Celebrex and Bextra Lawsuit Settlements Reported

Pfizer, Inc. has begun discussing settlement for some Celebrex and Bextra lawsuits pending throughout the United States. According to the Wall Street Journal, the pharmaceutical company which sold both pain medications, has reached tentative deals with some individuals who suffered heart attacks or strokes which were associated with use of the drugs.

Thousands of individuals have filed Celebrex lawsuits and Bextra lawsuits claiming that the COX-2 inhibitors caused an injury. Both drugs are in the same class of medications as Vioxx, which was recalled in September 2004 due to cardiovascular risks. In April 2005, Pfizer issued a Bextra recall, but they kept Celebrex on the market with much stronger warnings.

The report indicates that the Bextra settlement offers have averaged about $200,000.00 for each claim and the Celebrex settlement offers have averaged about $40,000.00 to $50,000 per case. Pfizer is negotiating the settlement of lawsuits on a firm-by-firm basis, instead of attempting to arrange a global settlement like Merck did with Vioxx last November.

According to lawyers representing individuals injured by Celebrex and Bextra, Pfizer’s attorneys have indicated that the pharmaceutical company is currently willing to pay as much as $500 million to resolve all outstanding cases. By contrast, Merck’s Vioxx settlement involved an agreement to pay $4.85 billion to resolve about twice as many lawsuits.

According to financial reports, Pfizer reported Celebrex sales of $611 million during the first three months of 2008. Therefore, the Bextra and Celebrex settlements are unlikely to have much of a financial impact on the drug maker.

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  1. Joyce Reply

    I would like to tell the whole world,whatever you do in your life,if you haven’t,please do not take any Celebrex,the pill made me Crazy where I
    sat on the side of the bed and could not do anything,it messed with my equilibium of mind and my engenuity of strength,where nothing made any sense and I think I sat on side of the bed all night long,I couldn’t sleep until it wore off, and I felt awful bad it was a nightmare,and the
    BEXTRA was even worse, it cloged two of my arteries,and I didn’t know it until I went to the Dr. to see why I had this strange itch, that would not go away,in fact I taken the dumb things about 3 and a half
    years and I discovered that I had two arteries blocked, before this I never had anything wrong with my heart,and the same night I had to be
    operated on by a specialist it couldn’t wait,and I told them to get busy,
    I could have died I was 77 years old,I was an invalid for a while,and
    I am still haveing small symptoms ti takes a long time for your chest to
    heal, and I have obtained a keliod or a growth in my chest, and I will
    have to be careful from now on.

  2. Jenny Reply

    My aunt just suffered a heart attack after taking Celebrex. She was in the hospital for days. She will always have heart problems now due to taking this medication. Her doctor told her that the Celebrex did indeed cause it and that she should contact Celebrex. Does she have a case?

  3. Sharon Reply

    I don’t know how I have been in the dark about the dangers of Bextra and Celebrex. I used to have excellent blood pressure, then one night I suffered severe chest pain, like an elephant was standing on my chest. I didn’t feel like I could get out of bed to call 911, and my son, who was sleeping in the other room couldn’t hear me call out to him. After a considerable amount of time the pain lessesed, and I could breathe more easily, so I convinced myself it was an anxiety attack. I was in my thirties and in good health, so I didn’t think it could be a heart attack. Then I had an ekg for another incident at work where I was rushed to the hospital. The ekg showed a past infarction. Not long before that incident, I was given Bextra and Skelaxin, then I was given Celebrex. I ended up having allergic reactions to Celebrex so I discontinued its use (difficluty breathing, numbness in hands and feet). Since approximately that time, I have had unexplained high blood pressure (at one point it was 206/108). I am now seeing a cardiologist to determine the extent of the heart damage. Until now, I had never heard anything about the recall of bextra or the problems associated with celebrex. Due to my heart issues I have been unable to hold a job for very long since that time. Is there anyway I can still be compensated for the damage that Bextra or Celebrex has caused me?

  4. Judy Reply

    Its now 6yrs ago that my husband who was 46, fit and trim took bextra for hip pain related to a fall at work. He passed away in 2005. I have had a lawsuit against Pfizer sine then. A settlement was reached and now it is in the hands of the medicare company searching for outstanding medicare bills. again he was 46 and working. My life has been destroyed by this drug, my children have lost their father. What has to be done to Pfizer to finally take care of pts and their families? Maybe if one of their loved ones pass away from their drugs they’ll take it more serious and remove these drugs or test them longer before using humans as quinea pigs.. Still no money 6yrs later…… in foreclosure, life in shambles
    due to losing my bread winner…..

  5. ROSEMARIE Reply

    This case has been settled for years and still no money has been paid. I dont think there ever will be a settlement for the injured paties but the attorney’s will get there share. I was told the money would be paid out in October and November of 2010,. This is December and guess what? Still no money.

  6. Elaine Reply

    I took celebrex and my breath began getting shorter and shorter until I began gasping for my breath I did not realize at first the celebrex was the problem, i reduced the amount I was taking daily and I began breathing easier Finally Ihad to stop taking it because my left hand started to itch uncontrollably and my hand began breaking out with little bumps and then it began spreading all over my hand, and my hand turned real dark, and is still like that to this day. that is not the worst, I did not even know this class action had anything at all to do with the medical injuries of its class. i thought the class action was only because Pfizer had broken the truth in advertising laws and had profited unjfairly from the public. i just learned today December 17, 2010 that there is also a settlement regarding the injuries the drug has caused

  7. Triksey Reply

    My family member got their check the week of Christmas. Did anyone else?

  8. Marquis Reply

    @ Judy, its funny how similar our situations are. My mother had begun this lawsuit in 2005 after my father, 58, died of a sudden myocardial infarction in 2004. I will never forget that fateful day when he dropped me off at my High School, ignorant of the fact that we will never see each other again. Since then, my mother has died from Cancer, 2 years go, and we are just getting our settlement packet in the mail. It was for 52,000 and I must say that I believe that is a lousy price to supplement for my dads life. Considering our financial situation, my sister and I decided to accept the settlement. I hope it won’t be long for us to receive the money so that we to can get our house out of foreclosure. Wish everyone the best of luck and good grace with this whole settlement ordeal.

  9. James from GA. Reply

    Has anyone recieved any settlement cash not close to the amount printed in the settlement article indicating each client should get about $40,000 – 50,000? I did’nt.

  10. Robert Reply

    Just received my lousy $560 check today

  11. Douglas from Indiana Reply

    After seeing the ad on Tv for a class action suit in progress for Celebrex users back in 2005, I called the toll free # on the Tv and gave them my information on the phone so they sent me the paperwork to fill out & return to them. I was a Celebrex user for 4 years prior to this with NO repercusions at all from using it. The paperwork asked me how many total $$ I had shelled out of pocket for the use of this said miracle pill for the entire term of use and I totaled it to be $3,200.00 and sent it back into them thinking that was the end of this matter and I will most likely NEVER hear another word from them about this but I didn’t care because the paperwork took a total of about 20 minutes to fill out, re-envelope & mail it back. That was 2005 and so I completely forgot all about it after all the years because I was right for thinking that I would never hear anymore about it and so I went on with my normal everyday life with NO expectations whatsoever untill I opened my mailbox just yesterday and there was an envelope from Celebrex Litigation center addressed to me. I opened it up thinking it was just a letter stating where the preceedings stood in place but instead there was a perforated check made out to me for the total amount I claimed I had spent for $3,200.00 I hope this spreads a bit of hope & happiness to the doom & gloom thrughout this page !!!

  12. f brackett Reply

    i hope they win this one for me since they lost the vioxx case which was B.S. im not going to hold my breath because that fall hurts so good luck to you all and may god be watching over us take care

  13. Chrissy Reply

    I took bextra for 4 months and then I needed heart surgery back in 2003. Now I have to live with a artifical valve,have to take warfarin once a day for the rest of my life.Depression has the best of me because I believe that each day will be my last. Trying to cope with what has been bestowed on me by the drug company. Can anyone tell me how to cope with this misfortune, God Bless everyone

  14. fred Reply

    i have 9 stents,4blood thinners 4heart pills,ive been shocked 8 times now if the medication isnt going to work they are puting in a pacemaker it just all sucks just take it one day at a time thats all you can do may god watch over us all and good luck

  15. monica Reply

    my attorney is suppossed to send the Bextra settlement next week. I suffered a heart attack at 37, and I am definetely not willing to settle for just anything after all I went through! I would love to hear from any of you who have already received the money, what is the amount I should expect, and if I am not satisfied, and turn them down, what would my alternatives be?

  16. Darlene Reply

    i told celebrex and been told i have a heart beat.

  17. fred Reply

    on any settlements dont hold your breath. it could be 250.00 to 10.000.00 i wouldnt think anymore the laywers get it all and we who suffer gets shit. everything that happens is done on a point system so good luck. just be thankful for any amount unless you have the funds to hols out,then wait andsee what they offer: other wise take what ever and run straight to the bank. hope all works out for you and me

  18. dondie Reply

    i,ve had 3 heart attacks and 4 heart bypass, three stent. is it to late to file for class action lawsuits for celebrex

  19. dawn Reply

    Don’t count on fair settlement! My settlement was so little, I have to stay on Medicaid and food stamps! Instead of Celebrex paying for my health care, the taxpayers will be footing my bill.What is wrong with this picture? Why is it still being advertised? Where is the FDA?
    celebrex user stroked at 42.Permently disabled.

  20. Brenton Reply

    I took Celebrex in 1993 after breaking my right tibia from a football injury. My ankle stayed swollen for a while and I was prescribed Celebrex.

  21. fred Reply

    i think i been waitng since 2002 and nothing they lost my vioxx case too. the big firm in houston tx. im sure they all made there money we all need to get a firm to go after the attorneys that are screwing all of us and do a audit on them when or if i get any from celebrex who knows, they pay themselves then the attorney that did nothing i did all the running to get the shit together,and then they pay back medicare an i get whats left over. its all bullshit and if theres a good laywer out there who reads all of theses reports then you should file suit against the ones who are screwing us im 5 heart attacks 9 stents,on medicade,it took me ten years to get 500.00 to live on from social security on that sucks,thats another rip off gov agency.good luck to all

  22. fred Reply

    you know it upsets me that theses laywers can get away with this. im writing dateline,20/20 and anyone else who will investigate theses people. its not right and im FED UP. so wish me luck and here we go and ill let you know how it goes good luck to all

  23. John Reply

    I took celebrex for about two years and had a blood clot in the brain, and a stroke. I also had intestinal bleeding and a very badskin rash. I tried many times to get representation for my injuries. but due to some lawyers who were scared of Pfizer no one wanted to help me. I have told many people about my problems and we all agree that a law firm in Jackson, Mississippi was the main reason why I got no settlement money for my injuries.

  24. dennis Reply

    yes, i share some of the same problems and stories, i took bextra back in sept. 04 , and i have had several strokes,heart attacks,uncontrollable high blood pressure, arthritis, atrial fribrillation,etc.the list goes on. im only 42 years old and i get around like i am 80.please ! could some onegive some info on this matter.

  25. PATRICIA Reply

    I just had a double bypass about 7 week,but before that I had two stint put in I got irealty heart beat I took celbrex a few years ago they took me off after my second stint so the doctor want tell you that is what cause the heart problem he just take you off them

  26. Chrissy Reply

    everyone needs to call CBS,NBC,ABC, FOX NEWS to complain about how long it takes to settle this lawsuit. I ,just like everyone am getting frustrated about how long it takes to get the settlements. I call my lawyer at least once a month and get the run around. Will I receive a check after I die? Hope I don.t have to wait that long. Anyone from Florida let me know how your case is progressing Thanx

  27. fred Reply

    i just called my laywer and no call back,hes out at some warm island in the sun spending all the money. and they wonder why people hate laywers!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. ARMANI Reply

    i called the claim administrator and they sai i will receve a check inn about 2 weeks….wish me luck

  29. Beverley Reply

    I was told in early 2010 that the money to pay the claims was here. It is now almost August 2011 and no one can tello me why I have not gotten a check. Is anyone else having a problem?

  30. terri Reply

    my brother in law took celebrex for only 1 month in Jan. 2011. He had to get a pacemaker. Are claims still being submitted to Pfizer or has the time limit for lawsuits run out?

  31. Danielle Reply

    I had to probate my husbands estate before I could get the settlement. took over a year and $13000 to probate and estate with only one bill outstanding and no children or other heirs. Much too high.
    When I got the settlement it was less than he would have earned in one year, yet he had at least 10 more years to work. They made billions on this drug that killed people. If you hit a crowd of people accidentally with a truck you would go to jail, but not drug executives.

  32. forrest Reply

    i file the paper work on the lawsuite back in 2005, Never saw a penny of the settlement, I would of rather had my mother back alive but this big money company took her from us. They must have the right to kill people and get away with it . i would like to know if their is a list of people who they paid and didn’t pay.

  33. Denise Reply

    Are there others who have yet to receive this Bextra settlements?

  34. Janice Reply

    I took it a long time even put in a law suit but when the storm came everything was lost can anyone tell me how to find out about celebrex and bextra cases

  35. mary Reply

    how do I join the case against celebrex.I may have to start dialysis before the end of next year.My Kidneys was just fine until I had used celebrex back in 20f

  36. Pamela Reply

    CELEBREX killed my husband 08/01/2012
    Dr. visit 07/11/2012 “all good”
    07/31/2012 went to dinner,arrived home,said said good-night
    08/01/2012 I awakend, husband dead!

  37. Angie Reply

    My doctor put me on Celebrex for my knee pain not only did it not help the pain it bothered my stomach so much that I had to take medication for it I am still taking medication,and increased my blood pressure and now I am taking blood pressure medications.

  38. james Reply

    I wrote a comment 2011 and I still haven\’t hear anything about it as of yet. has anything been done with the lawyers yet?.

  39. Patsy Reply

    I have been trying to get someone to answer me since April,2013. I was in a trial for Celebrex. I had a heart attack in April, 1 and then had seizures! I was in hospital five days! The hospital wrote me off as charity, but ambulance and Drs who saw me still waiting to get paid! They said in my paperwork at least they would be paid by you and every time I contact nothing! I am going to a lawyer to see if I can get help! I am 62 and I cry when I get a phone call!!! I think k I deserve a little something since I have had to endure this! I turned my trial samples back in so trial Dr has the numbers. This is sad that you give someone with diabetes, high blood pressure, cholesterol, and now I am on heart meds and Dilantin for seizures at the time of heart attack! I would love to hear from someone or is this going to get swept under the gurney?

  40. James Reply

    I did not know damage was done till a few years ago from Taking Bextra . Just out the Blue a doctor told me that I have a heart murmur . But, I had taken a long time. So, as having Aklelosing Spodolit

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