Lantus Insulin Side Effects Linked to Risk of Cancer: Study

New research suggests that side effects of Lantus, an artificial form of insulin manufactured by Sanofi-Aventis for diabetes, may increase the risk of developing cancer.

The report, published in the medical journal Diabetologia, found that in studies in Germany and Sweden, there was an increase in the incidence of cancer among diabetics using Lantus insulin. However, editors of the journal and the European Association for the Study of Diabetes (EASD) caution that the results are inconclusive and that more in-depth studies need to be done about the potential Lantus cancer risk.

Lantus (glargine) is an injection taken once per day, which slowly releases insulin into the blood over time. It has the second largest share of the diabetic drug treatment market and brought in $3.45 billion in worldwide sales last year. The drug was approved by FDA for diabetes treatment in 2000.

The new report looked at data from an insurance database of 127,000 German insulin-users and found that diabetics taking low doses of Lantus over a year and a half had a 9% higher chance of developing cancer than people taking traditional human insulin treatments. When patients took higher doses of Lantus, the increased risk of being diagnosed with cancer jumped to 31% over those taking other insulin treatments.

After getting the results from the German data, researchers looked at databases in the U.K., Sweden and Scotland. The Swedish data showed a doubling of the risk of breast cancer, but the U.K. and Scotland studies showed no statistically significant increase connecting Lantus to cancer, prompting Diabetologia’s editors to urge caution at how the results of the studies are interpreted.

Professor Edwin Gale, editor of Diabetologia, and Professor Ulf Smith, president of EASD noted in an editorial accompanying the study that “the characteristics of the groups of patients taking Lantus insulin alone (generally older, higher blood pressure, more overweight) were different to those on other forms of insulin. Thus any difference in cancer risk could be attributed to the pre-treatment characteristics of the groups, rather than the treatment itself. Also, the numbers of cases of breast cancer in the Swedish and Scottish studies were very small, meaning the findings could have occurred due to chance.”

The EASD has said that the studies show an urgent need for more research into Lantus side effects. Smith and Gale say such research should come from more database analysis, as conducting clinical trials would be slow and unethical.

Sanofi officials have called the reports findings inconclusive, standing by the safety of their product. Lantus insulin sales represent about 10% of the company’s pharmaceutical revenue.

Experts stress that patients should not stop using insulin and should contact their doctors to discuss any concerns.

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  1. maria Reply

    I am a type I for 27 years and i was put on Lantus/Aprida 3 years ago but after 18 months i had enough, i was putting on weight badly even when diet is controlled and the pain in my legs became unbearable. I couldnt move and my ankles were constantly swollen. I moved back to Levemir and Novorapid and with a week the pain in my legs disappeared and my ankles reduced to normal again. Also i was plagued by vomiting during the use of Lantus.

  2. nick Reply

    Hi all, I have been on Lantus for about 2.5 yrs now at 20-26 units per night dependent on my activity and diet at the time. I know of the slight stinging in my legs upon injection but this does not occur every time. I have put occasional stinging down to the weird way that the OptiPen 2 injects. Its not so obviously mechanical and this means I occasionally twist the needle on entry or exit. However I have not had any other health problems associated with it and my weight seems under control. I did however get some advice on those who maybe experiencing high BG in the mornings. You should split your lantus dosage in two. Half before bed and half at breakfast with perhaps a reduction on the amount of fast acting you may have with breakfast.

  3. April Reply

    My Mom was on this for two yrs she now has pancreatic cancer, her levels were never normal when on this, she ws always having problems all the doctor cld say was oh your not doin what you are supposed to. She ate right exercised the whole nine yards didnt matter, her levels were still out of wack, still no energy, bad weight loss, and now this..I blame the diabetic drugs she was on for this.

  4. vickie Reply

    Comment by Vickie on March 2,2012
    I am a type 2 diabetic for the past nine years. I started out on metformin,now Januvia and Humalog with meals and Lantus Insulin at bedtime. My a1c recently was 7.5 which is good for me. I am 57 years young and a nurse. I do have the normal aches and pains from aging and my job as a nurse. I recently have started with itching on my abdomen where i usually give my Lantus insulin. Yesterday and today i have started with a rash,hives and intense itching. I have started to use a cortisone cream three times a day with no relief. I am starting to think i may have become allergic to the Lantus insulin. I even have a sore throat which I get when i am allergic to foods and medicines. I will be stopping the Lantus and will call my endocrinologist on Monday am. Was unaware of the possible links to cancer with the possible use of Lantus insulin.

  5. Charles Reply

    I’ve been on Lantus 30 units at night for more almost 5 years now, and during all my regular and annual check-ups and work-up never did I have a single prostate issue or uritrine track problems, but 4 months ago I had a bladder infection (treated) and again recently another now I think I might have bladder cancer and I fully attribute this to Lantus, also developed annoying rash that comes and goes, am very worried some one needs to compile data and fast, I’m sure the makers are liable, and certain that they know it and a lot of hush money is being shelled out since its a 4 billion dollar industry.

  6. Sheare Reply

    I agree, this is typical corporate put profit ahead of lives crap. My mom quit smoking fifty years ago. She and my father were healthy and active and ate healthily, they always have. I used to say that she and Dad were spryer than I am, and I’m 59 to their respective 79 and 80.

    Last August, she was diagnosed with stage IV cancer. By the time it was diagnosed, it was in her lungs and liver and potentially bones. She died on February 5th. I understand that most people would be traumatized by their mother’s death anyway,but Mom was a remarkable human being who should have lived many more years, and reading about Lantus has made me so angry that I can feel my blood pressure rise just thinking about it.

  7. clinton Reply

    I have been taking lantus for about 5 years and I cannot slep until after5-6 hours taking the shot.It has not been helping my blood glucose levels what so ever and when I lay down at night my legs will start twitching and I will awake sometimes because it feels like i am having a seizure.

  8. Olivier Reply

    Dear all,

    I think it is important to make a distinction between symptoms that are or could be related to the disease itself and possible side effects of a medicine prescribed. To get that clear for yourself it is very important to talk about that with a good qualified doctor and/or nurse. Then you can also openly talk about your doubts and possible problems you have, instead of worrying about it and not knowing for sure what is the cause, making you insecure.

    The doctor can give you a good overview of possible treatments and there actions and side effects, which is essential to be able to choose what’s best for you.

  9. stephen Reply

    I see a lot of scare mungery going on I have been on lantus at night 28 units have had no problems but that of which is normal for a 58 and ahalf year old male at about 17 stone i also take humalog with every meal of about 20 to 25 units but some one said why do you take insulin when you suger leval is high I had to think and admit i see it on films some one collapse who has diabites type 2 like me and they give insulin I thought if it is low why take it because it would make it even lower so should it take more insulin if my sugers are low befor a meal? please help an ignorant diabetic type 2 person still confused by the world.

  10. S Reply

    Can’t believe they are able to prescribe this sh*t. Been on it for almost 2 weeks i feel like death, sick of being told its a side effect of type 1 diabetes, no it isn’t! my control is good but i feel like death. Shoulder pain, short of breath, weak i cannot walk. Can’t sit up properly. chest pain, eye ache. i’m 20 years old, healthy before this.

  11. WENDY Reply

    My husband was a type 1 diabeticfor 46 years. He did everything right. Lots of exercise, healthy eating with mostly organic foods, and he was always under the supervision of a doctor of nutrition, who prescribed supplements for certain vitamins and minerals that diabetics seemed to be lacking. His A1C was always between 5.8 and 6. His specialists said he was the healthiest diabetic they had ever seen. In 2006 he was put on Lantus insulin (24 units/day), along with Humulog. He did have a lot of itching on his arms that no one had answers for, and which I see in many other comments.IN July 2010 he was diagnosed with Stage 4 colon cancer and he passed away at age 66 in March 2012. We fought it every inch of the way. He never smoked and there was NO cancer in his family, even though his brother has smoked all his life and is fine. Anybody joining a class action suit?

  12. mhg4316 Reply

    I had to pick my jaw up off of the floor after reading this forum!! Dr switched me from R/NPH to Lantus/Novalog a few months ago and I feel like I want to DIE!!! Swollen legs and ankles, weight gain of 7 lbs in 2 month, severe headache and insomnia..bloated abdomen, and the foggyiness…groggy and forgetful….Im going back on my old regimen as this new one isnt helping w my BG and certainly is making life harder than it already is as a diabetic…..Thank you everyone for the information and for showing Im not imagining all of this.

  13. barry Reply


  14. r chhabra Reply

    been on 85 units twice of lantus also 60 humolog 3- 4 times daily byetta metmorphine 2 g daily hba going up and up 8.1 last week blood sugars average 10- 18 mostly lumps every where been seen privately by 2 consultants severe shoulder pain 10 years had 3 operations by private consultants 3 different ones lost tempre at nhs dr last weel also my private dr showed him my legs stomach lunps rash etc changed me to inslutard 80 unuts twice daily bloody hell sugars never abive 5-8 daily eating well daily amazing and guess what no shoulder pain used to take 6-8 panadols daily had only 2 last week so 10 years of hell 4 different private consultants too busy screwing insurance company and my shoulder disgraceful so beware lantus not a good idea

  15. Dtormala Reply

    I have been taking Lantus for like over 4 to 5 years now. I really haven’t notice anything. I do get headaches but I thought that it was from the cluster headache suffering. But I was given Topimax in the past year and to this date I had virtually no headaches at all. I don’t get them cluster headaches or migraines. But I did notice a huge weight gain in the past years but I am on Lantus and oral medication to help control my diabetes. I an generic brand type Actos 45mg and 60 units of lantus at night everyday. As for it causing cancer i kind it hard to believe. Cause if you think of this. Almost everything that we take now has some type of risk for cancer. They just want to remove these type of products that helps us all. I was taken off Avendia cause of liver damage. I can’t take Gylgride. I can’t take the other insulin cause it never really help my sugar levels. But lantus did. No matter what I will remain on it cause i trust is and it works for me. I advice others to do the same. Good luck.

  16. Nigel Reply

    I’m 63 years old male diagnosed nearly 4 years ago and put onto levemir and later lantus and novorapid..HELL followed as I was always tired/fatigued and heavy headed/drugged up feeling. Had to reduce hours at work and consultant blamed everything esle but the insulin. The forums showed me about analogue insulin problems and have now gone onto to Porcine Insulin. It took about 3 months after I found out about analogue don’t work for everyone and I had to write a letter of COMPLAINT to my local hospital as my consultant and DSN refused to even let me try porcine…Now ALL bad feelings have GONE. I just wish that consultants/DSNs would listen to their patients…after all it’s their bodies.

  17. bob Reply

    As a diabetic (Tyoe2) for many years i have endured varied meds,, and now on Humalog and Lantus….my recent blood work was disasterous, in that I average readings of 15.0. My health care provider is researcing the possibility of a link between cancers and Lantus.
    I can tell you the best person to speak with on all side effects and how the drug actually works is your pharmacist. Mine is great and he found that weight gain is a side effect, and can be as high as 8kg per month when using Lantus…so speak with the pharmacist they are a wealth of information.

  18. joanna Reply

    Aged 57 , been on lantus since nov 2003 . weight gain ,eat more, swelling on legs and feet. Up at night .Lumps on fore arm and by rib, at an injection site, after only a few times.shoulder pains ,Memory loss ,getting worse. on a low dose of HRT. TAKE LANTUS IN THE MORNING 60 UNITS. I HAVE BEEN TOLD TO SPLIT IT ,TAKING MORE AT NIGHT. IF I REDUCE LANTUS APPETITE GOES.

  19. Henri Reply

    I need help to by my Lantus

  20. Johanna Reply

    I am happy to hear that Lantus works for some people. I tried it and had a bad experience wtih it. The posts above pretty much sums up the side effects that I also experienced: fuzzy head, foamy urine, abdominal pain, pressure on the spine from lower back right up to the skull, headaches, sleeplesness and to top it off, my bloodsugars kept going up. Numbers in the 20’s is not good. I am now back on the Novolin Reg 3X day plus NPH split morning and evening. Still adjusting dosage as now my numbers are as low as 4.5 and 8. Have had diabetes for 26 years.

  21. cara Reply

    My mother is 84, she has been on Lantus for 5 years, just after being qut on she started a downward spiral in her health. I have just discovered this site and I’m devistated at the thought that this med could be the cause. She has terrible itching rash, she has been to the dermatologist and been given so many anti itch meds, she is now so heavy (weight gain) she cannot exercise.Fatigue , weight gain are tremendous issues, she retains water, (now on meds for water weight gain) The hunger issues are out of control. I dont know what to do. I am my mothers full time care giver and I feel as though I am failing her, BG levels are out of control. I’ve spoken to her endo. prieviously and he wont back down on the Lantus issue. She’s on 46 units before bed and Humalog during the day 12 units ea meal sliding scale type 2 diabetic. Someone plz help, Before its too late ! I am taking her to another Dr. on Monday, What can I expect if I discontinue her Lantus and has anyone out there done this before? Plz help

  22. susan Reply

    I was on Lantus for about 6 months. OMG, My skin erupted like it used to when I was 16. I D/C’d the Lantus the Saturday after Thanksgiving and went completely on diet control…no breads or grains and no sugars of any kind…not even fruit. My blood sugar is 80’s to 110 almost all the time and I have lost 22 pounds. The problem is that I still have acne on my face and shoulders like I’m a teenager. It’s hideous! I think it was the Lantus that caused the skin problem. The stuff is bad news! It is possible to control blood sugar with diet if you are willing to make the sacrifice. I did. No more meds ever again.

  23. Bill Reply

    Everyone blaming insulin for all of our comorbid conditions need to make appointments with a CDE through your physician because you have not educated yourself enough with the disease. Regarding all the comments about pain…it’s called diabetic neuropathy, urination issues…nephropathy. Insulin leaves your body within 5 minutes that’s why it can’t be measured so prolonged side effects after you stop taking it is impossible. It is a natural hormone everyone! We are diabetics, we have micro vascular and macro vascular risks that don’t just stop because we are on insulin. We gain weight on insulin because our beta cells have been deteriorating and when insulin is introduced into our body we have normal physiological responses… eating and gaining weight. As far as the cancer issue, do your research. I could really loose all of you here but you will find that this is the most idiotic and impossible thing that can be attributed to insulin use. It’s not a cigarette it is a natural hormone which is analogous only because a protein is replaced with another know…like in a steak? Please find an educator to help you. We can not survive without insulin…period. It’s the disease that is killing us not insulin.

  24. ellen Reply

    i have been on lantus and humolog for years now. but over the past few years have been getting all these lumps on my back arms and abdomen. drs. say they are just fatty lumps, i dont know what to believe!now i am developing a systemic itch. oh, also get severe shoulder pain. never associated it with the lantus until reading this and it seems common.

  25. Rose Reply

    Ive been taking lantus and novolog for over a year now. Been diabetic for 28 yrs. And i see am not alone on this i had been tellimg my fiance that ive been experiencing muscle spasm after taking my shot and also very high to very low blood sugar levels my shoulders ache and weight gain do i nd to go on?????….someone help!!!!!!……

  26. barbara Reply

    I have been on laslin for four month and having shoulder and arm pain and also weight gain had xray and not found anything going to have a scan next.

  27. Justine Reply

    Bill, with respect, you are talking absolute rubbish. Lantus is not a natural insulin, it is syntheically produced, and therein lies the problem. Of course long-term diabetes has it’s problems. I have been type-1 for 24 yrs and I suffered dreadful problems which I doubt you can even comprehend, during the 4 yrs I was on Lantus. I DO NOT have neuropathy, or any problems associated with long-term diabetes. I was on synthetic “human” insulin prior to being given Lantus & Humalog. I believe that there are thousands of patients suffering from the afore-mentioned side-effects and worse, and believing it’s just part & parcel of the disease itself. That is NOT the case, and changing to REAL insulin animal derived, proved that to me. I have no axe to grind, other that these insulins ruined yrs of my life that I should have spent more fruitfully bringing up my children, instead of being cared for and thinking I was dying. Bill, You’re comments are clearly put on here to dismiss the problems that people have with synthetic insulins, you don’t have a clue what you’re talking about , and you need to re-read the whole thread I think 🙁

  28. Danielle Reply

    Diabetes of any type is a bodywide disease that affects many hormones not just insulin output. Reduced bloodsugar especially during sleep will change the hormone output especially cortisol, growth hormone, melatonin and many other hormones. Insulin itself is somewhat androgenic and when it increases cortisol output you will incur more sodium retention which can cause swelling that can affect the joints. Hormones such as these are specific to the individual which is why one person has these issues but another one doesn’t. There are many options in addition to lantus and it is important to weigh all risk factors including heart disease risk and cancer risk.

  29. joanna Reply

    I agree with Bill. I am diabetic, well controlled for over 35 years. I have been suffering from almost every ailment described on this forum. Diabetics are prone to nerve damage which can explain many symptoms away. Bloating, not digesting etc can be gastroparesis. Shoulder pains can be due to office work and poor ergonomics causing degeneration of cervical spine. The lady who wakes up on the floor needs to check bg more to prevent hypo at night. None of that is the fault of Lantus. My bg is 54 now which is why im up now waiting for a safe # b4 i go to sleep. I would love to know how many of you guys have a1cs of less than 6. Get out of disease denial and take better care of yourselves. And yes you need to cover yur carbs with short acting insulin. Lantus alone wont cut it.

  30. joanna Reply

    Oh yeah. I forgot to mention that I have only been on lantus for one mont but I have had all mentioned ailments way before that.

  31. Justine Reply

    People come on here to report problems and side effects they have suffered on Lantus. “Shoulder pains can be due to office work” thanks Joanna for that. Please do not presume that the posters on here are of low intellegence or not managing their condition to the best of their ability. Like you, I manage my condition well,as I have done for 24 yrs. Lantus DID cause me dreadful side-effects, as it does for many people. If you don’t suffer them then you’re lucky, although a month is probably too early to tell. Iit’s not helpful to be so rude & dismiss others views, simply because you have not experienced it yourself.

  32. Patty Reply

    I started taking Lantus over a month ago and was on it for three weeks before I told the doctor to take me off of it. After 2 days on it, I started having blurred vision. Even though I have been off of it for two and a half weeks now, the blurred vision remains (seems a little better though). I know it was the Lantus that caused it because before I started taking it, I had no problem with vision. I also researched it and found out that blurred vision was a side effect of Lantus. I am now on 1000 mg. of Metformin twice a day.

  33. Marie Reply

    my son would scream when we gave him the lantus shot so we switched to levemir and no problems…now we are on the pump so just humalog all the time…I don’t know but for whatever reason it burned in the injection.

  34. Riccardo Reply

    I’ve been using Lantus since 2001…no side effects…other kind of problems aren’t connectable to Lantus…so I think that further research is needed to take a conclusion…

  35. khan Reply

    i took my mum to the doctor yesterday. she is 65. she has been diabetic for the last 13 years but on meds. now the doc recommended to start using lantus. i googled about it and now i m worried whether to put her on lentus or not. so if someone would kindly suggest something better than this, i would really be obliged…i love my mother and don’t wanna lose her.
    please help

  36. Chris Reply

    ### BILL – I am a nurse, and take exception to your post on here.
    I strongly suggest that you go to:

    and read where it says: \\\”Types of Insulin
    There are four types of insulin that work for different lengths of time. You and your D-team will work together to figure out which combination of insulins work best for you. Because everyone\\\’s body is different and reacts differently, it might take some time before you find the best combination.

    Rapid-acting insulin like Lispro (Humalog®), aspart (NovoLog®), or glulisine (Apidra®), is the fastest working of all insulins. Once you inject it, it starts to work (onsets) in about 5 minutes and works hardest (peaks) about an hour after injection. These insulin last (have a duration of) about 4 to 5 hours. It is taken right before meals. Rapid-acting insulin looks clear in the bottle.
    Short-acting insulin like \\\”Regular\\\” insulin is sometimes used around mealtime. It takes longer to work than rapid-acting insulin does. It\\\’s taken about 30-45 minutes before you plan to eat and it peaks about three to four hours later. It can keep working for as long as 6 hours after injection. It also looks clear in the bottle.
    Intermediate-acting insulin like \\\”NPH\\\” is insulin mixed with something that makes the body absorb the insulin more slowly. That\\\’s why this type of insulin looks cloudy and has to be mixed before it\\\’s injected. It takes longer (1/2-1 hour) to start working, peaks 4-10 hours after injection, and keeps working for 10-16 hours.
    Long-acting insulin like Glargine (Lantus®) or detemir (Levemir®) is like a marathon runner – lasting the longest. These insulins start working in 2-4 hours and can stay in the body for 24 hours with little or no peak. These insulins are clear and usually taken before bed.

    I further suggest that you continue reading to where it says: \\\”Remember, everyone\\\’s body reacts to insulin in different ways. The onset, peak and duration times listed above are just averages. It may take you longer to peak on Regular (short-acting) insulin than it might take someone else.\\\”

    After both you and your CDE read what the American Diabetes Association says on its site…maybe you could muster up the decency to apologise to the people in this forum.

  37. Chris Reply

    Joanna…. apparently you need to be educated as well. Your comment about \\\\\\\”The lady who wakes up on the floor needs to check bg more to prevent hypo at night….\\\\\\\”
    First of all, if you take the blinders off, you would see that her name is KAREN….not THE LADY
    Secondly without knowing Karen\\\\\\\’s medical history and dosing regime, where the heck do you get off saying that she needs to check bg more??
    This board is for people to post comments about the pros/cons of the meds/side effects, etc that THEY are feeling.
    It is NOT for us to negate what someone is feeling, just because we may not have any issues with our meds/side effects, lifestyle, etc!

  38. Joy Reply

    I have been reading a few of the comments of these poor people and it has made me realize that I am not alone and I am not crazy . I don’t understand why doctors allways think everyone is the same and that you don’t know your own body! I think that our bodies tell us when there is something serious going on and if we are smart we will l isten to it and not let our so called Medical care givers put us in a one size fits all catogary. I have found that I can prove my doctors wrong time after time and they will wait until you are almost dead to admitt that you could be right======= Maybe they want to be the God that saves you!!!!! all i’m saying is go with your gut feeling if you aren’t feeling as well as you did before you started taking Lantus or any insulin fight the system show them proof if you can and don’t give up the fight, There has been so many drugs on the market that have been recalled that iI have refused to take (because of how they made me feel) two years before they even recalled them, I suspect Lantus will be there too but not until enough of us make our Doctors listen to us.

  39. Debbie Reply

    I have been on Lantus for about a year. It does help keep my sugar levels under control, but I get severe leg and thigh pain. The pain in my left hip is so bad that I cannot function around the house. I stop taking the Lantus the pain stops. I go on it again and the pain begins again. It also gives me urinary tract infections.

  40. Marcy Reply

    Hi folks! I have felt terrible ever since I started Lantus, and I have been on it for a year. I have noticed dramatic swellings in many places–eyes, glands, and lower legs. I feel a crazy itchiness all over me. I am always hungry, which is new for me. I have always been thin, or a normal weight, and now I am gaining weight. Soon after going on Lantus, I developed nodules on my thyroid and hyper-active thyroid. What is most alarming is the dramatic rise in my tri-glycerides. Of course, the medical community advises statin drugs for that–which may kill you if the Lantus doesn’t. Three doctors have denied any connection to Lantus and what is happening to me–without bothering to do an internet search of a site like this. I have found sites like this more helpful than any doctor. To the naysayers? Lantus pharma reps probably put you up to attacking those of us that have problems with it. So? Mind your own biz and go spread your misinformation somewhere else! Now? I have a horrible skin rash on my face! (Found one site that says Lantus causes skin infections, IN SOME PEOPLE, one to two years after starting it!) My primary sent me to a dermatologist that didn’t look at my medical history and incorrectly diagnosed me in two seconds. When I tried to mention my other problems, he said “I am not a rheumatologist or endocrinologist.” When I went to an ENT for swollen glands on my face and neck, he yelled at me, “I am not an endocrinologist!” When I went to my rheumatologist and showed him the rash on my face? He said: “I am not a dermatologist.” So, I know what these doctors ARE NOT, so what are they? Answer: Medical professionals with limited knowledge outside their specialties–that somehow can’t grasp the concept that what affects one part of a body system can affect another part of the body, as it is all ONE BODY. I decided I know my body better than any doctor, and to follow what my heart told me. I stopped taking my Lantus two days ago–and I am already feeling better! Perhaps the “man-made” Lantus has chemicals/preservatives that could be causing problems for some, as the body doesn’t always respond the same for each person. Others can tolerate being around chemicals while I have a horrible reaction to being around chemical smells/vapors. Summon up your energy and keep looking for a doctor that will listen to you. I have found holistic doctors to be better informed about endocrine disorders than mainstream medicine doctors. (And mainstream docs call them quacks–when it is all the money from pharma drugs that is at stake.) Check out Dr. Andrew Weil’s website and look under condition guides and herbal remedies. Dr. Weil started the Integrative Health Institute in Tucson–so people can be seen as a whole body as opposed to their individual body systems. Dr. Weil was called a quack, in the beginning of his career, so he has to “Play” with the mainstream docs, as far as a lot of issues go–but he at least understands our bodies are “integrated.” We need to demand FDA approval of herbs/supplements by an entity that cannot profit from the process–so doctors can no longer claim “Supplements are untested and dangerous . . . but here is a man-made drug I want you to take . . .” CA-CHING!

  41. Lucy Reply

    I have been taking Lantus pen form 25 units a day for about two years now, Last month I started swelling in my feet and ankles, I also have gained weight. So I am thinking it is on account of the Lantus, I will ask my doctor to change my medicine, maybe it will help me do better. My sister takes metmorfen and does okay.

  42. LP Reply

    I take 28 units of Lantus at bedtime…I have major insomnia and nightmares….possibly because Of an interaction with other meds such as Tegretol…..???? And I have experienced weight gain…but it does control my BG levels….My Dr said that taking Metformin long term is not good….if I have a Carby meal..I can either take Humalog OR I usually take a low dose of Berberine…Do NOT rake a high you might bottom out QUICKLY!!! Mostly..I just try to limit my carbs….or eat half of what I first put on my plate….am full by that time anyway…..but make sure to eat protein often…..and in between meals.. Healthy snacks….such as yogurt or small fruit…occasional protein drinks….
    I think as far as the insomnia goes…maybe I will try taking the Lantus a bit earlier in the evening….it’s hard to get to work on time in the AM when you don’t get enough sleep!!!

  43. Maya Reply

    I have been on lantus for a month and I feel horrible. Before this I had a little carpal tunnel but that’s about it. Since I started there is pain in both arms, both legs and my mid section. It pains me to sleep. I’m literally clinching my jaws from the pain. Although it helps lower my sugar, the pain is too much.

  44. luisa Reply

    I been in lantus for two years.I have side effect my legs are tingelin my toes twesly. I feel terrible can’t sleep all night cramp in my legs I feel dying . I suspend atarvastatin before gimbribin lozartan but the pain tickling of my legs an bottom of my feet continue. I have to stop lantus I feel the veins basted. Today I feel my brain with same sencetion. The cram Presure tickling us constaly. Please need advice.Dr want me continues lantus and I say no.

  45. Krishna Reply

    My dad has been using this for quite sometime now. He is 73 and has been diagonised for pancreatic cancer. If this particular drug is the cause, i hope some action be taken.

  46. Sonny Reply

    Hi I have been taking lantus 40 units at night,apdira during the day,i noticed that I am getting lumps on my head,rashes under arms,itches.pls advise a substitute insulin.

  47. Grant Reply

    Hi, I had been on Lantus for a number of years and during this time developed severe shoulder pain, arm pain, shortness of breath. I could not sleep on my side which for me was a biggie. Getting out of the car was difficult, I could not move my arms behind my back etc, but I was only in my 30s! Saw the physio, osteopath, GP etc and it was put down to sitting position at the computer at work, driving position and lack of exercise. All BS of course.

    It got so bad that one day I Googled diabetes shoulder pain and found a couple of articles about this mentioning Lantus, which I was on, and in desperation called my Diabetes Specialist Nurse and told I wanted to change from Lantus. I went that day to the clinic to get a new prescription and within 1 week all the pain had gone and full mobility returned over time. I am now early 40s and feel human again, I can make love to my wife, I can sleep comfortably and I have no difficulty moving or doing anything normal that a 40 year old should be able to do. IMHO Lantus ruined my life for a number of years and this company should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Nowhere on the packaging did it even mention these side effects, I checked!

    There is no doubt in my mind what-so-ever that Lantus was the cause of my pain, my sleepless nights, my difficulty moving, my tiredness and my lack of concentration.

    Most of us didn’t suspect Lantus as the symptoms aren’t directly related to Insulin per say, and they do take a while to appear. If you don’t get these symptoms then good for you, just be wary. People react differently to different drugs.

  48. Joe Reply

    Feet hands swelling with bad nerve pain headaches neropathy bowels cancer spot on liver 2-1/2 years on lantus is poison creasol is poison

  49. Chaunda Reply

    I been taking lantus insulin. When I check my blood sugar my machine blink ketones which ketacidose which is dangerous. What should I do or can do. My doctor still prescribed it for me and I take 60 unit daily

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