Discovery Kids Lamp Recall Issued After Fires and Child Smoke Injury

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About 360,000 Discovery Kids Animated Marine and Safari Lamps have been recalled due to a defect which can cause them to burst into flames.

The Discovery Kids Lamp recall was announced on February 9 by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission after the manufacturer, Innovage LLC, received nine reports of problems. At least seven of the lamps have reportedly caught fire, causing three incidents of minor property damage and injuring one child due to smoke inhalation.

The fires are starting due to a defect in a printed circuit board inside the lamp that causes an electrical short, according to the CPSC’s Discovery Kids lamp recall announcement.

The recall affects the Discovery Kids Animated Marine Lamp with a model number of 1627121 and the Discovery Kids Animated Safari Lamps with model numbers 1627124 and 1628626. The lamps have “Discovery Kids” printed on the front top left corner, are silver in color, and depict rotating marine or safari scenes.

The lamps have an 11-digit batch number on the bottom of the lamp that begins with the number 2. The model number is located on the bottom of the packaging.

The lamps were sold at department stores, drug stores, by mass merchandisers, through direct sales and online from July 2009 through January 2010 for about $10. The lamps were made in China.

The CPSC recommends that anyone using the recalled Discovery Kids lamps should stop immediately and contact Innovage at for a full refund.

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  1. Garry Reply

    I bought the Discovery Marine lamp for my five year old boy and it sits next to his bed. Thank goodness I read the recall in the Consumer magazine this morning! Needless to say, it will be returned. I have not heard anything on the T.V. or papers about this recall……..I think it should be out where everyone can see it…….

  2. April Reply

    I also have one of these lamps in my 4-year-old’s room that sits next to his bed and is usually on all night. The water scene just quit moving 2 days ago and i was wanting to buy another lamp like this. Well not no longer. I am going to through that lamp out tonight because since it messed up because it probably would catch on fire next.

  3. Diane Reply

    You guys did the right thing… about 2 weeks ago, our lamp DID catch on fire, at 1:30 in the morning because it was often on all night. Smoke detectors woke us up, thank God. This lamp was in our boys bedroom. I never heard anything about a recall until right now, 2 weeks too late. My older son is now suffering from fear that anything in the house might catch fire. Sure wish this had been more publicized.

  4. Rosemary Reply

    I purchased the Discovery Marine Lamp in October of 2010 and was searching for another when I ran across this recall notice. Does anyone know if the problem was fixed and more were produced, or could the store still be selling these?

  5. Stacey Reply

    I would like to know too. I just bought 2 of these lamps today at the store and then just read this when I was doing a search online for this. I want to know if the problem was fixed for the ones they are selling today. I don’t see how they could be selling this product if it wasn’t fixed.

  6. stacey Reply

    just called and the new ones are fine. they fixed the problem.

  7. Jennifer Reply

    My lamp also caught fire. I never knew about the recall. The company did not do a very good job making this recall public! It happened we during the night while everyone was sleeping. His bed and comforter caught fire while he was sleeping in it. It should have been made more well known since this is a product that is used in childrens bedrooms most likely next to their bed!

  8. KATE Reply

    No such luck. I know someone who purchased a lamp two weeks ago. Last week it shorted and around 11pm, the father smelled smoke and followed the scent. It lead him to his sons room engulfed in flames. Luckily everyone got out in time, but the child’s bed was on fire. Better to be safe then sorry. Do yourself a favor, get a nightlight that is safe; not one that you see several people having fires in their houses!!

  9. Jen Reply

    Holy cow! Fortunately, my son’s caught fire the other night while I was holding it and NOT while he was sleeping. It had stopped turning, and when I gave it a jiggle to see if I could get it started again, it sizzled and started smoking. My husband said that his mother (who gave my son the lamp) mentioned a recall, but thought it was pertaining to lead paint and a different model # (model and batch numbers aren’t the same thing, apparently). His room still stinks. The customer service people were very helpful on the phone, and will send a return label to us so we can get a refund. Yikes. Thank goodness nothing more serious happened.

  10. Dessirae Reply

    My parents home caught fire yesterday due to this lamp. It caught the bed on fire in a babys room and the whole mattress of the bed was engulfed in flames in a matter of seconds. My sister suffered minor burns but was able to get her self and her 1 and half year old son out of the house . The baby could have very easily been in that room when the fire started so we are all thankful that it was not much much worse.

    The whole upstairs burned and everything else downstairs suffered from water damage from the fire hose. My family now can not live in their home and have to stay in a hotel until further notice.

    If youo have one of these lamps, THROW IT AWAY!!!!

  11. erin Reply

    My sons caught fire while he was in his bed and luckily he has sleep apnea because my other two kids rooms are on each side of where the fire started.My husband and I were two floors down with the tv on and fireplace burning.I am lucky my then 6 yr old saved all of our lives.It exploded in to flames and caught the wall door on fire.he is permanently traumatized and has many mental and physical issues now.The company knew there was defect.It was poorly made with no ul listing and no heat shut off valve.We shared our story with the world on the news in jan 2010 so that this would never happen again ands we actually helped create and finalize the recall.I hope nobody ever has to experience what my family has gone through over the last two years because it will never go away.I pray for all of you who have gone through similar situations and im glad the recall prompted you to take it out of the house

  12. Doug Reply

    Wow was looking for a replacement bulb but now think NOT. To bad son likes the product because it’s out of here…

  13. Don Reply

    I have a Discovery Kids Marine in the bathroom. It’s used as a nightlight. When I heard of the recall I looked it up and saw that it affected a certain model number. I then checked mine. NOT the affected model number. While checking the bottom for the model number , I noticed it contained a fuse. This is excelent for the safety of the unit. Any short would be met with a blown fuse preventing ANY burning or smoking. It seems this recall only affects certain units. If people would quit panicing and verify their unit, alot less drama and bad publicity would be spread. Look before you leap! This is actually a great little item for the kids.

  14. freddy c Reply

    after waiting 18 min on the phone a recording tells me to call back at another time. rediculous

  15. shirley Reply

    need information about recal for model #1628626 also how do i get my money back,we called the # you provided for us but they told us to go to the lamprecall website and we have gotten absolutely no where with that.please call me @ 3306283768……. thank you mrs shirley king

  16. Patti Reply

    I called 2 months ago and still have not received the box they promised to send me to return it in for my $10 check

  17. dianna Reply

    I have a model not listed for recall that was made in 2009. I am now worried about using it after reading the other comments. My grandson loves it when he sleeps at grandmas.

  18. Crystal Reply

    I was going to replace the light bulb in my daughter’s lamp, and I noticed how bad the bulb looked where it connects to the plastic. Although it’s not one of the batch numbers listed, it’s going into the trash. It looked as if it was ready to catch fire, and we’re lucky that it didn’t. I’m sure that the company won’t issue a refund since it isn’t included in the recall, but it is still obviously a hazard and not worth the risk.

    Remove the screws, and examine the bulb – even if it isn’t listed in the recall. Is a $10 lamp really worth it? I don’t think so.

  19. Barbara Reply

    I have a 2011 issue of the marine life aquarium. And I had a friend tell me to check out the recall on them,
    I do not have it hooked up, The fuse went out.Model # 584894A1175. (lower right corner on bottom)same side as the Discovery kids logo is located. Question #1 does it need to be returned?? If not then what is the size of the fuse for it? I have misplaced it.
    Thank you for your time in answering these questions for me.

  20. Barbara Reply

    Yeah I recently sent you a post…….did a little looking and just found.That is the batch # not the model # …considering that this was purchased back in 2011….Humm don’t have the box any more. but during my investigtion into this product reputation ( that it in fact is one of the recalls)…………And considering some of the other post I have read on here about having such problems in getting any help…..I think that I will just cut the cord of and just hang it in my granddaughter’s room……… fire here……….thank you ………Barbara.

  21. Jen Reply

    Last summer this Discovery Kids Lamp manufactured in China burned down my 7 year old’s bedroom. The owner of the company called me personally to appologize. Then explained politely to me that he had to continue to manufacture in China or he wouldn’t make any money.
    We don’t know what the ID numbers on ours as it was burned to nothing… so it very well could’ve been a different number… don’t keep this lamp!!!

  22. Elizabeth Reply

    This just happened to my 7 year old…I had just finished consult for a new central air sytem in my home and right near is bed is the control panel and near that was my sons end table with his light and this animated fish scene…well after the guy left who is a electrician and my son was ready for bed he came running shaking saying his lamp was on fire..figures the electrician left…I ran in there and smelled the smoke. I was panicking and ready to tell him and my ot her son to run…it was still working so I pulled it out of the socket and went straight to Google…if I only knew I wouldn’t have such a young boy traumitized by watching it explode. Needless to say he is Back he is my bed again and I worked so hard to get him in his room….what now…a refund for a gift I didn’t buy…what about someone coming out to console him…I am angry and hesitant to plug any toy in for fear of the same thing happening when we’re asleep 🙁

  23. Amber Reply

    Well early this morning around 5 am my 7 year old son came running into my bedroom screaming that his room was on fire. His little sister 3 years old was still asleep in the same room. I ran into to the room and grabbed my daughter. Luckily we all got out ok because of him. The cause of the fire one of those fish marine night lights. The light burst into flames. I have never been so scared in my life. I never knew about any recall. If you have one please throw it away.

  24. Richard Reply

    My 3yr/old’s Discovery Kids Aquarium Night Light just went out…so i was on line looking for a bulb to replace it when i came across the recall. I started reading the comments everyone was making on this nite-light and quickly decided to cut the cord off the unit or remove it from the house…Our light was one on the recall list…..all numbers matching…We were one of the lucky ones and for all those people who weren’t may God bless you all…and I pray that no more of these catch fire……..oh and by the way I had to call me oldest Daughter and have her remove the one our grand daughter had on her night stand…..

  25. Peggy Reply

    I have one I purchased at a garage sale. Worked fine, I used it by a grouping of plants in my liv room; thought it looked nice. It is NOT one of the batch’s listed, starts with a 26 number. The other evening, I heard a loud sound, thought a rock somehow hit the liv room window. Then I smelled a rubbery odor, seemed to come from where I had this lamp. Just to see if it was a problem with the marine lamp, I turned it ON. It did not work. I had it plugged into a surge protecter strip, and where I had the wire plugged in the strip a rubbery smell came out of there, needless to say I tossed the Marine Lamp and the protector strip.

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