Yasmin and Yaz Birth Control Lawsuits Mount Against Bayer

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By: AboutLawsuits | Published: July 24th, 2009

A growing number of lawsuits over Yaz and Yasmin have been filed throughout the country against pharmaceutical giant Bayer, alleging that women suffered serious and potentially life-threatening injuries after using the birth control pills.

Yaz and Yasmin, which are both manufactured by Bayer, are combined oral contraceptives that contain ethinyl estradiol, long used in oral contraceptives, and drospirenone, a new type of progestin that is not used in any other birth control pills approved in the United States.

The Yaz and Yasmin birth control lawsuits all contain similar allegations that the warnings are inadequate because they do not properly indicate that the use of drospirenone increases the risk that women may suffer a variety of side effects, such as:

  • Strokes
  • Heart attacks
  • Pulmonary Embolism (PE)
  • Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT)
  • Cardiac Arrhythmias
  • Gallbladder Disease
  • Kidney Failure
  • Sudden Death

Drosprenone can increase blood potassium levels, potentially resulting in a condition known as hyperkalemia, which is known to disrupt heart rhythms and potentially lead to death. Individuals who have pre-existing kidney, liver and adrenal disease could be particularly susceptible.

Over 50 reports of Yasmin or Yaz deaths were reported to the FDA between the first quarter of 2004 and the third quarter of 2008, according to some of the complaints. The deaths involved women as young as 17 and included cardiac arrests, pulmonary embolisms and strokes, with elevated levels of potassium in the blood frequently reported.

Earlier this month it was reported that four new lawsuits over the birth control pills were filed in federal court, with three in Ohio and one in Wisconsin. This week, another 7 suits were filed in the Northern District of Ohio. All of the complaints allege that side effects of Yaz or Yasmin were a factor in the plaintiffs’ injuries.

The number of state and federal Yaz birth control lawsuits has increased this year, following a third warning by the FDA that Bayer’s advertisements and marketing for the birth control pills are false and misleading. FDA warning letters indicated that Yaz ads made exaggerated claims about the drug’s benefits, and downplayed or did not mention important side effects. As a result of pressure from the FDA and states attorneys from several states, Bayer agreed to spend $20 million on a corrective advertising campaign.

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  1. well this kinda makes me mad since when i started taking yaz ive had 6 kidney infections and a kideny stone and my doctor said there was no way that my birth control was the reason well im getting it switched as soon as possible i have been sick with these infections for over a year and its messing with school

  2. I had Bloodclots in my lungs a few weeks ago frm Yaz. while I was hospitalized 2 other youg girls came in for blood clots due to Yaz. I hope this drug can be taken off the market before more people die or suffer like I did.

  3. My wife is in Guayaquil and has taken this product. She had to have surgery on her wrist for vien thrombosis.

  4. I have been taking Yaz for 2 years and not yet had a problem with it. I think it all depends on the person taking it.

  5. I had my first child in October 2007, did not go back on birth control until after breastfeeding, after the new year when I went back to work. I was on yaz for a few months and feeling very moody and tired and all of a sudden had major back pain, near my left lung. After 2 days of pain I had to be driven to an urgent care due to the fact I could not move because of being in such severe pain! I was given a shot in my hip for the pain and told I had pneumonia and given pain pills and antibiotics. After another 2 days, and not feeling any better, I woke up in the middle of the night vomiting, having night sweats even though to the touch I was ice cold and feeling very anxious and irritated. My husband drove me to the emergency room at about 3 am and the doctors did a CT Scan to check my chest and lungs. Thats when I found out I had a Pulmonary Embolism at the age of 25, and right before Christmas of 2008. I was hopitalized immediately and for one week. I had every test imaginable to check for a genetic disorder or whatever else could have caused this problem for someone my age. The culprit…YAZ BIRTH CONTROL! I had to be on blood thinners for 6 months, go to the doctor every 2 weeks for blood test, completely change my lifestyle! I missed work, had to leave work early, missed out on my wages and used up a big portion of my FMLA and sick time and vacation time at work. This birth control pill should definately be taken off the market, it is not safe for anyone, I have heard more horror stories than positive stories from this pill!

  6. I have been taking Yasmin for approximately 6 years and haven’t had any problems. I hope not too. I would have to say that I agree with Trish and think it depends on the person taking the pill.

  7. I have taken Yasmin and had some side effect such as bloodclots, while on the pill . When I stop taken them my bloodclots got worst Other side effects I had were bad head aches,wait gain,bladder infections and still suffer from these side effects today.

  8. I had very bad bloodclots when taken Yasmin and now that Iam off them it is worst.

  9. i love this product. It is the best pill I have ever tired for cramps. I have not had a side effect yet and it’s been over a year. Do not pull this product, I don’t know what I would do. Some people just need more side effects written on the medication.

  10. Lawyers will look for any deep pockets to sue over. The key question is what is the incidence of these side effects with other oral contraceptives and in the general population. Anecdotes like those posted are of interest but do not constitute proof of anything. Post-hoc ergo propter hoc does not prove causation!

  11. I took Yaz for almost 4 years. For over three years the pill was wonderful!!! I had a light period and almost no cramps at all. Then i started getting really sick. I would vomit at least 3 times a week. I felt so tired. I ended up with two tumors in my breast. The doctor said it was most likely from the yaz but i didn’t switch pills. One day I was shopping and my chest started hurting as well as my arm. I kept getting sharp pains down my face and eyes. It was the worst i have ever felt!!! I should have went to the hospital but didn’t…. i laid on the couch for days after that! I have been to the doctor I don’t know how many times now to figure out whats goin on with my body. My gallbladder is not in good shape…plus i have to have surgery to remove the tumors!!! YAZ should be removed from the market!!! It might take you months to see side effects or YEARS!!! I thought people were crazy for saying bad things about MY miracle pill but trust me its not a miracle at all!!!!

  12. i was taking yaz for over a year and i have been suffering from depression and mood swings i have also been getting cyst i have had to go through numerous blood test and antibiotics tring to find a way to stop the cyst from coming back untill i was told that they were caused by a overage of homones and for me to stop taking yaz but i still get even though i am no longer using yaz the only way to stop them from coming back is to have surgery to remove the gland thats creating them this really sucks

  13. I started taking Yaz birthcontrol in December of 2008. I swithed from the Depo shot. In February of 2009 I had emergency surgery to get my Gallbladder removed. I had several Gall stones. I woke up in the middle of the night thinking I had severe acid reflux. I went to the emergency room and waited for several hours before going back home because my husband had to go to work and we have a 2 year old daughter. Later that day everything was fine. The next night it happened again. Then I knew it was something more serious. So I drove back to the emergency room. The did all kinds of test. CT scan, ultrasound. Come to find out I had Gall stones and my Gall bladder was very inflamed. I had emergency surgery that day. I am better now and still taking the Yaz but now I’m afraid something else might happen.

  14. I have been taking yaz for almost a year and nothing has happened to me. I’m kind of scared now though and I think I’m going to talk to my doctor about this.

  15. I took Yaz for 5 months. The worst I have ever felt! I had the chills all the time, at night I would sweat profusely, I had constant headaches, fatigue, and moodiness like perpetaul PMS . I was prescribed it for PMMD and was told it would help curb those several days prior to my period that I felt very crabby, tired, hungry and sad. Instead, I felt worse . I cried quite a bit and didn’t know why. I also had bladder and yeast infections all the time. Since I have been off of it for 6 months, I just found out I have a tumor in my Uterus during my yearly exam. I have never had any tumors, nor have any of my family members. I am getting testing done to see what is going on. I am afraid that it will grow bigger as it is the size of a dime now. I had nothing wrong one year ago. It is causing me pain and it is also causing me to be tired and I still get headaches even though I am off the Yaz. I knew after I was on Yaz that I wasn’t feeling right . I woul d not recommend this birth control method to anyone.

  16. I agree with Lena. I have been on Yasmin for 2 years and haven’t had these traumatic issues but I have had very bad headaches. In February, I had headaches to the point of migraine pain without the light sensitivity. I saw the doctor multiple times and we tried a lot of medications. After about 4 months, we said it was stress and lack of sleep. I still ge them and just say I must be stressed but I now I’m
    thinking it might now be stressed. Has anyone else noticed a big drop in sex drive?

  17. I was told and hailed that Yasmin would be so great by my OB/GYN (I have PCOS so it was supposed to be a helpful miracle pill) and about a month after starting it I noticed a pain in my left shoulder, like in the joint. Thinking I had bursitis I went to my doc and got meds, but then I started having chest pain and it felt like my lungs were sticking to my ribs everytime I exhaled. It was sharp pain and I couldn’t breathe much. I wanted to cry out the pain was so bad but that only made the pain worse. I went to the ER and they gave me a shot of morphine which the nurse desribed as “one of the largest doses she’s ever given and she’s been there for years”. The morphine toned down the pain for all of about 30 minutes. I could’nt lay on my back because of the pain so when I got home I had to sit in the recliner and sleep upright. During this time my leg starts hurting as well until one day I was sitting at work and noticed it swelling. It was also getting increasingly difficult to walk on it. To make a long story short I was at the ER 3 times before anyone found out I had a blood clot in my leg and then multiple blood clots in my lungs. Thank you YASMIN, you caused me great pain but I guess I should be greatful I wasn’t killed like the other, god bless their souls, 50 women this drug has killed due to these issues. My life is worth something, I am not a number. I am not a paycheck for Bayer…..they need to understand they are killing people.

  18. Kaylia, I’ve experienced a lot more headaches on Yaz and have also noticed a big drop in sex drive

  19. I was prescribed Yasmin back in 2002 to treat polycystic ovaries, and took the bcp for 2 years before being diagnosed with a DVT in my right leg in Oct. 2004. I was hospitalized for 7 days while on heparin (blood thinning) therapy. About 7 or 8 months prior to this hospitalization, I had to have my gall bladder removed due to gallstones. I now have poor circulation in my right leg and edema.

  20. I just as mad because since I started taking Yaz, I have several kidney infections, and UTI, not to mention that no one acknowledge that I was pregnant until my tube burst and I ended up have emergency surgery.

  21. This is all so confusing. I just got out of the hospital after 6 nights that included a stay in the ICU, and a diagnosis of PE….blood clots in the lungs. I was aware that blood clots were a risk of being on oral birth control, but had no idea my risk was maybe 6 times greater being on Yaz (according to research quoted in an article on this website.) I read all the information that comes with Yaz, and it did not say I was at a greater risk for clots than any other oral birth control. However, I was at great risk and I am lucky to be alive. I hope no one else suffers from the dangerous side and potentially fatal effects of Yaz.

  22. i was on yaz for about 4 months. it caused depression, mood swings and hair thinning. these are just the symptoms that i noticed. i stopped taking it as soon as i realized it was the culprit. now i believe it has also caused a slight slur in my speech. i’m very angry that more of the side effects weren’t revealed. drug companies need to be honest about the drugs they’re pushing. people are dying, and suffering from ailments that they don’t have to suffer from.

  23. My daughter took Yaz and she had to have her gallbladder removed and was hospitalized when her heart was showing signs of swelling she was fainting and had shaking spells, and very bad migraines, they found a ASD in her heart that had to be fixed because it was growing larger and causing her heart to swell, she was seventeen at the time all the doctors said birth control couldn’t be a factor.

  24. I have been taking Yaz for just about 2 and a half years now. In that time I have been admitted to the hospital 3 times for what the doctors were calling anxiety and panic attacks. “I’m not anxious”, I told them, “My chest hurts and I’m having a hard time breathing”. It felt like someone was blowing up a balloon inside my chest. They tested me for cardiac enzymes to make sure I wasn’t having a heart attack, which I wasn’t, but, they never even said anything about a PE which I brought up several times since I work in the medical field.
    Since beginning Yaz I have gained 40 pounds, I have been 10 times more moody and irritable, I have had anxiety that I never had before, I get frequent chest pains and within an hour of taking them, I get heart palpatations. Recently I have noticed that I also have a small lump in my breast and from research I have found that it is probably due to th overload of hormones in my system. I find my self crying all the time, feeling lightheaded and even have trouble talking too. Almost like my brain isn’t picking up on what I need to do. I don’t think I have had any strokes, even TIA’s, but one never knows until a CT has been taken and a TIA is so small that sometimes it can’t be detected. I have frequent chest pains and numbness in my arm as well as jaw and neck pain too. I am tired all the time, have trouble sleeping and sometimes I feel like my blood pressure is so low, that I can’t even get out of bed or off the couch. Take this pill off of the market, it is dangerous!

  25. In October of 2003, I was prescribed YAZ to help reduce my extremely heavy menstrual cycles. On February 20, 2004, I had suffered a thrombosis, blood clots in my brain. I was 34 years old, non-smoker, and had just been engaged in December 2003. Miraculously I survived, without any side-effects. Finding out that mine was not an isolated case, makes me realize how fortunate I am, no side-effects what so ever and I am still here to write about it. I am filing my law-suit against Bayer today………

  26. I have been taking YAZ for appx. a yr. and a half. Ever since then I have been very tired, i have devolped numerous breast lumps, i’ve not been sexually involved, & i have the worse pms than I ever had. So my ob told me that the next time I am seen for my yr. exam she is going to switch my birth control. That is in about 1 week. And I can’t wait. Hopefully I can get something that will work with me better. Good Luck…

  27. Wow! I thought that my ‘miracle’ was great, but I am really reconsidering it right now! If it has killed 1 person, that’s one too many. This drug has over stayed it’s welcome, and needs to be banned! I am going on a new BC tomorrow!

  28. i had extreme menstrual cycles that left me home & in terrible pain. My doc prescribed yasmine. i felt so much better. shortly after my breast’s hurt so badly like i had been punched! i started to have what my mom called “panic attacks” but i never had anxiety. My stomach was the worst i was in & out of doctors offices & hospitals but no one knew why i had terrible diarrhea & vomiting. Finally a doctor diagnosed me with crohns disease yet I’m on medication for that but i have no relief. I’am shocked no doctor thought to ask about my birth control pill. why my gyn never told me the ricks for the medicine he prescribed. I’am now on ocella thinking i was lucky it now comes in generic. I will be having a long discussion with my gyn of why i wasn’t told the risks are 6x more likely with this birth control then others. currently i’am in so much pain everywhere, ranging from migraines, to swelling knees… My doctor will have alot to answer for & i want to switch my birth control. As well as have my gallbladder checked. So sorry so many women have died all because we live in a country fueled by money & power. Shame on the doctors & the pharmaceutical companies!!!!

  29. My daughter has been taking Yaz for 3yrs. It did help with PMMD, I was the one she usually screamed at. It also slowed the heavy periods and cramping at times. She has had thinning hair after taking Yaz. Lately she has had breakthrough bleeding (she calls it) 3 weeks of periods. This has made it impossible for her to go for her yearly pap. This spring she had a severe kidney infection. She has never has a problem with kidney disease in the past. The Dr. wanted her to be admitted at the hospital. She is a college student and can’t miss class, she refused. I am seeing from the past comments that she has a pattern here along with some of the other ladies. She stopped taking the Yaz and is able to go this week to her Gyn to check on another form of PMMD medication and birth control.

  30. OMG!!! I can’t believe what I’m reading!!!!! I have been on YAZ for 2 1/2 yrs because of heavy periods and of course to not get pregnant. Loved it at first but lots of mood swings, soooo tired all the time. Recently, never having any trouble with my gall baldder before, instantly had an attack at home (thank god). I seriously thought I was having a heart attack! My chest hurt, pain and numbness in my right shoulder/arm. Worse than labor pains! Rushed to ER. Did blood work and found that my liver enzymes were elevated. ER doc said, probably caused by the YAZ especially since I had never had any problems before. Great! So he ordered ultrasound and they found tons of gall stones and I have to have surgery!!! We are in the process of moving and I have trouble with my knee and need surgery on that too. I just don’t have time for this! The pain is severe and I’ve had several attacks since the ER visit. Can’t even get into a surgeon for consultation til’ Oct. 2. I can’t believe how severe some of the things are that are happening. I’ve also been getting migraines here and there too and now I know why! So sad

  31. I have been on Yaz for a year now and ever since I have been taking it, I have been getting all these weird things happening to my body. I am 28 years old and my heart feels like it fluttering and I can’t breathe. I also developed a cyst on my right overy which is being watched to see if it may be cancerous or not, kidney pains, body aches and loss of hair and circulation in my legs. All of these symptoms are too muchand are being followed up with the doctor. Rest asure I am never taking any birth control pills again

  32. I’m 26, and since I was 14, I have been taking birth control. At 24, I stopped for a year, and then decided to start taking them again. My doctor prescribed Yasmin. 2 months after starting the pills, I was rushed to hospital with a pulmonary embolism that nearly took my life. 2 weeks in emergency care, I was diagnosed with 2 pulmonary emoblisms, one in each lung and dvt in my right leg. The clot broke from under my knee and went straight to my lungs. This pertifying experience caused enormous amounts of pain, rehabilitation, I couldn’t go back to work, I was constantly being poked and proded by needles, morphine and coumadin. One year later, I am still recovering. I am not able to take ANY birth control pills, I go for regular followups, and my decision to get pregnant in the future comes with a ridiculous amount of care and specialization, so I am told. I would not wish this upon my worst enemy. Within 4 hours of experiencing chest pain, to sitting in a hospital bed was all it took to change my life. Never, will I take breathing for granted again. I was prepared to say goodbye to my family in the hospital, and had shocked the doctors that I in fact lived through a clot 3.3 cm long. To all of the women, especially young women who are thinking of birth control, stay away from Yasmin, or it could take your life.

  33. I’ve taken this drug for over 4 years with no bad side effects at all.
    My liver levels are a bit high though, don’t know if Yaz is the cause
    or one too many glasses of wine in the evening. I’ll be smart and look into it further. But I have been very happy with Yaz.

  34. It only took 16 days on YAZ to change my life. At 55 I was bleeding heavily from a very large fibroid. My gynecologist prescribed YAZ to stem the bleeding. I felt so ill from the pill that I stopped it but not before it did it’s insidious damage. I continued to bleed and while I was in hospital from blood loss, they found DVT and PE. I now have an IVC filter and spend far too much time managing my health. I have devastating nosebleeds from the blood thinners. I’ve spent 2 weeks in hospital and had 7 ER visits since March. And it only took 16 days on YAZ.

  35. Do not take YAZ, YASMIN, or OCELLA. They are deadly. My daughter is 19 left yesterday for WWU. She had been taking YAZ for about 2 years with no side effects, in May of this year right before her graduation she woke up with a severe migrane, then proceeded to vomit. She has never had a migrane in her life, we thought she had the flu, her symptoms kept getting worse migraines, vomiting, blurry vision, dizziness, fainting, heart palpitations, low low blood pressure, high heart rate, (the following came around the 2nd month) sore kidney area, sore up under her rib cage, loss of vision in right eye. She also had cysts that were on both ovaries, she had removed, (I believe YAZ causes ovarian cysts also) all of these symptoms came in succession, we thought she just had the flu at first, but then it got to the point she couldn’t get off the couch or out of bed. Ironically, she had gone off of her birth control for about 2-3 weeks…boyfriend left for Alaska, she started with the migraines weakness and vomiting, went back on birth control thinking the illness might be womping PMS or something and then she got progressively worse. She has been off of all chemical birth control 4 weeks this Thursday and slowly her symptoms are going away, she went 5 whole days with out throwing up last week. After going through everything we have over the last several months I would NEVER have my girls on birth control again. In conclusion her gynecologist agreed with us that YAZ, Yasmin, Ocella, cause tiny blood clots in the system and when my daughter lost vision in her right eye we took her off bc. Liz now uses a diaphragm. Stay completely away from these products!!!!!!

  36. i was on the depo shot for 5 years I switched to yaz two months ago.When I first switched to yaz the first several weeks I felt sick to my stomach but after that I have not had any side affects not even a period.

  37. I have been on yaz for a little over a yr.after my ob decided for me to switch after having breast lumps and cysts. I had just renently gotten off of it because of all of the side effects that I have been having including: some loss of eye sight, breast lumps, breast cysts, tiredness, heart palpatations, horrible pmdd etc. This birth control is horrible for me. And now I am afraid to take any other contraceptives.

  38. I am looking for info because I have very bad aching legs yes I am on yaz i also have a cyst on my ovary. After reading these posts I am off this pill. I have gained weight and am tired constantly.thought it was

  39. I was put on yasmin back in 2003 till 2008 i was always having major stomach issues but no doctors ever knew what was wrong till one day i ended up in the ER in May of 08 with stabing pain and i had to end up having my gallblader removed because it was brown and all sludgey. Then in Aug. 08 I was dignosed with Addisons Disease (Adrenal Insufficiency) and we all well family wondered how i ended up with this well i have done some research and talked to other people that has addisons and they also say that they were on yasmin to and that is causes adrenal issues. I have been in and out of the hospitals more then i bargen for and more medical bills then i bargen for to!

  40. I was recently prescribed YAZ to treat my PMS symptoms. I started taking it last Monday (21 Sep 09) and by Friday (25 Sep) I felt terrible. I have never been a heavy bleeder nor have I had clots but during the few days I was taking this pill the bleeding was severe and the clots were huge. Thank god I Googled for more information on this drug. Other symptoms I experienced were difficulty breathing, palpitations, throbbing in my left leg, several tics in my face. I can’t believe this drug is available for sale especially here in Australia where pharmaceutical laws are more stringent than anywhere else in the world. I will be having words with my doctor in the coming days and I will never take contraceptives again. I prefer to put up with my PMS every month for a day or two than die.

  41. I took yaz for about 1 1/2 years. I would get awful mood swings, headaches, sore throat, coldsores and no sex drive. I just figured it was from being a new mom and being tired. The last thing was about 4-6 weeks ago I got what they call petichae (little pinpoint broken blood vessles all over my body). THat was the last straw. I stopped taking the pills mid pack and i can’t believe how much better I feel. I feel a lot more happiness etc. I saw my doctor last week for the spots and I am waiting for the results of the blood work to see if there is something wrong. She did not think it was related to the pills. I was thinking since so many people have had blood clots why would it not possibly be caused by YAz. Glad to be off Yaz and will not recomend it to anyone.

  42. Ive been on Yaz for about 5 months now. my periods have not regulated any, and now this month its been over a week and im still bleeding very very bright red, havent noticed any clots though. I have been crying for no reason for the past few months, my back tends to hurt alot. and as far as my sex drive goes, its fine its just alot harder to have an orgasm than it used to be.sometimes it feels i have pins and needles in my face, and my sides hurt real bad, and i cannot stand the cold. in a couple weeks i am going to have my tubes tied, I am not going to ever want to be on any for of pill shot iud or anything all contain the same horemones. none is better than the other. I have my 2 kids and I am happy

  43. I was 17 in 2007and got on YAZ for my acne. I was on it for 3 months and one day I woke up with shortness of breath. I didn’t know why so I waited 4 days until the pain was unbearable. I went to the ER and was diagnosed with a PE. They were going to send me home with Lovenox and Coumadin until a Pulmonologist revisted my CT scan. Turns out the clot was much larger than they thought and I was ambulanced to ICU at another hostpital in Houston. I was there for 5 days, I had to have a central line, an arterial line and there was talk of doing open heart surgery to remove the clot. They delivere TPA, a clot busting drug through my central line, but it did not work..so I had a heparin drip. Once out of ICU, I stayed in the hospital for another 7days while they tried to regulalte coumdin levels. It never worked so I was put on Arixtra injections similar to Lovenox, I had to do them myself everyday. After 6 months of that I was put on coumadin for another 6 months. I have had multiple hematologist and pulmonologist visits and i only get 30 function in my right lung due to the damage. I will never take birth control again…I still have acne and my life was forever changed.

  44. I took other types of birth control for awhile until i heard about yaz.So I then took yaz for at least two years. I found myself with alot of head aches and very tired all of the time no matter how much sleep i had gotten. I stoped taking it and my probems that existed dissappeared. I also about i want to say 4 or 5 months ago noticed a few strange dots on my upper stomach under boob area. Now there’s a colony of them. They look like sun spots but sun doesn’t hit that area and i wore one pieces growing up. I saw a yaz comercial about a hour ago and everything just clicked.

  45. PLEASE DONT TAKE YAZ….I have been taking the pill since April 2009, one morning I noticed a LUMP on my neck, it was the size of a marbel…within 7 days it grew to the size of an EGG. I went to the ER and the did blood tests, CT SCANS, MRI’s, Ultrasounds and everything came back normal. I was admitted for 2 weeks and was give anti-boitics for a swallen Lymph Node infection. The lump never went away with the meds…so I had to have surgery to remove it. The doctors could not tell me why this happen to me. I went home continued taking my YAZ Pills and in August the migrains headaches started.now the lump has come back, just 3 months later. I have now been told to discontinue use of the pill and will be going for more tests….I am sure I will be having surgery again. PLEASE DONT TAKE THESE PILLS they cause serious problems.

  46. My friend’s 18 year old daughter died from a pulmonary embolism one month after starting Yaz. This is tragic and should have never happened.

  47. i been taken this for 2 months & i broke out in a rash all over my neck, stomach, & back .. i also have these hard lump things on my legs .. this yaz shit is nasty … i just dont want to have kids ,, im 19 years old n never had any problems with anything .. im gonna sue the shit out of u people if this shit gets worst .. i feel sick everyday !!!

  48. I have been on Yaz for about 2 years now. For the past year I have had problems wih shortness of breath, heart palpatations, violent mood swings, my thyroid was “over acting” causing all kinds of horrible symptoms, my heart pounds out of my chest and I sweet instantly within seconds of any activity. After reading what everyone else has to say, I’m never taking this pill again. This pill needs to be taking off the market ASAP!

  49. i had used yasmin for several years and started having bad kidney infections and when i went to the doctor they did some tests and i was diagnosed with intersticialsystitis witch means i have holes in my bladder. I had to miss my entire senior year of high school and missed out on a lifetime of memories. i also suffer from high blood pressure, very high white blood count and potassium problems. my doctors still are piecing together all of my issues. So my suggestion is to follow your gut and dont always listen to your doctor if your sick keep going till you get answers. I am also unable to have kids now. which we dont know if there is a side effect to the drug or not but we are investigating it.

  50. I took the Yaz birth control pill for four months in 2007. My breasts then started to be so tender I could not even wear a seat belt. I began to feel lumps in my chest and found I had a large fibroadenoma that was recommended by two different doctors to be removed. I was only twenty-two, and never had any health problems before. I had surgery to have it removed, and thankfully it was only a benign tumor and not cancerous as they did not know that for sure until after my surgery. I immediately stopped taking the pill because I know my body, and I know it changed after I had started taking it. I have not had any returning fibroadenomas since.

  51. Has anybody else lost their vision? I took YAZMIN for about 6 months and ever since my vision has been terrible. I use to see just fine but when i went in for my check up about a year ago my eye doctor said i was legally blind. Just wondering if anyone else had this problem?

  52. Just stopped taking YAZ. Had used an IUD, had it removed, was off all birth control for 4 months, then started YAZ about two years ago. Since then I have battled with depression, anxiety, kidney infections, extreme fatigue and arthritis-type pain. Recently my chest has been hurting and I get stabbing pains down my arms and legs. I have no insurance and only have a regular OBGYN that I see. One day everything I seemed to hear or see got me thinking about heart problems. My friend mentioned seeing an ad about a lawsuit for people using YAZ. I googled YAZ and could not believe what I was reading. With all the problems related to this pill I cannot believe it isn’t being recalled and the public warned. I am interested in finding out if my health problems are a result of this birth control pill. My condolences to all who have suffered because of this pill.

  53. OMG!!!! My Dr. just wrote out Yaz for me!! Didn’t know a law suit was going on!! Thank you for sharing all of your stories!!! I will NOT take this birth control! Reading this page saved me alot of pain and possibly my life!! I hope others will read this page and find info before taking this dangerous pill. I’m so sorry that lives have been lost and others in pain.

  54. I have been using Yasmin and Yaz for years now, and I do notice I feel depressed a lot. I do get terrible back pain, also after starting on yasmin for the very first year or so, I went for my annual check up and was told about some abnormal cell growth, however not much was done by my doctor for that, all I was told was that it could be stress that caused it. I recently went back for my most recent check up and after having to call and call and call to get my results, the nurse finally made time to answer her phone and all she had to tell me was that I had some CIN 2 and needed to do a LEEP, to call and schedule a time to do it. That was it, not even a few minutes to explain to us who don’t know medical talks. However, after using Yazmin, I was put on Yaz and currently still using it. But like some other posts said, when you try to stop using it, it really makes you very sick, with the headaches, weight gain,depression and pains throughout your body. So its like we’re trapped.

  55. im a 20 year old college student, and i started taking YAZ the day after i graduated from high school. The side effects of nausea, headaches, and tiredness were strong at first but my obgyn said tht was normal the first three months. Now 2.5 years later ive had an inflammed gallbladder, (they removed it within the first 8 months of taking YAZ), ive had PE and didnt even know what it was.., im SO SO SO tired and weak..doctors keep telling me to drink ensure?, i have severe migranes, and IN the past TWO months my right arm and right legs have been going NUMB.. this expereince has been so scary for me..i dont want to take any kind of birth control ever again.

  56. I have been taking Yaz for over 2 years now. I get frequent headaches which I always thought were sinus related. My legs hurt alot and recently feel very weak along with myhands and arms. Was told I have high cholesterol since starting this and an under active thyroid. Acid reflux which they say is the cause of upper right sided pain right under my shoulder blade. Very irritable and anxious and complete loss of sex drive. I thought alot of this was from aging effects but after learning of all these reports and deaths I am totally freaked out that most of this is from taking Yaz. Going to consult my doc. about this.

  57. I have PCOS and had severe hormone fluctuations. Before I went on YAZ, I was bleeding so profusely with such tremendous pain during that time of the month, that I was going to get a hysterectomy. I am 37 years old and have never smoked or drank in my life. I exercise regularly. However, my hormones were so wildly fluctuating, that I was experiencing “male pattern baldness,” as well as a whiskery mustache and beard that I had to shave every day. I was a mess. My gynecologist asked me to try YAZ before I opted for a hysterectomy. I have been on YAZ for a year and a half and I feel like a real woman for the first time IN MY LIFE. I bleed very little, if at all, and I never experience cramps or debilitating pain in my legs and back like I used to every single month. For me, this has been a MIRACLE. I can laugh and walk and enjoy my life. I used to be completely confined to my bed during “that” time of month and felt miserable all of the time the rest of the month. After becoming more educated about YAZ, however, I will have my GYN carefully monitor my blood levels and watch for any potential side effects.

  58. I have been taking yaz since I was 18, I just turned 21.I have had no side effects at all. My acne got better. I feel better with my mood swings. IS THERE A PILL THAT IS OK TO TAKE? ARE ALL THE SAME?

  59. I took Yaz For only 3 months and now i have to have both ovaries removed due to very large cysts. I just learned that yaz could be the reason. not to mention i have headaches backaches i throw up all the time and im exhausted every day. I was going to have children but now i can’t and i am only 20 years old. I will be sueing!

  60. This is ridiculous! Why is this pill even still out! For everyone that has posted about issues thank you. Im gettin mine changed Thursday…any suggestions?

  61. i have been taking yaz for almost 2 years i would say. I been seeing tv ads on tv about yaz being a bad drug and its scaring me because ive been trierd alot, sad, body pains every where, no motavation to do anything im only 19 and i feel so old, i dont no if i should keep taking it?

  62. July 29 08 I had been on yaz for about 4 months. Thought I had sprained my ankle,lots of sweeling and pain. Went to the ER when the pain persisted they said you have a strain and to stay off of it. 2 weeks later i was in ICU for PE bi laterial/saddle the clot moved from my calf to my lungs I was 28. Had a 15 month old lil boy, that i didn’t get to see for 5 days because I was on my death bed. I will be on bloodthinners for the rest of my life thanks to the yaz..

  63. Also was diagonsed with DVT, and gained alot of weight while on yaz. I had been on bc before I got pregnant and never had any problems with side effects…

  64. I can’t believe this! I just filled my second month’s prescription of Yaz and really believed this will be the perfect contraceptive.

    I have been on Triphasil for 12 years and started to have bad side effects, went of the pill for 8 months and after going for my yearly check up the doctor prescibred Yaz!

    The only things I have noticed so far was trouble sleeping, tired and irritated arms arms and legs.

    Now WHAT are we suppose to use?????

  65. I was perscribed YAZ last week. I have been taking it for a week and a half and I already got a UTI, which I have never had before. Did not know about all of this, doctors should let us know info like this, im getting off that BC!

  66. In April 06, I was sitting in the chair watching tv when all of a sudden I could not breath. I tried and tried to catch my breath but just could not. So I went to the ER when they discovered I have Pulminary Imbolisum which were blood clots in each lung. I had been taking yasmin from about 01-06. Yasmin was great for me until this. I lost lots of work, had to get my blood drawn every 2 weeks for about 6 months. To this day if I cant catch my breath I feel like there is something wrong with me. I ended up staying in the hospital for a week. I currently have to take asprin for the rest of my life and because of the clots I can never take birth control again. Which from this I became pregnant about a year later. Now I have a son and can not ever take birth control pills. I love my son very much but because of yasmin I had my son sooner than I wanted. Please take this drug off the market, I would not wish this on anyone!!

  67. I started Yasmin in 1997 and took it for about 6 years. After my second child, I began taking it again with no problems or side efects. Because of insurance reasons, i had to switch to YAZ. While on YAZ, i was very moody, had night sweats, depressed, and at one point thought i was having a nervous breakdown. I stopped taking it and it took about a month or 2 to get back to feeling normal again.

  68. I took yaz for about 6 months last year. I had alot of fatigue, anxiety, one episode of chest pains. I never went to get an examination. But I was wondering if anyone knew if you should go get checked out if you have ever taken it, or just if you are currently taken it and experiencing symptoms?

  69. I am shocked to read all of these comments. I was watching TV and saw an ad about the lawsuits being filed regarding Yaz and Yazmin. I am 36 yrs old and have been taking Yaz for about 2 yrs. I love it, but I have been noticing for some time now that I feel like my heart flutters and I get sharp pains in my breasts, i also spend alot of time going to the bathroom every night so I am sleep deprived. I have also been noticing that my legs feel tired like I am not getting enough circulation in them. When I read all these comments, I realized that this pill may be my problem. I am going to stop taking it to see if these symptoms conintue or stop. Thank you for all the postings.

  70. I am 35 years old and in good shape. I have been on bc pills for a total of 18 years. After 7 years of Yasmin, I was switched to Ocella, and was on it for a year. For about 8 months, I had severe dizziness from morning until night. It had been so bad, that a few times, I started to fall in the hallway at work and co-workers would help me. I couldn’t imagine what it was but it seemed to get worse very quickly. With the dizziness came very bad hot flashes and chills. My stomach would feel queasy. I retained up to 6 pounds of water per day. My whole body puffed up. I had headaches, had trouble walking and was in so much pain all over my body. I could barely get to work everyday. I kept telling the doctors I felt “toxic”. I had horrible acid reflux and nothing would make it go away. I went to many, many doctors for months, went through several tests and lots of money for these tests, and they kept telling me they did not know what was wrong – maybe fibromyalgia, etc. Every test came back ok. I also gained about 15 pounds in a year. I took myself off of the birth control (gut feeling it was that), and I am happy to say it’s been 5 months that I have been off of it, and I am almost COMPLETELY rid of all the things I listed above. Within 4 days I started to feel better. This pill needs to be pulled off the market!

  71. Any type of birth control can cause these side effects.For all the girls who smoke while on yaz and posted a comment your chances go way up so you really shouldnt post a comment unless you decided to stop smoking while on this birth control.

  72. My 14 year old daughter has been on Yaz for six months which was prescribed by her dermatologist for acne. The acne did improve; however, about a month after starting, she had major mood swings, uncontrollable crying spells, and was diagnosed with depression. She was put on anti-depressant, but continued to be depressed and suicidal. She attempted suicide with a drug overdose about a month ago. Her MD suggested taking her off Yaz. She has been off it for a week and on a different BC pill that is supposed to also be good for acne. Her mood is so much better. She seems like herself again. Now we believe that the Yaz had to have contributed to the depression.

  73. Kayla i am feeling the same way as you. i am 19 also and i am ALWAYS tired. I completely lost my sex drive and i have been having a lot of body pain, mostly in my upper back or right shoulder. My friend recently had to have her gul bladder taken out and she is on YAZ. she had no idea that YAZ might have had something to do with it until i told her earlier today. she is checking into it now. I am not sure weather to get on a new birth control because yaz is my 4th birth control! and i just am so confussed on what else i would take and on what to do.

  74. My wife took Yaz and started to have seizures, however after we took her off it she has had a seizure about once a month even thou she no longer takes it. He abdomen cramps and she shakes a little and cant breath for about 20-40 secons then than the muscles let loose and she hyperventolates for about a minute afterwards. has anyone else had these effects from Yaz birth control ?

  75. You all are rediculous bllod clots and stroked can be caused by a numerous amount of crap that we put into our bodies. I have used this birth control for 10 years and have never had a problem with it. I think you all are over reacting. i think you are letting yourself think your tired or having pains for no reason but acually your looking for an excuse to complain.

  76. Wow..I cannot believe so many other women have experienced what I went through for almost THREE YEARS!! When I first started taking Yasmin back in 2005, I too thought it was the “miracle pill” since i had been on many different birth control pills in the past. The first couple of days I was on Yasmin I got really sick but thought maybe I had the flu or cold and didn’t think anything more of it. I started losing weight very fast which was nothing to complain of since I had always wished to loose weight that fast! Now that I look back, I should have immediately gone off these pills because of what happened afterwards. I slowly started to get more and more sick…until one night I woke up with an awful gallbladder “attack”. i had to go to ER and do all of these tests only to find that my gallbaldder (with no prior problems) was not functioning properly and I also had a few gall stones. I had never had surgery in my life, but had to be scheduled for gall bladder removal. After struggling with the pain, the lethargy, the sickness&diarrhea, I thought my prayers would be answered once my gall bladder was removed. No such luck..after the surgery I become even sicker..I almost lost my job and I was depressed all the time. I couldn’t leave the house for longer than an hour without getting sick. I did tons of research, asked over and over again if maybe my birth control pills were the reason I felt so awful and felt like I was basically DYING. Time and time again I was told NO and that they would run more tests..finally Dec of 2008 I decided to get off of the birth control pills and see for myself. I felt helpless and stuck like nobody in the medical profession could help me! Within months, I felt my body start to “detox”-I got random hot/cold sweats throughout day, became randomly dizzy and irritable…my sex drive slowly started to come back. I literally felt like I was detoxing from a drug. Within 6-12 months I felt so great..my energy was back, I wasn’t getting sick, I felt like a brand new person (back to my old self again) I was so thankful and figured I just had an “allergic reaction” to the pills. Slowly I started hearing of more women who experienced similar things and I urged anyone who was on the pill to be careful and shared my experience. Now I am reading this website only to find out it is a HUGE PROBLEM and this pill, as well as anything like it, needs to be pulled from the shelf! I agree that maybe there are you lucky ones out there that may not et any negative side effects, but why risk it? Later down the road, years from now, you may end up with one of these HUGE health problems and it will be harder to tie it back to the pill once it has been so long with no prior problems. Just get off of them now and save yourself the pain,tears,money and time..it will take months or years off of your life like it did mine. Good luck to you all.

  77. After taking Yasmin birth control for four months in 2003, I developed cysts on my overies. I knew something was wrong with this pill. I gained 20 pounds which my doctor dismissed as me eating more. I said it was the ethinol estrogen in the pill. I still have cysts on my ovaries and had I not gotten off the pill when I did, I feel there would have been more complications.

  78. I have been taking Yaz since May 2009, I have not had any side effects yet, and thought the product was great!
    Now I am scared. Maybe it does depend on the person taking it.

  79. I started to take Yaz when I was 19. I am now 21 and just stopped 2 months ago. Over the past two years I have experienced migranes soo severe I have had to be put on Imitrex. I have gone to the hospital with a very severe bladder infection and I always get UTI’s. I feel there has to be some connection to this drug and all these symtoms since everyone else has had similar ones. Since I have been off I have had my period for 8 days and severe cramps.

  80. I am 36 years old. I had been on Yasmin since a few years before my 13 yr old son was born.(but stopped when tried to concieve, and while pregnant of course.) And then again after my 9 1/2 yr old son was born. I had to have my gall bladder removed. I had unexplainable migraines, and dizziness-vertigo. A few years back, I switched to Yaz, to help with PDD, and Acne. My Acne became worse, it is not only on my face, but all over my body. My mood swings have become violent. Had constant thoughts of suicide, constant crying, drop in sex drive, major weight gain-(90 lbs. in the past year) I have insomnia, still have migraines, and dizziness-lightheadedness, some bouts with vertigo. (Had to have 2 non-cancerous tumors removed, 1 from my neck lypnode and one from my left armpit lympnode) I have also found that my eyesight is rapidly getting worse. I have a hard time trying to find the right words to say. I have constant back and shoulder problems. And for the first yearish of taking Yaz, for no reason, my ankles kept swelling up even if I hadn’t been on them all day.
    But this past week, on Thursday, I woke up with Diarreah, had that all day. When i was saoking in the tub, i started feeling very dizzy and nauseous (flu like). I hurried up my bath, when, I went to shave my right arm pit, I had felt a lump in my right breast. So I decided to do an exam. I found that lumpin my right breast, and several in my left breast. Well, As the day went on I became sicker. And at about 3am I was sleeping on the couch, so I wouldn’t get my hubby sick by sleeping in the bed(besides, I have insomnia) All of the sudden, I could not breath. I went from breathing just fine, to having almost no lung capacity in a split second. You could here a high pitch whistle sound each time I breathed out,(the little breathe I could take). I have asthma, but this was 100 times worse than asthma. My inhaler wouldn’t even help! It was harder than trying to breathe through a coffee stirrer straw. Thank god the house phone was right there, I prtessed the intercom button, to ring to the bedroom phone for my hubby’s help. He was going to call the ambulance, but we used my son’s neubulizer machine treatment 4X, to help(sort of help) it took a good hour for it to subside. Then my hubby took the day off because I was ill, and he was worried, at about 9am, I was laying in my bed, breathing just fine and it happened again. Nothing helped, only the NB Treatment a bit, and it lasted about 1/2 hour this time. My hubby to me to the ER. They ran blood work, an IV. Cardiogram. By then, my lungs were clear again, because, I was breathing fine again. (of course, it didn’t happen while I was at the ER) They tested me for the swine and seasonal flu, had neither. My lungs really hurt, up under my ribcage area in the lower lungs. But they said, it must be Heart burn or acid reflux. I did not agree. they said everything came back normal, no fever, and they weren’t going to do a chest X-ray because my chest sounded clear. I told them they should, but they didn’t, they said it was more than likely an anxiety attack. I know darn well it couldn’t have been. I was very calm and relaxed both times before I went to the ER when it happened. my kids were in bed, nothing to aggitate me. Just Bam! All of the sudden! And then after up to an hour it was back to normal. Well, ever since, i have come home from the hospital, It has happened several times. Today is Monday, only a few days after. My hubby and I had to cancel our Anniversary plans because of it. I have an apoitment with my doctor in a few hours. Wish me luck. My husband told me last night, that he saw the ad on TV about the YAZ lawsuits, and that i need to look into it. Wow! Am I glad that I did! I wonder if this breathing problem is blood clots/ Pulminary Embolism? The ER could have caught it if they took an X-Ray. They didn’t even ask my medications. Maybe they would have had a red flag go up, if they knew I was on YAZ?

  81. I haven’t been able to afford my birth control (Yaz) this month and I noticed today that after being off of it for a couple of weeks I had a huge sexual tension rise up in me the past two days. I never wanted sex while being on this birth control, but now its almost like I’m in heat. As far as other side effects I’ve had freqent headaches recently, but nothing else thank God. At least not so far, and I’ve been on yasmine for a few years and then Yaz for about 4 years. I hope nothing happens. I develpoed a Thyroid problem, but I may stay off of this pill to be safe! And have a sex life again!

  82. After 4 months I would have chest pains, shortness of breath, pain down my left arm, shoulder blades tight, heart palpitations, pain in my legs that kept me up all night, headaches. I had stomache problems, diarea, moody and depressed.After extensive tesing and multiple specialist. Doctors diagnosed me with allergies, acid reflux, never figured out the leg pains. At 6 months I stated throwing up stomache acid and bile between 2-4 am almost everyday. Doctors and pharmacists insisted since I was past the 3 month symptomatic period on yaz it cannot be the yaz, however I was on NO OTHER MED! They had no explanation for the randowm vomitting. Well, I stopped using yaz against doctors orders and all problems dissapeared. 5 months off yaz and I developed a new problem of cysts on my ovaries that now the same doctor said yaz can cause cysts when you go off of it!

  83. I’ve been taking yaz for about 5 months and havent noticed ANY of these side effects, except for the fact that I cry a lot easier than I used to. Now im really scared after reading all these horrible things..I think im going to go off it :\

  84. i have been taking yaz for almost 2 years and have not had any problems but now that i have been reading bout it and looking into it, it makes me scared to continue to take it… I hope that nothing happens to me since i have been taking it so long..

  85. I started taking Yasmin after my son was born. I remember it was featured on NBC’s Today Show. A doctor talked about how low the side effects were with this wonderful new pill. Even with insurance, it cost me more than my old pill, but I decided to try it anyway. My acne got much worse on Yasmin, but other than that, it seemed to work fine. I used it for several years, and finally I stopped taking it because I started developing large dark spots on my face called Malasma. When I stopped taking the pill, they gradually faded, but still want to show up again when I go out in the sun for any length of time. I am glad that I did not suffer some of the more terrible side effects (even though the melasma is bad enough), but I feel that the medical community really let a lot of women down. I remember my gyno going on and on about how wonderful this pill was supposed to be. Who can you trust?

  86. I went on this POISON Yasmin for a year then went off after I gained weight. I proceeded to lose so much weight after I went off that I lost 40 pounds by doing nothing different over the course of three months. I got so skinny people became concerned but there wasn’t anything medically wrong with me. However, I also didn’t have my period for over a year after quitting Yasmin. I went to the gyno concerned but after a Progesterone test (which I failed) he suggested I just try going back on again with Yaz this time. I had my periods again of course but not on my own. They were hormonally controlled. After two months, I started craving food and getting anxious and stuffing my face as a way to cope with the mood swings and stress. This is was so not like me. Then I started to get horrible bloating and constipation. I had to use laxatives regularly to have any movement. After gaining 30 pounds and suffering in severe with the constipation, I decided it had to be the pill so I went off again. No surprise, I haven’t had a period for 6 months since I’ve been off and while the crazy mood swings have gone away, I’m still having really bad GI problems. I have a sharp pain in my lower left bowel and I’m chronically constipated. After seeing doctors and running blood test which all ended up normal they still don’t know what’s wrong even though I tell them it’s because of this pill. My gyno thinks I’m crazy, my GP thinks I’m crazy, and now I have a GI who thinks I’m crazy. IT’S BECAUSE OF YASMIN/YAZ!! This is POISON. Do NOT take this or give it to you kids. I’m just praying I can heal the pain and the constipation soon because I’m starting to limp and all the doctors have told me to do is eat a different diet. I’ve been eating cooked fruits and veggies for almost a month now because that’s the only thing I can eat without severe pain. And I’m a 24 year old healthy girl who exercises every day. I am beyond amazed this crippling drug is still on the market place.

  87. My 27 year old granddaughter started taking yaz 2 months ago. Today she is in the hospital in critical condition with a stroke. The right side of her skull has been removed to allow her brain to swell. in three days her hospital bill has exceeded $500,000 with no end in sight. We are just praying she will survive. My sisters 42 year old best friend died earlier this year from a blood clot that went to her heart. She had been taking yaz for 2 months. There is something wrong and you bet this drug should be removed from the market. I encourage anyone taking this drug to quit immediately.

  88. My heart goes out to all of you here – your lives have forever been altered. I’m not sure why this product is still available, especially when it is not a potentially life saving med, such as Tysabri for MS.

    And JJ – There is no birth control pill that doesn’t have potentially bad side effects – but none after such a seemingly short time. Switch to condoms for birth (and disease) control – or if you are with a guy you can trust try using the rhythm method and/or a diaphram.

    And please, ladies, when your doctor perscribes anything for you check how long the drug has been on the market and what people say about them. Drugs are more high tech now – but they don’t go through the rigorous testing mechanisms they once did.

  89. i took yasmin and yaz over the course of he last 2 years and neither one of them made me feel good. I felt horrible!, yes it depends on the person and how it affects you. I never felt the way I did on either one of these two. I felt like I was having a stroke!. I do not recommend them or any other b.c.p. I do not take any of them anymore.

  90. I have taken Yasmin or Yaz for over 8 years with no side effects. This is the ONLY birth control that didn’t make me sick, if this were taken off the market, I don’t know what I would do (not use BC, I suppose). I think it depends on any underlying conditions or predispositions to kidney, liver or heart problems that are made more evident after taking a drug that will increase potassium levels in some. This is clearly stated in the warnings. When I first started the drug my clinician clearly laid out all the risks and told me that I should have my liver and kidney functions monitored at least once a year. I have been compliant with this (having the blood work done when I go in for my yearly exam). I suspect that clinicians might not being doing their due diligence in advising patients about the risks or following up with the appropriate tests. I would hope that clinicians and users of the drug do their own due diligence instead of blindly blaming the drug industry, and taking a drug off the market that has worked so well for many women.

  91. Has anyone gotten pregnant while taking Yaz?

  92. ANY medication can cause side effects, and we, as patients, enjoy the FREEDOM to make the decision to either take it or not take it—nobody is holding you down and shoving it down your throat. ALL birth control pills have risk of blood clots, DVT’s and pulmonary embolism which are greatly increased if you smoke. Plus, if you are experiencing side effects, then why do you continue to take the medication? QUIIT TAKING IT, instead of trying to jump on the bandwagon of a lawsuit for some quick $$$. There are side effects associated with ANY medications out there—some people get them, some people don’t. The thing is, lawyers put commericals on TV to create mass hysteria and get people to jump on the “class action” lawsuit, so they can make millions and the people involved in the suit get $20. A case can be made for any medication on the market, whether over the counter or prescription–and nobody is forcing you to take it. Some women just CAN’T TAKE ORAL BIRTH CONTROL PILLS!!! So, find another method of birth control and get over it. Women claiming to have gained 40 pounds have a bigger problem than being on Yaz or Yasmin—they have a problem keeping their mouths closed and not putting food into it. If you take something and you don’t feel good on it, then stop taking it!! Simple as that. Yaz and Yasmin happen to be some of the best oral birth control pills out there today, and they are not without side effects, just like anything else. I’ve seen someone have an anyphylactic reaction to Bacitracin ointment, so the most benign product can affect people with side effects and allergies to the product. You can’t blame the manufacturers of YAz and Yasmin—the risk and benefits are clearly stated in the in-box pamphlet, and if you didn’t read it, then you’re stupid. Everybody should be informed about the medication they take, and a large part of being informed is being pro-active in your own care, not depending on someone else to “educate” you because that isn’t their job. Any woman that smokes while on oral contraceptives is stupid, because smoking while on oral contraceptives is a HUGE risk for blood clots. You have to be your own advocate and take responsibility for your own health, make informed decisions and not try to blame somebody else or some other entity (such as a drug company) for a side effect that was clearly explained as a risk.

  93. I liked this medication, initially. With many infertility issues, it seemed to resolve pain, bleeding, bloating,etc. However, I suffered a SERIOUS TIA. It came with out warning. I am a very healthy person, I run upwards of 3 marathons a year and triathalons in between. I feel it was from the YAZ, which I had been taking for 3 consecutive years. Of course, I had read the warnings, as with any drug. But where I didn’t have any family history, or personal history of stroke or blood clots, these were discussed with my physician. It was devastating to my health, it was expensive to resolve, as the medications to resolve a stroke are very expensive, even with insurance. Not to mention, testing and Doctor appointments. It could have been more serious for me, and my four children, who were with me.

  94. This is freaking me out .. I’ve been taking Yazmin and then Yaz for hmmmm 6 years maybe … I had my gallbladder removed a year into taking the BCP, I have had bronchitis … and I am battling it again .. and I was just dx’ed with poor circulation in my legs .. I am FREAKING OUT here .. I just saw a commerical for the lawsuit … Now I wonder is this why I’ve been ill for the last 4 + years???? I was about to start a new pack instead I am going to see my dr.. I am not taking those anymore ..

  95. I have been taking Yaz for about a year now and I haven’t been having any problems. I started reading everyones comments on here and I’m starting to put the puzzle pieces together. I have been getting headaches lately and crying for no reason. And for about 4 months I kept getting UTI’s on and off so it makes me wonder. Its scary considering the fact that I’m almost 19 now and wondering if something is going to happen to me to where I’m unable to have children later on down the road. So I’m going to talk to my doc and get off the pill.

  96. I would like to just extend my sincere empathy for all of you here (and the many more) who have suffered such intense and extreme side effects from this birth control product. No one should have to go through the pain that many of you have had. I was compelled to write after I read what LORI wrote above – my first thought was that she must work for this company in order to have such a cold hard stance when so many women have been traumatized through the use of this drug. How sad is it that someone can even argue this by saying that all medications have side effects and you all should just deal with it and get over it. The medical field can be very intimidating and when Dr’s are giving you information and assuring you that this pill is a great thing – and they have several degrees qualifying them to make these statements – it is very difficult for women to take their health into their own hands. We rely on experts in any field to provide us with information that we do not have. It is obvious that there is a significant problem with Yaz and Yasmin and laying blame on the consumer in this case – in my opinion – is completely unwarranted. And I am sure that any woman on this blog would much prefer to have her months or years of health back – their gall bladders, ovaries back rather than make money off of a lawsuit. However these lawsuits are raising awareness to a very serious problem in women’s health and just like many drugs in the past that have come before yaz due to serious side effects, birth defect etc….I believe Yaz should be taken off the market. I just wish all of you HEALTH AND WELLNESS and again am so sorry that you have had to suffer so horribly.

  97. I have been on Yaz for just under a year now. It has been wonderful. I have had no side effects different from any other pill. My blood pressure has gotten lower, but nothing in the “low blood pressure” range, just lower than it used to be. Maybe just to be sure when I see my doctor next I will have them check my potassium levels.

    I have not noticed lower sex drive than I had on any other pill. I used to have SERIOUS headaches, migraine level, and now I don’t.

    So, all in all I am happy on it, but I certainly will want to have the potassium checked to make sure. I used to take spironolactone (the medicine that the get the progestin from in Yaz, drosperinone) when I was in college for excessive hair growth in male-dominated areas. Never had any issues while I was on it.

  98. Lori November 2 – Whoa, your comment about women with severe weight gain is pretty out of line. Some women who go on oral contraceptives experience extreme weight gain with no change in diet. So, your statement “they have a problem keeping their mouths closed and not putting food into it” is a bit harsh! Most of the women who go off the pill after the severe weight gain do lose the weight, but not without a lot of heartache in the meantime.

  99. I was on YAZ for some time prior to figuring out what was causing all my symptoms. I am 25 and have had more doctor visits than a 95 year old lady. I was aware of the side affects however they were the main ones with any birth control. I did not realize that after shortly starting this medication I developed extreme weight loss (over 15 pounds…which is alot for a women of 5’6” at 120 pounds prior to weight loss), fatigue, and the worse symptom adrenal insufficiency. I also developed dehydration which became worse each month causing me to go get IV fluids once a month. I think the worse thing was the doctors who thought I was losing weight on purpose and not drinking. Doctors refused to believe that no matter how much I drank I could not hydrate myself. September of 2009 I became very ill and having a seizure at work (besides other things) and having to be transported to the ER. I received IV fluids 3 times in the span of 2 weeks. The dehydration kept getting worse no matter how much I drank. I went off YAZ and thought I would be better if I took nothing since I was unsure what caused all this. It has been 2 months now and almost all my symptoms have gone away. I am able to maintain my weight, I am able to stay hydrated, I have started to make my own cortisol, I have more energy, etc. The only bad thing is my cramps are back to being a pain in my butt and the decrease appetite 2 weeks prior to my period are back. But I will have to learn to live with it. YAZ is a beneficial drug for some and not for others. Every consumer should educate themselves prior to taking any medication or vaccine to determine if there are potential dangers. Good luck to all who are taking it. And good luck to those coming off of it. Thanks to me believing what I saw on TV I am now in medical bill debt and have some lingering problems due to it….but I still have my life which some have lost from this drug.

  100. I’ve been on Yaz for about a year. I had MAJOR PMDD and Yaz has helped that A LOT. I haven’t experienced any negative side effects and I pray to God for those who have. I don’t think I am going to quick taking YAZ but I will talk with my doctor about these concerns.

  101. I’ve been on Yaz for 3 years now due to PMDD and cramps that made me bedridden. I was just fine. Started taking them in my Sophomore year in high school. I took a 6 month break from the pill and gained weight, gained laziness, and sore muscles.
    I truely believe it does depend on your original symptoms. If you truely do have PMDD and crippling cramps, then you should talk to your doc about taking Yaz. If you are just a whiney woman who feels like their period is a big deal when it’s really not or just want it to get rid of the acne… then you are probably not the patient for Yaz.
    Everything depends on the patient and if your doc isn’t good enough to check and prescribe other pills if you’d be better off with other pills than you should go shopping for a new doc.
    Some women truely aren’t physically able to handle oral contraseptive birth control and need to accept that they need condoms, Clearasel, and ibeprofen with some hot liquids.

  102. I started taking Yaz 3 days ago… Now I stopped and going to call my gyn after all I’ve read. My Gyn recomended it for the strong pains i get while on my period. I guess I’ll ask of another alternative pill I can get for these.

  103. Over the last few years, I have been on the patch, and have tried a few different birth control pills and it seemed that nothing was really working for me. Finally, my Doctor put me on the Yaz birth control in July of 2009. Yaz was very effective at first. I was having less moods, cramps, and less migranes. All of a sudden in November 2009, which is recently, I have been having severe headaches, vomiting, dizziness, and night sweats that almost involve panic attacks. I’ve noticed that along with my headaches, I have been more irritable as well. I am beginning to wonder if this pill is not good for anyone? As I read all the comments above, I wonder if I am being affected by Yaz as these other people are? I am kind of afraid to get off of Yaz because I do not want to get worse headaches. I do not know what to do. But this pill is life-threatening to me. I am only 18 years old and this is scary stuff!

  104. I have been o. This medicine for almost three years. A few months ago I started having deep chest pains that would go away after 15-30mins. After looking into it it could be the pills. I’m not going to take these pills anymore after hearing about other young women having such big problems. Is there anything else for birth control that people have found works better for them.

    It’s sad that drug companies do not have to do much to
    pass I throuh the FDA. Plus the fact that Their commercials took so lo g to be taken off the air for not explaining the side effects.

  105. I took Yaz for 3 years after being on it for two years i was rushed to the ER b/c my co-workers thought i was having a stroke…at first the ER told me it was Migraines keep in mind that i was 21 at the time and had was super healthy! and i followed up with a dr. the next day and he re-diagnosed me with panic attacks….
    i also get UTIs all the time and yeast infections all the time
    *I lose my peripheral vision then it all goes blurry my blood pressure drops and i have a panic attack…. after reading all of the comments i stopped the Yaz its been one week so we will see how it goes.
    But i would never ever recommend this median to ANYONE I SWEAR THAT THIS MEDICAN HAD CAUSED ALL MY PROBLEMS!!!

  106. I’ve been taking Yasmin for 6 months and I haven’t experience any side effects.I just noticed that I have once in a while rashes on both of my shin.I started to worry about this pill when I recieved an e-mail from a friend so I decided to ask my doctor about it.She gave me the reassurance but im still scared of the possible side effects of this pill.

  107. I have been taking YAZ since Feb 2007 due to heavy bleeding, bad cramps, mood swings, and headaches. I was truly amazed at the difference it made. In Oct 2008 I started to have tenderness and a numb like feeling around the bottom of my left rib. The Dr. could not find anything wrong with me after doing an x-ray. I feel it from time to time, but ignore it. Also have been getting extreme migraine type headaches again and spotting the last couple of months. I do get some chest pains from time to time, but have been thinking it’s just stress. I am 37 and am now a little scared from reading these posts. My husband is deployed right now and I think I’m going to stop taking the YAZ to see if I feel any different. I am glad I looked up YAZ to see what came up!

  108. I’ve also had a a kidney infection while using Yaz. I’m going to switch immediately

  109. I was on Yaz for four months and stoped taking it due to a weight gain of 25 lbs and just feeling crummy all around. I didn’t know for sure that it was the pill, but I decided that I didn’t want to be on ANYTHING until I knew what was going on with me. My general health deteriorated so rapidly that I thought I must have cancer or some other terrible disease. I was exhausted, started having severe panic attacks and depression, had a cyst the size of a golf ball on my thyroid and had to have a biopsy, severe pain in my muscles and joints (espeically my left shoulder, wrists, knees and ankles) cold hands and feet, brown patches on my skin, heart palpitations, memory loss and a severe vitamin D deficiency. After months of doctors appointments and numerous tests, I’m finally on the up swing. I’m only 28 and have always been healthy so I couldn’t understand why I suddenly sunk into this health funk. At least I know now. I’m going on a year of stopping this pill and I’m still building back up my vitamin D levels, still have cold feet and still trying to get my panic attacks under control. I’m so happy I listened to my gut and stopped taking this pill against everyone else’s advice (Dr, hubby, etc). I hope this list of symptoms helps someone else who may be going through something similar.

  110. This is the only birthcontrol that has ever worked for me. No cramps shorter periods clearer skin and it balances my weight. I took it from 03 to 05 then from 06 to 08 never had any side effects. As for the potassium problem i stopped eating bananas cause i knew about increased potassium levels with the BC. People need to read the booklet before they actually start taking any medication. I am currently on the generic for seasonal and it sucks!

  111. I recently got blood work done and have abnormally high levels of iron. Does this have anything to do with Yaz? Yaz says it reduces the release of iron, I am having experiencing that but its having a negative affect on my health.

  112. I live in Canada, and I just came back from my new doctors appointment. She had prescribed Yaz for my birth control to help with light acne and inconsistant periods, and also worried about drop in sex drive from taking other birth control. I had thought there was some controvercy about this product, she’d never heard any of it. I took a couple months samples from her, but I’m not even going to touch it now and I’m going to see about a different doctor, too. Thanks everyone for sharing your stories, you may have saved a lot of people, me included!

  113. For those of you who said that it has not given you problems and that it just depends on the person………Remember that the women who developed these complications were fine prior to their hospitalizations also.

    Your health is your responsibility. Please research any drug prior to taking it.

  114. I just went to my doctor to ask about switching and he pretty much dismissed all my concerns, because i heard about the dangers of this medicine on t.v. needless to say i’m finding a new doctor…I haven’t had any physical symptons, but i have more mood swings than a menopausal women hear lately…

  115. My 18 year old daughter has been taking yaz for her severe acne for a year and a half now. She seems to be doing fine and her acne has cleared up, but this month she found a lump in her breast that was diagnosed as fibroagenoma (sp?). It’s not a dangerous condition, but after reading these posts I wonder if it wasn’t yaz that may have caused it. I don’t feel comfortable with this pill. I think I’m going to take her in to have a talk with her doctor about the medication and possible alternatives.

  116. Thank you so much for everyones input and experience with Yaz. My heart goes out to those who have suffered the dangerous side effects. I was also prescribed Yaz last week and today is my 2nd day on the pill. After reading this I will be calling my OBGYN asap!! Tonight was my last pill. What really upsets me is the fact that when I asked my OBGYN about the lawsuits and dealths she blew it off like it was no big deal!! I bet she wouldn’t use it herself! So confused!!! I will be getting married in may 2010 and would like to find a BC that works without the horror stories!! Thanks to everyone!

  117. Ever scince I’ve taken Yaz, my breathing has changed dramatically. I seem to constantly have a hard time breathing. It’s really scarry….

  118. I’ve had no problems taking Yaz but just as a pre-caution, I am switching to something else.

  119. I began taking Yaz about a year ago. In June of this year, I began to suffer from some respiratory issues. I was given antibiotics and was diagnosed with an upper respiratory infection. The antibiotics did nothing for me. I continued to have respiratory issues thru Sept. In mid Sept. while at work, I began experiencing shortness of breath and a slight pain on my right side, near my chest. I work part-time, so I got off at noon. I drove myself home to prepare myself to spend the night in the ER. I went home, took a shower, washed my hair and packed a small bag. By then the pain was so severe that I knew I’d be admitted. I got dressed and when I attempted to tie my shoes, I couldn’t- the pain was so severe that I could not move. It literally felt like I was being stabbed in my side. Long story short, my mother drove me to the ER and after a CT scan and EKG, I found out I had multiple blood clots in my lungs….pulmonary embolism (PE). I spent a few days in ICU and then about 8 more days in post ICU.

    A filter was inserted thru my groin area to prevent more clots from traveling to my lungs. I am on blood thinners and every time I get any pain near my chest area, I panic.

    I literally took my last Yaz pill the night before I was admitted.

    I recently found out that most people die within 30 minutes of PE symptoms, so if you have any of these symptoms, get to a hospital fast!!!

    I’m 34 years old and besides condoms and spermicide creams that are inserted vaginally, I can never use or take any form of birth control for the rest of my life. I don’t drink or smoke and I live a fairly healthy life. I had every blood test under the sun and my doctors said it was defnitely the Yaz pills.

    Since my ordeal, I have been absent-minded and depressed. Sometimes it’s even hard to get out of bed. My doctor will be removing my filter in 2 weeks and I’m so afraid that this may happen again.

    I have already hired an attorney.

    Good luck to all who decided to take this pill!!

  120. I was taking Yazmin for 5 years and just switched to YAZ this year. I currently have no complaints.

    Could it be that the depression and headaches are more of life’s stresses, such as financial or relationship issues? I know alot of people that want to put blame on something rather then face reality.

    As far as the medical conditions, such as blood clots, that very well could be a side effect of the pill, as it effects everyone differently.

  121. Also, for all the years I have taken the pill, there has been warnings of all these side effects, you just have to READ!!! People do not do their research and now they want to take it to court?!?

  122. I have been taking YAZ for SEVERE cramping for 2 1/2 + years now. I can say that my periods have been less severe and cramping is to a point that I can deal with it. I saw a commercial for the lawsuit and it I immediately stopped what I was doing. For the last 2 years I have been dealing with SEVERE DIZZINESS, I have been dealing with weeks and months straight of feeling like I am on a tilt a whirl. II just woke up with it one day and it never left…I have spent so much time and so much money on seeing every type of specialist, from ear nose and throat doctors to neurologists. I live in a community where I have a large supply of DRs that deal with every type of illness. I have heard nothing but “I am so sorry, we have no idea what is wrong with you”. After reading these posts, I am DONE taking this pill. I am hoping after 2 years of dealing with this “Vertigo” it will finally be gone. Has any one else had severe dizziness?

  123. I am 28 years old and have been taking yaz for almost 3 years now and didn’t think I had issues with it. For the last few months I have had severe dizzy spells which doc thought was vertigo but after blood work realized I have a thyroid problem and that may be causing my dizzy spells. I have appt. with an endocrinologist next week so I will know more then about my thyroid and what issues are related to that. After reading this, I think maybe some of my issues may be related to the pill. I have severe headaches, always tired, terrible mood swings, minor chest pain lots of leg pain and leg cramps, low labido (if any), lots of uti’s (at least 6 the last 3 years). I am not sure if all my symtoms are related to Yaz but I will stop taking it to see if I notice a difference. All birth control pills as well as any other medicatin has side effects, we should all make ourselves aware of them before agreeing to take it. I know I will read info before I put something in my body.

  124. I have been on this pill for about 1 1/2 years now, I am now 35 years old, at first it was ok then I started getting chest pains and then a few months ago I had my first abnormal EKG. For the past year or so I have had abnormal beelding, spotting, a period one day then gone the next and always when I should start I do but lately my periods are so heavy, I even went to the ER a couple of months ago. They thought I had fibroids but nothing showed up on the ultrasounds, they said they felt a small growth maybe a cyst?? Now I am left with over $1000.00 in bills! My ob/gyn keeps stating that YAZ is perfectly safe but after reading all of this I am going off of it. Better safe then sorry. Ladies we need to start promoting vascetomies-reversable! Also my legs have been itching like crazy and the doctor has no explanation for it. Has any one had itchy legs on YAZ???

  125. I started taking Yasmin years ago and when Yaz came to the market I started taking, this making it a total of 7 years I have been taking both OCs. I was brought onto these pills for not only the low estrogen dose but for moderate acne. I have not had any side effects so far. After learning about all these law suits this past summer, I spoke with my Doctor and he reassured me I am using the right pill for me. I am fortunate to not have PMDD, Blood Clots, or any Heart irregularities. If I did I would make sure to do all my homework in learning about any drug I would start taking. Remember Doctors may have the degree but they do not know everything. You need to protect your vessel and learn everything that is going on with your body. Don’t just take the Doctors word, do your homework.

  126. This is so crazy because I’ve been on yaz for three years and I have had severe headachs for years that make me very sick and dizzy. I have bad mood swings and I have been having very bad chest pains. I’m going to see my doctor tommorrow and I hope to find something better out there.

  127. My doctor recommended Yaz, and I think it was just because they have a huge supply that they want to sell. I’ve been on it for about a year. Over the months, I became very depressed for no reason at all, so depressed that I was having thoughts of suicide, which I have never had before. The worst part is, there was NO REASON. I’m finishing up this pack and then I’m done for good.

    I’m extremely paranoid now. Every day it’s something new, I constantly have these crazy thoughts of having cancer, diabetes, stds, etc. Relatives have told me I need help and I’ve gone nuts. I blame the birth control, I’ve never been this way.

  128. I was only on YAZ for about 3 weeks and started having pain and tingling in my leg. My doctor refused to believe it was from the pill. I stopped taking YAZ and the pain went away a few days later. Go figure!
    This pill is not safe and you can bet, if it was killing MEN, it would be off the market by now.

  129. Took yaz for three months…ended up in the emergency room with three deep vein thrombosis clots in my leg and multiple bilateral pulmonary emboli. Lucky I lived. Called my ob/gyn and he said he believes I was just one of the very few patients that had a problem and that it is a good medication. My sister works at a dermatologist office and last week one of their patients taking yaz for acne died at 32 years old from a pulmonary embolism. Their office is immediately switching any of their patients taking yaz to a different medication. I am not sure even all the doctors out there realize how many of their patients are having problems. Oh, and now I have just started having problems with kidney stones…which may have also been a side effect of yaz as well.

  130. i was on yaz for a year. I never thought i was myself. I was always so emotional crying and fighting with everyone never happy or just bi poloar almost. Ive been on over 5 birthcontrols and this one actully worked for me without bleeding and cramps. MY SKIN WAS PERFECT!!! never break out. thats the thing i miss the most. other than that i kept fainting. I fainted 5 times and had to be rushed to the ER. My OBGYN later told me that it makes u loose all ur water weight more than any other birthcontrol and you become dehyrated. Also that the girls being in the ER for heart attacks. I didnt listen and was very stubborn im 17 and if i ahve perfect skin and bigger boobs and its working guess what ill take the risk. But the last time i fainted and i felt like i was going to die and i took every test there is nothing was wrong and as soon as i got off yaz i havent fainted once or even felt that way. Funny thing is two of my frirneds happned to them now and their on yaz. Alot of my friends still are on it and nothing happens to them but it catches up to you and later on i wouldnt take the chance if its doing all this to girls already its something serouis.

  131. oh and just so some of you know my mom was on yasim and she had vertigo on it so it does become a case if your on it and cant handle it which happens with the dizziness and stuff.

  132. I don’t understand why some of you are still taking Yaz or Yasmin if you think it is causing you so many problems. There are so many other kinds of birth control pills out there! It’s all trial and error…try a different one!

  133. I was just wondering, I have been on YAZ for about 2 or 3 years, and before that I was on Yasmin for about 1 or so. I am only 21 years old and has already had to get surgery for endometriosis which was found all behind my uterus, but I constantly have pain in my ovaries as well as frequent migraines. Does anyone know if YAZ has anything to do with creating endometriosis? or at least pain in the ovaries? And now my pap smears show disfigured cells.

  134. I started taking Yasmin when I was 19 years old. A couple of years later I started having real bad pains, which turned out to be my gallbladder. I went to the doctor to get checked out, and my gallbladder was full of stones so they had to do surgery to remove it. Funny how I started having problems after I started taking Yasmin.

  135. After taking YAZ for a little over a year my symptoms are severe headaches, thinning of hair, gall bladder surgery to remove large stone and gall bladder, depression, pain in kidneys, large cists on ovaries (detected by CT scan), irregular heart beats, palpatations, chest pain, shortness of breath ( I was breathing into a paper bag every day), constantly tired and ran down and absolutely NO sex drive. I too thought this was going to be my “magic wonder drug”. And at first it was because my periods had stopped and that was the reason my doctor prescribed YAZ. It also cured my ongoing breast tenderness. All of these symptoms happen over a period of time and you don’t realize they are all connected to that pill. Pay attention to all of your symptoms and my advice to you would be to stop taking the pill unless you love hospitals and surgeries and huge doctor bills. Not to mention it could even cause you death.

  136. I have been on YAZ for about 6 months and have been experiencing a lot of symptoms as previous people have commented about. I get very emotional and cry about anything that triggers a sad emotion. I use to get straight A’s all the time but this semester it was harder to because I had to fight the depression and lack of ambition to do much, not to mention the daily fatigue. I also experienced a loss in sex drive, constant headaches, and body aches as well. The most alarming symptom I have are severe chest pain and many heart palpitations. My vision was spotted and I felt numbness in my legs and arms. I did research on what I was feeling and thought the only explanation was stress. Which I knew seemed a bit odd because I have been much more stressed out than the stress that I currently experience.

    Some people for the product say “you should do your research” and “your health is your responsibility.” Really? Because I for one was NOT warned about the dangers. I always knew that there were possible side effects for any medication but I would not expect such dangerous and common side effects in such a popular birth control pill. I was aware of YAZ’s side effects but did not know the symptoms to…oh let’s say, a PE that then could result in death. Also, I pay for a doctor for a reason. I go to them for their professional opinion so I don’t end up in a hospital because of medication they prescribed to me. I’m a college student. Not a doctor.

    I’m getting off this pill today and I hope I do not get a PE before the holidays. I wish my doctor had told me what I have read in these comments and to know to stop taking it if I have any of these symptoms. Well, now I know to take a doctor’s advice and instruction with caution. My heart goes out to all whose life has been affect by this pill.

  137. Oral contraceptives of all types can cause clots that caused so many of the tragic conditions many people have had. However, being pregnant puts a person at a high risk of clots as well so a person who clots on the pill may have clotted if she became pregnant. Also, if a woman has a clot, they are not to take ANY estrogen containg products after that which is in all pills, hormone replacement etc. Don’t want to to minimize major complications that people have had but there are risks and benefits of lots of things. Most people do well though statistics don’t make you feel better if you are the one hit with the condition.

  138. Search for the horrible consequences of ANY drug and you’ll find them…blaming the manufacturer or your doctor for your own ignorance or laziness is unfair. It’s like signing a contract without reading it and then suing your lawyer. There is more print information provided with a contraceptive prescription than there is with most prescriiption drugs! I’m sorry it resulted in serious side effects for some, but take some responsibility for yourself and learn to read or ask questions!
    I took Yaz for several years as a contraceptive and treatment for PCOS. After my first child was born last year, I had to change contraceptives while I was breastfeeding. When I stopped nursing, I called my doctor and REQUESTED that she put me back on Yaz (the other pill made me miserable). After just 1 week, my muscle aches are gone, mood swings improved, I’m sleeping better, acne is diminished, and weight loss is easier. Be informed and make you can make informed choices!

  139. I have been on Yaz for 2 years, not for Birth control as I have had a tubal; but I use it to help control sever PMS symptons. I has worked wonderfully. It also cleared my mild acne to the point,I no longer have to use acne medication from my dermatologist, The side effects and risk of using Yaz are not different than any other birth control pill that has ever been on the market. I think each individual should be able to choose whether they want to use it or not along with their health care provider. I would hate to see this medication pulled from the market,

  140. Alot of these experiences sound horendous and your absolutly right in ceasing these medications if you even have the slightest thought that something isnt right. My experience with Yasmin has been positive i used to suffer terrible period pain which is now ceased and it keeps my skin clear which is great. I am suprised that alot of people think Yaz and Yasmin are the same A friend of mine took Yaz and like many people here she had nothing but bad things to say about it.
    I think when a drug comes onto the market any sort of drug there will always be the awful fact that a number of people will have a severe reaction which may lead to death i guess it just doesnt suit some people. But i do think Doctors need to be very diligent with their patients using any sort of BC as it is widely known that PE and stroke are very real side effects of the BCP. I also believe that these incidents are higher in women who smoke or are over 35.

  141. I have been on Yaz for two years and I have never had a problem with it. I almost never get cramps, and I remember that the first six months I had it I was always so amazed at how much better I felt (my periods were a lot worse before). I’ve never noticed any side effect except mood swings, but that is a side effect of periods, not of Yaz. I am sorry that people have had trouble with this birth control but I hope the rest of us who want to can continue taking it.

  142. Whoo, I have been on Yasmin for 3 years. I lost my insurance in August of 2008. So I switched to Ocella omg I had yeast infections I’m guessing anyways terrible burning and itching, could have been other stuff, I don’t know! I took Ocella for about 3 months before switching back to Yasmin I gained 20lbs in TWO months !! My SEX LIFE is so bad, I haven’t had sex in 3 months & I’m married, I have a great husband.
    I have bad chest flutters at night. As well as rapid heart beats from time to time, it feels like my heart is going to run out of my chest. I still take Yasmin, because I don’t have insurance, I would rather pay the $80 then pay $200.00 or WAY more. For woman thinking about taking Yaz, Yasmin, or Ocella, Please consider are comments these are not lies!! I’m very scared, I don’t know what the doctor is going to say.

  143. About 2 years ago I started taking birth control the first kind was yaz.. I liked it in the beggining but more because I was 18 and had a serious boyfriend..but about a month and a half after i started taking it everything changed. I cried all the time, I fought everyone, I slept constantly, I had no sex drive what so ever, I was extremly depressed and almost lost every relationship I had. About 3 months after that I decided I needed to go back to the dr and change it. I started something else which was fine i felt normal again no crying no fighting no anything it was a relief. But about 4 months ago I was diagnosed with IGA nephropathy, the begging stages of kidney failure. I was tole there was no cure I will live with this every day of my life waiting for my kindey to fail completly. I was also told the only thing that may slow the progress is a steriod which causes many many complications trying to get pregnant, could affect a fetus, and any children I may have in my future. I am 20 years old and have dreamed of having a large family. now i have to decide wether I want to start my family now and hopefully be able to have a child while i am able to, or wait and not take the medication and hope my kidneys are not damaged too much to carry a baby, or take the medication and hope one day I have a baby. I am not sure if YAZ is the cause.. I wasnt on it for very long, but i just dont know. does any one have a story like this let me know please.

  144. I was on YAZ for about 6 months and things were going pretty good with it. Though the last two and1/2 months I was on it i was getting terrible migraines and very weird and painful stomach pains by my rib cage and the sides of my stomach after it not going away and finding out that i wasnt pregnant ( thank god). I started blaming it on the pill and my mother and boyfriend convinced me to stay off it for awhile to see if that was causing me problems. i’ve been off it for a month and all my pains and migraines have stopped. I would be cautious with this pill.

  145. Maybe, just maybe…it seems to be that younger people (under 35-40) are affected by this more. I don’t know. I was put on Yasmin at 40 and do not think that I could make it without it. My PMDD (diagnosed) was uncontrollable. I missed work and lot of life until this drug. PMS is still not a walk in the park, but sooo much betterr. Maybe it it’s related to age? I don’t know?l

  146. I find all of these comments very interesting. As a 31 year old woman who has been on birth control for 16 years, I’ve tried many different pills over the years. I suffered from migraines throughout most of my college years, but they subsided afterward–I chalked them up to stress. I was on Yasmin and probably switched to YAZ approx 3 years ago. I definitely noticed a decrease in my sex drive and being more tired–I had attributed this to aging. Maybe not? More recently, I’ve been experiencing frequent migraines and have had my current headache for 11 days now with no relief in those 11 days. In addition, I have experienced frequent dizzy/vertigo spells. An MRI of my brain shows ischemic changes (hopefully just from migraine and nothing more significant). Now, I work in the medical/laboratory field, and I’m not going to blame YAZ, but the scientist in me thinks I should stop taking it to see if my symptoms subside. I will speak with my doctor about this and see what she has to say. I wish those of you who’ve experienced some horrible side effects all the best in your health!

  147. I’ve been only taking yaz for a little over a month now and i get terribly sick each morning. I’ve missed days of school because of the vomiting and unexpected fainting.

  148. About three years ago, I was prescribed Yaz by my gyne, as I had began to have bleeding that was irregular (I had had a uterine embolization a few years earlier and my periods had stopped – yipee). I went to my doc that referred me to an OB that in turn precribed Yazz birth control pill to regulate my cycle. I remembered how horrible the uncontrolled bleeding was so, I reluctantly went on the pill. The first period was horrible. I was in so much pain, was nauseous, I had a $250. co pay so did not go to emergency. Anyway I called my OB office on the Mon. am, the receptionist and then nurse told me “anything can happen in the first 3 months as your body gets used to the pill, so wait”. The next few periods weren’t as painful, but I didn’t feel well. I felt horrible but figured it was a trade off from hemmoraging beyond my control and predictability of a cycle, at least I was becomming regular. The second month I began having excrutiating pain in my legs at night. These leg cramps happened almost every night, and woke me up. It was like a charley horse. I would have to get out of bed and stand on my legs as much as it hurt to stop the spasm. This continued – I looked for stuff on the web for side effects but couldn’t find anything, so blew it off. I went back for my yr check up. Long story, I stopped taking Yazz and no leg cramps, althugh I am not convinced a breast cyst and other issues are not a result of Yazz. I did not put it together at the time, that the leg cramps which could have been a DVT) was due to Yazz.

  149. I was on Yasmin for about 2 years and noticed above all, a severe decrease in sex drive. I cried all the time, felt very depressed, and suffered from fatigue. None of these symptoms existed prior to me taking Yasmin. I discussed these issues with my Gyno who told me my problems were not from the birth control. I decided anyway to switch to Nuvaring, but about a year later, I stopped birth control all together with hopes that my sex drive, energy, and positive outlook on life would return. Things slightly improved, however, brown spotting on my chest, stomach, neck, and inner thighs still exist and have spread. Severe leg pain has developed and while I am currently being treated for a thyroid disorder and fibromyalgia, I have a feeling that birth control negatively impacted my sex drive, which has never returned. I am an otherwise healthy 28 year old female who exercises regularly and eats a healthy diet. I do not recommend that any female ever take birth control. It’s not worth the risk. Practice safe sex but use other methods that a pill.

  150. I hate this pill… I’ve been taking it for 1 1/2 months… Suffer from headaches, real bad mood swings, really tired all the time, can’t sleep, depression, and ever since I started I’ve had really bad cramps and my breast hurt a lot. Also have been bleeding for 3 weeks…

  151. In November of 2009 my Doctor recommended I use the Yaz birth control pill,In December 2009 I started to actually feel pregnant,every symptom of pregnancy I had,nausea,throwing up,went from a size D cup to a size DD,My breast were engorged and hurt, including Leaking milk from my breasts,headaches,..I decided to stop taking the Yaz due to the fact when December 27th came and my menstrual was due I did not have a menstrual. Every pregnancy test came up negative,including the blood test at the doctors office,and I had also gained 12 pounds within a month. Around January 17th all my symptoms seemed to magically dissapear,and finally my menstrual started as of today January 21st,2010….Oh yea and I just magically lost 5 pounds almost overnight also…After this experience on the Yaz birth control pill I believe it is a unsafe pill that needs to be tooken off the market. After investigating more into this pill and finding this website,I feel very sorry for the many women that have had so many problems with this and I also feel for the many women who have died while using this pill…

  152. I took Yaz for a year and a few months but stopped taking it because it made me feel like crap and did not help with my cramps at all. A few months after I stopped taking I became really sick and under went several tests. It took 6 months for the to figure out that my gallbladder was not functioning as it should. I lost a ton of weight (I am not very big in the first place), I was unable to eat, I was extremely dizzy and barely made it through my Senior year of college. Right before I had surgery to get the gallbladder removed, my blood pressure dropped to dangerous levels and I should have gone to the hospital. It was one of the most horrible and painful year of my life and would never want anyone to go through what I went through. Do not take this birth control!

  153. My daughter went on Yaz in August of 2009. On January 20, 2010 she was diagnosed with blood clots in her lungs and one in her leg. She is 18 years old. There is no history of blood clots in our families and she is on no other medications. As of today, January 24, she is still in the hospital on 2 blood thinners.

  154. I have been on Yasmin since April 2005. I was on it for 2 years then took a break in 2007 for 6 months because I split up with my boyfriend and therefore did not need it. Started again in April 2008 and have been on it ever since. Have had no side effects in all this time and it has made my skin amazing and period pains less intense. I take it in the Uk though, don’t know if that makes a difference?

  155. Bayer is a heinious company. Everyone go to YouTube and search “Bayer factor eight”. Factor eight is a vaccination for hemofeliacs. KNOWINGLY tainted with the AIDs virus, Bayer and the FDA released the product and injected hundreds of thousands of people worldwide. This is not a joke! Search it.

  156. I personally think that the drug company should not be caught up in this suit i think it’s the doctors that should be responisible for not checking the blood levels on a reg basis since hmm yaz clearly states that a doctor should be checking potassium levels i took yaz for 3 months after i had cancer to help with PMDD and discovered I was pregnant so please do not think i’m a fan of it. I just think it’s wrong to grab the pitch forks and torches and go after bayer lets go after the doctors for not doing there part here.

  157. I was on Yasmin for 5 years. I didn’t think I was having any serious problems with it. But, looking back on things now after reading this, I did suffer with really intense migraines every month. My dr. told me it was menstral migraines. If everybody else on this pill is doing the same thing as me, thats what it was. I have 2 children, my first child was concieved while I was taking a different BC. My dr. told me I was very fertile to have that happen. After I had my first, I immediately started taking yasmin. I tried getting pregnant for years after taking that pill and couldn’t. It made me stop ovulating. It was 2 years later that i finally ended up with a second child. This is not something to be taken lightly. When people are warning you about it, take their advice and stop using the product. Don’t be stupid about it! There are many other forms of BC to take now days. It’s not worth it!

  158. I am 19 years old and I was on yaz birth control for about a year. In november of 2009 I got really sick and went to the hospital I was told I had pneumonia. they gave me a shot and sent me home with medicine I took the medicine and still 2 weeks later I wasnt any better I was actually worse. I couldnt move, I could not catch my breath, My head hurt and I could not stop coughing it was horrible. So I decided I had enough and went back to the hospital were they gave me a ct scan of my chest and they found out I had 4 pulmonary embolisms in my lungs!!! I was in the hospital for a little over a week because it took them about 3 days to stabilize me bc my oxygen was low and my heart rate was in the 170′s. They ran all kinds of test and they say it came from yaz birth control. I had to give myself shots in my stomach for about a month and now Im on coumadin and have to go every week to get my blood work done. What kind of life is this for a 19 year old girl YAZ BIRTH CONTROL NEEDS AND SHOULD BE TAKEN OFF THE MARKET NOW

  159. wow..reading about all these stories TRUELY makes me sad and im literally on the verge of tears! deaths? strokes? PE’s? these type of symptoms are dangerous and deadly, especially for young girls who just want to find a bc method to help with skin or pmdd, and pregnancy of course. I started to take YAZ in september of 2009 becaouse my skin had broken out REALLY bad with cystic acne. although my skin cleared up after about 3-4 months, i did notice i was depressed more than usual, i cried a lot and had serious mood swings. thinking back now, i was really sad. in the summer of 2009, i noticed two patches of dry skin on my left leg. at first i thought it was just “dry skin” and that some good lotion would take of it. i was wrong. it has progressively gotten worse and the rash, which i recently found out from a dermatologist, it called “lichen striatus”. i have NEVER had this before and neither has anyone in my family. the pattern runs from the bottom of buttock all the down to my ankle. its quite ugly and only recently has it slighty started to clear up b/c of a vanishing cream the dr prescribed me. i strongly believe YAZ is the cause of this. the whole time i was on YAZ, I had horrible, horrible headaches which came out of nowhere and would sometimes last for days. in addition, right before going off the pill (i stopped at the beginning of november 2009), i had two episodes where i experienced shortness of breath, nausea, dizziness and blurred vision. my heart was beating so fast, i was truely scared for my life. it felt like i was going to faint, but i didnt know why this was happening to me. some other effects i noticed where random sharp pains in my abdomen. i am so glad that i stumbled across this website because i was considering getting back on YAZ, reason being my skin has started to slightly breakout again (Im hoping its just stress through). after reading the heartbreaking testimonies from some of the ladies above, I will not get back on YAZ and I would never recommend this bc pill to anyone. i jus hope i can find a form of contraceptive that will halp control my acne. does anyone have any suggestions? I thank God that i have not experienced some of the life-threatening/life-altering effects that some of these ladies have experienced, but my heart goes out to them and to the familes that have lost a loved one…

  160. I was on Yaz for 2 years. At first I thought it was great because I was less moody and it helped with the acne. I started to feel to loose my sex drive, I thought it must have been me & my husband losing our drive for one another, but as soon as I stopped the pill, I was happy again and sex has never been better. I feel lucky that I have not got any of the other worse conditions some ladies have got. I feel sorry for them and only wonder why this pill is still on the market?

  161. correction: i began YAZ in September of 2008 and stopped in November of 2009….

  162. i just started taking yaz and i had no idea about how bad it was. I started throwing up and get really bad headaches. I think that if this can kill you they need to take it off the market asap. Serious this is messed up.

  163. I have been on Yaz for almost a year. It has helped my pmdd and pcos a lot. I can actually lose weight if I eat healthy instead of before my hormones were regulated when it didn’t matter what I did. I had very painful acne that throbbed around my chin and mouth from my hormone imbalance and started to lose my hair. After taking Yaz I feel so much more like a women, I have regular periods which was never the case in my entire life only when on bcp before, my skin is softer and I feel great. I do still get chin hair growth but it is what it is. I tweeze and it is so easy and less embarrasing without the acne there to magnify my hormonal imbalances.

    I have noticed for the past half year since being sexually active on it that I constantly have a yeast infection but that could also be because I am vegan (no dairy) so the ph level is off. I am vegan because everyone in my family gets type 2 diabetes (what most people with pcos end up getting because the hormonal imbalance ups the insulin). I take fish and flax oil and even though my boyfriend smokes and I would love too (smoked since I was 15) I don’t because of the blood clot possibility. I do get pains in my chest but I have gotten them since I was a teenager and regularly since before other birthcontrol and yaz. I love having a waist and being able to maintain my weight and am not embarrassed of my acne. Being 30 with acne is the worst. So, besides the yeastiness down under, I feel good and so much better than before. I think Yaz has helped correct my hormonal imbalance which would be there no matter what thanks to genetics. I do get worried and my gyno asked me last week if I wanted to go off yaz and try some other bcp and I am afraid to. A dermatologist years ago prescribed spironoloctane which has the same hormone that yaz has that people says encourages the clotting ans that was the only other time my acne started to clear up. I need that hormone!

  164. Reading these have really helped me.
    I was on YAZ for a yr. and was fine for most of that…but I started noticing issues with my body over the past few months. I’ve been really moody, tired more often, my stomach has been killing me with pains off and on. Like it will randomly come on and hurt so bad. And then later I’ll be fine. And my periods have been so off. I’ve been short of breath. But my stomach has been the biggest issue with me…I haven’t gone to the doctor yet…
    but is anyone else feeling something like this?
    If so have you gone to the doctor and what’d you find out???
    I’m nervous it could be something serious because I know this isn’t right.

  165. I just got out of the hospital after having an abdominal infection from a burst ovarian cyst. The doctor is recommending that I go on Yaz since I have had adverse reactions to many other oral contraceptives including nausea, acne and loss of sex drive. I also get debilitating period cramps every month due to my cysts. It is really tempting to go on Yaz. I visited this page in an effort to find out more about he possible risks and side-effects of Yaz. My one problem? Many women are posting their stories with HORRIBLE spelling using words like “tooken”. It is really hard to take these stories as fact when the women telling them seem very uneducated.

  166. I started taking yaz on sunday. I first started having problems sleeping. I would take the pill at night. I fall alseep at 10pm and wake up at 130am. I have done that everyday this week. I then on tuesday started noticing tingling in feet. On wednesday, My rt foot has gotten a litle number with tingling and electic shocks. I was so upset. I then realized to look up on web md. There it was the rare side effects. I contacted my pharmicist and he gave me copy of the side effects. I talked to nurse today and advise me to take an asprin. I dont have any now so have to go to store. Gyn dr said even though all the talk about yaz that it is safe. I think not. If you have bunch of people complaining than it is not safe. In my case, I didnt take this long term. IT took couple of days to notice the symptoms.

  167. I’m really mad that my gyno never talked to me about the negative things that could happen!!!!….. I think I’m going to stop taking YAZ, but… I’ve read alot of stories about people having hair loss after stoping…. I already have VERY thin hair, but its manageable….. I’m only 19 I cannot afford to be losing my hair!!! Is there anyone who has stopped taking it, and NOT had hair loss?…

    I think YAZ has been the culprit of my SVT (superventricular tachycardia) … and irregular/fluttering heartbeats… As well as m anxiety, depression, mood swings, I could go on and on.

  168. I am on Yaz continuously (I haven’t gotten my period since January 2008) because of my endometriosis and I have had no problems with it. It controls my pain levels and yes I have gotten at least 3 kidney stones since I started it but I will take kidney stone pain over my endometriosis pain anyday. I am glad to be on Yaz.

  169. And I know that if this pill could harm me, my OBGYN surgeon would not have me on it. He has done so much for me in the past 5 years (I am 20) and I trust him so much

  170. I’ve been on Yaz and Yasmine for years. I’ve also had intense headaches for years. I’ve been to a dozen differn’t doctors who couldn’t find anything. My breasts hurt so bad that even sitting up out of bed about made me cry. I was dizzy and light headed. Blurred vision. Yeast infections every single month. Sex drive was completely gone.My mood swings were awful that I’m almost to the point of rage, then sobbing the next second. I forget simple things, and sometimes feel like my mind can’t keep up with my words. I had panic attacks. Chest pains. I had no energy. I was depressed. And now am having gallbladder issues. I stopped taking the pill a couple months ago, and the headaches, the dizziness, the mood swings have all stopped.
    Is there a website I can go to for the class action lawsuit? I’ve been searching the internet, but I’m not sure which one I need to go to for sure.

  171. OMG!
    Then I’m not the only one! I stopped using Yasmin 7 months ago! Because I had trouble breathing at times. And about 4 months ago, I began having KIDNEY PROBLEMS… and I never did in my life! I just could not explain why? So many infections, and kidney pains.
    I don’t want anything to do with BIRTH CONTROL ANYMORE!

  172. Laura…you asked if anyone has taken Yaz and not had hair loss.
    I was on it for a yr. and still have thick hair…none gone

  173. I have been on Yaz for a little over three years. I have always been a fan of this pill until recently. I have expierienced really severe breast pain, lumps in my breast, shortness of breath, hot flashes, sharp abdominal pain accompanied by blurred vision and hot flashes (I am only 31, so i should not be having hot flashes just yet!). Recently i have had a great deal of bleeding between periods. I read through most of these above posts, and I have made the decision to stop taking it immediatly. I am not even going to finish this pack of pills. I think the side effects tha i am having are bad enough, I do not feel the need to add blood clots or embolisms into the mix. Many thanks to all of you who have posted. You helped me to make an educated desicion.

  174. I was taking Yaz for about 1 1/2 years and loved it. My mother is a nurse and advised me to go off Yaz from all the things she was hearing. I went off Yaz and am now on a different birth control pill. It’s not the same as Yaz. I wish they could make Yaz better so it didn’t have so many bad side effects!!

  175. Alyssa, how long have you been off of it now? ..

    I’ve been off it a little over a week now, no hair loss (yet) .. however, I’ve had a constant headache, extremely tired all the time, I dont feel like doing ANYTHING…. and worst of all, I feel hopeless… Like I just cant get in a good mood…mood swings, crying episodes.. Also wokeup this morning with horrible chest pain. I’m so afraid these symptoms won’t stop soon…if they don’t I’m sure its going to destroy my previously great relationship with my boyfriend of 2 and a half years… I just want it to stop, I start a new job Monday and I’m afraid I won’t even be able to get out of bed…

  176. I started to take yasmin then switched to yaz. I have been taking them for a total of 5 years. I was diagnosed with gallbladder disease in which my gallbladder was severely inflamed and had to be removed. I have suffered from quite a few kidney infections and I have terrible pain in my back and abdomen most of the time. I am almost certain this came from the two birth control pills. I am currently taking yaz but plan to switch to something else. I am not sure what to do about this and how to prove that yasmin and yaz caused this.

  177. Hi. I am 24 and have not had a period for over a year. My husband and I are trying to conceive so my gyn wanted to get my period started and he put me on YAZ 2 weeks ago. Since I have started taking this I have been bleeding nonstop and have been having pains in my legs and breasts. Plus I am now on antibiotics for a UTI which I have never had before. After seeing what everyone is saying I think I am going to talk with my doctor about getting off of it now.

  178. I started taking yaz in June of 2009 and noticed that I was tired all the time gained weight ,no engery at all,just felt really bad,on sept 10,2009 calf was swelling, call the doctor they dismiss my concern about my calf,wait a few more days on tue sept 15,2009 went to ER,have two blood colt in my right leg. I like worn women about the use of yaz pill, I been on the pill (desogen)for almost 20yrs and this never happen to me before and I am a smoker the yaz pill is dangerous.

  179. ive been on yaz for about a year and a half. ive been extremely happy with it. happier with it than i was with ortho tricyclin lo. i do think i will be switching though because of these problems. i will be sad but hopefully whatever i switch to is just as good for me

  180. Wow! I NEVER considered looking up information on Yasmin Birth Control pills. Almost 2 years ago I was diagnosed with PCOS. I had no idea what that was! It just started out of the blue for me; prior to Yasmin, I was on the DEPO shot… I would never recommend that any female start DEPO treatments. For myself, personally, I gained weight and I mean…ALOT! I stopped the shot after 1 treatment and never went back on any form of birth control. With the onset of menstrual cycles that lasted 2 months are more, my GYN placed me on Ovrall (I’m not 100% that’s the name, don’t have the pills with me as I’m at work). Those pills worked good but they weren’t strong enough to stop my excessive bleeding thus, I was placed on Yasmin.
    I haven’t had any problems to my knowledge with Yaz. I started to exercise because I now had my bleeding under control and did not feel fatigued constantly. Shortly after beginning to exercise; I’d walk for about 30 minutes to an hour daily, I started feeling pain and something like my heart fluttering; never had anything like that before and I don’t know if it was due to the pill. After reading comments on this site, I believe I’ll stop my pill popping as this was my last month of “therapy” to see if my body can function on it’s own.
    I’m very saddened and sorry by what I’ve read here. The majority of the comments are truly frightening and I thank you for posting and making other aware of the dangers. It’s one thing to read a prepared statement from a company but another to hear from other females who’ve been there for real.


  181. I took Yaz for over a year and never had any issues. I only stopped taking it because I was laid off and did not have insurance for a while. My new insurance starts today and I am looking forward to getting back on Yaz. While I was on it my periods were very light with spotting for only a day or two and I was not very moddy or anything. I was actually able to get into a good diet routine and lose weight. I’ve noticed that I gain weight on other brands. As with any drug, it affects everyone differently.

  182. My daughter was prescribed Yaz when she was 16 to relieve a case of severe acne. Since that time, she has developed severe anxiety symptoms and panic attacks. We watched her go from a very bright, high-achieving confident young woman to someone who was forced to leave college to address these issues. While we are not prepared to blame Yaz for all her problems, it’s very interesting to me to see all the posts on this site and particularly posts relating to anxiety and panic attacks. A friend indicated that a number of her daughter’s friends have experience anxiety-like symptoms since starting on this drug. Has anyone else had similar experiences?

  183. i started taking yaz a few weeks ago and i have never had the headaches that i am having now. this is unreal. i hate it and have to got get an MRI and EEG done to check for blood clots in the brain!

  184. I just took my teenage daughter to the Dr to discuss birth control and she prescribed Yasmin. Before she wrote the prescription I asked her if this pill was one of the ones that was dangerous and she said no. I told a friend and she immediately told me not to give it to my daughter. Fortunately, I always research medicines before I get the prescription because I want to learn about the side affects. I let my daughter read these comments and she made the decision that she did not want to take Yasmin! My prayers go out to everyone that has been affected and for the selfish, cold hearted women that made those callous comments remember…….karma always come around and if it does not touch you it will always touch someone YOU care about (even though I hope that it doesn’t). Medicine is a business and their goal is to make money! Please do not take this birth control!

  185. I have been on Yaz for almost 2 years now and so far I have had no health issues or life threatening concerns. The first three months weren’t that great, I will admit. I had my monthly for 2 weeks during my third month on the pill, but every since then I have had no issues what so ever. I am going to have to say that it really all depends on your age, health, and your family history. I take very good care of myself and judging by my family tree, no one in my family has ever had a fatal incident with birth control. So it really all depends and if you have any concerns you should talk to your doctor about your health risks or concerns and it wouldn’t hurt to look up your family’s history of health problems which could help you decide if Yaz is the right birth control for you. Plus they even give you warnings in the packet that comes with your pills about potential health risks along with who should be taking the pill and who shouldn’t be.

  186. My daughter was put on Yasmin several years ago when she was in middle school to regulate an absent menstrual cycle. Throughout the ensuing years, she developed headaches that increased in intensity and frequency. She had MRIs of the brain, saw neurologists, endocrinologists, and ophthalmologists. Her headaches grew increasingly bad, causing extreme nausea and vomiting at times. They got so bad during her last semester at school that she was bed ridden for weeks. She told me that the backs of her eyes felt like they were going to explode.

    Finally, I thought of the Yasmin. I quickly Googled the connection between Yasmin and headaches and was HORRIFIED by what I learned!! By taking this drug she had slowly, unwittingly been poisoning herself! She stopped taking the stuff and slowly but surely her health began to improve. She’s been off it for 4 months now and has yet to have a period. But we’re content to wait for one because NOW she has a life!!

    She had to take a medical leave last fall and because of her program of study she has to take an entire extra year of classes!! I’d like to sue to get her tuition back, but I’m not sure the lawsuits are dealing with problems they consider to be *minor* as compared to deaths and surgeries. My daughter’s last blood tests show elevated liver functions that we will continue to monitor. But Yasmin stole YEARS of her health and well being that we will NEVER be able to recover! What bothers me most is that our doctors are not nearly as outraged as I think they should be. I’m sure the gyn continues to prescribe this poison for unsuspecting women. It should have been taken off the market years ago.

  187. I used yasmin for 2 years and yaz for another one and since 4 months I had my gallbladder remove. many people told me it might have been because of the birthcontrol pills, so I droped them, but I guess it is a little late now

  188. I was having troubles with my previous birth control (Diane35..was on it for over 3 years), and my doctor switched me to Yaz after conducting a breast and pelvic exam. I was on Yaz for only two months and I found one lump in each of my breasts. One is the size of a nickel, the other maybe a pea. So if 2-3 packs of Yaz can cause serious side effects in such a short period of time, why is it on the market?

  189. I am 30 years ago and I was in overseas for recent 2 years and went to walk in clinic for birth control pill. The doctor suggested me Yaz. and I started to taking them right before bed. 2 weeks later I complaint about acne problems(I’ve never had acne problems for years and suddenly started around my lips) and I started having blood stains and light chest pain. The doctor(walk-in-clinic) said there is no way Yaz can cause all those problems, probably something else(like what??). I completed 1 cycle(28days) and went to different doctor and ask for different product. I finally change to Diane35 (it’s still Byer).
    I am deeply disappointed about the news and I couldn’t believe so many people had serious problem with this product. Seriously, how come this comes in the light after so long? Plus I am so angry with doctors who does not listen patients. I have no desire for lawsuit but I am very sadden by people suffer for long time.

  190. I’ve never taken the drug. I’m sadden for all that have experienced such horrible effects from it.

    It appears that there are a few comments that are “tucking it to” those who have posted their experiences. “No one is holding you down and making you take the pills” is such an ignorant statement I can’t help but wonder if you own stock in this company,

    When a doctor “prescribes” medication for me, living in the United States of America, I don’t think it is too much to expect it to “do no serious harm” with side effects! I certainly shouldn’t die from it!

    With that, my 27 year old daughter, mother of two, was just prescribed this, came home googled, won’t be taking it, and will be seeking the assistance of a different doctor

    Thank you all for sharing your stories, you may have just saved my daughter’s live.

  191. So iv been on Yaz for about 3yrs on and off and im 21. I decided too look it up after iv seen the adds on tv about all the harmfull side effects. I havent had none of the serious harmfull side effects. I got on it because of the mild acne, and to prevent getting pregant again. The acne cleared right up, and my periods are fine. But just reading some the comments made me really think to myself. I started to notice some stuff a few months ago, like the headachs, I never had them before or while I was using yaz until now, they are so bad that I got so nauseous and it seems like anything that I take dont work, and it only happens at the end of my period. 2nd, loss of sex drive, it seems like I dont even have one nomore, I thought it might been of having a baby and everything, but thats deff not the issue now. My husband was deployed last January to iraq for 7 months and when he came back, I didnt feel like doing anything!! Thats deff not me, thats when I knew something was wrong, to this day I dont feel like doing anything. 3rd, memory loss, like little things, id say one thing 1 min and the next i didnt know what I was talking about, or when I went into a room to get something, I had no clue what I was in there for. And it seemed to happen ALOT, which is very irrating. 4th, The mood swings, mostly crying, I never used to cry over anything, now I do, its nuts, seems like I cry over everything. And finally the weight gain and the hair loss. Iv gained a little bit of weight while on it, but iv also had a kid. And hair loss, I lost some of my hair on the sides, but that wasnt from yaz. But iv noticed that my hair is getting thinner, so has my husband. Oh and I also get some really bad chest pains sometimes. So I dont know if all these symptoms are related to Yaz, but it does seem like it. So im going to go off the birth control and see what happens. But after reading all these comments, this birth control should be off the market.

  192. i was perscribed yaz when i wanted to get off the shot because i wanted to have a baby but was told after being on the shot for so long i should be on somthing untill my period came back well needless to say i thought it was awsome when i started taking it but then i was laying on the couch at home one night and had the worst burining feeling i have ever felt in my stomach finally after i couldnt take the pain anymore i called for a ride to the hospital by the time the ambulance got me there i was told my right tube had burst and i needed emergncy surgry i lost half of the blood in my body and had to have blood transfuisons later i was told i was 12 weeks pregnant i still want a baby and after loosing that one in 2008 i lost another in 2009 at 4 months pregnant do to a sub corionic hemorage i think this yaz had alot to do with it i have also like some of the other commets had severe anxiety to the point i lost my job and was at the er everyother night thinking i was having a heart attack it is still a problem for me it realy messed my head up i hope they take it off the market soon because i think the risks out weigh the benifets

  193. I was hospitalized for almost two weeks last August (2009) and it was the most miserable experience I have had. I was 17 and in good health and was diagnosed with Pulmonary Embolisms (blood clots in my lungs) caused by Yaz birth control. I do not smoke, and although I do have asthma, and been on thyroid meds for 5 years, I am very sure that the b/c put me in the hospital. I have just been taken off of my coumadin, but this is now a lifelong problem for me. I will have to be put back onto blood thinners for any types of surgeries, pregnancies, or if I end up getting a clot later on. I also will not be able to be on any type of hormonal birth control EVER. So if anyone is reading this, and considering taking Yaz, DON’T. I suggest taking a medication that has been around for 10 years or longer, and that is specifically for birth control, not for any other type of problem (i.e acne)

  194. I started taking yaz after tricyclen lo was making me miserable and haven’t suffered any bad side effects, in fact, my sex drive went back to normal and my hormones in general are stable and just as they were before starting birth control.
    If it isnt working for you…. CHANGE it. Don’t make others miserable with your problems. Misery loves company though.

  195. I gave up men and switched to women. Problem solved.

  196. I had my son Dec 14 2007 started taking YAZ right away. When my son was about 3-4 Months i started getting sever pain in my stomach that would go threw to my back. It would always happen couple hours after eating most of the time it would happen in the middle of the night. I had to be taken to the Hosp aleast about 5 times did all the test they could and still dont know what it is yet i am going to doctors in morning to do more test i just found out about this whole YAZ thing so now i have to let my doctor know that i was taking that ……..PAIN just happen last night and the night before I just want this to be over with and remove it

  197. I took Yaz for a 6 month period. I stopped taking it because blood clots were discovered in my leg and I now have thrombophlibitis. Ive had to have my main vein closed from my thigh area all the way down to my ankle.,and I have not felt the same since. I still get clots where the blood cant flow causing me pain. Ive had numerous ultrasounds, doctor and hospital visits because of this. I highly recommend anyone taking this birth control stop immediately. I was a healthy, non smoking, active female with excellent health records prior to using Yaz.

  198. After deciding to discontiunue use of the Depo which I was on for 12 years on and off,I had been taking the Yaz pill for approximately 3 weeks and within that time frame I was rushed to the emergency room by ambulance.I woke up one morning feeling anxious, I was feeling chest pain and couldnt breath. Thats when the doctors diagnosed me with PE (Pulmonary Embolism). They immediately admitted me in ICU where I remained for 2 weeks. I lost a job, and apartment due to this pill. I was later seen by lung specialist and hemotologists to confirm that the condition was not hereditary. I’ve never smoked so that couldnt have been the problem.I was on warfarin for about 6 months and lovenox for 1 month.All of this happened in August 2008 and since then I’ve been found to have gallstones which is also relevant to the pill. I was blessed to have survived this detrimental incident.It has some long term side effects that people may not see NOW but will in the future. I would’nt recommend this pill for anyone! Now I cant take any birthcontrol that has hormones in it due to the fact that it will increase my chances of clotting again which could lead to numerous of things such as stroke,heart attack, or death! This pill has really changed my life.

  199. I hate yaz! My doctor gave it to me…why would a doctor give out yaz birthcontrol when its all over the internet talking bout killing people

  200. I was taking Ortho .0/35 for 8 years (since the age of 18) when the clinic I was going to decided to stop carrying these pills because of their lack of popularity at this specific clinic. I had no issues with these pills, they were great, however, because it was convenient to continue going to this clinic I had asked my doctor for another prescription that would be the same as the pills I was taking. He convinced me that tricyclen-lo would be fine so I took that for 6months and was incredibly moody the entire time….so again I went to the family doctor to ask for my old prescription back….He told me that since ortho 0.5/35 pills had been around for such a long time they were outdated and I should try something new. So he prescribed me Yaz….and thank god he only gave me 3 months worth!!! after about a month I noticed I was having little attacks (which I thought may be anxiety) I would get sharp pains in my chest followed by a heaviness and difficulty breathing..on a couple occassions I had more severe attacks with cold sweats and uncontrollable shaking… last week at work I had an attack so scary I called my husband to take me from work and bring me to the hospital…after an ecg and some bloodwork the only conclusion the hospital could come up with is that I have acid reflux (if I keep having attacks though I am going to have it looked into further)…but after reading all these symptoms that have caused more serious health problems in so many others I have decided to stop taking Yaz and go back to my tried and true Ortho 0.5/35 I really hope Bayer is forced to stop selling these pills….I did not feel right the entire 3 months I took them and cannot imagine what could have happened if I continued taking them.

  201. Ok! So I know there is a million posts on here, but ive been frustrated. So here it goes… My friend works in an physical rehabilitation center, and told me how a few weeks ago a new patient arrived in her facility. This women was 21 years of age, and became hospitalized from bloodclots consuming her whole body. It turned out that she has coded or died longer than 5 minutes, and was brought back by an EMT squad, and now remains in a vegitated state for the rest of her life. This was all because of YAZ. This brith control should be illegal not only in the United States but in every country. If we can’t trust BAYER to make a birth control that does not create DEATH, then why should we even trust there other products? Could those products like Asprin be causeing death too? Who knows for sure, because obviously we can’t trust them. If you can’t trust the producer then why be the consumer. Help get this DRUG off the market, so we aren’t dieing for a curupt business. This false advertisement should be illegal, and I don’t understand why the FDA hasn’t black marketed it yet. Tell me if we can’t trust our producers then why should we trust the FDA. If the FDA cared they would take it off the market and save some lives. It’s all about the money the producers do not care about the consumers, they just want your hard earned money.

  202. OMG.. This is crazy, i was lying in bed last night watching TV and i saw a lawyer ad about the fatal side affects of Yaz and Yasmin, and so i decided to google it, and now i am horrified after reading all these stories, i have been on Yasmin for about 7 months now, and have had major moods swings, and i also have been getting cysts that i have never had before, also i have been diagnosed with panic disorder, i have never had this before taking Yasmin. I am going to stop taking this pill, and hope that no other heath issues arise due to this terrible pill.

  203. i have been taking yaz for over 4 yrs without any side effects whatsoever! I also know that the pamphlet that comes w/ the Yaz states that it may increase the risk for the mentioned side effects, including DVT, PE,stroke,heart attack,etc.My gynecologist also made me aware of these side effects before i started taking Yaz. I also believe that most birth control pills/patches come with similar warnings/side effects. So, while I sympathize w/ those who have suffered from side effects, I do not believe that yaz failed to warn of these possible side effects and it was my choice, as well as yours, to make an educated decision to take this birth control despite the serious risks! I also believe that it does depend on the person as well as their lifestyle choices such as smoking/drinking, etc., as well as pre-existing medical conditions. For me, yaz has been great! And both of my sister’s who have taken yaz had no issues!

  204. Laura….
    I’ve been off of the pill since last August. And I know exactly what you mean. I’m experiencing a lot of the same thing and I’ve been with my boyfriend for about the same amount of time and he’s getting really tired of me being like this. He knows this isn’t me…

  205. I was taking Yaz for about 6 months because it was prescribed to me for my PMDD and i immediately became depressed, tired all the time, mood swings, I felt suicidal, I cried all the time and had increased anxiety big time. I would not recommend this birth control EVER!!

  206. Over the last year, I have had an increasing number of yeast infections which I thought were due to an extended course of antibiotics. A year ago, my doctor switched me to Ocella, the generic of Yaz/Yasmin, for moderate acne. After having as many as three yeast infections a month with little relief, another doctor noticed significant thinning of my vaginal wall and decided to prescribe me Premarin (I’m 24). The infections decreased in frequency, but the side effects from the Premarin were uncomfortable as well. After going to see a specialist, she informed me that I did not have a yeast infection during my visit. Which meant I was getting a new infection each month. After extreme frustration, I have decided that it is my birth control. I am young and otherwise healthy with no clear reason for monthy yeast infections. I use no scented products and am very careful to never introduce any lotions of any kind to that area of my body. The “rare” side effects of Ocella include severe inflammation of the vagina and severe yeast infections. I wish my doctors had taken more time to consider my question of “could this be my birth control?”. I was naive enough to think if it’s a rare side effect then it won’t happen to me.

  207. I have been taking YAZMIN & YAZ for at least 7 years now. My doctor has been prescribing the pill to be taken continuously; taking an active pill every day of the month to manipulate my cycle. A week ago I started having severe stabbing chest pains. I ended up in the ER with PULMONARY EMBOLISM; several blood clots in my lungs. I was hospitalized until my blood was thin enough to be released. I am now on Coumadin. I am having to get my INR levels checked weekly. My last check indicated the levels are too high; now putting me at risk for internal bleeding. I still have some pain and am dealing with headaches too. I worry constantly about what is happening inside my body with every pain I have. For those of you that are indicating that you love YAZ; a word of advice, I thought I did too. After several years though I find out it could have killed me. I had no way of knowing because my doctor wasn’t doing blood tests before each prescription written. I would suggest you have your doctor do blood tests before and during the time you take YAZ.

  208. Wow……reading all these stories is heartbreaking for me. I myself used to use yaz off and on. I used to suffer from shortness of breath on a regular basis, till I thought it was the norm to always be breathing in a paperbag! I decided to come off the yaz pill because I wanted one more baby and I was symptom free for three years of not being on yaz. After hearing all the horrible stories of yaz, even the recall which the whole world knew about, I decided that I would not EVER go back on yaz, so I tried a low dose Tri-regol, after one month of using I was sitting at my computer one late night and BAMN I couldn’t breathe again, after three years of not being on anything, different pill but same problem……..I thought I was going to die……..I will never take anymore contraceptives, they’re NOT WORTH IT!

  209. I have a history of depression that was well managed except for severe episodes around my period, so I took yaz. I just wanted to stop missing two or three days of classes every month. After four days of being on yaz I realized I was so depressed that I couldn’t leave my dorm room and was more suicidal than I had EVER been before. I stopped taking yaz. I then proceeded to have three periods in one month with all the accompanying depression. I ended up failing most of my classes and returning home to have my medication adjusted etc. I am so glad that I stopped taking yaz after four days. I’d hate to think what would have happened if I had taken it longer. This was over a year ago and I am still dealing with the psychological ramifications of FOUR DAYS on yaz. I did not ask my school doctor about yaz specifically, but was excited about it when she prescribed it because of all those commercials that said it could help with period related mood issues. Well, now I guess I just have to be thankful that I only took it for four days. My mom says that she told me to stop, I don’t really remember – its all a blur.

  210. I have been on Yaz for about 1.5 years and up until this last month I had not been having any issues. This past month I got my period two weeks into the pack, I have had really bad headaches, chest pain, and for as long as I can remember I have had to go to the bathroom very frequently. I contacted my doctor about the break through bleeding and she switched me to Yazmin in hopes of getting it to stop, but it has not helped.
    Until reading these posts I had not thought that my chest pain and headaches were at all related. I just assumed they were from stress or something like that. I didn’t want to be a hyper-condriac, but now I am starting to think they are related symptoms. My chest constantly feels like it is being squeezed. I have also experienced the decrease in sex drive and at times my vision gets blurred.

    I am going to contact my doctor tomorrow now that I know other people are experiencing the same issues.

  211. I can hardly believe what I’m reading. I thought I was alone in the symptoms I experienced. I saw a TV commercial about Yasmin’s effects and thought I should look up what people where saying about it. I didn’t expect to see so many people with the same less deadly symptoms I had. I took Yasmin from 2005 until 2009. It was prescribed to me for PCOS, and I was told it was the new wonder drug for people like me. At first it was fine, but then I started having the worst PMS of my life. I had never had PMS on any other pill I had taken. I asked to be taken off Yasmin and my doctors said it was the best pill to be on and that I should continue to take it. My mood just worsened. I had severe mood swings and would start crying for no reason. I’ve never been an overly emotional person in my life, but all of a sudden I would just burst out in tears. I would cry all day at work hoping no one would come into my office. I would cry all night and couldn’t sleep. I thought I was going crazy. I felt so out of control. My hair started falling out, I had no sex drive, and I started having terrible memory loss. Finally, I couldn’t take it anymore, and I had a phone appointment with my doctor. I cried while on the phone with her and I listed all the symptoms I was having. She told me she wanted to put me on an antidepressant, but I said no, I wanted off Yasmin. Finally, she told me that she had other patients who had also complained about mood swings and personality changes while one Yasmin. I changed my pills and all of a sudden all of my problems went away. I felt pretty much back to normal.

  212. I was diagnosed with Pulmonary Embolism after undergoing many different blood tests, spending two weeks in hospital and undergoing 3 different surgeries of which the last one was very truamatic because I had to undergo a Thoracotomy which is a huge operation whereby they cut a piece of your lung and send that away to test if you have lunch cancer. All these test came back negative with no cancer but in the end after the 5th Specialist I sawe they diagnosed me with Pulmonary Embolism and I am on Warfarin for life. I was on Yasmin for 5 years and it really messed up my lungs. I have several blood clots all over both my lungs and ended up in hospital after having sever chest pains and also first being sent away after receiving a morhpine injection and there after I was given more pain tablets and told I had inflammation in my chest muscles. It was truly a nightmare and for almost two months I face the fear of having lunch cancer because this is what most of the doctors thought it was. I never knew Yasmin cuased all these problems until reading all these articles now. I was diagnosed with Pulmonary embolism June 2009. This conctraceptive should be taken off the market right away if this is causing so many deaths in women and such serious illnesses. I was 31 when I was diagnosed and now 32 and still feel slight chest pains even though I have been taken off Yasmin December 2008. I go for bloodtests every 2nd week to check my INR levels and never really understood how dangerous this condtion is and how serious taking Warfarin is and how closely you need to be monitored.

  213. I took Yasmin birth control for about a year in Guatemala when the prescription I had from the US for Aviane ran out. In fall of 2006 I had a very unexpected kidney stone at the age of 27. the doctor had no idea what could have caused it. Getting health insurance since then has become more difficult.

  214. Having been on Marvelon for many years with no side effects at all, I developed extremely violent migraines that would require hospitalization & IV narcotics once a month. My doctor determined they were hormone related, normal (to some extent – not the pain though) & switched me to Yaz for a shorter period (as I have estrogen issues & my body was experiencing withdrawals the week of my period). I was on Yaz for 3 months. While I didn’t have a migraine while on Yaz (due to the 4 day period), the side effects started almost overnight.

    My breasts swelled up around 2 cup sizes, and I put on about 10lbs in about 2 weeks (despite no changes to diet or lifestyle). I started experiencing severe nightmares (if I could sleep at all), and started breaking out – which never even happened when I was a teenager. My hair started falling out in clumps, I was a nervous wreck & became overly sensitive & emotional. I also became severely depressed & suicidal.

    Everyone is different, and responds differently to medication. But people have to know of the risks, and be aware of the side effects. The 3 months I was on Yaz were awful, but after reading the posts on this page, I think I’m lucky that I was only on it for 3 months!

  215. My 20 year old daughter went to the emergency room this evening and they determined she had a TIA (mini-stroke). She is very healthy, doesn’t smoke and socially drinks and is in great shape. She has been taking Yaz for about a year and a half. They told her to get off of YAZ.

  216. My daughter is 16 years old had a rough last year. She is a well respected high school and club soccer player and considered a play maker in games. Her endurance went from playing the whole game to a max of about ten minutes per half. We were puzzled! The coach stopped playing her because she couldn’t catch her breath. We went multiple times to Kaiser to try and figure what was causing her breathing problems. Kaiser diagnosed her with asthma and gave a breathing inhaler with Buterol. We thought this was her problem. In a game after that, she couldn’t catch her breath during the game and we almost called 911 for her. A nurse at the game calmed her down and she was able to slowly get her breath back. She sat out the rest of that game and from that day on, the coach would only play her about 5 minutes per half. The breathing inhaler did nothing for her breathing problem. We kept telling her she wasn’t getting the inhaler deep enough in her lungs and she needed to breath deeper. She was so desperate to want to play, she was taking the inhaler way too much and doubling the doses, but nothing changed.

    Kaiser couldn’t figure it out and sent us to City of Hope to a specialist. They said nothing was wrong with her too, but she still couldn’t breathe more than about ten minutes of hard play. It wasn’t till my wife saw a clip on the news about Yaz birth control causing problems in young women. The clip didn’t say anything about respiratory problems, but we suspected it might be. My daughter started taking Yaz at Kaiser’s recommendation because she was constantly bleeding and they said Yaz would cause regularity for her. We went back to Kaiser after seeing this and asked could this be causing her breathing problems? They didn’t think so and said we could try another brand if we wanted. We decided to stop taking birth control all together and try to rule things out on our own without the doctors. It took a while for the Yaz to leave her body and start seeing any results. We now believe that Yaz was causing her breathing problems and she is slowly getting back to her normal health again. Her speed is coming back and her endurance is getting better too! She now is running track and is the fastest sprinter in the 100 yard dash. We’ll see if the soccer coach can get over this past season next year? The good news is she is getting back to her self with no apparent permanent damage. Her speed is back and her endurance is getting better and better. Be careful and watch your body for symptoms or changes if you are taking YAZ. If you read some of the stories on the internet, we could have ruined her health for ever and not even realized we were doing it to her! Scary when you think about it……..Dad

  217. I’m 20 years old, and I was on yaz/yasmin for a little over three years. Because of this pill I have developed focal nodular hyperplasia of the liver. I now have to live with a walnut sized mass on my liver for the rest of my life, and the uncomfortable pain that comes with it. This drug needs to be taken off the market so that no other woman has to deal with the horrible effects this pill can cause!

  218. Wow. It’s unbelievable how many horror stories there are! I was very recently put on Yaz after having mood swings and crazy hormones, and I IMMEDIATELY started having problems. I got a blinding headache one night and my husband had to help me to bed. It came from out of no where. Then came the worst yeast infection of my life. I am still having problems and no amount of prescription meds from the doctor are giving me any relief. I stopped taking Yaz 2 days ago and am FINALLY starting to feel a little better. I feel lucky I had problems early and not after something awful happened. Good luck to all you ladies out there. I think I’m going to stop taking birth control altogether for a while.

  219. Where to begin. Yaz has put a halt to my otherwise healthy 17 year old daughters life. She has been to countless specialists and doctors for symptoms ranging from left calf swelling with pain and numbness. She has also had vision problems, dizziness, and heart palpataions. High pulse has been a problem too. None of her problems started until she had been on Yaz for about 18 months or so. I took her off of Yaz when she had some of these problems 6 months ago. The symptoms pretty much disappeared. Doctors assured us it was fine, and they tested all the levels such as potassium. They said it must of been something else causing her problems. After trying other BC, she went back on Yaz thinking she would lose the weight she had put on from the others, and thinking maybe it was a fluke and the doctors were right. Within 2 months, all symptoms are back. We are heading to a hospital tomorrow because her symptoms are so severe, doctors here cannot figure out what is wrong. She has missed so much school and work, and has no social life anymore. The pain and swelling in her leg is daily and her vision is so off, she’s afraid to drive. She just got prescribed an anxiety med because this has really depressed her. I”M DONE. No more Yaz. She went off of it 2 nights ago, and guess what??? No swelling, pain, or numbness. Not one panic attack from the symptoms upsetting her. She’s only taken the anxiety med once, and can’t foresee her needing the hospital or meds now that she’s off of it. For those of you who say it’s not Yaz, we have went off of it twice, and both times, her symptoms disappeared.

  220. my doctor just put me on yaz today is it really that bad should i really be taking it

  221. I only started taking Yaz in January 2010. I am having terrible side effects: Mood swings, depression, insomina (hence me writing this at 4:30AM), cramping, and confusion.

    This pill needs to be taken off the market! It’s not fair that so many women are suffering.

  222. I’ve been on Yasmine for 2 years. Thank you to all of your comments, I have made the decision to stop taking it. Last summer I thought I had a stroke, and after MRI’s and numerous dr apts I was irritated that no one could pin down what the problem was. I told every dr that I was on Yasmine, hoping one of them would say “OH well thats an issue” but they didn’t so I continued to take it.

    Now, I’m dealing wth the headaches again and tingling in my hands and calf(legs), weight gain over this past year, pain in my chest, abs. I started taking Yasmine because my period were so heavy…I love it for all the positive things it does for me, but I have a daughter and husband that need me more. I do hope that Bayer will take this product off the market until it can prove it is safe.

  223. i have been on yaz for 2 years now and i didnt start feeling anything until recently. i have been getting sick and stomach pains and eally high blood pressure

  224. I had been on yaz for a year and had to have an emergancy extracton of my gall bladder. i had contacted the lawyers from the commercial and they are taking this very seriously. if you have had a problem with this drug, theyll help you do something about it. lets get it off the market before more women you and old have to suffer too.

  225. im really freaking out now. ive seen the commercials for this on tv but i never realized how many people this has happened to & the severity. me & my bestfriend both took yaz for about 9 months. she started having what her doctor told her were panic attacks & she had never had any issues before. she stopped taking the bc but the symptoms continued. sometimes it gets so bad she said there is numbness & like a burning in her head & she feels shes gonna pass out. when i took yaz they also said i was having panic attacks but i really worried about anything, they would just come out of nowhere and they still do. like i feel like i cant catch my breath from doing lil things like making the bed. im 18 years old. & everytime ive had my pulse takin since then it has no lower than 117 at the most 132. i also get lightheaded all the time and dizzy. this went on for a few months and then i started vomiting really bad like at least once a month & it would last for a week at a time & i could not hold anything down, not even water. i had to go to the ER numerous times because of this, it made me miss so much school where eventually i was so far behind i quit. & a few weeks after the first time i got sick i was extremly tired & weak, i would sweat at night, & i had severe mood swings & anger. they did tons of test to see what was wrong & couldnt find out. they put me through an MRI to find out i had multiple cyst on my neck. they never told me why i was so weak & tired…im terrified after reading this. there is so many things that has been happening to me & i had no idea why but now reading this it all makes sense. im still tired all the time no matter how much sleep i get & also from being sick so much i lost 20 pounds and now people think im on drugs or i have an eating disorder & it drives me crazy! & to the comment above me, NO, DO NOT TAKE THIS BC!!!

  226. I am 17 years old and i started talking yaz birth control when i was 14 years old. I stopped it when i was 16 because our insurence did not cover it anymore. I had no problems when i took it between 14 and 16, yes i suffer from anxiety and depression and i have had anxiety attacks and struggles because of that. I do now blame yaz for my depression or anxiety because there is a history of it in my family and there were many other things going on in my life that were the cause of my depression. I have tried many other birth controls and none of them have been good they all make me sick and feel horrible i cant take them for more than a week. So i started yaz again because my insurence covers it again. I started it fully knowing all of the potential problems and warnings that were out. I have been on it again for about a month i ahd no problems in the past and none yet. Yes i am scared but how do we all know for sure that this is coming from this pill ?? … These doctors are giving them out to people and then when they get sick going back and saying that its the culprit of there sickness. Well why are they giving them out in the first place if they know they are causing seriouse problems. Are we jus one big science experiment? …… I have horrible anxiety about taking pills and i don think anyone should say anything about the pill unless they know 150 percent it is the cause of there problems cause your worrying people and causing those with anxiety worse anxiety. I feel bad for those who are hurt though and i am completey healthy and i guess we’ll see if anything happens to me …. i can only pray to god to keep me healthy and strong unless i decide to go off this pill and try another. Which i am not too willing cuz ive tried so many and it jus keeps messing with my period and its not good for you to go on and off so much

  227. I am correcting myslef on saying i do now blame yaz for my depression i ment to say (I DO NOT BLAME YAZ FOR MY DEPRESSION)

  228. It just blows my mind to read all of these horrific stories. I am 36 on YAZ for 2 yrs and was just diagnosed with having multiple gallstones and need to have my gallbladder removed. I was told 8 months ago by the ER quack that I was merely having panic attacks/anxiety. So here I am thinking i am having panic attacks and or anxiety when my gallbladder is completely infected with gallstones and has been for some time now. Besides the gallbladder I was told that I need to have my liver looked at due to AST & ALT levels are too high. Chalk it up to one more thing I have to deal with “THANX TO YAZ”. My husband pretty much thought i had become a hypochondriac. I was always complaining about something not feeling right or not feeling good. It was unlike me to be so tired and grumpy all the time. Now I know why, and it’s a relief to know I’m not losing my mind or becoming that hypochondriac. The pain I feel and experience on a daily basis is from those crappy little expensive pills. Thank You to my friend who told me to read up on the YAZ. She may have inadvertently saved my life..

  229. I have been dealing with the effects of Yasmin for 1.5 years now. Started experiencing persistent nausea, dizziness, abdominal pain, fatigue, diarrhea, fever/chills, etc. After too many tests, sick leave from work, 2 gastroenterologists who chalked it up to IBS, I changed family doctors and was assessed with gallbladder disease. 3 weeks have passed since my surgery and the abdominal pain is gone, but the persistent nausea and flushing are still present. I was a healthy young woman until I started taking Yasmin. While I was only on it for 1 year, I know it has directly caused my health issues. I am on long-term disability and am hoping to recover my health in the months ahead. It is important to find a doctor who won’t dismiss that Yasmin is the cause, and who will stay curious until your health has recovered. I read the warning signs and have never had a poor experience with birth control. My health has completely deteriorated by using this drug, and it has wrecked my body’s functioning. My heart and prayers go out to those who are dealing with health struggles related to this medication. I am joining a class action lawsuit because I am concerned about the long-term effects of this drug on my health and my ability to earn a living.

    I would love to hear any stories about people who have recovered their health after a long illness due to this drug.

  230. well I had my second son in 2006, as soon as I could I went on birth control. While I am on YAZ and all other oral contrceptives I get headaches, so my doc said that this would be better. I had no problems, but in 2009 I had my gall bladder removed. I never had stomach problems before, and I was only on it for 6 months or less. I was curios is Yaz responsible for my problem?????

  231. OMG this is crazy hearing these stories my doctor just put me on this birth control and I was suppose to start my first one sunday iam scared I cannot why would a doctor put people . On this oh no i will not take this pill you can die off this

  232. I’ve been on Yazmin for 4-5 years and never had any side effects except for maybe a little weight gain. I’ve tried maybe 6-7 pills in my life, and most of them made me gain a lot of weight, excessively nauseous, and moody as all can be. The benefits of Yazmin were great. My menstrual cramps were way less severe, my skin was acne free, and my excessive hair growth stopped while I was on Yazmin. Also, the pill did not alter my mood. My insurance company does not cover Yazmin now so I had to try another pill this month since Yazmin is 53$ a month, and now i’m having a lot of bloating, nausea, and and spotting on this new pill.

  233. I have only been taking Yaz for 16 days and for the past 8 I have felt like I need to vomit constantly. Around days 9 and 10 I was very emotional and would cry at the drop of hat. I still am more emotional than normal. I thought that the sick to my stomach feeling was just my body adjusting to the hormones so I googled Yaz and I found all these postings. I am going to finish this pack and switch back to my previous method which is NuvaRing.

  234. I have been on YAZ for four years to regulate my periods. Out of the blue last month I started bleeding real bad, heavy, with black dark red blood clots. I’m also on my third period this month with the same problem. Last night I had a headace soo bad that I couldn’t hold my head up. I just passed out. I’m going to the doctor next week to have these out of the blue signs checked out. I I had a miscarrige back in 07 and the bleeding is that bad also I’ve been very light headed, and dizzy for the past two months my legs have been going numb a lot and I’m having a hard time breathing latly. Reading all of this scares me dearly. I’m not on any other meds and never had any of these problems before. I have another bad headace tonight. I hope I’m okay and YAZ could be the only reason bc I also have no family history. My husband and family are freaking out bc they know about all of these out of the blue problems.

  235. I just started the YAZ pill on monday and it’s the first pill I’ve taken in years due to history of over emotional sideaffects.
    I thought that I had heard about a recall on it and was surprised when it was given to me by my OBG. it’s been 4 days and I’ve noticed a heavy breathing pain in my chest and I have broken out around my mouth (never had acne ever!), I also may be spotting a bit. I am a heavy smoker too which scares me more but if this pill can cause these affects in only 4 days that’s something powerful and not worth the expiremental 1st month

  236. I have been taking YASMIN for bout month an half, I work a stressful job and very hard job. I am active at my job, since starting this bcp I have had dizzy spells, tired and hard time breathing. I was given this by my OBGY and had asked about these side effects and informed them that I had received them in my email, he said no worries I will be fine. Will I? I think common sense is to stop which I will and as well I hadn’t had a YEAST INFECTION for over 8 yrs and I had gotten one and still hasn’t gone away. I am stopping these bcp’s so I have no further problems I have five children I need to be healthy for and be here for……………..

  237. I have been taking Ocella for about 4 months already and i havent felt any side effects but recently i went with a different doctor to get my prescription and he said that he didnt recommend this brand. He told me that it was causing many deaths and that it will be taken off the market so he couldnt prescribe it anymore. My concern now is big because now I am scared to continue ocella and after this month i have to start a new one and i am kind of scared because i do not know if the new one is a good one or not. I trust the doctors to give me the right one and if i am told its being taken off the market becuase since it came out it has been causing deaths the why are they still being prescribed. Now i am gonna start taking Loestrin24Fe can anybody tell me if you have heard anyhting about this pill (birth control)?

  238. i had been on yasmin for about a year for acne control..it was ok at first, it controlled my acne….so i was happy….
    but i started having sudden difficulty breathing but also disappears immediately so i dont really pay much attention to it..what i really noticed was i had frequent headaches and i am so dry and literally have no sex drive…it would hurt when having sex due to severe dryness..that i would even make excuses to my fiancee not to do it….
    i had to stop using yasmin when i went to US on Jan 2010 bec i have no prescription to be able to buy it…but what happened to me was very depressing to me…
    i started having hot flushes frequently..and had severe acne breakouts all over my head, face, chest, and back…i never had this case of acne problem before..if i would have pimples it would on only be max of 4 medium sized pimples that would easily go away with topical creams…but now it just keeps on coming out!
    also during my last period on may 31 2010, i suddenly felt severe headache and was nauseated…the first day of my period very little came out but on th 2nd day it seems like all blood coming out of me with big blood clots… during the time im off with yasmin i also had patellar tendon estentopathy w/c is a kind of tendinitis..there was a time that i couldnt even stand up from too much pain on my knees…i was on naproxene for 2 wks w/c made me gain a lot of weight bec you have to eat a fuul meal when taking the med or you will get GI problems..my ortho doc mentioned in passing that this may be caused by hormonal imbalance…
    the only good thing that happened when i was off yasmin was my sex drive came back..
    now looking back, i realized that it was the pill YASMIN!!! IT MUST BE THE CAUSE OF ALL MY PROBLEMS BEC I WAS OK BEFORE TAKING THIS PILL!
    but now i feel that I am helpless…my new OBGYNE told me that i need t be back on pills to control my hormonal imbalance…yo control the acne breakouts and all the other things i felt when off the pill..she initially prescribed YASMIN! Since i had a gut feeling that it caused everything i asked for another pill and she prescribed LUTERA…but i dont know anymore what to take or if i should even take pills!..my ortho doc said that there is no guarantee that my knee problem will disappear..it may but it may also come back…

  239. I am 26 years old and this pill has put me through an absolute physical nightmare. The first year on the pill I felt fine and it helped my skin become really clear. Then, about a year in, I started noticing subtle changes – I was exhausted, moodier, etc. After about 2 years, I started having very severe stomach problems. I missed a month of work, was in horrible pain, had countless tests, only to find out “nothing was wrong”. After going off of the pill, most of my stomach problems stopped, however, going through the withdrawal of YAZ is a nightmare that I am still dealing with 3 months later. I have spent thousands of dollars working with a naturopathic doctor who is helping me get over the symptoms. I would advise everyone to GET OFF this pill or never go on it.

  240. well…i just had a baby 2mths ago n decided that id start back my BC …so i decided to take yaz only because ive heard great things about it…i used to take yasmin before i got pregnant but my last set i took before i stopped it i discovered that i had a lump on my right breast,..i dont know if the cause of the lump was the yasmin. i already bought the yaz just haven’t started it yet,im waiting for my next period to start it..but now im unsure and uncertain and very worried about the risks….should i take it? i don’t know……somebody out there please give me the best advice..let me know wat to do!!

  241. I have taken Yaz for a few years now. I switched to it after the Patch, that was also removed from the market. With both, I never experienced any problems. I love Yaz. With it I have very little cramps, moodiness or any symptoms during my cycle. I hope the families affected can be compensated and taken care of, and more tests done on the pill.

  242. I have been on Yaz a little over a year. I gained a little weight but I’m not sure it has anything to do with the pill. I have, however, with no warning and no apparent reason, had 4 kidney infections in the span of 4 months. My hospital bills are terrible, after reading this, I think it’s related to the pill, as I have never had kidney issues before.

  243. I was on Yaz for 2 years. Never had a single problem. Switched to a different pill because Yaz was getting more expensive.

  244. I’ve been sick for two years…. almost the entire time I’ve been on Yaz. I didn’t notice anything for the first 4 or 5 months… I even lost weight. A girl I lived with several years and two kids ago noticed me being skinnier than ever. I didn’t realize it. I had three kids total and was 28… had a body of a 20 year old and was loving life. Then, I got mono. I gained weight and had all kinds of other problems. I blamed them on the mono – but they persisted and doctors said the mono should do all that to me. It shouldn’t stick around that long. I realized its YAZ that has sabotaged my muscle tone, my weight (gain), my bladder (recurrent bladder infections to the point its really inflamed.. Dr said maybe interstitial cystitis.) Also, I get chest pains, anxiety, my heart races.. dizziness.. no sex drive… losing pigment in tiny spots all over…. melasma on my face…. and my immune system is completely gone. Some of this may be due to mono, but that was in early 2008! I’ve been off Yaz for almost 2 months. I have been feeling like I’m dying… crashing… detoxing like another user said. I haven’t lost any weight yet. I think this drug takes a while to get out of your system. YAZ is dangerous and shouldn’t be on the market. I think pharmaceutical companies are in conspiracy… we take one medicine that causes 15 other issues that all will need medication. More money for them. NO MORE!!! I won’t take birth control ever again.

    I am researching and getting bloodwork this week, because I do think there is a link between this medicine and thyroid issues :(

  245. I usually have severe cramps during my periods, so my doctor recommended Yaz. I had seen all the commercials, and even spoken to my husband about taking it before; he didn’t want me to. I mentioned this to my doctor, and she stated that other companies were just slandering Yaz because it was #1 selling birth control brand when it first came out, and that it’s a good drug. Today was my 5th day taking it, my lymph nodes under my arms are completely swollen and sore, dreadful muscle and headaches, and a little nausea. My eyes are struggling with contacts..At first I thought maybe the swollen lymph nodes/lumps under my arms could be something else, but I had a completely normal pap smear and checkout and was feeling perfectly fine last week. Coincidental? I think not! All of this in not even a week and now I am feeling HORRIBLE. Maybe Yaz is for some people, as we all react differently-but definately not for me!!

  246. Iwas on yasmin for8 years, never had a problem. Switched to loestrinor 6 months b/c of sll the bad media about yasmin/yaz. Had the worst exerience w/ loestrin, so i’m back on yasmin. They all have side effects and everyone reacts diffent to differnt hormones

  247. I started taking YAZ about 3 years ago. I did fine on it for about the first year, but after having some beak through bleeding, I switched to YAZMIN & then to Ocella. For about 2 1/2 years I was taking one of the three. Then, the weekend of my 22 birthday, I got sick. I thought it was just something I ate, but it lasted 4 days. I couldn’t keep anything down, I was dehydrated, weak, & costantly nauseated. Finally, ON my 22nd birthday, I was admitted to the hospital for dehydration. After a bag of IVs & hardcore nausea I was feeling better so I was sent home. 2 days later I underwent a test Using nuclear medicine where I laid under a machine, motionless for 2 hours & watched my liver & galbladder slowly light up on a screen. The next day, I got a call saying my galbladder was only functioning at 15%. The next day, on Feb. 11th, during the largest snow storm Dallas, TX. has seen in MANY years, I had my galbladder removed. I’m a small person. Considering my age & weight, my galbladder shouldn’t have failed. I was constantly nauseated for the next 4 months. I am just now getting back to my normal life, but I still can’t eat my favorite foods, & probably never will be able to. Doctors still won’t admit this birth control is the reason my galbladder failed, probably to avoid being pulled into a lawsuit. However, all have agreed that with my previous good health, small stature, & young age, my galbladder shouldn’t have failed. I’m shocked this drug is still on the market & still being perscribed. The last several months-year have ruined my life. My entire life has changed, if I eat too much something that my body can’t deal with I end up throwing up ALL night. Basically, when I get sick from food now I’m stuck in my house, in bed all night, sick as a dog.

  248. i started taking yasim at age 14 and was switched to yaz by the time i was 16. never had a problem. now im 22 and have had my gall bladder removed at age 21. from 18 to 21 i was in and out of the hospital for stomach problems, vomitting, diarieh, blood in stool the whole nine. always sent home with pain meds and a diet to follow to prevent my stomach problems. i spent a week in the hospital having series of serious attacks in my stomach doubled over gasping for air. never in my life felt pain like that before. they did MORE tests after a week went by they came back and said ok we need to take out your gall bladder and put me into emergency surgery SAME DAY! and spent another week in the hospital. i stopped taking yaz shortly after…nobody ever told me that yaz could do this or have this affect on me. it caused me to have to withdraw from school cause i was out for so long…. this pill eff’edme up. i hope that it gets banned and nobody else has to go threw any of these possible symptoms. im just grateful for it not being as bad as it could have been. many people died. my suguestion, get a lawyer, i did! god bless everyone!

  249. I have been taking Yasmin for over 7 years and have had no side effects. I was on two other types of birth control that were not “agreeing” w/my body and after switching to Yasmine I’ve had no negative side effects and has helped the issues I was having w/the other birth controls… I hope I dont have any side effects, but I also think it has to do w/the person & how their body reacts to it… everyones body reacts differently to so many things.

  250. Oh my goodness. Reading all of this is overwhelming and saddening. I’m so sorry to all of you who have gone through all this crap, especially you other young girls. 50 women have died and it hasn’t been taken off the market? That’s ridiculous. Their commercials make them seem all nice and safe. I was prescribed it today for my acne. But I already suffer from depression and anxiety, and am on all kinds of other stuff for that. I don’t need more of it. I’m so glad I looked it up before taking it. Last year I was presribed some other kind and it caused severe panick attacks. And I know panick attacks. These scared me. I stopped those right away. Keep sharing your stories women. They need to be taken off.

  251. I started taking Yaz and Yazmin about 8 yeras ago, and on February 15, 2010 @ the age of 34, I suffered a cerebial stoke!! Yes, a stroke, come to fing out I have a Thrombosis Blood Clot in both my right and left carodit arteries. I really would like to research this, because I have to be on blood thinners for the rest of my life.

  252. In dec, 2007 I started taking yasmin. In Aug, 2008 my insurance made me switch to ocella. At that point I started with break through bleeding in my period lasting 17 days straight. Nov,2008 I had extreme pains in my stomache when ever i ate. I went to the emergency room after a week an a half of the stomache pain. I had a ct scan they found a cyst on my ovary it was small and broke down with in the next week. December 2008 my gyno switched me to another birth control becasue of the cyst. I went through tons and tons of testing for almost a year to figure out what was wrong with my stomache. three months after the pain started I had drank a beer, and vomited green bile every fifty feet while walking the distance of a mile. It still hurts every time i eat. The doctors didnt know what was wrong but i am going to bring up this coincodince with them to see if it could possibly be because of this.

  253. my daughter started taking yaz about 4 years ago,should have seen the early side effects.she was a perfectly healthy girl never sick.she started with headaches,then a year later got knee pains we thought it was from her basketball playing.here we are 4 years later this beautiful 20 yo who has been finally diagnosed with crohns.No family history at all.she will now have to be on humerra for the rest of her life giving herself a shot:( YAZ is bad in the long run

  254. I recieved a sample pack of Yaz from my physician to treat PMDD, I wasnt even finished with the pack and started experiencing shortness of breath and chest pains, I collapsed and was taken by ambulance to the hospital and was diagnosed with pulmonary embolism, I also had several other things that may be yaz related that was found. I would not recommend anyone taking this product, I am only 41 and was in good health up to that day. I am still experiencing chest pains and hoping that my children dont end up without a mother because of this.

  255. After i got on Yasmin, i immediately started getting sick, and was sick for several months before going into the doctors, where i found out i now have a gallbladder disease. No one is quite sure if its due to the birth control pills or if its due to something else, but there is a great chance it is beacuse of Yasmin. I recommend that everyone should stay away from these birth control pills.

  256. I have been taking Yaz since October 2008. I felt fine and was happy until May of this year. On May 22 I passed out during church and had a mild twitching session (not a full seizure and I woke up quickly unlike people with full seizures). I went to the doctor that week and they couldn’t find any reason I would have passed out. Since then I have had headaches and nausea nearly every day. I thought at first that I might be pregnant, but I have had my May, June, and July periods. I also took two pregnancy tests (one in early July and one in late July), both came back negative. I have also been having pain in my chest, under my right shoulder blade, my right lower rib area, and my pelvic area. I have had muscle spasms (sometimes painful) all over my body.

    I have a difficult time getting into the mood when my boyfriend wants to make love. He knows what turns me on and even my favorite things don’t do anything for me. And two weeks ago I began feeling a little depressed.

    I am not ruling out the fact that some of this might be psychological, that I might be making these things happen to me. But could these be related to Yaz? I saw that a lot of women didn’t experience their symptoms until a year into the pill.

    I don’t know. I am thinking about going to talk to my doctor about the possibility of Yaz causing my pain.

  257. My aunt was taking this pill for about a year. She started having very bad pains one day and was rushed too the hospital. The next day she passed away from a pulmonary embolism at only 36. I dont like this pill and thse of you who havent had any problems thats veryyyy good to hear. If you ever change your mind and want to switch pills. Loestrin is a great pill. I gives you very light pills and you dont get cramps. I would deff consider your selves lucky. Its a terrible thing to lose some one too something you thought was helping you. Please if you stay on this pill stay aware of your syptoms and go get checked out if they get worse. I couldnt imagine anyone going threw my familys loss. :(

  258. ok so ive only been taking this pill for 3 months. im only 18 i have not had a period in 2 months and before that my period went for 18 days and it was heavy!!! i hate this pill! i only took it because i had a 3 pound cyst and 7 in long and now today is my 3rd day not taking the pill and ive got huge headaches and it sucks. but its better then being moody all the time and wanting to either yell at someone or cry over nothing and this makes me have more cramps and nausious… also i cant even eat some of the same foods anymore because they make me sick. i have to eat cold foods like cereal or gummies. if anyone isnt on it yet take it from everyone u had read a review from if u dont want to get pregnant and ur my age the use a condom much less side affects.

  259. I started taking YAZ after the birth of my second child, and I didn’t notice anything for the first few months. Then I was starting to have a lack of sex drive, crying over everything, night sweats, etc. I decided not to switch contraceptives because I thought it might improve, thought it might be just the change in hormones after having a child. I took another contraceptive after my first child and never had issues. As the months have gone on, I basically have a nonexistent sex drive, I am moody, anxious, and the night sweats have gotten worse, it’s like I’m menopausal at twenty two. I started having extreme pain in my abdomen at least 3 nights a week, sometimes more. It would keep me awake for hours sometimes. I finally went to the emergency room yesterday because the pain was unbearable, and found out I have gallstones, and need my gallbladder removed. If they want to leave YAZ on the market, thats fine, but women should be warned that these side effects are obviously COMMON side effects, so that those who choose to take this are doing so at their own risk. I had obviously heard about the heart attack and stroke risk, as with every oral contraceptive, but I had no idea I could end up going through this kind of pain, and then having to have surgery to remove my gallbladder.

  260. LOVE Yasmin! been on it for almost 2 years now and compared to other birth control pills, i have had almost no side effects! love how it makes me feel and it must depend on the person…when i first started yasmin i did have headaches for a month,but once my body got used to it..NADA..just depends on the person..

  261. I currently have a period about every 30 to 32 days (if I count 1st day to 1st day) and usually none to mild cramping on the day before starting. I have noticed becoming moody lately the week before my period but thinking it is stress. I have also had a bit af acne problems here and there. (maybe again stress) I have been on a type of birth control once before and no side effects( other then husband said I was moody and had a low sex drive) that was years ago though and now after two kids I was considering it again. My OB/GYN has prescribed YAZ to me for birth control. I was told to wait and start the Sunday after my next period so I have been waiting about 2 1/2 weeks and was planning on filling my first prescription today to begin tomorrow. I was told that I am a good candidate since I have not had issues with birth control before (even though I have only tried one kind and only for one year) and my body has handled hormones well with having my two kids. But after reading off this site….. being blessed with farely easy periods, I feel that risking all that has been mentioned above is too much for me. I would rather risk having another child then risk creating health problems or worse die. To each her own, though! My husband and I have been using condoms and though I hate the dryness of them, I think that it will continue to be my birth control method. As for my acne and moodiness. I think I will try changing my diet first to see if that will help. I prefer to try a more natural approach to things if possible. I am sorry for the complications that you all have gone through and I am glad that I did some research before trying this drug. Just like many above have mentioned, with all drugs come risks. I just hope that anyone else will way their risks to see if it is worth it to them. Who knows, this may have been the perfect solution for me. I am a heathly 27 year old, though, and prefer not to tempt fate! Blessings!

  262. In 2004, I started taking Yasmin to regulate me. I was on it for one year and I ended up in the emergency room due to a cyst bursting my stomach that wasnt there before. There is no pain like that pain. They found 3 more that had not yet ruptured. When removing the other 3 cyst there was trouble. The cyst wrapped around one of my ovaries and tied themselves in a knot. There was only one way to get them out. I had to lose part of an ovary.

  263. First of all i would lile to say that every time you get prescribed a medicine, you have to read the booklet it comes with it. Lets see what Yaz booklet say, just flow this link. http://www.yaz-us.com/consumer/using_yaz/what_to_expect.jsp
    Second, while reading all tbese posts, so many things botheres me. Like terrible grammar, for example. Or, oh my god, i googles Yaz, and miracle happened – i realized it was bad for me! If you read the booklet you should have known if it is safe to take yaz or not. The link above gives you a full list of things that can potentially increase the risk. Not only ypur doctor, but you yourself are responsible for what is happeing with you. You have to remember that you are taking synthetic hormones that, of course, will mess you up in one way or another. Those of you who are not experiencing any side effect – you will. Sonner or later.
    I am myself was one of you. A few days ago i stopped taking yaz, because i felt like something is not right. Not just a breast lump, or UTI, but i juat felt like i have to stop taking it. So i advise all of you, no matter what BC it is, if you dont feel right, just stop taking it.
    Every time you see a doctor, any kind of a doctor, even if it is a dentist, you have to let them know that you are on yaz.
    Watch your diet. And take care of your mental health, too. And rememeber, YOU made the choice to go on that pill. And no one ever told you not to stop.

  264. *Edit: sorry for typos. I was typing from a phone with touch screen.

  265. I have been on YAZ for almost 2 months. I was prescribed it for my bad body acne.
    Since I have been on it, I have had unexplained bouts of stomach pains, muscle pains, constipation, I have been bed written for 3 days not being able to move, hard to breath and very crampy. and the worse is acid reflux.
    Has anyone else experienxed ACID REFLUX on this? I haven’t had it for about 4 years since i went off the pill DIANE 35 before trying to have a child. So now im starting to think that both these pills have caused the acid reflux. I think im going to stop this pill next month and see how it makes me feel.

  266. My doctor put me on Yasmin to prevent future cyst. I took all the precautions. I read the booklet they gave me and I went by my doctors word. She recommended it and said it was the best idea since she previously removed a cyst and my stomach. I was clear of them and she didnt want more forming. After I learned of the new cysts, I had them taken out and immediately switched to a new pill. It’s been years and I havent had a cyst since.

  267. It completely BLOWS me away that this “pill” is still available !!! How many horror stories to they need to hear in order to have the dam thing pulled from the shelves??? My God,are they waiting until some poor kid trying not to get pregnant dies from this??? HELLO,time to wake up BAYER !!!! A VERY concerned parent

  268. I was on YAZ a few years ago before I had my baby, now my child is one and I am back on YAZ but am not liking it…I seem to be getting two periods a month one a lot lighter than the other and very moody. I am very concerned after reading all of everyones comments. I am going to find a new pill but what is a good one?

  269. Thank-you all for posting your comments. My 17 year old daughter was just about to start taking yaz, but no way will I let that happen now. She starting taking BC about a year ago and first used Tri-Sprintec which was suppose to help with her acne. Her acne cleared up but she also gained about 20 lbs. She then switched to Levora and has been taking this for approx. 6 months. On Levora she lost the weight and her acne was still doing good however she was experiencing severe cramping during her periods and the week before. I am now going to request that she be prescribed Loestrin24-FE. Which is not noted to help with acne, however I myself took Loestrin24-FE for over 20 years (before, in between and after 2 pregnancies) and never had any problems. In fact it resulted in having shorter periods with less bleeding. I also did not gain any weight on it.
    Everyone is different but I believe that many of the problems women experience on BC are related to the hormone levels being to high. It used to be believed that breast cancer was caused by the hormone levels being to high but I do not know what the current scientific data is on this topic. Loestrin24-FE was reccomended to me specifically because the estrogen level is low and therefore it should not cause the standard symptoms associated with many of the other BC pills.
    Whatever you choose to take, trust your own judgment as to what symptoms you are experiencing and follow-up if you think something is wrong.

  270. I took yaz for about 2 years and probably have been off it for about two years. It all makes sense now…I started getting migraines which I still get today and I have had two serious kidney infections that i had to be hospitalized for within a year of eachother

  271. I have been on yaz for more then a year now & it is great. but after reading all of this i have realized that i have alot of the same symptoms. Back pains , head ache, tired all the time, very bitchy , dont ever want sex anymore , recently been diagnosed with cervical cancer and now i just heard it can cause you to NEVER HAVE KIDS . I am 17 an i want kids in about a year or 2. An all i want in life is 3 kids n have a happy family. Being on yaz is a damn mistake. Doctors are to stupid to reasliz this. I also have been super depressed for no reason , cry for nothing , my chest always hurts , i cant breath from simply watching a movie , ill be happy but then mad the next minuete , i have NO energy , i used to eat all the time an now i barely do. I weigh about 120 an my weight is dropping one week an back up the next , and i tend to forget what i had done the day before. i forget what im talkiong about in mid sentence. its bulllll shit. Oh and i DO NOT SMOKE SO WHAT THE HELLL

  272. I started taking Yaz at a 18 and I loved this medicine. About a year later I started to get really really sick. I had headaches, vertigo, nausea, and I could barely get out of bed. This went on for months and my doctors kept giving me antibiotics because they thought I had a sinus infection. Eventually it got worse and I went to see an ear, nose, and throat doctor and he sent me in to get a MRI to see what was wrong. The day I got my results I went to the ER with a deep vein thrombosis in my brain. I was told that I could have easily had a stroke. I am now on coumadin for life. I have to go to the clinic to have my blood levels checked every week almost because coumadin is hard balance your levels to keep you at a safe level. This is not genetic and I do not smoke. If I ever want to have a child I have to plan it carefully because you can not take coumadin while pregnant, instead you have to take painful shots of expensive lovenox every day. Please be careful to consider the consequences of taking this drug or a drug like this.

  273. I took yaz or yazmin back in 2003 after i had my child i had the pills first but they was making me bleed way to much i had a period every other week and they were so bad i had to call my docter because i was loosing a lot of blood so he started me on the patch and the patch after about 14 days made me so sick and weak i could barely get up and i know that something was not right so i used them for like 3 weeks then i just stopped using them and felt better after that so i know it was the patch it felt like a blood clot was forming in my lungs because when i put it on my lower stomach or back it made me feel like it was just sucking my blood in that spot

  274. I was on Yaz for one year, in that one year I lost my gall bladder, i had swollen ankles for 5months, a body rash that noone could explain that came and went for one year, i had an eye inflammation, and since then i have lost my 20/20 vision–i am now near sighted and still sensitive to the sun. Doctors couldnt explain and no tests could give any answers just that it seemed as if though i had an auto-immune disease. since getting off the pill i have never felt better! without a doubt i know it was the birthcontrol. I want justice.

  275. I cannot say for sure IF Yaz is responsible, BUT my 17 year old daughter, otherwise a very healthy active young woman, has been on Yaz for the last few months for menstrual regulation issues. Last week she was on the treadmill which is usual for her, and after her cardio session, she went into SEVERE bilateral hip pain. She is now at home in a wheel chair with what the emerg Docs say is a musculoskeltal issue. She is on pain management as well, (Morphine) for this severe pain. Whats with this??? Makes No sense to me or my wife . Not impressed and very concerned here. Having read all these comments in this article, I felt the NEED to add our experience as well.

  276. I live in South Africa and have been on Yaz for a year and a half and was hospitalized for kidney stones on 8 September 2010. The urologist that treated me was very confused, because no one in my family has ever had a kidney stone or any other kidney problem before and I got it completely out of the blue. I too have been suffering from dizziness, shortness of breath, heart palpitaions, chest pains and sharp pains in my lungs. I too thought I was becoming a hypochondriac until reading all the stories posted here. I asked my ob/gyn about the side effects when he first put me on Yaz and he told me that it was one of the best. Clearly he has no clue about what is actually happening as a result of taking this drug. I am appalled that any doctor would recommend this drug and that this drug is still on the market after all the controversy surrounding it. I am changing my pill IMMEDIATELY and i am going to warn every woman I know against this terrible drug. I wish everyone all the best with their recoveries from the illnesses they have incurred whilst on YAZ!!!

  277. I went on Yasmin August of 2004 to treat polycystic ovaries at age 40. It took care of the PCOS and made my periods very light and regular. I didn’t have any noticable side effects or problems for years until about the last 5-6 months. I think just getting older and my body accumulating the effects started me having problems. The first thing I noticed was my blood pressure got higher and actually spiked at my doctors visit to 190/90. I also noticed bouts of anxiety, anger and heart palpitations. And occasionally I had lower back pain (possibly kidney problems). After reading everyone’s posts I now can relate these problems to the yasmin. I was about to ask doc for another pill that may help with my high blood pressure when I happened on this website. I am now pill free for the past week and feel much better.

    Having the freedom of being on the pill is not worth wondering if I too will develop a serious and life threatening problem in the future. I do agree with many of the people that posted about not having symptoms and that it must depend on the person. I have read alot on blood type and figure that being a blood type O we have less problems with blood clotting. In fact, hemophyliacs are blood type O, so it would figure that we would be less likely to have a blood clot occur. Just a thought…

  278. My 14 year old daughter had severe ovarian cysts. The dr put her on Yaz. She complained frequently of headaches, upset stomach, and moodiness on it. Went off for a while, had another cyst, so was put back on. At 16 (after a year of trying to find out what was wrong) she had to have her galbladder removed due to advanced galbladder disease. She was a healthy, active teenager and lost 20 pounds during this, looked emaciated. Dr.s kept arguing it could not be galbladder due to her good health and weight. Thank you yaz.

  279. I am curious to know if there is a blood type link with this medication. I’ve read almost the entire page, and there are a handful of people that have had NO problems whatsoever, although they are completely in the minority. Type O blood is the thinnest, so I’m wondering if people with O type do OK, whereas the A, the B and the AB are thicker naturally, so I wonder if those that have had strokes are of the AB types…?
    I am struggling to find a medicine that will help my 16 year old daughter’s acne……this does NOT sound like it!!

  280. I have been on Yasmin for two years now and I have not had any problems. PLEASE, don’t take it off the market. The only thing is have any of you girls had weight gain.

  281. I have been on Yaz for probably about three years…I actually can’t remember exactly when I went on it but that’s about right. Anyways I basically always feel like I have PMS. I originally went on Yaz to stop my terrible PMS including unbearable cramps (which it has not helped at all), but now I feel much more irritable and everyone has noticed it. My boyfriend and my family particularly notice it. He has also noticed my decreased sex drive which started last fall.
    After reading about Yaz and the many lawsuits and some deaths (though there should be NONE) I am going off of this birth control. I have type O blood and so far no serious symptoms such as problems with my gallbladder or blood clots have occurred, hopefully nothing happens, but the irritability and crying much more often than before for usually no reason has gotten ridiculous. I don’t feel like myself. At first I thought I had just changed or something, but I hope that trying a new type of pill will make me feel like myself, who I was three years ago. Much happier. The only positive thing I can say about Yaz is that in high school I had acne and after going on Yaz for about a year it is completely gone. I don’t think all the other side effects are worth it though and maybe I even just grew out of acne. I have an appointment on Wednesday, I am looking forward to talking to my doctor about this and getting switched.

  282. I was on Yaz for about a year. I had switched form ortho tri-cyclin because my PMS was extreme, and Yaz offered a solution to this. After 3-4 months of taking it I started developing severe headaches that would last all day. I had them every single day, from the moment I woke up till I went to bed, and sometimes they would wake me up they were so severe. Then the nausea kicked in, also, every day. I attributed these to other causes, but a brain scan showed nothing. My libido had dropped into the negatives, and I was very upset – I’m taking this pill to have sex, and the pill is making me not want to EVER. In the last three months I was on it, I started getting hot flashes several times a day (like in menopause) and my vision and hearing changed (more blurry, extreme sensitivity to light and sound). I was dizzy all the time, fatigued, lethargic and overall sick. I researched Yaz and found that other users had ALL of these symptoms so I stopped taking it. It has been between 1 and 2.5 weeks since I stopped taking it, and last night an ovarian cyst ruptured – I was in extreme pain and had to go to emergency, and was put on vicodin and anti-inflammatories. I’M 20 YEARS OLD. How come the FIRST time I ovulate after stopping Yaz a cyst that I did not have before taking yaz ruptured? You tell me. Do not take Yaz. There are tons of other birth control pills out there and alternative methods. This is no joke…. and I’m not a really drug-sensitive person.

  283. And to reply to the comments asking for this drug not to be taken off the market, you are ridiculous – there is an overwhelming amount of people suffering, and you want doctors to keep on prescribing it?? Taking yaz is like playing russian roulette….. for as long as you’re on it. Sure, maybe at the beginning you were fine but just wait… It WILL hit you. You have just been very lucky. It could also be accumulating and develop into a serious life threatening illness in the future. Get off of it while you’re still alive and healthy!!!!!!!!!!!! Plus, those comments could have been insiders at bayer trying to appease us.

  284. Hi ! My OBGYN prescribed YAZ for me, after reading all these sad stories i am deeply worried and having concerns.Took YAZ before maybe for approx 3months but had no bad experiences.Just started seeing a new OBGYN and he prescribed YAZ as well.I did research my OBGYN credientals and they were 90% great.So i will be updating my experiences if i decide to take YAZ again.

  285. My daughter Melanie, age 20, died on July 28, 2010 from the use of birth control. She was a beautiful healthy young lady attending college to become a teacher. She was on YAZ for 8 months and then switched to Norgest. She had a massive pulmonary embolism…we are heart broken. This should not happen to any one.

  286. My daughter is 17 almost 18, next month. We’ve talked about getting her on birth control to regulate her periods, length & heaviness and control some of the hard cramping she experiences, as of yet she”s not interested in sex. Lucky break there!
    She started on one type of pill (can’t remember which one) but after three days on it and experiencing nausea every day she quit taking them. Thinking she needed a more gentle pill, she went back and was prescribed Yasmin. After three days of nausea on this pill the DR prescribed an Acid reflux med. I didn’t like this easy fix and looked up Yasmin online. Boy was I blown away by what I found. THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for all of you’re in put!
    She’s decided not to use any oral contraceptive since reading these comments! I don”t blame her. I myself took them and looking back wonder how much of my life (37) was influenced by the poison I took in oral contraceptives. Lack of sex drive, extreme moodiness (yes it can be life & heredity) weight gain, loss of ambition and focus, feelings of isolation & depression…etcetera!
    I am a firm believer in each of us having the ability to make our own choices, yet the most important part of that is being educated on our choices! We can’t expect a person whom we see very rarely (DR) to know everything about our bodies & minds that we do, if we”d only listen to ourselves! Nor can we expect them to know EVERYTHING about the medications they give us! It is OUR PERSONAL duty!
    We are happy to enjoy the life GOD has given us. We’ll each make our own choices according to was feels right for us. God bless you to do the same.

  287. well alot of these side effects are already listed on the box. with every lab made pill there are always side effects and unfortunately adeverse effects. cmon now.. a small pill that you can have intercourse and NOT have any side effects is too good to be true. i just started taking YAZ and i hope i dont experience any side effects and im VERY VERY sorry for those who have or know who have experienced side effects.. and thats why i am already very paranoid about putting fake chemicals especially hormones in my body.

    my question to everyone who made a comment. SO WHICH IS MORE WORTH IT? TAKING THE RISK OF BLOD CLOTS? OR RISK BEING PREGNANT. whoever is taking birth control chose the first one. THEY CHOOSE THE RISK OF BLOOD CLOTS OVER GETTING PREGNANT. so dont be surprised if you do experience side effects. its not like they didnt tell you. THIS IS JUST LIKE THE WARNING ON CIGARETTES. it can cause lung cancer etc. etc. but smokers still smoke it… this can cause blood clots etc etc.. but you still take it.. you dont see cancer patients with lawsuits to a tobacco company… the pharmaceuatical companies already warned you. just as the tobacco companies did.

  288. I was on yasmin for some years and did not think that I had a problem, but I was wrong taking yasmin has been mood swings always feeling tired, little or no sex drive. Its like you are on the pill and you’re entire time you are moody or depressed. I stopped for quite time and in the last month I deccided to try it again after hearing good thing about it. In the six weeks I have gotten really bad yeast infections, now sex drive and when I actually try have intercourse I don’t have the natural moistures and it’s extremely painful. This last night was my last straw because I my husband made the observation that all those symtoms and the terrible mood swings only started when I started taking the pills once again. As of today I will no longer be taking yasmin.

  289. Im on day 5 of taking Yaz purley for the reason to avoid pregnancy & to control my period pain.

    These are my day to day symptoms so far:

    Day 1 – Moody/tired
    Day 2 – Moody/tired, irratable, headaches & nausia
    Day 3 – Very emotional, depressed, headaches & nausia
    Day 4 – Very emotional,tired, depressed, sore/itchy throat, cough, slight tightness in chest and dizzyness, lack of motivation.
    Day 5 – ALL OF THE ABOVE!

    Im aware of usual symptoms occuring in the first week or so however im confused as to whether i have the flu or are these symtoms of Yaz? Lastnight i kept waking up startled and scared of having a heart attack (FYI – Iv had 3 panic attacks this year) But is it common to suffer heart palpitations on Yaz or was i having an anxiety episode from being paranoid?

    All i want to know is, am i just being paranoid and are these symptoms common? or should i get help asap? The more i read about everyones symptoms & the fact that cardiac arrest have been reported, i have questioned Yaz every day…..

  290. I have been on Yaz for approx. 6 months now. I am 34 and started taking it for birth control as well as control mild acne. A couple of months ago I started getting headaches all the time. I would go to bed with one and wake up with it. Very tired all the time and an emotional disaster. It completely LOWERED my sex drive. I would go to bed crying for no reason and not knowing why. I started to try and figure out why I was depressed and what about my life I didn’t like. I have NEVER had depression or anxiety before. I was going to book in with my dr. to see about depression when I realized that MAYBE all this stuff I have been feeling is from YAZ. I went off it right away and I am already feeling better. After reading all these posts I hope YAZ hasnt done any further damage. PLEASE DO NOT TAKE THIS PRODUCT!!! IT Should be taken off the market!

  291. i’ve been on yasmin for about 4 years and never had nothing wrong and all of the sudden i suffer from arrhythmia for the past 3 months. it doesnt last am hour for me. ill have it all day and feel like im going to fiant or get an heart attack.

  292. I am 34 yrs old and have been on yaz for a little over 3 years. I have talked to my docter about getting off of it because of everything you hear about it but she told me I shouldn’t worry because they hype everything up. I have a low sex drive, frequent head aches, chest pain that moves into my shoulder and arm. also most lately severe stomach cramping for 3 months. Have been to the docter several times over this and last week had blood test done. Everything came back normal except my liver enzmyes were very high. They made me a ulrasound for the next day, and those test have come back showing abnormal. Now I have a appointment with a G.I docter in 2 weeks. Now wondering if it’s the birth contol causing this. Will def. be talking to the docter about this.

  293. I am absolutely astounded by all i have read! I just want to cry! Here is my story: my daughter was diagnosed with HELLP Syndrome while 23 weeks pregnant…her doctor missed all the symptoms.my precious grandbaby was delivered in order to save my daughters life. my grandbaby died, my daughter’s liver has just gotten back to normal just last week as delivery was just last month. Her dr starts her last week on Tues on Yaz..by Saturday she notices that both legs are hurting and purple from the knees down, she just told me about it this evening…she stopped taking the Yaz and by today, Monday, there is no purple, she called dr…she goes in tomorrow to test for blood clots! After reading these previous post, i am devastated & pray tomorrow does not bring more bad news..how stupid can a doctor be??

  294. Yaz is undoubtedly the worst pill I have ever taken in my life. I first started taking Aviane but switched to Yaz after negative side effects. I also wanted to try Yaz because of it’s claim to help with PMDD. For almost three months I took Yaz. In those three months I started having numbness in my legs, rapid heartbeat and chest pain. I called it quits after experiencing my first ever panic attack (not fun). About three weeks after stopping the pill cold-turkey, I sank into a deep depression that I can only liken to postpartum-like depression. No I haven’t had children yet but I honestly suspect postpartum depression is the only accurate way to describe it. I had no interest in my boyfriend, friends, family, work, etc. All I could do was lie around and cry. I finally had to go on antidepressants just to get over that hump. And a year later, I’m still working on getting back to normal. Yaz should be taken off the market. Not just because of my particular case, but because of all the women out there who have suffered from this pill. There are lawsuits against it for a reason and I would strongly encourage you NOT to take this, and if you are taking it, find another pill! There are plenty out there. I however, doubt I will ever take BC pills again. I took two different ones, had bad experiences with both and don’t feel it’s worth it. My health is more important and there are other ways to prevent pregnancy. I have read so much about Yaz and Yasmin from the time I was on it up til now. Some women took it for years before experiencing terrible side effects and some women experienced them right away. Please use extreme caution if you absolutely must take this pill.

  295. My best friend recently died of a pulmonary embolism caused by yaz. She was 22 years old, had just graduated from college, and didn’t smoke or drink. She was perfectly healthy. There’s no better way to describe my mindset right now than – crushed.

  296. I started taking yamin after I had my first child 2007 and about a month later I woke up at 4am feeling really dizzy and sweaty I couldnt even walk right so I fell back asleep then I woke up at 7 am throwing up and I was so dizzy I couldnt walk to the bathroom right I kept running into the walls so my husband took me to the hospital when I got there they couldnt even get my blood pressure because it was so fast turned out to be 160beats they took so many test of me they couldnt find what was wrong that was the worst hospital ever I stayed in the hospital for 4 days when I left I was still a little dizzy then I went back like 3 months later for the same symtoms then another 2 months later then once more untill I finally stoped taking birthcontrol it was the worst experience ever

  297. I dont know what all of you are talking about because I have been on Yaz for 6 months and have never felt better! My periods are lighter and shorter and its helped tremendously with my depression and pmdd

  298. I am 46 and have been taking Yaz/Yasmin/Ocella for nearly 8 years with no problems whatsoever. It has cured my acne, regulated my cycles, decreased PMS symptoms, and smoothed out my moods. I feel better when I am on it than when I’m not. Haven’t noticed side effects of any kind. My OB/GYN recommends that I stay on it in order to alleviate impending symptoms of menopause.

    I have been on various bcps most of my adult life and some have felt great while others haven’t (nausea & weight gain are typical side effects for me).

    My blood type is O negative. Like Michelle, I’m wondering if blood type might be a factor.

  299. I am 17 and I just got Yaz at the doctor today. We sat down with my mom and talked about all of my options, why wouldn’t the doctor warn me about any of this?

  300. i was on yaz for 2WEEKS and then i was hospitalized because a strok caused by the pill it should be taken off the market i am now going to have to take blood thinners the rest of my life

  301. I was on Yasmin for two years, and discontinued use only because of financial circumstances preventing my doing so after having lost everything I owned to Hurricane Katrina.

    My doctor placed me on the product, not because I was looking for a contraceptive, but as a means to ease my cramps and regulate my period. (Without birth control, I have a period once every three to six months, and experience intense cramps and deep depression prior to and during my period.) I’d tried other forms of birth control prior to Yasmin, but they all caused me to have violent mood swings, sent me into a deeper depression, and caused me to gain a considerable amount of weight, and failed to alleviate my cramping, the only positive affect being that I had regular, lighter periods. Overall, I was miserable on the two or three products I’d tried at first, and it wasn’t until my doctor put me on Yasmin that I was fully satisfied.

    While on Yasmin, I lost ten pounds, had mild periods with barely noticeable cramps, and my skin was clear; furthermore, I did not experience the mood swings I’d suffered while on the other products, and I was no longer depressed during my cycle. I was immensely satisfied with the drug, and I plan on getting back on it now that I have insurance and a stable financial situation, as my periods are again getting rather unmanageable, and as a birth control method.

    However, I was rather displeased to hear that there were suits brought against Bayer for this product, and have conducted my own research on the subject.

    Really, I feel that the women who are so outraged by these side affects should have done their research prior to getting on Yasmin, or any contraceptive pill, for that matter. Many of these symptoms can be caused by any form of birth control that uses hormones to prevent pregnancy, with those symptoms varying from woman to woman.

    Yes, certain contraceptives are more likely to cause problems than others, and the side affects should be clearly labeled, but clients have a certain responsibility, as well, and that includes researching any drugs that your doctor wishes to put you on; and that’s not restricted just to birth control. In my opinion, and to be blunt, you’re lazy for not doing so. Furthermore, there is no telling what affects a drug will have on an individual until that person begins taking it, as each person is unique and reacts differently to different chemicals and hormones, and I do not feel that it is the fault of the manufacturer, as not all side affects occur regularly enough to even be warranted attention, or even detected, for that matter. In taking any drug, you are taking a risk concerning your health, and you should conduct your own research and weigh the benefits against the potential complications.

    I am blood type O positive, and a friend of mine who was on Yasmin for years without side affect also was type O positive; and I, like Margaret and Michelle, wonder if blood type is indeed a factor in those who experience the severe symptoms associated with Yasmin.

  302. OMG….Ladies My doc just prescribed this YAZ for my polycystic ovarian syndrome that i found out i have just 1 year ago and i can not beleive my doc would do that.My phramics called and told me what he was prescribing and told me to call him and ask for another brand That she would not recommind me taking this.
    I am so not going back to my obgyn. I am in the process of getting a second opioion some where else…This doc is trying to kill me.
    I am glad i did not have to go thru all of these issues. Please everyone going thru a lawsuit make them take it off the market.MAKE THEM PAY

  303. I started taking Yaz after my daughter was born in 2008, she was born in April, and I started Yaz in the fall of 2008. I was extremely moody, to the point my husband had a hard time being around me, by christmas I was having slight pain, which I thought was just acid reflex, by Jan I was getting ready for bed the one night and sever pain hit me! I told my husband I was gonna die of a heart attack, and I needed to get to the hospital! I thought I was too young for this, all they did was give me a shot of demerol and sent me on my way. From then to the end of Feb I had several attacks, and I had to wait till March for an ultra sound, needless to say finally I got the right doctor the one night and by then my body was so infected from having an inflamed gall bladder, he immediately admitted me and started me on medication and morphine, I was in for almost a week to get it down enough for me to have immediate surgery, and also had to stay in 2 days after, where I had to have a drain out my stomach from the fluid and inflammation! I had stayed on Yaz bc I had no clue about any of this, I ended up depressed, was having at least 2 migraines a week, very tired. Still oblivious as to what was going on with Yaz I ended up on medication for these symptoms! And by New years 2010 I started getting dizzy, faintish, sick! To have a doctor tell me I’m gonna have a stroke, for no apparent reason? Just the symptoms I gave her that’s all she could come up with, at the age of 27 otherwise healthy, Scared the Bjesus out of me! Needless to say I found out about Yas during this time and the doc said there was no way it could have anything to do with any of what I was going through, but I told her I was done with it, and went and had an IUD put it since my husband and I are done having kids! Since I have not had dizziness or any other symptom, I am still waiting for an MRI, and also have to go for another ultrasound bc they think there is still stones left in my Bile duct! Before any of this I had never had a problem with my body or health! Anyone I know that is taking either one of these birth controls I share my story and encourage them to switch!

  304. My daughter’s best friend has no health insurance and mounting health bills of about $5000. She is complaining of extreme migraine headaches, blurred speech, blurry vision in one eye. I can tell that she is very moody and currently depressed. She was on YAZ until only recently. There aren’t any neurologists that will look at her due to not having insurance and there is no proof of this medication being the cause. She is only 21 and doesn’t know I’ve made this request for help.

    As she isn’t my daughter and her circumstances don’t offer any other options, what should she do? As a single mom, and recent loss of job, all this adds to the stress and she is feeling very overwhelmed.

    Very Concerned

  305. Alot of people are saying they havent had any of the affects from it but it can take years. I right away started having migraines but no one ever connected it. 2 years almost to the day i had to have my gallbladder removed. Doctor couldnt figure out why i would have needed it taken out so long after my last child,(normally pregnancy causes gallbladder issues) So i concluded it had to be yaz. Once i found out about the lawsuits i realized my migraines had to be caused by the yaz as well. Sure enough i had doctor switch me off of the yaz and no more migraines. Because of the gallbladder issues the infection from it caused my apendix to rupture as well within 2 months i had to have my apendix removed too, which almost killed me it had ruptured and infection was horrible spent 3 days in hospital recovering. Its hard for some people to believe it but its one of those things once you connect the dots i know it was the yaz. I loved it too i had very light periods and no acne..no cramps nothing it was awesome until i realized it could have killed me. I refered this too many many people. I feel horrible that i did i hope none of them have the issues i did.

  306. OMG, I’ve read pretty much every comment on here n this is rele scaring me! My doctor put me on yaz 2month’s ago mainly to avoid getting pregnant as well for cramp’s n mood swing’s! I’m going on my 3month of yaz in 3day’s, I’m seriously thinking of going off it now! I’m a 30yr old mother (not currently in a relationship) in pretty good shape! Since being on yaz these are the thing’s I’ve been experiencing, I’m rele tired more then ever, gained weight, problem’s sleeping (which I never had before) always hungry, my mood hasn’t changed, n today for the 1st time weird back pain in my lower right side which as been thriving on n off! But nothing else as of yet! What should I do? Should I go off it?

  307. I was put on Yaz at 29 years old, after they no longer made the Aleese bcp. I only used Yaz for 2 and 1/2 months. In that time, I experienced dizziness, fogginess, blurred vision, and my arms and legs would go completely numb- and I mean from hip to toe and from shoulder to fingertip. I stopped taking Yaz and felt better within a week or two. I’ve done a lot of research into pharmaceutical drugs, and while I think there have been amazing discoveries and some may have saved lives, there is also a darker side to all this. There are many reports of companies and the FDA not completing the proper testing on these drugs before they are given that stamp of approval. The faster the companies get them on the market, the faster they will see the profit. The FDA is supposed to be there to protect the public, but I believe they unfortunately have been corrupted as well. My only advice is to do your own research before you blindly put something into your body. Just because a doctor and trendy marketing says it’s safe doesn’t mean it is.

  308. I am also a victim of Yaz. I took it for several years, not realizing that it has a drug in it that none of the other birth control has. I am 37 and have always been very healthy. I go to check ups once a year and that is about it as far as going to the doctor. I had to get surgery in January of this year, and even took Lovinox shots after the surgery to prevent any possibility of blood clots and I do not smoke. A few weeks after my surgery I experienced the worst pain I have ever felt in my right side. I thought I may have pulled a muscle, but the pain was so bad I could barely move. Then I could barely breathe because of the pain in my chest. Thankfully, my friends made me go to the doctor. He knew it was a blood clot and sent me straight over to the ER where they found a clot in a main artery to my lung. I KNOW this is related to taking the Yaz because I did everything I was supposed to after my surgery and was very healthy prior to this. Now I am on Cumidin for 6 months and will always have a higher chance of getting another blood clot than people who have not had a blood clot. I wonder how many people it will take before they take this crap off the market? I am going to look into a lawsuit because I had to go back into the hospital and for two days the pain was unbelieveable. My first round of morphine didn’t even put a dent in the pain. As for the girl in one of the posts above who blamed us for “not reading the info and eductating ourselves,” Bayer witheld info on this pill, and I hope for her sake that this doesn’t happen to her. If it does, I’m sure she will feel differently. I have learned that even if you do your research, companies can withhold important info that could have made people decide differently about taking this pill. I would recommend to anyone that is on it to get off of it immediately.

  309. I believe in good doctors, but I also believe that doctors just prescribe drugs like candy, especially birth control, and some do it because companies pay them to prescribe their drugs. I took yaz a few yrs ago, got off of it after 2 yrs or so on September 2008 and it RUINED MY LIFE. I started with mood swings which my careless doctor didnt pay attention to, it was normal according to him. So a few months later i stopped with birthcontrol all together, not worth the risk of breast cancer since I have family history. I’ve suffered from depression and anxiety, thought of suicide although I never truly considered it, i just had that want to not exists anymore because i was so sad, i have no sex drive (including dryness), problems with sleeping that make the anxiety worse, at times i couldn’t get out of bed to get to class, never mind holding a job because i was always so exhausted. So after 4-5 yrs of dealing with this, of which 2.5 yrs i’ve been off birth control for good, I’ve done a lot or online research and there is no doubt in my mind that yaz caused a hormonal imbalance, I’ve been afraid that it might have even caused early menopause or something. IT RUINED MY LIFE! Im 24 yrs old, I shouldn’t feel inadequate because I cringe when my boyfriend touches me, because sex is even painful, because I cry and get angry for no reason. I’ve been tracking my fertility since Sept. 08 along with the withdrawal method and so far no problem. cyclespage.com keeps your personal data and sends you friendly reminders of when you’re ovulating (to avoid sex) and when your period should be arriving. The more data you input, the more accurate it is, its sometimes one day or two off, but you shouldn’t be having sex for the wk of ovulation either way (although I have and still no problem with withdrawal). To deal with the depression and anxiety, I’ve been eating a vegetarian diet for 4 months (since meat is also thought to have hormones) and I want to nourish my body, I’ve been drinking green vegetable juices for about a month 4-5 mornings a wk and just started using liquid chlorophyll a week ago to neutralize my body (possibly even of some birth control residue and heavy metals), and I FEEL THE BEST I’VE FELT FOR YRS! I wake up early and well rested, even if I don’t get 8 hrs of sleep, I get sleepy by 10 pm or so, for yrs I couldn’t sleep well, I would spend about 5 hrs tossing in bed restless, and not be able to get up the next morning which made it impossible to hold a job and go to college at the same time (so this is great because i start a new job next wk, which has also helped release the stress). I have a lot more energy and just a desire to live, im not mopping around like i was just 2 months ago over any little thing and going crazy on my poor boyfriend, although i’m sure im still a bit sensitive because it’s my nature to be, I have emotions and I enjoy feeling and expressing them at a normal level (which hasn’t been the case for yrs). And soon i will be trying MACA, which is a Peruvian root extract that helps regulate the endocrine system and helps with emotional balance. Unlike birthcontrol that overrides your natural rhythm by introducing fake hormones to trick the body, maca is said to support the thyroid, pituitary, pancreas and adrenal glands to secrete the normal hormone levels for your body. I can’t wait to use this, i’m just still looking out there for extra information on this, as i did before using liquid chlorophyll. I think this will help regulate my body completely, and I will try it in small doses for a few months to not get my body so use to it and to GET MY SEX LIFE BACK! it’s natural and organic so there shouldn’t be any problem. I’ve read about niacin also helping with depression, I haven’t tried it as a supplement, but i eat a lot veggies which are rich in niacin. Ithink for those woman who are desperate and can’t get on with life because of the depression and axiety that yaz has caused, it is worth to do some research online, maybe these natural remedies will get your body back on a healthy path, just do extensive research, I spend about 15 hrs if not more researching every little claim about things i put into my body now. Don’t take my word for it, consult your doctor, although some doctors don’t have a clue about natural stuff or they will persuade you from not going the natural way because they are trained to prescribe drugs, but be well aware of how anything can affect you depending on your needs and your health issues. Nourishing your body with natural things is the best thing you can do, I haven’t even suffered from the smallest cold since I started eating healthy, more vegetables, about 2 yrs ago, and in the past month the green juices along with chlorophyll have me so energized (i think it has relieved my depression and anxiety), and im sure when i start maca (maybe this wk) I will be back to feeling like a 24 yr old woman again. I want to clean out my body and be balanced so that in a few yrs when I decide to start a family, I don’t have any residual effects from using birth control and the 4 yrs or so of my life that it ruined. And dont forget about cyclespage.com (a classmate introduce it in my human sexuality class) it gets you in tune with your body to plan pregnancy (or delay it) the way nature intended. i will try to check this page to read more stories, maybe someone will write about the things I wrote. Best of luck everyone, blessings!

  310. Well, I’ve been taking Yaz for a while. I stopped taking it in May 2009 because my ex-fiance and I were trying to have a baby and after I stopped breastfeeding I got back on Yaz. I haven’t had too many problems with it. Periods are light but do spot sometimes not often.

    However, recently I had an MRI because I have a lot of back pain from when I was in a car accident a while back. They found multiple cysts in my kidneys. In both of them. They found at least 7 cysts in my left kidney, which has the most cysts and some are in my right but I don’t know how many. I’m kind of curious now if maybe the cysts are a result of the Yaz. I’m also curious how long this has been going on. I’ve been taking Yasmin or Yaz since 2004.

  311. I just started taking Yasmin 1 month ago and was suppose to take my last pill today. However, that did not happen due to me having to go the hospital emergency room. I then got an Ultrasound on my left leg, and have a blood clot that extends from my knee to my ankle. Needless to say I will no long be taking birth control pills. Thank goodness I have insurance because I could not afford the treatment to dissolve the clot otherwise, and I do not look foward to giving myseld daily injections.

  312. My wife had to have her gallbladder removed and suffers from acute stomach and digestional problems linked to Yaz….

  313. I was on Yaz after I lost my twins in 2007, I got off Yaz in 2008 because I kept going to ER for bladder infections after the other and my chest was always hurting. After I got off I became pregnant then I miscarried. My period was normal when I was on Yaz..but after I got off of it..it has been irregular. I haven’t seen my period in 4 months and now my period has been on for 3 weeks!

  314. I took Yaz for 3 months in 2006 to help control for heavy periods thought to be caused by some small fibroids. Within a month, I had a horribly dry mouth, felt exhausted, and started dropping weight. I also felt like I had a UTI, although the labs came back normal. All that was found was external vaginal inflamation, for which I was given steroid cream. After 20lbs loss, I took myself off the pill. For several more months I had symptoms, but gradually felt a bit better. My new PCM sent me to an endocrinologist who diagnosed me with thyroid disease and Addison’s, as per an abnormal cortisol stim test. A year later I was feeling much better, the cortisol test was repeated and was normal. I think the Yaz started damaging my adrenal glands. Scary stuff.

  315. My name is changed due to privacy. I have had all the symptoms listed. I should be dead. My doctor told me I had a 8cm blood clot, 6 inche i think, in my abdomen. Most clots start in the legs, and travel up. Mine started in my abdomen. I had an 8cm dvt, a three inch pe, and had a filter placed in my heart resulting in me taking coumadin forever. Life changing experience. No insurance will take it cause its all pre existing, at least so far till this year. Hope everyone reads before taking it. My doc still thinks it was not the pill

  316. This all sounds so crazy to me. I’ve been on Yaz for almost three years, and I swear by it. I had really bad acne, and cramps, and it cleared both of them up. My acne was so bad that it covered my back. Now my back (and face) is completely clear! My period is now regular, doesn’t hurt, and only lasts three days (when it used to last for six). I’m just as healthy as I was before I ever started taking the product, and I haven’t experienced any side effects.

    However, I’ve heard that smoking increases your chances of experiencing side effects with this product. As a non-smoker, I wonder if that’s why this product has worked so well for me?

  317. SOme people are saying that they’re still taking the damn pills even though they’re having their gallbladder removed/cyst/PE… wtf is wrong with you? Don’t take it, ask your GP for a different pill!!!!

  318. I was on Birth Control for 6years. Started with Yasmin and switched to Yaz when it came on the market. These pills were suggested by my GYN when I asked about starting BC. I started when I was 23 and stopped when I was 29. During my time using these brands I had a several UTI’s, macro and micro blood in my urine, sensitivity to the sun, and slight swelling in extremities at times. I was unaware a water pill was associated with this pill and was very upset once I found out. Always knew about the K+ though. Issues: As soon as I stepped in the sun I would have a histamine reaction causing ruptured capillaries and edema. I was told I was allergic to the sun and believed the response from my MD. I never had an issue before, but at an age of 24 all of a sudden I did. I also would have a strong odor from my urine. I had many UTI’s and high amounts of micro blood in urine tests. I once had macro blood in urine meaning that I could actually see the blood. Went to a urologists and had many tests done only to be observed by a nephrologists. I stopped taking the pill because it appeared in the news. Now I have no issues going in the sun, my urine has no odor and the slight swelling in my extremities no longer exists. I was 29 once I stopped now I’m going to be 31. I still have micro amounts of blood in the urine indicating an issue with my kidneys. This is an issue that I will follow up with my doctors with, but I’m going to be very upset if a trendy BCP is the cause of a chronic disorder.

  319. I was on Yasmin for 3 years now and have experienced all the possible negative effects. I am a healthy person or well i should say i was healthy but subsequent to the pill, i have had kidney stones, uti infection, weight gain, loss in sexual appetite, become emotional and sensitive and escalated sugar readings and i am not 30 years old yet. I eat healthy and exercise and have not had a problem with weight before but i retain so much water, it is depressing. After my recent cyst and blood sugar readings due to the pill, my gynae advised me to stop it immediately. I am now off the pill since February and i have not had a menstrual period yet. I can only pray i am still able to fall pregnant after this. This makes me so livid as when i went to the gynae, i was told this is the best pill on the market and i trusted that as i have never been on any other contraceptive before. Does anyone know if we can complain about this to bayer? The website which was available previously http://www.yasmin.co.za, no longer exists!!!

  320. I have been taking BCPs since I was 16, so 12 years. The last 5 years, or so, have been on Yaz. I was great- it was the only pill that helped with my migraines. Then, I got cysts on my ovaries, but the doctors seemed to agree that they would go away once I stopped taking the pills. Fine. Then two years ago, on my own initiative and paying out of pocket I decided to get comprehensive blood tests, my liver function tests were a bit abnormal. I just had them redone today- my liver appears to be severly damaged. Big problem, I wish that doctors would make this potential side effect more clear. Apparently in Europe you get comprehensive blood tests done annually when on the bill and the doctors here cannot believe that I have been on the pill for so long. In Europe they recommend a break from BCPs annually. I wish I had known that. (BTW I am in my last year of grad school for a PhD so it’s not like I do not know how to do research and this information was just unavailable when I started taking this pill) . Nothing else could be causing this, I am a vegetarian (15 years), I don’t drink and I have no such family history.

  321. I’m not here to sue Bayer, i had heard about some of the dangers of Yaz, but decided to try this cure for my cyst issues.I’ve been on Yaz for 5 months to treat my PCOS (poly cystic ovarian syndrome). I have positive affects from the Yaz too so I kept taking it, but no more. I’ve had nose bleeds for about 4 months every week, and sever migrains a couple times a month. Also i noticed little burst capilaries all over my breasts. I’m going to a new doctor next week. Thank you all for sharing your experiences, I’m not going to take it any more.

  322. December 2006 was my Yazmin moment. We came home from a holiday concert.. walked up the driveway.. and I had the whitest Christmas ever.
    Everything went pure white..That was my Yazmin moment.

    I went to bed (wrong thing to do).. Next day just did not feel right.. called my neighbor that was a nurse.. told me to go to the ER. The ER was swamped.. but when the took my vitals, told them what happened.. they rushed me back for a chest xray and CT with contrast. Bilateral PE was the diagnosis.. the cause.. Yasmin.

    Thanks to this wonderful product, that the drug company brainwashed my OBGYN with all the “wonderful” things this drug can do.. including using it for HRT for us girls going through that time of our lives. FYI was on it for 1 year and 3 months.

    The hemotologist came in the hospital room.. read me the riot act about how dangerous they were at my age (49) He was angry.. not so muc at me.. but at the OBGYNS for using this drug for HRT. He and I now have a permenent relationship… with regulating my Coumadin and checking my every 3 week blood test for the rest of my life. (or until he retires..whichever comes first)

    As for my life after YAZMIN.. I missed my grandson being born because I was not allowed to travel for 6 months… I now have damage to my left leg from DVT that is irreversable… cause by this wonderful drug.
    I have been imprisioned in compression stockings for the rest of my life due to the damage from the DVT. (I wish a fashion designer would invent clear ones for walking on the beach or ones that look like sand piper legs???

    Medical procedures are fun too.. I have to go off of Coumadin.. and take Lovenox shots in the abdomin.. If you like the color purple.. you will love these injections.

    The only good thing that has come out of this.. is that I feel extremely lucky to have made it through alive, I am more apreciative of all aspects of my life, and when we go to see the grand kids (2 of them now) I can hold them in person.. and not from heaven.( Hope that’s where I will end up)

    Please take a moment to read the white paper that comes with Yasmin.. say some prayers for everyone that has what they call a “Serious Side Effect”

  323. I took Yaz when it first came out and claimed to take away PMS and help with acne. It delivered neither. Instead it caused melasma all over my face that has ruined my social life and thereby caused severe, deep depression and suicidal thoughts. Bayer should be shut down for ruining SO many womens lives. I wont even take their aspirin as I dont believe in the safety of any of their pharmaceuticals. Nightline just ran a story of a woman who went into a coma, lost her job, and fiancee and is now blind. i hope she has filed a lawsuit that takes them down. People who post defending them are ignorant or work in their PR dept. Stop already. the truth is OUT.

  324. I took Yaz for two years and had no problems, then got off because we were ttc. I was diagnosed with PCOS and I believe it was because of Yaz. Now, two years later I still have not conceived and I’m beginning to think it’s because of this drug. I would be very hesitant on taking it if you are planning on actually having kids later in life.

  325. I took Yasmin for 2 months this fall. I experienced nausea, hideous acne, lack of appetite, weight loss (-16 pounds) and exhaustion. To climb up the stairs was sometimes just too hard, I remember once when I had to use the staircase to get to the fourth floor at the university because the elevator was broken, I had to rest for ten minutes afterwards until I was ok. My average caloric intake during these 2 months must have been around 500-1000 a day…
    I did my blood work after a month and it showed elevated AST/ALT liver enzymes and after 2 months they were even more elevated, in fact so elevated that my doctor took me off the pills in order to prevent liver damage. Liver damage. I’m don’t drink alcohol, liver disease doesn’t run in my family and I’m only 20 years old…

    Now, after 3 weeks without Yasmin, I’m doing fine. I can eat again! I will do more blood work in a couple of weeks and all I wish for Christmas is lowered AST/ALT…

  326. I am in Australia and I am horrified that I have only recently found out the health risks of Yasmin. I have heard nothing of these risks in Australia. In 2005 I had my gallbladder removed as the result of a large gall stone. I was 30 years old and at that time had been taking Yasmin for a number of years prior. Can anyone advise of lawyers in Australia who are conducting law suits against Bayer for this?
    I have not been on birth control since 2009 because I was having babies but as I have now completed my family I asked for birth control from my Dr. He gave me Yaz which I was told was similar to yasmin.

  327. My 19 year old daughter has suffered a sagittal sinus thrombosis ( blood clot in the brain ) due to Yasmin which she had been taking for 6 moths after switching from her regular pill because of terrible mood swings !!
    She had to leave university and has to now re take the year and has had to give up her part time job due to the totally crippling migraines this has left her with !
    We keep being told that this is a rare , random occurance but am not convinced and wondered if anyone knows of any lawsuits being filed against Bayer here in the UK ??

  328. November 2005 I started taking Yaz as I too had severe cramps with my periods. February 17, 2006 I was put in intensive care with a blood clot that went from just above my knee to my ankle. I also have a PE and because of the PE I had pleursy and scarcadosis. I was released from the hospital only because I agreed to inject myself with Lovonox in my stomach for a short period of time. It took me three months to get back to work full time. I was on blood thinners for over a year and went back regularly to get me blood check to make sure my the medication dose was in line. I was on pain medication for a period of time because of the pleursy and the damage that was done to my lung. I too have had several tests run to try to figure out if it was something else besides the birth control. My vein in my right leg will never be the same because of the clot. So you decide if this product should remain on the market. You know my answer.

  329. I have a question. I had a bloodclot which caused a heart attach and double bipass from the birth controll Triphasil. Are there any suits against them?

  330. I have been extremely fatigued for over a month, taking Yazmin for under a year right now.. I have no idea why I am feeling so I’ll and tired. I’ve tried changing my diet and taking more specific vitamins. And nothing is helping. I have recently seen the commercials about a lawsuit against the company. But I’m scared now.. And going to look into this with my doctor. I live in Canada and don’t understand why if it’s been recalled, am I still prescribed it! I’m terrified and going to
    Stop taking yazmin and see if it changes how I am feeling.

  331. I have been takin Byaz for a year & a half now. Symptoms started about a year ago…tinnitus, ears clogged, hearing declined, anxiety, shortness of breath. I am a healthy 32 year old & tired of feeling like crap. Has any1 had these symptoms? I was diagnosed with menieres but just have a feeling its the pill??

  332. I had the same issues with Tri-phasil in 1997. I had trouble breathing and ended up in the ER and diagnosed with blood clots in my lungs, and deep vein thrombosis that nearly killed me. Back then my doctor told me it was extremely rare to have this problem. Today i suffer with severe swelling in my leg where the clots started–the clots destroyed 2 veins which causes poor circulation and i take my daily dose of Warfarin everyday. I’ll never be the same healthwise and always have the fear of getting pregnant because of the severe side-affects that happen to the fetus.

    I see all the lawsuits concerning Yaz and other BC’s and would like to know if there are any suits for Tri-Phasil. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

  333. I took yazmin when I was 18yrs old and it was nothing but a problem with horriable side affects. Now being 26 yrs old I said I would never take birth control again after last year I was on yaz for 4 months and did nothing but bleed for 3 months and had being told by doctors its your body getting use to the pill. No human should bleed for three months with no breaking period at all. So I just stop taking it after being told that . Now after stopping it I have cycist in both breast ans they always hurt I have to sleep with two pillows on the sides of me to fall asleep with out being comfortable . When to a doctor they said they weren’t concern about it just cut out caffeine in your diet. It’s nothing to do with caffeine and everything to do with yaz and yazmin . Ty very to the people who kept this pill on the market. Now I just have to live with this pain I think not I want something done and some real answers and one if you have had the same symptoms as I please email me.

  334. I started to use Yasmin 6 months ago now my face is completely ruined. I have huge scars from where my skin broke out and had these things called nodules growing under my skin. It is extemely painful and very disfiguring. I used Diane 35 for years and never ever had a problem why is Yasmin still on the market.

  335. I would like to share my experiences,
    I took this drug when my daughter was 6months old, I was switched from dianette, The following side effects occured

    Low mood, Mood Swings, Obsessive thoughts, Depression
    Dehydration, Dry eye Syndrome
    5 UTI infections in one year
    Constant Yeast infections, Agressive to the point where I went to GU clinic
    Dry skin, constant ichy legs, vagina etc
    Kidney infection
    Dark eye circles maraculucly appeared (do not run in my family)
    Frequent peeing
    Bloody discharge from my nipple, after ultrasound couldnt find out why..
    Huge pain under the ribs, dr explained I had artheritus at 30!! under the ribs??? given strong painkillers I never took.

    I never felt myself I felt like someone had taken over my body..
    I never related my symtoms to Yasmin until I googled this and found all my life for the last 3yrs related to all of these complaints I actually cried that I wasnt going mad!!!
    This is a evil drug that needs more publicity, My dr looked at me like i’d grown 3 heads when I explained I think my problems r down to Yasmin, and I demanded a Hormone imbalance test…

    I had the test today and it will be interesting to know what the results are as I only have one kidney and i’m a smoker!! I’m lucky to be alive! I explained that I never should hae been precribed this drug in th first place… I have been off Yasmin for 12 weeks and my depression has disappered etc, No UTI’s, and the yeast infections are gone.. Dry eyes have improved, But I am so worried that it has caused long term damage..
    good luck to you all…
    One word of advise GET OFF THIS PILL…

  336. I developed a blood clot that nearly killed me thanks to Yaz. I was healthy and fit and all of a sudden ended up in hospital hours away from death.

    Get off this pill!

    A class action really needs to start for Australians who have suffered

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