Avandia Class Action Lawsuit Filed in Canada

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A class action lawsuit filed this week against the makers of Avandia and the Canadian government alleges that the popular diabetes drug increases the risk of heart failure, heart attack and death for older users.

The Avandia class action lawsuit was filed on Wednesday in Nova Scotia Supreme Court in Halifax by a Nova Scotia man who claims that the potential risks associated with the drug were not properly disclosed and that the drug maker should have known that it was unsafe for diabetes patients.

Avandia (rosiglitazone), which is manufactured by GlaxoSmithKline, PLC, has been one the best selling medications worldwide in recent years. It is used to treat Type 2 Diabetes, but recent studies have demonstrated that Avandia side effects increase the risk of heart attacks by 43%.

The class action lawsuit over Avandia in Canada also names the federal government on the basis that Health Canada, which approved the drug in 2001, is at least partially responsible for approving a drug label that fails to adequately disclose the heart risks associated with Avandia.

Many similar Avandia lawsuits have also been filed in the United States seeking compensation from GlaxoSmithKline for failing to adequately study their medication and warn about the heart risks. Some estimates suggest that as many as 100,000 heart attacks could have been caused by Avandia since it was approved by the FDA in the United States in 1999.

Avandia lawsuits filed in federal court on behalf of individual users who claim injuries as a result of heart attacks and other heart related problems have had their cases consolidated in a Multidistrict Litigation (MDL) for pretrial proceedings. The Avandia litigation is centralized in the Eastern District of Pennsylvania, where GlaxoSmithKline is headquartered.


  1. Vince Reply

    I’ve been on Seroquel for several years now and am on a dose of 600 mg per night.

    I really don’t know how this may have affected me. I was addicted to crack for several years and went in for treatment and have made a big stride in my life. I’m 2 1\2 years clean to this point.

    Since I about 2003 give or take, I’ve been on Seroquel. I weighed an average of 130 lbs and am currently 210 lbs.

    I really don’t know if my weight gain was due to Seroquel, or the fact that I’m eating on a regular basis because I’m not using drugs.

    I do know that about 1\2 an hour after I take my night-time medication, I get the “munchies”.

    Is this due to the medication?

    I’d really like to know more about what this medication does and how it has affected me and if I should be consulting my doctor to check into the Diabetes issue. What else should I be looking for?

    I know that my blood pressure is above average, I have above average Cholesterol, and several other problems that I’m afflicted with.

    I have a heart condition (Paroxismal Atrial Fibrulation), a seizure disorder, depression, physcosis, ulcer problems, sleeping disorder, and I think that’s about it.

    I take a handful of medications everyday to function.

  2. Wendy Reply

    I was on Avandia for a few years. Evenutally my doctor took me off after I had heard about the potential of a possible heart attack. Around that time, not sure the time line, I was taken to the hospital by ambulance with severe chest pains, unable to breathe and sweating terribly. At the hospital, they kept me for eight hours and it was determined it was not a heart attack, but not sure. I did see a specialist, had a bunch of tests and he decided it was probably not a heart attack, but still was not sure. He told me that if I had more symptons to come back and he would treat me symptionmatically. I have been fine since then, but have lived with that fear of it comin back. I was terrified when I could not breathe and the pain I was having. I live with diabetes, trying to get my blood sugars low and I am having problems getting my sugars low. I lost my job due to restructing and I cannot find work. No one wants to hire me at this stage in my life.

  3. Barry Reply

    I would PLEASE like to know if there is some kind of nice person out there that maybe beable toHELP?me to find out how to go about to find out what kind of hipreplacement i have had as i have already have had four OPERATION and two were becuase of loose cups and now i have some thing wrong with my left hip and that was done about two years ago Wrate from the beging there was always something wrong?I am getting realy tired of always being in PAINE. So could someone please HELP me out in one way or another.I would be realy gratful as i dont know what to do any more

  4. Davis Reply

    I have type 2 diabetes, I was on Avandia for about two years. I had no previous history of heart disease but in November of 2006 I had to have triple bypass surgery for blocked arteries

  5. maryann Reply

    i have type 2 diabetes i have been on avandia for over 8 years i am now finding out my liver is enlarged. I have no heart problems. i have stopped taking it and switched to my old meds which gave me no major problems accept burning in the sun. i wish i never started this medication at all i am now very scared about my liver. i have had type 2 diabetes since my early 20’s.

  6. Ian V Reply

    My grandfather was on Avandia for quite sometime before his death. Of course, with a history of heart disease and diabetes – he never should have been put on the drug in the first plce. My grandfather died in March of 2007. It is only recently that I’ve heard anything about this type of lawsuit.

  7. jodi Reply

    I was prescribed seroquel for insomnia, 25mg. I only took it for three nights. It is the scariest drug I have ever taken. I had the shakes, a weird heavy feeling in my body and limbs. I could not even take my dog out to pee. I could not get to sleep because I was so scared of how and what I was feeling physically. I had constant undereye twitching. It is abating now, but the twitching was so terrible for almost 3 days. I will never take this drug again.

  8. Judy Reply

    I have type 2 diabetes and have been on Avandia for a bit over 2 years. On Aug 5th, 2009, I suffered with Congestive Heart Failure and fluid on my lungs. I have never had any heart problems at all. The heart Specialist immediately took me off Avandia. I have had many tests since Aug 5 and am still scheduled for more. I was told today that my heart is no longer enlarged, the fluid is gone from around the heart and lungs and my diabetes specialist said today he is convinced my heart failure was completely caused by Avandia. After Sept 15,2009 when I have my echogram they will be able to tell me for sure.

  9. Lyle Reply

    I have Type 2 Diabetes and was prescribed Avandia for several years. With the contraversy about Avandia I consulted with my physician several times regarding the safety of the drug. In all cases he assured me that the contraversy was unfounded unless you were taking an extremely heavy dose. In October of 2009 I was diagnosed with Early Onset Angina. My physician immediately removed Avandia from my medications.

  10. Bev Reply

    45 year old female, been on Avandia for several years. The things that have been happening to me since then are the following,have had 2 heart attaks, heart is cloggedso so bad nothing can be done according to the cardigram,significant weight gain, high blood pressure,depression,neurapathy in hands, arms, and feet,tendinites glacoma in both eyes which have needed lazer treatment a few times and now an operation is needed on the left eye,occassional shakes and cold spells.

  11. john Reply

    about two years ago i was put on avqndia because it was supposed to enhance the performance of the metformin that i was taken for my type 2 diabetis. a new drug was suggested called jenuvia that i only had to take only once a day.the doctor took away the metformin but left the avandia behind from that time on slowly ibecame more and more tired and out of breath,last spring i ended up in intensive care for three days .at that time the emer doctor said to me that in a few hours my heart would stop working. three docs in emerg said that it was the avandia that caused this reaction, immediatly iwas taken off avandia and put back on metformin.according to my cardiolgist on part of my heart is not funching properly. since this episode i have to use a cpap machine and oxygen at nitetime.

  12. Carole Reply

    My husband was prescribed Avandia in 1998. Since that time he had suffered heart failure several times. His heart was badly affected and he had to have a defibilliator implant put in his chest. He had several shocks from this and eventually became so ill that he had to be hospitalized. Eventually, in 2002 he passed away. He suffered ill health with his heart and his quality of life became too much for him. I do believe that the Avandia probably had a lot to do with his health problems.

  13. Robert Reply

    I was taking avandia when I had two strokes(2007) (2009)
    As a result I am partially paralyzed on my left side

  14. Shannon Reply

    In Feb 2002, my father who was only 56 years old, suffered a stroke because of a blockage in the artery in his neck. 6 weeks later he suffered another stroke and loss the vision in his left eye. He was on Avandia for about 18 months for his Type 2 Diabeties. He now lives with my family and I.He never regained his abilty to speak and is blind in the one eye.

  15. Christina Reply

    My dad was taking Avandia and had a heart attack and passed away. I only found out he was taking the drug when I found records of the prescription while cleaning out his house.

  16. marie Reply

    In 2008 I had a stent and heartpacer put in. After this surgery I entered Cardiac rehab program. Dr. there took me off my diabeties meds and replaced them with Advandia for type 2 diabeties. I started rehab and was doing well in the program, when slowly I became so week and tired that I eventually had to stop the program, I became animic, my iron was very low, my hair fell out, couldn’t sleep, short of breath, several trips to emerg and they finally did and angie gram and found out since I had had the stent and pacer, I now had had a heart atack sometime between Sept and Feb. and needed a tripple bye pass. I have also had lazzer treatment on my eyes and Dr. is watch my glucoma.

  17. Barb Reply

    My husband was type 2 diabetic who took advandia for a number of years, last year he was diag. with liver cancer and passed away about 5 months later as it was so advanced they could not do anything for him, I am wondering if Advandia had something to do with his early death.

  18. Ronald Reply

    I was prescribed this drug in 2005 for type 2 diabetes and was on it for a year when I began experiencing blurry vision and severe headaches and shortness of breath. I asked my doctor about this and was assured it was not the drug although when I subsequently had to get eye laser surgery the doctor recommended to my family doctor to remove me from this drug immediately. In November 2008 I had cardiac failure and was given a quintuplet bypass which I feel was directly linked to this drug as I never had any heart issues previous.

  19. Deanna Reply

    My father was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes many years ago, but managed to control it with diet and supplements. He also had very high blood pressure, but it seemed to be under control, again with food and supplements.

    In spring of this year, his doctor gave him the gears about taking meds. He prescribed Avandia. My father began taking it in early June. In late June he told me he was feeling “worse” since starting it.

    July 11, he went into major cardiac arrest and died.

  20. Beverly Reply

    n febuary of 2007, my mom was prescribed Avandia and at the start she had swelling f her arms legs ankels and did not feel well and wanted off of this drug. The Doctor sad advantages outweighed the risks and to continue, by may she was nor eating properly, very tired ,no energy,and swelling was worse. Then June 9, 2007 she was admitted for lung infection and sent to RJH in Victoria apon transfer she suffered a heart attack and when admitted. Her lungs were full of fluid, she was going down fast and human error factors punctured lung, cracked ribs from CPR continuing avandia. A slow painful, suffering from a woman who in 3 month before was living a full life. I Took her passing very hard, and am angry about this drug taking her life so suddenly. I need to be a part of this suit to have her death not in vain.

  21. Froilan Reply

    I was diagnosed w/ type 2 diabetes in 1995 my family dr include avandia on my med,before the start of 2000,in middle of 2004 im having chest pain and difficulty breathing,i have ECG but find nothing until 2005 that they found out that i need a quad by-pass.

  22. Karl Reply

    I also took avandia for I think 2 years… i ate the same and the weight was packing on then walking 1/2 a block from work i would have to stop twice to catch my breath.. I got septic cellulitus and ended up in intensive care with congestive heart failure. Ii knew it was the avandia that caused the CHF to begin with and that ws why i discontnued it. After recovering (thank Jesus) my ability to walk any distance came back. That was 3 years ago i still suffer permanent damage.

  23. rick Reply

    I have taken avandia for say about ten years.Im not really sure that there are any side effects besides being obese and having sore bones,nerve damage and muscle damage.but anyhow I started hearing about the downfalls of this medication a while ago and asked my doctor to take me off it and he says”youre young you have a strong heart”.so i kept on for another year or so.I am now off this medication now for about 2 or 3 months on the request that i get off it.point is why give us something so dangerous and risky.

  24. David Reply

    I was taken advantia for diabetes for about 10 years.3 years ago I took a heart attack and had some stints put in and was told that 1 artery was blocked so bad that they couldn’t do a bypass because apparently they need a certain amount of artery on each end of the artery to connect the by-pass to. This clogged artery I was told by the doctor causes angina.When i returned home my doctor changed my medication for diabetes to Metformin as suggested by a cardiologist to me and said it was better to take a medication that was around an proven to work without any risk of nasty side affects.

  25. Gord Reply

    I was on avandia for about 10 years and had a mini-stoke and then was diagnosed more recently with a heart murmor. Slight calcification of a valve is the reason for the murmor. I have been off avandia about 3 years but wonder if avandia has any coerlation to heart valve damage. I am now 57 and was always told that avandia was safe.

  26. ron Reply

    i have type 2 diabetes since approx 9 yrs and was put on avadia from the start after approx 2yrs i had 2 heat attacks approx 8 yrs ago

  27. Peter Reply

    my wife passed away suddenly after taking avandia, she was only 42 and went to the shop and never came back because of heart failure. I am sure that I would still have a wife and my children there mother if not for Avandia, There was no warning or anything before she passed away

  28. STEVE Reply

    i was on avandia for about 4 or 5 years. i have type 2 diabetes. i asked my doctor of possible side affects which i found on line. he assured none of the claims wereperoven. about 1year ago i was diagnosed with congestive heart failure. i never had any problems like this i suffer from shortage of breath and weakness. it is not an enjoyable way of spending my retirement. golf is out of the question. i hope we have aleg to stand on. now adays there is no excuse for lack of clinical testing. we should be the test subjects. thanks for listening.

  29. Roy Reply

    I was disgnosed with type 2 diabetes in the early 1990s and given a prsecription of avandia. In 2000, I suffered a heart attack. Although it wsa a mild one, I still worry about having another one. In about 2004, I heard about the damage avandia could do so I called my doctor and I was told to stop taking avandia right away.Maybe I stopped taking avandia in time to prevent any more damage to my heart.

  30. paul Reply

    I took avandia for a least two years ( I can search my records for exact dates). After hearing the poor press avandia was receiving I asked my doctor for a replacement for Avandia which he supplied me with about 18 months ago. On July 13 of this year I suffered a heart attack and on July 20 had a triple bypass operation at St Mike’s in Toronto. I will be recovering at home till November. The doctor stated that my life style was not likley a factor that caused my heart attack.I am 60 years old and still working.

  31. John Reply

    My mom passed away 5 years ago from congestive heart failure/
    heart attack. This happened while taking her avandia Rx. Our family was suspicious on this about turn for the worse at that time. Now
    we firmly believe it was the Avandia prescribed for her Diabetes.
    We are in Canada and would like to know if we can take legal\action against the drug manufacturer.


  32. anna Reply

    in 2007 my mother passed away from a massive heart attack which was a shock to us she was healthy and one of the strongest person i know and in 2009 my brother had a heart attack and had 5 stints put in both were on the drug avandia i still have another brother on the drug but he talked too his doctor who told him the good outweighs the bad and im worried he will be the next one to have a heart attack we have no family history of heart disease so i know that the drug avandia was the cause of my mother’s passing and one of my brothers heart attacks the drug should be off the market how many more people have too die before they realize this drug is a killer drug and should be banned r.i.p. mom we all miss you

  33. Connie Reply

    My mother passed away on September 24 – 2011 because of the drug Avandia- my mother had a massive heart attack – she was a type 2 diabetic – after her passing i called her doctor to talk to her and the doctor did not even have the respect to talk to me directly she got her assistant to relay a message to me about my mother health – the doctors name is dr. belyea and practices in london ontario canada – i’m almost positive my mother was not aware of the side effects !! we love you a ton mom and miss you so much !! – this is not over the drug has to be taken off the market and the pharmaceutical companies really need to look at what the hell they are doing – i’m sure their families are not on their drugs that they make and people die froml

  34. Grace Reply

    My Dr prescribed Avandia in 2005. He said that with Avandia I would be able to stop Diabeta, Metformin, Prandase. That never happened, although through all this I have always been in excellent control. In 2007 I had an atypical heart attack & 2 stents were inserted. My Dr said to continue Avendia because I wasn’t in heart failure. In 2009 I had another heart attack & a 3rd stent was inserted. I stopped the Avandia. In 2009 I had emergency surgery & I went into heart failure. I now take Diabeta, Metformin, Prandase & long-acting insulin. I am in excellent control, but I now have unstable angina.
    I think Avandia did me a lot of harm, & consider myself a cardiac cripple. I am now 70 years old.

  35. rona Reply

    My mother passed away 14 Oct 2009 due to kidney failure. She was given a double wammy – she was prescribed Baycol (for cholesterol) and Avandia (for her diabetes). Both conditions were well in control and she was given both as trials ~1999. She had her 1st heart attack in Dec 2000. Baycol had already been recalled, but she continued with Avandia even though Dr Kriesman (Vancouver) could see the effects on her kidneys but never mentioned it. She had a 2nd massive heart attack in Dec 2003 and was in a coma for 10 days. She recovered but her health was compromised from then on. All (ALL) drugs were stopped and we had her on natural supplements which sustained her for six years, but the kidneys continued to degenerate and she died with fluid in her lungs.

    For the folks with Diabetes – read this text by Patrick Holford – Say No to Diabetes. (~$30 – a small price to pay). I am presently reading it, as I sure don’t want to suffer like my mother did.

  36. Thomas Reply

    I was taking Avendia fortype 2 Diabetes after taking it for solong maybe a coupel of months or so i started to gain weight then i became short of breath for no reason then it got so bad that i could not sleep i could not walk any distance it just kept getting worse finaly i went to the hospital they sent me home with pill to take when i went back again they gave me a puffer to help me bread then the third time i went back they did tests on my heart they found out i had congestive heart failour the heart docter took away the Aveddia and said never to take them again i could have died and no one would care and the way the court cases are so slow in Canada i still think no one sares

  37. Mae Reply

    I was taking avandia prior to getting pregnant & in early pregnancy.
    My baby was born with a heart defect & passed away @ 3 mts.

  38. Mae Reply

    I took avandia in my early pregnancy., my baby was born with a severe heart defect & passed away.

  39. Sandra Reply

    Wish I had some info on the claim I was suppose to be a part of ,never heard if it even went to court yet.

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