Lawsuit Filed Over Medtronic MiniMed Insulin Pump Quick-Set Problems

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A group of plaintiffs have filed a lawsuit over recalled Medtronic Quick-Set infusion sets for its MiniMed insulin pump, claiming that the defects in the insulin delivery systems for diabetics caused users to suffer severe injuries and hospitalizations.

The Medtronic insulin pump infusion set lawsuit was filed in U.S. District Court in the Southern District of Texas on November 30, on behalf of six plaintiffs; five diabetics who used the Medtronic MiniMed insulin pump and one of the plaintiffs’ husbands. All five diabetic plaintiffs allege that they were hospitalized after receiving incorrect insulin dosages from Paradigm Quick-Set infusion sets, designed to work with the MiniMed pumps.

On June 29, a Medtronic Paradigm Quick-Set recall was issued for about three million disposable infusion sets used with the MiniMed Insulin Pump after it was discovered that some could deliver incorrect doses of insulin. At that time, Medtronic estimated that about 2%, or 60,000 units, of an entire lot of the infusion sets did not vent air pressure properly when delivering an insulin dose.

The Quick-set infusion sets are plastic tubes used to infuse a diabetes patient from the MiniMed pump. They are usually replaced after three days. The recalled sets were distributed throughout the U.S., Germany, Mexico, Brazil, Great Britain, Canada and the Bahamas.

Affected infusion sets were distributed with a lot number starting with “8” marked on the product box and on each infusion set package, with the reference numbers MMT-396, MMT-397, MMT-398 and MMT-399.

The product liability lawsuit cites an FDA warning letter sent to Medtronic just weeks before the recall, which highlighted deficiencies in quality control at its Puerto Rico production facility, which manufactures many of the MiniMed products. According to FDA investigators, the plant had a wide range of problems that included lax testing of products for defects, proper record keeping, and employing someone with only a high school education and some special training as a medical expert for determining the danger of defects.

Medtronic faces potential damages under strict liability, negligence, failure to warn, defective design and manufacturing and breach of warranty. The lawsuit also seeks punitive damages, claiming that Medtronic was aware of the risk of their products and production deficiencies, but “proceeded with conscious indifference to the rights, safety and welfare of others.”

The plaintiffs seek an unspecified amount of damages for compensation of medical expenses, physical pain and anguish, physical impairment, mental anguish, loss of earnings, loss of enjoyment of life, loss of consortium and loss of household services.

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  1. Karen Reply

    My mother has been in the hospital numerous times because of this pump. Her sugar level has gone over 1000 and has lead her to have heart atracks and kifdney failure. Doctors kept thinking that the pump was working, but it was not until recent that she was taken off the pump because they figured that was the problem. She now has ongoing kidney problems and is having to do shots again.

  2. beverly Reply

    i had a medtronic pain pump and i had it removed this past july 2009. the dr. left the mesh pocket in me and the catheter? i am having severe problems with this and the dr does not seem to care? i itch all over and i am having like hot flashes? is there a suit against medtronic for this? who and how can i get something done about this? i have to have artery replacement next month and because of this i can’t have an epidural!! my dr said i might go paralzed if they do it? he first told me that he took the catheter and everything out and now after ct scans and mri i have had instead of just a piece breaking off like he told me? about and inch or so the whole thing is in there! i also have severe stomach pain where the pouch is and pulling pain where the catheter runs around to my spine from my abdomen? this is not normal and he is not doing anything to help me but keeps lying to me?
    if i had it to do over i would have never let him implant the pain pump in me! he never explained all this to me and i told him specifically i wanted all of it taken out but he just took the pump pout and left all the other in me!!

  3. Nancy Reply

    My daughter was using the minimed insulin infusion pump (paradigm model) She started on it in late July and we had made sure that it was not Lot 8 since we were aware of the recall. Nevetheless, the insulin pump malfunctioned after she had been using it for 2 weeks and administered a large bolus dose shortly before she went to bed. She went into a coma and suffered severe brain injury. She came out of her coma after several days but continues to suffer from cognitive deficits. I am curious to know if there are others out there who have also had this occur.

  4. Connie Reply

    My Granddaughter has been on this insulin pump for almost 4 years. The last year and a half we have had a very hard time keeping her blood sugar where it should be. We have had problems with air bubbles, and high blood sugars even though we are giving her the amount of insulin that she should be getting. She is only 10 years old, and we are thinking of taking her off of the pump. We just don’t trust if anymore.

  5. Pat Reply

    I too am recently having problems with air bubbles causing high blood sugars. I am using MMT-325 Quik-set and 326-A reseviors. I have been a pump user for 12 years. Any comments?

  6. Angela Reply

    I was on the medtronic insulin pump for 7 months. And in the 7 months I had 4 occasions where my sugars were between 600-700, I was hospitalized twice, in ICU. I am now off the pump because I didn’t trust it.

  7. dbmeyer2 Reply

    Pat, my wife had used the Disetronic insulin pump for 10 years and never I repeat never had air bubble issues. We move, she got a new Endo and was forced to change to the Medtronic. As soon as she went to the Medtronic the air bubble problem started. Her constant high blood sugar numbers have left her weak and most of all paranoid of the entire system itself. We can not change to different doctor and then a new system because insurance will not cover the cost. Calling Medtronic only gets us the canned response ” you are not handling your insulin correctly” or ” air is inherent to the insulin process”. My wife has been an RN for close to 30 years, she knows how to draw meds, she knows how to handle them. The air bubble problem is inherent to the Medtronic design.
    I think all Medtronic users MUST band together to get this thing resolved!!! Everyone please respond to my email address.

  8. Roger Reply

    My son,Anthony, passed away from diabetes on Jan. 8th. He was on the pump and I am not sure it worked properly. His sugar went high twice in one day and I took him to the hospital. His brain swelled and he passed away. This is a tradegy that I will never get over. He was only 14 years old,

  9. ERIN Reply

    Roger, I am very sorry for your loss. This also happened to my daughter. She was on the Mini Med pump and ended up with swelling on the brain. We were luck she lived with only some short term memory issues. The hospital wrote on her discharge papers it was a result of a pump malfunction. When I looked into an attorney for this I was told there was not enough for a lawsuit against such a big company.

  10. Carol Reply

    I have been using The new Medtronic Revel for two months and have started to notice air in my infusion set line almost daily. I am an RN and know how to fill a syringe so air does not get in the tubing. I didn’t know when I went on the pump that I would have to “babysit” it for this type of problem. The amount of air is not just a small bubble. We’re talking about an inch to an inch and a half long air bubble. I have written a letter to Medtronic to document this with them.

  11. Lisa Reply

    My 6 year old son was on the omni pod insulin pump for 6 weeks.He went to bed with a bg around 225. The next morning as we were getting ready to start the day he went into a seizure. As i prepared the glucagon his father checked his bg he was 70 rechecking he was 100. We took him to the er had a few tests done were told to change night settings. We did and five hours later he was having another seizure.He was being checked his bg was 164 and about to eat but before bolus was given seizure had begun. Glugagon was given within 10 minutes the paramedics were there and his bg was only 50. They used an iv to administer more sugar. I was told to cut all bolus and basal rates in half which I did. His bg went low again we gave him at the er 20-30 carbs plus more in the iv infusion.He just wasnt coming up i was told not to take the pump off to avoid hyperglycemia. Seeing this i chose to disable the pump temperarily. I was scared to death and i knew he was being life flighted elsewhere. After that his bg went up and the dr. said it was a pump mulfunction and said to discontinue use. Between the siezures i had changed his pod as well. Itwas determined that the bg meter read results about 40 higher than was. Which is a malfunction in itself i guess but does not explain a 162 bg on his meter he would have been around 122 at that there should of been no siezure. I believe it gave him an insulin overdose on top of the bg meter being off. I just thank god this all happened during the day when we were able to help him. If it had happened at night I dont think he would be with us today. All the information on the pump was given to his drs. and the pump manufacterer. Nothing was entered wrong or accidently. And his siezures that day happened among differant people. I was not there for the second but happened in public. We were sent a replacement pump right away after telling them we did not want one. Especially not knowing what all happened there is no way i would. And even if i wanted to i could not afford to now because i will have tens of thousands of dollars in medical bills to pay bucause i did use this product and now i have to pay that.i cant afford to do both. My heart goes out to all of you who suffured tragedy. God bless you all.

  12. Daniel Reply

    I have been diabetic now for 12 yrs and have been on the pump for 10yrs. my a1c is around 6.5 to 7. i have had 4 medtronic pumps. my first pump ever was the 508 which is no longer in production and had it for the first 2 yrs and when it came time to upgrade i chose to go to the paradigm. my first paradigm i had for about 3 yrs and i took swimming with me in less than 5 ft of water bc at the time i got mine they said they were submersible for a short time and it shorted out so i called medtronic and documented this and shortly after came the memo about not taking your pump in the water period. my 2nd paradigm finally had a button problems after 5 yrs. if you ask me thats pretty good for a device which you push the buttons on an untold number of times per day. i called medtronic on a sunday morning about 1 after it happened and at 10a.m. that monday i had a brand new pump. i had at one point been using the quik sets that swiveled back and forth a little but the one problem i had with those was trying to get the needle to let go so it would come out. there was one particular time i remember really well that the needle wouldn’t come out so my dad got a set of needle nose pliers and had to pull it out that way. needless to say i went to back to the regular ones after that and then medtronic recalled them shortly afterwards as well. so i dont know what yall are doing to your pumps but i swear up and down by medtronic.

    air bubbles- as for you folks who claim to have air bubble problems all you have to do it listen to your doctor. they tell you that large bubbles are bad but champagne bubbles are fine. you cant get all the champagne bubbles out and they arent going to hurt anything.

    lisa-first off why are you sending your kid to bed with a bg of 225?!?! my mom would never send me to bed with a bg that high when i was a kid because you can go comatose. and with your meter reading crazy did you ever think to calibrate it? thats why they put that little bottle of solution in there is so you can obviously dont have good parenting skills if you act like this with your childs health..

    nancy- i had problems as well with the lot 8 sets. my problem with the set was that the tape kept on sticking to the top of my setter. i called minimed and documented this with them.

    some advice-if you have a young kid and he is starting school i would advise that you have a parent-teacher meeting with your childs teacher/teachers and tell them what is going and discuss with them the symptoms of of low/hi bg and what needs to be done when this happens. make sure ALL of the administration staff (office personnel, teachers, principals, etc.) are present at this meeting as well. i was in 6th grade just shortly after returning to school after being diagnosed when i had a low bg in my math class. my math teacher was the only teacher who was not present to the meeting that my mom held at the school. not knowing what was happening my teacher told me to return to my seat and i said no. i was getting very low at this point and my best friend was in that class with me and who knew i was diabetic finally walked up to me and grabbed me by the arm and told my teacher that he was taking me to the office and there was nothing she could do (keep in mind this is coming from a 6th grader) and needless to say that afternoon after i got home my mom called the school and chewed that teachers butt for what she did.

  13. Silly Reply

    Most of the problems listed above are not the result of a malfunctioning pump. Airbubbles in the tubing is the result of not properly priming the tubing. I’m sorry to hear those that have been hurt.. but Users also have to take responsibility for some of these problems.. If you have a high bg two times in a row, you are suppose to change out the pump site and do a correction through injection. If these steps are followed, you would be able to see if its the pump that is having issues, insulin, or a problem with ratios and carbs. My daughter’s been pumping for 5 years, we’re on our second Minimed pump. We’ve had our fair share of problems, including a pump that was giving fixed primes on its own, infusion set issues and airbubbles in the tubing. We are vigilant and check our daughter every two hours so a malfuntion pump, bad site or insulin, or ratio/basal problem is discovered quickly.

  14. Joe Reply

    Silly, I read your comment and the part about the the pump “giving fixed primes on its own” sounds scary. How many times did this happen, and did you figure out what made the pump do this? I hope the company gave you a new pump, as this could be very dangerous. I’m glad you daughter is okay.

  15. shirley Reply

    I use the soft infusion sets. They bend when they have been in for a couple of hours. I got a replacemnt set and they do the same. I was in the hospital because the insulin could not get thru the bent tube. My bb was 600. I have been in there a few times because of that.

  16. Glendette Reply

    My son Koby had been diabetic from the age of three and he always took 2 shots a day, until August, 2008. His doctor wanted him to try the Medtronic Mini Med insulin pump, the doctor made it seem all wonderful, but you all know that the doctors get a big payback from Medtronic for making them look so great. My baby was 13 y/o that August when he started the pump, that next August at age 14, he was in Heaven. One month after he started the pump he was in Childrens Hospital with his b/g over 800, and he started having seizures, he never had seizures before he started that thing, he was never in the hospital before the pump and he had been diabetic for 10 yrs. My son was in ICU 4 more times in the next few months until it killed him. Three days after he died I receive a letter in the mail about the lot 8 recall, I go and check my sons stuff and every box that my baby had was the lot 8, Koby never threw the used boxes away so there was alot of empty ones and some full ones left. I blame myself too because I was believing his doctor, saying that it was my sons fault because he was just being a teenager and not doing something right, dont listen to the doctors they dont care about your kids they only care about the money. I look back now and I cant believe that I was so stupid. My beautiful son died in his sleep, I found him the next morning and it was already too late, he had pasted away hours before, the cornors office said that his b/g was 1200. That pump Killed my baby and I will not rest until Medtronic burns in Hell for all of the pain that they have caused… One month before Koby died we were on a church trip and we had went and talked to his youth minister and he wanted to know for sure that if something happened to him or if he died the he would go to Heaven and he knew after where he would go if he died. I know that my son is with Our Lord and he is at perfect peace, no pump, no diabetes, and we will be together again. I Love You, Koby

  17. james Reply

    Very important! Besides having the problems with the MiniMed Tubes, as we have had over the years.

    Can anyone tell me, if they are having, or have had any trouble with the MiniMed Blue Quick – Setter, not inserting the tube properly, causing the tip of the tube to bend at the insertion site on the skin and not having successful tube inserts, causing no insulin flow and multiple spikes in blood sugar and mutiple site changes when it fails to insert properly???

    If you have experienced this problem, please share your experience with me and if you have complained and had to replace the Setter and then have had similar results with the new Blue Quick Setter, please let me know, if you would? This problem has caused us great suffering and anguish for 5 years now, only having a 60% success rate, having the insert attach properly at the site on my 9 year old daughters abdomon, do to the Blue Quick – Setter torture devices, not working properly.

  18. Mark and Gloria Reply

    Mark was first taken to the hosipital for high blood gluclose counts. We were treated for dehighdration and tested for numeral causes. Then was told he had the flu.he was given script to take for a week.His blood gluclose counts still stayed high. sometimes close to 600. On wednesday Nov.24 2010 Mark went to a walk in clinic . His blood gluclose count was high again. He was told he had a infection in his lungs because of the flu .They never took a exray or anything at that time, but wrote another scrip for a ZPACK. On Thanksgiving day his blood gluclose count was up to 595. He took insulin by needle and we went to another hospital .The Dr. at this hospital took a exray and said he had no infection in his lungs .They brought his level down with more treatments for dehighdration and insulin. This took place on Nov.25 2010. Marks gluclose blood level was so uncontrolable , he lost 15 or more pounds. On Dec 8 2010 Mark was taken back to the hospital .He was diagnoised with a Grave State of Diabetic Keytone Acidosis (DKA). AT this time he was put in ICU for 21/2 days on fluids including insulin drips. They had to flush him with sodium solution to clean the toxic from his blood.During the time of the ICU treatment we were not using his Medtronic Insulin Pump.The hospital called the Medtronic support line and was told that as far as they could tell from what the ICU nurse was reporting from the pump readings it was working . Marks blood gluclose count was down to normal so we were put back on the Medtronic Pump and moved to a regular room. When his Blood gluclose level was checked the next time it was 440. We at that time unplugged the tube from the site and programed it to deliver 10 units of insulin.We watched the tube and NO INSULIN came out, but the pump screen stated INSULIN DELIVERED. Mark also has had trouble with the Quick Setter bending the tube on the end and we had to check that often. I am his wife and I am concerned about the using the same kind of pump. Are we going to have another problem. WE only had this Medtronic Pump 6 or 7 months. We had a brand called ANIMIS,never had any problem with it. We changed because his endo Dr. wanted him to use this company. NOT SO HAPPY!

  19. Michael Reply

    On March 28 2009 I had a diabetic black- out while using the recalled paradigm quick set lot 8. while in the black out I totaled my car, woke up in a ambulance not knowing how I got there. I was basicly ignored by Medtronics attorney.

  20. Robin Reply

    Dose any one know when lot 8 was first sold by mimi med?

  21. Joy D. Reply

    I was usuing the quiksets in Lot *. I was in the hospital twice, as a result of the malfunction. I lost time at work and this was a portion of the reason why I lost my job with the federal government as a mental health social worker.

  22. Glendette Reply

    I posted a comment on this a while back, I lost my 14 y/o son Koby on Aug. 22, 2009. I have a lawsuit against Medtronic now, all of my sons infusion sets were lot 8, and that was the cause of his death. I’m not going to settle out of court on this, there is no amount of money that could bring my son back to me, I want Medtronics to know what they have taken for us, they will here my story and see his face. I’m also going to news and radio with this the public needs to know what is going on. If any of you have kids or loved ones still using any of the Medtronic pumps STOP NOW!!!

  23. Fern Reply

    I am seriously thinking about trying the Medtronic Paradigm Veo pump after being a diabetic for over 30 years (since the age of 10). I experience way too many highs and lows on multiple daily shots, and thought that I must do something now before it’s too late. I want to prevent damage to my body, and would really like to improve my health care. Now after reading all of these comments, I am confused and scared. How do I prevent all the problems noted above from happening, and protect myself? Am I trading off a devil I know for one that I don’t know?

  24. Debbie founder of mothers against medtronic Reply

    My son Kevin died 11 8 2008. His tubing was not venting properly. And the pump stated insulin was delivered. It was not Kevins Blood Sugar was 1611 when he died. He kived alone and was found by his girlfriend in the morning. This company needs to be brought down. They have their hands in making any kind of medical device they can. And not fixing the ones that never work properly. This was the second recall for tubing 2004 and 2008. To late for my only son and many many others. Be ware. o

  25. Janet Reply

    Hi I have several incidences with Medtronic Insulin Pumps. I landed in the hospital the first time it almost killed me. Then the second time I gave another thought maybe it was scarr tissue not letting insilun enter my system. I found out it was a faulty pump not delivering boluses and it almost landed me there again, I am done. Has anybody sued for damages or duress?

  26. Renee Reply

    I was hospitalized in ICU for 5 days due to the faulty Lot 8 infusion sets. I filed a lawsuit against Medtronic in 2009. As of 2013, I have not settled.

  27. james Reply

    I purchased the minimed pump in may 2008. In less than a year later I started having issues with air bubbles MMT-399. During the time of oct 2008 and sept 2012 I was finally accepted in the VA healthcare. System. I have continued to have uncontrollable low and high blood sugar reads. It was always assumed I was doing something wrong and I finally switched VA centers in sept 2011. From July 2012 to Nov 2012 the air bubble issue became so numerous I contacted medtronics. I tested 4 different lot numbers and had leaking o-rings twice getting inside my pump. Under concern the air bubbles frequency I have tried all suggestions given to me my reps, medtronics Nd medical staff. Priming all air out and sometimes more would and continue to appear at site and reservoir ends. Might be minutes or hours later when I notice I dont see clearly or feel well. Sugar may jump 200 to 300 points and after inspection find more bubbles. I sent back to medtronics a very detailed

    letter with my history and used and unused reservoirs for their inspection. I was suppose to get replacement for those but called on status last week. I was informed the dont read letters so they threw it out. My new pump last week arrived at VA and the rep and staff were all surprised this is what I was told. I need to return the loaner but am still pissed they would the letter out which documented 4 lot numbers with suspected leaking o ring failure and air bubble issues. I am considered a type one late onset diabetic. Under medical direction I was forced to retire in 2008 since I have not been stable. What ever happened to good quality control. Can you offer suggestion on the air bubble issue. All tell me never heard of this issue evet before but seems it does happen.

  28. L M Byington Reply

    I have had a Medtronic MiniMed Paradign insulin Pump for over 5 years, their product and service is the shits. 3 years ago I started having problems with infections at the infusion site. My doctor put me on antibiotics that did not help; he suggested I contact Medtronic to see if they were having problems, they in turn said no. The problem continued until at still another site infection became the size of a football and I had to make daily visits to the doctor to have it drained and re-packed this went on for over 5 months before it cleared up. This is at the time of the recall. Their service and creditability is non-existent, they do not care about their customers, and do not have any idea what the truth is, they finally admitted that the IV preps were contaminated and requested that I return them, they opened a claim with the manufacture of the IV preps, but failed to give them correct contact information on me. After over a year I finally make contact with the company I did not and will not. It has been over a year since they requested the return of the contaminated product, that under the advice of my attorney I am not going to return. (This is like the fox watching the hen house)

  29. salvatorte Reply

    I have a medtronic inslin pump fof about 3 years i had 4of themreplace.I have had a very hard time keeping my blood sugar wher it should be this pump hsa caused suffering and mental anguish in 8 monthis just all the time i have had uncontcollable blood sugar reads in the low 20 and hight 700. And i have been haveing sever health problems in the pass 8monthis do too it,Blurred vison on and off,chest pains,disoriented,uncontrolled anger, sever migaines,memonry loss, irritable,hungry all the time,cant sleep, ringing in my ears,heart riceing mod swings strssed out,geting hurt falling down whan my suger are low, has suck since i have have this last pump and just 2 weeks a go my DR took the pump away it was not working right.

  30. nel Reply

    how different we all are ..I have been MM pumping since 2001 ; always upgraded when possible …never had to send a pump back because of malfunction …I am careful with it; ( t’s too expensive not to be careful ) …don’t drop it , don’t take it into the water …received April 2, 2013 ” important safety information ” about the loose drive support cap …and should not be protruding Veo pump seems to be in order !!

  31. Leslie Reply

    im confused? isn’t the rule of thumb , if you have two high blood sugars in a row you need to completely change your pump, and take a shot by syringe?

  32. Gloria Reply

    After 5years of fighting with faulty infusion sets I finally quit the pump. I got a new supply in Feb. 2013 and have had horrible readings. Low and behold yesterday I received a alert notice….. the lot number that I had been using was the issue. Thru the years I have contacted Medtronics and sent them defective infusion sets and got a box free. Big deal I am dealing with eye issues and hearing loss to diabetes. I know I have better control with needles.. The pump was great I only had problems with the infusion sets. I n 22 years of being a diabetic, I never saw highs of 500 plus until I got the pump.
    Beware! Infusion sets made in Mexico

  33. Jim Reply

    Just want to share something about Medtronic reservoirs in respect to air bubbles. aim using the met-332a reservoir. I have found that when you fill the reservoir and have all the air out and the put it in a prime the tubing . At times you can see large bubbles in the reservoir.
    I have figured out that on some of these reservoirs the o rings do not seal well and let some air into the reservoir. Feel to contact and let me know if anyone has had a problem like this a couple of large bubbles or even one large bubble can give you very high blood suger.
    Anyone can contact me even minimed
    Thanks for any thoughts on this very serious problem
    Jim clapp

  34. jimmy Reply

    I am glad I stumbled across this site while looking for ways to end the absolute crime of the cost of pumps and supplies. Being 72 years old, I have been insulin dependent for 46 years. And (knock on wood) have yet to have any of the related bad complications or hospitalizations. I recently started on my 3rd paradigm pump in 10 years. And although the system is outrageously expensive, the pumps themselves have worked well, but —– I don’t remember this happening until about 1 year ago, but the reservoirs get air bubbles in them after a day or so. I KNOW how to fill them properly, and double check every time to make sure there is no air in the reservoir or tubing. I also understand physics, and for the life of me can’t figure out how the air gets there. When the pump is pumping, there is no way the air pressure outside the closed system is higher than the pressure inside the system. I am questioning whether there is some reaction with the insulin that creates air. I usually use Humalog, but recently tried some Novoiin R. The bubbles appeared, but seemed less. By the way, with some planning my glucose levels were the same, and the Novolin at Walmart was less than 1/4 the cost of Humalog. I am on a rampage about health care in The USA and would be glad to help with this matter in anyway I can. I worked in hospitals and other health care settings for years. Now retired.

    I just saw the note below, and have no specific legal case to pursue. Just the greedy people who get filthy rich at the expense of sick people.


  35. ilene Reply

    wanted to know if anybody knows what the code A 47 means on the metronic insulin pump. please share with me if you know . also A 17 and A 33. very importsant. landed my husband in icu and almost died. thanks ilene

  36. Randy Reply

    I’ve had my third fourth pain pump, the 1st pump was put it with a mesh pocket which has eroded and has caused me sever pain ,its been hell for a year and I’ve had 7 operations because of this mesh pocket. The doctors told me they could not get it out. Then they operated on me and said they got it wrong they just my pain would go away they was wrong again, it’s been hell. My life has been ruined. And my pain is so bad I’m not able to do anything at all.

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