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Published: February 1st, 2009

Certain model year 1998 to 2002 Dodge Intrepid and Dodge Stratus vehicles contain defective Chrysler 2.7 liter V6 engines. These engines have a propensity to build up oil sludge, which could result in engine failure much earlier than would be expected.

STATUS OF DODGE ENGINE LAWSUITS: Chrysler has been denying warranty coverage for the 2.7 liter engine problems, forcing many vehicle owners to contact product liability lawyers to pursue Dodge engine lawsuits to recover the repair costs.

All federal Dodge engine failure class action lawsuits have been consolidated in an MDL in the District of New Jersey.


OVERVIEW: The Chrysler 2.7 liter engine used in Dodge Intrepid, Dodge Stratus as well as certain Chrysler vehicles, is defectively designed and could fail between 50,000 and 60,000 miles. In some cases, owners have reported catastrophic engine failure as early as 20,000.

Chrysler has been denying warranty coverage for the Dodge 2.7 liter engine failures, requiring owners to incur between $4,000 and $10,000 to repair or replace the engine.

DODGE ENGINE PROBLEMS: Chrysler designed the 2.7 liter V6 engines as a smaller engine with less oil capacity. This has caused the Dodge engine problems because oil sludge could develop if the oil is not replaced within a small margin of time.

Even when owners have regularly replaced their engine oil within the time frame outlined in the owners manual, there are still some who have had their engine seize suddenly when the vehicle still had well under 100,000 miles.

DODGE CLASS ACTION LAWSUITS: At least five state class action lawsuits over the Dodge engine oil sludge problems have been filed in various federal courts throughout the United States. In February 2009, all of the cases were consolidated in an MDL in the District of New Jersey.

The Dodge engine failure lawsuits allege that design defects in the 2.7 liter V6 engines make them prone to form oil sludge, which could result in catastrophic engine failure.

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  1. [...] Chrysler and Dodge engine failure class action lawsuits are currently pending in the Eastern District of California, Middle District of Florida, Northern District of Illinois, District of New Jersey and Southern District of New Jersey on behalf of vehicle owners in those states. In addition, other class action lawsuits and individual lawsuits could be filed in other districts. [...]

  2. 2001 dodge intrepid 2.7 engine failure …had car since new

  3. how do I join the class action suits?
    I know there is amajor problem as well with the 4.7 engine they put in the full size ram.

  4. bought a 2000 intrepid from a small dealer and not even 3 months later it blowed. now stuck with car and no engine since its hard to find. rather switch engines so looking for someone to do that instead

  5. My wife has 2002 dodge intripid that was been nothing but problems the water pump went at 50K miles and now at 87K the engine is blown. It has always had an oil probelm leaks, oil light on even when full. I woud never buy a Dodge again if your smart you won’t buy a dodge need less to say they don’t make a good or do they stand behind them

  6. I bought a 2002 Dodge Intrepid from a private party.She assured me the car was in good condition,I believed her (Never believe) I drove the car for 2 days and the first day I had it the car stalled & the engine light flickered,I thought it was a one time thing,(stupid) & lent the car to my father ,the same thing happened too him so he took it to his mechanic,thought the problem was fixed($600.00)later & while driving it home the engine started knocking & the car died.Had it towed back to the mechanic&of course the engine was blown.I will never buy another AMERICAN car again,People ,do the research.I was very nieve when it came to this car.I needed a car & got totally screwed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Dodge needs to reimberse all of the people who got STUCK with THIS PIECE OF CRAP CAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!As an American car company you can’t screw that many people & get away with it.I have put my name on a class action lawsuit,but I fear I will never see any money.after all they filed for bankrupcy Right?I guess live & learn,do the reserch before buyint anything made in AMerica!!!Caviat Emptor”Let The Buyer Beware…!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Screwed in New Jersey..

  7. I have a 2002 Dodge Intrepid boat anchor in my driveway with a 2.7L failed engine. The car only has 72,000 miles on it and is now worthless. The engine let loose when we were 25 miles from our home. Luckily, my neighbor was able to have it towed back to my house, free-of-charge. From what I have been reading on this forum, there certainly should be some way for us all to have this issue resolved in a posiitive manner. With all of the problems that are currently going on within the automotive industry, surely Chrysler doesn’t want this issue to drag on and cause them greater problems.
    Aren’t there attorneys out there with the courage to take this company on and get this issue resolved?
    If so, then I wish someone would contact me so that I can get on the bandwagon and join this fight.
    Shame on you Chrysler for not stepping up to the plate and admitting that you just plain made a mistake and make it right and move on. But then again, this is America…bleed the citizens and make the big boys richer. WHERE’S MY BAILOUT?? HUH??

  8. We had the engine blow on our 2002 Intrepid also, I think it was only two years old. We filed suit right then, but have never heard anything. We replaced the engine for $6000. and took it immediatly to the dealership to trade in sure that we would be reimbursed since it was their fault. They would not give us credit for the cost of the engine. Refusing to keep the car, we unfortunately took the deal for the new vehicle. I want my money back! Today I got a call from Dodge. They want to upgrade my truck. When I get my money credited to my payoff, we can talk. Where do I sign up for the suit again? I was lucky it died in a gas station. There was a elderly couple who’s blew in an intersection. It was a serious accident. Get these fools.

  9. I have found ,on my 2002 Dodge Intrepid, no sludge. What I have found is an irregular ammount of casting flash on the cylindar head. Thid=s flash should have been completely removed during the manufacturing process but was not. My 2002 2.7Litre Intrepid has developed a blown bearing sound. I suspect that the fact that the casting flashing was not removed caused trash metal to enter the crank shaft oil system and foul the crank shaft bearings. I have very detailed photos of the flash that stilll remains on the cylindar heads just waiting for their chance to cause further damage.
    I have never before seen a more shoddy job of close tolerance manufacturing in my life. I would attach photos if there was a place to do this.

  10. I have a 1999 Intrepid with the 2.7 engine. First engine failed at 142,000 miles because I drove it VERY hard, and overheated it. Used,replacement engine now has just over 80,000 miles on it. No problems whatsoever. The car itself has 204,000 miles with nothing more than the normal care and upkeep. You just have to take care of them…like anything else. :-)

  11. I own a 2001 Dodge Intrepid with a blown motor. I live in Alabama and would like more information on the class action law suit.

  12. I purchased a 2003 Sebring Convertible with approx. 70,000 miles in May of this year. Oil light started to flicker when stopped at a red light after driving about 15 miles, stops when put in neutrual. When I took it back to the dealership while it was still under warranty, they would not fix the problem unless I paid for it. Now the car knocks when it’s first started. I had the oil changed by my mechanic in June. If I had known about this problem before hand, I never would have purchased the car. Is there any information on how to file and join in on the class action?

  13. I purchased a 2001 Dodge Stratus in april of 2009, engine failure, oil sludge in late July. I purchased from a Chrysler dealership in Troy, Ohio. They say they wont help, I am stuck with this car and no money to fix it. It really is a shame. I would like some information on how to join class action siut.

  14. 2003 Stratus 88,000 miles Regular on time oil changes 1 owner. Oil light
    come on then off started to make knocking noise when starting and went away. A very repetable 30+ year Mechanic check it to find the
    engine needing replaced. Everyone is shocked with no more mileage
    this could happen. Obviously there is a real problem and I see a pattern from most of the other comments. It doesn’t appear it could be all people related or oil problems. Do right by the consumers to protect the reputation if you stand by your company.

  15. i have a 2003 intrepid, oil light came on right after an oil change 6 months ago and i redid the oil change. figured it was a bad oring on the filter, 600 miles since last oil change and the light flickers on and off at red lights again. ive taken pristine care of this car and chaned the oil religiously and only drive it on highway/expressway. this is just beginning at 53,600 miles, what can i do to help prevent/reverse this sludge problem?
    i am a single father of 3 kids and am a victim of the failed economy. i cant afford a new car let alone a new engine.

  16. I own a 2001 Dodge Intrepid, 2.7 and have a blown engine. The engine just died while stopped at a light. No warning signs at all. Got it started, took it to mechanic due to bad knocking noise. Engine blown.

  17. 1999 Chrysler concord, motor blew @ 47,000. changed oil every 3-4,000 miles, car was like new. called chrysler, they told me it only was guaranteed for 36,000 miles and would do nothing about it.

  18. I bought my son a 2001 Dodge Stratus which he drove for less than a year when the engine stopped running. We were told by a mechanic that it was due to a deffect in this particular dodge motor. There were no warning signs at all. The oil was changed regularly. After all I have read, this seems to be a huge problem for many consumers. We need some type of reimbursement.

  19. I own a 2001 Dodge Intrepid. I brought the car used from a dealer in 2002, It was just a few months old. In 2004 the car stopped on me while driving with no warning. I took it to repair shop the auto mechanic stated that dodge intrepid are know for sludge problems with the engine. It cost me over 1500.00 for repair due to sludge in the engine. My husband and I kept a regular oil change on the car and could not understand how it could have happened we only had 52,000 miles on it. I am discussed with the car and has problem with oil leakage and sensor switch since.

  20. got a 2001 dodge intrepid with a loen and paying on it now and will be paying for 18mo more and it will be payed off wow or i can pay to fix it but they told me that it will be 9,865.72 + tax ,lab and towing to get it there so it is in the driveway just setting there wow (nice big thing there) no warning at all i was going down a hill and it die’ed and there is less then 95000mi on it so why they will not do anything there is lot of us with 2.7.. only had to drive it for 4mo..last day it was on the road was sept 2007.. so sad i love that car.. not now


  22. I bought a dodge Intrepid se in December 2009 and now its february 2010, and 2 days ago I wa driving down the offramp of the freeway and the car just died! Id just changed the oil, and put a new battery in, and there was no warning of any problem. I towed it to the repair shop very reputible peaple, and they say there is oil sludge in the engine and a knocking sound, and some problem too in the steering column. The machanic is trying to fix it all, so far hes up to $13,00.00, and Im praying thats all, but he isnt sure yet if the engines ruined! had the car 2 months! paid $27,00 for it, added about $400 more in repairs and dressing (seat covers, mats, manual, etc) and now maby the engines soup! I love the car itself, its me, but the engine, well I’l be walking if he cant fix it, I cant afford another car! And I cant afford $4,000 for a new engine! It isnt fair! What are the big boys at Dodoge/chrysler driving? I bet not their own cars!

  23. I have a 2000 Dodge Intrepid with a 2.7 liter V6 engine, has 92,000 miles on it. It has been burning oil with some smoking. A couple of weeks ago the oil light starting coming on once the engine got hot and was idling. My mechanic told me about the problem and lawsuit with this engine type and suggested that I start using a heavier grade oil. So I hope this will help the engine to hold up a little while longer.

  24. I guess I fell lucky. I have a 2001 intrepid with the 2.7 engine. there has been no problems until just recently with over 150,000 miles on the ca. according to my mechanic the engine needs to be replaced because of the defect. All I know is next time I am buying a ford I have always bought fords previously and they lasted over 250,000 miles before starting to have lots of problems, usually with things other than the engines.

  25. I also own a 2004 Dodge Intrepid. I would like to join the suit how do I get involved? Purchased new, and it has had problems since 2,000 miles. It now has 96,000 but it has been trouble since day one.
    I had a gas leak at 2,000 miles that came from the engine and the dealer told me I was lucky it didn’t blow up on me. The air bag light has been on since day 1, now the oil light comes on a regular basis and it is not the light itself.

  26. I have a 2000 Dodge Intrepid with 2.7 Engine in it. It has 140,000 Miles on it. about 20,000Miles ago the oil light began coming on while the car was idoling. Then a couple of months ago my husband drove the car on a quick errand and on his way home the engine died. There was no signs of engine failure, The car wasn’t smoking or knocking. It just locked up! I had no idea that there was any kind of lawsuit regarding these vehicles and the reacurring issues, I just sold the vehicle just to get it out of my yard and the person I sold it to told me about the issues and pending lawsuits. So I decided to do some research and see if there is any help for me. After finally paying the car off and not having a car payment I WAS relieved! Now I was stuck for with non running vehicle and a new car payment. Had to purchase another car to have transportation to work.

  27. 2002 Sebring, 65,000 miles. Seems to run well, except that now the oil pressure light is going on at idle speed.

  28. same problem happened to me just bought my girlfriend a 98 intrepid money that i got back from my taxes and and it freezed up still starts but no compression did the motor seize or does it just need new head gasket any information about your guy’s experience would be helpful ty

  29. the problem doesnt stop at 2002. have an 04 sebring with the 2.7l and 30485 miles on it. scrupulous maintainence performed at 3000 mile (or less) intervals and engine just stared having the meltdown symptoms. also have 13 other defects with the car all of which are listed known problems with chrysler products since 2000. had i done better research on this vehicle then, i wouldnt own a chrysler now or ever again

  30. I bought a 99 dodge intrepid to give to my wife to get back and forth to work but it was a big mistake.The car didnt give any warnings at all it just quit running yesterday .I had the car towed to repair shop and after telling them what happened.They told me that its not the first 2.7 engine that has done that.Then while i was at the repair shop they were 3 more 99 intrepids being towed in at the same time.I gave them my phone number and told them to give me a estimate first before repairing and im lucky i did.When they did call me two weeks later they told me the timing chain snapped and bent some valves and busted hole in pistons.They told me the estimate was 4500 dollars to repair so i towed it back home and now i have a big boat ancor in my driveway that i cant even sell.

  31. I bought my 2000 Dodge intrepid in 2004 had 50,000 miles on it we were on a 2 hr trip when I pulled up to a stop light it stopped wouldnt turn over took car to mechanic he said it had to do with the oil sludge and it would take from 3,800 to 4,500 to fix the car.NO WARNING CAR WAS PURFECT BEFORE THAT WITH NO ISSUES.also always had it serviced on time I will miss her!!

  32. Purchased my 2000 Intrepid in Novermber of 2005. Had right at 32,000 miles on it. Engine blew in Feb. 2007 with approx. 54,000 miles. Had an extended warranty so all I paid for was gaskets and fluids, but they put ANOTHER 2.7L engine in. Now I’m having problems with the oil light flickering, AGAIN. It now has 110,000 miles on it. Gonna try changing the wiring for the oil sensor. Otherwise, I’ll drive until it blows again. I,m looking for a Ford TAurus now. Had one before and had good luck with it. Will never buy another Chrysler/Dodge vehicle as long as I live. They’ve got enough of my money between this peice of crap car and the government bailout.

  33. 2004 2.7L Dodge Intrepid. Bought it new, still paying on it. Blown Motor!! This has been a problem since the late 90s. They say they fixed it in 2002. They LIE!!! SO for nearly 10 years, Dodge knew they had a BAD product on the market AND have not fessed up and corrected the problem, AND they still allow this DEFECTIVE moter to be put into the cars they are still selling. Shame on YOU Dodge. Let’s get the word out so that others may not have to deal with a company that not only lies, cheats and steals BUT also affects the lives of many Americans who are often left without transportations.

  34. Purchased a 2003 Dodge Stratus last year. Current milage 60,013. The flickering oil light has been fixed twice and as of yesterday will need to be fixed again. The first time the car dealer took the hit, second time Midas did after an oil change by a newbie and now once again, 1000 miles from that oil change.
    I used to love this car.
    Engine light has been on once, as the manual instructed we drove it for a bit and the light went back out in about a day or two. The inserts on the doors have all broken off, the battery had to be replaced after I made the first warning…just dead. The front bumper pegs have almost all broken off because that’s how the battery is changed out…both of the front lights have broken seals and are now cloudy…and now because of the defective oil sensor isn’t safe to drive my 3 children anymore than the 5 miles it takes to get across town.
    I am frustrated that a company can be allowed to sell cars that could be death traps and then they get goverment money (from our taxes) and here we are left holding TWO bags of poo. Dodge will never bow to the masses. If in doubt please read this link:
    I will NEVER buy another car BUT foreign. A person should be able to rest easy buying a “new” car. A company should be ashamed for having so many cars on the road that are a mockery to safety and Amercan built pride. There was a time when companies stood by their product.
    Good luck to everyone. I, like most of you who have posted, will be in a world of hurt if this thing breaks down before I can afford to get it replaced. I will sure not be paying to have a blown engine repaired. A person can buy a car free and clear for that kind of money. …or a bicyle….

  35. I also purchased a used 1999 Dodge Intrepid I spent approx $1500.00 fixing issues here and there, plus a transmission. Then noticed the oil light was constantly coming on, had oil changed but the oil light would not go away. Then the car started making a knocking noise and turning off constantly. Per the mechanic the motor is blown due to a company glitch having something to do with the oil. The car was used for 3-4 months and is now sitting outside useless. How can I join this suit, per the mechanic I need to replace the engine and I don’t have the thousands of dollars it costs to repair.

  36. A lot of sad stories but no useful information and, yes, I have a Sebring been sitting in a parking lot for 5 months now. Does anyone know the current status of this lawsuit?

  37. I have a 2002 Dodge Intrepid with a worthless 2.7 engine and have nothing but a problem. My oil light flickers when at an idle. Engine overheats if I run the AC. Have changed the water pump, thermostat, had oil changed regularly and still is no good. I had mechanic at Dodge dealership look at it and he told me I needed a new engine… he said just a matter of time before it no longer runs. What do we have to do to get a RECALL? Junk happens but take reponsibility for it when you create it … was a faithful dodge buyer but will not be after this.

  38. I have the same issue with my 2001 Sebring and it has been sitting at a dealership because I can’t afford to replace the engine because my extended warranty states it is an existing problem prior to me buying my warranty and it isnt their reposibility. I have also spoken with the National Highway on getting them to recall & investigate this issue with the 2.7 V6 engine and they have 30 complaints but they need more – I said well thats sad that this issue has to take more complaints or for someone to die before anyone does something about this Major Problem .
    Here is the Link to their website on the bottom left is their phone number please everyone call them and report these problems we are all facing with this engine so they get off their booties and do something before someone dies.

  39. I have a 2002 dodge stratus that had a trans put in on 5-01-06. nothing but trouble since i bought it brand new. Had tie rods put in. the heater never worked right on it. On 01-02-10 my engine locked up on it. I can’t find anyone to fix it. I will never buy another dodge.

  40. I bought a dodge stratus from a buy here pay here lot and it start having problems at the first 3 months on over heating i spend over $800.00 dollars and the second day it keep overheating i would never buy a dodge again and it sucks because i had a dodge neon 02 and it drove good but i will never ever buy a dodge car again.

  41. my 2004 sebring lxi oil light just started to flicker and stall as i come to a sto 75.000 miles on it my mechanic told me to unload it bad someone else other then chrysler will end up with this forgive me lord.

  42. Hi, I bought a 2006 Dodge Magnum with the 2.7. I have the oil issue, the slipping tranny, Various components on the shifter assembly have now gone bad ( i can’t take the key out of the ignition), and to top it all off now I have the Throttle control sensor on. This car is a piece of junk. I will never ever buy another dodge ever again.

  43. I also owened a 2001 Dodge Intrepid. It was a great car up until about 2 months ago.I Started having alot of things happen (expensive things). First the airconditiong condenser went (700.00), Then the engine had oil sludge. They said it would cost 3000.00 dollars to fix I do not have that kind of money now the car sits and I cannot drive it because I cannot afford to get it fixed. I have always driven Chyrsler vehicles…… but no more.

  44. I have a 2002 status with a 2.7 engine and i know jus about everthing there is to know about this car and mine broke from the oil getting to hot and turning to sludge! i am a jet machanic and i do all the maintance on my cars and i always kept the oil clean to where it wouldnt eaven darken and my car failed at 135,000 milles. so what dose that tell you about that engine???

  45. had 2001 Intrepid since 2002, purchased from dealer with 10,000 miles, ran great really well maintained,oil&filter every 2500 to 3000 miles. wife drove car, she pulled it into our garage saying it was making a funny sound,and shut it off, that was 2 years ago, it never started since. A mechanic, who worked at a Chrysler dealership, looked at it and said no sludge problem but your timing chain went bad. Since I am out of work for two years I had to wait to save money to repair it, the dealer quoted ~$3000- $4000 to do, and no guarantee that It would last.

  46. My engine went out on my Dodge magnum which is a 2005 I brought it just before Hurricane Katrina. I took very good care of my car with the proper oil changes which i can get receipts for. it just started making noise and stopped I had to wait for a tow truck and stand in a area at night until 10:30. I am still paying a car note. I thougth I was going to have this car at least 20yrs not 5yrs and a note. I would like to have a balout plan just like they had with my tax dollars. Now i have to catch the bus to work or a ride with a car that has a bad engine and a car note. We need someone to help us as law abiding citizens. Help,help we need you now news media to expose DaimlerChrysler for not valuing us as good customers. this matter is real not a game or joke the joke is on us the customer of DaimlerChrysler.

  47. I recently purchased a very clean 2002 Dodge Status RT with a 2.7 eng. the car was runnning good until w/o warning it stopped running. the eng. has 83,000 miles. Mechanics tell me its a bad engine. any advise?

  48. I purchased a 2001 Chrysler Sebring Convertible brand new and loved the car, I was so proud of it! I thought this may very well be the last car I buy I will baby it and it will last me forever, since I only put about 10,000 miles per year on a car. Well at about 73,000 miles the engine died!!! While I was on my way home from vacation, had to have it towed about 400 miles!!! Replaced the engine and once again my love for my 2001 sebring convertible was renewed until about 28,000 miles later the new engine died! Now I am just sick and can not afford to put another engine in it AND if I do put a new engine in it who knows how long it will last. What am I supposed to do?

  49. I own a 2003 Dodge Intrepid with a 2.7L V-6. The engine suffered catastrophic failure at 53,000 miles due to sludge and the #3 Cylinder. It was under warranty and was replaced although it took them 5 weeks to do so and I incurred $1051.00 in car rental fees. Last weekend, the new engine blew for the exact same reason, oil sludge and the #3 cylinder. I contacted the dealer and Chrysler. I was told by the Supervisor that Chrysler is not going to do anything about it and that I am out a car.

  50. I had a 2004 Dodge Intrepid with approximately 128,000 miles on it. Still owed a year of payments. Driving home from work without warning, heard a strange gushing noise from the engine. The gauges did not register that the car had overheated. About 1 to 2 miles later the car shut down and I coasted to the side of the road. The water pump had blown without warning and the engine was a total loss. I located another engine but was told that all these engines were junk and that if I spent the $1700 to purchase a used engine and have it put in, the same thing could and probably would happen.

  51. 2004 intrepid, just started with the problems… oil ilght had began coming on even after fresh oil change.. Now the car is stalling while driving like it will die out.. very scary does it on the Highway. First thought it was bad gas but NO!… almost hit a couple of time.. took it to Dodge Dealership ( NO LUCK!) they don’t even know.. guessing game about the sensor’s but told them not giving them anymore money unless they are sure what the problem was. They had my car for 3 days no, courtsey car or nothing, days off work. Called this Am stated think it’s some other sensors and wanted to do them MAP sensor and some other.. Spouse told them he had change the other one but not the Map.. Guy stated that he isn;t sure if this will slove it.. NO MORE dishing out monies.. Where’s the suit against these guys! If they can’t stand behind there own cars what are we in for?

  52. how can i be apart of the class act law suit

  53. WE have a 2002 Dodge Stratus less then 80,000 miles on it. and we have had to have the brakes and rotors repkaced 3 times. I will never purchase a Dodge again. What a lemon! Now the mechanic is telling us it needs $1200 worth of work otherwise he said it is dangerous to drive. BYE BYE DODGE!!!!!!!!!

  54. Hello,

    I would like to know if someone can please send me some information on how to add my name to the class action lawsuit agaist Chrysler? I have 2002 Dodge Intrepid 2.7 litter engine that is not driveable due to my engine just stopping 1 night. For 2 years I had and still do have to depend on public transportation to get to my part time job. This has been a very emotional 2 years for me since I paid off my car and the engine stopped on me just out of the blue. I had 2 authorized mechanics to suggest due to the oil sludge to replace my engine (proof with reciets).

  55. Has anyone heard from someone on your problems with your car? We had a 2004 Dodge Intrepid (2.7 engine), bought it with 28,000 miles on it and the engine blew at 110,000. We had all of our oil changes on time and it was a good car, and the engine just all of a sudden blew. We never got anything from Dodge Chrysler saying there was a problem with this engine.

    Did those of you who asked about information to be added to the lawsuit – did you hear from anyone? I don’t see any responses regarding that. Thanks.

  56. back on 28 jan 2010….how do i get i the class act law suit..or who do i call about is in my drive way and would like to do samething have them do do anything…fix or get used car 2001 or samething help help

  57. 2000 Intrepid, Sludge problem…$$$ UGH What a piece of crap

  58. I have a Dodge Ram 1500 that is having similiar problems to what is happening with the Dodge Intrepid and Dodge Stratus. My Ram has the 5.2 engine. First I experienced a slight loss in oil pressure. Never out of the safe range. Then I had a cylinder 2 misfire. Now I have a problem with engine running hot. I have changed wires, plugs, cap and rotor. As well as the oil pump and oil sending unit when that was done they also replaced the oil tube and cleaned out all the sludge. I also had thermostat replaced. Still have same problems. Dodge needs to stand behind their vehicles and fix their mistakes.

  59. I bought 2003 dodge intrepid from dealer when it was 12000 miles on it. now as of today am 105000 miles.
    10 days ago my oil lights start flickering when i am at stop sign or complete stop. SO far i changed oil pressure sensor switch and harness and connectors.
    No go.still lights flickering. i can’t afford new engine.i need to know how can i join this law suit and put my name in it.Dodge sucks.

  60. 2002 sebring 2.7 blew at 46,000 on frist owner he replaced sold the car to me i replace the motor agin at 103,000 and now the car has 108,xxx and needs another motor.

  61. got my husbands 2002 intrepid used in 2005, had 60k miles on it… started with the water pump, the alternator, some other various (not cheap) reverselating gonkulators (dont remeber exactly what) and then in nov 2009 on the highway it started gushing water/antifreeze without any indication that it was overheating and is now a gold lawn ornament. cant afford to put a new engine in it, and there isnt anyone to sell it too. what a peice of crap

  62. I had a 2000 Chrysler Concorde and at about 50,000 miles the oil light started flashing and the only way I got it to stop was to have the sensor changed. The car eventualy threw a rod at 63,000 miles. I also had a 2005 Chrysler Sebring at the same time, which threw a rod two days earler and it only had 77,800 miles and Chrysler has refused to do anything about any assistance. I was personally told by a Service Manager at Zimmer Chrysler in Florence, Kentucky that he had only heard that the Concorde had the problem because the exhaust was too close to the oil pan and it caused the slug problem.

  63. 2001 Dodge Intrepid. Bought used in 2001 – only 6 months old. I’ve had various issues (oil light flickering on), but overall I’ve like my car – until now. Car started to stall while driving. I brought it home – thinking I had just bought some “bad gas”. Antifreze was leaking out of the car. It has mixed in with the oil. Had it towed to my mechanic. He figures $500-$600 for water pump. Thinks it my need a new timing chain or head gasket. Probably needs a new engine. He really doesn’t think I should try to fix it – he hates to “steal my money” for a piece of junk that probably still won’t work. Calling around to have it junked – most I’m being offered is $200.00

  64. I recently purchased a 2002 intrepid SE – the oil light flickers when RPMs are low. I took it to a mechanic for a oil change, the mechanic told me that I would eventually need a new engine and the car has about a week or month to live. I was devistated, he told me that this issue occurs a lot with this brand of car. He told me I would have to spend about 3,000 dollars for a rebuilt engine considering I just paid 2800 for the vehice 2 months ago. I would love to be apart of a lawsuit to get compensation for something that obviously the manufacturer knows about but fails to address.

  65. I purchased a 2006 Chrysler Sebring and we are the only owners. We have kept the oil changes as needed. In review of a recent call stalling on the freeway, the Chrysler Dealer informed me that our engine froze up. We had no prior warning or overheating issues. I am currently trying to get it fixed and also gather records from several places that did oil chages. At this point we have not been informed of what is going on with the car and who will be fixing it. If anyone can provide some input, we would appreciate it.

  66. I purchased a brand new 2005 chrysler 300 in march of “05″ and have had multiple issues with the car as far as the engine was concerned and now the engine went out back in oct of “2010″ and currently my financial situation isnt that great and the engine is so hard to find and very expensive

  67. 2002 chrysler sebring with 57,000 miles and I have changed oil on regular basis and kept up with all maintenance. The Chrysler dealer is denying that there is a design flaw. I am totally disgusted with chrysler. I would not recommend anyone to buy chrysler products.

  68. I got the Dodge Intrepid 2002 like two weeks ago, and the engine blew because of the timing chain belt broke.

  69. I have a 2006 Sebring with less than 35K miles that has a bad oil leak front right side of engine. I had a mechanic open up the timing belt area an he found the crankshaft seal popped out and excessive end play on the ceankshaft. I have read many post about this and the oil sludge problems. Does anyone know if there is a seperate class action on the crank seal problem, or would it be coverd in the oil sludge suite? Also information on how to join these suits.

  70. I have a 2001 Chrysler Intrepid, I have repalced the engine twice, now having the same problems. The head gasket is now leaking and I was told I need to replace the engine for the third time. How can I get in on the lawsuite agains Chrysler for this engine problem. Please someone send me some information.

  71. The sad truth to all the Chrysler / Dodge engine problems is since they filed bankruptcy and our government gave them Billions to get going again , they are NO longer responsible for and past vehicles produced
    that had major problems like the famous 2.7L , which I own.
    I personnally think it’s total BS , because GM , which I absolutely dispise
    as a company has steped up to honor their prior bankruptcy problems.

    Trivia — I have a 2004 Intrepid with the oil light on at anything less than
    1000 rpm’s . It has 126,000 only because I’ve been nursing it along for years. It started consuming coolant a long time ago but with going to a 7lb. rad. cap and lots of stop-leak , I’ve made it this far.
    The engine has seen synthetic oil most of it’s life but now I’m running
    6 qts. of straight 50 weight to keep the oil light out. I’ve only heard a slight engine rap for a few seconds after changing the oil. I now fill the filter prior to installing to stop that.
    It’s not if this engine is going to die , just a matter of when.
    Like most of us , when it does , a perfectly good car will be parked
    as we have NO money to fix. Thanks Chysler !!

  72. Owned a 2001 intrepid with 2.7 L. Engine failed at 97k, Prior to that no issues car was a great cat. I purchased a 7 yr extended 100k bumper to bumper warranty. What few issues I had up to the engine fail was always covered. When the engine died at 97k the Dealership said is was sludge problem and stated it was not covered so I called Chrysler. They set up conference call with dealer and stated “we can save you some time, I guarantee a car with 97k will have some sludge but any engine failure is covered by the warranty, so fix the car” Diamler Chrysler warranty covered car rental as well. Car was repaired in about a week and we drive the car another 75k then traded for another Chrysler product. Not sure why other folks are having these issues. For me Diamler Chrysler held to their warranty

  73. My daughter (Sam) just bought her first car, a Chrysler Dodge Intrepid 2001, and has been putting money into it ever since she bought it only three months ago. Now the car (that broke down in the middle of the night on her way home from work in scary Ft. Lauderdale Fl.) is dead in the driveway, do to the piece of shit 2.7 engine. My question like so many others is is there a recall on this engine and if not will there be. Sam paid $5,300.00 for this Intrepid and still owes most of that money, also $1,200.00 out of her pocket for additional repairs since time of purchase. It’s no wonder so many people don’t care anymore if they buy american made, when an american company like Chrysler won’t step up and recall their faulty products. I apologize for you Chrysler, for ruining the reputation for all american companies.

  74. My daughter bought a 2002 Dodge Stratus about 8 months ago paid $4500.00 for it . Bought from a private seller he had all the paperwork for reg. oil changes tire rotation all the maintenance. She has kept up with oil changes as well . She is now 8months pregnant also has gestational diabetes and 3 Dr. apts. a week with that said last week the engine started knocking took it to the shop and a rod is knocking nothing they can do to fix it . After doing some research i find out about this faulty engine . We are just sick about this there is no money to get a new car or replace the engine which will eventually blow and i am worried for her safety when it does . So i am now driving her car and let her use mine. I just cant believe there was not a recall on this engine !! Anyone have a clue how to maybe prolong the life of the engine even if there is already a rod knocking ?

  75. Same story here. 40,000 miles in and we had to replace the engine on our 2001 Sebring LX (2.7L V6). The tech told us it was sludge buildup. That was $6,000 I’d have rather not spent. That was 5 years ago, so this new engine’s probably due to go now too. Does anyone know anything about joining the class-action group?

  76. My brother took my nephew to purchased his 1st car.Found a 2oo4 stratus with 5om miles.Paiid $8000 . Now the engine is shot.Only had it for several years . His mother died in 2ooo @ 42. an hsi father let’s just say he doesn’t exist.H.e trying to go to college .So what do you do with a 2004 car with a bad motor…

  77. WOW, it all sound so fimiliar. I have a 2002 Dodge stratus I have already spent 700.00 on this car 4 months after purchasing it then 3 months later coming home from work it started knocking really hard and stopped had it towed to the house then I saw it was reading ” DECK” where the mileage should be and it has not started since so I am making payments on a car that I can’t even drive because I don’t want to ruin my credit anymore than it is. No money to get it fixed and no money to buy another car. How do I get in on this lawsuit.

  78. Serena: DECK means your trunk is open close it and get the engine fixed.if it needs it. You can either afford to drive or you can’t and must take the buss. Stop trying to sue or fight everybody. mechanical things break, some break sooner but all of them break at some point in time.

  79. I have a 2002 Dodge Intrpid that has not blown up yet, but continues having the oil coming on at times. The other issue is It’s starting to overheat.

    How can I get in on the lawsuit for the 2.7 engines?

  80. I hate 2.7 thanks dodge I ll never buy one again. Your lame and thanks fot making cars that break. Single dad. 148,000 2006 dodge magum

  81. I own a 2007 Dodge Charger with a 2.7 24v DOHC and i gave the car to my daughter after driving it about 9 months after i gave it to her she was driving home from the beach and it over heated my first inclination was coolant after checking realizing that wasn’t the problem she told me that her oil light came on i checked the oil and the sump was full after it had cooled down she tried to start it again and it just locked up and i could hear the bearing spin i could sure use some help here is there any thing i can do to try to rectify this issue?

  82. i bought my wife a 2002 stratus 2 yrs ago at a local lot in redding ca. . one day driving down the freeway , the moter throughs a rod throu the oil pan . 5,000 dollers gone ,do you think if it been a issue since 1989 the owner of the lot new any history on the car ….i do ,frankly im tired of being lied to and rippedoff , from the government to the bank ,to the car dealers.

  83. Bought a used 2001 intrepid with roughly 100k on it 6 weeks ago. Water pump suddenly went with no warning and trashed the engine. Car is now sitting in junk yard. $1200 to replace water pump and no guarantee the bearing won’t cease due to prestone in the motor having been heated up while driving. Temperature gauge didn’t even give me an indication of trouble. This is terrible that their motors are like this. We are a family of 4 with a brand new baby and we bought a car that was in MINT condition for it’s age. Very well maintained, new pumps, timing chains, all service done over it’s life. All oil changes done. Records to prove. A $40 part that is known to break due to terrible engine design has now left us with no car. I will never, ever ever buy a Dodge or Chrysler product again. Period. I sincerely hope they go bankrupt. First it was the neon’s faulty engines.. then the faulty rack & pinions… now this. And they were bailed out for this???

  84. 2002 Dodge Intrepid 2.7L SE. Thing totally crapped out at me on 128k without warning, no sitting in driveway with little hopes of moving again. Had put in Royal Purple Synthetic oil just weeks prior. Thanks Dodge.

  85. I had the 2.7 engine blow up in my 2008 Dodge Charger, dealership said it was caused from oil sludge build up and would honor the lifetime warranty.

  86. 2004 sebring 85000 Engine just seized, I am thinking about swapping the engine. Are there any upgrades or another size engine?I love the car plus I can,t afford a new car.

  87. my 2004 dodge intepid oil light keeps coming on.had to replace transmission 1500.00 later. everyone says the engine is going to blow anytime

  88. I have a 2005 Magnum with a 2.7 engine I have changed the oil every 3,000 miles and did love theI car until l had engine problems. I took it to the mancanic told him what it was doing and he told me the proable problem before he ever look at it because it is widely known in the industry about sluge problem. So the took the valve covers of and I could not believe my eyes there was sluge a half in thick all over the valves told him of the oil changes and he told me it does not matter their is a defect in the engine. He told me he believes it is that the return lines are to small and that is why it gets clogged up and causes the sluge build up. He said the only answer is to completely rebuild the engine but evenwith that it would eventully build up again.
    I had an Intrepid and Dacoda with same engine the engines went bad on them but they were used when I bought them.
    This is the last Cyrisler Car I will ever buy an advise every one else to do the same. I would like to get in on the class action suit if anyone has info on how please respond.

  89. My wife’s 2007 Dodge Charger one day car temp was hot, put water in, car was fine. The next day (morning) car ran hot after driving for only 30 min. Adding water helped for 10 min., car started knocking, then smoking then shut down completely. I had car towed to Dodge dealer and was told there was no oil in the car/engine and the engine was ruined and it would cost $7,000 to fix/replace. I had a tune-up/oil change less than a year ago! WTH!!! Oh and the oil light NEVER came on!!!!!!! Is there a class action lawsuit concerning this?

  90. We brought a used 2004 Dodge Durango with 45,000 miles for $10,000 at a Dodge dealership. At about 85,000 miles the motor seize. The dealership told us it would be $4,000 for a new engine. We kept up with the oil chances but they didn’t want to hear it. With two year payment left on the car we ended up buying a used van and transferring the rest of the Durango payments, now we are paying $365.00 for 5 years which is crazy. Don’t know if the Durango is included in the law suit can some help?

  91. My problem sounds all to familar to most of the comments above. I have a 2001 Dodge Intrepid and ended up with a blown engine. I let the car sit for over 3 years, wasnt aware of lawsuits. So does anyone know of the outcome? I just recently had an engine put in it, but it appears I might have the same problem again. No wonder the guy that did the work for me told me that he was having problems finding an engine for it.

  92. I am the not-so-proud owner of a 2003 Dodge Stratus. I bought this vehicle from a small dealership in La Habra, CA. I want to say first that it is a very lovely car on the outside, but boy does it have engine problems. I guess the previous owner kept it very well, but the dealership didn’t do an oil change. I don’t know exactly what went wrong, but in addition to the oil sludge issue, there is an oil distribution issue with the design. That means even if you sink 800 bucks in part and fix everything yourself (the right way) it may still blow up on you again later.

    This is where me and my friend disagree, although he is a lot smarter when it comes to cars. I had him rip everything apart for me because I thought my engine issues were sludge related. They weren’t. My friend’s friend works in a machine shop and is pretty well respected among the car restoration community. He said that he rebuild a 2.7 V6 DOHC Dodge Stratus (just like mine) for a customer one time and she was back within a month with the same issue as before. he said it is the design of the engine that causes some places to not get quite enough oil which causes heat/wear/friction/chips of metal… (at least in mine…). Anyway he said higher viscosity is better (like 20W50 but it seems to me like it would be harder to circulate unles you had a high pressure oil system). Anyway, i hope this helped someone.

    LAWSUIT UPDATE: The only thing I have been able to find regarding the lawsuit was the consolodation of a lot of them into ne court, but with many more pending in other courts. That was in 2005? Anyway, you know what hapened. The US Government told the court to let them off the hook because it was going to be tax payers paying the settlements. If anyone gets one started call/text me or have your lawyer do it so I can join. I bet I could help find some certified, respected mechanics (and engineers) say the design is flawed because Dodge/Crystler/Whoever at the time wanted to make an ecological engine and saved a bit of energy by making smaller holes somewhere in the oil system. I gues a lot of that is speculation, but I digress.

  93. My son just bought his first car in October of 2013. It’s a 2008 Dodge Charger 2.7. The car just came out of the shop on Thursday, April 17 for having a new water pump and timing chain tensioner installed (he had to take our a loan for that bill!) The mechanics called us to look at the horrible sludge in the engine before reassembly. My son took pictures of the mess. Now, two days later while driving, the oil light came on and the engine lost power. The car died and had to be toured home (another bill!). The alternator and battery are both fine but the car will not start. We are pretty sure that the motor is shot and will find out for sure soon. Now the poor boy is stuck with a very high interest car loan for the next 4 1/2 years! There is no way he can afford a new/rebuilt/used motor. What’s he supposed to do? If anyone has any updates on this suit, please advise. We live in Mississippi.

  94. I have a 2006 Dodge Magnum with a 2.7ltr which I purchased in 2012 and the motor went out on September 1, 2013 while I was driving. The oil light came on the engine lost power and shut completely down in the middle of the highway. Before that I didnot have any problems. I had to have my car towed to the mechanic shop. He broke the engine down and found a white substance mixed with the oil and caused the oil pump to stop up and caused the engine to loose compression. I haven’t finished paying for the car yet and I can’t even drive it. I cannot afford a new or rebuilt engine. They are expensive and this is rediculous. So many peolp haveing problems with these engines. Being a woman when you buy a used car the salesman know something is wrong and they won’t tell you. I asked specifically about recalls and problems with these cars and I was told they were very good on gas and have the best engines out of all of the latest Dodge designs. The gas mileage is true but the engines I don’t think so. I live in Georgia and I need help.

  95. Over 200,000 miles with no issues. Regular oil and filter, changed every 3,000 miles. Of course, regular maintenance is up to date as well.

  96. I have an 04 dodge intrepid and I’ve only had the car a little over a year now. I bought it off a car lot at for what I thought was a great price of $2,500 with all taxes and fees. I’ve added miles to the car in the last year and she now reads at only 165,000 and something. Still plenty of mileage left on the engine or I thought. My head gasket blew out in my engine a week ago and it also leaked coolant into my oil and caused sludge and a milky oil substance to form in my oil now. Is this normal for these engines to do this? Can anyone give me some insight on this and also I’ve been told that its best for me to replace my engine now. Thanks to anyone who can share with me.

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