Chrysler 2.7 Liter V6 Engine Class Action Lawsuits Consolidated

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The United States Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation has issued an order which will transfer all Chrysler engine class action lawsuits pending in various federal district courts throughout the United States to the District of New Jersey for coordinated handling during pretrial proceedings in an MDL, or multidistrict litigation.

There are currently five class action lawsuits pending against Chrysler over their 2.7 liter engines used in several models of Chrysler and Dodge vehicles between 1998 and at least 2003. The Chrysler lawsuits allege that defective designs make the engines prone to form oil sludge, which could causes the engine to fail much earlier than would normally be expected.

A growing number of complaints have been filed by owners of Chrylser Sebring, Chysler Concord, Dodge Intrepid and Dodge Stratus vehicles with the smaller 2.7 liter engine, which have been found to fail around 50,000 to 60,000 miles, but in some cases as early as 20,000 miles.

This type of catastrophic engine failure would not typically be expected anytime before a vehicle reaches 100,000 miles, yet Chrysler has been denying engine warranty coverage since the problems are caused by a build up of oil sludge.

According to the Center for Auto Safety, at least 2,800 reports of Chrysler engine failure involving oil sludge in the 2.7 liter engines were received as of early 2007. Since that time, as the vehicles age, owners continue to report the engine problems.

Chrysler and Dodge engine failure class action lawsuits are currently pending in the Eastern District of California, Middle District of Florida, Northern District of Illinois, District of New Jersey and Southern District of New Jersey on behalf of vehicle owners in those states. In addition, other class action lawsuits and individual lawsuits could be filed in other districts.

The Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation found that the Chrysler engine lawsuits involve common questions of fact and that centralization would serve the convenience of the parties and witnesses and promote the just and efficient conduct of the litigation.

Chrysler’s lawyers opposed the consolidation, arguing that the proposed classes do not overlap and that agreements can be reached between the parties in the lawsuits to minimize any overlapping discovery or risk of inconsistent rulings without the formation of an MDL. However, the Panel rejected these arguments.

“These actions are nearly identical in terms of the facts alleged, and discovery undoubtedly will overlap,” wrote Chairman of the Panel on Multidistrict Litigation, John G. Heyburn, II, in an order issued February 10, 2009. “Centralization will enable one judge to streamline pretrial proceedings and make consistent rulings on discovery disputes, dispositive motions and issues relating to experts.”

The MDL panel decided to transfer all of the Chrysler engine lawsuits to the District of New Jersey, as the action in that Court has been pending longer than the other actions. The litigation will be assigned to U.S. District Judge Faith S. Hochberg for coordinated and consolidated pretrial proceedings.

Since the litigation involves putative statewide class actions for residents of five different states, the MDL panel did indicate that in the future, Judge Hochberg can suggest that the Panel consider remanding the actions to the original courts where they were filed for class certification considerations if that becomes necessary.

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  1. Walt

    I too am experiencing this problem with my Sebring 2.7L V6.bought it at 119,000 miles Now its at around 140,000 It just all of a sudden started stalling and dieing on me. I have kept it maintained and all. I loved this car! Then the problems just come out of left field all of a sudden, same as other complaints. Sitting at light or driving at a low speed and suddenly a low idle then die! It cranks back up but this shouldn’t be happening period! I have replaced everything from every sensor to alternator and batteries to no avail. Car was great but now its just turned to problems. Good thing God has my back so im not worried and I will be getting a new car soon but it wont be another Chrysler I don’t think, not with all the badfeedback and lawsuits of them lying about car issues and still put this model out. That’s jut pure greed and evil. I pray all are fortunate to get new cars. Look to God He will fix it. Oh yea by the way how can I get involved in this lass action lawsuit this car can potentially kill someone the way it does..smh

  2. Patrick

    01 sebring convertible Nast lost power on freeway before I could get stopped it died when I opened the hood engine oil was sprayed everywhere. I’m assuming timing chain failure

  3. Zach

    I own a 2005 Chrysler sebring convertible. I absolutely love it. What many people dont realize this, but the problem is actually the engine its self. The 2.7L V6 DOHC engine and some other model engines but most commonly this one. Due to the fact of that the WATER PUMP is an internal version rotated by the TIMING CHAIN instead of the SERPENTINE BELT as in most vehicles. seems like great idea right? Wrong due to the water pump being exposed to MUCH hotter temperature (difference of over 100 degrees) okay with that being understood, Rubber seals and bearing are extremely sensitive to HIGH temperature, causing them to break down and causing the water pump to leak from the weep hole (designed to spill antifreeze onto ground for u to be aware of a problem) Heres the real problem, the weep hole in the 2.7L V6 DOHC Leads to the oil pan, DIRECTLY INTO UR OIL! So not only do you not know if you are having a leaking water pump but now you have Antifreeze and water in ur oil. okay heres what alot of people have trouble understanding, Oil will boil on its own but it takes 500 plus degrees to do so, okay water boils at around 100 degrees and antifreeze will boil around 150. okay well when oil boils it sludge’s up and becomes a molasses type consistency and that engine has very small pilot holes at the top of the engine for the cam shafts, valves and all the small inter working components. So for oil the consistency of molasses it wont work. Now if u have an engine that is having high pitch squealing and such with this engine in it, Immediately take it to a shop or have it towed. if u so decide to keep it. the engine may have to be rebuilt depending on how far the damage has gotten and everything, if u catch it early enough u can flush the engine with new oil every 2,500 miles (after replacing water pump) I replace my water pump every 80,000 miles and my oil every 5,000 (full synthetic oil to help keep seals and ever thing super clean and well lubricated) If you have any questions feel free to contact me.

  4. Tony

    2.7l engine Chrysler should be held responsible for cause they knew engine had flaws but people who bought the cars didnt. It’s sad Chrysler a company they size want stand by product that they made. .. End of day it’s automotive robber..

  5. wayne

    my engine died at 108000 mi. the oil light came on and i pulled over, brought it to chrusler and was told 5700 for new engine! funny, i was due for an oil change at 108000. had it rebuilt in home state of nj at a cost of 3000. combined with towing and car rental and im out 4 grand. a tech at chrysler told me they were notified by chrysler to check oil every 1000 miles. obviously something wrong here. im in new jersey, i have a 2007 chrysler 300 with a 2.7l engine

  6. Christel

    I bought a 2004 Chrysler Sebring from someone I know. They told me they had replaced the timing belt within the 6 months before I bought it. A year and a half and 30,000 miles later, I went out to start my car and it would not start. I had it towed to my mechanic who told me the timing chain snapped and shredded my engine. There was no warning what-so-ever that there was any problem. It came as a complete shock. I’m an out of work single mother, I can’t afford a new engine. While looking on the internet for a used engine I came across hundreds of complaints about my engine. What makes me angrier is that Chrysler knows this engine is crap and refuses to do anything. I can not afford a new engine or a new car so I am completely screwed!

  7. robert

    auto repair shop worked on the 2.7 L engine because of coolant leaks after fixing leaks the engine built up pressure and then blue head gasket 100 miles later and the owner said its my fault I told the owner to look at the class action lawsuit.

  8. Glenn

    On August 23rd.,2014 from a Ford dealership used car lot I bought a Dodge Stratus for my Son as his new Ford Fusion was t-boned and demolished and the insurance claim barely paid it off but left with no way to get to work, thus this purchase. It had 123,262 miles on it and was previously owned by a mechanic who “took care of it” per the salesman. Clean and ran good but after having it a few months we took it in for a due oil change and were told that nearly everything was leaking, including the engine. I spent over $1,300.00 for all seals, gaskets and all else to be fixed but the engine as the Service Manager wanted to make sure the rest was fixed and also the bill would e greater for the engine due to the fact of poorly engineered design. We were never aware of Chrysler’s problems as this is the first Chrysler product in the Wright Family, always has been GM or Ford. The oil change the odometer had 127,921 miles on it on 11-14-2014 and now on 02-09-2015 it seized and cannot be logically fixed, too much $! Contacted the dealer where bought and faxed all repair info but have not heard back as of yet. I am out of work for the last five months and have no income. I have but one other car and he is using it to go to work, 48 miles a day. If some company hires me it will be absolutely impossible for both of us to get to work in just one car. Please inform me as to how to get on this lawsuit as this is Chrysler’s problem and they need to “nut up” to their responsibility for all concerned. An absolute disgrace of a former American company with a rich history to take a blind eye to the American public, their hard work and loyalty which Chrysler has enjoyed and prospered for many, many decades. Even the C.E.O. of Fiat had expressed a woe of regret of buying this car maker for all the problems and debt that came to light after doing so. Should of did his “homework” as we all should have did to stay away from misleading, contemptuous, greedy and corrupt officials of Chrysler. I hope we can settle this and they pay dearly and return the profit they made and lose even more.

  9. Steven

    On the 2.7 there are two catalytic converters. One on each side of oil pan. This set up cocentrates heat to oil pan and this in turn burns out oil due to high temps, quicker than regular oil change intervals. Oil becomes sludge and catastrophic engine damage can result from this. Bottom line every engine has quirks particular to its design. Unfortunately car manufactures know about these issues but fail to inform consumer and unecessary damage could have been otherwise avoided by proper prevetative maintenane. Anyone who has this particular engine should bear this in mind and switch oil sooner and use one designed to withstand higher temps.

  10. Teresa

    Just bought a 2002 dodge intrepid already having problems with it. Who do I need to contact about class action lawsuit?

  11. greg

    2004 stratus 2.7 v6 180000 miles running fine bought it new. only use synthetic oil. change every 7500 miles. drive it 50 miles to work daily. ddont know if i am one of the lucky ones or taken care of it had anything to do with it? you decide!

  12. luis

    Hi my name is Luis I have a 2006 Chrysler 300 2.7 engine first engine died at 94, 000 miles due to build up slug. Had another 2.7 put in with only 28,000 miles and it only lasted 2 years with build up I have a Chrysler 300 in my garage with no engine. Chrysler refuses to recall 2.7 engines and they know about the 2.7 issues

  13. Toyrica

    In 2008, I bought a 08 Dodge charger. I have been having engine problems since 2010 but I’ve had over 20 mechanics look at it and they just say the same thing that I need another engine. I kept the oil changed in spite of the oil leaks, but I just had to buy a ’13 Toyota corolla because it just recently broke down.

  14. gf

    2004 Chrysler Sebring GTC Convertible I purchased the car with 134K miles. It had a code for Cam shaft Position Sensor. It had stop leak in the coolant. The oil was jet black. The heat was extremely slow to warm up. The coolant bottle stays empty no matter how often it’s filled. SOLUTION-Drain the old coolant and add a highly effective stop leak. add an engine flush while holding high idle for ten minutes. change the oil and swap out a quart with Marvel Mystery Oil. drive 200 miles then change to a full synthetic but keep checking the oils color and when its brown drain it. The stop leak will clog heater core but it also stops the oil water mixing that kills the engine. These cars all have sexy designs that lure you in and then your hooked on them. The key is to patch-em-up and flip-em. Then buy an old Toyota and forget being flashy for a while.

  15. Toyrica

    In 2008, I bought a 08 Dodge charger. I have been having engine problems since 2010 but I’ve had over 20 mechanics look at it and they just say the same thing that I need another engine. I kept the oil changed in spite of the oil leaks, but I just had to buy a ’13 Toyota corolla because it just recently broke down.

  16. myles

    please give me a call regarding an oil sludge claim thank you.

  17. Salena

    We have a 2010 Chrysler Sebring that is a huge paperweight in the driveway it started msking all kinds of noise thought we had bought bad gas. The noise continued. We took it to a Chrysler dealershio told them about the noise and the oil light coming on and how the car would quit when trying to stop. They diagnosd the car at needing a timing chain tensioner. Cost us 1500. The oil light continued to come on ntuis is one car that we did the up keep on it needless to say the car is still broje oil lihht still coming on and a noise has came back. So now we are looking into a new motor because we still owe on this car. I will never buya chrysker car aanymore. Which is vrry unfortunate because they are a sharp looking car. Chrysler you shoukd do something to keep your customers happy.m

  18. Christina

    08 dodge charger 2.7 just took a shit. $1500 later it is still running bad. Re did the timing chain, valves etc. Now its still throwing the p0016 code for timing. Replaced sensors wires look fine. Had no problems before the timing went.

  19. Patricia

    All seem to be the same problem beware of these cars look nice but—–I have the 2006 Sebring same problem coolant issue fixed was cutting out and now head gasket car looks like new——

  20. Frank

    2002 Chrysler Concorde 86,000 miles well maintenanced all of the sudden car starts overheating. No leaks in reservoir or hoses. Took it to the shop and was informed of a blown head gasket potentially costing me up to $2000. I need help fixing this issue

  21. addie

    this engine is a piece of junk bought a used 300 with this junk in it engine has 101.000 on it drove it less than 500 miles now i need a complete overhaul due to waterpump failure wow what a great designed engine who the fool ? answer the consumer ha ha tks chrysler

  22. dale

    engine stalls / falls on face at 2500 rpm

  23. Jeremy

    I just recently bought a 1999 Chrysler Sebring and just 2 days my driver side tire caved in while I was driving I don’t know if the problem has anything to do with what they were talking about in the recall as far as the lower ball joints, but that whole section were my tire caved in all those parts are off even part of the axle, is there someone I can contact concerning this issue seeing that me and my wife could of died luckily we were not on the freeway and did not have our son with us WHAT CAN I DO? WHO CAN I CALL? so the issue can be fixed.

  24. Ted

    How can you buy a car used and then blame the manufacturer for problems it has. The 2.7L engine is an extremely well built engine. They have not changed anything from 1998 to 2010 so why are we going after the early years saying that the 2.7L is the problem. We should be going after the oil companies who said there oil was up to par for the advanced engine in 1998. Also from my experience with the sludged 2.7L engine its due to lack of maintance on the customers part. I have worked on many 2.7L engines with over 200,000 miles that were maintained properly with religious oil changes every 3000 miles and not a spec of sludge in them. I believe the issues are lack of customer maintance and in the early years oil companies not selling a good product like today.

  25. Alexander

    The problem is this: the dealers who sell these used Chrysler 2.7 liter V6 engines either know or should know of the class action problems Chrysler is facing due to catastrophic engine failures with this product. Dealers like DriveTime who push these “pieces of crap”, a common quote among seasoned mechanics, are just as liable for fleecing unsuspecting buyers. It is no wonder that Daimler-Benz divested their Chrysler holdings once this issue became common knowledge by those whose business it is to market automobiles. Caveat Emptor (Buyer Beware) is good advice. Cavete Vendit (Seller Beware) is just as valid. Buy a bad product and pay the price. Push a bad product and pay treble damages!

  26. Tim

    I bought a 2002 dodge intrepid 5/25/2014 it had 148.000 miles on april 16th 2015 i noticed my engine was overheating and dumping out fluid so i saved for 2 months on 6/21/2015 i picked the car up its running good and not overheating i get out and my engine has a noise. One shop tells me the timing tensioner is bad others tell me the lifter is bad. The mechanic said all of the timing parts were in goodshape when he had it apart and didnt need replaced.I cant afford to have the car fixed again. I really do love the intrepid its ashame chrysler screwed up the timing/waterpump design. I dont know what my next move,is..

  27. jose

    Bought a 2006 Chrysler 300 2.7 liter at 84000 miles for $6900 car honestly only gave me about 20000 miles. Besides general repairs that have nearly cost me about $2500 on top of the $6900 brings that to $9400 I am not willing to pay $2500 or $3000 for another engine of its kind now that this had reached its peak and is completely blown. I turned it on to go to work this morning an it gave me a faulty start. Then while I was on the road it felt very very heavy like it didn’t want to run. Its happened before so I just payed no attention to it. All the sudden it was making a gurgling sound every time I stepped on the gas I knew something wasn’t right. I was pulling into to work an boom had the loudest knock and then some really bad screeching noises an I knew that was the end. Im sure one of the piston heads blew. The sad thing is my gauges marked nothing no check engine light no warning light nothing it just up and did that out of nowhere.Thats the sad truth! After this I will probably never buy another Chrysler product again. Screw you Chrysler car industry schmucks for making a faulty engine of such an actually letting it make it to the public. I would please like some information on how I can get on this lawsuit thing I wanna take to their asses!

  28. Ben

    I have a 06 dodge charger car stop had to get tow to the house it turn over but no start. I got new battery alternator new fuel pump new starter new sparkplugs new timing chain with 114k miles turns over but no start n the price for a new motor $3.200 an I swipe relays n check fuses but none of that work I love my car I just want it fix

  29. Rick

    I’ve got an 01′ Intrepid w/ 77K miles that blew it’s water pump while my wife was riding in it. Fortunately,my wife knew to tell the driver to turn off the a/c and turn on the heater full blast. They pulled over when they could and the husband of the driver/owner and me towed it to his house. They went and intermediately bought a 13′ Impala and we can have the Intrepid once we know if it will live again. I’m pretty sure no serious engine damage was done, but I’ll know more when I change the pump and drive it. Then we’ll talk about a token price for it. But this is when I discovered all of the info about the 2.7 on the websites. I’m old school, and old, and have always tended to stay away from Chrysler products since the 60’s. The always seem to put some relatively inexpensive part deep in the engine or trans that fails. And it takes $2,000 to tear it apart to change it. Most of the posts here have something in common. That is that their “mechanics” that tell owners all kinds of things that have nothing to do with the problems. I would tell anyone who doesn’t know about how cars work and don’t have the time or inclination to learn, but has this problem to buy another car. Don’t throw money away to fix it. You won’t find an honest mechanic and even if you do and have the engine fixed properly, it will never be the same. Get another car with the warranty still in effect. Think seriously about the cars with a 100K warranty. In any case, stay away from Chrysler.

  30. Teresa

    Dodge needs to do something about these vehicles I have a 2002 dodge intrepid 150,000 mine keeps over heating I’m tired of this

  31. Danielle

    My 2010 Chrylser Sebring only had 75,000 miles on it when I was told it needs a new engine, I always changed the oil every 3,000 miles and used the more expensive oil. There was no warning of this, once in awhile I would get an alert that the oil was low so I would have it checked and they told me it was fine, Then one day as I got off the freeway the engine just stopped. I was able to roll it over to the side of the road. The dash and alert system gave no warning of an engine problem. Usually the alert system will tell you to turn the engine off immediately if there is a serious issue. After 10 minutes the car started up again and i drove it home. The next day I took it to the mechanic who said it needs a new engine. The check engine light did turn on but it gave an alert of a gas cap issue, I made several complaints and got nowhere. I had a small warranty on the car but it did not cover anything major like a new engine. Chrylser should have been put our of business a long time ago and there should be many warnings about safety before other innocent people buy these cars, Im the one who has to pay for all of this and I had no idea these engines are so bad. This should be illegal to continue to make bad cars and sell them to the public with no good warranty on them to cover the automakers mistakes. This has been an issue for alot of people so clearly they know about it but dont care. Everytime I see someone driving a Chrylser of anykind I want to tell them to trade it in ASAP!

  32. Lester

    I have an 01 Sebring with the 2.7l engine car ran good for 300 miles then it blew had a new engine installed got 7,000 miles out of it then it blew I am retired and on fixed income Chrysler should have pulled that engine from production years ago luckily I have my old Harley as backup good and dependable even though it’s an 86 who can I contact to see if anything can be done about this I can’t afford another engine and car is only worth 300 at scrap yard which is really sad because I had just had the whole front end rebuilt at a cost of 1200$ and car itself is in like new condition

  33. Duane

    I purchased a 2002 Dodge Stratus ES with the 2.7L V6 for my daughter. Ran absolutely great for about 1 year. We took a 600 mile trip from Florida to Mississippi and the car ran perfect. After 24 hours of arriving in Mississippi, the car was dead. Had it towed to a local Dodge dealer who kept it for 3 weeks trying to figure out what was wrong with it. After having several mechanics look at it, they finally discovered that the water pump (internal to the engine) had failed and leaked water into the oil pan. No one know for sure when the water pump failed, but this caused the oil to turn to a thick sludge. This in turn caused the oil to clog all oil passages in the engine to include the double over head cams. Result… four burned out camshafts and everything in between. Now the engine is complete scrap metal, not to mention the entire car. They want $8000 to replace the engine. With what… another 2.7L V6? I don’t think so. Dodge/Chrysler needs to fess up to this disaster of an engine. I’ve read thousands of posts and complaints and they sit back and laugh. With a daughter in college, there is no way we can afford a new car.

  34. tramael

    My 2009 Chrysler 300lx 2.7engine motor went went out on me I had oil change no interact tell it was low on oil it cost to much on a motor wat can do about this

  35. holly

    I myself am wondering how a person goes about filing a lawsuit or complaint about this 2.7 engine and if there is anything the consumer has to do since they are known for that type of engine failing I recently purchased a 03 Concorde didn’t even have it a week and had that happen to me on my way to an important appt no cause or explanation didn’t have any clue till I did a lil research and found this out about the engines failing prematurely I really hope there is any hope in to figuring something out and getting this resolved I really love my car its the first car I’ve ever owned and I am 25 also a mother of 3 boys so I was really depending on this vehicle

  36. Steven

    Bought a 1999 Intrepid with 91k miles from my neighbor. She and her late husband purchased the car new. Her husband didn’t drive it the last year he was sick. Their son drove it to the gas station on a visit with them when it had to be towed backed home. The car is immaculate in and out and was garage kept. I paid $700 as-is, not running. I paid a mechanic $500 to change the timing chain/water pump/gears. New intake and valve cover gaskets and a tune-up. Waste of money as the valves were bent after the timing chain broke. Next I spent $800 on a junkyard engine and $500 on labor. Flushed the petroleum-based oil out and put in synthetic from now on. Now I have $2,500 in the car and I’m afraid of that engine failing too! Getting away with putting this engine in cars knowing they are not right is despicable! I didn’t put 2 and 2 together until I bought this car. I had a Stratus that the timing chain/belt broke and trashed the engine. No more Dodges for me!

  37. Airicka

    2006 chysler (2) & a 2006 Dodge Charger

  38. Jay

    I bought a 2007 dodge magnum with the 2.7 in 2012. Since then several repairs have been done to it. The first one that was weird was a water pump repair and replace, once the engine was taken apart not only has the oil filled with water, but we notice an excessive amount of slug throughout the engine. So it got cleaned and designed for the most part. Fast forward not even 3 year the new water pump that was installed had began to fail. Took my car to the shop, same situation water in the oil and slug. Now the slug is clogging his engine again, my technician cleaned out what he could but ultimately my engine failed due to oil loss from the oil pump screen getting clogged. This is a huge set back for me and my family. Due to the knowledge I aquire from this sight no matter what type of oil I used my engine was bound to slug up again and fail. To replace this engine is unbarable in cost. What can I do about this engine defect.

  39. mrlew

    I just bought my daughter a 2004 Dodge Stratus with 120 K miles on it from a neighbor. The car overheat, and I don’t know what to do about it. I think. Should man up and fix these problems for the customers that are having issues, or everyone should just start boycotting Dodge. I bought the car for my daughter because she’s going back and forth to college to become a registered nurse. I don’t think it’s cool to have Dodge mess over so many people when they know they have a problem. I feel that. Should serve dear customers like I served my country as United States Army with pride and dignity.

  40. Paulina

    2.7 are peices of shit this is the second chrysler 300 2006 that has caused the thermostat to burn a hole threw the plastic because the motor gets too hot

  41. Troy

    I feel they already new da problem with yhe 2.7 they just wanted they money never had a car built with these many problems

  42. Tim

    Bought a 2002 Dodge intrepid with 148.000 miles 5/21/14 the engine now has 172.000 miles it runs fine had the waterpump replaced at 165.000 miles engine was sludge free the mechanic was surprised. I use max life full synthetic oil it has kept the engine clean. The oil light came on last month so i shut it off had it towed asap to the mechanic he found that the oil pressure sensor has been bad a long time and i wasnt getting the right pressure. If these engines really are trash i want to know why it survived the timing chain snapping in 2012 without destroying anything, waterpump failed without sludge building up and i ran around for a month with low oil pressure it did not blow up they claim these things are impossible! Now its back on the road running fine. Keep synthetic oil in it and it wont sludge up. I could tell you storys about my ford, chevy and buick that would give you nightmares but you get online and people praise those pos.

  43. Colin

    About to buy a 2005 GTC Sebring convertible with a 2.7L engine in it with only 95k on it, can I get any feedback to whether if this is a good idea or not?

  44. Yvonne

    I brought my 2005 Sebring in February 2015 now my engine is gone. Something to do with the oil getting up to the engine

  45. Monica

    2007 chrysler 300 my car has 55552 miles and car got a lifter tick at 45thousand miles , so there is obviously a problem here , im wondering who should i go to about the problem because the dealership continues to ignore the problem

  46. Edd

    I am thinking of buying a 99 Sebring (JXI trim) with a 2.5 v6.
    the odometer reads 99500 mi. I’ve been reading story after story about all the problems with the 2.7 engine and the absolutely shameful treatment from CHRYSLER. Can you tell me if the 2.5 engine has the same problems as the 2.7’s.In all the complaints, not one mentions the 2.5 but a few did use term small engine. Thanks and I look forward to your reply.

  47. Raymond

    I own an 08 magnum that also has 2.7 engine.. Been having problems with it as well
    . Replaced the timing set,water pump,got the heads redone and still having oil pressure problems.. Next is oil pump but the cost of parts and mechanics is getting up there.. Who can I talk to about this?

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