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Published: October 1st, 2010

Reglan side effects have been associated with the development of tardive dyskinesia, a syndrome that causes involuntary movements in the body extremities, particularly the lower face. In February 2009, the FDA required that a “black box” warning about the tardive dyskinesia problems be added to Reglan and other gastrointestinal drugs containing metoclopramide.

REGLAN LAWSUIT STATUS: Lawyers are reviewing potential claims for individuals who may be entitled to compensation through a Reglan lawsuit as a result of developing tardive dyskinesia. The Reglan statute of limitations in many states may be approaching, so it is important to review what legal rights may be available as soon as possible.



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OVERVIEW: Reglan is used for treatment of gastrointestinal disorders. It contains metoclopramide, which works by increasing the movement of stomach muscles, speeding up the rate at which the stomach empties into the intestines.

When metoclopramide-containing drugs are used at high doses or for extended periods of time, it can increase the risk of developing tardive dyskinesia, which is associated with involuntary movements, such as:

  • Movements in the Body Extremeties
  • Lip Smacking
  • Grimacing
  • Repetitive Chewing
  • Pursing and Puckering of the Lips
  • Tongue Protrusion
  • Rapid Eye Movements and Blinking
  • Impaired Finger Movements

TARDIVE DYSKINESIA SIDE EFFECTS: Reglan tardive dyskinesia side effects are more likely to occur with long-term use of the drug, use at high doses and among the elderly, especially women.

It is not recommended that metoclopramide-containing drugs like Reglan be used for more than three years due to the risk of Reglan side effects.

In February 2009, the FDA announced that they were requiring that a “black box” warning about the tardive dyskinesia side effects be added to the labels for all drugs containing metoclopramide. The drug makers will also be required to implement a risk evaluation and mitigation strategy to make sure that patients who receive these drugs in the future are fully informed about the risk of developing the side effects.

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  1. My mother was on reglan last year and shegot Parkinson like symptoms from it as a side effect. After stopping the use of reglan she was okay again.

  2. My mommy took reglan for over a year 4 times a day. She too got Parkinson like symptoms. After seeing a neurologist we found out she has Tardive Dyskensia which is a side effect of long term reglan use. She did not get better. She has been off Reglan for 5 months and still she suffers from the tremors.

  3. My Mother in Law is currently taking Metoclopramide 10 mg to ease her heartburn and ingestion. She has been taking this for well over a year now. I am concerned that hers may be affected by this. Her side effect since taking it is that she feels somewhat strangled at times. Then she also feels that her left side of her face is drooping. Please reassure me that this is not affected her because of this Medicine recall.

  4. [...] plaintiffs in all of the known tardive dyskinesia lawsuits filed against the makers of Reglan and other Metoclopramide-containing drugs, have filed a motion with the U.S. Judicial Panel on [...]

  5. i just in the hosiptal having nasal surgery and was given the drug Reglan. Supposedly it was so I wouldn’t vomit during surgery. I was about to go home, as it was an out patient procedure, and started to feel like I couldn’t breathe. My jaw started to shift from side to side and I couldn’t control it. The reason I couldn’t breathe was due to the fact that my tongue was enlarging in my throat. The doctor’s didn’t know what to do. They all started reading books in front of me. Finally, a doctor came by and knew exactly what to give me to counteract it all. He said if I waited another 10 minutes, I would have been paralyzed in my mouth. My case is in the medical journals at the hospital.

  6. My mom began taking Reglan in March of 2008, she suffered from tremors, elevated white blood count, lip smacking, inablility to focus, anxiety, insomnia and other symptons of an adverse reaction. The doctors new this was “a bad drug” (in their words) and that she need to be taken off it. They lead us to believe she had. She suffered unexplained seizures on October 21, 2008 and died on November 1st.

  7. I am still on reglan and I sometimes feel like my head is shaking and I can’t hold my head up and my arms and hands now go numb and they say I have developed Rynaulds Syndrome. I don’t know if this could be caused by Reglan but I have to take it for my stomach. What do I do? Is there a substitute medication Reglan?

  8. Where was this black box warning on my prescription last week? Nobody mentioned anything about these dangerous and frightening side-effects when I was put on the medication. I went to the ER twice this week because of severe headache, numbness and coldness in my head and extremities, muscle spasms, difficulty breathing…basically a slew of Reglan side-effects. The doctor started me on migraine treatments (one of which can increase risk of Reglan side-effects). Still, nobody mentioned anything about the dangers of this medication. I had to find out myself and discontinue use. I’d rather be nauseous than crippled or dead. It has only been a few days since I quit this medication and I’ve continued to experience leg spasms, insomnia, and migraines (which I’ve never in my life experienced until now). THIS DRUG SHOULD BE TAKEN OFF THE MARKET!!!!!!

  9. I started usng Reglan in 2004 for stomach problems, i.e. nausea, vomiting, acid reflux, & indigestion. For three years I couldn’t understand why I had insomnia and anxiety attacks. My left hand became numb and clamy feeling and I was told it was probably a nerve. At times it felt like an elephant was sitting on my chest and I also begin to have spasms in my mouth area and eye, I felt like I was falling apart and my doctor gave me no explanations as to why I was experiencing these feelings…

    In 2007 I had Gall Bladder surgery and was prescribed Reglan afterwards. My symptoms begin to worsen and I didn’t have a clue what was happening to me…

    I still have insomnia and other issues that I deal with on a daily basis and it saddens me that people have to get really sick or die for medicines to get a “Warning” label or taken off the market…

    My last intake of Reglan was January 2009…

  10. my mother had gald bladder removed and was placed on reglan and for three years .had all the side affects rocking shakeing tongue going in and out of her mouth looked like she was on crack too many trips to the doctor and emergency rooms and just in the last six months they told us it was from the reglan use recently she had so many stomach problems .they installed a feeding tube because her stomach quit working . and three weeks later they told us it did not work there was uncontrolable vomiting and diahrea the doctors .acted crazy and told us there was nothing they could do she had very little healh problems before reglan now she has passed i really think it was all because of reglan

  11. I was put on Reglan 10mg to help me with the production of milk for my twins. They were born premature and I was very sick after having them therefore we were apart for long periods of time which is why I was told my milk didn’t fully come in. I was on and off of Reglan for many months. Reading this information frightens me because I have many of the symptoms and am concerned for my twins who were also exposed to the medication through my breast milk.

  12. My son has had surgeries and was diagnosed with tourettes at one point .Somebody needs to get this drug off the market

  13. I was on Reglan for gastorointestinal problems, had surgery in 2002 and stopped using it. I have insomnia and sleepwalking problems. I can’t sit still because I am so restless, and I now have restless leg syndrome. Could these side affects be from the Reglan?

  14. Listen everybody. You all need to contact an attorney. In June, the U.S. Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation denied a request to consolidate the federal Reglan litigations over tardive dyskinesia and other neurological injuries associated with the long-term use of metoclopramide drugs. The courts said there were not enough cases, so everyone who has filed a lawsuit is basically on their own. We all need to stand up to these drug makers and hold them responsible for what they are making, and distributing, to the public. My son was on this drug for six years, and had many complications from this drug. He passed away last year, and all I can think of is how I continued to give him that drug 4X every day, how he sufferred, and how this drug was supposed to be helping him.

  15. There are NO 100% safe prokinetic agents that are available to help people with slow stomachs that cause nausea and vomiting. What am I supposed to use with my diabetic patients who can’t eat? Reglan has side effects. ALL medication have side effects. You have to weigh the pros and cons. Sometimes there is NO CHOICE on what you can use. Cisapride was taken off the market, Zelnorm was taken off. Every one looks at side effects but no one looks at the side effects of NOT using these drugs. THese drugs help alot of patients who would other wise have suffered long term debilitating symptoms of their disease. I tell my pts about the side effects but almost all of them are suffering enough that they want relief. Some of them swear that it has greatly improved their quality of life. If we continue with this lawsuit mentality, we will have NO drugs to help patients.

  16. My daughter was given Reglan to help produce more milk for her baby. She started taking this on October 7,2009 and a week ago she developed all the symptoms that we have read about with this medicine. She quit taking the Reglan a week ago and is on medication for post partum, which is what her doctor thinks she has, but then she asked me if I thought it could be because of the Reglan and I started to go on-line and what I have found out makes me angry to know this is out there and is being given to people. We are scheduled to see her doctor again on Monday and we are going to show him what we found out and also get the baby checked out. Her OB-GYN told her that it wouldn’t hurt the baby, but I read otherwise on the warnings of this Reglan. If we are told by the doctors that the Reglan was the cause of my daughter’s illness, your damn right I will file a lawsuit>

  17. I had shoulder surgery in 2007 and was given Reglan, in which I had never taken. It was given to me because I am prone to paralytic ileuses.
    The day after surgery I could not stop moving. I could not sit or stand I had to keep moving. On the third day I started involuntary movements and was having movement in the shoulder that was supposed to be immobile. By the fifth day without sleep, no rest, and total exhaustion I was about ready to crack. I am a nurse and knew sometjhing was causing this problem so I found on the net where Reglan could cause such side effects and discontinued it, but it took another week to completely to return to myself. I started headaches on the 5th day and have been plaged with them since and doctors have not been alble to find out why. My shoulder surgery also was unsuccessful and I am beginning to wonder if it was because I was not immobile when I was supposed to be. I also still have mouth quivering without reason. I have been miserable because doctors do not want to repeat surgery since the first failed.

  18. I was on Reglan for over 2 years to speed up my stomach due to Crohn’s Disease. NO ONE told me a thing about this medication other than I need it. I CANNOT remember those two years. I walked around like a zombie. Birthdays, Christmases, Easters, and 2 years of my babies lives are permenantly missing for me. Now I have involuntary facial movements. I “wake up” in the middle of the night to eat, drink, smoke, and even have a conversation. My hands shake all the time. I bob my head alot and have bitten my tongue numerous times. This medicine really messed me up.

    When they put my best friend on it for different reasons, her doctor had the decency to give her a choice! He informed her that taken over time, Reglan would work its way into her central nervous system. Then he INSISTED on keeping a very frequent eye on her mental and physical well being.

    It’s not about the treatment’s side effects being worse than the disease’s symptoms, it’s about informing the patient and giving them a choice! We don’t have to automatically take a prescription just because our doctors give it to us! If we can find information about lawsuits for medications gone wrong, we should be just as capable as looking up a new script and deciding if it’s worth the risk! That’s what I did with my newest med, it’s a low dose, pill form of chemo, but I researched and decided I can stay in my home away from people until I know if it’s working or not. It beats the surgery I’ll need if this is a bust!

  19. I had my Gallbladder removed 5 years ago and was given Reglan for my nausea and was told to keep taking it. I now have numbness and tingling in my fingers. I have swelling in my seft fingers and it bothers me all night. I just went to a new gastro doctor and he told me to stop taking Reglan immediately because of Tardive Kyskinensia and that it is not reversable! Why doen’t ALL the doctors know about this. I also have trouble swallening when I eat certain things. It feels like the musscles in my throat stop working!!!

  20. i was giving reglan iv 2 times in ER AFTER wish my body was like on fire and going crazy , it’s 1 year now i’m i cant speak clearly and i have seizures the doctors dont know what wrong with me , i cant work anymore my life is taken away from me , i,m only 47 , i dont know what to do . please help me . Thank you.

  21. I was on Reglen off and on for many years..had reflex disease and that was common for my doctors prescribe with other meds for reflex disease. In my twenties I started getting trimmers thru out my body..including my eyes and face. For the last four years I’ve been having not only trimmers but siezures of a unknown origon.

  22. I took reglen, because of gastropareisis. I took it twice; both times I had severe anxiety, it felt like I was speed, it lasted for about 6 hours. since that I do not take it unless I really need it, instead I watch what I eat and use enzymes if I start getting sick. I have had to reduce the types of food I can eat. No more Oatmeal, broccoli, nuts, steak, eic.

  23. I also had these symptoms but had them when I was given Reglen, Tigan, Bentyl, or Compazine in suppository form.(for IBS from endometreosis) I couldn’t settle down, was in constant movement, started twitcting…this started 15 years ago! ..I kept complaining and noone believed me. I just started saying that I was allergic to these drugs which they said was impossible. Onlyy one dr. believed me. I could only use Dranamine for nausea now. When this would happen, the only thing that would stop the symptoms were Valium or Xanax and time. I still say I am Allergic and have Adverse reactions to these drugs on my medical history. Thought I was alone until I saw the commerical on TV about people suffering from reactions and almost feel over!

  24. my husband has taken the drug reglan ,metoclopramide for about 14 years it was given to him for stomach disorder after he started diallysis the kidney dr took him off of it about 2 years AGO i started to see the sysptom listed i have taken him to his stomach dr he has sent us to his neurologist they are just now takening this serious in the process of during blood work up and scheduling other treatment and test
    he has the shakes so bad he shakes the whole bed at night tongue protruding head shakes eye blinking facetwitching

  25. My mother in law was on Reglan for over a year. She took it 4 times a day. She would have such bad involuntary movements that she would rock back and forth. After stopping the Reglan it stopped.

  26. My grandmother was taken Reglan for two to three years, because she was a diebetic. The results of her taken the medicine, were vomiting fluids from her intestines and multiple trips back and forth to the hospital. She passed away in Febuary 2009 because of her intestines desolved away and the poison waste intered her blood stream. Im sick of doctors saying that they have no control over the side effects which they know about. If they would pay more attention to there patiences and the pain that these drug causes them they would know that they should be more careful on what they are perscribing..

  27. I took the drug reglan for almost two and half years. I had Gerd and this why i took it. I began to experience numbness in my left side of my face, thickening of my tongue, slurred speech, I was sent to neurologist, he did a whole battery of tests on me and his diagnosis was TIA. (Mini strokes) I still was taking the drug, so I went back to my Gastro doctor and he told me to stop the reglan but continue the Nexium. I did as he told me, I must add that at the the time this was going on I was just 31. The stroke like symptoms stopped but I still experience eye twitches, tongue thickening, nervous leg and numbness in the left side of my face. I think Reglan caused this!

  28. I was on Reglan foru around for or five years I have lost my job I have restless leg syndrome I have what they tell me is Neuroligucal desease thay do not know what caused it I ahve to take requip just to be able to stop my legs from jumping My tongue swells I clench my teeth to t epooint that I think my jaw is going to break my head jerks my arms jerkand legs I have a great amount of nerve pain and sometimes my legs give out on me and I fall I am on permanent disabiliuty mow and have lost alot my job my home and sometimes I think Ihave lost me and it is sad and depressing , it is hard to sleep I cannot sit still I am always moving Ihave to get up and walk around as it so sisturbing trying to sit too long as my body moves constabtly I am always rocking or jerking so I just get up and walk.I am only 54s years old and I feel like an old person trying to get around and I have lost me. it is just not fair I ahve been to dozensof doctors hospitals and no ne can help me, they better come up with a drug to help or if they have someone let me know as I want it.

  29. I was diagnosed with ulcers as a teenager and put on various acid suppresors. I was first give given Reglan when I was pregnant with my second child (at 24). He has severe learning difficults. I did not feel Reglan helped the motility issue enough during the pregnancy and discontinued taking it.

    I was later. diagnosed with GERD, worsening motility and Barrett’s. I have been placed on Reglan several times due to these issues and each time I would stop taking it due to the adverse reactions I would have. My current doctor prescribed it a couple of different times because they have taken the drugs that really work for me (Zelnorm) off the market. Each time the symptoms started sooner and worsened. So we both agreed it was never going to help.

    I previously was able to paint miniatures (little birds in detail on 1/2 inch buttons). Now my hands shake so bad this is impossible. I am lucky if I can thread a needle (even though I had my own business making custom children’s clothing for many yrs.)

    The last time they took blood the tech thought I was clenching my hand I was shaking so badly. My eyes twitch every morning and every evening without fail and often during the day. My tongue is staying irritated from rubbing against my teeth. (I guess I’m lucky I’m a teeth clencher too or else it be protruding??) I also have muscle spasms (feels like ‘charlie horses’) in random places.

    Yes, it would have been really nice to have been warned about these side effects and given an option.

  30. i have been taken reglan now for about 4 years 4 times a day, i am now thinking and after reading all the comments i feel as though i am going through some of this myself, i do have slurring of the tongue or speech and i feel like when i am talking my jaw gets stuck to where i feel as though i am talking to fast,all the time bad muscle cramps even when i try to sleep but that i not often

  31. I was put on metoclopromide afew years back for intestinal issues and gerd. I now am suffering from involntary head jerking and bobbing, shakey hands,restless leg sydrm, legs giving out,shortness of breath, insomnia, anxiety, tremors, lip smacking, parkinsons-like symptoms.I’ve been 2 the dr countless times and no1 can tell me wats wrong. I switchd dr.s 3times in 2 years and think things wer ovr lookd or 4gottn. I’ve been on countless meds for stomach issues and these syptoms didnt start till after starting this med. I diddnt learn about the sidefex till now and it makes sence. I just want 2 be like the old me again! Sum1 help!!

  32. So, I had a question about this because i ended up in the hospital after using this medicine for three pills. That’s right I took three pills in my daily dosage and within 24 hours of the first pill I was in the hospital for 7 hours with shots being administered every hour for pain. I had a destonic reaction( cramping from upper back all the way to my feet and ankles. I’m still having leg spasms, muscles spasms in my stomach and leg cramps and charlie horses ever since I stopped taking the drug. Do I have a stand to apply for this lawsuit.

  33. i was put on reglan after the birth of my preemie twin boys to produce more milk since then i have had rapid eye movement my eyelids twitch my jaw has locked to where i could not close it and my my fingers also twitch i was not on reglan long only 5 or 6 months what should i do i called one of the numbers i saw on tv but they never called back what should i do

  34. My son was put on Reglan when he was only 6 weeks old for reflux. He continued to take the medication for about 4 1/2 months. During that time I noticed that he could not sleep and cried alot, I just thought he was a whiney baby. Anyway about 2 1/2 years later we noticed our son making faces that kinda looked like yawning seizures so we took him to the doctor where he was sent to several more doctors all across the state b/c no one could find anything wrong with his brain therefor the last doctor we went to last diagnosed him with Stereo Typical Movement Disorder and we was told that he would just have to learn to control it. Since then his syptoms have gotten worse. He now wrings and flaps his hands, twitches his head etc. I dont know if this could have caused his problem or not but my husband and I are alking about taking him back to the doctor for more of an evaluation

  35. I was on reglan for 2 months, it made me sick and my stomatch stayed sore too. this was in 2001 or 2002.

  36. I am a cancer patient and halfway through chemo the doctor perscribed Reglan for severe nausea. This was recent, in fact it was march 2010. I looked up the side effects online before taking the drug and decided on my own to not take the drug. I am also diabetic and they had decided that I was vomiting not because of the chemo but because of gastroparesis. I had not been diagnosed with that but they decided I had it. My doctor and nurse practitioner were upset with me that I didn’t want to take it but I stuck to my guns. i’m so glad I did; I still have a wary relationship with the nurse practitioner, but it’s my life; I want to decide how I live.

  37. Reglan has ruined my life. I took Reglan in January 2009 until April and nearly died from the side effects of this medication. I had to have my gall bladder removed in March 2009 due to biliary dyskenesia. After reading the comment previous to mine I am shocked that doctors are still prescribing Reglan. I am 34 years old, I have to give up my career and move in with my family to help care for me and my five year old. I suffer from facial paralysis. I have a brain tumor – so far I have not heard of anyone else developing a brain tumor. I have constant pain in my face, arms, hands, legs and feet and severe numbness in the same areas,insomnia. I Thank God each day for giving me another day with my daughter because there are some days I just dont feel like I am going to make it. I suffer from panic attacks, before I took Reglan I had none of these problems. I was fine and the doctors that prescribed the medication will not own up to Reglan being the cause of my problem because of the fact they are worried they may get sued. I cant believe they would put their own interest in front a patients life. That’s the opposite of what doctors are suppose to do. I had well over 55 visits to the doctor, neurologist, ENT docs and no one would help me, I would describe my symptoms and they would treat me as if I was an idiot. I guess when something like this happens to them or a loved one, they will be more apt to speak up. I spoke with an attorney about my case but until a doctor will confirm that Reglan caused my problems I am screwed. I am stuck with the aftermath and the trauma it has caused to me and my daughter and the numerous medical bills. I have no diagnosis therefore, I have no prognosis.. some things have improved but most symptoms have not and it would be nice to know if this is something that’s going to kill me eventually or will I recover? Doctors are not like they used to be, they are only out for money and can care less who they kill prescribing medications. As soon as I started having problems, the doctor that prescribed Reglan to me should have recognized the symptoms as an adverse affect of the Reglan use, instead she told me I was having panic attacks and told me to keep taking the medicine, advice that almost and may still take my life. Where does that leave my daughter. Now I dont have insurance since I lost my career and cant afford to take a chance on a high medical bill just to have another doctor turn their back on me also. There is no sickness worth taking Reglan for, because the results of Reglan are far worse than the reason people start taking Reglan. As soon as I am able to get a confirmation that Reglan caused my problems and in my heart I am 100% sure it is the cause, I was fine before I took it… I am def. filing a lawsuit against the makers of Reglan. I dont know how they sleep at night knowing their drug is killing people and destroying peoples lives.

  38. took reglan for 2 years. i have had major sleep problems and my legs cramp terribly and i have IBS now. I think i have all the signs of RLS

  39. i took reglan when i was pregnant in 2008 living in alabama and started having kidney infections soon after. i spent every weekend and other days in the hospital due to high fever, severe vomiting, utis, and premature labor tho i didnt dialate. i took it for 5 months of my pregnancy and a little after including when breastfeeding my supply lasted 2 weeks, until i moved to oregon. after my daughter was born 2 weeks premature via repeat c-section i kept the kidney infections in 2009 they told me my daughter needed to have a cerebral palsy test because she would arch her back oddly, cried non stop, and would only turn her head to one side. they decided she didnt have cp and that she instead had gerd. once on solid foods shes been pretty normal noone has said anything else about her developmental behaviors. the same year tho i had my apendix removed, and a cystoscopy to remove kidney stones which seem to keep comming back i still have them and im seeing a urologist and a gasterointerologist due to severe abdominal pain to see if i have ibs or a pelvic disorder maybe….im wondering if any other pregnant women have had any of these problems that took reglan.

  40. Everyone has a choice to use (or not take) a medication. It is the doctor’s responsibility to answer any questions you may have. Everyone has a right to research a medication before they fill it. Nowadays, pharmacies even offer the counsel of a pharmacist before you leave with your medication. Do the math, folks. I love how Reglan suddenly causes some pretty idiopathic illnesses. People suddenly have these crazy illnesses and problems because they specifically took ONLY Reglan, right? Maybe it’s because you were on something else, maybe it was congenital.. Maybe it is a side effect of Reglan. Are you going to live in a box with your symptoms because you’re afraid of an interventional drug? You have to consider risk versus benefit with EVERYTHING you do in life. I think some people are searching for a scapegoat and/or someone to sue. I feel bad for doctor’s of the 21st century… sometimes.

  41. I have been on reglan for 9 plus years and have these side affects I take this med four times a day. My problem is when I try to quit taking it I get real sick. I do know what to do about it. So tired of my body jumping and moving out of control.

  42. I read the stories of issues with Reglan and then got to Nicole’s post and thought that she doesn’t get what has happened here. First of all, not everyone receives Reglan from a pharmacy when they are in a condition that allows them to evaluate the risks of the drug. I, for one, was very impaired while fighting cancer and had no idea what the side effects of this drug were and no ability to ask those questions. My brain was fried and my neurological symptoms so severe that I couldn’t walk, swallow or talk other than to say yes or no. I’m not sure what your connection is to the medical world, Nicole, or whether you are a pharmaceutical rep, but your statements are ill-informed. People — including myself — have had their lives altered due to the long-term use of Reglan and it is very bad form for you to lecture people who have serious, lifelong disabilities. Think before you judge.

  43. I was prescribed Regland in 2009 to help with vomitting while in the begining stages of Kidney failure. I only took it when I really had to because I was already taking Nexium and TUMS. I got worse as far as my kidneys were concerned but right after I started using the Reglan I notice an increase in cramps in my hands, feet, and jaw bones, I also experienced an increse in muscul spasums in my mouth, face, and legs. When I was hospitalized for kidney failure and vomiting in February of 2010 I was given Regland again in an attemp to stop the vomiting because I couldn’t keep any food down and I had to go into surgery to install a temporary Hemodialysis catheter. I already had a PD catheter installed but hadn’t started using it yet.

    I still have these complications to this day and a few added ones such as noise bleeds, headaches, smelling blood with nazzle congestion that will not go away even though I have no cold. The hand cramping is getting steadily worse and my doctors keep associating this with my kidney failure. I believe it has everything to do with Regland or the Epogen I’ve been prescribed which has been recalled as a result of glass shavings being found in the vials. My vials are in the recall lot numbers. My lot number is 1015501

    September 27th 2010

  44. Ok my youngest son was born with acid reflux, and his Dr. sent him home from the hospital with Reglan to help treat it. We gave it to him for a whole year until my wife and I said it was enough. He just turned 3yrs old and well he can be awake watching T.V. and he will be puckering, sucking on his lips or smacking them, but mainly puckering them. Some people tried to said it was him wanting a bottle, but my son has been of the bottle since he was 11 months old and a sippy cup since he was 17months old. I think its side effects of Reglan! He does the same thing when he is asleep. As well we don’t allow him to sleep with us at times as he does twitch alot and kick!

  45. I just want someone to answer a question for me… Not YOU nicole.
    I was on Reglan for over a year on a high dose. I have been off it for probably a year. Four months ago I started getting tremors in my face, then my arms; numbness in arms and face and severe migraines. I constantly feel like I have a band around my head and altho no ticks I CAN’t shut off the tremors… Sometimes my skin burns, other times it is prickly. In the past four weeks I have had two MRI’s, eeg, emg, ekg, carotid. I am on a high dose of neurontin to help with the migraines and tremors. My question is.. has anyone reported a delayed reaction.. one that didnt’ come on for awhile? I am not crazy. I am an educated, very happy person who has suddenly been struck with this thing and it is scaring the hell out of me. It can’t be coincidental that I took that drug for over a year!
    This isn’t about a law suit … this is about a life being affected by a drug that was prescribed and we were told that it was safe. How many drugs under the Bush Administration were okay’d without passing FDA approval. I can tell you, many… And we are suffering because of it! I was on a drug that got recalled which is why I started Reglan.
    If someone could just answer my question about the delayed symptoms, I will bring it to my neurologist’s attention. Thanks.

  46. iI had delayed reactions to the drug Reglan as well it started over a year ago with my head stinging and facial numbness. My doctor of course said well there are no nerves in the face where you are talking about. My face then began to feel droopy I thought I was having a heart attack, I look in the mirror and my face is still in place what is going on?.Now I have total facial numbness off and on in places all the time, numbness in different areas of the body, I have stinging like millions of ant bites all over. I have twitches, arms flailing in the air slapping myself in the face legs jumping like a frog I move so much sometimes I shake the bed completely out of control. My torso jumps so much I feel like I am hunching the air head bobbing, insomnia, severe panic and anxiety, high white blood count as well.I suffer from shortness of breath I am now on oxygen. I feel like my body is possessed by a demon I cannot be still this is not right they have to take this drug off the market and help the people that it has destroyed. I am currently trying to get disabled as I can no longer function properly in society as I feel and look like a freak of nature. I took this drug in 95 for a few months then again in 08 for about a month and I cant seem to get an attorney to help me out I dont get it!

  47. I was given reglan IV in the ER because I started vomiting. I am a RN and was working in the ER when I began vomiting. A RN started an IV and pushed the reglan quickly. I started jerking all over, I was so anxious and felt like I was going crazy. My body would not stop jerking and I had no control. It was painful. I asked for the Dr. but she did not come in. I left the room I was in and went to find the RN that gave the Reglan to me. She saw the distress I was in. She was the charge nurse and told me I could go home. I verified that it was Reglan that she had given me IV and she said yes that’s what we always give.. I asked “for vomiting”. I asked where the Dr. was as I wanted something to counter act the horrible side effect. The RN who gave it to me said it would wear off if I went home and rested. Finally, she (the RN) admitted giving me the Reglan without the Dr. knowing it or prescribing it. She said she was just doing me a favor as there would be no record therefore I would not be charged. I had insurance …payment was not a problem. I was so embarressed with the uncontrolable body movements and nothing was being done to help me I left and went home, She didn’t even take the time to remove the IV. I did report this to my manager who did nothing about it except to cause problems between me and some of the nurses who had been there longer and who were friends. I went up the ladder only to loose my job shortly after this event.
    This is a summary of what happeened.

  48. Per my previous comment.
    The next time I worked I spoke with a Dr. who was not on the evening the Reglan was given and asked him about the side effects. He immediately and very clearly said the adverse reactions of Reglan, especially IV were could be devastating. He acknowledged the seriouseness of the reaction and no immediate follow up treatment. He was very clear how horrible the jerking and uncontrolable body movements could be & acknowledged how bad Reglan side effects could be.

  49. i just got on it.bc of my stomach,this med that bad

  50. My son has been on Reglan for 23 years (he is 25). There is no other drug option for him. All medications have side effects and many of them have these side effects especially in the psych area. My son takes Cogentin to counteract any of the side effects as he has to take this and 2 other drugs that have these side effects. The patients need educated as to the risks, not just remove the drug from availability.

  51. I have been on reglan for a month and my eyelids is starting to twitch. After reading all the comments. I’m gonna take myself off of it and let my Doctor know. He did tell me if I start havin symptoms to stop immediately. I take 5mg

  52. I took reglan my whole pregnancy and I notice when I took it made me feel like I wad going crazy. I just slept the whole time and couldn’t wake up. Now when my son came out he wasn’t breathing and had to get oxygen. My baby was throwing up since then. He throws up all day long. I think he has reflux.

  53. I was having what the doctors thought was a heart attack in 2005 when i was put thourgh a lot of test they found that it was not my heart it was my stomach, they called it gastroprises( hope i spelled it right) my stomach does not empty our so the gastroenterogoloist put me on the metoclopramide three times a day as time went by i started noticing that my face wouldtwist for no reason I started dropping things, i could not sleep my legs and my hands started to trimmer so bad i haven’ty driven a car for almost six years. I am too scared to eventry any more I told my primary care doctor that something was wrong for a while i even thought i was getting demintra> I forget allthe time i bite my tongue until it bleeds most of the time even my bottom lip until it was pruple. i didn’t ger the warning on my medication bottle from the pharmist i was sitting in my living room one day trying to watch tv in order to get my mind off the way my legs and arms starts ti trimmer and sometime even jerk so bad and advertistment came on about the recall on the regelan and the gerntic for regelan every one of the side effects listed i was having and had been having for a few years except i am still alive that was 2010 . i have been trying to get treatment for whats wrong with me since this started. I have been to two neurologoist one says he specialized in movement disorders and because the test came back showing nothing he is trying to get me to beleive that i have a mental disorder and that i have a underline hidden mental secret that i have hidden deep inside my brain and thats what is causing the trimmers that have turned into me having some mini strokes in September on the 3rd 2011 and i was left paralized on my left side i lost my speech my swallowing has been effected i don’t sleep sometimes for two daysI spent six days in a rehab center i had to have speech thepary, physical thepary in the rehab center then six weeks of in home thepary, occupational theray an aide came to help me take shower and dress me i can do some things for my self but i still have to have help dressing and putting on shoes i have to walk with a walker because my left leg is still weak and it drags i also have to use a wheel chair. we have to pray for each other and stand up to these doctors that will not listen and can only make a diagnosis unless a test do it for them.

  54. my son has been taking reglan since birth and he is three years old now the problems just started with him havin digestive problems know he has to be on a diet with only baby food.. and he was on regular foods and he is very resless during the night he doesnt want to go bed till late when he was born he had gerd but the problems he is having now is because of the reglan.. i think this medicine needs to be takin off the market because it is harming not only children but adults..

  55. are we concerned with how many children we KILL or how quickly we can deceive someone,its only money.

  56. In 2013 my mother got diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, she was having a lot of trouble with her food not digesting creon was first prescribed then the reglan was added 3 times a day after the first month the side affects began but I was not aware that it was the reglan at the time she was also taking chemo amazingly her chemo had worked so well that blood work and other tests had shown great improvement with the cancer but depression had set in which was the first side affect that went unrelated to the reglan I got her alprolozam from her primary care doctor after two months of taking the reglan she began chewing on her tongue I thought her denture plate was to blame I took her to the dentist it got much worse and now has more than half of all the side affects listed she has since stopped taking the reglan she took it for longer than the 3 months that is recommended we are waiting to see if the side affects will reverse but I feel I may have to contact a lawyer .

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