Parietex Progrip Mesh Lawsuit Filed Over Hernia Repair Complications

  • Written by: Irvin Jackson

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According to allegations raised in a product liability lawsuit brought by a Louisiana man, the Covidien Parietx Progrip hernia mesh is unreasonably dangerous and defective, causing him to suffer painful complications following hernia repair.

The complaint (PDF) was filed late last month by Jason Bruce in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Louisiana, naming C.R. Bard, Davol, Inc, Medtronic Inc. and Covidien as defendants.

Bruce indicates that Parietex Progrip Mesh was used during to repair a right inguinal hernia in June 2016. However, as a result of problems with the design of the hernia mesh, Bruce indicates that he developed severe pain and swelling, as well as problems walking, which led to the need for additional surgery to have the hernia mesh patch removed.

“The product has numerous defects that create a high risk of unreasonable and dangerous injuries and side effects with severe permanent adverse health consequences including that the material in the Product abrades tissues adversely affecting patient health and regularly fail to perform the purpose of its implantation such that the patient requires repair and/or removal of the Product and repeated treatment and surgery,” the lawsuit states. “Prior to the time that the Product was implanted in Plaintiff, Defendants were aware of numerous defects in the Product. Despite being aware of the numerous defects and unreasonable ricks in the Product, Defendants designed, manufactured, marketed, and distributed the Product with the intent they would be implanted in patients.”

According to the lawsuit, the manufacturers were aware of numerous reports of problems with Parietex Progrip Mesh long before Bruce’s hernia repair. However, they never adequately informed the medical community or patients of those injuries and the potential problems with their product, the lawsuit claims.

Bruce’s complaint is one of a growing number of hernia mesh lawsuits being filed against various mesh manufacturers, alleging that serious design problems were discovered after thousands of people had defective mesh implanted in their body.

In addition to Covidien Parietex Progrip Mesh lawsuits, similar allegation have been raised in Ethicon Physiomesh lawsuits and Atrium C-Qur lawsuits as well.

Bruce presents claims of construction or composition defect, inadequate warning, design defect, breach of warranty, and redhibition, seeking compensatory and punitive damages.

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  1. sue Reply

    This is what I have and nothing but pain since implant. This will be yet another one that becomes a recognized medical device failure in Australia after thousands of people have it implanted.

  2. shawn Reply

    Sept.15 -2014 had this mesh put in across whole lower groin and belly button against my will.
    Since that time I have suffered great pain and disability. Up to present. 7-2017 the mesh that has had all the attention has. Been pysiomesh complaints up to now.
    Glad to see this partiicular parietex mesh implant is finally part of the expossure to defect and life changing trauma.

  3. Grant Reply

    I had the Parietex Composite placed into my abdomen in late 2008 after a hernia repair. Almost immediately after surgery I knew something was not right. At my 2 week post surgical appointment I had a huge racquet ball sized lump in my right armpit. I was given some antibiotics and brushed off as if it were nothing. A few days later the test came back positive for MRSA. Lump finally went away after three rounds of antibiotics 2 of which were bactrim. Even though the lump went away my surgical wound never completely healed. It was mostly closed except for three holes along the incision (top, middle, and bottom). These were tunneling oozing infected wounds and they were positive for MRSA as well. These tunneling wounds went deep back into my abdomen and required cleaning and packing of gauze strip into the tunnels twice a day with horrid smells and extreem almost unbearable pain at times. To make a long story short the surgeon was an ass and a master at blowing me off as if these problems were caused by me. So after a couple months of the runaround I just stopped seeing him because he wasn’t helping. Over the next 1 1/2 years I seen several different doctors at hospitals and wound clinics and they were all stumped as to the cause of this wound not healing. I was sent on so many tests and studies (MRI, Cat, Fistulagrams, sonogram xray etc….) to try to ascertain the cause of the wound but to no avail. Finally in 2011 I found a doc who refused to just pass the buck and was commited to getting to the answer . While doing a full open exploratory abdominal procedure it was discovered, in the very lowest part of my wound wadded and balled up was the entire piece of mesh that was installed in the upper abdomen in 2008. The mesh was infected and rotting in my gut for over 2 years. The tunneling wounds that had never healed had to be cleaned and derided. When it was over the full open wound was as big around as a large grapefruit and as deep as a racquet ball. I was on a wound vac post surgery for over 3 months while the gaping hole in my stomach healed. The complications healthwise I’ve had since the initial placing of the mesh have been horrendous. The pain and discomfort is so awful I have a hard time doing anything that requires any amount of strength or stamina. After the removal of the mesh in 2011 I have never been able to return to work. I have applied for SS disability twice since 2011 only to be denied both times after the appeal process. I have uncontrollable diarrhea every day as well as enormous amounts of gas that’s horrid. I can barely eat a meal due to the nerve damage and gastroparesis I now suffer from as result of all the abdominal surgeries. The gerd and nerve damage cause me to vomit sometimes multiple times a day. I’m so anemic I have to be infused with iron twice a month. This has truly been an awful chapter in my life. Since I couldn’t go back to work of course I lost my health insurance and any shred of dignity I had left because now I have to ask someone for everything because I have no means of support. SS tells me because I’m under 50 they can’t approve my benefits that I paid In to the system for by having a job my entire life since I was 16. Now with both denials and the time that had passed they tell me that even though I had earned way over the amount if work credits needed to get my ss disability that the rule is you have to have earned work credits sometime in the 5 years previous to any application for benefits and now even though I’ve applied twice and been denied that now I’m beyond the 5 years for having a work credit so now I’m not eligible for any of the benefits I paid in for my entire life. At best they say I could maybe get a few hundred in SSI but that’s only if they approve that. I have been screaming since 2008 about the defective Parietex that caused me all of this harm but could never find an attorney willing to persue it. I’ve been very depressed at times and wanted to check out. Sometimes that sounds like the best plan but for some reason I hang on hoping maybe someday ill get some justice just maybe. -G-

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