Eddie Bauer Soothe & Sway Play Yard Recall: Suffocation Hazard

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and Health Canada have announced the recall of about 76,600 Eddie Bauer Sooth & Sway Play Yards, due to a defect in the design of the “rocking bassinet” feature that could result in a potential suffocation hazard for infants.

The Eddie Bauer play yards, which were manufactured by Dorel Juvenile Group, Inc., have a design similar to the well known “Pack n Play”, featuring a changing table, bassinet and deeper playpen area, which can be compacted for travel.

The Sooth & Sway Play Yards contain a “rocking bassinet” attachment that can gently move back and forth or lock in place.

According to the recall notice, the bassinet attachment can tile when it is in the non-rocking mode secured by the straps. This can cause the bassinet to stay in a tilted position when it is in rocking mode and not return to a level sleeping surface.

At least 10 reports have been received of infants rolling to one side of the sleeping surface due to the tilt. This can cause them to become wedged in the corner or pressed against the bassinet, posing a potential suffocation or asphyxiation risk.

Of the reported problems, six of the infants were found with their faces pressed against the side or bottom of the bassinet, and at least one child was reportedly purple and out of breath by the time they were discovered.

The Eddie Bauer Sooth & Sway Play Yard recall includes all units that are part of model number 05046 and units manufactured before December 1, 2008 marked as model number 05044. The model dates and manufacturing dates are printed on a sticker on one of the support legs.

Target, Sears, Burlington Coat Factory and various internet retailers sold the recalled Eddie Bauer play yards between January 2008 and May 2009 for approximately $150.

Consumers have been urged to immediately stop using the bassinet attachment of the Eddie Bauer Sooth & Sway Play Yards.

According to information posted by the U.S. CPSC, Dorel Juvenile Group is only providing a $40 voucher toward the purchase of a new Dorel product, and does not appear to be accepting returns of the entire product at this time, as the play yard can continue to be used.

For additional information, contact Dorel Juvenile Group at (888) 233-4903 or visit their website at

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  1. Erika Reply

    First of all, I couldn’t even get the sides to stay up. I had to turn the thing upside down and use my feet to keep the sides locked. I wanted to throw this thing against the wall every time I had to use it when we traveled. Only my husband was strong enough to lock the sides until I figured out an unconventional way to lock them. What a frustration when it should be so easy and “convenient”. I hate this thing. I never did try the bassinet or changing station because I don’t keep it out all the time but I wanted to find a manual for this and found this recall.
    So glad I didn’t use the bassinet and changer for my second kid on the way. Sorry to those of you who lost your precious kids. I see a lawsuit coming to this company. They should have advertised the recall better and offered a full refund, regardless of when or who bought it.

  2. Alison Reply

    I too had the problem with the bassinet not staying in place, never was able to use the changing station because my baby was almost 9 lbs when she was born and had the hardest time setting it up. It has been sitting in the bag collecting dust since Target would not refund my money and $40 is nothing compared to the $160 it cost to purchase it. And who wants to use their gift certificate to purchase another one of their lousy products. It is a shame that this company is go greedy that they do not care about the safety of our children. In todays economy most families cannot afford to just replace products that they purchase due to unwillingness of a company to care about our babies. I was fortunate enough that my baby girl was safe, others were not. We need to open a class action suit against this company and make them pay!!

  3. MIKE Reply


  4. William Reply

    This was sold as a safe product for babies and it is not? There needs to be a class action law suite filed. Just found this site out today. They need to send a replacement that is safe, It probably only cost them $10.00 coming from China.

  5. Yolanda Reply

    Just remember when you purchase baby items. Look for the manufacture, not the “Celeberty ” Name. Then look at recalls for that manyfacture before buying. COSCO

  6. Karee Reply

    I called to get the $40.00 voucher and they told me they will mail me a letter I have to swear to that I destroyed the bassinet by cutting it up and I have to PROVE IT by mailing them the pieces i cut out of it. ARE YOU KIDDING ME DOREL?

    You won’t replace the bassinet part of the unit, the reason I bought it in the first place and payed twice as much for it. You tell me it is still usable….BUT IT ISN’T USABLE as a bassinet any longer BUT you will NOT give me a REFUND?

    I want a NEW Play Yard WITH A BASSINET!!! Attorneys…CALL ME!

  7. Sarah Reply

    I second what the last person said.

    I got this PNP becuase of the bassinett. I am having a baby in 2.5 weeks and just found out the PNP I used perfectly fine for my son back in Aug 2008, has been recalled. glad I check items before I use them again… This thing was NOT cheap, I want a FULL refund so that I can get a new PNP WITH BASSINETT. $40 wouldn’t even buy a small crappy PNP. This is unacceptable. Most of the time when an item is recalled you get to replace the whole thing FOR FREE!! and that’s what I expect as well, I dont’ want to have to go fork out my own money on someone elses screw-up. I want another PNP I can USE!

  8. Nick's Dad Reply

    Around 8:30 pm on 1/16/12 I noticed that my son bassinet was stuck in a tilted position with him completely wedged in the corner of the bassinet. I researched online if this thing was really safe and found this site. By 10:00 PM i was at my local Target and received a full credit of $149.99 plus tax on a gift card.

  9. Heather Reply

    Dorel company does NOT give a crap about our babies!! In my opinion they are full of it and all of this is complete BS. I posted years ago and LOST my lawsuit… see comment above! I did finally get some closure and now know without a doubt that this POS killed my innocent baby!! My question is if there were a class action lawsuit would I be able to be involved since I had already sued them???
    Also they did not allow us to use the recall during our trial.

  10. Joyce on Feb.26,2013 Reply

    IMy daughter went to change my grandson and he rolled to the inside . The changing pad leans inward. I am really disappointed with produced.
    I would not recommended this product to anyone.

  11. Traci Reply

    I purchased this product in Feb 2009. I am now again in need of it so when I pulled it out of storgae I checked to confirm that there were no recalls. I work for a manufacturer so I understand things can happen. I contacted Dorel as when I originally entered my model number and manufacurer date it stated my product was not part of the recall. after online searching I found it was. I emailed them and they confirmed it was. How scary I was originally told it was not.
    They offered me the $42.50 voucher and said I could use it on thier site. WHAT??? why would I want to buy more crap from you? I also showed them with copy/paste that I found online where the original resolution was a repair/replacement kit that included bassinet fabric and bassinet bars along with instructions. I was told no.
    I will not go away and they will correct this in an acceptable manner. what a shame they have put this black mark on the Eddie Bauer name. I thought they were an upstanding company. I guess not. In this day and age, companies can not afford to produce inferior, unsafe products that have a cost that this one did only to snub their nose at the consumers that ultimately pay thier bills. Maybe Dorel should think about that it is not good to bite the hand that feeds you.
    I too bought this product because of the added bells and whistles. not a plain play yard. I paid with tax $170.39. $42.50 is a slap in the face.

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