Study Finds No Link Between Cell Phones and Brain Tumors

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A group of Danish researchers say they have found no link between the use of cell phones and a type of benign brain tumors most likely to be the result of cancerous electronic device emissions.

In the study, which was published online last month in the American Journal of Epidemiology, researchers correlated cell phone use with the rate of development of vestibular schwannoma tumors on the right side of the brain, where most people hold their cell phone since most humans are right-handed.

Researchers used nationwide cohort studies encompassing data on the mobile phone use of 2.9 million Danes. They found no increase in the expected number of vestibular schwannoma brain tumors among men, and actually found less tumors than expected among women. When vestibular schwannoma tumors did occur, there was no propensity for them to develop on the right side of the head over the left.

The scientists concluded that there was no evidence of cell phones causing vestibular schwannoma brain tumors. They also criticized some previous studies which did find a correlation, indicating the studies relied on flawed cell phone use reporting data.

The study’s findings were released just weeks after the World Health Organization (WHO) reclassified radiofrequency electromagnetic fields emitted by wireless phones as a possible carcinogen. There are more than 5 billion cell phone subscriptions across the planet, WHO warned, and they are heavily used by children and young adults. That number is steadily growing.

In the U.S. in recent years the National Cancer Institute (NCI) has reported that scientific evidence about the risk or safety of cell phones is conflicting and inconsistent, and that no conclusion could be made.

According to NCI, cellular telephones emit radiofrequency (RF) energy. RF energy is a form of non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation. Ionizing electromagnetic radiation, such as that emitted by x-ray machines, is known to cause cancer at high levels, but it is unknown whether non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation like RF energy has the same effect. The NCI says that studies so far seem to indicate that the amount of RF emitted by cell phone hand units is too low to result in tissue heating or raise body temperature, but there is not enough evidence to declare it completely harmless either.

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  1. Mac Reply

    What’s really interesting is that the cell phone industry has nevert “itself” actually claimed cell phones are safe. (Why would the industry never make a statement that their product is safe?) Instead…they claim that other people do. It points to third-party research by other groups such as the Federal Communications Commission, scientific standards bodies and organizations such as the World Health Organization, CTIA (International Association for the Wireless Telecommunications Industry), FCC, or other governmental agencies. Remember, the Cellphone manufacturers or industy has never claimed cellphones are safe. Why would they skirt the claim and point to other 3rd party organizations who do…Can you say INSURANCE CLAIMS?
    WATCH VIDEO: Growing #s of insurance companies (60%) refuse to cover ‘known health risks’ of cell phones

    The Cat Is Out Of The Bag…Dec 2009, Brescia, Italy: Italian Court Blames Cellphone Use on Man’s Disability

    Then there is this: Mobile Telecommunications and Health (Commissioned by T-Mobil, DeTeMobil Deutsche Telekom MobilNet GmbH – the parent company of T-Mobile) commissioned a highly-rated independent research institute, the ECOLOG Institute in Hanover, to review all relevant available research to date with regard to the health risks from mobile telecommunications.This review of over 220 peer-reviewed and published papers found strong indications for the cancer-initiating and cancer-promoting effects of high frequency electromagnetic fields used by mobile telephone technology. THIS STATEMENT FROM T-MOBILE’S REPORT SAYS IT ALL…”Given the results of the present epidemiological studies, it can be concluded that electromagnetic fields with frequencies in the mobile telecommunications range do play a role in the development of cancer.” (See p37)

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