GM Recalls 1.3 Million Chevrolet Cobalt and Pontiac Vehicles

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By: Staff Writers | Published: March 3rd, 2010

General Motors has issued a recall for 1.3 million Chevrolet Cobalts and Pontiac vehicles sold in the U.S., Canada and Mexico after the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration opened an investigation into more than 1,000 consumer complaints of the power steering suddenly ceasing to work on some vehicles. Among the reports of steering problems linked to vehicles were at least 14 car crashes.

The GM recall, issued on March 2, includes the 2005-2010 model year Chevrolet Cobalt, the 2007-2010 Pontiac G5, the 2005-2006 Pontiac Pursuit, and the 2005-2006 G4. The Pursuit is sold in Canada and the G4 is sold in Mexico. GM said it has been investigating the problem since 2009, and determined that in rare cases, the power steering motor on the vehicles can die and cause difficulty steering at speeds under 15 m.p.h.

GM officials say once the motors fail, the car can still be driven to dealers to have the motor replaced. When the defective power steering motors fail, drivers will see a “Power Steering” warning indicator and hear a chime alarm. However, officials say that the power steering can sometimes come back temporarily after the car is shut off and restarted.

The company said it will take some time for parts suppliers to provide new power steering motors to replace those affected by the recall. However, the company said that the vehicles can still be safely controlled when the problem arises.

“After our in-depth investigation, we found that this is a condition that takes time to develop,” said GM’s vice president of quality, Jamie Hresko in a GM press release. “It tends to occur in older models out of warranty.”

GM officials say that as the replacement power steering motors come in, they will target older vehicles first, since the problem does not appear to occur until the vehicles have 20,000 to 30,000 miles on them. The company will also have to repair thousands of cars still in dealer inventories across North America.

The company says that customers will be notified when plans for replacing the motors are finalized.

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  1. I HATE MY 2008 COBALT!!!!!!!!! This is another reason for me to get rid of it!! THANK YOU GM!

  2. I had problems out of my ’07 Chevy Cobalt last September. It went out on me 2 times and i had to pay out of pocket. With in that same day the Chevy dealership i went to had 6 other Cobalt’s in the shop being repaired for the exact same problem. Since then I’ve had a small problem with the steering wheel feeling likes it’s stuck. Now I believe that if you have one of these cars that are being recalled you need to be very cautious. It will go out without any warnings.

  3. Ihave a2000 chevy impala the power stereing is going out I think what should do

  4. A problem i’ve been having for sometime now is my 2005 Chevy Cobalt shutting down after hitting a pot hole, has anyone else had this issue??

  5. This is bogus. My daughter’s 2007 cobalt ram into a tree and turn upside down onto the last street two block from home. The car was totaled. We replaced it with a 2008 Chevy Cobalt- a drive cut in front of her slighty touch her bumper and the car would not steer back. another Cobalt totaled. She now is driving a 2009 Pontiac G5. I worte GM about the two cobalts after reading about the cobalts on the websites after the second cobalt disater and didn’t get one response. NOW THIS!. God has saved my daughter’s life twice. Something needs to be done

  6. My mother has a 2008 Cobalt and when she called the Florence, SC dealership today (3/3/10), where she bought the care, she was told “dont believe everything you hear”. That’s a great attitude for a company that is struggling.

  7. i lost my power steering about a month ago then it didn’t happen again,on my 2008 cobalt.

  8. when i first bought my cobalt i loved it to the maxx than it stared making a clicking noise so i took in to get check out and they said everything looked fine and normal. so it was watever to me till i started doing it even more and now when im on driving it, it pulls its self and i still cant find anyone that can tell me whats wrong with it all they say is EVERYTHINGS LOOKS FINE BUT YES WE CAN HEEAR WHAT UR TALKING ABOUT… HOW STUPID IS THAT!

  9. my steering was all messed up last night and I had no idea why until I read this. Thanks everyone for your input. I had no idea what was wrong. Now I guess I have to wait with everyone until they get the parts.

  10. Gee, I LOVE my 2007 Cobalt-Great mileage, great looking and has nearly 70,000 miles on it with no problems at all! Of course, I’ll take it to the dealership for the recall, but, to be fair, this is far less worrisome than the problems that the Japanese car-makers are having.

  11. my 05 cobalt has been to the dealership at let 4 to 5 times a year fixing some stupid stearing problem. the front end just shakes soo bad. they keep telling me something different like need new tires need balancing need alignment and yeah i say go ahead and do it but when 3 months later its doing it again wtf. and if i need all that y do they still end up changing something in the controll arm or sway bar linkage. i cant wait to get rid of this stupid p.o.s.

  12. I will tell you that GM is not as concerned for there consumers as the claim to be in the media. I had my power steering unit go out on Feb 25, 2010. I had it replaced because I needed my car to get back and forth to work. After doing some research on the internet about my car, I found out that the power steering unit I had just paid $400 to have replace was under investigation for defect. I called the dealearship to inquire about the information I had read and was told that the information was false. Well 3 days later it was announced on the news that the part was in fact faulty and being recalled. I have been on the phone just about everyday with GM and all I get is the runaround regarding being reimbursed for my repair. Don’t believe the hype about their concerns for their consumers. They appear not to care about me at all. I would like to tell any one, if you can wait it out without causing yourself injury, don’t fix the car yourself. You will definitely get screwed!!!!!

  13. I just called Sutliff Chevrolet to confirm about the recall, i have a 2005 Cobalt and its definitely true. They will start replacing the older cars first, letters will be sent out to peoples house about the recall. I just hope this recall doesnt cause anyone to have a bad accident!

  14. I have an ’07 Chevy Cobalt LS and have had my steering column replaced twice already. It started giving me steering issues about 6 months or so after I bought it. Steering aside, I do like the Ecotech engine. It’s quiet and runs great with regular maintenance. I drive 50+ miles a day – not to mention I’ve smashed it twice (not my fault!) and each time it has come back repaired good as new. Though, I’ve owned several Cavaliers in the past and the Cobalt doesn’t even come close to the Cavalier’s dependability. Why they replaced the Cavalier with the Cobalt, I’ll never know.

  15. In 2007 I purchased a 2005 Chevy Cobalt as well and after about a year and a half I started having the power steering problems. I’ve gotten use to driving without it because the dealership that I bought it from wanted to charge me $1,000 to get it fixed. When I bought the car they said it was still under warranty and then when the problem arose they retracted that statement and said the car had only been “inspected” by their mechanics and it passed their tests 2 years ago. Buying that cobalt is the biggest mistake I’ve made and if I could I would sell it but the re-sell value of this car sucks! I’m going today to the dealership about the recall and if they try that whole don’t believe everything you hear crap I’m calling the news stations!

  16. Although GM has issued a recall, they have not contacted dealerships with any information on it yet- even to tell them that the recall is offically in effect. They also have not issued a plan on how to fix the problem so there is nothing the dealerships can do at this moment. This happens to all makes and models of vehicles, not just GM- so don’t b*tch out the people at the dealerships for something they can’t do anything about.

  17. I have experienced once since having my 2007 cobalt with the power steering going out on me while driving. It did resume to normal after stopping and turning the car off and have not experienced that situation since then. However, I do have great concerns about the safety of this vehicle. When will I receive more information as to what I do about the recall on this vehicle?

  18. What about customers that had the problem and paid at a GM dealer to repair the problem? Are we going to be reimbursed? We were lucky in that the problem occurred on start up and not while driving.

  19. I bought my Chevy Cobalt in October 2007. Not even a year later the power steering went out. It has been doing this ever since. I did not report it because I went on line and nothing was being done. This is an every day occurance and annoyance. It happens to me when I am going 25 and under. Its especially hard when I am in a small parking lot trying to park. This should not be something that we have to put up with or pay out of pocket.

  20. I have Pontaic G6 and have had problems with the loss of power steering while driving. I have a 2yr old son that rides with me and this puts him in grave danger!!!

  21. I wish they would post a site where we could get more detailed, unbiased information. My boyfriend bought a 09 chevy cobalt and in sept. we lost control of the car and were struck by another car. This just stinks and I don’t think they’re doing enough to correct the problems…

  22. My 16 year old son was in a head on collision and totaled his 2007 cobalt in January. It pushed the motor and wheel into the firewall. He could not figure out what happened after hitting the other car so hard he lost his memory. I guess we know now. Thank God for being with him and the 52 year old guy he slammed into. I notified the NHTSA but did not receive a response. WHY does someone have to DIE to get anything done in this country!!

  23. My daughter’s 2006 Cobalt has had steering problems off and on since she bought the car two years ago. It veers off to the left or right and she has had near-misses. It gets locked and she has to fight to bring it back in line. What do we do now? Do we call the place where we bought the car? Will they fix it for free? Maybe we should have told them from the beginning.

  24. i have a 05 chevy cobalt with 126,000 miles on it, and i had it ever since 16,000 miles on it and i always had a problem when the car was cold, and i tryed to turn the wheel i took it to the place where i got it, and they said they had to order parts and i should come back when they call come to find out, THE DEALER CLOSED!!! i was then screwed and the sad part is i still owe a lot on this car. and every time i take it to another dealer the problem never happens again. only when i am going to work or driving home, its odd like it knows when i need the car the most, thats when the problems start

    now the car does it more often and it happens when i am on the highway going on the off ramp, and i feel a struggle, and if i dident know my car this could be a major problem, so i dont dare to let anyone drive my car because of this problem, if something was to ever happen i dont know what i would do with myself!!,

    So now i have no clue what to do with this car, i still drive it daily, waiting for it to go again, but its not what i expected when i went and got this car. i still like GM and chevy and i only ever owed chevy but i would need a really great car, and a wonderful deal to make me buy again,

    but these days with all these recalls im wondering in a huffy would be my best bet but not sure in the winder seasion tho

  25. My power steering went out in my 2006 cobalt last June. I had it repaired and $700 bucks later it’s recalled. Thank goodness these cars are pricy and they should should not be breaking and need repair. I think the car in general should be recalled, it’s been a lemon for the 4 yrs I have owned it.

  26. Everything that has been described in this article happened to my ’06 cobalt last spring… but I noticed my car having steering problems about a week before I took it in…. I was still able to drive the car, and when I turned the car off then back on, I regained steering…… my car was about 60,000miles (over the warrenty) but my dealership didn’t charge me a dime for the repairs….. every car has issues… before you knock GM, take a look at Toyota.. they’ve got a computer malfunction that’s making certain models accelerate out of control

  27. I have a 2006 Chevy Cobalt LT 4 dr. I was driving on the turnpike and my steering froze up. The steering would not move at all. I pressed on the breaks and my car starting veering towards the right. Luckily there wasn’t alot of traffic at the time and as I was veering to the right luckily the guy sped up to avoid me hitting him and honked his horn at me. Just as quickly as the steering failed it came right back. I thought this must be a defected car and if it does it again I was going to take it into the shop. It hasn’t done it since. Just make sure when you turn your car on that if all the lights go on, turn it off, then turn it back on again. I also have problems with the Gas gauge. I fill it up and then it still reads empty. It must be a floating gauge. I drive a little then it starts to register. Not always sure if I have gas or not. The Sun Roof doesn’t work anymore. I have already replaced the bolts that hold the tires on. It has cost me about $3000.00 in repairs so far. I bought a 2nd 2006 Cobalt 2 dr LS for my daughter. She had an accident in it and her friend DIED in that car. These cars are not safe and salesmen should not recommend these vehicles for college bound kids. I have always loved chevy but I will never buy another chevy again.

  28. In September, I totaled my car. Twice I had trouble with turns in the steering. This particular time I ended up hitting a pole and rolling over my car. I had hit my head, but thankfully no problems occured as a result was only off of work for about a week.I had headaches for two months. But as a Full Time Grad Student and a Full Time Employee, that nearly ended up flunking me out of college. Thankfully I recovered when I did and managed to pull off C’s. My best friend, whom I had just dropped off at the last minute, had gone home instead of staying with me. She would have been crushed from impact because the passenger side had been smashed in when I roleld over. The pole that I struck was less that an inch from my window which would have caused serious harm to me. I know that with certainty the Lord is taking care of me.

  29. Something definately needs to be done! I bought a 2006 Cobalt for my son, and he started having problems with his steering a few months ago. When I caught word of this recall, I took his car in to be looked at. I’m being told that I have to wait until I recieve a letter stating my car is being recalled.

  30. I HATE the PONTIAC G5 the WORST vehicle ever made!!!!!!! I will never buy GM again!!! If I could give it back and get my money back,I would!! Its is the biggest POS out there. Very bad blind spots, NO traction!!!, poor steering. Random knocking in the trunk! Terrible shocks!!
    Cold weather = barely there tap and bumper shatters.

  31. Ya, BTW driving in a play ground zone (30 or less) on ice. Hit a tree totaled my front end and have had nothing but problems ever since

  32. My power steering went out in 2008. I refused to pay the $970 the dealer quoted me and began writing letters and complaining to GM at that time due to it being a safety issue. This article says they’ve been investigating it since 2009, but in 2008 when I spoke to a friend who works for a GM dealership, he told me then that it’s a common problem in those cars. This is what caused me to begin my quest to have GM repair it. I have made hundreds of formal complaints and finally now that Toyota is going through what they are, GM decides to do something about this problem. Don’t believe everything you hear is right….don’t believe GM when they say they only began hearing about it in 2008. I guess I can thank them for one thing. I now have some serious upper arm strength after driving my car with no power steering for almost 2 years…lol. And for the guy with the 2000 Impala question. That car has a hydraulic system. Good ole Hydroaulic power steering. The good ole days when you could put some fluid in it or change a hose for next to nothing. I say if it’s not broke, don’t try to fix it. We were guinea pigs with this thing. I’ve had 20 year old cars with perfectly good original hydraulic power steering systems and I have a freaking cobalt for 2 years and whamo! Power steering goes out. I stop for some power steering fluid and couldn’t find where to put it…haha. Instead of a cheap repair, they’ve turned it into a repair costing thousands. I deserve this recall! I feel like I’ve finally won. Now off to call the dealership!

  33. Welll earlier today my girlfriend was driving at about 15 to 20 mph and she said she went to swurve to avoid hitting an animal but the wheel wasnt turning so easily, then it just spun freely… she totalledher car because of this. only injury was a knocked out tooth thank god. but it sounds like power stearing going in and out could it be this defect??? wonder how gm will handle this.

  34. yeah i have a 05 cobalt, i really like the car, my power steering has been out since august 09,with the acomany like it is, i cant afford to fix this right now, i called the dealership and the lady told me and i quote”yeah you heard it on the news but gm hasnt finalized it yet” i was like, ok. i hope nobody gets hurt or killed behind this. at least toyota is trying to correct thier problem, it seems like gm is just ignoring thiers.

  35. On October 16th 2009, I was driving down route 1 in NJ and lost control of the steering as I began to slow down for a red light. As a result of the power steering failure, there were 5 cars involved in the accident with 2 people being hurt and one of those people was me. At the time, I was unaware of the steering problem with the cobalt 2008. I was amazed to find out about the new report on March 1st 2010 report detailing the recalls. This was not the first time, I had lost power. On several occasions, especially if the weather was damp. my car would fail to start and the key would get stuck. After several minutes, I would hear a chime, and the electrical system seemed to correct itself. I can empathise with everyone who has been a victim of these defective cars. I now have difficulty moving my shoulder, due to the impact of the air bags, and have an unsightly burn on my leg. It could have been a lot worse, but the idea that it involved 5 cars and injuries,I would like this accident to be investigated.

  36. My 05 cobalt loses power stearing about 5 -10 times aday. Not only that but now there is anvissue with my front shocks making a clunking sound.

  37. i wrecked my girlfriends car headed home from work. the driver front side wheel had a shaking problem and wierd noise coming from it. i lost control when i tried to brake it and the wheel broke off. i flipped 3- times im luckey to have survived. i want them to take responsebilty for there cars. if my child was in there i would not b able to live with myself. please if abyones has had the same problems email m thanks

  38. I have a 2007 Chevy Cobalt SS coupe. Fortunately, I have NOT had any problems with my car. Learning about the power steering and other people’s problems with the car, I will definitely take my car to the dealer. I also don’t think it’s right for people to have to pay for something that has been a problem repeatedly in the years!

  39. I bought 2 cobalts for our daughters we have had nothing but problems with the vehicles, since i’ve purchased these vehicle in brandon fl. I haved gm motors regarding the problems, fuel, power steering problems, modular problems. Gm said they see no problems wrong with these vehicles and they are not on recalls. The vehicles are lemons. These vehicles are cute but not worth my daughters lives.

  40. I have a 2007 cobalt and about a year ago while I was driving it all the sudden my power steering failed and the car shut off. And I was not going the supposed “15 mph” that this occurs I was doing about 35/40. So I took it to the dealer and whataya know they tell me that there’s nothing wrong.

  41. Ok, GM at it again. I had a Saturn where the trans went out right after the extended warranty ended….so, I bought a cheap cobalt. Then I found out about a lawsuit and GM was going to pay for the transmission repairs or for the loss on trade ins…how false, instead they got rid of Saturn and refuse to pay anything. I just left the dealership and they say there is no recall on the Cobalts…what the heck, can’t we get straight answers on things we pay for?? I have always been a Chevy person until now…guess Ford will begin to get my money!

  42. My 07 cobalt .. There is always a problem with it not only do I have to work my muscles on my steering wheel.. My doors don’t open sometime I’ve had to climb out my window a few times to get out my locks bug out by themselve when my cars in park .. The shifter gets stuck into park my driver unlock n lock buttonb doesn’t work at all.. My heated seat button pops out of place ! I hate cobalts!!! There nothing but stressful

  43. 2005 chevy cobalt power steering stalled now i’m out $980 and they said the recall is still not finalized??? how long does it take to finalize a problem that has been ongoing for years now…

  44. I had the power steering motor replaced at the end of December on my 2007. I have not had any problems since then. I am now trying to get money back for the out of pocket repair for the recalled part. So far I have not gotten any answers. I disagree with the company’s statement that it goes out at a lower speed, I had lost control on curves more than once. I had cancer surgery last fall and found the turning very difficult and used a family member’s car until I was able to get it repaired.

  45. Hello I bought a 2007 Chevy Cobolt for my son three months ago. Now, he is telling me that the steering wheel is funky. I called Chevy to ask about the recall for the power steering and they are ubable to help us unless I have a recall letter.

    Lets see whay type of delays this will cause or hopefullly no accidents.

  46. i called the gm dealer here and they said that the recall on my 2005 cobalt for steering problems was false that there was not a recall i told the service wrighter that it is all over the internet that 2005-2010 cobalts are being recalled he told me that i was wrong he also told me that they have gotten a lot of calls about this. this is my question is there a recall yes or no or is gm dragging there feet about letting the dealers know or do the dealers know about it and they are just playing dunb

  47. I have an 05 cobalt and I my power steering has been going out for two months now. I took it to the dealership to get checked out the day after they announced the recall. My steering going out is because of the motor as we all knew but I was charged outta pocket for the check up and I couldn’t afford to get it fixed. According to their systems they where not authorized to fix my problem. Oh did I mention I’m also employed by general motors. I just wanna know when I can get my car fixed and my money back.

  48. my husband bought our daughter a new 06 chevy colbalt turbo from ferman chevrolet in brando fl. when my doughter took her vehicle to ferman for the steering problem which is failing on her vehicle it shuts off about 50 times a day. ferman said she needed to trade it in or junk due the all the problems gm is having with these vehicles. the dealership said they don’t have the parts for the recalls. why are they on recall when there are no parts available. i have contacted a lawyer due to these problems. I think everyone else should do the same. The colbalt vehicles are dangerous on the road. If gm can’t fix the problem let a lawyer fix it for you.

  49. I have a 2006 chevy colbalt, i bought it new with only108 miles on it. the reason for it was i wanted something safe to drive my daughter in. for the first year the car did great. After that it has all gone down hill. the cruise control went in and out and even sped up on its own going down the high way, finlly got that fixed, then i had problems with it not reading in park so they replace my shifter, a week after that was fixed it locked the ignition again and had the steering colum replaced. my windsheild wipers work sometimes… i think its a short but the dealer refused to fix it. my drivers seat doesnt always lock in position when u move it, i have paint peeling off all the buttons in the car and the fake plastic chrome handles are bubbling off, i have a rattle in the front drivers side fender, an AC gasket blew when i was on a driving trip frm ohio to florida my car dropped so much watr in the passenger side floor that is soaked my purse and distroed my phone and everything in it, right now i have a check engine light on for emissions control telling me there is a problem with my cylinoids but i had it checked at napa an they both worked i herd them! they explained it and showed me an let me hear them working! and the steering is tight when you first get going… i mean this thing is falling apart! I PAID 16000$ FOR A POS! sad thing is i still owe 8000$ on it and i couldnt even sell it for 5000, it was one of the biggest mistakes i have ever made. now i know why i liked my ford so much… it was reliable!

  50. I have a 2008 cobolt i have been having some prob with mine and was woundering if anyone was haveing the same mine is reving up also will act like it is running out of gas like its gonna quit and the lights and radio have been going out and not working if any of you have this prob please contact me thank.

  51. As a worker of Securitas U.S.A for C.T.A, We are currently driven Chevrolet Cobalt and few of my fellow co workers have had accident do to current conditions of recall. And my following employer has not acted to take action to the recall or have they taken precaution for current workers safety.

  52. I would like to share my experience with you all. I have a 2006 Cobalt. I thought that I was out of the clear when it came donw to this power steer problem. Until about a week ago while I was drive on a rural highway. I lost my power steer and I told it straight to the dealer. I was told that my car was not on recall. Then, I went to another dealer and was told the same thing. I am not for sure really what Chevy is doing. But, I love my car and thought it was only a few people with this problem. But, really it is a true problem. If there is ever a recall people need to have their money returned to them in a timely fashion. I will be taking mine to a dealer this week for repairs. Hopefully that it will not cost me a arm and leg to get it repaired.Plus I have already notified the Highway and Safety Administration. So, that it will be put into the data and count.

  53. I own a 2006 colbolt that has power streering problems and the chevrolet companies are denying that there is a problem or recall on the power streering.

  54. My Gf was seriously injured from her steering going out at 65mph in her 2008 cobalt, she was on the freeway. She lost control switching lanes and hit the barrier flipping her up into the air. She is still trying to recover. I don’t think these cars are safe to drive at all. Its a miracle she’s alive. Toyota and Chevy need to fix there shit its making me scared to drive around all these recalled pieces of shit.

  55. be careful to have the wheels straight forward when parking the car and turning it off. I left the wheels turned one day when I parked the 2008 Cobalt. The next morning, I could not get the key into the ignition. After calling AAA, and playing around with the ignition, I was eventually able to get the key in and turn on the car! nothing in the owner’s manual about that one.

  56. I am having the same problem with a 2006 HHR. Power steering has gone out 6 times in last 2 mos. Will resume after turning car off and back on. Is anyone else having the same prolem? It is not part of the recall.

  57. I have a 2005 Cobalt with 46000 miles on it and I have to say I love it… I have not had any problems with it so far… It gets great gas mileage and still runs great… I did contact my dealer about the recall and they told me that when the parts are available they would give me a call… I have not received anything from GM yet but I am sure it will come soon… I think it is a car and you get out of it what you put in to it… I have changed my oil when it tells me to and had the schedule service when I was suspose to… I wish you luck…

  58. I started having steering problems with my 06 Cobalt 3 or 4 months ago, at about 75,000 miles. It’s gotten progressively worse since and I can barely make it out of my driveway before the power steering goes out. So after submitting a complaint to nhtsa and then hearing about the recall a couple weeks later, I called GM to ask if they would pay to have the steering fixed even though the recall wasn’t yet in full swing. They told me to take it to the dealer to have it diagnosed, which I did this morning. Now they’re telling me that according to my VIN, my car is not part of the recall and I need to wait for GM to call me back tomorrow (Friday) or Monday to find out if I have to pay for the repair myself . So my car was manufactured during the same year as other recalled vehicles, and I’m having the problem for which the car was recalled, but I may not be covered by the recall. Huh???

  59. chev is fixing the problem on the cobalt and they say it will talk all day and they will not gave me a car the drive will the problem is being fix. i fell that i should not have to pay for a rental.

  60. i havent had power steering on my 2005 cobalt for almost 2 years now. it started with just goin out like once a month or so now it last about 10 seconds after i start driving and then it goes out. The whole thing gm is saying about “it may be harder to turn at speeds of 15 mph” no its harder at all speeds. Everyone that is saying that it happend once and not since then just wait you’ll soon be having the same problem as me. maybe if these gm people would be driving these cars they would make something happen faster. I called gm and they have no information about what is even wrong with it, im not sure if they even know they just know that it is a probvlem with over 1.3 million cars im guessing thats why i have not recieved a recall card in the mail yet after almost a month after they recalled it. This is the third recall on my car the headlight the support piece above the door and now this. How many recalls do you need on your car b4 the lemon law goes in effect thats what i wanna know.

  61. When I first inherited a pristine 2005 Cobalt (from my father-in-law who never drove the car over 50MPH) the 1st couple of times I drove it, I noticed the car ‘stalled’ right after I started it up. The next time it repeated I noted my actions & found that it was happening when I dropped the steering column down for driving (I raise it to enter / exit). Just to verify, I raised & dropped the column again & as soon as it hit bottom – the car shut off. If I lower it slowly, it doesn’t repeat. I’ve now heard of others having the same issue when hitting potholes. Not sure if this is some kind of poorly engineered anti-theft (shock sensor) type of feature or simply an ‘unintended feature’ but GM also needs to address this.

    With regard to the steering – the front end of the car made a loud ‘clunking’ noise when I got it (kind of sounds like something you’d hear on an older vehicle with a loose hub) on just about any bump I hit. Eventually, the front end / steering started to creek when I’d turn it – especially when maneuvering through a tight S-turn (or turning 90 degrees – left or right doesn’t matter) at a decent rate of speed. The steering literally reminded me of an old wooden ship creaking in rough seas. Within the past 2 weeks or so, I’ve also noticed more & more excessive play in the steering wheel – but it’s odd because you don’t feel it the same because of the electric steering / motor assembly. Basically, the steering ‘wheel’ has always felt ‘tight’ (even more so at low speeds when the power steering feels like it’s completely gone – yet I’m not seeing any ‘power steering’ indication nor hearing the ‘chime’) but that’s because the steering shaft first enters the power steering motor assembly – so it’s tight at least to that point – but somewhere between the power steering assembly & where the pinion meets the rack – something has really gotten bad – I have to turn the wheel now 90 degrees or more to compensate for the slop. In other words, in normal driving with a slight breeze blowing from my right side, I have the wheel turned 35-45 degrees to the right (from the straight / center position) just to feel where I’m now slightly turning the front wheels into the breeze to compensate – when that breeze shifts to the left – I now have to turn the wheel 80-90 degrees to the left (35-45 degrees to the left of center / straight) before I can feel that I’m actually turning the front wheels back the other way. Also, the other way to verify this steering slop is by noting that when you are actually turning the front wheels they tend to want to turn back to center – but in the slop area the wheel stays pointed in whatever direction you put it (within that 90 degrees). Finally, I know it’s not alignment as I’ve been having no excessive tire wear & my fuel mileage has not increased (an alignment bad enough to produce this kind of steering issue would typically cause tire wear to increase dramatically as well as lower fuel mileage). Now just tonight as I was maneuvering in & out of parking spaces at relatively slow speeds the steering was making loud ‘cracking’ noises as I turned the steering wheel. The whole steering assy on this car seems like a real piece of crap – but I probably won’t even qualify for the recall as I’ve never had the light come on (to record the error code / DTC) even though I’ve had all (& worse) symptoms… >:(

  62. I am really up set, because i have have my car (2008 colbolt) into my dealer over and over with this. My Colbalt has been a piece of shit since day one and was told it needed to be broke in….The steering was never state the car was always as if I was on a goat path…My tires wore very very fast..I wrote to consumers a year ago..I want this car taken off my hands and refund for any headaches..I would never bye this type of car again…the Dealer NEVER ever help and never cared just wanted me out and shshshsh…..

  63. I have a 2006 Chevy Cobalt and my car frequently shuts off when I turn my steering wheel while traveling at low speeds. Just today, while leaving the grocery store, my car shut off 3 times while trying to maneuver my way out of the parking lot. I called my local dealership today after reading about this recall and they told me that they haven’t notified anybody yet because they don’t have the parts to fix the problem yet. I am hoping that this recall will indeed fix the problem… Has anybody else had a problem with their car actually shutting completely off when they try to make sharp turns at low speeds?

  64. Just wanted to update everyone about the status of the excess play / slop in my steering I wrote about just a couple of days ago (see previous post)…

    As of 3/29 while I was backing into a parking space (and thank God not while I was traveling down the road – or highway!) the steering wheel COMPLETELY BROKE FREE – it didn’t actually come off the column & land in my lap, but it might as well have! When I turned left to straighten out, the wheel just spun at least 3 times (breaking the wire for the airbag – which thankfully didn’t deploy). So I was stuck with a POS car that would only go forward & backward, but wouldn’t turn anymore as the steering wheel just spun. I’m sure if this happened while I was on the highway, I would have died.

    FYI – this car has only been mine for just over 1 month, my father-in-law bought it new & meticulously maintained up until the time he sold it to me. Every service performed was logged – right down to calculating the MPG at every refueling. This car was in pristine condition. This is NOT something that anyone could dare even call a normal ‘wear and tear’ event. I’m extremely frustrated, but glad this happened when it did, as there could easily have been a horrific accident.

    @Ron – I found that if I let the ’tilt’ wheel drop down too hard, the engine would shut off. Others have reported their car shutting down when hitting large potholes (see my previous post).


  65. UPDATE: The dealer said I have a broken steering rack. When I asked him to be more specific (such as how could a Rockwell hardened tooth break off the rack – or was he saying the pinion / worm gear was made of soft metal) he couldn’t – he could only tell me that the rack was moving freely & then told me it would be $825 for the repair (steering rack + alignment + airbag connection that broke when the steering wheel spun). Since I NEED the car, I reluctantly told him fine, but that my trunk was lined with cardboard & I didn’t care if they needed to fold the rear seats forward, but I want the old rack put in my car (my state requires the old parts to be made available to the customer) as I was going to take it apart & see where it failed. He came back with “Well you’re right this really isn’t a common thing at all, tell you what – let me ‘talk to GM’ and see if we can get you any assistance with this.” About 20 minutes later the service manager calls me back & says “Well GM won’t cover the entire cost of the repair but they will go 50-50 with you – but as per the restrictions of the program, you wouldn’t be able to keep the part.” Anyone else smelling a cover-up? Either the dealer misdiagnosed the car in the 1st place & then got scared when I wanted to see evidence – or there’s such a serious design flaw with the steering on this car that they’re trying to keep it under wraps… Oh – and the ‘new’ price he quoted me for the repair is $340 – quite a bit less than the 50% he said it would be – pretty much ‘buying me off’.

  66. I bought my 2008 Cobalt last year brand new. I have not had any problems with the power steering. However, I have noticed the installation is horrible in the driver’s door and you can hear the wind rush past at higher speeds. I repeatedly took it to the dealership, they just said it was how the car was made and it “normal.” My brake pedal sqeaks when I press it down all the way to the floor. I also started hearing something loose in my dashboard rattling around when I it a rumble pad on the highway. When I took the car to the dealership. The mechanics said they could not “replicate” the noise and acted like I was crazy. I have owned GM all my life. My first car was a 1985 Chevy Cavalier and I still own a 2000 Cavalier. They have both have less problems than my Cobalt.

    I was just wondering if anyone else had these problems with their Cobalt.

  67. I own a 2006 Chevy Cobalt LT. My power steering has been out since March of last year and I have tried and tried to get in contact with GM about this problem within that whole year. I was born and raised Chevrolet all the way, but now that I have had so many problems out of my car I will NEVER own another GM product again. I will turn to Ford and Honda as my dealer’s from now on.

  68. I bought my chevy cobalt back in 2006 brand new. I thought what a great deal I got ,it was such a pretty car. For the first couple of years it ran beautifully. Then the problems started,first the cam cap seal assembly was replaced only had 12,000 miles,at 14,000 had problems with the rotors.Again at 15,800 had problems with brakes and rotors.At 21,650 heard knocking noises coming from passenger side,back to the dealer I went. This time it was the control arm bushings,So they fixed them.Then at 26,926 my car had a leak so they told me it was the condensor. Well they ended replacing the condensor and refridgerent. Thank goodness I have the extended warranty. I dont drive much , but when I do I am always worried what could happen next. I presently have 28,000on this car . If i could afford to get rid of it I would. I have owned other chevy’s and I have never had as many problem’s as with this cobalt. Now I noticed that when I turn the steering wheel it makes a grinding noise, I’m not sure if it’s the power steering, but I think I will wait for the recall letter before I take it back to the dealer. It’s to bad about this car ,for truly I use to think chevy was the best .

  69. I have had similar trouble with my power steering. I noticed sometime it well act like it wont move as i pull out or in slower traffic. Also the same time this occurs I notice that sometimes my lights on my shifter and my door locks go out. This is of major concern as i feel there is an electrical problem with my 2005 Cobalt. I have owned this car since day one. A year after I had it the ac had an electrical problem. Which was on recall. I have not received a letter for recall . But i think they should fix it before it causes me to have an accident. How do I get the dealership to fix it ??

  70. I bought a cobalt for my granddaughter and she has been having problems with the car for a while. Talked to a dealer and they did not want to do anything because they don’t have info from GM nor the recall parts yet.. They will diagnose the problem and if we want it fixed they will attempt to fix it, but at our expense. I even had the VIN# checked to see if it was on the recall list and it is. Please… no wonder GM is in the crappy condition it is in. They are lousy business people. AT least Toyota went to work on the problem immediately as soon at they were found out. I may be the first person to sue if anything happens to my granddaughter because GM can’t do anything until the recall letters are sent out. I wil never buy another GM vehicle. they are nothing but trouble. But oh yes, in the meantime the Country will continue to bail them out of their financial troubles. Do you wonder why?

  71. everyone on this page needs to file a complaint with the national highway/safety.please the more of us that do maybe the faster the problem will be to get fixed. thanx

  72. I have a 2007 cobalt, I hate it! It has been in and out of the shop since I got it. My steering column seized and just after the warranty was up is broke!!! They did fix it free of charge but that should NOT happen!!! Other things like the control arm and bushings and thesway bar and bushings!! I can’t wait to get rid of it! And now this recall!!! What’s next!!

  73. I have a 2008 Chevy Cobalt LS with just over 38,000 miles on it… a couple weeks ago, the reverse in the automatic transmission went out, they replaced it free, the next day I took it back in because of the check engine light… now they tell me the cylinder head needs to be replaced… its all under warranty and everything, but only 38k, I had a toyota with 400k on it, before it went out….. not buying a cobalt ever again

  74. me and my kids ages 7 and 5 were headed home when my car locked up around a curve and then power steering light come on, thank god i was able to stop!! THIS car could have costed our lives…. i looked up my car on the internet and the 2006 chevy cobalt has been recalled!! how bout that….. what can be done about this? i dont know about these vehicales they have become dangerus im kind of scaired to own a newer model car, that makes toyota and chevy that has been recalled. and they are not little problems!!!! are they useing cheaper parts or not testing them right… they need to figure out something or it could cost my kids and my life… i have to pay for this peice of crap and no car is worth that i souldnt have to pay for repairs eather, i need a diffrent car or serous repairs!!! the company needs to be alot more concerned about there products… i havent called the company yet but i read all the reports and some people had to pay for chevys screw up and that is not fair to them me or my kids!!!

  75. Hi, I have a 2006 Cobalt & it sucks, really really bad!!! I hate that car. The first problem is the power steering.This has been going on for over a year now. When I took my car to the dealership I was told that it would cost me about $900 to replace the steering column. When I’m turning @ a traffic light or just sitting in traffic, my car will shut off and the words POWER STEERING will flash across the dash, then it will chime. When I try to start it up right after, it will shut right back off most of the time(how annoying & embarassed is that!!!)Second, this car locks & unlocks by itself, mostly when I’m parked @ other times it happens while I’m driving, Third, I’ve noticed that it burns more fuel than it used to, & last but not least, without setting the alarm, I’ll get out & get back in and what happens; the alarm goes off, as soon as I get out of the car & closes the door this happens. I heard & read about the recalls on these cars. Every dealership I called I was told either there hasn’t been a recall, according to my VIN # my car isn’t one of them, or I have to wait until I receive a letter in the mail.There have been so many times when I could’ve been seriously injured or dead, because of the car cutting off more frequently now. It doesn’t matter what speed I’m traveling, the steering gets really tight & the car shuts off. This is dangerous and it’s a serious matter that needs to be handled ASAP. I will never purchase another Cobalt. That’s why I will continue driving Mitsubishi Eclipses & Ford Mustangs!!!! Be very cautious when driving any vehicle because it’s men made material, anyways I thank God I’m still alive today. Be blessed!!!!!!!

  76. Ok i am writing to you all whom have a Chevy Cobalt I just got off of the phone with The head office for GM and anyone who has this car (Chevy cobalt with power steering problems) you may never get your car fixed they say they have recall out there for theses cars but dont believe them I think they just said they have …a recall to make it look good on them When I called she told me there is no recall on my Chevy 2006 cobalt with a power steering problem and there might never be a recall for my car I called and made a complant with NHTSA I Called 1-800-327-4236 in September of 09 and explained the problem i was having so I am one of the ones who had a complaint with them and now they are telling me nothing is on the list for my car that is a bunch of bull sh— excuse my language but i am pissed i believe they announced the recall to shut everyone up This is not it with me I will have to see what a lawyer thinks of the whole deal and then i am contacting the news to see what can be done …

  77. I have owned my 07 Chevy Cobalt for about a year now and luckly so far I have had no problems with it but I have had other small problems. I didnt even know of the recall until today when I recieved a letter from Chevy telling me about it. then they tell me I can go ahead and keep driving my car and they will send me another letter when I can take it and get it fixed. Has anyone else recieved any letters from Chevy about this problem?

  78. I have an 07 Cobalt, and so far i feel as a 23 year old going to the dealer i was screwed hard! When i drove it off the lot and drove home i noticed a shaking in the front tire, the next day brought it back and they said i bent the rim – “but i didn’t” Now i think there is more noise coming from this car then my 92 cavi did. it seems my window seals vibrate, and the driver door lock gets stuck, no matter how many times i change my windshield wipers they squeek, i have changed my brakes and rotors about a dozen times and the steering wheel still shakes when braking, and they used a plastic/ ruber boot that keeps braking when ever i hit a pot hole the part is some what cheap but you have to bring it yo a shop to get pressed in which is a pain. i sure can’t wait to get a new car! i am tired of all the problem and i know there are more to come because massachusetts road are shitty!

  79. oh i forgot, my blinker relay is all messed up, it doesn’t work, but it i hit a big enough hole it works again.

  80. I had a 2007 Cobalt until 2/25/2010 when I hit a telephone pole and totaled it. I was going approx 30 mph or less and was caught in the small crack on the road edge the power steering indicator came on and i was directed by the crack in the road off the road and into a pole all the while struggling to steer away and out of it with no luck. I was told at the time it was operator error, 3 days later the recall was announced on the National media. My car was already taken away by Allstate total loss dept and Im left with a deductable, 3 wks of rental car use on my dime and some minor injuries. Chevy says there is nothing they can do to help recoup my losses. Ive always been brand loyal to Chevy until it almost killed my passenger and I with no sympathy from Chevy…SELL YOUR COBALT OR GET IT REPAIRED ASAP. As a side note…in a 25-30 mph front end impact the car was DESTROYED I was completly shocked it could be so easily totalled. $10,500 worth of damages. Also the airbags did not go off. Im the original owner so I know they were not previously deployed. Im just scared to death of these cars now.

  81. Hmmm… I have never had any issues with my car. Its great. Very reliable, great gas mileage, but i will still get it checked out. I did have to replace a sensor within three months of getting my brand new cobalt, but luckily the warranty paid for that.

  82. I was wondering, do you know if when the car is being fixed, who will be responsible for the rental car?

  83. I’m tired of hearing everyone complain about these cars. I have an 08 Cobalt LT, and it has been a great car. Absolutely no problems. And Let’s do the math here- 1100 complaints out of over a million cars- that is such a small number. No car made is perfect. At least GM is recognizing that their could potentially be an issue and taking care of it, instead of trying to cover it up. (toyota) Also if you can’t control your car at 10 or 15 miles an hour you shouldn’t be behind the wheel.

  84. I asked my dealership about this and they kept saying “we have not had a notice yet from GM”.
    Now almost 2 months later I got my “we’ll call you” letter when they are ready to check my steering out.
    I like my colbalt but hate the back window, never would have bought it if I had known how poorly that is designed. You simply cannot see out of it, what a poor design.
    I now wait to get it worked on, and pray on my 60 plus miles to work a day and back, it doesn’t go out on me.

  85. I’m so glad to hear that I’m not the only one who thinks Chevrolet cars are garbage. So my story is on January 10, 2010 I got into and accident
    I was heading home around 2:30am from work when I was making a left turn on my street I loss control of the car due to the fact that I could manuever the steering wheel.
    I had a difficult time turning my car to the left, so I went over the curb and went straight to a fence. The radiator in my car broke because I went over the curb into a snowbank and the through
    the fence. In April 11, 2010 I was practicing my paralled parking because my G examination was coming up, I notice that as I turn it was getting harder for me to
    turn my car left or right . It was to a point that my boyfriend had to help me turn the wheel. How sad is that. So I went to my mechanic today and told him about my issues, right of the bat
    He ask me if I heard anything about all cobalt are being recalled and I haven’t, only today I found out. He advice me not to drive the car in the highway because the steering can give out anytime.
    It makes me angry the fact that GM waited for people to get into accident until they made an action towards the issue. This is really dangerous and people could loose there lives over stupidity. GM can’t replace Lives, so please put your consumers first.

  86. In March of 2009 I took my 05 Cobalt in the the local dealer to find out what the deal was with my car. After hours of having it apart, They said it was my Power steering colum. My warranty didn’t cover it. $875 out of pocket to fix it.
    After hearing about the recall, I called the car dealer where I got it from..” Well Gm hasn’t notified us of anything @ this time” So then searching around.. I get ahold of someone @ Gm .. A real person no less and he told me he would send me info on a claim. That was 2 1/2 weeks ago. So it looks like GM is messing us around and it might be time to call them back.
    Is Gm starting to sound like Toyota”?????

  87. We have a 05 Cobalt and the Power Stering went out in February. Researched the problem and found the recall notice and many other similar probles posted on other web sites. I contacted a GM dealer and recieved the typrical answer “Wait until we get contacted by GM” or bring it in now and hope for a refund. Still waiting, still driving it very carefully without any PS. 1 month later contacted the Dealer again and they said the recall only impacts cars made in Mexico..WHAT?

    Please fix soon!! I love my GM Caddy but the GM Cobalt is currently not safe!!

  88. I bought my 08 cobalt as my first NEW car, immediately the brakes were squeaking. I started to notice the transmission down shifting improperly not even a month after purchase. Upon taking the car back to the dealer they basically made me feel like I was crazy for the transmission and changed the brakes. I wondered why a brand new car needed new brakes but because they fixed it under warrantly. Nothing but problems. My car has been in the shop over 20-30 times for multiple reasons, I have actually had my balljoints replaced TWO TIMES in two years, how do you explain that?? I have also had my steering column replaced three times as well my door handles for sticking BOTH SIDES and everytime the dealership gave me problems about supplying a vehicle for me during the repair time. I also picked my car up with a lovely screw you hand print on my ceiling and on my fabric on my door. I just love those guys in the mechanic shop! I have written multiple letters, they dont care, they have filed for bankruptcy and they can throw your case out. They couldnt possibly afford to fix all the problems that their vehicles have. They rush the models and dont do enough testing. period. If there was one thing in my life I could take back it’d be purchasing the P.O.S COBALT.

  89. I think Chevy has handled this in a very proffessional way, I mean seriously, to replace 905,000 power steering units is not cheap. And my family all drive 08s and they have already gotten around to replacing ours. If you really think they are starting to seem like Toyota you are very mistaken. A+ on responsibility Cheverlet, for getting this fixed before people start dying and suing your company.

  90. My power steering light never comes on, but the power steering does act up really bad. Like today I took my mom to practice parallel parking because she needs to replace her license that has been expired over two years. After parking 3 or 4 times it became so hard to steer my mom had to give me back the wheel. I’m 5’10 and very strong for a girl and had a very very hard time steering it. i had to drive in circles for 10 minutes in the parking lot before I could even attempt to get it on the road because we could not turn the wheel. Im going to call GM tomorrow to see where I can get this fixed ASAP. I dont want to be one of the ones in a car crash.

  91. My parents had the same problem with the steering on their Cobalt. My father was upset because my mom could have been driving when the steering locked. They have tried to get GM to take care of the problem but are told to fix this problem will cause another problem and they do not want to be reliable. I never liked this company anyway but my parents have been buying their cars from them for the past twenty years and they still stink.

  92. I have a 06 Colbalt my daughter was driving and was in a slow speed crash because she could’nt steer the car, 18 mph impact, she was trying to steer the car away from someone turning left in front of her , she clipped the left headlight of the colbalt, destroyed the front end, airbags never deployed, got a ticket for tail gating, went to court with pictures and info from the General Motors recall, case dismissed, now , im waiting since 2-27-*10 date of the accident to see what G M is going to do. Safety recall was announced 03-02-10, 5 days after the accident, now my car is sitting at Maher Chevrolet , In St Petersburg Florida Damaged not worth what i owe and GM Has done nothing, they have admitted fault in the power steering motor, but the vehicle has extensive damage.

  93. I really took note of the warning notices and problems associated with the colbalt. I was headed to town after work to sign papers on a 2010 for my daughter and 5 month old granddaugther. I just called her and told her to call the dealer and tell him the sales off, no matter how good of a deal he had made her. Thanks agian for all the postings. You may have just saved some lives.

  94. I have an ’07 Cobalt. The steering column has been replaced once under warranty – not because of any issue with the steering not working, but because a loud, rattling noise was coming from under the dash, drivers side. Over the last few weeks, the same noise has returned which I am sure means it will need replacement again. I will try and wait it out until I am contacted by GM again. I got the same lame letter about recall and waiting for parts to arrive…….BS!

  95. I have a 2006 chevy cobalt. Power steering went out. Asked Chevy dealership where I bought the car if there was a recall. They said not that they are aware of. So we had it fixed but not by chevy. They wanted about 1400 .00 to fix. Got it fixed for about 650.00 at a Mom & Pop garage. Got the letter saying there was a recall. Called to ask it they could re-imburse us. They asked for the Vin#. Turns out my vin# is not one of the chevy’s being recalled……… Have you ever heard anything so riduculous. It still happened. I still had to pay to get it fixed. So people write you state attorney general, write BBB. Lets make them understand this is their fault not ours.

  96. I own a 2007 Cobalt and just want to say that I think it it crazy how they are saying that its going out at low speeds. I was exiting off a highway the other week, doing speed limit of 50 and the power steering went out. I called Chevy to see if anything can be done all they said was this is nothing that will cause you to crash but we have ordered you a part. Thinking it would be here within the timeframe they told me, I said okay and continued to drive the car. Just the other day the power steering went out 5 times within a 20 minute period. I called Chevy and told them, again all they said was “thats not good” and hung up. I don’t know about you all but i think having to put your car in Neutral on the highway and turning your car off and on again is really dangerous. I have asked for a loaner but because of the work only taking a day to complete they won’t give one. I am in the process of buying a new car now. Thank you Chevy for the run around!

  97. ’06 Cobalt: w/automatic transmission: key will not come out….will not go to ‘off’..only to ‘accessory’…runs battery down overnight. The FIRST person/owner I spoke to had same problem: they had to replace the shifter (the car wasn’t recognizing that it was in ‘park’)…THEY were under warranty; I only have 11k miles on it. IF not on ‘recall’ list, should be. After all, it MAY be a common problem. Very light use by me and the person with same problem! Never Chevy again.

  98. I have a 2007 Chevy Cobalt which has two recalls on it. The first recall is the fuel pump and the second is the Power steering. I took my car to Darcars Chevrolet and they looked at my car an which they discovered that I needed to have the pump replaced. My gas tank was completely full of gas so they could not do anything except tell me to bring the car back after emptying the tank. The car was finally fixed and the following day of driving my car I smelled gas so I called the dealer back and was told to bring the car back. Once I brought the car back they notice gas leaking from the car so they informed me I needed a new tank. I was told that it’s not there fault because the tank is not part of the recall so I have to pay out of pocket for a car rental and a deductible of a $100. I no longer want this car because of this issue as well as the Power steering not being fixed.

  99. Wife’s 07 cobalt lost steering power and had Chevy “fix it” but now is even more dangerous to drive!! You turn the wheel one direction and it won’t go back without really fighting !!! Now Chevy is calling us liars!! I don’t want my wife to get hurt or die because Chevy won’t take care of their mess!!! This isn’t the first bad deal with them!!!

  100. Am I understanding correctly here? When folks say the steering ‘went out,’ do you mean you lost power steering, or the wheel locked up completely? That is seriously scary.
    I have a 2007 Cobalt SS that’s been garbage since I drove it off the lot. Besides stupid problems like the sunroof rattling (been in the shop 3x for that – the first time they tightened something, the 2nd time they told me it was a rear speaker cover (what?) and now they say they don’t hear it…), the plastic bezel around the sunroof button has been replaced twice (fell off again this winter and I tossed the damned thing in the glovebox), I had the intermediate steering column replaced at 9 months because of sloppy handling, and by then the front tires were completely bald! Living on the east coast, the car had winter tires on for four of those 9 months, but the dealer claimed the bald tires had nothing at all to do with the loose steering, and the OEM Pirelli tires just “wear out fast.” Really? 10,000Km, your new tires are bald, and that’s normal? (I should not that I’m an adult woman and have never spun up my tires, or been otherwise hard on the car.)
    Now there’s a clunking sound coming from the front end when I go over even the smallest bump. I was thinking CV joint, but now I’m not so sure. What I am sure about, is that after 25 years of owning nothing but Chevrolets, I can’t see myself spending another pennt on a poorly built, underdesigned low-end Chev. My ’98 Cavalier is still running fine with no problems at all! The Cobalt wants to live in a garage.

  101. A cobalt, why? They are a P.O.S I had mine a month (2006) and the thing was on the hook and towing me back to the deal er. Key would not come out of the ignition that little stint although I had a warranty cost me $582,00. Two months went by and it was back in for the same thing . Except now the shift tower had to be replaced as well as the ignition. Strange but now the shift tower is not covbered by the warranty. That cost me a big buck. The right front wheel developed a cracked bearing back to the dealer with it.. Then as you guessed the power steering started to act up. and so on and so on. by the way I have 29,000 km on my 2006 cobalt. I could write another page on this lemon. Dave

  102. I have a 2008 chevy cobalt and my power steering just went out. It is at shop waiting for part and I have a rental. I had no problems them taking care of everything. Just dont know how long it will be before part comes in, hopefully never because I agree its a p.o.s, I wish I never got it third time having a rental for stuff going wrong. Luckily under waranty service dept hasnt given me any problems. I dont think we should have to make our car payments when we dont have our car.

  103. On Thursday May 13, 2010 my mother, Julia (83 yrs old) was driving her 2005 chevy cobalt on the highway in the right lane doing about 50 miles per hour when the steering failed. She was on the Taconic Parkway, which if anyone lives in NY they know this road is very windy. She could not continue to steer the car and veered off the road and crashed her car into a tree head on. The car was almost spit in half – the seat belt and the airbags saved her life. After being cut out of the car, she spent 4 days in the hospital. She is currently recovering from this accident. Please, Please, Please anyone with the 2005 cobalt take it to your dealer/shop for maintenance on your power steering. GM waited too long to recall this car. If it were not for the efforts of one man who put a video out there on UTube GM would have never acted on the recall.

  104. excuse me if this gets posted twice but I posted one but dont see it. I also have a chevy cobalt 2008 and it is now in the shop. My power steering went out. I received a letter a couple months ago and it did exactly what the letter said. It sucks that I have to have a rental even though it is true. GM should make the car payments since it’s their fault for selling a pos. Shop doesn’t know how long it will take to get the part. could be months since it is a nationwide recall. They should just give us a new car!! haha they also said it was happening to older cars with mileage between 20 thousand and 30 mine only has 15 thousand miles. It sucks if I wanted a rental I would just lease a car. And to top it off I got a crappy toyota lol

  105. I have a 2006 cobalt. It has been a piece of junk since I drove it off the lot. At first I was telling the dealership that when I accelerated it felt like my motor was going to fall out. I kept taking the car to them and they told me everything was fine. It started doing it more and I took it again. Come to find out, my motor mounts were cracked and this was in the first year of owning the car. My next issue in year two was that all my struts were bad. Now my biggest issue is that my car only unlocks when it wants to.

  106. I have an 07 Cobalt and the power steering went out on me twice! I called GM and gave them my VIN number and they said my car isn’t in the recall as of right now ..??? the recall says 2005-2010 cobalts. They told me I would just have to wait it out. I’m not sure how much longer to wait until it goes out again and I crash and die. I’ve been talking to an attorney about the case to sue them before anything gets out of hand. Maybe then they’ll fix it.

  107. along with the steering problem, my daughter has had to replace her front signal light bulbs on a monthly basis, has anyone else had this problem?

  108. I have an 06 Cobalt that I got in March of 2010. I have this noise coming from the front end that is bad. I think that my car is going to fall apart. I took it in they did not find anything wrong with front end. What is that NOISE!!!! I hate to use my car. I thought it could be a ball joint but they said the car does not have ball joints. What the heck is going on. Any one having the same problem as me?

  109. My little brother drives a cobalt and he was recently in an accident involving the loss of his power steering and chevy has done NOTHING about it. They are in fact giving him a hard time about it. If you have a recall isn’t your responsibility to take care of it. He was even hurt in the accident!!!

  110. I bought 2007 Cobalt LT in august of 2007, off the lot. Now, since day one i have had nothing but problems with this car and the dealership will dot help me out at all. I banged into the back of a truck as i could not steer away from it, was charged and so on. Was the fault of the car. It has been and continues to be a lemon. I travel a bit and have my kids and grandkids in the car with me and what would happen IF i was in a serious accident and it was the fault of GM for not coming good on the car defaults. They would get sued. I just recently took my daughter and grandaughter for a drive 1.5 hour away from my place, dropped them off and on my way back the steering failed, had to slow right down to 60 km on the highway. I have had 5 sets of tires on this car so far and not even 3 years old. Front end has always been bad and dealership was told about this and never did a thing. auto start fixed twice and went again and will not fix it. Nothing in this car is good. Stabilizer links twice now and wheel bearings. Why is this happening? hmmmmmm MAYBE Chev could give some answers? As the dealership will not help , but they are quick on taking the money from you…..

  111. I still have not received any info on the recall…A friend of mine received hers 2 weeks ago. Is there someone I can contact so I can get my info? Or can I just contact my dealership?

  112. my daughter drives this 2005 colbolt the back windows won’t go up and down now the front ones and now the radio is nothing but static. Does anyone have these problems? Called the dealership they can’t get it in for another week is this a sign chevys are junk?

  113. I bought a new 2009 Cobalt in December 08. Less than 9,000 miles they replaced rotors and other parts on front end. Panic alarm has been going off whenever it wants to day or night for months now. Today I stopped for gas and the car wouldn’t turn off. Called Road side assistance and was told to drive the car home and then call. It sat in the driveway running for over an hour while waiting on tow truck. Now I have nothing to drive. Biggest piece of S I’ve ever owned. Government should have let GM go under. I’ll never buy another GM as long as I live.

  114. I forgot about them replacing the steering column shortly after the front end problem

  115. I was just driving my 2008 Cobalt on the highway when I heard a chime and then noticed the power steering message on. The steering was cery difficult at slow speeds. Car has 30,500 miles on it.. Contacting dealer tomorrow.

  116. I purchased a 2007 Chevy Cobolt in December of 2009. And today 6/26/2010 while driving home from work my car started to act funny. I looked down & the gas gauge & tac gauge was going up/down. The digital started flashing low fuel . So because I had to have the gas tank replaced a few months eariler because of a leak, I stopped and put fuel in, got in, started the car, than started the car, well the low fuel flashed again & also it started flashing power steering. I needed to move my car away from the pump. So I started to move away & the steering was like driving a non power steering car. When I went to look for the power steering to check the fluid, guess what, there is none. So, its saturday, and when I called the dealer, well they are closed. No emergency contact number to call for help with the dealer. So now it will be monday before I can contact them. Let alone, that if I haden’t decided to search the web to ask where was the power steering fluid checked, I would not have found this site, let alone that not only did I not get a notice about this recall.

  117. i have a 2008 cobalt and it has 40300 miles and i must say its great i have no had a single problem with it yet…. thank god

  118. I bought a 07 Cobalt. One afternoon while driving, the power steering failed and I lost control on a slippery road as a result. After the subsequent roll over, my Cobalt was totalled. I was unhurt, mostly, but the damage to my finances, insurance premium increases and lost time, prior to the accident, getting the car fixed on multiple occasions has me in a bind. I want Chevy to pay for their lack of quality workmanship and the time and money I lost as a result.

  119. I have a 2009 Colbalt, 2 days after buynig the car I had the engine light come on, they could figure out the problem then all of sudden it was a pin size hole in one of the hoses. It is now 2010, finally was notified that my car was on the recall list, but I too have been experienicing other problems, loud humming sound coming from the right side dash area, wihich still has not been addresses, shaking and rattling front end, struts went bad with havnig only 28,000 miles (what is wrong with this picture), car is eating up gas like we live in the desert. I only drive back and forth to work only getting half or less of mpg then what is being advertised.

  120. im having problems with my cobalt 07, when the steering power warning appears the steering gets hard and it doesnt matter if im in the middle of a turn or on the freeway i think its dangerous.

  121. I hate GM as well I had to have my cobalt towed to a chevy dealer in Atlanta, Ga while I was on vacation because my power steering went out. I was told that it would take 2 weeks for the part to come in so I asked would GM provide a rental car and they said no because my warranty is out. I have had problems out this car since I had it. This is my first and last purchase of any GM car!!!!!

  122. the day i baught my 06 cobolt it made a noise in the front end with 0 miles on it! it took the dealership 3 months to properly fix this problem..when it was a yr old the back right door was stuck shut, i had the dealership fix it..a month later i couldent get that same door to close! I was driving to the dealership with the door duck taped shut! it really pisses me off when im making a monthy payment on a POS!!

  123. I have an ’09 Cobalt bought in September of 2008 with 41,000 miles on it and I’ve only had one problem with a bad wire on the air flow sensor. Other than that the car has run just fine. I am wondering, however, when GM is planning to get around to doing the repair work. I got my notice of the recall a few months ago, but nothing since.

  124. i have a 2007 cobalt ss supercharged. i have 95000 miles on the car, i have had the besel fo the suroof and switch replaced 4 times, i have had to replace the fuel control module, th fuel filtes, i get knocking ou of the trunk when i shut the car off, i replaced the front brakes including the rotors because of the unusual wear on the rotors, now the car has just shut off like somone flipped a switch. i turn key off the turn the key back on and the car starts back up like nothing happened. my dealer knows nothing of course. when do i qualify for lemon law rights and be able to get somthing done about this car?760

  125. I hate my 2006 Cobalt. This is the second recall I have received on it. At this moment it is in the shop because the sunroof is leaking and has left two huge puddles in the floor board of my car. The covers over the mirrors of my visors, both have broke off and in order o fix it I have to replace the entire visor, no just the cover. The paint on my car chips off so easily, not that chipping paint is not to be expected on any vehicle, but the amount of chipping is unreal.( I have a yellow one.) Not only that, a few years back, I started hearing this sqeaking noise in the passenger side door. I took it to the dealership several time to get it fix, each time f getting told it was fix, then only to have the noise return a few days or weeks later. Soon after, something up in the dashboard began to sqeak, took that to get fixed as well, was told the same thing, then it began to sqeak again. I have had several problems with the breaks and I have had to have them worked on several times. I think that car has spent more time in the shop then I have driving it. I am getting ready to move shortly off to college and I am going to need a reliable car, and I’m starting to worry that something else is going to go wrong!

  126. I have a 2007 Cobalt and have 30,000 miles on it and still love it.I will have it 3 yrs in December and thank god no problems at all but am still waiting to be contacted by Dealership just in case

  127. I also bought a 2009 colbalt brand new.It has been in for repairs for the steering.they replaced the steering column twice and the steering shaft also.And not fixed. But Gm is saying its not a safety thing…of couse untill some one is hurt…gm is doing nothing about it…

  128. The power steering on my 2006 Chevy Cobalt went out on me yesterday while driving towork. I am so glad I looked this up on the internet. I will be calling the Chevy dealer today to see if they have parts. I have over 60,0000 miles and it was extremely hot out yesterday.

  129. GM is full of shit. When your power steering goes out your are unable to drive the car unless you don’t plan on making any turns. I had my power steering in my ’08 cobalt fixed prior to the letter they sent out in April. I am wondering did they replace the part with a working part or a defective one. Oh and one more thing it is almost August and still haven’t recevied any more info about the recall GM needs to get their act together. I can’t believe we bailed those bitches out.

  130. I have a 2007 Cobalt. I have had nothing but problems with it. My left speaker went out and about two weeks following that all the radio buttons stopped working. Now the right speaker is going in and out. Then my lights will randomly not come on or go off. then about two weeks ago my steering went out in a parking lot. Then this morning my husband gets in and the check engine light is on. REALLY this car is such a lemon. I called the dealership and I got the life’s tough and bring it in and they will order the part and call me when its in. No compassion nothing. I do not feel safe having my two small children in this vehicle. I am scared to drive it.

  131. I just got the power steering replaced yesterday via the recall, in my 2006 Cobalt. Within an hour, the same ole thing happened. The powersteering out, the car started jerking, the gauges went haywire, and the check engine light as well as the light with a car and lock came on.

    Now my local dealership wants to charge me to look at it. This is completely wrong, and Chevy really needs to do something about this. I drive my 2 year old in this car, and heaven forbid that I lose control of the car because of these issues!

  132. Colbalt 2007 – I got the recall on the power steering engine, but haven’t brought it to the dealer yet! BUT THERE’S ANOTHER BIG PROBLEM!!! My mechanic told me my control arms are shot, the bushings are coming right out or through whatever..this car only has 20,000 miles on it..I want to know how many more ppl out there are having this problem so we can sue GM!! I started noticing my car was riding really hard when i hit a bump..and it keeps getting worse..this is bull***t! Of course, there’s no more warranty!

  133. Our 16 year old son was driving our 2009 Pontiac G5 at his high school and the power steering went out in the parking lot when he was at a low rate of speed and even then he couldn’t steer it and hit a block wall, causing over $2700 damage to the car and slight whiplash to his neck. Spent two months having doctor visits, CT scan and xrays and he’s finally ok. But our new car is worthless once it’s fixed because no one wants to buy a car that’s been wrecked, plus even when it gets repaired, the power steering motor still won’t be replaced, so my husband and I will not let anyone drive that car again. Yet we’re still making payments on it and it’s going to be sitting until GM fixes it or replaces the car (like that would actually happen). Plus Pontiac is now closed down and they don’t even make this car anymore. My son was going so slow when he hit the wall that the airbags didn’t deploy and the Onstar didn’t call to see if he was okay. So our car is at a body shop racking up storage charges because we don’t want anyone from the body shop to touch it until GM can look at it. However, repeated calls to GM are not being returned. Is there anyone that can help us or maybe someone needs to start a class action lawsuit? I’m just thankful our son wasn’t pulling up to a gas pump or in the middle of traffic when this happened. I would advise everyone to not drive these cars especially if you drive mountain roads, that could be extremely dangerous.

  134. I am wondering, will GM pay for a recall to be performed more than once?

  135. i hate my chev colbalt, when i first got it . i hade to take it back due to a tire steering rod broke . cna keep tire on the car , drive like i 4 wheeling , now the power steering problem i was park and could not get the car to back out of the spot . also my sun roof is leaking and water is coming in to the car call about getting it fix , over a thousand dollars to fix just the sunroof . the bad thing is the car not payed for yet . i am very dispointed in gm , i guess some thing real bad has to happen , to get something done right , what happen to we will stand be hide what we make , and really mean it .

  136. My steering went out in my buick and now i am car less and have a hurt back

  137. I have a 2006 Cobalt SS, it has 79,000kms. There has been problems in the front end for the last 30,000kms. the tires have to be tightened every other month. I have been told by some people that the bushings need to be replaced and that a strut is leaking. It sounds terrible as you can tell i don’t drive it a lot. it is in good shape. My daughter drives a 2008 4 door and drives a lot i am really worried now with what i have heard here. I have an extended warranty and am going to use it hope it is covered.!! Oh i also asked about this problem at the dealer ship they said the steering parts are all on back order.

  138. I had a 2007 Cobalt (the car was totaled). In June 2010 I was driving down a two lane road during between 30-40 miles an hour, when I couldn\\\’t steer my car and the next thing I knew it had rolled. It all happened so fast I\\\’m still trying to figuire it out. Thank God no one else was involved, I wasn\\\’t hurt bad and no one else was in the car with me.God is good

  139. I have a 2009 Pontiac G5. I went through a Tim Horton’s drive through and rubbed a curb there was a piece of metal sticking out it put a whole in my tire and bent my axle. I am waiting for some answers from GM. What kind of damaged would of happened if I was in a real accident????

  140. Is anyone actually receiving the recall notice to get it fixed? I own a 2007 Cobalt SS and received the first letter about the recall, and was told to wait for the second letter before taking it to the dealership to be repaired. As of to date, I have not received the second letter. My local dealership keeps telling me there is nothing they can do until I receive the letter. Anyone else having this problem?

  141. I have a 2006 cobalt that I repaired prior to the recall. After I received the recall notice GMC will not pay me. I will never buy another GMC product again.

  142. I have a 2006 pontiac G6 and my power steering and check engine light is on. However, my car is over 100,000 miles and when i called GM they stated that they will not cover my car. I think they should this is a massive issue with their cars. I need to contact a lawyer, anyone know of a lawyer to contact regarding this issue?

  143. I will never buy a Chevrolet (Period).

  144. On monday I was in an accident in my 2008 chevy cobalt. I came out of a corner on a two lane road and I had no steering. Almost went of a cliff managed to get in back on the road just in time for it to go straight across the road in to a rock wall. I slammed in to the rock wall and flipped the car on its side. Beside the steering going out none of my air bags went off. I want gmc to make up for the mistakes they are making. This accident wouldn’t of happened if they fixed the steering box in my car. The air bags is a whole different problem. They should have went off the question now is why didn’t they

  145. I have a 2006 HHR. Daughter driving home from school yesterday when power steering locked up while driving sending her slamming into the curb on the street causing the rim to be dented and the tire severely damaged. She said the power steering light came on about 2 weeks ago but she was on a side street only doing 10 mph when the power steering light came on and again locked up causing the car to veer to the right. After turning the car off then on it worked again. Chevy needs to address this problem before someone is seriously hurt or killed.

  146. The United States Tax payers have loaned General Motors (GM) 5.2 billion dollars due to bad business practices. I have filed a claim with GM over a re-call on a car that I had bought for my daughter. Prior to the re-call I repaired the car and then a month later received a re-call notice from GM. I have been denied any refund toward the repair due to the GM re-calls.
    It seems they should stop doing bad business and pay the tax payers what they are owed due to thrie recalls.

  147. We just bought an ’06 Chevy Cobalt LT 2-door. Lately we’ve been hearing a rattle that we thought sounded like it was coming from the steering column area and a feeling like something was gradually loosening (it’s subtle but there). It seems to be getting worse, especially on bumpy roads. Mechanic checked alignment and had apparently taken it for a drive and said he didn’t hear anything out of the ordinary. We thought maybe it was the fact that most of the parts under the hood are covered in plastic pieces and perhaps THAT was making the rattling sound. However, this may all be leading to this power steering problem, by the sounds of the above. Anybody else have this rattling problem, especially if it then led to loss of power steering. Some of these stories are a bit scary–not being able to steer suddenly, etc.

  148. my son purchased a 06 cobalt new and since then his check engine light stays on and will not pass emissions tests he recieved a recall notice concerning this iissue and has taken it to three gm dealerships in st louis area and all refuse to fix the problem each dealership has cited different causes and repair suggestions includeing replaceing fuel injectors sensors bad fuel etc this car has had the same problem since it was new and will not pass emission inspections every year anyone else with same problem?

  149. I have a 2005 Cobalt coupe with this problem. My problem it still happens once in in while even though the moter was replaced.! Dealer has seen the problem, but states the problem has to be happening at the time when the mechanic can look at it. I leave it at the dealer and the when the mechanic goes to work on it, the car is fine. I my case IT HAS TO HAPPEN close to home and when dealer service is open. It happens when dealer is not open ! When I turn off the car and leave for 60 minutes or so, the probem goes away. Then the car is great. When it happens 1. The chimes come on, 2. The dash lights go on and off, 3.The odometer gets —-, 4.The shifting becomes very ruff. The car acts like Bumbee on Transformers. Any ideas ??

  150. We have a 2006 Cobalt that started having electrical problems a year after purchasing it. The gauges go haywire, it dies when I stop and in traffic, it accelarated on its own, the key has been stuck in the ignition several times, the shifter broke, the ball joints broke,I have to shake the steering column to get it to start, 3 of the four door handles are broken, the battery dies monthly and not to mention the power steering. I called weekly about the recall and was told they didnt have the parts but upon taking it in for another issue was told by a tech otherwise. I have taken the car in 3 times this week because the battery keeps dying and was given the most BS answers. When I came to pick up the car yesterday, it was dead again.Their final solution was to disconnect my radio and then they tried to charge me a third time even though I had allready paid the day it didnt start. I had to go all the way to the dealership owner to get any sympathy. He waived that visit only, leaving us with nearly a $700 bill and no guarantee it was even fixed. Worst of all, four hours later its not working again. Im lucky that my only accident as a result of this didnt injury anyone but alot of people werent so lucky..PLEASE DO NOT BUY THIS CAR!

  151. I have a 2005 Cobalt that has been checked 5 times for the POWER STEERING light. It has been through the recall. Replaced the motor and the entire steering column. Just yesterday after 2 months of peace, it happened again. Just like the above post by Jimmy S, I run into it being ok when it gets to the dealer. This time though they took it very serious and are taking the car, calling GM and seeing what they can do since they have done everything they were told to. In addition to the chimes and the – on the odometer – I hear a ticking in the shifter. I noticed that once before when theis happened at a supermarket – yesterday when I started the car in the driveway it happened, then I pulled out didn’t get 10 feet before the dreaded chimes and POWER STEERING light. I quick took a picture because if it’s off when it gets to the dealer, I need to show them! I really feel disgusted with GM over this. It’s a constant battle. I have had also had problems with my dome light not working, new bulbs, new fuzes and nothing. Door locks I thought needed new batteries, but nothing. That didn’t fix it. Seems like an electrical issue or something. Dealer mention they may have to replace both computers in the car. Don’t want to know the cost of that! It’s just horrible that I pay each month for a car that is unstable and unsafe. I hesitate to go any distance or on highways with my son now cause I need to know I didn’t put him in danger. That’s not what I pay for each month. A car that I do not feel confident to drive. By the way, I only have 20,984 miles on that car.

  152. I own a 2006 Cobalt LT Coupe…….Biggest pos I ever owned Thank God I bought a platinum warranty. My Cobalt is in the shop at least 2-3 a year for power locks going out 3 different times now, window washer quit working, struts, sway bar, bushings bearing, steering column replaced 2 times, shifter assembly replaced, all kinds of electrical issues! I hate this car! I love the color and shape that is it and I can’t afford to trade it in, Now Chevy has quit making Cobalt and changed the cars name again just to sell these pos! 1st junk Cavalier, 2nd Cobalt and 3rd Cruze…..interesting that Malibu and other models keep their name but the Cobalt gets a name change every 5 years

  153. Thought 2007 Colbalt was a good deal,… now we have had to recalls and issuse with the headlights. Now it is not under warrenty any more,… their quick fix of the headlights has turned into a $500 plus because the wires melted…! ?

    I think there is a much bigger problem but the dealer didn’t even notice that after they “fixed” the recalls that there were no dashboard lights ! They only decided to come on after 15 minutes of driving….

  154. We have a 2009 Cobalt that my Granddaughter takes to College and drives 115 miles each way on the week ends to come home. We were told several months ago that there was a recall (never got a notice) and that the dealer would call us when the part came in. Well that hasn’t happened and she just called to say her Power Steering went out. She has less than 10,000 miles on that vehicle and now I can’t let her drive it back to school as it’s not safe… and of course it happens on the week end when the dealers are closed….. now one of us will be without a car until we can get this fixed IF the dealer has the part.

  155. I have 2 Daughters. One has a 2005 Cobalt the other 2007 Pontiac G5. Both have about 40k miles. Never had but 1 problem with the Cobalt the a/c drain. These are some good cars for the money. I own a Used car dealer and I see more problems with the high end cars. We did get recall notices on both and both are fine.

  156. My 2007 Cobalt has 31.K miles on it. I’ve already replaced two tires twice. I know the roads where I live are not maintained well, but this should not be happening? Has anyone else experienced this issue?

  157. yes Elaine, I am now in a body cast, broken arm and toe. lost ability to steer and tire flat I don’t remember what went first but plan to find out.

  158. My 2006 Chev Cobalt LS , which i bought brand new, is junk. Multiple failures on brakes. Main computer failing about four times. The POWER STEERING was replaced five times. And not only did it not handle very well when the power steering failed, but it made my engine/tran malfunction. Which leads me to now, with a blown engine at 63k miles and the dealors don’t know why. So they fixed it, and it blew again. So I had to pay for a new engine, and it still doesn’t work. I will never buy a chevy again, and will tell everyone I know never to get one either.

  159. “”””Comment by don on 9 September 2010:

    my son purchased a 06 cobalt new and since then his check engine light stays on and will not pass emissions tests he recieved a recall notice concerning this iissue and has taken it to three gm dealerships in st louis area and all refuse to fix the problem each dealership has cited different causes and repair suggestions includeing replaceing fuel injectors sensors bad fuel etc this car has had the same problem since it was new and will not pass emission inspections every year anyone else with same problem?”””

    Thats the same reason that my dealorship gave me for my engine blowing. “Bad fuel must have washed the pistons…”. This is after they tried to fix my engine once, and it blew on them again when they tried to start it.

  160. I DISLIKE MY 2005 CHEVY COBALT. The biggest problem I have with it is that the alarm will not stop going off! It’s very embarrassing when it goes off at public places and everyone stares at me. The remote rarely works so I have to unlock it with the key, but once i open the door the alarm sounds. I have to hurry up and start the car for it to stop other wise it sounds even louder! I recently got a remote start put in hoping that it would solve the problem since I no longer have to use the original remote. This worked for 1 day and then I began having the same problem. IT’S SO EMBARRASSING! I just want to get rid of the car but no one would even want it! I’m very frusterated!

  161. well my 2006 cobalt is great. it a MT 2door 2.2L LS,. when i try to start my car it’ll keep dying over, then when it does start it will shut off when it wants(wont hold a idle). then when i hit the gas and let off it sometimes shuts off by it’s self.when it finally wants to stop i go to shift and let me tell you she’s not smooth. when i shift out of gear and hold the clutch in to long it’ll die. when i come to a stop sign or red light and shift in to neutral she’ll die. come on man this is to much stuff i mean every time the clutch is in it’ll die and in shifts smooth but the when i let he clutch go she’ll gerk around CRAZY!!!!

  162. My parents bought me a 2008 cobalt in august with only 1500 miles on it…about a moth after my power steering went out for the first time and ever since nearly every time I drive anywhere it goes out within a few minutes. On the rare occasion the power steering stays on the wheel is entirely too loose and something is definitely wrong. Also my keyless entry has not worked in months, and I’ve replaced the battery in the buttons but was told it was part of the recall and the sensor in the car does not work anymore. Another problem that just started last week is that the tire sensors in the car no longer can sense how much pressure is in the tires. I hate my cobalt

  163. Other problems I’ve had is my key Being stuck in the ignition and the battery appearing to be dead but after a jump start and taking the car in I was told nothing was wrong with it at all

  164. I purchased a new 2010 cobalt in April 2010. This recall occured in March 2010. I suspect that the dealer sold me the cobalt knowing full well of the recall. I received a call today, Dec 20, 2010 from the dealership informing me of the recall and asking if I had gotten a letter. Well, I would not have gotten a letter if the cobalt was sold after the recall. What leverage do I have in my possession to deal with this issue?

  165. I own a 2007 Chevy Cobalt LS 4 door. Has anyone had an issue with the brakes. I had a deer jump in front of me( not the first one either), but I apllied the brakes to slow down. When I relized I was still going to hit the deer I applied more pressure to the brakes. Well the right front tire locked up and I went around and hit a rather large Lyloc bush in the drivers door. I’ve never had a vehicle do this to me. Now corret me if I’m wrong,but these cars have anti-lock brakes right. which means they are not suppose to lock up in a quick stop right?

  166. I have a 07 chevy impala with power steering problems. I purchased the Vehicle Gm Certified and have had issues since the 1st month of purchase w/ the power steering. I’ve had mutiple repairs done at GM dealerships for this issue. In Tallahassee, Fl; and Fort myers fl and no resolution to the issue. Ex. Power Steering Shaft, hose, pump, and Rack and Pinion, Air bleed from the system and no Fix. GM Tech have done everything that there Technical Bullentins have posted. GM Needs to do a RECALL . When i crank my vehicle the power steering make a whining noise and also whenever i turn the wheel or back up the power steering is scrubbing and make noise when wheel is turned. So Im left not knowing what to do.

  167. let me start by saying i bought i brand new car to b safe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i have a 07 cobolt…… mine was built on a sat night when they were all drunk i swear………….ive had the steering fixed 4 times…the brakes 4 times the dearler chaged me the last time have them fixed not even a week later the noise was back………chevy is no help they do not want to take responsibalit for this…….. that not to mention that the windshelid leaked twice the blower fan twice.not to mention the tires and the wheel alighment i had to put in to the car cause of the steering…..hell this car is so bad the speakers went.come on the speakers.the only thing this car is good for is a very expensive flower pot that can sit infrount of your house.only because this car isnt safe to drive across town and to come to find out that the fuel pump was recalled……………did asnyone get the recall notice about this

  168. I have been stopped by the police 4 times because of my steerring, iam disabled, almost got killed car locked up on me, have had steering motor replaced at 15,000 miles had to put 2 new front tire on when it still, was bumper tobumper, warranty, still having problems contacted GMC they said everthing is ok its not my car only has 21,000 miles 2007 cobalt, steerring is still bad i would like to be in on class action law suit first new car i have every had, its peice of CRAP please tell me hoew to get in on law suit want my money back, Thank you Pam Fife Mesa Az

  169. There is no mention that there was a LIMITED recall on the 2006 Cobalt’s fuel system, gasoline delivery fuel pump. The plastic supply or return port on the modular reservoir assembly may crack. If either of these ports develops a crack, fuel will leak from the area. If the crack becomes large enough, fuel may be observed dripping onto the ground and vehicle performance may be affected. (quoted from ODI webpage). My son and I co-own this piece of junk. We were told that since the car was not in the recall state if we wanted GM to fix it we had to take the car to a dealership, pay $95.00 and they would decide after that if they would fix it. The piece of junk has also broken a timing chain (not a belt). The only way we can get any redress is to hire an attorney. We are too broke putting gas into the @#$%. Not only do we get only 3MPG (If we are lucky) but the resulting gas fumes have exacerbated my son’s asthma. We would like to create a class action suit against GM for not only the lost revenue of gas expenses and medical expenses but our money back for the purchase of the vehicle. (I failed to mention that both this site and the recall were found out by chance.)

  170. Addendum to my earlier post. If a car is sold in all 50 states, the company should be required, by law, to notify all owner in all 50 states. This selected state garbage is just that, garbage.

  171. we purchased a 2010 cobalt in May 2010, in Jan. our car suddenly would not steer the car verred into a concrete pot in the parking lot of a shopping plaza. The sustained 5800.00 dollars in damages. Most of the damage is in the sterring machanis and body work, after I was alerted to check the internet on recalls, i noticed that in this model there fhave been recalls on the power sterring. When i contaced our dealer they stated they checked the VIN which was not part of the recal. I did make a call to GM and was told that I would be responsible for covering the cost of a retail till they investigated which could take 60-120 days. I cant cover this cost, How can i find out if this is related to but missed in the GM recall.

  172. Well … I have purchased a 2006 Cobalt LS 4door. Im ha img 3 problems. My steering. It doesn’t lock up but whenever Im making a turn it sounds like something is going to break and then jerks in whatever direction im turning. INCLUDING THE HIGHWAY. The steering is really loose to. Another I have is the shaking. Whenever I crank up, sit in park or reverse, the whole front end shakes. It sometimes shut off when im in reverse. I took it to the shop and they told me nothing was wrong. My purpose for buying the car was to get me back and forth to college everyday. How could I if I keep having problems like that. GM really needs to take action!!

  173. My daughter was killed driving a 2006 Chevy Cobalt. I contacted GM they sent three people out to retrieve the black box which they took. Once they had possession of the black box GM would not tell me what they found. My daughter died January 10, 2010 the recall was mailed to our home in April 2010. The car my daughter was driving flipped, rolled, and caught fire after ejecting my daughter on to the highway where she was run over.

  174. so i was going to look at a 2007 cobalt at an auction, maybe this is not such a good idea and that this recall is why its there, this is a very scary thing and i am so sorry to all who have been injured and have lost loved ones…

  175. would like in on this suit this is a cheap , unsafe car, my 2007 only has 21,000 on it replaced fronts tires were bald, they would not, honor bumper bumper , almost got killed driving it also, This is the first new car every had, iam 54 iam scared to drive it had it checked out GMC does not give a darn.

  176. I got a comment for ya what the is going on i started to have STEERING PROBLEMS when it was still under warranty in early 07 I am the proud owner of a 06 cobalt what a crock!!!!!!!!!! i took this car in 7 times for “steering concerns” and was given excuses like it’s new it will get easier or we can’t find a problem,or yes it is a little hard but can find no problem and so on. I was un aware of this RECALL till april 2nd two days after the steering went compleatly out and I hit a tree head on ,oh did i mention NO AIR BAGS I was told I missed the censer BY 1/4 of an inch,HOW AWESOME IS THAT!!!!!!!!!!! i have been looking for some legal action for almost a year now and have been networking the same amount of time,no luck with legal help but WOW i have found alot of people who are in the same boat as me!!! G.M. has refused to take any action on this matter so i must do what i must do. i have contacted the media and am going to go that route as well. i will continue to be a pain in their#$%$# till I get results!! I would hope that I am not the only one that is trying to do SOMETHING ABOUT THIS!!!! Thanks G.M. for taking care of your customers.

  177. I have a 2006 Chevy Cobalt and i just started having problems with my power steering. I called the dealership i bring my car and they said that there is a recall on my car but since i have 63,000 miles that it is over the allowed miles for the recall. I would understand that in a different situation but seeing that this recall happened a year ago yesterday, i don’t understand why i wasn’t informed. If i knew there was a recall i would have had it fixed right after i was notified. Now i’m just frusterated!

  178. I bought me a 2009 cobalt in august with only 1500 miles on it…about a moth after my power steering went out for the first time .On the rare occasion the power steering stays on the wheel is entirely too loose and something is definitely wrong.Never will i gor for this car company

  179. I have a 2006 Chevy cobalt, I haven’t had the problems that most of you have faced, but there is one that needs to be brought to the attention of Cobalt owners. I recently started smelling fuel inside my vehicle and when it sat. I have 2 babies, I was getting migranes from it, what were my kids getting from it? Anyway I took it to my mechanic, the check engine light was on. He read it as an emissions problem. He asked me to replace the gas cap and see if that helped, I did. That did not help the smell, so we went for a used charcoal canister, he pulled that and it had gasoline in it. So we thought the problem was fixed. We continued to drive it with the smell, but I could not take the fume smell. So we then took it back to the mechanic, the only other thing to do was drop the tank. Well I thought I might have damaged something on the tank so I had Geico come out and take a look. He said it was nothing I did. I called Chevy and GM, they said there was a special condition for them to replace the fuel pump if we had a leak or fuel smell. Well I have news from my mechanic it was not my fuel pump. There are to valves on the tank for emissions, well the leak was coming from one of those valves. So I once again called Geico with mechanical breakdown, they payed to replace my FUEL TANK. Chevy is replacing the fuel pumps but not the tanks. The valve that was leaking does not come out of the tank so you have to replace the whole tank. I was lucky I had Geico’s mechanical breakdown or it would have ran me into the thousands to repair this problem.
    If any one else has this problem please report it to the NTSB and GM, I did. They are linking the fuel smell and leaks to just the fuel pumps when I had the same issue and it was the valves on the tank. The fuel pumps are on the special condition recall in certain states, the hot states are where the recalls are, Florida is one.
    I just wanted to let peole know what is going on with these cars. I have had no real problems with the vehicle just that and it is a costly proplem. So have it looked at., it is also a safety issue, which I have pointed out to NTSB and GM, but if anyone else has this problem please report it so they can recall their gas tanks.
    It is fixed now, but what if someone had thrown a cigerette under my car I would not be here telling you about this.

  180. I recieved a letter about a year ago for the recall on my 06′ chevy cobalt.
    Not until about a month ago I was at a stop light and the car made a “ding ding ding” which those who have cobalts know the car is telling you somrthing…a door is open, trunk..etc. anyways in the little screen it said power steering man..I continued on the day with everything seeming normal..Well a bout a week later it started to feel a little heavy and more difficult to turn and park. Then this past week it completely went…No more power steering. It may not seem dangerous to those who dont drive much I drive 40-50+ miles a day…its not safe…On the highway…taking turns…I made an appointment with the dealership and its in there being serviced at this moment. I love my cobalt…its a good car..easy to maintain and if you take good care of it it will last..I have had mine for going on 5 years and it hasnt given me many if you get the letter bring it asap…if your steering goes out at the wrong time it could cause an car warned me I hope your does too..good luck chevy owners..

  181. We bought a 06 Chevy Cobalt about 6 weeks ago and we had no idea about there being a recall. Today our daughter was going down the road and she said that the ding ding started and the “POWER STEERING” flashed and the doors started locking and unlocking by themselves. She said she could not steer it at all and she hit her brakes and it pulled her to the right into the ditch and she road the ditch for about 70 feet. When she came out of the ditch she went over a hill about 75 feet straight down, She came to a stop when she reached the bottom and stopped at a parked car. Through all of this the air bags never did come out. When we bought this car the owner never told us anything about a recall. GOD was with my daughter today he guided her to a safe stop and thank GOD she only has a pump knot on her head and a messed up knee. This is two grateful parents tonight. I am going to get in touch with someone for some legal advice tomorrow.

  182. i bought a Lexus and absolutely love it. i’m not sure why you cheap bastards continue to buy american made cars. be smart people! imports are best!

  183. I have a 2006 chevy cobalt and a few months after buying it in 2008 my car periodically just shuts down on me while driving at a low speed.. Its very scary because i could be on the highway or turning a corner and it just goes dead. ive had my car lookd at by different mechanics and they cant figure why it does that. Ive googled my issue with my car and there are lots of people that have cobalts with the same issue that im having. there needs to be a recall on this asap. im a mother and a teacher and i can not afford to keep taking my car to different repair shops for the same issue.

  184. The key in my 2007 Cobalt will not turn to the off position no matter what I try. I think it is in the power train not realizing the car is in park. Any suggestions? I was told there was a recall on this, but can not find out anything on the internet about it.

  185. My 2005 Basic 4door Cobalt:
    Ever since i bought it in 2007 with 35k, it has made 3 knocks in the back end everytime i park it.
    I wrecked about 8 months after we got it, with 2 babies in the car swerving 3 times on white rock trying to go straight- before i was able to turn it enough to miss a phone pole and instead get tangled into a barbed wire fence- 5k damage.
    I got the recall notice for the Power Steering a year ago in 2010, and the Dealership told me they had not heard a thing about it. I am now assuming my car had its power steering go out during that wreck.
    So my A/C drips excessively, and barely blows- makes a purring noise and sounds like it looses and gains power when i brake or accelerate.
    Now my car has been shaking at 58mph and then go away ever since 80k…but now(today) it shakes lightly at 50, and then as i accelerate- the shaking increases …i tried today to get to 70 to see how bad it would get- it got WAY bad- as in i was bouncing down the highway (no cars around btw).
    My last problem.
    The entire car seems to leak- ever since we got it!! Through the floor, the trunk seal, the back window. the fabric turns brown and i just wash or dry it away, then it comes back. LEMMONN..
    I still love my car just wish it would get better- ya know like GM taking action…BUT it now has 137k and i still have 23 months left to pay it off….

    look under your collum- just behind the steering wheel. see the little square cover that looks like the back on a remote? pop it off and stick it in the driver visor. next sit in your seat and take your right pointer finger- stick it in the collum straight up and feel to the left for a small button. feel it?
    PUSH IT- it releases the key when you push it and turn the key.
    SO now that know you know where it is- stick your other hand in there and turn the key while you push it- its easy and i have been doing it for about 2 years.
    IT DEPENDS ON HOW YOU DRIVE. This car is picky about how you drive it- i promise.

  187. what a load of B.S. G.M. has refused to do any thing about my 06 cobalt that was wreaked cuz of the power steering failure. and the air bags did not deploy. i was hurt and extracted from the car. i have been looking for a layer for over a year now with no luck. what a crock guess there is no one out there who has the gonads to stand up to General Motors and represent the consumer s who have lost cuz of a recall from a defective product that caused the crash in the first place. they will fix the ones that are in the road but screw the ones who have cashed or even died as a result. OH!! and by the way the 20011 chevy cruze has been recalled cuz of steering concerns IMAGINE THAT!!!!! the car is a cobalt HEY G M FIX THIS PROBLEM BEFORE SOMEONE ELS IS KILLED!! cuz the computer on my car was with out power for about 2 months data was lost and G.M will not take responsabillity for what happened to me and my car

  188. Please if there is a layer out there please please look at this web site there are to many of us to ignore.WE NEED HELP a angry cobalt owner P.S. G.M. has also recalled the chevy cruze this is nothing more than a cobalt the recall is for POWER STEERING CONCERNS!!!!!

  189. My power steering light is going on yet I don’t have power steering!!! It continues to tell me that I need fluid!! WHERESHOULD I PUT IT??? It pulled to the left the other day almost causing me to go into another lane!…I take it in one time, they said they fitted it…The next day it was doing the same thing! I took it in again today…Now they say it isn’t under the recall warranty? WHAT? …the whole electric system is messed up. I don’t even know what they did the first time they never gave me any paper work. This is terrible. Then I read about all the accidents that are happeing in these cars… Someone needs to help us!


  191. I HATE GM. I was absolutely IN LOVE with my cobalt until I started having all these effin problems with the front suspension!!!! You wouldn’t believe me if I told you how much noise it makes and yes I had to have power steering replaced. GM doesn’t give a shit about there customers. I’m trying to sell my ca now for WAY below what it should be worth just so I can get rid of the POS. And GM won’t recall ALL the other problems with the elfin front end because “it’s not a safety hazard.” GM should be put out of business. They should have never received a bailout. I should have got a Honda.

  192. My 2005 Cobalt has had at least 4 recalls…half of them i never got notified of. Should’ve known on the first one when the A/C didn’t work and it was because the wiring from the A/C and the airbag were wired wrong. the steering column and the whole shifter were replaced. Now I have a ticking noise coming from the steering wheel.


  194. Hi, i have had several problemas with my 2007 Colbalt! My car smelled of gasoline for 2 wks took it to shop they claimed i hit something really hard and i racked a hoel in the TOP of my gas tank!!!! repair$1000! Not only did i know they was full of sh** I would have to had hit something so hard i would have deff noticed that! Didnt know nothing of this type or recall to this day!!!! Now im having brake problems!!! I have had to replace my brakes 4 times in 8 months!!! Took it to dealer the last time $550 for front and back brakes now still having problems!!!! i have not read of any other complaints about this issue but buyer beware!!!! My tires are also being replace frequntley and my allignment sucks no matter how many times they are fixed!!!! Does anybody else have brake problems with there colbalt?

  195. Hi Jessica and All: My son has 2007 Chevy Cobalt with 19K miles. This past Saturday afternoon his brakes went out. He is 23 years old and has been driving since he was 16. He says he put on brakes and nothing happened. Thank God he did not receive any major injuries and he did not hit anyone. He had to hit the freeway barrier to stop the car.
    Anyone else have problems?

  196. Out of the blue my vehicle began to shimmy & shake. At first I thought it may be the wheel alignment. According to the dealershing my front arm bushing needs to be replaced. Now the car is squeaking when you turn the wheel to. Got a 2nd estimate: the bushing, swaybar link, & steering & suspension need to be replaced. What the heck? After I just had to have the ignition coil replaced. It burned out the 1st one I put in plus brand new spark plugs. This is ridiculous.

  197. 09 cobalt
    Here are my issues”

    First was the steering wheel. It had a broken bracket so it had to be replace.

    Awful gas fumes so the Gas tank had to be replace

    When i purchased the car the dealer told me that it had a bumpy tire on the front, to bring it back in a few days, when i return I was told it had a bent rim, i must have hit something.

    While going down the road the driver seat bracket broke, had to be replaced.

    Key got stuck in ignition while out of town, so the only way I could cut my car off was to un-hook the battery until i could get to the dealership on Monday.

    The tire monitors have never worked.

    Now the engine light is on and the dealership said that it is a Camshaft sensor.

    I have always been a dedicated chevy drivers. but this car had driven be crazy. I love the body style and the car, just not all the problems. I do not feel safe driving my Chevy anymore.

  198. I have bought a 06 Pontiac g6 from a used dealer recently. This car has steering problems, the gauge seems to not go past 3/4 of the tank when I know I filled it up, and it jerks every once in a while. The dealer won’t let me trade it in unless I have owned it for 2 years!! BS!!! I never owned a GM car before and now I know why people do not like GM.

  199. have a 2005 Cobalt that I bought new. I had power steering problem light go off and on and the dealer replaced the column in 2008. On 13 August 2011 while driving on a freeway my power steering light went off, I lost steering control and slammed into the left guardrail, all this happened so quickly I could not even hit my brakes. I was hurt, the car was totaled. I am lucky to be alive. I did not have collision insurance and I still owe money on the Cobalt. I have already missed two days at work. I filed a report with the National Highway Safety Board and with GM. I am waiting to hear from GM what they are going to do to help me.

  200. On September 2006, I purchased a brand new Chevy Cobalt LT and Chevy Silverado 1500 LT shortly after I purchased these vehicles, the dealership closed down. The Chevy Cobalt had issues from the starting with the trim falling off. Then there was a warranty repair on the Chevy Cobalt steering wheel on 2010. However, a few months down the road, after the steering wheel was fixed, the left signal changed its cadence and the right signal would function on the back tail light but while you are inside the signal indicator lights are working. Additionally, the alarm lights are affected as well. The Chevy Cobalt furthermore has additional issues with its warning system stating that there is ice on the road even though it is the dead of summer. The Chevy Silverado has its oil light come on all the time off and on. However, when they run the engine analyzer there is no code that will come up for this issue. Last year, the Chevy Silverado just spun on its own. I noticed that there were a number of single car vehicle spun out accidents for this truck model. One of the trucks that had a spun out accident was reported in the news, the driver died. The Chevy Cobalt and Silverado vehicles are such a disappointment. Hopefully, as soon as I pay off these vehicles, I can trade these junkers for safer vehicles. NTSB please take a closer look at these vehicles and check the single vehicle accidents for the Chevy Silverado 2006 1500 LT as well as the other problems resulting from the steering wheel repairs on the Cobalt 2006.

  201. i just experienced a steering related crash about four days before a got my recall notice from GM for my 2005 used chevy cobalt i bought this yyear. i have only had my power steering shut off while stopped at light but being that i crashed and couldn’t steer well i’m chalking it up to no power steering. i’m not sure the next step to take considering my insurance company wouldn’t cover my car being totalled. anyone have any recommendations for my next step in making GM responsible at least for loss of car>>>?????

  202. My Cobalt had a strong Gas Smell, Checked out and found Major gas leak from top of tank. There was a recall,but my vin # was not a part of the batch. So until somebody’s family gets burned to Death (sorry to say) G.M. is not going to do anything.

  203. I am having the same problems as Charles, gas leak, told the same thing that my vin# was not a part of the batch, sorry.I wonder just how sorry GM is going to be when they get sued for wrongful death and liability to customers for not recalling ALL of the cobalts and correcting their wrong. These problems should have been caught before they left the factory.

  204. 2007 Chevy Cobalt, gas leak at fuel module as described in recall. Chevy fixed under warrenty but not recall (I live in VA). Recommend anyone not in the affeted states file a complaint with the NHTSA. Follow-up with your senetor and ask for a congressional investigation. That will force NHTSA and GM to respond. Recall needs to apply to all affected VINs. GM took a calculated risk based on their fiscal bottom-line. That was a mistake since they jeopordized my safety.

  205. Makeing something so simple complicated that’s how this country rolls and the world turns fix everything that is not broke what was wrong with how power steering worked ten years ago not a thing they went out every now and then and it was a cheap fix and it would be good for another 10plus years I like older vehicle they have been tried and stay true built like a brick s##t house

  206. I bought a 2006 Cobalt for my daughter to go back and forth to college.
    The power steering motor went out prior to the recall coming out so I fixed it by replacing the motor by an authorized dealer. When I ask GM for a refund after the release of the recall I was told that the authorized dealer did not fix it per the recall so I could not be refunded for the cost. I guess there are different ways to replace a motor?
    Also the cheap plastic parts in the sunroof track broke and now the sunroof will not work. I was able to get it closed to keep it from leaking but it useless. As of now there is no recall so I will fix it in hopes that there is no more than one way to repair it so hopefully it will match the recall.

  207. water,water,water,and more water on passenger side floor of my 2005 cobalt.I had it in to so many dealerships they all fixed the problem.(it was never fixed)now warranty ran out still have same”s only when a/c is on.If you know how to solve this problem please let me know!!!!!

  208. I borrowed my ex wives 06 cobalt and wrecked it cuz of the steering and just got the notice a week ago. i want to know if GM is paying out any money to the owners of these cars that are wreck cuz of this problem. O the car is pretty much a total wreck, unless i want to pay 2000 or more to fix it

  209. I have a 2009 chevy Cobalt that I purchase from a dealership in 2010 now I am having problems with the transmission. I couldn’t believe this was happening. The Chevy dealers told me that they could fix the problem for 3000 dollars I said no thanks. I drove the car home and parked it. Today 9/25/12 I am having my car fixed by someone else for the transmission and the problem wasn’t worth $3000 not only that there was a recall on the steering and the fixed that I will never buy anything form Chevy again.

  210. My mother has a 2005 Chevy Colbalt. She has less then 51,000 miles on it. On many occacasions her car is in park & she can shut the car off but the key is stuck in the ingnition. The car can be shifted into gear without appling the break. After reading many complaints about the Colbat. This isn’t a one car thing, it has happened to several different people. This needs to be a rcalled. My mothr is 74 years old on a fixed income. She bought this car because she really liked the car & needed something affordable. She cannot afford to spend $200 to $500 to fix the problem (like I have read other people have had to pay to fix it.) THIS NEEDS TO RECLLED!!!!!!!!!!!

  211. I have a 2007 chevy cobalt sedan and i have had the car about 8 months. In the time i have had the car i have replaced the front brakes,struts to both sides in the front and passenger side axle not once but this is the third time in less than 30 days. I am starting to hate this car!!

  212. My steering failed. It is very hard to steer. So, I bought another steering column. It had the same problem. GM should do more or quicker or something ! What do I do ? I won’t spend another dime and it will just set, till gm does something.

  213. I owned a 2006 chevy cobalt and in 2009 the steering stopped working and I hit a rock in front of a house. The car fipped upside down…. I was taken to the hospital by an ambulance. Because I didn’t have full coverage for that car I did not get a penny from the insurance company. After that accident I got a 2003 Hyundai Elantra and have been happily driving that car for three years without major problems.Today I just got notified that they were contacting me for recall. It’s been freaking THREE YEARS!!!!! In what universe could they find out the problem and do it this slow? Does anyone know if I can get compensated or how should I seek for compensation from GM?

  214. I have a 2005 Chevrolet Colbalt and the car keeps shutting down and if you set thier for a whlie like a long while it will start again then it will run for a couple days write and then it will start doing the same thing again So i ask about a recall and they said thier was not any at all now my car will not even start at all i do not under stand why chevy is not resonsable for the security problems that all these chevy are have before someone is bad hurt or dead.sorry but it is a real problem.

  215. my mom’s 05 cobalt power steering just failed 2 days ago. not it’s being repaired at dealer…. for 1200 bucks. also said need to realignment.

    we went in for the recall quite some time ago i remember more than a year. before it didn’t have the steering locking up during driving problem just sometimes lock up when getting out of parking lot at low speed. heck it was doing that within the first month. yes like other people it’s been nothing but problems and now it also burns a lot of gas. like 2 times as much as normal. i told her save the money and just throw it away or get some money for it and get a 240sx, but decided to fix. much better car and easy to fix. i am sure more things will go soon so we will try to sell it just to get the money back. seriously buy a 240sx for 2000 bucks if you shop around and you can’t be happier. simple design and reliable

    hard to turn must be caused of the motor they put in which said to have a “strong magnetic field”. if you played with some strong magnets before you know how strong it is to fight against it. ladies obviously can’t fight against that enormous strength.

    keeping car design simple is the best way to go. nowadays cars have so many electronics control inside it’s not even funny.

    one thing i like our cobalt is the manual door and manual window has not failed yet. simple and works. lots of guys’ power window probably failed already on the cobalt. i am not suprised if it happened.

    i am super stressed out now that we have to pay that out of our pocket. it is a lot of money.

  216. i have a 2007 Pontiac G5 while driving all at the same time the doors will unlock, the speedometer goes to zero, the mileage reads power steering and the transmission goes to 2nd gear (no matter how fast your going), if you put it on trip it shows 000-000

  217. I own a 2005 Cobalt and my doors lock and unlock uncontrollably. Sometimes the doors do not open. I called GM and they told me that I would have to pay 250 just to get a diagnosis of them problem. I am also having a problem with my steering I had it replaced for free by GM, however the replacement parts have gone bad and have rusted. When I turn there is a loud noise. My wheel does not turn back automatically when I turn I have to manually turn the car or it will stuck in the position that I turn it to. Is anyone else experiencing the same problem as me? I just fear that if I were to get into an accident or if anything ever happened to the car and the doors would not open or locks act up I may lose my life.

  218. 2005 Chevy Cobalt, took it in after recall on power steering and electrical The car ran fine for almost 2 years. I was driving today the door locks started unlocking then locking over and over while I was driving. Then the car seemed to be losing power then it would speed back up. Then the locks started doing the same thing. The power steering light on the dash came on. I was terrified as it was during rush hour traffic and I couldn’t pull over. They fixed the problem when the recall came out. But, they must have used the same bad parts it’s doing the same thing. I called the recall number. Their response was we generally only fix them once. With bad parts!!

  219. 2007 cobalt, I have replaced the stabilation bars, sway bars, blower motor, rear bushings. Front rotars warpped fuel tank cracked, visors fell off. The car is a piece of crap We got smart and traded it in on a Honda.

  220. My power steering went out a couple weeks ago just once and then nothing now it has been going out every time I drive it for the last three days. I called Chevy the first time and they called the dealership and still I have to pay to have it looked at and to have it fixed. I bought my car USED not new and was informed the recall is closed, which it should not be because it states in the article that it takes time for this to happen. Not MY fault Chevy created this and doesn’t want to stand behind their cars and obviously don’t care about their customers!!

  221. i havr a 2009 chevy cobalt. My daughter was driving she was at a stop sign fixing to pull out and a 1994 camaro hit her head on at 45 miles an hour. And the air bags did not come out. I took it to the GM dealer and they said the only Way they work if she was going 10 miles an hour or more. And my insurance will not pay because they said it was GM fault. Is this true u. They told me as long as you are setting still abd someone hits us head on even if its 45 or a 100 miles an hour that our air bafs will not work.

  222. Vibration in the front end that never ends with any kind of service. Paint that peeled from the top down to about the door handles which peeled inside by the way. A key that never alarmed properly and they want you to pay not only 92$ for the key but also 50$ to program it. What a load of crap! Something constantly killing the fuses inside. Power steering constantly going out at low mph which I’m told by the way “There’s nothing wrong with it.” Water leaking into the trunk from God knows where, not just a little either!!!! The steering wheel locking up so that the key can’t be turned. I have to replace the battery for the second time due to no fault of mine, cost for the battery for this car $179.00 including installation!!!!!!. It seems to me if we are all having the same problems with these cars some kind of compensation must be due. Attorneys out there Morgans and Morgans across the U.S. can’t someone step up and help. We have been totally screwed. Other than that it’s a nice car. LOL. John

  223. To date:
    out of pocket Replacement of: 2 rear coil springs that broke at different times, 2 front struts, gas sensor, 8 wheel bearings, sway bar bushings, factory cd player unit, front right speaker, brakes front and back (3 times), two keys, trunk key cylinder, steering column, rack and pinion, #1 cyclinder coil, rear defrost switch, backup light switch, fan motor(cabin air circulation).
    Complained to GM dealerships in NL canada that I had front end problems documented dozens of times at the dealerships, way before warranty ran out. None could find any problems with the front end. However, the car made noises, all over the road at 100km and felt very unsafe. Now after warranty is out I replaced all the above!!!
    Also last winter the car would not shut off after the key was taken out. When I tried to turn the key on and off, the motor kept going and the starting motor would turn over with the key out.
    Had to disconnect the battery and turn the key on and off until the motor shut off. Braught the car immediately to dealership in POrt aux Basques did diagnostics and could not find anything wrong with the car. Called Customer service and documented whole experience. They said if it happened again they would service the car. Has not happened again. But just a interesting fact that the dealership suggested that I not diconnect the battery next time so they can see the code… Wow… so just have a car running that won’t shut off and the starting motor continully turning over…. right on ???

    So GM. Little advice… fix your problems. Not us fix it for you.
    All cobalt owners should get free:
    rack and pinions, steering columns and wheel bearings for life of car!!!! yup take care of your miss because of poor engineering and thats that

  224. I Have A 2008 Cobalt And I Was Contact About The Recall. TookIt To Dealer Got It Fixed, No Problem. I Must Say Since Owning This Car I Have Not Had Any mInor Or major problems. The Car Has Been Good To me.

  225. I Have A 2008 Cobalt And I Was Contact About The Recall. TookIt To Dealer Got It Fixed, No Problem. I Must Say Since Owning This Car I Have Not Had Any mInor Or major problems. The Car Has Been Good To me.

  226. Purchased a 2007 Cobalt for my son in Sept. On 2/20/14 He was driving home when he heard a ticking noise and smelled something burning. With in just enough time to get out of the car it when up in flames. Thank God no one was hurt but vehicle was a total loss. Was not even able to remove any of his belongings from the car. Waiting for insurance company. We think it may have to do with the recall but not sure as of yet. unfortunately did not know about any recall on this vehicle until brought to our attention.

  227. I have an 05 cobalt 4 door 5 speed . Very basic on options. Well it has been in the shop now a little over 18 times and it all started with the power steering . It went out on my pregnant wife a few times and it freaked her out so I took the car over and I currently drive it , so I went out to buy her a Toyota which it has never been to the dealer and it it’s 7 years old . Any ways this vehicle is unsafe and it’s a lemon or something . They replaced my electric rack and pinion , they replaced my entire steering column, in the process they broke my clock spring , now my turn signal won’t shut off when it’s engaged . I just got sick of taking it to the dealer . So the problems keep arising . Still to this day9 years later my steering still shuts off . Any way the problem . So then one day my car just starts over heating , the a/c didn’t work , just hot air they told me it was just a sensor , then my reverse lights didn’t work so they replaced my switch. My headlights keep blowing , they said it just the bulbs but they keep blowing even till this day just had to replace it like a month ago just a matter of time . Then I couldn’t get my car to start they said it was a switch underneath my clutch pedal , my security system comes on when I am driving . So I shut it off and will not start unless I take the key out of the ignition and open my door once again they said its my ignition cylinder so they replaced that , funny thing is I don’t have a security system so why is my dash light stating that I do and everything shuts off . My radio says locked sometimes . Again I gotta park the car take the key out of ignition and restart it just to fix the damn radio . Oh yeah and my a/c and dual air bag wiring I guess was shit . So I went to the dealer in my state telling them my steering went out again they said they couldn’t help me that all work that was done apparently didn’t exist . I even had proper documentation of all work done on paper to prove it and they said it wasn’t in there system so they couldn’t help me , such bull shit . I go to roll down the drivers window and it breaks off of the regulator since I work in a collision repair shop I just took care of it . Whenever I go over 40 mph I get such a bad wind noise makes me want to pull hair . The paint job on the car is trash already peeling under the tail lights on the rear bumper , paint missing in the door jamb where the rear of the front door meets the back door, the clear coat on hood roof and deck lid doesn’t even exist . Looks like it’s been in the desert for the last 20 years in the sun. And I park under a shaded tree most of its life . I called gm they didn’t do any thing . I hope your asses get sued . I think I bought a quality car for thousands of dollars brand spanking new with 20 miles on it and this is what I get . I promise My family and I will never buy another chevy as long as I live . The product now in days is crap I had a 92 caprice that ran better . No wonder our jobs in this country are leaving and no wonder you guys went bankrupt . You guys don’t honor shit . Our government should had let you guys tank and I wouldn’t be in this position . Sorry just venting . If I could get rid of this car I would but none of the dealers will even take it besides I couldn’t live with my self giving these problems to someone else but I guess gm can .

  228. I bought my used 2006 chevy cobalt a couple years ago. And everything that cloud go wrong has . Ignition switch went where my key was stuck or wouldn’t turn off. power steering went , door lock broke so I can’t get out . Lights go on and off ,car shakes n rattles in steering wheel n foot petal , truck lock broke , seals in door broke, air conditioner whistles at any level . Eats up gas, car jerks forward at random times almost causing accidents . It’s awful I feel so unsafe driving this cheap piece of crap . They should recall the entire car and reimburse everyone dealing with this money pit and most of all death trap !!! We need to start a petition of some sort for them to take better action . This is life threatening and they couldn’t care less ! They knew about these issues and let us buy them !!!

  229. Bought an ’09 Cobalt from an enterprise dealer. Going home one evening december 2011 my steering went, lost control, hit a parked car to slow the thing down, hit another parked car on the other side of the street, only to finally STOP the car by striking the front left drivers side wheel well against a pole, causing me to flip over. Luckily, my speed was low, but I was going downhill, at night, and I’m alive. No airbags deployed AT ALL. All my insurance money went right to paying back for this piece of crap and the damage done to the innocent owners of the parked vehicles. THANKFULLY I WAS NOT KILLED NOR ANYONE ELSE that night. Oh, and I went to shock trauma, miraculously with just a scratch, but charged with reckless driving. Screw General Motors. My back has been messed up for 2 years now as well.

  230. I just got a 2010 Chevy Cobalt on Feb 10-2014 car was driving great until a month ago. Then the power steering went out on the car. Car running fine it just can’t turn how gm telling people. You stop at a light or need pull in a parking space that car needs turned off and back on. Then it can go out anytime like on highway or anyplace. It to dangerous to drive the car. And they say wants the ignition and start switch are fixed I have give a rental back. It’s more dangerous to have no power steering trying drive these cars. These car are not made to drive with out it. I feel gm needs fix my car right and pay for a rental until it’s all fixed or by my car back what I paid and my trade in. So I can get something safe. These cars should fall under the lemon law. When there 3 to 4 recalls on a car at once this is bad. I was two foot from be hit. Because of the power steering goes out. Thanks for nothing I save my money to by a safe car and this happens. And still have not got paper work on recall on my car about power steering. They told me they don’t know when parts are going be in fix it. That puts me out of my car and this is the only car I have thanks a lot for nothing…….

  231. We have two 2008 Cobalts, both red, one sedan and one coupe. The sedan has about 470,000 miles on it (I’m a courier) and the coupe has about 120,000 miles. Both cars have no steering problems but our very nice dealer had provided us rental cars. We have a very good dealer/customer relationship. We also have a 2007 SRX Cadillac with no major problems either with 78,000 miles. We will be disposing of our sedan to get an ATS Cadillac coupe next year, 2015. God has blessed us with good cars! My wife is not happy with the rental car and couldnt wait to get her cobalt fixed!

  232. Hit a deer, related to power steering went out, and could not go around it, I got the recall fixed a few years ago, car was totaled through inc. then after I bought back the car back because it still ran great, my car shut off and I ended up in the ditch, but she started right back up, never understood why till I seen this recall. I never turned it in to our insurance because we only have PLPD and I was able to just drive out of the shallow ditch. But my g5 has more damage then before, and can’t be fixed :(. I am going to get the current recall fixed now even though she is all beaten up, cause that was very scary for the car to just shut off like that

  233. my girlfriend has a pos g5 and its pretty much the worst car i have ever seen or driven, steering is junk, wheel bearings are both on there way out. do your selves a favour and dont buy gm products again lol whats one thing we can all learn from this ? stop buying gm garbage. its a constant flow of shit. government shoulda let them go bankrupt. stupid stupid stupid.i purchased a mitsubishi outlander last month 2009 and i have 5 years 80k left of powertrain warranty 10 year 160000 km warranty from the dealer if you purchase new. couldnt be happier.

  234. I have 2006 chevy cobalt the paint is comming of of the car so bad. Why is that i have seen other cars that paint is in good condition. Imet a lot people who have the same problem with theitr chevy cobalt paint comming off.

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