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Supreme Court Finds Generic Drug Lawsuits Pre-empted

  • Written by: Staff Writers

In a devastating opinion for consumers, the Supreme Court has ruled that generic drug companies can not be held liable for failing to warn about known side effects of medications they sell, so long as their labels are identical to those of the original brand-name product.  The ruling may have an impact on thousands of generic drug lawsuits filed throughout the United States, involving problems with generic versions of drugs like Reglan, Accutane, Darvocet, Zocor and others.…

Nearly 1,000 Reglan Lawsuits Now Pending in New Jersey State Court

  • Written by: Staff Writers

The New Jersey state court system has seen a sharp increase in the number of Reglan tardive dykinesia lawsuits filed over the past few months, as many complaints were filed in advance of a possible Reglan statute of limitations deadline for the state in February.  …

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