Implanon Lawsuit Over Migration Injury Pending Against Against Merck

Merck and it’s Organon subsidiary face a product liability lawsuit brought by a group of women who suffered complications with Implanon birth control, where the implant became lost in their body and was unable to be removed.

The complaint (PDF) was filed in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Ohio, indicating that three separate women experienced problems after Implanon was implanted in their arm for birth control, becoming irretrievable and exposing them to a continuing risk of potential side effects.

After the Implanon lawsuit was filed on March 2, the parties reached an agreement to extend the deadline for Merck and Organon to file responsive pleadings while the parties explored a possible settlement or alternative dispute resolution. After a settlement conference scheduled for last month was canceled, the judge presiding over the case issued an order (PDF) on July 30, requiring the parties to file a joint status report by October 1.

Implanon is a small, toothpick sized implant that is placed just under the skin in a woman’s upper arm. It is designed to release the progestin etonogestrel to prevent pregnancy for a three-year period. The birth control implant was approved by the FDA in July 2006, and an estimated 500,000 American women have had the birth control implant inserted.

Concerns have been raised over the safety of the device, following reports of unwanted pregnancies and Implanon migration. In 2011, U.K. officials reported that nearly 600 women had indicated that they got pregnant even with the birth control device.

The pending Implanon migration lawsuit was brought by Brook Reynolds, Robert Reynolds, Julie Reynolds, Jenni Akins, Major Akins and Ruby Ginns. Brook Reynolds, Ruby Ginns and Jenni Akins.

Brook Reynolds, joined in the lawsuit by her parents, received an Implanon in her left arm in May 2012. When she went to have it removed in July 2014, her physician could not find it. To date it has not been located in her body and has been irretrievable, meaning she cannot have it removed and is unable to avoid any health side effects the device roaming through her body may cause, which could include ectopic pregnancy and vascular damage.

Ruby Ginns, who had the implant inserted in November 2012, and outlines a virtually identical story, as does Jenni Akins, who had the device implanted in February 2012.

The women and their family members claim that the manufacturers failed to adequately warn that the devices could migrate and become irretrievable.

The lawsuits accuse Merck and Organon of manufacturing and designing a defective medical device, failure to warn, strict liability, negligence, fraud by concealment, fraudulent misrepresentation, breach of warranty, infliction of emotional distress, and loss of consortium. The lawsuit seeks both punitive and compensatory damages.

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  1. Donna Reply

    My daughter had the implanon device implanted in her arm in 2012. My daughter suddenly died on June 13, 2015. Her cause of death was DVT/Pulmonary Embolism. This type of birth control is known to cause blood clots.

  2. Mary Ann Reply

    My daughter Lynnsey Christa used IMPLANON. She had never experienced anxiety or depression until she got the implant. We could not find a doctor to remove it so the synthetic hormone which her body was rejecting, continued to be released every day. 151 days after she got it, she died. Diana Zuckerman, PhD president of National Center for Health Research in Washington DC and I believe IMPLANON played a critical part in her death. Congressman Eric Swalwell”s Health Advisory Board has sent a FOIA request to the FDA but 1 1/2 years have gone by with no results. Diana and I believe the implant was submitted and approved under the wrong category. It was submitted as a combination drug. As a combination drug, the device does not have to be tested. We believe due to the amount of the synthetic hormone, which has been proven to be dangerous at those levels, the birth control should not have been approved without the device being tested. (undetectable by an x-ray) We asked for the results of all clinical tests submitted for approval to verify our belief. My daughter died in September of 2012. I have been researching the product since then. One thing I am continually surprised at: There are law suits for every other adverse drug effect for this birth control, yet they will not represent me or the other millions of women who suffer as my daughter did. Why? The quality of life is certainly as painful and destructive as any of the other side effects. I watched in horror as my daughter’s life was taken from her and could not do anything to help her. Many doctors refuse to remove this “Bad Drug” and as a result, my daughter is dead. Thank you for your time. Sincerely Mary Ann Wooden. Please look at the site below. It is a quick read and well worth the time

  3. Cassidy Reply

    I had nexplanon, very common to implanon, put in my left arm the week after I got married. After one month, my body felt terrible, after two months my body and my mind were on the brink of falling apart, and by month three I wasn’t myself. I went to contact my doctor & she had suddenly stopped her practice. I went to a local doctor and they said over the phone they would be happy to remove it. Rewind 3 months, ( when I got nexplanon implanted, we couldn’t feel it, so I had to get X-rays to find it. We did so my doctor told me all is well! See you later) I naively believed her and went on!
    The local doctor wanted to remove it, but realized I wasn’t jokin when I said she wouldn’t be able to find it. She told me I will have to have surgery. I am a newly wed, college student, who is also working 3 weeks before finals.. I had surgery & the nexplanon migrated 5 inches up my arm. Wow that’s bad, what’s worse is that it migrated into my bicep muscle. I hate that these are causing so many problems and I hope someone gets to the bottom of it. We saw an attorney and they directed me to your case!

  4. Elizabeth Reply

    I got the implanon inserted late february 2015, since then it’s been nothing but issues. I have severe depression and anxiety, acne in places I never had before, and I’ve been bleeding non-stop for months.
    I went to several doctors and ERs to get it removed, AND NO ONE WILL TAKE IT OUT.
    I’m stuck with this horrible thing in my arm that causes me great discomfort and the depression is so bad all I do is lay in bed at this point. I don’t know what to do, I fear it’s causing serious problems (I had low blood pressure last time I went to the ER) And the bleeding is just getting heavier and heavier as time goes on.
    I’m astonished that not one single doctor will remove it. I’m highly upset over this whole ordeal, it’s been a year of PURE HELL. I DON’T RECOMMEND THIS CRAP TO ANYONE!

  5. Monica Reply

    I got the nexplanon in 2013. After two years, I decided I wanted it out so I could potentially have another baby. When my obgyn tried to remove it she couldn’t find it. To my surprise she scheduled me for s surgical procedure to get it removed. I thought I’d get local Anesthesia, but it was line full on IV and anesthesia. The surgeons struggled to get it out as it was entangled deep in the tissue and/or fat. They were successful, but now I’m stuck with about a one inch ugly scar on my left arm.

  6. sterling Reply

    i recently is diagnosed with PE blood clot December 25, 2015. when i went to the hospital they couldn’t found out the problem until i mentioned the birth control and they told me to contact my OBGYN and she immediately removed the implant as soon as she found out i had a blood clot. the implant was inserted wrong, it took four tries to remove the implant within 2 and a half hours. ive been very struggling with the cost of seeing the doctor and hospital visits when i am a full time college student not working and single parent

  7. Angelina Reply

    I’m scared I feel like I’m dying at this point I just want this thing out of me! Last week hospital, severe depression my life is falling apart

  8. Anna Reply

    I had the nexplanon implant put in a week after I gave birth to our last child in August last year. Everything was fine at first and we chose that type because I wanted more then anything to breast feed sense she is our potential ly last baby it was my last chance I wasn’t able to with my previous 4 kids. We knew and were told only of the semi minor side effects of blood clots and heavy bleeding etc after a few weeks I didn’t have control of my mind or my body it literally stopped my thyroid from working I had it taken out a month later I’m still and severely suffering from both hyper and hypothyroidism daily, I am very overweight and can’t loose even a single lb a enlarged tumor was found on my thyroid and have to have a biopsy for it and having to start hormone treatments i am a mom of a 10yr old 7 yr old 17mo twins and our now 7 mo old it’s turned my life completly upside down and gave me extreme anxiety and in securities. I don’t wish anyone to go through and I am lucky I was able to get it removed my heart goes out to women who have suffered much more and continue to

  9. Cindy Reply

    My daughter had the implenon placed. In her arm last April. Within 2 months her hair started to fall our in patches. I told her it had to be the birth control because it was a big change to her system. This was her second one. The 1st. Turned her into a ragging Bitch.
    My other daughter got 1 as well and reacted the same way.
    It’s like it’s to much hormone and it makes them MAD!
    Well she went to the emergency room to have it removed. They told her that it probably isn’t the implanon and they said they won’t remove it. And she needed to go back to her doctor who put it in and they would remove it. So she did. She got it removed.
    Now on time primary, no help there either. So I told her to change Dr and she did. But the new Dr said that he needed to see what was done for her. So now she waited for so papers to arrive. That’s where we are at at this moment.
    We did find websites on the implanon stating hairless is 1 of the side effects but I don’t see any lawsuits on hair loss! Can you please help us?

  10. Madisen Reply

    I had the implant put in my left arm almost 3 years ago after having my daughter. At the time I had NO health problems and was a very happy and outgoing person. Over the past three years I have developed SEVERAL health problems and unfortunately I am just now making the correlation. Since I had the implant put in I have become severely depressed and everything seems to make me anxious including basic human interaction. I started having outbursts of rage, and I cry over nothing constantly, and I feel like I am legitimately going crazy. In the past three years I’ve gained 60 pounds and despite exercise and healthy eating I cannot drop the weight. I have fluid retention and I’m constantly tired, I also started having migraines. Sometimes I might not have a period for 2-3 months and then when I do have one they last a month or longer. Last year I had to have my gallbladder removed because it just stopped functioning, when they cut it open they found it also had polyps. Also while they were performing the surgery they checked my liver because my liver enzymes had been coming back high for the past year and come to find out not only was it swollen but I have hepatic fibrosis and the Dr does not know why my liver is doing this. Also over the past year I’ve had a steady growth of thyroid nodules, I’m up to 13. I am having it taken out ASAP.

  11. Jaime Reply

    I had nexplanon placed in my arm in March of 2016 and noticed a rapid deterioration of my mental state and physical state. I was depressed, developed psoriasis, my neck face legs and feet swelled, weight gain, lack of energy, hoarseness of voice and now I’m going to have my thyroid checked as these are all symptoms of hypothyroidism( which I have never had a problem with in the past and have no family history of)

  12. sheri Reply

    My daughter has suffered all of these, loss of hair, weight gain(30lbs), thyroid issues, depression, mood swing, and she never stopped bleeding. As of Sunday we spent all day between walk in and hospital, as she has a blood clot in her lower left leg. The medicine the dr wants her on, is over $600.00 for a months supply and she needs to be on it for 6 months, and additional blood work and dr visits.
    This product should not be on the market. I asked alot of questions to the dr staff before she had this thing put in her arm… noone advised us of the severity of the side effects, and how it would fry her body.
    This needs to be stopped…

  13. sasha Reply

    I have got the implanon done in 2011 and the first two years I was fine but for some reason going to my third year I start feeling a little funny when I ask why was I feeling like that they said is because my body wasn’t use to get to give it some time now i still have it on and it’s been causing me a lot of headaches and depression and my bleeding is changing all the time what should I do I am about to remove it

  14. Courtney Reply

    My name is Courtney Conway. I got the implanon in September of 2016 after having my second baby in August. In October I had to have surgery to get my gallbladder removed. And in November I started getting extremely itchy skin, extremely nauseaous, and massive bruising on my legs. I went to the hospital after talking to a family member who works in the medical field. He told me I needed to go to the hospital right away, so I did. When I got there, the I told the Doctor what was going on. She just kind of brushed it off. She asked to see my legs because I told her about the bruising. Her eyes got wide and then she realized something was really wrong. They did a bunch of blood work. My iron levels were high and my liver enzymes were elevated. Everything that the Doctors thought it could be caused from came back normal or negative. I had to stay in the hospital for 2 days. I met with a Hematologist and he did a special test to check my blood pallets to see if there was something wrong with my blood not clotting or if it was something else. Those results came back and I had a problem with my blood from a medication which was causing me to bruise. I have my menstral cycle and I have been bleeding for a whole month straight. And I am in serious pain. I have never, ever had this problem in my entire life. I am extremely nauseaous all the time. My skin is still extremely itchy. I feel like I am losing my mind. I snap at my boyfriend and 2 year old son all the time. I cry all the time over nothing. Before I got the Implanon I never had any problems. I was a happy healthy person. Now within 3 months of having it I have had problem after problem. I scheduled to get it removed. I’m hoping they take it out. I just want to feel normal again. And be healthy. This is terrible. Please help me.

  15. Marie Reply

    I am a 49 year old female who had the Implanon put in, although I was going through menopause and did not have menstrual bleeding anymore. My doctor recommended it just in case I might get pregnant. Almost immediately after the insertion I started bleeding heavily and very bad mood swings. I was aching, tired, depressed and overreacting over the smallest of things to my husband. I felt angry, depressed, tired and bad anxiety. I was bleeding non stop for weeks. Blood clot looking dark blood coming out of my vagina. My husband and I went on a family reunion to the beach. Although he recommended I stay home I insisted to go. I was not feeling well the entire time. I felt depressed and I hated my husband for no reason. Well I told him I was going to sleep early bc I didn’t feel well. Well I woke to a negative balance on my bank account. I knew he overdrawn my account. I got extremely angry at him and started going off on him. He dropped his accidentally and I pick it up. He calmly asked for it back, and I was screaming to give me my fkn debit card. I yanked his phone from him and it hit my face. I hit my face again and said. Look what you did asshole! You’re going to jail now! I was so mad when the police showed up I blamed it all on him because I was furious over something so small. He did not hurt me but I lied bc I wanted him out of my face and I was out of control. Now he’s looking at jail time. I told the police I was sorry I lied but the D.A dont care.. I believe it was all caused by implanon. I’ve lost almost everything and can’t pay my bills while an innocent man is rotting in jail. Please help us to get compensated for this awful evil device.

  16. Patricia Reply

    I had nexplanon place in my arm in Oct 2015 a couple of days after I had my daughter. My pregnancy was a high risk pregnancy because I developed DVT during pregnancy. The doctor recommended nexplanon and my first question was can I get this birth control even though I have DVT? she replied yes. That it will not affect me in anyway. So fine I took her word. She’s a doctor she should know. When I got it I felt horrible depressed, anxious mood swings when I say everything bothered me I mean everything single thing annoyed me, and non stop bleeding. Now I go online to check the side effects and the first thing I see is if you have DVT you shouldn’t have this implanted in you. I went to the ER they said I had to get it removed at the ob/ gyn. On the 5th month I had it removed and I haven’t been the same. I feel like I will never be myself again I feel bad for my kids cause I’m always so down and out. nexplanon is horrible and so is the doctor for even recommending it and implanting it knowing I had DVT.

  17. Missy Reply

    I had the nexplanon put in after i had my son in august of 2013. I got the nexplanon after my 6 weeks check up. About 3 week i started having severe headaches and a horrible scent from my personal area. My doctor told me I had BV(bacterial vaginosis) I’ve seen my doctor several times and he kept telling me that the nexplanon was not the issue but i had never had anything like this before until i got it. I’ve gain over 35 pounds since then. My mood swings had been horrible. My doctor prescibed me pills that did not help at all. Now my doctor has told me that there is really no cure for this and that i have to live with this. I take several showers a day because i always feel like some one else can smell me. It is horrible and my life is ruin all because of this nexplanon. I was finally able to get it removed a few months ago but the symptoms are still here. What am i suppose to do now? My life is ruin. I don’t even date or want to be around anyone because i think the scent is horrible. Where do i go from here? Please help!!!

  18. Daydra Reply

    I got the Nexplanon implant on Sept 30th 2014 after the birth of my daughter. I had alot of depression and that’s not something that I had ever experienced, plus fatigue I could sleep for 8 hours and wake up like I hadn’t been to sleep at all, severe constipation (don’t know if it’s directly related to the implant but It’s severe issue like I use the bathroom once a month if that often). Like others I was also told that my problems weren’t related to the implant and that there was no reason to remove it early, so the doctors wouldn’t take it out. Finally 3 years had passed and I called the doctors office to make the appointment to get this thing out of my arm. I thought everything would be fine and they wouldn’t’ have any problems removing it, but I was defiantly wrong. I went to be appointment and the doctor that inserted it was the one that was going to remove it, she got started at first she thought it wasn’t going to be too bad after a hour of trying to get it out, she went and got a different doctor to try to get it out. He ended up trying for another hour, me laying there on the bed wide awake and well aware of what was going on for nearly 2 hours while they dug, cut, dug, cut in my arm having to continuously keep numbing the area and still coming up empty handed. The doctor made the call that I was going to have to be sent to the hospitals OR and put under anesthesia to get it removed since it was so deep and had migrated right to the muscle. I went home in severe pain, was really bruised and my arm was swollen, and I was very angry because I was never warned of this very possible issue with this birth control. I also was going to have to take off from work for over a week to be able to heal. I went into the hospital Monday morning for surgery and they ended up having to cut my arm over a inch wide and down to the muscle in order to get it out. When i left the hospital I couldn’t even move my arm for the severe pain. Monday night my arm was swollen huge, and really really bruised.

  19. Melissa Reply

    I have two daughters that got this put in. Both have migrated. One was found deep in the arm and they will not take it out because it is too close to the nerves. She is having constant bleeding so they put her on another birth control to control the bleeding.

    The second one we have not been able to find and we found out she is pregnant. They did an ultrasound but can’t find it.

    Is there a way to be a part of a lawsuit?

  20. christy Reply

    I feel it’s the worst type of birth control to have place in your body. i gained nerve damage and blood clock

  21. Julie Reply

    My nexplanon was inserted improperly. I have been to three doctors and now am having to attempt a surgical removal. I habe spent hundreds on doctors visits and now it will cost thousands to get this out.

  22. Shatika Reply

    My implanon was inserted in my right arm in 2013 after I had my daughter my doctor forced me to get it bc he told me I was to fertile an that I will be pregnant again in no time. He told me that I will be fine an everybody that had got that birth control was fine after they took it out. Well my body hasn’t been the same since an I have been trying to conceive an my periods are very irregular I have really bad migraines large blood clots an I can feel them passing through my body an it hurts so bad an I’m scared that something is gunna happen that shouldn’t. I have hot flashes every since I’ve had it in my arm an they said I would be able to feel it in my arm but I did an it was very painful. I have extreme fatigue I can sleep my normal hours of sleep an wake up an still be tired. I have been having real bad BV and yeast infections recurring. When I get rid of it with thin next couple week it’s back. This is the worst birth control ever an it needs to be taking off the market. I have gained so much weight I was 147 pounds an now I’m 200 an it’s hard to loose it. I’m very bloated an no matter what I try to do the weight stays an won’t go anywhere. I believe I have battled Depression and Anxiety some time while I had it. My doctor said it was a good birth control an every one was getting it. I had it in my arm for 3 years before anyone would take it out of my arm. I have been trying to have more kids an I’ve been trying to for 7 years now. I have been to see another doctor an they told me I had stopped ovulating. This has me to torn up idk what to do.

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