Ethex Morphine Lawsuit Filed Over Overdose From Extra Strength Pills

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A lawsuit was filed last month in Illinois on behalf of three plaintiffs who allegedly suffered a morphine overdose caused by tablets of generic morphine sulfate manufactured by Ethex Corp, which were recalled last year when it was discovered that tablets may contain more of the drug then they were supposed to.

The Ethex morphine lawsuit was filed on May 29 in St. Clair County Circuit Court against the generic drug maker and their parent company, KV Pharmaceuticals.

One of the plaintiffs, Lester Skinner, filed the lawsuit claiming that his wife, Carolyn, suffered an accidental morphine overdose death after taking the tablets. The other two plaintiffs, Stephania Fox and Walter Mueller, filed claims on their own behalf, alleging that they suffered severe illness when they received more morphine in each tablet than their doctors prescribed.

The Ethex morphine recall was first issued in June 2008, after it was discovered that manufacturing problems allowed oversized pills to potentially be distributed to customers. Subsequent recalls were issued for additional lots of morphine and at least 30 other generic drugs manufactured by Ethex which may have contained up to twice the necessary amount of the active pharmaceutical ingredient.

FDA inspections have uncovered a number of violations of Good Manufacturing Practices by Ethex and KV Pharmaceuticals, and at least eight warning letters have been issued about violations.

Following the morphine recall, investors filed a class action lawsuit against KV Pharmaceuticals alleging that the company issued false information about their compliance with FDA manufacturing and marketing regulations and failed to disclose the problems with their facility that resulted in the oversized tablets and risk of serious harm to consumers.

In the morphine overdose lawsuit filed in Illinois, plaintiffs allege that KV Pharmaceuticals and Ethex were aware of the problems with the drugs before the recall, and seek damages for medical fees, mental and physical anguish, loss of income, opportunity, family and social expenses, among others.

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  1. Cynthia Reply

    I am so frustrated. I know I received some of those overdose tablets. I was taking morphine sulfate er 30mg and 60mg. I felt like I was coming out of my skin. It was one of the worst feeling I ever felt. I wanted it to stop so bad, I took three(3) zanax and three (3) vicadin. I didn’t care what would happened with taking extra medicine. I ended up at the hospital as an attempted suicide. I just wanted the effects of the morphine, which I didn’t know at the time to stop.

  2. John Reply

    I’m sure I took the oversized Morphine (generic MS Contin), as I remember “ETHEX” on the label. Though I didn’t get immediately sick, having been on this drug since 2005, I became accustomed to higher doses, so that when I came upon normal doses, I felt something lacking, like I was building up a tolerance, and felt so guilty and terrible that I was morally weak so much so as to become an addict. Why now? (2009). I soul searched to no avail, my wife left me, I panicked that I wasn’t getting the amount of medicine for my pain, and began to obtain “extra” scripts, by “doctor shopping” – not knowing how frowned upon it was, as the term was fairly new, and only mentioned in pharmacies and the like.

    I ended up at a detox facility, for my doctor thought I had become an addict, there I was put on the most horrible drug Suboxone, after a 4 day cold turkey, where I could have made it, even with the pain. The Suboxone, I’m really waiting for the lawsuit on,. So many side effects, twitches, tics, vision loss (permanent), hearing loss, tinnitus, crusty eyes, terrible skin lesions that mimic shingles. Utterly stupid thinking. A 49 yr old man, in otherwise good health, coming from the bathroom with his fly open, constantly!.

    Bad mouthing Suboxone is a big no-no in these pharma-communities. Reckitt Benckis the pharma company has friends in big places. Even on supposed “user” website bulletin boards, you get a severe tongue lashing for speaking ill of the “divine” drug.

    If you ask me it’s the fast lane to certain death from side effects alone. I was lucky, and recognized how bad it was, and after 4 weeks, I got another month supply and did a slow taper, which I increased faster and faster, with less and less (crumbs). It was just going to a “sublingual film” for no other reason except to fool the public into thinking theirs was superior, because the patent expired and the generic was coming out. – I feel like I made the great escape.
    Found a pain mgmt doc who understands all of this, and I”m on a low dose Oxycodone, using other meds to help my particular disability. As well as PT, Stretching class, hydrotherapy etc.

    So I feel I’m too late to sue about the Morphine. Frankly my 4 1/2 years on Morphine Sulfate Continuous release, were some of the happiest and most productive of my life. I’m just starting my life over at 50, with the help of opiates, benzos, and even adderall! And I hated stimulants.

    I already have my name and pharmacy receipts registered with a law firm collecting info from similar victims. I also plan so sue St Peters Hospital, for giving me the drug, after I protested. They wore me down with pretty nurses sweet talking me. I said I’ll take methadone, because I know the pharmacology of that, but they acted like that was out of the question. – Sure, because it’s cheap, and there’s no money to be made, no junkets to Hawaii, or Cozumel for “drug conference”. I think you all know what that’s about. It’s called bribery.

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