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Side effects of Abilify have been linked to serious and potentially devastating risks, including impulse control problems for adults that may lead to substantial gambling losses. In addition, use of the medication among children has been linked to a potential risk of childhood diabetes from Abilify.

ABILIFY LAWSUIT STATUS: Product liability lawyers are investigation potential Abilify gambling lawsuits and Abilify childhood diabetes lawsuits for individuals throughout the United States. Cases are handled under a contingency fee agreement, which means that there are no attorney fees or expenses unless a recovery is obtained. Global settlement negotiations began in May 2018.


MANUFACTURERS: Bristol-Myers Squibb and Otsuka American Pharmaceutical Inc.

OVERVIEW: Abilify (aripiprazole) was approved by the FDA in 2002 for the treatment of a number of psychological disorders. It is now approved for use among both adults and children, and is commonly prescribed to treat schizophrenia, autism, bipolar disorder and depression.

Known as a partial dopamine receptor agonist, Abilify works in a manner different from other antipsychotics.

Amid aggressive marketing and advertisements, Abilify has grown to become one of the top-selling brand name medications in the United States, generating more than $6 billion in worldwide sales in 2013. However, it appears that inadequate and insufficient warnings were provided for users and the medical community.

ABILIFY GAMBLING LOSSES: Research has linked Abilify and other dopamine receptor agonists (which are typically used for treatment of Parkinson’s disease, restless leg syndrome and related condition) to potential impulse control problems. This may cause users to engage in compulsive gambling, and other compulsive behavior, such as sex addictions or shopping addictions.

As early as 2009, researchers warned that dopamine receptor agonists used for treatment of Parkinson’s disease may lead to compulsive disorders.

In a study published in October 2014, which further examined this risk, researchers pointed out that there are also safety signals suggesting a link between a lack of impulse control and Abilify side effects.

In May 2016, the FDA issued a drug safety communication announcing it was requiring Abilify to carry new warnings of the risks of compulsive behavior. In addition, a study published in July 2017 found that Abilify only provided modest benefits for the treatment of depression.

As a result of the failure to warn about the potential Abilify gambling risks, patients and the medical community were deprived of the opportunity to recognize early signs and symptoms, which may have prevented the addictive gamblers from suffering substantial losses, incurring debt, destroying families, losing employment and suffering damage to their overall quality of life.

ABILIFY CHILDHOOD DIABETES SIDE EFFECTS: Weight gain is another potential risk associated with the atypical antipsychotic medication, but it appears that inadequate warnings were provided about the risk that children on Abilify may develop diabetes.

A study published in November 2011 in the medical journal Pediatrics, found that antipsychotics like Abilify may increase a child’s risk of diabetes four-fold.

A study published in October 2013 found that Abilify increased the risk of diabetes in children by a factor of seven (supplemental content, purchase required).

Diabetes is a chronic condition that can have devestating health consequences for a child over the remainder of their life. This may require adherence to a diabetes diet and various medications or insulin therapy, posing an increased risk of complications associated with diabetes, such as:

  • Heart and Blood Vessel Disease
  • Kidney Damage
  • Nerve Damage
  • Foot Injury or Amputation Risk
  • Alzheimer’s Disease
  • Eye Problems
  • Hearing Impairment
  • Skin Problems
  • Sexual Dysfunction
  • Pregnancy Complications
  • Premature Death

FIND OUT IF YOU MAY QUALIFY FOR AN ABILIFY LAWSUIT: Lawsuits allege that Bristol-Myers Squibb and Otsuka knew or should have known about this potential Abilify side effects and failed to provide adequate warning to patients, parents or the medical community about the potential for severe impulse control disorders and childhood diabetes.

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  1. Kevin Reply

    been taking abilify for about 10 yrs. I’ve gained weight, and other compulsive behavior. Lost at gambiling, and so on. Got to quit taking it or something like that. Hope I can get away from it, but damage done…….

  2. Mary Reply

    I was on geodon and abilify for quite awhile. I now have type two diebetes. My doctor said abilify contributed to me getting diebetes geodon caused excessive eye batting. And i have had tardivedyskinecia and still have the uncontrollable wrist and ankle movements excessive spending. I have spent $100,000’s of dollars for years unable to pay off credit cards. I am still on abilify it helps my depression i have had bladder oroblems wetting by pants

  3. Michelle Reply

    I have been on abilify for I don’t know got to be close to a year now and I have been trapped in downworkd spiral of destruction and and compulsive was I just can’t get my self together and I have lost everything I worked so hard for my whole life I have always been independent and the one that was that could walk away from or take control of any situation at hand I don’t even know who I am anymore I have become a very mean hurtful person it like I have lost my compassion for human empathy and I am homeless I just went through almost ten grand in less then a month I can’t stop myself from blowing the money I gamble I even have a drug problem now I’ve never had an addictive personality and now it’s almost like im outside my own body watching my whole life go up in smoke plz help me before the flames ignite and I crash and burn ….

  4. Willie Reply

    I took abilify for almost a year. I lost everything. I gambled up my money lost my big rig because I couldn’t work. I got addicted to porn lost my wife and family. Gained weight from eating sweets all day every day. Started stealing and lieing. Starting having thoughts of killing myself and seeing things that wasn’t there. I ended up filling bankruptcy but that was after I had lost my car and got out out of my house. Had debt coming out of my ears.. After I stop taking it I slowly started to stop all I was doing. It was to late the damage had been done.

  5. Robert Reply

    I am bipolar and a addict. I was prescribed Abilify and immediately things went sideways. I couldn’t control myself and went hyper sexual. I lost everything my marriage, my finances are a mess. I’ve had to submit a consumer proposal. I’ve lost the love of my life and the trust of my family and friends. I they knew what it would do to us all in the name of money

  6. Darlin Reply

    I was prescribed Primidone for restless legs. It made me less my correctional officer job of 9 yrs. and made me gamble, or changed my judgment. I was hallucinating, became so depressed and developed a horrible gambling habit.
    Its the worst…it ruined me.

  7. Kim Reply

    My nephew was in a lawsuit with ability. Lost his wife, got addicted to gambling, lost house etc. abilify settled and he only got a couple thousand after the attorneys get their share. Was promised thousands but at the end changed everything.

  8. Kelly Reply

    Children getting diabetes would be Type 1 diabetes. It is an autoimmune disease where the body attacks their pancreas. However, there is an error w/ these statements. Adults, though rare, can get Type 1 diabetes also. Therefore, a lawsuit should include adults who were diagnosed with it later in life. Evidence points to these adults were not exposed to a trigger that would cause onset until their adulthood by some miracle. Type 1 can happen to anyone. I was diagnosed in 2006 at 42. All the doctors treated it as Type 2. I was not overweight nor did I have any Type 2 symptoms except hyperglycemia. I didn’t fit the Type 1 profile the doctors said because I was an adult and very skinny. I was skinny because I was wasting, a typical undiagnosed Type 1 symptom for anyone. I had every symptom for Type 1 but all the doctors said no way! Becoming sicker and glucose over 400-to off the glucometers capabilities, I sought an endocrinologist specializing in Type 1. He presumed Type 1, but there were many labs needed to confirm. No other doctor ordered these labs. When they came back, I indeed was Type 1 diabetic. Damages were done to my mind and body. Today, I am still very ill with severe Type 1. I wear a pump but it failed 2 years ago. I became unconscious and in a coma. I had DKA with over 1,000 glucose (100 is normal) a heart attack, kidney failure, a torn esophagus and more. I do not remember much. Now I have to wear a continuous monitor w/ all the bells and whistles, gives glucose, stops glucose, wakes me in the middle of the night for highs and lows. YES!!! Adults get “childhood diabetes Type 1”. Thankfully, they were spared as children.

  9. Altus Reply

    Why didn’t the attorneys at Napoli shkolnik try to obtain all the legal information plaintiffs needed to support their claims or consistently keep their clients informed of deadline dates or proceedings in each individual case

  10. Lisa Reply

    What happened? Did he not have enough evidence? I’m very curious.

  11. Lucille Reply

    Napoli Shkolnik lost misplaced a lot of my evident I sent in sometime when I call they said they found my missing player cards and California Lottery Scater when they first took my case they asked for avidince to be sent in that how they took the case and told me every thing was looking good I sent my first avindince to the city of Elsegundo calif over 40 or 50 player card to clailf branch office and a host of CA lottery scatter I been to all casino in Vegas Nevada riverside county San Diego county I mailed my package at post office sister took me and a friend of family they done misplace my frisrt evidence thew them to side are toss in trash then by me spending every time am out can’t help always in store constantly spend every thing and buy in colth shoes grandbaby item and and spends on everything I see I want I can’t keep know money to purscase a car to visit 80 year old mom and grandchild and other family member and can’t attend doctor appointment like would like I just can’t help my self on spending gambling and strange sexual behavior very strange sometime it scares me those abilifly really fuck me around excuse my language don’t seem like nothing going away I owe pond shop.over thousands and afraid of loosing my thinforand I told Napoli shkolnik about spending and sexual behavior and all the said was OK never ask me anything about those illness it was always just gambling they were interested in how about the rest of my life that be fuck excuse again is it just me that being mess over are California client they told me I can go and get Proft I sent profit from beginning to end it there fault the lost misplace are just didn’t care about my evidence I don’t have car to be traveling I already cauthes bus to casino doctor store to visit they misplace them so why I had to loses always say my case looking good with out my main evidence to get my case stared and you say something to them they want to brush you off and don’t seem to care because they getting paid there big bucks even if it means shorten me and possible other clients thank for listing I had to share my storey because right is right wrong is wrong now they probably tried to figure another reason to mess me around all I asked for my frisr evdenice to had be added that maid me be accepted from the beginning that the reason why they accepts without the first evidence I wouldn’t more unlikely been aceppetd I sent all in a very large postal envelope pill bottle and all pharmacy record and plenty of proof of gambling the elgundo office had to send new York photo copy of pill bottle because if they sent original the would have all gambling evidence I call they had all my proof now knowledge want me to correct their mistake of not handling business are just tossing know in saying she a gambler have know way to get the original evidence they lost toss it put two and two together most lawyer ask for evidence so I guest I was one of few didn’t need evidence a piity case know I sent proof of gambling but am not being paid farily but I bet my life they get big bucks and craszy disfuntional client loose

  12. kelly Reply

    Adults get Type 1 Diabetes also. Only children getting Type 1 is a myth. Yes, most are juveniles, but I was dx’d in 2006 when I was 42. Now my pancreas is dead. There’s a huge difference between Tyoe 1 and Type 2. HUGE! I do not know why they are even called the same name. Type 1 is autoimmune and one MUST take insulin to live. Type 2 is insulin resistence, which causes hyperglycemia.

  13. Kelly Reply

    By the way, I was diagnosed the same year I was put on Abilify!!! Not a coincidence.

  14. Sherry Reply

    4i tried to get help in 2018 and 19 I’ve lost so much and still have problems because of this drug who do I contact

  15. Matthew Reply

    I took abilify for paranoid Schizophrenia…although i dont gamble…i lost a lot of money compulsively buying things i did not need on ebay and amazon. During my insomniac episodes…now i have too much debt and may need to file for bankruptcy. Please Help.

  16. Alfred Reply

    I think big pharma has been allowed to dictate the criteria needed for a case to be considered. My opinion is that all who have been negatively impacted by Abilify and not just monetarily seek out hungry throw everything at big pharma individual attorneys and take it in front of a jury of our peers and that is only way big pharma will be held accountable.

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