Breast Implant Illness Lawsuit Filed Against Mentor, Removed To Federal Court

  • Written by: Irvin Jackson

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A Florida woman indicates in a recently filed lawsuit that she developed a condition known as breast implant illness after receiving Mentor breast implants, which have left her with permanent injuries.

The complaint was filed by Jennifer Tinkler in the Circuit Court of Miami-Dade County in Florida on August 7, and was removed to federal court (PDF) last week by Mentor Worldwide, LCC, the defendant.

Tinkler indicates that suffered a variety of symptoms after receiving the Mentor breast implants, including fatigue, chest pain, hair loss, headaches, chills, photosensitivity, chronic pain, rash, body odor, anxiety, brain fog, sleep disturbance, depression, neurological issues, autoimmune issues and hormonal issues as a result of her breast implants. This set of symptoms has been increasingly referred to as breast implant illnesses in recent years, with a growing number of women nationwide experiencing similar side effects.

In many cases, the breast implant illness problems have led women to have the implants removed, and concerns about the risk have become a factor many are questioning whether to undergo breast enhancement or reconstruction surgery. However, the illnesses have not yet been scientifically verified, and the FDA has required breast implant manufacturers to investigate the potential side effects, particularly with silicone breast implants for several years. Mentor implants were approved in 2013 with the post-market approval study requirements.

Mentor removed the case to the federal court system, based on the amounts of damages sought and the diversity among parties, so the case is currently pending in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida.

Breast Implant Health Problems

In addition to the unexplained illnesses, problems have also emerged that suggest a link between breast implants and lymphoma that may develop in the tissue surrounding certain types of devices, known as breast implant-associated anaplastic large cell lymphoma (BIA-ALCL).

On January 26, 2011, the FDA first released a report about case studies and epidemiological research, whcih suggested there was a link between breast implants and ALCL.

The agency then issued a statement about emerging information on the breast implant lymphoma problems last year, and a number of subsequent studies have confirmed that the breast implant ALCL cancer risk is real.

Last month, the FDA announced that all Allergan Natrelle and Biocell lines of microtextured breast implants were being removed from the market, due to the risk of breast implant ALCL.

In addition to the breast implant illness lawsuits, there is a growing number of breast implant ALCL lawsuits filed by women throughout the United States, including several class action lawsuits that call for medical monitoring for women with the recalled implants.

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  1. Jessica Reply

    I had mentor saline implants for 11 years. I had all the bii symptoms. 3 wks after I explanted I had lab work done and my autoimmune (graves disease) was gone and my inflammatory factor was back to normal. Bii left permanent damage to my face from it being stretched and inflamed for over a year. All my symptoms but one are gone since explanting July 8th.

  2. Shelby Reply

    Would love more information on this, as I too had Mentor implants and suffered an array of symptoms and what I believe to be Breast Implant Illness.

  3. Wilmari Reply

    I have Mentor implants, only since April 2019 (only had it for 4 months) and it’s caused so many health issues: I have symptoms of fibromyalgia, irregular heartbeat, brain fog, migraines, ovarian cysts, chronic constipation, thyroid problems, inflammation, constant, dry itchy eyes, weird rash and tiny bumps that look like hives (I get it anywhere from on my eyes, face, arms, thighs). I have been for a CT scan, there is significant calcification and a possible necrosis lump, my body clearly doesn’t want this in me. I had a PBM to avoid cancer, not to have calcification and increase my risk of breast cancer.

  4. Katelyn Reply

    I’ve had implants for 9 years (4 surgeries &6 procedures during that time including reductions, capsular contracture, implant exchange)…i started with allergen Saline and changed to Mentor textured silicone 4 years ago.
    I got off birth control 2 years ago and have had unlimited issues since. I went through cyclic acne, hot flashes, night sweats, depression, no libido, memory loss+intense brain fog, blurry vision/red itchy eyes/pain behind my eyes, weight gain, zero energy, headaches most daily and haven’t had a natural period in 2 years.
    I started seeing a holistic doctor and got diagnosed with hypothyroidism, pcos and menopause at the age of 30.
    I’ve tried colonics, drastically changed my diet, skin lasers, switched out every product possible, acupuncture, seed cycling, castor oil packs, countless supplements, and unlimited various treatments with no luck.
    I heard about Bii and just knew it was me. I explant 2 weeks ago and so far I’ve lost 9 lbs, stopped having daily headaches and no eye issues. The craziest change is that i started my period 5 days post op.
    I would LOVE to know more information on any kind of case if possible, thank you!

  5. Tabitha Reply

    I am experiencing sever symptoms of BII. I have implants by mentor, I am now disabled and can’t work. I believe that all of my health issues are from my implants. I have an appointment with a surgeon October 7, 2019 to talk about explant.

  6. Jessika Reply

    I have had all the Bii symptoms for years. Received implants 2010. Almost immediate symptoms. Many lab tests, many hospitalizations (icu this last August 10 days). I’m calling my doctor in the morning. I want them removed immediately.

  7. Mich L Reply

    I have also experienced the entire litany of Bii symptoms. I had a double silicone implant rupture in 2006. I had these replaced with saline, but can trace the inception of my symptoms to this period of time. I have lost a year plus of work, I have scares on my hands, as well as numbness in my fingers, and burning feet. I have arthritis that would be more attributed to an elderly person. This, is after explant, 6 months ago. The brain fog is still an issue, and I have long lost my relationship, due to my lack of sexual interest. My thyroid had become so compromised, that the doctors threatened to take my drivers license away. I’m clawing my way back-
    My 85 year old mother has more on the ball.

    What kind of alternative universe am I living in, that there is so little support for women, with a disease the manufacturers don’t want to disclose exists.

  8. Robin Reply

    After 3 years of going from doctor to doctor one doctor said she believed my autoimmune issues and cognitive issues were bc of my Mentor saline implants. After gaining a mass amount of weight, getting 4 weekly injections from an allergist, and seeing an RA doctor every few months for major joint pain and having no menstrual period at age 33 I decided it was worth a shot. Wondering why no other doctor ever mentioned my implants I explanted less than one month later. All symptoms are GONE. My menstrual period returned naturally 2 weeks after explant and I’ve had it every month since until I got pregnant in Dec or 2019. Those implants took away my quality of life for way too long.

  9. Lisa Reply

    I have Naturelle Inspira SSLP soft touch Allergan implants. I had them put on 2018.
    A year later diagnosed with RA. Along with many debilitating symptoms.
    I am 49
    Please advise me how to proceed with legal action.

  10. Pamela Reply

    Removal of right breast implant and left breast removed on 3-11-2020. I’ve been very sick throughout these years fatigue, pressure, pain, swelling and leakage, I would need some help leagally to know what to do now!

  11. Susan Reply

    I’ve been sick for many years and just realized my silicone implants were ruptured. Insurance would not cover the expense. Silicone all through out my chest cavity and extreme pain. I was depressed for many years not knowing why I felt sick all the time. Many many doctors visits. Anxiety, depression, muscle aches, joint pain, skin rashes, constantly sick, extreme fatigue, loss of my job due to sickness, not being able to work, loss of hair on eyebrows, colitis, couldn’t breath felt suffocated, eyes swelling and red constantly, so many more. Almost ruined my marriage, and lost many years of my life. May 1st I had them removed and it was a rough surgery I’m still healing. But…. I can breath again and little by little getting more and more relief. My mental state is so much better. I’m trying to find a lawyer in NJ to take my case if anyone knows of one. Mentor was my brand of implant.

  12. Elizabeth Reply

    I underwent surgery in January, 2016 for implants. Mentor silicone. In February of 2016, I started feeling extremely tired. Different than sleepy. I was falling asleep driving home from work at 4pm. I would get home and lay on sofa and had to waken to go to bed at night. I was sleeping through dinner and was not making dinner for my family like I always have done. By summer, I began hurting really bad. I explained it to my doctor like I had flu all the time. My knees and lower legs were hurting so bad. My shoulders and elbows were killing me. My legs felt bruised to the touch. My dr initially diagnosed me with chronic fatigue. After more visits, she diagnosed me with fibromyalgia. I was referred to a rheumatologist. Many test, and fibromyalgia was confirmed. I was put on meds for the joint pain, meds to keep me awake. Side effects were hell. I started meditation and water therapy as suggested. I worked out 5 days a week prior to these symptoms. I have been sick for 4 years. I feel like my life has not been the same. No strength to exercise. I can hardly stand us from a kneeling position. Last fall, I started reading about BII. I was so shocked. I had never heard of this. I had once mentioned to my husband shortly after symptoms started…could it have to do with my surgery. He said, I would not think so at all. I submitted a complaint on the fda website. I was shortly contacted by a mentor representative. Several emails and they sent me the safety info. This is th first time I had ever been given that info. The info was frightening. They knew about everything that I have been struggling with. They had done studies. Their studies resulted in the same done by the NHI. I made an appointment with my doctor. I explained my symptoms. He said he doesn’t think it is from the implants, he shared that other patients had reported the same to him and he was performing a lot of explant surgeries. I decided to schedule an en bloc surgery. He said it would be best to remove implant and capsule. In the meantime, I was also contacted by Mentor’s attorney. He called to talk with me since I had mentioned a potential lawsuit in my last email with Mentor. At that time, Mentor replied that they would have no further communication with me. He was calling to let me know that I have no case. He said they are following fda guidelines. He said safety info is included in implant box. I told him that a patient never receives that info. He said that is on the dr not Mentor. I have so much more to say but the bottom line is that Mentor took my life. They know it and they continue to do it to others. They should be held accountable for their actions. This has cost me so much money, pain, time with my family, and almost cost me my life last summer. I experienced something so foreign to me. The pain was so great that I just wanted it to end. I went away for a week to a place specializing in rehab, etc. I had my surgery in May 2020 for removal. I am still very much in recovery. I am hoping that I will start to feel better soon. Mentor needs to be stopped. Period. By the way, I have also learned that my doctor is mentor certified. I am sure he gets kickbacks from Mentor.

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