Lap Band Side Effects Led To Additional Surgery in 60% of Patients: Study

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By: Staff Writers | Published: April 1st, 2011

About six out of every 10 people who undergo gastric Lap-Band surgery may experience complications that require additional surgery and nearly half may have to have the banding removed, according to a recent study by Belgian researchers. 

The researchers looked at patients who had received the Allergan Inc. Lap-Band over a period of 12 years and reported their findings last week in the Archives of Surgery. They found that nearly a third of patients who undergo the procedure, known as laparoscopic adjustable gastric banding (LAGB), discovered that their bands had eroded the wall of their stomach over time.

The study used data from 82 patients who underwent LAGB surgery between January 1, 1994 and December 31, 1997. Researchers found that 61% suffered some kind of complications, usually major. Overall, 28% were found to have suffered Lap-Band erosion, and just under 50% had the band removed within 12 years. Overall, the Lap-Band recipients lost about 43% of the excess weight they carried before undergoing to procedure.

The researchers said that the lap band erosion, complications, and an overall lukewarm satisfaction rating by the patients in the study led them to determine that Lap-Band side effects lead to relatively poor long-term outcomes for LAGB.

Allergan has criticized the findings, saying that a 2010 Lap-Band study in Surgical Endoscopy found only a 12% complication rate among nearly 3,000 patients who had the bands implanted in 2001, which was the year the FDA approved the Lap-Band for use in the U.S. The company said that the study focused on the beginning of LAGB surgery, before doctors became experienced with the procedure.

According to Allergan, more than 500,000 people worldwide have received the Lap-Band and said both the band itself and LAGB surgery have changed since the subjects of the Belgian study received their bands.

The new study comes less than a week after the FDA announced that it was expanding the approved use of the Lap-Band to include people who were less obese.

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  1. I had lapband surgery on february of 2009 is been a nightmare now iI need to remove my band and the insurance refused to pay for it. I dont know what to do. My band is eroted among other things is no longer working for the had to empty my band …

  2. i had lapband surgery in dec. 2008. that next year i fell and tore my port loose.i called allergan and asked them if this was common?no.then i went to the gastro who did it.he wasnt in,so i seen his assoc.he said no port is in tact.but i was having a lot of pain.also a rep from allergan called my he was pissed off at me.he examined me.said yes,its ripped loose.i told him i was in pain.he didnt schedule was over a month.yet i felt the port bunching up and stabbing me.i ended up in the now dr. is off the roof with anger.he did the repair.cont.

  3. I had lap band In December 2004 and lost almost 100 lbs but I continued to vomit almost daily through out the time I had it. in Aug, 2009 I became very sick and went through several test over the next couple of months when they discovered that my band had eroded into my stomach (including the buckle.) In March of 2010 my eye doctor diagnosed me with dry macular degeneration with a retina specialist stating that he believed it was due to he lack of nutrients my body recieved while I had my lap band. I am 45 years old and have a disease that people have in there 70′s & 80′s. Is there anyone else out there having these problems? Is there anything I can do? I completely beleived in the lap -band & until now I would have had it re-done if it could be done without it becoming erodded again but now they are saying I could lose my central vision within five years. I am a Mom of 4 and I was a school bus driver until April of 2010 when my night vision became to bad to feel safe with all of those lives in my bus. I am a hobby artist, decorator, & photographer and I feel like my vision makes me everything that I am & now due to my lap-band, I am only going be an overweight, blind…..what?

  4. Additional comments:Removal was done due to slippage. In and out of dr’s on iron and b12 supplements-levels are dangerously low. It was an Allergen Lap-Band-I made pathology give it to me!

  5. I have had my lap band since 2004 and have had no complications. I have not made my goal weight, but I have made incredible changes. I no longer need my blood pressure meds, my cholesterol is lower now than when I was 19yrs old! The only reason I have not made goal is because I have not made the right food choices. I love sugar! The band is only a tool. Fortunately I have not had any complications with slips,erosions, etc. I am happy with my lap band and continue in my journey of ideal weight and healthy living.
    start weight 247/now 190

  6. I had lapband surgery 10/09…I started having extreme diarrhea and notified the surgeon that did my surgery. He acted like that was normal. I was late to work and having problems every where I went.
    Then we found my port was turned and I had to have a 2nd surgery 12/09 and 1 week to the day after that, I was passing bloodclots rectally at my job and almost passed out in the bathroom. I called him and he was so rude and told me it had nothing to do with the lapband I must have had something else going on already. I was perfectly healthy except for for a dead thyroid(which no one told me could be a problem because it is an autoimmune disease) and a little high blood pressure. But I found out after the surgery since my Grandmother had Lupus I was not a good candidate for this surgery
    between my autoimmune disease and hers also. No one very talked about that at all. I got so sick I ended up in the hosptial twice and now they are saying I have Crohn’s Disease. I have to take IV Therapy every 8 weeks and Chemo injections every week. My health is ruined. I am 52 yrs old and in diapers and since the medications are not working so well now the GI dr says he might have to remove my colon. This has been nothing short of a nightmare. What was supposed to help my life has destroyed it. There is much more to my story but I would like to see if this has happened to anyone else. I personally know a lady from my church that went to the same surgeon as me and ended up almosy dying with pancreatitis. Of course the dr denies that was lapband issues also. I am running out of time to do a lawsuit and I need help. I LITERALLY OWE THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS FOR MY MEDICAL BILLS…MY CREDIT IS RUINED AND MY LIFE IS TERRIBLE NOW. IF ANYONE ELSE HAS HAD A SIMILAR PROBLEM PLEASE LET ME KNOW ASAP. THANK YOU.

  7. I had lap band surgery in 2008, only required 1 fill. Then in late 2009 and 2010 started to where I could not eat anything, kept having test done, and nothing finally became so sick to where fluids would no longer stay with me. Was hospitalized for sever dehydration and found out that the lap band had eroded into my stomach. I spent 8 days in hospital after removal for the half dollar size hole in my stomach to close up. Now we are in 2011 and I still cannot eat after the removal, only to find out that my stomach will not excrete the food because the removal of the band or the erosion tore my vagus nerve which is needed for the emptying of the food. I am a mess!

  8. I was banded in 2008 and lost almost 100 lbs the first year, put about half of that back on since. Started having severe upper-GI pain and had endoscopy which revealed lap-band erosion. After emergency surgery, doctor said this was by far the worst he’d ever seen, lap-band was 80% inside my stomach. Doctor who performed the explantation (removal of lap-band) was same doc who put it in & he no longer does lap-banding because of all the complications. Come on! With all the problems of this device you would think FDA would review & pull it off the market!!

  9. In July of 2007 I had lapband surgery, I didn’t loose alot of weight but kept plodding along. About 3 years ago I started having horrible pain, just to the right of my stomach, sometimes I would spasm in the same area, when the spasm would hit the pain was so bad, it would drop me to my knees. During the spasm I could see the tube from my band twisting and turning under my skin. My doctor said that was impossible, but I know what I saw. At first when I started having pain my doctor ordered a scan and said it was normal, from then on when I complained of pain (which was every office visit) he would ignore me, blow off my complaint or tell me it was in my head. One visit the doctor said I invented the pain so he would take the fluid out of my band so I could eat what I wanted! After 4 years of little success with the lapband I decided to have gastric by-pass surgery. That decision saved my life! Sept. 20, 2011 they did the surgery they found erosion and the band had twisted around my stomach cutting the circulation off to the lower part of my stomach, instead of pink healthy stomach tissue, mine was brown. When they removed the band my stomach started to get some circulation back and pink up some. The doctor said trying to sew a new gastric by-pass stomach was like sewing in mud, my stomach tissue was so damaged it was falling apart. The new stomach I have is about the size of a quarter because that is the only healthy tissue they could find. Before getting a band there needs to be an agreement between the patient, doctor and insurance company if the band is causing pain, or is not successfull after a certain time it needs to come out.

  10. I had Lap Band surgery in 2007 and now I am dealing with nausea/vomitting/dizziness every day, all day because of it slipping. After three visits to the ER the Doctor and a Barium swallow, the Doctor advised me of it and removed the fluid. He then acted surprised that I still have these symptoms days later. I have no insurance and he provided no options to help me remove the thing. I just want to feel normal again and get this thing out of my body.

  11. i’ve had the band since july 04 – it started leaking around may 11 – i’m regaining everything i lost – the band eroded into the stomach – i have costs involved /wthe bypass though not hundreds of thousands – does anyone know of a class action lawsuite against allergan for this junk

    allergan said they’d compensate me when i mentioned my costs involved for RX’s (xenical) etc

  12. Wow – what horror stories!! I thought it only happened to me….. I think my story is most like Connie Jo’s but with a better outcome.
    I had the lap band put on in 6/2007. I initially lost about 30 pounds and stayed there no matter what I did. I work out 5 days a week and eat healthy food In July 2011 I started having terrible pain on my upper left side -just below my breast. They put me on pain pills and I went through 2 months of tests. They finally spotted the lap band during an endoscopy because much of it was on the inside of my stomach along with a huge infection It was another month before the Dr could get me in, and I had surgery 10/20/2011
    It was supposed to be 45 min outpatient surgery. I was under for 4 hours and spent 6 days in the hospital. The lap band was all tangled up in my stomach and the infection was huge. They also had to repair my stomach with tissue from my lg intestine
    I am still not 100% but am close. My wounds became infected and I had to have them re-opened. I’m healing from the inside out. I am fortunate enough to have decent insurance and have lost more weight from all of this than the lap band ! (42 lbs)

  13. I had the lap band placed 5/19/2008 and it was never filled initially due to adequate weight loss then due to persistent vomiting after the 1st revision. The first revision, 10/30/2008, was due to a suture the came loose and the port flipped so could not be accessed. The port was then sutured so tightly to the muscle fascia that I could not exercise or stand straight without a ripping pain. This caused persistent pain, hematoma, and recurrent bleeding each time it ripped (exercising or standing strainght upright). I suffered with this repeated injury, On 6/29/2009, I was rehospitalized for pain control and underwent another port revision into another part of my abdomen. the lap band eroded eventually, had persistent vomiting and I had the device removed 12/10/2010

  14. I had Lap band surgery 11/06. Self pay $14000.00. Everything went well for 3 months when I started to get fills. The second fill caused pain in my chest. I was assured it could not be the band. I couldn’t hold down very few bites at a time. By March I went in and had all fluid removed to see if pain would ease up. It did. Next month I got a fill with a fluoroscope and no pain. End of month chest pain was back and my surgeon assured me again it was not the band. I went to my GP and had a chest x-ray that showed a shadow. My GP put me on heavy antibiotics thinking it was pneumonia. 2 weeks later I was feeling better and losing weight. Another month and another fill and the pain started coming back. I had a upper GI endo with no stomach erosion. I suffered with it for a while then back to my GP. Another x-ray still shadow, another 4 week round of high power antibiotics. I was never convinced it was pneumonia. I got to feeling better but was not losing weight. I had only lost 30 lbs in 8 months. Pain was coming back centered center of breast bone. I was seeing my surgeon every month and complaining, NOT THE BAND. I planned a vacation and before leaving I went back to GP. I was afraid the “pneumonia” was coming back . He once again gave me meds and sent me on my vacation. We drove 6 hours and spent the night before hitting the road again. That morning I couldn’t stand straight pain was bad. After we arrived at our destination I was worse and went to bed for 2 days, meds were not working. The 3rd day I went to a walking Urgent Care, white blood cell count was off the chart, chest x-ray was black. This Dr sent me to local ER to get Cat scan. After waiting 7 hrs, Dr shook his head and gave me more meds and pain pills. My husband wanted me to fly home. But all the Dr’s had assured me everything was okay. I was deathly ill. So we left for home. I contacted my Surgeon tell the whole story. No help. I went to see my GP he called my Gastro Dr. in the same building and sent me up. My stomach was distended and swollen. She set up a Cat Scan. The lady administering the Cat Scan made me stay on the table because I was so ill, she told me I needed a surgeon stat. I called my lap band surgeon and he couldn’t believe it. I had to get a copy of my Scan for him. He set up surgery for the next day late. I begged him to let me got to the hospital that afternoon, I felt like I was dying and I was. I had peritonitis. I got to the hospital and was put on IV antibiotics and had a 4 hour surgery the next afternoon. My Dr said I was so full of infection that he could not see to find the lap band. He even referred to it as cottage cheese and pus. He had to clean me out, I already had scar tissue forming. I was in the hospital over a week, hardly remember some days. It took over a month to recover during this time I lost about 20 lbs. My Dr never said how I could get an infection in there. There were only 2 ways, surgery and fluid injection.

  15. Have any of you sought legal advice?
    After 21/2 years my lapband perforated my stomach with excessive stomach pain and sepsis. Long story, but 6 weeks in the hospital mostly in intensive care. I am sad that Allergan continues to sell these to unsuspecting people.


  17. Alice, My Allergan lapband tubing also cracked — near the band itself. I had my band removed (and revised to VSG) the day after you did, on Feb 9, 2012. The hospital where I had it removed is saying that they will not release the band to me, or anyone else. Even if they did release the band to me, I believe it would be unwise to send it to Allergan. They would then have all of the leverage, and could say/not say anything they wanted regarding the condition of the lapband. They would have total control. And as kind as they seem to be on the phone, I believe they would not be so kind when it comes down to issuing a check for reimbursement. (I was also a cash pay). Sadly, I may have no choice but to contact a lawyer to get things sorted out with Allergan.

  18. I originally posted on 12/27/2011. I had the lap band removed on 10/20/2011 and still have not healed completely. 2 of my wounds are not closed, but they are closing – albeit slowly. My total weight loss from the surgery recovery is now 51 lbs. I am never without pain in my abdominal area. I keep hoping that I am healing and it will be ok eventually. Some days it is worse than others, and the good days are what keep me going.
    I did call a few lawyers who said the only way it would be worth suing would be a class action law suit. With what I’ve read here, it seems like an eventuality. Does anyone know of a case going on?

  19. I had the lap band placed in 2008 all went well ok had lots of vomiting and always could feel the band…then 10 months later I developed severe right upper quadrant pain prompting my surgeon to take out my gallbladder…pain continued off and on as well as the nausea and vomiting and fills and unfills then in 2011 I developed the most horriable right upper quad pain I can imagine surgeon sent me to ER and after many meds was sent home. Had a scope done reports came back normal…finally pain and vomiting continued my surgeon removed the band…I still continue to vomit everything I eat or drink at times prompting me to have IV fluids…surgeon has abandoned me and finally seeing a specialist at UNMC states he suspects it is damage from the band of course not sure what can be done to help me. I originally lost 60-70 pds with the band to gain most back…I have now lost post band removal over a 100 pds in a short time. Did say the band had adhered to my liver…funny band is gone and no more right upper quadrant pain….I hate the band it ruined my life!!!!!

  20. UI had the lapband done in may of 2009. Everything went well for almost two years. In 2011, I began complaining of throwing up while laying down and could not hold anything down. After several trips to the emergency room for dehydration the surgeon said it was not from the band and it was acid reflux. However, that problem soon went away once I stopped getting fills. I noticed I was eating more and putting my weight back on and felt nothing in the band to help. I fought with the surgeon and center as they only allowed two hours one day a week for me to see that surgeon and could not transfer doctors. I finally called in to work because I was having intense pain where the port was. He saw me and tried to give me a fill. All the saline went inside and I was able to still drink an entire bottle of water. We did a barium test and found it was leaking at the port. And here is when hell began. This was in Nov of 2011 and they knew I was losing insurance at the end of Nov. The center made no effort to get me in and said it was not important. By Jan. I was seeing the emergency room often. They said the Jan 14th that it was erosion from the stomach that was causing me to cough of blood. Jan 16 they just gave me pain pills to deal with it. My surgeon was notified and he did not come see me or help me. Now, Starting April 23, I have been in intense and extreme pain from my belly button down. I have sharp spasms that feel like I am sitting on knives and hurts to move. I can no longer work and I have no insurance. The surgeon will not help me and said I had to pay for the procedure up front before anything can be done. I went to the er three times in two weeks and found by ct scan that the tubing has discontinued from the port and is blindly ending in my pelvic area causing infection and severe pain. Yet, even with all this information, no one is willing to help me. I am 26 and can not file a lawsuit cause no one will listen and I have no insurance to get it removed because the insurance I am payinf for refuses to cover it even though it is now medically needed. If anyone has any suggestions, please contact me.

  21. Had the lap band placed in May 2006. It was four years of living hell, throwing up, trips to the emergency room and finally, a doctor out it Phoenix researched and seen my band had slipped, it was in a life-threatening position. It was removed April 13, 2012 in emergency surgery.

  22. I had lap band on 4-18-12.
    No fills

    I had an appt to have a fill, with another surgeon, not the one that performed the surgery as I had surgery out of my state.

    Found out today, I have a port infection and the whole system has to come out..

    Now, have head no the infection he suspects is from the time of surgery and mighr be a performation(micro) that occured during surgery and the infection has now worked its way down the tubing to the port site….Nice..

    He wants to remove the lap band as soon as possible….I have no fevers or chills, just a redness around the port..

    How can this happen with no fillbeing done?? It seems to me to be a surgical infection…

  23. I am so happy I stumbled onto this website. I was banded Feb 2010 and haven’t lost a pound. Before the surgery I was a happy overweight woman, a mom,wife and friend. Now I am a mess I feel like such a failure I am sick all the time. It feels like I am being stabbed in the chest, and now the heartburn is keeping me up at night. I was always a healthy eater but I liked good food too much. I now am a vegan thanks to forks over knives. I keep going to my doctor who thinks I am a liar. He rolls his eyes at me when I tell him my complications. Even the nurse practitioner thinks something is wrong with my band. I did a barrium sallow and my band is not in the correct place but since I don’t have any obstruction my doctor doesn’t act to concerned . Great so now he wants to do an endoscopy. But in the mean time I have to choke down carafate 4 times a day with pepcid just to be some what comfortable. I am happy for the people who have success with their bands. I wish everyday that mine worked but no such luck. Its comforting to know I am not alone. I forgot to mention it feels like my insides are going to fall out so I am now resorting to wearing compression garments. As I wait for the doctor to decide his next move. I cry everyday when I used to smile. My husband tries to help but there is nothing he can do. If it wasn’t for my kids and husband I feel like dying everyday. This band has destroyed my insides as well as my spirit. My doctor basically could care less, he got his 27,000. Everything at his office is so screwy. He told me that I wasn’t losing because I wasn’t coming in enough. The nurse told me I needed to come in just a couple times a year for adjustments. I think I have gone to his office 15 to 20 times. Complaining of vomiting and pain. What else can I do. I wish I could reach out and hug every single person here who is suffering. Because that’s what it is suffering.

  24. So, why isn’t there a class action lawsuit against Allergan over this horrible device? I can’t find evidence of one.

    I am banded. My family routinely watches me run to the bathroom to vomit during meals. While there were warnings about vomiting, nothing I signed suggested that I might have to stay away from certain types of food altogether. Nothing I signed indicated that on some days of the month I would be able to swallow, and on other days I would vomit the same items eaten the same way.

    Its a nightmare of a surgery. The failure rate is unacceptable. Those of us who know this have an obligation to protect others from what we have experienced. I am horrified that they are trying to approve this surgery for teens.

  25. I can totally relate to what everyone on here. Is going through. I was banded 9. 2007. Very painful and wasn’t working. called went to see dr. Told himof heart palpitastions and pain in chest etc. Took xray said I needed fill..wrong…pain and papitations got worse. Have no ins now but did at the time. Paid cash coz they said ins needeed more info and they would help get it paid. Never happened and pain and being miserable lasted 4 years. Small weight los but weak and no energy. Hadto go to er at least two times by pain and scared no help or answers from drs. Said I must bee doing somehing wrong. Fell very very ill. Started to drastically lose weight. Family dr said 114 is too low needs to take it off. Few days later had it taken out by same dr. Max time should have been four hours I was in from 9n in the am until late into the night. Trying to stabilize me after surgery and couldn’t. Called for ambulance to take me to hospital. Stayed 4 days with no ins wanted to come home due to no ins. Still suffering from a hernia as big as an orange. Almost lost my life. Never any warning that any of this could happen. Just safw safe and reversible…I want to sue. Anyone have any info on an attorney doing civil

  26. I have had my band since 2006. I have never had pain or problems of that nature, but I only lost about 25 lbs where I should have lost about 50. I have gained about 6 back.
    I have never been able to eat properly. If I try to eat a meal with my family (of course I eat very small portions) I very often have to go throw up in the middle of it, unless I have a couple glasses of wine ahead of time since it is a relaxant.)
    I tried the fills a couple of times but couldn’t eat anything at all after those so I have a tiny bit of fill.
    My diet sucks. I don’t eat properly because I have no interest in food. It’s hard for me to grocery shop because I have no appetite. All I care about eating is light snack food like saltines which I have learned to eat with a spoonful of cottage cheese with a slice of cucumber or red bell pepper, or a thin piece of deli turkey, etc. The saltines or any other type of cracker usually goes down well.. I can’t load up on those either. I absolutely cannot eat all day or I throw it up. I can only eat about 6pm. Most of the time I forget about eating at all. I own a business so I’m very busy and don’t think about food. I not getting good nutrition and it’s very necessary to take vitamins which I forget to take 90% of the time. Loss of memory could be a nutritional deficiency.
    I would like to have the band taken out but am scared to because I’m afraid I gain even the 25lbs back or more. However, three or four times I have almost chocked to death in the middle of night having been awakened by food and liquid that backed up into my throat from the pouch that had not actually passed through the band.
    I am wondering what it will be like for me when I’m old, maybe suffering with a little dementia and forget that I can’t eat. I do it now. Sometimes when I get hungry I eat too fast even though I’m trying not to.

    The surgery did basically make my diabetes disappear within two weeks and I had to quit taking my diabetes medications. Also the loss of a mere 25 lbs helped my energy level and ability to get around.
    For those of you who had the band removed…did you gain a lot of weight back, and what was your appetite like? Did you go back to cravings and over eating?
    Please respond here so I can see your answers.

  27. I have had the same issue but the band almost killed me its time to get a class action going Im working out the details right i will keep every one posted

  28. I had my lapband done in 0ct 2008 and i have been hospitalized a few times due to ongoing was either too tight or too loose..I was consistently vomiting everytime I ate..It got to the point that I become deathly sick and was hospitalized due to acid erosion in my throat from vomiting so much.When I was in the hospital my husband begged them to remove it but they refused saying my ins wouldnt pay for it..all they would do was empty the band.My stomach is constintly sore and the area around my port sight always hurts!

  29. I had the lap band surgery Aug 2005 lost 60 pounds that first year, then it slowed down. Followed all their rules so no problems with the vomiting. I had adjustments for the next few years but nothing seem to be working started gaining weight back. So in May 2011 decided to get gastric bypass, only to find out that the 1 1/2 hour surgery took 4 1/2 hours and they couldn’t do the bypass as my band had eroded and caused a whole and infection in my stomach, that the doctor said had I not gone in then I would most likely have been dead in a month. The overnight stay turned into four days. I had been feeling extremely exhausted and fatigued thought it was from the weight gain, but it wasn’t it was the infection draining my system as it was fighting the infection. No pre-op testing detected the infection so that is why it could have killed me. Then Aug 2011 had to have gall bladder surgery. Finally in Oct 2011 had the bypass and things have been great. Had I know erosion was a real threat I would have gone the bypass way instead first. They only stressed slippage. Something needs to be done. The scare of being that close to death is not something I would wish on anyone.

  30. I had the first lap band surgery December 2010. Everything went well for about 7 months then I began vomiting on a daily bases. I go in to see the doctor and he would just open and the follow month put fluid back in the band. He would roll his eyes at me everytime I came in complaining that it was hurting and I was vomiting daily. It did not matter if it was food or liquids. He would always tell me I was doing something wrong. He would continue to open and close. I went back in one visit told him that I was vomiting stuff that looked like coffee. He open the band up and a month later scheduled scope and told me everything was normal. A month later I was unable to drink or eat but continue to go to work and go to the gym thinking well if the doctor is saying its in my head I must just keep going. Until one day, I went to the gym and came home went to say something to my boyfriend and passed out. Waking up on the floor throwing up black coffee stuff. Continue to throw up and my boyfriend took me to the er. After 8 hours, I found out my band had slipped. They sent me home with medication. I said, “hello, I can’t eat or drink how am I going to take medication?” The doctor informed me to contact the my doctor who did the lap band surgery. I called him for several days and informed them the band had slipped and I continue to vomit the black coffee stuff and unable eat and drink. To this day he has not called me to follow up and it happen march 2011. To find out he lost his license to practice in that hospital even though his office was there. After, suffering for 3 more days my bother n law informed another doctor about what was happening. He said to get to the er now and he will be there. I went to a different er he told me to go to and the following day I went into surgery. My band had slipped and instead of 1 pouch I had 3 pouches and scar tissue covered all 3 pouches and the stomach. I had tears all the way down my throat. He changed my band. I thank him for saving my life because he said if I went another day or 2 I could have died. Now it’s been over a year and I’m vomiting again. I have appointment schedule to discuss the vomiting. I am now defiencies in B-12, Vitamin D and other things. I stay tired and no one can understand why. I never had any problems with my health before this but being over weight. I am not sure where to go from here.

  31. I had the lap ban 2008 I had lost 120lbs I was the happiest women on the earth cause I had been over weight all my life, I was doing things I never ever thought I could do, then it 2011 I found out I have a leak the place in Beverly Hills that I went to to have it done no long takes cash, So they would not help me, I was 170lb went I found out I have the leak , I now am 230lbs I wish I would have never ever had this done! It is bad being fat but when you become thin and everyone around you is so happy and proud of you, and then to become fat again its like you don’t want to even leave your house, I am so depressed and unhappy with myself.

  32. I had lap band surgery and after my first day home, I KNEW something was wrong. Had to go back to the hospital, to find out that the band was too tight. Barely anything was going through. Before going in for a second surgery to have it removed, the Dr came to talk to me. He could see that I had been vomiting red liquid into a container – I showed him !! So then, after being wheeled down to the OR, I spoke with the anesthesiologist. He told me that I needed a tube down my throat during surgery, in case I vomited. I heard the Dr tell him that I didn’t need it, that nothing was going through because of the band. So guess what happened ?? I vomited during surgery and my STOMACH CONTENTS went into my lungs. Instant Pneumonia, spiking high temps, my heart was going crazy. Ended up on a ventilator for two days, scared to death and thinking I wouldn’t be going home to my family. Because I had surgery to try to BETTER MYSELF, I could have died !!!!
    I saw a lawyer. He read my medical notes and said that it said I vomited before my surgery. REALLY ?! So HOW did he go in and remove the band of I had already vomited ?! Makes no sense. And rhe head of the ICU told me I vomited DURING surgery !! I don’t want money from this bastard. I want his license so he can’t hurt anyone else again.
    I am SO depressed. I am at my all time highest weight and absolutely miserable. I went through a year of appointments and meetings and preparation and planning for my new life. And look at me now…

  33. My brother just had this procedure done 3 weeks ago and is now back in the hospital. He was vomiting and has severe pain in his upper abdomen and right side.Took him to the ER where they did CAT scan and ultrasound that came back normal…but after redding all of everyones posts I am led to believe its something to do with this procedure.

  34. banded in 2009, had regular fills 1st year but always had problems with vomiting & getting “stuck”. My employer changed insurance companies in 2010 and the new insurance does not cover anything to do with weight loss surgery some I am screwed. Figured I could live with the complications as I avoided certain foods and tried to “eat around” the band. Stayed this way for about 2 years. about 2-4 mo. ago, started getting severe heartburn & stomach, chest & back pain perodically. Regualar doc put me on Prilosic. Works sometimes but still get symptoms along this naseau & vomiting. Finally went back to surgeon on my dime. (200.00 a visit) He said band could have slipped but took all fluid out of band and scheduled an upper GI with orders to go back to him after upper GI. (All on my dime) Still having pain, heartburn & naseua. All this for 25llbs lost. (highest lost was 30-35 lbs) The surgeon seems very concerned which leads me to believe there are other patients of his suffering. Will update after upper GI & Dr visit. Allergen, u suck!! Don’t have this procedure done!!. Wife had gastric bypass done, lost 100lbs and is doing well.
    If it is the allergen band causing my problems, I want to pursue legal action recover my costs

  35. I had this surgery in 2007. I had problems almost immedicately. I met my surgeon at his office at night many times because i was unable to hold down even clear fluid…realzing he refused to admit something was wrong i tried to go to another surgeon…he would not see me because another surgeon had done the proceedure. In 2010 I lost myjob and health insurance. Since it took me a while to gain employment and get back on my feet a bill for ninety dollars from my surgeon got behind. I received a letter from my surgeo saying he was \”firing me from is practice\” because of the past due bill. I throw up almost every day of my life…often without eating anything. Since no health insurance,and no doctor i had to go to the local hospital that will charge you based on your income…over and over again they woulod treat the nasuea and send me home.i lost mt next job because i kept getting sick and having to go back to the hospital… I have thrown up blood. I am often anemic. In the emergency room over a year ago they removed all of the fluid from my band . I still cannot eat hardly anything ( less than a one year old child) I throw up so much , its miserable,,, i have severe pain in my left side, and around the port. after reading this, I believe my bad has probably eroded….ive been sick so long, i hate it. Ive lost a hundred pounds, but feel like a freak,,,if it werent for my kids I woulod wish I was dead…Im so tired of throwing up…guess I need to go back to the hospital and get some more test run…hope this wont cause me to lose my current job

  36. It will be six years next months since I had my lap band inserted, things went very wrong on day two when it was found that my band was so tight that it had occluded my esophagus this required emergency surgery. Following the second surgery things seemed to go well and I lost 30kgs. Then the nightmare began pain, vomiting and terrible diarrhea. I thought my band had slipped the surgeon thought otherwise. A year later I was finally proved correct, my band had slipped this meant more surgery. Not to mention more bills. I wonder why it is that surgeons don’t guarantee their work even in part? Since the last operation I have lost count of the number of times my band has been filled emptied half filled and the excuses that I have received from one doctor/surgeon after another. I think from my medical bills the number must be getting close to 100. Each and every time my band is played with its like listening to an old fashioned cash register go chink as the Dr’s make more and more money from my increasing discomfort and problems. What no-one has offered to do is take any responsibility for my problems. I complain and am told my options are removal or gastric stapling more expensive surgery. When I was first offered the surgery which I paid for myself I was told that my hypertension would be a thing of the past and that I would avoid many of the problems that went with being over weight. My BP remains high my medication is unchanged. What I wasn’t told were the risks and the side effects. Looking back I don’t think my consent was informed although I could have done more to check but I wanted to believe but it hasn’t. My advice to anyone thinking about this surgery is progress with caution there are very real downsides and the risks are very real.

  37. I had my surgery in Oct 2005. I got pregnant in Feb 2006, but my surgeon left the band tight and said if the baby wasn’t getting enough nutrients they would loosen the band. That didn’t happen…in the last year I have decided to go back on the plan with a different surgeon…I’ve had 3 fills in a year. I lost about 100 lbs all together…but in the last 3 months I have put on 30 lbs and I’ve been throwing up every meal. And it hurts to do so…my whole body is in pain. I saw my surgeon again last week and he’s agreed to a conversion surgery, we are waiting for my insurance to see if they will cover it, but he told me it could possibly be two surgeries…b/c he won’t know what shape my stomach is in until he opens me up. After reading and from him telling me that this band may have caused stomach erosion…how can Allergan still be selling them. I know there are newer ones on the market and I have a first gen one.

  38. Wow. i hate to hear so many bad stories here. I had my band done and it went very well. There was a period that i was spitting up black gue-ish material, but i called the dr down in fort lauderdale and he was able to remove some fluid from band and all was well. Every now and then it comes back, but other then that i have no complaint. I recently had my band flipped because my 12 month son jumped on my abdomen while i was sleeping and that cause leakage and a flip! Ouch!.. Just had surgery to have it flipped and Dr put in some fluid during surgery but not a whole lot.. FUnny thing is – it feels like a normal amount that i normally get. So will see how it goes this week!

  39. I also had the lap band done in 2002 by a doctor I thought was reputable and at the end of the day turned out to be a huge quack. After about one year (and 65 lbs lost) I started having major issues, constant vomiting, a constant crick in my neck every time I ate. AFter a few tests it was noted that my band had slipped drastically. I called the doctor all set to have surgery again to have it repaired. He told me to show up at his hospital and tell them that I had an emergency, they would call him, he’d repair it and insurance would pay. He said this was the only way it could be done. I sat in the hospital for hours. He never came, the hospital staff began to question me as though I was a felon. Apparently his “suggestion” was unethical and he had done it before to “Help” patients with the emergency filed with insurance. He not only didn’t show up his nurse kept “training” me on what to say from the hospital and that he would be there. He never came despite my becoming angrier and more upset. Being a single mom to a then 4 year old, I panicked. I had to call around everywher to find a reputable surgeon who would help me fix this. Every lap band doctor treated me like a leper because this was “someone else’s work” and the liability to help a panicked anxiety ridden woman was just too much. I finally stumbled upon an angel of a doctor. I went into surgery to have the band fixed. Laying on the gurney right before I was taken into surgery this kind doctor looked me in the face and said “Are you sure you want to fix this? There’s a 50% chance that once your band has slipped, it will slip again and you’ll be here for a third surgery.” THinking of my panic attack over this and the precious kiddo I needed to be around to raise, I said NO. Take it out. I thank God that I didn’t have the erosion and awful issues some of you have. Now I attend Crossfit 4 times a week and while I still struggle on my weight loss journey I know I’m healthier than I ever was with the band in me. God bless you all with the trouble you’ve had. Incidentally one of my relatives also had the lapband and near died before they took it out of him.

  40. I had my lap band 5 years ago, I am wondering if anyone is having similar issues first off all my lap band doesn’t work anymore. two i have pain in my chest arms and neck all the time. i am not sure but i am guessing that is coming from my band. I have been to the doctors to many times but all my lap works are normal. i just feel so stressed out. i want the lap band out.

  41. I had lap band surgery in June 2009 and everything was fine for the first 5 months but I started having problems in December. I couldn’t even hold water down. After spending night in the hospital in March 2011 they determined that my band had slipped down a little bit but since nothing was blocked they gave me a fill and sent me home the next day. Things just got worse after that I was back and forth to the dr. office every couple of weeks throwing up and complaining of pain. In August 2011 the dr removed all of my fluid and I still don’t have fluid in my band today. I had lost about 50 pounds in the first 6 months that I had the band but I have gained 40 of that back over the last 2 years. This past week or so my chest has been hurting and the middle of my back when I asked the dr about this before he said it had nothing to do with my lap band. I can’t get comfortable at night and it feels like I have this weight sitting on my chest. Does anyone know what could be causing this pain. I plan on having the band removed first of next year. It has caused me more pain and trouble and it was not worth it.

  42. I received the band in 2005. I kept having problems with adjustments, as I vomited a lot, felt lousy, and lost most of my hair. I went back to my MD, who encouraged me to have the band emptied instead of a removal. He assured me this would be safe. After another year, I began having severe abdominal pains that felt like being stabbed with a hot ice pick. I was unable to attend work because of the pain. I had no clue what this was and had made visits to several hospitals to no avail. No one seemed to know what the problem was. One particular MD even thought it was psychosymatic. Finally, I went to an “urgent care” facility and it was found that the band had corroded, broken, and a piece of it was floating around in my abdominal cavity. At this point I went back to my gastro MD who removed the band. However, until this day I have problems with the muscle in the area where the port was implanted. I get very severe muscle spasms which bring me to tears because they are so painful. I lost a lot of time from work and lost money as a result of lost time. I feel so violated, but have not found anyone to plead my case…

  43. Hello bandsers!
    what a blow right? We got tird of being fat so we thought we were doing ssomethg about it…well its been 4.5 years for me first 3.5 years great a lil vomitin i thought was normal (nopeeee) it wasnt had a dilated esphogus has fluid removed back to normal gained like 25 pounds of weight back…stayed ufilled almost a year..only diff is i have a awesome doctor and team. I have never ben able to have more than 5cc n my band all elase looks good on ct scans xrays etc. Jus notices yesterday back pain(/) not sure why but had fill last week…im payin closer attention now to all big and small things…kinda flt like gas but not sure…God bless u guys and im praying 4 everyone…
    although its been challenging i am foreva changed food will never be my demon again! Im declaring it even if i have to get this band out im gonna fight to be fit and for my life be encouraged!

  44. Had lapband in 2002, two fills port leaked . Allergan wants me pay upfront send port to determine if defective or doctor error . Doctor wants money to revise , I have to pay hospital . Dr lied at siminar knew new port would be out in 2 months and promised would be no out of pocket if a problem occurred. wish i only got that in writing . Had pain in port site was in hospital 3 days they could not find problem .now i feel a bad spasm under my ribs feels as it may be pressing my stomach up . sometimes feel pain in stomach like it is squeezing . what are erosion symptoms ? lLAWSUIT ? I AM IN IF ONE STARTS !!! I DON,T HAVE MONEY TO REMOVE IT ALL I WANT IS THEM TO PAY TO REMOVE IT . OBVIOUSLY IT IS DANGEROUS AND NOT MANY DOCTORS KNOW WHAT THE PROBLEMS ARE ASSOCIATED WITH THIS PRODUCT . AND MOST GASTRIC DOCTORS WON,T FIX ANOTHER SURGEONS PATIENT. ANY LAWYER OUT THERE WHO TAKES THESE CASES PLEASE CONTACT ME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. In the same boat as a lot of you it looks like. Originally banded in 2003, tube came loose from port, fixed in June 2003. Band erroded through my stomach in Jan 2009, emergency surgery and 3 days in hospital, new band placement in Nov 09, NOW the band has slipped. I am having horrible pain in the upper left chest/shoulder area (heart problems ruled out) and Acid Reflux so severe I have aspirated several times which has caused damage to my right lung. I go to the surgeon today to find out what the next step is. After reading all of the comments I believe I will opt to just have it removed rather than just moved if that is an option. Thoughts and prayer s to you all!!

  46. after having a lap band for three years I somehow had become bulimic then I began vomiting black liquid (blood) and couldn’t drink water or even ice. At this time i was a patient in a mental health unit where three gp checks said i was fine but then had a seizure in my sleep and was in a coma for days. after an endoscopy they told me my band had slipped and tangled and two hours later I was in surgery again having the band removed. I also had to have a blood transfusion. I wouldn’t eat for two weeks afterwards for fear of putting on weight. My worst fears have come true and eleven months later have gained back 25 of the 50kg I had lost, making all the pain and effort a complete waste of time and mentally I am right back where I started- depressed and loathing myself. I am considering trying the surgery a second time.

  47. BAND # 1: I received my first LapBand in May 2007. Did post-op diet, received two fills, lost a few pounds, and then in August 2007 began having pain when eating…even small amounts. Lost 60 lbs from May to Oct., but only because I couldn’t eat without pain. From Aug. to Oct. 2007 Doctor’s solution to pain was to remove fluid once, twice, thrice…even though he claimed each time that band had been emptied. Pain did not subside. On a Friday in Oct. 2007 I had to leave work because of the pain. Was crying when I called the Dr., and when I got to his office he again removed fluid, and said, “This drama needs to stop..” Sat. and Sun. I couldn’t even drink without pain. By Monday he put me in the hospital for dehydration. Tuesday I was released but had to call him because the pain was so bad, that the only relief I could get was when I was on all fours. Wed. AM he did emergency surgery, and replaced the band. The symptoms when I was at my worst was pain (mostly in my back and shoulder blade) every time I ate or drank anything. Another weird symptom was that for weeks I could not burp…so the air just stayed inside of me. At night I could hear it trickle out about every 10 seconds.
    BAND #2: Because of the trauma of the first band I chose to wait about one year to have a fill (interesting that his office never called me in that year’s time). Once we started periodic fills, I never once felt the band, even though he was filling it. I kept telling him I could eat like a glutton and not feel the band. The only speculation that he gave me was that my esophagus must be stretched and holding the food. Worried that there might be erosion, I finally just asked to get it out…which we did in Sept. 2010.
    So the first band caused me to be sick, and the second band never did anything. Three surgeries. The first was self-paid. The second two were mostly covered by insurance. Out of my pocket was about 20K. What I am thankful for is that I seemed to have escaped the horror that I’ve read in this forum. But I do wonder sometimes if I might be able to sue. I’ll stay posted to this forum and watch for updates on possible class actions.

  48. I had a band fitted lost 7 stone but suddenly it appears to be leaking its been a year now they offered to re do it for £1500 I didn’t take them up on the offer left so shocked after everything I have been through feel left out in the cold I feel they took my money now they don’t care not sure what to do can you tell me where I stand legally .

  49. I had the realize band placed in June 2010, I did great with it for about 1 year, then the problems started. I began to have excruciating pain in my left upper abdomen everytime I would eat, I underwent multiple tests and nothing was ever found. The doctor along with myself decided to go through with removing the band to prevent any further damage. I went in for surgery in 10/2011 to find that I had a severe stomach infection, the band had adhesed itself to my stomach and liver and had lacerated both. I had to have a partial gastrectomy and was in surgery for over 3 hours. After talking to multiple people who had the same band placed in that year all had the same problems and had to have the band removed. I believe this is something someone should definitely check into, I almost lost my life due to this. I have 2 children and cannot afford to leave them.

  50. I had my first lap band in 2003. I felt the effect of the band straight away. Along with vigorous exercise, diet and therapy I lost 45kg in a year.

    After this time, however, I began to notice that I no longer felt the food restriction of the band. I stress there were NO other symptoms. I had this checked by my surgeon, who informed me I was “one of the 2%” who experienced erosion, and that my band would have to be removed. I fell to the floor in the hall outside his office, and cried for half an hour. It was more than devistating.

    My surgeon insisted that there was no physical reason for the erosion, that it was just “unlucky”. I was not sure whether I believed him or not.

    I had the band removed, waited 12 months (in which time I regained ALL my weight) and had a new band inserted. The second surgery was attempted as key-hole, but did not work and I was subsequently cut from my breast bone to my naval. Still, I did not care, as all I wanted was my weight loss back again. I would do ANYTHING.

    This second band has never appeared to function. I have never felt the same sense of restriction as with the first. My surgeon seemed extremely angry with me when I told him this. Tests showed there was no malfunction with the band but I simply didn’t feel it working. My surgeon stood over me and shouted at me that I wasn’t working with the band. I was so frightened, Ive never been back to see him. That was some 5 years ago now.

    I still have the band, it still doesn’t work. I still have my weight.

    Love to hear of any other experiences like this, especially in Australia.


  52. I would be interested in a law suit! I spent over all 24 days in the hospital 18 if which were in Intensive Care. Even my surgeon said that I almost died. I had a 1/2 in whole in my stomach from lapband erosion. Please… If there is one out there or if anyone can give me any information about a law suit, please email me.

  53. Many problems with lapband surgery. Installed in 07 problems from the start. never felt the feeling of being satisfied, pneumonia, vomiting, nausea, pain and discomfort and projecting port problem.

  54. Loved my band, had no idea it had erroded my stomach to the point of major surgery, cutting me open from breastbone to navel. It began with my port popping through my skin in Dec 2012. Emergency surgery that day to remove the port. Jan 2013 a new port was installed. I continued to feel awful for 2 weeks. Finally returning to the hospital jan 30. Emergency surgery Jan 31 to remove infected lap band (due to the port popping oit) imfection was so bad they had to open me up to wash my organs on antibiotics. The band had erroded my stomach to extent that it needed to be patched. I spent 11 days in intensive care, very sick. Upon returning home, my bowels shut down and I spent 7 more days in ICU. I had no symptoms of errosion! If you have a band, get checked!

  55. I had my lapband put in 2010. I had nothing but problems with it and the doctors who handled it. I had the initial surgery done in Dallas, TX. They don’t have them where I live. The doctor put the port right under my ribs and I started throwing up. I was going to Lubbock, TX for my fills and they moved the port. I lost weight but my stomach was always upset. Finally in April of 2012 I couldn’t stop throwing up, I aspirated into my lungs, got pneumonia in both lungs. They thought I was better sent me home only to have to return two days later. The doctors said the lapband had caused an occlusion in my throat and that was causing all the problems. They took it out, thankfully, and I am much better. Even if I could I wouldn’t do it again. A friend asked me if I would recommend it and I told her absolutely not.

  56. I had a lapband inserted about 6 years ago. I was never morbidly obese, but my doctor suggested that I might benefit from the lapband. I did research it carefully, and the manufacturer did not disclosue all of the painful side effects. After the surgery, the port moved and the surgeon was not able to fill it. Then, I had another surgery to restore the port. I never lost any weight except for the initial surgery itself. I developed acid reflux which just about killed me. Later, I developed a hernia from the band. I was in so much pain that I had the band taken out. At the same time the surgeons repaired the hernia. The surgeon said that I would be in surgery about 1 hour; I was in there 3 hours. Also, I was supposed to only stay one night, but I stayed 5. I had all types of complications like fluid retentions that caused me to have high blood pressure. The pain when I came from the hospital was unbearable. I felt like I was being cut with knives. The surgical team told me that the band had caused a lot of scaring. The nurses in the surgery unit told me that they had removed almost every band that had been inserted. The surgeons said that they would never insert one again, but that the sudies that came out indicated that there were vertually minimal side effects. They said that they felt the manufactures had deceived the public and the AMA. They also told me to tell all of my friends and family not to ever even consider one of them. I feel like that I have excellent surgeons. They have great reputations; however, the lap band research was insufficient. I will have at least 3 months to recover. I have to eat soft, soupy foods for weeks. Now, I am walking with a walker because I can hardly stand. I am walking every day, but I still have horrible pain. I have been back to the hospital 2 times, and once was in an ambulance. I am still having trouble with my bowels and very weak. If you or anyone you know even considers this, please tell them that it is very dangerous. The people who manufactured this should be put in jail for lying to the public about the side effects. I plan to join a class action law suit and am looking for an attorney who handles this. Does anyone know about class action law suits. I just don’t want another human to suffer this pain. It was misrepresented, and the manufacturer lied and lied to make money.

  57. The gastric band never worked. It caused me to develop a hernia. I had it repaired, and I was miserable. Then, another hernia developed. I am going to have to have the band removed. It has never caused me anything by vomiting and acid reflux. The companies who manufactured this spread false information about the studies, the end results, and the side effects. I think they should be fined and sued for their false advertisements.

  58. My wife and I both had the lap band surgery a few years ago, my wife has had to have emergency surgery to fix her lap band, which slipped out of place. Now, the band had slipped again and in a week she will be getting her band removed and then they are doing an actual gastric bypass. I am getting mine taken out a month or so later. These lap bands have been nothing but a nightmare, constant vomitting, heartburn, drowning feeling at night and the chest pain. The doctor who did this surgery pushed these bands down our throats thats all he wanted to do. I lost about 100lbs but gained about half of that back. My wife lost about 50lbs and kept it off but that was it. She has seriously suffered with her lap band.

  59. Hi My name is Cindy and I got my band May of 2009. From the beginning I had acid reflux. The doctor told me that I must have always had this…but I didn’t. I have such a hard time eating what I should eat because I throw up…I just had a barium swallow…all came back good they told me. Yet my Vitimine D is always so low I have to be put on a prescription of high weekly doses. I did lose weight initially but not any more…I’m filled to a 9 right now and pretty much can eat more than I should. They told me it’s my fault…I have to have better control…not the band. After reading all theses comments I’m ready to have it out. My daughter has wanted me to have it out since I got it. I feel so tired any more…now I’m bloated…more than usual…I’ll have to call me doctr tomorrow…I have cronic back pain as well…I just thought it was due to my back issues but I wonder if this is aggrevating it…

  60. I had my lap-band surgery in 1995 in Mexico by Dr Joya. I have lost the weight and have never had a problem with it. My problem recently has been a loss of appetite. I’ve lost no more weight because of yhis, but no appwtite.

  61. PEOPLE…you have to change ur eating habits!! If u do…no erosion!!

  62. People got what they deserve, they were stupid enough yo do itin the first place

  63. Wow! I had lapband in Dec 2011 and lost 33 lbs in 6 months. No problems at first but after 2nd filll was told I was losing and didn’t need further fills. After 6 months didn’t lose. Maintained weight for 1 yr then started slowly gaining. Went for fill and was told I had ‘bulging’ and didn’t need fill, but needed to cut back my portions. Steadily gaining weight and now being told I can’t get fill until I lose a few pounds. Have been to ER with severe chest pain and now feeling almost constant pain in left rib cage area above port. Have appt to have all fluid removed, but after reading all this wondering if I have infection or problem with band. I want this thing out of me. Uncomfortable all the time and dr. just keeps saying it’s not the band….

  64. I had the old fashioned banding in 2004. Its a mesh put around a portion of you stomach. It abcessed 4 yrs. Later and when they went to remove it, it ruptured. Anyone know of any lawsuits because of the mesh erosion

  65. WOW…I feel bad for all of you that have had serious problems with your band. I went to Mexico in 2002 to have my surgery. I had it on a Weds. flew back to the states on thurs. and worked a 12 hour shift as a Labor and Delivery nurse on Friday. I have never had any pain. I’ve lost 100 lbs and my weight has held steady. It was good for me…sorry about the problems.

  66. An update to my post from 2011: Have now been diagnosed with autoimmune disease after lap-band erosion and removal in 2011 and now having irregular heart beat/tachycardia with even the slightest exertion. I\’ve been searching the internet for lawfirms who handle lap-band lawsuits or even class action lawsuits & guess what? No one wants to touch the damned thing! Did learn that Allergan is selling the division who makes/markets the band due to…..well they SAY poor sells, but I believe it\’s due to the impending lawsuits. Rats are jumping ship, lol. But still haven\’t heard anything from the FDA about this, no studies, nothing. Good luck to all and my advice? Write everything down and keep good records of every doctor visit, every pain, every missed day of work, EVERYTHING!

  67. I had t the procedure in 2011. and had to have been removed in 2012. this was the most dramatic and horrible experience of my life. went through the year of constantly beonging sick making me bulimic, after the band surgery. As well as the port slipping. the tubing also dislodging from the port. my surgeon moving to California and having no surgeon. having my gallbladder removed in part of my liver. and just what I think it’s all over I have now developed a hernia where the port once use attached. as well as a bad stomach ulcer. I
    do not wish this for anyone the procedure caused me too many surgeries. I had other issues that related from it. Hope there r sucess stories im not one. I read alot of comments mine are like the others

  68. I had lap band surgery in June 2010, I had no problems initially. I started throwing up after every meal, started looking sick. After a year i started getting pnemonia all the time. The dr did an xray and I has abcess\\\’s all over both lungs Was very scared. Went to a lung dr and it was an infection caused by food backing up into my lungs. I had the band emptied
    After 3 days hospital and 2 weeks on I/V antibiotics I was ok.
    After a month, the dr slowly added more and more fluid. No problems. No weight loss.
    2 weeks ago I started not being able to hold down solids again. Felt like I was chocking, like my stomach was clogged. Went to the dr last week, he removed the fluid again…I have been in pain since. Really bad gas and bloating like I am 9 months pregnant. Getting worried!!!

  69. Hello all, I had my lap band surgery in March of 2009. I initially lost 10lbs and then really nothing. The band never worked for me as far as even controlling hunger. I had my fills to the point that I couldn\’t have anymore. Every time I ate my food would get stuck in my esophagus, even things like yogurt. Finally in Feb 2013 I had all fluid removed. I Have suffered with pain under my ribs, excessive gas and burping and my stomach has always been bloated since the band was put in. I am happy to report that I had it removed today!! Dr told my husband everything went well, I didn\’t get a chance to find out if everything was still in place but, he sent me home with pain meds and no special instructions. Ill find out details at my post op visit. I will give it to my dr though… He advised me to have the bypass since day 1 but, I was adamant about the band after my research. Plan is to do the bypass in 2 months. We will see how I feel about it then…

    Oh yeah… my Dr here in FL stopped doing bands 6 Mons ago and has since removed most of the ones he put in.

  70. I had my band put in 04/2009, I just barely qualified for it with only having a bmi of 35 with sleep apnea and was up to a 90lb weight loss in under a two years and everything was great up until a year and half ago. I got a fill that put be at 9.5 CC’s and couldn’t even get liquids down. Lost 10 lbs in 4 days. Severly dehydrated, went to doctor got the last fill removed. Since that time I have seen my doctor 15 x in less than a year, yo-yo affect, I am either too tight and everything comes up or I can eat the same foods that I ate when I was at the 90 lb weight loss and now I am gaining weight- (gained back 40lbs in the last year eating the same foods I ate before!) Had barium test to check for slippage a year ago and was told I was fine. Now a year later and I finally told my doctor today I have had enough…something is wrong. That if they didn’t do something I was talking to a lawyer because I refuse to continue to suffer daily. The last visit I saw the other doctor who basically said it was in my head and that I must be eating stuff I shouldn’t. I’m sorry but I don’t want to be seeing doctors every month, not exactly my idea of fun -and I know this is not in my head!!! Today my doctor finally listened probably because I did mention a lawyer and will be scoping me next week to see what’s going on. Even if he doesn’t find anything, I am now back up to a bmi of 35 again and would be able to “re-qualify” to have a surgery so we talked about removal of the band and doing either the sleeve or full bypass. No one should have to live with vomiting on a daily basis or the stress that living like this has brought on. I know when I had the band placed I was told I would have the same weight loss as full blown gastric surgery after 3 years. Talk about misleading! It’s funny because now most of the hospitals in my area are refusing to even do the band due to all the complications, and after seeing this page I REALLY cannot believe there hasn’t been a class action filed yet!!! But like another poster said, document everything because I am sure it’s coming!

  71. Please join our Facebook page We have 685 members and growing daily. There is also an Australian failed lapband page as the story is the same worldwide. The louder our voice they will have to listen to us!!

  72. After all the comments I have read on here it really gets me to thinking about not having the lap band done. I’m about 190 pounds over weight and really need your imput on why you all wanted it in the first place. I know it was weight loss but did you all know the complications of the surgery and got the surgery any way.

  73. Hi Traci, complications were not known when a lot of us got the surgery a few years ago. A lot of forums do not allow complications to be talked about, saying we are band basher’s and the like, that we failed not the band. It is hard to reach out to new patients like yourself and warn you as our posts get deleted!! Search for failed lapbands on facebook and please join and learn all of the horror stories that patients are currently going through. We are supportive and non judgemental and only want to save you from going through what we currently are, best of luck.

  74. Short version
    There are thousands of people like me that have the same medical problems that I have, problems that will NEVER go away, side effects that we were NEVER warned about. We all had Lap Band surgery to lose weight but what we received instead is a medical nightmare that changed our lives forever.
    Lap Band installed, vomiting and pain started immediately thought it was normal. Started going to Doctors and hospitals nothing could be found, then the diarrhea started, again Doctors and hospitals, finally a colonoscopy 02/2012 found lap band had eroded into my stomach. Lap Band removed 02/2012, very ill, still pain, vomiting and diarrhea. Constant vomiting caused a hernia so another surgery to repair hernia 11/2012. Still pain, vomiting diarrhea continually going to Doctors and hospitals, specialist does another endoscopy 07/08/2013 and finds major problems where my stomach was repaired, sends me to a surgeon immediately because he was so worried, saw surgeon within two days on 07/10/2013. Surgeon did his own endoscopy 07/22/2013, told me the lap band did a number on my stomach and he did not do any repair said I need to see him in his office so he can go over my alternatives with me. So in the mean time I am still vomiting and have diarrhea more times a day than I can count.
    This is what my life is, I go nowhere except to Doctors and Hospitals and when I do I take a bag that consists of trash bags, paper towels, baby wipes, water and a change of clothes. I vomit and have blasting diarrhea EVERYTIME I eat anything no matter how large or small, I hate the thought of food so I no longer enjoy meals. I am single but cannot date; my boyfriend broke up with me because he could no longer handle my illness. I pray for death and have attempted suicide to the point of having a mouth full of pills a week ago that I physically could not swallow because I have a hard time swallowing anything including water. Think about how your life would change if you crawled from your bed to the toilet several times a day, sometimes you would make it sometimes not and when you would leave your house you vomit and have diarrhea all over the car you are in, or you make might get the car stopped and barely make it out of the car but vomit and have diarrhea on the side of the road while people watch and a police officer wants to know what you are doing. How about you are so sick that while you are on the gurney in the hallway of the hospital the vomiting and diarrhea won’t stop and even a hospital employee makes a comment that you hear “disgusting she crapped all over herself”. Oh and the pain, like having hundreds of hot knives cutting into your stomach. I have so many scars it is embarrassing, I will never be able to take my clothes off in front of anyone again. This is a small list of what I have been through and there are others just like me and some are worse like losing their eye sight. I have all of my documentation along with pictures to back up my story. Can you help or do you know anyone who can.
    My main beef is that I was never warned of the side effects, if I had been I would NOT have had the surgery. I hate my life or should I say lack of it. Even my own bariatric surgeon stated on 07/10/2013 that he hated lap bands and no longer does them because they are dangerous.
    Thank you for taking the time to read my story.

  75. After reading all these posts I have decided to share my story. September 2008 I had my first Lap Band placed in Tucson Arizona. I did fine for awhile lost weight pretty quickly and had gallbladder issues so I had my gallbladder removed in 4-2009. I then had issues which my doctor thought my port was leaking so surgery number 2 to replace port. I still had no restriction so he thought it could be a faulty band, so back to surgery I went! This time he replaced the band because it was faulty and leaking he suggested the realize band this time. While I had my band replaced he had to repair one of the largest hernias he said he had ever seen, before placing the new band on. Did ok for awhile but then started to have complications such as aspiration at nighttime and only when I would fall asleep. I tried explaining to him that it was only happening when I fell asleep and I think he thought I was crazy. I went in for the usual series of tests and apparently I had another Hernia which he had to go in again and repair as well as I had contracted pneumonia. While he repaired the 2nd hernia he had to also adjust the band which my insurance didn\\\\\\\’t cover. Meanwhile I also developed incisional hernias which had to be surgically repaired on two different occasions. In the middle of all this mess I had to have a partial hysterectomy as well! (I almost forgot that one) I was having so many intestinal problems and choking at night and again aspirating only when I would dose off to sleep. My surgeon finally told me that he could do no more that its up to a gastro doctor. By this time I was on every kind of gerd and acid re flux medicine there was. I would make several trips to the ER begging for them to admit me that something was wrong, but every time being sent home with more medicines. I finally got my primary care doctor to order an esophogram test which the radiologist read wrong and said I had another hiatal hernia. I contacted my surgeon once again for him to take a look at my hernia, he viewed my test results phoned me immediately and told me to go to ER. I got to the ER where my surgeon had phoned ahead to tell them I was gonna be admitted for emergency surgery my band had become so dilated it was about to rupture!!! On 12/8/12 I had my band removed!!! I am now having issues with adhesion\\\\\\\’s, scar tissue and possibly more incisional hernia repair issues due to all the surgeries and complications I have had! So today I await the results of a CT scan to determine what is wrong with me. My stomach contracts and gets a bulge whenever I try using my abdominal muscles, bend over, bowel movements or if I twist or turn wrong. I will keep everyone updated on my test results and would love to hear from you if anyone out there has had an experience like mine. The best of luck to everyone out there and please join me to spread the word of the dangers of Lap Band Surgery.

  76. It absolutely saddens me that we have all fallen victims to these failed lap-band procedures. I got my lapband put in 2008 and it has been absolutely nightmare! I no longer go out to dinner with friends, only the ones that know that my food gets “stuck”. My stomach is always on fire due to have some type of ulcer on the top portion of my stomach. After many years of suffering, I have finally decided to go back under the knife and get this POS removed immediately. Absolutely saddened that my fiance didn’t want me to intially get it and I still didn’t listen and went ahead and did it, but how was I supposed to know that this would change my life drastically? After doing research, usually lap band reversal patients need to get some sort of stomach reconstruction due to the erosion, so my doctor has recommended the vertical sleeve, i’m totally nervous. BUT! THIS THING HASSSS TO COME OUT OF ME. I’m so done!

  77. Wow, so many horror stories just on this page alone. I am also an ex lap band patient, I just had mine removed after 3 yrs of chest pain, severe constipation and vomiting almost every night in my sleep. I was lucky that my doctor didn’t care that I didn’t have insurance and got that thing out fast. Makes you wonder what he knows. I think there needs to be a class action lawsuit against the makers of the band. On facebook we have a failed lap band group where we get together to vent and bounce ideas and thoughts off of each other as well as share information that is helpful to one another please feel free to join us. It is called lapband complications and failed lapbands no drama.

  78. I had my Lap -band removed 10/2011due to comlications that almost caused gangrene in my stomach. A month after removal I had to have my gallbladder removed. About 2 months after that I had to repair a hernia, about 6 months later i got another hernia reparied in April 2013. Well now I have another hernia and my stomach looks horrible. I had lost a hundred pound and have gained 50 back….but I dont think it was worth all this pain I have am going thru. Please email me if you have any information on what I can do to stop my hernias….This is my third one and I just dont have the monies or time at work to continue going thru this.

  79. I went in for my lap band ? While the intobated me the fill my stomache so full it could of pop my stomached lining? The surgeon came in and thought I looked bigger than usual. The air was supposed to be removed however they kept filling it instead . The dr.made a incision and it pierced my stomach ( it made a hissing noise) so he knew he went through the lining. So he had to make several inssions to try and find the place he had pierced my stomache lining. Loud noises came out of my mouth that you could here in the next room. The annestolgist ran in and found the tube was hooked up to oxygen instead of removing the air the were forcing it in . My heart rate dropped and the next day I needed a permanent pacemaker. The lap band was cancelled. However I have balance problems a pacemaker neck pain and lots of head aches? I need to find someone who has a similar story Please. My whole life has changed. They admit they made the mistakes but Say it didn\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\’t cause the problems. Some one out there has to have a similar story. Please help

  80. I\’m so glad I\’m not alone!! I hate my lapband. I had it done feb 14, 2007. I did great for a while. Lost over 90lbs and was in great shape, then all of a sudden nothing would stay down. I\’d even throw up water. I couldn\’t eat or drink for a week. Finally I went to the dr to have the fluid removed. Since I had the band done in New Jersey but was living in Florida the dr down there didn\’t seem to care much about me since he hadn\’t done the initial surgery. I quickly gained all my weight back despite my efforts to not. It\’s been 6 years and I try to get it filled every now and then in hopes that it will work this time but I can\’t even get a bite down before severe pain and vomiting. And what sometimes stays down is food that is not healthy at all. I have terrible heartburn on a daily basis and sometimes even throw up and have pains despite my band being fully loose. I\’ve started to get a sharp stabbing pain now where my port is and I can only imagine what this thing is doing inside of me. I had to make a trip to the ER countless times to have my band fluid taken out and X-rays done and have no insurance so I\’ve ruined my credit and owe the hospital lots of money. I just want the thing out of me.

  81. I had lapband surgery in May of 2006. I lost about 75 pounds. I have gained about 25 of it back which I am not blaming the lapband from. I never had any real issues with it until July of this year when I had an abscess appear where my port was. I took some antibiotic’s that I had and the next day the abscess burst and it puss came from the area. I let it go for a few days but could see that it was really infected so I went to my doctor and she thought I had MRSA and took swabs and had them analyzed and found out it wasn’t MRSA. She put me on a high dose of antibiotic’s and it looked like it was clearing up. Well, after a month of that, I still have a small hole that oozes. I think my port has flipped on it’s side. I lost my job almost a year ago and have no insurance and one income so I have very little money. Has anyone had something like this happen? I am afraid that if I don’t get mine removed it will cause serious damage to other organ’s in my body due to infection. Who is responsible for taking care of this? I believe the doctor and the manufacture of the lapband should be but it sounds like that no one is stepping up to the plate.

  82. I got banded on July 16th, 2013. I haven’t had any problems at all. I still get gas pain in my shoulder every once in awhile but only if i chew gum or get too fast. I have lost 35 lbs. So far i am very happy with it, time will tell later i guess.

  83. HELP! I had my REALIZE lap band removed 2 years ago because it eroded my stomach and I am so sick! Does any one experience severe bloating, belching and long periods of retching after eating???? I have this and the GI doctors can’t seem to figure out the problem! I retch generally after breakfast or lunch. It started out as a once in a while thing and is now daily. Its so bad I leave work early and had to apply for a leave of absence when it occurs. HELP!!!

  84. Went to Mexico to have lap band surgery in 2003. Have never had ANY problems. I don’t even know it’s there. Have kept my 100+ weight loss with no problems. Sorry for all of you that it didn’t work out for!!

  85. Anyone looking for HELP over 900 members MitzyMAe=erosion isn’t from over eating
    Mary ~KARMA~;)
    Cindy=Join the group you’ll NEED it eventually
    Becky GREAT ADVISE DOCUMENT everything!!
    Dr’s DON’T listen AFTERCARE and a Lap Band is so IMPORTANT and they don’t provide it!! Tests are often run and they don’t show anything!! So many Doctors NOW aren’t even doing LB NOW their doing Vertical Gastric Sleeve. Even ALLERGAN has ALL the complications listed and they ALL happen ALLOT more than 1-5% like they say..
    LB removal/complications are 50% that WAY TO HIGH a complications rate to continue Class Action suit will Happen!!

  86. My twin sister and I had the Allergan lap bands 12/27/09, and today both our bands have eroded into our stomach. I believe out Allergan b-2260 bands had a recall on them, but no information regarding removal. Our insurances have a Bariatric clause, and will not pay for removal. Nor will the doctor help out. We must have surgery asap, but like most of you it is out of our financial capabilities. Can anyone help me with suggestions, and /or information.

  87. I had my lap band in 2005 I had the band slip in 2008. The Dr fixed it and I had success until now DEC 4th 2013 my lap band slipped again and had to have it removed after 100 lb weight loss. I went from a size 24 to a 12! I have never felt better. So now what, its a huge disappointment. I feel like it was all for nothing.

  88. I just wish I could find money to have mine removed. I am very worried about the symptoms I\’m experiencing. I just wish Allergan would help pay to remove it since they misrepresented the incidence of problems.

  89. I’m sorry and I pray everyone find a solution to the problems they have experienced with the lap band. I had the lap band placed in 8/2008. have experiences almost all of everyone problems. My doctor wanted to fix my band and my insurance would not cover nothing. He referred me out to another doctor and this doctor said he would not remove it without doing the RNY after it. My insurance still will not cover any of it. Okay….A year later with still the slipped band. I feel abandoned with this problem and I feel betrayed by doctors to want to do invasive surgery. I was also told that if I remove the lap band without nothing following it, like RNY, that I would gain double what I have lost. I will continue to pray that we all find restitution for our suffering and pain.

  90. I had my lap band in 2007 and lost 60 pounds in one year. I started losing my hair and became severely anemic. Exactly one year later in 2008 I started having band stomach pains. I went to the ER and was admitted due to low blood count. They ran several test on me to find out my lap band had eroded completely through my stomach cutting it in half. I had to go though 2 blood transfusions, have my stomach sewn back together and have a mass of infection scraped from my intestines. After 14 days in the hospital and absolutely no water or food I survived. The doctors say I am very lucky to be alive. I believe the lap band can be very dangerous and I’m upset now because I have gained every pound back since having it removed. I am now thinking of having the gastric sleeve but not sure if my insurance will pay for it. It seems like we should be able to be compensated for our pain and suffering.

  91. My lap band was put in in 2007. Besides the daily vomiting, I thought everything was ok, although I really wasn’t loosing much weight. I was going in for my fills but each time I was told the band was holding well and no additional solution was added. This cost me $100. for each visit until they raised the price to $150. cash per visit. I paid cash for the surgery, not covered by my insurance. Due to the fact I was paying for each visit I couldn’t afford to keep coming in to find everything was fine. Not to long after the band was put in I developed lower back pain. I never related the pain to the band so my primary doctor suggested an ex-Ray. She didn’t see any arthritis so she suggested physical therapy. I showed the therapist my ex-Ray and she was fascinated by the lap band. Physical therapy didn’t help. Finally I saw an orthopedic surgeon and he stuck a large needle on my back that also did nothing for the pain. In the last 2 years I have suffered excruciating stomach pain and back pain. I went to the emergency room and they said I was constipated gave me an enima sent me home. Again in December 2013 I went to the emergency room with a temperature, excruciating pain, unable to eat, and constant diarera. The doctors ran a few tests and said they couldn’t find any reason for my pain. Also they couldn’t get my blood pressure stable but still wanted to send me home. After being very demanding the doctor suggested I may have an infection. I got home but couldn’t get out of bed due to th pain. My daughter and niece suggested I get an appointment to see my lap band Dr. The lap band doctor sent me for a CT scan and showed up to talk to me shortly after. He told me the band had slipped and needed to be removed.He scheduled the band removal for January 13th. The surgeon showed the band to my waiting family. The band had several holes and was covered in black erosion. My stomach had to be repaired because the band had eroted in my stomach and affected my liver. In the following days I first noticed my lower back pain was gone. I was on antibiotics and still wasn’t getting better. I went back to the lap band doctor and he sliced a deep hole in the area where my lap band port was removed. He said that should release some of the pressure. He packed the hole with gauze covered it and said I needed to repack it twice a day. I was also told I needed to see an infectious disease doctor.I now have what’s called Mycobacterium Chelonei. After seeing the disease specialist my antibiotic was changed to a Clarithromycin. The following day I started feeling panic , and uncontrollable anxiety. Also I was seeing and hearing things that weren’t there. Another trip to the Emergency room. They took me off all my medicines except the antibiotics. I can resume my lipitor , and antidepressant later if necessary. I will have this bacterial disease for 6 months or more. All this due to the lap band. I lost 25 pounds in 2 months fighting this pain. I honestly think the band was defective. I really need a lawyer.

  92. The stories on this page make me want to cry because they hit so close to home. Had my lap band installed in 2009 at a “highly recommended” clinic in Tyler Texas. Lost around 50 lbs in the first 6 months then the weight loss slowed down considerably. Didn’t blame this on the lap band but on my own stubbornness regarding the lap band “rules”. In the summer of 2013 I started to just not feel right, like every so often I was coming down with a bug, fatigue and fever that would go away. By Thanksgiving I was sick almost all the time, I was able to eat, but had no appetite, was tired and feverish almost daily. My left side by the port began to get sore close to Christmas and a knot started to develop. Because of the holidays, I couldn’t see my bariatric surgeon until after New Years. By then the pain and the knot had grown substantially. MY DOCTOR informed me that since I could still hold food then it COULDNT be the lap band and that many ports stayed sore. This was 4 years after it had been installed and I had NEVER had any soreness before. I took three weeks and every gastric test available ordered by my family physician before Dr. B would admit there might be a problem.
    I had the band removed on Jan. 22, spent 6 days in the hospital on massive doses of antibiotics. Dr. B wouldn’t say much about the surgery, but I did find out that the band and eroded almost completely into my stomach, and beside the abscess I knew about, there was so much infection they used over 15 bottles of saline washing me out. Came home with one open wound that had to be treated on my left side and an 8 inch suture down the middle of my stomach. Ten days later, when the staples were removed, the suture line started to leak pus in 4 different spots. Took Dr B three more weeks before he would admit there might be a problem because even a wound care specialist could not get them to start healing.
    Underwent surgery again last week, now have an open 2 inch deep cavity in my stomach along the original suture line, being treated with a wound vac system.
    Thank you to everyone else who have shared their stories. I honestly believed I was in the minority with the problems I’ve had.
    The lap band system is a scam that preys on desperate people who only want to lose weight. We’re not lazy, we were/are just looking for help in reaching a difficult goal, no one deserves the consequences of our decision.

  93. I am so happy i found this site. i had my band installed January 11, 2011 and about 6 months after my surgery my surgeon ubruptly left the practice and before he left asked me if if he could talk pictures of my file thought it was strange at the time but never heard from him again. I was taken over by a new doctor in the practice who never really seemed concerned about my complaints about not losing any weight albeit not being able to keep food down or that my port and band around my stomach constantly ached. Finally last year, the #2 dr said he was deeming my lapband a failure and surprise on January 1, 2014 I received a letter from the practice saying he had abruptly left too. Now I found my own doctor who i am seeing in the next few days and two days ago started with excrusuating pain at my band site not the port. It feels like a tight fill but i haven’t had a fill in 2 years, I am nauseous and lightheaded too. I am so scared something bad happened to this band, i never felt this pain before, has anyone had this?

  94. I had a lapband done in 2007 I lost 50 lbs before the surgery after that I have lost nothing they removed it in 2008. Because it rub a hole in my stomach an eroded my stomach lining im now having problems with acid reflux disease and dirriarra I was fine before only very obese is there anyone out there to help us remedy these problems is feel so weak after a week of dirriarra

  95. I have never had the lapband. My girlfriend of over 2 years has one though and she is constantly havning issues with it. She actually has to go in to do the Barium test on May 3rd to see if hers has slipped. Why don’t you all file a class action suit against this Allergan company? If it causes this much damage and can ruin peoples lives like this, why not sue? I can’t even imagine what it actually feels like to go through what you all go through having these things. I hope everybody here sorts everything out. I also hope this Allergan company gets what they have coming to them.

  96. WOW you guys, I feel so bad for you. I had lap-band surgery done in Mexico in 1995. I have NEVER had any complications. Lost over 100 lbs the first year and continue to lose about 2-3 pounds a year. I now weigh 138 and have never felt better!! I’m VERY careful about the foods I eat and the amounts!!I am able to “tweek” the fullness of my band because I am a nurse and was taught how to. The only OCCASIONAL side effect I’ve ever had was vomiting and that was because I didn’t chew the food enough or took too big a bite. You HAVE to change your eating habprove people’s eating habits.its!! I believe that every time you vomit or overfill your stomach it puts pressure on the stomach walls thus putting pressure on the band connection weakening the area of the stomach where the band sits and it eventually erodes that area.
    I also believe that a law suit would never be possible because you can’t

  97. So you’re not going to post my comment because I’ve had a positive response to Lap-Band surgery?

  98. Hello. I had the lapband surgery on 11/16/2004.
    at first i was happy because i was lossing the weight. then few months later it was just a lot of pain, vomiting all the time. i had to be admitted to hospital few times and needed a surgery to removed a cyst that was groin in my neck from vomiting they had to removed my right thyroid. i stop getting fillings a few years ago n i told the dr to remove all the fluids. i been gaining more weight but the sad part is i still vomit every day and still have left quadrant pain. i told the dr. last year i want the band removed but he wants me to get the sleeve insted. im so affraid of having more complications. dont know what to do.

  99. I am 2 years post band removal from band slippage. Have not regained the weight. I’m thinking this is due to the almost constant stomach pain, vomiting nearly every day. Feeling sick all the time. Have lost 140+ lbs. mostly post removal bc I stay sick. It wasn’t worth it. I’m tired of this pain. Of being scared to eat or even drink water sometimes.

  100. I was banded in 2001. I lost about 60 pounds and have gained
    Over half of it back. I have had 2 adjustments.
    I too vomit almost every day. Also from the amount
    Of chewing we have to do, I have developed tmjd.
    I have no cartledge between my jaw bones.
    I have horrible pain and have panic disorder
    On top of that. I have no quality of life. I should be
    Playing with my grand babies instead of working to
    Try to pay off my hospital debt due to the tmjd.
    2 years and over 75,000 dollars in er visits was not
    What I was expecting when I decided I wanted to
    Be a healthier woman. If anyone hears or funds a
    Class action suit please post the info. The neglegence
    Of this product needs to be made right!

  101. Hello fellow failed lapband patients. I had the band surgery in May, 2007. Hurt like Hell for a few days, then it got better. Lost 35 or 40 pounds. Went for a fill when I thought I was eating too much. Vomitted everything after that and went back and got some fill removed. Much better, no weight lost, but I never went back to get the band filled again. For the next 7 years, I gained weight, then would go on a diet and lose the weight. Just like I had done all my life without a band!! I never lost all the weight I needed to lose, but I felt okay. Then, in Feb. 2014, began have pain when I ate right in the center of my stomach where the band was, increased vomiting, horrible acid reflux. My doctor sent me to a Gastroenterologist and he sent me to Houston to a bariatric surgeon where an EGD revealed the band had slipped down lower on my stomach. That same day my bariatric surgeon removed the band. Lots of pain for two or three days, but getting better every day. I must follow a low sugar and low carb plan, much like a diabetic diet or I will GAIN all the weight back. Everyone I know who has had their band removed gained all the weight back and more. Pray for me. All of you will be in my prayers, too.

  102. My name is Deanna. I am a 44 year old who had the Lap Band in 2010. I read Carols comment. I too went to the eye doctor with vision problems. My doctor said I had Dry Macular Degeneration. My band is in the process of being removed. I have been vomiting, sever abdominal pain, back pain, cramping sensation on my port side when I lay on that side and nasua to the point where I can barely eat. I’m awaiting my insurance approval for removal. What’s up with this?

  103. After spending the last hour and a half reading every single comment on this board – all I can say is WOW. I absolutely love how people are willing to sue Allergan because they either didn’t follow their dietary guidelines, their surgeons were quacks, or they had underlying genetic conditions. Tell me again how all of those items are Allergan’s problems? Why sue Allergan if you were not properly taking care of yourself for a surgery YOU ELECTED to have? Having a lap band is a 50/50 split relationship. It will do its part – but you have to do yours as well. Seems to me there was nothing more than an overload of minimal education on this.

    I have had similar instances to many on this board from the tightness in the chest – to mild vomiting – spitting up – food not staying down, etc. These have all been due to the fact that I was not doing my part. I was either eating too fast, not chewing enough, eating foods my body just could not handle anymore, or not taking my vitamins like I should have.

    Your band tightness changes every single day and factors like stress, the weather, and even caffeine intake can affect the tightness in the band. I agree that erosion can become a factor – but the majority of the stories on this board are screaming that uneducated people thought they were going to get a quick weight loss fix and didn’t do their part for their weight loss journey. Its a weight loss TOOL not a end all fix.

  104. In 2009 I had my lapband surgery. Throughout the years I have had mild pain in my port area and in my shoulder where my “gas” pains from initial surgery first started. I will say I ate correctly, exercised everyday, and felt great when I was not having a pain. I would just deal with it when it happened. I lost 113 pounds and started looking sick and the pain was getting worse. I went a little over 3 years without having it filled because I was still losing weight and probably from working at it and putting in my 50%. I will have to say the pain never stopped but only got worse. With the pain getting worse so did the vomiting which started abruptly and kept going everyday for a year. Since I am stubborn and just sucked it up and dealt with the pain because when I wasn’t hurting I felt great I never went to the doctor until March 2013 and he told me I was highly malnutrition and needed it to be loosened so I did what I was told and started eating more and gaining some of my weight back. I then got pregnant and only gained 20 pounds with my baby and lost it all when I had her. In the mean time of all this going on the pain continually gets worse and more often. It is limiting my breathing at times and my port still sticks out when it happens, it is also moving towards my back area. I will be getting this checked out as soon as possible. I just wrote this all to say even though you take care of yourself and put in your 50% to help the band out there are still complications so just because something goes wrong does not mean you are not doing something right. I am not ready to sue just yet but if I have to pay to have it removed I will.

  105. I loved my lap band…until it developed a leak back in 2005. Lost 70lbs with careful diet and exercise. I live in New Zealand and insurance wont pay for a replacement. Gutted

  106. I almost died from my lap band and yet cannot find a lawyer willing to take on case. My lap band was inserted June 2010. In October started feeling pain left flank area. Was in emergency room and even had a hospital stay and all they said was that I had pneumonia. Finally a gastroenterologist (my saviour) decided to perform an endoscopy only to find the band had eroded into my stomach. I was then scheduled for removal. I spent one month in hospital. I had developed peritonitis, collapsed lung, a raging infection, etc. And since then still living life of he’ll. Have uncontrollable diarrhea . Have had to have a sacral nerve stimulater implanted in me but exact cause of diarrhea remains unknown but it all started at same time. Now I find out there are some stitches still remaining in my body which will probably require further surgery. Some days I m also taking about 16 Imodium tablets together with several other meds that the doctors have given me to try to control the diarrhea. Plus living in diapers and having to be embarrassed all the time. Why can’t anyone help me try to find some justice??

  107. I had the lapband in 2006 and by 2009 it slipped and I was sick often because I could not afford to get it out, I also had to get a blood transfusion and they never figured where the blood loss was from. My blood has never been right since. I live in sunny Florida and I have a vitamin D deficiency. I had the band removed in 2012 in an emergency situation I complained of severe pain, I knew that was the only way I could get it removed. They said my stomach was 3 times its size from being swollen. No wonder I was always sick. I feel better then ever today but my blood count is never normal. I am always afraid I need a transfusion because the only sign that I needed It was tiredness which I always am. My stomach never feels right I’m sure there is some kind of damage but I haven’t had insurance to find out. I have kept a lot of my weight off but not all of it. I just wonder how many people have needed blood transfusions that have had the lapband !!

  108. I had the lap band 9/07. I did ok and lost weight until the beginning of 2012. I couldn’t get anything to go through. I went in and had it completely emptied, but I still could not eat. I had an upper GI and my surgeon assured me that it looked good and everything was fine. Well, I wasn’t going for that, so I got in with a GI and he did an endoscopy that showed a severe erosion. I went in for surgery the following week. It was suppose to be a simple fix. Remove it and stitch up the hole. I went home the next day. 2 days later I had high fevers and a disgusting smelly drainage from the JP drain. I went in for a CT and it showed that it had opened and I had peritonitis. I went back in for surgery the next day. It took 5 hours for the surgery. They had to give me blood transfusions and medication to bring my blood pressure up, remove a piece of my liver due to infection and then the nurse jokingly told my husband “she kept trying to stop breathing on us” and laughed about it. I was in the hospital for a week having CT scans almost everyday, because it continued to leak. They placed a PICC line and I was on TPN and could have nothing to eat or drink for 4 weeks while it “scarred over” and quit leaking. Not only was I on nutrition through the PICC line, but I was on heavy antibiotics 3 times a day. I had several surgical incisions and one of the drains ate through my skin and left a big gapping hole that had to be packed twice a day.
    That was just the surgery part. I have suffered almost daily with the aftermath of this. My stomach (or what we call my scar) hurts most of the time. I had a bowel obstruction 6 weeks after the surgery and ended up having iron transfusions to bring my levels back up to normal. Now this is just the physical pain I deal with and just the tip of the iceberg. The emotional and psychological pain is more detrimental and I suffer from severe depression and anxiety, due to the “dumping syndrome” that was suppose to be temporary. My surgeon takes no responsibility and says it is my fault, that I must have been taking Ibuprofen while I had the band. Well I am an RN and I’m not an idiot. I never took Ibuprofen because I knew what could happen. I am so angry that they said there was a 2% chance of erosion and now I am hearing that it is more like 50% chance. Also, I’m sure it didn’t help that his office staff more than once over-filled my band and had it completely closed off.
    To end my rant, let me just say THE LAP BAND SUCKS! When are we going to get justice for the pain and suffering we have endured trying to better ourselves! I am ruined!

  109. I had my band Realize placed in2007. The first couple of years were fine, but after that it all went down hill. I started developing a sever pain in my left should, chest pain, severe acid reflux, indigestion, and shortness of breath just as Kayla did. I got to the point that I couldn’t even get fluid down without it coming back up. I was worried the band had slipped so I had to pay $250 to visit to have the Dr. check it only to tell me it was too full so he removed a little bit. 3 weeks later I am back paying another $250 and he says oh I must not have removed enough we will take a little more. Well I finally had to call him crying because I was getting so sick that my throat was raw and I could not keep paying him $250 so he said, ok, well pay $100. When I went in he only wanted a to remove a little and I said, NO, empty it! I am still in pain. My shoulder is hurting so bad as I type this that I can barely stand it! But that is not the worse part. 9months ago I started having seizures! Now there is a link to the lap band damaging the Vargus nerve resulting in seizures. When I heard about this from my Dr. I searched and there are literally 1000′s of posts similar to mine of band patients developing seizures. I am now on Dilantin for the seizures and can not drive until I am one year seizure free. My last seizure was only one month ago and it was so severe that I was transported by ambulance which now has me left with yet MORE medical bills that I can not pay because like so many of us we can not afford medical coverage and if we can it will not cover these things! With ever seizure a person has, the damage a small piece of the brain. Had any of this been discussed or should I say disclosed, I would NEVER have done this!!! My life is forever changed now and no one wants to take accountability for these things. I am a single mother and no license means no job! I live in a small town with no public transportation and my commute to work daily is 60 miles each way! This band has destroyed my life under the pretense of bettering it!

  110. Well I have had my lap band for 4 yrs I do have a lot of trouble with it I vomit all the time i live with different types of pains all the time. I have losts 140lbs I weigh about 102lbs but I truly believe it not all the bands fault one we need to learn how to eat correctly. I dont regret having the band done I just wish I could find a way to fell better and get healthy again. I hated being fat. Just pray for me and lets hope for the best I truly believe I can get better

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