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Published: September 1st, 2010

A growing number of Yasmin lawsuits and Yaz lawsuits have been filed over alleged side effects of the birth control pills, which may increase the risk of heart attack, stroke, deep vein thrombosis, (DVT), pulmonary embolysm (PE), gallbladder disease, death and other serious injuries. Lawsuits over generic Yasmin, marketed as Ocella and Zarah, as well as lawsuits over generic Yaz, marketed as Gianvi, are also being pursued.

YASMIN AND YAZ LAWSUIT STATUS: All federal lawsuits over Yaz and Yasmin are consolidated in the Southern District of Illinois and Yasmin / Yaz lawyers are continuing to review additional claims for women throughout the country who have experienced problems.


MANUFACTURERS: Bayer Corporation, formerly known as Berlex Laboratories, Inc. and Berlex, Inc.

OVERVIEW: Yaz and Yasmin are combined oral birth control pills that contain ethinyl estradiol and droperinone. In 2008, Yaz accounted for 17.7% of the birth control market with sales of $616 million and Yasmin had 11% of the market with $382 million in sales. Sales increased sharply over 2007 numbers, largely due to aggressive marketing campaigns that have since been called “deceptive” and “misleading” by the FDA.

The drug makers aggressively marketed the birth control pills despite knowledge that Yasmin and Yaz dangers may expose otherwise healthy young women to a risk of serious and potentially life-threatening injuries. The pills continue to be sold without adequate warnings and some have suggested that a Yasmin and Yaz recall should be issued since the risky drugs carry no benefits over other available birth control pills.

According to lawsuits filed by victims, Yasmin and Yaz side effects could increase the risk of:

  • Heart Attacks
  • Strokes
  • Cardiac Arrhythmias
  • Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT)
  • Pulmonary Embolism (PE)
  • Gallbladder Disease
  • Sudden Death

YASMIN AND YAZ SIDE EFFECTS: The use of drospirenone is unique to Yaz and Yasmin, as it is not found in other birth control pills available in the United States.

Drospirenone, or drsp, impacts the body’s normal mechanism of regulating a balance between salt and water. This results in elevated potassium levels, known as hyperkalemia, which is known to cause potentially life-threatening heart problems and other health issues.

The consumer advocacy group Public Citizen has listed Yasmin on its list of “DO NOT USE” drugs because it contains drospirenone, which can increase the risk of heart problems and other health concerns, and because there is no evidence that the drug is any better than older contraceptives that are available.

Several studies and reports have highlighted the risk of Yasmin and Yaz problems for several years. An April 2002 report in the British Medical Journal identified 40 cases of venous thrombosis among women using Yasmin, leading to recommendations that older second generation birth control pills be used instead. A February 2003 report in the British Medical Journal discussed another 5 reports of Yasmin problems involving thromboembolism, including at least two deaths.

The drug makers had exclusive access to information concerning the safety of Yaz / Yasmin, and allegedly chose to ignore the risk of serious injuries in their effort to increase use of the birth control pills and generate additional profits even at the expense of consumers’ health.


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  1. I have taken all kinds of birth control and have switched because of side affects. I recently suffered a pulmonary embolism a couple of weeks ago. I am 23, healthy, and very active but still could not overcome the side affects. I have taken both yasmin and the nuva ring within the past year. Just be aware that it can happen to anyone regardless what the age.

  2. I took this pill for 2 weeks and just went to see my Dr. and demanded to be taken off it. I have never experienced such Rage in my life, difficulty sleeping and headaches. I also informed my Dr. of lawsuits regarding the drug, his eyes popped wide open as if he hadn’t heard any thing about it.

  3. I had a TIA while at work on June 29th 09, I had a medic come into work and check me since the left side of my body went numb, including my tongue and gums. I had test and MRI done and went back to my Gyn. to be put on another contraceptive and he said the only thing he would consider putting me on is an IUD. Since Im only 24 years old and plan to have children in the next 5 years that wasnt an option for him either. He said since I had a TIA that the “pill” or “shot” was no option either. So for now my husband and I just have to be safe, as safe as you can be I guess…lol we will use store bought protection untill we have children and then I will try the IUD. So you may not be able to be put on a different method once this has happened to you.

  4. I am 21 years old and have been taking Yaz for about 8 months now since I had my son. I have been dealing with depression, irritability, thoughts of suicide and I belive it is the pill. I have a feeling sometimes that feels like my heart skips a beat and my chest is caving in. I was going to get it checked out but then convinced myself it was all in my head. I did take this same pill in 2006 and felt the same way back then but never thought it to be this pill. I would really like to find out more information regarding these lawsuit.

  5. I began taking YAZ in March of 2008. I became severly depressed and could not often get out of bed. I was taking various anti-depressant medications but none seem to work. I too did not know that there was a pending lawsuit for the makers of YAZ. However, my depression and mood episodes that I experienced are not detremental enough that an attorney would listen/review my case to at least say that I suffered some adverse side effects from using YAZ.

  6. I have been taking yaz for the last two months. While taking this drug I have experienced severe abdominal pains, muscle twitching, back pain that has brought me to me knees, literally, severe shortness of breath, like someone is sitting on my throat, and iritability. While I admit that not having a period is great, I am a runner, and swimmer, and can not go through the other side effects of this drug. If you get perscribed this run the other way, it is very dangerous.

  7. I have been taking Yaz for a year now. I have had trouble sleeping and have been depressed. I talked to my Dr. a few months ago and am now taking anti-depressants that don’t seem to be working. I just heard about the lawsuit and will find out about other contraceptive.

  8. I started taking Yasmin to regulate my periods about 5 years ago. I noticed a decrease in appetite and dramatic weight loss that resulted in abou 30 plus pounds dropped in a few months. I also had sever headaches. The most embarassing side effect was the extreme hair loss I experienced and still trying to recover from. I lost all my hair at my temples and now cannot wear my hair up. I stopped taking it about a year ago after seeing this and have not had my period since then. My hair loss is still there despite trying everything to grow my hair back. Still waiting for my period too! I’m not sure what long-term effects this will have on me because I took the pill for so long!

  9. I’ve beeen on Yaz for over 3 years, recently I noticed that I have gotten awful headaches almost everyday for weeks at a time. My boyfriend heard about the lawsuits and told me to stop taking it, 3 days later, I haven’t had a headache since…

  10. I had a TIA which paralyzed my right side. Luckily I have mostly recovered. My BP is low, as is my cholesterol, I don’t smoke, and I’m only 42. I had taken Yaz for 7 months, and had been having 10-14 day periods which were heavy and clotting. I’m now off Yaz, but I’m having lots of trouble with headaches and racing heart. That stuff is bad!

  11. I have been taking YAz since 2008. I’m 29 years old had to get my gall bladder removed because of multiple gallstones. Yaz is the only thing that I take. And I do believe that Yaz cause me to have my gallbladder removed. I am already talking to a lawyer about this. And like the other girl, I’ve also felt my heart skipped a beat. I have an appt to see my doctor to talk to about this.

  12. My daughter Kim had been on both yaz and yazmin during approx middle school yrs/hs she has had problems with pain and digesting foods and has recently had her gallbaldder remove as a result of it functioning at less than 20% in July 2009,. Is this a possible link to this birth Control not sure
    but still has problems even after removal. A gastrologist and or other specialist will be seen to improve her quality of life. She is only 18 healthy young lady and problems started once taking this.

  13. I just wanted to say thank-you all for sharing your experiences regarding Yaz. I was beginning to think I was going completely crazy. I too have had awful thoughts of not only hurting myself, but anyone that rubs me the wrong way. I hate life and everything and everyone. Nothing seems to bring me any pleasure anymore and I have fits of rage and often cry for no reason. I’m scared to be alone because of what I might do to myself, but want nothing to do with anyone including my friends and family. I even despise my dog which I have had and treasured as my best friend since early 2002 when I adopted her. That is definietly not normal for me being a huge animal lover and a vegetarian for moral and ethnic reasons.
    I exercise regularly and eat a very healthy vegetarian diet, but have had some physical issues. I get headaches almost daily, even waking in the middle of the night with a headache, night sweats where I am completely soaked allover including my hair…. like someone poured a bucket of water on me, sometimes I feel like I’m going to have a stroke and can’t seem to catch my breath. I’m getting ready to turn 35 and can’t deal with life at the moment.
    I took Yaz about a year or so ago after my divorce and then stopped because I was in a monogamous relationship where he had had a vasectomy and don’t recall having any issues when I had taken it before. I do recall some issues when I first stopped taking it back then but figured it was just my body adjusting to not being on the pill. after that relationship ended in March I started taking it again in April and for the first 3 months I stayed sick to my stomachand irriable. I thought that after 3 months like the pamplet said everything would be better. The nausea has gone away, but the extreme emotions have just seemed to get worse. Next month when I have my annual OBGYN appt. I’m going to try and switch or get my tubes tied.

  14. I too was on Yaz after having my second child. 6 months ago I switched to Yasmin when it was determined Yaz was not strong enough (had my period every week for 6 weeks). What I’m wondering is if others have noticed if you got hot easily, like hot flashes. It doesnt take anything for me to get hot very easily and take a bit to cool down. Anyone else notice this too? I have never been like this until I started Yaz. I swear it’s worse with Yasmin and am switching to Loestrin this week.

  15. Hi everyone! I was on Yaz, to help with my PMS and I wanted a contaceptive. I took it from June-Dec 09′ I guess only 6 months…just a few after starting, I developed a bad case of Acid Reflux, the kind where the acid rushes up to the back of your throat, so I suffered terrible throat aches, and even had to take antibiotics for a throat infection caused by all the irritaion. So then, the doc put me on Nexium, for the acid reflux, it helped but did not give me full relief…I tried to change my diet to help, but I still had the heatburn and sore throat. Also, every time I would stand up I would get dizzy(I guess the low potassium) Maybe this could have been an early sign of a stroke or heart attack, also I went to the dentist and they said my heart beat was crazy slow. I lost wieght too, didn’t have much of an appetite.
    Well, when I stopped taking the pills because I just KNEW they were bad for me, although my doc did not agree. The acid reflux lessened tons, but I still have some symptoms. The worst problem I have now is extremely painful periods-this started about 4 months after I had been of the YAZ. My boyfriend had to take me to the hospital, I had cramps so bad I fainted and was covered in sweat and the cramps were sooooo bad I was desperate, I had diahhera, but could’nt walk to the bathroom. IT WAS AND STILL IS THE WORST EXPERIENCE HEALTHWISE I HAVE EVER HAD! Now I just take heavy duty painpills everytime my period comes, now for like 8 months, but they are starting NOT to work and I ‘m experiencing this every month! I know the doc will just put me back on another birthcontrol pill so I’m waiting for a miracle, but I’m building up a tolerance to the pain pills, so please, if anyone can offer advise, let me know…..I’ve heard acupuncture could be good for this???

  16. I am an active, healthy 23 y/o female, very healthy weight; with no family history of gallbladder disease. Here is my timeline…In June 2009 I started taking YAZ. In August I started having upper right quadrant abdominal pain (I stopped taking the YAZ after my doctor though it might be my gallbladder). It was just a constant dull pain most of the time, but whe I ate It felt like someone was stabbing me and I would get very nauseated. I had a whole lot of tests that month and it showed nothing until the HIDA scan. That showed that I had billary dyskenesia (basically my gallbladder wasn’t functioning correctly, only at 23%). I had to get it removed this month on the 15th. I am healing well from surgery…but I just kept thinking “how could something like this happen to me?” I eat very healthy, clean family history, ect…it wasn’t until my mom called me told me about seeing the lawsuits on the news for gallbladder disease that I started to wonder. Please, if you value your relationships with your female friends and family tell them to stay away from this drug…it brings nothing but pain and suffering.

  17. After I had my son in 2007 I went back onto birth control (yaz) in January of 2008. At the end of 2008 I was getting headaches and then in February of 2008 I had stroke. I am 35 years old with no family history of strokes. It was obviously a life changing event and I wish more of this information on Yaz would of been known. I can’t believe they don’t take this product out of the market.

  18. I was not informed about the recent problems that Yaz could cause until I saw a commercial warning those who took it. In hine sight , my doctor put me on Yaz to help regulate hormones along with slight depression. I started to have extreme night sweats and chalked it up to be beginning of peri menopause. I gained weight and had extreme stomach aches. That was diagnosed as IBS. My hips started bothering me and ache when I lay down to sleep. If the night sweats did not wake me up it was either the stomach pains or hip pains. I since stopped the oral contraceptive and to my surprise the nights sweats seized but I still have achy hip and discomfort and we are still trying to figure out the lower left stomach pains. I’am a healthy 42 year old mom of three with active lifestyle, I keep my weight down, blood pressure is 122 over 68. I wish I knew if this was the cause and beginning of my problems?

  19. I have been taking Yasmin now for approximately 6 months and I am noticing pain on my right side just below my ribs. After the last recent onset of really bad pain, I decided to get an ultrasound (incase it was gall stones – that is what my doctor suspected) and a blood test. Turns out I am healthy!! If so, then what is causing this horrible pain? After doing research on the internet I am finding lawsuits against Yasmin for Gall bladder disease and Gall bladder removal. I suspect I have what my doctor suggested which is related to taking Yasmin – being cholecystitis which is inflammation of my gall bladder. Personally, I am going to stop taking it and see how I go. I can’t believe a pill can have this sort of effect!

  20. I have always been very health conscience, ate right, exercised 6 days a week, and was training for a triathalon relay when (long story short) I found that not only did I have blood clots in my calf (DVT) but after going to emergency they found that it had traveled to my lung (PE). I have had extensive testing done in my hometown and at Mayo clinic to only have them tell me I’m one of the healthiest individuals they’ve seen and all tests for heriditary blood clots, immune deficiency disorders, etc. all turned out negative. I had NO idea or reason as to how I could have had this scare happen to me and my family… to think while training on my bike I could have had a clot cause a heart attack or stroke… I was lucky (if you can call it that, a week in the hospital in intensive care is not lucky or fun!) I’m just glad I am well now… This is scary for all those having issues and I wish everyone is aware of what could happend to them!

  21. I was on yaz for conrol of female issues. I started having cramps in my calf thinking it was a pulled muscle. I had knee surgery on the same leg on a thursday and was hospital ized on the following Tuesday with DVTs the surgeon fully believes its from the Birth control. I spent several days in the hospital on IV Heparin. I now take an Aspirin every other day.

  22. I am 27 years old and had never taken birth control until I saw the comercial for YAZ and figured it would be great for me since I deal with hormonal and depression issues around my period. My doctor put me on it and all was fine for a month or so. I am also a professional dancer and I started noticing that I would have difficulty breathing and my heart would start racing and I would get dizzy almost to the point of passing out. Not only that but I had gained 20pounds and I was still eating the same and working out more. I figured it had to be the birth control since that is all I was taking, and I had no other history of health problems. Not only that but I was at work and had horrible pain near my gallbladder area, nausia and had to leave work to go to the doctor. The doctor thought I had a galbladder attack. Soon after this whole ordeal I started seeing and hearing advertisements regarding lawsuits for YAZ/YAZMIN. I identified w a handfull of the side affects and decided from that point to stop taking the birth control. I find it hard to understand how something that can cause so many problems that has been out for longer than I know is still being sold. I have told all my friends and some family members of my situation to hopefully spread the word. Reading the comments above are a bit scary and I hope everyone is well and something needs to be done about this!!!

  23. Claire – I have been on other pills my whole life, starting when I was 15 (now 34)because when I would get my period I would have SEVERE cramps, nausea/vomiting/diarrhea/cramps in my back, down my right knee, hot and cold sweats and eventually pass out. This would happen 8 hours into my period, and last for 8 hours. My period was alway regular in spite of the symptoms. I would also have SEVERE PMS which doctors said I was depressed, etc.. so I have tried a few antidepressants that never worked. I asked about YAZ because of the commercials and it helped with my PMS, but only after taking YAZ a few months, now my period is all out of wack, start bleeding before my PMS hits, and then stops and then bleeding again heavily and with clots, hot flashes are bad, and headaches, depression has been really bad… I have been off YAZ now for about 6 months and I am still not back to normal… DO NOT TAKE THIS STUFF!!!! Doctors are not educating themselves enough on prescribing this stuff. And I read somewhere it can also affect your kidneys, which I have kidney issues and my doctor still prescribed this to me!!! Someone needs to do something about this and doctors need to be responsible in what they are prescribing!

  24. I was 35, in 2005 when I had my son. I began taking Yaz after his birth. I suffered from severe depression, which I attributed to post partum at the time, but it lasted for years. I was put on antidepressants which seemed to help some, at least I was’nt crying every single day anymore. In 2008, I went to the podiatrist for what was diagnosed as heel spurs, but he also found that the extreme pain in my calf was a blood clot. Thankfully, it did’nt travel to my lungs and the medication seemed to take care of it. I stopped taking Yaz at that time and was informed that due to the blood clot, I could not take any form of birth control. Months after I stopped taking Yaz, I developed severe gallbladder problems which resulted in a complete removal of the gallbladder. I never would have thought to connect the depression, blod clot and gallbladder problems to the birth control until i started reading up on it.

  25. I was always really healthy, and I started taking Yasmin in October 2008. Well, I am sitting here one year later with staples all over my tummy as a result of the gallbladder removal I had to have yesterday. The only risk my doctor told me about using Yasmin were the heart problems or blood clots if I smoked, which I do not. I cannot believe I wasn’t more informed about the risk of gallbladder disease when taking Yasmin. Maybe if I had been more informed I would not be in so much pain right now, and I would have not had so much interruption in my life due to my dysfunctional gallbladder.

  26. I just wanted to thank everyone for sharing their experience with Yaz. I was just given 2 mos of samples today by my doctor to give it a try because I am having hormonal imbalance issues, hair loss etc. This was after I told her I’ve had trouble with birth control in the past with leg pain and severe migraines. I was told this was a low dose of hormones and I should try it out. I will not be taking it!

  27. Comment by Tina on 25 August 2009:

    “I took this pill for 2 weeks and just went to see my Dr. and demanded to be taken off it. I have never experienced such Rage in my life, difficulty sleeping and headaches. I also informed my Dr. of lawsuits regarding the drug, his eyes popped wide open as if he hadn’t heard any thing about it”

    I understand exactly how you feel Tina! I’ve been on Yaz for two months now, hoping it would HELP with my mood swings during the month; it has multiplied them severely. The only way I can explain it to my husband is that I am filled with rage; I want to physically harm people that look at my the wrong way. I start fights with my close family members, have severe insomnia and anxiety, cry for no reason, have head aches and get dizzy/black out when I stand up. I’m so glad I’m not the only one, I’ve felt like I’m going crazy!!!

  28. I began taking YAZ in 2007. I began having night sweats, legs cramps and and weight loss. I also began to suffer from depression. Later that year, I began having very heavy periods with huge clots– the size of my fist. My doctor decided to do an ablasion to remove the lining of my uterus. Once I was in the operating room, he discovered I was too small and the equipment he had would not work on me. He sent me home and I continued to take YAZ. The heavy periods continued and I became severely anemic. Then, in March 2008, my dr decided to do a hysterectomy. I am married and have 3 children and have always been in great health. When I heard about the YAZ “bad drug” lawsuit, I now believe I know what has caused my problems. Not only have I had to spend a lot of money on this, my job and career have suffered. What can be done for me and the others?

  29. As I am reading all of these posts, I am crying. I have been on Yasmin for the past 8 years after the birth of my second daughter. In those 8 years my husaband changed to a more demanding job, firefighter, and I lost my father. I have complained for years my depression, rage, irritability,headaches, no motovation, and everything else everyone is mentioning to my OB and regular doctor. It was always chaulked up to post-baby blues, life style change, grief. I seriously thought I was going crazy. And that no one understood what I was feeling. NO ONE ever mentioned it could be the pill. I’m 44 and feel like I don’t know myself. A young friend mentioned her reaction to Yasmin, which got me thinking. I went off the pill last month to see. By the end of the month, I felt great. I started the pill this month again, same rage and anger. I’m waiting for 9 am to come so I can call my doctor and get off this junk!!!!!

  30. My daughter started taking yaz august 2008 because commericials said it cleared up acne and she had heavy periods so we thought that would help. She turned sixteen november 2008. This was the beginning of a year of hell! She has insomnia -she never slept, her hair fell out in handfuls, very very depressed, so dizzy she could not get out of bed. She would about pass out when she did get up. She had severe stomache pain, cramps in thighs and calves, constant headaches, extreme bloating, bleed all month long she might quit for a few days and her period would be right back. She had numbness and tingling in her left arm and hand and numbness around her mouth. She was insane with rage- her emotions out of control. To tell you the truth i never knew if she was going to be alive when i opened her bedroom door. she was that depressed and did not care what any of us thought. Finally our family doctor told us to get her off of yaz after about 8 months. meanwhile we have been to gastrologist, psychologist, been on antidepressants and she has lost alot of friends. she just wanted to be alone. They need to get this yaz off of the market!! it is terrible it made a year of hell and i almost lost my daughter.

  31. I was 42 when I first took Yaz. I started taking it in June 2008 and quit taking it September 2008. I had major weight gain, severe depression, severe mood swings like some of have described, and I felt terribleand bloated all the time. After the first month, I went back to my doctor and told her I thought my kidney’s weren’t working right. I also told her about all the other side effects. She talked me into trying it out and letting my body get adjusted to it. I finally just quit. Since quitting,this Ive gone to the doctor for heart palpitations, had shortness of breath, severe ovary pain that is still happening since quitting,. I am now taking a prescription so my body will get rid of fluids. I was told my heart doesn’t relax, and I’m still trying to get a doctor to address the kidney issue. I felt it was all caused from Yaz, but the doctor who put me on it told me I was the only one to complain. I did contact the Yaz birth control company, but never heard from them.

  32. I was taking yaz for a couple of months and for the months that I was taking it I would have 2 periods a month. they were heavy and crampy and it was awful. so my doctor switched me to ocella at the begining of the year and I was just recently hospitalized with a cyst on my ovary about the size of a baseball. they ended up having to remove my whole ovary. Im only 27 years old and the doctor said I never should have had a cyst like that being on birth control.

  33. My 15 year old daughter started Yaz in August 2009. She had problems with very frequent periods and cramping so we thought putting her on the pill would help. She is a runner and from the beginning she had problems with severe abdominal pain and shortness of breath when she ran. We at the time attributed it to her having a cold. Her problems with this worsened and I finally took her to the doctor who ran tests to make sure she did not have any clotting. Those tests came back negative but the Dr. then did respitory testing and we found out she had only 80% lung function (a long distance runner). The Dr then ordered a CT scan to again rule out a clot in her lung. That came back negative but she treated her for asthma. The problem has continued and has now gotten worse. She has her regular shorness of breath, dizziness, abdominal pain, regular headaches, hot flashes, feeelings of severe stress and anxiety, and night sweats. After reading this she will never take that pill again. I am making her another Dr. appointment in the morning!!


  35. I was on yasmin for 3 month I experienced horrible depression cramps headaches and mood swings. I have been off it for 7 months now and I have not had a period that has lasted longer than a day since I was on it…

  36. My daughter(14) started taking Yasmin in Sept of 2007 to control her periods. I noticed mood changes immediately…by Dec of 2007 she had become so depressed she tried to commit suicide. She also lost 40 lbs which she was very happy about…but I knew it was not normal. Yes, her complexion improved…but what good is that if your so depressed you try to kill yourself! I called her doctor and reported what was going on…they said it could not be from Yasmin. I don’t believe it for one second. She had no history of depression prior to taking Yasmin. Web searches provided other similar accounts… Severe depression should be considered a serious side affect as death could be a result.

  37. this is along the lines of what emily had metioned 28 august 2009. i have experienced the same feeling about my heart skipping a beat. im not on it now and i havent experienced it since. just be aware of the situation. look in to what you are using for birth control.

  38. My daughter is a very active, healthy 29 y.o. taking YAZ . On Nov. 4 an emergency room physician made a diagnosis of an extensive DVT of her left leg with bilateral pulmonary embolism. Jessica told me she thought she was dying. As a nurse I understood the severity of the situation & rushed from an island in the Pacific to the East coast to help manage my daughter’s care. A vascular surgeon had to remove the clot since it ran the entire length of her leg into the pelvis up to the umbilicus. A clot filter was placed in her right leg which will require another surgery to remove in about 2 weeks. She now on blood thinners for 6 months which requires clinic visits for monitoring,etc, etc, If you are taking YAZ get off it now!!!! Jessica was a lucky one. The pulmonary embolisms did not kill her. An official complaint has been filed with Bayer Pharmaceutical & one will be filed with the FDA.

  39. I am 28yrs old and i took this pill for 2 months. It made my breast grow a cup size and eventually i got lumps in one of my breast, so i stopped taking it. Little did i know that i had also developed a DVT that dislodged into my lung giving me a pulmonary embolism (PE). I had chest pains that made me go to the urgent care and then the ER. I was admitted to the hospital for 3 days and had blood thinner meds injected into my stomach every 12 hours. It hurt so bad!! This pill needs to be taken off the market. It almost killed me.

  40. I am 40 years old and was on Yaz for less than a year for PMS symptoms when I suddenly developed shortness of breath and an irregular heart rhythm. After a trip to the ER and 2 nights in the hospital undergoing numerous tests it was discovered I had multiple PE in both lung fields and will have to be on medication for at least the next six months. Three of my doctors are confident this was caused by Yaz. Help to get this drug off the market.

  41. I took yaz for over a year and I am only 20 years old. And before I started taking YAZ i was a perfectly healthy girl. Now I am seeing a doctor about possible gallbladder disease, also I have severe joint pain but im not to sure if its from YAZ.

  42. Am I the only one who has been helped by Yaz? I was experiencing severe mood changes for about two weeks before my period. My relationships and work were suffering immensely. My doctor prescribed Yaz and it’s has been a godsend to me for the past three years. I read about how bad it could be and have been off of it for two months, but I can barely function during PMS now. :(

  43. I started taking Yaz in 2006. Prior to that time frame I had always been pretty constipated. After I began taking it I noticed I was having frequent diarhea, soometimes as much as 5 times a day immediately after eating. I figured it was just stress related as I was going thru a divorce. In Jan 2008, after 2 years of frequent, explosive diarhea I went to a GI, she did a endoscopy & colonoscopy to tell me there was nothing wrong, just a little gastritis and not to drink to much milk. I stopped taking the Yaz in Dec 2008. Still have the diarhea problem and have pretty much accepted it, until last night, I drove myself to the emergency room with a sharp pain right below my chest bone, unable to breath, sweating, chills, and barely able to speak. After doing a chest xray, finding nothing, they did a stomach ultrasound and said I have gall bladder disease and need to have the gall bladder removed. Could this all be from the YAZ?

  44. I started taking Yaz in October 2007. Soon afterward, I quickly began developing ugly varicose veins on the inside of my calves and a pinching, stabbing pain on the inside of both my thighs and calves. My doctor referred me to a vein and heart specialist who did ultra sounds and determined I had venous reflux disease — a condition in which the veins that carry blood back up the legs to the heart are unable to do so and the blood pools in the veins, causing pain, varicose veins and potentially blood clots. In February 2008 I had a VNus Closure procedure, but the pain persists. I’m really afraid of developing a clot and having a stroke. I also experienced severe depression after taking Yaz. The entire time I was on it (about 6 months) I was weepy and sad like I’ve never experienced before. I was 24-25 years old at the time. I’m very health conscious, exercise regularly and eat a macro pescetarian (fish only) diet. I do not stand for long periods of time, have a family history of varicose veins, or any of the other indications. I’m convinced this drug has irreversibly effected my veins.

  45. I have been on Yaz for over a year now, I went on it for PMDD! up until 2 months ago I was loving this pill! my moods have been stable and periods lighter! however, after reading alot of posts, I am noticing things like: for the last 2 months I have been short of breathe, have been and still am going to the doctor regarding this, they are treating me for asthma, however my lung function test done yesterday showed my lungs are fine? I have noticed that over the last couple months I want to cry at the drop of a hat (like when watching some tv shows) which did not happen when I first started taking this pill. I of course cannot say for sure that is what is causing these things to happen, however I did stop taking them yesterday and plan to be off of them until my chest tightness, shortness of breathe go away and if that starts to happen soon I will be off Yaz forever! just wierd I start reading all these posts and alot of you are describing things I have been going thru! I have NO family history of heart or lung problems! up until a couple months ago I have been able to do an hour of cardio each day plus work full time and do all the other things required of me! now I cannot even go up my stairs at home without my heart pounding and being out of breathe! heck I’m afraid to walk my dog for fear I might pass out somewhere! my blood pressure checks out fine and had a recent clear chest xray! so the only thing I can even think that this might be caused by is this pill! please let me know if you are having the same problems!

  46. I am 35 years old and took Yaz for approximately 1 year. I just stopped taking it about 3 months ago. I have had severe headaches for the last several months, along with severe leg cramps, anxiety-like irregular heart rate at times and some abdominal pains. I have been taking a mild muscle relaxer to cope with my daily headaches and it is the only medication I’ve ever taken besides birth control pill. Until just seeing this commercial on TV regarding the Yaz side effects I thought and so did my doctor that my headaches were stress/tension headaches. I have not had any leg cramps since I quit taking Yaz. I would like more information on how Bayer is handling this issue with all these women.

  47. Ok I am sitting here crying because I am on YAZ and something weird is going on with me and I am not sure what it is and I am scared!!!!! I am going to call the doctor tomorrow morning and see what to do I think I am no longer going to be taking this pill because I am scared. So far I have not had any problems but last month and this month my period has been really weird and ok thinking I might be pregnant took a test and showed negative. So I am not sure what is going on but I am scared as HELL!

  48. I started taking yasmin after having my first child in 2005 I stopped taking it after around march 2007. In that time I have had continuous kidney infection that can not be explained, I felt my heart skip a beat several times, I gained 20 pounds. I went form 120 to 140. I never put all these symptoms together until now, and they seem so obvious. I stopped taking it and of coarse did not gain any more weight. I still at time feel my heart skip, and I deal with continuous kidney infections that do not go away. I am afraid of kidney failure, but I can not afford to go to the doctor, or get any more infections. OH and my husband did say that he noticed an increase in my temper and mood swings while I was on yasmin. The moment I stopped taking it the mood swings stopped. I was no longer sad all the time.

  49. I’m so sorry to hear of everyone’s problems with YAZ. I have been taking it for over three years and consider it a godsend. I have not gained weight, my face cleared up and best of all, no PMS (which was horrible before). I switched to YAZ from yasmin because I was waking up with painful leg cramps several times each week. None of that since I switched to YAZ. I plan to come off it though pretty soon with all the bad press and am worried how I will function without it. It’s been great for me.

  50. I’ve been taking yaz for about two years now, and for me it’s done everything it said it would. I have no side effects except for the nausea and sore breasts when I first started it, and my period has gotten shorter.

  51. Ya so i heard about this drug before the doctor prescribed me it but couldn’t remember the name quite, so i bought it haven’t taken one pill out of it and im going to return it and throw it at them and tell them to give me my money back, this shit is gay, im going to stick to the ol’ pills of tricyclen where they don’t cause sudden deaths, those pills should be on recall, and ya im happy i haven’t let that gross virus into my body to slowly kill me or just all of a sudden not ever wake up.

  52. Hi I am 23 years old and just had my daughter Oct.2008. I was previously on Ortho tri cyclen lo before getting pregnant. I started taking Yaz in Jan.2009 and it really worked great. I didn’t have the appetite increase and it made me feel normal as to where my previous birth control made me feel crazy. In April of this year I noticed a small lump on my neck next to spine. Since then it has grown to the size of a quarter or bigger. Since noticeing this lump I have experienced so many symptoms. Eye sight loss, migraines, dizziness, ear aches, complete numbness on right side of my face, neck stiffness, charley hoarse pains in my neck…. I have been to the doc. so many times. Have had 2 Ct scansand an xray and they were normal. I am wondering if this could be from taking Yaz. I just wanna know what this lump is and how it isn’t showing up on scans…

  53. Hi. I am 23 years old. I started taking Ocella the generic form of Yasmin in Nov. 2008 and did not have any problems, at first. Not long after taking them I started having bad leg pains and leg cramps. I went back to the GYN to see if it maybe have been the pills. She ran several test and saw nothing wrong. So I continued taking the pills until recently. I stopped taking the pills in Sept. 2009 because I started to swell severely in my lower extremities. I went to the hospital and was told that I had kidney damage. I had never had any health problems before starting this birth control. I was always healthy. After seeing all the lawsuit advertisements on TV, I am starting to wonder if the pills are the reason I got sick.

  54. I lost my daughter 6/07/08, she had been taking yasmin since 09/07, cause of death was pulmonary embolism she was 18 years old. I would asked anyone currently on the birthcontrol yaz or yasmin to please stop now, if you don’t want this or anything else to happen to you. It’s a lost I would’nt want anyone to have to deal with.

  55. I took Yaz for approximately 5 months when I had crushing pain in my left side. I thought I was having a heart attach. I am the mother of 3 smaill children. This almost scared me to death. I was admitted into the hospital for pneumonia and several P.E.’s. I could have lost my life, and to think that these ppl were aware of the higher than average side effects is horrible. I have been advised that I am now considered high risk- when it comes to health/life insurance. Now at the age of 31, I have been told that I can not take any hormonal medications.

    Wow! And to see everyone elses comments this is so heartbreaking, and all for the love of money.

  56. I am 30 yrs old and have been taking Ocella (generic brand) for about 4 years since the birth of my first child. This last year I have had a lot of unexplained symptoms that are concerning and wondering if it has to do with the birth control. Like a previous comment by Whitney, I too have had migraines, numbness and tingling on the right side of my face, ear aches, dizziness, balance problems (almost falling over/passing out), unexplained drenching night sweats, changes in my vision, numbness and tingling in my extremities, heart palpitations, etc. I was seen this summer by a neurologist he sent me to get an MRI to rule out multiple sclerosis- MRI came back just fine. I also have had blood tests done to rule out dvt. Still experiencing these symptoms. I just stopped Yaz last month. Any one else experience these symptoms?

  57. My daughter had been taking Yaz for about 10 years. After getting married and trying to become pregnant, she found out that she has poly ovarian cystic disease where her eggs do not drop but stay on her ovaries. The doctor stated that it is from birth control pills. Have you heard of this from the Yaz pill? She had to go on fertility pills to become pregnant and is pregnant now but this may be her only way to get pregnant or may not be able to have any more children.

  58. The combined OCP Yasmin killed my daughter, Vicky, 26.
    She recently died of massive pulmonary emboli [EIGHT cm long in both arteries and extending well into the arterial branches]
    D-Dimer at time of death – 3350!
    The so-called “fourth generation” progestin [drospirenone] in Yasmin is indisputably the culprit.
    Drospireone is UNIQUE to Yaz, Yasmin and the generic Ocella.
    Vicky, a perfectly healthy young women, was put on Yasmin three months prior to her death.and soon complained of shortness of breath, rapid heart beat and pain in her back all of which were grossly misdiagnosed as asthma and muscle spasms! She finally blacked out twice before being sent to ER.
    My urgent advice to all women on Yasmin or on ANY combined OCP containing “drospirenone” is:


    Simple blood tests which INCLUDE a D-DIMER result or any normal CT scan of the pulmonary arteries will usually be enough to RULE OUT pulmonary embolism which can be QUICKLY fatal.

  59. My daughter had gotten the 1st dose of the hpv vaccine and was feeling okay then the second dose 1 day later pretty much bed ridden and 5 1/2 months later gallbladder removed and is now on yazmin, which funny enough she has acid reflux now and did’nt have it before the gallbladder removal? She does get slight headaches now above the ear, but she feels the yazmin is working for her. But after reading these posts I am concerned now. I will mention she is 27 now and all this stuff happened when she was just under 25. Just say no to the hpv vaccine.

  60. My 17 year old daughter was prescribed Yaz for period issues. She also smokes. The prescribing gynocologist did not warn her of the dangers of smoking while taking birth control. Due to the privacy laws I was not informed of my daughters decision to take Yaz. After only three weeks she developed a DVT that stretched from behind her left knee into her stomach. After two weeks in the ICU, two surgical procedures, and a Heparin IV she was finally able to come home. She will be on Lovenox (blood thinner) for a very long time. Her vein is damaged due to the necessary surgical procedures and she is now extremely likely to develop another blood clot. Next time we may not be so lucky.
    This pill should be recalled, and prescribing doctors should be much more careful in their counseling of adolescent girls.

  61. I’m really really scared right now. I’m 19 years old, and I’ve been on Ocella (the generic form of Yasmin) for awhile. When I first started taking birth control to regulate my period, I was on Yaz for about 3 months, and then I switched to other birth controls because Yaz was no longer covered. When I was on Yaz, I don’t remember having any serious problems. It actually started out wonderful, I didn’t feel as emotional around my period and my periods were lighter and I also had less cramping. However, soon after I switched I started noticing some pain in my right side below my ribs. When I’d been experiencing it for a couple of months and it didn’t go away, I went to the doctor. She ordered a CAT scan, and we found that my liver was slightly protruding and my right ovary was a little larger than my left. I switched birth control again to see if it would help. I figured since Yaz had helped me originally, Ocella (which is covered for me) might help. Unfortunately, things have gone from bad to worse. I still have pain in my side, and after reading all of the comments, I’m very concerned. I have no idea what’s wrong with me. I’m going to make an appointment to see my doctor and ask to have my gallbladder tested to make sure nothing is wrong there, and also to have my liver retested. I also want to switch pills.

    Has anyone else experienced liver problems? I was completely healthy before starting birth control, and I’m starting to think it’s the Yaz and Ocella that caused me to have this problem, since I’ve been on those pills the longest. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

  62. I only took yasmin for three days, and suffered a severe allergic reaction. It came on straight away and has take me over ten days to recover from it. At first i thought i had the flu, but by the third day was covered from head to toe in a rash. I stopped taking the pill straight away and was put on anti histemenes, but was completly shocked at how ill this pill made me in such a short space of time.

  63. And what about jasminiq? They are of the same lab , and wat i know its that are the next ones of jasmine . But have this pildores the same problem as the other ones ?

  64. Im 23 years old and was on Yaz birth control for a year. I had no idea there was a lawsuit or any problems with the pill whatsoever. During the year I was taking Yaz I went to the doctor numerous times and they did every type of test available to try and figure out what was wrong with me. I was suffering from Bradycardia on a regular basis, with my pulse even dropping into the high thirties and low forties on several occasions. Within a month after switching birth controls I only suffered bradycardia one time and after that month, never again. I’m positive Yaz was responsible for my heart condition while I was on it for that year, but I’ve never contacted any lawyers about filing a suit.


  66. I had my son in dec of 2007, right after my doctor prescriped me birth control pills. im pretty for sure it was yaz that he prescribed. i didnt start taking them for a week or so. On new years eve i had the worst pain that i had ever had, come to find out i had had a gallbladder attack and had to have my gallbladder taken out a few weeks later. i never thought to much about it intill i seen it on tv. i only took them for 3 weeks and never took them again just because of the cost of them. but now im tryin to figure out if the two are related in any way. im not even sure a gallbladder attack is even in the same area as gallbladder diease but i would like to know if they are at all related and if id have a case if i did get a lawyer.

  67. My daughter was on Yaz about a year and had to have her Gall Bladder removed. I had asked the Gyn if the Yaz could have caused this and was told no. I was horrified that my 18 yr. old daughter had to go for surgery. She is in college and is still having bowel problems and has made an appt. me to see a GI Specialist. Shame on you Bayer Co.

  68. Hey I have never taken Yaz nor do I ever plan on taking another birth control pill again for the rest of my life!! I am 24 years old.. I was extremely healthy had recently started working as a eye doctors assistant I was coming home every night running my tred mill for an hour.. And just living a normal happy life!! That any normal 24 year old girl should until the end of January when I started getting horrible headaches to the point I couldnt even put my head to the pillow.. they had started me on a birth control pill in November of 2009.. Because thats the only thing new i knew of that i had been taking differently i stopped them immediatley!! I dealt with the headaches a little while before I said I cant handle this anymore.. I went to the hospital.. After many tests.. I was diagnosed with Transverse Sinus Thrombosis.. The birth control pills had formed blood clots in the back of my brain. They ended up admiting me to the hospital. After a few days they decided to run more tests they said a lot of times if theres clotting in one place there could be clots in other places as well… So they decided to run a Cat scan on my neck and lungs… 3 hours hadnt passed after the cat scan and the doctor came rushing in and said we have a serious problem here.. We cant let her move at all she is to be on complete bed rest.. I had a Pulmonary Embolism.. Which is a Large blood clot in the lung. I was in the hospital for 2 weeks while they got me started on blood thinner and got my levels where they needed to be.. I am now home.. But still living with these things inside of me.. things that are known to be something fatal.. And it scares me..i just want to be normal again :( I want to go back to my job… I want to go back to living.. Ive been told that maybe the reason the birth control didnt work is because some women just cant take birth control.. And if thats true then is there not away to test a woman to see if they are able to before just giving it to them??? Why are doctors just handing these pills out.. If they can cause so much damage even death..

  69. and what about yaxibelle???? i’m really worried about this now.

  70. Wow!! After reading these comments I feel totally normal! I saw the article in the paper about Yasmin and immediately threw my last few pills out. I also get the extreme night sweats, rage, sleeplessness. Just thought it was really bad PMS. Never had PMS symptoms before – was put on Yasmin after the birth of my first baby in 2004 – OBGYN said it was great for my skin. I hope they take this crazy pill off the market!!

  71. My daughter (16) started taking Yaz in February 2009, to control heavy and painful periods. She was a healthy, happy, cheerful girl. On May 12th, 2009…she committed suicide. We have been searching for answers ever since and have found NONE….no risk factors, no signs, no symptoms….I have only just came across this information on Yaz and wonder now if that was the contributing factor. Has there been a link between this pill and suicide?.

  72. i have taken this pill… i was on it 6 months.. my first 2 periods were great, light no cramps,, then the next one i had for 4 MONTHS straight… not one day in those 4 months did i NOT bleed. it Was constantly heavy, tons of clots, i got severely depressed, nauseas, back pains, abdominal pains, and severe kidney pain… Women out there. this pill is torture… i am very seriously considering contacting someone about this..

  73. I only took Yasmin for 2 months. After 3 weeks I suffered from a deep depression. I thought about suicide and all I did was cry and stay inside. We eventually figured out what it was and I stopped immediately. Two weeks ago I was rushed to urgent care from pain in my abdomen. What do ya know I have gallbladder disease! I’m definitely going to find a lawyer to help me.

  74. Thought I’d add my experiences. I took Yaz and Yasmin (of course, at different times) for over a year. In that time when I did bleed, it was blissfully light and symptom free. HOWEVER, I developed severe headaches that would occur like clockwork each month. I had the only hot flashes I’ve ever had in my life. However, the worst was the mood swings. I’ve battled depression since I was young, and I have generally learned to live with it and the signs. NOT WITH THESE DRUGS. I was completely out of control. I actively contemplated killing myself for no reason that I could discern in the good days. I picked fights and would scream and cry hysterically over the STUPIDEST things. It was bad enough to put a severe strain on my marriage that we are still trying to work through almost a year after I came off the drugs. STAY AWAY FROM THIS STUFF!


  76. I started taking Yasmin when I was 18, in early 2003. I took Yasmin for several years, but switched to Yaz when I was about 22 to make my periods even shorter and lighter. I had no issues with the pills for many years, at least none that I knew of. 2 years ago, I was diagnosed with non-alcoholic liver disease. Liver problems are certainly a side effect of yasmin/yaz. Since my diagnosis, I have also been diagnosed with diabetes and high bloodpressure. My health care costs have been outreagous! Just this month, I went to my GYN…told him that I was in contact with a lawyer regarding the medication. He decided to take me off of it, after previously telling me that I should continue using it. First he gave me a prescription for another medication, then he called me and told me that I shouldn’t take any kind of birthcontrol at all…the hormones in them will be harmful to my liver!!! I used yasmin/yaz for 7 years total…it has caused me to be on the borderline of having cerrhosis of the liver, which would mean I need a liver transplant. If you have the option of using a different medication, please do, it’s not worth the risk!

  77. My Dr. gave me an ultrasound on my right leg 2 years ago because it is constantly swollen, but they found nothing. In researching I found that a simple ultrasound may not detect DPT. Dr. did not tell me this was a possible side effect of Yaz or Ocella, which I have been on for years. I have been having trouble with my vision, but my insurance dropped vision coverage and in researching that is when I discovered the problems with Ocella, so my leg and vision problems may be related but being on the Oregon Health Plan (OHP) they won’t do squat until I am deathly ill or dead. Now what? All medical records are linked in Oregon and even though I have sent my test results/records to specialist and they have called to make me an appointment after reviewing the the files and made appointments for me to come see them (cash in hand), they have always found out I have OHP and canceled the appointment refusing to see me without my primary care physicians referral. Can’t get that because my Dr. would lose money. I have actually been “fired” by my Dr on several occasions for seeking help elsewhere and given 30 days to find a new Dr. This system bites.

  78. My 15 year old daughter was put on Yaz for Acne. She was truly the happiest person on earth before Yaz. The past year has been the worst experience I have ever lived through. The first year she was on Yaz, she became very angry, very moody and very depressed. At first I attributed this to teenage moods. After several months I took her to the pediatrician to see about her continued sadness. He referred us to a Psychiatrist who then put her on Prozac. The Prozac was not helping her so they kept increasing the dosage. She became very suicidal, withdrawn, could not get out of bed, and lost many friends. She eventually attempted suicide and landed up in the Children’s Psychiatric Hospital. I truly believe the Yaz is the reason for all her problems. If she had not been on Yaz, she wouldn’t have needed the Prozac. She has been off the Yaz and Prozac for 6 weeks and is slowing getting back to her confident, strong and very happy self. It really angers me, knowing I could have lost my only daughter due to Yaz

  79. I am glad I found this page. i have been on yaz for 3 weeks now. I have been extremely tired and irritable and thought it was stress from work and family. I knew this morning when I lost my temper and started screaming at my daughter and am ready to beat my sister in law that there is something wrong. The rage is out of control and I am so tired. So I looked up side effects and came across this page. Now I am conccerned and want to know if I can stop taking this cold or if I have to wein off it. I will be calling my octor Monday but if anyone knows could you please let me know>

  80. I’ve been on yasmin since the 2007 birth of my son. In December 2008 I had severe right upper quadrant pain and went to the emergency room. 1 week later I had to have my gall bladder removed. I thought this strange as I was only 23. I have been plagued with postcholecystectomy diarrhea ever since. It is downright awful, I can’t even have a cup of coffee outside of my home because I need to rush to the bathroom minutes after I ingest anything, it’s so embarrassing. I went to a heart doctor before I started taking the pills because of the warnings about blood clots from the booklet (family history, I figured better safe then sorry) If I had known they were more risky then other pills I never would have touched them. Shame on you Bayer

  81. I went on Yaz about March of 2008 due to constant bleeding and irregular spotting. I was told that my previous birth control pill prior to Yaz was not strong enough.

    When I went on Yaz, it was only for the reason of maintaining my bleeding and it worked. What I didn’t realize was that little by little it was also affecting my moods with extreme irritability, anger, rage and all of emotions I can’t seem to control. I thought it was just my transition in my life but seriously I also knew something was wrong with me.

    Because I didn’t want to start bleeding irregular and thought the pill was good for me I stayed on it for awhile. But I started to get horrible migraines almost 4 times a week. I hadn’t gotten so bad I was taking Advil every single day.

    Towards the end of last year, because of the excruciating headache pain I had and my emotional stability…I started to evaluate being on Yaz. I didn’t ask the doctor if I should change,
    I told them I want off this and to put me back on my old pill and would take the chance of bleeding again.

    Well, thank goodness, my irregular bleeding never happened again but what I did realize was after almost an entire year being on the pill and just one month being off it…..my moods have changed.

    It changed back to how I used to be, myself, very rational rather than irrational, not irritable and angry often. I seriously thought I was going crazy and can’t control myself emotional wise.

    It’s been 5 months now since I have been off it and OMG….no more migraines and no more emotional outbursts!!

    Also, in the last 5 months, I have been seeing a lot of Yaz complaints and am relieved that I was right about what it did to me and can justify if be all the women that have experienced the same.

  82. I started by taking Yasmin in the beginning of 2006. When I went to my next annual check-up my doctor asked if I had wanted to switch to Yaz in 2007 he told me that my menstrual cycle would be shorter and lighter, so I switched. I took Yaz for 2 years during the summer of 2008, I woke up some nights with an unbearable pain. I felt as though I was being sqeezed around my entire midsection but towards the bottem of my breasts. The pain was so bad, I would throw-up and my mom would take me to the hospital. I wasn’t able to stand straight and all I did was rock back and forth to try to help the pain. The emergency room doctors checked me out, said everything looked okay and they gave me heartburn medicine. In 2009, I told my doctor that something wasn’t right and that I thought I was too moody, that without the birth control I wasn’t this mean. So then I switched to something else everything with my menstrual cycle got back to normal. Summer of 2009 that pain started coming back, it wasn’t to were I went to the hospital like the other times, but this time I went to the doctor, and she told me to schedule an ultrasound for my gallbladder, the monday after the test I got a phone call telling me to speak to the surgeon at Wyandotte Hospital. I had gallstones, and on November 6th 2009 I had my gallbladder removed. Best part is I was 18, how often do you see a 18 y.o. get their gallbladder removed.

  83. I have switched my birth control pills a couple of times over the last 10 years. I took Yasmin 2003-2005 and didn’t notice any issues. I then switched to Yaz in 2005 and became severely depressed, I felt like I was digging myself deeper and deeper into a hole. I had to start antidepressants right away (per my provider). I took Effexor XR for over a year and decided I was ready to be done with it, it was the hardest med to stop taking but it was worth it. I also changed my birthcontrol (bc) to Ocela and have been taking it ever since. Recently I have been experiencing terrible headaches and pain just under my ribs on the right side, it comes and goes. The longest it has lasted is 3 days, it’s very uncomfortable but not bad enough to be concerned, yet. After reading all of these posts I think I will mention the pain to my GYN and have my gallbladder evaluated. I will also be changing my pill, maybe to OrthoTriCyclen-Lo, I am just not sure about bc anymore!

  84. I’ve been on it for years and have no negative side effects. All other birth control make me hold water weight as well as other side effects. YAZ has been great. It cleared up my face. I did notice with any birth control if I missed days and took 2 to catch up it sometimes could throw my hormones out of wack which can cause rage and depression. Especially if you take more then 2 at a time. I’m kinda sad now because now my Dr. will not let me take it now.

  85. I started taking yaz April 2008. I was really excited about it because I had PMDD symptoms and I was hoping it would help. I was lke PMS queen! I was 28 yrs old and had never been on birth control in my life, but had a baby at 22. At first It seemed like the pills were doing great things for my symptoms. Then I started to get depressed, my weight gain was slow then gradually became worse. I gained almost 40lbs in less than 2 yrs. I ate right and exercised.

    Before I was ever on pills, I gave birth to my daughter Iand lost the 60lbs with diet and exercise. I have always had to work HARD to lose weight so I know what it takes and I always get results. Not now…I started to get more and more of these horrible symptoms. I would get so crazy and dizzy and scream at the top of my lungs if my husband or family member made me mad. I would cry at anything etc etc. The thing that really got me to start paying attention besides the raging/crying was the constant bloating and stomach pain. I felt like no matter what I did or what I ate I had this horrible pressure/pain in my stomach. Found out about all the gallbladder issues w/ yaz and stopped taking it. I felt like it was slowly poisoning me. Within 2 weeks the stomach aches and PAINFUL bloating were gone. I still get really weird stomach aches here and there that hurt so bad im doubled over and my husband has to come pick me up at work and take me home. It is not normal. I have IBS or so the doc’s say. I think there is more to it. I got an IUD after yaz but recently had it removed due to similar issues. I think birth control…YAZ messed up my body and my hormones. I have an appointment on June 1, 2010 with a great doc who listens..unlike my last one and will help me get to the bottom of this. I just want my old body back. I have stopped gaiining weight, but I cannot lose it. I will never use hormonal birth control or iUD’s again. I am at the weight I was when I was pregnant and that is ridiculous considering I have been eating super healthy and exercising. My poor body is so messed up.

  86. I take Yasmin to control symptoms of PCOS (irregular menses, acne, facial hair). It definitely affects my mood, but not so much that I have stopped taking it. Yaz, on the other hand, is pure evil. My then-internist decided that I should try Yaz (I think because she, like a lot of doctors, was getting some kind of quid pro quo for prescribing certain medications; she’s not the only doctor who’s tried to push the latest and “greatest” — this practice must stop, but I digress) seemingly just because. I was doing just fine on the Yasmin. That stuff (Yaz) put me into such a tail-spin that I didn’t even wait to finish the first course of medication. I have suffered from depression since my teenage years, so I definitely knew what was going on. Nothing else in my life had changed except the new medication. Birth control in general messes with a person’s psyche (and other systems). Well, hormones in general, for that matter. Hormones are still not fully understood, and I would urge caution before undertaking any new course of medication, especially if it’s relatively new to the market. Patients need to do their research.

    FYI: Ortho-tricyclin (sp?) also messed me up; again, supporting my thesis that the effects of hormones in general are not to be taken lightly.

  87. Comment re: The post from Brandy 5/13/10.

    Ocela is the generic form of Yasmin. I was switched ot Ocela by my pharmacy (following the rules of my insurance provider). I tried it for three months. Not only did my acne and facial hair worsen, but there were other side effects that I’d never had on Yasmin (weight gain, for one). In the case of hormone therapy (which is what birth control is), don’t mess with the generics.

  88. I started taking Yaz in 2005. A few months later I was having extreme anxiety, mood swings and depression, as well as bleeding during intercourse. I was put on anti-depressiants and anti anxiety meds. In 2007 when I was 19, I start having breathing difficulty and chest pains, about 3 days later my right arm was swollen and dark purple. I went to the ER for the breathing, they told me it was just the “anxiety” and to practice deep breathing. When my arm began acting up, I went to a second doctor who told me that I must have “fallen, or hit my arm” and not remembered…3 days later I was rushed to the ER because I could not breathe. I was dianosed with Blood clots, DVT in my right arm, and a PE. I spent a night in ICU and 5 days in recovery after the emergency surgury. After that, I had to have my first rib removed to allow blood flow and prevent clotting, in which I spend a week in the hospital, all the while missing school. I still have pain in my right back in side, can never take any BC again,and am denied insurance because of the anti depression/ani anxiety meds I was put on. I wouldnt have ever consitered taking this drug had I known these risks!

  89. I took Yaz for about 9 months before suffering the first symptoms of DVT and a pulmonary embolism which I ignored because I thought it was a pinched nerve in my shoulder (despite the shortness of breath). 6 weeks later, I woke up to having one leg swollen to twice the size of the other, from hip to ankle. Went to the emergency room where they discovered that my arteries in that leg were completely blocked. Spent 3 weeks in the hospital — 3 days in intensive care — while being pumped full of blood thinners and daily abdominal injections, with a PIK line straight to my heart. Received both angioplasty and a stent in the main artery leading down to the leg. While all birth control pills carry the warning regarding blood clots, etc., this one seems to be far more potent than anything I’ve taken in the past. I truly regret taking what was described to me as nothing short of a ‘miracle’ pill.

  90. I have had problems with not getting a period since I was 12 years old. When I heard about YAZ i thought that it would be just the birth control to help with all of the pain and missed periods that i have. I took the pill for only around a year. I started to have pain in my upper right quadrant after that. I went to the emergency room at my school and my white blood cell count was in trouble and they had to give me antibiotics immediately to decrease my infection. I went home knowing that the only way that I would get better was if my gall bladder was removed. They told me to return to the ER if my fever did not decrease and within 24 hours I was back in the ER and admitted to the hospital. Once in the hospital I had to have emergency surgery to remove my gall bladder. I was very dangerously infected when I went the ER and was admitted to the hospital and I am appalled that this side affect would not be previously described to me. I sympathize with everyone who has had the same kind of issue, and I hope that something will be done about it.

  91. Response to Courtney: I also used to have horrible mood swings before starting YAZ. My mood is now back what it used to be before starting birth control – happy and predictable!! My fiance and I were on the brink of ending our engagement because of my unpredictable sadness and rage. Since starting YAZ we’ve been able to go back to the way we used to be….totally in love!!!

  92. I like many others who put their comments on this site took yasmin and ocella and around five months after i had my second child i went through the most severe pain i have ever had in my life. I would rather go through childbirth. After several trips to the doctor and hospital I was left with $15000 in medical bills and no gallbladder……all of this due to a birth control pill!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rediculous and the sad part is that no one will get anything they deserve out of the lawsuits and worst of all there will be no relief for the people who lost children, mothers, sisters, wifes,friends, due to a birth control pill. This drug should be taken off the market immediately but money is more important than peoples lives! Since there will be no resolution in this situation I feel the only thing we can do is tell our story and let the women who are on yaz yasmin ocella or thinking about takin it PLEASE DONT if you value your health and your life DO NOT take it and if you are please STOP.

  93. I am a very healthy 49-year-old woman who was trying to induce lactation for a baby I am adopting. I was put on Yasmin as part of the protocol. Within days of starting this drug, I experienced a TIA. I was hospitalized and told I needed to watch for a subsequent stroke and that I should get off of the Yasmin immediately. I cannot believe that so many people are having the same problem with this drug and the drug company is still allowed to sell it!! Very wrong. How many people need to die from this stuff before they take it off the market?

  94. I have just started my third pack and feel horrible. The nausea Im experiencing keeps me awake at night. Ive had diarrhea for the past 2 months an am constantly tired. I have noticed terrible mood swings and am uncharacteristically angry. I have not taken the pill for about 8 years (Microgynon) and came off it because of similar side effects, the only reason I started again is because my periods have never gone back to normal with spotting every 2/3 weeks, and I recently found out I have cysts on my ovaries. Today I am off work sick and its a wakeup call that I cannot continue this medication, I dont know if I should just stop today but thats what Im going to do.

  95. I am so glad i did some research. I wanted to change birth control. I had not been taking anything and I was irregular because I normally take the depo shot. I go to the doctor and he wasnt in so the let their LPN take care of me and she said she could give me anything unsaid til I got a pap. So I was aggravated from staying upo there all day and having to resechedule and I needed some birth control. So anyways she said she would give me me some samples until I came back. Well she brings me some sample packs to start for 2 months until I come back and it was YAZ. I asked her isnt this th stuff with all the lawsuits on tv, she shoved the boxes in my hand and said she was fine and she had been taking them for yrs. I was nervous about it but I took them, abd today I looked it up and so many people have lost their gallbladders!!! Crazy Nurse, the other night I woke up at 3 am, tried to go back to sleep and eventually just got up at 4 am started my day! Thats unusual, last night it felt like someone was squeezing my heart inside my chest, SO thank God I did some studing and bout to through these pills in the garbage. I am 23 and have been on them fo 1 week.

  96. On July 28, 2010 we lost our beloved daughter Melanie age 20 due to a pulmonary embolism. We attribute her death to Yaz. Our hearts are broken

  97. I took yaz starting in 2008. I experienced nausea, and severe stomach aches. I discontinued yaz in 2009 do to that. Since then I have been diagnosed with insomnia, and depression. I also developed bad allergies which I didn’t have before.

  98. I have been taking Yaz and Yazmmin on and off between the two for five years now. I was placed on this form of birth control to help with my PCOS. In the last few months I have been having issues with my gallbladder, and pain in my legs. I two have lost hair on my head but have gained it on my face, not a good thing. I have broken vains on my legs and it is getting worse with the pain. I have gained much more weight then needed as well. I have been to my family doctor and I was told that the risk of the birth control is very low and I have nothing to worry about. I an now on all liquid diet to my gallbladder, I have severe symptoms of the gallbladder and I am seeking out medical attention for this issue. I have been told that my birth control would not cause gallbladder complication. But now I see that I am not the only one with all these symptoms.

  99. I’ve recently been diagnosed with Non-alcoholic liver damage (NASH). I was on Yaz for over a year and Yasmine before that. I’m wondering if the Yaz & Yasmine caused the liver damage which in turn caused the insulin resistance that has me on 2x daily insulin shots now. I’m in contact with a local lawyer, but it’s been really interesting to read that other young women taking Yaz have the same liver damage.

  100. When I moved to another state they didn’t carry my birthcontrol so they switched me to this and withthin a few week I was gaining weight like crazy -10lbs now. I no longer had any desire to have sex and my mood swings are so strange, I become so angry for no reason. I feel sick all the time and can’t sleep as well anymore with headaches on top of it all. I HATE IT. I”m stopping this birth control and switching back to my old one. DO NOT USE

  101. I took Yazmin for about 4 years. Started them around age 19, when I got married. I went from an easy going personality to mood swings so bad that I thought I might need to be commited. They ranged from horrible fits of rage to crying spells for no reason. I felt like I was loosing my mind and could not understand why. I have never felt so out of control. My husband still vividly recalls these terrible mood swings, theye were very hard on our marriage. Once I came off the pill I my mooods were completely back to normall.

    Last year I had to have my gall bladder removed at 24 yrs old. The nurse told me that they were seeing an astounding amount of very young women needing this surgery. Now I am wondering if my surgery and many of these womes were due to taking this birth control.

    I have severe acid reflux problems, nausa, diareah, and IBS. I have had countless trips to the GI Dr. Now he is wanting me to consider another surgery to help with the acid reflux. I was thinking back on when my problems started and it was around the same time I started taking Yazmin. I don’t know if the pill caused my problems but the timing is dead on. I have suffered so much with my stomach problems.

    The gaul bladder surgery was not that bad, I recovered within a few weeks. But after reading others mention stomach and acid reflux problems, I realized that Yazim could be the reasons I have suffered so long. It actually makes me angry thinking that I may never have had to deal with this if I had never taken this pill. I know that my problems could have been worse and I am so thankful that they were not.

    I have several friends that took this pill and suffered terrible mood swings and even a couple that were suicidal. I hope this drug gets pulled from she shelves so that others don’t have to suffer.

  102. I have been taking Yaz for about 3 months now soley to help w/PMDD. It has not helped with the symptoms at all. I still have to take my Prozac two weeks before my period or I become a not nice person. I am most definately NOT taking these pills any longer. Luckily for me, I have not had any other symptoms as of yet. I do have a friend who got pregnant on the Yaz and flat lined on the table when they were trying to do a c-section! Do NOT take these pills any longer!

  103. I was on Yaz for 4 years. I was put on it when i was 17, so it was the only birth control i had ever taken. After seeing all the lawsuit commericals on TV i went to my gyno to see about changing my birth control. First i was put on nuvaring. Almost immediatly i began getting severe headaches. I have probably had 10 headaches in my entire lifetime and now i was getting them everyday. After about two weeks i went to the gyno, explained my issue, and he put me on loestrin since it has a similar hormone dosage as Yaz does. The headaches still continued. I saw my primary physican frequently and he finally ordered for me to have a catscan after we had explored every option. I had headaches everyday, all day, and i could not do the things i normally do. I had such a bad headache once i vomited for several hours. After getting a cat scan my doctors office called me to tell me that they had found a small cyst that they hoped was non-cancerous, but i needed an MRI to be sure. I am only 21 years old so of course like anyone i was very scared and upset by this news. I cried for days. Finally i got my MRI and the MRI came back normal. Thank goodness! My doctor could still not figure out why i was having these headaches so he sent me to a neurologist. That doctor prescribed me a medicine to take daily for migraines, which is what every doctor said it was. I explained to 3 doctors that the headaches had started right when i stopped using yaz. FInally about a month ago i went back to my gyno and got put back on Yaz. I have maybe had one headache since. I am happy about this! But i am not happy that my body is dependent on Yaz and it is unhealthy for me. I am also unhappy because of the EXPENSIVE doctor bills i had to pay because a side effect of getting of Yaz. Please let me know if anyone has a similar story. I feel alone in this!

  104. I took Yaz for 2 months and it was absolutely horrible. I have been on several birth control pills since age 14 (I am now 23), but I have mostly been taking alesse which works wonderfully for me, but doesn’t do anything for my acne, which is why my doctor switched me.

    Anyways… I suffered from anxiety disorders in my life, but the intense and sudden chest pains I got on Yaz left me breathless. It was incredibly scary. I also developed constant pain in my legs. I stopped half way through my second pack because I thought I was going to die. I also suffered from intense headaches, complete with aura and nausea.

    The only good thing about Yaz was that it helped with my libido a little and also made my breasts fuller. But who seriously cares about that when all you do is cry and think you’re going to die?

    When I went off Yaz, my acne flared up even worse and it hasn’t been controlled since then. I am switching to Diane 35 today to see if it will do anything. I should have never gotten off the Alesse in the first place.

    I would never recommend this drug to anyone I know.

  105. I have just been on Yasmin for 10 days & have been extremely ill. I went to the doctors who told me that their was a problem with my liver & gall bladder & kidneys & they didn’t know why so they sent me for a ultra sound which showed up nothing. I was told on Thursday to stop taking the pill which I did & go back on Monday for another blood test to see if my results had changed which I have just done but I am also experiencing mild symptoms of what other posters have commented on like pain in Legs, Chest, Back & Arm, Bad pain on my right side just near my ribcage. Should I get checked up for Blood Clots??? or can other posters tell me when they stopped taking the pill how long it took them for their side effects to go away? Did I stop taking it on time or do I have a chance of having a blood clot somewhere?

  106. I have been on Yasmin for about 5 years.. and started experiencing some odd behaviors (depression, anxiety, etc.). I would get migraines (HORRIBLE) every month, sometimes two times a month, and constant headaches everyday, and major mood swings! I went to refill a prescription and my OBgyn refused to refill, because getting migraines (with aura) and the Yasmin birth control combined can increase my chances of getting a stroke! I decided to not take any more birth control pills… and since then (I stopped 6 months ago)… After the first month, i had one or two migraines, and sice then, no migraines at all! I just had like one or two normal headaches around period time. I would never recommend this product to ANYONE! Hope this helps someone!

  107. I took yaz it made me extreamly jealous suicidal and depressed i quit taking it 2 weeks ago after being on it for 4 months if i hadnt stopped taking it I wouldnt be here, Guarateed. I think its a joke that nothing is being done about this and that doctors still prescribe it. I think everyone needs to worry a little less about profit and a little more about peoples health and safety

  108. I started taking Yaz 3months ago and it was the best thing the doctor could put me on. I feel great!! yaz is only to be taken for certain medical problems, not the general public. I feel terrible. for those that have had problems or worse died from side affects, I think that the company should make some restitution, but the doctors prescribing the pills also need to take some of the blame. Every drug is not for everyone and sometimes doctors forget that.

  109. Wow! I am in complete awe. I started taking Ocella (generic brand) 2 mos ago. Last weekend I started experiencing chest/back pain that I reduced to muscle spasms. On 9.27, I woke up with severe pain on the R side of my upper body with shortness of breath. I couldn’t bend forward, sit or stand without discomfort. I contacted the ED and had an on-call Dr. return my call within mins. I explained my symptoms and was told to go to the ED right away.

    Long story short.. I have bilateral pulmonary embolism. I am a non-smoker, healthy weight and I’m only 28. I opted out of staying in the hospital for several days to cut cost.. and I now take anticoagulant medications..(VERY EXPENSIVE) One being an injection that I give myself twice a day.

    I have also experienced many of the symptons mentioned in other comments.. Depression, anger, rage, mood swings, increased facial hair and night sweats. Please listen to your body. If your on this pill and have any of these symptons see someone immediately.

  110. I have been on YAZ for 3 months now. I am experiencing such horrible mood swings, it’s actually scary. I hate everyone and have zero patience. I cry at the drop of a hat. One second I cry and the next I can kill you. The insomnia is terrible. I toss and turn ALL night watching the clock. I sleep for about an hour or 2 a night and then wake up and can’t fall back to sleep no matter how hard a try. I drag all day long, even with cup after cup of coffee. I pretty much have a headache every day as well. It’s a terrible pill to be on and wouldn’t recommend it to anyone. Today was my last straw, I am not finishing the rest of the pack. This pill definitely needs to be tested again it can’t be safe and insomnia not being one of the main side effects is absurd.

  111. I switched my birth control to Yaz about a year ago after my dermatologist suggested it would help clear my complexion. A few months in I started to have a constant dull aching in my lower left pelvic area. The pain tingled into my back and all the way down my left leg to my toes. I met with my primary care, GI and two seperate GYNs and none of them could figure it out. The pain turned cyclical – only letting up for about a week each month – and I missed a lot of work because of it. The GI doc ruled out anything GI related and I had a pelvic ultrasound done as well. This summer I had laparoscopy and a cystoscopy to rule out endometriosis and bladder issues. Months later, still in pain and on the verge of losing my job, I just stopped taking the pill a few days ago on the advice of my GYN. I’m nearly positive that all of this is caused by the Yaz and I just hope I’m fixed soon now that it’s out of my system…

  112. I was taking Yaz for about 3 years. I never thought I had any problems until I went off it 2 weeks ago. My husband and I are planning to have a baby. My husband has been telling me to go off it for 1 year now, with regard to all of the lawsuits and side affects.

    Today I decided to read about different people’s experiences. It seems I have suffered a lot of the same symptoms as the rest of you. I get hot flashes and I’m only 31. I have really bad acid reflux, and constant headaches. When I walk or jog long distances my toes go numb. I go through depression phases throughout the month, where I just cry for no reason. I would say I have suffered all of these in only the past 2 years which is why I dismissed the fact that it could be the Yaz.

    It has only been 2 weeks and I am not sure that I can say all of the symptoms are gone just yet. Hopefully soon.

  113. Hi i took yaz from april of 2010- july of 2010 i had to get off of it because i got many blood clots in my left leg and they also had spread to my lungs….it ended up landing me in the hospital for 5 days. I was 17 at the time and very healthy 5’5 111LBS i don’t smoke or drink, and the only med i was on was yaz. I truely believe that my blood clots were due to this med. PLEASE do not take YAZ. I had test done in the hospital to see if i had any blood clotting disorder and they all can back neg. so there is no other reason….. the worst part of all of this is that i can no longer be on any type of oral contraceptive, however i am hoping that if it is taken off the market that i will be able to but until then im on my own.

  114. My daughter was prescribed YAZ and she was under the age of 18 and she complained alot. She is on another type of Birth Control now!

  115. Ive had almost all these symptoms like severe stomach pain increased depression night sweats crying an the list goes on i had not heard about this and didnt think it could be from one little pill im calling monday an getting an dr apt and wait on lawyer to contact me and im stopping this stuff i will not take it tomorrow or ne other day since i had my son in march 2009 ive felt like poop.if your taking yaz stop!!! thank u all for your comments because maybe i can get my life back

  116. I kept going to the doctor to get a booking with the gynacogist and my doctor told me to take yazmin in January 2009 . I took them for not even a month and ended up running to the ER I had been blowing blood form my nose and coughing up blood shortness of breath. I had 12 blood clotts to my lungs. The doctor told me I was lucky it didnt go to my head are my heart . My INR was 1.3 That was almost death. I know live take warfin for the rest of my life very drained after all this time . my health hasn’t been the same. My Daughter will never take the pill how she saw me almost dead.

  117. im 19 years old i took yaz for about four months in 2009. I stoped taking it cause my doctor put me on another birth control. since i have been off yaz i have had a twitching in my left eye. i dont think i could be a big deal but then i seen the tv ad saying to stop taking it. Im a little worried it has been almost two years and the twitching hasnt went away.

  118. I had been taking Yaz for about 3 1/2 yrs when I heard of the recall from a friend of mine. I stopped taking the Yaz birth control right away. As soon as I stopped I started to have heart palpitations within weeks of stopping. My doctor has now diagnosed me with a condition called sinus tachycardia.

  119. ive been taking this pill for 2 months now and havent had any problems, however my borther inlaws neice is taking the pill and now she is expeirencing hemiplegia(half paralyze) in the right side of her body

  120. I am 19 years old and In the summer of 2010 I had switched birth controls from Tricyclin lo to Yasmine for acne. I had only taken it for about a month and a half when i started to become Severely depressed with lots of suicidal thought. I also had HUGE mood swings and i was angry all the time, i would snap at everyone. I had read up on reviews of Yasmine and found that a lot of people had suicidal thoughts and rage problems. My best friend was also on Yasmine for 3 years and she experience the same thing.

  121. I was taking yaz about a year ago then I stopped taking them to try to get pregnant after I found out I was pregnant I started to get pains in my right upper side I felt like I couldn’t breathe I went to my obgyn and she sent me to a specialist who diagnosed me with gallbladder disease. I had to have my baby early to have my gallbladder removed I went through lots of pain throughout my whole pregnancy. I didn’t even know that yaz was causing all these problems in women till I seen this add online. I think maybe yaz had something to do with my gallbladder problems.

  122. It really is disburbing and shocking to read about so many women having such horrible side effects from taking Yaz. At the same time it’s nice to see everyone coming forward and starting to take action against yet another dangerous birth control causing problems.

  123. I’m still on this until I can see a doctor about trying to get switched. I was on it just after turning 18 and not even a year later, I had severe gallstones and an infection and chocked it up to bad luck. However, I still suffer from severe mood swings just before my period, my cramps that had once subsided are back with a vengeance, and not only that but when the cramps happen, my vision sometimes starts to blur. Keep in mind, I’ve still only been on this for a year and a half and these ridiculous side effects have already happened. Taking this pill and even its generic have been one of the worst mistakes of my life.

  124. Hi,

    I take this pill in Australia and have not heard anything about this recall. Why wouldn’t I have heard this, it’s also by Bayer here… This is all freaking me out!

  125. I was just prescribed Beyaz as a sample and was provided a prescription for 12 months of YAZ, but I can tell you now after reading these horrific reviews I will not be getting my prescription filled or taking anymore pills out of the BEYAZ packs I was given. My heart / prayers go out to all for your symptoms and wish you recovery. Thank you for sharing your stories and helping me in decision in avoiding this BC.

  126. Hi everyone, its good to hear about they side effects you all have experienced, I’ve heard from some of my friends who were on Yaz and they claim they had to stop taking it because of the mood swings they were having. I’m 23 yrs old and I was on Yaz for over 3 yrs and during the time I was still on it I would always have severe pain in my right ovary, get migrain headaches, feel nauses, problems sleeping, back pain and emotional problems. I saw my doctor about it and he referred me to a sleep doctor and gave me meds. None of it seemed to work, so my husband and I decided that i just stop taking it completely, its been about 5 months now since I’ve stopped but now my menstrual cycles are all out of whack now even though I the side effects aren’t there anymore. Please avoid taking this pill the worst contraceptive ever made.

  127. I lost my youngest daughter Melanie at the age of 20 last year. She was on YAZ for 9 months and then switched to Norgest because she was concerned with side effects. She was a healthy, beautiful girl but she died of a pulmonary embolism because of her birth control pills. Who would ever believe that this could happen. Our hearts are broken.

  128. I’ve been on Yaz for about 3 weeks–and I have pretty much been on my period for 2 of those weeks with severe abdominal cramping, aching legs, etc etc with no end in sight. I’m stopping today–this stuff is ridiculous.

  129. Hi, I live in South Africa and according to doctors here, Yaz is the best OC! (or a good sales rep….). We havent heard anything in our country of these side effects and it is very troublesome to read all of your comments………def don’t want to drink my Yaz tablet tomorow morning!!! How do you choose a good contraceptive? It feels to me like the doctors prescribe the medicine without testing your compatibility with it! All I’ve heard is it wont let you pick up weight – now this seems to be the VERY least of your problems if I read the comments above!

    My prayers go out to all of you that have experienced health problems with this medicine! I am really shocked!

  130. I am truly sorry for hearing about all the side effects that you guys have experienced. Though I think its very important to keep in mind that each person reacts differently to medications. Therefore it is necessary to see a doctor before they just prescribe u an OC. Because it has to be an OC that will work for you. Also, if something is wrong, yes it might be due to your body’s response to yaz or yasmin, but bear in mind that the problem might have been there before you started taking the OC’s but you just haven’t noticed it! How many of us actually goes to a doctor just because we want to check for something that is wrong? The symptoms might just have worsened with time or worsened due to the OC tablet taking…but it doesn’t mean its the OC causing it necessarily! Also bear in mind that with each medicine comes a little information booklet or paper, which states when you should be careful for the product or not use it and with what it counteracts. So that is also important. I have been using yaz constantly for 2 years and before I had some occasional heavy stomach cramps. I used yaz and it stopped! I only had pains sometimes beneath my ribs on the right side and doctors thought it might be something to do with my intestines. I stopped yaz to see if the cramps go away or worsen and it actually became worse. Went for a gastroscopy and was diagnosed with gastritis and esophagitis that was due to ANTI-INFLAMMATORY DRUGS that damaged the stomach lining as well as the esophageal sphincter. So actually other drugs might also do bad stuff to your body which is totally unexpected. I truly love YAz! It has been wonderful! Literally…no moodswings, soreness, pain, irregular periods and my acne… gone!!! It really works for me. But as I saidm each persin will react differently! Hope u all get well and find something that will work for you!

  131. I started taking Zarah two weeks ago and I have experienced SEVERE hair loss. I have lost almost a third of my hair. It is noticiably thinner. It would come out in chunks in the shower, when I brushed, and even when I did not brush it it would just fall out. My hair dresser even commented on it, saying that it looked thinner and felt much thinner.

  132. I just recieved papers from my insurance company discussing my use of Yaz and Yasmin. I took Yasmin for 3 years and then Yaz for about 5 years. I never had any issues on either drug. I felt great! After my second child in 08, I continued taking Yaz for over a year until my husband got fixed. About 4 months after I had my daughter I started having pains center stomach, I chalked it up as gas. The pain got worse and worse until I had an emergency gallbladder surgery. I could not believe I was having surgery. I want to believe it was not from the pill:(

  133. i was on Yaz for about 6 months. i started experiencing major mood swings. not normal ones. i felt as if i was beginning to go insane. i’m 18 years old now but was 17 while i was experiencing these horrible feeligns. i had to sleep by my mom for nights because i just thought i was going completely crazy. i even reported myself in comprehend. could this be from the yaz? i believe so because i’ve been off on it for about 2 months now and have not experienced the fear as much as i did then when i was taking it or letting it get out of my system. i can honestly say it was the worse feeling i’ve ever felt in my life. i never want it to come back. i cant even sleep in the dark now because i get scared to think im going to feel like that again. i’ve also been on anti-depressants since i’ve gotten off of it so maybe thats making me feel better as well. i couldn’t eat or sleep for a week straight due to the thought of myself going crazy, thats not like me. i pray and hope for the best for people who are experiencing the same emotions i did while on Yaz, i know its the worse feeling you could possibly feel. i also want to pray for everyone who is having other medical problems with Yaz and just know everything will get better and if anyone knows anyone on it, tell them to stop taking asap! that stuff messes with a lot of people from what i’ve heard. and if anyone has experienced the same feeling as me please comment on here and tell me about it. it will make me feel better knowing someone knows what i experienced.

  134. I had taken Yaz birth control a few years ago for a few weeks. I am a very healthy person. I don’t get sick too often. While taking this pill, I had extremely bad headaches. Then I started getting severe vertigo. I was unable to drive or care for my child. I could barely walk. I suffered for approximately 1 week. I went off the pill immediately. The emergency room doctor felt there was no connection. Ridiculous. Some doctors seem to be in denial about the side effects of the medicine they prescribe. I have never been that sick before taking Yaz, nor have I been that sick since. This drug is DANGEROUS.

  135. My very healthy, athletic 32 year old daughter eventually had emergency gall bladder surgery after suffering for months with excruciating stomach pain. We could not seem to determine the cause of this as she is a vegetarian and has always eaten a very healthy balanced diet and was taking no other medications for anything. I heard about the Jaz/Jasmin issues and told her to go to her doctor immediately with her concerns. Her doctor said she had never heard anything about any possible serious side effects and told her that Jasmin was her best choice and she should stay on it. I eventually convinced her to go elsewhere and get her form of contraception changed but the damage was already done and her gall bladder had to be removed. Since, she has had no other health problems. I have no doubt that this drug created the problem.and would advise anyone to stop taking it even if side effects are not evident yet because I believe that they WILL manifest eventually.

  136. I am a Yaz survivor. I am now 2 years off the pills and still every month I experience serious stroke symptoms. I still have to take Xanex to calm my heart. I can feel clotting in my legs and pains in my arms. I wonder how many years it will take to make a full recovery. I have experienced every one of the side effects from Yaz except sudden death and I am so fortunate because my heart almost stopped. My resting heart rate for over 30 days was 113. I am still worried and still fighting to stay alive or at least not have a full blown stroke. I figure it will take 5 years to recover since it takes 10 years to recover from a full blown stroke.

  137. I satarted taking this Zarah about 3 weeks ago. I noticed a week after starting it. I started having like emotional breakdowns, crying for no reason,very depressed, stomach pains, bowel problems,right eye twiching, cramps out of this world where its made me nausious and throw up,some dizziness, blurred vision at times and kidney pain. I am a little worried now. Because it sounds like even after you stop medication you can become ill. That is crazy….

  138. I am 38 and I have been on Yasmin and have been on yaz and oscella at different times for the last 8 yrs or so. I am now experiencing gallbladder problems and that is how I found this site. I have also over the years experienced the other problems that some of you have experienced as well like heart paplitations, calf pain and chest pain along with fatigue and migraines. I am now having all of these symptoms together and now I am nauseas all the time and experience fainting spells. The Doctors are stumped, besides the gallbladder disease and now after finding this site, I know where it is all coming from. The only medication I take is yasmin and I have always been an active, healthy, vibrant person now it seems I am a sickly one. I dont eat meat but eat fish, there is absolutely nothing I eat that would cause me to experience gallblader and heart problems. I am getting off these pills immediately, I can not believe they are allowed and approved by the FDA. I have every reason to believe that my ever so decreasing good health has been ruined by these pills.

  139. I was on Yasmin (in the UK) for two years, about five years ago. I came off because I realised there might be a link between my thyroid and B12 deficiency issues. I have had pains in my right side, at the top of my ribs, since, and am now being treated for gastritis, but was told to go back if the gastritis meds didn’t take effect, which they haven’t – so I could be sent for a scan of my gallbladder. Could the after effects happen even this long after I stopped taking it?

  140. I started taking Yaz two months ago. I also take Celexa for depression. I have been on Celexa for about 7 months now and it was fine until I started taking Yaz. Yes, my periods slowed down, yes they became shorter and easier with less cramps and tiredness, but I’d swap that for what I’m dealing with now any day. My Celexa seems to be “cancelled” out. My depression is worse. I had the dosage upped, but still no results. Then, ibegan having night sweats. I wake up sweating horribly and that’s not normal for me. I have these sharp pains like someone is stabbing me in my side just randomly through out the day. The past few weeks, the heart palpatations began. Everynight, like clockwork, I feel like I am going to have a heart attack. My heart beats so fast that it feels like it is going to pop out of my chest! Also, it feels like it is skipping beats. It’s a very scary feeling. I saw the lawsuit commercials today, and have not taken my yaz today, and WILL not take it ever again. I’m calling my OBGYN for something new because a healthy 25 year old woman like myself should not have a heart attack!

  141. My 17 daughter suffered two pulminary embolisms last July after being on the generic form of Yaz (Gianvi) for 3 months. She almost died…. My advice – Do NOT take Yaz or any form of this drug.

  142. Hi readers,I too experienced a potentially fatal case of PE (Pulminary Embolism) in Aug,2008. I had previously been on Depo for 10 years on and off and had never experienced such trauma,until 2 weeks of taking Yazmine. One morning I awake to a racing heartbeat and barely breathing. I new something was wrong but yet I still tried to proceed to my job. But I felt myself getting worse as I walked maybe 3/4 of a mile to get to my department and was immediately taken to first response team for evaluation. My blood pressure had increased tremendously and I couldnt breathe. So the EMT was called and I was transported to the ER where I was told that I needed to be admitted ASAP. After being in hospital for 3 weeks,I was informed that this was a rare case of PE that was discovered to be a result of taking Yazmine. I had no prior health problems,nor did/do I smoke,and there was no history of PE in my family.This Birth control caused me to lose my job due to excessive days absent,which in turn caused me a lost of income and the inability to go back to work. I was evicted and had no where to live. I underwent a battery of tests done by specialists and I was told that I could not take any birth control that contains hormones. That it could lead to another episode of PE or something else which would have caused me to be on blood-thinners for life. So a s a result of no birth control I got pregnant and had to abort my baby due to possible complications and birth abnormalities from being on blood thinners.So I may not have lost my life but this has truly been a life changing experience for me because I lost a job, an apartment, and my unborn child due to this birth control pill. So of course I wouldnt recommend this for nobody. And all this happen when I was 28 years old.The doctor said I was blessed to be alive.

  143. I have been on birth control for over 18 years now, but the last 10 years I had been using Yasmin. Recently (January) my doctor took me off of them, and I have suddenly developed joint aches. Even muscle aches. I never had this before, and I just find it so odd that within a month of being off the pill I developed these aches. Also in 2005 I needed my gallbladder removed due to being full of gallstones. Is anyone else also experiencing muscle & joint aches? I have an appointment on the 15th of this month to see my doctor to try an figure out what could be causing this all of a sudden.

  144. you think and do what you want but i lost my 18 year old child to yaz she never even got out of high school but yaz killed my child and bayer keeps getting passes and delays in trail cases NOW IF IT WAS A PERSON WHOM KILLED SOMEONE THEY WOULD BE LOCKED UP AND CHARGED WITH MURDER BUT BAYER JUST KEEPS KILLING WITH THEIR PRODUCT

  145. BAYER a killer who will get away with it and the only thing we will get is delay after delay after delay !

  146. Janny, I have been experiencing the same aches after stopping Yazmin after long term use. All of my blood tests and X-rays came back negative for rheumatoid arthritis, vitamin D deficiency, fibromyalgia, lupus, etc. going to the doctor this week to ask for a test to examine my thyroid. The pain is definitely from a hormonal imbalance I believe caused by long use of the pill. My gyn said she never heard of such, but…

    Please keep me posted on your progress.

  147. I was taking another form of birth control pills and almost died from bilateral puliminary embolisms. I woke up one day and could’t breathe. I was in ICU for 3 days and the hospital for 9 days. I am now on warfarin for the rest of my life.

  148. like janny & rose, my sister has had the same health problems/complaints.

    she has been dealing with sleeplessness, unexplained headaches, body aches, painful joints (fingers, wrists, elbows, knees, shoulders, etc….), burning joint pains.

    she too has had several tests done for rheumatoid arthritis, firbromyalgia, and lupus. she even went to a hemotologist and has found out that she has fat blood cells. i can’t remember if they were the white blood cells or the red blood cells. but one of them are too fat for regular blood cells. my sister seems to be suffering from alot of health issues which have no explanations.

    she started taking YAZMIN & OCELLA in her teenage years for having heavy periods up until her early 20′s.

  149. I have the same symptoms as Janny and Rose, the main problem being the joint pain in the fingers, toes, shoulders and knees. I have been off it now for 3 weeks after taking it for 5 years. The joint pain only started early this year. So far all test for rheumatoid etc are negative. Dr did not even consider it to be caused by yasmin. Hoping it will improve over time, very debilitating.

  150. why arnt there any class action suits against Orthotricyclen???!!! I took this birth control for 3yrs and devoloped gall stones right away and eventually, after almost losing my life, had my gallbladder removed… I know that im not the first and probably wont be the last person to go through this. Where is an attorney when you need one??

  151. I have taken JAZMINIQ (very similar to Jaz and Jazmin) for about five years, since i’ve taken it I’ve never experienced so much rage in my life, then after taking it two years I had my left ovary removed because of a cist (when ithis is not supposed no happen when u take this kind of pills) my Dr never suspected that my pill was the cause so I continued to take it. Recently every thing is worse, I’m getting heart problems and fullblown depression, I cry for no reason, I have thoughts of suicide and feel that I hate everyone for no reason and my rage is worse, I’m now looking with my Dr, what kind of pill would be good for me…

  152. My 17 year old daughter recently started yaz and took it for 12 days before we stopped it. She was prescribed it as she was to do a month long trip to India with a school group and the convenience of not havig a period was her reason. The day prior to starting yaz she had a headache of “normal” type. She is not a migraine sufferer and only occasionally gets a shortlived headache sometimes reqiring panadol. The day after she started her period and started on yaz. She has had a constant headache ever since. She has had numerous investigations including MRI brain and neck both normal. Tried numerous medications and physical therapies with no effect. She has now had the headache nearly 11 weeks and stopped yax over 9 weeks ago. She is physically exhausted and tired and unable to concentrate. She is normally a straight A student and about to do her final school year next year. This has been devastating. Has anyone else had a similar experience and could this still be a result of the Yaz exarcerbating an otherwise “normal” headache. Can anyone suggest what to do, we are still consulting a variety of doctors

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