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Published: April 1st, 2011

Potential side effects of Humira may increase the risk of serious and potentially life-threatening injuries, including fungal infections and cancers, as well as a possible risk of permanent nerve damage that may result in multiple sclerosis, transverse myelitis, optic neuritis, neuropathy or other problems.

STATUS OF HUMIRA LAWSUITS: Product liability lawyers are evaluating whether individuals may be entitled to compensation through a Humira lawsuit for vision problems or nerve damage that may have been caused by Humira.

MANUFACTURER: Abbott Laboratories, Inc.


OVERVIEW: Humira (adalimumab) is a tumor necrosis factor blocker, also known as TNF blocker, which is approved for treatment of rheumatoid arthritis, psoriatic arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, Crohn’s disease, moderate to severe chronic psoriasis and juvenile idiopathic arthritis, which was previously called juvenile rheumatoid arthritis.

HUMIRA NERVE DAMAGE AND VISION PROBLEMS Adverse event reports have suggested that Humira may increase the risk of nerve damage, which could cause:

  • Optic Neuritis or Vision Impairment
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Transverse Myelitis
  • Neuropathy

Lawsuits over Humira have alleged that Abbott downplayed the risk of nerve damage from Humira, including a risk of Central Nervous System (CNS) demyelination and harm to the optic nerve. While other drugs in the same class, such as Enbrel and Remicade, contain warnings about the risks, Abbott has not provided adequate warnings to physicians and consumers, which could have prevented serious injury and permanent nerve damage.

During clinical trials, at least three cases of demyelination with Humira use were reported, compared to no reported cases among those taking a placebo. Of those nerve damage problems, two involved optic neuritis on Humira, which could result in vision loss or sight problems.

In addition, an analysis of FDA adverse event reports during the first two years Humira was on the market identified at least 9 reports of neurological problems with Humira, including two cases of optic neuritis. Since that time, a number of similar Humira problems have been reported. It is widely accepted that the number of such problems reported to the FDA likely only represent between 1% and 10% of all actual adverse events.

HUMIRA CANCER SIDE EFFECTS: A study published in the May 17, 2006 issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) indicated that Humira side effects could increase the risk of developing cancer. Warnings have been added to the prescribing information about the possible cancer risk.

In August 2009, the FDA announced a Humira black box cancer warning after investigating the potential association between Humira and Lymphoma and other cancers among children and young adults using TNF blockers.

Approximately half of the cancers seen in children and young adults taking TNF blockers were lymphomas, including bother Hodgkin’s and non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, which is a cancer of cells in the immune system. Lymphoma is not a recognized complication of JIA (Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis) or of Crohn’s disease. Other cancers reported included leukemia, melanoma and solid organ cancers.

HUMIRA FUNGAL INFECTIONS: A number of users who were receiving TNF blockers, such as Humira, have experienced fungal infections, such as histoplasmosis, blastomycosis and cocciioidmycosis. In several of these cases the infection resulted in death.

In September 2008, the FDA issued an alert to healthcare providers to provide new information about the risk of Humira fungal infections. At that time the agency also indicated that new information will be added to the Humira black box warning to ensure that doctors and consumers are aware of the risk, especially for those who live in or visit areas where fungus is prevalent.

Unfortunately, many cases of fungal infections from Humira go undiagnosed by doctors, since the symptoms are similar to the flu. Symptoms could include cough, fever, fatigue, loss of weight, sweating and shortness of breath.

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  3. My fiance was put on Humira for Chrone’s disease 2 months ago and has since had a stent put in his heart a month ago and has had breathing problems since. He has since been hospitalized and the doctors cannot find his breathing problems. We are considering if the Humira drug has had some bad side effects as he is 50 yrs. old and has never had any heart problems. We are confused and don’t know if the Humira drug has altered his system this way. Two weeks after the Humira shots he had a hard time climbing up one flight of stairs and his body turned to stone like on steorids. He was also short of breath and I insisted he see the doctor. The doctor took him off the Humira and 2 weeks later he was in the hospital having a stent put in his heart. I would like more information if anyone out there has had the same conditions and if there is somewhere else I could turn to find out more information as this is puzzling and distressing to us.

  4. I have RA and Chron’s.
    I have been on Humira for a couple of years. I have had sinus problems in the past, but after starting on Humira, my snius infections have become quite frequent. I can no longer keep the drug in my system long enough to work properly. I am actually afraid to take it anymore for the fear of an infection. When I get an infection the antibiotics really get my Chron’s flared up. It’s like a neverending cycle. I have taken antibiotics so many times that I have to take extra in order for them to work. I have repeatedly told my rheumatologist about my infections and she says that she wants to keep me on Humira or Remicade (can’t afford co-pay on Rem.) because they both help with Chron’s. I have not taken the Humira in months. I take imuran and percocet daily, but it does nothing for Chron’s. I don’t know what to do anymore. I give up!
    I would like to know if anyone has had problems with ovarian cysts while taking Humira. Or any kind of female reproductive system problems. I had a hysterectomy last year and the people from Humira sent a letter to my gyno to ask if the hysterectomy had anything to do with Humira. They claimed the reason they contacted my gyno was because I had a Humira pen malfunction and had to call the company to get it replaced. I informed the company that I was having a hysterectomy and although I needed the pen replaced, I was in no hurry because I had to stop taking it 2 weeks before surgery. My view on that is…why would they contact my gyno if Humira didn’t possibly cause a problem like this before?

  5. I have crohns disease and was put on humira after I had Intestinal surgery done. I was on the medication for near 5 months and began to get these large scaly spots on my legs and stomach. I went to my GI doctor he said it had nothing to do with my crohns. I then went to a dermatologist and she said just by looking at it, that it was psoriasis. She did not no how I got psoriasis while on humira because it is a drug used for psoriasis. She gave me many different cream and such and it did nothing but get worse. I then went to get another opinion from another dermatologist and she did a biopsy and said it was a reaction to some type of medication, the only meds i was on was humira so she took me off it. A month went by and it com even worse my entire legs wore covered my stomach was covered I have three large spot on my head that look like giant scabs and my hands and arms were being to be the same. I then went to university hospital to see a dr. who deals with just psoriasis because the dermatologist i was seeing said thats what it looked like but her biopsy said otherwise. I went to university hospital met with the doctor and he took pictures and did a biopsy and later told me it came back suggestive to psoriasis. I was not going to be able to be treated by him because he worked out of cleveland and i lived way to far away to travle there everyday. I went back to my the last dermatologist i saw before him, she was the one who referred me to him and began a light box treatment. The light box as helped keep my legs from getting large scales on then but new spots keep coming. I met with her yesterday and she told me that she told me that she had talked to my GI doctor and he had found that there were more cases like mine. She said that the light box is helping the spots i have but not curing it because i keep getting new spots. She told me that she thinks the humira did this to me and she is going to do another biopsy and call out to university hospital and talk to the doctor i saw there. She said she is very confused and does not no what to do because she has never seen anything like this. And from the conversation me and her had last it sounds like she is going to want me to be a ginii pig for them. They have no idea what to do to calm this reaction down. Mean while i have to walk around with this rash all over my body which is extremely embarrassing because of HUMIRA. This has been going on since august it is almost Christmas and they still can not figure out how to stop it. I struggle to get up every morning it is so hard to go about my day with this on my body and knowing that no one has an answer for it. I thank my doctor everyday because she is working hard at it but can not come up with any answers. If anyone can help me please do

  6. can humira cause
    pseudomonas eruginosa infection

  7. I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and have had since aged 2, I’m now 44, I was looking forward to going on humira as I read some people had found some good results, my arthritis count did start going down, so I was pleased, but I got an itchy leg then an itchy foot, the next thing I have a full blown fungal infection, I take a course of anti biotics and fungal tablets and it goes, I have another shot with Humira, and here we go again, so I thought I may not have given the first infection time to go from my body, I wait a month all clear, I have just had a jab today and my leg and foot is itching like mad, I know it’s gonna be a fungal infection again? Something just is not right.

  8. humira, killed my husband december 5,2008.

  9. My husband took humira shots for 3 months and was hospitalized in july with fungus infections and was in and out for 5 months until he died.

  10. I’m really sorry to hear about all these cases, and I must admit they scare me. I’ve had AS (a form of arthritis) since I was 14 (now 31) and have been on Humira for almost two years, and I’ve never felt better.

  11. I’ve been taking Humira for 4 months now. After going away at the outset my plaque psoriasis has completely come back . As for those with infections I recommend taking colloidal silver. Available in all health food stores. It’s so effective it’s used to purify water in the International Space Station. If it’s good enough for the astronauts then it’s good enough for me!

  12. I took Humira in about 2004 for 3 months. I was diagnosed with an incurable form of lymphoma in December of 2005. I blame Humira.

  13. My story is the exact same as David’s. I was diagnosed with incurable Lymphoma in 5/2008 after taking Humira..

  14. My husband was on Humira for Severe RA for close to 2 years, he stopped when he was diagnosed with pancreatitis, shortly after this he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. They removed part of his pancreas, stomach, intestines and several cancerous lymph nodes. he is only 47 years young.

  15. I have Crohns disease. I was on Remicade for years wich I ended up with pneumonia . After that I was put on Humira which I had to stop. Sence I was put on Remicade I have had to put up with headaches, muscles and joints huting, and the lower part of my back hurting. My doctor said that it was nothing to worry about. The headaches have been pretty severe that I have passed out several times and blacked out several times to. I feel that we should come back and sue the company for what has happen to us.

  16. Has anyone had issues with maintaining body temperature, or secondary Hypothermia? I feel flu like symptoms and feverish but when I take temperature I range from 94-97?

  17. My 66 year old sister has taken Humira for several years for rheumatoid arthritis. Four months ago , while checking for histoplasmosis , the doctors found she did have histoplasmosis but also found a tumor in her lung. The tumor was removed but now the cancer is throughout her body and she has been given less than a month to live.

  18. My fiance too has expienced scaly skin and blistered skin and has not gone away. The doctors ignore us as have the “COMMERCIALS”!! we have to look at those that say how great “HUMIRA” is. They forget to say how many people when it was experimental the doctors used it on us. Maybe They have been altered to now say we now should have never been given this drug as a guineu pig but now have to live with it. having it ruined our lives. He was a guineu pig for Chrone’s diisease and will never be the same. Is there an attorney out there for us? My fiance will never be the man I met and I have empathy for anyone that reads this that has been in the same boat. It’s not fun. HUMIRA has brought us closer together but for the wrong reasons.!!

  19. I have been on Humira for about three years and after about the first year the bottom of my foot began to itch. I thought Oh gosh, I have some kind of yukey athletes feet or something. Went to dermatologist who said it was just a generic allergic reaction to something. After many creams lotions, steroid creams and all that, it is still spreading and only on one foot. It will start to heal and I get exited only to have it start to peel/scale again and turn red. It is embarrassing and it will not go away. I did not even link it to Humira until I just happened onto this site. I don’t know what to do about it.

  20. I have currently started on Humira for Crohn’s Disease. I am nervous about taking it since I am a former Remicade patient and had a stroke while on it.

  21. I have RA but was put on Enbrel to treat a photopathic rash (hives and rash from sun exposure). It didn’t help much with the hives but my RA really went into remission. Started in 2003. Switched to Humira in 04 because of some shortness of breath. Dec. 08 dx with Non hodgkins lymphoma, mets to my long bones. I blame Humira. When I asked my doctors if they wanted to report it they all said it was an administrative nightmare with 24 pages of paperwork and they said it wouldn’t matter. If we don’t report the cancers, who will?

  22. Had allergic (skin) reaction to Embrel. Been on Humira for past 2 years, developed athletes foot on just one foot which later turned into toe fungal infection, unable to clear it up for over a year. Mentioned to my Rhumatologist (12/08) that I had heard Humira was reported to cause toe fungal infections, she said she hadn’t heard of this. I see above FDA reported fungal infection warning to health care providers as recently as 9/08… interesting, isn’t it?

  23. I have been taking Humira for approximately 4 years and just recently was diagnosed with MS and Lupus. I am curious to know whether anyone else has been diagnosed with this problem. The rheumatologist had no idea that this could be one of the side effects, and I have numbing on my left side which I went to my family doctor for. Thank god she ordered an MRI which suggested MS. I was then referred to a neurologist and after more tests and another MRI (2hours) it was confirmed that I do indeed have MS. Also vitamin D levels are down so I have to take a supplement for that. I had numbing 2 years ago which everyone said was nothing and no tests were ordered, even though I asked for them and told them the family history of MS. They stated that this did NOT run in families and I would be fine. Apparently not. The neurologist said that any TNF blocking agents could cause MS. Why did the rheumatologist not know this? I am seriously upset that the doctors do not listen to patients when they have concerns then try to cover their butts. Anyone with further information would be greatly appreciated. Now I can hardly move because there is nothing else to take for the arthritis and the drug that he wants to put me on is not covered by insurance. Now I have pay for the MS meds and get the third degree by the office staff about being in pain and needing them to do something about it.

  24. I am a 30 year old female with severe psoriactic arthritis since age 18. Why is humira still on the market? i just started taking it again but after this site I am starting to worry.

  25. Toni on 16 April 2009: Your story hit a nerve. I have hep C, was in remission, been on Humira 3+ years. Had to stop due to hep virus’ return. 2.25Million Viral Load, was ZERO!
    Since stopping the Humira, My Psoriasis is back in force & I can barely walk, my joints hurt so bad. My upper back & neck feel like they are on fire and broken. My Right arm & shoulder are useless. My hands feel broken.
    I am afraid I may have MS. I see doc tomorrow! Wish me luck all!
    I don’t understand it if it is so, But I will Deal with it!

  26. I am a 49 year old female with psoriatic arthritis, psoriasis, and ulcerative colitiis. I was on Humira for at least 2 years and now have been diagosed with MS. There is no family history of MS. I am on meds for MS. Both the dermatoligist and neurologist say that Humira may have caused the MS. I would like to know if others have a similar experience.

  27. I have psoriatic arthritis and psoriasis been on Humira for several years. I seemed to get a horrid pain in my neck all the time after taking shots for a while. When I questioned the RA doc about it he said what I was feeling was the damage that had been don by the arthritis in my neck now that the inflammation was gone because of taking Humira. About 5 month ago I got something like the flu, low grade temp. and constant ringing in the ears and it has never left. My family doc cannot figure it out from blood tests, but he did find a urinary infection. So I took antibiotics for a week, but I am still sick all the time losing energy feeling ill. I too have had temp from 97 to 100 except a couple of times it shot up to 103. I went back to the RA DR and informed him that since I have not been taking the shots for several months my neck does not seem to hurt now. So he contradicted himself from what he told me the first time. Now he says that the Humira would not cause me to have pain in my neck. I told him that I am having flu like symptoms and problems finding out what is wrong… all he said is that he wanted me to start taking Humira every 15 days instead of every 10 days like I was.
    HELP!! Can someone tell me what one of these infections is like? I need some kind of treatment to get over whatever is wrong with me.. I cannot work and I do not know where to turn. I am not going to start the Humira shots again… I am pretty sure it is at the base of my illness. The FDA should be sued for allowing this kind of thing to be approved so quick while they know it is a big concern. I think the medical community, drug mfg’s and FDA stick together to make a big pie for themselves.

  28. First of all, John, I hope everything went well. Second, I think we can all come to the conclusion that while the drug does seem to work, the doctors that prescribe them don’t know enough about them to hand them out. I am seriously starting to believe that the drug companies and doctors get major kickbacks for using their drugs and do not do enough research on them. I dont understand if the neurologist know this drug can cause MS why do the rheum or other doctors that prescribe them not know this could happen or what signs to look for. I just dont know anymore!! And Bear, the only thing I used to feel from the Humira shots was a migraine headache. I am not sure about all the others. I dont remember having fevers. My neck does hurt but he keeps telling me that that was my muscles and he wanted me to go for physical therapy. I am so glad they like to keep taking money somehow. LOL. Anyhow Hope all turns out well for everyone. I wish you all luck.

  29. My brother-in-law has had psoratic arthritis for 4yrs (he’s 30 now). He has tried Humira, Enbrel and is currently on Remicade. Humira was stopped due to blood in the stools about 6 months ago. He was recently hospitalized with diverticulitis and a hole in his colon which caused a severe infection in his abdominal cavity. He had to have part of his colon removed and now he has a colostomy bag for 2 mos until the infection clears up then he has to have another surgery to put his colon back together again. He has been in the hospital for 9 days and has to stay another week at least. Has anyone heard of similar problems after taking these meds? I can’t believe there could be any other reason for his condition other than the medications since most people in his condition are elderly. I have tried to talk to his doctors about the possibility this was caused by the medications, but they won’t speculate even though the FDA warning labels list diverticulitis as a rare but severe side effect.

  30. Once again, the doctors either don’t know or are trying to save their own butts. I don’t understand why there is nothing that can be done about it!!!. Good luck to your brother Christine. Hopefully he will find a doctor that WILL tell him that his condition is a direct result from taking the TNF Blockers.

  31. Has anyone suffered any ear infections that may be linked to Humira? Husband has had infections that won’t clear up after being on it almost a year? Have not seen this discussed…ENT says fungal, looks like that could be a problem on other parts of the body, any thoughts?

  32. My daughter diagnosed with Crohn’s at age 13 – 5 years ago. Remicade during years 2,3,4 but then had an allergic reaction. Switched to Humira but is off it since January because of flu-like symptoms (similar reaction with Remicade but that wasa only every 8 weeks instead of every 2 weeks). She also has treatment resistant bipolar disorder and neurological symptoms that include fluttering eyes, twitching and shaking right hand and numbness on the top of her right leg. A doctor suggested that this may be onset of MS. I hvae found news reports of studies linking MS to anti-TNF meds. Anyone else heard of a link between Crohn’s and MS?

  33. My husband was on Humira for Crohn’s for the past two years. He has had a lot of issues with foot pain and toe fungus. He just stopped taking Humira two weeks ago because his triglycerides were 599. After talking with the Accredo specialist, he learned that this was a side effect of the drug, which led to the discontinuation. Now, his two middle toes on each foot are turning dark brown. I was wondering if anyone else has had any of these side effects. Not sure what the brown toes means, but he will be seeing the doctor tomorrow. I am very concerned.

  34. After having been diagnosed with psoriasis for 2 years and no clearing I went to a second doctor. I was put immediately on Humira, oh it cleared up my skin however 1 week after the first injection I started developing Muscle weakness and Pain. I told the doctor and was told to give it time. I did for a month by my 3rd injection i was telling Abbott my symptoms, they told me that they had a few complaints but never like mine to stop taking it and they would do more research and get back to me but stopp taking the Humira) I stopped however never heard back fro them or the Doctor). With in 2 more weeks, I couldn’t hardly walk, talk, work or get around. I took myself to the hospital was admitted for 8 days, had to have a muscle biopsy, to determine what the cause was, my labs were off the chart and all the doctors sited Humaria as the cause. I felt fine until week one on Humira. It has been 7 weeks now and after my 8 days in the hospital, a month recouping at home and major med bills and medication, physical therapy and a long haul to return to what I hope will be back to normal, I am still not walking right, have no mobility in my shoulders, have difficulty talking and eating and have to see numerous doctors that I never heard of before all this. I have now been told that I have an auto immune disease that is hereditary , strange no one on either side of my family have it or heard of it. I am sure that taking the Humira ruined my life and hopefully I will make a full recovery as i pray that this is not what medicine is suppose to do to someone. This is all too much for me at times however, If I can prevent one person for going thru this than I feel that I have done my job as a human being. The doctors and labs sure enjoy the rewards of our losses. I wasw told by my dermotologist that she could put me on prednisone to stop the muscle pain but that would make my skin go crazy. I have been on prednisone since i was in the hospital and am on round 2 at higher doses now for a longer period of time. Hummm I think i would of taken the chance and not have been in the hospital and everythign else i have been thru and that is where i am at now anyway. Hope this helps someone else.

  35. my wifes was on humira for about 2 months she got a rash all over her body after being in the sun now her joints hurt her they are slowly going away but moving around noe only in hands, feet alittle and knees really bad they are maybe thinking lupus because some count was high i think it was a ANA test and also how long does this stuff stay in your body

  36. im sorry she was on humira for 6 months now she has been off for 1 or 1.5 months

  37. My husband was on humira for several years. Enbrel before that. The enbrel caused a rash so he was switched to humira. I wish we had never seen this drug. He developed severe breathing problems and no cause could be found. Stopped taking humira and he had a stroke within a couple of weeks. He has had several tias and a major stroke in June. This drug should be removed from the market immediately before it destroys anyone elses life.

  38. I was diag for a.s. last fall after about 1yr of searching for diag. I started with mtx-and steroids. when that did not work-I graduated to enbrel-double site reaction-used medi pack-methpredisone and monthly shots of kenelog. Started Humira then suffered migranes and repeated thrush, rash on chest. My husband insisted I quit-but it was too late. Now I am unmedicated for a.s.-and ana is pos for lupus. I have tingling hands and feet when I exhale, get scared, cough, ect…. I have sortness of breath…having pulmonary test 7/1…colonoscopy 6/26 and neuro apt in july. I used Humira short of 3m. It is a black label drug…was not informed of the status….called Humira to report the issues……damage is done and I am worried for all of us who looked to this drug for relief…..I pray that the drug will be removed….too dangerous….and the risk is too great…nobody wants to admit or inform of the irreversable consequences.

  39. I am so sorry that everyone has gone through so much with this drug. I would be interested in a doctor getting on here and commenting and seeing what his comments would be. Are they informed of all the risks with this drug when they prescribe it to the general public. Who should be held accountable for this. Two years ago my rheumatologist should have known that when I was having symptoms of numbness and tingling that something neurologic was going on. Instead he says “It’s nothing, just increase your Folic Acid”. My question is that as the “general public” should we be informed of ALL the side effects or at least have physicians “well” informed from the drug companies about what to look for and what to do if something happens. I am now seeing a pain specialist because my “Former” rheumatologist does not know what to do. Funny that my Family doc just shakes her head when I tell her the stories about what I have been through. She has since gotten an appointment for me with another rheumatologist. Wish me luck.

  40. I have sever plaque psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis. I was 18 when I was diagnosed and I am turning 30 in a month.
    I started Enbrel in 2004 when it was apart of the study for Psoriasis. It stopped working this year 2009. In March I started Humira. I have had no side effects, although my liver function test came back really elavated.
    Has Humira or Enbrel been linked to liver failure?

  41. I had been on Enbrel and Methotrexate for many years for severe RA. In April 09 I started getting sick and very short of breath. When I finally saw a doctor I had Bronchial Pneumonia and was treated with Levequin and steroids through IV. Little did we know at that time I would test positive for Histoplasmosis. I am now on Sporanox for the Histo. The only RA med I take at this time is Celebrex and Aspirin. I am in terrible shape with lots of swelling, redness, and pain. This is in all joints.
    What drug can I safely take for my RA now?? I checked out minocycline and can’t take it due to the Histo. What in the world can I take now so I can try and get my life back?????????


  42. I started taking humira last year. I was on Humira for only 8 months. My psoriasis cleared up completely. I had to stop taking Humira as I could no longer afford insurance. I’m 23 years old and in April of this year, 4 months after stopping Humira, I have developed a constant cough that never goes away. I also feel extremely tired and weak everyday. I have to take a nap half-way through my day to make it through. I used to be a very healthy man (prior military, always working out). Now I feel like Humira has something to do with my physical issues. I’m trying to get a better job with insurance so that I can get my condition checked out. I have now had the symptoms for 4 months non-stop. I do not smoke and only drink a beer or two, maybe twice a month.

  43. I previously mentioned I got a skin rash, since then, my ankles have been swelling really bad, my GP said it was my RA, but when the rheumatologist saw me he sent me for an ECG and an echocardiagram, and xray and blood tests, he now tells me I have fluid on my lungs, which could indicate heart failure so I am undergoing more tests, I have never had any heart problems in 44 years and this is very worrying, I have now stopped taking Humira, not because my rheumatologist told me to, just because I cannot cope with anymore side effects.

  44. I have had Ankylosing Sponylitis for many years, I was put on Humira about 1.5 years ago and it worked great, after one year of usage I developed memory losses and seizures and have been seeing a neurologist for treatment. I had general fatique and peronality changes, also due to an MRI it appeared that I may have had a couple of minor strokes, possibly due to blood clots. As some of these issues might be related to the Humira I was taken off of the drug. It appears that there maybe an effect or maybe not, really cannot find information with others that have had similar disorders.

  45. I have a close relative. He has suffered from Crohn’s for more than 25 years (got it since a young boy). Since a couple of years ago, he is also suffering from pyro-derma (wounds on the legs). Remicade didn’t help that much. For the last three months he is on Humira( first every two weeks; for the last two weeks once a week). It is helping in closing the wounds, however, he is getting completeley short of energy, and is now going through flue symptoms and fungus problems. Feels nausea most of thew time. Finds difficult to walk even a block and quite cumbersom to climb a few steps in the house stair-case. Could it be that Humira’s frequecy is increased, Humira itself or what?

    Anyone who may have gone through or seen such an agony experience and would like to suggest/recommend some relief-giving measures?

  46. I am 44 years old and have had RA since I was 36. I have been taking Humira for 5 years. I believed it to be a great drug and honestly seldom had any flair ups with my RA while taking the drug. A couple of months ago I began to experience fatique and shortness of breathe. In June I had appt with RA Doc. I explained my symptoms to him and told him I was feeling really bad that day. I told him I was having trouble breathing and my chest felt heavy. My husband had driven me to appt. due to my fatique. He told me to see my PCP. Two days later I was rushed to hospital with pericarditis. I had surgery to remove fluid around my heart and lungs. The lining around my heart looked like a orange rind. Heart surgeon reported that he had never seen anything like it. I was immediately taken off Humira. I was told this evidently had been going on for sometime due to the damage. My question is what do doctors get paid for these days. I am so angry. I could have died and my RA doctor just shrugged it off and told me to see my PCP? I agree that doctors are either not informed of the potential hazards of these drugs or do not care as long as they get their cushy vacations from the drug companies. Something has to be done about this. If drug companies can spend the money to advertise the drug then they need to have the money to spend when they screw up somones life. If anyone knows where to turn now or any suggestions, please let me know. I want my life back as normal as possible.

  47. My husband died 7 months after starting Humira one week after his 55 birthday from septis. Dr told me the night he died Humira was the only thing he was taking that could have destroyed his immune that fast. He was a waiting surgery for hip replacement. I have a lawyer and my case has been excepted. He also had a rash develope on his back.

  48. I am 30 years old and I have ANKYLOSING SPONDYLITIS, my first flare up was at age 19….I have also experienced complications with Iritis and Behcets disease…..After seeing about 4 Rheumatologists, I am still uncertain about taking these TNF blockers….My last visited Rheumy (which was today) became very annoyed with me b/c I still have not made a concrete decision about taking her suggested medication duo of Humira and Methotrexate…..I am absolutely scared to death to start this medication process, especially after reading all these posts…..If anyone out there has A S , please let me know about any kind of pain management or meds you are taking to help lessen the progression of this awful disease……All advice is greatly appreciated and welcome!!

  49. Wow! Although I realised there were potential problems with anti TNF’s, all these comments have got me worried now! I have been on Humira for almost two years for ankylosing spondylitis and up until a month ago, have never felt better. I now have constant headaches excactly as described by other humira users (extreme pain on one side of head and involving ear and jaw). Nothing seems to be able to lessen it much. I called the rhumatoligist nurse here in England who informed me that there was no way it could have been caused by humira after all this time and to see my GP to test for other causes! Not sure about that now after reading others’ comments who have experienced same thing it seems! Almost afraid to go off humira now since it seems other problems pop up after it is discontinued! What to do!!

  50. kathryn, besides the humira, the only other drug that ever worked for me for AS was indomethicin. It is one of the older ones and can cause all kinds of stomach problems like ulcers etc . maybe should have stuck with it now! good luck to you – not sure what advice i would have about humira – sure worked well till i started getting horrible headaches!

  51. Thanks for the website & all the honest comments, everyone. So sorry to hear about all of the problems your facing from taking this drugs that should help rather than add to your growing list of medical problems. My Rheumatologist suggested I begin Humira or Embrel ASAP, but after reading these comments, only ONE person on the whole list has benefited from Humira — I’m definitely going to pass!!!! I’d rather have RA and live!! Than take this medicine and be in worse shape than when I started! I’m in my early twenties, I have quite a lot to look forward to!!! Not worth the risk to me, AT ALL!!!

    Thanks again everyone!

  52. I am a physically fit 33 year old law enforcement officer who took humira for less than one year for RA. Last May, prior to taking humira, my annual physical was perfect. Three weeks ago, I was diagnosed with stage five kidney failure. I am in the process of receiving a kidney transplant. If anything can be learned from this, make your doctors check blood and urine at least quarterly to detect this issue before it gets too far.

  53. I have been on humira for 3 months and have had several lesions grow, including a mesenteric lesion, complex ovarian cyst and a bone lesion, since taking it. I already had something benign happening in my nodes which was probably contraindicated for a drug that is linked to lymphoma. I also have a hard time walking and it’s gotten worse while I was on the humira. At times, I’ve had to use a walker and lots of time, I’ve had to use the cane. I’m off the humira now so I can possibly have surgery for all my lesions. I am in pain and tired, but my head is clearer and I feel like I’m no longer living in a pond of quicksand.

  54. I was diognosed with RA one year ago and after trying Methotrexate and others my Doc. put me on Humira in April 09. I went into complete remission and felt better than I ever felt until late July when I broke out in pustule psoriasis on my feet and hands. It was so bad I had to wear house slippers to work because I could not walk in regular shoes. I went to a new RA doctor who immediately said it was a reaction to the Humira, and he sent me to a Dermatologist to get treatment for it. The dermatologist said it was just plain ole psoriasis and Humira was a treatment to go home and take my injection….within 24 hours the pustules and blisters have came back with a vengence and I am back where I started. My new RA doctor was right and it definitly is a reaction to Humira. If I had came to this site before I may have saved some money on Doctor visits…..Now to find a new treatment for the RA that worked as well as the Humira without the terrible side effects…

  55. I have had RA for 30 years. My doctor convinced me to try Humira. 4 hours after 1 shot, my legs began to swell. I called my Rheumatologist and was told that I was having a flair-up and to take steroids. I argued that it was more serious than that – but was spoken to like I was a child, or worse, a hypochondriac. I ended up in the emergency room the next day and was told that the swelling was from my sciatica. I went home and suffered with a leg that swelled up 10 inches in diameter. I could not walk, was vomiting, had a fever, had lumps on my legs. I went back to the emergency room a week later to be diagnosed with bilateral blood clots from my ankles all the way to my lungs. I also had a intramuscular hematomoa in my pelvis the size of a hot dog roll. It has been 5 weeks and I am still in bed – slowly recovering. I have now been told my kidneys are not working well. This drug is horrible. I am lucky to be alive. I hope a lawyer decides to sue Abbott Labs on all off our behaves.

  56. I have had Crohns since 1983. I am 50 years old. I finally decided to try Humira since I have only 5 feet of small intestine left after 2 surgeries. I discovered after a GI series i year ago the Crohns was back. After the 1st few 2 months on Humira I had another GI series done and the Humira was helping a lot. Last Sunday 10/4/09, I had a seizure. I am not sure it is from the Humira. I am getting tests done but worried. I am researching Humira and seizures.

  57. I was diagnosed with ANKYLOSING SPONDYLITIS about 7 years ago. I just turned 50. AS is horribly painful, but I have been managing it with anti-inflammatory meds – 15mg of Meloxicam (generic Mobic) and 3 grams of sulfasalazine daily. Also, the occasional weed to take my mind of it :)

    My rheumatologist recently suggested Humira since I have been complaining about increased stiffness and pain. After reading the stories here I have decided that things have to get MUCH worse before I would consider a TNF med. The side-effects are just too scary.

    This has been a real struggle for me, but I suppose we must all play the cards we are dealt. I wish folks well in their own battles.

  58. I have RA and have been on Humira for 3-4 years and have had no problems with it. Rheum Dr. put me on methotrexate and that made me really sick- could not leave the house for work- even lowering the dose of it did not help. I read all the paper work that came with my humira but have not had any side effects. Guess I am blessed

  59. I have been on Humira since Dec.2009. I have psoraitic arthristis. It cleared my skin, my joints no longer hurt or swell, my deformity in my fingers and toes has stopped. it has been a miracle drug for me. My blood test are all positive! I found eating healthier food and getting exercise, particulary stretching helps alot!

  60. My mother began taking Humira for RA. A short while later developed Mantle cell Lymphoma. RA Doctor recklessly advised her not to worry about the potential cancer side effects stating it was a one in a million chance. His downplaying convinced her to take it. Now we are dealing with the consequences.

  61. I have recently had two episodes whole body hives, body turns very bright red, dizzy, awlful burning hands and feet, and swollen hands in the middle of night. The first episode included swollen throat and breathing difficulties. These occured about 10-12 days after taking Humira. I have been told that since it did not happen with 10 minutes – 2 hours after an injection that it is not Humira. But I have read it has a 14 day 1/2 life. Been taking Humira now for 1 year. Has this happened to anyone else?

  62. I have been on Humira for about 6mo before that I was on Embrel(6mo). I initially got relief from the Humira for my RA but the last 2 months I have been having some of the symtoms metioned. The foot fungus on one foot only and toe nail fungus. My jointts are feeling worse especially my knees, left knee keeps swelling. Pain that feels like it is deep in my bones, neck pain, memory loss. I want to stop the medication but am afraid of what will happen If I do just stop. Will I have a seizure??

  63. I have had Crohn’s disease for over ten years now, with an average of two to three flare ups a year. Have been on several rounds of prednisone and now have bone loss as a result. After a couple of years on Azathioprine I had lymph node swelling, malaise and it had lost its effectiveness on the Crohns and I suffered a flare up that had me couch bound for months. My specialist intimidated me into taking Humira last May. The Humira HAS relieved my Crohn’s symptoms 100%; but I wonder, at what cost? Since being on it I have progressing joint pain in my knees, elbows, toes and fingers; sometimes excruciating if I move the wrong way. I’m always tired, and often have trouble concentrating and suffer severe bouts of depression. I feel helpless, as both my specialist and family doctor refuse to believe it’s the humira and treat me like a child. Now, I have been very, very sick with the flu for over a week. The gland in my right jaw below my ear has been sore and stiff for months now, but the doctors dismiss that as nothing. At one point, the gland was so sore I wasn’t able to eat. I wonder what has to happen to my condition before the doctors allow me some leeway in choosing my own therapy. I feel like a guinea pig. My specialist is intimidating, but I don’t dare lose him as I will not have another one in this area. I feel like a prisoner in my own body.

  64. I’ve had RA since 1985 and was on methotrexate for over 20 years with excellent results. Then it began to be less effective with more and more flares. Then I was on Humira for 4 months then developed “pneumonia” in October 08. Stopped Humira immediately. Antibiotics would stop the symptoms but they would return after a week or 2. Doctors tried different antibiotics including infused with same result/ Pulmonogist checked for acid refux thinking it might be aspirated pneumonia. Then a brochosopy that had negative results. Pneumonia returned again and doctors thought it could be the methotrexate so quit that altogether. That worked for a couple of months so Humira was continued after 8 months from the original pneumonia. And returned to Humira for 4 months. All this time I had excellent energy level, no fever, no chills, no pain, etc only coughing with typical pneumonia spit up. In October 09 developed pneumonia again this time with difficulty breathing. All this while having regular visits with my rheumatologist. She knew I was being treated for pneumonia but never once suggested it could be the Humira. The pulmonologist decided to do a lung biopsy and I have stage 4 non Hodgkins large B cell lymphoma. Why didn’t the rheumatologist suggest the pneumonia could be related to the Humira. I think the pneumonia was actually the cancer. All I ever heard from her or her office was to be careful about infections.

  65. i was on humira for about 6 months last year..i stopped using it because i had a severe flu like cold every couple of weeks and developed diverticulitis…i had no idea that a medication could do something like has been a year since i stopped the humira and am sick all the seems like it may have ruined my immune system..where should i start to find out what is causing all this sickness..i go to the doctor and they treat the syptoms and it comes back after 3 weeks or so…everyone keeps making your sick all the time..i feel so weak and tired and tired of complaining…

  66. I am 44 and was diagnosed w/ JRA when I was 17. I was on Humira for 2 years. I had to stop medication before having a left carpal tunnel surgury. When I tried to go back on the drug all hell broke loose. I developed right side, my appendics were removed with some kind of abnormal growth on it. My nose swelled and I had nasal inflamation went to ent he performed surgery to remove excess tissue that completely covered my nasal Pharnax. After that I developed Shingles, 6 times. I stayed off all RA drugs for almost a year. Then they put my on Orencia, Got shingles twice and felt as if my symptons increased so had to stop it. Now I am finacally broke from meds. I have a hard time finding anyone who knows my drug and it is very frustrating when you have side effects and know one cares. Then you read all of this and I know many people are dealing with the same thing.

  67. While being treated for psoriasis ( embrel injections) i contacted
    follicular lymphoma.Now being treated at md anderson .

  68. My daughter age 37 years has tried all medication which bad side effects for her chronic AS. She is now on humera. She is suffering with flu symtons, and is now feeling so tired. Her ears are affected. Iritis in both eyes. One eye now blind. She is having the injection every 9 to 1o days and feels so unwell. I see her suffering and do not know what to do or where to go. Can anyone suggest what to do or who I can see before it is too late. Of course the doctors say they do not know what to advise. Just keep taking the Humera, they said, because there is nothing else.

  69. My husband began taking Humira in June of 2008 for his AS, which he has had for more than 35 years. He also takes Mobic. Within the first month after taking Humira he noticed muscle weakness. He also began left arm tremors within weeks of his first shot. In May of 2009, his lab work showed he has hypercalcemia, hyperparathyroidism and polycythemia. The pamphlet for Humira shows parathyroid disease as an adverse reaction to the meds. He now has a tumor on his parathyroid that needs removed, the calcium is leaching out of his bones into his blood and urine. He has also noticed a shortness of breath. He feels like he is aging rapidly, yet also has received so much pain relief from the Humira that he is reluctant to go off it. His doctor suggested he change from Humira to Enbrel.

  70. ive been on 6 different pills and they made me sick. ive been on humira, orencia which made my blood prussure go to 254over225. i just quite embrel it makes me feel offel and i have briises all over me. now im told i dont have arthitirs i have fibermalga and should have never been put on the medacations. what can i do?

  71. I was diagnosed with RA and the doctor prescribed Humira. After reading all the negative comments about Humira I decided not to take the medicine. Why will someone take a medicine that side effects are worse than the illness itfself. I will be looking for a naturalist instead of taking this toxic medicine.
    So sorry for all of you who contacted cancer, fungus, and Ms. This doesn’t seem right. I don’t understand how the FDA allows these kinds of medicines in the market

  72. My husband was on Enbrel for a couple years and his doctors decided to prescribe Humira. He took the first dose on December 18, 2006. He mentioned to me several time that he didn’t feel “right” after the injection. On January 21, 2007, he died. I will always believe he would be with me today if he hadn’t taken that first and only dose of Humira.

  73. after reading comments on this site i am still so undecided about taking enbrel as i have it sitting in my fridge ready to use and really hoping for some relief from my RA what do you think female 44yrs.

  74. I’m 29 years old diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease in 2007 was in Ramicade for about 8 months, developed allergic reaction to it . I was put on Humira since August 2009. I noticed my memory is weakening, I forget many these, flue like symptoms. I feel this memory loss linked to Humira .I ‘m always sharp until, I started Humira. Any thoughts? What would it happen if I suddenly stop Humira ?

  75. I have been on Humira for about 3 years, with no problems, these are like any other “drug” unfortunetly no doctor can know how a patient will react to these or any other drug. Im sorry for Kathy’s loss, but for me the Humira is a godsend for my RA. My close friend takes enbrel and it has done wonders for her. For some its a miricle for others…not. They cant pull it off shelfs if it helps so many . Kaycee I too are 44yrs. and female

  76. Dan, yes I have experienced problems regulating my temperature since taking Humira. I often feel like I am overheating and I never experienced this prior to taking this drug. I am so relieved that I saw your comment, because I’ve been thinking I’ve been all alone with this. I can barely tolerate summer months anymore. It has affected my ability to do sports or workout.

    I have also experienced chronic sinus infections and ear infections since taking the drug. I stopped Humira in Feb. 2008, after taking it for 7 months on a weekly basis.

  77. I took Humira for a year. I was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin’s Mantle Cell Lymphoma and given six months to live. I had a Stem Cell Transplant in 2007 but still suffer over this drug. Are there enough people out there willing to file a lawsuit over this drug causing these cancers and killing people? If there are, let us know and we will start the case.

  78. I have RA and was prescribed Humira. I had a severe psoriatic reaction that I’m still working on fixing. It’s been 7 months. Have had to take painkillers since this started. Afraid of what to do next.

  79. I have crohn’s disease and have been on Humira for 2 years or so.

    Originally it did a good job, but now it doesn’t do much. And I have developed a bad cough. I am a theater singer so this cough interferes with my performance sometimes. I am thinking of discontinuing the Humira since it doesn’t help anymore.

  80. I took Enbreal for a few years with average results. My doctor started me on Humira in 09. In Nov 09 I was diagnosed with GBS that I am still going through. Switching from Enbrel to Humira was the only change in my life. Has anyone else heard of GBS cases caused from Humira?

  81. I have been on Humira since Sept 2009. On Christmas I started feeling stomach pressure,bloating, and extreme hunger, and exteme back pain. For two weeks the docs thought it was GERD related to my ulcerative colitis. I finally had pancreatic enzymes done and they were thru the roof, CT scan revealed Pancreatitis. I am 27 years old and not a big drinker….how would I get pancreatitis?! I am convinced it is from the Humira, Azathiorine and Cortecosteroids. Has anyone else had these issues?? I am about ready to tell my GI docter that I am stopping the Humira immediately no matter what he thinks, before I get any other side effects from this.

  82. I started Humira on July 8, 2009 and at that time all of my blood work was normal. Blood work done on November 17th showed a remarkable increase in my liver enzymes which continued to increase over the next several weeks. A liver biopsy was then done and I have been diagnosed with autoimmune hepatitis. I stopped Humira after the blood work done on the 17th and my enzymes leveled off on the blood work done on December 28 before starting medications for the autoimmune hepatitis. I have found one case study on the internet where Humira has been linked to autoimmune hepatitis and am wondering if any one else has experienced this problem?

  83. After failed MTX therapy due to liver damage, I began Humira injections, 40 mg every 2 weeks in 8/2009. In November 2009 I became very ill with MRSA (skin and systemic) so my PCP and Rheumy took me off my Humira and Plaquenil. So, not DMARDS or TNF blockers for me at this juncture. Sucks!!!!!

  84. I took Enbreal with average results. My doctor started me on Humira in 09. In Nov 09 I was diagnosed with GBS in late 09 that I am still going through. Switching from Enbrel to Humira was the only change in my life. Has anyone else heard of GBS cases caused from Humira?

  85. im am a pa sufferer am on humira every 10 days took embrel before it almost finished me i find humira very good of course your immuns system will be low on it but im monitored with bloods and im vigalent with any infections id be lost without humira

  86. My daughter who just turned 21 is on humira, she has had no symptoms and her plaque psoriasis is totally gone, she only takes a shot once a month, may I ask how many shots a month were most of you taking? and by the way when the Dr. started her on Humira he never told her it was a study, is this ilegal?

  87. how many shots a month are you guys taking?

  88. I work as a case manager for Humira and heard a lot of great things about it. Yes, every medication has it’s side effects. When I speak with patients, it seems like they can not live without this medication. Many people say “Humira is GOD sent”, some patient stated that they were bedbound and now they are able to walk. I am sorry to hear that Humira did not work for some of you, but i hear great things about Huimra on a daily basis and I am proud to work for this product.

  89. I just took my 79yr. mother to see the breast surgeon, and she will have surgery Feb. 16,2010. My mother has complained of shortness of breath, rash on her nose and cheek, and the docters just ignore this. Mom called me this morning and said she is not taking her Humira, due to all the effects she read, and believes this med has caused her cancer and all other systems, I truly hope that by going cold turkey will not cause additional problems for her…Never once did the doctors take her complaints seriously

  90. My friend just phoned me from the hospital – He has Chrons and also some joint problems with it,now severe abdominal pain. He went to the ER and upon examination they find generalized diverticulitus. He is asking me to find out if he can take steroids (they are suggesting this treatment) along with Humera which he has been on for about 4 months. He felt great at first with the Humera but now doesn’t. Does anyone know if steroid tx is safe with Humera?

  91. I developed severe plaque psoriasis at 12 years of age and severe psoriatic arthritis at 17. I’m now 56. I’ve had every poison used by the medical community to treat psoriatic complications and have had numerous surgeries for joint replacement and joint fusion. I’ve had numerous skin cancers to deal with as a result of ultraviolet light therapy.

    I was on Enbrel for 5 years and was switched to Humira after it stopped working. I’ve had extreme rashes break out from head to toe, with a clear fluid ozzing from my pores. The docs at the ER tried to tell me it was psoriasis. Bull! I’m an expert on psoriasis, much more than they are. My lungs have been filling with fluid over the past 3 months.

    I have no faith in any of the doctors and would advise everyone to be their own advocate should you have one of the diseases Humira is being used for. Scour the internet, read everything. Keep an open mind and don’t blindly follow or listen to the typical MD bull s*#@. They really don’t know and can’t honestly answer any questions regarding these TNF drugs. We ARE the guinea pigs, even though these drugs are labled for our diseases.

    The problem I see is that there is nobody to track these many varied complaints and sort out what might be connected to this drug. The Abbott Pharm Co. should have an online board or forum, staffed by knowing specialists, where all of these complaints can be compiled or addressed. My insurance pays the $2,376 each month for Humira, so I know they got the bucks to treat our concerns and listen to what we have to say. But no…they’ve already calculated what the class-action lawsuit will cost them and have set the price of the med to cover this and still give them profit.

    I’m 2 weeks past-due for my injection and I’m having a hard time taking it. True, it has helped me have a few “normal” years without the torment, pain and heart-breaking agony caused by psoriasis. But, ultimately, I now must decide if I want to go any further down this road and perhaps pay with my life. There are to many unexplained or unaddressed side effects. Wish me luck, because that’s all I’ve got.

  92. I have been on humira 2.5 yrs. every other week dose, severe pain in feet and various other places since last summer. Problem walking general moving at times, nite sweats at times too and lump in throat hard to swallow. Struggle through work. Noticed extreme problems few days before next dose. Doctor says: must be an increase of my crohns symptoms so now on weekly dose since last November. Now, feet pain, swelling ,wrist hurts, hands hurt, feet numbness. asked to see neurologist. I have noticed 1 website saying humira can lead to MS. Scared of my future and ability to work. 49yrs old

  93. Linda-
    I was on Prednisone (steroid) and was put on Humira. I have been taking both for about a month now and my GI believes it to be safe & I have not had any odd reactions with the 2. I hope this helps.


  95. About 9 years ago I was diagnost with RA and have been on different kinds of medications to treat this disease. Kineret,methotrecate,steroids and Humira. The first three medicians did not work and my doctor put me on this Humira. At first it seem to work but at times I would feel alot of pain in my knees and have swelling around my ankles. Then I broke out in hives, itching all over my body then find out I got this fungal infection and could hardly breathe and was hospitalized over night from not breathing. All this took place after being on the Humira

  96. I have scleroderma, raynaud’s phenomenon, blood clotting disorder and maybe have lupus.I have had iritis for over a month now.The Rheumatologist wants me to go on Humira he said that is the only medication left to cure the iritis.I had my doubts about the meds but when i called abbott to hear the side affects of the drugs ,i cried just thinking about taking this dangerous and deadly meds. I think i would rather lose an eye as to take this killer drug. Thank you all for your comments and the vital information on the page.

  97. My mother participated in clinical trials and was diagnosed with non-hodgkins lymphoma and was dead in a year. The shortness of breath, body aches and many of the other symptoms discussed were among her symptoms. She suffered multiple symptoms and extreme pain. I wouls suggest not taking the drug despite what the doctors recommend because they are not experiencing these devastating side effects. It is hard to find a lawyer who will except the case because no one has broken ground yet but the class action lawsuit will come it will just be to late for those who suffered first. But you know there are many blogs out there with people saying the same thing may be we should unite and a lawyer will take us all on or at least take it to our politicians and make them listen.

  98. I have pa and have tried metho – no work and now I have been on Humira for 3 months. I have diffivulty breathing and have had a urine infection which has been treated with antibiotics and is not getting better.
    My ra wants me to try enbrel next – after reading all you comments I think I will just tough it out with my pa and hope I have not done serious damage taking the Humeria.
    Good luck all from this very scary drug and I agree it should be pulled from the shelves.
    PPS My pa is so much better after being on Humeria but the rest of my body is not.

  99. My fiance has Chrohn’s diesease. he has been on steroids, and other medications they started him on Humira the 25th of February which was just a few weeks ago his second dose would be due on Friday the 12th. He has had to ER visits one for more stomache problems with his Chrohns and this last he was diagnosed with phenmonia and pleursy which is all on the right side. He does not smoke. Has never had any breathing issues or problems before. They are treating him with iv antibiotics again. And he is still in the hospital as of today. March 10th. When I calledinto the humira hotline. They passed me along 2 more times. The last lady I spoke too wanted to call his gasterentoroligist and see if he thought it could be caused from the humira injections. After looking online I have come across more instances with his exact symptoms after others took this medication. As of right now he is not going to be taking his second dose of the humira as his family dr. is against it at this time. But we re not sure what his gasterentoroligist will advise next. After some of the things I have read I am terrified that this may only be the begining of side effects from this drug. We have yet toi wait and see.

  100. I forgot to mention he was also showing signs of bruising and muscle weakness before his episode with the phnemonia and pleursy. I called in and they had told me that was common for the muslce weakness and not to worry abut the bruises unless they got bigger or we noticed tiny pinprick bruises.

  101. I read through the rest of the comments on this page and I am even more concerned now even though my fiance only took the fist 4 injections for his first does of humira so far and since he is already in the hospital after only weeks. After reading Kathy’s comment of her husband dying and only after one injection of humira. I am just wishing with all my heart my fiance never took this medication. My heart goes out to everyone that is suffering with these diseases and the side effects of these drugs. My fiance is only 36 years old and we have 2 children together 11 years old and 7. So many of the comments I have read are by so many people that are so young.
    The more and more I read I keep wondering what other symptoms he has could be side effects of this drug. I know the phenmonia and the pleuresy could be, the bruisng and muslce weakness. He has also been having severe headaches and also high blood pressure. I was thinking the high blood pressure probably caused the headaches. Both seem to be worse the past few weeks though.

  102. I have suffered with Psoriasis for over 35 yrs and tried almost every thing avaliable, now my consultant wants me to try Humira, after reading comments on here think will give it a MISS, it seems possible that it creates more problems than it solves,I wish you all well Psoriasis at the end of the day is not fatal.

  103. I started taking Humira on June 08 for Crohns disease. I did fine for about 1 yr, but the drug actually did not help me much past 5 or 6 months in terms of maintaining a remission. I am now much worse off than I ever was to begin with in that Humira has given me Mutiple Scelrosis disease in Aug 09. By the time my symptoms appeared it was too late. I have developed several lesions that now has me very disabled. I have seen several Neurologists at the Cleveland Clinic and in my home town. These doctors have all told me that Humira is too blame. In my opinion, any of the Anti tnf drugs is not safe to take. If and I mean if you have to take these drugs then take for the shortest possible time to induce a remission and then off the drug. I would love to talk with others who have been diagnosed with MS from humira.

  104. My fiance was released on the 12th from the hospital his x rays now show nothing that was there when he was admitted on the 7th. They treated for phnemonia an d pleuresy. He is still on antibiotics and pain medications. The pain in his right side has still not went away. His dr. seems to be unsure what is wrong and has him coming back in a week or two to check him. And has put him off work for the next 10 days.

  105. I have taken humira for 5 years. It helped for awhile but i began developing what appears to have developed sqaumus? cells.when i quit humira at my Dr’s request,the lesions seemed to ease up,however after about a month,they returned with a vengence. I’m taking predisone as a maintenace drug and it seems to do a better job,however as i go along,i’ve been needed to increase my dosage.I’m concerned about it and i feel like lupus like effects and elbow and joint pain.worried….

  106. I was on Methotrexate and Humira last year and developed two large accessory spleens, an ovarian cyst, a large goiter with nodules and some kind of brain cyst. I also appear to have a few other things on pet scan that are mildly hot, and my uterus is consistently enlarged. Some of the things I mentioned grew larger or from nowhere while on Humira and Methotrexate (was on this longer and then with Humira), as they had been imaging me for the accessory spleens. Resolution was I stopped all meds to have three surgeries last year to have endometrial ablation and remove 1/2 thyroid, ovary and tube, two large accessory spleens. After being off all arthritis drugs for about six months, my last brain MRI shows empty sella with fluid – no cyst (I don’t know if this is an imaging issue or if somehow the cyst broke or dissipated). I also was getting lost in my car close to home, couldn’t think of words to say and hadn’t finished a book in a very long time. My neuro exam is good. After being off all RA drugs for the six months, these things are better. Downside, I can’t quiet my eye down and am in a lot of pain. I am trying something else starting next week. It says not to take if you have any tumors or growths… It’s a hard choice whether to sacrifice growing tumors, cysts or having enlarged organs (so far benign) or doing further damage to my eye, muscles and joints from my arthritis.

  107. My son was taking Humira for severe Chrons Disease for two years but was left totaly unmonitored for the second year (no tests at all), he now has Reumatoid Arthritis, Lupus and Multicentric Castlemans Disease which is incurable, he is now terminaly ill, all thanks to Humira and negligence. M.y statement says it all, DO NOT TAKE HUMIRA unless your pain is worse than death.

  108. I had done much soul searching before starting Humira. My RA was very high, I tried many different drugs, nothing seemed to work. I tried Humira. I took only two shots. After the 2 shot, I had a large red rash at the injection site. My husband and I went out on Saturday to do our weekend chores. When arriving home, I was very exhausted, and my right shoulder hurt very bad. I was also having pain across my chest and back right shoulder. I assumed it was from lifting and walking alot. During the early morning hours, I had such pain in every joint area of my body, and could not walk. I had to call 911. I felt like I would be crippled for the rest of my life. I ran a slight temperature. The ER stated I was having some type of reaction, including swelling in my throat. They treated me for pain. I then visited my doctor and determined I had a servere reaction to the humira. I was basically swollen throughout my entire body. My feet were swollen like ballons. I am currently home in bed, waiting for this Humira to go out of my system. Taking Pain medication, preisone and whatever will work. I understand all these problems well. I hope everyone finds something that works for them, and protects them from other bigger problems. I don’t know how long this is going to take. I was glad to hear someone else is having a temperature issue. My temp since this situation occurred has been 96.1 to 96.8. No more Humira or any type drug again.

  109. ive been on humira now for two years, is started getting numbess annd tingling in my exremeties from feet to my face, coldness there as well and when i go outside i freeze. possibility i have lupas and reynards. my energy is gone and my thinking to recall is wipded out. im very scared and im a nurse. im scared to death and the fda should take the heat for this drug its just as well to take rat poision.. hoping somebody can help me my dr;s all idiiots and dont believe me and im a rn, bs…

  110. 38 yr old female, got P when I was 21, got first signs of PA 5 yrs ago at age 33. Started Embrel 40mg every 2 weeks in 2007, took it for a yr with moderate improvement, then Dr. switched to Humeria 40mg every 2 weeks, P completly cleared up, yet didn’t help with PA, so Dr. uped dosage to highest approved amount…so for last 18 months I’ve been taking Humeria 40mg every week, this summer added Metho for 3 months & dropped it after having severe chest wall pain, which then led to all sorts of symptoms, left body is numb & tingles from head to toes, dizzy spells & blackouts that are increasing, pain every where, terrible headaches, Iwhenever I turn my neck I get the sensation of driving on a hilly road too fast, I’m falling & dropping things, always freezing…finally after 3 months of this just got the Dr to give me an MRI, results came back this week with MS lesions on the white matter of brain, go to see a neurologist this week, went yesterday & filled my arthritis Dr. in on the MRI results, she told me to stop taking the Humeria & acted really strange & started asking all kinds of questions about my symptoms & if I had ever had any of these in the past prior to starting the Embrel or Humeria, she was taking documented notes like crazy, yet I don’t ever remember her being so diligent prior to the MRI results, as if she was covering her ass. My blood test have always come back perfect. No family history of MS or anything neuro. My MRI prior
    to Humeria start was fine also. I am freaking out, what should I be asking the neuro, to make certain that I don’t have a fatal fungal infection of the brain from this TNF poison? I would strongly urge anyone to not start on any the TNF meds…having the P clear up has been wonderful, but not worth the possibilty of going blind or not being able to walk….I want these meds pulled & some lawyers to take action & start the documentation.

  111. I started Humira 6/09 for psoriasis. It was wonderful to be 80% clear, but then in January 2010 I was hospitalized for kidney stones. In a incident of inserting a stint in the bladder, they found preliminary stage of bladder cancer. At first they didn’t not believe it was cancer because of my age and the fact that I never smoked. But then after the pathologist report came back it, the first question was could this be caused by the Humira. Two months later, I had to have byopsies on enlarged lymphnod and tonscils. But they noticed that within 1 month of stopping the Humira shot, the lymphnod and tonscils started to shrink.

  112. I was on Humira for nine months to treat my RA after Methotrexate was not successful. Three weeks after my Humira was increased I had a mini stroke and then two months after that I had a massive stroke. I was only thirty-two at the time. I’m thirty-five now and I still have lingering neurological problems. I also have had ovarian cysts some of them have actually ruptured. I haven’t had Humira in three years. I have been blessed to find good pain management some of the time but my disease has progressed leaving me disabled. I developed RA after my son was born. He is seven now and I get to sit on the sidelines and watch him grow up. I would love to find a new treatment. I feel so sad that so many people have struggled with Humira. After reading these comments I am grateful that I am alive.

  113. comment for Kristy from the March 13 comment I was treated for pleurisy twice and I had the conflicting x-ray results. I was finally diagnosed with Chosta-Chondriitis. Steroids and heat helped me although I still have flares occasionally. I don’t know if this is what your fiance has but I thought I would throw it out there.

  114. I am feeling very sad as i sit and read through everybodys stories which I have also one to add. I had been on humira for 6 months with fantastic results. Blood test showed that I am in remission until the 6 month mark i had afew small white lumps like mossie bites appeared on my right shin. Showed my gp each time i visited he looked seemed interested but that was it. Bumps became very itchy then turned into small sores which slowly spread up my shin. I then got a row of the same bumps under my right breast and the back of my neck a day after my last injection. I was going insane and sleeping with ice packs agross my body as it was the only way that i could settle the itching down. Gp contacted RA specialist and he asked me to come straight down which was impossible due to 6 hour return trip so had to send photos by email. Next day had a biopsy and was to visit him the next week. By then I was going totally insane itching which had now spread to small areas of my face left wrist and hand and behind my knees. Told to stop humira which I was intending to and go on high does short course of prednisone. Took a ton of blood from me which i dont know those results yet till i see him in two weeks. Meanwhile stitches out after biopsy and ended up with infection a few days later resulting in wound bursting and wearing special bandage that cost $7 each and needed changing daily. Gp looked at wound yesterday and needs to re cut and stitch again next week. I only came on this site wondering how long the humira will stay in my system after i stop using it and I wish I had seen this site before starting it. I am now still itchy, dont know what the heck is going on and really shit scared of flaring up or even worse ending up with some of the things that other users have got from this drug…what a shame as it really did work for me. I have been off it since end of Feb 2010 and have not yet had a flare up and hoping I dont as I dont know how I will handle it with all this other crap that is going on. I already have thyroid probs, high blood preassure, restless leg syndrom all brought on from ill effects of other drugs that I have trialed on my 15 year journey with RA i am turning 45 soon and feel as though i have more illnesses than a 70 year old…sad but true…

  115. Hi…
    I have been on Humira for 3 years now and in the process of Kindney Function Testing.. !!! I was told by my Nephrologist my kidney’s have been declining since October… I have been on TFN blockers for almost 7 years now… I have Crohns… I hear & feel so much of what all of you are saying and I am sorry for your losses…
    I wish you well..
    Has anyone else had ANY KIDNEY ISSUES WITH HUMIRA??
    IT IS TRUE I liked humira.. it was the only drug that ever helped with my crohns. ALTHOUGH i probably have had every side effect and just have not noticed since i have lupus & fibro & cant tell one from another anymore… i have not had a FLARE IN 3 YEARS and that is amazing considering i was diagn. with Intercranial Hypertension in Oct and got Menengitis from local hosp …Humira has been super for my Crohns but KILLING ME SILENTLY…. i am stopping (after finally going taking my health into my own hands and finding a nephrologhist on my own…all my DRs” said my Labs would always be a little off since i was on HUMIRA”!.. NO SHIT… I IT IS TOXIC )…
    i have no choice… i am 40.. with 2 beautiful little boys … i want to watch them grow up,
    well … i will keep checking in… i am grateful i found this site as well..
    get your blood work checked and don’t let any doctor tell you just because your on HUMIRA or any TFN your Labs will be off…. make them tell you WHY… You are paying these doctors… They work for YOU….
    Also…Make sure your doctor tells you if You STOP REMICAID than RESTART IT YOU MAY HAVE A SERIOUS ALLERGIC REACTION to it..NO ONE TOLD ME & i learned the hard way…. the call my husband get here quick hard way… after my 4th infusion… it only took 4 min into the infusion for anaphalxis shock …hence the intro to HUMIRA

  116. Humira is responsible for the dead of my sister on April 2, 2010. She was 52 years of age and will be dearly missed.

  117. My doctor recently prescribed Humira by my Doctor for mild ankylosing spondylitis. I’ve only received one injection. It seems to have relieved the stiffness in the morning and tendonitis in my shoulder but after reading this site, I’m not sure if should continue with the treatment. A lot of scary stuff on this site

  118. I was diagnosed with RA almost 3 years ago. I was put on Enbrel, which worked beautifully for me for 2 years and then suddenly stopped working. I was recently put on Humira. I immediately had mild reactions, including joint and muscle pain, headaches, ringing in the ears, urinary tract infection, forgetfulness, crying easily, pain at night, pins and needles in feet. My MD said to stick with it, that I haven’t given it enough time, and that the only side effect that I have is the UTI…that the others have nothing to do with Humira. It is true that RA can also cause many of the symptoms I have; that’s what sent me to the doctor in the first place. The differecne is that after my first injsection of Enbrel I felt better. After my first, second and third injection of Humira I feel worse. After reading all of the above comments I wonder if I should be on this drug?

  119. I was diagnosed with RA eight years ago. (I am currently 40) Took methotrexate along with various NSAIDS over the past years. I started Humira injections two years ago and took them twice a month for one full year then stopped due to too many UTI’s. I have not been on Humira for one year now but I am developing several symptoms of MS. After reading some of these entries, I wonder if anyone else out there has RA and then developed MS after taking Humira???

  120. Comment to Michelle: Yes. Unfortunately Humira can cause MS because I was diagnosed as getting MS from Humira. I dont have RA but I have Crohns disease. I took Humira for just a little over a year and started getting the numbness and tingling symptoms. Other Anti Tnf drugs can also can serious nervous system disorders as well.

  121. My wife got sick in 2006 while taking humira she was in critical care over a month when she got out she had to start useing oxygen, in Feb. of 2009 her left lung collaped and in march of 2010 her right lung collaped and on April 2nd at the age of 52 I watched my wife die we would have been maried 33 years May 28.

  122. After being convinced by rheumatologist (that i did not want to go to in the first place) that I was stiffer and in more pain than I realized from the Ankylosing Spondylitis I’ve had for 17 years with only occasional bouts of severe pain after initial onset I went on Humira. After my 1st shot I felt fine, after the 2nd my muscles started feeling a little weak and I felt a little queasy, after the 3rd shot I was in a full blown flare of Crohns diseases which had been in remission for around 5 years. Was taken off the Humira and began treatment for the Crohns. Not only am I now dealing with a flair of Crohn’s, but my ankles have swollen to approx. 2x their normal size and am in horrible pain. Wrists are also beginning to hurt but no swelling in them yet. Never had problems with either my wrist or ankles until the Humira. Wish i had never even heard of Humira.

  123. Hi everyone, sorry to hear about your problems and my heart goes out to everybody. I know how all of you have been suffering and that is very sad but when i was reading ya’lls post I noticed most of you have been on them for years and have to wander if that wasn’t alot of your problems. Because like with any meds it tears down your ability to fight off any infections.I do know i was told to take a vitamin d supplement while on humaria.I was on embril about 7 years ago for psoriasis and psoriatic artheritis took for about a year didn’t do nothing for me I have been a sufferer now for 30 some yrs in april i started the humaria and 3 shots into it I was about 50% clear and I had the best shower in 30 yrs not stinging or burninng also i’m not itching of course i think it;s great but I’m gonna agree you have to br your own advocate .I have 3 more shots before I go for blood work the only thing that has happened to me was I did get dizzy and fell face firt and frature the bridge of my nose but i had a couple of drinks while playing darts.but that was the only time that happened I had just taken my 2nd series of shots .now i noticed yesterday that a blood blister showed up on my arm (Small one )other then that i’m enjoying the relief. but i will tell you this if my blood work comes back not good then to hell with what the dr:s say I’m am taking my self off the humaria.I can’t advise you all to just stop it that’s something you all have to decide what’s right for you.but for me as of right now it’s working for me and I’m happy with it . but that doesn’t mean later on I’ll be happy I’ll let ya’ll of luck to everyone and I hope you all find some comfort. god bless and take care.

  124. I am 35years old I have had JRA since I was 2 yrs old. I now have 3 kids and married. I have been on many meds with almost deadly effects. My parents choose to do the best for me when I was young used meds with few sideffects. When I was 18 I was told that I could choose, make a long story short, after going down hill quickly I took a very drastic methods for pain and joint swelling relief. 5years ago I started Humira with in 5 months I had been hospitalized and with a IVport in my hand for 2 weeks due to severe Infections in my lungs. I also had to go on permentant disability, I thank God each day that I have a husband who loves me and knew this would come sometime (just not at 30). I still take Humaria and now have many sideeffects such as constant cough(pneminoia if anyone is ill by me) Fibroymalsia, Had a Hystrecimy in January got infection that Iam stilll battling, pins and needles that go down the left side of my body from hands to feet, a foot fungus that has not gone away for 4 years( had toenails taken off many times), forgetfulness( which is being said for a sleep med that I take) and as of January my skin is very sensitve ( can barely handle hugs from my kids or to take my shot ) just to name a few. I also have had an infection of the stomache since January( can not eat anything but can drink milk tea and water all I want) great weightloss program. Ha Ha . I had Today I was at my when I learned with others there that people were having very deadly sideffects from Humira( I have a call in to my Dr for an ER Appointment to get off this crap!!!! I am not ready to die yet). It sucks cause my options of meds are running out and I already feel bad that my kids and husband have to help me change , get into and out of bed and showers, and many other things. I also have to take 90mg of predinzone and then taper down each month and you all know the lovely sideffects of that med. Not sure where to go and what to do so that I can make it through a few more years.

  125. I have been taking Humira for 6 years and apart fron the occasional irritation around the injection site have experienced no problems. Before going on Humira I was virtually housebound, I have not experienced a flare up since taking it, 7 months ago I reduced my Humira to one monthly injection and so far I am still feeling good and very fortunate that I haven’t experienced any problems so far, although reading all the problems on this site has got me more than a little concerned

  126. I was on Humira for 3-4 months. I had swelling in my ankles. When I went back to my skin dr. he told me to keep taking the shots. I forgot to mention I have Psoriasis. Which the Humira cleared it up. Now, I have problems with hand swelling, arms hurting. (arthritis). I won’t go back to the skin dr. he probably will tell me to keep taking it. I won’t go back on it. Sometimes my legs are stiff and sore too. I wasn’t like this 3 months ago. I am worried I do have the side effects.

  127. Hi. I’m on Humira for over 18 month. At first I felt good, it was helping with my Spondilitis but recently I started to feel different. I’ve got bruises all over my body, have night sweats, have hot flashes during the day,feel tired and sick all the time and lossing weight. I’m very worried that it could be Leukemia or Lymphoma. My blood test are o.k. so far but aparently sometimes you can have normal blood test is that correct? My dr said it’s o.k. and I shouldn’t worry but I do now after reading all your comments!

  128. I have been on Humira for almost 18 months. I was upped to once a week injections after 6 months due to iritis.uveitis flare-ups associated with AS(ankylosing spondylitis) and lots of joint pain. I began having severe neurological symptoms about a month ago. My rheumatologist did not know of Humira causing neurological problems and possibly MS. My symptoms are pretty classic for MS and if I can get a dr. to actually take me seriously, I”ll hopefully be getting an MRI soon to see. I don’t know if I blame Humira for this, or if perhaps I was already at risk for getting MS, now that I look back and see some warning signs that go back years, but now that it looks like I have to go off anti-tnfs. I am allergic to sulfasalazine, am diabetic so no steroids, how is my AS going to be treated? Even on Humira, I was barely functioning to care for my 4 children. I was having flare-ups of uveitis/iritis and lost some vision too. The only thing that got my inflammation in my eyes under control was upping HUmira to once a week. I’m very scared what the future holds. I’m only 33 years old.

  129. Less than a month ago I got pnemoninia was put on the stongest meds and now I have it again. I also have a hard time raising my right arm up as my shoulder is very sore. It is a new joint affected by my RA, I stated that i had not has my Humiria in a month as I was afraid of the sideaffects and , I was reminded that this was the last med I could try and not taking my meds was going to be worse. They wanted to do shots to the shoulder but I get migranes within 24hrs of the steriod shots.

  130. My husband took his first shot of Humira on June 8, had no adverse reaction at the site, just said he felt weird. On June 9th he was taken to emergency back pain, stomach pain, eyes sensitive to light and kidney pain. The pain from ankylosing spondylitis is about 30% less, however he will not be taking this again. He continues to have various pains that he never had before and I just pray that this stuff gets out of his system fast and does him no further harm. Funny the things you will take when you are desperate to be out of pain. Never again no matter what his Dr. says. If there are any adverse affects you can be sure we will be contacting a lawyer. My husband is 55 and was diagnosed with AS when he was 38. He can not take NSaids due to ulcers developing so we have pretty much been using alternatives, natural meds etc. Wish we had continued with those. Seems he has had flare-ups for most of the time in the last 3 years.

  131. I have had psoriasitic arthritis since 38. I’m now 58. I tried many things, including Enbrel. But thank God, not Humira. But PLEASE trust what I am about to say: read “The China Study” and change your life. You WILL get better. I did. Completely – to the astonishment of all of my doctors. I do have residual symptoms, probably a result of the drugs. But they are minor, and controlled with NSAIDS.

  132. Three years ago I was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer. I had my Prostate removed. On April 6 of this year I went for a physical and my PSA was 0.1 meaning no cancer detected. On April 29 I started Humira. On June 3 my PSA went up to 0.3 meaning cells where the prostate was are now cancerous meaning I have prostate cancer again after three years clean. Coincidence or Humira?

  133. I found out i had crohns in 1974 three days after my wedding I ended up having surgery to have some of my intestines removed. I tried remicaid and humira. I now have a rash that i have tried everything to get rid of but it will not go away everyday a few new spots show up. I have Liver issues which i tried to talk to my doctors about but the did not believe me and told me not to go of the humira. well i stop going to that doctors office and got off of humira. I now have chronic liver failure thank you to the makers of humira and of remicade that both your drugs hav very simular side affects. I am now on asacol and a group of others for my Crohns, RA, Ostioparosis, and Liver. Who knows Miracles happen everyday. Thank You JESUS!!!

  134. Have been on Humira for 2 years , my back is 100% clear from Psorisis Plaques and my body has never felt better . I did suffer major side effects on my first year even landed me in the hospital with a major infection that took me out of work for a whole month . I just had to continue and belive on this drug , before Humira my face was a sad thing to have to see , Ive never felt better in my life , sorry to hear about the bad cases , Best Wishes God Bless

  135. I haven’t posted since March on here and my fiance’ has not yet returned to work he had more problems arise with his chrohn’s and never took anymore of the humira than the first 4 injections to get started. He had numerous hopitalizations. And has since had major surgery in May. He ended up having all of his colon but a foot and half removed and they took over 25 lbs out of him some like cement. None of which appeared as bad as it was in any cat scans or xrays or tests doctors had done. He also had to have many holes repaired with sutures though out his small intestine. During his post op he had congestion in his lower right side of his right lung again. Other small set backs. And now is suffering with anxiety attacks, sleeplessness, and just recently lower back pain just to the right of his spine. I noticed a small bruised area just this evening I never noticed before not much bigger than the head of a pin. I am concerned with that now. He goes to see his gasterenterolgist tommorow . I am not sure they will do much though my guess is they will just put it off as nothing. He has still had problems with congestion and aches in his chest. Which they say is nothing now.
    I believe with all of my heart though he has only went further and further downhill since taking these injections. I only hope the doctors and the pharmaceutical’s making a killing in profits from these drugs they are using all of these sick people to test them on as guinea pigs one day find themselves facing judgement for this. I can say this because the doctor who prescribed my fiance’ his injections of humira grinned big and said those cost over $1000 an injection. After he had told him to start the injections then had him come into his office for test results for a BE with air in which it pretty much showed his only true option to help was surgery. That doctor told him to try these for a few months anyhow to see. Needless to say he got the phnemonia and pleuresy and has been steadily getting sicker since. And ended up stopping the humira after the first injections and side effects. Only to have to have the surgery after all. And still have problems. Before anyone takes these injections I will say this anyone in as much pain as my fiance’ was and has been I understand from daily watching him you would try anything to feel better to stop the pain. I saw this 37 year old man I love suffer in so much pain he was curled in fetal position in tears and couldn’t walk he crawled through our house and I understand how he wanted a miracle cure or for it to just stop hurting. Just please way all the side effects and consequences first. The demon you know is sometimes bad but what about the ones you do not know. In the end of this situation I can say he wishes he had never taken those injections. And if he had continued them as that doctor wanted to try for a while he would likely be dead. the surgeon who did his surgery never imagined he would see what he found when he went in. A few more months waiting and trying those injections and maybe fighting more lung problems along with other side effects his insides would have likely ruptured.

  136. My fiance’ went to see his gasterenterologist yesterday. That doctor did not thrill me none. He never even checked him over his assistant pushed on my fiance’s stomache neither even bothered to acknowledge any of the other complaints he had just ignored them like he never said a word about them. When the doctor pulled his chart he said you had this area and this area cut and fixed. You need to start remacaid treatments. We will be starting them here in my office. If this attacks your small intestine you will be done. It is the one that does the digesting. Hardly any surgeon will touch it. Well needless to say my fiance’ told the doctor umm no I had all of my large intestine but a foot and a half removed. And voiced his concerns and stuff. Well he has an appointment to go back in 2 weeks. And in between we are going for a second opinion and talking to his surgeon again. Funny part is his surgeon already sutured small holes all through his small intestine as well even the area close to his stomache which he said he hated to mess with but i had to be done. Makes my opionion of this gasterenterologist even worse. And considering he is doing these treatments in his office he wants my fiance’ to start after not even taking the time to concern himself with his complaints or his charts fully.

  137. my rheumatologist wants me to start this drug humira and give up my plaquinil that ive been on for twenty yrs. im alllways careful of drug changes and i did not like their pushiness.. i have ra oa fibromyalgia reynauds and hyperparathyroidism. they didnt tell me humira is experimental either. from reading the above id rather continue with two problamatic fingers then risk my life and what little health i have for a mere chance of being better. i thank you all in helping me make my decision not to take it.

  138. Well we ended up at the local ez care then the emergency room last night my fiance’s back pain and and rash that came up now. He has a severe case of shingles. Which if the doctor would have even checked would have recognized the rash we thought was a reaction to icy hot on his backache was shingles. Needless to say that doctor recomending remacaid now is not going to happen as an option with him having a severe case of shingles for quite sometime. If my fiance’ decides to even go that route which right now we are terrified of trying and wanting to go for a second opinion someplace.

  139. I am a Humira user for many years and previously used Enbrel way back when you were on a waiting list to get it and needed that credit card looking thing to take to the pharmacy with you as well. At any rate both of these medications have saved my life for both my psoriasis and my multiple forms of arthritis, don’t get me wrong I don’t like to hear of people suffering or of people losing loved ones under any circumstance, but to stand on the soap box and thump your chest and say humira ( or any drug ) did this to me when you KNOW what the potential side effects are is just wrong! An then to try to make a civil lawsuit over it is just a slap in the face to the potentially millions of people out there using this medication that is does work for that risk having it taken away, case in point Raptiva.
    I am willing to bet the majority of you with the fungal infections are living in the areas they are now warning about. I myself have to worry about that as I lived in one of those areas, but I don’t walk around everyday thinking am I going to get cancer today is that a fungal infection? I could sue the makers of Flonase for damaging my nasal lining but did I complain about it? No in fact I still use it! So what I am trying to say is…… I understand your pain and frustration, but when you sign on for something and you read the potential side effects and they do include the words cancer, lymphoma and life threatening please stop the chest thumping and get down off the soap box if that is what you are complaining about. Sorry this got to be so long.

  140. I have been so saddened to read all of these comments the past hour. I was getting ready to take an injection of Humira today but decided not to after reading. I was diagnosed with psoriasis and ulcerative colitis at age 17; I’m now 47. I was using everything imaginable to clear up the psoriais from creams t ointments to light therapy all to no avail. The UC was a different situation. I had been taking sulfasalazines and the occasional prednisone with only marginal relief. One day I just stopped both of them and I went into remieeion. Go figure! I still have an occasional flare-up and a yearly colonoscopy but it is under control. I went to see a rheumatologist because a dermatologist recommended it. He (the dermatologost) was treating me for psoriasis with creams, etc., but I started having all this knee pain. The rheumatologist said I had psoriatic arthritis and put me on Humira. At first, everything was fine. The psoriasis cleared up and the joint pain wasn’t so bad. But, then came the side effects. I kept getting sore throats, clogged ears, extreme shortness of breath and pain in my chest. When I read further on the side effects listed in the medication insert I realized I was having all of these symptoms. The worse has been the extreme fatugue and depression. Before I started using it I could wake up and jump out of bed and have lots of energy. Now, I can barely wake up and when I do I am in constant joint pain. I have decided to stop taking Humira. I had been contemplating it anyway; the comments here just confirmed my decision. I would rather have the plaque psoriasis back and treat it with creams than suffer what I’m going through now. I start a new job next month and I’m in constant fear I’ll lose it due to all of these symptoms. I wonder if I have MS or lymphoma. My heart goes out to all who have written here. I’ll never forget one lady’s comments: the pain is better than death.

  141. I have RA and was exposed to 3 types of mold so I have been sick since last September. During that time I was not allowed anything for my RA. The pain was so great. None of the doctors I saw wanted to say I no longer have fungi in my body. I have Alternaria, Chronic Sinusitus, Asthma, Dysphonia all from the mold and RA all along. I started on my Humira 3 weeks ago again because I can’t wait a lifetime for someone to decide if its in my body still or not. After two injections I feel okay but still coughing alot. We will see how this goes. I realize the side affects and all but you know I am 49 years old and I refuse to live what I have left in pain. I think alot of these stories have common issues which I think goes back to the doctors themselves.

  142. Hi everyone, I am also very sad to hear about all of the side affects you have all been experiencing. I was taking Methotrexate for my RA for 4 months. I had RA test and CCP which were off the charts high, so the Dr. started me on an aggressive dosage. It was working beautifully for me. Best I felt in 3 years (how long it took to find out what was wrong with me). However, my liver enzymes increased because I am also taking Crestor for high chol and trigl. So my RA doc took me off Metho and told me he wanted me to start taking either Enbrel or Humiera. I could choose which I wanted to try because they, in his words….work the same and have similar side effects and possible problems. he told me that the liver is not effected the same as with metho as with these TNF drugs. But according to a couple of comments here, it possibly has cause them problems with their liver. This stuff is no joke, I was going to give it a try for 3 months then re access. However,looks like THAT will be long enough to cause serious reactions and even death. NO THANK YOU!! Thanks everyone for sharing your horror stories, you have probably just saveed 2 lives. My oldest sister also has RA and was about to start Humiera also, but I’m sure she will not after I send this link to her! C.BENDELL

  143. I am sorry to hear about all those sad stories too. I am on methotrexate as well with Humira and cholesteral drugs. I am doing fine. I take 8 metho on Saturdays and inject everyother week and I am a smoker. I am 49 and prefer no pain. I work two jobs and one of which is heavy gardening so my hands want to fall off all the time.
    Fortunately for me Humira is a wonder drug and at my age I look at it as “I would rather not be in pain then worry about every thing that I am going to get”. Life is a fate in which god has planned for all of us and there is no changing that so as they say “Don’t sweat the small stuff”. You only get one life and I choose to live it while I can.

  144. Why do we let people get tested on? I though human testing was illegal yet since the late 80′s the FDA has essentially approved “human testing.” Humira, Remicade and antidepressants all seem to be used to work miracles. Do they? In our rush for gold, and with our corporate dominated culture we have compromised the value of developing trust. I see it when I visit the Dr. and his office is strewn with corporate freebies. I see it when I read about the profits of drug companies. Abbot has sent me numerous advertisement pieces that are expensive to produce yet contain a huge list of side affects and adverse reactions. The doctors and abbot are pressing me to take humira in a way that astounds me. Its a full court press. My doctors never talk about holistic or natural things I can take or incorporate into my life. They never discuss lifestyle. Its as if the entire system of trust between doctor and patient has been hijacked by corporations and quick fixes at the patients costly expense. Add to this the games played by insurers and you have a very toxic combination of greed and the callous diminishing of humanity. No wonder Americans are stressed and feeling betrayed. Who can we trust to help us except our own God. I am a sufferer of Crohn’s disease. 25 years of it. I recently went to the Mayo clinic and they recommended surgery after which a course of humira! I returned home and Abbot had already sent me two very glossy pieces of mail hailing the benefits of humira. That alone made me suspicious. I wish we had more advocates and promoters of the notion “trust before treatment”

  145. I have PA and was almost totally housebound. I have been on Humira for 2 years and have not had any issues with it. I have labs done frequently and this medication appears to work very well for me. I’m sorry to hear everyone’s sad stories. Not every medicine works for everyone. Hopefully you will all find something that works for you. I just hope and pray that I can stay healthy and that I don’t get any of the side effects mentioned, although the benefit of the drug outweighs the risk for me at this time.

  146. My mother-in-law had RA and was taking Humira. She developed flu like symptoms. She was hospitalized July 4, 2010. After 2 weeks she was finally diagnosed Histoplasmosis and Epstein Barr Virus among other ailments. But it was too late, her liver deteriorated to the point she bled out. She died July 22,2010 of liver failure while in the OR. She was only 62. My warming is that THERE IS NO WARNING! These symptoms can progress from routine to deadly in three weeks. Be careful.

  147. I KNEW IT!
    My husband was diagnosed with AS in Dec 2009 and began taking indomethosin (?) which made his lungs start to collapse and have daily diarrhea 3+ times a day (30 days)
    Last week of January ’10, he began taking Humira. Feb 23 ’10, he grabbed his chest and kept sayiing (slowly, somewhat like he was confused) that his chest was iced cold. I thought he was having a panic attack becasue at the time we were stressing for money. Later that day I took him to the hospital because he became totally disoriented. He was having symptoms of a stroke: had completely no feeling all over his body, did not respond to pain, noise, and he also didnt even know who I was (his wife) or his daughter was. He snapped out of it 2-3 hours later but was hospitalized for over a month.
    He ran up a 1.5 million dollar hospital bill that all came back normal. halfway through his hospital visit, he had to go to a rehab facility because he couldn’t move his right arm or right leg. They guessed that all of his symptoms were due to a stroke but was not seen on multiple MRIs.
    While at the rehab, he began having pseudoseizures which eventually landed him back into the hospital. His reumo told his MD to quit the humira even though it couldn’t cause strokes, but the MD never gave us that message. His neurologist diagnosed him with conversion disorder caused by stress.
    It made since to me until a month and a half ago, I came home from work to him being put in an ambulance car becasue he had another seizure.
    His magnessium level was 0. He didn’t even have one. After those seizure episodes, he had no feeling over his entire body. And if he really had conversion disorder, he would have had to have a seizure if he was stressed out. He was sitting at home, by himself, watching tv, with not a care in the world to bother him.
    I am so stupid to not have looked up this medication back then when he first went to the hospital. But I was told by the doctors (which who I had trusted) that humira was not the cause.
    he has complete numbness all on his right side of his body. His right arm is no longer paralized, but his right foot will not let him walk. He just drags it or uses crutches, and sometimes a wheel chair.
    He quit the medication about 5-6 weeks ago. If his foot comes back, I’m getting a lawyer for medical malpractice.
    Oh, and I forgot to mention, he is extremely sensitive. I don’t know if its all the anti depressants they have him on, but he is a total different person now.
    Also, if he doesn’t have any feeling, he has a tingling feeling.

  148. I developed RA 1 month after I gave birth to my daughter back in 1997. After about a year on prednisone and constant pain and swelling, I went on Humira when it first hit the market. My daughter is about to turn 13 years old, and without my Humira shots, I would be bedridden, crippled, and contracted by now. Humira has been my wonder drug. I have a joint or two that flare once in a while, but nothing that I can’t live with. I thank Abbott for the years I have had so far being able to work and especially to have this time with my daughter.

  149. I took my last shot on July 16, 2010. I am due to take another one this coming Friday but have decided to get off of the medicine after what I read here. I wish I would have found this site sooner. I hope it isn’t too late. Thank everyone for posting & my sympathy goes to each & every one of you for any loss you have experienced. Humira should be removed by the FDA.

  150. OMG!!! I have psoriasis and went to a NEW doctor about 10 days ago. I am having trouble controlling psoriasis mostly on my left side, under my breasts and in the groin area. Sometimes in my ear and eyelids. The doctor said that because I have psoriasis in “multiple” areas, I would be eligible for Humira. Because I was exposed to TB when I was an infant and about 10 years ago (and on RX for 6 months) they took a TB test. That test was negative. Then I received a call from Humira about me being approved for the drug. Because I wasn’t on a Federally Funded Medical Insurance Plan, the cost of the drug would be $2.00 per months. This sounded very, very strange to me.
    I can tell you that after reading all of the above comments, I will definately be passing on this drug as I have no desire to develop some of the illnesses stated above. I actually feel fortunate that all that I have is psoriasis. God Bless the internet and the easy access to other consumer experiences. Good luck to those who are having issues with this drug. My heart goes out to you. For me, I will find another way to live with this problem.

  151. I just had my first injection of Humira 5 days ago and have had no side affects I actually feel pretty good and can walk with no trouble.I’ll take my chance with Humira as I would rather be living life then laying around in pain.I choose to live life while I can you only have one life.

  152. This has really scared me. I have had Crohn’s since Jan 2000 and have been on Humira for almost 2 years. Nothing else was owrking for me and when I started this, it was like I had been given my life back. I felt great. But over the last 6 months or so, I haven’t been feeling too well and have had constant bleeding everytime I go to the toilet. I have numbness and tingling in my finger tips on the left hand, a small lump has appeared behind my right ear which is like a little cyst, I have some memory loss which is quite upsetting because I used to have a brilliant memory. When I mention these things to the dr’s, they brush my fears aside and treat me as though I’m stupid. I also started getting breathless with slight exertion, along with a slight tightening feeling in my chest. I was referred to the hospital and tests showed that I have some heart damage. The doctor told me it was well known that regular Crohn’s flare ups and the medications used cause heart damage – but no-one ever told me that! I told my Gastro consultant that I felt worse after taking the Humira and that I would like to stop taking it. I’m also taking Methotextrate as I have Crohn’s related Arthritis. Instead of stopping the Humira, he increased it from once a fortnight to once a week. I did this for 3 weeks and I haven’t taken anymore for the last 2 weeks. They made me feel so nauseus and headachy. I don’t feel any worse for not taking it – at the moment. After reading all the responses on here, I’m scared of what might happen now I’m not taking it. We place our faith and help in doctors and now it looks like they have failed us. I have just turned 50 and I was hoping to live at least another 50 years. Here’s hoping I make it!! Good luck to everyone who has posted their personal accounts here, I wish you all well as I do for myself. Some of you have or are suffering far more than me and through you I have realised that things could be much worse. I count my blessings that hopefully, I am not too late to do something about it and avoid getting worse. God bless. I really hope some wonderful lawyer will see these postings and offer to help you fight back – for justice.

  153. Hi to all of you. I have been praying all day that God send me an answer to my debate of whether to continue the Humira or not. I started Enbrel in May because my AS had gotten so bad that I couldn’t get out of bed on my own or dress myself. To my amazement, it helped me after the first shot. My pain was gone and even my awful hairloss had subsided. Then after a few shots it stopped working so my Dr. put me on Humira in Feb. I did great up until about 3 injections and then the pain started coming back. So guess what? My dr increases the shots to 1x a week. So I have been taking them now every week now and I feel like I am dying! My pain is back, my spine is burning, I feel so funny in my head, my chest hurts, my eyes burn, and all my hair is falling out in handfuls. When I talked to my dr he dismisses everything. He even made jokes regarding my hairloss. Needless to say, I am waiting to get into another rheumy on Aug. 16. I am so depressed, in so much pain, cannot turn my head, my eyes burn,I have trouble concentrating, memory loss, cannot make bowel movements, cannot sleep, unable to work, and just feel like I am dying. I cry all the time and have panic attacks. When I look back at photos just a few months ago I looked alive and now I look so bad. I posted my story on a AS forum that I belong to and was attacked and told that I was “scaring people” who want to take Humira. I thought, my God I would want to know. I am not taking any more of the shots and just waiting out the pain until I get into a new dr. I sure can’t deal with anything else right now and reading these stories just breaks my heart. We are fighting for our lives and being told this is all in our head is not acceptable. I have a 7 year old that I want to watch grow up. I am scared of the progession of AS but I am also afraid of fatal consequences from this drug. I am glad that I still have the mentality to research and look for answers and hope. I also find it strange that this $4000 drug is being paid for by a secondary source from the manufacturing and I only have to pay $5…seems to good to be true, right? I would love to correspond with anyone who is going through the same thing. Hugs and prayers to all.

  154. I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis on 4-19-10. By the time I started Humira on 7-2-10 my life was a horror of pain and disability. Without high doses of steroids I was unable to move let alone walk. I am well aware of all the dangerous side effects of this drug and I may well end up with some of the problems I’ve read about on this page. I may die from a side effect. But it is MY INFORMED DECISION. My fear that a drug that has truly been a miracle for me will be taken away or stop working is actually stronger than my fear of the possible side effects.

    Some of you feel that it should be removed from the shelf. I think making sure patients are fully aware of the risks is the answer here, not taking it away from people who’s live would be a living hell without it.

  155. Well, you can add me to the list of people affected by this poison. I’ve had crohns disease for six years, and had my first bowel resection in January of 2009. After that i was put on remicade infusions, which caused painful joint pain, but i had to stay on it for over a year because its the only thing that took away the joint pain (weird, i know) after it stopped working, I was put on Humira (about 3 months ago) I started developing a bad skin problem on my face. It kind of looked like a butterfly rash, so i went to a doc yesterday and asked for the test.I got an ANA bloodtest and it came back positive for Lupus. she said not to panic yet, that it could be a false positive or something else. i will have to get further tests run, but i know it is Lupus. I have the rash, memory loss, some blurred vision, fatigue and other symptoms as well. so now, not only do i have to deal with crohns complications, now i will have to deal with Lupus complications. I can’t wait to get the extreme joint pain back again. Probably end up back on prednisone, and we all know how wonderful that is. This Humira is poison, and if i find out for sure that i do have Lupus, i will definitely join the cause to bring a lawsuit against this company. I am furious and very scared. I am only 38 years old. any chance at a love life is certainly out of the question now. i feel like an old woman.

  156. I am on Humira, started January this year. I have crohns disease. Every injection fortnightly I have a different reaction, from swollen ankles, pain in joints, numb fingers, pain all over body. The last two injection cycles, i have devloped a rash, on my neck and chest, down my arms, on my legs, it feels like bad sunburn, then eases to an irritating rash. I was tested for lupus, ANA 1:320, but the specialist says not lupus even with this result, wants me to keep taking it. I told her I am very very tired, I can hardly do anything, I am struggling to get thru each day, I sleep like the dead, I have had countless fungal sinus infections, in march I had to have sinus surgery to unblock the infection and I also feel like an old woman, I feel like my life is over, I dont even know how I can get up each day and come to work. I am 57, have had crohns diagnosed for 15 years, and have had complications from the crohns, i also have multiple allergies. At times I am not sure if I am getting depressed or I just want to give up, it is just too hard to continue and I dont know what the options are as I am allergic to most drugs.

  157. Continue…
    Just wanted to let you all know that after my husband quit taking the medicine, 9 weeks later he started walking again. One week later he had complete feeling again.
    His MD, psychologist, psychiatrist, neurologist all say it was in fact his humira that caused the condition. However, his rehumatologist is trying to tell him to start the medication again to see if the symptoms appear again. He is insane. This drug ALMOST took my husband away from me and our 4 year old daughter.
    For those of you who say this is a miracle drug for you and you believe it should stay, I just any you to know that that is what you say now.
    My husband took this and it helped tremendously, but it also took control over his body. It gave him seizures, paralyzed him on his right side, caused him to quit working because he couldn’t walk or use his hand, took his license away, caused him to have memory loss and depression…
    Imagine waiting 10 long weeks paralyzed, in unable to control your brain waves, and being in tremendous pain until the drug gets out of your system. Would you still take the risk then?!
    After his 10 weeks when his rehumatologist tried to get him to retake it and we denied, he then told us Humira works just the same as ibuprofen and lordtabs.
    Why not start off with just that???????
    These doctors don’t even know what this drug can do. Why should they prescribe it?
    I am trying to sue Humira for the almost 2 million dollar hospital bill and for pain and suffering, but am having a horrible time finding a lawyer. If you know of one, please let me know!

  158. My wife started taking Humira sometime last summer, maybe futher back i dont remember for her psoriasis. She developed double phunmonia in the summer and it took 8 weeks to get rid of it. The dermatologist then switched her to enbrel because the humira was not helping.after taking that for a couple of months the dematologist switched her to stillara. I forgot she was on anti depressants at this time for stress caused by work.In Febuary of this year she started having anxsiety attacks so she saw a phsyciatrist who gave her klonopin. It did not help but she quit taking both around the end of Feb. first of March. I have been unemployed off an on last year and this and we thought it was causing her attacks. She got better the in April she had what appeared to doctors as a stroke, at first. Then she went for an mri and they came back and said no she had brain cancer. I was like WTF. she had no syptoms of any cancer before and all test run for it was neg. but they scared us into radiation treatments . Thank God we only did 3. She seemed to get better i got a job which required me to travel and at the end of the job I get a call that my wife was being driven to her moms house because she cant see(depth perception) can not walk and is sluring her speech.We get an appointment with a nuroligst at emery in atlanta. And she does an mri we wait 2 days for results and when she calls I am told to get her to the hospital the mass in her head has grown. They tell me its either lymphoma or a virus. they do more mri’s blood work.They dont know what it is. My wifes symptoms worsen kinda when her face goes numb. Finnally. they did a brain biopsy last week and said it is multifocal leucoencephalopathy. An incurable virus called jc caused this and it is caused by being immunesuppressed by all the drugs they gave her.Articles that i have read says a 1 month to 12 months to live. If this happens I will try to start a class action law suit towards theses co. or join one or do it myself. they never told her about this. they said it could have bad side effects but not kill her. She is 50 and was in perfect health.I blame the doctors to,and I want to sue them

  159. Been on Humira 1 month. Developed rash. Found Website. F*%$ this S%#$ going off of Humira.

  160. Does anyone use Humira for RA recently, my doctor suggest this shot. After some reading, it’s scared to death.

  161. After being put on Humira for sever psoirisis I have been in a living hell with swollen feet sever arthritus (side effect) in witch I never had in the past so bad I have a hard time using my hands and feet. Entire body stiffness to the point of being bed ridden for two and three day,s at a time. Depression and the loss of my home,cars,stock,employment and above all 29 years of marrage almost down the drain because of attempted suicide.

    At $5,000.00 a month for injections to go threw this it is not right when money is more important than one,s health and well being.

  162. I started Humira on the night of the september 8th after postponing it since I last saw my NEW Rheumatologist. I have had RA for about 3 years now and it is never great because I seem to have reactions to almost every medication that they have given me. The NEW Rheumy has taken over my old ones practice and I just met him for the first time. He added the Humira to my Plaquenil and LA Morphine, hoping to wean me off of the narcotics I think…His comment was he thought I still had “room for improvement” after he did his exam. I was very leary and so I read all of the materials and decided to go ahead with the shots and monitor it closely. Here is what happened within the next couple of hours…I took the shot at 8pm and no problem the pen worked like a charm, about an hour later I started to feel very nauseated, but it was more like I needed to eat something, over the next hour I started to get sweats and hot flashes. these continued all night and all the next day. Today I think they seem to be better, but now I am having stomach and chest tightness, almost like my whole mid section is swollen and I just don’t feel good at all. I feel like when I get up and move around I get the same sweaty feeling that comes back and I feel like I need to go back to bed again. Well I called my Dr. and he said to stop the Humira, but I also called Abbott and they were very accomodating and had me speak with a RN to take down all of my side effects. They said will be conferring with my Doc at some point. They said it was not typical “side effects” that lead to a reaction to the medication, but it might be more of a rejection, so they think it is more like my system was trying to reject the drug, whatever that means? I do want to say they were very nice and took a lot of time to go over everything with me in detail.
    I will not be taking anymore TNF’s I think they are do or die drugs and I can get by with the pain and suffering without these type of problems!!!

  163. I have Crohn’s, Humira scared the hell out of me, I will just try homeopathy and medical MJ when I get my patient ID. Body is a great machine, it works wonders if you give it the right ingredients but chemical drugs kill!

  164. I am currently on Humira and also have been on Enbrel in the past for Psoriasis and Psor Arthritis. After reading your comments here and with months of my own thoughts, I am not going to take my next Humira shot and just deal with my disease holistically from now on. This stuff is scary and I really don’t feel any better on it anyway. I often wonder if it’s making my disease worse. I did find a tip from Steve on here to read The China Study. I ordered the book and so far I find it very interesting and a great read for anyone with a chronic condition. Good luck to all of you out there.

  165. wow i’m scared now….I’ve been on Humira since may 2010 for Crohns disease i’ve had all these tests done an the medicine is not working so they up my shots to 2 ever other week an since they up my dose i have really weak arms, pain all over my body, i have a bone growth like a knot in my wrisp an now my lymph nodes by my ear is enlarged. I show the warnings about this drug before i started it but i didn’t realize there would be this many command complaints on it……..I’m calling my doctor tomorrow i’ve taken my last dose…….surgery sounds a heck of a lot better then another problem.
    Good luck to all

  166. Today WOULD HAVE BEEN shot #4. No way. Are you kidding me???I have RA and several other diagnosed auto-immune dieases. I was on Methotrexate successfully for years. IM .06cc per week. Took the first shot of Humira on 8/30/10 in the Dr.’s office. Hurt terribly. I felt “weird” instantly. Immediately EVERYTHING was dry…My mouth, lips,cuticles, and EYES. I wore sunglasses in the house because the son was way too bright and so were lamps and lights. On 9/18/10 I took shot #2. I was late because the prescription red tape took and extra week. I also started taking Celebrex because on 8/19/10 I had a Endoscope that revealed I had peptic ulcers from Diflonec a NSAID I had taken for years. I started having BAD stomach problems in 2009. The Celebrex/Humira combo ALMOST killed me!!!! No more drugs! Plaqinil is off limits till I get my eyes checked out..This drug is VERY dangerous. I am a 41 year old mom to 5 great kids who watched their mom’s world implode while taking the combo of Humira and Celebrex. Long story short on today 9/26/10 I am jobless, sick, can’t breathe (on Doxy anti-botic for 10 days) due to an unknown infection,spent hell of Dr’s “rolling their eyes of my dystonic behavior thinking it was mental problems..The dirty laundry list should have ended with fainting and almost totaling my car to the tune of $7,800. I passed out and missed a semi by inches. Jesus took the whell praise the Lord. I was depressed and my heart raced to the beat of 125-135 for DAYS.My 110/70 blood pressure went to 148/111.I could not swallow and could only eat yogurt and soup so I lost weight unessaraily.Then the doc thru on Baclofen for Acalysia (sp) and I was preoccupied with death because I just KNEW I was going to die anyday. I will suffer with my illness but believe me I COULD WRITE A BOOK about what happened to me with just 3 shots. Please read ALL the things on this and Celebrex before making a huge decision to inject yourself with a relatively NEW drug. I am CERTAIN it was Humira coupled with Celebrex that almost killed me.The FDA needs to SEE US whose life’s I hope will return to normal and survived. I have fear that my “pnuemonia” like symptoms are just beginning after reading only minutes. I am Horrified.

  167. Just like you, Kimberly…have been on Humira for about a year and recently started experiencing widespread pain. Had blood tests, urine tests, EKG for chest pain…nothing abnormal except some bacteria in my urine. Treated for a UTI. In so much pain today, landed on this site, and will be calling my Dermatologist tomorrow. I’m sure I’m done with this medicine…don’t like the annoyance of psoriasis, but my life is more important.

  168. I have AS and went on Humira for one year and it initially helped. well since taking this drug my life has been hell. I have had chronic fungal and Klebsiella infections and am undergoing testing because I have a mass on my right hip. I am currently unable to work bc of this drug. Humira and other TNFs need to be pulled off of the market. I am scared because my immune system has not been the same since I took this drug. I am very concerned that this mass is cancer because I have all of the signs like fatigue, night sweats, itching etc. Whatever you do, do not take an anti-TNF drug.

  169. I have been on Humira since March 2010 I really haven’t experience anything out of the normal, except that I recently had blood work and my liver test came elavated!!! Idk what to do the dr. was
    suppose to call me back last week and I have heard nothing, though I know one day my day will come but I don’t want it to
    come soon I’m only 23 and I would love to one day have a family of my own, does anyone know what this means
    or what kind of dr I should go see???

  170. I have been on Humira since Feb of this year, Yes i have had side effects but with what drug do you not… I’m on it for Psorias and Psor Arths. I have never felt as good as I have with the Humira injections.. I was told at the age of 15 that I had psorias and that there is no cure for it.. I am now 31 and my skin has never looked this good and I am able to play softball again with out any pain.

    The Key to sucess with any drug like this is to be up front and honest and not take NO for an answer from your MD.. Keep asking questions until you get the answer’s that you are looking for. Make them do test after test.. I know for me my MD has me doing Blood work and X-rays every 3 months. I have read what has been posted here and yes it’s sad and my heart goes out to everyone who has lost a loved one or had complications. I wish you all the best..

  171. Ok…after going to the Dr. they just confirmed an outbreak of shingles.Oh my, a prescription for Valtrex and a topical cream was prescribed. Has anyone else gotten a rash or Shingles from Hunira???Also, my liver enzymes are 107 and the normal range is 0-40. My liver panel was fine the day I took the first shot at Vanderbilt. I am worried.

  172. My husband started taking Humira in April 2008. He gave himself his last Humira injection on June 30th around 7pm. He had a massive stroke aroud 4am the following morning. Looking back this drug has caused him so many more problems than he started with; neck pain for no reason, ringing in the ears, fatigue, no energy at all, etc…the list goes on right up until his stroke. The dermatologist made this sound like a miracle drug for my husband’s psoriasis and would help his psoriatic arthritis also so we didn’t question the Humira. I have also found that Humira was given a “black box” warning around September 2009 which is the harshest warning that a drug is given. This drug has changed our lives. I have learned to investigate drugs more thoroughly no matter what the doctor says or does not say.

  173. I have been taking methotrexate and Humira for two years. I was diagnosed with AS in 1992 and the drug initially helped me get my life back. Within a few months I developed a rash on my buttocks that stumped doctors. A biopsy revealed “chronic” eczema, seemed odd as it had NEVER been present. When I questioned the dermatologist, rheumatologist and primary care physicians they were uninterested or unwilling to connect it to the medications. Two years later I am still dealing with the rash and subsequent biopsies have diagnosed pre-cancerous lesions that have spread internally. Still, my physicians evade any connection and seem irritated by informed questions. I never thought of this in legal terms but if I read another financial story about “blockbuster” earnings from tnf medications I see why doctors are evasive about a connection. This is human life and suffering we are discussing; guess it is worth less these days. I trusted them and now feel like I was played, legal action may be the only action the medical and pharmaceutical industries are willing to respond too. For many it’s too little too late, I am sorry to hear of the suffering and losses many of you have endured. That stated, sharing your stories may help to create more balance in this equation and redefine this issue. Perhaps a fraction of these “blockbuster” earnings could be re-directed to increased awareness in the medical and patient communities about the clear risks involved rather than a trial & error approach, seemingly in use at present.

  174. I began taking Humira in the summer of 2009 for psoriasis and psoriatric. It worked like a charm. Within 3 weeks of my first injection, my skin was clear. In August 2010, I came down with a viral infection, then atypical pneumonia, then some bacterial issues, finally after almost all of the symptoms of these problems had dissipated, I became incrtedibly short of breathe. I could not walk three steps without needing a rest. I was hospitalized for several days. The physicians (Internal Medicine & Pulmonologists) could find nothing, in particular. They concluded, however, that the immune suppression qualities of Humira led to the series of problems. I have now been off Humira for two months and have still not regained my strength or full lung capacity. But I do feel much, much better than the morning I was admitted to the hospital. It is “adios” to Humira for me.

  175. I just started Humira for my Crohn’s Disease my first 4 shots were on Sept 24th and I am due for my next 2 shots Oct 8th, I have had Crohns’s for 20 yrs now and have had 2 bowel resections, I am told I can not have anymore surgery. I have been on every drug there is for Crohn’s thank god I have great insurance, I have even done experimental drugs and nothing works but Prednisone. Right now I am on Methotrexate, Flagyl, prenisone, floic acid and the Humira. 4 days after my first 3 shots I came down with a bad sinus cold, runny nose sneezing coughing, flu like symptoms, I am still fighting it but now I am coughing up blood. The injections sites are still big red spots, I have major mood swings, tingling in my hand and feet, head rushes when I almost pass out, headaches, I am not sleeping and my husband has commented on how yellow my eyes are, the list goes on about how I am feeling.i have gone to the drs they say it has nothing do with the Humira,. What everyone has posted here scares me, I too have 2 children and want to grow old with them. I have been battling with this disease for so long, right now I am not working cause I just can’t get myself motivated or well enough to hold a steady job. I have been with my husband for 20 yrs so he has been through everything with me and he is great, he understands and is always reading up on my medications and my disease. I don’t have to say I wish someone knew how I felt cause after reading your posts you know how I feel cause some of you feel the same.
    I just dont know what to do stay on the Humira and give it time or get off and try something new???

  176. My daughter just started Humira. She has had 2 shots. I pray to God that it helps her. Remicade stopped working. She is only 11 and has been fighting Crohn’s since age 5. It scares me to think something terrible could happen. Say a prayer for her.

  177. I’ve had Crohn’s for over 20 yrs.-4 major surgeries-and facing another in the coming weeks. Been on Humira for past couple of months- not impressed and worried after reading all this. I too have had developed red face bumps and scalp bumps, as well as red bumps on upper body-front and back. I also have weird rash on lower legs and extremely swollen feet and high blood pressure. Going to the GI tomorrow-very scared, overwhelmed and feeling really down.

  178. My mom was diagnosed with Agressive RA within the last year and Ive been doing reseach, very deep research, and Please Everyone, DO NOT take Humira, The doctors are trying to get her to take shots every week or every 2weeks and she has not gotten better at all. THE SIDE EFFECTS ARE WORSE THAN RA AND CAN LEAD TO CANCERS AND FUNGAL INFECTIONS. The only proven thing that has helped her 100% is Cannabis, Look into it and decide for yourself. Plant the

  179. A WARNING.
    I was prescribed Humira and took the first months of shots. When I described the side effects I experienced to my dermatologist, he said and I quote “that’s all in your head”.
    I went off the drug and ditched him, and feel much better, with the side effects gone.
    Ditch Bad Doctors sooner rather than later.

  180. va hospital full of m r s a

  181. I had taken Humira for approx 18 months when I noticed that a lymph node on the left side of my neck had progressed from “sore” to hard and dead.
    I had to have 4 lymph nodes removed and a salavary gland. The doctors thought I had cancer. Later it was determined that the nacrotic nymph node was killed by a fungus. I told them that I had Histoplasmosis as a child and that answered the mystery.

  182. I’ve had Crohns for about 26 years. I learned how to deal with it pretty well on my own. I learned what caused it to flare up, I learned what to do to calm it down when it flared up. I learned how to deal with everything but one constant was always very loose stool.
    Talking to my GI he decided Humira would be good for me, so I gave it a shot.
    Now as I said, I know how to control my Crohns, my only issue was the constantly loose stool.
    I am also a volunteer firefighter.
    After a little while on Humira (two months give or take) I could no longer control my body temperature. Once I got a little overheated I was done, my heart rate went way up, I could not cool down. Not a good thing to be experiencing when you are crawling into a house on fire to search for someone in the house!
    I had tingling in my fingers, developed corns on my feet, experienced fatigue and shortness of breath, experienced some swelling of various areas, and it affected my relations with my spouse romantically.
    I spoke to my GI, he suggested I not stop taking the Humira shots until the other medications he wanted to put me on (with a whole pile of other side effects, one of which I had already declined to take) could take effect.
    I stopped the Humira (about two months ago), and did not fill the other prescriptions.
    Two weeks ago I had a colonoscopy, it indicated that the Crohns had settled, there was lots of scarring, but the Ileum was constricted.
    Since stopping the Humira, I am able to control my body temperature again, my heart rate does not go through the roof during emergency scenes, the tingling in my hands has stopped, and I have no more swelling.
    It was reading through the comments on this site that made up my mind for me, especially after the look on my spouses face when I read a few of the stories to her.
    Good luck to everyone with their pain, their particular ailments and God Bless all!

  183. Have Chrons for 3 years. Remicade did nothing. MP3 digave me shingles and Humaria gave me a rash on hands and legs. I am 5 and this is all new to me. Has anyone had this happen? They are now sending me to an oncologist for what may be an organ fungal infection. I have no support from my family. Any recommendations?

  184. I think People need to remember that this is a place to report NEGATIVE effects of the drug, hence not seeing any glowing reports of it working. I’m about to switch to Humira and found this page accidentially. After reading it I started to get worried but then I remember this is for NEGATIVE posts so don’t expect glowing sucess stories..I suggest trying one of the arthritis sites for find people this and other drugs have worked for, they far outweigh the number of people who suffered bad effects. The manufacturer does list all these possible side effects on the packaging..

    Anyway, hopefully I dont have to return a post a negative reaction.

  185. I have been on Embrel for a year and had many many days of headaches my doctor changed my med to ,wait for it you guessed it HUMIRA!!!!!!
    Three months in and i have extreme fatugue,depression,sore throat,shortness of breath,coughing,headaches,joint pain,neck and back are the worse,developed rash (not psorias ) hot sweats,and now i have a nice lump on the left side of my neck also lost all taste, food is not very nice at all, i did forget to mention i have AS and psorias age 48 i feel as though i am 90 years old i wish never to have taken this med, my advice if needed PUT UP WITH THE PAIN !!!!!!
    Need to go to hospital soon to check out lump on my neck and the rash, i do love my family very much my wife is the best, think before you take any of the meds you could be ending your life.good luck to us all.

  186. Ive been taking humira for one year now gave me lots of energy but now. I have been getting head aches and also red spots on my legs that irratate me after reading to tell you the truth Im scared for my life family and baby what have I done should I be taking this drug just started getting a lump under my eye woundering if humira caused it same as the rash spots just in the last month before taking this drug I had days where I could barely walk up stairs without using my armes to pull me up wow don’t know what to do now.

  187. let me join in on the fun also……blood test came back positive twice for lupis and now there having me get checked for ms…but you know my skin got so nice…….embril for 2 years and humira for one year

  188. I am 28 yrs old now. I have been on Humira for 3 yrs. When I first started the meds I was so very happy, my skin was clear with in one month and I was not long afraid to go to the pool in a swimsuite with my friends.
    Last year I was also diagnosed with diverticulitis and I noticed a bad cough and told my doctor, no problem.. put me on an inhailer for the cough and high fiber diet for diverticulitits. The cough kept on… during my check up with the derm she advised me to have my dr do a chest x-ray. The x-ray shows possibility of Pneumonia, I am now waiting to see a specialist to know for sure next Tuesday. What is going to happen to me? Short hospital visit more meds and ill be ok right? Im scared. Any advice?

  189. I wrote on here Sept 13, 2010 and I keep checking back on this page because it really made an impact in my decision of going off the Humira injections. Since off them, I feel so much better. No more sweats, eye twitching, headaches but, I have been experiencing some dryness in my throat….not a smoker and no colds to report. I really have been feeling much better. My psoriasis has only been mild. My doc said, I could experience a flare up but, so far it’s mild, thank God! I have changed my diet to vegan type/no red meat only chicken/fish/turkey and I feel better. My arthritis hasn’t been bad like before either. I am SO GLAD I chose to take myself off the Humira!! Good luck to everyone on here! I’ll keep posting back in a couple of months.

  190. I am a 24 year old, who was diagnosed with Crohn’s when I was 17. During my 7 years with this illness I have seen 3 different GI doctors, none which indicated that I should eliminate gluten out of my diet. It wasn’t til recently, that i started seeking alternative medicine… surprisingly my chiropractor was the one who suggested it! I was on Remicade for 2 years prior, which then my body became immune to it. My GI doctor and I decided that Humira would be a good option to try. I was only on Humira for about 2 months, when I realized it was not for me. I started getting small red pus-like bumps on my skin. My GI doctor and dermatologist both said it had nothing to do with Humira, even though on the FDA’s website, it says it could be a serious problem. My immune system use to be shot, and is now slowly becoming more strong. I started seeing a nutritionist, and an acupuncturist, both who have helped a lot! The only drug I still take for my disease is Pentasa, which I have a lot of faith in, and it has minimal side effects. I recommend to anyone to try natural herbs! Very helpful… just have to give them time!

  191. I think this site is terrible. It’s run by a lawyer who wants to sue for side effects. As someone about to start on humira, I’d want real information from someone bipartisan, not from a lawyer looking to get rich off of my disease.

  192. hi. i just had my second shot of humira exactly a week ago. i have severe RA for 18mnths now and have started getting deformities in my fingers and toes. i have experienced tremendous pain relief which went from 8 out of 10 to now 3 out of 10. my stiffness has gone up a lot more than it was and i am continuously tired, especially the first week after the injection. my sinuses are troubling a bit more than normal. i am due for a blood test next week and will report to you again. i am feeling more positive and happier since i started the humira but i am also a bit more out spoken, aggressive (if someone upsets me) and more forgetful since i am on this medication. my nurse says it will get better after the third injection…i have yet to see….will keep u posted. so far the positives outweigh the negatives…..

  193. I started Humira, I’d say, 6 months ago or so. I was astonished! I was diagnosed with Psoriasis when I was 14 and it got soo much worse over the years. I just turned 26 and through the years with my psoriasis, I would never wear t shirts, shorts, bathing suits…I was so embarassed. I had tried everything…creams, ointments, light treatment, etc. It would help for a small amount of time but once I got immune to it, it stopped working. I started the Humira and my skin cleared within 3 weeks. I was so happy. I wear t shirts and everything now. Never had any bad side effects or anything. Then, a couple weeks ago, I had this horrible lower back pain that shot down my hip and made my right thigh hurt all the time too. Didn’t think anything about it, just thought something happened. Then my left thumb started hurting really bad, like I broke it. I didn’t think anything happened, but I went to the dr and nothing. I just thought I jammed it on something. Then last week I had other fingers that hurt like that, and my wrist. Yesterday my ankle was bursting with pain, again, out of nowhere and I didn’t do anything to it. This morning I woke up with the pain in my right shoulder. I can barely move my arm, can’t put it up or hold anything. to move it, I pretty much have to use my left arm to move it! I didn’t know what the heck was going on, and I just had the thought of “I wonder if the humira is causing this” I didn’t think so, but I came on this site to read peoples comments and now that I see I am having the same symptoms as a lot of these people on here, I am FREAKED out! I am going to go talk to my dermatologist tomorrow and see what he says…and then probably go on to the hospital or something to make them test test test. I am so scared. ugh.

  194. Lewis, my husband, took Remicade, Enbrel, and Humira for RA. In
    February 2005 he was diagnosed with monoclonal protein in his
    blood. Then, on March 8, 2007, he was diagnosed with Non
    Hodgkin’s Mantle Cell Lymphoma. He began taking the drugs before
    Johnson and Johnson, i.e. Centocor, Abbott, and Amgen/Wyeth announced that TNF Inhibitors could cause Lymphoma. Upon diagnosis, my husband was given 6 months to live; however, he had a Stem Cell Transplant on August 27, 2007, at Wake Forest Medical Center, Winston-Salem, NC.
    He continues to take Chemo for this deadly disease. His last CT
    Scan did not show any tumors in his abdominal area. Our family
    and especially Lewis, have been and are still going through a
    nightmare over these drugs. All RA victims need to be aware of
    what these TNF Inhibitors can do to them. The doctor knows these
    drugs caused deadly Lymphoma in my husband. Remicade, Enbrel,
    and Humira are KILLER drugs. This is not fiction; this is a
    man’s life. One life is One too many.

  195. I’ve had psoriasis for approx 30 years. Last winter it covered approx 70% of my body and i was having painful flare ups. I had dealt with all the uncomfortable situations that this disease causes. I started on humira in March of 2010. It took about 2 weeks and I could see that it was working. After 4 weeks it was totally gone including clearing up finger and toe nails. I have noticed that my eyes feel different sorta tired and heavy feeling. My vision seems worse. I feel more fatigue and tiredness than before. Also feel that i have aged more in the past 9 months since taking this. I have always been very healthy and alot younger looking than my age. I have to say i can wear shorts and have my shirt off now and no longer have scales and blood caused from the psoriasis lesions! I wonder if anyone else has had these symptoms and is this the start of something far worse? Thanks

  196. I took humira for ulcerative colitis for about 3 months. Before that, I was able to exercise on a daily basis. Now, I find it hard to walk across the house. I am tired all of the time and sometimes my heart races so hard it actually wakes me up at night. I blame humira and wish I had never taken it. The tightness in my chest is at times unbearable. It did nothing for my colitis but has ruined my life.

  197. Has anyone started and stopped HUMIRA numerous times? I am supposed to start back on it again after being off it for over a year due to surgeries. This will be my 4th time starting it. My Crohn’s is way out of control and has been in a severe state for over 3 years. Nothing seems to get it under control, and I do not want the risk of starting HUMIRA again if I am going to have a massive reaction to it. But I am forced to comply with my GI doctors instructions since he is the only one I am authrozied to see.

  198. This stuff is scary….and who ever says it’s not a risk is well just “lucky” it working for them. I use to feel that I would rather live 3 months feeling good while taking any of these medication to help relieve symptoms but I have sense changed. I don’t like pain just like the next person but to have a drug administered to you by a doctor, someone you put your life’s quality into their hands and they ignore your symptoms is DECEIVING. I was diagnosed with AS a year ago and have been on Humira for 3 months. I am going to stop taking it because I break out with these bumps (blisters) that itch and burn in different places like stomach, legs, wist, belly. I called my doctor and told them about this and they said to continue taking it and stop my anti inflammatory only use Tylenol for the inflammation..Now I have terrible anxiety issues on top of that. I still have severe spinal pain. My neck is stiff and I have no energy to do anything because I feel like I am dying while on this drug. I am Not going to take it anymore. My advice to anyone out there “listen to your body” Don’t let a doctor tell you something is good for you when you are obviously suffering from other symptoms related to the drug they have you on.

  199. I have severe RA and was given my first shot of Humira back in late July last year. By the first week of Aug I had pain in my left ear and was suffering persistent headaches. I have never been prone to headaches. I didn’t make the connection initially. I went to the doctor several times and ear drops and antibiotics didn’t help my ear at all. Then I started to have pain under my right ear as well. I am now going to an ENT doc though nothing has alleviated my pain. I have not taken anymore Humira and my RA has me practically crippled. I would appreciate any and all advice. My rheumatologist is not very sympathetic unfortunately. Thanks.

  200. does anyone know if it is ok to take humira if you have hep c i too was a test tube

  201. My husband has been taking Humeira for 2 years for psoriasis. The dermatologist held a town meeting to intorduce the wonder drug and went on about how safe it was. In Oct. my husband went for a physical and mentioned to the doc a place on his neck. He was sent to the surgeon and in a week he had surgery to remove the lymphnode. Tests came back positive for mantle Cell lymphoma. Now he has been through 4 chemo treatments at approx $35,000 a time. Time off work and medication expenses gallore. Who would ever want to take a drug that woudl give you a “Rare” and hard to treat cancer. The avg. remission for MCL is 4 years. We followed the doctors advise when he siad thay had nto seen any adverse side effects. Thinking that it would be a one in a million chance….he took the drug. reading all the above problems is unbelievable. The FDA still considers that the benefits out way the negatives. One person to die of cancer is enough to pull this drug. If they came out and shoot someone to death they would get jail time. Why are they allowed to kill people and be able to get away with it just because they make a disclaimer in a brochure that everyone ignores because the docs say it is safe. No child should have to watch a parent suffer from cancer ….ever. The shot costs $2800..why are insurance companies willing to pay for it.

    Who all is benefiting financially from this.

    My husband is to undergo a stem cell transplant because he also has a cancer cell that adds more complications to his case. He has to stay at vanderbilt with a caregiver for 1 month. We live 3 hours from there, with school age children and elderly parents. How will we manage this…maybe someone from Abbott can come and help us out.

  202. I have RA and just took my last shoot of Enbrel tonite, my doc is switching me to Humira. Wondering if some people had some other underlying health issues, and that’s why they had these horrible side effects! I hope I will be ok starting my new meds in a couple of weeks.

  203. It would be helpful to me if this thread was moderated in some way, ideally by a physician and / or researcher who could add some perspective to all these horror stories. I have been taking Humira for RA for about six years now and have not noticed any negative side effects so far. It appears to have arrested the effects of the RA on my skeleton–no noticeable advance in joint damage. I am 60 years old. I know a couple of other people taking TNF blockers, also APPARENTLY free of adverse symptoms. I go in every 3 months for a checkup and blood panel and have gotten to know my doctor pretty well. He was formerly a researcher at the Mayo Clinic. I talk about Humira with him–many of his patients take it–and he says he’s seen “very few problems” but that the frequent checkups are vital, no doubt for all the reasons mentioned in this thread!

    I feel those who come to this forum deserve to know if there’s solid evidence of incorrectly interpreted safety studies or…WHATEVER. The FDA has removed many medicinal products from the market, even though they were effective for most people, because of risk factors that were considered too high statistically. Are we saying you can’t rely on the FDA or do the drug manufacturers manipulate the watchdogs or…what ARE we saying, about the SCIENCE?

  204. WOW!! WOW. I’m scared after reading all this! I have Chron’s disease. Have for awhile. I ended up having a fisure and an abcess in my intestine, luckily a small one. I was in Georgetown University Hospital for 5 nights and treated with antibiotics. I took prednisone for 6 months until I got health insurance and then I was put on humira. I take a shot every 2 weeks and it has been about 1 year. So far, I have not had bad side effects. My vitamin B and D levels were low so I take supplements for them. I did have crazy itchy legs for about a week, maybe 2 but they just cleared up. No scabs or marks. The pain before I went to the hospital was excrutiating, I couldn’t eat, lost so much weight, had no energy, and wanted to die. Since I got out, took steriods, and then humira for the past year I have gained all the weight back and have been free of pain. However, reading this page and posts makes me want to cry. I would rather have Crohns disease that die of a fungal infection, get cancer, lupus, ms, etc… I must say that my doctor does want me to see her every 6 months, and get blood work. She did warn me of these side effects but I didn’t know there were so many cases of them! My heart goes out to each and every person writing on this page!

  205. I have suffered with psoriatic arthritis for 15 years tried methotrexate stopped working so I tried humira very successful psoriasis gone joints feeling good,but after six months noticed painful lumps under my skin and losing weight fatigue ,my dermatologist did a biopsy and ct scan showing I had sarcoidosis an auto ammuine condition and on top of that tested positive for lupus as well stopped taking humira 18months again but still suffering side affects now

  206. My 59-year- old husband has RA. He takes 4-6 mg. of medrol daily, and in an effort to stop the steroids he began Humira in Deceber. After his last humira injection I noticed he was acting different (forgetting, thinking noises were much louder than they were, reality was off for him,) He made a rash decion to overdose on 70 Ativan 1mg and 60, 10mg. Ambien. Thank God he is alive. The doctor believes it was the mixture of Humira and Steroids that caused him to go off mentally. He is currently in a psych unit held by the Baker Act.

  207. I have RA an i had two shots of HUMIRA one a month.. my blood platlits went down to 16 an there supposed to be at 140 to 400 (approxemetly) and my skin has changed colors because the staroids i was takin to help the platlits come up. and my daughter an my husband and including some othe poeple noticed that i was not finishing my setences ansometimes i would be sayin one thing then i would be sayin another not relizin what i was doin.. ive been in an out of the doctors there was several points where i couldnt go to work because if i even got a scrach i could of bleed to death very easily so i stayed home without pay. i am still fightin to get them up to where there supposed to be. the doctors dont say its the humira except one doctor but ever since i took the humira ive never been the same. I started taein humira 6/29/2010 an stoped after two months of the shots, to this day i still havent gotten my platlits stable. if you have had the same problem your not alone..

  208. it does somthing to the brain matter and nerves doc told me today already had every thing everyone else has but no wounds of the skin i have been on it for 4 months shot every 2 weeks so do i stop the meds and more then likly stroke in a few months or stay on it and rot my brain already done every other option for meds what to do

  209. hi. i have now been on humira for 4 months. i find that this month my eye sight is deteriorating drastically. i dont know if anyone else has had this problem? my hands are very weak .
    however, i must say that since i have started humira i have been feeling much better. i jump out of bed in the morning. it doesnt take me a long time to get up. my stiffness lasts about 10 mins compared to about 5hrs which was before humira. my evenings are also not bad at all. i still say the positives outweigh the negatives….i am suffering with severely bloccked nose each and every day and headaches due to chronic sinusitis….does anyone feel ths same?

  210. I’ve been receiving Humira injections for almost a year for RA and taking Methotrexate at the same time although I’m continuing being decreased in the amount of MTX I take. My liver enzymes have been consistently good throughout this time however I do not now have regualrly scheduled appointments with my rheumatologist. I’m not sure how frequently my liver enzymes should be checked. The last lab work I had done was in November 2010. Can someone tell me how often the blood work should be checked? Thanks.

  211. TO: SHAZIA
    I can honestly say I’ve not had any real side effects from Humira. I feel the same way in that it has made me feel so much better as if I felt before the onset of RA. In addition it’s helping the bad knees that I have from prior sports injuries. I self inject with the pen every two weeks and usually one or two days before I inject I notice some stiffness in the AM. Sometimes I will take an aleeve tablet one day or both days before injecting.

  212. taking Humira 6 months. Something just not right. Eye Twitching and the foot problem everyone is talking about.I will stop now not later.

  213. Hi. I had been taking Humira for Psoriatic Arthitis for about 7 months. SOme help with symptoms, but only transientlly. I am 57. Had PA diagnosed one year ago. Suddenly liver enzymes went way up in January, 2011, the Rheuim insists it was from the NSAIDS, then started Plaquenil and increase Humira. Severe rash few weeks ago, dermatologist bx, probably a drug reaction, stopped Humira and Plaquenil. Rash was severe, finally cleared. Re started Plaquenil, no rash for weeks. The rheum insists the rash (which he never even saw) was from Plaq. He attriblutes any side effects to everything but Humira. Now I read here about so many people with rashes and liver problems from Humira. Thank you for all your posts, I was thinking of restarting Humira, but very reluctant about dying like from anaphylaxis, got an epipen. However, the rash was severe, and NOT from the other meds. So, I think I will have to NOT take Humira, afraid of rash, liver, and even worse. This drug has not been out long enough. My mom died sudden death while taking Vioxx (now off the market). THank you all again for this page of comments. From the pharmacist to the rheumatologist, no one want to blame Humira for anything, especially the severe rash, which by biopsy was a drug reaction. This is weird !!!! If you get a bad side effect from a drug, you stop the drug.. and they all are defending it. I hope I dont already have a tumor in or near liver, or llymphoma..

  214. i am experiencing similiar things to what some of you have mentioned. Iwas diagnosed with crohns in 99, surgery the same yr to remove about 3 feet of my bowels…started then stopped remicaide and developed a reaction. the disease came back about 6 or 7 yrs later COMPLETELY includeing voimiting diarhea and severe abdominal pain. Another suregery which removed several absesses and just about three more feet of intestines…i started Humira in 07 before my second resecction. so i have been on it for about 5 years now. it did my crohns situation well. i have had minimal complaints in that area except for many potty breaks but it is tolerable. However, now i have major complaints related to my joints. For the past two years–well is started slow and progressed…i have now been experiencing joint pain in ankles, fingers, back, and wrist mainly. the pain used to come and go but now it is more and more often than not. sometimes i walk around like a 90 yr old woman. I am only 32. i have been getting these nodules on my fingers which can also be painful. my last injection whic was about a week in a half ago, i experienced an extreme rash on my face that almost looked like a welt–it was very strange. sooo, my last GI appt, he says it is not the humira causing this(yeah whatever) and referred me back to the RA doctor that he referred me to before. I then saw her and she immediately thought that i needed to stop due to the nodules on the fingers, joint pain and rashes on face and arms. THANK THE LORD b/c i was stopping it whether she agreed or not. i was hoping that someone on here could shed some light on to how long it takes for it to get out of my body, will the joint pain go away for good? i did not have any of these other issues until Humira-granted i have been on it a long time but i think it is def time to move on. They also want me to start Cimzia but i am giving my body a break and reevaluate at my next doctor appointment to make sure levels have decreased….if they have not i guess they will try to diagnosis me with lupus since all the symtoms i were having is related to lupus. however, humira can cause lupus like symptoms. Also, what is this lump behing my right ear? if anyone can help and has had similiar experiences, please contact me. i hope everyone gets the answers they need. Doctor’s do not know everything, YOU KNOW YOUR BODY, be truthful to them and reasearch everything yourself and have that research to back you if you continue to battle with doctors about your helath. they are not perfect so a litle extra help can do wonders. Blessing of happy healthy lives to you all!

  215. I haven’t posted again since May when my fiance’ had shingles. After 7 months off of work with lots of issues. He went back to now have his Chrohn’s back active and severe. The entire time his gastreoenterologist has kept wanting him to start Remicaide. And when he didn’t want too they kept saying think about it and making appointments in 2 months or so. Well they stuck him back on steroids again just over a month ago. But way to late to help. The surgeon from last time did a scope on him 2 days ago and says its bad and at anytime he may have to have the rest of his colon out and have a colostomy bag. And he says maybe we should try the remicaide and hope for a remission. He has already decided no remicaide that he would rather have the surgery. After taking the humira for that little bit and all the problems. He still gets rashes unexplainably, and has the same back pain, and all of his joints ache. We are at our wits end with these doctors around here.

  216. I have been on Humira for approx.9 I do have pinched nerves in my back and have had problems with my left leg due to this. However lately both legs are going number, weakness, fatigue, pain throughout my body. Headaches, vision disturbence (loose vision in one eye) almost like the onset of a migraine. Memory loss, when I want to say something words dont’ always come out properly. Is this something that Humira is causing or could it be a sign of MS or Fibromyalgia. I went to Dermatologist today but she really didn’t answer any or my questions.

  217. I forgot to mention that the Physician already has me on opiodes for pain in my back which is Oxycotin and Endocet. However these pills do not seem to be helping with all of the pain I am in. I would think with taking these a long time prior to the Humira, they would take away any pain, but so far they are not.

  218. I have had RA since age 17 ever since taking the “modern meds” starting with oxaprozin, then prednisone, celebrex, methotrexate and humira, my blood pressure has become uncontrollable….last July while driving home one night ,I had a cerebral hemorrhage rendering me completely unconscious, veered off the road and it a tree head on at 60mph. I blame this on the use of anti-inflammatory drugs for so long.
    It seems that ibuprofen and light exercise and stretching are the best
    way to reduce the pain. Sometimes it take until mid-day before I can even walk in any way similar to a human being. Other days my feet wont even fit into my shoes

  219. My wife has had Croihns disease for several years (22).We have done the entire gambit of treatments from Enticort to Remicade to now Humara. Noneof them helped! She took the beginning injection of Humara about 14 days ago. Within 9 days she has developed joint pain, fatigue and overall feeling miserable. I am so upset with the doctors because they are clueless, they treat the symptoms but never the disease. Abbot Pharmacutecal gives all of these wpotential warnings but really they don’t care. She called to discuss the issues with them nad they referred her to her gastro who recommended this crap in the first place! I would rather her be limited with her Crohns affliction than go through all this! We will stop immediately taking this poison. God wil help us find a cure or give us the grace to carry on.

    I will be contacting an attorney , not for the money but someone has to stop this type of torture…Someone must be held accountable for the pain and destruction.

  220. I am 28 years old and has had RA since i was 14.I have Humira but have not started it yet.After reading everyones comments i dont think i will either. I have sat here crying because of the stories of the people that has taken it and what it had done. I dont know what to do. All i know is that i want to take a drug that will help my RA but not cause me other health problems or even death. The doctors give us this med to help us but it is really either killing us or making our lives worse than the were before.

  221. Tina….I know exactly how you feel. I’m 41, have had psoriasis since about age 12 and psoriatic arthritis diagnosis in Nov. 2010. I am in talks with insurance and Abbott about getting on Humira. After reading all of this, I do not think I can take this medication. I am not immobile or covered with psoriasis, so I am wondering if I shouldn’t find a holistic doctor. Maybe a natural healther dr would be something to look into for you too. I always think there must be something I can do, diet/exercise or herbals that would help me. Best of luck to you and everyone who has posted here, God Bless you all.

  222. Hi, i thought i would share our story with Humira. My 16 yr old son was diagnosed with very severe Crohn’s in Oct. 09. He worked his way through prednisone, 6mp and on to Humira. The 6mp was holding him steady, but not pushing him over the hump into complete remission. He went on Humira in Dec. 10. Any remaining Crohn’s symptoms he had cleared up rather quickly. However, beginning early Feb. he began to have what we thought were unconnected symptoms. He started feeling joint pain/cramping, especially in the knees and feet He also got super severe tailbone pain without a cause. He had to have an epidural injection, but it did not work. He became extremely fatigued and irritable. He got weaker and had leg tremors and felt llike his legs would give out. He is a varsity golfer and his game fell apart (went from shooting low 70′s to mid 80′s). Just thought he was in a bad slump. At the same time, his grades started slipping. By the end of March, he was in tremendous pain, had weak knees/legts with leg tremors, grew clumsy with his eye hand coordination and had difficulty concentrating and remembering things. I did my research and finally put it together that maybe this was all connected and had to do with the Humira. We saw his gastro doc and I told him my fears and that i was taking him off the Humira immediately. My son saw a spinal orthopedic doc and a neurologist. When asked to count backward by 7, he counted 57, 52, 55. His brain wasn’t functioning well. He also started spacing out and not responding when talked to. They also did a blood test for possibility of other autoimmunes because he was showing signs of MS. He did not have MS, but did show high antibodies to Epstein Barr (which can mimic MS). We took him off the Humira right when he was supposed to have his 2 week injection. So, he had not had a shot in 2 weeks. By 2 more weeks off, he was showing dramatic change. By 6 weeks off since last injection, he was getting back to normal. It is now the end of April and all symptoms are pretty much gone. He returned to golf 3rd week of April for the first time since end of Feb. and shot a 72. We are more than convinced that the Humira caused all of this and just wreaked havoc on his system. Interestiingly, the Crohn’s got the best it has ever been. It definitely helped with that. He had a colonoscopy/endoscopy and it showed pretty much complete remission. However, because he was off the medication for about 2 months, his Crohn’s relapsed just a little. We are putting him back on 6mp with the hopes that it will maintain him at this level. I will never put him on a TNF blocker again. Especially because of the neurological symptoms. It was scary what happened to him so fast. He was on the Humira for about 3 months total. I pray that there are no lasting side effects that we haven’t seen yet. Also, our doctors think that the Humira created such stress on the body that that it caused the Epsteins Barr to flare up. My son never had mono, but apparently has the virus dormant in his body. I’ve read about 95% of the population does. It was very clearly the Humira that caused it all. The doctors think that if we had kept him on it, ultimately our son would have developed another autoimmune disease if not cancer. It seems to open the door for that. Strange when it is being taken for one in the first place. I suppose that if your autoimmune was causing such terrible distress that you did not care how bad the side effects could be, then it’s worth considering. But certainly for us, the risk is nowhere near worth the reward. What helped me put it all together was reading all of your’s and other sites stories. This is why I am telling ours, in the hopes it helps someone who has similar problems. ( On an side note, my 17 year old daughter was diagnosed with kidney cancer at the same time. After going through both together, it is very interesting to find out how eerily similar cancer and autoimmune diseases are.) God Bless you all and I pray for less suffering for everyone!

  223. i have taken Humira for 8 months now, my RA is much better but my liver and kidny are in worst condition and am having abdomenal pain but my doctor says i should keep taking humira but i dont think so

  224. I received Humira injections four years ago. I now have neuropathy and gastroparesis. Im only thirty four years old and my body has been destroyed because of this drug. If anyone has info on filing a lawsuit I would greatly appreciate any info I could get.

  225. I was diagnosed with RA 15mths ago and have been on Arava, Methotrexate etc for most of that time. Have tried a couple of other options to no avail and Specialist is about to put me on Humira. After reading all the side effects etc I am really worried whether to go ahead with the injections or not.
    Can anyone shed some light – Proceed or Not!!!!

  226. Someone please tell me if my mothers doctor is knowingly putting her in danger for profit.

    My mother has been struggling with severe psoriasis plaque.
    s that cover most of her body, for as long as I can remember. She would never wear shorts or a bathing suit, and she was very self conscious of her skin. I can’t put into words how severe her condition is.
    It’s absolutely horrible.

    However, my mother has a heart condition. She has an electrical misfire in her heart that caused her to go into congestive heart failure. She is a paranoid schizophrenic. Her condition could possibly be surgically corrected, but that just isn’t an option in her mental state.

    As we all know, these shots cost thousands of dollars.
    My mother is on medicaid. It pays the entire cost of her Humira shots.
    The shots started clearing up her skin the first month.
    She has been using humira for 4 months now.
    Last month, they started coming back. There is very little improvement now. The doctor says this is common. It may stop working for a while, and then go right back to working again.

    My father and I have repeatedly told the doctor to please take notice that she is beginning to swell again. Her stomach is so swollen as if full of fluid now, that she has no belly button. Her belly looks pregnant. Her heart has been racing. She runs out of breath often just walking around the house.
    The doctor says she is fine and acts as if we are both crazy.
    My mother cannot think for herself. She insists the doctor wouldn’t give her something that would hurt her, if there was any danger.

    We have repeatedly asked her about mom’s heart problems, and that we are afraid for her being on this medicine.

    Are we being unrealistic here?
    Why do the warnings say not to give this drug to people with a history of heart problems, or congestive heart failure?

    She is also an insulin dependent diabetic, and uses 3 insulin shots per day.

    Are these doctors recieving large kickbacks to push these expensive shots?
    Enough they would knowingly put a very sweet mentally ill woman in danger?

    please help!

  227. My mother was taking humira seven years ago for rheumatoid arthritis. After three months taking it, she experienced left sided weakness to her hand and leg and a brain abscess from toxic plasmosis was diagnosed. She took numerous antibiotics, had extensive physical and occupational therapy, was left wheelchair bound, and then relapsed six months later. She had to have another craniotomy and brain biopsy which showed she still had the toxic plasmosis. More medication prescribed that was very expensive for her fixed income as a senior citizen. She was on the medication for the rest of her life and was left permanently disabled until she died in May 2010. I have reported this incident to Abbott but the have neither followed up with me nor done anything about what happened to my mother. Her physician put her on this very dangerous medication but did not even take the time to report this incident; so I did with no result. As a health professional myself, I am angry about what happened to my mother and I want to alert everyone to the potential risks with any medications your physician prescribes. These risks are not always on the label and must be reported to regulatory agencies, i.e. FDA, so that pharmaceutical companies will add them to their labels to warn the general public. I am contemplating suing the company at this point for leaving my mother permanently disabled and because they did not offer any compensation for her care for those six years disabled until her death.

  228. 7 months ago I found a dr that could tell me what was wrong with my 21year old son’s sore and stiff joints psoriatic arthritis ,his right Wrist has fused bones in hand deformed , his elbows fused at an angle he can no longer straighten his arms, arthritis in his lower spine( not fused all the way ) can only bend and touch his knees now is ankles are swelling has a hard time walking the dr thinks they are fusing to he has been on humira for 7 months the dr wants to change his med’s to Embrel to see if it will help, at this rate he will be in a wheel chair before he’s 25 . The only thing the med’s have done so far has help a little with the pain .Is their anyone out their with joint fusion ?

  229. I did a lot of research on humira before starting it. Since I´m a medical student I was perhaps even more scared of potential side effects than anyone not involved in the health business and therefore carefully went through all published material on pubmed concerning humira and other TNF´s. I did this together with my father who is a well thought of MD in our country. We did observe that most studies performed with humira were founded by abbott themselves, which of course raised some question marks in our heads. From what we read, humira seemed to be the least associated with devastating complications like multiple sclerosis(MS) and cancer among the available anti – tnf alfa drugs (although I now realise from what I read on this website that abbott industries might have consciously under – reported side effects in their trials in order to make their own drug more appealing compared to other Anti tnf – drugs).

    I started taking humira for my crohns(that was in remission at the time) and severe sacro- iliac pain. Both my Rheumy and GI said that this was the most suitable solution at that time since it would treat both these conditions. I took humira for 6 months(12 doses in total).

    The actual reason I stopped treatment was due to a leukocytoclastic skin reaction which was present during the whole treatment (spots appeared 1 day after first injection and then gradually worsened).
    2 months after my last humira injection I unfortunately enough started experiencing MS like – symptoms. I wont make a list of them here. This resulted in an appointment with an neurologist who after examination and history immediately scheduled me for an MRI which I will go through shortly.

    I live in Northern Europe where to my knowledge there is no established routine to perform MRI scannings prior initiation of TNF – antagonist therapy. Since I had not experienced any evident symptoms of MS prior taking humira no procedures investigating this were performed. Although I might have had clinically silent CNS lesions that I was not aware of even before humira.
    If an MRI or lumbal puncture had been done initially I might therefore not have developed what I am sure will turn out to be MS since anti tnf alpha can trigger a latent MS disease/aggravate an active MS disease.

    I want Abbott industries to put a warning label on humira that states that any neurological disease must be ruled out by MRI and/or LP in all patients, including asymptomatic ones, prior initiation of anti Tnf alpha therapy. Taking history and going through a standardised form with questions about previous neurological symptoms is not enough from my point of view! From a cost – benefit point of view this is problably favourable in the long run when considering all the different kind of support most MS patients eventually demand to be able to stay alive.

    And of course my life is completely devastated because of this new disease.


  230. I first posted my story of neuro issues with my use of Humira back on this thread in 3/2010…not long after that post I was seen by many different neurologist, many more test…I was diagnosed with Humira Induced Multiple Sclerosis shortly after post. I’m currently under the care of one the nation’s leading MS neuro specialist. It has been one year from hell for me…I’ve been hospitalized now 8 different times for a week each…MS flares are terrible, I get paralyzed completely from head-to-toe on my left side, loose my ability to speak …and on top of it my psoriasis & psoriatic arthritis are both raging, as with all these lesions on my brain there is not effective safe method of treatment along with my MS. This class of rx’s needs further FDA warnings & Dr.’s need to be speaking to patients about these risk much more seriously & know the warning signs to be looking for in patients.

  231. I just found this site today and I have been reading all of the comments here with tears in my eyes at the suffering people are experiencing and also with the knowledge that I am not alone in my struggles with this terrible drug. I have been an AS patient for 35 years and went through the NSAID route until ulcers prevented their continued use. In late 2008, I went to a new rheumatologist to see about any new treatments and he introduced me to Humira as a wonderful new drug for AS and PA. After considering several options, I began the Humira injections in February of 2009 every two weeks and did experience some moderate relief in my joints right away. However, I began feeling very sluggish and tired, as though I had the flu, and within a little more than a month I collapsed on the stairway at home, unable to breathe. I was hospitalized with atypical pneumonia and the emergency room doctor advised that I discontinue the Humira as it might be adversely effecting my immune system. I went back to my rheumatologist and he convinced me to restart the Humira with the explanation that “these things sometimes happen while your body is getting used to the drug.” I continued to struggle for a few months with the flu like symptoms and began to suffer from confusion and memory loss. I had a very difficult time finding the words I wanted to use. I was laid off at work because I was unable to concentrate and was sick so much. I again went to the rheumatologist and stated I believed Humira was making me sick. He somehow managed to convince me that I was suffering from fibromyalgia and the Humira was not the cause of my problems. Unfortunately for me, I didn’t listen to my better judgment and continued the Humira injections. I was very ill with a high fever over Thanksgiving of 2009 and my husband came home from an errand to find me completely incoherent with a fever over 105%. He rushed me to the emergency room. I do not remember the next two days. I was diagnosed with sepsis and came very near to losing my life. My husband was told to go home and get my health care directive. The doctors then innundated my system with antibiotics and I slowly came back. I was in the hospital for 10 days and it took a long time after that for me to gain my strength and mental capacity back. I discontinued the Humira at that point when I went back to the rheumatologist and expressed my anger at his disregard of my concerns, he told me that I needed to speak up and tell him when I was having problems! Needless to say, I found a new rheumatologist. I still struggled with infections and cognitive issues and a general lack of energy for a couple of years until April 2011 when I woke up in the middle of the night in excrutiating pain in my kidney. Again my husband rushed me to the hospital. The ER doctors found a 1 cm kidney stone and when they opened me up to put a stent in, my kidney was full of pus. I again was diagnosed with sepsis and again, the ER doctors saved my life. During April, May and June of 2011 I was hospitalized 4 times in 6 weeks with out-of-control infections and very high white blood cell counts. I again lost another job due to continued health and cognitive issues. I now control my AS with Celebrex and pain killers and am not sure I will ever be completely well again. To all of you who have been through so much, my deepest sympathies go out to you. I want to pursue legal action against Abbott and my rheumatologist (who turned out to be one of the FDA board members who approved this drug). The most important thing we can do as patients is to be responsible for our own care. Keep hanging in there and I will too.

  232. After taking Humira for just a month, I was hospitalized with acute gallbladder infection, which could not be treated through regular medications. My gallbladder was so infected after taking the humira, it adhered to my liver.After several(3) week long stays in the hospital, I was no better. One doctor attemped to remove my gallbladder. To no avail. I was sent to a liver transplant specialist in Houston who was finally able to remove it. I was cut into twice during this ordeal, 2 ten inch incisions! And had to have a gallbladder drain tube for 2 months. Very, very painful !

  233. I am 35 I have as and ra. I was on humira for a little over a year. Back in march I had a numbing tingling sensation in my legs. A week later I became paralized and broke ankle in 2 places. I’ve been diagnosed with transverse myelitus. Has anyone else gotten paralized or diagnosed with transverse myelitus.

  234. My mother died from lymphoma, bone and lung cancer in June 2011. She had been using Humira to control arthritis and psoriasis. She had previously used Enbrel and Methotrexate which caused her to developed a benign lung tumor. Humira killed my mom. This drug needs to be taken off the market and I would love to sue the maker of Humira for wrongful death. I don’t have any money but would love to put Abbott pharm. out of business.

  235. I was diagnosed with RA in August of 2009 and have been treated by my rheumatologist with Methotrexate and Folic acid since January of 2010. When I started with this treatment I could not even open my right hand. I also was diagnosed with Dupretrens disease-a disease, as I understand it , that caused my hand to contract severely. At this time I can at least open both of my hands most of the way. But recently I have been having joint swelling and stiffness in my hands, feet, and knee. My rheumatologist suggested that I take Humira injections every 2 weeks. I injected myself at his office and had no adverse reactions. In two weeks I gave myself a second injection and did not have a reaction until 36 hours later. Suddenly I became extremely dizzy and slightly nauseated. I had three more “waves ” of nausea and dizziness that turned into vertigo that became worse with each wave. The vertigo became so severe that I could not open my eyes. I struggled to get to the bed with the second wave so I could lay under my ceiling fan . At that point I became so sweaty that my hair which is long was completely saturated —I looked like someone threw a bucket of water at me. I laid on the bed praying for this episode to pass. When I started the third wave I became so nauseated that I had to crawl with my eyes closed to the bathroom. I was never so scared that I was going to die or have a stroke as I did at that time. It took an hour before the episode was completed. I felt horrible afterwards and for 6 days the whole top of my head hurt. When I finally got ahold of my rheumatologist, his nurse gave me the message that the Humira could not have caused this reaction and that if it happened again with my next injection (next injection???Is he kidding me) to call my PCP because there was something going on that needed to be looked into but that it was not the Humira. Really???? Well I have been an RN for many years and I know that a sudden increase in the blood pressure can cause dizziness, sweating, nausea and headache. The Humira drug can cause hypertension. 1+1 still equals 2.. I am not taking these injections again especially after reading all the other comments. Doctors need to quit listening to the drug reps and start to listen more attentively to their patients. I wonder if we are all guinea pigs. It is scary. Permanent damage is being done and the drug companies do not seem to care. They have to recoup their “research” money. I feel that some day this drug will be called a “bad drug” along with all these other wonder drugs that are now known to be dangerous. My heart goes out to everyone who has had bad results but I wish to thank them for taking the time to write to this address so that we can share info with each other

  236. I have chron’s disease and have been on Hunira for a few months. On August 2nd I had surgery to reomve a small portion of my small intestines that was causing an obstruction. The surgery was successful. 10 days later I was back in surgery (emergency) with a massive inflammation blockage that caused me to lose 30 inches of small and large intestines. I have had 3 previous bowel recession surgeries in the last 10 years and have never had post surgery issues, of course no obstructions. The only difference with this surger ywas the addition of Humira as a medication of use for me. I was scheduled to have an injection Aug1st one day before surgery and my doctors agreed to stop taking it and that I should go back on it soon. After the emergency surgery all the doctors had no explanation of the cause of massive inflammation that clearly was not there before my first surgery. It seems to be a mystery to them. Now they are all very serious about me starting the Humira injection immediately. Does anyone have some insight for me or similar issues of inflammation post surgery due to possiible drug? All I know is that I had a an unnecessary second surgery, lost more intestines, and am facing seriouls recovery time. I would just like to know how this all happened for clairty and closure. I appreciate any comments and information.

  237. I have been diagnosed with transverse myelitus. I was on humira for about 2 years. On march 5 2011, I became paralized and that\’s when I was diagnosed. Since then I\’ve had 3 infections in my blood and urine. I basically don\’t have an immune attempt this drug messed my system up. Has anyone else experienced any of this? It looks like I will be parilized the rest of my life stuck in a wheelchair because of the transverse myelitus.

  238. I have been on Humira for a little over a year for Crohn’s and arthritis. Within two months of taking started having severe side effects. While communicating these symptoms to my Gastro he said couldn’t be from the humira and as long as I was seeing a neurologist he wasn’t taking me off of it. I have now tested positive for MS, have sever headaches that will not go away even with medication,severe unexplained muscle pain and swollen Lymphs .Now I have lost one eye due to neuritis. My gastro still would not believe these were side effects from the Humira .There is no other explanation. Finally my Primary forbid me to take Humira though some symptoms have eased I have permanent nerve damage. I would recommend You consider very carefully before taking Humira

  239. I was diagnosed with crohns in Sept of 04 . I of course had to take prednisone and other meds (don’t remember wihich ) Things went well for quite a while . I then fell into the “donut whole ” with medicare and couldn’t afford the asacol . I was put on other meds and suppliments folic acid and b12 shots once a month . Everything seemed fine until about 18 mo ago . I had a crohns flare . ( and still flaring ) I was so tired all the time ; I asked to have my potasium checked . They called me with results when I walked in the door . My potasium was so low , I was to take 1 dose right away and a 2nd one before bed and another in the AM and come back for another blood test . I did feel better , but still flaring . Another round of prednisone . Which wasn’t helping . In Dec 2010 my GI doc started taking about putting me on Humiro . They gave info on it , PLUS Abbott was sending me stuff in the mail . I had to change my medicare plan to make it affordable ( Dec 2010 ) I read some of the side affects .I dragged my feet , scared to try injection ( FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE ) I did start the Humira in late Jan 2011 . By March/April , I was having trouble getting up off the couch , and the toilet , My legs and arms seemed weak . sometime in late April I noticed this weakness seemed worse on the left side . Stairs are a real problem . My left leg gave out at the top of basement stairs . I went to my knees , I crawled across the floor to where I could pull myself up Had to sit for a while cause my legs were shaky . Then it happened again outside . I talked with my GI doc and wondered IF the Humira was the cause . One side affect I read about was ” muscle weakness ” . My GI said NO , that symptom was way to rare a 1 % cxhance . Then on Memorial day ; My left leg gave out again ( on stairs) I broke my foot in 4 places and a very severe sprain to my ankle . I again called my GI . He thought maybe I had developed some kind of under lieing muscle disease .Refered me to Rhum and did some blood work . My muscle enzimes were off the charts , over 700 . I stopped the Humira right away . The doc said it was safe to stop . My muscles still seemed to be getting even weaker .My rhym doc ordered a act scan ,MRi and an emg ; All that added up to a muscle biopsy ; Which showed I have Polymyositis An auto ammune muscle disease . Which promted a 4 day trip to the mayo clinic in Roechester MN . After reviewing my records and a councletation . The GI doc there asked me WHY my GI wanted to put me back on Humira . She said the only reason she saw for that was to prove or disprove the Humira . And that she wouldn’t do that to me . My rhumy here had put me on that mexo (?) 8 pills once a week . Which made me sick for days . The docs at Mayo thought my body would tollerate it better in a shot and I could take a larger dose with less side affects . And it would treat both the crohns ( not working ) and the polymyositis . Which was killing off my muscle tissue . I felt like I was dieing from the inside out . I have lost so much muscle that I have to take physical therapy to try and rebuild my muscles without hurting myself . I lost my job as a grocery cashier ( which I truely loved ) because I’m to weak to work . I’ve lost like 30 lbs , None of my clothes fit and my skin kind of hangs from losing so much muscle . The docs tell me IF I’m able to work again it will be atleast a yr . The GI doc at Mayo told me she planned to contact Abbott about me . She also said that ,becuase this is so rare , that it doesn’t mean I’m not the first one . She thought it was the Humira also . When they did a colonoscopy I have asemi blockage in small intestine and my colon was full of diaverticuli .I read here that Humira also causes this . This has dramatically changed my life . Our bills are piling up and no money to pay them . I can’t do a whole lot cause I wear out quick . Stairs are out of the question . I can do maybe 4 then the pain in my low back and hips is to much . We are raising our 6 yr old grand-daughter . I don’t want her to remember me as always sick . This has been very hard on her . I cry quite often now , and she is so sweet ;She’ll bring me atissue for my tears and tells it will be OK . This doesn’t just effect me ; it affects her and my husband . Several people have told me to get an attorney , but don’t know where to start . I wouldn’t want anyone to go threw what I have or what you all have been threw . I do see there was some people here who have benifitted from these drugs but not many . They only listed “muscle weakness” as a side effect . Not a muscle disease for the rest of your life . I think Abbott should pay threw the nose to us people that now have to live with these so called side affects . I’m thankful that my muscles have stopped dieing , but doesn’t change the damage it has done . I also think the FDA should pull it from the market . Atleast till more testing can be done . Abbott must spend millions in advertising , their money would be better spent on testing these drugs better . I am only 53 but feel like a 90 yr old women .

  240. I began humira injections in march of this year, As desperate as i was to rid my hands and feet of the painful pustulates I excepted some possible side affect, I received I special form with my first dose. The form was to be signed and returned. IT stated that I understood all the possible side affects of this medication. Tossed it in the garbage. I now have severe pain in legs and heels of feet. Walking causes my hands to tremor. I tire easily and have sinus trouble continuously. My dermatologist informed me that I have no problems, Humira was working . HMM! guess i should inform my body how lucky I am. When I talk with Humira they tell me talk with the Doc, THe doc says talk to Pharmacist, It is Pass the buck. I have A simple procedure this thursday. I stopped taking humira cause no one wll give me a straight answer. I also have to small holes in right calf, they heel over and reappear They burn and are painful deep into the muscle.

  241. My sister,Betsy, started taking Humira years ago for rheumatoid arthritis. It did a wonderful job in relieving the pain. Several years ago she developed lung cancer and histoplasmosis at the same time,both side effects of Humira. She had the cancer removed and the problems from histoplasmosis subsided . Two years later the cancer returned and quickly spread through her body,killing her in a matter of months. Humira had completely relieved her pain. It killed her.

  242. Sorry so many people have developed so many side affects from Humira, but as with all drugs most if not all of your side affects are in the information packet that comes with your first dose as well as every dose that follows. Everyone should read the information that is widely available before taking this or any medication. You can’t blame others (doctors, humira makers) for your not reading and being responsible when taking medication. You are responsible for taking this and all medication and the information is available you have to take responsibility for not reading the included warnings!!!

  243. Dusty….we have all read the information detailing possible side effects. Anyone who has even had their doctor breath the word Humira in front of them has been bombarded by the list of possible side effects. This cannot change the fact that anyone who has even considered such a potentionally horrific drug is desparate for relief from their disease. To come on a site where patients are venting about their experiences and basically blame them for taking this drug is just plain rude and uncalled for. My heart goes out to each and every person affected by this or any other drug that we’ve trusted the government or`our doctors enough to take, God bless.

  244. I was diagnosed with AS (enclosing spondylitis) in spring of 2011. I spent the winter before this diagnosis on Humira for Psoratic Arthritis. I had been previously diagnosed with Chron’s which I lived with for years, taking Flagy when I had to. I took Humira and did not feel better, i felt worse instead. Now I am experiencing miserable MS symptoms.
    MRIsolutionssinflammationn on brain. In the process of diagnosis for MS. I may have had MS beforehand, but I can tell you I was not near as bad off as I am now. It’s been six months and I still can’t shakesymptomss, memory is awfulcoordinationn requires a cane when on uneven surfaces, legs and feet have lost sensation and are numb. Cannot think well enough to work full time, my heart rate is screwed up and stays above normal all the time nowdiarrheaa is worse than ever, pain oh…. the pain is worse, I can’t stand the heat – spent the summer inside, fatigue is awful, and vision is blurry occasionally.

    The worst part is neurologistist told me not to take anymore biologics such as Humira of Enbrel and my Rheumatologist is still suggesting that I should take Enbrel, even though my brain scans came back with MS looking issues.

  245. I was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease about 2 years ago. I took Humira for about 7 months. I have been on a walker since June of 2011 and had tremors in my legs for weeks. That would last from 15 to 45 mins at a time. I would have faint scoping spells and tingling pains.The neurologist from where I live in Dothan, Alabama believes I went toxicity from the humira shots That I might possible have permanent nerve damage. I told my GI in Dothan, Alabama several times about the dizzy spells that started after I started the Humira. He just shrugged me off and I was told to conitune taking the drug. I reacted very bad to the last few shots I took. I broke out in a weep on my skin from the injection site and keep getting more and more dizzy almost completely going out. The last one I took the last week of May of 2011. My mom had to rush me to the emergency room within 30 mins. I went into leg tremors and my legs shaked uncontrollable and my blood pressure shot up to like 200 over a 100. Since that last injection I have been unable to walk without a walker and I have to use a shower chair to bathe. I have no insurance so had to go through a long process of being approved through a charity program to be able to go. He is referring me to a neurologist in Birmingham, Alabama November 7th. I guess I will find out then if there is permeant damage. My heart goes out to everyone that has suffered from adverse side effects from this drug. God bless you all!

  246. I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis in May 2010 at age 39. I tried many drugs, inlcuding Remicade which I had an allergic reaction to, prior to be recommended to take Humira. I did look into the side affects and read as much as I could find on Humira before deciding to try it in Mar 2011. It was great, initially. After 7 months I experienced stiffness in my neck, then shoulders, knees, wrists, fingers – all within a one week period my entire body ached where it had never ached before. I didn’t link this to Humira at first, just went to the GP and he sent me for blood tests. Nothing came up so he attributed it to possibly a virus and to take some joint and muscle pain relievers. I hate taking any medication of sorts so after another week of pain started looking more into Humira and the side affects. I looked back at the package insert and saw “joint pain”. I’ve been experienceing alot more than “joint pain” as I could hardly move at times. The internet is a wonderful source of information so started looking further into this and came across Drug Induced Lupus. I went back to the GP and asked to be tested for Lupus. It came back positive so I’ve been referred to a Rheumatologist – appt isn’t until Feb 2012! Needless to say, I will not be taking my next shot of Humira. I am seeing my specialist later this month and will be considering surgery as the alternative.
    One interesting point – over the past 40 years there has been little to no diseases cured. The previous 40 years prior to that, there have been many, many diseases cured. In this day and age with the knowledge and technology available, you would think someone would be able to cure some of the common diseases that many people experience. Instead, the pharmacutical companies are busy making drugs to mask the pain so that people would need to continue to take their drugs. If they were cured, there would be no money it for them. Makes one wonder who the government and health officials are in bed with.

  247. I did also want to say to those that come on here and feel the need to blame everyone for their own pain and suffering for not making an informed decision, I’m sure most of us did make an informed decision but the pros were far more beneficial than the cons. Remember there are naturally alot more success stories than negative ones otherwise this drug would not be available. The frightening thing that needs to be addressed, is how many of the above stories have been told by their Doctors that the Humira is not to blame?? So best of wishes to those that have been successful, I do hope that you will never need to post a negative affect of this drug and that it continues to be your answer.
    A suggestion for those suffering with phoriasis – please look into Hazelwood. I am not a hocus pocus person, but I heard recently about this from a couple of people now that have had amazing results. Of course natural remedies have been around alot longer than pharmaceutical remedies. Best of luck!

  248. I took Humira for Psoriasis about 3 years ago and began having several muscle and joint pain as well as swollen joins in my wrists hands and feet and many other problems like migrains and extremely low platelet counts. The dermatologist took me off the medication and I began seeing a rheumatologist. My bloodwork never showed signs of any arthritis only that I was ANA positive which explained the psoriasis. I was diagnosed about 2 years ago with medicine induced Lupus from the Humira. The “Lupus” was treated with Methotrexate and steroids for the severe inflammation and after taking these meds for a couple of years I am symptom free and do not have to take medication at all. I pray I stay in remission and the Lupus does not come back. Hopefully, for someone who may be experiencing the same symptoms this can be some comfort to know that if it is medicine induced there is a possibility of it going away. God Bless!

  249. I was put on Humira about 4 months ago for crohns—-I developed increased shortness of breath, chest tightness, chest pain, tingling in arms and legs, increased fatigue, and even some depression—I took myself off this drug 3 weeks ago and the symptoms have decreased somewhat—I am wondering how long these symptoms will stay? when does this stuff get out of your system? How many have had identical symptoms?

  250. I also have taken humara for about five months. I began having symptoms of numbness in my right leg and then spread to left leg, lower back and some times radiates up my back. Incredible head aches and shooting pain. Went to my dermatologist, primary care and neurologist. In that time was in the ER twice. I have had complete blood work up including limes disease and vitamin B 12. Everything came back normal. I had three CT scans. One of head, neck and back all normal. I also had a spinal tap. Again nothing. So frustrating! After reading this web site I felt I was not losing my mind any more. The symptoms have not subsided or gotten any better. As far as some comments people are making that we are responsible for taking the medication is some what true, but doctors jobs are to take the time to explain the medication and how it works as well as the side effects. On the Humara web site all is says is possible neurological side effects. That’s it! No specifics. Health care has certainly gone down hill as far as quality care, time spent with their patients and actually caring about finding a solution to the problem. It gets pushed off onto other doctors. Not to mention the money paid into the insurance, co pays, ER visits and medication. My next step is an EEG and another visit to the neurologist. I wish ever one the best in the quest in finding answers to the side effects.

  251. I have suffered from Crohns Disease since I was 15, I was finally diagnosed in 1999 & psoriasis appeared shortly afterward. I have taken Amevieve for th psoriasis and Enbryl. Then I had a flare of my Crohns so the Derm. Dr. and GI Dr both decided I should start Humira. Crohns has been very well under control. But I get constant sinus infections, (but w/Crohns it affects mouth to anus as the Dr’s say). My ears constantly bother me. I recently had a bout of pancreatits & the GI Dr says she will remove my Gall bladder if it happens again. Just yesterday i was diagnosed w/staph infection, horrible pimply sores all over my legs. I ache so bad i can barely get out of bed in the morning. Worst part? My son was diagnosed in 2009 Remicade didn’t work for him & now he’s on Humira. I am SOOOO scared. He’s only 14. What did I do?????????

  252. I have been on Humira for over 2yrs for RA. The first year was wonderful felt as though I was disease free but the drug became less effective after a year so I began weekly injections. This past March I began experiencing hive like symptoms which began as small circular patches that would grow into large patches which would peel off and then return. Have been to two Derm Doc’s had biopsy came back as chronic eczema. I have been prescribed so many potions without success. I have stopped injecting and have been off humira for 10 weeks now. No improvement in skin. Does anyone know how long it takes to have this med leave your body?

  253. I have suffered from severe psoriasis and athritis since 1997 and in 2007 was also diagnosed with Ankylosing Spondylitis. I am now 47 and started Humira in December 2010. It has been miraculous so far….psoriasis all gone and AS much better. I do exercise and keep my salt intake down which is critical for arthritis. Keeping your waistline thin is also critical. You must have a holistic approach even if you are taking hardcore drugs like this.

  254. First off.. The info has just been put in with the meds and second, i don’t think the docs know or are misinformed about the drug. If a person says, this is whats going on, then its the responsibility of the dr. To step up.. They are not sure how long it is the system or if the immune system will ever get back to normal. I took it for 2 years for P.A. And psoriasis and ended up in a mess.. I wish everyone well :)

  255. I have suffered with severe psoriasis for years. IThanks for everyone sharing their stor have tried health food stores for creams, been to many dermatologists. The Humira I got from the pharmacy is sitting in my frig for the last two days. I have nail fungus and wondering if I should start Humira. I’ve decided to not take it. Yes psoriasis is embarrassing and annoying, but I don’t want lung cancer or other horrible problems.

  256. Dermatologist suggested I take Humira for Psoriasis last year, didn’t do it. I flared up again and he suggested it again this year. I am going to my family physician to discuss it this week. I’m really scared. I’m only 48 – but I have had Psoriasis for 43 years and I am so sick of it!

  257. Hi,

    I just want to know if anyone can help us out. We live in Ireland and my husband has Ankylosing Spondylitis. He was on Humira for 5 years and thought it was a wonder drug until last year. He started experiencing numbness and tingling in different parts of his body and his vision started to go all blurry. He was investigated by a Neurologist who says he has a condition very like MS which has been brought on by the Humira. His spin has several lesions, his right arm is damaged peramenently and his right eye has constant blurred vision due to the damage to the optic nerves. Has anyone out there ever been told they have permanent damage for which there is no treatment. If anyone has any comments, advise or help we would greatly appreciate it. My husband is suffering from depression and fatigue associated with this new disease. It is hard enough being told you have one disease but now to have two and to try to manage both is very hard.

  258. I have just had this drug prescribed to me by a neurosurgeon… some claim he is the foremost neurosurgeon in the world for my type of genital pain. I had surgery from this doctor in October 2010 to try to help the pain which he said, after reading my MRIs was due to pudendal nerve interference from piriformis syndrome. Well, after resecting the piriformis, the pain did not improve much (he claims that since I said the pain was reduced from a high amount to a lower amount, that I was “better”, even though to me that kind of subjective reading is crap). For one thing, for a period after the surgery and immediate recovery, I was walking a lot, not sitting as much (which aggravates the condition) and had no job related stress, since I was out of work. Once I started working and sitting a lot, things got worse again. In my opinion basically the surgery did nothing. No other surgeon will touch me. So rather than admit that he has a failed surgery, he now wants to say I have other factors such as nerve pain in other areas, that he “thinks may” be getting affected by TNFs. So… he is prescribing 8 weeks on Enbrel (or Humira – whichever my HMO will approve) as a test to see if I get better under drug therapy.

    And now I read this site, and I am out of my mind with worry. Given what *might* be the risks, even with a short term regimen from this/these drug(s), it sounds like he is taking a huge roll of the dice with my medical future. And I signed something saying I would submit to arbitration, not lawsuits… and he is in California and I am in New York. I am thinking I better get a second opinion from someone local saying I NEED THESE DRUGS before I go forward with any course, no matter how short.

    Anyone concur? OMG I am so nervous now.

  259. My daughter has RA. She took Humira for 4 years and the drug initially worked so well she thought the diagnosis was incorrect! She then had surgery on her leg and was given Cipro for an infection that resulted. She broke out in seeping “hives” all over her body. She was given numerous ointments, steroids several times, and sent to a variety of doctors (allergist, dermatologist, RA doc, and others) none of whom could find the cause or cure for these rashes. She experienced many other problems that are mentioned on this site including the extreme itching, extreme temperature changes, loss of sleep, depression, lack of energy, and finally nearly lost all of her hair. Her RA doc took blood tests to determine if she had Lupus and on September 27, 2011 she was told that it was not Lupus but a reaction to Humira! She has been off of Humira for 4 months and is still experiencing the rashes. She became so bad that she was on medical leave for 3 months. This drug has ruined her life! If there is a class action suit out there somewhere, please let me know!

  260. HUMIRA, killed my father. September 16th 2011. He was on his way to come see me & my family for my daughters 2nd birthday, he said his chest hurt very badly, so they went to ER in terre haute & was in the iCU for 9 days & died… Still doing a toxicology report on what exactly it was, they know some infection because the PEricardium was full of green fluid! My dad was still an acting Judge helping children with dead beat dads & juveniles, whom where on drugs get their act together.. He was only 68. He & my mother loved each other like they where still teenagers & loved to travel all over the world. I miss his advice, he always knew exactly what to say!

  261. I have been on Humira for 6 months for Chrones Disease, in December I got pancreatitis and was in the hospital for 4 days with a fever and rash as well. The doctors said the rash was just viral and that it would go away after some time. I am 25 and I don’t drink, smoke and I eat very healthy in fear of flare ups. In January I ended up back in the hospital with the rash being severe and pancreatits. I ended up having to have my gall bladder removed. Whether or not this was the answer i am unsure. Since leaving the hospital the rash has gotten worse. i am covered from scalp to toes. I saw a dermatologist who said it was psoriasis, and then went back and another said that it was not psoriasis and that it was extreme dry skin. The rash is raised and looks like pimples, it is very itchy and sometimes can burn. I have doubts about the dry skin diagnosis. i have tried all of the creams I have been given and nothing has worked. Now I am having ligament pain and my lymphnodes are swollen and sore. I am fearing the worst and am praying for the best. I truly believe that the humira has caused this. My GI doc told me to stay on it because they are trusting what the dermatologist has said. Knowing my body, I have taken myself off of it and I believe that something very serious is going on now from it. Very scared :(

  262. I was diagnosed with RA in 2003 and after generally unsuccessful treatments with Methotrexate, Remacaid, and Enbrel I started on Humira in 2005 which has been very effective in slowing the progression of my RA symptoms. Over the past six months or so I’ve noticed a decrease in Humira’s effectiveness and lately it doesn’t seem to be helping very much at all. After reading many of the comments posted here I”m now very concerned that continuing with Humira could prove to be harmful to my health in the future. My question is this: has there been research on the consequences of continuing to inject Humira after its effectiveness has decreased significantly?

  263. After reading all of these posts. My 20 yr old son will stop his Humira for Crohns. After his first 4 shots one week later he was vomitting for 3 days. felt hot with chills but tempeture was always under normal like 97. They said it was flu. After next 2 shots got sick feeling nauseated 7 hrs later and threw up again. Missed school. Doc says still take shots ? Took one shot with no symptoms and feels fine however were not going to wait for something worse to happen. Medical Pot it is, and Alhoe juice, and coconut macaroons helps prevent diareah. I wish you all good luck as well !

  264. I was put on Humira for a first-time flare up of what was diagnosed as Crohn’s disease in late spring of 2007. By around June, I had begun to loose my vision and was diagnosed with uveitis and iritis. Steroid injections in each eye restored my vision. Then, about a year later, I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. I had surgery and chemo to combat the cancer in 2008 and had to undergo more surgery and chemo to combat a recurrence in 2011. I stopped taking Humira in 2008 immediately upon hearing of my cancer diagnosis and have not suffered the return of any Crohn’s symptoms since. My current gastroenterologist (who is not the GI doctor responsible for my having taken Humira) immediately reported my having developed ovarian cancer while on Humira to the FDA when the news came out. I have absolutely no family history of gynecological cancers and suspect this drug.

  265. Ignore Dusty from September it was probably a big pharma scum making a last ditch effort to make a horrible drug like Humira look good and people look dumb. Typical. Anyways…. I was diagnosed with chron’s 5 months ago, the specialist put me on Entocort Which was doing pretty good, I for once, in many years started to feel better. But all of a sudden the specialist wanted me to try Humira. I said okay not knowing any better. All I can say is “what a mistake”! First, The injections for me are extremely painful, Second it’s been a month and a half and I am not getting any better I actually feel worse. Side note: when I was taking the Entocort I felt really good after one week. Third I now have two itchy bumps where I gave my self my last injection. It won’t go away. Third I have a constant stuffy nose…..shall I go on! Humira is junk! I have read all the post! 9 out of 10 people complain! That should tell people somthing! I have an appointment with my doctor next week and I am going to tell them what I have told you here and if they don’t take me off Humira and put me back on Entocort I am leaving and finding a Specialist that will listen and that cares about there patients more than themselves. I suggest anyone having similar troubles with Humira and with a Doctor that doesn’t listen to leave! Find a better doctor, they are out there!

  266. My 16 year old daughter has had CD since age 10 and was treated with 6MP for most of that time; until it was no longer effective for her. In April 2011, her GE started her on Humira. In September 2011, she was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. Of course the doctors wanted her off the humira while they were treating the cancer (including her GE). Now, her gastro is insisting that she has to go back on the humira because recent tests show she has alot of inflammation in the gut.I am scared to death to put my child back on this med…doctors can’t confirm if the med caused the cancer, they just don’t know. (I have had 2nd, 3rd and 4th opinions). GE tells us the CD flare could be worse than taking the risk of developing another carcinoma!???

  267. I should also add that my daughter also developed strange skin lesions 3
    different time while on Humira. A mosquito bite turned into cellulitis and all 3 lesions caused her limb to become red and swollen. She needed to be on antibiotics each time and dermatology could not identify what caused the lesions. They were cultured and all negative for organisms, and biopsy came back negative? I feel these lesions were directly related to the Humira.Also, my daughter has had pretty aggressive CD and required a bowel resection at age 13 for an obstruction secondary to a stricture. Kim

  268. I am 28 yrs old andwas diagnosed with crohns disease when I was 17. I was initially out on sterroids and Pentasa which worked for a few months but I gradually got sick again. Then they put me on remicade which did wonders! I gained some weight back and was able to eat anything I desired until I started having reactions to the treatment. Afterwards, the drs tried everything from steroids to 6mp to imuran and many many more untold they ran out of options and had to remove 3 ft of my sm and LG intestines. They thought that taking out the affect Ted parts would resolve the problem but the disease just attacked more parts. So they started down the list of meds again. Nothing seemed to help so they recently started me on the Humira. At first I was so scared BC I have developed severe reactions to several drugs. I took 2 shots on day 1 and 2 more on day 2. I thought everything was gonna be OK and had high hopes it would actually help until day 4 when I had an unexpected severe grand mal seizure! On top of that I lost my short term memory for 2 days! They weren’t sure if it was from the seizure or from the fall during the seizure which caused a severe concussion. Needless to say, I’m never allowed to take Humira again. Now I’m back to square one with this painful, miserable le disease and no meds to take for it. The only thing left is another surgery which I refuse BC now the drs said my entire abdomen is full of scar tissue which is causing even more pain.

    So if anyone is thinking about starting Humira, please be very careful for the 1st few weeks. The seizures are uncommon but def possible. If I were doing anything nut washing dishes that day, there’s a great possibility I may not be here 2day. Good luck to all of you!

    One more thing! Does anyone know how long it will take the Humira to get completely out of your system?

  269. In 2007 I was suffering from recurring intestinal infections, diarrhea, and went on to develop a perirectal fistula. I had a colonscopy on Nov. 1, 2007 and was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease. My GI doctor prescribed Asacol, and along with watching my diet, the intestinal problems improved to where they were bearable. Unfortunately the pain and drainage from the fistula became severe. I took flagyl and loratabs for about 8 months and when this no longer worked I reluctantly agreed to begin Humira in Feb. 09. The Humira did a excellent job clearing up the fistula and seemed to put the Crohn’s in total remission. Until October 2011 the only side effects were fatigue, nausea, and eczema, which seemed worth it, considering. Suddenly it seemed I developed a severe allergic reaction to something, it affected my whole body. The worse part was I couldn’t breathe. I felt like I was drowning, spitting up mucus constantly, muscle soreness, pain in my knee joints, blurry vision, and memory loss. I waited for things to possibly clear up on their own since I hate going to doctors. I went to an urgent care clinic on Dec. 31, 2011 to receive treatment for my breathing difficulties, and received steroids and antibiotics..Since I took no other meds except benadryl and mucinex to help me breathe I suspected the Humira and took my last shot of it in early Jan. 2012. I am feeling better every day now, although I still have some shortness of breath, mild pain in knee joints, forgetfulness, and blurry vision. I will go to a doctor again when I HAVE to.

  270. This is my 3rd time posting on this page. The first two times I wasn’t sure if I wanted to try this drug or not. Now I’ve been on Humira since Nov. 2011, for psoriatic arthritis. Since then I’ve had a constant stuffy nose and deep quad muscle pain. Everytime the muscle pain lets up, it’s time for another shot and it seems to ache and get a shaky feeling all over again. I’ve also experienced a strange sensation of cold, wetness, and tingling in the bottoms of my feet. My hands hurt for a short time too, but the feet are the worst part. Last month when the Abbott nurse called I told her about these things. She proceeded with a list of questions from the FDA about side effects. It was then that I realized how strange it is that the drug company has to call you once a month to see how things are going. More like they are wondering if we’re still alive!! My doctor doesn’t believe that any of this is from Humira, but what else is it from? I wish I knew what to do. I want to be done with it, but I’m feeling pressure from the doctor. My skin is perfectly clear from psoriasis and I’ve been feeling more energy. I’m just scared that these things could turn into something much worse. I HATE meds!! God Bless you all.

  271. I tell you all these stories scare me. I dont know what to do. I am on humira and have been for 4 years. I was diagnosed with chron’s in 99. I am worried because in the last year I have found out I now have deteriating disks. Spinal stenosis, palmers pustular psoriasis, trimmers, studdering speach. I have had to start today on heart meds because I have been having chest pain. Extremly high blood pressure, fatigue, I have been getting infections in my knees. I have numbness and tingles in my hands and feet. I wake up drinched in sweat. All my mussles hurt. I have trouble walking it is so bad and in january I had to have a hystorectomy. I am only 33. This couldnt be how I am supose to spend the rest of my life. I need help and like everyone else I am sick of feeling like a ginny pig

  272. My sister was on Humira approximately 4 years. Diagnosed with fungus in one lung and cancer in the other lung. She lived for 8 months before she died. Did not smoke. I blame HUMIRA for her cancer. Please be cautious with this toxic drug! Please post this comment!

  273. Mu husband took Humira from February 2009 – June 2009- 7 shots in total for psoriatic arthritis. On July 6, 2009 he went to the hospitali for what seemed to be a heart issue. After several tests done in the emergency room, he was hospitalized because a chest xray had revielved a mass on each lung that was not present in a chest xray done in the beginning of May. After a bronchoscopy coming back negative, he was told he needed a lung biopsy. He came out of the hospital in July 21, 2009 oxygen depended- 2 short weeks after the first initial complaint. He had his lung biopsy on July 28, 2009. He received his results on July 31, 2009.

    His diagnosis was Interstitial Lung Disease- Idiopathic (no known cause) Pulmonary Fibrosis- Moderate. Doctors knew he was on Humira. He was told it was irreversable and that a lung transplant was not in the immediate future, if ever. It would be years, if not decades before he would need something like that. On August 2, 2009, he was put into a rug induced comma and placed on a respirator because he was unable to oxygenate from the canular or mask at 100%. August 7, 2009, I was told if he wasn’t transfered immediately to a lung transplant facility- he was going to die that day.

    He was air transfered to the University of MD Hospital and placed on ECMO (heart- lung bypass). he was never put on the list for a lung transplant even though he needed one to survive. He was never strong enough to be put on an operating table. The entire time he was in a drug induced comma.

    August 31, 2009 he woke up from under the aesthesia he was on while undergoing another bronchoscopy to check for infection. The hospital was having a hard time oxygenating him on a respirator. He was still not placed on the lung transplant list, even though at the time he was the sickest man on the eastern seaboard. On September 7, 2009- My husband died!

    An autopsy was done and the cause of death came back acute interstitial pneumonia- the most severe form of pulmonary fibrosis- Still considered idiopathic.

  274. Back in Feb.2011 I was admitted to East Alabama Medical center with what I thought was Plurasee.. It turned out to be Pneumonia in both lungs with the Deadly Pneumonia as well.. This resulted in being in ICU for a total of 20 days, in which 15 of those days was actually on a respirator/vent.. during that time my kidneys began to fail, with constant loss of blood,, with swelling along with all limbs.. After 20 days of ICU I had a Trach put in and moved to a room.. There I stayed in an additional 47 days with them fighting a bacteria that had set up in my left lung,, it was fought with every anti-biotic old and new,, but would not go away,, which resulted in a thoracotomy with a partial left lung removal(lower left lobe).. I am now disabled.. Although Humirra did the things it was suppose to due with both psoratic and R.A. along with my Psoriasis,, I had no idea the grenade it was developing in my body’s immune system…

  275. I have been on humira for almost a year for Crohn’s and started developing fatigue, weakness and small hand trimmres. The tremmer got much worse. after several test, MRI’s and almot two weeks in the hospital, all the doctors are pointing to humira. My vision has gotten much wose, seeing double and blurred. I have been off Humira for over 30 days yet the affects are still there. According to Humira they have no idea how long it will take for the affects will last. Has anyone else had these types off side affects. I am not able to walk on my own, using a walker due to the dizzyness and blurred vision. I am not able to go to the bathroom on my own. Steroids have been increased to 60mg to kick start my brain to talk to my body like it used to. This is so frustrating to not have control of my body.

  276. I have Ra and Chrone. taking humira now, previously embrel, seems nothing works. I do not know what to do?

  277. All of you who have been getting side effects from the Humira and want to get off the drug, please find a Homeopathic Doctor who can help you. A Homeopathic doctor has as much education as your regular MD, they have just gone into a field that looks to treat your illnesses with more natural products that don’t harm you like the big money making drugs that Big Pharma puts out to kill you. Many thousands of people have been using Colloidal Silver for their ailments with great success. It is anti fungal, antibacterial, antitumoral, antiviral. There is so much more out there to really help you but you have to do your homework. God bless you all.

  278. My wife has been on Humira for almost a year now. She is 24 and beautiful. This medicine is destroying her. She has the energy of a 65 year old and now the entire left side of her head is balding and looks like some kind of nasty chemical burn. We’ve only been married a months time and I hate to think we don’t have much longer if she continues down this path.

  279. I’ve been on Humira for a little over 2 years now for chronic psoriasis with associated arthritis. I’m very pleased to report it’s changed my life, I’m free of psoriasis for the first time in 20 years (arrived with a vengeance when I was 21, I’m 41 now) and pain and swelling free in all 9 joints affected. I had days I couldn’t push past the pain to even stand up, I really thought the rest of my life was going to be that way.
    At risk of sounding fatalistic, I feel the quality of life and the living I’ve crammed into the past couple of years thanks to Humira outweighs any and all risks. I was already the living dead, And for however long it remains effective, I’ll always be very thankful for the life it’s given me.

  280. The name of this site is about law suits…

  281. My husband had ra. He was on remicade until he had a severe skin reaction. He was then put on humaria. He developed nerve damage in his arms and legs eventually leading to using a cane, then a wheel chair. A fungal infection that eventually lead to the removal of his toe nails. Several bouts of broncitus and phemonia. His hair fell out, his feet and legs swelled. He had rynards syndrom. He went from no cancer in april to in oct (6months) terminal lung cancer that had spread to his liver. Dispite chemo and radiation, he died in 6 months.

  282. I am writing on behalf of my son Luke, who is 15 yrs old. He has been diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis and has been symptom free for a number of years after loosing the majority of his colon to this disease. He has recently been placed on Humira for the past 7 months due to Crohns- like symptoms. The odd thing is, is that he now cannot go under general anesthesia due to problems w/ his heart & blood pressure. His heart looks fine but is now undergoing a number of tests to find out what the problem is. He has not had any pre-existing heart problems. The only change has been the Humira. Word of caution…do not take this drug unless you truly have to. I am fearful of the negative side effects this drug can cause.

  283. I was diagnosed with crohns in 1995 after years of mystery problems. I started humira in January 2010. Within a month i had a severe sinus infection, I ended up having surgery the following month and the doctor said it was full of a fungal infection. Months of sinus problems followed, then I got hives, first in the folds of my arms, then my neck then under breasts and down legs, but they were not itchy, just red and hot and inflamed.I came off Humira for a break, and had another opinion, was told lucky to get such a great drug, and as crohns symptoms come back so quickly went back on humira. Took antihistamine for hives. Then followed months of ok but not ok, I had tingly arms, weakness in legs.Terrible Hayfever. Then pain started in toes, the toes would go bright red and hurt like burning pain, then in my big toe, then my ankles and knees started hurting like they were on fire, I couldnt sleep thru the pain, nothing took the edge off it, then pins and needles from knees to toes, then freezing icy cold pain. Went to GI, she couldnt understand it (dont doctors learn about side effects?), then GP, then Rheumy, who said didnt know what it was, ANA titre had been 1:320 for some time, but was told this was ok. Blood tests for all sorts of things, no diabetes, nothing untoward. Now waiting for MRI, as cost is so high, and then to see neurologist to find out if this is Transverse Myelitis? I have pain in my lower back, I am not paralysed, the pain is mainly from my knees to toes.Soles of feet hurt. I have no idea what is going on, and I just want this to end. I just dont know if I could say to anyone that the few years with Humira were worth it, I had many side effects and now this. The icy pain in my legs drives me insane during the day, then the sensitivity of my skin and pain in my legs drives me nuts at night, I am taking Cortisone and low dose endep 20mg, for pain breaking. I read all of above, and I dont understand how the drug maker has not been told to stop making and selling.


  285. I have read ALL of the above. I am concerned. My hubby was diagnosed with AS in 2009 after years of mysterious pain. He tried Humira, but it didn’t last long for him. He now takes Remicade (the highest dosage the home nurse (who comes and gives it to him every 6-8 weeks) has ever seen. He told me about a month ago that he felt a couple of lumps in his neck but they didn’t hurt. After pestering him for a month, he told me they went away on their own and he didn’t think they were “anything” because they didn’t hurt.

    To those out there who know, do the lumps that your loved ones felt hurt or go away?
    Thanks! God be with all of you.

  286. I am a Crohn’s disease patient and the only drug that has ever worked for me is prednisone. I was diagnosed at 12 and am now 33. I have been on EVERYTHING with no success. Remicade helped but is outrageously expensive for me. My doc recently put me on Humira. Eight days after my initial dose, my scalp, neck, chest, back and behind my ears broke out in a severe rash of blisters. I was told to stop the Humira immediately and did but now a month after my first dose I am still getting blisters. I started having mild right sided chest pain today. This is a dangerous drug in my opinion and should not be taken lightly. I am supposed to start back on Remicade but I am very reluctant at this point.

  287. I have been on Humira for 3yrs now. I have severe Psoriasis I started with Raptiva then when that drug was stopped they placed me on Humira and the drug worked 100% There no no signs of psoriasis at all but when I get sick or have surgery I have to stop the use. When I stopped the use of Humira, I noticed I was getting joint pain. The Dr did blood work and found out I had Arthritis forming. **This past Wed my Dr was upset with me because I couldn’t keep my appointments. I lost my job, I had no money to pay for a phone card, I had no gas to travel to a different city to see him. His office was booked in my city (he visits wed only).
    I did have a ride down there but called in and re-scheduled because a woman with a newborn baby had the front drivers tire actually snap off the car so we assisted her. Now I am filled with hives.

  288. I have been on Humira for RA for about 3 1/2 years…I have been having problems with walking gait and balance. I now also am being treated for toenail fungus.

  289. I have a painful and debilitating disease named Hidradenitis Suppurativa and was having a cyst removed about every two weeks for about 4 months. This was a painful way to live and there is no know cure for this. I was seeing a dermatoligist since I was about 15 and diagnosed in 2009 with this. I have had to take just about every know antibiotic since. I was very desperate to have this contition releaved, the dermatoligist told me that they could try Humira and that they have heard of cases that relief was found, not a cure, but relief. I was at a bad spot with this so I agreed to be a guinea pig. I took the injections for a month and had a reaction, not sure it was the Humira, I was taking other medications also. I stopped using it for a month, the symptoms went away and started using Humira again. I was seeing the dermatoligist every month to moniter my vitals, used it for 6 months. During the time I used it, I felt sick most of the time, started getting a spot on my left ankel that the skin looked to be infected or something, the doctor gave me cream of some sort for it. After 6 months of using it with the dermatoligist wanting me to hang in there, I stopped the injections, there was no relief and nothing was getting better with my HS. I lost faith in the dermatoligist. I about a month or so I started getting the lumps on my ankels that were itchy, and if I scratched them the skin would just fall off, I developed a rash in my groin that will not go away. I had to visit a total of 4 different doctors to help me with this new condition and they prescribed antibiotis, 6 or so different types of creams, and nothing is helping me. I now have what look like cherrys from sliding into home plate in a baseball game all over my legs and now its spreading up to my stomach. They have now become painful as hell. I also have finger nails on my left hand that have deteriorated and are not growing back right. I have had a numbing feeling in my left are and hand since I was taking the Humira, I need help for this and no doctors have been able to help as of yet, I anybody else is experiencing these symptoms, please let me know at [email protected]. I am ready to call an atorney to help me get the the bottom of this, the doctors seem to act as if they don’t want to help, HELP !!!!!

  290. My 34 year old son was taking embrel shots and then humari total of about 5 to 6 months he seemed very fatigued and slept a lot. It was 9 pm on may 7 2012 that I went to give him some of his medication and I found him dead on the floor. The coroner said he had a heart attack and himself was surprised because of his age. I blame Abbott the makers for his death and if I find a lawyer I will sue and if I don’t find one I will file a wrongful death suit on my own on behalf of my son. I know I won’t win but these drugs need to be off the market so are loved ones don’t have to pay. Peggy

  291. My doctor put me on Humira for my Crohn’s disease in November. By January I was experiencing painful swelling in my wrists. I went back to my GI who insisted on another colonoscopy to rule out a Crohn’s flare.Everything looked good so he referred me to a reumatologist. He told me to keep taking the Humira after I asked if the pain and swelling could be because of the Humira. It took 4 months to get an appointment with the specialist. Meanwhile my symptoms were getting worse and included swelling of the hands, feet, arms, legs, and knees. And pain in many other places like my wrists, shoulders, upper and lower back, and fingers. I also have absolutely no energy and I throw up at least 3-4 times a week. The specialist gave me Celebrex for my “aches and pains”which made my throat close up. He told me to keep taking the Humira because the initial blood tests didn’t indicate lupus. I told him that I had been looking on the Internet and found something called drug induced Lupus. He said that was an interesting theory and how would I feel about stopping Humira. I finally had to go to the emergency room because my forearms were so swollen they looked like Popeye. The ER Doctor gave me a couple of Percocets which barely even take the edge off of the excruciating pain that I am in most of the time. My next visit to the Doctor prompted one more blood test. It was positive for drug induced lupus and still a maybe for lupus. I stopped taking the Humira of course, but that was two months ago and my symptoms have been getting worse, not better. I’m turning to acupuncture and alternative medicine now and will never take a biological medicine again. In the mean time I feel like a junkie trying to get pain medicine. It’s like the doctors don’t believe me or just don’t care.

  292. I have been on Humira for seven months, after trying Methotrexate, Sulfasalazine and Enbrel for seronegative spondyloarthritis.

    In the past two months, I have had the worst flare of symptoms that I have had in years. Along with all the ‘usual’ painful areas, I also developed tendinitis in both forearms and both IT bands, along with carpal tunnel in both hands. A month ago, my left knee began to swell up for no reason, and I spent a day in the E.R. while they checked me for sepsis and removed fluid from my knee. Two days ago I tried calling the Humira hotline and somehow went through to the U.S. site (I am from Canada). They took ALL my information, then advised me that they couldn’t answer any medical related questions…..????? I called Abbott directly, and asked them to put me through to the CANADIAN line….which was exactly the same number. Because there was a long wait, I left a message, which was to be returned within four working hours, and I never did hear back from them.

    This drug scares the hell out of me; I am so sorry to hear of all the sad cases on this page and wish everyone the best possible outcome.

  293. I have been taking Humira for 8 weeks and it was wking but not at this time I have crohns and just can’t even believe it, misdiagnosed several times and yes come to find out I have had it. Well anyway’s I have severe fatique and lymph nodes in my leg and they hurt!!! I have had them before but not really in leg and have also had some removed at one time. This is very pain full in my legs and since we either inject in leg’s or stomach be careful everyone it might lead to something in future. we all have to watch what we do to get better. Thanks so much!!! possible surgery for me soon due to Crohns. Take care everyone.

  294. I see I am about to take a long journey. I only took 6 shots for my psoriasis on my hands & feet which was pretty bad, but now I have a new onset of psoriasis from head to toe. I’m missing work because of this. I was then placed on Enbrel and took 6 shots of that. I called Humira but of course they were no help. My question is; How did the FDA approve this nasty drug? I am miserable everyday because of this and am afraid I will eventually lose my job. I also noticed I have a slight shake in my hands. What I’m also worried about is what is going on inside my body and is there test that I need. What test?

  295. my mom hs been on humira for 2 plus years for ra. was just hospitalzied for a week due to high fevers. have now come to find out that she has lung cancer. if you are reading this and are on humira, stop it now. my mom is otherwise healthy and now has to pay the price for taking humira, we should have looked into this before letting her start. i blame myself and now instead of suffering with ra she has cancer.

  296. My 55 year old wife has suffered from rheumatoid artheritis for over 10 years. Several years ago she was put on Humeria by her Doctor. Several months ago she complained of severe pains across her shoulders and down her chest area followed by severe lower back pain and shortness of breathing . We had x rays taken and the analysis was small cell lung cancer whicch had spred to her brain, liver, bones and adrenal glands. A recent tv adcaught my eye as it indicated humeria treatment has recently been determined to be associated with such an outcome health wise. Anyone have detailed current info on this development? Thanks

  297. 52 yr. old female with Crohn’s. started Remicade in 2002,Asacol and Immuran.Also Steroids and methotrexate used with infusions. I did not even know I was on methotrexate untill 6 yrs. later! I had a bad adverse reaction to the steroids and can never have them again. In February this year switched to Humira after feeling worse after Remicade Infusions. Okay in the beginning just feeling tired for a couple days after each injection. Then head-aches and nausea and feeling brain foggy. Not myself. Then the rug got pulled out from under me 6 weeks ago. I did the injection Monday around 8am. By 3 that afternoon I had to lay down because of NO energy. I woke up several hrs.later bathed in sweat and every muscle throbbing in awful pain. I drug my self to the bathroom and back to bed. I stayed 2 days like this. Then I started getting a little energy so I could move slowly only because of being so all over body sore. I walked out side and waved at my GrandSon and I felt a burning searing pain in my upper left arm. My muscle tore from waving ! I started rubbing my sore muscles and to my shock I feel like little marble size bumps in different areas. Painful to touch. I went to see GI next day and I had also lost 7 lbs. through those days. I was dehydrated and felt like my thinking process was slowed down. Stuttering and nothing wrong with stuttering except that I never did before. That doctor told me to try Benadryl with the next Humira injection. I told her I will not risk my life. What if the next reaction is deadly ? She just looked at me and said well the Main doctor is out of the office untill the middle of Dember so he will decide then if he will change your med. I said I am not taking Humira again. She told me I could experience some other problems just stopping the Humira. But thankfully I have not felt anything as bad as that reaction. My muscles are slowly recovering except for the left arm and right calf taking more time. Hope it did not leave permanent damage. Also she felt the little marble size lumps in my arms and never even acted like it was news worthy. I still have them and I am going to my Family Doctor with all this and see what he can do for me. I mean a scan or something. Total weight loss 16 lbs. since that last shot 6 weeks ago. Food smelled awful and even water tasted nasty. I am finally get my taste and smell back to normal. Also I was having awful nosebleeds untill I stopped the Humira. So sorry for everyone’s loss of loved ones and all the physical and emotional pain involved. Oh and the GI wanted to send me to a Rhemy, said it’s common with Crohn’s patients, but I would not give in and I said I Know the Humira did this to me.

  298. I have been suffering from Crohn’s since 2005 (flare ups would come and go). A multitude of tests would always come back fine. I was finally diagnosed with Crohn’s/Colitis in early 2011 and also have migrating arthritis when I get flare ups. I went thru all the concotion of meds…….asocol, buscopan, azathioprine, prednisone and a few others that I cant even remember their name. Nothing worked exept for the prednisone. It seemed to take my flare ups down, but when I started to taper of the prednisone, my Crohns symptoms would flare back up. I was then told by docs that I am ‘steroid dependant.’ Since prednisone is horrible for long term use, I was given the option of Remicade or Humira. I chose Hunira due to an active life style and that I can inject myself in the comfort of my own home. I started with 4 shots of Humira in one day. The next day all of my Arthritis pain was gone and I could walk again pain free. I then began a one injection every two week plan> I did start seeing side affects about four months later with rashes on my feet, palms and wrists. I also get patches of rashes on my legs that come and go. I have been to my docs and specialist that told me it is psoriasis brought on by Humira. My dermatologist said it is about a 4% chance that Humira gives psoriasis because one of its designs is to cure psoriasis. She gave me a bunch of creams that didnt work at all, so I stopped taking them. I am confortable with living with the psoriasis at this time, since it isnt to bad. My main concern is the long term side affects of taking Humira. I am 34, have been on Humira for over a year and am supposed to take it for the rest of my life. It has taken away my Crohns flare ups, but at what cost down the road. I dont want to leave my children early so will be trying to plan a non chemical/pharmacutical way. If any one has ideas, or info on ong term affects of Humira, I would be glad to hear. My thoughts and prayers go out to all on this site who haved lost and are dealing with these horrible issues.

  299. I have been suffering from Crohn’s since 2005 (flare ups would come and go). A multitude of tests would always come back fine. I was finally diagnosed with Crohn’s/Colitis in early 2011 and also have migrating arthritis when I get flare ups. I went thru all the concoction of meds…….asocol, buscopan, azathioprine, prednisone and a few others that I cant even remember their name. Nothing worked except for the prednisone. It seemed to take my flare ups down, but when I started to taper of the prednisone, my Crohns symptoms would flare back up. I was then told by docs that I am ‘steroid dependant.’ Since prednisone is horrible for long term use, I was given the option of Remicade or Humira. I chose Humira due to an active life style and that I can inject myself in the comfort of my own home. I started with 4 shots of Humira in one day. The next day all of my Arthritis pain was gone and I could walk again pain free. I then began a one injection every two week plan> I did start seeing side affects about four months later with rashes on my feet, palms and wrists. I also get patches of rashes on my legs that come and go. I have been to my docs and specialist that told me it is psoriasis brought on by Humira. My dermatologist said it is about a 4% chance that Humira gives psoriasis because one of its designs is to cure psoriasis. She gave me a bunch of creams that didnt work at all, so I stopped taking them. I am comfortable with living with the psoriasis at this time, since it isnt to bad. My main concern is the long term side affects of taking Humira. I am 34, have been on Humira for over a year and am supposed to take it for the rest of my life. It has taken away my Crohns flare ups, but at what cost down the road. I dont want to leave my children early so will be trying to plan a non chemical/pharmacutical way. If any one has ideas, or info on long term affects of Humira, I would be glad to hear. My thoughts and prayers go out to all on this site who have lost and are dealing with these horrible issues.

  300. I have been on humira injections for just over three years . The injections have been very good for me for the R/A but I think I may have some side effects from the medication . After only a few weeks I started to get a very itchy rash on my lower right leg and foot . This rash has become much worse in the last few months and I have to apply creams every day . My doctor said that the rash was nothing to do with the injections even though it started within about six weeks of starting the injections. I was told that if it was the injections the rash would have started on my chest first . On this site I can see others have had the same kind of rash , my doctor tells me I have varicose eczema . I have never had any eczema in my life before . Another thing is that I have found that over the last year or so I get very short of breath . At first I thought it was because I had been in hospital and not had much to do and was a bit weak from surgery. There has been no change in my breathing even a year after surgery. I had a perforated bowel and then had another operation to reverse this some time later . Could this be down to R/A or the medication , or the humira injections ? I’ve had naproxen , methotrexate , high numbers of prednisolone because nothing else was working and R/F blood tests hit 170 many times before starting on humira injections.
    I still take one or two prednisolone each day as injections are not enough on there own , and of course methatrexate .

  301. I was diagnosed with RA 2 years ago. After having an allergic reaction to methotrexate, tried enbrel and cimzia. Nothing worked until Humira. Started it 9 months ago. After 2 months felt like symptoms came back after 1 week so rheumy had me take every week. Very scared now that I have read this. Do I stop it n go back to laying in bed miserable not being with my family or do I take it and enjoy the time I have. So scared.

  302. My husband took Humira and Embril . He passed away May 16 th. 2012 of cancer that is caused by taking either one of these shots drugs or what ever you want to call them it was a shock when they told us what was wrong with him. He died only three months after he was told he had the cancer. WOW!!! What do we do about this drug??

  303. I took Enbrel for four years and when it stopped working I switched to Humira for my psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis . I have had numerous sinus infections that required hospitalizations . I finally had sinus surgery to correct some congenital abnormalities. Within two months of the surgery I had a horrible infection in my neck. My physicians referred me to an infectious disease doctor, but before I could see her ended up in ICU for 3 months with a massive infection in my neck and one where a dental implant had failed ( due to an infection). After a coma that lasted over 3 weeks and 3 code blues, my family was told that was it. I then woke up. Needless to say, I had to learn to walk again and deal with the worst case of psoriasis any of my doctors have ever seen. Six months later, I decided to give Methotrexate a try, within two weeks I was back in the hospital with an abscess on top of my sinus. Did I say how good I did on Humira until the infections started?

  304. A couple of weekends ago I began taking Humira for treatment of Ulcerative Colitis. That same weekend I developed a rash on my face. At first I thought it may have been an allergic reaction to a new make-up I began using a week prior. But two weeks later the rash has spread to my ears, neck, cleavage and scalp. It itches and stings. My lip has a swollen ring around it and requires constant chapstick. Benadryl and topical ointments have not helped much. My doctor does not believe it was caused by Humira. She urged me to stay on it and not give up on it so quickly. My friend sent me this website. After reading the testimonials, I am discontinuing the Humira. The risks far outweigh the benefits. I will have my colon removed before risking the side effects of this medication. I hope my rash clears up soon. I can’t wear makeup because it has become super sensitive to ingredients that I previously was able to tolerate. I hope my immune system has not been permanently compromised because of this medication.

  305. I have been on Humira for 2 1/2 years. The incredible pain from AS, IBS and depression forced me to take the doctors suggestions to take Humira. The injection site reactions were immediate, swelling and itching the size of baseball. Then the chronic sinus infections. I was constantly making readjustment to the Humira schedule so as not to overlap it with antibiotics. Then the Shingle erupted 6 months ago. I had 2 bouts 11 years ago so I knew the symptoms. Had to make rheumatologist clear that I wasn’t hypochondriac, went to emerg after 8 hours they agreed. Because it affected the facial nerves causing severe head face and optic pain they took it serious. The meds were awful, worked on pain, but made me higher than kite. Not sure I should tolerate those side effects but the pain was not good. Then painful blistering rash on heel of right hand inflamed. Seeping and looked infectious; had it covered to avoid spreading or causing myself more infection. Never went back to doctor. Tired of them knowing less than me. I applied Abreva, kept it covered and clean. Rinsed open sores with rubbing alcohol. It took a month of constant care but it healed. It is still discolored but seems OK. The ongoing body temp issues never stop. Over heating with no reason. Sweats with chills, now I was at dentist several weeks back and I know something isn’t right from that. My jaw and teeth seem out of alignment and have an infection inside cheek forming. Other issues such as depression/ bipolar signs, vit D absorption problems, GI problems, etc. I am looking into the homeopathic route. Inquiring can’t hurt. I’m a single mom of a beautiful 12 yr old daughter. The eventual severe side effects of Humira will leave her prematurely alone. That’s not acceptable. Thank you to everyone who has posted in the past you have given me strength. Make sure you remember that you are the expert of your own body. We all seem to have similar stories not necessarily the same problems. I believe the major drug companies are looking for clinical results for their own profits. I’ve changed my own schedule to a dose every 3 weeks if I’m infection free. And I’m looking into the silver as well. I feel for those who have lost loved ones due to this. Thank you for sharing.

  306. I have had Crohn’s for 15 yrs and have been on humira for about 6 yrs. It has been great for my Crohn’s symptoms. However over the years I have had lower back pain, constant sinus infections, thrush (yeast) infection in my mouth, sore joints, fatigue and once had a major toe fungal infection. I never even paid much attention to these things and just thought they were normal. Then over the last few months I began having frequent headaches, strange tingling sensations, electric shock sensations, feeling of water dripping on my leg, pain when people touch me in certain areas, sore neck, almost daily headaches, extreme fatigue and loss of the central vision in my right eye due to loss of pigment in my retina and they say the same thing is happening in my left eye and just hasn’t moved into the area of my central vision yet. I am still in the process of going to the neurologist, Gastro, and a retinal specialist to try to find out what exactly is going on and to see if it has anything to do with the Humira. I would like to know if anyone knows how exactly do I prove that it is due to humira enough to file a lawsuit. I was never told about any of these kinds of side effects being a possibility and now doing my own research I have found out that no research has been done on Humira being used for longer than one year. I am so sick and would have never started the humira if I had been told that getting MS or neuropathy or anything like that was a possibility. Does anyone know if stopping the humira would reverse any of these problems or am I stuck feeling like this forever?

  307. Update to my comment dated December 1, 2012
    I am starting Physical Therapy on March 19, 2013. Next Tuesday.
    It has been a slow healing process of my muscles. But thankful that I am to this point. Ultra sound has shown that these lumps in my muscles are Hematoma’s. caused by tearing and bleeding inside the muscles. There is no guarantee that Physical Therapy will get rid of them but my Genaral Practitioner, Family Doctor has been doing all he can to help me through this. My Gastro Doctor of over 11 years has not given one concern ever since this happened from Humira. That he prescribed to me for Crohn’s. they have not called me either. The Gastro Clinic nurse called in January to let me know I was approved for Cimzia. When I told her I was still in pain in my muscles and I could not start another high risk med while my body was in severe dehydration and bladder infection and lumps all over and could barely get around. I have not heard from them again. Unbelievable !
    I was on Humira 9 months. Had some fatigue and muscle aches for a couple of days after each injection. Then on October 29th 6 hours after that injection I was throbbing in pain from every muscle and sweating out for over 2 days. Muscles started tearing with every move. I had to stop doing anything or going anywhere for over 2 months. Literally staying in bed. Even my feet could not stand the pain of walking. Yes !!! Humira did this to me and now I am fighting not only Crohn’s with out a Gastro Dr. but trying to get rid of painful lumps and hopefully re-strengthen my muscles. Total weight loss through this is now 26 lbs. I am down to 110 lbs. I am trying to maintain.
    So sorry for everyone-who lost loved ones and suffered from this so called miracle drug.

  308. I was diagonosed with Crohn’s disease in 2007 and had tired every medication there was. I tired predisone, entocort, pentasa, asacol, imuran, and eve cimzia. While on a combo of cimzia and Imuran I was still having flare ups. M doctor just switched me to Humira in late January. I know the said effects are similar to cimzia but I am very unsure of continuing this medication. I have recently changed my diet to an all organic (USDA approved food) and have limited my sugar and yeast intake and seem to be doing a thousand times better. I also eat cultures foods ( foods containing probiotics) and taking probiotic supplements, which mainly consist of the brand “Garden of Life” and that seems to be helping tons. I also take adivse from “Doug Kauffman who has a tv show segment called ‘Know the cause” and he is very nutritionally wise because he is linking most to all cancers and diseases to fungal/ yeast/ overgrowths in the body cause by the food we are eating. Please check into all these things.. Just try it.. It does not hurt to try and research new ideas. Jesus loves you and wants you to get better and so do I !!

  309. I have been on the Humira injections since oct 2007. I have not had any problems until now. My hair is falling out. Has anyone else had this problem. Would love to hear from you.

  310. My step father took this medication for several years. Be aware that if you catch a virus or sickness this medication can turn it into a super bug! My father caught the flu, which turned into double pneumonia within days. He has trouble breathing- he went to ER and they were going to have to put him on a respirator to help him breathe. They gave him the medicine to relax him and his heart stopped. This happened at least 4 more times until my mother decided to stop doing CPR- them he passed away. This medicine caused a normal sickness to turn deadly- so please take caution when using this medicine!

  311. My 46 year old husband was on Humira. He has a prior history of Hodgkins but an expert in Chicago said this was the best option. Now he has leukemia (aml) and is fighting for his life. Do not take this drug!

  312. I was bitten by a bug? and I got infected by something. This infection ran rampant and I was hospitalized in days. My Dr,’s were puzzled and decided the only new drug I had been on was Humara. No drug’s were working and I was on the last ditch drugs for infections. My sores had to be lanced and my legs were immobilized for days. Since then I have been hospitalized many times. My lungs are bad and I have been hospitalized for problems with breathing. I had my back operated on 3 times for the Humara fed a tumor in my spinal column. So many problems but nothing is fixed. I have MESA causing a compromised immune system.

  313. They warn you right on television about the side effects to cover their butts for law suits-don\’t take it. I won\’t take any meds and use holistics instead. why would you take something that in their ads say may cause cancer and or death???

  314. I am two years out from a catastrophic medical event contributed to being both on Humira and Methotrexate. I had been on the combination for 4-5 years for RA. I developed a sore throat that was misdiagnosed as Strep and put on the Z-pack (anibiotics) within a week I was in a Coma with a 5% chance of survival….liver & kidneys shut down and other failures. I was in a coma for about 30 days then came out and made my way through rehab with a pretty miraculous full recovery. No explanation fully of what happened much less how I managed to recover, according to the doctors I should NOT be here. Needless to say I would NOT RECOMMEND humira/methotrexate to anyone. I take nothing but Plaquinil and some ibuprofen as needed now.

  315. This is a response to Jan on 19th October 2008. I have been on Humira for approx 5 months. Got very sick with lung infection so stopped for approx 3weeks. Then started again and now after my second injection I am having breathing problems and swelling of my legs. Not sure what it is -still investigating. Doctor wants to rule out congestive heart disease. I never had any sign of this before I went on Humira.

  316. My Boyfriend passed nov 2012 after being on humria for 2 yrs and the 3rd yr was night mare of events infections after infection Blood problems and a blood special still no results. Went to all 3 of his dr\’s in the end of Oct and all 3 said thing were good Nov 2nd he was dead.

  317. I been taking humira for 3-4 years the first year it worked good I was taking it every month I stop using it went to the Dr so now I’m taking it every 2 weeks my body is amune to the shot it don’t work no more I get wird symptoms don’t get an appetite the shot only helps on my arthritis its getting worst my body is full from head to toe and I’m still taking the shot wird headaches…

  318. I was diagnosed with RA in April of 2013. Never had any signs or symptoms just woke up one day unable to walk was in excruciating pain. My doctor diagnosed me immediately with what he thought was RA. He was right on the money. After taking methotrexate and plaquenil for six months, losing my job, and just prior to losing my insurance I took my first and last dose of Humira. Just after taking it, I felt on top of the world, like I could do anything. Even though I had diarrhea every time I ate or drink or chewed even a piece of gum, and could not sleep, because I could not stop peeing, I did not have joint pain, and for nearly a month I went back to living a mostly normal life and had I still had my up job, I’m sure I would have gone back to it. Fast forward two months, I have been in bed for two weeks. I am sick with flu-like symptoms and a constant headache and I know, I definitely know something is terribly wrong. I enrolled in today and the effective date is February 1. I am praying for a miracle, but expecting the worst. This drug is bad news. I feel worse now than I ever did before and God only knows the damage it has caused. I pray for all the victims that were led to take this gruesome drug; it’s equivalent to a nuclear bomb, and someone needs to stop it.

  319. I began taking Humira in Nov. for psoriasis. I had double injections a week apart & then began single dose injections every other week. After the initial 4th injection, all 4 sites became large red blotches about 21/2″ in diameter. I also noticed a small rash near the sites as well as on my forearms. All of these symptoms disappeared along with many psoriatic patches. Then the recession of the psoriasis almost ceased. I noticed in Dec. I had the sensation at night that I’d swallowed something and it became lodged in my esophagus. By January I had developed a pain in my sternum that went through to my back. The last injection of Humira was Jan. 6. I had not equated Humira with these symptoms yet. Then my face & under my chin began to swell, I had pain in my abdomen, the sensation in my esophagus and diarrhea. I’m beginning to believe I have pancreatitis acute another adverse episode connected with Humira. I ‘m just hoping I have no lasting damage.

  320. When Methotrexate didn’t work, my rheumatologist started me on Humira injections twice a month. Within 3-4 injections I developed warts, nose sores/bleeding, infected acne, SOB, dypsne and edema. I stopped Humira after approx 4 months. Two weeks after my last injection, I was CT scanned for a pulmonary embolism, but it turned out to be PCP pneumonia. I was hospitalized for 4 days and referred to an orthopedic, a neurologist and now I’m under the care of an oncologist because I have MGUS. I just had a bone scan and MRI (both head to toe) to look for bone lesions indicating multiple myeloma. I am waiting for test results and will find out next week if I have cancer. I wanted to tell my story so that anyone experiencing similar side effects could/should discontinue taking Humira!

  321. I have been on humira for 2 years for crohn’s. I didn’t put the symptoms together until this past January of first tingling/numbness in the hands and feet, now its full out pain, numbness. I called the dr’s office that put me on humira and they called Abbott, they said I’m a 1 in a million. Yeah, right, I’ve been reading through these comments and a lot of people have the same issue. I’m done with this drug. I’m also controlling my crohn’s with diet and holistic care. (Should have done that right from the start)! I actually trusted the medical/pharmaceutical fields! They are only in it for the $$$ not for our health. Learn how to help yourself! These big corporations do not care about you or I they just want to make the big bucks. Diet, exercise, clean meats, fruits and veggies. (Go to your local Farmer’s Market). If you can find this page, you can find info on fixing your gut health or skin health. The only one who cares the most about your health is you!

  322. My dad started taking humira about a year ago for his psoriasis. the humira did stop the psoriasis…butit also gave him lymphoma. he died this past november from the lymphoma that humira gave him. he never had any stomach problems until he started takin this drug. if you or anyone you know is taking this drug or is considering taking it pkease stop them! humira will kill you. its not worth it to risk your life. i lost my dad because of this killer drug, dont lose yours. the drug companies dont care about helping people, just about profit. pretty sokn they will come up with a miracle drug to combat all ghe diseases that humira caused..just to make more money.

  323. Started Humira in April 2014.After one shot on fri . When to DR. the next tue did blood work liver enzymes were 435 way high. Has anyone else had this was there damage or did they go back down to normal.Dr told me was not the Humira to keep taking the shots .DID NOT worried that the levels wont go down and will have damage .I also have itching and headaches.

  324. My daughter was 10 when she was diagnosed with JIA, had her on methotrexate didn’t work changed to enbrel, didn’t work. Now we are on a Humira for about 6 months. But now she is developing flank pain on both dudes. Waiting for doc response. Anyone experience this?

  325. My Dr’s here in the UK knew I was on Humira but failed to spot bilateral cellulitis. Rhuemmy nurse told me to go to a+e immediately as I needed urgent care. I knew about tne infection issues with this medication due immunosuppression effects. I have had infections galore since this. I am annoyed over this as cellulitis is not mentioned as an issue. This medication should be banned.

  326. I’ve been on humira for about a year.initially it worked great for my crohns,took 4 doses in the beginning.i inject once every two weeks after the 3 rd month I developed a rash and tiny pimples on my thighs then rash on biotin of my feet and top of my foot,then rash inside my nose. I have Some kinda fungal bacteria according to my gp I blow green snot all the time I’m sooo stuffed up can barley breath!! I have scabes in my nose that won’t go away. My gi sent me to a dermatologist and he said I have eczema!!!! Never had this before. Told me to put cream on, but never worked and put vasoline in my nose??? Ya it helps with dryness but never healed it. I have a strain that goes from my ear to my throat. My throat on the left side has a lump feeling to it and went and got a ultrasound done. That came back as swollen lymph nodes and one is irregular size. Told we’ll we will keep an eye on it?? Ya right!! Since then I have developed virtigo I am constantly dizzy and feel heart is racing all the time.i see a nose ear throat doctor next week a sleeping disorder specialist next month and neurologist. I can’t comprehend things anymore and developed anxiety from all this.after finding this site I am stopping humira. I also feel nerve problems and shacking hands. Hope you all have good luck with your health this has been a nightmare!!

  327. Thanks for all the sharing, after reading all these I decided not to use this drug.
    Hope you all recover soon.

  328. I was diagnosed with IBS at the age of 28, Crohns at 40 in 2003, I took Pentasa for 7 yrs. I then was hospitalized with Crohns once more in 2009, I was told by my doctor that I had to take Humira shots biweekly for the rest of my life or I would get worse quickly and die. In 2012 I was diagnosed with Neuropathy that went from my toes to my upper thighs. i am now on vitamin B12 shots once a month plus Savella. In October 2013 I started getting nausea, headache, diarrhea, constipation, extreme fatigue, extreme muscle weakness. This comes on without notice. I then drink coconut water and 32 ouches of water and rest for 30 minutes. It helps. The episodes got worse to vomiting and the others systems got more severe. I vomited my feces two weeks ago in June of 2014. I went to my family doctor and then to my gastrointerologist. I was given multiple blood test which revealed high levels of liver enzymes. I also had to have an ultrasound, x-rays, and an open MRI. The liver enzymes went back to normal. Before the MRI results the GI doc said he already knew what the results would be. He then referred me to a heart specialist and to have a treadmill test plus other heart tests. I am scared to death to stop the Humira even though I have all these problems that multiple drs say are not related to Humira. The GI doc now has referred me to a cardiologist to have a treadmill and other tests

  329. I was diagnosed with psoriasis about three months ago. Dr. wanted me to take Humira but I refused. He offered me no other treatment. I will not go back to him even though he is supposed to be the best. I have psoriasis on my palms and soles of my feet also some on my legs. I am on my feet all night at work and it is very painful because they crack really bad. I don’t know what to do now but I do know I will not take Humira!

  330. My brother has a chrons diseases, doctors started with him HUMIRA needels since two month, after one month Palmoplantar pustulosis psoriasis appeared on his body and start spreading inside his ears, all his hands and feet, between legs, his back and head. Now he can’t walk because of his feet, he has a strong pain and he is yelling from pain strenght, HUMIRA destroyed his life and our life as a family. HUMIRA destroyed us!! We thought that it will provide him a quality of life but it does not. We had a very bad luck in side effect.

  331. Thank you all for sharing your stories about Humira. I am knee deep in all the insurance finalizations and have decided a huge HELL NO to Humira!! I will learn to live with my psoriasis for another 30 years. My heart goes out to everyone on this page. Thank you, because of you, I’m opting OUT!

  332. I have moderate to severe Crohn’s disease and have tried most of the drugs such as the mesalamines and steroids over the years with no success. I had a major bowel resection in 2006 and another in 2009. I finally gave in this year and tried Humira after this drug was pushed at me for years by the gastroenterologist. After only one loading dose, four injections, I began to experience severe joint pain. I felt pain along my spine only hours after the injections, and within three days every joint in my body was swollen and painful. I described this reaction to my gastroenterologist who said that is unusual and should not happen. Then, his nurse called me and said they had reported my reaction to their drug rep. She then asked if I had the two remaining auto-injectors and since I was not going to take another dose, she asked if they could have those other two in order to offer to patients who may not have insurance. Does anyone see something wrong with this picture?? Why would they even consider using this lot of medication that caused such a severe reaction in me on another person???
    A out two months after the reaction I went to a rheumatologist and found my liver function is abnormal. Three months in I still have severe joint pain, can hardly hold things in my hands and my feet hurt to walk on. The gastro and rheumatologist both recommended trying Cimzia, another similar TNF inhibitor! No way. I feel like this Humira has ruind my life.

  333. First I would like to say I’m so sorry for all of you that have lost loved ones from this nasty drug.My heart goes out to all of you. I have been on Humaria for about 2 to 3 years and oh my god. I have had 1 infection after another for at least 2 years. I am now fighting a staph infection and also some kind of Fungal out break.My nails ,my arms and my legs are all covered in a red ?? I have had a serious out break of shingles one bout right after the other. The quality of my life has deteriated so much. Nobody should have to suffer like this.My Lymph nodes are all swollen and I can hardly walk.I feel like my body is starting to shut difficulty breathing heart palpatations. Thank you all for sharing it is so hard to know what to do because we like to believe that we can trust our doctors with our lives but it looks like the doctors are killing us with this Nuclear bomb. I stopped my Humaria tonight against my doctors advise. At this point I have nothing else left to lose. As I said my body is shutting down slowly.

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