Denture Cream Class Action Lawsuits Filed Over Fixodent and Poligrip

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By: AboutLawsuits | Published: April 2nd, 2009

Two denture cream lawsuits have been filed in Tennessee against the makers of the popular adhesives Fixodent and Super Poligrip, seeking class action status on behalf of all residents of the state who used the products, as they could cause zinc poisoning, neuropathy and other debilitating injuries.

Nearly 35 million Americans use denture creams to help keep their dentures in place. Fixodent made by Proctor and Gamble, and Super Poligrip made by GlaxoSmithKline are among the most widely used brands of denture creams available.

On March 10, 2009, a Fixodent class action lawsuit and a Super Poligrip class action lawsuit were filed in the United States District Court for the Western District of Tennessee in Memphis.

The denture adhesive lawsuits allege that the products contain high levels of zinc, which is not adequately indicated or warned about on the warning label.

While small amounts of zinc are needed for a balanced and healthy diet, even normal use of the denture creams has been found to cause large amounts of zinc to be ingested or absorbed through the mouth and gums. This may cause high levels of zinc in the body, and a decrease in levels of copper, resulting in zinc poisoning, neuropathy or other neurological problems that may leave the user permanently disabled and reliant upon a walker or wheelchair.

Michael Lowe and Marlon J. Bond are the plaintiffs named in Super Poligrip lawsuit filed against GlaxoSmithKline, and Sandra Williams, Diane M. Bates and Retha Jones are the plaintiffs in Fixodent lawsuit filed against Procter & Gamble.

The complaints seeks class action status for other Tennessee residents who purchased and used these products in the state, asking the Court to require the companies to pay for testing, medical monitoring and treatment for zinc poisoning which may develop.

In August 2008, a study was conducted at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas on patients who had developed neuropathy and other problems associated with zinc poisoning.  They had all used large amounts of denture creams like Fixodent and Poligrip. 

The results, which were published in the journal Neurology, found zinc concentrations between 17,000 and 34,000 micrograms per gram in the denture creams used by the patients. They estimated that the patients had a daily exposure of about 330 mg of zinc, far higher than the recommended daily allowance of 11 mg for men and 8 mg for women.

The early symptoms of zinc poisoning may include dizziness, lethargy, numbness, paralysis, loss of sensation, tingling in the hands or feet, muscle weakness or unexplained pain.

The two class action suits filed in Tennessee join a growing number of denture adhesive lawsuits which have been filed or are being reviewed on behalf of individuals who have suffered problems following the use of Fixodent, Poligrip or other similar adhesive products.

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  1. My name is Anna McMurtrie, my husband Don has been using Fixodent and Poligrip for many many years and he is starting to suffer from dizziness and the doctors cannot seem to pin point the problem, they are telling him he is suffering from vertigo.

  2. My husband and I have been using these products for about a year. This is very disturbing to hear the news on these products. We have three young children together and I have two of my own from a previous marriage. We are still quite young and are looking forward to a long healthy life. I really wish that these companies would inform their customers of the risks that go along with using their products. I feel that they should fix the problem and possibly change the formula and/or ingredients that make up the adhesives. I have noticed that I get an unexplained pain in the roof of my mouth and have headaches that accompany. So I really am not sure of what this is caused from. So if anyone has any information about this please contact me. Thank you so much, and my prayers are with those who have suffered from these products.

  3. istarted using fixodent about 3years ago. I started having problems
    about 4 months ago. It is gradually getting worse. The numbness and Tingling in the front half of my feet and all of my hands even when i hold a curling iron. Do i just need to have blood work done to find out if it is zinc poisning?

  4. i got dentures on 3/13/09, i started using poligrip on 4/1/09. ever since i started using it my mouth feels parched. my mouth, tongue, and lips are swollen and scratchy and my throat is sore. i have not been to a doctor, but i will be going 3/14/09 for my regular check up and i will be asking him about my problem if my symptons continue.

  5. I have been using fixodent for 17 years and I havee pain in shoulders and ankles ,feet, numbness in hands I didnt realize it could be a cause of denture cream

  6. i have been using both products for several years now. i get dizzy,and mine right ring finger gets numb and tingle in the hand. i have gone to the docotr and have had lab work done and everthing isall right and had a shot for the finger it was good for about 2 months but now it is coming back they call it a trigger finger. but it sems that the poligrip was the worst for me in mine mouth i would get like the comment above parched feelings also mine tongue and mouth.

  7. I have been using Poligrip and Fixodent for many years now, and in the past few years I have started getting very dizzy, alot of unexplained pain, and numbness. I have been to SEVERAL doctors, ALL of which told me they couldnt find anything wrong with me, and treated me like I was a DRUG ADDICT who was just after drugs!!! I have always been the picture of health, except for the pain, numbness and dizziness!

  8. i have been using fixodenr for approximately 9 years and for the past 4 to 5 years i have had partial numbness in my left hand and constant tingleing in my left hand. i have also been concerned about weather my constant diarrhea that i have been having for going on 2 yrs. may also be resulting from use of this product.

  9. I was wondering iof anyone has had any problems breathing that uses polygrip, I mean to the point that it comes on all a sudden and one feels like they can not breath at all. I guess I am asking if some one can have a reaction to polygrip bad enought that their wind pipe can completely close up to the point they can not breath at all and die from that. My wife used polygrip some time up tp 3 times a day to keep her denturers in tight and one night after taking her dentures out she said she couldn’t breath and never took another breath, even the EMTs could not get air to her lungs or the hospital either. I was just wondering if anyone else has had such a hard time breathing as this.

  10. I use Fixodent Control. I am having extremely severe problems with
    my entire body. Dr. after Dr. cannot figure it out. I have been using it for about 5 years. My feet hurt badly, but i’m a cook 10 hours a day, 4 days a week. My entire body is extremely fatigued. The Dentist couldn’t find
    a mold just right for me, and without the adhesive, I cannot keep my teeth in. Is this what’s wrong? Or? Is it my bladder sling, again! Geez! I give! In any case, I’m a wreck. I can barely do my job, let alone come home and cleans and get after an Autistic (Asperger’s) adult. I suck!

  11. I have used fixodent for 40 yrs .About 10 yrs ago I got numbness & tingling in my feet ;it is getting worse.

  12. I have used botj creams and I am now in constant pain. I have to walk with a cane doctors cannot find out what is wrong with my hip.

  13. I have been using poligrip and fixadent heavily for nearly 2 yrs and started losing feeling in my hands, it would start from my shoulders and work its way down to my fingertipsl with a needle pricking feeling.

  14. I have used Fixodent for about 20 years. A few years ago I started using Fixodent Complete, it helped me breath better. I found that a good way to improve your breathing is to drink Grapefruit juice (not pink) or have a Hersheys chocolate candy bar before going to bed. Avoid peanuts , potato chips and popcorn because they get stuck in your throat. Mild sit ups can also loosen the flem. You will cough at first but it will loosen up. I hope this helps

  15. I got dentures in 1980 and have used poligrip, fixodent, and fixodent complete off and on all of these years. In 1996 I was diagnosed with blepharospasms, which is a neurological condition. In 2006 I had Thoracic Outlet Syndrome, which I had surgery for. In 2008 I developed Bells Palsy. I have had a constant pain, tingling, numbness, weakness in my neck, shoulder, arm, hands and fingers for a few years. I wonder if using these denture creams have anything to do with any of the problems that I have/have had,, especially the nerve pain, tingling, and numbness, and weakness I have had for a long time.

    2 different meds which neither helped…
    should I be checked for zinic posioning

  17. i have used poligrip super cream for 8months and i am having breathing problems and not able to hold nothing in my right hand long at all cause it slips out of my hand and fall to the floor very often this happens everyday and i have never had that problem before at all.

  18. i have used poligrip super cream for 8months and i am having breathing problems and not able to hold nothing in my right hand long at all cause it slips out of my hand and fall to the floor very often this happens everyday and i have never had that problem before at all.

  19. For the past few months I’ve been treated for a neurological disorder, stemming from? My mouth is constantly dry, with an on going sore throat and swollen glands. Standing is difficult as I seem to sway, I’ve been to see a neurologist who has ruled out Parkinson’s Disease, Diabetes, Systemic Lupus. Suddenly my limbs are weakened, and it is impossible to stand from a seated position with one or two people almost dragging me to a standing position. Once standing, I walk with no effort at all. Lately, I’m bothered with breast pain and since breast concer is a concern, I’d like to know if it is possible for breast cancer to be a positive concern?

  20. I have been using fixodent for about 30 years. I have numb feet and also part way up the legs. I also have sharp pane under the toe nailes at times.

  21. i have been using both products for several years now. i get dizzy,and I have a lot of pain in my left knee. Sometimes my legs tingle and seems to get numb. In the morning when I wake up it is so pain just to get out of bed. At night my legs and fingers go completely numb and I can feel them anymore. My doctor has taken so many blood tests and can not seem to find out what is going on.

  22. I have been using these products for 3 years. Stopped using them about 3 weeks ago when I a friend told me about this pending lawsuit. I suffer from tingling in hands and feet, numbness in hands and arms sometimes; also have breathing issues that started soon after I started to use these products. Things that make you go hmmmmm. This is crazy and unacceptable, but as usual the FDA approves and disappoves what its wants to,as lond as it benefits them.

  23. I have been using fixodent for about 11 years. And have noticed some changes over the past few years. Including, tingling and numbness in my arms and hands. Also in my feet. In the past year, I have started getting light headed. Not only while standing, but sitting, I find myself always grabbing ahold of something, due to feeling like I am going to fall. I have developed muscle weakness, which a neurologist has ruled out any problems with intial exam. I get sharp stabbing pains in my toes. Various test and xrays have been negitive. Typical otc drugs, are no help with any of the pain or discomfort. And, nothing I seem to do works. It just keeps getting worse.

  24. I have had tingling, burning and numbness in my fingers and arm. I also had surgery on my arm as well.

  25. I’ve used fixodent for years – not knowing there was any problem. I’d change the adhesive several times a day – especially as the tube got to be half full.
    I’ve had back problems and developed neuropathy and now for the past few years I’ve noticed tingling and pain in my upper back and down both arms into my fingers. I thought it was due to my back injury and my degenerative disc disease but now I am wondering if its because of this product.

  26. I have used Super Poligrip for 13 years. By the late 90′s I began to have tingling/numbness in both hands and feet/legs. At first it was thought that I might have MS, but MRI in 2004 showed 5 brain lesions, however, they are not the type seen in MS. I have severe burning of my feet, and body burning if I sit too long or sleep in one place too long.
    I can’t always tell hot hot water is, and I recently have experienced electric shock sensations. I experience minor blurred vision, and have also noticed a decline in my cognition and memory recall. Both my family Physician and my Neurologist can not provide me with a cause for my Sensory Neuroplathy. I also have an unsteady gait, and will fall easily when my balance is off. My Zinc level was flagged as high from most recent tests.


  28. I Have used fixodent for many years. About 15 .
    I have been recently examined for pain and numbness and tingling and pain in my legs and the tests showed nothing wrong.
    Could this be the fixodent. Also I suffer from fatigue

  29. i have been having joint pains- and havenotice it been getting worse.
    it in my arms and ribs and hands.. i have use this stuff for about 25 yrs
    but have use more in last two yrs as i lost about 17 pds mouth srunk so i had to have more cream to keep them in.. but since reading this.. going see about , putting the screws in my gums , to hold them in–my sister had this done. GOING HAVE MY BLOOD TESTED ,,SEE WHERE I STAND

  30. I’ve used both for years and my feet hurt and tingle. I am 65and got dentures at 25. I got an exam in 2005 for insurance and eveything as fine but they said zinc was elevated. I am in Georgia – does this inculde us in this lawsuit?

  31. i am truely scared. I have had my dentures for 2 years, and have used fixodent quite regulary. for the past year i have had persistant headachs, fatigue, sudden pains and “twitches” in my body that i can not controll. i have had nerve and back problems so bad, i had to have surgury. not a day goes by that i am not in pain, my body doesn’t seem to want to work with me, there are times it is very difficult to get around my own house. i never realy thought that the symptoms were connected, i just wrote off the fatigue as me just being lazy, and the hair loss from stress, and so fourth. i am going to my doctor tomorrow, and hopefully having the zinc poisoning test done tomarrow as well.

  32. oh man, after reading your post, Beverly O, it brought me to tears, about 4 mornings per week, i wake up and within 3 breaths, i feel a burning sensation that covers my whole body, i can actually FEEL the earwax melt. it is very nasty, but i wanted to let you know that i am having to same problem

  33. My mother started using poligrip and fixodent in the 1960s. She had all her teeth removed and therefore had to use dentures.

    No one ever mentioned zinc, or the consequences of it being an ingredient like, shakes, tremors, loss of balance.

  34. I have top and bottom dentures,but I only use the fixodent for my top dentures because I still have some of my own teeth to help hold my bottom dentures in. I switch over from poligrip about two years ago and started using fixodent control hold with less ooze, the one that has the plus SCOPE flavor. I recently just got out of the hospital from having three seizures. I have never suffered from seizures before, but I did notice some shakes, loss of my balance from time to time. First thing in the morning I am going to see my doctor to have a zinc test done. THANKS !

  35. I have been using poliigrip for nearly 15 years for added tightness in my dentures and have for the last 4 yrs been complaining to doctors about
    numbness and tingling and pain in my legs and foot and the tests showed nothing wrong. Lately I have noticed my hand shaking. I have spent an endless amout of money on doctors, orthodics in my shoes etc thinking it may be a foot problem. Nothing has worked. I was told it was more than likely neuropathy. I have been to several specialists and have found no help. It never dawned on me that it could be denture cream.

  36. I have been using fixodent everyday for about 3 years I feel dizzy
    alot and no energy and tingleing in my fingers and sometimes cant
    hold on to a 20 oz drink

  37. I have used FIXODENT for years…I have numbness, tingling,pin prick feeling in my arms and legs. I have been told my doctors that I have a bad disk in my back…. I always thought these problems have been bc of that… Now I wonder if it is from the denture cream…

  38. I have been using Polygrip, Fixodent and Super Polygrip at times for over 30 years. I usually use as much as 2 tubes a week.
    I have recently seen a neurologist because of pain in my hands, arms, shoulders and neck. I have not been tested for zinc or copper, ever, in my life. The neurologist can’t seem to determine why I have the pain, but I am experiencing pins and needles in my feet, sometimes numbness. I cannot carry anything heavy and I am sometimes tripping over my own feet

  39. i been wearing dentures for 13 years now and been using fixodent since then…i developed neropathy in my feet in 2006. i been to 2 diffrent nuroligist and they cant seem to figure out why i have it …im not a diabetic…i was born with feet problems…but all the numbess came fast in 2006… one day part of my foot was numb few days later was numb alittle more so i went to the foot doctor they couldnt figure it i went to nuroligist when i lived in michigan in 06 .moved doen here to arkansas 07 …seen a neroligist here.feels like my shoes are tight all the time and they are not and its very very annoying….

  40. I have been useing fixodent for twenty five years or more, and about 4 or 5 years ago i started suffering from shoulders hurting and arms so bad i would cry. and then to a numbness in my hand and fingers, joint pain my feet and ankles hurt so bad i dread getting out of bed in the mornings and i have a hard time putting my day in at work because of haveing to stand and walk all day.. I thought it was the kind of shoes i was wearing to work so i started wearing support shoes but the condition keeps getting worse. Could this be from where i have used this fixodent so long that i have zinc poisoning? And do we need to file our own lawsuit against this company? thanks for the info on this product.

  41. I have been using fixodent for over 30 years. I have all kind of problems and I am under several doctors’ care. I have breathing problems . I have numbness in my feet. I have fallen several times. I stay dizzy all time.


  43. Pat, I am having the same problems you are except they are getting worse. My lips and mouth are parched and like cotton mouth.My head hurts and I am very disorientated and falling and I can’t pin point it. But 5-`2-09 I had to go in the hospital cause I had another bleeding ulcer to rupture but come to find out it was a blood clot in my stomach and my liver enzems were very high and I have got to find out tomorrow what is going on. I am trying to find out the side effects. I just saw the ad this morning.

  44. I had to get false teeth when i was 20 years old, I am now 56 and i have used poligrip and fixadent for over 33 years. I currently have numb ness in both my hands and they go completely asleep a lot to the point that i drop what ever i am holding.. I have diizzy spells and my legs go numb also, my legs hurt at night while sleeping.

  45. Have used Super Poligrip & Fixodent for about 3 years to hold in a removable lower partial plate. The adhesive tends to only last about 3 hours so I have to re-apply often. I end up swallowing a good portion of it because it gets oozy & “disappears.” Since I started using these products, my lower legs began feeling numb & tingly. I began to experience RLS (Restless Leg Syndrome) at night also, which I never had before. I’ve had problems with both hands as well but just thought maybe carpal tunnel was coming back. My memory has been getting worse, but Alzheimer’s does not run in my family. I have not had blood work done to confirm high zinc levels but would be willing to do that.

  46. I have been using fixodent every day for about 11 years, this is the only way to secure my dentures, I have a lot of the same problems and now I am having trouble walking, also I suffer from weakness, I haven’t been treated for this but, I going to have a physical soon and I will inform my doctor of this information about thd dental ashesive problem and the high level of zinc.

  47. I have been using fixodent regularly for 22 years and about 10 years ago developed pain in my left hip that the doctors cannot find a cause for. My right thigh goes numb if I am on my feet very long and my feet hurt all the time and swell quite often. Now I am wondering if not using fixodent will make any improvement and what the heck I am supposed to use in place of it?

  48. Pretty much the same news I have been reading. User for about 14 years now. Feet, but mainly toes, feel like they’re coming out of being asleep all the time for about the last 2 years. Now I wonder if my inability to sleep longer than 2 to 3 hours at a time are connected to the Fixodent. I’ve had sleeping aids but they don’t last and I’m a school teacher that needs their sleep. Too, my hands do fall asleep easily but it’s mainly my feet and toes and non-sleep I’d like to cure. I’ll have a blood test since just learning of this today. Feet are made for walking, not sleeping.

  49. i for 31/2 year am a user of superpoly grip and polygrip swithing cause of the cost. fixodent tablets too. i began noticing blurred vision and dizzyness thougth nothing of it. At night my legs would tingle aw so disturbing…..up until this day i know it had alot to do with this stuff(polygrip).. their are other symtoms i notice since i’ve a user of these products. Im so grad to know it’s time to stop . before it slowy kill me!

  50. I am actually going to the doctor today, 6/15/2009. I have been using Fixodent for years (I am 68 ytrs old) and have been having very, very, dizzy spells and balance problems. I have tingling in both hands and arms and both my hards and fingers have started to draw, like spasms. I have been to the doctor before for this and they have not found the cause. I am also having severe cramps in both feet. I have body twitches often and I am wondering if it is caused by Fixodent? I also have numb hands (asleep some people call it) but fixodent may be causing it. The worse part of all this is that I am falling an awful lot and I have always been really active so this is not due to my age. I seem to fall for no apparent reason.

  51. I have been using Fixodent and polygrip for 3 months now3 weeks ago I started having numb tingling feeling in my left shoulder and down my arm days ago my throat glands swelled up and last night my tounge swelled extremely bad. My Dr. said it could be infection or inflamation,he put me on antibiotics for infection steriods for inflamation I just started them today, but I can’t help but wonder if its because of the denture cream the reason I say this is I didn’t start wearing my bottom dentures until a week age used fixodent to hold them in the first sign of pain I felt was on the bottom side of my tounge then extreme swelling of my throat glands and then this morning my tounge was double if not triple its size.I plan to finish the course of meds my doctor ordered hopefully it works I am not going to wear dentures for awhile when I am all better then I’ll try the bottoms again and see what happens.

  52. I have been using super poligrip for two years. in the past year i have gone to the doctor at least four times complaining about numbness and pain, in both feet, tingling in legs, burning sensations and dizziness.i am currently not diagnosed. i will see my doctor soon and give him this information.

  53. I have been using these products for 20 years. Lately I have noticed tingling and numbness in my feet as well as occasional dizziness.
    I have a medical appointment in about a week and will certainly ask to be tested. I am glad I hear a notice about this on television last night.

  54. Every time I wore my dentures it just me sick to my stomach, and it would make me gag. I have use poligrip for seventeen years, and l have numbness and pains in both legs.

  55. I have had lower dentures for about two years,and have been using poligrip since . In a period of 18 months I have been breaking out with a rash under by breast and stomach . The Dr.’s have been treating me for shingles and yeast infection with zoverax and nystatin. I believe this zinc poisoning may be my problem.

  56. Me and my husband got our dentures in 2005 and it seems that our bodies started weaking sinse we’ve gotten them my throat is always scratchy sounding my body aches i have tingling ,numbness pain i have been to the doctors but not about zinc poisoning we just heard about this so i’ll be making a new appointment this is seriously frightening cause we need our denture s to eat an smile when we feel like it right

  57. I have been using polygrip and or fixodent for 34 years. My age is 45. Throughout my adult life I have suffered on an off with numbness in my fingers and toes, foot cramps and dizzy spells that come and go. My legs tingle so badly at night that I do not rest well which brings on other issues. I have suffered and been treated for depression for 20 years due to the chronic lack of energy, pain and a foggy feeling which affected my children and marriage. I have honestly felt at times that everyone around me got tired of hearing me complain so I often suffer in silence. If all of this could be because of using a denture adhesive all of these years I would atleast be thankful to find out.

  58. I have use this product for 20 years or more. I had a heart attack a year ago, and my doctor could not understand why.

  59. I have been using fixodent powder since december of 08. I have cold feet and my arms are numb and my hands are numb and tingly. EXTREME fatigue! I can’t stay awake most of the day at work. Could this be zinc poision??

  60. I’ve used poligrip for years and recently have been diagnosed with leukemia. Could there be a link?

  61. i have used fixodent for about 15 years. I have had surgery after surgery, try’n to stop my right arm from tingling. Now, my legs tingle, my feet tingle,my ankel hurt. i watched my dad die a horrible death, with his feet hurting so bad, just try’n to put his socks on caused him to cry and beg not to have his socks put on. my dad’s feet died. My dad died needing his legs taken off. we had to bury my father a day early, due to the sick, rotten smell in the funeral home. that’s one of the worse things i have ever watched. this was due to neuropathy———-

  62. i also have used fixodent for a couple of years now last summer i was told by several doctors i had a suddo tumor which i have lost 90 percent of my sight in my right eye due to this i am 43 and never been sick(other than a common cold) my hands and feet tingle but i thought it was due to the meds they have me on now for the pressure in my head
    i wonder could all this be because of fixodent! where was our warning about this product!!

  63. I just happened to stumble on this blog as I was trying to see what could be causing my all of the sudden tingling and aching in my hands. My arms and legs even goes to sleep. I went to the doc yesterday to see why I was all at once having these symptoms but he thought mybe stress. After reading all of this it’s making so much sense to me. I am having all the above of what all of you are complaining about. I told my doctor I was tired all the time and fatigued out with this all at once ankle pain, leg falling asleep, arms tingling and falling asleep, and hands. The fatigue, dizziness, just an impaired feeling. I have been on fixodent for about 2 1/2 years now. Is there a test I take to see if my body has been damaged from this? Where is the warning !!!!


  65. I had dentures (uppers) installed in 6/07 and used Fixodent Denture Cream every day until in 1/08. I contact my doctor (internal medicine) and told her that I was suffering from the following: 1. pain & tingling in my feet and hands. 2. I had lost 70% of my ability to maintain by balance. 3. My arms and hands were cover with red blood blotches. 4. Lost 30 lbs. She said I had a vitamin deficiency and referred me to a Neurologist who diagnoised me with having Neuropathy and preformed injection surgery on my upper spine which produced no cure. I was referred to a second Neurologist who did extebsive tests and I was diagnoised with Nueropathy and was advised not to go through with an alternative surgery to my spine.

  66. ‘ve usedboth brands for 30 years and always blamed all my medical problems on bad luck…….I have almost everything listed by the others, dizzy, lethargy,back problems, you name it. I hope you nail them, I will have my own zinc level tested very soon,It is surely too late for me to get those years of suffering back and can only hope for those future users.

  67. I have been using Fixodent for only years and I am suffering everyday from numbness of my feet and legs below the knees. My circulation is fine however my feet remain cold and burning like frost bite. My life has been changed in a very bad way as I am only 45. My sex drive has taken a trip and has been on the road for 2 years now. Completely dead. Burning all day and all night. I cant sleep. Take narcotics and Ambien for sleep and it doesnt work right. I feel as though I am dipping my feet in hell. All of this started shortly after my denture was installed. I was completely healthy before this happened. As of today I have applied for SSD as I can no longer work. My life is basically over. I dont know how a human can withstand anymore pain than what I have everyday. Some people have their limbs amputated to stop the nerves from burning. Lets hope and pray that fixodent is not the culpret as there are millions who use it and who will burn from it in their future. I have met the devil and he lives in a little white tube.

  68. I started using these products a few years ago and starting having seizures again whick I have not had in many years a couple of these seizures have been severe enough for me to fall and break bones

  69. I livein Alberta Canada and have used fixodent (misc. types) for MANY MANY years, often MANY times a day (more lately as it became looser). I had never ever heard of this until I went to a denturist to have a new upper denture made.

    I was SHOCKED! Lately I have been experiencing numbness, tingling, strange palpitations of sorts, lightheadness, aching, fatigue etc…

    I am going to be tested for an elevated level of zinc.
    I hope this lawsuit expands and finds its’ way to Canada.

    * Is there any indication that the symptoms can be reversed?

    Scared in Alberta Canada

  70. I have been using Poligrip and Fixodent for over 30 years. I have not been aware of any lawsuit or damage it is doing to my body.
    Please help me to understand what I need to do to become part of the classaction lawsuit

  71. I have experinced symptoms as numbness in my hands and legs and dry mouth and have for several years

  72. I have used polygrip for many years and have had painful numbness in my mouth for the past year but have had an increase in pain from the nerve on the back of my mouth up to the center of my mouth. when I touch the center point it shuts very bad pains all thru the left side of my lower mouth. My chin and lips on the left side continue to be numd 100 % of the time..

  73. I have been using fixident for over 30 years.

    I have unexplained pain in my legs and shoulders. I have never been given a clear answer from my physicians. I have had the numbness and tingling as described.

  74. I started using fixodent and polygrip after having loose fitting dentures, esp. uppers. five yrs ago. I used it for 18 months. Started having pain in toes, tingling, itching inside. Spread up my legs now in my hands. Dr.s insisted I have Diabetes, but blood tests are quite iffy. Can’t get any Dr. to listen to my symptoms or to give Rx. for pains. I have chronic kidney infections and bowel problems. I’m 72yrs. old and unless something changes, will be in a wheel chair soon or worse.

  75. I have been using denture cream for about 10 years two to three times a day. I haven’t used it for about the last year or so cause I got sick of applying it. I have terrible muscle weakness, such ad numbness that I don’t get the pins and needles. Almost broke my ankle cause I didn’t realize it was numb. Muscles are so bad I am tearing them when I go down a small step. I am only 41 and have a body like a 70 year old. Tried to work but, I only lasted 2 hours cause I couldn’t hold a button down cause of the weaknesses. Is our internal muscles getting weak too?

  76. i have had my teeth for two months. but everysince i got them my mouth and lips are so dry like cotton mouth. I didn’t have this problem before but i am going to my doctor today and i am going to talk to them about it. It is miserable because no matter how much i drink or what i do i can’t do anything about the cotton mouth or my lips.

  77. My mother has been having extreme problems with charlie-horse like type problems, when it happens, they hurt her so badly that she has to leave work. And she also has the numbness and tingling in her hands and feet

  78. I have read all of these comments and they scare me to death. I have all the above and my doc has diagnosed me with PAD pariferal Artery Diease. I have numbness of my arm and in my right leg and it is awful in this world. My mouth is always dry my lips are dry ther is nothing I can do to help it. We all need help with this and more info would be very helpful. Pam

  79. iam wondering if my unexplained symtoms are caused by fiodent, i have used this product for 13 or so years. my abdomine is constantly swoolen and distened with pain constantly i also have many bowel problems and urination problems from all the swelling, my gums are always swollen and soar my feet ache my hands hurt, iam a mess i have gone thru alot of tests with no results, can u help me or have any clue what i might have, really sick and believe might slowly being poisoned to death!.


  81. My husband has used poligrip for 17 years., He was diagnosed with cancer of th soft palate and is presently fightinng for his life. He has had the numbness of the limbs and hands, weakness of the muscles, severe pain, and restless leg syndriome. He is a diabetic and has had to start usinjg insulin, since he started the cancer treatmentsl. Is it possible that his cancer is a result of the denture cream?

  82. I work in the dental field, and many times patients have come in with more than the recommended amount of denture cream. Has it occured to anyone that they only should be using a couple of small doplets of the cream like the packaging says? Patients have been filling there whole entire denture with this stuff. After reading this though, I do agree this is a concerning matter and I hope they get it cleared up immediately.

  83. I received my dentures in 1989 & immediatedly began using Fixodent & Polident; I have used the cream & powder over the years. In 1995 I was diagnosed with CREST SYNDROME. One of the causes of CREST can be silica ( a toxin ) which is used in denture adhesives. Symptoms are numbness tingling in hands & feet; limited scleradactly; painful joints; dysphagia; & the list continues. As the years have progressed my symptoms have worsened; losing my balance; falling more often; dropping items out of my hands; I’m only 57 & not ready to give in; medication has taken the sharp edge off the pain; already contacted a lawyer & unless you have the diagnosis of neuropathy nothing can be done; my rheumatologist has started me on the medication Neurontin for the increased pain. If this is what caused my auto immune condition, I have only begun to fight. I want to encourage all to do the same. I shall be tested for any elevation in my Zinc levels. Good luck to all of you.

  84. I have been using Fixident and sometimes Polygrip for about 5 years now. I only use it on the bottom denture. I have all the symptoms that all of you talk about. The worst being, the weakness in my legs and arms. Holding up laundry to fold is hard for me. I have a traveling pain I used to joke about, for lack of knowing why. I am so tired all the time. It is hard to step up the two steps to get into the house. I could go on an on. I always prided myself for being so strong in my legs and back. How can that change so fast. When I talked to my doctor last year about this whole thing, she had never heard of it, and said she didn’t think there was a test to measure Zinc. I want to feel normal again.

  85. i got my dentures in 2004and started using polygrip for the past three months i have been suffering with sore throat tingling in ears neck and shoulders and a rash on my head and hands i was reffered to christies hospital as i have been in remission for 3 years i was taken into hospital for a camera down my throat and the specialist found no trace of cancer i stopped using my dentures because they hurt and all my symptons eased

  86. i hear you all .. i wish I had not got my theeth pulled …. but then i was sick all the time with my theeth there …. now i have the pain and the tinniling

  87. I have used Fixodent for almost 20yrs. My ears ring, toes started tingling almost electric shock,blood glucose off, growths on skin (almost wart like),fatigue, tendon pain, skin problems.retaining water. I was treated for diabetes, but when I took the type 2 meds my bg went UP,over 250. When my meds were changed the bg went up again. I’ve had bouts of diarea, kidney pain.My tee shirt had green stains from my sweat. I just thought it was aging

  88. I have been using polygrip for over ten years now and have been experiencing strange things going on. My right foot and leg burn, sharp tingeling, have been short of breath, and it keeps me awake alot of nights. I see my doctor first week in April and will have a long discussion with him about this subject. Is this going to get worse and what can I do about this?

  89. WOW! So, since ZINK is a heavy metal, the imbalance of way too much is exactly what’s no doubt causing every problem people here have mentioned. want to know another one? Think ARSENIC!!**~~~~***!! Somehow, even tho I lost my teeth to thinning of bones, in 40′s, I never wore my dentures much, just out to dinner: THANK GOD!!! I’M ALREADY DISABLED, thank you very much, tee hee! GOD BLESS YOU ALL; I’LL KEEP YOU IN MY PRAYERS!!**~~ BEST WISHES AND HAPPY LANDINGS! from Tucson, AZ

  90. Well, dumb me let the orthodontist put an appliance in my baby’s mouth when she was 3 days old because she had a cleft lip. As I have done lots of research, the appliance is controversial anyway. She had to have Poligrip to stick it on the roof of her mouth 2 times a day! Her mouth would foam up!! She is now 2 1/2 and has balance problems. (she is my 3rd, so I know what is normal) She has also complained on and off about the bottoms of her feet hurting to the point she cries, but I look and there’s nothing there! She doesn’t want me to touch them either when this happens! Doc says she will be 6’2″ to 6’3″, so sports would be a GREAT thing for her. Not if she has the leg weakness and lack of balance all her life, though!!! I am doing more research, but not too happy so far.

  91. I have had all the above mentioned ailments. I have been using first Poligrip, then Fixodent for more than 20 years. I would love to find out if it is because of the use of these products. My doctors say that they “can’t find anything wrong with you”. It is frustrating.

  92. wow, wouldn’t it be great if this would be the answer to our health problems, I’ve had all the above symptoms, I’ve had so many xrays and mri’s and nothing showed up until I think my dr. thinks I’m a nut, wanting to be sick, he said I’d just have to live with it. I’ve been using the denture creams every hr. or so for yrs. I have to to wear my lower plate, I have no jaw bone or gum line to hold them, I use it sparingly however. I no longer use the fixodent or poligrip, I use equate brand from walmsrt works just as well, tho it might have the same stuff.

  93. I worked in a Neurology practice for years and one of our patients had strange symptoms noone could figure out the cause. He ended up in a wheelchair and read about this lawsuit. He got tested for zinc and copper and both were very out of whack! I have left that job but am wondering if his symptoms have gone away stopping the fixodent. I am going for blood tests soon as ive used fixodent for over 10 years and have many of the symptoms which noone could figure out. Ive had many MRIs, labs etc.

  94. I have been officially diagnosed with severe neuropathy in 2007 in my feet and legs and used these products since acquiring false teeth many years ago.

  95. I have upper dentures and lower partials. and I don’t wear mine very often either. Sometimes I may use fixident, but very little, as I found out using too much leaves a ton of gunk when you remove them and can make you gag severely, like you want to throw up. As probably the case for those that have had breathing issues. I’m mid 30′s btw. have had my dentures about a year and a half, only wear them for special events.

  96. Question: Does this problem with dental adhesives include Fixodent powder as well as the cream? I have been using the powder and have not experienced any health issues such as the above comments, so far. I have been using Fixodent powder for about two years,after trying the cream and deciding the powder is easier to remove from the denture. Does the powder contain zinc?

  97. Yes Fixodent powder has the same zinc as the cream does. I did a lot of research last week and confirmed it. I have severe neuropathy in my feet and legs that keep me up at night. I have used the Fixodent powder for 18 years, quit using it last Friday and am hoping some of my symptoms will resolve. I have almost every symptom caused by zinc poisoning/copper deficiency.

  98. My mother is 86 and in a Rest Home. She’s been using Fixodent for
    a long time now and has many of the symptoms as well! Dizziness,
    numbness, lethargy, muscle weakness, unexplained pain, severe
    headaches, tingling, etc. She has also had problems getting the glue
    off the roof of her mouth and ends up swallowing a lot of it!
    Once in a while she starts gagging from it and coughs for up to an hour, spitting up mucous looking clear thick slime!
    She is now slowly becoming very weak and sickly and her esophagus is giving her problems when she swallows food
    so she is losing weight, about (94 lbs.) Help!

  99. My husband has a partial plate and had started experiencing numbness in his ring finger and pinky of his left hand. He has is still suffering from ringing in the ears and hearing loss. He went to the doctor and he said that the numbness was probably from the way he was sleeping but I don\’t think so, and he said that he didn\’t know why he was having the ringing in the ear or the hearing loss. He said he may just have to live with it. My husband is only 37 yrs old.

  100. I have suffered from tingling and numbness in my feet and legs for several years now. I get short of breath and fatigued very easily. I also have dizziness and other symptoms. I have used poligrip for over 30 years.

  101. I have been using Fixodent ExtraHold Powder for over 13 years. Since September of 2009, I have been experiencing numbness, tingling and my legs and feet feeling like lead. I wonder if the powder has the same side affects as the cream!!!!!

  102. I use Fixodent for about 3 years now and have just about from day one have complained to my wife about experiencing numbness, tingling in my arms hands my legs.
    Just today 08/26/2010 I sent her a text message saying I felt sick and just about blacked out on the freeway but don’t know why.
    And again at about 6pm I sent her another text saying I still don’t know whats wrong and felt like I had no energy could not hardly drag my feet to even walk. I was in Walmart the time I sent her the text message. I am not one to just run off to a doctor for every little thing so I have just been living with it and shrugging it off.
    Been feeling this symptoms ever sense I started use Fixodent but just never suspected it would be from that. I still have less then half of the tube left and will stop using it now. I just learned about this around 5am because I could not sleep and saw a commercial on TV about it.

  103. I have used Fixodent for more than 20 years, since it became available. I have tingling in my legs and arms, I also have very poor balance, and severe breathing problems. My lips are dry and always cracking. I have not considered denture adhesive to be the problem. If it is that could solve a lot of questions about my health.

  104. I have used fixodent for years…I developed bell palsey in 2008. What I want to know is could that be caused from the fixodent? Also…is the zinc still in these products?

  105. I have been using both these products on a regular basis, two to three times a day, ever since 2007 when I was told by the dentist that with my gums being in such bad shape on top, there was no way new dentures could be made to fit my upper gum; and relining them wouldn’t do any good either. I started about two years ago having dizzy spells; trouble swallowing at times; plus, both my legs ache all the time and all the way through my toes. Plus, sometimes I have light pain in my left breast. Had not heard of this thing with these products until sometime last year; but, just thought it was a way for some folks to get money; I’m not that type of person, but since my condition seems to be getting worse, I feel there has to be more to the claims. Plus, now, they’re talking about it again on TV.

  106. I have had upper dentures for about 22 years now and have used Fixodent since day one. I do not have any suction to hold my dentures in. I use both the powder and the cream. One layer of powder and then cream and another layer of powder which holds my dentures in until before dinner. I have had leg pains for years and I was told by a foot doctor that it was probably Restless Leg Syndrom. I mentioned it to my Internal Med doctor and was put on “Requip” for my legs, but lately they have been getting worse. Could this possibly be a sign of zinc poisoning? I am going to my doctor on Monday and requesting a zinc test.

  107. this is frighten to hear and read about this denture cream. i have been using it about 18 yrs. in 2008 my feet started hurting real bad esp. the toes, it started on my left foot and now to my right foot , my ankles and feet tingles all time. iwent to my foot doctor and he first said it was gout i had a test for urick acid and it was neg. he stated it was not gout that it was nerve problems and gave me a cream to use but no answer to what cause it. in 2007 at a hospital in eldorado ark. i had to go to emergency room because of dizziness, they did not know what it was i have had several spells like this since that visit. i have all my records to verify these accounts i will look into this concern much more. The first time i heard about this is today, 10/17/2010

  108. well i have been using fixodent and poligrip for the past 4 years. now i am getting dizzy and having chest pains which there hospital and another doctors says there is nothing wrong with me. it started Oct. 12,2010 and i am still having the problems

  109. I have been using teeth powder and creams for over 15 years. I have had pain in my arms, hands, and feet. I am currently seeking a MRI to see why I am losing muscel use with my arms. There are monrings where I am unable to lift myself up off the bed. I toss and turn all night because of the numbness in my arms. I am still waiting to find out what the test results will be, but I just happened to come across this information on the teeth product so I will have to go back to the doctor to have my zinc level checked. This is so unfair that these companines are getting away with this, without informing the consumers.

  110. Is it now safe to use Fixodent?

  111. I am 58 yrs. old and i have nerve damage in my facial are from something and they do not know what from. I have been on medsfor burning in my face and my feet and legs. I have had dentures for 37 yrs.
    I use fix o dent and po li-grip several times a day. I NEVER HAD A PROBLEM WITH ANY HEALTH ISSUES UNTIL10 yrs ago. drs cannot figure out what is doing this. I am wondering if this could be the problem.

  112. I have pain numbness in legs my feet I have been diagonised with neuropathy. I have been using Fixodent for 35 years. My hips are in constant pain. I am active as possible but I do have numeous facts. Tingle in hands arms and in back of neck.

  113. me and my wife have been using fixodent for many tears and my wife has xstream body pain and some days could hardly walk my problems are my hands feet and legs sometime i cant even feel them they fall asleep alot mostly my feet hurt please keep us informed thanks

  114. I have been using fixodent free for over twenty years. The other s don,t work as well for me. I apply usually once a day but once in a while twice if they become loose, I have full dentures, Sometimes I do swollow some of the cream when my dentures becone loose, My complaint is burning tingling in my figers mostly while in bed. I have to keep my hands down and not sleep with them pointing upwards. I thought maybe it was a circulation problem but now am wondering. Have a Drs. appointment next Month so I will speak to the Dr, about this. Also thinking my husband had full dentures for years and also used fixodent and he passed away four years ago from ALS. I was wondering if there could be a link between Zinc and ALS because nothing is known that causes ALS and it is a deadly terrible disease to have to go through.

  115. its a hard thing to figure out what is and isnt right I just watched GMA and two in wheel chairs so they put a warning ion tube too dam later yes I have symptoms does anyone know if doc can test us for Zink overload let me know if anyone can answer this

  116. I have had dentures since I was 25 years old. I am 66. I have used Fixodent powder for over 38 years. I never used the cream. For the last 10 years I have suffered with neuropathy, muscle weakness, unexplained nerve pain which I attributed to diabetes even though my numbers are very good. Now I wonder if I should ask my doctor to do lab tests for an abundance of zinc. I had to install a handicap ramp at my door because I could no longer climb the steps and I have cut back to working only 3 days a week. We, the public, are so trusting, so stupid! Large corporations are only interested in the bottom line….profits. If Proctor & Gamble are guilty of covering this up for some time I hope someone makes them pay.

  117. I have used only Fixodent since getting dentures about ten years ago. I find it difficult to sit fbecause of a weird feeling in my legs. It’s hard to describe but it is a combination of tingling, numbess and pain. My arms are too effected by this feeling. I drop things out of my hands for no reason at all. I used to be able to walk and walk fast, no longer can I do that. I have been getting dizzy a lot to the point I need to sit down.

  118. I had my teeth pulled in 2006 and started fixodent after that.
    A year later, 2007 I was diagnosed with lung cancer and had part of my lung removed. Now i have the pain in the hip and leg, my breathing is worse, I’m on oxygen full time at 6 liters and in and out of the E.R. for help every several months. Is there something to be done, now that the damage may be done? Can it be undone?

  119. I started using Fixodent in 2001, by 2007 I started loosing weight, strength, and focus. I developed a moving neuropathy over most of my body including neck, hands and face. I could not go “number2″ for up to 4 weeks at a time. I had to lay in the bathroom floor 4 – 6 hours at a time and “Atomic Laxatives” from the gastroenterologist and my Doctor did not work. I am recovering since 2009 with potent B12, B6, Magnesium, Selenium, and other herbs. You and I are owed money since we cannot get back the time lost and painful suffering these companies caused us because they FAILED to do the right thing and inform the consumer of the potential dangers this ingredient can cause. The studies did exist.

  120. OMG, I have been using Fixodent for exactly 20 years and for the last few years I’ve been having multiple problems. I have always been a
    very healthy individual. I’ve been suffering from dizziness, lack of balance, constant fatigue, numbness in toes and hands, lack of focus and concentration…and then some. I’m amazed at what I’m reading and
    a now frightened too. My entire life style has changed due to a lack of energy. I’m 55 and usually feel 20 years older. Wow, this is something to look into. It’s overwhelming…where do you even begin??? Good luck to ALL!

  121. My Father is going through this! Someone please guide me as to where I start!! The Doctors have diagnosed him with a form of Parkinson’s Disease however, these symptoms did not begin until about 2 years after he started using this denture cream. Before that he was a very healthy man!

  122. Ive been using super-polygrip for about 2 years. I too have noticed a numbness when I sit down for extended period of time. I’m in great shape, I work out consistently. My left leg as of late tends to “fall asleep”. I’ll have to have my Doctor check it out. If its the creams, what is the alternative? I have noticed there is a zinc free formula. I guess I better switch to that before it could potentially get worse.

  123. has anyone experienced aproblem with taste and smells,in particular, food tasting and smelling rotten? i mean like something has died in your mouth!! i literally cannot eat meat,eggs,nuts fruits,i cant drink coffee or diet soda. any answers would be appreciated

  124. i have had dentures for 2 years and have been using fixodent originalfor entire time started wakingup in the middle of night myhands have no strength can’t use them to grip anything and mouth has gotten where i have sore spots in it and they are not canker sores throat stays sore lose my voice 3 to 4 times a day have anyone had these problems

  125. I’ve used a tube of Fixodent every two weeks for decades. I’ve only now read that the zinc preventing the absorption of copper can affect connective tissue.
    In 2000 59 cm of my aorta was replaced at Vanderbilt—2-1/2 months in the hospital for that. I lost my spleen and a kidney from that operation. After that I got a hernia—both diaphragmatic and, later, abdominal, that affects my life in a negative way. The diaphragmatic hernia has pushed my left lung out of place. Also, I’ve had a prolapsed uterus, and my rectum and vagina “fell” and had to be fixed. Right now I have a 5.3 cm aneurysm in my heart…but I’m not a “candidate for surgery.”

  126. Why no one inform the public about these products? I have being using the fixodent powder for many years. I had no idea about this. I brought fixodent powder yesterday. It had a warning and I wonder why. This is September 2011. I HAD TO CHECK INTERNET TO FIND OUT WHY. What is wrong with this picture?

  127. i started using fixodent ( i like it better than polygrip) about 6 yrs ago. For the last 3 or 4 years I have suffered periods of extreme fatique which is now nearly constant., and unexplained itching in certain areas. Repeated trips and compliants to doctors have led to no answers. A blood workup last week showed nothing that might cause this. I am goddam tired of it, and don’t know what to do

  128. Sounds to me like everyone that heard about this is now crying wolf 17 years later. Get a life, everyone wants to sue everyone. The stuff didn’t kill you in 17 years it never will. get a life

  129. I started using fixadent 6 months I feel itchy at night does anyone else get this feeling I think the product should have less zinc and maybe a wax that can hold dentures in place every time I eat or drink I need more fixadent to retain the dentures would appreciate answers as after reading the articles published sounds scary with no where to go for help is this product legal or are we all fooled

  130. I am 68 years old i have been using the adhesive product for many years. From time to time i get dizzy spells. My muscle heart all over my body, i also have bone pain all over my body, could this be because of zink. I use fixodent

  131. I found this site after figuring out that maybe the denture cream might have an effect on my health after I read some warnings about zinc (not knowing there were any lawsuits about it so I’m not “crying wolf”). I was researching the symptoms to see if I could find out what was wrong. I was very healthy, never went to the doctor for years. I use Fixodent and after I had the dentures for about a year I noticed symptoms which I thought, at first, were due to getting older but they seem to have all come on rather quickly after a lifetime of being in good health. Numbness, isolated itching, fatigue, imbalance, weakness in certain muscles and pain,. a big change in blood pressure and an unexplained weight gain. I plan to have my copper and zinc levels tested to see if this has anything to do with it.

  132. My brother has just died from mouth cancer… he has used the powder fixodent for years and a very large amount to keep his dentures in…. he had all the numbness too. Maybe we should file a claim?

  133. My mother died in 2004 of a mysterious nerve disorder. Basically the doctors couldn’t figure out why she was paralyzed and had to be on a breathing machine. It started out that she had ulcers that were so severe that she lost a lot of her teeth from vomiting because of where the scar tissue was in her stomach and it eroded her teeth from years of vomiting. She had surgery to remove the ulcers in her stomach and then the ugly road to using Fixodent started.
    She would get shaky from time to time. She had to walk with a walker and then went into a wheelchair. We took her to every Dr every specialist and they were all stumped. Within 6 months her legs went numb, and it moved all the way up till she couldn’t no longer breathe on her own. She used fixodent like candy to keep those dentures in. She ended up in the hospital 2003 unable to walk, feel her legs and severe contratures of her hands. I used to visit her in the nursing home 3-5 times a week and she couldn’t speak but I could read her lips. Her body had failed her but her mind was all there. I would feed her, shave her legs but I remember always having to clean her dentures, and she wanted lots of fixodent on them because they nurses won’t help if they slip and they do not read lips very well…
    Well now finding this information today, we finally found the last piece of the puzzle of what really happened to my mother.
    She was 55 years young
    Died Nov 16, 2004

    I love you mom.


  134. 1998 used fixadent mad at my dentist new england denture center why they didnt send letters I worked doubble shifts no time for tv and maine drs dont believe me they wont believe whats on net son say got to your wont help me

  135. has anyone else had trouble with holes in their gums?

  136. Started loosing hearing about three month after getting dentures and the start of using both Fixodent and Polygrip cream and power then this morning I woke with terrible pain in my left ear and the loss of 90% of the hearing in that ear, I wonder if any one else had any loss of hearing from what they may contribute to the use of these products??

  137. I live in England UK and want to sue fixodent for no warning about the zinc levels in its product. I have dentures and have been using this for several years now. I have had T.I.A s and affected breathing and nausea everyday dizzyness and tiredness which doctors cannot prescribe why. Until I read about fixodent and its zinc levels..I am now making another appointment to see my GP

  138. has anyone had a hole come up in gum already been diagnosed with neuropathy ,have breathing problems and in pain all the time

  139. I just started a month ago using Fixodent Extra Hold powder while getting new dentures I just started getting little white sore could this be just a reaction? has anyone else had this problem?

  140. I’ve been using Poligrip for many years. About three years ago my fingers started to bend and I could not straighten them, then I started to lose my balance, the numbness, tingling and pain came shortly after that. NOW I get severe charlie horeses in both legs and both hands are crippled and closed like fist. I’m very limited on the things I can do. Doctors diagnosed me with peripheral neuropathy and hypothyroidism but cant pinpoint where it came from. I filed a claim in December 2010 and was denied. Any one else get denied???

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