects. My life is now a daily struggle…spasms, dystonia, fatigue, numbness, and cognitive deficit, and pain.

  69. I started taking Chantix March 1, 2010. Felt dizzy and light headed when I first started. Second week started feeling nauseous and throwing up in the evenings after second dose. Third week nausea and vomiting blood, I constantly feel nauseous and tired. Have cut down on smoking but the blood loss is getting worse. I will discontinue not worth the risk.

  70. My story is way to long to write on here … I took Chantix 3 years ago. My last cigarette was on April 30, 2007 at 10:40 a.m. and it has been a terrorizing, ever changing, continuiously worsening downward spiral of progressingly negative effects on my life and any one who is close to me ever since. My 20 year marriage just ended with the divorce being final January 26th. I am so far from the person I was that it takes everything I have some days to hold onto it.

    I know that Chantix has helped many people stop smoking and that is a truly wonderful thing, for my myself though, I would give almost anything to be able to go back to the day that I thought dying from smoking was the worst that I could imagine.

  71. I have been on Chantix a week now. I am 50 years old. Supposed to quit today. Here is the problem. I am am having homicidal and suicidal thoughts. Complete and utter mania. This is not me. I am a happy person. So do I up the dose and try to quit? I think I need to find another way to quit. This so called medicine is gonna kill me and or possibly others. The last 4 days have been a complete hell. I am so f***in mad at the FDA for letting this crap be on the market.

  72. im a 45 year old women, started taking chantix in july 2009 took it for 2 weeks then stopped. I have never had heart problems before, after stopping I was short of breath,dizzy, felt like i was going to pass out, and had very rapid heart beat of 125. this continued for a week then went to emergency room and was admitted to hospital. They were scared i was going to have a heart attack. Did all test and everything came back normal. Now almost a year later and still having rapid heart rate. been going to heart dr eversince, and still all test come back normal. So the only thing I can contribute this to is chantix.

  73. To all those taking this medication or considering taking this medication, please avail yourself of all the information on the internet about Chantix before you take the first dose. This is a very dangerous medication even though it seems to work for some individuals. Body chemistry seems to play a part in the efectiveness of Chantix and since all of us are different we experience different reactions to certain medications. The problem with Chantix is that the side effects can be deadly to certain individuals and crippling to others. Question your physician thoroughly before he gives you your first prescription. It can save your life. And stop taking Chantix at the first indication of any negative side effect. It could save you a lifetime of misery. In some circumstances, the remedy can be worse than the illness. I think this might be one of them.

  74. chantix isnt worth taking for any reason. it clouds your mind so bad you dont care about anything, i wish i could take back everything that i did on chantix,but i cant, and i have to live with it every day, and i cant forget all the anger and the abuse and the depression that i caused my loving family, i thank god that didnt lose them, they are very special to me, and i try to make it up to them every day.i couldnt live without them.

  75. I started Chantix on Feb 2, 2010. One week later I started having pain in my upper arms. I thought it was from crocheting, so I stopped doing my project. One month after taking Chantix I became very hostile. I wanted to hurt someone & myself. The feeling was horrible, I was telling myself to jump off my porch which was 3 stories high, but I wanted to jump off something higher so I didn’t. My doctor had me stopped taking Chantix and prescribed me Zanax. It’s been two months & my pain has not gone away. It has now traveled from my upper arms, to my neck, throat, back of my head causing headaches & now my lower arms. My primary doesn’t believe the pain was caused by Chantix. Well, I do but how do we prove it?

  76. I started chantix on March 27, 2010. I stopped it on April 10, 2010. My medical where acid reflux, so I thought quitting cigs would help me.I started having chest pains,pressurre, palpitation,and shortness of breath. My doctor wanted me to have a stress test. This was after a week I was on it. There was abnormality. My doctor wants to to now have a invasive test a heart catherization. I didin’t have these problems before I started taking chantix. My blood pressure has been always low. I am 41 years with no other issues. Has anyone recovered from these cardiac issues if so how lon g after taking it. My other issues where depression and rashes. I have never suffered with depression. I have always been an upbeat person but that all change 3 weeks ago. I wouldn’t mind hearing from other

  77. One of my best friends started on Chantix. She complained of headaches and then a week into it, she had a brain aneurysm, which they were able to repair. She continued to have brain spasms which resulted in them having to sedate her so much, she was put on a ventilator to breathe. The brain spasms stopped and they graduated her to a canula and feeding tube. She is currently in a rehab facility, but is still disoriented and prone to hallucinations. She is locked in her room because she cannot be trusted on her own. She is only 47!! It breaks my heart. Has anyone else experienced (or known someone who has experienced) a side effect this serious?

  78. I have been taking Chantix for 8 weeks and have not experienced any side effects other than painlessly quitting smoking after 16 years. Thanks Pfizer!

  79. @John

    Congratulations John. Perhaps you’re one of the lucky ones. But don’t count your chickens before they hatch. You’re still not out of the woods yet. Aside from the potential side effects you might develop, you have a good chance of going back to smoking once you stop the Chantix. Don’t pat Pfizer on the back just yet. You may end up eating your words.

  80. I took Chantix from Oct 2006 through Feb 4 2007 and now I have Disarthria which includes, heart problem, Thyroid, Facial palsy
    Swollen tongue. I will have to have a feeding tube soon because chocking. Chantix changed my life forever. I tell everyone not to take that drug you don’t know what it will do. I worked in Marketing for a local Radio Station, but I can’t talk clearly so I am on Disability

  81. started chantix april1, 2010. not smoking anymore but i am an emotional wreck. started to wean to qod may 16 and became severely depressed. crying, irritable, labile. called suicide hotlines, met with psychologist. then a friend noted the qod med correlated with qod breakdowns. past 10 days have been hell–wake up not remembering the day before, continuously crying, mean to boyfriend who is ready to give up on me, feeling detached. called pfizer and got cover your ass answers. called mental health hotline tonight about checking in. this is not my usual–i am an RN who spent a few years in behavioral health and feel like i am observing a depressed, psychotic patient. i am out of control

  82. My husband was taking chantix for awhile. He has become suicidal talking about dying all the time. Coming home in rages that is tearing his family apart. We cannot live with this behavior.He gets into trouble with the neighbors. One more rage and i’m done with this. The next day we tell him what he did and he doesn’t believe us. He thinks my son and i are conspiring to get rid of him. He is gone crazy. His friends describe him as having a mush brain. I had to have crisis put him into mental health hospital. I don’t know what were going to do. His doctor wanted him to take it for 2 years yeah right !!!
    maybe he should take it good luck to all the families that have been destroyed by this pill
    My husband survived a car accident with head trauma but this chantix is eating away his brain forever

  83. My son is a mess! Has anyone found anything that helps???? He has tried 3 different anti depressants, and nothing is helping. Has anyone sufferent mental problems, but are now back to normal??? WHAT NOW!!!! BESIDES SUING THE MANUFACTURERE WHAT CAN WE DO TO HELP????????????

  84. I started taking Chantix in January. I stopped in April. I havent smoked since. That’s the positive. The negative? Since I stopped taking it, I’ve been dealing with extreme iritibility, major depression to the point where I have days that I can’t get out of bed. This is completely out of character for me. I’m a very stong woman. Most days I cry for no apparant reason. I feel completely out of control. I’m not suicidal, but I do have days when I wish I wouldn’t wake up in the morning. I’m glad I”m not smoking, but It wasn’t worth what I’m going thru now. Im an emotional mess and I’m scared and hopefully I’ll pull out of it. Please don’t take the risk and use this drug.

  85. I have a Defibrillator because of congestive heart failure, and Disarthria from Chantix, I had a complete physical 6 months before I was hospitalized and my Doctor was shocked because there was no sign of anything on my EKG, and I have a speech problem, my tongue is swollen and moves all the time, and that Causes chocking

  86. I have never taken chantix but after reading all your stories I am depressed.

  87. i was taking chantix for 3 months, had trouble sleeping, could not get along with anyone. i have a boyfriend for about 13 years. and he told me if i did not taking it he would leave me, but he still loves me.he said i was a bitch and was acting like one to. and now i have high bp, and never had it in my life. and i am 40.and it made me sick all the time.and i am still smoking and still with the same guy. and got 2 grand children and i love them to death. dont know what to do about high bp afraid to take anything for it.

  88. I was on chantix Four years ago. It worked great the first month i was on it and then boom…….blackouts, outburst of anger that i dont remember, i always felt sad normally a very happy bubbly person. Drove over 280 miles and didnt know how i ended up where i did. Days lost due to blackouts. And still to this day i am totally not myself or who i use to be before Chantix. Dizzy spells still to this day never had them before chantix. Im 35 years and i think that chantix should be taken off the counter. I know that some people exsperiance nothing at all but the Large varity well that over weighs it. I wish i never took the drug cause i think part of me is gone forever cause of it:(

  89. I was able to stop smoking from day 1 (October 27, 2007) using Chantix. Like Lisa, I became constipated and stayed constipated. I went to gastro & digestive specialists for help and they couldn’t figure out my problem. I shared with each of them that the problem started while taking Chantix. I gave up on the specialist who really didn’t seem interested. For almost three years, I have had to take a laxative or two each day. In retrospect, I thought my aggression and unbecoming behavior was due to my health condition and the way I felt, but perhaps it to was a lingering side effect of Chantix. I still don’t smoke nor have a desire…stopped drinking too.

  90. i had taken champix for around the 9 week mark, when i had gone out with my wife to a wedding reception, yes i was drinking but not excesivly so, i remember the night up to around 10pm after that nothing except for waking up in the police cells the next morning in a paper police suit, it transpires that on the way home on the coach that had taken us there i had become aggressive verbaly with friends at first and then i just flipped i beat up and bit a chunck from one persons ear,when his wife tried to stop me i have attacked her also, causeing her to break her wrists, at the moment i am looking at a lenghty prison term because of this episode. i have to add that i have no recollection of any of this, can any of you please tell me of similar experences of uncontrolled rage and memory loss. this is not the first time in the 9 week period that i have experienced memory loss on these pills, but never before have i ever been this violent.please tell me i am not alone and that i am not going crazy.

  91. Dave- you are not alone, this is happening to alot of people. You need a good attorney who is education on this Chantix issue, it is becoming known to doctors, so it is not your imagination, this DEFINATELY is a result of taking Chantix.
    For everyone else writing, I spoke to my doctor today and he said that there is a “cure” so to speak. He said you do not just treat the symptoms, you need to go to a qualified phyciatrist who knows about chantix and there is medication you can take that will reverse the effects, he said it has to be a phyciatrist because they know about the brain and mental effects of chantix.

    If anyone has had good results from this please post it so that others can be helped. I would rather have a broken arm than a broken brain. But the good news is there is hope! Now that the medical field is finally realizing that there is a definate connection between chantix and the mental dissorders is has caused to perfectly normal people. DONT GIVE UP, GET HELP!!! Keep trying different shrinks until you find the one that knows how to treat it.

    Best of luck to all of you, you were trying to do something good for your health and then ended up with a far worse problem. My son took Chantix and now hates me, I am trying everything I can to find a way to “fix” him. I will keep all of you posted as I learn more to help you. Family memebers, please realize that this is not you loved one, this is someone who is severely hurt from this drug and love them and help them, dont give up on them. Would you walk away from them is they had cancer or aids???? No, I doubt you would. This is the same thing, they are sick, please dont desert them when they need your help the most. Make the calls, make the appoitments, do the research, help them. They are still inside somewhere, and you can help them come back.

  92. I smoked for 30 years and took chantix for 3 months in August I will be smoke free for one year. I don’t think I would have done it without the help from chantix I must have been one of the lucky ones.

  93. My dr perscribed me chantix i havent taken it yet, after reading all of this im scared too, i am on paxil for anxiety and i even asked him if i stop taking the paxil when i start the chantix he said no keep taking it. so now im confused


  95. I have been a smoker for 16 yrs. I started taking Chantix 12 days ago. I am having severe physical side effects. None of which are listed on the possible side effects list for this drug. My back around my rib cage and into my kidneys feels like it’s on fire and is even hot to the touch. My breasts are so sore and tender I cannot wear a bra and now my gums are terribly sore and bleeding when I brush or floss my teeth. I stopped the Chantix cold turkey yesterday (day 13), something is not here and I’m terrified after reading many different forums all night that these conditions may be permenant. Up to this point I have emailed my Dr and haven’t felt any changes in my mood. A bit irritable and pissed off at times but now this morning it’s hitting me hard, I’m crying uncontrolably… I feel like invasion of the body snatchers. I am a mother of three children under 10 years and I cannot continue down this path or I will not be able to care for them the way I used to. My husband is extremely concerned and I have no idea what to do.

  96. I quit smoking three years ago with the help of Chantix. I Think! I took Chantix for 11 weeks and the dreams were awful, one of the most terrifying dreams was when I utheninzed my niece. That was about 8 weeks into the program, I called my doctor the very next morning and he told me not to take the evening pill. It helped somewhat, but here it is 2 and 3/4 years later and the dreams are just as bad. I have seen a doctor about this but they say there is nothing they can do. Mood swings also affected me so I have been on an anti depressant since. Well the good thing i guess is it hurt too much to quit so I have no desire to smoke again.

  97. Sommer, at least you realized it and stopped taking it. If your doctor wont listen, find one who will. You are doing the right thing by reading all the blogs. Alot of people are going thru the same thing, but the good news is that it may not be permanate. I have been doing alot of talking and reading and now I am hearing more and more about ways to fix the problems. The hardest part was getting the medical field to realize that it is true and there definately is a connection to chantix. Now doctors are working on fixing these problems. So hang in there, dont be afraid, you have a loving family and a husband who cares. Talk to people, read everything you can, and most important find someone (a good doctor) who believes you and will work with you to undue the damage. I will be praying for you and the rest of the people suffering. You will get better. Dont give up! Your family needs you.

  98. i have been taking chantix for 3weeks now. I have been experiencing the ringing in the ears. I am down to about two cigarettes aday but would really like this ringing to stop. I would also like to know if anyone else has experienced this, “Is this one of the side of effects?

  99. I took Chantix 3 years ago and used it to quit smoking successfully. HOWEVER while i was coming off I noticed I HAD to WEAN myself down to 1/2 pills and 1/4 pills to not feel severe anxiety or like i realllllly wanted a cigarette MAD. Be very careful this is a strong drug that works with side effects for sure.

  100. Good Luck to all that have been suffering, my prayers are with you. I took Chantix for 10 weeks starting Feb 2010. I attended smoking cessession therapy with a trained conselor…(who was a HUGE Chantix Cheerleader)….I am sensitive to medications and I don’t even like to take advil so I was leary but convinced by the conselor that it would all be fine.(Little did I know at the time that Pfizer sponsers that program.) I Had the usual side effect to begin with, wild dreams, stomach upset, tiredness…but I quit smoking! Then, I started to feel like NOTHING mattered, life became really bleak at about 4 weeks in. People noticed the changes in my personality and were worried about my mental state. I was always a happy and vibrant person before that.I cut my dose in half and continued to fight to be a non-smoker, tried to stop taking chantix at 8 weeks, cold turkey. It was awful, terrible headaches and constant feeling of being sea-sick, wooshing noise in my ears and extreme sadness. So I called the conselor and she told me to get back on the meds asap….I did but only to gradually wean off and that was a liitle better. So as soon the medication was out of my system the urge to smoke was soooooooo strong. The sadness was overwelming, I wanted to feel happy again… and down the rabbit hole I went….back to being a smoker again. I know that I will quit again, but NEVER AGAIN with Chantix. I back to feeling excited about life and am planning my quit date with alternative methods this time. However…. now I have had to be put on high blood pressure medication that I have to start tonight, went to the DR a month and 1/2 ago and was told that my blood pressure was high and would return to normal when the Chantix was fully out of my system. Returned to the DR to check today and it was 147/102. A mere 8 months ago before the chantix it was consistantly 120/80. I am 39 and have not had any weight gain or lifestyle changes in those months. I also have not taken ANY other medications in this time. A horrible side effect from this nasty drug. I wish I had never taken it. SOOOOOOOOOOO NOT WORTH IT!

  101. I almost lost everything last summer. My other half and I both started Chantix together. Due to health reasons I was told I needed to quit smoking immediately and his doctors told him he should have quit a long time ago. Within 2 weeks we were like 2 different people. Snapping at each other, fighting all of the time, we had never been like that with each other before. He decided that we were better off ending things and being apart. This was too much for me to handle and I did something very out of character for me. I took 12 anti-depressants that were prescribed for me to help me sleep. I hand’t been contemplating suicide or anything like that, it just popped into my head to take the pills and I couldn’t think of anything else to do. After about 2 days we were sitting together talking and we both realized the same thing. Since we stopped taking the Chantix the day all of this happened it had started to work its way out of our systems and the people we were before started coming back out. It took about 2 months to get everything back to normal. He moved back into our apt., and now over a year later we are just as much in love as we were before we ever took the meds. We have made each other the promise of never even suggesting Chantix again. We were lucky. I didn’t die, he didnt do something stupid like get into a fight and get arrested, and we were able to get “us” back on track. This had not been my first time taking it. I had taken it for a few weeks about a year before and I had been smoke free for about 4 months. I had no side effects the first time so I didn’t expect them to happen. I almost lost my life, and we both almost lost the most true honest love anyone could ever imagine. Just to let you know, the paramedics, doctors, nurses, and social workers all asked me the same question. “Has you made any changes in your life or habits recently?” and when I told them we were taking Chantix to quit smoking they all said, “That probably was the biggest reason I took the pills and he turned into the angriest man alive.” I have seen us on and off of it, and I can without a doubt say, we are truly our best off of it. Yes we are still smoking but that is a small price to pay for getting our everything back to normal. It may not give us the longest possible life together, but at least we will spend what we have together.

  102. I’ve been taking chantix for 21 days. Ever since I started taking this medicine I’ve been having trouble sleeping as well as getting very easily aggravated. I will no longer take this junk after today. I attempted to swallow a bottle of pills. Had it not been for my husband I probably wouldn’t be here right now. I’m so thankful my kids weren’t here to witness this like my husband and my parents were. My husband was restraining me to keep from me hurting myself, I bit him several times. I was screaming at times crying at others and laughing as well. It ended when the police and ems showed up. I almost ended up in jail for biting my husband, instead they made me go with ems and tried to talk my husband into committing me. Thankfully my husband refused so I’m able to be back with my kids.

  103. I started taking chantix about 9 weeks ago and it has completly changed my life. I have quit smoking. I have had some awesome 3-d dreams,and nausea. Knowing that smoking is a direct result of anxiety. I talked to my dr. and decided I should also prepare in this process by taking anxiety medication, and modify my schedule to include exercise at a small scale. This balance has worked incredibily for me. I am smoke free, anxiety free, and I sleep better than ever. My life is so much better since Chantix. Thank you!!!!

  104. my husband took chantix from december 08 tomarch 09 on april1 o9 my husband committed suicide. My attorney says since he was off of it for over 30 days that i have no case. I wished my husband would have never felt the need to quit. I hope the makers and investors of this drug sleep well and I will pray for all who choose to use this drug

  105. internist put me on Chantix in January 07 and am still on it. She also prescribed Wellbutrin because I was worried about weight gain. Prior to these meds, I had never taken anything for depression. I see my Dr. for check ins and she continues to tell me that if the Chantix and Wellbutrin continue to work to just stay on them. My husband smokes and so I was worried that if I got off it, I would start to smoke again. My side effects have been all of the above over the course of the three and a half years that I have been on it. I have not only developed anorexia but am now at a psychiatric breaking point. I have an appt with a psychiatrist this week…after reading all of these comments I am so very worried about how long I have been on it. The last time I saw my internist she told me to see a psychiatrist and also had me sign a document (I am pretty sure it was a release of liability)because I shared with her my psychiatric fears but she did not take me off either the depressant or chantix. I am a healithy 30 year old and have always considered myself having strong willpower…my habits are the gym 5 days a week for the past 6 years and eating healthy but lately I have no willpower for the gym or eating healthy….add that to my anorexic thoughts and I am in hell. My statement is I have had increased psychological issues from about 3 months into taking chantix until now. I have a very supportive family and friend network who have all been concerned about me being on chantix but ultimately it was my decision to stay on it. I hope and pray that the psychiatrist is able to take me off these meds and that no long term damage has been done. I would like to know if anyone else has been on chantix as long as I have? This January it would be 4 years straight. Also, I have been very interested in reading about others issues with acne….I thought it was an age thing for me but now that I think about it….it started shortly after I started taking the chantix. I dont remember seeing that in the warnings? Also, my Dr. gave me xanax for the anxiety about two years ago and I have taken that only on an as needed basis.

  106. I took chantix several years ago and it worked wonderfully. Unfortunately I picked up smoking again, after trying to quit myself I went back to Chantix. The results were completely different, I had to stop it after 2 months because my anxiety was so high at times I could barely speak and couldn’t stop shaking. My anxiety has been continuously higher ever since even though I stopped taking it over 4 months ago. I’m consulting with my doctor to see if there is any way to get my anxiety under control again. I would recommend this to no-one.

  107. I was on Chantix when it first came out. Quit within first 10 days. I was smoke free for 4.5 years. Stupid me gave in during a weak moment 1.5 years ago & decided to try chantix again. I don’t mind the dreams, they’re entertaining :) Don’t mind the sense of taste and smell being sketchy as they will correct when Im done (and smokers don’t smell or taste stuff properlly anyhow). What I DO mind THIS time is the palpitations on my right temple…stopping Chantix tonight. For those who’ve had anneurisms or some “pulsing” in the brain, what were you told by your doctors? I have no insurance to see a specialist…

  108. I tried Chantix two times, first was in 2009 for 3 weeks. I quit it after 3 weeks because of GI upset, headaches and strange dreams.

    In the Spring of 2010, I tried it again, this time beginning with lower dosage (1/2 pill in the a.m.). The GI upset and headaches were not as bad, and subsided within a few days. It began alleviating my desire to smoke, and I was pleasantly surprized to learn that it also lowered my appitite. I thought, “A-ha this will be the ticket to become smoke free and lose weight at the same time!” At the two week mark, I increased to 1 pill in the a.m. My dreams became more frequent and vivid. I really hadn’t had much urge to smoke at the end of week two, but figured a couple of more days on the Rx and less frequent smoking wouldn’t hurt. In week three, I took 1 pill each morning a.m. and 1 pill every other evening, quit smoking, and felt very confident that this would be my final quit forever! I happily countinued to lose pounds, but developed ringing in my ears. At the one month mark, I increased dosage to 1 in the morning and 1 in the evening (as typically prescribed) and was smoke free (or so I thought). However, the ringing in my ears continued to annoy me horribly and my hair started falling out in clumps, so much that friends and family began getting worried that I was undergoing cancer treatments or something and was reluctant to tell them. Around the two month mark at the regular prescribed dosage I noticed that I was often easily frustrated, often angered over the smallest things, depressed, and combative with others (very unlike my “normal” self. After a rather large stupid fight with a close family member, I felled compleled to smoke again. Then quit taking Chantix. I’ve been free of it for about three months. My hair is beginning to grow back, my appitite and the pounds are up again, I’m still depressed, frustrated and easily angered, and the ringing in my ears continues! What is this stuff? And does research accurately measure “successful” folks?

  109. I hated to hear of all the suffering caused by chantix but at least I know I’m not the only one. I took chantix from september or october of 2007 through march of 2008 before the side effect warnings came out. During that time, among other things, I became aggressive, agitated, prone to “dark moods” and some would say downright hostile. At the time, I had been a supervisor at my job for 2 years but began getting write ups and talks about my “attitude” soon after starting chantix and gave up my supervisor position and soon after that, I walked off the job which is something I would have never considered up until then. I ended up taking a job elsewhere which came with a huge cut in pay. The(unknowing) doctor that prescribed it to me believed there was nothing in the chantix that could hurt me but even 2 1/2 years later, I don’t feel like I ever fully recovered from the effects of the chantix. I’m not one to file frivolous lawsuits and in fact have no idea how to do so however there are apparently alot of us that have suffered the negative effects of chantix and should be entitled to some sort of compensation.

  110. I told my husband I could’nt wait to hear this song by Usher he said we heard it already I told him no we did’nt and he flipped out cursing and extremely loud while on the road from NC to FL and this is not the only incident but after reading this wedsite comments its very scary since my husband take Chantix

  111. I have a Law suit. I have Heart Failure Thyroid problems, speech my tongue keeps me from eating. Has anyone else had this

  112. WOW My husband and myself have been smoke free for over one year. We have Chantix to thank. Yes we had a few problems while on the chantix. After we were off them the problems stopped. He had stomach upset and I had a mild headache. But we save over 100 dollars a week and our home smell nice all the time and our clothes smell good. I find smokers offend me. Sorry that you are all having problems. I can say this is a great drug.

  113. Hi, all. I was on Chantix for 2-1/2 months. Within 2 weeks of taking it, I became depressed, mad at the world, violent, aggressive and experienced what I consider to be episodes of psychotic behavior. I shoved my husband of 19 years so hard across the room that I threw out my back and had to see a chiropractor all because he went with a buddy and sang karaoke at the local bar down the street. (big whoop….we go to this bar all the time) This is SO out of character for me. I would also do things like throw plates full of food against the wall over minor disagreements. I was always yelling and screaming, cussing like a sailor…..just very, very mean and nasty. I tolerated the behavior, as did my family and friends, because I wanted so desperately to stop smoking. Once I was went off of Chantix, my life went back to normal again and I was no longer a neurotic ticking time bomb.

  114. My life has been like hell since Sept. 2008 That summer off and on I took Chantix. I was always sleepy, very anxious, confused and grouchy. I told my doctor who said to back off the dose which I did. Anyway on the above date on a winding country road I drove head on into an 18 wheeler. I should have died, but God stepped in. Different views on what went wrong, but mostly points to seizures I was on a repirator in ICU for almost 3 weeks due to every bone being broken on my left side. I had 8 or 9 serious surgeries while in ICU, and still require another 9 or so. My entire left side is held together with titanium, and I’m in constant severe pain. I can only get around with a wheelchair, or walker. I don’t feel like me anymore, and yes I was on medication for Bi-Polar disorder. Please someone take this stuff off the market! You are probably safer smoking…I was anyway. Bless all of you if you survived this drug, but please don’t advise others to try it. I was a young vivacious happy woman before it, now I am a shell of my former self. Just so you know I left out about 80% of my story but it is horrible! Take care of yourselves

  115. I took chantix in sept of 2008…no side effects…its now 2 years since i smoked …..yes i have health problems but how does one know that ” chantix” caused any of this? worked great for me..I think if you really dont want to quit then it causes all those “mental” issues..think about it??

  116. I think this is my 4th or 5th sincere attempt to quit smoking. It is the first time I have NOT contemplated suicide! Or at least become a real bitch.

  117. October 10th, 11:46 PM and I quit Chantix. Im tired, but I cant sleep and I cant take this ringing anymore. I only hope it goes away and I dont have any permanent damage. Its incessant. It feels like I have water in my ears all the time. I wish there was a magic pill to help me quit smoking, but the ringing, insomnia and constipation are not worth it. Really think about it if your considering this drug. My wife says im more aggressive and snap at nothing, I cant see that in myself, atleast I never was before. She also says im dreaming and talking out loud and it scares her. I read the skeptics, I have not been suicidal or violent, but medecine clearly effects people diferently. Its not worth going deaf because I am very concerned about that now. Im saying what, like an old man.

  118. I am 24 years old and shortly after being on chantix I swallowed an entire bottle of my medication and induced myself into a seizure. Before this I have never attempted suicide.

  119. i have never been sick in my life, been to docters maybe 3 times in 20 ears but decided to go a forth to get chantex .. after 10 days of use i had a stroke , then another docters told me to stop taking . no blood pressure issues nothing in perfect health again im convinced chantix did this to me … oh and i quit smoking alone …

  120. went 3 weeks on chantix and started to get a rash.I stoped taking it about a week and a half ago and still have the rash.Anyone know how long this will last?IT IS DRIVING ME CRAZY

  121. After being dianosed with bronchitis that is bordering on pneumonia, I was given a prescription this morning for Chantix. That prescriptiion won’t be getting filled after reading these comments. I hope things start improving for all those experiencing the negative side effects of this drug and congratulations to all of those that have been able to quit smoking using it without the negative side effects. I guess I should try to focus on altering my mind about how to quit smoking internally, a 40 yr old habit will be hard but I think I should really try, Chantix is not an option I am going to consider further to obtain that.

  122. I was recently dignosed with Clinically Isolates Syndrome which has some direct links to MS. I thought I should get healthy and give up smoking so my Dr prescribed Chantix. I have been on Chantix for 6 days and my symptoms have increased enough to get on the web and look up a direct link with this drug and MS. What is really worrying is that in Australia the chantix box comes without any leaflet of any information regarding side effects. I am going off this drug today, never again, I do not want to end up with MS. I will try patches or acupuncture or cold turkey.

  123. Hello everyone. My story about Chantix is as such; I smoked for 36 of my 50 years and became eligible for medication cost assistance (for Chantix) with my employment medical insurance. I am in the medical field and know there is a fair amount of “hard work” involved in quitting smoking so I went into this with a positive attitude. The beginning was great, finished the 1st week of the regimen and never touched another cigarette. I started my quit on Sept 10th and no smokes after the 17th. It was just a week ago that I began having complications I believe are related to the Chantix. I began having a migraine headache (never had one in my life until then), one that remains with me still, lying in wait to exacerbate to the rate of unbearable pain. I spent a lot of time at the ER (cat scan, imitrex, referrals to ophthalmologist), and with my MD. I also have this unusual sensation of numbness that runs from my right pinky finger up my arm to my head and continues around my body as though some foreign substance is flowing through my blood. My MD thinks I may have stroked because of what I have described and the fact that I have lost some vision in my right eye. He has scheduled an MRI to determine whether that is the case. I feel as though I am unable to discern reality from fantasy at times and makes working really hard. I have extreme difficulty coordinating even the smallest tasks, and cannot find the words I am looking for. I know these are signs of stroke damage but did the Chantix cause the stroke. I was otherwise very healthy. I have not started smoking again but also will not be using the Chantix either, will be relying on good ole will power from here on out. As Chantix fools the pleasure receptors having to do with nicotine, I am concerned that I will not regain my ability to have any pleasure at all with anything that I enjoy. For a lively, fun loving healthy woman to lose those attributes might as well have imposed a death sentence.

  124. I started chantix and after the first week I had a huge fight with my wife were i ripped a door off the hindges and threw a table across the room. this never happened before and i dont remember all of this. The following week i again fought with my wife to were she was scared for her safety and told me dont come home. I blacked out that night not remmebering anything that happen as i awoke i started to feel suicidal and as the day wore on i attempted suicide and spent the next 2 days in a coma after taking 40 or 50 perscription pills and having respiratory failure. I then was moved to the physciatrict ward for 3 days. I now see a therapist and started getting migrain headaches since the hospital. I contacted one of the attys online and they stated there was no case because pfizer put a label in july of 09. Whoever reads this dont take this medication it is horrible and almost took my life. I hurt alot of people and myself and dont want to see anyone else effected by this. Also any one with info on lawyers willing to take this case please post there information.

  125. Long story short, I took chantix 2 years ago for just over a month and it did ended helped me stop smoking. However I am left still to this day with constant vertigo. Is anyone experiencing that? I am in the edge of a mental breakdown. I can’t take it no more. Anything I can do to get back to normal?

  126. My husband was a wonderful man. He took Chantix in the Spring of 2007. He committed suicide in October 2009. He was on top of the world in 2007….. He received world wide attention for his investigative reporting work with the Patriot News in Harrisburg. His mood/behavior significantly changed about 6 mos after stopping Chantix…..Did this play into his death? He knew 3 men that took their lives and used to talk about this and be so upset that they left their wives in this way….and then……

  127. Chantix almost killed me and lost me my job. I have been dealing with this for 7 months…medication after medication and I still don’t feel 100% I was out of work for 1 1/2 months and almost lost my job because of a psychotic break….And family practitioners are not equipped to nor knowledgeable enough to deal with such cases….I have been to and fro from doc to med… answers or solutions…just hope that the next pill will help……..I work in law enforcement so my mental well being is a necessity….

  128. My sister passed away three weeks ago from ‘interstitial lung disease’. She had been taking Chantix to quit smoking for at least 8 months, as far as I know. While taking the medicine, she had been diagnosed with diabetes (sudden on-set), and no one in my family has ever had diabetes. She had also had a blood clot in the lung, and this too apparently came out of nowhere. After researching Chantix, I learned that both blood clots and sudden-onset diabetes can be caused by Chantix. If any of you are familiar with lung disease / heart disease and Chantix, please let me know! I want to sue Pfizer, but all lawsuits seem to be geared toward the suicidal aspects of this medicine, and not the physiological aspects.

  129. I just want to say I am EXTREMELY happy I found this information prior to talking to my doctor about Chantix. I am trying to stop smoking Black and Milds and have tried the patch with no success but I know I need to quit. However, CHANTIX is not the way to go. I am so sorry all of you have had these side effects but I appreciate you all putting this information out there for those who are considering it. Thanks to all you for possibly saving my life! Prayers are with all of you!

  130. Took two scripts Oct. ’06 – Oct. ’07. Two hospital stays in ’08.

    Jan. ’08 – - by ambulance – - heart attack symptoms – - 7-day stay – - diagnosis – - possible virus

    May ’08 – - took drive to rural area – - downed 240 sleeping pills – - cut self up w/razor. Woke up six days later while being taken off a vent….surrounded by devastated family members. Last rites had been given.

    The climb back has been painful, long, embarrassing, humiliating. Why? How COULD I…?..I have no answers. For months prior to attempt, remember deceased loved ones coming to my room at nite…healthy and happy begging me to come w/them. Tried to convince me my job was done here. I could feel their hugs….pure exhaustion another remembered feeling. I ran on fumes for a long time prior.

    I was a closet smoker. 2 – 4 cigs per day. 55 yr. old female, married 37 years, two married daughters, six beautiful grandchildren and a job I’ve LOVED for pat 23 years.

    Took Zoloft for 10 yrs. prior. Mild depression well controlled. As far as Chantix being the culprit…had no idea. Spent many months beating myself up and disgusted by the fact that I couldn’t come up w/an explanation….when my mom, who was the only person that knew I was on Chantix, started feeding me articles regarding the side-effects.

    Oh, my God….oh…my….God….is it possible this wasn’t my fault? Could I possibly not be insane? Is it also possible that I may have a day of vindication??? I would never have thrown myself away so non-chalantly…had I been in my right mind. I LOVE my life and my grandchildren are gifts that I treasure every waking day….no, God no…would I ever leave them in such a way!

    This drug is mind-boggling. It distorts your brain. To live…seemed ridiculous. Almost funny! Remember looking around thinking, “what the…?” Why am I still here… taking up space?? Perhaps my job really IS done. Silly God forgot about me. Well, I’ll just take matters into my own hands! Wasn’t depressed. In fact, sang to oldies on way to destination….wrote short note…”it’s been real…”

    Now, who the hell does such a thing??!!! I was not myself. My daughters knew I wasn’t acting right for months prior and kept asking me, “what’s wrong?” I would laugh and say, “nothing!” Geez!!!…

    So, that’s my story….believe it…cause every word is true.

  131. my boyfriend of 7 years started taking chantix in october of 2010. within a week he was incredibly irritable and moody and just horrible mean. he became depressed and started withdrawing and was sleeping on the couch until 11 or 12 everyday. when i told him how he was being he would just get even more mad. at the end of october he decided to end our relationship. we have a five year old daughter together and he has also been “papa” to my 10 yr old. we were also buying a house together. as a resukt of this, our lives have been completely turned upside down. we are probably going to lose our home, and if anything, myself ands the kids are going to have to move because i cannot afford to keep it on my own. he is going to take the car away, my only means of transportation, the car is in his name, but we both paid the bill and he knows it will leave me starnded. how do i get the kids to school everyday, and how will i find a job without a car. we live in a rural area so it wil be difficult. he has been extremely irrational and delusional, he cannot see how awful he is being and how much damage he is causing. he alternates between texting me admitting he is sorry and thinks it the chantix and he regrets what he has done, to calling me filthy names and saying how much he hates me. it s all so crazy and out of character i really do think its the chantix. i did some reading and found something called “substance induced psychotic disorder” which can either cause hallucinations or delusions. i think chantix may cause this. he did quit smoking, but i beleive the risks and side effects far away the benefits. this drug needs to be taken off the market NOW!!!

  132. I want to respond to Eva. I, too, hated my spouse w/a VENGEANCE!!! I never used the word HATE and we’ve been together 40 years!! Yet, the “H” word spewed from my mouth quite easily and at the time, I thought I MEANT it!! I was spending free time on weekends looking at display apartments. I even contacted a realtor AND went furniture shopping.

    Every time he opened his mouth, I was ready for him!! Ready to take him on/down. He could do NOTHING right. We’d been together since our teens and are now in late 50′s. We have children, grandchildren, a nice home, pensions, etc….we were a team. He finally took up residence in spare bedroom.

    I took two scripts from Oct. ’06 – Oct. ’07. My story is one up from yours. I just wanted to tell you…the hatred, the venom, the horrible, horrible words, name calling, etc…..cannot be controlled. The rage is for real….and terribly mis-directed. He doesn’t REALLY feel that way about YOU….the words leave his mouth without thinking…and even tho his eyes are open and he is functioning….please believe me when I say, “he is not himself.” I don’t know you guys, but I KNOW your situation!! I WAS in his shoes and my husband was in YOURS!!!

    It’s real. And, if/when he stops taking Chantix, brace yourself for even more. Only God knows how and where he’ll land. I swear, once it’s in your bloodstream, all inhibitions, misguided inner rage, etc….is all distorted and out of control. If you love him and it sounds like you do….please know that when his system is finally cleansed of this poision, you will get your love back. Forgive him…for he knows not what he’s doing. Take a step back, a deep breath and in your heart….he WILL be back.

  133. I have been taking champix for the past 2 months. It’s been the worst 2 months of my life. I got angry at any little thing and If I drank well stay clear. I lost an amazing girl I love very much and alot of friends. I found myself depressed, suicidal, angry and upset.
    At first doc thought it was from propronlol which I was given due to a stent failure. But after concluding that it continued it wasn’t till a good mate of mine sat down and we worked out it all started when just after I started champix. So I went back to the doc and he said I should have been warned but I wasn’t. This all finished last Wednesday now a week later I feel a million dollars and back to the gentle caring guy I was before not this angry, lying,depressed person I was whilst on champix. My expartner won’t even speak to me and I don’t know how to tell her I’m back in being the guy she fell in love with. YES CHAMPIX COMPLETELY RUINED MY LIFE. please don’t take it you will loose everything or everyone.

  134. Okay, so I’ve been smoking about a pack/day since I was 11. I’m now almost 52 and my doctor insisted I quit smoking. I know I need to and have tried many times without success. He prescibed Chantix and told me about the serious side effects, but said that as long as I was aware of the cause I could get through it. Now I am not so sure. I filled the Rx but haven’t started. I have a history of clinical depression and still have depressive eppisodes, though I never feel like hurting myself or others. I’m afraid that taking Chantix is the worst thing I could possibly do. Since my insurance doesn’t cover Chantix (apparently it’s considered an “elective” treatment) I coughed up $160. Is there anything I can do to get my money back?

  135. I have been taking chantix for 4. Days now! After reading your stories im petrified and going to get a second opinion monday!!!!!! Please pray for. Me as I will for y’all!

  136. while my husband was on chantix he threatened suicide. wanted to try to get disability and quit work. he heard ice cream trucks in the middle of the night. he halucinated and finally he asked for a divorce and got one on his own. this destroyed my 15 year old sons life and mine after 17 years of marriage. he said he would run into a tree with his car and make his suicide look like an accident. this drug is very harmful, if not fatal for some people. it has ruined our lives

  137. Wonderful drug. I was 2 packs a day for 20+ years. I quit with Chantix in 2 months. Now almost 2 years since I quit. I was a single male at the time and live alone. No thoughts of suicide. No change in behavior. In fact it gave me some awesome dreams.

  138. I just read a number of comments about Chantix. I am on the drug myself and have been for 3 weeks. I have vivid dreams and some nausea after taking the medication. I have other symptoms, such as irritability and feel depressed that I can’t have a cigarette, but that’s it. My slight depression and irritability is not because of Chantix, it’s because I DON”T SMOKE ANYMORE. Smoking cigarettes is addicting, have you heard? It’s been likened to being addicted to heroin. People get depressed, that’s why Zyban was invented, to help people who quit smoking. Zyban is an anti-depressent. I find it so irritating that people want to blame someone or something else for their problems. It’s not the drug, it’s you.

  139. My husband and I took chantix Nov 27, 2008, We were on the pills for about a month, my husband developed a rash on his feet and he may be more sensitive, and concentration is not as good as when he smoked. I feel I am a stronger person, more focused, more confidence than I have ever had! We are still smoke free, We hope for the best for all who use

  140. In January 2011 I took chantix for two weeks, stopped because of “side-effects” – no deep sleep and nausea and people speaking in my dreams, which rarely happened prior to those two weeks. I waited two weeks and began chantix again thinking maybe the sleeplessness and nausea might be related to something else. After I got some rest, several weeks later, I began chantix again. Same thing happened. After stopping again, I could sleep and I was not nauseated, but the conversations in dreams continued. They haven’t gone away. Before chantix I had vivid dreams, butrarely did anyone speak – thought were conveyedl by mental telepathy- I have often written down my dreams and noted when they had any sound at all because it was such an anomaly. Now, a month after stopping chantix I still have people carrying on conversations in my dreams. I used to look forward to bed and dreams because many of my creative ideas came from them. I would never have taken chantix or any other drug had I known there would be permanent damage!!! I have multiple sclerosis and don’t even take drugs for it because of all the side effects they have.

    Why didn’t chantix say there would be permanent changes in more than nicotine receptors? They said a “side-effect” was vivid dreams, they said nothing about the long reaching effects of the drug other than it would stop cravings for nicotine They did not even mention that sound might be added to one’s dreams. Why? Am I an anomaly? Don’t others have sound-free dreams? My dreams were always vivid, but they took on more of an “in-your-face” reality after chantix. I used to look forward to traveling through them. I can only hope they return to my normal.

    I think the developers of chantix knew more than they were disclosing if they conducted tests on humans. I wrote to the FDA about this, but have not heard from them. Side-effects should cease once the drug is stopped, that is a mis-labeling of their product. I am still having voices in my dreams.

    Did this happen to anyone else?

  141. took chantix ix for almost two months and successfully stopped smoking. On dec 25, 2010 while driving – my heart began to “flip”flop” in my chest and would not stop racing, my vision was impaired and just felt strange. Immediately stopped taking Chantix that day. Immediately following that experience had constant severe anxiety attacks, heart palpiations, racing heart rate and evaluated pulse. I could not sleep or eat or drive a car or function! . since then ive battled anxiety, heart palpiations and increased heart rate, to date. i have seen the doctor quite a few times to try to get past these symptoms. i am now on Atavan to help control all of those issues. i don’t believe there was enough information provided to the users about this drug concerning the side effects. there certainly was not any mentioning of any of these side effects! i had to depend on my family to take care of me and my daughter and missed days of work until doctors prescribed something else to help overcome these problems i believe was caused by this drug. three months have gone by since i quit taking chantix. I still battle many of this issues but it took me two months to begin to feel like i am back to myself again.Among many, the side effects which were most worry-some is the increased heart rate that seems to be unable to get under control

    I have had several doctors and appointments, tests and even found myself in the emergency room having major heart palpitations and my skin burning all over and a shake I could not control. I am a very happy person and never suffered any type of anxiety. I called Pfizer – no help! They need to step up and make available (publicly) help for the scary, debilitating side effects. This is a very scary drug that messes with the dopamine and seratonine levels in your brain – I am truly fearful it may be permanent damage

  142. I took chantix as prescribed while on antipsycotic drugs and antischizophrenia drugs,while I did have a few vivid and unusal dreams I was not on the chantix as long as they said to stay on it, to quit smoking.It made the cigarettes taste nasty and I also had a great will to quit. I am now smoke free for almost 4 years and I am for sure not going back to the nasty habit. I truly belive that I did not have alot of side effects because I was on the other drugs which have similar effects.My end result was a positive one.

  143. I stated taking chantix . My quit date was to be 5/1 2011. I ended up in the Hospital that day due to a GI Bleed. When I was released I started taking it again. I finally quit taking this medication because I was throwing up every morning and having very bad stomach pains. I tried Chantix a few years ago. I got sick and had stomach pains so I went to urgent care. I had a large pelvic mass that had to be removed. Thankfully it was not cancerous. Has this happened to anyone else.

  144. I took Chantix for maybe a week in july/aug 2006. I had no issues with taking it except I have problems taking any medicine regulary. I met my now husband that December. We were married June 2007. I was diagnosed with ms that August. How do I know if Chantix caused this for me? I’m lucky I have a wonderful supportive husband. Other than that this has ruined my life. Please don’t take that drug.

  145. My step father was prescibed Chantix to quit smoking back in 2007 and failed. He started again in Jan 2010. He had been having terrible sleep, nightmares, and (unusally for him), the same suicidal thoughts I see many others have had. The basic short story: By March 14, 2010 he suffered a heart attack so severe that it collapsed his artery, which was followed by 2 more in the next 12 hours, he passed away 10 days later in intensive care after being in a coma for the 9 days prior. There was no link thru his autopsy of exisiting medical conditions to suggest he had a pre-existing condition for this to happen. Can I say with absolute certainty it was this drug? No. But after CTV’s release on the testing which shows that 1.06% of any regular, healthy person with not a single medical condition can have a heart attack from this drug without reason… makes me wonder!

  146. I’ve been on this drug for two months. One month to go. I smoked for 50 years and was up to two packs a day. Haven’t had one in over a month now. No bad side to this drug as yet. Great feeling to be smoke free!

  147. my dad took chantix for two weeks and started have side affects soon after starting hes acting like he had a stroke like he aged 20 years over night been to er 2 times and they cant find anything wrong with him now that i have read these statements im sure its from the medicine and will be contacting a lawyer

  148. My healthy twenty-one year old son took Chantix for about a week before experiencing numbness on his whole right side and inability to walk (transverse myelitis). He was sent for an MRI by our primary Dr and diagnosed with an aggresive and rare form of MS/MS variant shortly after. He spent a week in the hospital in January with multiple brain lesions (fulminant tumefactive) and is now going through chemo to treat. The Drs have been baffled by the course of the MS because it is so aggressive and odd. I researched after my son’s diagnosis and found out that Chantix could cause MS! I told the Neuro immediately but was not taken seriously. We are heartbroken and praying for our son’s life.

  149. I am praying for your son, too, Anne. TOO many people have experienced MS symptoms after taking this drug…that they can’t NOT take it serious!!

    I am a 55 yr. old grandmother who took two scripts of this drug back/back in ’07. Twice in ’08, taken by ambulance tor two, LONG, hospital stays. Never put Chantix in the equation…it took my 80-yr. old mom to put it together and after a couple months of beating myself up over acts/events I couldn’t explain….I listened and did my own research.

    This is ONE, POWERFUL, POTENT, SLOW YET THOROUGH drug…that ONCE in your system, only God knows how/where you’ll land. Cannot beLIEVE it’s still on the market!!!! Yes, it does make smoking a chore…but it doesn’t STOP there…and THAT’S where the problem comes in!! Somehow…someway…it snakes PAST the receptors and travels on to other parts and plants itself whereEVER and DOES distort your thoughts….dreams…reactions…it’s a scary, SCARY drug…THAT NEEDS TO BE PULLED UNTIL THE KINKS CAN BE WORKED OUT…IF THAT’S EVEN POSSIBLE!!!


  150. I started taking Chntix per my doctors request in April 2011. For the first two weeks I thought it was a miracle drug. Within two days I already lost my urge and desire to smoke. I did have a bit of nausea, I found if I ate prior to taking the drug I was ok. I had vivid dreams, which to be honest were kind of interesting. Then the depression set in after taking the drug, at smaller then prescribed doses, for two weeks. It took me another week after that to realize it was the Chantix and stopped it immediately. It is now 3 months later, I have quit smokeing!! but I am still depressed and very anxious and panicky.. I was always the person that was glass 1/2 full, full of life and positive. I just hope my old self comes back.

    My warning to everyone is to PLEASE be aware of the effects of anything you take. Like I said I suggesfully quit smoking, but the side effects are awful!!

  151. I used Chantix 3 1/2 years ago, sucuessfully quit smoking after 7 days took the medication for about 3 weeks total. Then started smoking again about 6 months ago started Chantix 12 days ago and have not smoke for the last 4 days. I was a pack a day smoker for 20 years.

    The first time using I had no side effects except for he vivid dreams (no biggy). This time no dreams but my gums are sore otherwise no side effects at all. Will probably take another week then stop medication and be a non-smoker yay!

  152. I took chantix, and it works!! The top of my head felt tender, i hated everyone, and life stunk, but i quit smoking cigs!!! Started at age 12 too.

  153. …the ONLY safe way to take Chantix…is to NOT SWALLOW!!

  154. I took this drug. I suffered from a blackout for a week not realizing what I was doing I destroyed my house hurt my wife I had no idea all this was going on it ended with me attempting suicide. I took all my sleeping pills and ended up in the hospital psych ward for a week my advise do not take this very dangerous drug… It KILLS I am blessed to still be after what happened to me

  155. I took Cantix for 1 month in 2007. I started having seizures & still have them. I lost my ability to drive or work, I was an LPN. I have been dealing with the effects of this drug for 4 years & I smoke more now than I did before I took it. Pfizer is getting rich & we are left to suffer

  156. I took Chantix for 3 weeks and at first I was thrilled how it made quitting easy- or so I thought!. I had some dreams and a bit of nausea, and slight shortness of breath, no biggie… Then I started experiencing extreme pain in my knees, I could not bend them without falling over. Then, the back of my eyeballs started hurting, and I got shooting pains down my left arm. That was 2 weeks ago. I stopped the pills right away and all the other pains slowly went away. But now I cannot take a deep breath. I am always short of breath and I am terrified. I have to work and can’t go to the doc for a couple of days. I am afraid I am going to have a heart attack before I can get to the doc! I hate Chantix for what it has done to us all.

  157. My beautiful healthy happy sister Dawn, attempted to commit suicide after starting Chantix, her doctor instead of stopping Chantix put her on an anti depressant- she then attempted suicide and this time unfortunately succeeded- Unfortunately, her devastated 18 yr old daughter was power of attorney so we could not sue or file a complaint on her behalf- her daughter was devastated and in denial so there was nothing we could do but try to spread the word… Chantix Kills


  159. iI was prescribed Chanytix when it was still a gairly new “wonder” drug. I wanted to quit smoking and had tried hypnosis, patches, cold turkey, etc., all with no success. After a little over a week I started having horrible, vivid dreams and was feeling just a little aggitated. A few weeks later my husband had to literally pull me off of an elderly gentlemen in my resturaunt because I was wntng to hurt him because he couldn’t find some food he wanted, That weekend I stayed in bed all 3 days, could not, did not want to function at all. I have 6 children, a business and am what people would call a server in life. I love people and life. t this point though I hated, literally hated evryone and everything. Went to my Dr. and was diagnosed as depressed and anxiety disorder and was referred to a psychologist and went for over two months as my condition worsened to where I could not work because I had to deal with the public, my children and my hsband feared me, I thought seriously about ending my life and would fantasize about it. I was put on anti-depressants, a booster for the anti=depressant and still no better. I happened to have mentioned to my psychologist that I was on Chantix and she said STOP it NOW. Chantix was the reason for my erratic, hateful, depressive actions. I stopped it immediately but it took a few more months to be weaned off the other drugs to counteract the side effects from the Chantix. That had to be the most terrifying, misunderstood, destructive thing I have experienced in my life. It has taken a very long time to overcome the left over effects from this and I still struggle with the depression and anger that had developed but am able to control and push myself most days to be the person I was, even though no one knows how hard it is to be “me” again. Such a very sad, preventable, ill-knowledged thing this has been. By the way I am still smoking and do not sleep at night anymore either. I truly believe this drug changes you for the worst forever. I would beg someone not to take this long lasting dehibillitating drug

  160. I was prescribed Chantix after many unsuccessful attempts to quit in various ways. I had started and then stopped because the medicine was make me vomit so much. I had not pin pointed that the medicine was making me vomit, So I started taking the medicine again. I started to get very agitated and aggressive. I continued to take the medication thinking I was experiencing those because I was irritable from not getting the nicotine. After the second time being on it for a little over a week an action of mine was going to change forever. I got arrested for Domestic Violence against my partner while on the medication. This is not the type of person I normally was when not on the medication as I was in the field of helping people and loved it. At 20 years old I was on the Volunteer fire department and won rookie of the year award as well as after I turned 21 I was working as an EMT on an ambulance. After being on this medication and getting into trouble for my unnormal aggressive behaivor I am no longer able to do what I was passionate about.

  161. you have to know that people do not go to the trouble and expense of getting this medicine…w/hopes of having horrendous side effects.

    Had I not taken this med myself…I would’ve had a hard time believing some of the stories….but, I DID…and can asSURE you…this is one, POWERFUL, all-CONSUMING pill!!

    There are no warning labels STRONG enough…and no SAFE way to take this (besides not swallowing). The only right thing to do, would be to TAKE IT OFF THE SHELF!! Please believe me when I say this is a SNEAKY, UNPREDICTABLE, SLOW YET THOROUGH medication…that once it touches on your smoking receptors (which it DID for me…)…it grows feet and travels throughout your brain planting evil seeds that distort/TWIST thoughts, dreams, actions, reflexes, etc.

    While on the RIGHT TRACK…Pfizer needs to pull this drug until the kinks can be worked out. If that’s even possible.

  162. I have taken Chantix on four separate occasions since this drug was put on the market. Since then I have had terrible headaches! I have never had issues with headaches until I started this medication. It has made me have mood swings, anger and I become irritated very easily. Well two weeks ago I had a headache attack which brought me to see my doctor. He did tests which showed what looked to him to be a aneurysm. He sent me to a specialist who did tests and confirmed it. Two days later I was sent in to surgery where a second anuresym was discovered. I know this was caused by the chantix. Has anyone else had these problems or know someone with these problems? I’m also looking for a lawyer.

  163. Started Chantix 5-17-2011, My 50th Birthday!! I Started smoking at approx 12 years old, 38 years. with in first week not smoking or even desiring a cig. wow this is great.The week of 7 june 2011 every time i ate my mouth would be on fire, tounge would swell up. started noticing a buzzing sensation in fore arms, thies and chest occational shortnes of breath. Last chantix june 14 2011. Since then i have completely lost all sense of taste, on the brink of loosing a 35 year marrige and cant explain why. i would really like to taste again any help

  164. I think Chantix should be completely taken off the market! The side effects are too dangerous to chance, they should do more research and come up with a safer drug. I lost my dad because he tried Chantix to quit smoking. It made him depressed and he flipped out one day, threatening to kill himself and their dogs. My step-mother could not reason with him, the more she said the worse it made him. He started breaking funiture and throwing stuff around the house, she called the cops for HELP. When the cops arrived they took her away from the property, even after she tried to get them to let her help talk to him. Sometime later they decided that talking wasn’t going to be effective, so they sent 2 cops behind the house. They started to sneek up behind him to tackle him or whatever they had planned. He heard something behind him so he turned to see what it was, the second he turned to see what the noise was they unload 5 rounds into him. The first shot was straight to the heart, they claim they were just trying to disarm him. If they were really trying to disarm him, 1 shot to his arm would have made him drop the gun and he would most likely still be here today. Hopefully someone will read this before 1 of their loved ones or their self decide to take Chantix, IT IS NOT WORTH THE RISK! ! !

  165. I took chantix last spring. I was on it for a couple of weeks. I started to become very depressed, angry and very high anxiety. I stopped taking the medication after thoughts of suicide. My depression and anxiety lasted through the whole summer before I went back to the doctor. I didn’t go anywhere and only got on the bike twice that summer. My doctor has me on prozac and clonazapam which has controlled my anxiety/panic attacs. I still feel depressed some days and I am still smoking. During the time I was taking chantix I became very dizzy and nauseated as well. I know this works for some people and happy that it does, but it didn’t work for me and I will now be on pills the rest of my life.

  166. I started Chantix in 2007, I took it for 3 months. At first I thought it was situational, family problems or stress, 4 years later it’s still there, the personality changes, the anger, hostility. Like many others I was happy, upbeat and outgoing. Since Chantix, I am unable to control my temper, the slightest provocation will set me off. I am a medical tech and a granmother. I have alienated my family. I have tachycardia so bad it scares me. The anger I feel inside is debilitating. It takes my breathe away, just trying to control it. It helps to read about this from others because I didn’t understand What was wrong with me at first. I wonder, hope and pray this nightmare doesn’t last forever!

  167. No one should take Chantix. I only took Chantix for 5 days and wish I would never have taken one pill. Within the hour of taking the first pill, my ears started buzzing (high pitched), I was dizzy, nauseous, vomited. I called the doctor’s office and was told that side effects should go away after a few days. So I continued to take a pill each day. On the day that I was supposed to start 2 pills a day, I could not bring myself to take the 2nd pill. I stopped taking Chantix altogether – too afraid to take another pill. After stopping Chantix, the nausea and vomiting stopped. I have had to live 24/7 with a constant, high pitched buzzing in my ears and vertigo, and shaking of my eyes when I look to the right or left now for almost 5 months. I had the doctor see me about this, I saw an audiologist, and had an MRI. I have some damaged blood vessels in my brain, constant ear buzzing, and vertigo/dizziness and was told that I may have to live with this the rest of my life. I believe with all my heart that Chantix did this to me. I have other health problems as well. I have been in therapy for depression after this, too. I absolutely hate Chantix and know it is a dangerous drug that people never should have been allowed to take. Ever.

  168. Took this for the second time for a 4 week course. Quit smoking but suffering from terrible hives now, covering entire body with swollen lips, eyes and hoarse voice.

  169. Been taking Chantix 6 weeks and have lost 50% of my hair. I just got my hair back after Chemo, it was thick and curly,I was so happy. Now just devastated. I hope it stops falling out, even if it don\’t get thick again I hope I don\’t loss it all. Anyone else with hair problems from this BAD drug.

  170. My mother was on Chantix for quite a while. She had decided to stop taking it. Not due to any ill effects, just tired of taking it. She began smoking almost immediately. For two weeks she would just fall over. Not pass out, just all of the sudden fall. After 2 weeks of stopping this medication she suffered a severe brain anyuersm . (sp) I have ALWAYS had a feeling that happened due to the Chantix. While she is lucky to be alive, she isn’t the same person. She seems to be stuck in her teenage years and is 55!

  171. I’ve been on Chantix for 4 days. No more, I quit. My side effects are so bad I decided to see if I was nuts or not and did a web search. Thankfully I found this site. Normally I’m not quick to anger. But after taking Chantix 3 days I was ready to blow my top. Acting in a way that’s just not me. Becoming frustrated at the drop of a hat and ready to fire off things I’d normally not fire off!
    My sense of smell has become something I’ve never experienced before. Everything smells odd. All within 4 days of starting this pill. I feel sick. I’m constipated and laxatives have done nothing. Food tastes horrible. I feel awful. My heart feels like it’s going to jump out of my body. I just want to get back to being normal. I hope that’s possible.

  172. I meant to say 6 days. Not 4.

  173. Its been almost 4 years since I took this horrible life changing drug. Fresh out of the military and fresh into college I was proactive about everything. I had focus, goals, self esteem, a happy home life and great personal life. I’ve lost all of it!! The women that stayed with me through this hell had enough an left me me 9 months ago. That’s when I held my pistol for hours crying and wondering why I still needed to be here. I ended up going to the local VA hospital for an even more horrible experience that didn’t really help me solve anything. In the last 4 years, the VA had me try almost every anti depressant on the market for which nothing seems to have worked effectively.

    I’m unable to hold my concentration for very long as see on my college transcripts. I was holding a 3.2 before and ended with a 2.0
    The things I use to do for fun no longer bring me satisfaction.
    I can not be in large crowds without mass fear.
    I’ve become extremely paranoid to the point Id rather not leave the house.
    I’ve lost every job that I’ve had since taking chantix.
    Being around people pisses me off but being alone scares me.

    Its 2am and I want to sleep so badly I can cry. The sleep that I do get somehow moves my mattress 4-6 inches from the box springs. I think about dying everyday as if it would be a blessing to me and the people that are close to me. Some days are better than others but never have they been the same since I took this hellish medication. I truly can not wait till I expire.

  174. I’m a Chantix Pro. I’ve taken Chantix through 4 series. Each time, I quit. It is an amazing drug. What I failed to recognize was Chantix Masks the nicotine desire – it did not eliminate it. So, after 4 or 5 months after being off Chantix, I found myself in situations where I caved and had one smoke. As you probably know, there is no such thing as just one cigarette.

    I’ve repeated the Chantix series over several years. I’m on my last series – I have no choice. I must quit.

    My side effects include strange dreams – no nightmares – double vision at times, irritability, and some depression. All symptoms were quickly recognized and manageable. Many times, simply halving the dose is enough to minimize these symptoms and remain effective

    The drug and side effects are very well documented and conveyed. Its no secrete that Chanix can cause some serious problems in a few patients. Why these people don’t heed the warnings and talk to their physician is a mystery to me. Yet, these people are quick to jump on the lawsuit bandwagon.

    All drugs have side effects. Chantix is no different. The side effects are well known and conveyed in all advertisements and packaging. Listen to you body. If you’re having any problems with this or any drug, then talk to your physician.

  175. My mother used Chantix to end a very long relationship with smoking. She had tried other methods and always relapsed. She used Chantix several years ago, and she was successful and is to this day smoke-free. Unfortunately, the mother I knew is gone and as far as I know she may be forever changed. She was always a healthy, energetic, independent lady who had a steel trap of a mind. There is absolutely no heart disease or dementia in our family medical history. Everyone in my mother’s family has died of cancer but for the most part in very advanced age. My mother has had two heart stents put in shortly after her experince with Chantix. I thought it was sudden and unexpected but maybe just her habit caught up with her. Now, my mother is suffereing sudden onset dementia which is progressing quickly. Nothing about my mother’s health has made sence to me over the past couple years. How did this perfectly healthy woman who was independent go to needing reminders for the simplest tasks. I know somethings in life just don’t make sense, but I can’t help but think this medication is behind her drastic change. I’ve read through these comments and paid particular attention to the ones who mentioned neuro changes. I’ve mentioned my concern over a connection to this medication to three neuro docs, and they look at me like I’m crazy. Could someone please quit worrying about the bottom line long enough to care about the POSSIBLITY that this drug could have cost my mother her independence, security, and most costly her memories? What an awful way to spend the years she should be enjoying the fruits of all her hard work. I am infruriated at the comments of those calus people who blame these people for hopping on the lawsuit bandwagon. Tell me what amount of money you could be paid in exchange for every memory you’ve had. Yesterday, she couldn’t remember my daughter’s name. My mom is 66. If there is a 1% chance that this drug caused this to happen to her, I want to know, and I want to shout the warning from the rooftops to anyone considering taking it.

  176. I lost the love of my life over chantix pills. God i miss her!!!! i miss her with all my heart!
    The pain , the humiliation, the misery that i put her through cannot be explained. Much more i had no idea that what i did….what i did to her, that i..i am so ashamed that i cannot say it. .I can only ask for forgiveness and maybe somebody can help us all. I will do anything just do be normal again.
    I took those chantix pills hoping for the best ,but God i wish i knew the effects of them. I am crying as i am typing these words. I am very affected of the Chantix Pills.
    From the bottom of my heart, if i had the money i would make those doctors that came up with CHANTIX to use it on them and their kids and all of their family members and maybe one of them would end up like i did, like we all did.
    Stupid of us to believe that no consequences were waiting for us.
    It all started in December of 2011 when i took some chantix pills from my brother in law. The pills were supposed to make you quit smoking and help you to give up smoking.
    After 2-3 days i felt weird and i gave up on them. I was still smoking. After a month or two i decided to try again. So i took more pills from his pills.
    I was taking them day and night ( one and one) and soon enough i gave up smoking and i couldn’t smoke even if i wanted to. I felt good that i couldn’t smoke and i was telling everyone how good i feel and i gave up smoking with chantix….but only if i knew what would happen next in my life….GOD PLEASE GIVE IT BACK THE WAY IT WAS!!!! PLEASE!!!! I can’t stop from crying because i recently realized how messed up my life is and what and how much i have lost because of chantix.
    One day i come home and my girlfriend was waiting for me home. She was in the basement sleeping on the couch. I go downstairs and i see her sleeping. I let her sleep and i start looking on internet for some stuff. She wakes up at one point and she tells me to turn the light off. All i know is that before she ended the sentence i took the laptop and i threw it towards her head…..5-10 inches away from her forehead. Just like that, a brand new laptop ended up in the wall. No previous fights or arguments. We were in love and soon probably to be married. ….not anymore the case.
    I threw a laptop at my girlfriends head because she asked me to turn the light off!!! The person that i love, live with it in the same house!! How is that possible!!! ???? Because she asked me to turn the light off I went over the edge in matter of 2 seconds!!!! RAGE….next thing I know I am driving around the neighborhood. 15-20 minutes later I come back home. Two of her friends are there talking with her. One of my good friends was looking for me in the area, driving around trying to find me. I walk in and I say “ hey wassup guys” like nothing happened!!
    This was probably the first incident that i remember. Did I mention that I don’t remember almost anything from these last 6-7 months!

    In the next days what i did, say and acted with my girlfriend are beyond a Steven Spielberg script.
    I called the woman that i love the most , different names and cursed her out in ways that i can no longer say again. I am very ashamed of what i did.
    She tried many times to make it work, but god knows why i did not had the strength to do the same….and now i am paying for it, as she moved out while i was in ny with work over the weekend. She left me!!
    When i got back home..she was gone and the house was empty. I felt empty from that day on tilll this day. It has been 4 or 5 months since she moved out.
    Sometimes i look for a fight or the biggest guy around me, i look or make up a reason for a fight. When i drive i want to kill or run over every imbecile around me that doesn’t know how to drive. Thank god i do not own a gun!! It is funny how fast this feeling of angry gets to rage in matter of seconds.
    I lose it very fast over nothing, from a typical angry moment to extreme rage. I cannot describe this feeling, rage that I have. This is the biggest side effect so far. I have no other pains or problems, but again I thought that my relationship was all good and look where I end up!!
    From the bottom of my heart, if you even plan on taking chantix or know somebody PLEASE PLEASE STOP HIM OR HER FROM DOING IT!!!! I wish I had somebody to tell me that I would lose my future wife!! The emptiness in my heart get bigger and bigger day by day.
    I need help and i have no insurance as i can not afford it anymore!
    i need help…please help me. Let us all fight these criminals and make a change!!! God bless us all and may god be with you. He is probably all i have left

  177. I just read (I am not giving my name yet) remarks; Id like to say to you. Your story sounds very simular to mine. I had a wonderful husband (had being the KEY word there), I acted in ways I never thought possable. Gambeling, Drinking, Anger, Violance, the list goes on and on….. untill it ended in me finally realizing I needed help. I unlike you had a good job and insuranse so I commited myself into a psyc word for evaluation. They set me up with depression med’s and an apointment with a psycoligist in 6 weeks, released me the next day. See, they didn’t know at the time (even though I had a history with depression) Chantix was causing all of this to me. NO ONE KNEW!!!! Within 2 weeks I tried Suiside and was in a Coma for 3 days. When I awoke I was sent for evaluation and was only keep for 2 days. Still know one new it was Chantix! Released with a higher dose of depression meds and “keep your apointment” with the psycoligist they said. Needless to say, much gambeling, drinking, fighting with my husband and trying to load a gun to kill him and my self ( I couldn’t figure out how to load a gun ) thank the good lord, I called my daughters fathers and asked him to help me kill my husband and bury him in the backyard. At this time I didn’t know my husband was so scared of me he was recording all incoming and outgoing calls, so this conversation was recorded. I must add I was very drunk and on my percription medication and do not remember this conversation with my daughters day, ok. lets get that straight. The same night It was 2 weeks after my suiside attempt and 10 day from my release from the hospital, I attempted suiside again. By the grace of god and him alone I survived! I lost the love of my life in 2007. I thought there would never be happyness again. I am now married, own my home, have the truck, car, boat, dog, cat. The whole 9 yards as one would put it. So hang in there. There is happyness again on the horrizon. May god hold your hand as he has held mine and so many of ours through these trying times in this whole Chantix ordel.

  178. I took Chantix for 5 days in 2011. I stopped because my lip swoll up one morning. I take benadryl and it has been releiving it after two days. I have had a recurrance of this swelling five times. My mouth gets so big, it looks like the skin wants to break. It is December 2012, and again my mouth swoll up this morning and is of course starting to scare me because the benadryl does not seem to be working at all, it is keeps growing.

  179. My 21 year old brother committed suicide after using this drug to quit smoking on and off for 5 months prior to his death. No signs of depression or aggressive behaviour prior to the drug intake.

  180. Had a colleague that was on Chantix and she shot a clot to the brain and died on the floor. 36 yo, mother of 3. Various professionals have told me that it might have had nothing to do with the Chantix but my mind has already associated her tragic death with this drug. Noone can convince me otherwise. Get this drug off the market!

  181. I thought I was going crazy! I am a mother of 4, grandmother of 6 and a striving entrepreneur and single mother. My escape was to smoke as a way to relax but I realized I needed to quit smoking in order stay on this Earth long enough to watch my grandchildren grow up. After many attempts with nicorette gum, the patches and other methods of trying to quit smoking my doctor prescribed Chantrix. Before taking the medication I talked to the pharmicist to make sure it would not interact with my current medication and was assured that it would be fine to take. I took the Chantix for only 4 days and began to feel like my head was mushy, I couldn\\\’t concentrate, felt like I was walking into the room 10 feet behind myself, apparently was saying random things and felt overall in a haze…so I decided I needed to stop taking the medication. THAT IS WHEN ALL HELL BROKE LOOSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My initial symptoms were no match for what was yet to come the next two weeks….unbelievable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I became completely irrational, rage and outbursts, rambling on like a crazy person on the side of the road, thinking of all the ways I could kill myself, and had lost all sense of self…in fact, I don\\\’t even remember most of those two weeks….I am just gathering the stories from my close friends and family members about the things I did!!! WENT ABSOLUTELY CRAZY!!!!! I am just now coming out of the fog and trying to put the pieces together…thank goodness I stopped taking that drug!!! Does anyone know how long it is going to take until I feel normal again? Also, I was having heart and chest pains along with this crazy episode in my life. I WOULD HOPE THAT THE FDA WOULD TAKE A CLOSER LOOK AT THIS MEDICATION!!!!!!!!!!!!

  182. What proof is needed to submit in a lawsuit against the makers of Chantix? Any help would be great!!

  183. I lost my husband on dec 16th 2009. I lost him for no reason. He was taking chantix after a neck surgery. He died in his sleep. He was 49. The really weird thing iS that no toxicology tests were done. The hospital required a autopsy because it was less then 24 hours that he left the hospital. I live every day with the words I’m sorry ma’am your husbands death is indeterminate!!
    I can’t help but feel it was the chantix. He has had many surgeries before. The chantix was the only difference.

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