FDA Warns of AndroGel and Testim Testosterone Gel Problems for Children

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Following reports of serious problems involving children who came in contact with the prescription testosterone gel products AndroGel or Testim, the FDA is requiring that the manufacturers add a “black box” warning highlighting the risk of secondary exposure.

AndroGel and Testim are approved by the FDA for use by men with very low testosterone levels or who have stopped producing the hormone altogether. Both topical gels are approved for daily use on the upper arms or shoulders, and AndroGel is also approved for use on the abdomen.

According to the FDA, 1.4 million prescriptions were filled for AndroGel in 2007, and 370,000 prescriptions filled for Testim the same year.

Although the testosterone gels are not approved for use among females, approximately 25,000 of the prescriptions were off-label for women with diminished sex drive to increase their libido.

The potential for Testim and AndroGel side effects caused by secondary exposure are known risks associated with the medications, and the labels previously contained instructions that users should wash their hands after applying the testosterone gel and cover any treated area of skin with clothing.

The FDA has continued to receive reports of Testim and AndroGel causing problems for children who came into secondary contact with the testosterone gel. The adverse effects could cause abnormal genital growth, premature growth of pubic hair, accelerated bone development, increased libido and violent behavior.

Although the side effects often regress after exposure ceases, the FDA noted that in a few cases genital size did not return to normal and bone aging remained.

As of December 1, 2008, the FDA has received at least 8 reports of testosterone gel side effects among children between nine months and five years old, and additional reports since then are still under review.

“These drugs are approved for an important medical need, but can have serious, unintended side effects if not used properly,” said the FDA’s Janet Woodcock, M.D. “We must ensure that the adults using them are well-informed about the precautions needed to protect children from secondary exposure.”

The FDA is requiring that a prominently displayed “black box” warning be placed on the labels for both testosterone gels, and a Medication Guide is being developed to provide patients with risk information and instructions about the steps that should be taken to avoid unintended exposure side effects of AndroGel and Testim.

Users are urged to wash their hands with soap and water after every application, cover the application site with clothing until after the gel has dried and wash the application site thoroughly with soap and water before any skin-to-skin contact with other people.

The FDA also indicated that similar unapproved products that may be sold over-the-counter or on the internet, can result in the same side effects and should be avoided.

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  1. Janet Reply

    My Husband uses this gel and our daughter, 8 years old, suffered vasovagal syncopia (sp?) I believe it was from indirect contact with Androgel.

  2. Beth Reply

    I believe this product is dangerous particularily for older gents. My father was a user and he died from prostate cancer. He had regular PSA’s. Testoserone feeds prostate cancer. It is not worth it.

  3. Starla Reply

    Has anyone else had a coughing problem from this medication?
    My husband started using this medication and from the start I started to cough and constant need to clear my throat. This continues for 25 plus minutes. Initially, I went on antibiotics for 10 days, thinking I had a terrible sinus drainage problem that caused the cough and throat issue. Days later I isolated the coughing down to his medication. He puts his medication on before he goes to work and upon his arrival home I start to cough almost instantly. He started taking showers, thinking that this would help with the coughing; however the showering made it worse. He uses the bathroom vent during showering and I am now wrapping his used towels in a bag for sealing. I also cough from Lysol aerosol spray. Has anyone else had a coughing problem from this medication?

  4. Now with cancer Reply

    My husband is 44 and has prostate cancer. His PSA was 3.7 almost 2 years ago. His doc. continued to administer testosterone shots as well as the testosterone gel. In March of this year his PSA was 4.5 and he was referred out to the Urologist for a biopsy.

    His biopsy came back positive for cancer with a Gleason score of 6. We are now facing major life changing events including surgery.

    We have three boys, youngest is 6 years old. We should have been warned and further educated about the side effects of the drug. It is not worth taking. Please reconsider taking this drug especially if you are young. We have now learned that this drug was not the best cure for my husband’s health condition and exercise and nutrition would of been more beneficial to his health issue.

    If you read this, please just remember this is a real person with cancer after the use of this drug. Please BEWARE…
    My husband is 44 and has prostate cancer. His PSA was 3.7 almost 2 years ago. His doc. continued to administer testosterone shots as well as the testosterone gel. In March of this year his PSA was 4.5 and he was referred out to the Urologist for a biopsy.

    His biopsy came back positive for cancer with a Gleason score of 6. We are now facing major life changing events including surgery.

    We have three boys, youngest is 6 years old. We should have been warned and further educated about the side effects of the drug. It is not worth taking. Please reconsider taking this drug especially if you are young. We have now learned that this drug was not the best cure for my husband’s health condition and exercise and nutrition would of been more beneficial to his health issue.

    I can link the PSA test, the muscle detieratetion and the outcome to the use of this drug.

    If you read this, please just remember this is a real person with cancer after the use of this drug. Please BEWARE…

  5. kay Reply

    My husband used this drug and it never helped his condition. But I became very ill I had a rash all over my body it started the very first day and it got worst every day I went to the doctor and was diagnosed with Leukocytoclastic Vasculitis it was life changing the pain and the appts. the drugs that i had to take to try and control it which never happened until I could no longer take it so after a doctor appt. I checked into a hotel and told my family I just needed some time after a week away I started to feel better my skin started to clear and I was able to start thinking again I knew it was this drug so my husband is now getting testosterone shots and his levels are right where they should be. Also during this time period are teenage daughter had very high levels of testosterone and a great deal of body hair growth. This is not a safe drug

  6. allen Reply

    i am a 56 year old male . in september 2009 my p s a level was 2.9 my doctor put me on andro gel becauce i was tired all the time the gel doesnt work. now my p s a level is 7.9…i had a biopsy today of my prostate i wont have results for a week. the urologist said andro gel doesnt cause cancer but it accelerates existing cancer..i wish i had known that earlier. if your doc says andro gel run

  7. Mari Reply

    My husband, 48 years old, died as a result of use of AndroGel for only one month. He filled up with fluid, his cardiologist said it “poisoned his entire body” and he drowned in his own fluids. They could not reverse his obvious allergic reaction – – poisoned all of his organs. They did not do an autopsy, but he is buried. The funeral parlor gave me hair, nail and skin samples for the toxicity levels to be proven. I still have no attorney on this wrongful death action. The drug AndroGel is pure poison to anyone who uses it. I did not know until afterwards that it has only been on the market for 10 years. I would never have let him use it.

  8. Chris Reply

    I had a similar situation with the fluid, we just caught it. I spent I month in the hospital, 3 months in bed with daily nurse visit. I started taking the androgel, it tells u to rub it on it stomach & shoulders, they discovered a bloodclot in my stomach. The fluid was poisoning me from the inside as well, causing pancretitus,a fib everything started shutting down. They ended up taking out 4ft of my intestines out & rerouting my insides. I would never recommend androgel to anyone. I survived but just barely, but put my family through complete hell & went broke in the process.

  9. angela Reply

    a very dangerous drug if put into the wrong hands believe it or not there are sick minded or vindictive men that use this medicine on unsuspected women and even children just to see how the womans looks change or how they behave on it i wish there was no such thing

  10. Robert Reply

    I am a 58 year old male. I had been taking andro gel for about a year due lack of sex drive and lack of energy. After lab results, andro gel was ordered by my doctor. In January of this year, after being on the med for over a year, I developed a DVT in my right leg. My Dr. said the two were unrelated and after more lab work I was told that I was born with the blood disorder. I am now on blood thinner for the rest of my life and have pain and swelling in my right leg below the knee. I can’t prove the cause, but I never had a cloting problem before. Take this for what it is worth and make your own choice. By the way, the andro gel did nothing for the complaints that led to my using it. I still have them along with the DVT.

  11. bestwishes Reply

    Sorry to read about problems some of you are talking about but.. There is always an <but< . Prostate problems on TRT and fluid retention are mostly linked to ESTROGEN. Where is estrogen in this story? Well, Testosterone can and in males is converted to Estrogen due to enzyme called aromatase and then you have too much of E2 Estrogen wich causes water retention, mood swings and so on, to avoid it some use drugs called aromatase inhibitors with their trt.
    Other prostate problems may be linked to DHT-testosterone which is a more potent type of testosterone and may have relations to hair loss and prostate problems. Some say that Androgel is more suitable for younger men and Nebido for older ones. -as dr John Crisler says.
    p.s. i am not an medicine expert im just on trt with Androgel and Aromasin for excess E2 and Im feeling better, more energy, libido and memory improved.
    Wish you all the best health!

  12. Dennis Reply

    I have been on ando gel for over a year,I am a 48 year lod male have been lifting and competing in bodybuilding shows since 1979,I was tired alot the last few years could not maintain any muscle and geting fatter.
    My doc checked my free test level it was as low as an old man, when on andro gel super huge improvment feel great look close to my 12th grade appearance this with training hard and dieting.
    If you have a prostate problem then you should not be doing TRT,
    if not do some research men have heart problems and prostate enlargement from low test levels and high estrogen levels

  13. Ken Reply

    My doctor put me on Androgel to boost my testosterone levels several yeears ago. I was told that Androgel does not cause cancer but is not good to take if you have cancer. On my 49th birthday I was diagnosed with prostate cancer and I’m convinced it was caused by using Androgel. Androgel is now airing commercials on our local TV stations and have added this side effect “Increased Risk of Prostate Cancer” !


  14. Joe Reply

    Looking to talk to as many people as I can to hear your Androgel stories. I lost my father as a direct result of this POISON over 3-years ago. My father died of prostate cancer. I would like to see if we could do something about this. Thanks Joe

  15. Young Black Reply

    The one lady’s comments are dead on! I guess I am “sick minded”, cause I purposly put some of this gel on a certain 3 year old boy for many reasons. I’m not going to get into all of them, however I will say that out of all the little kids in the world, this one actually deserves it, he is a little sh1t, and it’s not even like the parents are gonna notice, cause they don’t dicipline or take real care of this child. The mom had him very young for a lot of selfish reasons, and now he’s everyone else’s responsibility.. Fine, but just know that if your not gonna care for your child, he’s gonna get testim gel rubbed on him. Honestly though, I just want him to have the violent side effects, that way he embaresses (embaresses more i should say)the family member that are imposed upon to watch him, and they will put their foot down and say I’m not taking care of him any more. Than maybe the piece of white trash mother will actually step up to the plate.

  16. m page Reply

    My brother 67 has been on androgel for some time. no cancer prior, now has prostrate cancer. Has had it removed glesson score of 7. Now my husband also was taking it for one to two years. Now he has prostrate cancer. He is only 59. Our life has been changed forever. glesson score also 7. Neither one had any cancer pryor to taking androgel. Dr.gave androgel for both had low t. Now not only they have low t but cancer! What will we do now? much too young to have this cancer. I believe its to suspisous that both took this drug.

  17. James Reply

    I have been using Androgel for about 2 years now and last month mysteriously contracted Diverticulitis which is a disease of the intestines. I always eat right, get plenty of fiber ect and top it off with vitamins to make sure I get the correct items my body needs.
    After reading the FDA studies 50% of men over 50 with a study number of 128 ended up with Diverticulitis. This can kill you if not caught early enough.
    Why does the FDA allow Abbot Laboratories to continue distributing this?
    I want to start a class action lawsuit on this..Diverticulitis will never go away and it is a terrible painful disease that I will have to live with the rest of my life.

  18. Ken Reply

    I have used Androgel for years and am now trying to put my life back together after prostate cancer.

  19. Terry Reply

    I was given different forms of Testosterone Replacement Therapy over the past 10 years. I would stop taking them and used other supplements instead. In the last 5 Years, I was directed by my doctors to use it to counteract the effects of andropause. Doctors have gotten real lazy and only go by what the Pharmaceutical Companies tell them. For the record, my hair thinned out, my PSA score increased and at age 53, I sure look like I have aged far worse. However, the medical community won’t tell you the side effects unless you confront them with it. Androgel, Testim and all the others testosterone replacement therapies have the same impact: They can cause Blood Clots in your legs and LUNGS. How do I know? I recently had a Pulmonary Embolism and nearly lost my life. The doctors did not find blood clots in my legs but did find them in both my lungs. Androgel and Testime are rubbed into the skin on the shoulders so it’s only natural that they would show up in the lungs. All of these unsafe drugs should be pulled from the market.

  20. Chantelle Reply

    My father age 53 died on July 19,2012. He was taking testosterone his dr had prescribed to him. My dad had two heart attacks on June 23,2012. His potassium was high, his kidneys were shutting down, and his right lung completely full of fluid. The cardiologist did emergency surgery since potassium wasn’t lowering fast enough and my dad suffered second heart attack after meds given to lower K+. The day after surgery cardiologist that put stints in reported his heart was fine, but needed a Pulmonologist. The Pulmonologist pumped lasix in my dad for 4 days along with antibiotics. My dad returned to his primary dr a week after having heart surgery and was finally prescribed lasix for fluid build up. My dad was cremated, but I have his medical records for past 2 yrs. My dad was diabetic, had COPD, was obese, had high cholesterol, had high blood pressure, and had a heart attack around six yrs ago with multiple stints put in. The dr had no right giving my dad anything without explaining all the horrible side effects, including possible death because my dad was also legally blind and couldn’t research for himself. By the time he mentioned being on this med it was to late. He died of a massive heart attack while getting a breathing treatment ready.

  21. Robert Reply

    I had taken androgel for about 18 -24 months several years ago, and now, at 64, I am diagnosed with Prostate cance gleason score 6, I have 2 active cancer areas and 3 high pin hot spots. My PSA had started spiking after taking this drug androgel, I had a biopsy about 3 yrs ago and there was a high pin sopt there then, and only now, about 5 years later, due to the tv commercials have my wife and I made the connection that my current condition could have been actually caused by the androgel daily gel treatment to my self.

  22. linda Reply

    mylate husband took androgel for years. he died from a dvt in his leg that seemed to develope over just a few days. i always wondered if it was the androgel.

  23. Laurie Reply

    Did anyone read the comment by “Young Black”??? That is child abuse and I will be contacting the administrator of this page. They should be able to find him using his email address.

  24. Elijah Reply

    I was using AndroGel and my tongue swole. It has contributed to my recently diagnosed sleep apnea. This was crazy. It never made me feel any better. I was previously on testosterone shots, but I didn’t feel anything but “tingling” in my testicles. I also noticed they didn’t sag like they used to. The reason was that they were getting smaller. Now I am on Testim. And my tongue and mouth are going crazy. A gland on the bottom of my tongue began to swell and hurt. it burts, on its own leaving pus drainage. I could even squeeze the area and get more pus out. This is not worth it. It seems that a work out schedule and a whole lot of prayer will have to do.

  25. Elijah Reply

    Also, my left leg and ankle stays swollen.

  26. Robert D. Reply

    Read Terry’s input with interest. Was taking Androgel because of low Testosterone over several years. In July of this year I was mowing my lawn, and came in the house spitting up blood. I was told by my primary doctor to go to the ER. A regular X-ray did not show up clots. A CT scan with contrast showed 3 pulmonary embolisms, 2 in one and 1 in the other. after 3 days in the hospital, I saw a Hemotologist that told me I had a genetic disorder of the blood Factor V Leden and that I would . have to be on blood thinners for life. He also mentioned that in about a year he wanted to test for Protein S and Protein C factors also. My testosterone level should not be above about 800 and was over 1100.

  27. Diane Reply

    My husband is 44 and started taking androgel 2 weeks ago. Several days ago he awoke with severe blistering on his tongue, mouth and throat. He stopped taking the gel since that was the most recent change….has anyone experienced reactions like this?

  28. Rory Reply

    I have been put on androgel and noticed chest pain slowly increasing thru the year> I also developed plantar fasciitis because of this. How do I know this> I was off it for a couple years and the plantar fasciitis went away. Whewn I got new doc they prescribed it to me again and the plantar fasciitis came back and therapy could not fix it. The heart pan was so bad it kept me up at night. i finally suspected the androgel and took myself off it and went to the doc. Guess what I now have an enlarged heart! I did a little research and found on the internet that testosterone causes enlarged hearts in animals! Not to mention the violent mood swiongs that my family has had to deal with the fact that I could not walk for 8 months because of the plantar fasciitis! I now have a reduced life expectancy because of an enlarged heart and all the pain I have had to deal with. I cannot believe this is legal and the fda has not done anything about this or an attorney takien this on.

  29. dejaq Reply

    Hey there…at what point after being told or researching about this drug did you say to yourself this is a good idea? Not only does this has a high chance to hurt people closest to you; but when this goes down the drain this will effect the water supply. And don’t tell me you never knew about this, if your doctor didn’t tell you, the responsibility is still on you to see the side effect this poison causes to everyone and everything.

  30. Bunch of idiots! Reply

    Oh my God! I have never seen a page so full of BS anecdotal evidence (if you can even call this drivel evidence)! Seriously, the last poster needs to quit wasting the air they breath. They are poisoning my air with every exhalation. Poisoning the water supply? What a moron, but apparently I am too for reading these posts!

  31. David Reply

    With all the problems posted here there it may be prudent to ban it temporarily pending a valid study.

  32. Sindy Reply

    I can not believe the comment posted on here by \”Young Black\”, harming an innocent child because you dont feel like his mother is caring for him properly. Have you ever heard of The Department of Social Services? I hope commentor \”Laurie\” put this info in the right hands and that \”Young Black\” is behind bars with a really sore a**!!!!

  33. Danny Reply

    Folks, Testim has been around since 2002 and I would think if it actually caused as many problems as being reported here that the FDA would take another look at it. I’m not saying it isn’t causing problems in some, but there are tons of sites where people swear by it and it has been a life changer as well for them, only it has been a positive one. Just saying…

  34. Now with cancer Reply

    My heart goes out to all bloggers here who so openly shared their concerns, experiences, losses and cautions here so openly regarding the drug Androgel.

    When I first stumbled on to this site I felt compelled to share my personal experience with others who are currently on or who are considering the use of this drug. The information I provided was only intended for the purpose of reaching out to others who were also confused and angry by the life altering side effects of this drug, as most of the other posts here also indicate to have been posted in such a way as well, I sincerely hope those of you who have been diagnosed with an illness or disease or who have had their loved ones die as a result of this drug are in better informed and have found peace.

    Today I am stronger and well informed with regards to how Androgel directly contributed to my husbands prostrate cancer.

    Sadly I was sickened by those of you who posted your stories of personal revenge, condescending slurs that implied that those of us effected by this drug must be some how be to blame for not reading the warnings are nothing more than ignorants on your part. Seriously, to even assume that the warning were not reviewed prior to use doesn’t even hold merit to this subject as warnings are only based on the outcome of the initial study subjects (rats) conducted in a controlled environment (lab) and would not apply to all based on a multitude of the factors pertaining to the individuals to which it is prescribed i.g., age, gender, health history, problem and family history.

    As for the poster who states using this drug on a three year old……. I have forward the information over to the National Centre for Missing and Exploited Children

  35. alice Reply

    someone should report young black for what he says he did. has anyone done so yet? if not, I will do so. also is there any class action suit against Abbott Laboratories? if not there should be. I am alarmed to hear of all the problems and also to know that this medication is going into the water supply. is anyone researched to find out if there is a class action lawsuit?

  36. rob Reply

    well i want to thank everyone for there information,and my heart goes out to everyone who has gotten sick from these products,i have had a pulmulnary embolism that was from a similar product and i was also misdiagnosed,told it was copd so i hit the gym and ran 2 hrs a day and almost killed myself,my heart swelled up like a balloon and there was pretty serious damage done to it, the cardioligest said in 30 years she had never seen a heart so swollen and working still in a living man,i atribute my survival to being i good shape and having worked out my whole life,i was healthy a ss a horse and they have no reason why i would have ended up with these massive clots in both my lungs,well i know why,it was a product i was taking while body building to gain weight and increase my testosterine but not striods it was supposed to covert my own testosterone actually totally natural i was told bought it in a health food store,well i’ll NEVER take anything EVER again besides eating good lots of rest mabe the odd viagra on the long nite and thats it folks
    about that creepy mother f………r young black i,ve asked a freind who’s the einstein of computors to look into reporting him and tracking him down for the authorities as they are usually quite over worked and don’t get onto this stuff to fast.

    Well this is very rare for me to leave a message on anyboard anywhere so i guess you folks really touched my heart with all the bad deals you got with these companies getting away with pedaling the crap,get law firm to file a class action suit i’m sure there’s thoudsands of victems ,its very pushed by the doctors and the pharma companies lots of adds on tv and lots of men at this age in america.i feel very fortunate to have fully recovered but everyone that knows me says i’ve changed,in ways you can’t see,like i am not nearly as care free spontanious fun and my zest for life is real low,and i get depressed too,ive never admitted it but since having that near dead experience and being sick and on thinners for a years it really brought me down ,so what are ya gonna do i’m 47 and i will have to dig deep and get going again ,well thanks for listening ,and truelly thanks for all yr messages it made me talk

  37. Thomas Reply

    Calm down everyone, Young black is what they call a troll, and he trolled you guys pretty easily.

  38. kevin Reply

    wow ive been on it for 4 months now i had low t not bad enough to wear my doc ask me if i wanted i had some leg cramping .im alittle scared now. im not going to take it 51 and healthy im going to cross my fingers,. thanks for all the info.!

  39. ENYC Reply

    I used to take Testim but i hated the side effects. My doctor recommended I switch to the Dr Max Powers Testosterone Boost supplement (which is a natural test booster). My total T went from 295 to 856 in four months. I now workout and run regularly. I am 51 years old and feel like I did at 21 years old. My sex drive has gone through the roof

    If you are having the bad side effects like I have, you should go more natural. . .

  40. Dwight Reply

    I have run low on testosterone for years. Am now 66. Was taking Testim until I got a letter from Medicare saying they would not pay for Testim. Dr put me on Androgel. One year later I have prostate cancer. I have now seen ads on tv warning that prostate cancer could be a side effect of Androgel. I mentioned this to my doctor and he said that was ridiculous, that the FDA would not have approved it if it was known to cause cancer. Then I read in the Medication Guide enclosed in the box that in a study, Abbott Laboratories found that men with BPH are at increased risk for worsening of signs and symptoms of BPH and that increases in serum PSA from baseline values was seen in 18% of individuals in an open label study of hypogonadal men. This is under paragraph 5.1 of the Medication Guide under the subheading Warnings and Precautions: Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia and Potential Risk of Prostate Cancer. Great to know! I see I’m not the only man here dealing with this. Wish I’d have never heard of Androgel!

  41. DocAce Reply

    If your doctor prescribes Androgel to you and does NOT prescribe Arimidex as well you can/will have many of the problems outlined here. Many M.Ds prescribe this patch without the additional drug Arimidex. Arimidex inhibits estrogen production, and is usually given to females with breast cancer – however is should also be given to ALL men using and testosterone replacement therapy. Many years ago Estrogen was given to woman during the “change of life” or menopause, the results were an explosion of cancers for many woman linked to this drug. Testosterone will spike Estrogen production in me so Arimidx is VERY important as it blocks this side effect very effectively. EVERY drug you take, including aspirin and Motrin have side effects – a lot of which can be fatal if not taken properly. Get the entire story before taking anything new. Remember side effects are real and always present no matter what you to of give to someone – get the facts and weigh the benefits and risks. In addition to Arimidex, taking Bayer cardiac aspirin (they are found in most drug stores) everyday as well. it’s just good sense .

  42. Lloyd Reply

    After taking Androgel for about a year my husband was hospitalized through emergency room for severe pulmonary embolism. He is now on Androgel (dr says no problem) and blood thinners. He lost his job and is unable to work because of the pulmonary embolism. By the way, his energy is slighly better with the Androgel.

  43. Earnest Reply

    I am 63 and have been diagnose with low “T” and was recommended by my Dr. to take the androgel pump to boost my low level “T”, but after reseaching the side effects of androgel, I am giving this product second thoughts. I don’t want to make matters worst. I think I’ll take a safer approach and use the natural herbs found in the health food stores. I am so sorry so many things has happen to so many people, but thank you for your willingness to share you experiences.

  44. Tammy Reply

    I am wondering about your wives or girlfriends?? Are they experiencing any side effects? I have had a constant yeast infection since my hubby started the gel.This did not happen when he was receiving the shot.Any other women experiencing the same?HELP!!!!!

  45. John Reply

    I am a 58 year male who started taking androgel 3 years ago. I had my psa checked every year and my score was always around 1-2. After three years my score jumped to a 7. After a biopsy I was diagnosed with prostate cancer I am scheduled to have it removed on July 30. Do not take this medication. It caused my cancer, nobody in my family has ever had this disease. Their should be a way to sue those sons of b——

  46. Eric Reply

    At 29, after being mugged I was diagnosed with a 35mm x 37mm x 30mm pituitary adenoma, with a prolactin level of 4300 and testosterone that was not measurable. I was 100% asymptomatic for the tumor, which was “benign” but still growing and eventually, would have caused major brain and vision damage. I started depo-Testosterone shots, self injected and when Androgel came out was on 5gm dose (4 pumps). The tumor was eventually removed by hypophysectomy. After 15 years, no recurrance. I am still on Androgel. My doctors, each and every one, and a few pharmacists, have advised me on all the side-effects, including prostate cancer (does not cause but if cancer starts, testoterone gel speeds growth), pancreatic issues, etc. I’ve always read the package inserts. If you’re a patient and you do NOT read package inserts and ASK questions, you’re at partial fault. It is YOUR body. You are responsibile for its care. I am now HIV+ (14 years now in excellent health) and the Androgel has been part of keeping my immune system strong and stable. HIV may kill me. Something will kill me. My meds for HIV and my former pituitary tumor ALL HAVE SIDE EFFECTS and all can do damage. I listen to my doctors. I ask questions. I make sure my nutrition is really good. It’s my health and I am responsible for it. My husband suffers no ill effects from my testosterone, but he is as informed about my androgel and my medical conditions, as I am. I owe him that as my legal spouse. Information is power. Stay informed and stay healthy.

  47. Dr. Eccles Reply

    I am an endocrinologist and a personal cancer survivor. At 22 I had testicular cancer and the long-term effect of the testosterone was destruction of the remaining testicle. Therefore I was producing no testosterone, so replacement was essential to bone health, brain health and metabolic changes would have greatly increased my crdiac risk. I was on shots for years with the usual biweekly mood fluctuations. This was solved by androderm, but significant skin rash. No problems with Androgel.

    The number of men who really need testosterone replacement is really small. The manufacturers have tried to push the recommendations to increase the market and profit. If it were only prescribed for men who really need it, it would not be viable to produce the product at all.

    4 years ago I was diagnosed with prostate cancer. Pathology shows it was caused by the radiation. It was very uncomfortable emotionally to be off the Androgel for 6 mo. I reviewed all the literature extensively, and there is no evidence of increased risk of prostate cancer with testosterone replacement at physiologic levels (for age), but 20 year old levels in a 50 year old might be a problem (not yet proven difinitively). Once prostate cancer has developed, testosterone can stimulate growth, especially of metastases.

    Heart failure, fluid retention and other side effects of too much replacement therapy are well documented and this medication should only be prescribed by an endocrinologist of other physician well trained in monitoring therapy. Like all hormones, there can be benefits at physiologic levels and side effects if not used correctly.

  48. Ron Reply

    I too have had my PSA double in a short time and I get blisters on my head and shoulders. In the first few months I had an increase in energy and that positive effect has all but vanished.

  49. Spar Reply

    I’ve been taking Androgel for almost a year and have been amazed with the results. Felt immediate improvement in mood and sleep, key problem areas due to having degenerative disc disease, spinal stenosis and arthritis. I am age 51. My doctor prescribed two pumps daily but the first application told me that was too much due to spiked aggression. I have titrated the dosing myself down to one pump every other day and I still feel much improved. I did fairly extensive research before starting the TRT and still have deep side effect concerns which is why I plan on cutting the dose even more, down to just a couple of pumps a week. As a result of the Androgel, I get by with far less narcotic use yo manage my pain and I’m sleeping better than I have in years. I know I can ‘t use this stuff indefinitely..but for the time being..I’d have to say it’s improved my quality of life quite significantly.

  50. emma Reply

    My husband took the androgel patch and within 18 months he was diagnosed with prostate cancer at only 54 yrs old. I strongly believe the patch was a direct cause of his cancer. Same story as the other posts in that it was fast and his psa level was previously low and then suddenly he had stage 2 cancer with Gleason scores around six.

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