Chevrolet Cruze Recall Issued Due to Braking Problems

  • Written by: Russell Maas

General Motors (GM) is recalling an estimated 292,879 Chevrolet Cruze vehicles because an internal “brake assist” function may be faulty, requiring the driver to use extra effort when pressing the brake pedal, which has led to a number of auto accidents.  

The Chevrolet Cruze recall (PDF) was announced by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) on August 14, and includes the 2011 and 2012 “P” models equipped with 1.4L dual overhead cam gasoline turbo engines and 6T40 FWD automatic transmissions.

The affected 2011 models were manufactured from May 10, 2010 through June 20, 2011, and the 2012 models have manufacture dates of April 6, 2011 through August 7, 2012.

The recalled Chevy Cruze vehicles have an Electric Vacuum Pump (EVP) system which provides a supplemental vacuum to allow for a “brake assist” function. If the EVP system fails it will require the driver to use a greater amount of force to press the brake pedal in, causing a more delayed braking time than the driver is used to. This may cause an increase accidents and injuries.

To date, at least 27 reports have been received involving accidents that may be related to the malfunctioning EVP systems, with most involving low speed crashes in driveways and parking lots. The reports do not indicate whether any injuries resulted from the collisions.

The company began investigating the problem in July 2012 after a complaint.

GM is currently working with the National Highway Traffic Administration to contact dealers and owners to schedule a repair that will consist of removing and replacing a microswitch in the power brake vacuum pipe assembly. Owners of the affected vehicles will be also be reimbursed by GM for repairs.

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  1. Dan Reply

    Is there a law firm filing a class action regarding the C hevy Cruze brake problem?

  2. george Reply

    My daughter had her brand new Chevy Cruze and was involved in a low speed accident. She claimed to step on the brakes and the vehicle did not stop. A witness in her rear saw her brake lights go on.
    She suffered injuries and was ticketed by the police. She also had to pay a deductable to the insurance company and the vehicle took 8 weeks to repair.

  3. kay Reply

    I had a 2010 Chevy avalanche and the brakes failed in it causing it to hit a tree and totaling it I want to know if their is something gm will do for this my son was nearly killed because of the faulty brakes

  4. Erica Reply

    I rented a Chevy cruze 2013/2014 from Avis and was involved in accident. I step on the brakes, and the vehicle did not stop, it felt as if the car picked up speed. So I smashed on the brakes with both feet, as I turned the wheel to keep from rear endng the SUV in front of me, Which didn’t work cause when I came to, the airbags had deployed and I was on the side of the side SUV I hit. I hit the rear drive side of the car and coasted to a stop from what I was told by witness. I went from 15-to 18 mph with my feet oin the brake!!!! Please explain, Yes there was injuries

  5. kim Reply

    2013 chevy cruze ltz. this will be my second visit to the dealer with this car for surging while at a complete stop with my foot pressed firmly against the break pedal and the car still wants to move forward

  6. Alvin Reply

    Brought my 2012 Chevy Cruze LT(47,944 miles) 9/27/2014 to the Chevy Dealer here in Slidell, La., for campaign 14417 to check the coolant level without a leak; was told “No leak, Coolant level fine”. Two months later, my car ran hot (217 degrees); took to same dealership, Mon., 10/27/2014. Now told it needs an Engine Coolant Fan, says ” Not covered by the Powertrain Warranty”. I have to pay $450 for a 2 year old car. It’s still there… I never had any problems until I brought it in for this coolant level check campaign. . I’ve only had it for one year now. I feel it had a leak then and now I need an Engine coolant fan which SHOULD be covered by some warranty being that the car is 2 years old.

  7. J. Webster Reply

    2015 Cruze. Not 1500 miles on it yet. Afraid to drive. Sporadically press on brake peddle and while depressed the car surges forward. Does not happen when taken into dealer and does not record with OnStar. What to do?

  8. Patricia Reply

    At times you can press on the breaks and the car keep going, I have also applied the breaks while using the cruse control and had to press hard it didn’t seem that I was using the breaks at all.

  9. kandy Reply

    My daughter is afraid to drive her car, she has had several scares, since we purchased the car in 2015. At first the breaks failed when she reversed, this happened sporadically. She presses on the breaks and the car keeps going, She had a fender recently. The dealership can’t find anything wrong. We are so concern as rainy days are approaching. I have contacted GMC, i hope and pray that we can fix this problem.

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