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The False Claims Act of 1863 allows anyone who discovers that the United States government is being defrauded to file a whistleblower lawsuit in its favor, under the qui tam provision.

LAWYERS FOR WHISTLEBLOWER: Individuals who bring accurate and successful charges to the government’s attention may be eligible to recover a portion of any money obtained from the offending company. Submit information about a potential case for review by a whisleblower lawyer.


COMPENSATION FOR WHISTLEBLOWERS THROUGH A QUI TAM LAWSUIT UNDER THE FALSE CLAIMS ACT: Whistleblower compensation may entitle the individual who brings the lawsuit and provides information to receive 15% to 25% as a whistleblower award or reward. In return the whistleblower must be the first to bring the case to the government’s attention and must not publicize the lawsuit until the Department of Justice decides to prosecute the claim.

If a former employer or related organization attempts to retaliate, further compensation may be available under a variety of whistleblower laws designed to provide protection.

A whistleblower lawsuit must be filed in the U.S. District Court under seal. The Department of Justice will decide whether to pursue the case after its own investigation.

Whistleblower lawyers can help investigate and review potential lawsuits on behalf of individuals who believe that they have information that shows a company or entity is defrauding the federal government.


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