Toyota Class Action Lawsuits Could Cost Auto Maker $3B: AP Report

Class action litigation springing from Toyota recalls over unintended acceleration could end up costing the company $3 billion or more, according to an Associated Press report.

The Japanese automaker currently faces at least 89 Toyota class action lawsuits sparked by recalls involving problems with Toyota gas pedals and brakes. An analysis done by the Associated Press estimates that the company’s legal bills on those cases alone could top $3 billion, and that does not include the costs of a number of individual Toyota accident personal injury lawsuits, product liability lawsuits and wrongful death lawsuits that have also been filed against the company.

Toyota has recalled about 9 million Toyota and Lexus vehicles since September 2009. About 8.5 million of those vehicles were recalled due to problems with sudden acceleration, which the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) says have been involved in as many as 52 deaths. More than 400,000 additional Toyota Prius and Lexus HS250h vehicles have also been recalled due to brake problems.

The Toyota class action suits, which could represent as many as six million different Toyota owners, allege that the company misrepresented the value of its vehicles by concealing the accelerator problem from consumers and investors. The lawsuits say that, as a result, the resale value of their Toyota and Lexus vehicles has plummeted. Toyota resale values are often used as a selling point of the company’s vehicles. If the company has to pay Toyota owners even as little as $500, the cost could quickly balloon in to the billions.

Later this month, the U.S. Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation will decide whether to consolidate all federal lawsuits against Toyota into a multidistrict litigation (MDL), where the cases will be centralized in one federal court for pretrial litigation.

Last month Toyota became the target of probes by both federal prosecutors and the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Both federal investigators and the SEC are looking into how the company reacted to complaints about Toyota accelerator problems, and are questioning whether the company attempted to cover up or downplay the seriousness and number of incidents being reported.

The company’s woes over the gas pedal problems may not end there. Many critics have said that the Toyota acceleration problem is due to an electronics flaw, which the company has denied. It has developed fixes for the problems that included replacing floor mats and installing devices to prevent the pedal from getting physically stuck due to friction. However, the NHTSA says it has received at least 60 reports from Toyota owners who received the fixes, but are still suffering from sudden acceleration problems.

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  1. RUDY Reply


  2. remo Reply

    lied about their product, by covering-up the problems that they knew was there, for many years. They have bragged about their resale values and now I’m scared of buying I’ve been buying Toyotas, since 1977 and I’m totally sick that the executives of Toyotas another Toyota and will not buy one! They just lied, lied and lied about the safety of their product. They allegedly fixed, by recall, my wife’s 2008 Camry. But we are still nervous when we drive it. I’m shopping for a newer car and it’s NOT Toyota. They have become another GM. Just get big, don’t worry about safety! Just give us a car that is safe! We don’t care how big of a Company you are.

    I’m P–Sed!


  3. James Reply

    I’m so scared to drive my care with my kids a 2 month old and a 7 year old or even by myself, i have nightmares now about the dam car now. i refuse to keep this car and want it repurchased….

  4. Jessica Reply

    How can I join a class actionsuit against Toyota. I own a 2007 Toyota Rav 4. It was not one of the recalled vehicles but it has lost it’s resale value due to the recalls.

  5. Kenneth Reply

    I have purchased a 2009 Matrix & a 2009 Venza in the last 6 months. Last week the Matrix had the acceleration problem when my son was driving it and he had to drive into a snow bank to stop the car. Toyota has a program set up for this situation that is not very helpful. How do a join a class action suit?

  6. Doreen Reply

    I have a Toyota Matrix, it is 2006 in excellent condition with only
    27000 miles. It depreciated in value about $3000 in 3 months.
    My car was not even in the recall list. Why should I have to take
    such a big loss?? Toyota doesn’t even want it. What should I
    do? Buy an other make and take the loss??

  7. Philip Reply

    I own an 08 Toyota Sequoia and I have takened my suv back to the dealership regarding the recall. I feel hestitant in letting my family drive it.

  8. Donna Reply

    I have a 2009 toyota camry-I am concerned about the diminished value due to the recall’s. How can I be part of the class action for this? I purhcased my vehicle in October of 2008 at Broadway Toyota in Portland, Oregon. If you could provide me information on joining the class action I would be greatful!

  9. kathy Reply

    I too have had accelaration problems on my 2006 toyota corolla. The first year I bought the car brand new and after the first year when I would start my car it would accelerate real fast but I was in park so I didn’t go fast. But I reported it to the toyota dealer as this would happen about once every 4-6 months but always when I would start the car and the the acceleration would go down. I too at first thought that the rug was caught on the gas pedal but it wasn’t. But I told the toyota people everytime it did it that one day I wasn’t going to be in park and I was going to kill me or someone else. Now this was back in 2001. This would happen about 2 times a year. But everytime I had them document it. Well about 6 months ago it started accelerating again. But my problem was the opposite. I was driving down 35 at 70 miles an hour and I could feel the acceleration start but instead of speeding it through me into neutral. so I am on 70 mile an speed and I lose power. The car doesn’t turn off but its like i am in neutral. I took it to the toyota and because the engine light would not come on they could not fix it. Again I told them I am going to kill someone or myself ya’ll have to do something. So this problem continued for about 4 months. I would feel it accelerate but then it would throw me into neutral. But never would the engine light come so they couldn’t find the problem. And when I turned the key off and restarted it it would be fine. BuI would be in the middle of the highway and all of a sudden it would accelerate and through me into neutral. This was before anything came on the news. They kept telling me there is nothing they could do because without the engine light coming on they could not find out what the problem was. Then I got angry and got loud and told them I am going to get killed or I am going to kill someone if someone doesn’t fix this. So then they replaced the body throttle and a week later it did it again. Again I told them this car is too dangerous. So then a head manager called me and Ms Squier do you expect us to just keep replacing parts. If you were sick the doctor would just keep taking your body parts out. I told them this car is dangerous. So then they put a new battery in my car that was in November. Most of the serious problems were in jul aug sept oct & nov. I even called the higher up toyota people back in Oct and told them how dangerous my car was but they said unless the enging light came on they could not fix the problem. Well in Nov when they put the new battery in I haven’t had it happen again. But Sometimes I could drive it for 6 month and it not do it. So I don’t know if it is fixed or not. But I will have a major problem selling this car and that is one of the reasons I bought this car so I would have a good trade in or resale. All of my complaint about this car has been documented for the past 4 years. I know that my car didn’t speed up but it did accelerate and then I went into neutral and had no power. I went to get my oil changed yesterday and told the guy to look up my records and asked about my car being with what is happening and he said my model wasn’t included. I told him why are ya’ll not notifying toyota that I have had this problem. It is very dangerous and for at least 3 years they have it documented that I told them how dangerous my car is. I don’t know who to go to at this point. Thanks Kathy

  10. emmitt Reply

    I have had the recall done on the gas pedal.Also I need to have the brakes checked out when I have service done soon they seem to act funny in some braking situations.Also some times the steering does seem to drift on interstate driving.I purchased a Toyota do to the fact it was suppose to be a safe reliable car and now I don’t know what this car will do and because of all the problems Toyota is having the value of my car has went down.Like to know what can be done?I think compensation is in order from Toyota.

  11. Sheila Reply

    I own a 2007 Prius. Do I have to do anything to be represented by or part of a class action lawsuit. I reside in Canada.

  12. James Reply

    I own a 2010 Toyota Tundra and feel very uncomfortable when I have read about other Tundra owners who have experience the inability to stop their vehicle when the acceleration increased without their desire for it to happen. It’s obvious that this is an electronic problem and Toyota has not been forthright with the truth. My truck has 10,034 miles and although I spent over $40,000, CarMax gave me a written quote last night for $18,000. I understand it’s a depreciating asset but I’ve bought and traded many vehicles and expected them to offer 28K to 30K. They had a chevy truck with less bells and whistles that had 59K miles they were selling it for 3,000 more than they offered me. When I asked if this was the result of the Toyota issues, they said yes. I am not quick to join lawsuits but I want out of the vehicle and because of all that I have forementioned, I believe I am entitled to compensation by the Toyota Corporation.

  13. john Reply

    what will happen to the value of our new cars like the camry

  14. Carroll Reply

    My 2008 Prius had an incident in Jan. this year where the floor mat (came with car) and caused the car to continue into an intersection despite extreme pressure on brake pedal, causing an accident. The floor mat was NOT secured with provided clips – I had the car serviced just a few weeks before the accident and they did not secure the mat. When I had the car repaired, the shop pointed out the unsecured mat and properly secured it. There was no injury involved, but my car sustained over $5000 damage and I received a citation for failure to control the car. I go to court next week to fight the charge.

  15. Brandi Reply

    I own a 2010 Toyota Camry and I’m extremely unhappy about this recall. Not only has Toyota put the safety of its customers dead last, the value of these recalled vehicles have depreciated astronomically. Had I known about this problem in July of 2009, when I purchased the Camry, or before I never would have purchased this car. Toyoto lied about and covered up this problem for the “almighty dollar”. I feel as though I am stuck with this vehicle and shouldn’t have to be. I’m scared of driving this vehicle. I don’t feel the “fix’ is really a fix. Toyota owners should be able to get out from under this car without any consequences to their credit and be able to buy another car other than a Toyota. Toyota should give these owners complete refunds for these recalled cars so they can buy another car because dealers don’t want these cars. The value has depreciated beyond repair. What can I do to join this class action lawsuit?

  16. John Reply

    I had a 2008 ES 350 and it to had a problem with the accelerator. I contacted Lexus to see if I could turn it in and I was told to contact car dealers that would try to sell it off the lot. This was in November of 2009. I then received the recall letter i and was told to get it fixed. I did not feel safe in this car. I called Lexus again to discuss options, I was told of a voluntary turn in of the car. I turned it in and I was told it would be sold at an auction. Later, I received a bill for $12,080 because The car valued at $35,000 was sold at the auction for only $23,500 and I need to pay the difference. I asked to get my car back before it went to the auction and the rep for lexus told me no way I could get it back. When I contacted Lexus to discusss this matter I was told they are done with me and that my account has been turned over to a collection agency. I do not know what to do at this point. My car is gone and I am stuck with a bill for $12,080. Also, when the discussions on what to do with my car were going on , I received another recall notice for this ES 350.

  17. Ron S Reply

    Why, don’t you but American car’s & do the right thing.

  18. Linda Reply

    I had a 2006 Toyota Avalon,XLS. In July 2009 I experienced a runaway gas pedal on the freeway. The car lunged forward during rush hour traffic and slammed into the car in front of mine. My car was totaled. Also the air bag never deployed. Due to this accident my auto insurance went up.
    How can I join a class action lawsuit against Toyota?

  19. Jenni Reply

    I purchased a 2007 Camry a year ago and have had the recall work done but am still afraid when I drive this car. I too am concwened about the decrease in value and would like to know how to become a part of the class action lawsuit concerning this issue.

  20. Danny Reply

    I bought a 2009 Toyota Avalon Limited in April 2009. This has been my “Dream Car” I now have 12000 miles on it with no problems. I did take it in for the first recall, to install the shimm into the gas pedal. I am very much against parts of the second recall! This would include the cutting a half inch off of the pas pedal, removing some of the flooring under the carpets to lower the space between the floor and the gas pedal and to install more software into the computer. I have asked Toyota to authorize my dealer to install the software only and they said NO. If there is an electrical-computer problem, shortning my gas pedal (already small) won’t be the right fix. A smaller pedal will make my drtiving this car much harder to do. HOW CAN I MAKE TOYOTA JUST INSTALL THE NEW BRAKE SAFE SOFTWARE??

  21. Inez Reply

    On Aug. 4, 2009, I purchased a 2010 Camry from Prestige Toyota in NJ.
    It has less than 2000 miles on it because I am afraid to drive it. Toyota did the “fix” but I have no confidence in it. They tell me it is safe and it is the fault of the media that I am afraid of it. I want them to take the car back & reimburse me. They knew on Aug. 4th that there was a problem but did no tell us. I never would have bought it if I knew. They told me it is my problem and if I don’t like it I should sell it privately. It is not worth anything near what they sold it to me for, and who would buy it. I’m looking to join a class action suit in New Jersey. I am a senior citizen and the stress is not could for me. The car sits in the garage. If anyone knows of a lawyer handling a class action law suit, please let me know.

  22. LENA Reply

    I purchased a 2009 prius. I called the seller and they notified me that they do not have the parts yet since they began with other cars. Also, today I noticed that when you use cruise control and go downhill the car does NOT reduce its speed, IT INCREASES IT. ISN’T THIS A PROBLEM?

  23. Kehn Reply

    I have a 2006 Toyota Sequoia with 20000 miles and wanted to trade it in last December. Due to the recall the max offered me on that trade in was $12,500 due to the Toyota recalls. I owe more than that on the car. Is there a class action lawsuit I can join for diminished value on my car?

  24. fernando Reply

    I own a toyota corolla 2009 I try to trade in this car and it has been depreciated so much they offered me 9000.00 dolars only. How can I be part of the class action.

  25. Mary Reply

    I purchased my 2010 Corrolla in December of 2009. I am extremely upset about the recall. I have car payments for the next four years on a car that won’t be worth anything on resale and which could be a danger to me and others. I also feel like the sales people knew all along that there were problems with the cars and just wanted to get them off the lot. I read that the European dealers knew about all these problems in September of 2009! I think that upsets me even more because had I known I would not have bought the car. Toyota knew it had a big problem and still sold the cars. I had the shimm installed on the accelerator pedal but I think they should have replaced the entire pedal. I notice a funny feel if I go into a pot hole or other road bump. The car has also on occasion pulled to the right when I am driving 65 mph on the highway. I definitely think Toyota should take back these cars and refund all the monies we have paid. How can I join the Class Action Lawsuit?

  26. Patricia Reply

    I have a 2007 Camry and had the gas pedal fixed but am still leary of it. I know the value of the car has diminished alot and I think Toyota knew this all along.We should have our money refunded and compensated for pain and suffering.How can I join the class action lawsuit?

  27. Lisa Reply

    We have a 2009 Corolla that we leased for our daughter. She is out of the country and no longer needs the vehicle, so we decided to sell it and pay off the lease, but because of all the problems Toyota has had we can’t get even 1/2 of what the car is worth! We can’t get even close to the amount we still owe on the car. We bought this car in good faith. We’ve paid our payments on time, but now the car is worth nowhere near what we paid for it. I don’t feel like it’s fair for us to be stuck with this vehicle because of Toyota’s mistakes. We are making monthly payments on a vehicle that is just sitting for the most part because we can’t sell it. What legal recourse do we have?

  28. Kathy Reply

    The accelerator experience happen to me and my Husband.
    He was passing two cars and it stuck ..we were coming up to two sharp turns, luckily he put it into Neutral and managed to pull over and into the ditch we went.
    Now here’s my question…I heard people talking about their Toyota’s started to speed up when it came around those extra-high voltage towers.
    I got into the car and went down to the very same spot where it happened.
    …and there stood a huge high voltage tower…it’s lines were all across the road and parallel with the road. Seems really strange to me. Just wondering if anyone has any info on that?.
    I would just like my money back. I live way out in the country, and now since my husband died Christmas Eve..I have no one to help me if it were to go out again.

    This is a 2007 Tundra, it only has 20,000 miles on it. I’m just too afraid to drive it.

  29. Tonie Reply

    The Memorial day sale prices for a new corolla listed at $11,495 instead of $18,000+ with the Camry selling for only 14,995 for the 2010 models.

    Talk about loss of value, plus it is only June 2010, imagine what the value will be one to two years from now.

  30. Roberta Reply

    I have a 2010 Toyota Camry LE purchased in Oct. of 2009.
    I had no problem with the vehicle until after I returned it for
    the recall. Since the recall repair I have experienced uneven
    acceleration, sometimes a hesitation and sometimes faster
    acceleration than the pressure applied to the gas pedal. The dealers
    solution to the problem is to sell me a 2011 Camry causing me to
    finance $5,000 more than I financed the 2010. I will gladly join a
    “Class Action Law Suit”.

  31. ELENA Reply

    I purchased a 2010 camry in October 2010. Since the reports of the problems came to light I HATE MY CAR! Now, I am having problems with what feels like the transmission. I bought the car in Illinois and definitely would like to be part of a class action lawsuit. Actually I rather they just take the car back!!!!!

  32. jerry Reply

    help it make it easear to buy a small truch im a fan and have boght two vehicles one i paid cash for it >>>>>>>>>i id like atruck (small) as a token of being a fan

  33. Gary Reply

    Toyota 2002 Camry Solara

    Vehicle was entering a parking space in the post office at 3 mph with the foot on the brake. All of sudden the brake pedal started to go to the floor and the engine speed started to increase. The vehicle lunged forward jumping the parking space stop and onto the side walk hitting the post office building wall. While trying to put the vehicle into park, the vehicle lunges backwards into the parking lot. Finally the vehicle was in park and engine was shutoff by turning the key to the off position. The insurance adjuster said the car was totaled and could not be repaired. My wife went to hospital sustaining bruises and trauma of the accident. I will never buy another Toyota again. Lucky that no one got seriously hurt
    NHTSA reports have been received of problems in earlier models, including the RAV4, Tacoma, Sienna, Camary Solara, and the Lexus ES 300 & 330. Reports typically alleged defect in the braking system, the throttle control system, or a combination of both systems.

  34. Donna Reply

    I realize this article was published in March of 2010. I’ve read many o fthe comments that have been published here. Please also publish this comment, as it is much more up to date.

    Ex-NHTSA Official: Politics, Anger Blocking Safety Report Favoring Toyota

    The Wall Street Journal is reporting this afternoon that senior officials in the U.S. Department of Transportation are temporarily blocking release of findings that could favor Toyota in an unintended acceleration probe, according to a recently retired official with knowledge of the situation. The story is based on an interview with George Person, who retired from the National Highway Safety Administration (NHTSA) on July 3. Person was the head of NHTSA’s recall management division and was involved in the agency’s probe into the causes of accidents in which drivers said their Toyotas suddenly accelerated on their own. He told the newspaper that since March, NHTSA has examined 40 incidents, determined 23 vehicles had accelerated suddenly, and in all 23, the electronic data recorders showed the car’s throttle was wide open and the brake was not depressed at the time of impact, suggesting driver error. “It’s become very political,” he said. “There is a lot of anger towards Toyota,” adding that transportation officials “are hoping against hope that they find something that points back to a flaw in Toyota vehicles.”

    To read the full Wall Street Journal story, click on:

  35. Lauren Reply

    How can I join a class action suit against Toyota. My 07 Corolla was totaled in an accident and not ONE bag deployed. Toyota said not hit hard enough, however, the paper work from their repair shop shows the airbags were not connected when I brought the car new. I had an unsafe car and the only thing Toyota cares about is their next sale. Toyota lies about safety! By the way, their repair shop didn’t fix the problem either.

  36. Debra Reply

    I bought a Toyota Rav4 in 2006 and ever since I have been having problems with mold in my A/C unit. They keep cleaning it, but it comes back. Mold is dangerous and I think they should have replaced it for me. I am very concerned about my health. Please advise as to what I might be able to do.

  37. ROCHELLE Reply

    I own 2005 Avalon
    I’ve had two incidents where my car lost control I thought I was going to die. I had no clue what happened and why…then I heard about the recall and understood. A few months back I got the pedal work on. Then I called the other day and they said there is another recall but cannot work on it till I get the letter !!!! I have been terrified to death driving this car…Each time i get in I dont know whats going to happen to me and my sons….I am scared every day…also when I thought I was buying a car that would have a high resale value now I realize its worthless. Plus I am still paying for an expensive car that is worthless….What should I do its bad all around…and im scared.

  38. Laurian Reply

    i HAD a 2005 toyota prius i had complained about the brakes and acceleration but of course “it was in my mind, every thing was fine” on 11/11/2010 i went to go on the brake because the pick up truck in front of me showed his brake lights on. my car brakes did not work and i rear ended the truck. my air bags did not deploy ….my $34,000.00 prius was totaled and i went to the hospital in an ambulance. i had severe whip lash and chest pains from the seat belt. thank g-d that worked. i want to be part of a class action suit against toyota.

  39. Wendell Reply

    I want to join a class action lawsuit against Toyota because I am paying $750.84 a month for a 2005 Toyota Sienna XLE with 88,000 miles.
    With an interest rate over 10%. Recently the screen for the music system stopped working. I had to replace a run flat tire right after I purchased the car
    The sliding doors sometimes get jammed or remain opened after being activated. I paid over $30,000 for this car and now Toyota Financial is trying to use intimidation and harrassment and the threat of repossession.

  40. Rob Reply

    On July 25, 2011 I was driving a 2001 Sienna up my street with my 10 year old son and his friend. We went about 100 yards before having to turn and get something the boys had left at our house. I pulled into one my neighbors gravel driveway to turn around. When I gently pushed the accelerator pedal to to begin my three-point turn in reverse, the car suddenly spun gravel and swerved out of the driveway backwards down my street. I pushed the break as hard as I could, taking a quick glance to make sure I was on the right pedal and that the carpet was not in the way. I was square on the break pedal and the car accelerated to approximately 40 mph in 40 yards. I kept pushing the brake pedal and then realized the car had a ‘mind of it’s own’ and decided that I would have to stop it in some trees and shrubs in another neighbor’s yard. The car wedged between two pine trees as I simultaneously managed to get the automatic transmission out of gear. Result: the impact gave all of us slight whiplashes, broke my son’s friend elbow and sheared the driver’s rear wheel off the axle. I did the best I could to stop the vehicle as I was terrified of hitting a tree dead center and potentially igniting the gas tank.

  41. Mise Reply

    I just recieved a letter from toyota saying that they cant reproduce the sudden acceleration that happened to petrified to drive a car that almost ended my life.i just paid the car off 12,ooo.oo the week

  42. Linda Reply

    Comment by Linda on 15 June 2011:
    I had my 2000 Toyota Camry service to have the throttle body cleaned the same day of my accident on June 15, 2011. I thank God for not letting nobody get hurt in anyway. I hit a big lumber truck big tire, because the car would not stop with the brakes. The car got faster. The car was accelerating very fast which was three hours later after the car was service. I would to join a class action lawsuit against Toyota. Please help me .

  43. Franco Reply

    I now live agaun in Italy (since 20099),

    I lived in California from 1978 to 2009.

    In Italy I had always owned FIAT cars (unfailrly called the Fix It Again Tony). The cars:
    = the old Fiat 600 (1963 – 1978) My best car, for the price.
    = the Autobianchi A11 (a brand then owned by Fiat. – Superb design,poor material.

    In USA I had my misfortunes with Chrysler (about 1979 ‘1999).
    BUT the real worst car I ever had was a Gereral Motor ‘s Chevette (1979, To 1981 whwn I was so fed up with the car that I sent it to the scrapyard (a peniless student daughter had refused to have it as a gift!). (It was then , 1981, that I bought my first Toyota.: a CRESSIDA.
    An excellent car, I gave it to a charity when I left the USA. It had about 160,000 miles on it, and the engine performed beautifully. And they told me that they expected to drive it at least to 500000 miles, without any major maintenance.

    You bet, In Italy, now I am driving a Toyita YARIS, that I going to replace soon with another Yaris. Unless, for the price, buy another brand. For example I like the Renault’s Nuova Cleo. My son has one and I have to say that the interior is much better than the Yari’s.
    The Yaris, at least the one of 2009 that I have, Is too spartan!

  44. Mauricio Reply

    I have a lemon car Toyota 2007 camry xle

  45. Teri Reply

    I had an accident with my 2008 Prius a year ago in June because of no brakes. It totalled my car and I lost my insurance coverage because of it since prior to that I had hit a deer in May (which was not my fault).

  46. Keith Reply

    On August 13, 2011. My family and I were traveling on I 75 S in the center lane. The male driver in the fast lane was texting and driving, when he realized that he was running into the median, he overcorrected and proceeded to t- boned our Toyota Sequioa. We immediately turned sideways and started flipping. NOT ONE AIRBAG DEPLOYED!!!. On the last flip we landed on the passengers side and we slid into the median on the passengers side. Not only did the airbags not work properly, my wife and son’s selt belts did not lock so they were slding down the interstate on the ground. My wife has lost the use of her arm and no longer is able to perform the job she loves as an RN. After 6 major surgeries and 86 visits to PT this year she has some movement and a lot of pain 24/7. My 12 yr old son has major scars on his back, head, arm and leg. Toyota sent an “independent” person to read the EDR “a cars black box”. They told US that the impact was not severe enough for the airbags to deploy and had no explanation for the seatbelts. The problem is that none of the lawyers want to sue Toyota. They only want to know how much insurance we have so they can get 33.3%. I need the money to pay the $400,000 in medical bills. So Thanks Toyota you sold Us on Safety and reliability. BUYER BEWARE OF TOYOTA! Does anyone know of a cass action suit against Toyota for airbag and seltbelt failure, I could use anyones help. Thanks

  47. Don Reply

    I returned my 2010 Toyota Camry lease early in January, 2013. I had prepaid for 45,000 miles (the maximum) but returned it with less than 23,000 miles. I was concerned about the car’s safety etc. I had to keep my trusted 2003 Chevy until 2013 because of recalls and safety issues
    with the 2010 Camry.

    Returning lessees such as myself had to keep their total commitment to Toyota Financial but got far less than represented or bargained for.

  48. Rexnord Reply

    I have a matrix 2006 and i havent had any problen all this suposed issue are a lie to make toyota look bad and sell more american cars american cars are bad

  49. Lily Reply

    Toyota Sienna 2011 defects. First time ever that I bought a new car for my family, two boys to use. I thought I would never go through a lots of pain with a new car. Get what, from the day that I bought them, I knew there was something wrong with the car. The engine is so noisy, the doors keep jamming, electric outlet was burned, etc…I told them, and they said it is normal. Every 3-6 months I had to come back and fix this and that. It is continues to break down. Now, my car is 38,000 miles, and they don’t fix any more. I have to pay over $600 to fix the door jam and the rubber around the door keep falling off. I called to complaint, but they do nothing. I am so upset, mad, and full of regret for buying that car. Could anyone please help? What can I do?

  50. Rita Reply

    I have a 2007 RAV 4 after 60,000 miles it started burning oil and smoking and rattling.I can’t travel 10 miles before it does this. I can’t sell it and no one knows how to fix it. My car has lost value. I have a loan for more then it is worth now.. and the recalls keep coming..

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