Chrysler Engine Oil Sludge Lawsuits

Certain Chrysler Sebring and Chysler Concords from the 1998 to 2002 model years could contain defective 2.7 liter V6 engines which are prone to catastrophic engine failure due to a build up of oil sludge.

STATUS OF CHRYSLER ENGINE LAWSUITS: Product liability lawyers are reviewing potential Chrysler lawsuits on behalf of owners who have experienced engine failure caused by oil sludge. Chrysler has been wrongfully denying warranty coverage.

All federal Chrysler 2.7 liter engine failure class action lawsuits have been consolidated in an MDL in the District of New Jersey.


OVERVIEW: For certain models of Chrysler and Dodge vehicles since 1998, a defective 2.7 liter engine has been used that has been found to suffer catastrophic engine failure much earlier than would be expected.

Owners of Chrysler Sebring, Chrysler Concord and 300 models have reported that oil sludge has resulted in engine failure as early as 20,000 miles, but in most cases around 50,000 to 60,000 miles. This could cause the engine to suddenly seize, potentially resulting in an accident.

CHRYSLER ENGINE PROBLEMS: The Chysler engine problems are caused by the smaller size of the engine, which were designed with a 5 quart capacity instead of 6. This took away margin so that if the oil is not changed on schedule oil sludge could develop.

Chrysler has been denying warranty coverage since oil sludge is excluded, and they have attempted to shift the blame for their poor design to the vehicle owners. However, even if an owner establishes that they maintain their vehicle’s engine as recommended in the owners’ manual, the company has still refused to honor the warrantee in some cases.

An engine failure due to oil sludge in Chrysler vehicles often requires a complete engine replaccement, which can cause between $4,000 and $10,000.

CHRYSLER ENGINE CLASS ACTION LAWSUITS: A growing number of lawsuit have been filed by Chrysler warranty lawyers alleging that design defects in the 2.7 liter V6 engines make them prone to form oil sludge, causing the engines to fail much earlier than would normally be expected by a vehicle owner taking reasonable steps to care for their car.

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  1. Aerin Reply

    I have a 2001 chrysler sebring convertible LX. It has 110K. I started having engine problems back in August or so of 2010. I had the water pump replaced, thermostat, radiator hoses and head gasket replaced. The mechanics said they spent hours trying to get all the sludge off my engine. After all that, the car still doesn’t work right. I have spent at least 600 dollars trying to bring my baby back to life, and I felt like giving up till I saw this site. You would think you’d be getting a better car when you pay more money for it, yet now I’m left with nothing, borrowing a vehicle from my parents. Chrysler’s engine is a huge failure to anyone who has ever owned this vehicle. I, as an owner, have always taken care of my car and the finger should not be pointed at me. There are 100 comments here just from the people who are demanding some answers! I’m sure there are thousands more that have thrown their hands up vowing never to purchase a chrysler again… And best belive they will tell ALL of their friends.

  2. george Reply

    2002 2.7 dodge intrepid 69K……..engine dead. What to do?

  3. gpuleo Reply

    My story is yet the best! I have a 2002 Chrysler Sebring Conv. While driving the gears starting shifting, bring it to the dealership and was told the transmission was bad, 2000.00 later we pick up the car and drive it for one day. Guess what, the car dies and we have it towed back to the dealership. I then get a call telling me I have a big problem, the engine seized up!!!!! How did they not see a problem! Then they have the nerve to want to charge me for towing the car back to the dealership. This beautiful well kept car is now sitting in my driveway begging to be repaired! WHO CAN AFFORD TO INVEST 4000.00!!!! Not me! Sorry my beautiful convertible, you might have to be ill for a while!!! F%^@K You Chrysler!!!!!

  4. Helen Reply

    My 2001 Chrysler convertable was my reward to myself after having had to have pratical cars to accomadate the family needs. I bought it new in March of 2002, I had problems W/ the tramismission & that was honored under warrinty, 2 months after the warrinity expired W /73,000 miles the engine blew up & it was not paid for, I had to continue to make the payments while the car sat in my drive way, I told the Chrysler about my problem & got no where, and now I have read this web site & haved found out I was not the only one. I now hope you will put major pressure on Chrysler to fix their faulty engine problem. I feel had I shoud be compensated for all the payments made on a car that was unusable.

  5. D. Kevin Reply

    2000 Chrysler Concorde 2.7l with 41000 miles – engine timing chain or tensioner. This with a zero clearance engine means junk motor. Don’t try to tell me it’s from not changing oil! Poor design of engine including location of water pump.

  6. JoAnn Reply

    I also bought a 2002 Intrepid for my dad thinking it was a nice car,
    not to large or small, just right for him to travel around town.
    First small repairs, more repairs, Then the big one 2 weeks ago.
    My dad(75 yr.old) w/his sister driving from an outing and the
    car went dead in the middle of the Highway.
    Looking under the hood, oil was everywhere.. To follow was towing
    fees etc…. the price of another rebuilt motor, labor etc. = more $$’s.
    So disgusted. Words can’t even express my emotions right now.
    Gulfport, Mississippi

  7. Bill Reply

    I have a 2007 Charger with the 2.7 locked up on me at 124,000 all dealer said was it needed a new motor.

  8. J Mintzmyer Reply

    Similar problems, clean maintenance records and oil changes. About 2,000 miles after my last oil change engine seized up with no warning. Checked out 1 week before and immediately after seizure– level is full. Got a courtesy check about 5,000 miles before seizure — no immediate oil or engine problems. It might be too late, but I’d like to get on this class action lawsuit if possible…

  9. J Reply

    Just noticed that I missed some obvious details on the last post- dealing with a 2001 Sebring LXi (2.7 DOHC) with 92,500 miles.

  10. Rick Reply

    Daughter just bought 2004 Sebring convertible GTC. 2nd day she had it blew fuse in main box to start. Oil light flickered second week. Checked consumer reports on car before we purchased. Got freaked on other comments. Flushed engine and replaced with synthetic oil. Light stopped flickering. Airbag light coming on and off. Moved passenger seat back and forth and went off. Now the temp gauge went up to hot. Has antifreeze and the fans are running? Took a bit for the heater to heat up, but then temp went down between half and hot.

    She just made her first payment on the car. Is she in for the same thing too? Is there any preventative measures to take or are we just to wait for the big moment?

    Why isn’t any of this been reported on the news?

  11. Edwin Reply

    On July 20th, 2011 I bought a 1998 Chrysler Concord at the Lehigh Valley Auto Auction 3880 Lehigh Street – Whitehall, PA 18052-3405. They knew that the 2.7 V6 engine was defective, failed to disclose the engine defect to the public, and I ended up with a lemon. Although, I did not buy the car at a dealer, I would like to know if I have any legal remedies. Better yet, I would like to know if I can be added to the federal class action lawsuit which is pending against Chrysler.

  12. Mark Reply

    The year of 2004 in the month of April , i went to the Chrysler Dealer and bought a new unuse 2005 Chrysler 300-C with a 5.7 Heim engine with 5 miles . The Dealer was Metro Chryler in Philadelphia Pa. The Dearlership went out of business in 2007. The salesman also sole me a bumper to bumper extended warranty that he said would cover my car for a additional 3year after the 7years or 70,000 miles power train end . The engine started to knox and smoke was coming from the real tale pipe . I found out that the # 6 piston had no compression and was loss . I called Chyrsler manufacturing and was told that my warranty ended 04/14/11 and the extended warranty ended on 04/14/11. I have talk to 3 other people who has Chyrsler 300 that said there car is sitting in front of there house with the same problem . It is obvious that there is a defect in the engine design of this motor . I have 57,000 miles on my car and ever 1000 miles the oil was change . This was my first new car and it still looks as new as the day i brought it. Is there anyone that can help me or do something about this defect .

  13. Ernest Reply

    I just bought a 2005 sebring 2.7 about 3 weeks ago. The oil light comes on, at stop lights. I wish I would have read these post a month ago. The engine runs fine. But now, Im scared to drive it afther reading all these horrible 2.7 nightmares. Not to mention the oil light jumping on and off. I spent my last $5,000. for this car. Afthe not having one for almost a year. Now I dont know what the hell to do. Chrysler plese step up and repair all these hard working americans engines. PLEEEEASE!

  14. Katkhy Reply

    Similar issues with a 2002 Concorde; reg oil changes, now a lifter knock, but 162k miles. Bought used, driven lots. I have heard about this problem via a friend whose much newer model seized up due to sludge. They even sent a sample to a private lab for analysis and Chrysler would not honor the warranty. I may be lucky and the lifter is only stuck, but unlikely.. have not taken it in yet.. shopping for a new car though and will be sure to research issues with vehicles before purchasing another car of any make.

  15. Richard Reply

    Purchased 2004 Sebring Convertible with 94k on May 27, 2011. Daughter on freeway in mountains when vehicle started loosing power. Got to side of road during rush hour and heavy semi truck traffic. Engine seized. She could have been killed. The car only lasted 922 miles and one car payment. Dealership will not return calls. Credit union had dealer remove extended warranty in order to finance the vehicle.

  16. Latanya Reply

    I have a 2002 dodge ram, the truck has never given me problems before. It gets regular oil changes, took the truck to get a tune up and was told that the engine was blown, I also have a 2005 dodge durango with about 80,000 miles took it the next week for its regular oil change and was told the same thing, the warrenty is up on both and im still making payments on both, I really feel that theres some kind of default with these motors their should be some kind of recall.

  17. nora Reply

    I own a 2002 sebring which I took very good care of. I went to dealerships to have my motor repaired but was not told about the motors default. They just kept taking my money but he car never got fixed.4000.00 dollar later. Was told y a company whom I called trying to buy a used motor that it had to e replaced & that there was a law suit. Can anybody tell me about the lawsuit?

  18. Los Reply

    Was looking at a 2005 Dodge Magnum (with a 2.7 v6 engine)…has anyone had any problems with the magnum?

  19. HyeJin Reply

    WOW. I’m so glad I found this forum.
    2003 Sebring Convertible. Bought it brand new from dealer. Now I feel lucky that it lasted 14600 miles. In past 8 1/2 year. Car died 3 time.
    1st time-2nd year-fuel pump went out. No sign. Not covered under 3 year warranty. Towed 100 miles. Costed $600 to fix
    2nd time-gear slipping. Cold winter days,. once car starts, out of no where it will slip out of gear into neutral. Nothing you can do about it. WHILE DRIVING!! just slips off! Transmission rebuilt – $2000
    3rd time – It just wouldn’t start. Fuse went out. took it to 2 different places. No one knows why it blew. But it did.
    Now that I’m reading everyone’s story.
    My oil light has been on and off for about 3 years now. Same stuff. it comes on at the stop light. and goes away once start driving.
    Knocking noise started about 2 months ago. Still works fine. Just yesterday Temp went up high with warning sign. Took it to the closest repair shop. Same story.. Engine is done. will die soon.
    Haven’t driven it since then.
    I loved my car. I took great care of it. I got records of all oil changes and everything else.
    CHRYSLER SUCKS! they did this deliberately! They made shitty car and want people to replace it with newer Chrysler since most people are not done paying for shitty car.
    I’m just glad my car is paid for. It still sucks that I can’t even sell it.
    I’m thinking about keeping it just so that I can be part of this lawsuit. Always thought it was my mistake for buying a Chrysler but didn’t thought this mistake will haunt me for 8.5 year. And I will get nothing for $28000 + repairs. Nothing but Trouble. DO NOT EVER BUY CHRYSLER!. They might look great. but they are ROTTEN inside!

  20. HyeJin Reply

    Post Above- I meant 146,000 miles. Not 14600
    I guess I should feel lucky it last that long….

  21. Terrence Reply

    Send your comments to your senators and congressmen,they will forward
    the information to the proper authorities or share with you what to do.I have been boycotting Chrysler for 2 years. It wont be long before I bring them down.I spoke with reps of Chrysler and I have certified mail reciepts addressing the problem about the 2.7 engines.Chrysler was passive about the issue. So far I have convinced 23,453 citizens from buying these cars since 7/23/09. there will be no more bail outs.Theb civil rights group is known as Civil Justice, we are community and civil rights activist.Its a bad time for Chrysler,to allow their employees including people of the dealerships to loose their jobs because of this mess. We will continue to pound Chrysler,from the Atlanta,Ga. and surrounding areas.I ask every one with these issues to stand out near the dealerships and ask the citizens not to buy these cars.

  22. antoine Reply

    Is there a class action suit against Chrysler cuz i got to get in on it. I bougt my 06 sebring brand new. Only had 23 miles on it. I had the car serviced when it was supposed to. when i hit 60,000 miles in Jan. 2011 I paid $450 for it to be serviced, 2 months later my car starts jerking when it is in park, then it will go back to normal. One morning get up to go to work and my check engine light comes on when i start it. Take it to a TRUSTED shop and they tell me my engine has no compression on left side. I need to buy another engine or get a new car. I owe $4700 on my crappy ride. Is it covered under the lemon act or gap insurance? Someone with info please respond need help bad!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Barbara Reply

    I have a beautiful 2003 Chrysler Seibring convertible LXI. Bought it from the original owner with only 35,000 miles in 2009. Just this past weekend, on my way to my son’s college football game out of state, without warning my car started making a knocking noise and just died. I mean everything quit. I had no warning lights come on, my temp was fine, the oil and and fluids were good. My husband was with me and was baffled. We had the car towed home and just found out that the engine is seized and needs a new one. I could not beleive what I have been reading. My care was well cared for and do not feel that this was my neglegance, but obviously Chrysler’s.

  24. RICK Reply

    Same problems with my 2002 LXI convertible .. Looks Great BUT has cost me a fortune already …Blown Head Gasket ,Oil Sludge ,etc –Rebuild Engine , etc… $2,000 + spent on this 2.7 L Engine which Chrysler should ave recalled & /or remain liable for– Looking for site to Florida Class Action Lawyers & highly recommend consumers to boycott them … If any info .. Please advise .. TX — Rick
    PS– Took extremely Good care of car & Maintenence !!

  25. Jeff Reply

    My beautiful 2002 Sebring Limited Convertible sits in the drive with a loud knocking sound in the motor. I am sure it is done. I just spent $250 on a catalytic converter, and replaced the battery. It started blowing fuses in the start/fuel spot, then started knocking. I cannot drive it any longer.

  26. Darrellynn Reply

    I have recently brought a 2006 Chrysler sebring convertible, it hasnt even been a year yet. When i forst got it it was driving smoothly and i had no problems. about a couple of months later i starting getting this jerking action when im on my brakes. I always kept my oil changed every 2000 miles. one day i started driving it and the oil light came on i got it checked out and i didnt need any oil because i had just got an oil change. it continued to knock and before i could make it home my car shut down and i could start it back. I had to get someone to push me out of the highway it was scary. my dad check the oil and there was some in there so he went in brought more oil to put in and it continued to knock i had to drive my car under 10 mph just to try and make it home it didnt work i had to park it til the next day. the next day i checked the knocking noise had gotten worse, so i drove all the way home i was told that i could drive over 20 or the engine would blow i finally made it home and the engine completely shut down. now im stuck with a beautiful car that i cant even drive in the driveway this is sad CHRYSLER NEEDS TO MAN UP TO THIS DEFECT AND DEAL WITH THIS SITUATION!!!

  27. Robert Reply

    I don’t have a sludge problem yet. It may be building up.
    My problem is my Chrysler 2008 Town and Country is consuming
    3 to 4 quarts of oil between the required 3000 mile oil change.
    The Oil changes have been done at the dealer where I bought the used vehicle in October 2010.
    There is a document #999926737 from Chrysler that states based on Industry Standards: that it is normal for an engine to consume one quart of oil every 750 miles.
    Now that I have read all these issues having to do with buildup of oil sludge in the engines, I will just wait for the oil sludge to build on my engine, which I think is happening on the oil that is consume/lost.

    Chrysler and my dealer have already told me that it is normal for an engine to consume one quart of oil every 750 miles.
    I have an extended Chrylser Service Contract which I paid close to $2000 for. The contract is of no use, I was told there is nothing wrong with my vehicle, that my problem is normal. I still owe a lot of money on this vehicle.

  28. Andre Reply

    I bought a 1999 and 2003 both with 2.7 motors. I contacted a Chyseler represetative who told me to send in the oil change record, after doing so, my claim was denied.

  29. Mare Reply

    I have a 2004 Dodge Stratus 2.7 liter, every year around the same time, since I bought the car practically new from dealer, I have had to change out my oil sending unit. Classic sign is oil light flickering when car idles. Recently the car kept overheating. We changed the thermostat, the water pump, flushed the radiator and ran a pressure check on the engine. All passed but the car was still overheating. The car has too many miles to consider changing out the heads just in case it is the heads (even though the engine passed the pressure test three times). Final last resort, my mechanic added blue devil; which is doing the trick, for now. My mechanic advised me it is a temp fix until I can get a new car. He’s not sure how long blue devil will keep the car going; could be a few weeks, months or maybe a year.

  30. Ryan Reply

    We have a 2.7 v6 rwd 2006 dodge magnum. Oil changes were done regularly on the car. The oil light started flashing when the vehicle was stopped, and then finally the oil light stayed on and beeped until the engine just lost power and stopped. We thought it was an electrical problem, but found out the engine was blown. The mechanic said that junk yards won’t even give the engine because of it’s poor reputation. The car was not able to be started after that and gave no previous warning.

  31. Jamie Reply

    I have a 2005 Dodge Magnum (2.7 v6 engine). I was driving and the oil light came on then the engine lost power and the car just abruptly stopped (while I was on the highway). I was able to coast to the side luckily. I had no previous warning that there was anything wrong with my car at all! I had no clue at first what was even wrong because I maintenance my car properly. I thought it must have been an electrical issue, but the mechanic soon told me that I would have to replace my engine.

  32. charles Reply

    Just bought a 2000 intrepid with a 2.7 engine for 2500.00 dollars. Drove the P.O.S.two months oil light came on engine started knocking. Ill never buy any chrysler product again!!!!

  33. alan Reply

    I have a 2004 Sebring, Same thing They (Chrysler) Claims
    Oil sludge. Has 59,000 Miles

  34. Rhett Reply

    I had 63,000 miles on my 2.7 V6 2002 Sebring LXI. It started overheating last week without any warning gauges telling me it was. I took it in and paid $800 to “fix” it. Then my wife was driving it last weekend and without warning (gauges and temp. all said the car was normal) the engine seized while she was driving on the freeway. The car is dead and worthless. The cost to fix would be worth about what it was worth before it died.
    NEVER BUY THIS CAR- I should’ve listened to the warnings!
    How can I get in on this lawsuit???

  35. Larry Reply

    2006 Chrysler 300 with 2.7L engine and 68,000 miles, just had to replace the engine due to the fact that the water pump fail and if you know anything about this stupid design this is a very bad thing since the water pump is internal and run off the timing chain, yea the timing chain?

    So water in the oil, no coolant for the engine, and no warnings lights or guages whatsoever on the dashboard = a blown motor. And just think these SOB’s got our tax dollars because they were too big to fail, but in reality they are too stupid to be running a car company. Never buy a Chrysler again, NEVER.

    I am trying to find out how to join these lawsuits?

  36. Rich Reply

    same thing, 2003 stratus seized in may of 2012, oil sludge baked in engine, $4000 later rebuilt engine is still acting up… can’t afford to fix, can’t afford new car….

    wish I had known about this years ago before I had to sink an arm and leg into this

    is it still possible to join into this lawsuit?????

  37. Terri Reply

    I bought a new 2008 300. Driving one day the car just shut down. Towed it home then to the dealership. I was told it was a wireless remote module. Not covered I had it replaced, then it was a battery, then a starter,then sludge in the engine. The technician said “oh,we’ve had trouble with these 2.7L engines tend to sludge up.” I asked if that was covered under the warranty. His reply was yes that it would be about a week before I would get my car back. The next day I received a call and said they wouldn’t cover the repairs. I called Chrysler and got a “caseworker.” I was told to take my oil change records into the dealership which I did. Chryser then called a few days later and said “they” wouldn’t fix my car. She implied that it was the dealership. I spoke with the dealership and they had never spoke with Chrysler. There is more to this story. I am now in the process of getting an attorney, I am not going away without a fight. Oh, my car has on 27,000 miles on it.

  38. keith Reply

    on 10/11 2012 my 2006 grand cherokee die a silent death i was driving along rt 17 north in paramus in the left lane i repeat the left lane when sudenly without no warning oil signal no service engine ligth no bang no nothing it just act like it runs out of gas good thing it was peek hrs the traffic was slowly moving i manage to get vehicle accross 4 lane before it complely shut down when i towed it to the mecanic that was the end the engine seize ti may cause $6000 for a engine a $35000 vechile why was there no oil signal warning telling you put the car to the curv its trash day

  39. Chris Reply

    I purchased a demo model 2004 Concorde from Larson Automotive in Tacoma WA with just under 22,000 miles. At 106,000 the engine quit with no warning and two payments to go. Its been sitting for 2 years because I could not afford to replace the engine. I recently began calling around and every mechanic has told me its not worth fixing. Install another 2.7 and it will just happen again, and the 3.5 is not much better, What a let down, I loved that car. Now I am not sure what to do. I guess start calling around to scrap it.

  40. SUZETTE Reply


  41. Cheryl Reply

    Chrysler 2001Concorde, engine light flickering. Keep my oil changed. I now know, I need to buy me another car and get a lawyer.

  42. Elaine Reply

    In 2006 I purchase a 2006 Chrysler 300 and an extended warranty that covers everything except the tires .I was out of town I couldn’t get the car out of park.I call customer service number ,after giving them my information,I was I was told that the warranty didn’t cover that,I replied wait a minute I haven’t told you what’s wrong with the D___ thing yet. he said it dont it ‘tmatter it doesn’t cover it . I had to pay out money to get it fix .In 2010 the engine just quit ,locked up, died and they definitely wouldn’t help me with that.all they gave me was excuses after excuses from Chrysler and warranty center

  43. James Reply

    Water pump seal failed on highway antifreeze to oil puff of blue smoke poured out motor shut off . Motor oil dipstick smell like antifreeze . Towed in car and changed oil and filter and filled with antifreeze . Car started almost immediately ran smoothly . Started amelling antifreeze motor shook and cut off . Compression ck. was good . Install timing chains, all front engine parts except crankshaft seal and crankshaft sprocket . Milky white/tan sludge was everywhere . When the Chrysler water pump was ck. out the propeller shaft started wobbling ; on highway a disater would be unavoidable and very dangerous . Ck’ed compression good cleared all codes car started and runs as nothing happened two years ago to today . Engine replace should be highly suspect . No Chrysler original parts used . Car is 2.7L 1999 Concorde . Tough hard working motor foolish and dangerous water pump design careless foolish company even today just below the surface . Have 140,000 original miles same motor does not smoke . Needs recalling due to dangerous front engine design .

  44. Sheila Reply

    I have a 2000 Dodge Intrepid that the engine locked up with no warning. The engine was the 2.7 I hope they have to replace all the engines would love to have my car back. .

  45. Bryan Reply

    Just had a horrible day me and my wife bought a 2002 seabring in February of 2014 the car has around 140000 miles on it we are a low income family that has not had a vehicle for almost 2 years so we finally saved up enough to buy this used car …. “WORK MISTAKE WE EVER MADE” my wife stalled at a very busy intersection with my youngest son in the car she thought it over heated … she was able to start it and get it moved only to have it stall again when I got that call I immediately left work when I got there and popped the hood it was extremely overheated and not running I let it cool and noticed that it had no oil…I check my fluids daily because we are a low income family and depend on this vehicle it is our only transportation … I was checking to see what was wrong and noticed that my coolant was boiling and had the damn radiator cap blow off in my face …we let it cool and added fluid both antifreeze and oil and were able to get it started only to have it make a loud clunking noise and a horrible slapping sound …we haven’t found out what is wrong with it yet but from reading what others have written it sounds exactly like what has happened to us .. Unfortunately for me my wife and two sons are going to struggle because of this… so I hope that something is done because Chrysler should be ashamed of themselves. .

  46. Irene Reply

    Ours same story. 2002 stopped for no reason in the middle of traffic.
    Our mechanic refused to work on it. What can we do??? 104,000 miles and done. Overheated. Milky substance in radiator resembling capacino.

  47. Sheila P. Reply

    My vehicle is a 2002 Chrysler Sebring Convertible – also a victim of this oil sludge. Its my only vehicle to get to work and back.

    Any information regarding this suit would be apprecaited.

  48. tamiko Reply

    i havre a 2007 charger i was drivin on the freeway
    my car just gave out on me i tryed starting it up again
    an thats when i saw the oil light on .had it towed to the house
    an they said the header or the oil sencers was out this car is not even
    7yr old i just paid it off

  49. Billie Reply

    I purchased a 2001 Chrysler Sebring convertible in July 2002 with
    24,000 miles on it..I was very happy with my car until 2009 when the engine blew at 98,000 miles. I was on a main highway and car had to be towed..I faithfully had oil changed every 3000 miles..I called dealerships in my area and was told that this had not been a problem as far as they knew..I had one dealer tell me it blew because I “babied” it too much. I let him know that I thought you took care of a car by changing oil when it was suppose to be done. I ended up having a jasper engine put in for almost $4,000. It could have not come at a worse time financially. Stupid me if I had the money I would have liked to have a new Chrysler retractable hard top..they are beautiful but I would not purchase another Chrysler.. I am just one out of many that have had the same problem but Chrysler should own up that that engine they built was a big mistake. I am 65 years old now and would still like to be compensated for my mistake of buying the car.

  50. sherrie Reply

    heartbroken my 2006 has done he same thing, no way to work now this is a terrible car.

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